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A thread on how the syndicate makes money of the Apex Games.

I began to wonder how the Apex Games were funded and began to make a list of possible sources of income the syndicate has.
TV Rights : based of our real world events we know that the Apex Games is broadcasted throughout the frontier, with this comes cash for the syndicate. The Apex Games being such a big franchise it collects a massive viewer base and broadcast agencies would pay big bucks for the content to be displayed on their specific sites /television /studio (or how it gets to the consumer).
• From the build to season 4, we know the OTV (Outlands Television) broadcast special reports and interviews with legends. • From the Crypto's work order made from Q.W(lore piece retrieve from the Crypto-ARG confirmed to be Canon), we know ABMS(Apex Broadcasts Monitoring Systems) hired TJP(Crypto) and Mila to desgin drones for easy access stream to the games.
Betting : One of the syndicate biggest incomes.
• From the S4 Loading Screen, `Dining with Dino’, the food critic says he may need to place a few bets in the Thunderdome to afford his next visit to the restaurant (Tenmei), and uses the phrase “Kuben all the way!”. This tradition could've very well been carried to the current Apex games.
• From the Crypto trailer 'forever family' TJP(Crypto) and Mila discover a prediction algorithm which lead them to figure the syndicate is rigging the games.
On a normal basis the syndicate would make a fortune on betting alone, adding to the fact they rig the games allows them to guarantee a heavy profit. BBC news outlet reports that the footballing industry makes billions of dollars a year on betting . One can now only imagine how much the syndicate makes of out this.
Merchandise : Before a legend gets announced a legend they have to a sign a contract, doing this allows the syndicate to have image rights, with the availability to produce merchandise exclusive to the the syndicate only.
• In the opening cinematic, a newspaper article describes how people became fans of Bloodhound and such bought masks in favor of their favorite legend.
• From the S3 cinematic trailer, Mirage room suggests he has a HEAVY fanbase, which includes artwork and even statue of himself which could very well may be a collectable.
• Crypto trailer 'forever family' has a massive range of merchandise including a Caustic poster, Bangalore advertisements and nessie dolls.
Scotland makes nearly €41 million on loch ness yearly. Adding nessie dolls, legend merchandise, event exclusive items the syndicate sits on gold throughout the seasons.
Sponsorships : sponsorship are a great way to introduce new content into the Apex Games and the syndicate has it all planned.
• Hammond robotics sponsored construction to world's edge bringing now terrain to the Apex Games.
• Titanfall companies names /logos on varies skins for weapons /legends (of course this is not confimed to be Canon but a neat addition to the Apex Games)
In the 2017/2018 season the NBA(the nation basketball association) generated $1.12 billion from Sponsorships.
From Lifelines extra story we in fact know that the syndicate is actually the mercenary syndicate. After the war their contracts fell and were in need of money.
Credit to u/SPEARHEADPR for providing invaluable advice and prestigious lore.
Please leave any other sources of income for the syndicate that I may have missed.
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Part 3/3 My Introduction to a Professional Sports Betting Syndicate

I appreciate you making it this far. I know nowadays reading isn’t the best form of consuming content but for detailed stories I don’t see any other feasible way. Plus I doubt many people want to look at my ugly face lol. Hope you enjoy the final part.

Part 3/3

“Okay here’s how it’s gonna go kid”, Mario said as we discussed how and where the information would flow. “I don’t need to know all that other bullshit about team, position or type of injury, less is more. Player name and injury status, that’s it”. Mario was a pit bull, he dealt with all the information sources and I was just one of many, but I'd like to imagine I was a valuable one. I was to deal with him and only him and the next few days we were to run test trials to work out any kinks.
I don’t remember the first injury ping I got during the test trial period but I do remember the first injury report sent when we went live for real money [Tony Parker] - Doubtful. It was a very weird feeling that I can’t really describe whenever a ping came through, a mixture between excitement, fear and anxiety. I eventually got used to it but it took about a month.
The biggest issue for me during the testing period seems simple but it was copying the text on the ping I received and pasting it and sending it from my personal phone from the messenger app. I was always concerned about leaving a trail on my work computer which was a desktop that other co-workers used when I wasn’t there. As easy as it sounds to copy and paste, at the beginning my hands would be shaky and any mis-clicks cost valuable seconds and remember I couldn’t do my job of posting it at work until 15 seconds after I sent it to Mario, so during the trial period it was taking me roughly 35 to 40 seconds to post reports for my job, that’s a considerable delay. I had to be quicker sending it to Mario because the faster I do that the faster I’m able to post it for my work.
Trial period over and now it’s for real. [Danny Green] - Out. [Wesley Mathews] - Questionable. One by one I was sending the reports. One time attempting to be quick I copied the ping something like this EM-[Marc Gasol]-Shoulder-OUT and I immediately got a call from Mario who was pissed. “I don’t care if the player sprained his dick, it’s player and status, that’s it! I remember thinking jeez wtf. I found out later it had something to do with how they programmed it on their end with the auto-bet software, so any extra characters or information other than player and status would mess it up and they would miss getting the bets down, even if it was an extra . Or - it would mess it up, or at least that’s what I was told. The reports I sent him would be automatically inputted into their system, it was all automated. Mario made it clear that any pings I sent that weren’t formatted correctly or if by game time the status didn’t hold up I wouldn’t be paid for. Him being pissed off made sense to me after awhile, a lot of money is on the line and this is their full-time job and missing out on even one report could potentially be the difference of a winning or losing week.
Writing this has brought back so many memories, like the time at work we were due for a schedule change, they like to change the schedule every 6 months. I had only been doing the pings for about a month and a half and a schedule change would fuck this all up if I was moved to mornings. I paid my co-worker $200 to tell management he prefers mornings and of course I told them nights work best for me. I was in the clear for another 6 months.
I remember checking my mail and seeing a yellow envelope, my first payment from George, close to $10,000 all cash, payments got sent out in the mail on the 14th monthly. What was also interesting is it came with a breakdown of each ping I sent. Ex; Based on 22 days / Total Reports 31 2- accurately reported players OUT 3- accurately reported players Probable etc etc Some weeks there would be no key players or starters with any breaking injury news, some weeks there would be several. It could only be breaking news so if a coach has a press conference and it’s revealed that a player would be out the next 3 games that didn’t help me. Or if news came out while I wasn’t at work it didn’t help me. It’s funny even now when I see breaking news for a player injury I think about the pings and how many points that player means to the line.
So I’m about 3 months in now and I’m basically hoping players get hurt. I’ve received about 4 payments because the first one was prorated because I started halfway through a month. Money was rolling in. I remember talking to my mom and she had just found out she had to pay $3,200 on her annual taxes. She was crying when I came over and handed her 32 100 dollar bills.
My sister wanted new furniture for his first apartment, I told her to pick it out and let me know how much. My oldest brother who had always disapproved of my lifestyle and would often say “you are going to hell in a handbasket”, (never knew what that meant, still don’t.) He was going through an ugly divorce and was saying how it kills him to write that bitch a check each month and that he wishes he could just pay it all at once for the year and not have to deal with her. I asked him how much. Christmas I gave my two brothers, my sister and mother 1K each, no card, no envelope. Looking back I did some really tacky shit lol Look everyone I made it! It’s cringeworthy now being older thinking about some of the shit.
If you were 26-27 years old and single and money wasn’t an issue what would you do? Well that’s what I did, anything and everything. I would book flights to Vegas 1 day in advance just because on a Thursday I felt like going the next day, I wouldn’t even bring clothes I would buy them when I landed. Having money wasn’t totally new to me because I had made a lot of money as a bookie but having this much money coming in was new and all I had to do was go to work and click some buttons. You know how the saying goes, “easy come, easy go” that’s what money was like to me.
Another saying is “All good things come to an end”. It’s been about 6 months into this arrangement and I was now not only reporting injuries to George and his team but on certain days and even some full weeks he had me sending the reports to other betting groups. I was now interacting with not just one betting syndicate but 3 of them. There are probably thousands of sports betting groups in the country but there are only a handful of consistently successful betting groups that are profitable year after year and I had their ears. The top groups tend to work together. Every source I currently have and use now originated in some way, shape or form from these groups that I sent pings too. I’m not saying I’m buddies with the heads of these groups but I know a lot of current and former employees that have come and gone with these groups and I’ve always made sure to stay in contact. None of the money I made is still with me but the people I met and still talk to once in a while is something I value. It's a two way street, I wouldn’t be much use to them if I just constantly asked for info. I have to return the favor as well, that’s why when I discovered the SuperBowl commercial prop edge, it was these people who were the first to get it, after I bet it of course. (SuperBowl Prop Story is in the #Betting-Strategy-Advice channel in The Betting Network). I’m constantly looking for ways I can help them even after all this time because you never know when or how it can come back to you.
In total I basically reported these injuries for about 8-9 months and had started reporting some NCAAB key players injuries. I managed this without any major backlash from my company. Dealt with a few issues here and there with the betting groups but nothing major. After a while I realized a big reason for my company not noticing anything was that 80% of all pings were reported right away as normal, although the 20% that got delayed were the key players and starters. A couple customer complaints were about all that happened and when that did I would make sure to promptly send out MIL-G-[Ramon Sessions]-Questionable with no delay.
The way this arrangement ended is anticlimactic and it was something out of any of our control. I managed to avoid schedule changes and even declined a small promotion within the company and a couple outside job opportunities that if I showed any type of interest I could’ve got, all in order to keep this $15.75 hr job. But everything happens for a reason, the company I worked for sold its majority ownership and merged with 2 other companies, this resulted in my department being dissolved and I ultimately ended up leaving the company altogether shortly after. Everyone involved was crushed when I told them it was over, especially one of the groups George affiliated with because they only got about 2 months out of it. The good news was the connections were made and we all continued to work together in different ways but nothing will probably be as lucrative as the ping arrangement.
I Hope you guys enjoyed this story because I enjoyed going down memory lane. I actually texted a few of the guys involved in it last night and we talked about how great it was and how it would be impossible these days to do what we did for many reasons. It was great while it lasted that’s for sure.
PS This was a little different from what I normally post which is more focused on sports betting education. I decided to share this story because of the overwhelming feedback I got with The Betting Network community. My focus is to help educate sports bettors, it’s important to know there are no shortcuts to being a successful sports bettor. I have over 25 lessons posted in TBN community on various topics, investing in yourself and learning as much as you can is the only way you stand a chance at becoming a successful sports bettor and even that alone isn’t enough, you must have some natural attributes like discipline and patience’s
if you are serious about learning and willing to put in the required work and invest in yourself DM me and I can tell you how to join The Betting Network community, I do a free 3 day trial and it’s only $7 a month after that. Weekly lessons, game previews, mentorship program and I share not only my opinions on games but also opinions from some of the many sources within my network. Hope to see some of y’all in the community.
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Delirium League challenges analysis/newbie guide

Feel free support my PATREON PAGE, means a lot to me even is little <3

1. Gear Up

Very Easy. This challenge teaches you on how to improve your character-basic-stats in this game.

2. Complete Delirium Encounters I

Very Easy. Is an introduction to new player about the new league mechanic, delirium.

3. Complete these Quests

Easy. All of these are side-optional-quests are NOT recommend to skip, because they give valuable reward for your leveling process.

4. Defeat these Act Bosses I

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the first-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

5. Complete Encounters I

Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

6. Complete Encounters II

Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

7. Use Essences

Essence are very useful to upgrade gear especially at early game, can change item rarity from normal rarity into rare with a guarantee mod. This table will help you understand more about essence tiers.
Easy. They actually make this essence challenge even easier compare to old times(Betrayal League: you need to get tier6 essence), which now you only need using essence on all part of your equipment to complete this challenge which doesn't require much RNG anymore.

8. Defeat these Act Bosses II

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the second-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

9. Defeat Delirium Monsters

Easy. Delirium monster rarity will start increasing as you venture further away from the start of the delirium encounter, the further you go away from the delirium's mirror the more harder delirium monster you'll encounter.

10. Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Normal. These are the new end game bosses since 3.9.0 update, if you build can't really kill them then just ask for experience player to help you kill them off when u got the map to spawn them.

11. Complete Vendor Recipes

Very Easy. A good introduction of vendor recipe to newbies, the best way to get rich easily in PoE. Also for experience player you can skip some of these easily buy using Gilded Fossil crafting.

12. Craft items using Currency

Very Easy. They make the currency challenge becoming more interesting, from using quality currency only(old) to now using currency that change item's modifiers ... kinda force player to learn the crafting mechanics =P

13. Turn in Divination Cards

Type Best Choice
Scarab Cameria's Cut
Shaper or Elder Item The Lord of Celebration
Six-Linked item The Porcupine, Humility
Stack of Currency Emperor's Luck
Two-Implicit Unique Item Arrogance of the Vaal, Echoes of Love
Unique Map The Encroaching Darkness
Normal. Old player might remember how hideous this challenge is in the old days, not exactly the same but pretty much they improve it BETTER! Nice work GGG!! Also note that this challenge require card that reward SPECIFIC reward type as requested, so those wild reward like The Void won't work on this challenge.

14. Complete Encounters III

Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, can be done in low tier map so should be no problem. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

15. Complete Delirium Encounters II

Normal. Is an introduction of using the new currency from the league mechanic.

16. Use Betrayal Benches

Normal. Betrayal is the least RNG-gated mechanic if comparing to other league mechanic, because of you can control the syndicate position for their rewards. Here's a cheat sheet regarding syndicate rewards.

17. Complete Twinned Maps

Not all maps can have "twinned" modifier, for example Kitava or Innocence boss.
Normal. Surprisingly they change from require specific map to have twinned challenge, to more broad choices ... interesting change GGG, nonetheless some map boss are more tricky to do when two of them in a small room, you can try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod so make the fight easier. If still can't, just ask someone else to help kill when u got them.

18. Complete Delirium Encounters III

Easy. None of them are so hard to find, just keep doing the delirium encounter as you farming you gonna complete these monster check list eventually.

19. Complete Unidentified Maps

Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. You can obtain unidentified rare map by doing the map vendor recipe which also effect the rarity too, etc: vendor 3 same rare map you'll get +1 tier rare map OR corrupting rare map have a chance turning into unidentified(safer since you know the mods before hand). If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map.
Normal. Surprisingly they make this challenge easier from doing all(16) last few leagues, to only 10 this league .. well thanks GGG! =D

20. Achieve Ascension

PoELAB is a good resource to check whether today is a short/safe layout to be run or not. Also try install LabCompass for more convenient, is a MUST tools for labyrinth camper! Here's are the locations for each trial to obtain before able to enter certain difficulty labyrinth:
OVERALL: Easy. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more, if your build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it ;)

21. Experiment with Cluster Jewels

Easy. All the new type of cluster jewel are cheap to get, as long you can get access to the cluster jewel socket(outer ring jewel socket) then you can complete this challenge easily.

22. Complete Encounters IV

Normal, most of these are grind are available from Zana's map device modifier, so completing these challenge will be faster if using her map device.

23. Complete Metamorph Encounters

Normal. This challenge inform us how they integrated metamorph mechanic into the core game.

24. Obtain Rewards from Vaal Side Areas

Normal. This challenge inform us how they improve the vaal side area reward that spawn in end game map during this 3.10.0 expansion. 7 out of 9, should be less RNG-gated for this challenge. You can make use of Hidden Vaal Pathways prophecy to proc proc side area in end game maps too.

25. Obtain Rewards from Delirium Encounters

Normal. 19 out of 22, should feel less RNG-gated for this challenge. You also can farm delirium encounter in act zone to proc many different type of rewards.

26. Complete Encounters while in Mist

Normal. This challenges is trying to inform us that delirium mechanic is the very first league mechanic can integrate with other old league mechanic, for the greater reward and also with greater RISK.

27. Complete Delirium Encounters IV

Normal. This challenges is just wanted us to push the limit of using the delirium orb(5 times) on certain map codition, most dangerous would be eldeshaper guardian which delirium will cause the boss to have additional skill and also cause the boss arena ground cover will special ailment, making the whole fight a bit more tense .... thus require a decent build to do, if you're build can't do it then try invite other experience player to help with.

28. Explore the Atlas

Normal. This challenge inform us that they had made some changes on how to get the awakening bonus and also it's reward.

29. Reach Level 90

Normal. This .... require a decent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that die a lot then .... maybe then need around a month+

30. Complete Encounters V

Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, and much harder because have to do them in high tier maps, try invite experience player if you're build aren't capable to do them. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

31. Complete Simulacrum I

Hard. Simlacrum requires a really good build to beat it because of tremendous degen-damage deal from the mob and the delirium boss(11th wave), also the chance of IMPALE from monster ... I'll suggest to invite/join highly-capable player to finish the map for you.

32. Curious Corruption

Outcome Source
Corrupted Implicit Modifier Vaal Orb crafting on item
Two Corrupted Implicit Modifiers Temple of Atzoatl - Corrupting Room(-resistance), or Vaal Orb crafting on item that already have 2 implicit (etc: synthesis ring, gilded item)
Influenced Rare Item Temple of Atzoatl - Corrupting Room(-resistance)
Turn a Unique Item into a Rare Item Vaal Orb crafting on item
White Socket Vaal Orb crafting on item
6-linked Item Vaal Orb crafting on 2-hand weapon OR chestpiece
Additional Gem Level Vaal Orb crafting on gem
Additional Gem Quality Vaal Orb crafting on gem
Vaal Skill Gem Vaal Orb crafting on gem
8-modifiers on a Rare Map Vaal Orb crafting on map
Additional Map Tier Vaal Orb crafting on map
Unidentified Map Vaal Orb crafting on map
Vaal Temple Map Vaal Orb crafting on tier15 map
Unique Jewel Vaal Orb crafting on jewel
30% Quality Bestiary Crafting with Craicic Vassal beast
Normal. Pretty much an RNG challenge from doing corruption, but doing 12 out of 15 is actually sounds pretty fine just skip the temple atzoatl crafting option(2) then the rest of the others option should be pretty cheap and easy to get.

33. Complete Encounters VI

Normal. These challenge are pretty achievable ... just require a bit RNG to get find them.

34. Defeat Map Bosses(40/40)

Hard. This seems another big improvement from previous league map grind challenge(1,500 map bosses), tone down to 500 map bosses with a condition, have to kill them under the delirium effect. You can farm map that have multiple bosses such as Arena Map, or Courthouse Map and so on ... the best one will be Precinct map because of it contain 4~5 bosses as long they're in delirium effect, could try make use of DEADLY TWINS prophecy. Also try make use of Delirium Orb on map to have a permanent delirium effect until the boss room, so that you won't have to backtrack finding delirium-mirror encounter at start of the map then run till the end to the boss room ... Hopefully GGG will fix this soon, will update again if they make any QOL changes on this.

35. Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 15 out of 19, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.
The least 4 favorite unique map I would skip is ... Hall Of Grandmaster(hard), Perandus Manor(very expensive), The Putrid Cloister(expensive), and Doryani's Machinarium(expensive) depending whose the 4th expensive map is =D

36. Complete the Epilogue Questline

Check out Grimro video on how to obtain watchstones
There's 3 phases on how to upgrade full your atlas:
Normal, this quest is all about killing Sirus, Awakener of Worlds which is when you collected 16 watchstones from conquerors of the atlas. Just invite experience player to help you kill Sirus if you're build aren't capable to do it after spawning the boss.

37. Complete Simulacrum II

Normal. Require a bit of grind on the league-exclusive-unique-map and also a GOOD build to do for the double delirium boss challenge ... Might need to invite a pro player to help you deal with that, the other 2 challenges is achievable with a descent build.

38. Complete Deadly Encounters(40/40)

Hard. Finding these bosses is not a problem in this challenges, the BIG problem is to defeat them .... might require a good build to do these challenges OR invite an experience player to help with after you found these bosses.

39. Leave to Chance(40/40)

All of it can be easily be done but except 4 of it; chancing any weapon, strongbox, map or jewel into unique. By picking 2 out of 4, I'll choose weapon and strongboxes, here's how:
Hard. Because of this challenge, orb of chance price is gonna be fluctuate for this league ... This challenge is very RNG-gated. If you manage to chance any of these 2 type into a unique rarity, then only you can proceed your journey to get the 40/40 golden trophy. Also if you're rich, you can buy the Trash to Treasure prophecy to skip this challenge easily, but expensive.

40. Complete Endgame Grinds(40/40)

Hard. GGG are pretty tame with the end game grinding number this league, I'm very surprise! In a good way :D ... Do 4 out of 6 of these choices, without a doubt I would skip that Level 100, that's ridiculous grind ... then maybe skip labyrinth by doing other content cuz I know many of yo really hate labyrinth ... I mean only 1% ppl can do labyrinth XD For those who willing to do lab then may wanna skip .... 750 simulacrum because of the big number, or maybe 500 delve encounters if you really prefer simulacrum if it's cheap or you love the content, 500 delve is actually more grindy compare the others options because of the sulphite grind. Well just skip the least content you like the most, overall these end game grind challenge is way more easier compare to previous league, great improvement GGG!
I will still be active updating this page from time to time whenever I got new INTEL untill the league ends ;) Hopefully you guys understand my poor english and also helped new comer try to get 40/40 challenges =D
Change-logs last update 6th June 2020. Hover here to view.
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Tips, Insights, & Things to Look Out For w/ Live Betting

For those who don't already know, I've worked in this industry for 20+ years on both sides of the counter: top level street bookie, sportsbooks manager, worked with gambling syndicates, data analyst for sports information services & still working in the industry.
\*taken from a discussion within my sportsbetting community***
I've discussed the topic of live in-game betting in the past but for new members and the increase in general popularity of LIVE in-game betting I wanted to post an actual lesson. As always I’m not trying to be the fun police here I just want to make sure everyone is aware of where the sports books hold a significant edge.


Just this past week I’ve read several comments like “I’m just going to wait and get a better number in-game”. Yes you may be getting a better line than the pregame posted line, but you aren’t increasing your edge. The reason you are able to get a better line is likely related to the opposing team performing better or above projections. The odds are changing because new information has been factored in, such as the score. So although you are getting a better line your odds or the all important expected value (EV) hasn’t improved.
When you attempt to place a Live-in-game bet you may think you are accepting the sportsbook's offer, but you aren't. You're really just asking them for a bet. They then wait a fixed period of time (8 secs is common) and IF after that 8 seconds they still think the bet is good FOR THEM they accept it.
This creates substantial adverse selection bias, which in English just means you will get nearly 100% of the bets you try to place that are bad for you (mis-clicks, bad logic, change in game circumstances etc) but a much smaller percentage of the bets you try to place that are good for you (you found a good number, change in game circumstances etc). The odds aren’t conveniently changing in the books favor every time you place a bet, that spinning wheel or loading symbol is a computer deciding if the bet is better for them or you. You have to be nearly perfect to overcome this adverse selection bias. The power to reject bets at will turns live sports betting into a carnival game. You can't beat a book that has a 5% PLUS hold percentage and a smart human/algorithm selectively rejecting all your good bets that may have an edge, unknowingly or not.
Most regulated sports books have an insanely fast live feed in order to change odds. In fact some major sports books have the ability to get information faster than what’s shown on TV. Especially Fan duel or Draftkings, check it out for yourself. They will change odds quicker than events played out on TV. So don’t ever think you will be able to beat the sports books to a line move, they have that covered. It’s actually amazing how fast they’re able to get information in real time with no delay.
Lastly, most books charge -115 or -120 for in-game wagers. Over time this juice will add up in comparison to the standard -110 you lay pregame. Many recreational sports bettors will think, “it’s just 5 or 10 cents” but that is absolutely the wrong thinking. Sports betting is about the long term results. Making decisions in the present that will benefit you in the future. Once you start thinking along those lines you have made a major step, one that many bettors don’t ever get too.

Here Are My Tips:

If a book posts a line during a game and you click in the bet, you should get the bet. Don't settle for less. There are books out there that play it fair and with all these sports books jockeying for share of the market let’s make sure the books that are doing right by their customers rise to the top and the crooked thief’s go under

Hope you all enjoy this information! Ask me comments in the comment section, I'm happy to answer and provide some value.
Cheers 🍻
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Down With Touts

Have seen many posts over the years asking for tout or strategy recommendations (most recent was cherrypicking from touts’ picks of the day). Finally felt compelled to speak up.
I can’t stress this enough: never pay for picks.
My bona fides: I’ve a) co-founded Google’s #1 fantasy sports book game b) have been researching sports betting syndicates for over a year now for a tv show c) worked in pro gambling (TVG/Betfair).
I can tell you there are only about 20 syndicates in the country that make money long term against the bookies. Some are former Wall Street traders, others MIT AI PHDs, others pro statisticians.
To a man, they approach it with the intellectual rigor as if they were running sports hedge funds. Anybody you see posting their picks is either in it for the internet shine (fine) or to hoodwink squares into buying a package (despise this, tarnished our growing industry).
Haralabos Voukgaris is arguably the best NBA bettor in the world and he wins only 57% of his bets. The reason it works? 52.4% is break even after the sports book takes their vigorish. After that, your win rate compounds. According to veteran gambler Steve Fezzik, if you started with $1k, only bet 10% of your bankroll, and won 60% of your bets you’d be a billionaire in 5 years. That’s why compound interest is referred to as the “8th wonder of the world.”
Now ask yourself - how many sports gambling billionaires do you see out there? The only ones I know of were the founders of online sports books, not baseball cap wearing jabroskis (me) selling picks online (not me). Don’t eat into your bankroll (all money is bankroll for your life) by paying somebody to lose (long term) for you.
TL;DR If touts really won at the rates they claim, they would be a) millionaires at very least b) ruining their winning edge by giving away/selling their picks. Bet smart and have fun!
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Crypto and how Revenant is a part of his plan

Hear me out but as totally random as it sounds :
Tae Joon Park lured revenant to the apex games because he assasinated Mila
Now I can support this with the fact that Crypto is looking for evidence to show everyone the beast the syndicate coughcough * IMC *coughcough really is. I probably bet Mila was one of the targets which popped on Revenant touch screen TV with the prize money below it . Crypto found this sometime while initiating his ‘game’ which involves luring Hammond robotics in the first place.
Yes , he lured a corporate company to World’s Edge by destroying KC so that they get a safe channel to legally harvest the energy under the title of ‘sponsor’. Through this revenant enters the game for revenge and is going to be an asset for Crypto for later on to prove his point.
Let’s also not forget Crypto is on the game as a major part of the lore and not as an underpowered legends for people complain about .
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Pathfinder, Revenant, and Hammond Robotics, and how they are all connected to each other.

So here’s a crackpot theory about how Pathfinder is Revenant’s precursor and both creator(s) has to do with Hammond Robotics. Let me break it down bit by bit
Hammond Robotics
So for those that didn’t play Titanfall series, Hammond Robotics is a divisional wing of Hammond Industries that focuses on well their namesake, robots. They created things such as Ticks, MRVN, Spectres, Stalkers, Reapers, Titans, and a whole lot of other robots in the Frontier but if you notice the trend, their entire production line are robots and AIs with increasing complexity. Here’s the thing, (this is inferred) for a major interstellar corporation, they would need to advance further than their competition which have been beating them in their arms race. 2 competitions come to mind.
The Militia back in Titanfall 2 managed to build their own Vanguard class titans that triumphs IMC or in other words Hammond Robotics and a factor is due to a highly intelligent AI. This AI was advance enough to grow personality and character outside its main military functions. To add, the IMC salvaged and tried to reverse engineer the Vanguard class because they were outclassed but they didn’t go to old Hammond, they sent it to Vinson Dynamic, a competitor. What makes Vinson special is that they created Simulacrums; machines shells with the humans minds. What the IMC probably wanted to do was to create that secret AI sauce but Vinson failed in the end and the retrofitted Vanguard class became the Monarch-class with the normal titan AI.
This leads me to believe that Hammond Robotics tried their hands at replicated AI or simulacrum to further their advancement as from a business point of view, its a gap in their market.

For Pathfinder
So from his backstory, Patthy gain consciousness after booting from an unknown lab but I’m betting that lab belonged to Hammond Robotics, the manufacturer of MRVN units. Hammond Robotics probably started with a small scale non-threaten model that are known to have some sentience and limited personality (as shown in all MRVN) due to their I-drive (as mentioned in Patthy’s response to Forge). Pathfinder’s model unit was a step closer to something like BT-7274 so they probably tried spectres or stalkers. That probably ended up like Skynet because they lacked an I-drive and that’s why the lab in Pathfinder’s loading screen is destroyed.
While the Pathfinder project was successful, it pushed Hammond to look at bio-machines. Something that had more restraint.

For Revenant
So Hammond Robotics probably looked into simulacrum to better their chances at merging machine and AI with human control but therein lies the problem. Most if not all simulacrums mentioned are made by Vinson Dynamics. They mastered how to transfer minds into machines as the simulacrums in Titanfall 2 are all stable and functional. This is Revenant comes in. As Hammond Robotics is new to this, Revenant is probably their first successful simulacrum. However due to inexperience and their prenotion to militaries it, Revenant is unstable. He is probably in constant agony and therefore wants revenge. He escapes to sabotage Hammond and Hammond Robotics knows about their secret project but want to remain secret.
Notice that all sponsors for Forge are Hammond Robotics and not Hammond Industries. That division is probably looking for something or preparing for something else entirely.

Back to Hammond Robotics
They knew Revenant is lurking around the Apex games but to keep things under wraps, Hammond uses their power to establish around planets involving the games. They built in Solace which was trashed by a mysterious entity *wink and the latest sightings are probably in Talos. However, because Talos is controlled by the Syndicate, they have to be smart around this issue so they sponsor Forge as smoke screen to their intentions and Outland TV as the network because they may be good with cover ups as far as hiding the Frontier war during the media blackout. To establish their presence on World’s edge, old Hammond is sponsoring resources but they may be truly after a rogue simulacrum.
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2020 Psychedelic Industry Insights Report

By: Nikita Alexandrov BChem, MBA - CTO, ThinkMyco
Jan 8th, 2020
2019 was a pivotal year in the psychedelic industry with US decriminalization actions, two companies receiving FDA breakthrough status for psilocybin, funding of the $16M Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Center, The US Defence Department starting their rumored $20M+ Focused Pharma psychedelic science program and the movement of top universities into research and clinical trials. With the explosion of the more than $100M dollars worth of investable psychedelic opportunities in Q3 2019, the collapse of high quality cannabis investments, one of the best Decembers on record and a potential $1B scale psychedelic IPO - 2020 will be the year of psychedelic investment.
The movement in the field recently is just a blip compared to what is to come, this industry has been brewing for the last few decades. Big Pharma has failed when it comes to new approaches to brain and central nervous system treatment. Due to poor understanding of mechanisms, complex clinical trials and systematic side effects, Neuro drugs have half the success rate of all Pharma projects, which caused most of the big players to reduce or cut their Neuro programs in the last decades. Recently, engagement is exploding with new clinical legislature supporting Neuro and the recent approval of 3 potentially blockbuster Neuro drugs in the last 2 years,
Q2 2019 saw a record of over $320M in investment into Neuro drug development. Interestingly enough an influential group of ultra-high net worth individuals including PayPal founder Peter Thiel funded the psychedelic holding company Atai Lifesciences which went on to fund Compass Pathways and continues to fund commercial efforts in this field. Atai Lifesciences recent movements are a familiar story of acquisition and consolidation in an emerging market which will be a common theme in the future of the psychedelic industry. In 2019 Atai Lifesciences acquired Perception Neuroscience and GABA Therapeutics for their next generation tranquillisers. Last week, Atai also acquired NeuroNasal, a non-psychedelic company creating a concussion nasal spray. In partnership with pharma, Atai's recent launch of EntheogeniX, an AI based psychedelic drug discovery platform, shows that Atai is serious about making investments into the fundamental research required to continue being an industry leader in the long-term. It is rumoured that Atai has made a number of cash investments recently, so new partnerships and acquisitions should be expected in the next months.
The collapse of investable cannabis opportunities are driving investors comfortable in stigmatised industries and binary risk to the table with big pharma, cutting edge science and huge unmet market needs to create a perfect storm of opportunity.
Investors seek 'mega blockbuster' drugs as neuroscience undergoes renaissance
How big is the Psychedelics Industry?
Historically, the psychedelics industry has been fragmented with around $60M worth of companies in the last 20 years, many of which were not sustainable. The current industry is around $220M+ worth of investments, dominated by the Peter Thiel backed Atia Lifesciences at $100M+ and Compass Pathways at $50M+, followed by Mind Medicine at $10M+, Fieldtrip Ventures at $10M+ and then a 10-25 early companies in the range of $2.5-10M each. The $220M+ worth of investable deals have only existed since the public formation of Compass Pathways in 2016, with the majority leaving stealth mode in 2019.
Transforming psychedelics into mainstream medicines
How big is the Psychedelics Market?
The psychedelics market is emerging while highly coupled to clinical/regulatory events and is split between recreational and medical psychedelic markets:
Recreational: $8-19.2B
Calculated from cannabis market and comparable usage prevalence as well as demand size economics.
Medical: $373B+
Calculated from the main markets addressable by psychedelic therapeutics (neurogenics market): mental health drugs, therapy spending, neurodegeneration drugs and cognitive enhancement.
Analysis of the Psilocybin Pharmaceutical Market
Who are the players?
Atai Lifesciences - German based, Global psychedelic pharma holding company formed by ultra-high net worth individuals and big pharma, $100M+
Compass Pathways - London based psychedelic giant, Atai's bet on psilocybin as an approved drug for depression, $50M+, IPO 2020
Usona Institute - A Wisconsin based non-profit powerhouse competing with Compass Pathways to approve psilocybin for depression.
Mind Medicine - Toronto based ibogaine derived addiction drug development company taking their lead candidate 18-MC through the clinical approval process, $15M+, RTO in 2020
Eleusis Benefit Corporation - New Orleans based discovery/clinical stage Psychedelic pharma company supported by industry scientists, raising $25M
FieldTrip Ventures - Toronto based, Aurora backed magic mushroom research and development company building clinical and production infrastructure, raising $12M+
ThinkMyco - Vancouver based holding company developing disruptive mushroom production technology and next generation therapeutics, raising $5M+
Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals - Psychedelic drug discovery company affiliated with the Atai owned Perception Neuroscience and Columbia University, raising 10M+
Universal Ibogaine - Vancouver based Ibogaine clinical development company franchising the world's most advanced ibogaine clinical model, raising $10M+, RTO in 2020
PsyGen Labs - Alberta based psychedelic mass production and clinical research company with highly experienced production chemists $8M+
Entheogen Biosciences - Vancouver based company pursuing psilocybin and DMT based drug development, raising $3M, IPO in 2020
Salvation Botanicals - A Vancouver based company touting a private controlled substances site license and supporting clinical research, raising $10M+, RTO in 2020
Numinus Wellness - Vancouver based wellness company building testing as well as clinical infrastructure, partnered with Salvation, raising $5M+, RTO in 2020
Cybin Corp - Toronto based research and development company building drug development and production infrastructure as well as nutraceutical assets in legal jurisdictions, raising $3M
Emerging Players - There are a number of emerging players, around $35M+ in emerging deals in Q3 2019 which have not passed due diligence.
Recent data is showing psychedelics can be real mega blockbuster Neuro drugs. Johns Hopkins recent trial on Psilocybin for smoking cessation showed an 80% success rate in terminating nicotine addiction, more than double any known therapeutic approach, including nicotine replacement therapy. This is showing addiction can be treated with new mechanisms that are much more low level than replacing the drug in the receptor. Academic data unequivocally shows that Ibogaine is 95% successful in terminating acute opioid withdrawal symptoms permanently from a single dosage. Limited data from long-term Ibogaine for opioid addiction trials show 50% success rates in terminating addiction in the 6 month period with a single dosage, more than 10X higher than the generous 5% success rate of other approaches in the 6 month period. Data from leading Ibogaine providers like Universal Ibogaine show that this 50% figure can be pushed closer to 75% with proper protocols and aftercare. Clinical trials on Psilocybin for cocaine/crack addiction are ongoing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a top 20 medical research university. 10 patients were un-blinded for bioethics review and the unpublished data shows that 30% never touched crack again while the other 70% had a relapse or two and turned their lives around, showing a 100% success rate in changing lives with minimal cost. When this data is available publicly in the next years, tidal waves of interest will move into the field.
Psychedelic Clinical Research Timeline
As a recreational market, 0.1% of the population was surveyed as using psychedelics in the last month, placing the current black market at $19.1B while as a comparable percentage of the legal cannabis market adjusted for prevalence would place it at $8B.
As a medical market, the $373B neurogenics market seems to be the addressable market. Penetration into any indication in the neurogenics market would reap vast rewards. Psilocybin is on track to compete in the depression market with two FDA breakthrough designations, a 2% penetration into the depression market would being $1.4B+ in value yearly. Ibogaine's very reasonable projected 5% penetration into the opioid dependence market in the next 10 years will bring $9.6B+ in value yearly to groups like Universal Ibogaine which are deploying clinical infrastructure, supporting clinical trials and controlling the Ibogaine supply chain. Of all of the indications in current psychedelic clinical trials, not considering crossover, they address a $400B+ market, with projected penetrations across each indication and adjustments for market factors, it is projected $16B+ of value yearly will be created from commercialisation of the current late stage clinical trials which are in progress.
Johns Hopkins Psilocybin for Smoking Cessation Data
Regulatory Challenges:
While nearly 100 cities are creating legislation to decriminalize psychedelics and multiple US jurisdictions have passed decriminalization, federal changes will be required to open legal markets to the full potential. While investing in the binary risk of regulatory changes is standard in the junior markets, current regulatory controls are preventing early revenues. Many Canadian companies building production and distribution infrastructure offshore in jurisdictions such as Jamaica are operating in a legal grey area. While it is legal in Jamaica, any benefit or advantage given to a Canadian company could be considered a proceed of crime including IP development, capital repatriation and validation of technology offshore. Section 56 exemptions from Health Canada are required for Canadian companies working with psychedelics offshore and companies which are raising investment dollars without a secured Section 56 exemption may be incurring legal risk.
Cardiac Liability:
The unspoken elephant in the room of psychedelic derived pharmaceutical acceptance is not regulation, for example Ketamine is a scheduled drug which was recently approved for the general market. The problem is actually the liability of bringing a seratonergic based drug to the market like Psilocybin, DMT and LSD. The crippling withdrawal of blockbuster drug Fen-Phen and issues with other drugs like Imitrex due to seratonin agonist effects on the heart have scared the FDA into a position that any seratonergic drug will require extreme cooperation and diligence and will absolutely incur additional clinical and monitoring costs over other drugs. Psilocybin while technically hitting the 5ht2b receptor which causes cardiac side effects, does not have a high enough affinity to be a deal-breaker, meanwhile LSD having a very high affinity will cause large barriers for groups attempting to bring microdosed LSD to the market. Ibogaine suffers from cardiac liability due to an entirely different mechanism and unlike Psilocybin or LSD, adverse events have been reported. While Methadone and other standards of care also have the same long-QT cardiac liability at much higher rates and significantly higher mortality rates , Ibogaine clinical models must pre-screen patients for existing heart defects before procedures to guarantee no adverse side effects.
Banking/Insurance/Exchange Issues:
Legitimate psychedelic derived drug development companies have already had bank accounts halted at multiple banks for involvement in this industry and moving forward similar challenges faced by the cannabis industry should be expected. Exchanges and public offerings will have logistic challenges with this industry and minor friction has already been seen in the listing process. DNO insurance and other underwriting will be required to list in large markets and to date no psychedelic company has been underwritten, although underwriters and leading insurance brokers are actively exploring his industry.
The real whale will be insurance and single payer reimbursement of psychedelic derived pharmaceuticals on the market, allowing for global market uptake. Health systems have traditionally been decades behind the state of the art as seen in the point of care and home diagnostic device market, a market which could keep people healthy at minimal cost but has been crippled by lack of reimbursement.
Supply Chain Commoditization:
The production and control of psychedelic supply chains which is the familiar play of the cannabis industry will be a race to the bottom with magic mushrooms and other psychedelics. Production models are competing with a much more fluid black market and are being cannibalized by low cost home production and wildcrafting of psilocybin mushrooms. The LSD or ergoloid supply chain is highly monopolized, with the majority of the worlds ergoloids being produced in a single location. Companies competing in the production and supply chain space will face heavy price pressure and a highly coupled global regulatory system. The single outlier is Ibogaine, with a current global use estimated around 90kg, expected to reach 280kg in the next few years, this is a commodity whose price will drive through the roof. Large ibogaine producers have stopped production and natural sources are not commercially viable, with an Iboga plant producing maybe a single dose on the 10 year period, the move of Ibogaine to endangered status in 2019 and no synthetic GMP producers - the Ibogaine market is legal in the majority of the world and exploding while highly underserved and fragmented.
Delivery System Challenges:
A number of recent psychedelic deals are built around new drug delivery systems for psychedelics entering the recreational market to build expertise and infrastructure ready to move into the pharmaceutical market. Many of these technological approaches will not translate from the recreational market to the pharmaceutical market such as CBD/psychedelic compositions, natural product compositions as well as vaporizer and inhaler based delivery systems. While 20%+ of all new FDA drug entities are derived from natural products, natural product mixtures containing many products and a controlled substance have never and will never be FDA approved due to the regulatory system. Companies developing Psilocybin/CBD combinations and related therapeutics for the recreational market should understand that unlike the cannabis market, recreational approaches will not translate directly to medical approaches.
Syndicated Investments:
One of the largest opportunities in any emerging market is syndicated investment, a 2002 analysis of 584 venture backed exits showed that syndicated investments produced double the rate of return of non-syndicated investments. Psychedelic research and development companies require standardized infrastructure that can be leveraged across a number of players. The big players entering the industry are more interested in empire building, requiring massive consolidations of commercial efforts which can be facilitated by syndicated investment groups. Companies like ThinkMyco, Entheogen Biosciences and Cybin Corporation which focus on technology development, IP Portfolios and early stage drug discovery will benefit the most from syndicated investment and collaboration. A Harvard Business School review of Pharma discovery programs statistically compared drug discovery programs to weapons research programs and found in these high reward/low incremental cost programs the optimal path is to run parallel programs, with an average Pharma drug discovery program having 16 parallel programs, 10 core and 6 low budget/high risk. At the current moment, around 5-10 psychedelic investment funds are forming in the range of $10-50M each, including the Cannacord Genuity backed Entheos and the $20M psychedelic quant fund Tabula Rasa Ventures.
IP Portfolio Development:
IP development is the highest value for dollar on the investment value chain and the psychedelic industry will be a totally IP driven industry. The most valuable patent portfolios will include new psychedelic compositions and therapeutic mechanisms, which require significant investments into fundamental R+D, while less competitive portfolios will include delivery system/psychedelic combinations.A recent review of patents related to psychedelics shows many hundreds of patents for psychedelic derived therapeutics with only a small cross-section being commercially competitive. DemeRX, the $40M+ Ibogaine research company holds 65+ patents in the ibogaine therapeutic area. While DemeRX filed for bankruptcy and their research and development assets were liquidated, it is rumored they have been injected with enough capital to come back to the party - this is a dark horse to keep an eye out for.
Mushroom/Protein Connection:
The real opportunity in magic mushroom production models is flying under the radar: protein production. Mushrooms are one of the highest quality sources of nutrition and protein, if you took a vitamin C supplement you can live exclusively off mushrooms. Dried mushrooms have basically the same protein percentage as beef and in terms of grams of protein per acre per year are 100 fold higher producers and much more sustainable than traditional agricultural practices. Companies in this space which invest into real R+D for lower cost mushroom production will get a lift from the $1.8+ trillion dollar protein market. A recent review of mid-sized mushroom farms shows that 50%+ of the cost of mushroom production is due to labor and technical inefficiencies. If energy, labor and materials cost drivers can be reduced, and the cost of growing a pound of mushrooms can drop from around $2 to around $0.75 through automation, mushroom protein becomes significantly more commercially competitive than many of the industry leaders in plant based protein like pea protein. If energy cost reductions can drop the cost even further, mushrooms will become a disruptive food source. Psychedelic companies building mushroom production infrastructure will be well served to remember that by investing in automation, new technology and new growing systems the price of mushroom based protein production can make it more competitive than any other food source. The largest food security report in history was released Q2 2019 and showed that without subsidies a hamburger would cost more than 30$ and the meat industry will economically collapse by 2040, the protein game is looking more and more attractive as a hedge against the regulatory risk of magic mushroom production.
China is one of the most advanced markets in terms of size and pharma spending, as well as venture investment. Traditionally the Asian cultures had no interest in marginalized and politically tense areas such as drug medicalization but the movement into CBD and China's rabid interest in plant medicines may create a large influx of Asian capital moving into psychedelics. This industry shifting action will be leveraged by education and the court of public opinion. A dialog must be created showing psilocybin as a plant medicine and not a drug of abuse. Interestingly enough, Chinese firms have very recently started producing magic mushrooms industrially and importing them into the Canadian market where they are sold into the black market over-the-counter in some Canadian herbalist stores.
Ibogaine is the only psychedelic model which will not be very quickly commoditized. Ibogaine as a solution to the opioid problem is a disruptive technology, with the rise of fentanyl and fentanyl analogs like carfentanil dominating global supply chains, Buprenorphine, the preferred standard of care is no longer effective and produces a life threatening condition called Precipitated Withdrawal. This is due to the aggressive affinity of fentanyl to receptors, the lack of tolerance ceiling and the little understood metabolism of next-generation fentanyl analogues, dramatically compounding a problem already at pandemic levels. Ibogaine supply chains have collapsed at the same time that demand is growing exponentially, the firm which dominates the current global ibogaine supply chain will reap around $1.4M/mo profit serving the current global demand. One of the largest African Ibogaine brokers has seen a 30x increase in sales from 2017 to 2019. With Universal Ibogaine taking Ibogaine through the Canadian clinical process and the grassroots support from Health Canada, Ibogaine will be the first psychedelic approach available to consumers. While Ibogaine is a scheduled drug in the US and some European jurisdictions, it is not scheduled in Canada and the majority of the global market. Multiple Ibogaine documentaries are in filming, including actors such as Johnny Depp, as this is an education driven industry, we should expect exponential growth to accelerate in 2020.
Support Industries:
Industries supporting the growth of psychedelics will be a large part of the future landscape as was seen in the cannabis sector. A psychedelic business support network including education, conferences, business analysis and financing have already cropped up commercially. In Q3 2019 the renowned Cambridge House International Extraordinary Future conference created a panel for psychedelic opportunities. Two weeks before the conference there was a frantic rush and the majority of relevant psychedelic players were represented last minute in the panel discussion including: Compass Pathways, FieldTrip Ventures, Mind Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Dennis McKenna and ThinkMyco. Multiple psychedelic investment funds are forming alongside of industry press, consulting groups and other support interests. In Q3 2019, Dr. Matthew Thompson of Johns Hopkins and Dr. Charles Nichols of LSU/Eleusis Benefit Corporation helped organize the inaugural conference for the new journal called International Society for Research on Psychedelics in its home of New Orleans. Over 100 international scientists from top universities were represented, with the conference having to turn down many late registrations. Dr. Rolland Griffiths, head of the Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Center said "This was the best scientific conference I have been to in my entire career.".
Sub-perceptual dosing:
Microdosing was popularized by Silicon Valley, catalyzing the resurgence of the psychedelic industry but microdosing is a protocol built on unsound fundamentals. Research shows that the therapeutic effects of psychedelics are highly dose dependant, higher doses lead to better therapeutic effects. The microdosing supply chain model has excellent returns, with a pound of mushrooms costing less than 5$/lb to produce which provides around 1200X microdoses. When dosages increase past the perceptual threshold, the potential for adverse events such as bad trips exponentially increases. The ideal dosage seems to be just under perceptual threshold where you can still go about your day, but much higher than a microdose. This is industry standard with seratonergic pharmaceuticals, an example being the diet drug Belvique, which is closely related to psilocybin, dosed at the perceptual threshold for maximum effectiveness. Belvique can cause psilocybin like hallucinations if 4 tablets are taken as it is a seratonergic drug. High doses of psilocybin require a clinical infrastructure and in-patient experience, dramatically increasing costs and logistics overheads. Sub-perceptual dosed pharmaceuticals will be available for out-patient and take home treatment and in many cases may be as effective as full blown psychedelic experiences. Mind Medicine, ThinkMyco and Eleusis Benefit Corporation are leading the charge in sub-perceptual therapeutics.
Next Generation Drug Development:
Mind Medicine is taking the approach of engineering the hallucinations out of the therapeutic experience by removing parts of the molecule and are moving their drug, 18-MC through the clinical process. This is the ultimate high risk/high reward play in the psychedelic industry. 18-MC is modified which also changes a variety of important receptor binding effects. The modified receptors include the receptors responsible for neural growth factor release, cognitive effects, cardiac effects and the opioid system coupled NMDA receptor system. Since there is no data on the human use of 18-MC in opioid addicts, significant capital must be deployed before it is even known if 18-MC is as efficient as the parent molecule Ibogaine for treating opioid addiction, the ability to treat addiction in an out-patient setting with no cardiac toxicity - 18-MC will be the megablockbuster all investors in the neurogenic space are waiting for. ThinkMyco, Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, Mind Medicine and Eleusis Benefit Corporation are leading the field in next generation drug development.
Lateral Drug Development:
While psychedelics address a $373B neurogenics market, companies such as Eleusis Benefit Corporation are showing they can address other unmet clinical needs such as chronic inflammatory disease. Eleusis is developing new psychedelic compounds for the treatment of inflammation, specifically within ophthalmology, and has recently published Phase I trial results revealing the safety and tolerability of low dose LSD in healthy older adults, with the intention of evaluating low dose LSD as a disease modifying therapy in Alzheimer's disease. Eleusis Benefit Corporation looks poised to cannibalize the $3B steroid therapeutic market. Not yet published research is showing Ibogaines potential as a therapeutic to treat sleep disorders. Johns Hopkins is currently reviewing the application of psychedelics in pulling patients from comas and vegetative states. The original pre-Mind Medicine clinical trials on the Ibogaine derivative 18-MC showed promise in treating Leishmania infection. BOL148, an inactive form of LSD, originally the placebo in human clinical LSD research, was found to in some cases to permanently terminate cluster headaches after a few doses and is being publicly demanded from the cluster headache community. These are the earliest days of understanding the application of psychedelic derived chemistry as new therapeutic approaches.
Public Health Engagement:
Looking at recently released data representing North American, working class adults, methamphetamine and fentanyl use is growing enormously and consistently. Linear regression of growth rates over the last 5 years projects a 380%+ increase in Fentanyl usage the next 15 years, with Methamphetamine projected at a 475%+ increase. This is concerning as there are more than a million high quality data points over 5 years and an R2 value of 90%+ which paints of picture of statistical certainty. This shows that the opioid crisis has moved from a lift caused by supply side drivers to an organically growing demand side driven pandemic, fueled secondarily by histories cheapest and most available synthetic drugs. With Johnson and Johnson settling with two counties in Ohio, projections have placed the total at $100B+ in fines for the opioid crisis in the next few years. State jurisdictions will shortly receive an enormous amount of cash that will be legally obligated to flow into anti-addiction spending. Due to poor outcomes and non-scalable approaches around advanced public health programs, there will be a flurry of legislature to address how to spend the $100B+ anti-addiction warchest. Players like Universal Ibogaine who have proven clinical models, can deploy infrastructure and guarantee statistically better outcomes will receive unprecedented amounts of non-dilutive government funding and will be the first to benefit from Decriminalization/Medicalization in the North American market. Players that can come to the table now at the state level and propose medicalization legislature as well as profitable clinical infrastructure with proven outcomes, could monopolize the entire US market. FieldTrip Ventures is developing Psilocybin clinical infrastructure while Universal Ibogaine is deploying proven clinical infrastructure already developed and proven by Clear Sky Recovery, the leading Ibogaine clinical experts with thousands of successful detox procedures and no critical adverse events.
Like any emerging industry, there are challenges and growing pains but the blue-sky upside is unparalleled. "Black swan events are characterised by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the practice of explaining widespread failure to predict them as simple folly in hindsight." Due to changes in public opinion, a mental health and addiction pandemic as well as enormous movements of liquid cash, this sector is poised to explode in 2020.
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New Sevens league rules and some fluff.

Out of the Box Chaos bowl – Razors Edge Sevens league.
Rules for my blood bowl sevens league. 1bix limit is to keep the cost of the league down at least for the first few seasons.
Edit for formatting. To clairfy these are the rules for my new sevens league not a suggested change or update.
The league commissioner will act in the best interest of the league and all actions taken with the intent to increase the fun of the league and must not act in his on interest as the commissioner if taking part in the league.
Team composition.
One box of Games workshop miniatures or 3rd party miniatures that match the contents of one box. If a team has not been released then commissioner will decide what a box consists of. Each team may also hire a big guy if their team has access to one not included in the box.
Standard BB7s restrictions apply.
BB2016 rules, Death Zone 1-2 rules apply where not over ridden by sevens rules.
Stunty teams may pick from all available positional. no restriction other than normal BB7s restrictions.
21 skills ups Max per roster. This includes skill packs if you choose to take one.
No Player may have more than 3 skill ups. Once a team reaches 24 total Skill ups each player my continue to accumulate SPP until they earn enough for the next level up but may not do so until total team skill ups are less than 24.
Pro is banned.
Leader is limited to one player per team.
Skill Packs.
Skill packs are awarded at the start of a season to each team during the opening Rite Ceremony.
After every game of the previous season the MVP from each team gifts a drop of blood to the cup.
Over the season the Razors Edge cup imbues the blood with the power and strength of chaos.
Each new season players are blessed with the blood from the cup during the opening rites and the gods of chaos choose their champions for the season.
Teir1 – 1 Random Mutation skill.
Teir2 – 1 Random Mutation Skill – 1 Random Agility Skill.
Teir3 2 Random Mutation Skills – Leader.
Forfeit – 0 for the forfeiting team, win and bonus point for non-forfeiting team. Loss 3 points. Draw 6 points. Win 9 points.
1 Bonus point awarded for each of the following per game. Bonus points must be approved by commissioner or official.
Painted team min 3 colours. 2 touch downs in a game. Opponent cannot continue or is Tabled. Opponent concedes unless mutually agreed. Insane plays.
Bribes, contracts and spiralling expenses.
Spiralling expenses and renamed Commissioner Bribes and are paid directly to the Commissioner.
Unclaimed hit contracts are paid to the league commissioner.
All reasonable bribes will be considered by the commissioner.
The leader skill comes with an automatic 50k hit All hit contracts are publically available. But not who placed the hit.
All contracts can be increased and topped up by any team at any time for any amount.
Each team is limited to one active contract. No limits to top ups on existing Contracts. Contracts are paid to the team who fulfills the contract – 10% or 10k whichever is greater per contract is paid to the commissioner.
Commissioner may use funds available to him as he sees fits. Including assisting teams financially. Taking out hit contracts. Award top ups and prizes. Bribes or topping up his wine cellar.
Buying and selling players.
Teams may buy and sell players at any point throughout the season.
A player may not be sold for less than his original contract price and including skill value but maybe sold for more.
The player retains his base position 0-16, 1-4, 1-2, 0-1 and skills ups. All other values and access is determined by his new team access.
All fired players go into a free agent pool and may be hired by any team at anytime during the season.
A free agent pool maybe available at the beginning of the season. The league commissioner may add player to the pool though out the season.
League fluff.
7s leagues are gaining a Massive following in the old world very quickly. due to cheaper ticket pricing filling stadiums in the off seasons. Giving fans even more Blood bowl action. Bringing another income stream to stadium owners and cities.
Sevens tourmaments can be held in matter of days with the games being so much faster, a ticket generally entitles you to a full day of games and not just one game. Value for your gold indeed!
Pro Blood bowl Teams and scouts have encouraged the sevens league, as it brings a lot of talent to one place allowing teams and scouts to replace or poach players into the big time easier and cheaper. Allowing them to get rookies with more skill than unblooded players often at the same cost.
It has also become a bit of a tradition to dress up in the most wild and ridiculous costumes you can think of when attending the sevens.
It was even romoured that Bob Bifford attended the Circle of Seven cup last season dressed as the Famous sevens troll"Big Jim Beef" of the Orc team the "The Razor Runners" who have won the Circle of Seven Cup the last two seasons In a row.
Along with the new league and cup, goblin betting syndicates have also emerged. This means more gold in the blood bowl sevens Razors Edge league. This also means Sponsors and more gold to attract players and to outfit teams as well.
Some of the older teams are now wealthy enough that they can sometimes retain players that would otherwise have gone on to the big time.
The seven oldest and most famous teams in the Razors Edge league have created an exclusive Cup called the circle of seven. A tournie held each year with seven of the most elite teams from the razors edge cup. The highest level a sevens team can aspire to.
Each year the bottom 3 ranked teams from the circle of seven cup the previous year put their place in the circle of seven on the line. They play off against the top three teams from the regular season Razors Edge Cup.
The winning teams advance into the Circle of seven or retain their spot if already there. Of course if circle of sevens teams make up the top three spots in the Razors Edge Cup at the end of the season then these games are not played.
Sevens teams do not generally have home stadiums or towns and are know only by their team name. Although to attract visitors during the off season and to gain visitors cities will often sponsor sevens teams for a season to bring teams to their city. Especially prized are the teams in the circle of seven.
The circle of seven getting the best offers and biggest cities as both the finals of the razors edge cup and the circle of seven tournament are held in one of the sponsor cities of the circle of seven teams.
Current teams in the Circle of Seven.
The Razor Runnerz, an Orc team and Probably the most famous sevens team in the old world. Even though they are not a founding member of the circle of seven. Orcs don't care if they are in the blood bowl league or sevens leagues as long as the get to smash and Bash. Sevens attracts many fast and lightly armoured teams,which orcs find makes for all the more smashing and bashing. Their colours are light blue and orange.
The seven deadly sins are an Elf Union team and founding member team of the circle of seven. Deadly Fast and feared. Colors are forest green and yellow.
The Bone Knights are a human team and founding member of the circle of seven who can bash and pass with the best of them. Their colors are bone and each knight has his own individual colors.
The Four horseman a Chaos team and founding member of the circle of seven. Incredible tough and highly mutated team. Their colors are Cobalt blue and gold.
The Keepers of Decay are an undead team and founding member of the circle of seven. who's colours are gaudy lavander purple and bright light green.
The Underhand Vandals are a goblin team and not a founding member of the circle of seven who recently joined the Circle. Though no one is quite sure how they made it into the circle of seven the evidence and cabal vision replays all point to a huge amount of bribes and suspected game fixing. No evidence brought to light has stuck unlike the knives in the backs of those coming forward with any so called evidence. They have gain a massive following and popularity over the last season die to sheer brutality and number of fatalities on and off the field.
The Underbelly Scuttlers are a Skaven team and a founding member of the circle of seven. colors are bright yellow and red.
Sevens has proven that the old worlds never ending thirst for blood bowl has yet to finds its limits. Blood bowl in one form or another can now be watched almost year round. Where ever you may find yourself in the old world.
With the amount of gold and popularity sevens is attracting will it be long before sevens goes pro! Who knows.... Time will tell....
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Do you want to dip your toes in the online casino industry?
Want to make it your side hustle?
If yes, worry not!
Today we’ll share with you some of the dos and don'ts of launching your new online casino site. These will help you avoid the most common mistakes that online casino operators often make while starting a new online casino site.
With the online casino industry growing at a rapid pace, once you follow a few tips and avoid the most common mistakes, you can kick-start your online casino with a bang!
Without any delay, let us first look at the things that you need to accomplish in starting an online casino site.
Do's of launching your new online casino site
These dos will help you avoid a lot of problems usually associated with this business.
1. Familiarize yourself with the industry
Before starting an online casino site, it is always a good idea to know more about the industry. It stands true not just for the online casino industry but pretty much any industry out there. This research phase will help you find answers to a lot of questions like:
Who should be the target audience of your online casino site?
What should be your 1st-year goals while starting the online casino site?
Which sub-segment of the online casino industry should you get into?
How can you attract players to your online casino site?
With answers to these questions, you can minimize the trial and error to a great extent and kick-start your online casino.
2. Abide by the regulations
Once you familiarize yourself with the industry, it is time to know more about the industry regulations.
The rules which you follow will be dependent on the country where you’ll operate your business. You have to go through the different rules of various countries to find out how it will impact your operation
Depending on the jurisdiction, you might have to refrain some players from registering on your site as well.
You need to learn every rule and regulation which you have to abide by. Why?
A single lapse can shut down your online casino site.
That is why it is essential to not only choose the country of jurisdiction carefully but also to abide by all the regulations.
3. Choose the right online casino software
Whether you open an online casino site or e-commerce site, the customer experience will determine its success or failure. In-case of an online casino site, the customer experience depends on the online casino software platform which you use.
As a new online casino owner, it will also be one of the most significant expenses which you will incur. That is why you have to choose the online casino software platform provider carefully.
Some of the features that you should look out for in such a platform include:
  1. Glitch-free experience
  2. Mobile responsiveness
  3. Load handling capacity
  4. Scalability
Once you evaluate the software platform on these few parameters, it will become comparatively easy for you to pick the right one.
4. Choose games wisely
Ultimately, whether the players stick around with your online casino platform or migrate to another will be dependent on the number and type of games that you offer.
Before cherry-picking the games, it is essential to determine the game categories that you will provide. These can be plenty like:
  1. Live Dealer Games (Variations of different tables games such as Baccarat, the intriguing dice games and various others)
  2. Traditional online slots or modernistic video slots
  3. Sports-Betting
  4. E-Sports
  5. Keno
  6. Lottery and so many more
You have to determine these game categories before you cherry-pick the online casino games you will include. You can even syndicate games from game developers. However, you can do so only when you're sure about the type of games on offer.
There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the games for your online casino:
  1. You should offer games across categories.
  2. You should offer plenty of options to avoid player migration.
  3. You should offer games that are easy to understand and play.
  4. You should offer games that have a low minimum betting amount.
  5. When you follow these tips, it becomes easy for you to choose the games wisely. It will help you establish your online casino as a highly versatile platform.
5. Create a marketing plan
The most obvious step is to create a marketing plan.
Even when you set up your online casino site in the right way, in the absence of a marketing plan, it will not succeed.
The marketing plan should be detailed and should answer questions like:
What is the unique selling point (USP) of your online casino site?
What incentive do you provide the players to sign up on your online casino site?
How will you target the right demographics?
What will be the user acquisition cost that your online casino will have to incur?
If your marketing plan answers all of these questions, you can go ahead with executing it. It is essential to create a holistic marketing plan while setting up an
online casino site.
Now that you are familiar with the steps that you need to undertake, we will go into the details of the mistakes that you need to avoid strictly.
Don'ts of launching your new online casino site
Many new online casino owners are susceptible to making these mistakes. Hence, you have to be aware of them to avoid them at all costs.
1. Not adding enough payment methods
Payment bottlenecks could cost you a lot in the online casino industry.
Not adding enough payment methods can be the Achilles heel of your online casino.
  1. You have to choose your payment processor wisely and ensure that you offer multiple payment methods like:
  2. Electronic wallets
  3. Wire transfers
  4. Credit cards
  5. Debit cards
  6. Cryptocurrencies
  7. And so on
In the absence of a suitable payment method, the player will have no other option but to migrate to another online casino. It will mean that the amount of money spent on acquiring that player will go waste. That is why you have to ensure that you are getting more than enough payment methods to make it easy for the players to deposit their money.
2. Not certifying your online casino from a third-party audit firm
Did it ever cross your mind to approve your online casino by a 3rd party agency?
You might be thinking that it is not necessary.
However, it is a big mistake.
Trust is pretty fickle. If you do not come across as a trustworthy online casino in the eyes of the player, he/she will not sign up with your online casino. So, to gain this trust, you should go for a 3rd party audit and display the results clearly on your site.
These 3rd party audit agencies will check your sites to make sure that the games are legit. They also go through the number generation sequences to ensure that they are entirely random.
Thus, if your online casino is indeed legit, you need not worry.
Being ambiguous or opaque regarding the quality of games on your online casino site can prove to be costly. It is a mistake you should not make.
3. Not offering fast support
Here’s a hard pill to swallow:
Merely offering multiple support channels will not gain you an advantage.
Many new online casinos have that on offer.
However, most of the online casino owners make the mistake of not monitoring the quality or the response times of the support channel.
You have to ensure that across all the support channels, the players get a fast response. Not only that, you have to ensure that you offer the usual support channels like:
  1. Live chat
  2. Email support
  3. Tickets support
  4. Phone support
  5. Support through social media channels
All these channels should be adequately manned to ensure that the players get near-instantaneous support. If a support channel is not available 24/7, you have to mention that on your site. It will help the players choose the right support channel and get help quickly.
Active and instantaneous support can quickly help you stand out in the online casino industry. It is a factor that you need to focus on.
4. Not offering bonuses or promotions
Bonuses and promotions can surely prove to be costly for new online casinos. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of not offering them. It is essential to lure the players into your online casino site. One of the cheapest ways is to provide these bonuses and promotions.
If you make the mistake of choosing not to offer bonuses or promotions, the growth of your online casino will be stunted. Your business might not even survive the initial couple of years. That’s why it is important to be generous with the bonuses as well as the promotions on offer.
5. Not keeping up with the industry trends
The online casino industry is evolving at a rapid pace. It can adapt new technology to make the platforms better at a fast pace.
In such a case, ignoring the latest trends in the online casino industry can come back to haunt you. Rather than making this mistake, it is better to keep watch on the industry trends. You can achieve it in multiple ways which include:
  1. Attending industry conferences
  2. Checking out new offerings by your competition
  3. Keeping a watch on the social media chatter
  4. And so on
It will ensure that you do not make the mistake of missing out on any latest trend. If you can capitalize on any such industry trend in time, you can grow your online casino to the next level.
While starting a new online casino site, it is essential to go through and follow the dos and don'ts.
Once you abide by them, it will become easy for you to avoid the most common mistakes. At the same time, these dos and don'ts can also help you gain an edge over the competition.
In an industry with such cutthroat competition, every small advantage counts. Thus, it is essential to follow these tips and avoid mistakes at all costs.
Good luck!

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Time for some tinfoil hat stuff regarding the newest trailer!

Heya. Titanfall and Titanfall 2 veteran Pilot, reporting. o7
Just watched the new trailer, and wanted to offer some clues I've been able to pick-out. Keyword; Fold Weapon technology.
In the trailer, at approximately 1:24, we are given a plethora of images regarding Revenant, Hammond Robotics, and an unknown structure dubbed '████████_FACTORY#032'.
I will go over the images of interest as follows:
The image of Hammond Robotics in the top-left are of it's headquarters in the Frontier. This facility came under control of Spyglass shortly after The Battle Of Demeter to produce excessive amounts of automated infantry, mainly in the form of various Spectre units. The facility came under attack by the Militia approximately 3 months after The Battle Of Demeter, and was destroyed. Spyglass still (to this day) holds control over countless Hammond facilities dotted around the Frontier, and has been amassing mechanized forces for his 'Remnant Fleet' throughout the years.
The images of the catwalks and circular structures are very reminiscent of the Fold Weapon's 'dish' section on Typhon. Now this doesn't mean that this is a weapon, per se. The Fold Weapon was an accidental byproduct of the IMC's attempt at making a 2-way portal to connect the Frontier and the Core Systems ever since the destruction of Demeter and it's corresponding refueling facilities. General Marder may have originally been trying to create this portal technology, but ultimately created the weapon to win the Frontier War without need of reinforcements from the Core Systems. The circular structure in the far bottom-left appears to very closely match the structure shown on the ARES 'phones' found on World's Edge. The unidentified structure 217 is most likely what's being excavated in Kings Canyon at the moment, and the Apex Games were transferred to World's Edge because the Syndicate was clearing-out the facility upon ARES's contract.
... Now for the fun, tinfoil hat part.
  1. ... I never thought I'd see that number in such a prominent medium again. Why is 217 so special, might one ask? Well, it's from Titanfall 2's mission ... 'Effect And Cause'. The SRS's 'Special Operation 217' was a mission attempted by the sole Pilot Major Anderson, who was confirmed KIA by Jack Cooper. Special Operation 217 was a mission commanded by Sarah Briggs to gather intel on anomalous activities coming from an ARES facility on Typhon; more specifically, the Fold Weapon technology and the Ark.
The 'time gauntlet' which Anderson used in his mission was recovered from an unknown prior mission called 'Operation Grizzly'. ... More research is needed in that field.
The unknown structure 217 appears to be a direct outcropping of Singh Labs, where Renee Blasey (Wraith) used to work. She was most likely working on the safe transportation of organic matter (herself) through the Phase Dimension. With the huge 'sky portal', as well as the (possibly irrelevant) 'hellportal' found in The Pit during Fight Or Fright, as well as Wraith's ability to create interdimensional portals to not only transfer herself, but others through, I'd say it's a safe bet to think that Singh Labs was trying to create a portal to link the Frontier and the Core Systems for IMC reinforcements to pass-through.
... But it also says 'FACTORY'. In the Voidwalker event trailer, we see racks upon racks of inactive Spectres. ... But that was decades ago. If their numbers were still undergoing production to this day, just think of just how many're down there now....
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Heinous crimes committed by Carl Johnson

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Blood Bowl Sevens fluff

I have created some fluff around my blood bowl sevens league I'm getting up and running this year.
Work in progress but outline below.
7s leagues are gaining a Massive following in the old world very quickly. due to cheaper ticket pricing filling stadiums in the off seasons. Giving fans even more Blood bowl action. Bringing another income stream to stadium owners and cities.
Sevens tourmaments can be held in matter of days with the games being so much faster, a ticket generally entitles you to a full day of games and not just one game. Value for your gold indeed!
Pro Blood bowl Teams and scouts have encouraged the sevens league, as it brings a lot of talent to one place allowing teams and scouts to replace or poach players into the big time easier and cheaper. Allowing them to get rookies with more skill than unblooded players often at the same cost.
It has also become a bit of a tradition to dress up in the most wild and ridiculous costumes you can think of when attending the sevens.
It was even romoured that Bob Bifford attended the Circle of Seven cup last season dressed as the Famous sevens troll"Big Jim Beef" of the Orc team the "The Razor Runners" who have won the Circle of Seven Cup the last two seasons In a row
Along with the new league and cup, goblin betting syndicates have also emerged. This means more gold in the blood bowl sevens Razors Edge league. This also means Sponsors and more gold to attract players and to outfit teams as well.
Some of the older teams are now wealthy enough that they can sometimes retain players that would otherwise have gone on to the big time.
The seven oldest and most famous teams in the Razors Edge league have created an exclusive Cup called the circle of seven. A tournie held each year with seven of the most elite teams from the razors edge cup. The highest level a sevens team can aspire to.
Each year the bottom 3 ranked teams from the circle of seven cup the previous year put their place in the circle of seven on the line. They play off against the top three teams from the regular season Razors Edge Cup.
The winning teams advance into the Circle of seven or retain their spot if already there. Of course if circle of sevens teams make up the top three spots in the Razors Edge Cup at the end of the season then these games are not played.
Sevens teams do not generally have home stadiums or towns and are know only by their team name. Although to attract visitors during the off season and to gain visitors cities will often sponsor sevens teams for a season to bring teams to their city. Especially prized are the teams in the circle of seven
The circle of seven getting the best offers and biggest cities as both the finals of the razors edge cup and the circle of seven tournament are held in one of the sponsor cities of the circle of seven teams.
Current teams in the Circle of Seven
The Razor Runnerz, an Orc team and Probably the most famous sevens team in the old world. Even though they are not a founding member of the circle of seven. Orcs don't care if they are in the blood bowl league or sevens leagues as long as the get to smash and Bash. Sevens attracts many fast and lightly armoured teams,which orcs find makes for all the more smashing and bashing. Their colours are light blue and orange
The seven deadly sins are an Elf Union team and founding member team of the circle of seven. Deadly Fast and feared. Colors are forest green and yellow
The Bone Knights are a human team and founding member of the circle of seven who can bash and pass with the best of them. Their colors are bone and each knight has his own individual colors.
The Four horseman a Chaos team and founding member of the circle of seven. Incredible tough and highly mutated team. Their colors are Cobalt blue and gold
The Keepers of Decay are an undead team and founding member of the circle of seven. who's colours are gaudy lavander purple and bright light green
The Underhand Vandals are a goblin team and not a founding member of the circle of seven who recently joined the Circle. Though no one is quite sure how they made it into the circle of seven the evidence and cabal vision replays all point to a huge amount of bribes and suspected game fixing. No evidence brought to light has stuck unlike the knives in the backs of those coming forward with any so called evidence. They have gain a massive following and popularity over the last season die to sheer brutality and number of fatalities on and off the field.
The Underbelly Scuttlers are a Skaven team and a founding member of the circle of seven. colors are bright yellow and red.
Sevens has proven that the old worlds never ending thirst for blood bowl has yet to finds its limits. Blood bowl in one form or another can now be watched almost year round. Where ever you may find yourself in the old world.
With the amount of gold and popularity sevens is attracting will it be long before sevens goes pro! Who knows.... Time will tell....
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A Combat Overhaul Essay, How to fix many Stellaris issues in one fell Swoop. (Port from Forum)

Hi there, this post is mostly dedicated to mods and dev that would have missed it on the Forum, for the others I guess it would make for a great reading before sleep or during long car travel I guess? Yes, it's very long.
if you want to read the clean version of the forum the link is here https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/a-combat-overhaul-essay.1321180/ , I didn't manage to properly paste it and it's really getting late TT.
Introduction and Disclaimers
Lately i've seen a recurrent topic on the forum, things like "Ships outdated", "Combat system improvement" or "Crisis is too easy". Those questions are delicate, and it's not rare that those topic get out of control, thus I wanted to give a try, with compelling and efficient Arguments I hope, on how we could improve current Combat system. I toke the liberty to not put this the Suggestion (it's a sub-forum, if you asked yo... Wait a minute you're from reddit? then nevermind...), as I feel those kind of post must be seen by the maximum amount of people, including potential modders, although I doubt modders could achieve to the same degree the ideas below.
Also please for the love of Steve have an open minded stance on what you're about to read, do not take everything I say for the absolute truth, tweaks and little change here and there are bound to happen, just get the general message.
( English isn't my main language... So prepare yourselves.)
Overall thoughts on current combat system
When it comes down to current Combat system, I think it's "meh", the main reason is because of how one dimensionnal it is. You make corvets, you attack, you win/loose, you unlocked Destroyers? Slap some Medium Destroyers in what you already have and you do you. Cruisers now? Go ahead. Battleship? Of course you make them. There is a problem tho, once you unlock the new hull, you have no reason to build the older ones ever again, and there is 99% of the time no reason to use different layout (Like when you have L Battleship, why bother with anything else save for PD/scoutwing?), with the exception of "Torpvets", the missile variant of corvets. To quote a friend, current late game looks like a rock-paper-scissors, with Corvets countering Battleship, Battleship countering Cruisers, and Cruisers countering Corvets and Destroyers being a meme Psionic niche (which is the only real entertaining interaction in current combat stellaris). Not only that, but this statement has a flaw, most players do not even think Cruisers are good (which is wrong btw, they're quite efficient against corvets, but only early/mid game), and they're right when it comes down to late game (way too weak to L battleship), so it's not really Rock-Paper-scissors but rather Rock-paper-scissors"that dull over time and rocks are turning into avalanche". Furthermore, the "meta" shaped around very specific Weapons, especially later on. the Neutron launcher, the X weapon, Autocanons, and Torpedoes and disruptor in niche situations. All the others weapons are only used because it just happened to be the highest weapon tier you possess. So what do we do?
Our problems are the following:
  1. Limited efficient weaponry (beyond gameplay issues, this is very sad for a galactic scaled strategy game)
  2. Obsolete hulls over time.
  3. One sided snowball (if both player use the same thing but one happens to have integrated another empire before, the other empire is unlikely to have a chance).
  4. Limited approaches to a war.
And those problems can all be resumed by ONE : Lack of diversity.
My Reasoning
According to my experience in strategic games, the bigger a games get, the less likely you'll achieve real balance. So, again, what do you do? In such a game as stellaris, for me the best approach would be you flood the game with enough diversity, enough counter measures, enough relevant mechanics (I insist on relevant) to get the player engaged, make them transcend the "Rock-paper-scissors"that still dull over times and rocks are turning into avalanche "" for a "Rock-paper-scissors-Lizard-Spock-etc..." that relies on counters and flavor to hook the player, without discarding the obvious “more shit counter less shit” (again a quote) which is your usual defacto win condition in strategy games (4X especially)
You still following? Good let's get started then:
Introducing Crews, Empire interactions and identity, Drones, Automation, Super Shield, New Environnemental Hazard, New support slot, New "weapons" and fleet stance.
Crews are the core of a ship, a ship can not operate without a crew. Crews have their own health that decrease in 2 steps depending on the damage the armoHull suffer, there are permanent damage that requires the crew to be docked to a starbase or a special Utility slot in order to regenerate, and there are non permanent damage that can heal overtime, and could roughly be interpreted as a combination of both physical and moral injuries, and thus will affect the ship capabilities as it goes down, those 2 bar can drop at the same time. It would look roughly like this.
You will note however that the designation "Crew" includes automated systems. Ships do not get experience by themselves anymore, it is their "crew" that improves over time.
Crews will be a great assets in order to drasticly increase the flavor and diversity of the combat overhaul, by adding a new front to look for in battles. Now I know more mechanics does not equal more overall fun in most cases, but I felt like in Stellaris this feels just right.
their specialization and traits are defined by the empire "Identity" and their respective species traits. Crew can be customized in a dedicated tabs by their composition (The 100% xenophobic crew, or the mixed xenophile crew with 40% of a specie and their 20% and 40% allies) in a pie chart composition. Crew templates are then attributed to ship designs. Depending on how the mods/dev feel like, a crew doesn't have to be dynamic, for performance sake.
Crew Traits
Species Traits will affect the ship overall capacities for exemple we could go with
Ingeneous improve the energy weapons of their ships
Industrious improve the kinetic weapons of their ships
Strong/Very Strong, Resilient and Weak complete the crew's power at deflecting Boarding parties.
Sociologist have increased efficiency with and against environnemental Hazard (Biological Boarding, Mass poisoning).
Engineer give a passive hull and Armor regeneration
Physicist have increased shields.
Fast learner and Slow learners affect the crew experience ratio.
Communal, Lithoid and Enduring Increase the crew's HP.
Agraryan and Intelligent are already strong as it is, but the former could have Crew regen while Intelligent could be soft boost to the 3 "Science trait" mentionned before.
Special Lithoid traits halves the cost of the ship special ressources.
Talented increase Tracking
But what about Machines you may Ask?
Drilling Claws makes for dreadful boarders, especially the "Shredder" version. (we'll get to that later)
Super Conductive both affect Energy Weapon and Shield, but leave the crew weak to EMP attacks (or in contrary give a bonus to Weapon/Shield if hit by energy weaponry?)
Efficient processors is an all around minor boost.
Durable have increased health
Mass-Produced and Recycled have increased regeneration
Logic engines is the Intelligent equivalent.
Enhanced Memory increase tracking by twice the amount talented would
Learning algorithm... you get the point
And the more "Exotic ones" ?
Robust would drasticly increase the health
Erudite would be a buffed up Intelligent
Cybernetic would increase range and crew damage
Synthetic would increase range further, crew damage=Cybernetic.
Psionic would keep their Evasive tendencies.
Naturally any antoganist Traits would have the reverse effect.
Crew's Identity Ethics can not be enforced on crews, unless you happen to be autoritharian or militarist. Egalitarian can not enforce crews, but their and pacifist ones make up with bonus that are situationnaly better than the other ethos. As far as "Empire Identity goes", it's just a global term to define "Ethics" and some extra Perks:
Pacifist Crew have increased retreat capabilities and Fire rate in their territory.
Militarist have increased overall fire rate, and some extra perk I suppose.
Egalitarian have an Even better fire rate than Militarist, but only in total war or Liberation war
Autoritharian would have bonuses against weaker empire or rebelling vassales.
Materialist will prefer keeping their "technological jewel" safe and thus have increased ship/armor
Xenophile will make the most uses out of a diverse crew and will enhance their traits
Xenophobic will have increased Fire rate against xenos but a criplling debuff if fighting their own kind
Spiritualist are zealous but do not give anything on their own (event based!)
Indentured Crew are both available to Xenophobic and Autoritharian depending on their policies, and makes for great fodder by having reduced War exhaustion penalities upon death.
A crew not sharing ethics with the empire it serves has an overall debuff to its stats.
A crew sharing a fanatic ethic does not have increased stats however, but they're more likely to show up without enforcement But this is where the fun begins. In additions to the regular crews, that entirely relies upon your ethic attraction (if this god damn system is fixed!) or could be enforced by Autoritharian/militarist (Maybe dictatorial and Imperial even?) empires, there are "secondary" identities that can be enforced regardless of your ethics if the conditions are required. They can either complement the ethic or act as totaly independant trait.
"Media conglomerate" crews have fire rate bonus depending on the relative war exhaustion between the 2 sides.
"Purifiers" crews have, you guessed it, an absolute hatred for everything and have the stats to back them up.
"Barbaric Despoiler" can replenish their crew lost health through abduction and by docking on ennemy starbases, they make a more open use of the
"Pirate" Fleet stance with little to no penalities. They would typically require “dynamic crews” to work, but it's unlikely anyone would go through the trouble.
"Criminal Syndicate" crew have a "smuggle" fleet stance. They can smuggle fleets in ennemy position and have them ready before war.
"Naval Contractors" crew make for slightly cheaper ships, but switching government will cost you direly.
"Feudal fleets" are a soft version of the stratapies fleets of the great khan. They build up overtime depending on the Overlord economy and belongs to the subject as long as they do not rebel. "Police state" Crews make quick work of Piracy.
"Hiveminded" Crews are cheaper in naval capacity
"Machine Empire" Crews have better tracking, and are resistent to most boarding methods.
"Warrior Culture", "Strenght of Legions" and "warbots" both affect crews boarding and defensive capabilities
"Zero Waste Protocols" are less likely to take "permanent" crew damage (one that requires healing)
"Determined Exterminators" have their genocidal bonuses.
The Following are "special crews" that do not have any link to ethics, and are either unlocked through events, Ascension perk or tech
"Brain crew" are unlocked through Autonomous drones tech, gives considerable fleet power but are weak to boarding. "Automated crew" are invulnerable to most boarding methods, and have decent bonuses. "Shrouded crew" gives the fleet a fleet stance that will make it warp in anywhere by going through the shroud, getting considerable bonuses but loosing all control upon it. All spiritualist crews have increased bonus in a system with a worshipped celestial body, but there is also a specific and limited "Guardians" one that make formidable defenders in said system. "Nihilistic Crew", gained through nihilistic acquisition, are a sad sight to behold and honestly i've no idea what bonus I would give them, so let me know if you have any ideas. "Metal head" crew would make a fine easter egg. "Arrogant" is the crew type of fallen empire, and typically rarely retreat. “Levianthan”, “Events”, every critters of the galaxy, they can all be customized through that.
Titan Dreadnough and Flagship crews
Regardless of your empire type, when it comes down to Flagship,Titan or Dreadnough. crew can be chosen for their ethics if they happen to be shared with the Empire ethics.
Why crews
After this whole section of me basicly throwing a stupid amount of ideas, one could ask "but why tho?".
  1. Well first crew bring a whole new layer of customization and thus flavors.
  2. Second, currently when it comes down to "late game" L battleship spam is the most dominant form of warfare, to counter this, weaknesses and counter measures must be made.
Different Boardings
Boarding could come in many form, Ships with a dedicated utility slot ( even small range teleportation device, Spore Artillery?), a new kind of missiles or hangar. They would also come in Different flavor, but most of them would cost the Crew's own health to be used “up to a certain treshold”.
"Shredder boarding" designating boarding typically done by ravaging drones, dealing damage to hull but also heavy damage to automated systems. "Regular boarding", with basicly "armies" trying to get the better of their opponent, reducing the ship capabilities while the boarding is ungoing. "Biological Boarding" with specialized Armies that would deal increased damage against Bio crews. "Psionic Boarding" Where the ship quickly become grounded as its crew "first" life bar depletes very fast. Etc
Implication of Boarding
All this might seem a bit confusing, but it could be resumed by "if as a Synthetic overlord, you see a wave of boarding pods like current torpedoes going for your battleship uncontested, you should be worried". A Ship loosing its crew to boarding can also turn on its former owner, although much weaker given the likelyhood of having a small crew manning it (unlikely to happen if you have enigmatic engineering). Following this concept, ships that failed to be taken control of would provide a better bounty of tech when reverse engineered.
Some admiral thoughts and flagships
Also let us ask ourselves one thing: “Does it makes sense that because some fancy xenos in his battleship amongst other battleship has a fleetwide bonus to fire power because he just happened to have some cybernetic implant?”. With a crew system, Admiral could be redesigned, their species trait being attributed to the crews, they could have something else instead, perhaps expanding on the amount of trait they could get?
There could also be notions like “Flagship” introduced, with hulls of Cruiser size or above could generate auras for their fleet. This could also be expanded upon quite easily aswell, scaled down version of what the incomming “Dreadnough” will achieve. “Flag ship” could have increased stats, but be empire limited aswell.
The purpose of Crew based mechanics
Back to crews, the Idea behind this mechanic, beyond just flavor, is to allow "weaker" empire to be somehow able to slow down their assailant by inflicting "True damage" to them, damage that should be avoided at all cost on a conquest war, and to provide an additionnal mean to hit hard on larger ship composition. Some may say it's too similar to the role provided by Torpedoes, and I do agree, then again didn't it came to anyone minds how the idea of torpedoes happened? They're just regular missiles but hit harder, while regular missiles themselves are not that good at dealing with smaller fleet comp. In a system involving Boarding, it is actually quite likely torpedoes no longer have their place, except for taking down real behemoth like Titans, Dreadnough, Leviathan and Colossus. It is something to take into consideration, I know some people love there devastator just as I do (Edit : I think i've an idea, more on it latter)
Overall what would this changes bring?
On their own, not much. Even if more weapons, ideas or mechanics were created, on their own those would change nothing. In stellaris there's always been a "dominant" build, one "paradoxal" (ahaha) phenomenon, and as long as every build have access to the same possibilities, creating counter measures will prove meaningless, if as long as one (or 2) of those builds would just "make more stuff". So in order for those changes to be meaningful, there should be different "path" with different "opportunities".
Stellaris old nemesis, the Alpha build(s)
Yeah, so this is the part when we touch a sensitive topic about the game, so keep your safebelt attached.
In current stellaris, there are "5 build" that can be differencied, 2 of them picked at the very start, the 3 others being Ascension, and a "6th one" that is kinda special.
Those are "BIO","SYNTH","PSY","MACHINE", and "HIVEMIND", (the 6th one being regular empire that decided to not go down a path for whatever reason, mostly economic? I guess?)
When it comes down to raw "power" and how they interact with each other it currently roughly looks like this.
That cursed Image https://forumcontent.paradoxplaza.com/public/530493/upload_2020-2-4_13-50-54.png
With Machine capable of going for Conquest from the get go (which is absurd btw) with almost uncontested efficiency
Hivemind and Psi hitting peak efficiency at roughly the same time (but hivemind has more pops and
does not grant anything for Psi if a war would happen)
Bio hitting slightly latter, overall the weakest in term of power, but has a valid reason to attack a hivemind
and Synth, hitting the last, but with an absurd power peak that essentially translate into "Gg".
Wherever you like it or not, this is roughly how the game looks at this moment. The Dominant build here is "SYNTH", but "MACHINE" is not far behind. "SYNTH" have access to the flesh is weak, which on its own is almost equivalent to the entire 2 other finished Ascention path, why you ask?:
-Growth across the board (Robots + Habitability)
-Efficiency across the board (habitability)
-Can safely research Synthetics with no issue of an AI rebellion backfiring.
-it's gated by a Tier 2 (?!!) tech
Now mix that with Synth ascension and you get... Basicly all the Bonuses that makes "MACHINE" as good.. (yeah and remimber that absurd growth? It gets bigger).
Honestly, present this to any new player and they'll be "Why".
And they would be right, why in a galaxy with so many choices, so many opportunities, would it come down to "did you synth ascend" or "did you pick Machine/Mechanist/technocracy" on the empire screen?
Dev could fix this... But then you know what will happen? The next big thing will be Bio and/or Hivemind, that for the sole reason they're capable of "making more" will be able to crush the competition. And it will all start over.
How could we fix it
My Proposition is to give weaponry, utilities and other gimmicks to all of those 5 build, through the form of increased weight toward given tech, and decreased toward others, but also events.
Synth would remain "THE BIG GUN", they'd still hit hard late game
Machine would become the "Track bois", and have an edge over small/medium hull based fleets.
Psi would expand on their evasive, and dirty trickster identity
Hivemind would finally become massive swarm
Bio would be your typical dream team of race(s) striving for their survival and ennemies of the gestalt.
Thus we'd get this.
Synth Overwhelms the Machine through gun and knoweldge over their ennemy.
Machine and Synth are straight up "better" version of their fleshy counter part and thus have an edge as "metal empire"
Hivemind overwhelm the Big guns through shear number of overall smaller fleets.
Psi are unlikely to land their deceptive tricks of the mind upon litteral Gestalt, but can easily do so on Bio and Synth, the latter who likely broke things in the shroud and thus enraged its inhabitants.
Bio do not have weaknesses exploitable by gestalt, and their more unpredictable behaviors compared to the "shroud manipulated" and "efficiency seekers" are much harder to counter than gestalt.
Back to the problem
This is the reasonment I have with this.
With current system however, several "arrows" are missing.
Hivemind do not have the edge of the number against synth.
Machine are too powerful economicly wise and will proceed to kill everyone if they so desire.
Psionic have niche usage against Synth bigger guns through usage of High evasion small fleet, which can be countered quite easily and is also heavily Rng driven, but are also left in the dust economicly wise with no other mechanic to back it up.
Bio is overall weaker to everyone, hivemind included, by being in an akward middle, unable to pull cheesy effective strat like psi, and unable to keep up with the 3 others economy, having to go the extra step to make up (like hivemind, but worse, atleast they can use conquered pops instead of livestocks).We won't talk about the various "Rush" build out there that totaly discard all the aboves statement, for our interest is more oriented towards the Mid-game combat (The introduced techs are for the most part Tier 3+, which is rarely reached by rush build)
And if as a regular empire you decided to go for neither, you'd basicly be "discount" Bio, except you loose your niche as Hivemind killer (we'll get back to that latter)
Thus most new mechanics I will explain in this second part will mainly help Bio, Psi, and Hive in order to keep them somewhat "competitive" even in a struggling situation. Naturally, Economy will have to be taken into consideration aswell, and thus the "Synth" should always be a little step ahead of everything else (because it hits late and support an overall high risk high reward playstyle).
But what about the word “Competitive”
Some people are scared of this word, but they shouldn't. Although I believe it's wrong to turn the game into a competitive mess, I believe imagining it as such can allow to think of ways to fix some crippling gameplay holes.
Right now Empire flexibility, Flavor, and “RP” are decided on the empire screen. But those choices are meaningless, if you're ultimately drawn to a single most potent build. You will always have this bad taste in the mouth “man if I went this everything could have been smoother”
I believe the alternative is to add a “second layer” of defining mechanics, and because the one I'll propose happen to be combat related, I toke the liberty to explain my point of view on the subject of empire ever since “Le guin”. I believe this second layer would finally allow “niche” empire, no matter the balance patch, to still be relevant in a game.
No one wants to play a game where your empire is set on a path despite the choices that were given to you, but look at the game now, and before aswell, we're already on said path. With this new layer, the 5 path will always remain relevant, as long as those changes were done right. Also bear in mind this is no 1v1 game, alliances, shady deals, and all this fluffy stuff are part of the deal.
How to bring diversity in a one dimensionnal combat system
Ok, let's assume it is the right thing to do for Stellaris, where do we start?
We could give each "build" technologies that would only be accessible for the others through reverse engineering or Research agreement (because of the poor associated weight). Those technologies, beyond setting those build on their own "playstyle", would prove efficient at countering the strenght of 2 of the other build, and exploiting their weaknesses. Because we're talking combat overhaul my main concern will be weapon and other space related features. Of course we could also add traditions in the mix, but that is another topic. Crew, a mechanic we introduced earlier, will play a very interesing part in this.
Being the nemesis of both Synth and Psi, hivemind must be helped in order to take down Big ships and evasive squads, through number and shear Damage.
  1. Techs, and boon, related to the usage of Smaller hull, Hangar, Missiles and Boarding mechanics
  2. Giving more “supressing methods” in addition to the previously mentionned Boarding, through the New fleet focus mechanic (more on that later) focusing fire on Propulsors/Weapons, respecting the following order in efficiency ( Hangar>Missiles>Small>Medium at focusing down ships component) (note that every empire would have those, hivemind just happens to have an edge on Hangar and Missiles)
  3. Techs related to increasing the amount of ships a hivemind can muster.
Being the nemesis of both “light/medium” composition, Machine will receive boon at efficiently “removing the pest” through tracking bonus and overall utility vs Smaller Hull.
  1. Techs, and boon, related to the usage of medium/heavy hull, medium guns, drones, missiles, and computers, resistance to most boarding methods.
  2. Drones would be in short “Cheaper hangar” heavily focused on utility and defense, they would basicly be an expanded version of current scout wing.
  3. Techs and Computers dedicated at taking out the “small fries”.
Typically the result of an empire having a lust for knoweldge/poweanything really, Synth will make an heavy usage of large weaponry and large fleets, which is exploited by Psi and Hivemind, who will attempt to bypass those issue through smallemore evasive vessels and eliminating the crew directly. They will however punch through the more regular fleet composition that Bio and Machine would offer them.
  1. The absurd current growth and Eco casted aside, Synth would remain quite similar to how we know it, a Juggernaut of a late game, but with a rather fragile mid/early game, with their “combat” tech being unlocked quite late.
  2. Their crew would tipically be the weakest in the game until they can get their hand on others tech.
  3. Although I've little ideas on how to make them different to what we currently know, the best bet would be to increase the weight for new Hull.
With dominion over the mind and behaviors of single minded entities, and with the shroud backing them (willingly or not?) against the synth betrayers, Psi will elude common sense by the usage of rather light composition and will privilege cunning approaches to a conflict before dealing the finishing blow. Most of their superchery won't work on gestalt however.
  1. With the less amount of eco related boost, Psi make up by having access to a rather large pannel of posibilities when it comes down to designing their fleets, and various ways to engage a fight.
  2. They are much more likely to unlock “Teleport Boarding”, bypassing PD/Drones and deals significant damage to the first Bar life of ennemy crew, crippling the ship direly.
  3. Psionic crew can man an unique assets of weapon, utility and even shield, most notably the “Super shield”.
Bio are your typical dream team of Alien leagued against a greater threat, or some twisted dominator redesigning the galaxy to their image. If any of the above would be deemed “standard”, it would be the Bio. If finding differences between machine and Synth wasn't hard enough, the one between Bio and hivemind is even worse. They should have access to their own traits, which hivemind won't have access. To be entirely honest it is hard to find them fitting mechanics, but your best bet would be enhanced PD, a large arrey of utility and access to several Gestalt disruptive mechanics, such as dedicated “Hive disruptor” weaponry for exemple.
  1. They would typically have strong crew, while still being weaker to psi on this matter.
  2. Their fleet composition would be Medium/Heavy.
  3. Large utility assets for their fleets, PD included
Non Alligned empire decided to not go down any of this path for whatever reason, perhaps because they transcended them all, but still have to fight. Maybe they uncovered relic related weaponries, perhaps they found out about a way to unite all 3 other path. To not let those empires feeling casted aside, new situationnal AP, something along the lines of “if has said relic, or if has 200 minor artefact or if has 1 Psi 1 Bio 1 synth pop” then they'd have access to different opportunities. They could be jack of all trades, master of none, or litteral unpredictable empires.
So what's new? While I had many ideas on the topic, it would take too long and probably not be relevant for a sizeable amount of them. So here is a compiled version instead.
Beam Weapons : The following “Beams” requires target's shield to be down in order to work.
Bio Beam → Designed to focus Bio crew before the ship, does not affect shield.
Psionic Beam → Designed to quickly deplete the first health bar of a crew, effect weakened against gestalt
Purificating Beam →Designed to deal consequent damage to synth crew, reduced damage against Hivemind and 0 damage to regular crew but may swap the ethic of the crew of Bio to spiritualist (they have no effect!)
Neutron Beam → A dreadful lategame weapon that make quick work of any Bio crews.
EMP weaponry → not as efficient as Bio Beam, but get the job done vs Machine crews.
Boarding Pods and a dedicated tech tree.
(From your “average” boarding to your “Xenomorph” boarding)
Regular Missiles will require an overall to better fit the new array of possibilities.
Biomissiles → a Direct hit on the hull and the Bio crew's health
Fix a certain bug that involves hangar and pd... you know which one...
Bigger Missile
Just like S M L is a thing
G and XG could also become a thing. Torpedoes would finally make sense, Neutron launcher could maybe fit back in there? Their purpose is to take down even bigger ships, while regular missiles will hardly matter against bigger ships than Battleship.
Reintroducing Bombers, Strikers and add Drones. Strikers>Drones>Bombers
Strikers and Bombers are essential tools for Hivemind and Bio, (except Bio would happen to have better access at strikers while Hive would have a better access at bomber)
Strikers are better at attacking smaller hull and hangar related shenanigans, but do not have the same efficiency at taking down bigger ships and focusing fire on great hull part than Bombers.
Drones are a cost efficient mean to deal with bombers, and have additionnal utility, they're mostly machine related.
Repair Drones Shield nullifier “Scout Wing Drones” (Strikers are not meant to deal with missiles, but they're a good middle answer to either bomber or ennemy ships, drones however, can deal with missiles).
the previously mentionned “Super shield” would act as a third layer of protection for the ship. It must be manned by psionic crew and has only 1hp. Every incomming damage will be reduced to 1.
Very expensive in power, those shields would be an answer to the “Big guns”.
Fleet Orders
This one has been asked a lot. Fleet Orders as I see it would decline in 2 “orders”, a Fleet stance, and a Fleet focus.
Fleet Stance
Fleet stance could potentially replace the rather outdated “War policies” and be directly applied to fleets. Hit and Run, Defense in depht, Rapid Deployment, No Retreat would be included, but there would be others like
Holy Guardians (Significant bonus while in a system with a consecrated world, spiritualist crew only)
Search and destroy (For machine, Additionnal damages against smaller hull),
Rogue Fleet (A fleet that pretend it went rogue and ignore borders, the bigger the fleet, the more likely a negative event would happen),
Plunder fleet (for Barbaric despoiler, it's Rogue fleet but with a greater amount of allowed ships)
Smuggled, that we talked about earlier, making a fleet jumping into FTL to a location on the map until war happens. Etc...
Fleet Stance would be harder to switch in order to stay a minimum true to what “War policy” attempted to achieve.
Fleet focus
Fleet Focus on the other hand, are specialized, often combat related, commands. They can be changed at any moment, except during the beginning of a combat.
Overwhelming (The fleet will not bother stopping its course through smaller fleet (in size) composition and will just fire while passing by, dealing extra war exhaustion to the opposing side)
Full Retreat (The fleet switch all power to Shield and Drivers and will ignore fights, increasing war exhaustion upon loosing ships)
Aim for the Guns ! (The Fleet will focus fire the heavy guns of the ennemy, decreasing their ability to shoot with them. Efficiency increase according to the weapon used to do this)
Aim for the Propulsors! (Self explanatory)
Acquisition (Fleet will cease any non boarding methods)
Focus fire (Fleet will be even more likely to take down targets one by one)
stealth manoeuvers (If equipped with the “Stealth” utility slot, ships do not fight while stealthed)
Spiritualist Crews
Spiritualist has always been this weird child. In this system, it would be a perfect opportunity to give them volatile crews, ones that will gain bonuses for a while by seeing a meteor, or loose some at the sight of heresy. They do not have bonuses per say, but they have events that may trigger, and will affect all spiritualist crew in the System (for performance sake). They're also twice as weak if the empire does not have spiritualist ethic compared to the other ethics.
Utility slot
The current utility slot is quite limited. Let's fix that
Clone vats. Crew doesn't have to back up to a starbase belonging to the owner, it will instead regen on its own. (BIO and HIVE are more likely to get this)
Spawning Pool (cheaper Clone vats for HIVE)
Small Robot Bay. Robotic crew can be replaced, but the process is slower compared to clone vats, and it requires to dock on a mining Station (Alloy/minerals)/be in friendly spaced
There could be Modules for the drones to enhance them.
Anti Boarding Slots like reinforced doors or something.
The Aforementionned teleporters, that passively sends crew directly to the other ships. could also unlock building for planetary defense ?
STEALTH, Starbases dismantlers, every cunning and deviant means to deal damage vs a greater threat
Environnemental Hazard.
Come to think of it, it would be a nice addition to the game, but i've already seen some mod out there fitting for this. Not a priority by any means, and I'm pretty sure everyone has an idea on how much environnemental hazard beyond a mere “Black hole = Less Retreat, Nebulae = no vision, etc this game could have in order to enhance combat.
About Hivemind and Machine being locked pick.
Who decreed so? What if the dev gave both of them the opportunity to “ascend” aswell, and those ascended version would fit better “BIO”, “SYNTH” or even maybe “PSI”? What if they went down the “Non aligned” path, and found Absurd precursor weaponry?
Titan and Dreadnough.
It is worth considering scaling their health up, or just increasing their overall resilience, to make better flagship.
"This is too much DLC related"
Well then make it its own DLC, and leave the people with vanilla I guess? The thing almost feels like a mod in its simplicity, but the outcome and what it could bring to the table is DLC worthy.
What this could mean for Future Crisis.
With this many possibilities open, Crisis can certainly gain in difficulty from that. Crisis could become sufficiently strong and difficult to counter in order to compel people into harnessing enough of the other builds tech to take them down, through alliance, shear tech output or reverse engineering.
A 4th crisis, one focused on crew (hmmmm hello hunters?) could also spawn from such idea.
To me, this seems like killing 2 Battleship with 1 Boarding pod.
  1. It's a perfect opportunity to introduce a wide variety of flavor related mechanics, and an insane one for modders out there to customize many aspect of warfare.
  2. The “Counter” based mechanics will make for a great safebelt in case some build become excessively strong, and people will be safely able to play whatever they want without being “guess i'll die”. Naturally everyone will have access to most other tech eventually, but a sizeable amount of them will be under conditions of what you decided to be. It will also bring challenge in SP, as you spawn next to one empire set on the path to become your nemesis, will you take him out before he reach his "killing tools"? will you ally yourself with its own nemesis? will you directly ally him and take care of his nemesis? Truly the only limit to this is performance, if poorly executed this could get messy with a whole new crew system. But I believe it's fairly manageable, and will make for an overall healthier combat system than our current “pop based” one.

Last but not least, if I could resume this gigantic amount of words by a meme it would be
Hoped you liked the read, if you can make a quick detour to the Megathread "The Faults in Our Stellaris" you can see a sizeable amount of "faults" are actually treated here.
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