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Gambling Games In India

Gambling games and India:

Games of chance have always attracted passionate players and the appeal of Lady Luck never seemed to dwindle. They have thrived for thousands of years, even before written history and up to modern times when we can indulge in gambling on our electronic devices without even having to walk to the nearest casino establishment. Games have changed and flourished, but the passion for playing remained the same. India is a country that boasts a rich history when it comes to gambling and still nurtures a strong passion for it in various forms and guises. That said, it’s well worth taking a glance at the origins of casino games and how and where it all began.
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Gambling stories of ancient India
The Ramayana (one of two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India) cites certain forms of games of chance believed to date back as far as 7300 BC. It describes gambling boards, believed by some to be the game of chess, as well as gambling with dice. The popular saying ‘to lose one’s shirt’, meaning to lose money, originated in ancient India. The old Sanskrit texts compare trees that have been stripped of their fruit to defeated gamblers who lost their clothes and ornaments in a wager.
While the Ramayana casually mentions gambling and does not condone it in any sense of the word, the second epic (the Mahabharata) tells a different story. The main antagonist, Shakuni, arranges a dice game against king Yudhishthira whom he cheated out of all his wealth and kingdom. When another antagonist, Duryodhana, insisted that there was no place for two crown princes in the kingdom, another dice game was arranged which ended in the exile of the royal family.
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First Gambling Devices
Buddhist texts mention Indians gambling with nuts as dice as early as 300 BC. Apart from being fond of dice, Indians developed a taste for gambling on animals. At first, ram and cockfights were all the rage which was followed by the more sophisticated horse racing later. What is interesting is that while Europeans are generally given credit for developing certain games of chance, most of the earlier versions of gambling devices had Indian symbols on them.
Further Progress
The 15th century witnessed the rise of legal gambling houses all across India. They were heavily regulated to make sure the games were fair and square so that the players would willingly submit their dues to the king. This was the beginning of the first gambling tax.
When the British introduced cricket to India in the 18th century, Indians fell completely in love with the game. Cricket paved the way for sports betting which flourished in the country until the British took over and passed the Gambling Act in 1867 which outlawed all games of chance. Although they couldn’t abolish the games which still went on in secret, India never looked favorably on gambling again.
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Present-day Gambling
The perspective of the Indian government on gambling is that it is the temptation that lures players to bet beyond their means, ruining their lives and their families. India’s 29 states and seven Union territories have the authority to decide whether to legalize gambling or not. Each state has a different legislative council and even though most of them do not support it, they do allow some forms of it, such as betting on horse races and the lottery. Since gambling restrictions are still in effect to a large extent, many have turned to online options and can choose from some of the best online casinos for India to scratch that itch. Almost 40% of internet users in the country have admitted to spending some of their time playing online casino games with no particular intention of earning large sums of money, but just to have fun and pass the time.
The history of India, which is almost 4000 years long, is brimming with amusing anecdotes of gamblers winning and losing in their favorite games. However, the future might not have as much room for such stories, since the gambling ban is still in effect. The Indian government still doesn’t trust its people to use their own judgment and roll the dice deciding their own fate. If the rules should ever change, the casino industry will be able to boost the Indian economy to a great extent. The people will enjoy their games while the country reaps the benefits. Some would say, a win-win situation.


There are a number of different online casino sites open for Indians to play on in 2020. With enticing welcome bonuses, a huge library of games including live casino games, more players are signing up now than ever!
However, many online casinos go beyond just a website and offer dedicated mobile apps that allow you to enjoy all features of the online casinos on the go! Check out the best online casino websites for India in 2020!
#1 – LeoVegas’ App
LeoVegas is one of the biggest online casinos in the world and contains a huge number of casino games. You can play Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, live casino games, and more on the online casino.
The LeoVegas app allows you to access more than 1,000 casino games offered by the online casino. Both Android and iOS users are covered as there are dedicated apps for both the operating systems. The user interface is designed to provide a simple and enjoyable experience for all players.
#2 – Betway’s App
Betway is one of the biggest names in the world of online casinos and betting. The site not only offers a huge collection of games in its full-fledged online casino but also offers really great odds on sporting events around the world with a great welcome bonus for new players.
The Betway app allows you to stay in touch with your adventurous self on the go and gives you access to all the games provided on the online casino. Some of the features that make the app great are its small size and classification system that lets you seamlessly switch from its three modes – Betway Casino, Beway Vegas, and Betway Live Casino.
#3 – Casumo’s App
Casumo is a modern online casino with a focus on providing a clean and enjoyable user interface to its players. In terms of game selection, Casumo does pretty well too, and provides tons of different online casino games for you to enjoy.
In keeping up with the philosophy of offering its players one of the best online casino experiences, Casumo also has a dedicated app that can be used to play all the different games offered on the site. Some of the key features of the app include a personal dashboard, automatic notifications, and easy depositing and withdrawal functions right from the app itself!
#4 – Dafabet’s App
Dafabet is one of Asia’s largest online casino and sportsbook. With sponsorships with reputed teams like Celtic FC and Fulham FC, Dafabet is a legit operator that provides an excellent casino and betting experience to players all over Asia including India.
Along with offering an awesome website that is completely responsive, Dafabet also has dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users that allow you to stay in the middle of the action always. The apps have an extremely user-friendly interface and are updated regularly to ensure the app is always fresh and secure!
Online casino apps are changing the game!
Online casinos are rising in popularity in India and since they are regulated by worldwide licenses like MGA, they’re transparent, fair, and legal! A common misconception for online casinos and their bonuses is that they need to be claimed on the website. In almost all cases, it’s possible to download the app from App Store or Google Play, sign up, and grab the welcome bonus straight from the app.
Get in touch with the speculative side of your personality with these amazing online casino apps today!
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Top Indian Sports Betting Sites 2020|Betbarter.net

Cricket online betting apps in India
The technological trends nowadays are entirely remarkable. These days you can be wholly engaged basically by having a cell phone within reach or taking your tablet to go. Presently these cell phones are utilized for correspondence any longer, yet to mess around on, surf the web, compose, collaborate on social sites and now in any event, for sports wagering. When surfing the internet, you will come across different cricket online betting apps in India.
Cricket is the most loved sports in India; this enthusiasm of Indians for cricket has led to the room of creating websites and apps for online betting. The technological advancement has joined hands with betting to enable users to access best online sports betting sites 24/7.
Which are some Mobile Betting Sites in India?
Over time, mobile betting market has increased its significance as an entity of market share, and even in betting generally. For this reason, the significant part of the online bookmakers have noticed to this advancement and have included the plausibility of wagering their sites or making applications that can be downloaded to their tablets or cell phones.

With these increase in growth of online users available, online betting sites from all over the world are flourishing the betting market. Before long you likely won't need to get to the site itself and have the sportsbooks as applications you can download. If you don't need the world to beat you, you should be a part of this betting stage in internet wagering. Discover a sportsbook that accommodates your need from our rundown of best online betting sites in India.

How to make bets via Mobile Devices

With the invention of smart gadgets and the internet, advancing toward each home in the main world, we have everlastingly changed how we interact with entertainment. Before you expected to go to your neighbourhood casino to put down a games wager, which later formed into basically approaching the internet and a PC/smartphone you could put down the bet from your home or at a spot having an active internet connection.
Making all the discussion short, your smartphone can serve you as a bookie in your pocket, and you can place your bets wherever you want.
If you want to online wager with just relaxing at home and utilizing a cell phone, there are various methods for doing so. In case, you are accustomed to gambling online using a web browser, and you can select your favoured web browser and access your betting account from it. Most bookmakers have made their site versatile, implying that it will appear to be somewhat unique to better accommodate with the small screen, yet features of the website remain same though.
This is how the vast majority of user-friendly betting sites work; however, a few sites have made it a stride further where they have made an app on play store to use explicitly with their bookmaker. Check your bookie site and surf to find out whether they support your cell phone device and how they will allow you to wager.

Live mobile betting

The site list that we have created for you offers their apps for better user experience in online betting. Mobile betting enables the user to bet while watching the game on television or at the stadium, and there is always a chance to score better odds.
Likewise, with online gambling, live betting is currently famous, over for pre-game, and it is no big surprise. It is unmistakably all the more energetic to place the wagers when you are watching the game live and attempting to analyze the conceivable outcomes. Live wagering is unquestionably digging in for the long term outcomes and is the inevitable future of wagering.


Nowadays, Betbarter has added another feature to their site and mobile app which allows user to place regular as well as online betting, making this experience even more exciting. Cashout option enables the user to halt your bet before the gameplay is concluded. This implies if it is exceptionally near winning. However, you are concerned it may pivot you can cash out pieces of your rewards.
You can do likewise if you accept there is no expectation and cut your misfortunes for a small return, which will be better than nothing. This options probably gives users hold over their bets and gives a privilege to them to make a return even before the game has ended.
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On the sick gambling culture of English Football

Cigarette advertisements have been cracked down on and squashed in the UK, both in public and on TV, for the good of public health. The FA has taken a stand on alcohol, and Everton were no longer allowed to use their long standing brewery sponsor, Chang.
But the insidious addiction of gambling has replaced physical vices, and instead of blowing a hundred quid on a night out or thirty on a few packs of cigarettes, those who don't have the money to burn have been coerced into dropping thousands on betting. In towns like Stoke-on-Trent, Burnley, and Bolton, where the economy is stagnant and the people forgotten, gambling companies systematically mine the vulnerable for what money they have. How do the football teams representing these places respond?
Stoke City FC - Sponsored by Bet365
Burnley FC - Sponsored by Dafabet, and naming a stand after Ladbrokes
Bolton Wanderers FC - Sponsored by Betfred
Broadcast coverage bombards the viewer with betting ads.


Sideboards, stands, and shirts mean every shot includes a gambling advertisement. It's impossible to get away from. Betting companies have monopolised the "advertising vice" in football now alcohol is gone, and so the big offers are from gambling corporations. Hell, they've even managed to convince fans to walk around advertising their companies on matchdays - you can't get a shirt without the ad, but you have to pay extra for the league badges!
Below is a list of all teams in the Football League that don't use betting sponsors on their shirts. I implore you NOT to buy shirts with gambling sponsors on them.

Premier League

Arsenal - Fly Emirates
Brighton - American Express
Chelsea - Yokohoma Tires
Leicester - King Power
Liverpool - Standard Chartered
Man City - Etihad Airways
Man United - Chevrolet
Southampton - Virgin Mobile
Spurs - AIA Insurance
Watford - FxPro
West Brom - Palm Development
Total teams without gambling sponsors: 11/20

EFL Championship

Barnsley - C.K. Beckett
Bristol City - Lancer Scott
Cardiff City - Visit Malaysia
Derby County - Avon Tires
Ipswich - Marcus Evans
Middlesbrough - Ramsdens Currency
Millwall - DCS Roofing
Edit: Reading are also gambling free
Sheffield United - Teletext Holidays
Sheffield Wednesday - Chansiri
Wolves - The Money Shop - Payday loans, another scummy way of screwing the poor, so they can get lumped in with the scummy gambling sponsors
Total teams without gambling (or payday loans) sponsors: 10/24

EFL League One

Blackpool - TP
Bradford - JCT Cars
Bristol Rovers - Two Non-Gambling Sponsors
Bury - Two Non-Gambling Sponsors
Doncaster - Virgin Trains
Fleetwood Town - BES Gas
Gillingham - MEMS Power
MK Dons - Suzuki
Northampton - University of Northampton
Oldham - PFE Express
Oxford United - Liontrust
Peterborough United - Mick George
Plymouth Argyle - Ginsters Pasties
Portsmouth - Jobsite
Rochdale - Crown Oil
Rotherham United - Two Non-Gambling Sponsors
Scunthorpe United - British Steel
Shrewsbury - Two Non-Gambling Sponsors
Southend - Martin Dawn
Walsall - Homeserve
Wigan - Inter Sport
AFC Wimbledon - Football Manager (Love this one)
Total teams without betting sponsors - 22/24

EFL League 2

No betting sponsors, 24/24. Cheltenham have a shower company, which is cool. Notts County have a total of 8 sponsors, one each month - that's a pain.
Please don't encourage gambling, in the same way you wouldn't encourage cocaine or heroin addiction. Gambling destroys lives in the exact same way, and a person should be able to watch sport without having gambling corporations shoved into their face.
Thank you for reading.
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