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Thoughts on AIA Affiliate membership?

I was wondering what /architecture thought of obtaining an AIA Affiliate membership. I'm an architectural photographer and I'm looking to (obviously) network and get to know architects. I'm pretty shy in real life and have always had trouble with 'networking' as they call it, since I just end up trying to be someone's friend instead of putting a business card in their hand.
If it makes any difference, I'm in Los Angeles. I'm sure there are a number of events and speakers that they put together, but do people mix at these things? Would I have a tough time talking with people, is it cliquey? Or should I just save the money and work on SEO or something? For those who are current AIA members, are you noticing many affiliate members at these meetups, and would you even entertain the idea of attending? The AIA site is pretty vague about the whole thing. Many thanks in advance.
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New Music Monday (Week 23)! Over 80 fresh releases, all as glorious as before | New releases megathread [+weekly updates playlists]

Amazing stuff from the likes of Technimatic, King Of The Rollers, Wayes, A.M.C and some quality compilations springled in.
Check out this weeks Picks Of The Week for a more detailed look into a few releases.
And support the charity compilation Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism
What's your favourite this week?
Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Last Week's list

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Various Artists - Galacy - Identities II [Galacy Records]

Recommended if you like: Nelver, Monrroe, Telomic, Humanature, Macca
Man, compilation albums are the best. Especially from labels with such an consistently high quality level as Galacy, the sister label to the Amsterdam-based behemoth Liquicity.
Identities II is the newest big milestone of the label that set its main focus on the dreamy part of drum and bass. You know, those kind of tracks that make you feel like you’re floating away. The goosebumps kind. It’s also a label that doesn’t shy away from the heavier parts of the genre, Oakwite’s release on it is probably the best example of that. Point is, I really like Galacy. And even though my expectations for this compilation were pretty high because of that, they somehow managed to exceed them.
It’s one of those compilations where I struggle to rank the tunes on it, because they’re all great in their own way. We’ve got absolute vibey beauties provided by the likes of Nelver (twice!), Aperio, Colossus, HumaNature, Macca, Hiraeth, Monrroe & Telomic, Surreal and last but not least the Zombie Cats. I’m so glad to live in a timeline where I can include Zombie Cats in a sentence like that. Those lovely productions are paired with stunning vocal performances from Anastasia, Ida and Emily Markis to form a package of tunes that might just make you cry from the sheer beauty of it.
If you are searching for more of a darker vibe, you’ll want to check out Differential label boss Dustkey, just-turned-18 prodigy Leniz, funky duck vibes by Low:r and the oldschool sounds of BCee. A bit unreleated, but the best vocal sample award would have to go to Sili, that BABABABABAP never fails to cheer me up. And finally, the compilation closes on Air.K & Cephei’s Remix of Edlan’s Saving You. Guaranteed goosebumps. I don’t know how else to describe this absolute anthem of a tune.
P.S. For those that are craving even more liquid vibes, there’s also the Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism presents: Redefining The Spectrum compilation with 42 (!) lovely tunes. Good stuff.

2. Technimatic, A Little Sound - Lakota [UKF]

Recommended if you like: Hybrid Minds, Deadline, Vocal-focused tracks
Sometimes a tune doesn’t immediately click with me for some reason, but somehow ends up being my most played tune of the week. This is one of those. I’m loving every second of it. I’m probably listening to it right now while you’re reading this.
Technimatic’ Lakota, named after and dedicated to the legendary club in Bristol that is sadly supposed to be closed in the next few years, is the first installation of UKF’s 2020 series of releases. Fittingly, they recruited the amazing voice of Bristol-based A Little Sound, who you might recognize from Kanine’s recent releases or her incredible covers on YouTube. I know recency bias might cloud my judgement a bit here, but this might be my favorite vocal performance of the year. You’d be crazy not to see how great this tune is.
After this stunning first entry and the amazing UKF10 compilation last year I can’t tell you how excited I am for the rest of this series.

3. Various Artists - Constellations - Ursa Major [Diascope

Recommended if you like: Rohaan, Disphonia, DLR
You should know by now that I love compilations that give a spotlight to lesser-known artists. I feel like I have one of those in here every week. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I would include Diascope’s first Constellations EP.
Founded in 2019 by the german Neurofunk wizards Neonlight, Diascope has mostly been the home for their recent Remaster’s series and singles, apart from two releases by Ripple and Manta. However, for this compilation Neonlight has reached out across the entire European continent, bringing together five of some of the most promising producers out there. When you hear “Neonlight’s label”, you might expect pure Neurofunk madness on all releases. This compilation should prove that wrong.
The opening track “Silo” by the icelandic Balatron just oozes atmosphere that progressively builds itself up to a super-satisfying conclusion. Belarus-based Neurofunk Madman Abstractonia follows this up with some Gydra vibes on Arachnophobia. Don’t worry, you won’t hear any spiders in there.
We continue our excursion to Eastern Europe with the DLR-like Wubs on Shadowline by Krot from Russia, which is probably not something you’d expect from the usually more liquidy producer, but not the first time he has diverged into the heavier sound territory. Bobby continues the heavy theme on The Elephant, which is not as foghorny as it sounds, promise.
And finally we have Lift’s Ease, which reminds me a lot of Rohaan’s latest tunes, in the best way possible. Sadly I couldn’t find a lot of information on Lift as this is apparently also his first track ever, but if he keeps that quality up we will probably soon here a lot more from him.

4. PRFCT Mandem - Formation EP [Korsakov]

Recommended if you like: I really struggle to categorise this one, really unique sound. A good friend said it sounded like “bunch of animals having an orgy”, sooo make of that what you will.
There are few stories that are as inspiring and feel-good as the one of PRFCT Mandem, who are this week’s Diamond In The Rough Of The Week™.
The energetic duo started their career on Bloc2Bloc in 2019, the streaming radio platform that has been a launching pad for several DJs in the scene, one of the most well-known probably being IndiKa. Their fun energy and amazing dance moves lead a slowly growing fanbase, increasing in size stream-by-stream.
Earlier this year, the dutch label Korsakov reached out to the up-and-coming producers of the drum and bass community to be part of a talent LP. One of those producers were PRFCT Mandem. Korsakov was apparently already such a fan after hearing the first tune of their submissions that they instead offered them to release a full EP on their label. That EP is the Formation EP!
Hearing the finished EP, I can now say that I absolutely understand Korsakov’s decision. It’s insane that they actually did not have anything released before this, there’s just so many unique ideas in that EP. Oscillation kicks off the release with a whirlwind of energy, followed by the a bit more typical neuro-y sounds of Dissection.
As evidenced by Hit, they are not bound to the genre and like to experiment with some halftime sounds as well. The closing title goes full circle to Oscillation’s absolute mayhem and ends the EP on a high note.
If you don’t feel this EP, please just check out one of their streams. They’re the best man.
The Runner-ups of this week’s Hidden Gem:
  • TEK-DIF - Transmute (Hafgufa Reprise is such a tune)
  • Twintone - Fragments Of Love EP (even more liquid, lovely vocals too)
  • Enigma - Intelligence
  • Ventus - The Polyanna Principle

New Releases

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New Drum & Bass! (Week 23) All the fresh DnB releases from all subgenres. [+Weekly updated Spotify playlist]

Weekly updated Spotify playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Last Week's list

Monstercat Releases


New Releases

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Global High Chrome Mill Internals (Hcmis) Market SWOT Analysis & Industry Forecast To 2020-2026

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Global Grinding Media Industry Market Development Trends from 2020 to 2026

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Countdown to Kickoff 2019: San Jose Earthquakes

I'll be editing this after I post it as I get input from other Quakes fans and see the final results of the preseason, so definitely take a look back at this before opening day!
It’s just under a year from when I posted the last Countdown to Kickoff for the Quakes, and things are the same but different, so why don’t I start off where the same as a year ago with the Quakes checklist and a couple relevant additions.
2018 started with brief excitement for something new and then was a journey of disappointment on various levels for home fans and a spoil of points for everyone else (except for Dallas and Minnesota).
Some traditions were maintained:
Outside of that, it was just a lot of pain.
Before the kickoff of the 2018 season, the Quakes were reeling from bombing out of the playoffs. In 2019, fans are still reeling from the bottom of the table finish.
A question I presented in my post last year was "Euro Quakes: For better or worse?" and it turned out it was for a lot worse, at least with Stahre in charge.
Between permanent and interim coaches, the Quakes have now had five men at the helm of the team in the last 3 seasons. Dom Kinnear axed at the half way point of 2017, Chris Leitch on as interim coach. Mikael Stahre hired in the off-season. He coaches until September with Steve Ralston taking over until the end of the season. Now Matias Almeyda enters. I think he will finish the first Quakes manager since Kinnear in 2016 to finish a complete season, but what will it look like?
We're entering yet another season with a new coach at the helm, but just about the same group of players as the wooden spoon last year. So will Almeyda's introduction prove to be the spark that this group needed? Or will no coach be able to work wonders with this squad. Historically the Quakes have done well in similar circumstances, winning their first MLS Cup in 2001 after finishing with the wooden spoon in 2000. Yet this time they're going into the season without picking up relatively unknown players like Dwayne De Rosario or Landon Donovan, so I think a respectable playoff appearance would be acceptable.

Basic info: San Jose Earthquakes (Reddit home /sjearthquakes)

Established: 1974, 1994, or 2007 (Depends who you ask)
Home: Avaya Stadium, with the California Clasico played at Stanford Stadium
USL Championship Affiliate: Reno 1868 | USL League 2 Affiliate: None in 2018 (Local affiliation in SF or Santa Cruz possible)
Owner: John J. Fisher (Same as Oakland A's) | GM: Jesse Fioranelli | Head Coach: Matias Almeyda
Captain: Chris Wondolowski
DPs: Chris Wondolowski, Vako Qazaishvili
2019 Home kit | 2018 Away Kit
Club anthems:
San Jose Earthquakes Anthem - E40 (Retired) | Never Say Die - Old Firm Casuals

Looking back...

2018 Record: 12th (West)/23rd overall - 4W/21L/9T
2018 Summary: Quakes started off the season with a win at home against Minnesota...and then only 3 more times, inexplicably sweeping the season series against Minnesota and FC Dallas but beating literally no one else. Incredibly their GD was around the same place as the 2017 season where they made the playoffs (-21 in 2017 vs -22 in 2018). They even scored more goals (39 vs 49) with two players outside of Wondo (Vako, Hoesen) hitting double digits in goals scored for the first time since the Quakes' record breaking Shield campaign. The 71 goals against didn't help them win any games. The Quakes had two scoreless draws (vs RSL and Colorado) but never shut out a team in a win. If you see Quakes fans celebrating a shutout victory under Almeyda like it's some sort of trophy, you'll now know why.

Pre-season (so far)

The Quakes were undefeated in preseason last year and won the wooden spoon, so Quakes fans have been trying to do our best not to read into these results one way or the other. Though we still do!
2/01 - Pioneros 1-1 Quakes
The Quakes' first match of the year came against Pioneros de Cancún, a Mexican 3rd division side. It wasn't broadcast so I can't say how the Quakes played, but inexplicably they drew. This may be the result of the Quakes getting used to longemore intense training regimens under Almeyda.
2/09 - Reno 3-0 Quakes
Starting XI | Second XI
Another shocker on paper came down to some defensive mix ups. I'm not sure if there was a system shock of hot Cancun -> snowing Reno but a lot of Quakes fans weren't entirely optimistic about the result of this match, even if preseason results don't matter.
2/16 - LAFC 0-3 Quakes
Starting XI
Ah, now (on paper) that's better! Was a closed door friendly so we didn't get to see how the team played, but from reports it seems the Quakes were pressing LAFC the entire match and had some good team play for the goals.
Goals: Eriksson, Wondo, Vako
2/23 - Quakes vs Seattle

Storylines going into this season

Almeyda takes the wheel!

Okay, so the European coaching staff didn't work out. Let's go for Mexico/Latin America/South America this year! Almeyda brought in not only his coaching staff from Chivas, but the player transfers were also from the region.
On the surface this signing was very hyped. I mean, really big move for the Quakes
But will it be a cure all? While the Quakes had added a few talented players, we don't know how those players and the new staff will gel with the leftovers from last year's Euro-centric roster as well as the days of old. Also, with Almeyda currently putting orders out there through a translator (as well as bilingual players), will that be an issue or a non-issue when it comes to the season?

Positional battles: Will there be a youth movement or will veterans win out?

Across the field and depth charts the Quakes have a mix of old and new, though historically old has been the driving force behind the team. Outside of Nick Lima, no homegrown players or really any youth players have ever grabbed a regular starting spot with the Quakes.
I'll go into the players individually later but the primary positions will be in the midfield and GK.
(Not every playebattle is listed so this area may change as Quakes fans give me some input)
GK: Vega (34) vs Marcinkowski (21) & Tarbell (25)
CM: Godoy (29)/Jungwirth (30) vs Felipe (23), Yueill (21), Judson (25)
AM/Winger: Erkisson (28) vs Thompson (23), Espinoza (23)

Wondo on the doorstep of history, but is it from the field or on the bench?

Wondo is 2 goals from becoming the top scorer in MLS history.
Wondo finished last season with 10 goals, which extended his MLS record for consecutive seasons with double digit goals (9). Nine seasons with double digit goals in itself is a record, with Wondo passing Donovan who had 8 over various MLS seasons. It remains to be seen if he can hit at least 10 goals for a 10th season.
When Wondo scores two more goals, he'll be in unprecedented territory. Will he be the first player to score 150 goals in MLS? (6 more goals). Will he be the first to score 150 goals with a single club? (10 more goals) Will he score against his 25th MLS club when FC Cincinnati come to town on May 4th?
Will he even have the chance to do these things, or will he start to be phased out this year. Time will tell, but if he starts opening day he may also be closing out the season as a starter.

Cali Clasico x Superclásico & MLS says LAFC are bigger rivals?

Quakes fans were happy to hear that they would be playing LA during one of MLS's designated rivalry weeks, but it turns out it was the wrong team. The Quakes have yet to beat LAFC so there's that, but calling it a rivalry is something else. To be fair there was a thrilling 4-3 loss for the Quakes in SJ last year that needs to be avenged, but it's far from a rivalry when one team is on the losing end of things and already has another rival in the same city.
As a side note, there's some odd scheduling of these California matches, with both California Clasico (SJ v Galaxy) matches happening within two weeks and LAFC facing SJ and the Galaxy within the span of four days in August. Odd stuff, it seems there's no time for these matches to be built up and savored by fans nor players.
Along with most teams, the Quakes failed to beat the Galaxy last year. They lost 1-0 away in Carson and had the aforementioned clusterfun 3-3 draw at Stanford. There's an interesting flavor to the rivalry now seeing as both team's coaches (Almeyda in SJ and Guillermo Barros Schelotto in LA) played and coached on opposite ends of the legendary Superclásico in Argentina. It'll be interesting to see how the rivalry plays out during the regular season, and possibly cup competition (USOC or Playoffs).

Where will Lima be by the end of the season?

Nick Lima trained with Hertha Berlin during the off-season and played quite well for the USMNT in the January camp. If he continues to play well for SJ, will he even be with the squad next year? And seeing as the Quakes infamously took years to (not) replace outside backs Justin Morrow and Steven Beitashour after trading them before the 2014 season, will they be able to develop a suitable replacement or depth at the very least?

Reno: Round 3!

Reno has had 2 seasons in the USL and both seasons they have made the playoffs. Ian Russel has managed to balance performing well in the USL with making sure Quakes loanees get the time they need on the field. I think Reno should be a lock for the playoffs and continue to act as a place for the Quakes to hold draft picks either on loan from the main roster or that they didn't want to sign to SJ but want to keep in the system. I'm not sure how many other MLS clubs fully utilize this, but outside of the regular loans we've had players who have moved from the Quakes down to Reno and up from Reno to SJ. It's an interesting dynamic that seems to be doing well for our fringe/youth players though we only have two seasons to go off of.
Keep an eye out for Danny Musovski, who the Quakes loaned to Reno for most of last season and have dropped to the USL completely for this season. He has scored buckets in the preseason, including one against San Jose and 4 against Real Monarchs. Hopefully this form continues into the season and with him being called "the USL Wondo" he may be a late bloomer like the man who took about 5 seasons to get regular starts and won a Golden Boot when given the chance. Also if/when Almeyda leaves, I think it's a given that Ian Russell takes charge of SJ. That is if he doesn't move to another club from Reno. I doubt he will, because he has been tied to the Quakes for decades as a player (2000-2005), and an assistant coach (2008-2016), before joining Reno as their head coach in 2017.


GOALKEEPERS (4): Daniel Vega (INT), JT Marcinkowski (HGP), Andrew Tarbell (GA), Matt Bersano
DEFENDERS (9): François Affolter (INT), Jacob Akanyirige (HGP), Harold Cummings (INT), Guram Kashia (INT), Nick Lima (HGP)+, Marcos Lopez (INT)+, Paul Marie (INT), Jimmy Ockford, Joel Qwiberg (INT)
MIDFIELDERS (13): Eric Calvillo, Magnus Eriksson (INT), Luis Felipe, Gilbert Fuentes (HGP), Anibal Godoy, Siad Haji (GA), Florian Jungwirth+, Kevin Partida+, Vako (DP)+, Shea Salinas+, Judson (INT), Tommy Thompson (HGP), Jackson Yueill (GA)
FORWARDS (4): Cade Cowell (HGP), Cristian Espinoza (INT), Danny Hoesen, Chris Wondolowski (DP)
*Italics indicates a 2019 Draftee, +indicates multiple positions

Players Out

Name Pos. New Club Info
Fatai Alashe MF FC Cincinnati Loaned to USL's FCC with MLS rights traded to then (current?) future FCC
Quincy Amarikwa FW Montreal/ DC Traded to Montreal for Dominic Oduro in August, now with DC United
Yeferson Quintana DF Cerro Largo FC Left after end of loan from Peñarol, now playing in the Uruguayan first division
Jahmir Hyka MF Maccabi Netanya Fan favorite didn't make it. Now in the Israeli first division
Chris Wehan MF New Mexico United Part of the Reno trio that the Quakes signed before the 2018 season, the first to depart the club.
Danny Musovski FW Reno 1868 Draft pick last year who was mostly loaned to Reno, now there permanently
Mohamed Thiaw FW Miami FC Draft pick who spent most of his time Reno (24 apps/3 g). Signed with Miami FC, so he may play in the NPSL regular season or the Founders Cup
Dom Oduro FW Charlotte Independence Left as soon as he came after being acquired by the Quakes for Quincy Amarikwa from Montreal

Players In

Name Pos. Prev. Team Info.
Kevin Partida MF Reno 1868 Drafted by SJ in 2018, signed straight to Reno. Subsequently loaned to and then permanently signed by SJ
Judson MF Avaí On loan to the Quakes from Tombense in Brazil, he has played about just about every level of Brazilian football, most recently in Serie A
Cade Cowell FW Quakes academy Another year, another youngest ever signing by the Quakes. Signed to a 5 year contract, the Quakes seem to be expecting big things for the 15 y/o who plays for the Quakes' u17s and u19s
Marcos López DF Cristal The Quakes signed a LB! At only 19 years of age, he has already been capped (once) by the senior Peruvian NT
Siad Haji MF VCU (NCAA) The Quakes' #2 overall selection, we'll see how much match time he gets for SJ or another club
Cristian Espinoza MF Boca Juniors On loan from La Liga's Villarreal, there are high hopes for this 23 year old's offensive impact
Mario Vega GK Tampa Bay Rowdies At 34 years old many fans assumed he would just be a mentor for the younger GKs, but he will likely be our opening day starter

Draftees aka no idea if they will be signed

These guys haven’t played a ton for the Quakes so I can’t provide a ton of analysis. I think Marie and Thiaw are likely to be signed just due to their amount of play time so far, but I was wrong in my predictions last year so what do I know.
Name Pos. Prev. Team Info.
Sergio Rivas MF Seattle U #26 pick overall
Mamadi Camara FW GNAC #46 pick overall
Nathan Aune DF Seattle U #50 pick overall

Returning players

The Veterans

Shea Salinas Shea finally found his home club in 2012 after bouncing around during expansion drafts for a few years. Expect him to play off the bench and be depth for either midfield or LB
Chris Wondolowski Unless you're a Cincinnati fan, this man has scored against your team. I think he'll be starting for most of this year, but after he breaks the record we may see less and less starts. Or we may see him provide consistent goal scoring until the end of time. Wondo is seemingly eternal
Aníbal Godoy was a great midfielder when first arriving in 2015 but he seemed to become stagnant as time when on. Last year this was possibly because he was trying to save himself for the World Cup, though he didn't seem to give his all after returning from the tournament either. If he doesn't shape up, he may find a younger player pushing him out of the starting XI or even the team

The New Core

Danny Hoesen Hoesen really started to come into his own last year, more than doubling his goals from the 2017 season (12 vs 5) and keeping about the same amount of assists (4 vs 5)
Vako In his first full MLS season, Vako had the same production as the club's other Designated Player Wondo (10 g, 5 a) though in about 500 more minutes played. Some Quakes fans have said that the continual use of Wondo has forced Vako out of position, so we'll see how Almeyda handles the competition
Florian Jungwirth San Jose's CB turned CDM turned CB turned...we'll see where he plays, but had some disappointing minutes in the 3-0 loss to Reno during the preseason
Nick Lima Quakes fans are feeling vindicated by Lima's January camp performances, now that everyone can see why they were saying he deserved a shot with the USMNT despite the Quakes' defensive and overall record being so shoddy in the last two seasons. He may be moving abroad after this season or the next, which would be the first Euro feather in the cap of the Quakes' academy system (that didn't jump ship before arriving on the SJ first team)
Harold Cummings Cummings had to sit out the entire 2017 season after breaking leg at home before playing in any matches. He made 21 starts last year, and looks to be the CB to be paired with Guram Kashia
Guram Kashia After just half a season with the club, Vako's bff and Georgian international teammate seems to be an answer at CB that the Quakes had been looking for since the retirement of Clarance Goodson after 2016 and the forcing out of Victor Bernardez after 2017 look how well that worked out Jesse Fioranelli

Something to prove/I'm not sure how long they'll be here

Joel Qwiberg: Not a fan favorite, a LB who played on a Swedish team who won back to back promotions (3rd->2nd->1st) but he himself only played in the lower leagues of that campaign before arriving in SJ. Played 5 matches for SJ last year and 4 for Reno. Wouldn't be surprised to see him gone at the end of the season.
François Affolter: A meh CB that has been here since 2017 and has made 15 MLS appearances. Rumors were the Quakes were trying to sell him but that hasn't happened yet.
Magnus Eriksson Not really a fan favorite, he had 6 goals & 3 assists last year after spending part of the year as a DP due to his transfer fee. Rumors were that he was going to be sold this off-season, but maybe his Argentine coach can do better for Eriksson than his Swedish counterpart last year?


Matt Bersano Was SJ's 3rd keeper last year having made 0 appearances in 2017 and 2018. He has primarily played on loan with Reno for SJ (37 matches). That said, fans would much rather see Bersano in the net than Tarbell who seems to still be above him in the pecking order
Jackson Yueill At 21 he is still a promising midfielder for the Quakes, he had a few assists in his 21 matches played for SJ last year
Jimmy Ockford Part of last year's "Reno Trio," Ockford will look to be CB depth for the Quakes vs a starting CB on loan to Reno
JT Marcinkowski The Quakes' up and coming HGP goalie who most fans wanted to start the season despite him only starting 5 matches for SJ last year. With Vega now on board, we'll see how long it takes for Marcinkowski (or another young goalie) to get a chance to start again
Tommy Thompson SJ's first homegrown who still is waiting to have his impact on the team. He only had 6 starts and 8 sub appearances for a total of 630 minutes. If Almeyda is looking to bring change, maybe Tommy will get more even minutes during the season
Eric Calvillo Another young midfielder for the Quakes, he went from the Cosmos to SJ before the 2018 season but he played more for Reno (11) than SJ (3). That may change under Almeyda
Andrew Tarbell Tarbell has appeared a lot for SJ, starting with the 11 matches of the 2017 season where Bingham was permanently on the bench before he was traded to the Galaxy in the off-season. He was the Quakes' primary starter for 2017 and gave up a lot of goals. While some of that can be blamed on defense, not all of it can.
Jacob Akanyirige Briefly the youngest player when he was signed by the Quakes just shy of his 16th birthday, Jacob hasn't made any professional appearances for SJ or Reno, though he has had cameos in friendlies.
Paul Marie A case of LOLQuakes/"Just MLS Things" saw the Quakes draft Paul Marie under the pretense he was a domestic player, seeing as MLS listed him in the draft as such, and then found out he wasn't. MLS didn't make any exceptions for the Quakes, so they were forced to loan him to Reno for the second half of 2018 to make way for Guram Kashia. This will be Marie's first full season in SJ, so time will tell if he can push for an outside back spot
Gilbert Fuentes One of the most exciting players potential wise on SJ's roster at just 16 years old, he was the Quakes' youngest ever signing until Cade Cowell was signed this off-season. He only made 1 pro appearance with SJ last year and 4 for Reno, so it remains to be seen how he'll be utilized by the club in 2019
Luis Felipe Another member of the Reno Trio turned duo, Felipe played in equal amount of SJ and Reno last season 13 MLS appearances and 13 USL appearances

Almeyda's Tactics

Here's a /LigaMX post about the topic
To summarize, Almeyda likes to play primarily with possession rather than counter attack. Almeyda has also mentioned that he wants to instill a defensive mindset in the players, which was definitely lacking in the previous seasons.

Predicted Opening Day Starting XI (Will be more clear after match vs Seattle)

 Wondo Espinoza Vako Eriksson Godoy Judson Lopez Kashia Cummings Lima Vega 


Quakes fans have mixed expectations. It varies from thinking Almeyda will be the franchise's savior to it'll be another unsuccessful patch work attempt to compensate for the ownership's lack of spending.


  • If you're not last, you're first Finish near the playoff line, whether over it or under it
  • Tighten up the defense
  • Incorporate more youth in the lineup as the season develops (i.e. Vega out, Marcinkowski in)


Worst case scenario: Apocalypse scenario: Almeyda's coaching is not the talisman that the Quakes needed and it turns out the roster is terrible. The GM is out, Almeyda bounces to coach Argentina's National Team instead and the Quakes enter another year of the eternal rebuild
Best case scenario: Quakes surprise everyone and have a comfortable journey to the playoffs where they win a match before getting knocked out
Realistic scenario: Quakes are a middling team, still with issues at defense but not as bad in the previous two campaigns. They're a darkhorse for the playoffs but do/don't make it due to summer signings.
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My old pal from an ex home group messaged me

Back when I was a christian I used to attend some meetings hosted by leaders of the Athletes in action in my country (they're sport limb of the campus crusade for christ). Some of the guys had decided to go abroad in order to pursue their missionary/ educational goals which led to a disbandment of our bible study group. Since then we had rather gone apart and hadn't kept in touch, but it was understandable to me,but today at work I received a message the guy whom I haven't heard from for 2 years at least. It quite suprised me,but it kinda brushed away a smile from my face quickly because it was a typical "copy and paste" long ass message about a married couple who happened to be acquainted with him. They're planning to start an intership at AIA and they would be interested in meeting some christians whom they could ask for donations or for any non commital support and he just recalled my name (in short). I replied that I'm not affiliated with any religion, with christianity in particular so I won't fit their criteria to which he rapidly responded "thank you for your answer and honesty". I somehow get it but how is that different from a highschool friend who's trying to reach us just to introduce us to his new mlm scam but will immadietely forget about us if we reject his offer. The whole evengalization idea is fishy to me and it presumes some disengineus techniques, akin to any mlm selling tricks. I just needed to vent
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Picmonic Biochemistry Deck a.k.a. COFACTOR

Picmonic Biochemistry Deck a.k.a. COFACTOR


>>> print("Hello r_medicalschoolanki!")
Long time lurker and beneficiary of incredibly well curated Anki decks. I think I can speak for many redditors here, we share this sentiment: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
I'm a huge fan of memory castles and like many here dismayed that Sketchy fails to cover those pesky vitamins, inborn errors of metabolism, and rare genetic disorders. In a bid to complement this deficiency (multiple puns intended), I've curated a Pepper-style Picmonic-based Biochemistry deck I like to call COFACTOR.
I do feel indebted to Picmonic and while Sketchy is a dominant resource in the memory castle space, I think Picmonic has some really great STEP1 studying material for Embryology, Psychiatry in addition to an impeccable Biochemistry section. I would argue these topics covered by Picmonic are better than Pixorize. I'm not affiliated with Picmonic in anyway, but please do check out their other mnemonics at www(dot)picmonic(dot)com. I also love how they're a lot more reasonably priced than Sketchy.
My hope is that this deck is useful to other Anki'ers out there. Please note that while I believe my work qualifies as Fair Use, where I've injected my own insight into making these cards, I respect Copyright laws and I am happy to take this down at any time. Download here:

Deck overview

The deck is designed to be a complement of SALT Sketchy Path deck, Pepper Sketchy Micro, and Pepper Sketchy Pharm decks. It spans 3 major subjects:
  • Enzyme Deficiencies {PKU, Galactokinase_def, Alkaptonuria, Hartnup, Maple_syrup_urine_dz, PDH_def, Ornithine_transcarbamylase_def, Cystinuria, Orotic_aciduria, Hyperammonemia, Homocystinuria, G6PD_def, ADA_def, Lesch_nyhan, Von_gierke, Pompe, Cori, McArdles, Fabry, Hunter, Hurler, Niemann_pick, Tay_sachs, Krabbe, Gaucher, Metachromatic_leukodrystrophy, Essential_fructosuria, Fructose_intolerance, Classic_galactosemia}
  • Genetics {CF, Thymic_aplasia, Angelman, Prader_willi, Cri_du_chat, Williams, Marfan, Ehlers_danlos, Fraile_x, Patau, Edward, Down}
  • Nutritional disorders {Folate, Zinc, Cholecalciferol, Vitamin_A, Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, Thiamine, Beriberi, Wernicke_korsakoff, Riboflavin, Niacin, Cobalamin, Pantothenate, Pyridoxine, Vitamin_C, Vitamin_E, Vitamin_K, Biotin, Iron}

Card structure

COFACTOR cards share Pepper-style formatting and focus on appreciating the gestalt of the topic, rather than breaking the facts down piecemeal like Zanki.
Each topic is further broken down into subtopics (ie. Pathophys, Symptoms, Treatments, etc.) on separate cards. Cues explaining the memory tool are higlighted in a different colour and smaller font, adjacent to the answer - serving as a written reminder of the representative hook in the image (this way, you may not even have to watch the video!). The overall memory castle is offered at the bottom of the card, per Pepper practice.
A disorder like Fragile X has several subcards: Pathophysiology (shown), Signs & symptoms, Genetics, and my own "Pop quiz!" card. In the front of the card, the topic is usually divulged. To address inverse concept recall (ie. rather than mapping vitamin deficiency -> symptoms, the cards ask you to recall symptoms -> vitamin deficiency), pop quiz cards ask you to recall the overall topic as opposed to the subtopics. See the pop quiz card for Zinc below:

Fig 1. Fragile X demonstration as part of the COFACTOR Genetics deck.
Fig 2. Hunter's syndrome demonstration as part of the COFACTOR Metabolism deck.
Fig 3. Zinc deficiency demonstration as part of COFACTOR \"Pop Quiz!\" function.
Fig 4. Biotin deficiency demonstration as part of COFACTOR Vitamin deck.

Directed audience

The visual language of Picmonic is closer to phonetic reminders than symbolic representations of similar concepts (ie. Seagull - aCetyl CoA). The cards are few in number but they take quite a while to mature. I found the best way was to suppress most cards and study a small number of topics at a time, before unlocking new cards. I also encourage users to really take in the visual cues first and absorb the images initially, before relying on the text reminders (when they want to speed up their card usage) for future use.
Biochem is definitely not "high yield" but I truly believe it's necessary to master once you are aiming for higher registers (>240). I also hope this is helpful to block exams, where you are studying medicine!


Thank you Zanki, Pepper, the community that built SALT. Pray to the space bar and Anki on,
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Useful advice for youngsters on Insurance Saving Plans

Disclaimer: This was originally a comment in a thread earlier by u/kyith of Investment Moats, in response to someone asking for advice on their insurance saving plan. As such, all credit goes to u/kyith and u/hongyew for starting the thread.
You can read the original thread here:
The reason I'm resposting this as a separate post as I've noticed an increasing number of such threads as of late, on the topic of getting endowment or saving plans, and they mostly come from young people fresh out of poly or in NS. Many unethical insurance agents target these groups as they are not savvy in financial knowledge, under the pretext of "kick starting your savings". There are many alternatives to that. Note that I am neither for nor against endowment plans, but I do believe that many misunderstand their needs when they buy such plans.
Our education system here in Singapore leaves much to be desired when it comes to financal education, leading to many youngsters making uninformed decisions that they may regret in the future. I urge everyone to read up as early as possible (learn just a little during your holidays or during NS), so that you are protected against anyone who just wants to make a quick commission off you.
Please do give this a read if you're in the following groups: 1) NSF 2) Fresh out of poly/jc/uni 3) Working part time or in your first job
Without further ado, here's the original comment:
Or Kyith can value add here haha!
I am beginning to enjoy these pings to help!
Ok u/hongyew there isn't much details but it looks like they are recommending you to sign up for a 25 year insurance savings plan.
What these plans are is that you contribute a fix amount of money per year to these plans and you earn a return at the end of 25 year. The insurance company take your money and put into a fund they or their affiliate manage called a participating fund.
Usually the participating fund invest in more bonds/debt, which tends to provide more predictable returns and lower in volatility.
The thing about insurance savings plan is they work differently from other investment assets. In other investment assets if you contribute $1000, the value fluctuates around $1000. For insurance savings plans, the value starts from $0, and as you contribute annually, the value builds up. This despite you giving them $1000 from the start.
Thus, if you take out (called surrender) your policy in the first few years, you cannot get back your full $1000 you put it.
Generally for a 25 year policy, the likely break even year is near the 20th year. The returns will start happening in the 20-25th year.
For some plans that have cash back, or that they provide recurring cash flow, the equation works differently. You get money recurringly. but because you have less money with the insurance company to compound, your eventual returns will be less. There is no magic here.
Usually we measure the performance of insurance policy or other investment assets using this thing called the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). This is like calculating the"interest rate per year" you stand to earn by putting in this "AIA bank" after 25 years.
I wrote an article called Does your Insurance Saving Plans (Endowment) give you 3 to 5% returns? where I crowd source and consolidate past matured insurance policy of friends, readers to let you see the actual situation.
The actual returns if you can see the 16 policies there is that they are positive and not too bad for mindless saving.
But they fall short of the returns provided. One reason is that people like yourself misunderstood and think these 3.25% and 4.75% that is provided is the return you get. It is not. That is the return of the participating fund. If they hit that 4.75%, then it matches the non-guaranteed returns they provided in the brochure (benefits illustration BI)
Contrary to what many hear think, I don't think its the end of the world.
Firstly, lets talk about the big picture.
You are going to be a NS Boy if i am right. The amount you put in is very small most likely.
Why do I say its small?
On a conservative basis, if you start earning $40,000/yr at 25 years old, for the next 10 years, you are likely to see $500,000 in earnings. it will put this level of savings that they promise you or what you are looking for to be rather minute. What this means is that eventually you need to put more money into other investment assets to grow your wealth wisely.
I also see a lot of people waste this $500,000 (or $400,000 after CPF) on stupid wealth/life decisions. Those are bigger than this insurance endowment plan. At least this insurance endowment plan you likely won't lose money if you held for 25 years!
  1. Going to bars
  2. Marrying a spouse with pooincompatible money values
  3. Getting a car when you do not need it
  4. Spend all your waking attention on mobile games
  5. Every of your meal cost above average
Those will compound to bigger problems than an insurance policy.
Since you are entering NS, perhaps i can share something. Due to my work i have seen batches and batches of NS boys, and in different camps and vocation, different education levels.
What I see is that if they tap this period to level up their life personally through self studying, exploring projects, it can be immensely helpful. But from my observation, only 3-4% of each cohort do that.
The thing you have to think about seriously is your cash flow.
By tying to this savings plan, it is forcing you to save early. Its not wrong. Personally i think everyone should learn early to save. I do think everyone should be intentional, take responsibility and save on their own.
They do not need an insurance plan to tell them.
However, there will be some periods where this insurance savings might force you into a position where you cannot buy other stuff for school in the future that could greatly enhance your school work.
So ensure that this premium payment is not too taxing on your cash flow. (can read what is your personal cash flow statement here)
If you choose to cancel now, don't worry, its painful now but in the grand scheme of $400,000, this is a small issue. What is important is that you make an effort to learn how to manage your money well, build wealth wisely. Go to the library as a ns boy and pick up different books to read. Thats how i started.
If you do not cancel, this has to be evaluated after thinking through your cash flow for the next few years. I don't think its the end of the world. you will still get some of the IRR i wrote in my article above.
If you need to ask more you can ask here, pm, or message me at Telegram @kyith
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Father Felix Morlion of Pro Deo, the money launderer extraordinaire

Catholic Priests also act as lobbyists and can attract billions of dollars to covert intelligence projects. Witness Father Felix Morlion, a Belgian Dominican priest who founded the Catholic intelligence organization Pro Deo. The devout Catholic William “Wild Bill” Donovan made a pact with Father Felix Morlion to merge their intelligence apparatus’s together. When the Nazis took control of western Europe, Donovan helped Morlion move his propaganda operations from Lisbon to New York.

Avro Manhattan in his 1985 book Murder in the Vatican briefly mentions this relationship. “During World War II, in July 1944, for instance, Pope Pius XII decorated General William Donovan with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, a reward given only to 100 other men, 'who by outstanding deed...championed the Church.' The significance of the reward was in the fact that Donovan had served as a chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the wartime predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA. Early in the war, in 1941, Donovan had already forged an alliance with the founder of a Catholic intelligence agency, called Pro Deo (Felix Morlion) . The two agencies collaborated during and after the war, to such an extent that eventually they amalgamated. This resulted in the de facto integration of the CIA and of the Vatican intelligence, into a global USA-Vatican apparatus, whose operations now encompassed the globe. The amalgamation operated in favour of the advancement of the Catholic Church in the political fields, at home and abroad. And indeed, in joint USA-Vatican promotion of their respective objectives. It helped in the promotion of Presidential candidates in the USA, and in the promotion of potential papal candidates in the Vatican. The Vatican-CIA spying operations have assessed both Presidents and Popes, during the past three decades, and acted accordingly.”

Father Morlion’s financial intrigues are shown in a declassified letter of the Inter-American Development Bank (The bank of the Organization of American States (OAS)), dated April 11th 1966. The letter is from Grayton Upton, an executive vice President of the Bank, to Walter Rostow, special assistant to the Jesuit educated U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. The subject heading on the letter is revealing in itself: “Father Morlion and Program, of Catholic Church for Indoctrination of Latin American Priests in Divulgation of Principles of U.S. Free Enterprise System.”
Parts of Grayton Upton’s letter to Walter Rostow include: “You will recollect the lunch here at the Bank a few weeks ago with Father Morlion. I now enclose a description of what he is doing. I personally consider this matter of the utmost importance to U.S. Policy makers for Latin America, and ask you to give it the most serious study. I first met Father Morlion at the Caracas meeting of CICYP last year. There he gave a short talk in which he said, in effect, that after a year or so of letting the priesthood in Latin America follow their own ideas with respect to economics (and politics) the Pope had decided to make a major effort to indoctrinate them in the concepts of the free enterprise system and to insist that they take an active role in teaching these concepts. The chief mechanism for this is the International University for Social Studies Pro Deo in Rome, which I understand must in the future be attended by any Latin American Priest before he rises to a higher level in the Catholic hierarchy. In addition the various economic and social directives which will be issued to the Church in Latin America.”
Continuing “In effect what Father Morlion now wishes to obtain is the following: 1. ) A serious review of, and orientation in, this whole effort by the U.S. Government (I understand that Ambassador Reinhardt is well informed on the matter.) 2. ) The strong moral backing of the U.S. Government, in a discreet fashion, of this effort. In this respect, as a first step, he wants to arrange a lunch in which you both, and hopefully Lincoln Gordon, would be present, with as many of the U.S. Directors as possible, where you would indicate the moral support of the U.S. Government for this effort - a support which would hopefully contribute towards substantial private contributions from U.S. business. 3. ) An investigation of the possibility of financial support for this effort by the U.S. Government through an appropriate agency”.
The banker Grayton Upton notes:
“For obvious reasons, efforts have been made to date to give no publicity to the program” and says in conclusion “PS: I understand that commitments have already been received for contributions from business of $250M (250 Million)and that Father Morlion expects this to be increased to $1MM (1 Billion) in the next few weeks.”
Father Felix Morlion sent Grayton Upton a correspondence (April 6th, 1966) five days previous the letter quoted above from Upton to Walter Rostow:
“Mr. Grayton Upton
Executive Vice President
Inter-American Development Bank
808 17th Street
Washington, D. C.
Dear Friend,
Here with the second draft improved on the basis of your suggestions. If you think the matter is sufficiently clear, you might send to Mr. Mann, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Rostov photostats of this so that they can tell you which day - they could eventually meet with a few business-men to conclude the first phase. Mr. Huerdemat or another assistant can eventually make some further improvements after phoning me. Before the middle of next week, I hope to tell you what first payments are made by some of the business leaders approached. As you can imagine, the Rome authorities are waiting for my return at the end of the month to start preparations in practice. I want to thank you again in the name of my high Roman friends for the inspiration you gave me in Caracas and the help so generously these days. We will need very much that you should repeat your speech of Caracas in one of our Rome symposia, possibly in the Autumn.
Totus tuus Pro Deo
Felix A. Morlion
Pres., Intern. Pro Deo University”
source :

Jesuit trained Galo Plaza, former president of Ecuador, became Secretary general of the OAS (the parent organization of the Inter-American Development Bank), just 2 years after these above exchanges! : Here is a quick background on Galo Plaza : " Galo Plaza seemed perfect for restoring the OAS’s internal stability and improving the organization’s image. Rockefeller circles likened him to an “international troubleshooter.” Loyal to his roots as a major Ecuadorian landowner, lawyer for the United Fruit Company, and former student at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Jesuit), Galo Plaza could be counted on to maintain order within the organization while ensuring OAS support for CIA subversion of leftist-minded governments, not only in Ecuador (where the Velasco and Arosemena governments had both fallen to CIA-backed coups), but throughout Latin America. He had also endorsed the efforts of Nelson’s brother, John 3rd, to introduce birth control among Ecuador’s Indians through the Agency for International Development, a major new policy initiative. In addition, Galo Plaza could ensure the hemisphere wide transfer of rural development programs from Rockefeller's American International Association for Economic and Social Development (AIA) to the OAS. Most important, all this would give Rockefeller, through his influence on Galo Plaza, added weight not only in the OAS, but also in any White House deliberation over using the OAS "- Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett,
Here is a photo of Nelson Rockefeller with his lay-Jesuit political Kingmaker Malcolm Wilson : , Malcolm Wilson was aswell a member of the board of directors at the Catholic intelligence agency Pro Deo subsidiary The American Council for the International Promotion of Democracy Under God . This is seen in a batch of declassified documents I have found on Pro Deo : ,

There is quite a bit of information on Father Felix Morlion's activities in Paul L. Williams book Operation Gladio : The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia, particularly with Mehmet Ali Agca and the "Bulgarian Connection" hoax here are some excerpts :

" Fr. Felix Morlion, a Belgian priest, was affiliated with the Hyperion Language School and served to establish a branch of the “school” in Rome. During World War II, he had worked closely with Wild Bill Donovan and the Office of Strategic Services by creating Pro Deo a Catholic intelligence agency. When the Nazis seized control of Western Europe, Donovan relocated Morlion and his agency from Lisbon to New York. In 1945, the priest relocated to Rome, where he became the private emissary of Pope Pius XII and four of the pope’s successors. Throughout the 1960s, he remained a pivotal US intelligence agent, as witnessed by his key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. At JFK’s urging, the Dominican priest had attended a strategic meeting in Andover, Massachusetts, where he established a communication channel between Moscow and Washington, mediated by Pope John XXIII, through whom messages were passed that brought an end to the threat of a nuclear war. In 1966, Morlion established, with funding from the CIA, the Pro Deo University which became Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (the International University of Social Studies). As president of the new university, Morlion became a force in the formation of the right-wing policies of the Italian government. He also reportedly began recruiting of terrorists and assassins, including Moretti and Mehmet Ali Ağca (who attempted the hit on John Paul II) ...... In 1981, Count Alexandre de Marenches, the chief executive of the Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage (SDECE—the French secret service), served as the leader of Safari. Marenches was also a member of the SMOM(Knights of Malta), along with CIA director William Casey, Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Treasury Secretary William Simon, US ambassador to the Vatican William Wilson, Licio Gelli, Fr. Felix Morlion, and General Santovito of SISMI. Through the SMOM, Marenches became aware of John Paul II’s negotiations with the Kremlin and agreed that the Polish upstart had to be removed from the Holy Office ......... On April 18, Ağca, Çatlı, and Çelik traveled to Milan to meet with Bekir Çelenk at Stibam. They stayed at the Hotel Agosta, where Ağca registered under the name Faruk Ozgun. From Milan, the trio made their way to Rome for a visit with Morlion to learn the layout of the priest’s apartment. On April 23, the day John Paul II was holding a private audience with CIA director William Casey, the Turks were provided with 9mm Browning Hi Power semiautomatic pistols with 13-round cartridge clips. They had received training on the use of these weapons by CIA agent Frank Terpil. The semiautomatics had been imported from East Germany by Horst Grillmayer, an arms dealer and operative of the BND. The place of origin was significant since the pistols, when found, would support the Bulgarian thesis...... Ağca was sentenced to life in prison with one year of solitary confinement. Despite this sentence, the prisoner soon received an ongoing stream of surprising visitors, including Francesco Pazienza, General Santovito, Fr. Morlion, members of the Camorra (including fellow prisoner Raffaelo Cutolo), agents from the CIA, and Monsignor Marcello Morgante, who represented Archbishop Marcinkus of the IOR. The visits were choreographed by Pazienza to advance the Bulgarian thesis. During his daily visits, Pazienza, with Cutolo at his side, showed Ağca photographs of Antonov and several Bulgarians they wished to implicate in the assassination attempt. For hours, Ağca poured over the photos, memorizing distinctive characteristics and receiving information about the personal habits and tics of the fall guys... Another problem came from Ağca’s description of Antonov’s apartment. The distinctive features he described, including an ornate room divider between the living and dining areas, were not found in the Bulgarian’s living quarters. They were unique to the flat one floor below, which was occupied by Fr. Morlion. Ağca also mentioned meeting Antonov’s wife and children during the planning sessions in April. But the Bulgarian’s family was not in Rome at that time. They had returned to Bulgaria."

In declassified letters on the subject of Pro Deo, from C.D Jackson to Henry Luce it is seen that Father Felix Morlion was in communiucation with the fundraiser John Price Jones who raised over a billion dollars with his fundraising! " Morlion has also been talking to John Price Jones. When I explained to him that these fund~raising organizations did not actually solicit money themselves but acted as a professional secretariat for the appropriate individuals, Morlion assured me that this was different. and that they had an individual who had "done the Work for Fordham". I will find out more about this. " source : ,
I posit that who had "done the work for Fordham" was Fordham educated Cardinal Francis Spellman. Quoting from Covert Action Information Bulletin #25, we see Spellman was reported to have been apart of the Pro Deo network.
" In the latter part of April 1948 the Romanian Timpul published an article, “The Vatican Espionage Service,” citedin the Soviet Journal New Times, No.31, 1948, at pp. 5, 6. As reported, the article indicated that, “In 1946 the Pope entrusted the Dominican friar [Felix A.] Morlion, a Belgian, with the reorganization of the Vatican intelligence service and its merger with the Jesuit espionage network. The central intelligence department of the Vatican is headed by Janssens, a general of the Jesuit Order. His deputy is Montini, the acting Vatican Secretary of State, and his assistants are Schmider, the administrative director of the central Jesuit espionage bureau, and Morlion, director of Centro d’informazione pro Deo. The central intelligence department is subdivided into branches and sections dealing with the various countries. One of the main branches is the socalled ‘special division’ which operates under the signboard of the Centro d’informazione pro Deo press agency. Similar divisions have been set up in the Centro d’informazione pro Deo units in all parts of the world. In New York the ‘special division’ is directed by Cardinal Spellman, in Innsbruck(Austria) by Regent, the rector of a Jesuit college, in Coblenz (Germany) by the Catholic priest Poelaert who is also director of the Catholic press agency. The branch in charge of espionage in Eastern and Southeastern Europe is supervised by Schmider and Preseren, the Jesuits’ chief expert on the Slav countries and adviser to the Vatican Secretary of State. In August 1966, Morlion approached H.L. Hunt for funding Vatican anti-Communist operations in Latin America. Hunt gave an interview to the British Guardian Weekly, February 27, 1969: “ ‘I was approached by Paolo Cardinal Marella, who said he spoke for the Pope and asked if I would supply members of my [20,000 member] Youth Freedom Speakers’ movement who spoke Spanish to be sent south [to Latin America] to engage in speech making and activities. I was told the Pope was thinking in terms of 11 million dollars a year support for the entire movement against communism in Spanish-speaking countries.’ . , . The project was now centered in New York, at the Asian Speakers Bureau, with the Free Pacific Association, Inc., on Riverside Drive [another front for the Rev. Moon’s Unification Church]. A key figure in this papal concern over Leftist threats to the Vatican’s greatest stronghold was the Rev. Felix A. Morlion, who was present at the original discussions.” Subsequently, Morlion emerged as a key figure in the “Bulgarian Connection” hoax when the fascist Grey Wolf Agca attempted to assassinate the Pope: It appears that Morlion lived in Rome directly below the apartment of theBulgarian Antonov, and was a possible source of Agea’s description of Antonov’s apartment. (See, II Mondo, April8, 1985; UEspresso, May 19, 1985.)”
source :

the Jesuit Father Robert Graham confirmed that Morlion was a CIA agent. He was quoted in a Italian article from La Repubblica titled THE PIOUS FRIAR WORKING FOR THE CIA : " "Yes, Father Felix Morlion was from the CIA, he was a big point of reference for American intelligence". This was declared by Jesuit Father Robert Graham, one of the most qualified espionage history scholars. Father Graham added that Morlion, who died two years ago, was called "Cip" meaning "Pro-Deo Information Center". A spokesman for the CIA, Mark Mansfield, said instead that "I have not yet read the statements of the Italian Prime Minister. However, I repeat, it is not that we confirm or deny the fact that Morlion was our agent or the words of Andreotti or not , we simply do not comment "......" The prime minister claims that Agca was able to describe Antonov's apartment despite never setting foot in it, as it turned out to the trial. Therefore someone suggested to him how that house was made but the "cue" contained an error, the existence of a sliding door, a detail that, instead, was found only in the apartment below where Father Morlion lived. "

By the 1940's Pro Deo had gotten some big backers behind it, quoting from a 1942 article titled The Pro Deo Movement by Anna Brady : " In the preparation and presentation of this material such notable authorities as Mr. Paul Anderson, Hon. Adolph Berle, Jr. , Sir Bernard Pares (nonCatholics) and M, Jacques Maritain, Miss Helen Iswolski, and Father Wilfrid Parsons, S.J. have participated. One of the important aspects of this work is that it allows the practical co- operation between Catholics and non-Catholics with the aim of making religious motives the strongest force in public life. For these subjects are treated not on the basis of dogma but according to the self-evident truths of natural law concerning the rights and duties of many in society. In this particular field of politics, the Pro Deo Movement holds that the spirit of denominational contro- versy must be kept out of the common concern for the reconstruction of temporal society on universal moral principles. "

Pro Deo comes up in the Will H Hays Memoirs. Hayes was the first chairman of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America
: " The most significant experiences of the trip, especially in the light of later events, were my visits with Cardinal Pacelli and Count Galleazzi, which the latter graciously arranged. In two pleasant social calls Mrs. Hays and I found the cardinal most sympathetic and surprisingly well informed about America. He spoke excellent English. I also had another visit of at least two hours, during which he told me quite frankly the purpose of his visit to the United States—it had to do with the Pro Deo movement—noting that it was the first such official visit of a papal secretary of state. It was during these visits that I learned that a private audience with Pope Pius XI would be arranged for me soon after we reached Rome. " ......" In the midst of the conversation the Pope picked up a big loose-leaf book, two or three inches thick, lying on his table, and pushed it toward me. He explained that this volume of reports contained the series of original communiques sent out from the Comintern in Moscow to comrades and fellow travelers all over the world, and that one of the most emphatic orders was to "go out and get hold of the cinema of the world." This was a shocking revelation, backed as it was by such irrefutable evidence, and it sheds clear light on Communist efforts in sub- sequent years. When we had finished discussing motion pictures, the Holy Father went at once into the Pro Deo movement, of which Cardinal Pacelli had given me some account on our trip over. I was again impressed by the unity and the world sweep of the organized idea: that the Church was leading a movement of religionists everywhere, a united movement for God and the good in a concerted drive to oppose the spread of Communism."....." Finally reaching the secretary's room adjoining the private office of the Holy Father, we were greeted most cordially in scholarly English of a distinctly New England flavor by a man who seemed like an old friend. He repeated Count Galleazzi's suggestion about speaking freely and said he would see us when we came out. This was none other than our own Cardinal Spellman! A moment later we found ourselves in the presence of the Pope, seated at his broad desk placed in the middle of a small platform raised perhaps a foot above the floor. He was in the familiar white raiment, with the white cap; and his calm presence was a benediction. I was shown to a chair at the Holy Father's right, with Count Galleazzi at my right and Mrs. Hays still farther to the right, opposite the Holy Father." source : (

Morlion was very involved in the film industry himself, : " In an article published in 1954 in La Rivista del Cinematografo (the official Catholic film journal published by the Centro Cattolico Cinematografi co), the Belgian Jesuit Félix A. Morlion clarified the Catholic awareness of the power of cinema and its obligation to fight against Communists in the film industry. Morlion was heavily involved in Italian cinema in the post-war period. He contributed to the creation of the Cineforum (see the next section titled American Cinema and Catholic Press) and collaborated with film directors, such as Roberto Rossellini. His article (RC 1954: 5) not only listed all the Communist cinema initiatives—such as the creation of the ‘cinebrigate di informazione’ (Information Cine-Brigades), information groups which had the responsibility for strengthening the party by distributing audiovisual propaganda documents in large and small centres, but also highlighted the dissemination of those Christian values through the medium of cinema. As he Stated, ‘Christians have become aware of the exceptional psychological power of film in attracting the masses’ (Morlion 1954: 7) source :

Here is an article that was done by Time on Father Morlion in 1953 (December 28th) titled For Managers And Molders :
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Compilation of student discounts/ freebies

Several years into uni, still discovering new ones:
1. Qpay Swipe: discovered through Reddit, kudos to u/akkatracker
Use my referral code 7YEXK when signing up to skip the queue
original post
2. AIA Vitality: (free via Rest Super) not just for students

3. Student Edge: pretty standard, discounts for certain stores.
4. UniDays: discounts for certain stores, generates a unique discount code.
5. Groupon: not student only, but worth mentioning as many people I know have still never used it. Basically you prepay for certain experiences or meals at discounted prices.

6. Cashrewards: essentially cashback when shopping on certain sites, not only for students.
7. Shopback: same with Cashrewards

Apps/ Programs 
8. productivity or note-taking app, kind of like OneNote but with much more functionality and aesthetics.
9. Free Discounted Windows:
10. Office 365:
11. Symantec Endpoint Protection:

Budgeting tools: 
12. Pocketbook: free for public but worth mentioning
13. YNAB (You Need A Budget): free to students for one year, 10% discount for a year, then normal rates.

edit: Windows may no longer be free for all students (certain faculties only), but at a discounted price
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Issues with Parents and Colleg

So I am a high school senior (18) and I will start college in Fall 2019. I should be receiving my AA by the time I start my undergrad (meaning my undergrad could only take 2 year but I’d probably stay for at least 3) and will be majoring in Anthropology in hopes of becoming an Archaeologist working with like the Smithsonian or National Geographic. I also want/have to go to grad school which would pay for my PhD.
So now here’s the issue: I have 2 schools that I have wavering between.
Option 1: the one I actually truly want to go to, I would have to take out loans for, but would allow me to remain sane and happy.
Has a great Anthropology Department, Club, and is affiliated with the national organization for Anthropology (the AIA). They also have a ton of experience in field research (which is something I want to do to be a good candidate for grad school). I would have to take out loans for housing for at least the first year which adds up to about 6-7,000 after scholarships. I would not be given the car I was promised if I were to go here.
Option 2: results in me staying home for the 2-4 years of undergrad but I would be unhappy and loose my mind and never want to be home.
They have my major but it’s more of a track for the Sociology/Anthropology Major. Even so, my degree would still just say Anthropology. It’s not a bad school, they do offer some research. Since I would live at home, I wouldn’t get any loans and actually result in me having money in my pocket. I would also be given a car if I stay since I would have to drive to campus and back home.
Both colleges are in the same state. One is just 30min from home while the other is 3 hours away.
However, at this point, my parents have gotten very hostile towards the whole situation: threatening to cancel family events that were already planned, saying I’m a disappointment because I want Option 1, saying I’m an idiot, making me feel guilty for any argument they have with each other, giving me anxiety and stress anytime I realize I have to talk to them about anything college related. They have abolished the fun and excitement out of choosing colleges. It has gotten to a point that I do not feel safe for my mental state in the house. I have started to have mental breaks and anxiety/panic attacks more frequently when before they RARELY happened.
My parents asked me to sacrifice and go to Option 2 (their choice), saying it’s not my choice (even though they said it was at first).
So, do I make the sacrifice or follow my aspirations??
TLDR: I want to go to a school that I will have to take loans for housing but it has more opportunity than the other but my parents are threatening me and mentally abusing me into their choice of school
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Countdown to Kickoff 2018: San Jose Earthquakes

It’s a year to the day from when I posted the 2017 Countdown to Kickoff for the Quakes, so why don’t I start off where the same as a year ago with the Quakes checklist and a couple relevant additions.
2017 was more of the same for San Jose.
Had to dust that last one off from 2012!
A lot of things remained the same, but change did occur. It was disappointing to see the Quakes bomb out of the playoffs...but they did make it!
I finished off last year’s intro talking about hope being on the horizon. Jesse Fioranelli has been more than just a breath of fresh air, but has helped to seemingly in a truly new era of Earthquakes soccer along with some other changes in the FO. I think the future started last year, and though it was with mixed results it is a sign that the team is going in the right direction. That being said, the Quakes for the umpteenth season in a row seem to be starting fresh for better or worse.
With an old core finally gone and a new coach at the helm, Quakes fans don't know whether the feelings of anxiety or optimism will ring true by the end of the season.

Basic info: San Jose Earthquakes (Reddit home /sjearthquakes)

Established: 1974, 1994, or 2007 (Depends who you ask)
Home: Avaya Stadium, with the California Clasico played at Stanford Stadium
USL Affiliate: Reno 1868 | PDL Affiliate: None (Burlingame Dragons folded, though local affiliation in SF or Santa Cruz still possible)
Owner: John J. Fisher (Same as Oakland A's) | GM: Jesse Fioranelli | Head Coach: Mikael Stahre
Captain: Chris Wondolowski
DPs: Chris Wondolowski, Vako Qazaishvili, Magnus Eriksson
2017 Home kit | 2018 Away Kit
Club anthems:
San Jose Earthquakes Anthem - E40 (Retired) | Never Say Die - Old Firm Casuals

Looking back...

2017 Record: 6th (West)/12th overall - 8W/12L/14T
2017 Summary: Quakes had a very up and down year, and both ups and downs were due to the desicion to fire Dom Kinnear at the midway point of the season. Caretaker manager Chris Leitch did an okay job, though their goal differential took major hits just about any time they were away from home which was perfectly on display in their playoff match at Vancouver. Quakes had a good USOC run which was aided by quite a bit of homefield advantage, but either way they finally beat an MLS squad for the first time in the tournament (yes, it took them this long). Sadly they couldn’t beat out history when they made their deepest run since 2004, losing to KC in the semi-finals just as they did 13 years prior.

Storylines going into this season

This may be a bit different, but I think it fits with how the previous year has gone and what it looks like it is setting up for

Euro Quakes: For better or worse?

The Quakes have a European GM, a European coaching staff, and just about all their key acquisitions coming from Europe. It remains to be seen how that works out this year. Historically European coaching and management haven't done too well in MLS, so it'll be interesting to see if the Quakes with Stahre will buck that trend or succumb to it.

Youth Movement

The Quakes' signings this off-season averaged out at 21.7 years old, with 16 year old HGPs Fuentes and Akanyirige on the low end and 27 year old DP Magnus Eriksson on the high end of things. They join current young core players like Lima It remains to be seen how much these younger players are integrated into the team.

Wondo chasing Donovan, but being followed by father time?

Wondo needs to score 13 more goals to become the highest scoring player in MLS history. That is possible, but Wondo is not getting any younger and a lot of people are already saying he'll start playing from the bench this year if not next year. It seems the team is geared to get him to that record much like in 2012 when he became the first player since Lassiter to hit the 27 goal mark that BWP and Nikolic have equaled since.
I personally think Wondo can break the record this year, but it depends on how the players around him perform.

Cali Clasico(s)

The Quakes were pushed out of MLS Heineken Rivalry Week (TM) just about as soon as they arrived, with the Superclasico between Chivas USA and LA being replaced by...whatever they'll call the LA Derby. Quakes fans are a bit salty that they'll be facing off with the Whitecaps three times this year in the "3rd Wheel Cup", and so fans may try to will their team to outshine both LA sides this season.
The rivalry with the Galaxy seems to be remaining as fierce as ever, with their reason preseason match already featuring some chippy play and off the field Bingham speaking out against the Quakes FO. It remains to be seen what it'll be like playing against LAFC. It's another LA team, so naturally there's built in rivalry there and they also have a former Quake (Marco Urena). That being said, I feel pretty "meh" toward them at this point but the season may quickly change that!

Reno: Round 2

Reno went from a question mark to one of the top teams in USL this season, and it'll be interesting to see how they do this season with a lot of their core players missing due to how well they shined last year and getting opportunities elsewhere this year whether in San Jose or abroad. I'm not sure if someone of the guys the Quakes signed from Reno will see themselves loaned back down for some short periods, but I would imagine that our younger players and especially the HGP trio signed this off-season will find themselves in Reno. The Quakes have at least two more seasons with Reno as their affiliate so it'll be interesting to see if this current set up works for Reno for more than just a season.


GOALKEEPERS (3): Andrew Tarbell (GA), Matt Bersano, JT Marcinkowski (HGP)
DEFENDERS (9/10): Joel Qwiberg, François Affolter, Nick Lima (HGP), Florian Jungwirth, Jacob Akanyirige (HGP), Yeferson Quintana (loan), Harold Cummings, Jimmy Ockford, Shea Salinas, *Paul Marie
MIDFIELDERS (10): Jackson Yueill (GA), Tommy Thompson (HGP), Fatai Alashe, Anibal Godoy, Jahmir Hyka, Magnus Eriksson (DP), Vako (DP), Chris Wehan, Eric Calvillo, Gilbert Fuentes (HGP), Kevin Partida
FORWARDS (4/6): Chris Wondolowski (DP), Danny Hoesen, Quincy Amarikwa, Luis Felipe, Danny Musovski, Mohamed Thiaw
*Italics indicates a Draftee, *indicates multiple positions

Players Out

Name Pos. Info
Victor Bernardez DF Option declined, and I'm still sad about it
Kip Colvey DF Option declined, selected by Colorado in waiver draft
Cordell Cato MF Option declined, trialing with LA Galaxy
Lindo Mfeka MF Option declined, signed with affiliate Reno 1868
Marc Pelosi MF Option declined
Matheus Silva MF Option declined, Signed with Swope Park Rangers
David Bingham GK Traded to LA Galaxy
Andres Imperiale DF Out of contract, headed to Club Guaraní in Paraguay
Kofi Sarkodie DF Out of contract
Marco Ureña FW Selected by LAFC in expansion draft
Darwin Ceren MF Traded to Houston for allocation $
Simon Dawkins (DP) MF Contract bought out, heading to Minnesota?
Victor Bernardez: If you’ve been watching MLS for any of the last 6 seasons, you should recognize this name. Bernardez held down the starting CB position through just about his entire career here. This move is fitting for first in the departures list since it was relatively surprising to fans. After fielding offers from Honduras and Peru, he ended up staying in the Bay Area, becoming a coach at Liverpool’s local academy.
Kip Colvey: Boy, this guy was a mystery with the Quakes. Colvey had a surprise start in the start of the 2016 season, even earning accolades from SBI for his performance. Then...he kinda dropped off. He played only 4 matches in SJ over 2 seasons, 16 in USL between Sacramento and Reno, and 15 caps for New Zealand. He’s now with that same New Zealand coach in Colorado, so hopefully things work out for him.
Cordell Cato: A long time Quake, he made 111 appearances on the wing for the team in midfield and later in defense. Similar to Colvey there was a period of time where he was inexplicably dropped and he didn’t make many appearances for the team throughout 2017. He has most recently been trialing for the LA Galaxy.
Lindo Mfeka: Mfeka had a lot of promise but he only made one appearance with the Quakes, spending most of the year in Reno. The Quakes must have felt that their central midfield depth was too much to keep Mfeka around. That being said, he is in Reno and therefore very much still a part of the Quakes’ system.
Marc Pelosi: This entry bums me out. Marc had a homecoming in 2015 after leaving Liverpool’s academy after and he shone brightly for the Quakes. He needed surgery, and then another, and then another. He missed all of 2016 and part of 2017 due to surgeries and recovery, making only a handful of appearances for Reno and one appearance for San Jose in a friendly.
Matheus Silva: Similar to Kip Colvey, Matheus was a young player the Quakes obtained in 2015 and had on loan to the USL for the majority of their time with the club. Matheus’ name may be familiar due to other reasons, when he drowned and nearly died last year during July 4th last year. Thankfully he recovered, and recovered quite quickly. He signed for Sporting Park Rangers (SKC’s USL side) this off-season, and I know all Quakes and Reno fans will be rooting for him.
David Bingham: Oooo boy. This is a fun one. Bingham was with the Quakes since 2011 and therefore one of the longest tenured players in the squad. It took awhile, but he took away Jon Busch’s starting job for good in 2015. The following year Bingham was doing quite well, earning caps to the USMNT. 2017 was a different story, and saw current starter Andrew Tarbell take his position while Bingham was playing more poorly and was negotiating for a larger contract for 2018 onward. Bingham ended up being traded to the last place anyone expected, the Quakes’ chief rival the LA Galaxy. Bingham has made some interesting comments recently that strike at the Quakes’ FO, so the Clasicos this year will be all the much more better.
Andrés Imperiale: Fan favorite who invited some Quakes fans on twitter to a BBQ. Not only that, but he was a quite serviceable defender whenever the Quakes asked. He left the club on good terms and is now in Paraguay for where he scored in his 2018 Copa Libertadores qualifying debut.
Kofi Sarkodie: A very meh player for the Quakes who played most of the time at LB, definitely a Kinnear pickup who did not fit the style that the new look Quakes were going for this year.
Marco Ureña: This one of the questionable departures that may bite us in the butt. Marco Ureña didn’t score a lot for the Quakes, but he scored some important goals. He has been lighting up in the preseason for LAFC, so hopefully our current forward crop score at the same rate so we don’t look silly for letting him go. That being said, he was a TAM player and so offloading his contract was probably the best overall move with Danny Hoesen coming in permanently at the same position.
Darwin Cerén: If that name is familiar, it’s because he’s still got 2 or 3 more games of international suspension for biting on an American player. In MLS, Ceren either played with or under Anibal Gody, centering the Quakes’ midfield ever since he was recieved from Orlando for our DP Matias Perez Garcia in 2016.
Simon Dawkins: This one was very unexpected, as some Quakes articles may tell you. (Love you TheCockerlsCry) Dawkins tore it up on loan from Tottenham for the Quakes in 2011 and especially their Supporters Shield winning season in 2012. He did well enough to warrant some loans in England in 2013 & 2014 before being sold to Championship side Derby County. Dawkins did well in his time playing at Derby, but a change in management equalled a total lack of appearances. That sounds like a player that should be signed as a DP, right? Shout out John Doyle who may have been trying to win fan approval with the move, but sadly it didn’t work out for anyone involved. The Quakes and fans wanted Simon to succeed, but just as his contract was an albatross for the club, maybe it was for Simon himself who like some DPs before him were being paid a lot to not play soccer. The Quakes bought out his contract which was very, very unexpected due to the idea that the Quakes’ ownership likes to keep the purse strings tight. He’s rumored to be signing for Minnesota shortly, we’ll see what happens though.

Players In

Name Pos. Prev. Team Info.
Joel Qwiberg DF Brommapojkarna
JT Marcinkowski (HGP) GK Georgetown Hoyas
Luis Felipe FW Reno 1868
Chris Wehan MF Reno 1868
Jimmy Ockford DF Reno 1868
Jacob Akanyirige DF Quakes academy
Magnus Eriksson (DP) MF Djurgårdens IF
Danny Hoesen FW SJ Bought from loan contract
Yeferson Quintana DF Peñarol
Eric Calvillo MF New York Cosmos
Gilbert Fuentes MF Quakes academy
For the sake of brevity and also because there is a natural category to these players, I will group them up

Homegrown Trio

JT Marcinkowski, Jacob Akanyirige, Gilbert Fuentes
To sum it up JT was a relatively expected signing, coming off his Junior year people thoguht he could stay in college for another year but the Quakes wanted him now. Next up, the Quakes decided to sign Jacob Akanyirige as their youngest ever player. Akanyirige is a name that I think 99.9999% of Quakes fans DID NOT know let alone expect. He hadn’t recieved any youth national team call ups like the rest of our HGPs, though he was quickly rising through the ranks of the Quakes’ academy. When I say Akanyirige was the Quakes’ youngest ever player, I should clarify he was the youngest at the time. Gilbert Fuentes became the youngest ever Quakes player about a month after Akanyirige signed. Unlike Jacob, this was a name that was hyped among Quakes fans and the USYNT, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see him signed. Jacob and Gilbert are doubtful to get much playtime this year at the MLS let alone USL level, but stranger things have happened.

Reno Trio

Luis Felipe, Chris Wehan, and Jimmy Ockford were all signed from Reno 1868 to San Jose on December 14th. Felipe is a creative mid/forward who was nominated for the 2016 NASL’s Young Player of the Year. Ockford was Reno’s defensive anchor, like Felipe he had previous experience in NASL, winning the Soccer Bowl with the New York Cosmos in 2016. To round the trip off, Chris Wehan is the USL’s reigning Rookie of the Year and tied the single season assists record at 12. These signings show that the Quakes believe in bringing players up from Reno, that if players sign for the USL side they have a really good shot at playing in MLS with the Quakes. I’m not sure how much match time this trio will get, but they are depth that the Quakes sorely needed and they have the chance to step into positions when there’s an international absence or injury.

Other young folks

Leftback Joel Qwiberg (25 y/o) comes to the team from Sweden after spending his time with Brommapojkarna, a team that saw back to back promotions in the Swedish leagues. It seems at this point that Shea Salinas has beat him out for the starting LB position, but that may change as time goes on.
Centerback Yeferson Quintana (21 y/o) was signed on loan to the Quakes from Peñarol in Uruguay. He didn’t recieve a lot of praise from Peñarol fans which made the move a bit puzzling, but Fioranelli and co. may feel that they can take his great defensive play in the air and coach him to distribute better.
Midfielder Eric Calvillo (20 y/o) was signed by the Quakes after he left the New York Cosmos. Calvillo has represented the US at U15, U17, and U19 levels and brings quite the pedigree with him to SJ. He’s an attacking mid and so he’ll be competing with the Quakes’ highest paid players for a spot.

DP Magnus Eriksson

This is an interesting one. Eriksson spent the majority of his career in Sweden with some brief stints in Belgium, Denmark, and China sprinkled in there. Last year he was joint top scorer in Allsvenskan, playing on the wing and scoring 14 goals. This is only the second of Fioranelli’s DP signings, so time will tell if he’s going to burst onto the scene in MLS or be yet another entry in the Quakes’ list of underwhelming DPs.

Draftees aka no idea if they will be signed

These guys haven’t played a ton for the Quakes so I can’t provide a ton of analysis. I think Marie and Thiaw are likely to be signed just due to their amount of play time so far, but I was wrong in my predictions last year so what do I know.
Name Pos. Prev. Team Info.
Paul Marie Defender FIU Panthers MLS SuperDraft 1st Round Pick (#12)
Danny Musovski Forward UNLV Rebels MLS SuperDraft 2nd Round Pick (#7)
Mohamed Thiaw Forward Louisville Cardinals MLS SuperDraft 2nd Round Pick (#12)
Kevin Partida Midfielder UNLV Rebels MLS SuperDraft 3rd Round Pick (#48 overall)

Everyone else who stuck around

Matt Bersano: Quakes signed Bersano last year and he was Reno’s starting GK for the majority of the season, only sitting when Andrew Tarbell was loaned to Reno. He’s expected to be our #2 unless our homegrown signing JT Marcinkowski beats him out for the spot.
Andrew Tarbell: Only 12 MLS apperances, but Tarbell quickly became our starter last year after it was clear that Bingham wasn’t going to be sticking around the club anymore. There’s a lot of skeptics for Tarbell, with many feeling that his play last year was for better or worse on par with Bingham’s meh to bad season. The starting position is now Tarbell’s to hold, and I think he’ll have something to prove going into this year.
François Affolter: A summer signing lasat year, Affolter has failed to impress in his half a dozen appearances in San Jose. It may be that he’s here for purely depth, but I’d like to see more out of him.
Florian Jungwirth: Arguably the Quakes’ MVP last year, Florian played in the defense despite midfield being his natural home thanks to a couple unexpected absences in central defense. He is able to read the game well and has great distrubution so it’ll be nice to see how he plays in the midfield compared to his less free role as a CB. He is one of the on field leaders despite being with the team for such a short amount of time, it wouldn’t surprise me if he takes on the vice-captain role after Victor Bernardez left this off-season.
Nick Lima: I think he would’ve been a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year and had a good argument for Quakes MVP if he didn’t get injured last year. Lima walked into the year as a rookie but held the RB spot until his injury took it away. His crosses soothe the heart of Quakes fans missing their last hometown RB, Steven Beitashour.
Harold Cummings: I was tempted to put him under the new signings section because he missed the entirety of last year due to injury. Last year Cummings was 25 years old and solidfying himself as a starting CB in the Panamanian national team. The Quakes expected him back at some point last season but it didn’t work out. He has a lot to prove not only to the Quakes, but also to Panama if he wants a flight to Russia.
Shea Salinas: Along with Wondo, Salinas is one of the two elder statesmen of the Quakes, having made 170 apperances for the club in his current stint since 2012 and a combined 216 when adding in his 2008-09 stint. Much like Ramiro Corrales before him, Salinas is transitioning back from a midfielder to a LB later in his career, and it is a move that quite a few fans have been requesting for.
Jahmir Hyka: “The Albanian Messi” came to San Jose as and hit the field as one of their offensive sparks, scoring 3 goals and bagging 5 assists across the season. This year will likely see him come off the bench and in rotation with the DP trio (Vako, Eriksson, Wondo) holding down the fort where he would likely be playing.
Valeri “Vako” Qazaishvili: This is probably the player that Quakes fans should have the most hype for going into the season. Vako had 5 goals and 2 assists in just 13 matches and it looked like he was just warming up. I think Vako and Wondo will be the players to generate the Quakes’ attack this season.
Jackson Yueill: Yueill is a great young player who had ups and downs last year. On his good days his excellent passing vision is highlighted and on his bad days his defensive lapses shine more. Yueill will likely be just below Godoy/Jungwirth for starting time, but I think he’ll be getting decent minutes later into the year.
Aníbal Godoy: Just about the only transfer from the John Doyle GM/Kinnear coach era that has stuck around, and deservedly so. Godoy has been a centerpiece for Panama but coming into MLS he was relatively unknown and underwhelming at Honvéd in Hungary. He’s been our starting CM pretty much ever since his transfer in 2015, and hopefully he scores a few more goals like he did last season.
Tommy Thompson: The hype train himself, Tommy’s time in San Jose has had a lot of ups and downs. Depending on the coach he has gotten a decent amount or hardly any MLS play time, but this year showed in his increased time that he should’ve been getting more minutes. That being said, he sits in a similar spot to Jahmir Hyka and will be trying to outplay a DP to get minutes. Otherwise he is going to be one of the bench/rotations options for matches this year.
Fatai Alashe: Alashe had a great rookie season in 2015, a bit of a sophomore slump in 2016 thanks to an injury, and did not seem to recapture his rookie form in 2017. He’s looked better in preseason, so he may get a call when Jungwirth or Godoy aren’t holding down the midfield.
Danny Hoesen: On loan last year from FC Groningen in the Netherlands, it seemed like the Quakes were choosing between Danny Hoesen and Marco Ureña for their #9 role. Danny had 5 goals, 5 assits in 1838 minutes vs Ureña’s 5 goals, 3 assits in 1766 but ultimately the team wanted to keep Danny around and were able to buy him permanently form his loan deal. Danny seem to take the season to settle into his role, and I think he’ll be able to start of 2018 with a bang seeing as he’ll likely be playing as the lone man up top.
Quincy Amarikwa: A long time MLS player, Quincy hasn’t show a whole lot for the Quakes outside of his 2016 /MLS Goal of the Year vs Portland. Quincy spent most of 2017 out injured and then recovering, but played an important role in the goal that sent the Quakes to the playoffs for the first time since 2012. He’ll be competing with Hoesen for the #9 role, so he has a lot to prove but will likely be one of the Quakes’ go to choices for an attacking sub.
Chris Wondolowski: Maybe father time can’t catch Wondo because he is father time. Though some Quakes fans are calling for him to get less minutes, it seems that Wondo will once again be the center of the Quakes’ attack in 2018, especially while he chases Donovan’s all time goals record. Wondo has scored 11+ goals every year, and with some talented attacking players around him I doubt that will change.

Coach Tactics and their expectations

I'm going to borrow a comment from Quakes-JD that sums things up very well
After reading the article I think we need to add a bit more to the analysis.
First, the basic lineup/formation is a 4-2-3-1. Flo and Godoy as the two man line protecting the defense. Eriksson, Wondo and Vako as our attacking mids and Hoesen as the lone striker. That is what it looks and plays like when the OTHER team has the ball. Very sound and compact defensive shape.
Now, under Kinnear that is also what it would have looked l8ke in Attack, but this is where Stahre makes a HUGE departure. In attack, this is more of a 3-5-2 or even a 3-3-5 with how high up the field Lima and Salinas we’re positioned. One of the holding mids (I imagine normally Flo but could be Godoy at times) slides back to join Quintana and Cummings in a back three. The remaining holding mid acts as the backstop to keep the ball in the attacking zone and recycle the ball. Vako and Eriksson pinch in and Wondo moves up near Hoesen. Lima and Salinas are wide and high. The combo of Hoesen, Wondo, Vako and Eriksson can now all play off each other and make defenses crazy. There were times against Reno (yes, I realize it was a USL side in preseason form) where all four of our best attackers were all in the penalty box.
With Hoesen’s speed we can also play long if necessary and he can also act as an outlet for long Bälls. We can also work the ball up the field centrally or out wide. I specifically think our attacks down the Lima-Eriksson side are going to be productive.
This is what tactical flexibility looks like. This is the antithesis of the Yallop-Watson-Kinnear seasons were like.
Now, consider the depth we also have. Hyka seems likely to be first off the bench with Tommy and Quincy there. We also have Yueill, Alashe, Affolter and Qwiberg (who I hope beats out Salinas soon). That is quality depth pretty much everywhere and does not include Paul Marie our first round pick and likely backup to Lima.
Now for a less optimistic look, from gogorath
The concern on the attacking side is two-fold, for me: one, how all the players fit together. There's no clear centerpiece of the attack, and no clear distributor-type. Stahre seems committed to having two more defensive mids on the field, so it will be interesting to see if a two striker format wins out, leaving one of Hyka, Vako and Eriksson on the bench, or if all three of the playmakers have Hoesen or Wondo sit.
The other weakness of the offense is that all of our best offensive players like to come inside. There's not a ton of speed in the presumed starters, other than Hoesen and the wingbacks. That means a very compact defense will be frustrating and funnel the ball away from our best offensive players and to ... Shea Salinas.
The key of the season will likely come down to health in the defense and the effectiveness of the off-season acquisitions. Cummings and Lima are effective, but there are real questions about Quintana, Qwiberg, Salinas and others. This team is going to score, but will it stop anyone, even with Flo at DM. If Cummings or Lima goes down, it could get ugly quickly. Even DM is thin -- Yueill is decent, but he's much more a deep playmaker than a defender.

Predicted Opening Day Starting XI

 Hoesen Vako Wondo Eriksson Godoy Jungwirth Salinas Quintana Cummings Lima Tarbell 


Quakes fans have mixed expectations. Overall we're optimistic that we can make the playoffs again and actually impact there, but we still have doubts that all these changes are either too good to be true or may need more time to develop.


  • Win a playoff match
  • Have a tighter defense, with players other than Wondo contributing a sizable amount of goals
  • Go deep in USOC once again, reach a final for the first time


Worst case scenario: It turns out the Quakes are yet again a disjointed team, Wondo scoring is the only consistent thing but it's not enough and the Quakes find themselves outside of the playoff hunt once again. 2017 would look even more like a fluke than it already did.
Best case scenario: Quakes pull a 2012 and set the league alight with high scoring despite having not a whole lot of expectations cast their way. Wondo breaks Donovan's record en route to his 3rd Golden Boot, leading the Quakes to a double of the USOC and MLS Cup.
Realistic scenario: Quakes have a slow start offensively and defensively, but thanks to their depth they make it through the early bumps in the road and into the playoffs, this time winning a game!
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