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moe, csgo diamonds and twitch's no reaction

Most of you probably know what happened between moe and cs go diamonds so i will not explain it. If you dont just google "moe cs go diamonds".
I wonder why there is no reaction of twitch, i mean he used their plattform to advertise this website. Maybe they need some evidence but in my opinion there are more then plenty in the posts both sides made. For example Moe said on twitter he had 26000 diamonds he tried to withdraw, diamonds he won with the knowledge of the future coin flips. He wanted to withdraw money won from users of the site, so there are definitely people who were cheated on. You can find his twitter post here: https://twitter.com/m0E_tv/status/742117097765933056
On another twitter post he admitted that he got "the rolls before they happen."Cs go diamonds did this multiple times even with him saying not to. But as you can see on the skype conversation he had with an admin of cs go diamonds he asked for the future lists. So it was a lie. You can find the twitter post here: https://twitter.com/m0E_tv/status/742435274370613249 And the skype conversation here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ck6fFDCWgAAmkfG.png
Cs go diamonds said it is "provably fair" because you cant manipulate the future rolls. But if you know the future rolls there is no need in manipulating them. Imagine lotto where you know the future numbers, there is no point in changing them.
So im wondering why there are no consequences from twitch's side. These gaming sites are intransparent and most likely all fraud but it is still allowed to advertise them. I realy hope there is a chance to get a response from an official side or from some streamers.
It is also most likely most of the skins deposit on these websites are gone forever. For Example shroud had around 81000 $ on cs go wild but i dont think there are that many skins to withdraw (Im not entirely sure because im not registered on the site) Further he is only 1 of many with such balance. So my assumption is most of the gambling sites sold the skins to pay for sponsorships and their overall costs. As you can see on the skype conversation between moe and cs go diamonds they paid him 7435.9$ and 9537.04$ for his sponsorship. These are 10% of their total earnings. Following this they made 74359$ and 95370$ dollar in the last months and are also able to pay moe a buy out with 75000 (In Bitcoins, the IRS would probably be interested in also) As i see it it is probably a pyramid scheme.
At last maybe for the streamers. You have this huge opportunity to be part of something new and of big changes. You shouldnt forget that you are responsible for you behaviour to your audience. Imagine a superbowl add about investing in the pyramid scheme of Bernard Madoff.
Ps: If you watch the video of moe and his girlfriend winning 54000$ it is kinda obivous he was using these knowledge. He was down on 3900$ and put all on green. His girlfriend randomly comes in to scream with him as soon as he won. It could be a coincidence but the chances for this to happen are very low. I mean how often did you see his girlfriend on stream? This is not an evidence but kinda odd.
Since there are so many post with questions i thought it is necessery to update and try to answer some of the most frequent one. I had no idea what i let lose but im glad so many of you feel the same as i do.
Yes, it was my first post. Im normaly an introvert guy who doesnt post anything on the internet. But what bothered me is that someone could pull something like this off, get paid 95000$ and doesnt have to fear any consequences. Further i tried to refer to most sources i mentioned, so it doesnt matter if it is my first post or not, you can read everything for yourself and make your conclusions.
Im not sure if valve is responsible. Assume the skins are like your car. You can do whatever you like because its your property, so you can also use it to bet..
I think twitch is responsible. TV Broadcasters are also responsible for the ads they broadcast but im actually not sure.
I dont hate moe. He is kinda entertaining, you can compare him to gordon ramsay which a lot people like and watch. They are acting closely the same. But that doenst mean anything. Imagine Kate Middleton, who is for a lot of people probably one of the nicest people on earth, tricks people into a pyramid scheme. Shouldnt she be punished like everyone else should?
Also a lot of people compared the deposit and withdraw system to a bank. A bank is transparent (at least in parts) and regulated from public authoritys. The money you deposit is used for all sorts of credits for consumer and companies. They pay their bills with the interests they make with them. I know a normal bank does a lot more to earn money but thats one of their main incomes.
Many think he didnt benefit from knowing the future numbers. Thats partly right. He doesnt win directly by playing against others. But imagine a roulette game with 1 guy at the table who is partnered with the owner . He can win for the owner against people who doenst know anything about the partnership. On a regular roulette table without the green it is a 50/50 chance to win, it is mathematicaly a fair game because the expectancy value is 0. The players pay for the others, it is in balance, but not if there is one guy who know the future rolls. I think thats the reason why cs go diamonds didnt allow him to withdraw skins.
Sassanian mentioned it is a Ponzi Scheme and i think he is right, thank you.
I know a lot of streamer advertise different betting sites and i didnt mention anyone else beside moe. The point is he made a part public of what is happening behind those sites public and also used informations from the admin. There are no evidences of other streamers doing the same. (Cant believe he made a fraud public he was involved in, he doesnt seem stupid, but that definitely is. Maybe he was greedy or had one of his rage moments)
On cs go diamdonds are also no informations of how they make that much money. I mean on regular roulete there is green on which the bank wins but thats not the case at cs go diamonds as far as i know. I didnt find a deposit fee or anything like it ( Just Imagine there is such a fee at 1%. As i mentioned they made 95370$ (i dont know if moe got 10% or 20% of that so the number may differ) in one month. I refer to the twitter post of cs diamonds which you can find here: https://twitter.com/CSGO_Diamonds/status/742706689913262080 With such a fee there would be 9.537.000 $ of skins deposit in one month. Thats hard to believe) If someone knows more feel free to post any information you can refer to.
You can find an article about it here: http://www.hltv.org/blog/12005-csgodiamonds-fraud-the-reason-why-sites-like-this-should-be-blocked http://www.esportsbettingreport.com/csgo-diamonds-skin-betting-m0e/ http://americanbettingsite.com/2016/csgo-diamonds-scamming/
Statements of both parties are on their twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/csgo_diamonds post from June 14 https://twitter.com/m0E_tv posts from June 13
Thank you guys for the support.
I started a new thread about betting sites and their earnings in general. If you are interested you can find it here: https://redd.it/4ow3fe
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I just watched streamers loser tens of thousands $$$ M0E:$62,000 - Tarik:$17,000 - JDM:$9,000 - Shazam $6,000 - There is a gambling problem

I could not believe my eyes.
Tarik is in debt to M0E for $15,000 plus interest, as they both said. These young adults have no idea what they're doing as they gamble away thousands. They're asking other streamers what their gambling settings are and what variables do what, cluelessly.
This sets a horrible example for the thousands that watch and are young and impressionable. Many stream viewers were asking how to get started gambling or were already gamblers giving their tips. This part of the CS:GO community is absolutely degenerate and disgusting.
What are your thoughts?
EDIT: The amount of name calling and anger that I have experienced from this subreddit is shocking. I have experienced nothing of the sort on /SyrianCivilWar
How sad. I believe that is a reflection on this community.
I believe every professional athlete should have some sense of ethics. It is ridiculous to me when Tarik laughs and says he isn't even old enough to go to Vegas as he throws away thousands of dollars. I understand promotion, I understand referral codes, I understand how these athletes get paid. Can you expect the same from the 12-year-olds that are learning from their twitch role models that gambling is no big deal? Free will and personal responsibility are important, but I believe these streamers should have some responsibility towards their viewers.
To the people telling me I don't know about gambling and how the 50% odds on the websites mean they will come out ahead: please, I am no stranger to Vegas. The house always has the mathematical edge. CSGO betting sites have even better returns for the betting site owners than many Vegas casino games. -47.5 to win is not good. Please educate yourself.
edit: These are the types of messages and attacks I am receiving. What a community....
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Trading admins censoring everything they dont like, so ill post here.

Please no flamewars or hate, this is just me portraying what i believe
Earlier today a bunch of people were screwed over, here is the thread
My response was deleted because it was controversial saying stuff they obviously didnt like, so i would like all of you to see it to be aware also.
See below: You guys are all very silly. Its just a video game. If you dont want to have to deal with all this admin macho bullshit just move to CSGO. Its a much better environment and there is no fingerpointing just trading. People say its cancer but its not really that bad If you know how to avoid it.
Anyways I dont understand why this outpost mod is trying so hard to depress others ability to trade. Mabye he has been powerless his whole life and now wants power? They certaintly arent helping the community by doing this, they are disabling it and turning people off. I believe we need a new announcement. [PSA] If your new fuck off? I dont want the TF2 community to be seen like that and im sure while you have good intentions (mabye) i believe you must agree with me.
Anyways as i said earlier no one cares in csgo.
CSGOJACKPOT - Allows anyone to bet, doesnt check the SR API, why? Well because its unnecessary. People bet all the time and the owners Chris and Cinema make tens of thousands off "Scammers" (parenthesis since real scammers are tradebanned and dont have a cute red mark next to their name) such as CARE and many others. In fact Chris even follows CAre on Twitter.
CSGOSHUFFLE - They also allow anyone to bet, cAre bets there all the time along with many other "percieved scammers" No issues, no one hurt, no drama.
OPSKINS - they have their own system of banning people 100% different than steamrep. They let ANYONE buy/sell on their website. I know many marked scammers that use the site with no issues, Care, Samalex. and others included., In Fact OPSKINS sells 15,000 items per day on average and has over 600,000 users. Which is leaps and bounds over the number of active users SR has, and they did it in 1/10th of the time. Why? Because they provide something the community wants. And believe it or not it works, they middleman for a fee (private listing) and they are STOPPING PEOPLE GETTING SCAMMED, they are doing something and not just pointing fingers, good for them :D
Lastly SR is Scared of CSGO because they know they are not wanted
3/5 players of the old ENVYUS were lent lores by "cAre" for the finals. Of course FOG archived it saying it was too highprofile and said they sent it to SR but we will never hear from them.
Phantomlord, a huge streamer trades with care all the time , there has been over $20,000 exchanged between him and cAre, care even has an alt dedicated to phantomlords giveaways as care is an admin on his twitch channel and they are friends. He was reported, report was archived as admins are "scared" (please correct me if im wrong)
M0e- traded over $20,000 with marked scammers, no action just an archived report.
m0e's 13 year old brother recieved a ST KARA FADE FN from a marked scammer (cAre) and the report is archived as the reason is the "13 year old is too high profile and it will be forwareded to sr" but of course no action will be taken as they are "famous".
Moral of the story? They are doing this to you because they have power in this community and they can get away with it. They arent doing it in csgo ...why? because they cant get away with it.
PS: unmark m0tar2k
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