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[Review] ❄️❄️❄️ Winter Haul Pt 1 - Clothing ❄️❄️❄️

This is part one of three? (Might not make it to the third, this is hard work) reviews I am planning to do on my "winter haul". The items come from a variety of sellers/sources and were all shipped through either Superbuy or Basetao. I thought it would be more convenient and cheaper than shipping items individually (it was). Each package was around 5kg after packaging removal - yes, that means there are 15kg of goods. Prepare yourselves, this will be long and I did not even review all the "babies".
Pics of all the "babies" together. Please excuse any fur or blurriness in my pictures.
For reference, I am 5ft2/157cm, 103lb/47kg. I usually wear a size US 0/XS, UK4, size 24 for jeans.

Alexander Wang Jean Hoodie (WeChat) - 640Y

My Pics| PSPs | Auth | W2C
Size: Small
Seller: EvilTwins (non TS) - WeChat
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: This was my first time buying from this WeChat seller. I got her contact information from an old RepLadies post that said she had 1:1 clothing reps. I've been checking her WeChat moments for a while. There are a lot of items which look like they are higher quality, but also at a higher price point (about $100-200USD for sweaters). Though there were a lot of pieces I liked, I was reluctant to buy because I had not seen any reviews for this seller before. I finally decided to GP this AW jacket because it wasn't too pricey annnnd... I guess it was nostalgia from my rebellious teenage years that made me think I needed a hooded denim jacket. I HAVE NO REGRETS!!
The denim is of really good quality - feels thick and tough, and the correct wash. The buttons are the same as authentic, black and smooth. It comes fully branded. The only "accuracy" issue is that the inside tag seems to be sewn on inside out. To my surprise, I couldn't actually button up the denim part when I put it on. At first I thought I had bought the wrong size, but when I look more at the auth pictures I don't think you're supposed to be able to do up the buttons. Kind of a weird design, but I can live with it.

Dolce & Gabbana One Piece Swimsuit (Weidian) - 255Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth??|W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy ??/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: This was my first Weidian purchase. I picked it because it was fairly cheap and a swimsuit - who QC's a swimsuit right??? I also just liked the pattern and thought it would be good for paddle boarding and other summer sports. I have this vision of myself on a boat wearing this swimsuit, a large brimmed hat, and dark sunglasses... Reality will probably be me sitting lakeside trying to stop my dogs from jumping on me because they have no manners. The pattern also doesn't really scream "Canadian wilderness," but no one really wants a swimsuit in the pattern of a Canadian boreal forest. Sadly, I cannot find the auth version so it might be a fantasy piece - I commend the designer who tricked me into thinking "this must be a real piece". It also did not come with branded tags. I guess I'm ok with that after this D&G debacle.
As for quality, it feels like a swimsuit? I have no complaints. It fits and looks great IMO and the stitching is nice. It comes with a 2-piece bikini. The one-piece suit has boob support cups and so does the bikini top but frankly, I don't have the boobs to fill it so I'll probably find another bikini top to wear underneath. The bikini bottom also has that protective lining for that 1:1 retail.

Burberry Ashurst Quilted Jacket, Black (TB) - 350Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth Actual Auth |W2C
Size: Medium
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 9/10| Accuracy 9.5 6.5/10 | Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: I think I am comparing this to the correct auth, but Burberry seems to have so many different quilted jackets. At first, I only found one with light coloured buttons but it turns out they make this version with black buttons as well. Overall the jacket looks decent, I don't see anything glaring. On closer inspection, it is missing buttons at the pockets and on the back strap. (-1) The back strap is also placed incorrectly. (-0.5) It ends at the back seams instead of extending further laterally. The pattern of the seams on the back is also totally different from the auth. There are three vertical seams on the back instead of two and they joint with the horizontal seam to make a square, instead of flaring into the sleeves. (-1) The hook clasp is silver instead of gold/bronze. (-0.5) There's a little black exterior tag that's missing. (-0.5). Buttons are branded and the interior logo looks correct. All in all, not very accurate but it's a forgiving piece so I still don't think it's definitely not calloutable.
The quality of the jacket is very good for the price. The label says it is polyester instead of a poly + poly/cotton blend like the original. Stitching is clean and there is good alignment. It isn't very thick or warm (not sure if auth is supposed to be), so won't suit Canadian winter but I hope to find use for it in the fall and spring. They smallest size available was medium so it is a bit big on me, but it means that I can wear a thick sweater underneath.
UPDATE: Thanks to u/giantsunhat for finding the correct auth of this item. I have updated the accuracy score

Zara Galaxy Dress (TB) - 79Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 5/10| Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I came across this dress after it was reviewed by another replady on this sub. She said she thought it might be grey market, so I figured "hey, why not". I don't usually wear clothes this lots of print/patterns, but I've been reading a lot of sci-fi lately and liked the idea of walking around draped in the galaxy. It comes with branded tags (see PSPs) but I think Basetao was a bit overzealous in their interpretation of "remove tags". The pattern looks pretty spot on. The quality is on par with Zara - light synthetic fabric, not overly durable, which is what I was expecting and why the quality rating is low. I like the fit - long and flowing. This might indeed be grey market.

The Row Patrew Cotton Blend Shirt, White (TB) - 280Y

My Pics| PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 36/S
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 9.5/10 | Satisfaction 7/10 - would be 10/10 if I had ordered the right size
Comments: This is from the TaoBao store JOC, which I've been creeping for ages, ever since I saw this sold out (:() Celine shirt. That Celine shirt is the reason I have a TaoBao account and downloaded Weibo so I could contact their customer service agents. Unfortunately, Weibo changed nothing. It was still sold out and I was never able to get it. Lesson learned! When I saw this button up shirt show up I did not delay. It seems that they do pre-orders for a lot of their items and they make them in limited batches so gone means gone. The store is also very popular. I ordered this shirt as a pre-order in September and it arrived at my Superbuy warehouse in early November - quite a long wait.
The quality of this shirt is pretty great. It's 97% cotton/3% spandex and super, super soft. It also feels thick, like an expensive button up shirt, but also lightweight. The stitching is neat. It comes branded JOCsi, including the buttons. I think the design is pretty much in keeping with the auth (I mean, it is basically a button up shirt). Pocket shape is the same. I think the materials are basically the same (Is elastane the same as spandex??), minus the satin (where?) (-0.5). Buttons are mother of pearl.
Sadly, it turns out I ordered the wrong size. Actually I just assumed I was a small because that's usually what I order, but I was so very wrong. This shirt is beyond oversized on me. I'm just swimming it in. I'm probably going to get it tailored because I like it so much and it's no longer in stock. Next time, I'm going to confirm the right size with the store or just go with a 34/XS.

Dior T-Shirt, Wheel of Fortune (TB) - 89Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C - don't
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 3/10| Accuracy 3/10 | Satisfaction -10/10
Comments: I am so disappointed with this shirt, even if it was dirt cheap. The wheel is so off. It looks like something I could have printed in my garage (exaggerating here, I don't really think I could print anything in my garage). The colours are very bold instead of faded. (-3) The design is really splotchy - I feel like it's been run through the wash a few times. (-5!!!) The fabric also feels stiff, thought if it wasn't rep-Dior I guess it would be average quality. There are some small positives: the calligraphy and back of the shirt look right, (+1?), it comes with branded tags. Won't be giving branded tags a +1 because the shirt is too calloutable IMO. I was pretty angry about this shirt when I got it, but I guess I can wear it to sleep, maybe in public if I'm feeling bold. I found another more expensive version on Weidian so I might GP that. I guess you get what you pay for, even in the TaoBao world.

Ganni Moulin Croissant Tee (TB) - 58Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 8/10| Accuracy 9/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: Super. Duper. Cheap. The first link I had for this died so I had to reverse TaoBao search again. There weren't as many reviews when I first found the link, but I figured it was cheap so why not. I'm very happy with the purchase. The croissant is more centered than it should be (-1), but the lettering is nicely stitched. The shirt feels like cotton. It might be a little see-through, but less so than most of my white tees. I'll just remember to wear an appropriately colours undergarments. It comes unbranded.

Loewe Squirrels Cardigan (TB) - 188Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C (dead)
Size: Small
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 9.5/10| Accuracy 6.5/10 |Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I initially wanted to buy this sweater (because, Squirrels!) in September, but the original link died. Thanks to TB reverse image search I was able to find another seller. There were a few different price points, but I decided to take a chance with the cheapest one because I wasn't prepared to spend 400+ yuan. I was a bit nervous about the quality but was pleasantly surprised. The sweater is super thick and so warm. There are some loose threads on one of the button openings but otherwise no quality issues. I picked the smallest size and it fits oversized, which is what I was looking for.
The overall pattern seems pretty close, but I have noticed some inaccuracies. You can't really see the squirrel's "nut" (lolz) as clearly as in the auth, especially on the back (-0.5). On the rep it kind of just looks like the hands are in a ball. The "Loewe" edging along the middle and neckline is also too close so it doesn't align the same with the buttons (-0.5), however the general print looks correct. The "Loewe" along the sleeves is too small and the inside green knit is not folded close enough to the edge of the sleeve (-1). The knit/weave also seems tighter than the auth (-0.5) and I'm 99% sure it isn't mohair like the auth (-0.5). Also, it is "unbranded" i.e. improper tags! (-0.5) All of these details are pretty nitpicky in my opinion and I only really noticed after staring at auth pics back and forth. I don't really care because I love this sweater!! It was a great buy for the price and I would've been happy if I had paid twice the price (Ok maybe not as less happy because at this price it feels like a steal.) I get compliments on it all the time. People apparently love squirrels (and why shouldn't they?? They're so damn cute.) I'm contemplating buying the blue sweater version that's been floating in the rep world...

Sezane Barry Jumper, Wine Red (TB) - 253Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: One size
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 9.5/10|Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: The famous Barry jumper! Ok, maybe famous is an exaggeration but according to Harper's Bazaar and other sources it has a 30,000 person wait list. I am on said wait list (lol), but apparently can't execute my purchase fast enough to buy this sweater when it is in stock - actually I have only received one email notification in the past 9 months to tell me the sweater is available and by the time I checked my size/colour was sold out. I checked again while writing this review. It is still sold out. Thank goodness for TaoBao where scarcity is a myth (sort of - I'm looking at you dead links).
If you buy anything from this review, BUY THIS SWEATER. It is amazing, really. No loose threads, knit is just like auth and fits just like auth. It comes branded with tags. It feels like mohair. The tags might be slightly incorrect (-0.5), but it is still "fait avec amour." I can find nothing wrong with this cardigan and I want it in all colours.

Thom Browne-inspired Long Cardigan (TB) - 236Y

My Pics | PSPs | Comparable Auth 1 & Auth 2 |W2C
Size: S
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 5?/10|Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I say Thom Browne inspired because I couldn't find an auth item like this. (-3) The quality is good. Fabric is soft and heavy, stitching is neat (what more can you want in a piece of clothing?). The edging on the cuffs and hem pretty much match Thom Browne designs. It is missing edging along the button holes (-1) and does not have sleeve stripes (-1). It seems like a sort-of hybrid of the two auths I linked to. It does not come branded Thom Browne. I love the length, below mid thigh for me, because I think it gives it a "swishy" feel. Oh, and it came with a fabric brush.

Frame Jeans, Le Skinny de Jeanne Black (TB) - 256Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 25
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 10/10|Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: These jeans have been reviewed before on this sub. Not sure why I decided to buy 25 instead of 24, I guess I thought I should size up because I do for all other apparel. Probably a mistake but I can still wear them, though I wish they were a little shorter and more fitted around the waist. I might re-order in a size 24. These are TTS and branded. The denim is thick and feels like good quality. The "raw stagger" is pretty "raw" looking, but it looks like that's how it is supposed to be.

Acne Jeans, Skin 5 Black (Weidian) - 248Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 25
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 9/10| Accuracy 9/10|Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: Another Weidian GP. My strategy to avoid getting scammed on Weidian is to find a store with product I like that has a lot of repeat buyers, sales, and reviews, then pick some cheap product I like and use it as a GP. If the order works out, then I put the store on my "safe list." So far, I am 2/2. I have another 4 items in the works from different stores so we'll see how it goes. If they all turn out to be scammers, it will have been an expensive experiment but WORTH IT!!! **stubborn**
Anyways, about the jeans. I'm happy with the quality. They're stretch jeans and feel very similar to my Citizens of Humanity jeans. There are some loose threads along the back right pocket. (-1) They didn't have a size 24 available, so I sized up. I prefer very fitted jeans. These fit a little big, mostly around the crotch, and is a little long but still wearable without looking like they don't fit. They're TTS. Weirdly, the tags say different sizes but otherwise I was impressed by the amount of detail. Even the small metal rivets are branded.


Congratulations if you've made it this far and actually read all my comments - I warned you it would be long. If it makes you feel better, this was long for me too. I have this policy of "buy first, QC later" when it comes to clothes which can make it a real pain trying to find auth pics when I want to write a review. It is now time to move onto the nitty gritty: agent and seller reviews!
Here's a gratuitous dog pic to keep you going: DOG

Superbuy (Agent)

Rating 9/10
Comments: I've used Superbuy before and am very happy with their service. I like their web and app interface. Their customer service is good as well. I accidentally shipped a parcel to the wrong address and they were able to correct it before it shipped. They package and ship their items super quickly. I have used their "packaging removal" service three times and have never had any damage to my items. They pack items really well and keep the authenticity cards etc. My only negatives are the average quality QC pics and the pricey shipping. Also I can't seem to tip the packaging crew, sorry derekhuang!

Basetao (Agent)

Rating 7/10
Comments: I prefer the web/app interface from Superbuy, especially when I am browsing on my phone. Basetao doesn't really have a mobile-friendly version of their site. It is a bit more finicky to put in TB orders because it doesn't always account for "discounts", but I prefer them when buying from Weidian (no additional fee.) They also take much better QC pics and will add more without additional fees. I really like their agents. When I bought from Weidian for the first time they confirmed my purchase and sizing. They answer questions pretty quickly (usually within 12hours). Shipping is fairly easy, but you have to add any special requests as notes. They did a good packing job, similar to Superbuy.

EvilTwins (Non-TS) - WeChat Molly8953

Rating 9/10
Comments: Not chatty (cool with me, I'm also not chatty despite what this review may suggest), but efficient - good. Not scammed - extra good. Replies really quickly (min to hours) and in English. I sent her a pic of what I wanted and she made me a taobao link to pay. I completed the order using Basetao. This is quickly becoming my favourite way of paying WeChat sellers for smaller items (shoes, clothes, jewellery) because I get to skip the whole conversation explaining that I want something shipped to my (yes, *my\*) warehouse. If you're looking for higher quality clothing reps and want them fully branded, I would recommend this seller.

** LA FIN **

...until part 2 and 3 (maybe)
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[Guide] Kibbe Part II - Fashion!

Kibbe Part II: Intro To Fashion

In this post I gave an introduction to Kibbe, a personal style system from the 80s that categorizes women based on their physical features and then prescribes each group different outfits, colors, and accessories. To quote myself on why Kibbe is one of the best approaches to personal style and wardrobe planning:
So many modern style systems require you to type yourself based on what is wrong with you (or different) and then all advice is geared towards making you average and like everyone else. Kibbe stresses harmony, not perfection. Other systems only consider your tastes, without teaching you what is flattering for your body. Kibbe starts with your appearance and then you have freedom within your category.
There are 13 distinct Kibbe Types each falling somewhere along two axes: “Yin” vs “Yang” and “Contrast” vs “Blended”. Here is a chart that sums up the characteristics of each type. I go into detail about each type in the first post, and include links to the official test, but I’ll link the test again: here is part one and here is part two. If you’re having trouble selecting an answer, remember that A = sharp yang, B = blunt yang, C = balanced, D = petite yin, and E = lush yin. So if you can’t tell based on the images provided, just think about which of those categories your feature falls under. We also would be happy to help in the comments :)
This post is all about fashion. I want to lay the foundation for understanding how to dress for your type as well as the basic underlying principles that dictate how all women can harmonize their clothing with their appearance. I’ll review the theory first, then show how it applies to clothing in general, and finally how it applies to your type.

Yin vs Yang

As the test shows, there are different types of “yin” and “yang”. These two terms are not code for feminine and masculine, and it’s not as simple as yin = small and yang = large. Understanding the terms themselves, and how they apply to bodies, is essential to understanding how they apply to clothing, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.
While the main characteristic of Yin is softness, this can be expressed through both youthfulness and sexuality. Examples of physical attributes that are “petite yin”: small hands and feet, small noses, and delicate bone structure. Attributes that are “lush yin”: large eyes, plump lips, and hourglass ratios. The aging process prevents adult women from being 100% petite yin; healthy mature bodies will either be all lush yin, a combination of petite and lush yin, or a combination of one (or both) of the yin types and an element of yang.
It’s hard to sum up Yang in a word but my closest approximation (within the context of Kibbe) is “strength”. Whereas Yin has a lot of organic shapes and curved lines, Yang is all about angularity and geometric shapes. “Sharp yang” is seen in vertical lines, narrowness, and pointed edges, best embodied by Dramatics - long and lean bodies, distinct jawlines, etc. “Blunt yang” refers to horizontal lines, broadness, and blunter edges, typified by Naturals who can have square frames, a tendency towards muscularity, larger noses, etc.
This chart shows how each type on a spectrum from Yin to Yang. I love that Kibbe uses these terms so that we’re not limited to just using “masculine” and “feminine”. It really helps remove the stigma from having different ratios. There are many different expressions of femininity, both in terms of appearance and personality, and his system celebrates this!

Contrast vs Blended

The terms contrast and blended refer to the mix of yin and yang. High contrast is seen in a woman with a mix of distinctly yin and distinctly yang feature. For example someone with a large forehead (yang), big eyes spaced far apart (yin), pointed nose (yang), thin lips (yang), and small chin (yin) would be high contrast. Someone who is blended has features that lie in the middle of the yin/yang spectrum. Instead of large or small eyes, they have average (often almond shaped) eyes. They may have a softly defined waist that isn’t as pronounced as a woman who is high yin, and their jawline generally won’t be as angular as a yang woman.
The definition is pretty straightforward but it’s not always easy to identify in real life! As I said in my first post, high contrast women will have more energy in their appearance, to the point where they may look startling. Blended women often come across as very still and solid.
Here is a chart that shows where each type lies in terms of both contrast and yin/yang. As you can see Gamines are the most high contrast (least blended), and Classics are the most blended (least contrast). Naturals are in the middle when it comes to contrast vs blended. And Classics are in the middle when it comes to yin vs yang. Of course Dramatics are the extreme of yang and Romantics the extreme of yin. You’ll also note that adding yang to most types increases their contrast, while adding yin to most types makes them more blended.

Intro To Kibbe + Fashion

How do yin, yang, contrast, and blended apply to clothing? Broadly speaking: Yin is present in anything soft, small, round, circular, light, abstract, or receding. Yang is present in anything hard, large, straight, angular, dark, geometric, or advancing. Contrast occurs when there is a distinct combination of yin and yang in a given item or outfit. The greater the definition between yin and yang components, the higher the contrast. Blended items and outfits are more unified. They lie in between yin and yang and feel more even.
They apply to the elements of fashion in the following manner:
The shapes we choose to wear have a major impact on the success of our outfits. The right silhouette is everything. Yin items can be draped, flowing, or fitted, but they always accentuate an aspect of the female form. Yang items on the other hand can be tailored, super crisp, or shapeless, but sexual characteristics are not highlighted. While some items have a more masculine or asexual feel, that isn’t a requirement to be in the “yang” category. Items that show off the arms, backs, or legs over breasts, waist, and bottoms, will be more yang than yin (at least in terms of shape).
The weave, weight, and general texture of a garment’s fabric affects the way a garment looks when it is worn. Keeping with the pattern, yin textures are soft, sheer, light, plush, smooth, and sparkly. Yang textures include: hard, dense, heavy, rough, matte, and firm.
There are several lines within any item of clothing; Kibbe focuses on seams and patterns. Yin items are constructed with organic lines that create curves, yang items tend to use straight lines that create angles. When it comes to patterns, there are several aspects to consider. In terms of size: yin is small, yang is large. Close spacing is yin, distance is yang. The motifs themselves follow the same rules as everything else; yin patterns are comprised of organic lines e.g. flowers and polka dots, they also can have more intricate detail. Yang patterns are geometric in nature, e.g. stripes.
The lines of a garment can be high contrast if they are defined (e.g. crisp seams or defined edges in a pattern). Also increased legibility of a pattern = higher contrast. Blended lines are more subtle, patterns have water color edges, and they are more abstract.
This is one of the only areas where I’m going to use “masculine” and “feminine” to talk about yin and yang. Yin colours are the traditionally feminine - light, pinks, reds, purples, pastels, etc. Yang colours are the traditionally masculine - dark, blues, greens, black, brown, etc. Saturated shades have higher contrast, muted shades are more blended. I have no idea how warm vs cool fit into the system, that’s definitely something to look into!
Again we can look at what is stereotypically masculine and feminine to know where some details fall on the spectrum. Bows, ruffles, scallops, sparkles, etc. are yin. Basically anything that enhances the feminine form, makes you look more youthful, and/or increases softness. Some non masculine examples of yang details: zippers, rips and holes, etc.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to outfits we have to look at every article of clothing on its own as well as how they relate to each other. The images below demonstrate some of the ways the theory explained above translates to the real world:
There are many combinations of yin and yang, each leaves its own impression. The main rule of Kibbe is that women should dress in a way that mirrors her physical attributes. So a woman with lots of yin should wear yin clothing, a woman who is high contrast should dress high contrast, a woman with yang and yin should wear outfits with the same balance. When we match our wardrobe to our appearance, it looks harmonious and we feel our best!

Styling Recommendations For Each Kibbe Type

Kibbe gives guidelines, boundaries, and inspiration for each type in his book, and these ideas have been expanded on over the decades. I think it’s important to begin with what Kibbe himself instructs. He has such a way with words and a nuanced vocabulary that doesn’t always translate to modern interpreters (more on this soon).
A Note On Essences
Every Kibbe category has a distinct “essence” - the image, message, and general vibe of each type when styled properly. Kibbe modeled this aspect of his system on the way old Hollywood stars constructed and managed their personal brand. The approach in the past was more holistic and in tune with who the actress really was. Essence is different from personality; it’s about the end result of all the elements of your look coming together. Personality is about how you are on the inside. There’s a relationship of course but they are not equivalent, so if you’re reading about your essence and it doesn’t match with your personality, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the wrong type! He talks about personality as well and I find it accurate for most women but again, if it doesn’t fit you 100% that doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong type!
You don’t need to strive to match the Essence of your type if it legitimately doesn’t fit with your personality or preferred aesthetic, however many women feel right at home in their essence, so it’s a great place to start. If you feel resistance, consider whether or not this aversion is legitimate distaste or if something deeper is going on. This is an excerpt from Kibbe’s book that deals with the mental blocks we have when it comes to how we look. I plan on submitting it to the sub in a few days for more discussion but definitely give it a read now if you need to.
At the end of the day Kibbe is about ratios, proportions, texture, patterns, lines, shape, and all the other basic building blocks of a look. You can wear pretty much any personal style within each look, there’s a lot of freedom, the boundaries just help with item selection and creating a balanced outfit.
Kibbe Types, Essences, And Guidelines
Kibbe says it better than I do so I’ll link to a forum page that quotes him directly! It’s way too in depth for me to include in this post but we can totally have more focused discussions in the future on each type!
I think some of the disconnect people feel when reading about their type comes from the fact that this system is from the 80s. While many of his insights and guidelines are timeless, lots of specific suggestions and descriptions are kind of dated!
I also think the personality descriptions are rooted in 80s ideals and norms. Female nature is real but women have changed from how they were 30 years ago, and each generation is different as well. A woman with strong yin and a slight yang undercurrent is going to express that combination differently today - there are more options, new fashions, different influences, etc. This document gives a more bare bones approach to Kibbe, it lists elements of an outfit such as necklines, hems, bag size, etc. All taken from his words but stripped of a lot of the descriptive aspects; this was typed years ago and it’s so awesome how we have access to what others did over a decade ago thanks to the internet. Again there are clearly some 80s specific suggestions, but this is why we talked about the theory first, that doesn’t change :)
That being said, I identity 100% with the essence of my type and when I saw the before and after from the book for TR I was like "Hell yeah sign me up right now!" it's 100% okay to enjoy the descriptions as is - and I think most of us here will.

Applying Kibbe To Your Outfit Selection Process

Kibbe gives very clear and specific instructions on how to dress, but if you have a personal style that is different than your essence (or a subset of your essence) what do you do? Make notes of the elements and details you like from what Kibbe recommends and find items that correspond! It’s easy to play with yin and yang to achieve a certain effect. These images show how to arrive at the desired yin/yang balance via your clothing choices! Most were created between 2005 and 2015 so don’t get too hung up on the specific styles depicted, pay attention to the bigger picture and principles.

A Warning Before You Start Googling And Looking At Blogs!

A lot of the blog posts and forums are really dated. The majority of the info on Kibbe seems to have been posted between 2000 and 2010. The information also comes from both everyday women and professional stylists, but the system isn’t as exact as Seasonal Colour Analysis so there’s a lot more room for interpretation and error. I’ve seen many sites, comments, and polyvore sets created by women who don’t seem to understand Kibbe properly. And even if they do, a lot of women seem to think that their personal preference = what everyone in their type should wear. People also tend to rely on stereotypes instead of Kibbe’s actual words. If you were to go by pinterest all Soft Gamines are twee ingenues, Theatrical Romantics are conflated with Soft Dramatics, Naturals can only wear boho styles, etc. Don’t fall into this trap!
You also have to think about the class and age differences of women discussing Kibbe. Each group has a different idea of what is sexy vs inappropriate, what is in fashion vs tacky, etc. There is a lot of context missing with pinterest images, polyvore albums, blog posts, etc. My hope is that we can discuss Kibbe here on FNF and apply it to modern trends and norms!
There are great resources out there of course - the forum I linked to is an excellent place to start. As time goes on I’ll be sharing a lot more, and I hope you all share what you find too :)
Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions definitely let me know <3
P.S. Just found this cool collection of images, it does an excellent job at conveying the mood of each type!
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