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The Current OP Meta is a Result of all of Valorant's Combined Flaws.

Hey guys, I'm a 10 year CS player here. Previously played at Level 9 Faceit and A - ESEA. Have probably 1000+ hours of watching pro games under my belt, and even more spent in KZ and HnS servers. I love Valorant, and I love a lot of what they're trying to do with this game in comparison to CS. But, I think the current OP meta is a result of almost every short coming the game has right now (for the most part).
Firstly, I think it's important to preface this by saying that Valorant is 100% by design, made to be easier / more approachable than CS:GO. You can see this in almost every aspect of the game. If it's something that was intimidating to new players in CS, it's been massively simplified here. Spray patterns are far less aggressive. Lineups have been almost entirely eliminated, or completely streamlined. Movement speed has been reduced to allow for easier tracking and aiming. Counter-strafing has been forgotten and replaced by instant momentum. Even the slight advantage you got from good movement (brought along by thousands of hours of practice in CS:GO) has been entirely eliminated by a massive simplification of movement in general, as well as how severe tagging is. I'm not saying these are negative aspects of the game. I understand almost if not all of these changes. Tons of these choices succeed in their desired goal, and it's lead to tons of my friends enjoying this game despite never getting more than 4 games into CS.
With all that said tho, lots of these choices indirectly feed into the current OP meta.
I don't say this lightly either. If you were to directly compare the AWP and the OP, the AWP is hands down 3x more powerful than the OP currently is.
It boasts :
//Thanks to u/IAmNotOnRedditAtWork for pointing some of these out as they escaped me
I have a shortish video on this, with some old community server / lower level faceit games. It's presented as more of a frag movie than anything so there's no need to watch it, but I do think it can offer some important context when talking about how insane the AWP actually is for high level players.
I've edited it to have specific time stamps in the description so that you can jump between the clips that are actually relevant to this discussion. Turn down volume as there is music and I'm sure its obnoxious. Here you go
Despite the obvious advantages the AWP has, we don't really see it being as prevalent and oppressive as we do in Valorant. We do not see double AWP and Triple AWP rounds being NEAR as viable as they are here, with triple AWP rounds being almost nonexistent.
I chalk this up to quite a few things :

And this kinda brings me to my next issue. And probably the one we all should have expected.

CS has very tried and true bits of utility at play. Smokes, Mollies, and Flashes. When you play CS at a level where executes are necessary, it's actually quite fascinating to learn how each map has been designed with utility constantly in mind. Cache B site for instance, there's a window directly above site meant for throwing utility. Mirage A has a massive area above ramp for throwing util. Inferno Apts even has fucking windows on the opposite side of site, with a chimney adjacent to them in order for you to bank utility off of. Dust 2 recently underwent a change in B tuns to allow for more utility and site executes given how hard the site was too take control of. Whether it be on attacks or retakes. Valorant has streamlined "utility" so much, that they've forgotten the exact reason why it was implemented in the way that it was in CS:GO, and why it worked so well. Valorant has thrown thoughtful map design out the window in favor of meaningless gimmicks that fall flat after your 5th game on the map.
Guess what Riot, I don't care about opening and closing destructible doors, or ropes that give you a surprising amount of velocity and accuracy while attached, and definitely not 3 fucking sites. I play ranked games where my opponents go 3-14 and then start fragging out when they decide to whip out the OP. The gun is too easy to use and it sports almost zero counter-play. IT IS AN ISSUE. I understand not jumping the gun and rushing towards some half ass balancing decision, but you've been so quick to address smaller issues that didn't actively suck the fun out of the game and reward players for using an obvious crutch.
// People have pointed out some poor phrasing on my part here, would just like to iterate that I'm not against these kinds of gimmicks, they have a place and I don't mean to undermine anyone who enjoys them. I just think these gimmicks are being used in place of good map design. Sort of a "sure ascent is a terrible map but here are some doors you can open and close, this one has ropes!"
Ascent is the closest map to CS design we currently have in Valorant in my opinion, and it still ignores most of what made those maps work in the first place. Scrap the gimmicks. Nobody wants this random shit. I want maps with intelligent design choices, meaningful spots for fair trades at the beginning of rounds, I want maps designed with rotates in mind and counter-play at heart. You can tell CS maps are designed with all the games utility in mind. I'm constantly reminded that I can't say the same about any of Valorant's maps.
With that being said, what are some ways to fix these issues?

  1. Add a slight time frame with the OP that adds inaccuracy after moving, keep this outside of movement speed, have it be its own value. For instance, if you scope in with the OP, then strafe to the side and stop moving, add an extra .5 or whatever amount of time where there is still an innaccuracy debuff applied. OPs are meant for holding angles, they are already ridiculously good at that in this game. Punish them for playing aggressive.
  2. Phoenix's flash needs a slight "rework" to come more into line with vision blocking utility in relation to cutting off angles. Phoenix's flash shouldn't pop so quickly. I think it sports niche usability with little counter-play. When throwing out Phoenix's flash, have it hover in air at the very end of it's duration while giving it an obvious "charge-up" animation, give a larger (but still small) window in order to either back off an angle, or to turn your back too it, and then have it pop, and increase the time frame in which you're flashed slightly. I also considered having Phoenix be invulnerable to his flash, as a way to give Phoenix a way to more reliably entry, while still forcing him to play slightly outside of his team in these situations, (or risk flashing them). This promotes playing anti flash and/or less predictable and maybe even more dangerous positions in order to deny Phoenix this ground when he attempts to entry. I think it adds a reasonable amount of counter play in a game that severely lacks it currently, I think it gives Phoenix some needed independence and room to make these types of solo plays, while also letting an agent specifically gain ground around OPers. I think a good way to envision this is Ascension A site. Instead of OPing heaven when you know Phoenix likes to flash in from main and push you off your angle, you can play on site to the left, and play anti flash in order to kill him when he attempts to entry. Diagram Here
  3. LET YOUR COMMUNITY DESIGN MAPS FOR YOU. For the love of god the fact that I even have to say this makes me angry. Community interaction has lead to CS being the powerhouse of an E-sport it is today. Volcano's involvement is proof of this. No one is saying you have to add them as actual competitive maps, but acting like you can produce better content than your entire community is ridiculously naive when you've already shown that's NOT the case. Add some kind of community tool for your players to design maps, and have some kind of game mode that rotates these featured community maps every couple of months or something. Even if it's just to give the team at Riot ideas and inspiration. I was worried months ago when you said you weren't going to allow even the most basic of community creativity in this regard. It's okay to be wrong Riot. Valve was smart enough to realize the community could carry some of that workload, while also teaching them and giving them inspiration. Volcano is on your dev team because of this reality.
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I'm finalizing my portfolio for this year.

It's been a while since I made a big post. Lots of people are still messaging me about the energy sector post, especially for the ENPH tip, so I'm here to show my portfolio. I don't own all companies yet, this is partially hypothetical. I'm holding on to a reasonable cash position for a possible new downturn, but I have starting positions in most companies and will DCA.
I will try to keep it summarized, as I have done quite a lot of analysis on each of them. I'll draw the main picture and give the most important arguments for my choices, but I'm not expanding too much. If you're interested, you can DM me to talk about them more.
Let me start by saying I'm a growth investor. I always look for a combination of growth with a great track record, if possible at a reasonable price. There are exceptions as you will see below, but the main balance stays the same. I'm not a defensive investor, but no aggressive one either. My timeline is 2-5 years at least (due to a possible start of a small business), but I would gladly hold on to these companies 10+ years.
TLDR; For you guys not interested in my portfolio, I've added a short list of interesting smaller cap companies at the end, most of them trading at decent values.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
This one is becoming a blue chip, but has more than enough growth potential to live up to those high valuations. Preferred by gamers and beating their biggest competitor in the CPU market hard. While AMD and INTC were close competitors at the beginning of the 21st century, INTC took the lead by a lot. Since 2017, they introduced 7nm CPU's and GPU's and they are closing the gap fast. Not only are their chips more performant, they are also cheaper. Market cap $60B vs $261b.
Those next generation chips lead them to new partnerships, often beating INTC. Microsoft, a long time Intel customer, began using AMD chips in their Surface laptops. Lenovo using AMD for their new servers. Nvidia started using the chips in their AI products. AMD is also used by Apple's high-end laptops, while Intel (used in the budget range) will probably get replaced by Apple chips made in-house. Apart from laptops, AMD has government contracts to deliver supercomputers in 2021/2023 and they are used in both PS and XBOX consoles, to give a few examples.
For the CPU market, AMD is destined to take over, but they're also taking on NVDA for their GPU's. They have been catching up for years and in 2019 they finally made a better performing GPU in the $350-400 price range. There is a possibility to gain GPU market cap since NVDA has been pushing their prices due to the lack of competition. Therefore, with AMD stepping up their game, they need to give up market share or lower their margins.
Assets over liabilities are x1.88. Cash to debt ratio well above industry average, debt to EBITDA well below IA. ROE 17.12% and ROIC 28.06%. Earnings were growing fast before Covid (125% in Q3, 78% in Q4). Yes they're overvalued, but with their future outlook, I would always buy below $49.
Now that they are done catching up, the question is, will they outperform in the future. To gain more market share of Nvidia, they need to be better, not equally good. AMD also needs to control the heating better, as it is one of their long term problems.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fintech companies like SQ and PYPL are a great investment. However, a lot of big companies will (and already did) implement online financial services. MA is able to easily work with multiple of those companies and they're using their global presence pretty well, that's why they're my pick for the fintech industry.
They launched Mastercard Accelerate last year, implementing those online paying platforms and letting start-ups take advantage of their global presence to grow and transform very fast. Last year they acquired Ethoca (managing e-commerce fraud) and Vyze (platform to connect merchants with multiple renders, giving them the opportunity to get those financial needs for start-ups). MA is basically helping start-ups to grow faster, which will result in more financial transactions in the future.
Last but not least, they like to focus on expanding to countries where there isn't much competition yet. They are expanding their exposure to Middle East and Africa, working with local networks and e-commerce platforms. They are in a strong position to capitalize those regions in the future and take on market leader Visa even more.
They get compared a lot to Visa, so I'll expand on that subject a bit as well. While V is focussing on performance and speed, MA plays the cyber security card. They are already working on ways to implement cryptocurrency and Mastercard tend to have more growth potential vs stability from market leader Visa. While V is in the lead, MA is more widely used by fintech companies, which shows potential take-over in the future. Next to their credit services, they also own debit service Maestro, which is widely used in Europe.
Returns as high as 150% (ROE) and 60% (ROIC). Very large margins and perfectly stable balance sheet. High EPS growth YoY, 53% and 42% in the last two years. Quick ratio 1.87. V has more assets and even bigger margins, however MA wins in returns and cash. In terms of more growth, I like to focus on those last numbers more.
It's a blue chip at a $300B market cap. Their growth potential might be limited, although I see them as one of the better picks between blue chips.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
I already talked about solar energy in another post, so I'm gonna skip the explanation. As some of you know my choices were ENPH and SEDG, so I'll explain a bit about why I choose ENPH here. Mainly it's because of their financials, so I'll dive that straight away.
Quick ratio - 2.35 vs 1.74
ROE - 142.94% vs 21.51%
ROIC - 85.51% vs 25.81%
Net margin - 25.81% vs 10.28%
However I think SEDG balance sheet is a lot better and safer, ENPH is working on their future more efficient. They are paving the way smoothly with bigger margins and return on investments. Although SEDG might be the better pick right now, ENPH will be the better one in a short while. ENPH is also a bit less overvalued and their PEG ratio is lower, which makes them the better pick to get in right now.
Diving into the products as well, ENPH just has the better and more efficient product. Their micro inverters are more durable (20 vs 12 years) and give the chance to increase or decrease the amount of solar panels easily, depending on your personal situation.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
I'm not a big fan of biotech companies, but these guys have my attention. Not because they're working on Covid vaccines, but because of two reasons. First one is them getting back-up from Gilead Sciences. That's the push they needed to start operating worldwide, increasing their potential market cap. Now that they have the cash from GILD, they can keep on buying interesting divisions and increase their growth. While having almost no long term debt, they are set pretty well with about $4 billion extra in cash.
Second, they have multiple medicines in later trial phases, with Filgotinib as their biggest one. They had a setback on those results, but the company is very confident, giving an opportunity to get them at a decent price. I wouldn't be surprised if they partner up with another big pharmaceutical company in the metabolic disease section.
High PE (84 vs 44 average), but PEG ratio is 1.2. Quick ratio 9.28. ROIC 75.91% and ROE 7%. Became profitable this year with 16.25% net margin. 38.7% YoY EPS growth.
Like all biotech players, there's a lot depending on medicines getting through phase trials and being commercialized. If Filgotinib will fail, their stock will obviously fall. However since they are backed by a big US giant, they can commercialize the product faster and on a bigger global scale if trials succeed. That's what gives them the advantage in comparison to other biotech companies for me.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
This one has got me doubting a lot. I've taken them off and put them back on my list multiple times, but eventually I decided to keep them at least 2 years to see how they will evolve into streaming.
Biggest advantage they have on their competitors is they basically have a monopoly on kids entertainment. Kids are growing up with electronic devices and content, so they're creating customers at a very young age. That's how Coca Cola used to work. They targeted 14-16 year olds, dumping loads of money into advertising which resulted in life long customers, as people didn't change cola brands often.
Disney+ is a big hit and they won't get so much competition from other streaming services as Netflix and Roku will. They have one of the strongest defined brands out there and they know perfectly how to build and maintain their company. It's also still unclear how sports with public will evolve, but it's certain streaming will become even bigger after Covid. Therefore their money-losing ESPN acquisition could even turn into a moneymaker.
I can't really say great things about their financials. ROE is 12.67%, above 10% is decent. Assets over liabilities are x1.85 and debt to equity is 0.61. You could apply the saying "too big to fail' here, but that's about it. The bad financials are mainly caused by their big investment to streaming of course and they're working on it hard. They doubled their cash position, increasing their quick ratio from 0.75 to 0.89.
I would say financials are their weak point here. They still have to go through some bad weather this and next year I would say. Them doubling their cash position in Q1 was soothing, as I see it being the biggest issue for the future. It might be better to wait it out and keep an eye on them for next year, but I wanted to take a position already. Not higher than 8% of my portfolio though.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
They don't really an introduction I guess. 2nd biggest player for cloud services with Azure. Naming Satya Nadella as CEO and making the transition from hardware to software in 2014 were the best decisions they could've made. Acquired the government contract with Pentagon, however there's still uncertainty about it. In short, Amazon is claiming they were about to win the contract, but Trump criticizing the company would've lead to calling off the deal. For me, that's probably the main reason why MSFT didn't fly as high as their fellow cloud competitors yet.
Assets over liabilities x1.67. ROE and ROIC respectively at 43.82% and 28.88%. Quick ratio of 2.88, 0.65 debt to equity and 1.86 cash to debt. Decent financials, great returns. Talking about blue chips, I would say MSFT is still fairly valued with a PEG ratio just below industry average. Also paying a small dividend.
The Pentagon contract allegations could be pretty negative for the company. They will probably not come back on their decision, cause if they do, MSFT will claim they already made big investments towards them and things will just keep on dragging on. Even without the contract, MSFT should be a 10 year hold while buying on dips.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Haven't read a lot about them here on Reddit, but they're a very decent investment. Basically, they buy properties from cannabis companies and leases them back to the sellers, giving them the cash they need to grow faster and IIPR keeps the long term advantage of renting out those properties. They need to buy about 6-8 properties a year to keep their growth rate going and they already bought 7 this year. They still have a lot of cash ready to take advantage of the crisis.
Not only are they 20% undervalued right now, they have a lot more growth potential after that and on top of it, they pay close to 5% dividend. I'm not a big fan of betting on the best cannabis company for the future, but IIPR is a great buy to have exposure in that industry. It doesn't happen very often I come across a company that combines growth potential with a high dividend, but IIPR does.
Quick ratio 6.75, cash to debt 2.8 (while REITs have an 0.07 average). Net margins 13% above average. Assets over liabilities x4.88. Annual EPS growing by more than 150% and about 41% in the last quarter before Covid. They just missed Q1 estimates, but it was only an 8% drop from Q4, performing way better than other REITs.
IIPR has held a lot of new investment rounds, diluting shares. Of course extra capital will result in higher growth and will eventually be positive in the long run. There has been a drop in these last few days due to the announcement of selling 1 million more shares soon. I would look at it as an opportunity to get an even better price on them.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
It's the only company I don't own yet. I can't force myself to invest more than $140 per share for them, although I really like their business model. A lot of people are skipping doctors visits these days, going straight away to get medicines and counting on the advice of pharmacists. A lot of times, there's more examination needed.
Not only do I see them succeeding in their field, I see them as an essential part of the automation of the pharmacy industry. It's a useful tool in emergencies, giving advice and deciding how serious the condition is, if (fast) medical care is needed. Teladoc will also play a role in insurance and giving the employers a checking tool. 98.9% of their shares are owned by institutions.
In terms of profitability and returns, not great of course. They are estimated to get profitable in 2023. Great balance sheet, assets over liabilities x2.66. Quick ratio 6.14, cash to debt 1.06, debt to equity 0.48.
It's hard to see if a company is well managed before they are profitable. Their moat isn't very narrow, however I feel being one of the first ones gives you a big advantage in this field.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Gonna keep this one pretty short, there has been enough posts about Donkey Kong. For me, the most important factor for choosing them in this industry is their fantasy sports section. They are widely popular and that division will only get more interesting while online gambling, and especially in-game betting, gets more and more legalized in the US.
Although they realized major revenue growth in 2019, they almost doubled their earnings loss. Main reason of course having to develop their platform and system. Good thing is, their technology is highly scalable, meaning they margin will grow massively while expanding in to more states and countries. Not many ratios available yet, so that's about the only financial information I own atm.
The only negative I see is their pretty wide moat, so this one should be monitored more closely in the future. But for now, they have the momentum and are one of the most popular choices, great investment.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
As many of you know, two great companies (UTC and RTN) merged together in April. While United focussed on aircraft engines (Pratt & Whitney), Raytheon manufactured weapons, military and commercial electronics. They always delivered advanced technologies and them gaining multiple government contracts in the last decade is confirmation of their performant products.
Raytheon will continue to grow their leadership in different segments. Because of their diversity, they seem perfectly in place to grow even more into an aerospace & defense giant. Engines, aerostructures, avionics, sensors, cybersecurity and other software solutions are just a few examples of their working fields.
With a PE ratio of 13.58 and PB ratio of 1.41, this is probably the most undervalued stock in my portfolio. Assets over liabilities x1.43. The rest of their financials isn't that great. UTC was carrying a lot of debt, but because of the merger, it will be better balanced as RTN was only carrying $2 billion net debt. If they can decrease their debt and optimize their merger, they are set to be the new number one in defense.
It's still unclear how the merger will work out financially and logistically. In theory, they should be very well armed (pun intended) to take on LMT as market leader. Their exposure to commercial aircrafts is also a big threat, but it's less of an issue because they can make up with their other practices.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
As you can see, I've tried to get the best blue chips with still some growth potential and stable growth companies together. Since a lot of companies already got mentioned on this forum, I'll include a bonus round of interesting companies I came across during my search for the best companies. I didn't include them in my portfolio mainly because I feel the chance of them succeeding and living up to their future potential is more risky than others. For you looking for higher risk, higher reward, check out these companies below.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
So, that's about all I have to share. This will also be my last big post a while. Analyzing stocks has been my main occupation for the last three months, but it's time to work on opening up the hotel and bar again. I hope some of you get something out of this. I'm not a professional so always check again for yourself. I'm gonna hold on to these companies for a while now. Will add some extra capital at the beginning of 2021, so you could expect another big post about my newest findings then. For now, I'm gonna take a break from following the market day in day out and enjoy the weather a bit more.
Have a good one!
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Jul/3/2020 News: (1) Anti-corruption reform (2) Polls (3) Stray dogs (4) Constitutional Court (5) Corruption trial (6) COVID news, Loan vacations, Grandma's phone (7) Real estate (8) Beeline ISP (9) This lake belongs to me (10) Soccer league LOL (11) Mayors busted (12) Yerevan's $10mln garden (13)..

Anti-corruption background checks begin for public officials

The govt passed a law to require judges and officials to undergo "background checks" before being hired.
Additionally, asset forfeiture law was passed to confiscate embezzled property. A new prosecutors' department was created to handle asset forfeiture.
These new prosecutors are also going through background checks before being hired.
The new anti-corruption institute tasked with doing these new background checks has audited 26 potential prosecutors: 2 failed, 11 barely passed, 13 passed.

U.S. sends $1mln anti-corruption aid

New stray dog shelter and strategy to reduce numbers

In 2018, newly-elect Yerevan Mayor Marutyan vowed to end the practice of killing stray dogs. It wasn't just to be humane. City says mass-killings make the other dogs more aggressive, and research shows they breed faster. Not killing is a long-term strategy.
City took over the task of catching dogs from the private industry, which was mired in corruption.
They began neutering, tagging, and releasing the non-dangerous ones.
City's dog-department has just launched its new facility. It has a clinic, surgery, post-surgery rooms, more cages, and soon a disease lab.
They neuter 25 dogs per day. 1300 in 2020H1, twice more than last year. 4300 since 2019.
City says equally important is dog owners' behavior. They shouldn't dump pets on the streets.
The law requires pet owners to register their pets, but only 400 out of 20,000 have done so.
If they were registered, the owners would less likely dump them, and if they did, the pets' micro-chip would allow City to find and punish the owner.
To encourage more owners to register, City wants to eliminate the $10/year ownership fee.
Tags: #StrayDog

La casa de papel

It's a TV show that blew up in Armenia during the pandemic. One of the main actors is Lebanese-Spanish-Armenian Hovik Keuchkeryan. Today he visited Armenia.

Parliament asks Constitutional Court to delay Kocharyan hearing...

... because Parliament wants time to discuss the opinions recently received from Venice Commission and ECHR on whether Kocharyan can be charged with the law he's charged with as part of March 1st case.
Parliament asked CC to translate and send them the documents.
Kocharyan earlier withdrew his case from CC but that doesn't mean CC won't discuss the topic, especially since another entity had also asked CC to discuss the topic.

ex-CC judge's entrance is blocked

Hrant Nazaryan is one of the three CC judges who was recently fired. Today he tried to return to his office but the security blocked his entrance to the building, citing the law that fired him.
Another fired judged Gyulumyan hasn't visited CC for several days now because "she doesn't want to confront the police". ,

Polls: Pashinyan's rating refuses to drop

85% approve Pashinyan's job, 79% President, 68% Ministries, 55% Parliament, 23% opposition.
What is Pashinyan's weakest point?
16% not tough enough, 10% hires bad officials, 4% not drastic enough.
Gallup International. June 10-27. ,

Poll: is Armenia on the right track? / Were your expectations met?

Did the revolution outcome satisfy your expectations? 79% fully/partially yes, 6% no.
69% says Armenia is on right/definitely-right direction. 2% definitely-wrong direction (15% in Georgia)
Will things improve in Armenia? 80% yes (69% in Georgia)
Is democracy better than other forms of govt? 63% yes (49% in Georgia)
"Most people are aware of CC crisis and support Constitutional reforms," said CRRC pollster.
CRRC pollster: , , ,

Chamber of Lawyers files complaint against NSS

Lawyers complain that NSS violated the attorney-client privilege by wiretapping the suspect when he made a call to the attorney. "The content of the call was later used as evidence," said lawyers.

Healthcare Minister testifies as a witness in bribery case

Months ago the deputy Healthcare Minister Armen Davtyan was charged with accepting bribes. He denies wrongdoing.
The person who gave bribes is Razmik Abrahamyan. He confessed.
A trial was held today. Minister Torosyan was called to testify as a witness.
He spoke about the anti-corruption fight within the system and how he routinely spoke with directors of various institutes to make sure they don't even try to offer bribes to Ministry officials "because the old way of doing things is gone".
P.S. The bribe giver is the same guy who is also a defendant in a separate case about the extortion and trafficking of dozens of newborn children. He's the director of the Republican Childbirth Clinic.

COVID stats

+662 infected. +448 healed. +13 deaths.
118,102 tested. 11,211 active. 15,484 healed. 469 deaths.

COVID donations

Kalashnikov began producing AM-103 rifles (up to 50k/year). Their Armenia-based partner donated $170,000 towards COVID.
11 Lithuanian doctors have finished their 2-week campaign to help Armenia.

Banks and loan vacations during pandemic

As of June 1st, banks gave loan vacations to 550k people and 17.4k businesses to ease their COVID burden.
They reviewed $2.7 billion in loans.
Bank deposits shrank 1.1% but went back to pre-pandemic levels recently.
Interest rates are unlikely to increase, says the president of banks union.
"Unlike the financial crisis of 2008 and 2014, today's situation isn't due to changes in economic fundamentals. This makes managing the problem harder. The parts of the economy that serve as engines are heavily damaged. We hope the govt, businesses, and citizens will succeed in overcoming it."

Grandma's cellphone / Medical worker disciplined

Context: a grandma's body was lost because of bad handwriting that led to confusion. Then her body was picked up by the wrong people who misidentified her. Her body will be exhumed and returned to the correct family.
St. Gregory Illuminator hospital says they've identified a junior nurse who allegedly took the dead grandma's phone and stole cash from her account, before grandma's family came to pick up her stuff.
There is an investigation. He could be fired if confirmed.

Oncology institute workers...

... are getting that sweet VIP deal. The institute will use "modern high-quality buses to transport employees for free". Two routes for now.

Real estate prices & transactions

Earlier we learned how COVID affected housing purchase/rent market. All realtors recorded a drop in transactions.
One realtor saw a 3x decline in transaction numbers. While the prices remained stable at the beginning of the pandemic, in June it dropped by -5%.
Another realtor recorded a sharp drop in second-hand housing transactions, but no drop in the newly-built housing market.
A noticeable drop was recorded in non-residential property lease prices. "Many landlords gave discounts."
Across Yerevan, sales transactions +84% in May vs April, but -61% YoY.
New rent transactions +7.8x in May vs April.

Beeline workers are against TEAM merger

Context: UCOM's co-founder was fired. He formed a new TEAM ISP. TEAM wants to purchase the financially troubled Beeline.
300 Beeline workers asked Pashinyan to suspend any merger because they're afraid that TEAM will replace them with TEAM's own workers.
TEAM says they won't lay off anyone because they need the existing Beeline workers' experience. "It's a big company. We can't replace the workforce."

SU-30SM jets conduct first target practice

"All targets were hit struck accurately," bragged Pashinyan, who will brag about the jets for another 50 years.

A dude claims Akna Lake belongs to him

A local "heavy guy" claimed the iconic Akna Lake is his property, and he'll do fish-breeding in it.
The Nature Ministry had to respond with "now it's not yours" after environmentalists raised an alarm. ,ակնա-լճում-ձկնաբուծարան-լինելը-կուսո/

Azerbaijan's chief epidemiologist goes 404

"I'm not in Baku. I'm in rayon. Sitting in a village without internet or news. I don't know anything. Call the Ministry," said Abdullah Agaev when someone tried to contact him.
Meanwhile, Aliyev brought the military to help with the pandemic. ,

update: Soccer tournament suspended over match-fixing

Last week we learned how Soccer Federation cooperated with INTERPOL, NSS, UEFA, sports betting agencies, and found that 5 teams were fixing the match results in the secondary league (not the main Premier League).
The entire secondary league is now suspended indefinitely. 45 people associated with those 5 teams are permanently banned. Another 13 are suspended.
Meanwhile, the Premier League continues its matches. Only 2 rounds left. 3 teams have a chance to win. , ,
Tag: #MatchFixing #Soccer

Former soccer federation chief's restaurant raided

ex-HHK MP and soccer boss Nemets Rubo is hiding in Russia. He's wanted for alleged kidnapping and torture, and financial crimes.
His restaurant Harsnaqar, where the alleged kidnapping victim was held, was raided today. ,

Journalists find "fishy" corruption / 2 mayors busted

In January, Hetq outlet published a report about fishy things going on around a fish business in Ararat province.
Prosecutors say: in 2004 a lease was signed for an 11ha land in Sis. In 2007 the company illegally built fish-breeding pools on 5ha.
Sis's former and current leaders knew about this but ignored it.
The former mayor cannot be charged due to statute of limitations, while the current mayor qualifies for Pashinyan's 2018's mass amnesty.
Sis was told to either destroy the facility or take it under public control. They chose the latter. The facility was recently sold for $230,000.
Free money:

infrastructure and road upgrades

Norakert has a 7km water delivery network. A govt subsidy will repair 2.5km this year, with the rest being repaired last year. It'll also help 60 businesses to get regular water delivery.
Sevan is having 5 of its roads leading to residential complexes repaired. A $316,000 infrastructure project. It'll also renovate the curbs and water drainage.
Syunik province has 3.4x more infrastructure upgrades this year, worth $17.7mln. Apartment energy insulation, roads, etc.

Top-5 documentary/biography books Yerevan residents read in May

5) Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. (about how other people will get rich but you won't)
4) D'une porte l'autre, by Charles Aznavour. (about why Marvel movies are nothing more than a theme park)
3) A subtle Art of Not Giving F, by Mark Manson. (about helping mark Manson to get richer)
2) Becoming, by Michael Obama. (about being black)
1) The monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma. (about helping Robin Shirama to get richer)

this guy plants

Stepan Taroyan takes the dried out branches and wood and turns them into natural art. He works at Yerevan's Green Department.

$10mln Yerevan project for a new leisure center and park

Arabkir district's Komitas St. has a neglected park. It'll be renovated and a multi-functional center will be built.
The works have already begun, with 30 budkas being removed from the area to clear the way. The main construction begins in 2021.
5,000 plants will be installed to close the large gaps. They'll be joined by an amphitheater and a fountain. This will allow concerts and theatrical performances to be held.
The nearby 'Arabkir' shopping area will be brought under a roof and turned into a modern center with food, Armenian wine-tasting, international cuisine, an area for kid's entertainment, and handmade product sales.
The center's backside will be made out of glass and face the renovated garden.
You've read 1894 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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Psycho Betting and Stats 301-Degenalytics Question

Before you even start watching this for entertainment and see if you get offended by this un-P.C. content. Don't be a pussy.
If you can't handle it, leave this thread. If you can, then you may proceed to the next level.
I've been scatter-brained, ire-filled, soul-searching and lost after a 7-day Degen Marathon that brought a shit load of misfortunes. I used to hate social media, but I've learned how to wield the soc. med. sword like a fucking Degen Jedi. I'm going to promote an honest cause where I seek to be victorious in the end. Just you watch you fucking doubters, haters, blockers, scammers. How much grit and intellect would the average fucking person have to endure what I've gone through in the last fucking 48 hours and still come out alive with a sense of greater purpose?
Had about $400 to $500 in righteously earned bonus dollars earned through impossible grinding degen mission that came pretty close to accomplishing (91%).
I would have had some imaginary >$600 BR by now, but instead the roll-over deadline caused the entire deposit to be forfeited and I manage to salvage some $100.
Due to a bonus rollover scheme, 80U of my balance was stuck in bonuses and if I fail to accomplish the roll-over by the deadline, it all gets forfeited.
With a $500-$600 balance, I could have somewhere at $900-1000 by now after a 20-2 W-L record on European football on Wednesday.
How did I get that record yesterday, by sampling a bunch of solid pre-game picks and live betting using my own fucking brain. I consult with the finest in capping. With $10-$20 bet sizes, That would have put me up maybe $15x16 = +$240 at minimum. $1000 was the imaginary bank roll. As of today, betting with $1 units, after Monday-Wednesday's successful run, while Tuesday was a -$50 blip, I converted $100 to about close to $200 (40U).
🤪🤑Psycho Betting🤑🤪:
I learned the art of psycho betting. Taking some well-advised 10U and 30U psycho bets that put my bankroll up a significant amounts, but a big loss does the opposite. Yesterday I manage to hit 4 grand 30U slams in a row, however many on juiced lines, so each $30 bet one returns about $15-20. Thus my bankroll grew nearly +100 units and sits close to $200 from the initial $100 I manage to salvage after that bonus robbery.
If you want to fucking learn the art of Psycho-Betting to the extremest and be successful at it, fucking put in $100 in Bovada (remember to use money that you can afford to lose) and get that fucking bonus for the purpose of looting the bookies in a successful vengeance scheme. This guy is a fucking Artillery:
Fucking hit more than 4x30U grand slams yesterday and some 10-20U cherries on top. I tailed his free picks and other through consultation [Haha fucking reddit/sportsbook will probably ban me for promoting another tout, :)].Of course with my $1.5U size on a crippled bank roll, I cannot grow it to as much as I wanted to using GoTime's techniques. I would have been at another +$400 if I had $6 units. It's a high risk and high reward system, but if you are confident with your picks you go big on it. If you lose it, then you grind back with smaller 10U and 20U bets to try to get back to part to be able to do another 30U bet. The goal is to be like 2-1, 3-0 on 30U grand slams a day. There is some level of sustainability and back up plans to execute in case the 30U bet did not work out. It is very improbable for you to lose 10 in a row on well researched picks that the experts in the community have common agreement on. A lot of the times, the lines shift to reward you less for the pick since big money is already on the pick.
Use the chart on:
Here is a Nice Calculation to do:
📚📑💻Stats 301 Question in Degenalytics💻📑📚**:**
Lastly I asked anyone in the past few days to do a Stats 301 question with Degenalytics Context: To fucking determine the probability that an avg Joe with a $100+100 Bonus Bank-roll or $500 + 250B bank roll can actually pull off the $3000/$7500 grind in some number of N months betting with supposedly 2 full months of real sports (N-2) getting Obliterated by COVID-19. I want you to give me an analytical calculation or a simulation of your work and give me all the possible scenarios.
Then give the final verdict of if that number converges to 0.000% or 100.00% that the average Joe would succeed his false-hope mission for a successful rollover.
In other words think of it like this: If the average joe bets his entire bank roll 12 or more times (roll-over is not x10 because of bookie juice), what is the probability that he will still end up in the green? Also assign a tilt probability factor that the Average Joe would go on some emotional tilt spree to end up bust again? And make it even harder by eliminating 2-3 full months of real sports (N-2.5) and having to bet on Bovada's limited shitty ass lines and shitty live odds.
If you fucking want to eliminate the -2.5 months, then allow the average joe the freedom to bet on N months of e-sports [hahah] and see where that goes.
I had a bad experience betting on e-sports for 2 months and only end up -15-20U. I'm not saying that I lost because I suck at e-sports betting or I tailed the wrong people. The Bovada lines are super shitty and limited. Most of the time, on live esports, all you see are dashed out lines as if they fucking know what the rigged result is and prevent people from doing hedge bets or try to bet opposite spreads when they are winning to guarantee an insurance 1-1 with minimal damage incurred to their bank-roll. The live betting experience on e-sports on the Bovada platform is so bad that you are guaranteed to lose in the long run. Fucking hell Bodog/Bovada even offered me a $250 deposit on 100% bonus after the Rudy Gobert day in Mid March. They advertised the joys and wonders of getting rich betting off esports.
I was so tempted to deposit, however I kind of over-slept and missed out on the dead-line so they closed the bonus offer. Pretty good relief that I did not fuck-up my real credit card and bank account by falling for that scam again. It was an accidental Grace of God moment to fucking avoid that E-sports deposit marketing scam.
BONUS Questions:
A: Calculate the number of months needed and number of successful bets required for the conservative degen 1u bettor to grind out the roll-over playing
$2.00 tug of war with the bookie.
B: Calculate the odds that a professional capper who knows how to adjust unit sizes (1u-5u), do parlays once a while, will succeed the roll-over in some
N-2.5 months or add some e-sports to have fun to keep the N factor.
C.1: Calculate the conditional probabilities for the bettor succeeding in the mission if on the first few days of betting:
i) He loses bet 1 for about $20.
ii) Wins bet 1 for about $20 to earn $17.5.
iii) Goes on a 3 game losing streak
iv) 5 game losing streak
v) Positivity case: The guy got lucky and nearly doubled his bank roll on a decent run from day. Up +100U or $200. [I'm sure that out of bad discipline the average Joe would still go -200U in the long run with a pretty high probability.]
C.2: Determine the mathematical scheme on how the Bookies can use your first few losses to eventually put you in a 60+:40- (Greater than 60% locked in bonus, less than 40% of your deposited money). Bonus:Locked funds ratio.
The Jinx-King answer: It converges to zero [hahaha], but I really am interested in know what other scenarios math and stats people have come up. And your mathematical approaches and formulae used to generate possible scenarios and probabilities. But I think it is safe to say that for the average Joe,the answer is 0.00% success rate. Bodog/Bovada knows this exactly and refuses to put a hiatus on the roll-over deadline. Instead they keep it going so that people can try to wager on e-sports and lose their entire bank roll. They are only interested it getting 100% of your locked funds so that they can buy expensive cruises, yachts, beach mansions, resort packages, etc in Aruba or some other tropical place. Where you got millions of desperate Americans, Canadians in struggling economies with lost jobs and zero positive cash-flow. About 10% or so or perhaps even more deposit money into off-shore gambling websites hoping they can roll-over their bank-roll some ridiculous number of times and make a few bucks to put food on the table.
In fact, it makes matters worst being jobless, having zero cash flow and having locked funds in scamming bookies. If you are not good at casino or sports-betting games, you would have:
A: Lose your entire deposit for failing to grind it out properly.
B: Not grind it out on time on whatever dead-line the roll-over was.
C: Even if you did successfully grind that shit out using conservative 1u betting and play $2 tug of war with the bookie, you will end up just wasting your time grinding it out for hours and hours on end. It would have been better for you to fucking find a job at some farm helping out with harvesting crops or work in meat plants so that food does not go to waste. I bet you I can make more money than your $2 tug of war in one a day picking off cans and bottles off the streets in some exercise walking/running/biking + collection routine then selling it to the recycling center for $0.05-0.25 a unit. Trust me at my university, I spot maybe about 50-200 empty/partially driven cans and bottles left on desks, lecture halls, the floor, libraries, work areas, etc. Supposed that I harvested that shit, I would be making $5-$20 a day collecting it all and going to the recycling center once every week.
The fucking company knows this COVID-19 closure shit and want to use it to their advantage to continue to rob millions of their customers. Last week, I tried to call customer service, chat help, email, etc. and management has spoken to plead my case to delay the roll-over dead-line in a pro-rated time frame so that customers with locked balances can resume betting with their full balance when Game 1 of any Major League Sport actually returns. They give me the same bull-shit over and over saying they decline my request. For what reason?
  1. The terms and conditions written in fine print for accepting the bonus conversion challenge. "Rules are Rules."
  2. They were aware my deadline of June 22 at 19:23 ET was approaching soon. They knew I was on a mission to salvage my bank roll before they yank out the 60-75U trapped in bonus balances (i.e. Ghost money). By the end of it, I realize I made a foolish mistake. Most of my wins were just from bonus money and I was rewarded $0.00 on righteous wins on expired bonuses.
Therefore Bonus money only earns bonus money which put my entire bank-roll in a 80:20 ratio where the bookies control 80U in ghost money. By the end of the roll-over deadline, they get to yank out 80U of my balance at the deadline and left me with about $100 (20U) bank roll to regrind.
  1. They knew I was winning consistently making solid picks.
During my 110 hour marathon over the brutal grind of losing more than 70 hours of work, leisure and recreation; 35 hours of sleep; to a fucking impossible grind of trying to roll over some 60% of $7500 on sports I have little knowledge of capping (i.e. E-sports, Table Tennis, European football) after a few days of studying the game, I was picking up my stride to grind it to 91%. They fucking knew that if I had another day to grind, they would be coughing up +$600-800 of withdrawable balance to my account.
I am a Fucking PHD Candidate (2-6 months from graduating and not having to pay another round of BS tuition) who does a shitload of mathematics, statistics, simulations, mathematical physics, wrote scientific papers. I've won T.A. Awards, Government/Provincial/Institutional level scholarships, Conference presentations, with even Undergrad honors back in the day. DM me if you need a fucking CV to prove my fucking credentials.
Why am I able to write a lot of shit? Because my fucking brain operates on some max level Intel Xeon chip on overclock mode and I cannot do much to shut it down other than going to sleep. They only way is to write articles that I think might benefit the community.
I have a crazy interest in sports and Degen'ing. I love to fucking put action on sports games, be proud about making the correct calls on the outcome of games before it happens, and then boast to my circle of competitive friends about who's the fucking Boss. As tabboo as society think us degens are, I think this absolute BS. There is a pure enjoyment in watching sports and having action on it. It is nice to get paid beer money to cover a round for your buddies, or earn that rent money over a successful night of betting on shit you actually enjoy watching. Fuck I rather make $300 for one evening of enjoying sports rather than working a 9-5 dull job to try to afford rent/mortgage. If I can fucking pay off all my monthly expenses in 3 fucking successful nights of 3 hr sessions of sports matches, that would be ideal. I would take the lather over a 9-5 rat-race grind.
Overall I am "PRO" in the debate for local single sports betting bookies to be established in Canada. Get these fucking scamming off-shore books like bodog/Bovada who contribute only contribute "Bagel" to the Canadian Economy, but instead make it worst by scamming the masses of hard working or desperate people to leak out some sum of billions of dollars of national GDP. Probably the same applies to all American States, that people should not have to cough up their hard earned $$$$ to off-shore scamming bookies. I shall write an article about this later to justify my arguments later.
Ultimately I my goal is to obliterate or negate the influence of all the cons, scamming bookies, and false touts out there who are just interested in stealing people's $$$. To write out full studies on exposing their schemes in an objective lens.
Calling me out: (Think I cannot track these pussy downvotes? I know you cowards 😂😜😎)
If you think I'm full of BS, then send me a personal DM to have a 1v1 argument the same way that Stephen A debates sports with Max Kellerman. You can downvote me or flame me with empty hate talk all you want on public threads. But don't be a fucky pussy by avoiding a debate with me. Trust me, I'm going to win and be the last one to state a real point that you will have no comeback for [haha]. Lastly, if you are open to discuss or debate with me about some issues, do some resarch/exploration, betting strategies, etc., I would love your collaboration in some projects I got going on.
Ultimately, I should help every honest worker strive towards Degen success or if not, just to purely enjoy putting action on sports games. If you are too full of yourself, then you are on your own, I bid thee adieu, and wish you all the best. However you will be absolutely declined to all services and counsel I work to provide to friends for free.
Social Media📺🎬
Some extra Resource to how I got to this point in my mission.
Here it is for starters:
June 23, 2020: The Impossible Pursuit Reddit/sportsbook/Brag and Bitch (Tuesday)
June 24, 2020: Doubling Bank roll and rewarded Bagel: Reddit/sportsbook/Brag and Bitch (Wednesday)
June 24, 2020: How can you win 5 in a row and lose it all simultaneously? Reddit/sportsbook/What is your most impressive win?
Full Twiiter:
All my media:
Discord: ????? To be solved.
Challenges: Got a few right in progress now and a couple of drafts I am working on.
The Jinxking Crusade (In progress):
Turns out many people cannot withdraw anything out of Bovada/bodog due to some website glitches. Will try to recover a bankroll to attempt a withdrawal, however I am likely to have the same issues too. They will make some lame excuse to not give me a cheque. Definitely no point of pursuing anything in bovada/bodog if they refuse to give you withdrawables. The goal is to get their website off outta here. As well as get them out of advertisements. They definitely pulled off some "Get the fucking money and run scheme" and you will likely not see your money again. GG
The Jinxking Challenge (In progress):
Want to expose a bad tout who over prices the service and has a mediocre record? Tail and fade to call their their BS or mediocre non profiting record out. Also good for finding legitimate winners too. This will be a mission to expose shitty touts on Twitter the way Penn & Teller exposes BS in the market.
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Our Friendships Turned Febrile

Our Friendships Turned Febrile
-- Contains Heavy Non-Consensual Ballbusting --
His balls pulsated against her outstretched fingers, his oval orbs heaving up and down in his smooth, shaved scrotum. It was an appropriate description, seeing that she wasn’t moving any of her extremities, simply observing his delicate danglers. The skin around the tip of his penis had parted, his taunt erection bulging against his epidermis.
Emily gently pinched John’s epididymis, causing him to wince. Besides the restraints tying him to the foot of the bed, her warm breath and curvaceous breasts kept him in check. If common logic were to be applied, his justification for bondage would have been fragile to say the least. But with the prospect of her warm tongue on his twitching member, and the insatiable allure of her womanly figure, he had abandoned natural rationale.
Emily and John, until just an hour ago had been childhood friends. Growing up in the same neighborhood, they would see each other regularly. Whether it be walking to, or from school, socializing, projects, they could always be found together in some degree.
She pressed her index finger into John’s spongy penis, sliding it into his foreskin. The bound male moaned as Emily sifted her finger under his frenulum. John ejected a light load of pre-cum. He bucked his hips up and down, trying to get Emily to scratch his insatiable itch. The black-haired beauty receded her finger and brought it to her face. John’s member was violently twitching, the feeling of her delicate fingers hadn’t quite left yet.
“I’m impressed, you wash this thing, don’t you?”
Emily stood from her crouched position, wiping her lubed finger on her pink yoga pants. She bounced her way across her carpet, humming. John instinctively began to buck his hips, craving Emily. As she hopped along, her peachy ass bobbed and jiggled, displaying what must have been years of rigorous exercise, combined with exemplary genetics. John’s cravings had taken the better of him, as he imagined her cheeks consuming his cock. He pulled against his restraints. If only he could touch himself, he would explode over her white carpet in an instant. It was her condition, however, that he be rendered immobile.
Both of his hands had been strapped tightly to the foot of her bed frame, while either of his feet were strapped to kettlebells. While his lower appendages still had some autonomy, he couldn’t bother himself to resist.
Emily bent over, revealing her lack of panties, as well as her own set of low hangers. Her breasts were abnormally large for her frame. John was kicking himself, feeling he had been cheated in a way. Him and Emily had known each other for the better part of a decade; since meeting, they’re bodies had both undergone extraordinary changes. Only now, did he realize her gifts. Usually covered in a thick snow coat, he had never seen her body on full display, until now. Her swaying tits were barely contained by her white sports bra. Perfectly in symmetry with her spayed legs, they appeared as an exaggerated extension of her covered pussy.
“Em.” John strained. Involuntarily, he shot another spurt of pre-cum.
The transparent liquid trickled down the back of his shaft, lubricating his balls.
“Come one John, be patient, I told you I was going to suck your dick today, I just need to do a little something first.” She cooed.
Emily unzipped her black backpack. John stared intently at her figure. Unconsciously, he began to thrust to her body's natural rhythm. John’s feminine friend pulled four items from her school sack; her pink journal, pen, lime-green water bottle, and a blue-ribbon tape measure. The smiling Em skipped back to her bound man. Her massive mounds didn’t appear real. Even in the confines of her white sports bra, their movements appeared comical.
She did a goofy somersault. In another setting, John would have chided her awkwardness. It resembled a tumble more than a well-executed roll. In a quick reflection, John couldn’t blame her. While her proportions awakened pure lust in the boy, he could still note the pure impracticality on her figure in an athletic sense.
In passing conversations, they had discussed physical exercise. To think that she could manage anything with her overly exaggerated figure was incredible. Her breasts were nearly double the width of her waste! Her shapely ass was a completely different question. Lunging out, she skidded dangerously close to John’s genitals, her head inches away from his low hanging orbs. Instinctively, John aimed to protect his testicles. Thankfully, her high surface created enough friction to halt her movements. Emily tilted her head up, shooting John a mix between a nervous smile and a devious one. His arms were pulling against his restraints again, proving to her that he couldn’t defend himself if need be. A gradual wet spot began to manifest in her tight pants, turning the once light pink into a darker shade.
As if it never happened, Emily sat up, scooching closer to John. Cross legged, she reached her delicate hand out to his softening penis. Instantly, his virility was reignited, her hand absorbing his sweating cock. She gave him three soft tugs, then two intense, then alternated, again and again and again. John bucked as if his life depended on it, desperately trying to reach climax as fast as possible. He couldn’t handle it anymore; Emily’s exposed figure had contacted his own primal urges.
“Ahh, John. I need to do something first,” Emily waved.
She removed her sloppy fingers from John’s penis, but kept it hovering above. He squeaked, bucking harder and harder, mashing the tip of his head against her flat palm. Quickly, a thick mucus pre-cum built between the two of them; Emily giggled, then removed her hand completely. John let out a pathetic wail. He didn’t expect Em to know, but he was on the verge of losing his seed, several more thrusts, and he would have been there. Blue-balled, he whined like a little pup.
“I told you, didn’t I? I want to do something before I suck you off John! You want my mouth, don’t you?” Em said, stretching the side of her mouth with her pre-cum covered hand.
John’s personal lube dripped down her hand, onto the greater top portion of her breasts, giving them a new shine. Em giggled again, wiping the rest of the clear liquid onto and in-between her unnatural mounds. She sucked the tip of her index seductively, her cloudy hazel eyes peering into John’s desperate stare.
“Alright Em, I’ll play along a bit longer,” John nodded.
“Great!” Emily giggled.
Truly, both were aware of John’s discomfort, but for their out ulterior motives, both parties kept silent. The raven-hair Emily picked at her journal, flipping to back pages. In her other hand, she squeezed her bottle, ejecting a clear stream of water into her mouth.
“I’ve never seen you use that journal before Em.” John whimpered.
In a semi-hysteria, he focused on the mundane to distract from his own excitement.
“Don’t lose that boner!” Emily called.
Forcefully, she gripped his long shaft, tugging it roughly. John arched his back and moaned out. His low dangling balls bounce between the soft portion of her welled fist and the creamy bristles of the carpet. He moaned out again, another glob of pre-cum dribbling out. Emily stopped tugging and wiped the liquid onto John’s flat stomach.
“Em, this is just cruel.” John pleaded.
“I’ll be done quick, I promise.”
Emily pulled the blue-ribbon tape measure taunt, and placed it at the base of his cock.
“You want to measure my cock?” John asked.
“Basically.” Emily shrugged.
Emily wrapped the ribbon around three different sections of John’s penis. At the base, the head, and the girthiest section. In a surprising move, she reached out for his dangling testicles. Firmer than John would have expected, she tightened her grip.
“Ouch.” John grunted.
“Don’t be a baby.” Emily chided.
She knelt down lower, making sure the ribbon was even as it wrapped around John’s compressed testicles. The bound boy was able to stave off the unpleasant feeling, focusing on her toned back and protruding rear. Straining against the pink elastic yoga pants, it appeared heart shaped.
“Got it!” Emily said with glee.
Quickly, she jotted down John’s specific measurements. John gave her a disapproving look, not that she minded.
“Wait just one more second, I need to take a picture too!”
“A picture?” John gasped.
His heart leapt up. For whatever reason, the idea of his dick being in the hands of Emily terrified him, that was, unless it was physically in her hands. In the time John had come to know Emily, she had made a particular impression. As much as he cherished her as a friend, she was known to spread misinformation or rumors. In some extreme cases, it would lead to someone crying in the halls or class, sometimes leaving school for a few days. A documented photo of his dick in her hands didn’t sit right; yet, he couldn’t do anything. Emily snapped the photo before he could further object.
“Why’d you take my picture?”
“Taking your measurement is one thing, but a dick-pic is a little more intimate. Don’t worry, I’ll crop out your face before sharing it with school.” she giggled.
John wasn’t able to tell if she was joking or not.
“Why do you want to do any of this?”
“Why does anyone do anything?” she said dismissively.
She tossed her phone to the far reach of her white carpet, and plopped down between John’s legs.
“Seriously.” John scolded, searching for a truth.
The bound boy's member had softened completely, yet Emily didn’t seem to mind, perhaps she was only interested in the maximums.
“I don’t know, I like it. Don’t kink shame,” she pouted, going over John’s measurements again.
“I’m not kink shaming you,” John defended. “But you say it’s a kink?”
“Yeah?” Emily said, tilting her head to the side.
“So, you like to do this to other guys?”
“Of course I do!” Emily laughed. “You know John, for being so compliant, I think you deserve a specific stroking.”
John’s penis expanded, the tip escaping his foreskin restraint. More pre-cum flowed from his slit, re-lubing his impressive appendage.
“I mean I’m going to stroke your ego.” Emily laughed. “Your length is an impressive 8 and ¾ of an inch.”
John couldn’t hide his disappointment. Emily picked up on his displeasure.
“What? You think it’s too small? It’s rather impressive, of all the other boys I've done this too, you’re the longest by far.”
“I guess that’s cool,” John mumbled. “But I already knew my measurement.” He said sheepishly.
“Your girth isn’t bad either, 5 inches at the base, 6 at the most, 5 and ½ at the tip. Bet you didn’t know that.”
“Some of it.”
“Well how about your balls?”
“My testicles?”
“It’s a little lacking to be honest, 6-inch circumference.”
John felt his face redden. While Emily had pointed out an arbitrary measurement, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Of course, Emily picked up on it, a slight curl building at the corner of her red lips.
“How about this, ask me for another boy's measurement at school.”
“Ask me, I bet I could tell you.”
“I’m not interested in dicks.”
“But you are interested in me touching your dick.” Emily smirked.
Emily patted John’s penis with her open palm, recharging it in a way. Seeing what her aim was, John obliged.
“Ken Culver from third period, you’ve talked to him, right?”
Emily giggled while flipping several pages in her journal.
“I didn’t know you were into Ken, if I had known, I wouldn’t have touched him.”
“Fuck off.” John grumbled.
“Here it is. 5 ½ inches, 4 at the base, 4 max, 4 ¼ at the tip. His testicles had a circumference of 8 inches, that last measurement is quite impressive.”
“Should I take your word for it?”
“Under what premise would you have to assume that I would lie? Also, why did you ask for Ken’s, huh?” Emily grinned.
John rolled his eyes.
“I don’t know, he’s been missing from school for the past week, guess it was just on my mind.”
The atmosphere shifted completely. Something had changed. Emily became uncharacteristically quiet. She placed her journal and water bottle to the far side of John’s bound leg. Clearing her throat, she suppressed a smile. Seductively, slowly, she bent closer and closer to John’s cock. She placed her fingers on his thighs, clawing them gently. There was a primal hunger in her eyes.
“I’m going to start, are you ready?” Emily asked.
Before John could give an answer, she began to pleasure him. She pressed her nose on the wet tip of his penis. John instinctively jolted up, sliding his cock to the side of her button nose. Emily exhaled, her warm breath wrapping around John’s slippery cock.
“Oh, Em, you’re so good.” John moaned, overcome with raw pleasure.
“I know.” Emily said, simultaneously wrapping her pink tongue around John’s shaft.
She lapped his wide penis, tickling his sensitive glans, causing him to squirm. Next, she incorporated her hands. Gripping his lower shaft, she lathered the tip of his dick using her tongue as a propeller. Her free hand began to work his swelling testicles. Focusing one at a time, she lightly pinched his right and left; John produced several squeaks as a result. Taking it as positive feedback, Emily increased her overall intensity. Her hot mouth enveloped the top portion of his members. She squeezed his shaft simultaneously.
Gradually, but roughly, Emily increased the grip she had on John’s pulsating testicles. Toying with them as she saw fit. They were completely at her mercy; all John could do was wallow in the pleasure she was producing for him. Emerging from that pleasure, came a twinge of pain, emanating from his stomach. It caused him a minor discomfort, but he didn’t care. He bucked his hips rapidly, thrusting his penis into Emily’s mouth. In response, the busty girl pulled on John’s scrotum. Her index and thumb constricted his nut cords, relegating his testicles to the bottom of his elastic sack. The creamy rug added an extra level of stimulus as she yanked them to the carpet.
John barely noticed; the intense head-polish Emily was giving in the back of her throat was the only thing he could reasonably comprehend.
“Em, I’m really close.” John moaned.
Emily took John’s words at face value, preparing for his imminent explosion. She increased her cadence, taking his entire length back and forth. John let out a high pitch groan as his testicles attempted to retract. Held firm by Emily, they weren't going anywhere. In a circular motion, she ground John’s testicles into the carpet.
“Emily, I’m cumming!” John exclaimed.
John came, his seed spilling out of his throbbing slit. Overcome with pure pleasure, he threw his head back. His thick white milk nearly pierced the back of Emily’s throat; ropes and ropes spewed out. Emily didn’t stop. She continued to suck him off, tugging his testicles further and further down.
“Hey, Emily, stop.” John pleaded, thrashing.
Voraciously she consumed him. Flipping his softening penis with her tongue. At the same time, she hunkered down on his precious orbs, flattening them against the floor with her encompassing palm.
“Please stop.” Strained John.
Emily showed no signs of slowing down. His words seemed to encourage her. Running the risk of tearing his member, he rotated his hips side to side, hoping to escape Emily’s brutal suction. All at once, Emily released herself from John, letting his strained testicles slap against his pelvis. Sticky strings of cum dripped down from her mouth onto her carpet. John’s withering cock twitched slightly; his nuts nearly sucked up into his abdomen. He pulled against his restraints, curling from the pain emanating from his lower stomach. He groaned.
Emily seemed to take a sort of pleasure from it all. She leaned back, letting the strings of white cum fall onto her smooth breasts. John tilted his head back, staring at the warm glow of the light saturating the pastel room.
“John. Look.” Emily smiled.
The bound boy, still in his daze, tilted his head down, not quite able to meet her eyes. However, her hanging breasts were still well in view. If his penis hadn’t just been put through the metaphorical ringer of Em’s mouth, the reaction would have been instant. Emily reached out to John with her sticky fingers, pressing on his chin, she forced his eyes up to hers.
“Did you like it?” Emily asked, licking her lips.
“Yes.” John said.
Despite his discomfort in the current moment, he couldn't deny the euphoric experience he had undergone in Emily’s room. A feeling he wouldn't forget as long as he lived. While it was the first time he had ever received a blowjob, he understood the skill required to evoke such a powerful orgasm.
“Glad you enjoyed it.” Emily smiled.
She wiped the rest of John’s cum on her yoga pants and stood. John tilted his head back again, purely to marvel at her looming breasts. He was also given an ample helping of her general shape. Up close, her abnormal proportions deviated further. Her smooth, exposed navel contrasted heavily with her firm, yet supple bosom. Against her polished skin, her pink yoga pants gouged into her fleshy hips. She stretched, accentuating her rounded breasts. John, despite his daze, craved her bare-skin. He embraced the idea of her naked body rubbing against his own, the things he would do for that were beyond the scope of words.
“I’m going to clean up.” She yawned. “But don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” She winked, turning to her side.
With the same hop in her step, she exited to the left, through a lime-green door, leaving John alone with his thoughts. He sighed, relaxing his entire lower half. As his euphoria faded, the twinge within his stomach grew. John groaned out, unable to sate the urge of crumpling up into a ball.
During his legendary blowjob, Emily hadn’t gone easy on him. In its current state, his penis felt like mush, he found the idea of an erection in the moment impossible. He focused slightly lower, to his taught testicles. They were still throbbing slightly, as if they were still under the same pressure Emily had been exerting. John groaned again, the ever-present discomfort fully manifesting.
“Emily must like it rough." John chuckled to himself, somehow trying to rectify his discomfort, as well as Emily’s actions.
“I’m back!” Emily cooed.
She sauntered back to John, a white hand towel on her shoulder. Her face was free of any fluids, she had cleaned herself. Besides several stains on her pink pants, and a conspicuous wet spot between her legs, she was just as she was 30 minutes ago, when she led John into her room.
In most months, everything was either frozen, or covered in snow; there wasn’t much of a distinction. With the low temperature, came the need for appropriate attire. John was biting his tongue, invoking some form of punishment on himself. All that time, he hadn’t considered what lay beneath Emily's many layers. Her body was drop dead gorgeous. Even her face was something to be lost in. Was it an issue with his subconscious, not recognizing Emily for the true woman she was? John found it self-evident; it took her to offer a blowjob on the way back from school for him to truly notice it. But with that blunt invitation, came the rapid ripples of lust and desire. He wanted to touch her more; he wasn’t against the idea of even dating her.
“That was fun John, I’ve never had a dick that big in my mouth before. To think I would find it attached to my closest friend.” Emily giggled. “But like I said, your balls are lacking a little something.”
John’s face became flushed in a deep red, hearing Emily’s critical words. It also struck him as odd, being caught up in how she perceived him. Any time before, he would have shrugged it off as playful banter, but her tone was unlike anything he had heard before. It was as if she blamed him for something.
“Can you untie me Em?” John said, clearing his throat.
Silently, Emily strode over to one the kettlebells tying John down. Instead of unfastening the strap, she picked up her water bottle. Slowly, she walked back to her backpack, placing it with care.
“Hey John, why did you want me to suck your dick?” Emily asked bluntly.
John hadn’t considered the reason.
“Well, you’re very pretty, I guess.” John stuttered
“Because I’m pretty, huh? Do you like me then?”
“I mean... Why did you want to give me a blowjob?”
Emily chuckled, her rotund breasts reciprocating the motion.
“Somehow, I don’t think you would understand, John.”
“I mean, why now? Do you like me?” John asked.
The bound boy’s heart rate increased. He hoped the answer would be yes. Given all the evidence of affection, he was blindly guided to that conclusion.
“I’ll answer that question in just a second.” Emily cooed, her white teeth on display. “But for you, it may feel a pinch longer.”
Pressing her back bare foot into the fuzzy floor, she bolted at John. Her eyes had an unstoppable, determined look. While she was clearly speeding, her movements became lagged to the boy. Her pronounced mounds of flesh swayed in a mesmerizing way. However brief the moment, John fell under a spell, hyper-examining every inch of her body. Emily planted her petite foot into the floor, winding her other behind her. In a single fluid motion, she launched a kick, her entire body working to complete the one action.
Emily’s narrow foot blasted John’s descending balls. Her nimble toes caressed his danglers at first, then dug into them, punting them upwards. His nuts flew into his soggy cock, sending his bodily liquids spraying out. Droplets fell on his stomach, the carpet, and Emily’s pink shin. She laughed outright, her body heaving from her hysteria, but over John’s manic scream, it was incomparable.
John thrashed as hard as he could, attempting to undo the restraints holding his arms and legs in place. While his arms were too tightly bound, his legs attempted to unite.
“Wait John.” Emily said, firmly placing one of her feet on John’s sliding shin.
She slid her other foot out, keeping John’s legs parted. His reddening testicles were on full display for her to admire.
John tilted his thighs inwards, obscuring Emily’s view from his precious jewels.
“Emily, what the fuck is wrong with you?” John coughed.
The tortured boy wailed in pain. The straps welding him to the foot board; the more he struggled, the deeper they dug into his skin. However powerful his will, he was unable to fold his body; his only conceivable action was to cry. Through watery eyes, John attempted to appeal to Emily’s emotions. He looked into her hazel eyes, pleading.
“John, you little bitch.” She growled. “Spread your legs right now, or you’re going to regret it so much.”
Her gaze was peerless, devoid of remorse. John had never seen her so angry, not in the 11 years they had known each other. Still, he wouldn’t budge.
“Stay right there.” Emily said.
Swiftly, she trotted to her bright orange cabinet on the other side of the room, humming. She retrieved something particular from the bottom drawer. Purposefully, she stuck her rear out, hoping to arouse John. She pulled out two winding loops of silky rope. When she returned to John, she couldn’t help but laugh at his pathetic state. His entire body was covered in a cold sweat. While it was the appropriate response after receiving a direct punt to the testicles, Emily found his reaction extremely amusing.
“Emily, please let me go, this isn’t funny.” John whimpered.
Still humming to herself, Emily crouched next to John, ignoring his pleads for her to stop. Gently, she placed one of her petite hands on John’s straining thigh. She slid the rope between his clamped legs.
“You’re just going to make things worse on yourself, you know John.”
“Stop, stop.” John huffed, hyperventilating.
“Almost done.”
Emily tied a strong knot after wrapping the rope around John’s thigh several times.
“See? This isn’t so bad!” Emily smiled, pulling the silk taunt.
Only then did Emily's actions sink into John; she was trying to open his legs. He thrashed against her pulling force, turning his body in the direction she was trying to pull his leg.
“Hold still.” She grunted.
Emily thrusted her foot into John’s squishy thigh, while simultaneously prying apart the other one. The bound boy was unable to resist against Emily’s abnormal strength. John had always known Emily to be robust, but she was completely overpowering him! Still struggling with the pain of her foot defiling his manhood, he was helpless. Emily tied the other end of the silk rope to the foot of the bed.
“Time for the other one.” Emily cooed.
Emily took the other rope and wrapped it around John’s loose thigh, repeating the process. Now, completely bound, John’s hot testicles were completely exposed.
“I really like you like this, John.” Emily giggled.
She stood between John’s pried legs; her hazel eyes trained on his sagging jewels. She licked her lips. Without hesitation, she launched her arched foot into John’s tormented testicles. The results were immediate. John’s entire body spasmed, overcome with unfathomable pain. Emily shuddered with pleasure, her wet spot growing. She felt his squishy, yet simultaneously hard testicles slide and scrunch against her polished foot, bringing her to near-orgasmic levels of euphoria.
“Emily, please stop it!” John cried.
Emily shot another direct, compromising kick into John’s swelling testicles and ravaged penis. His leathery sack and vulnerable balls split between her foot, compressing against his pelvis. Before he could even attempt to recover or compose himself, she brought her heel down, slamming his orbs into the carpet. Wide mouthed, John lost all sense of himself, as well as Emily, that was, besides her invasive foot. She ground the ball of her foot in a circular motion, before using his precious bits as a spring.
She was relentless, treating herself in lieu of John’s pain, indulging in her pleasure. She stepped back, before launching another furious strike into his danglers. Seeing John on the brink of unconsciousness, Emily abruptly stopped her strikes. Her heart was in her head, the constant thumping nearly drowning out John’s desperate cries. Emily caressed her breasts, the overwhelming flesh and fabric overwhelming her relatively small hands.
She lost her patience, John’s agonizing pain tickling the sadist within. Emily propelled her arched foot again, and again, and again. John’s orbs twisted within his red scrotum. No matter how chaotic their movements were, Emily’s tyrannical foot and curled toes ravaged his sensitive nerves, bludgeoning each of them equally. John was a mess; having lost all strength, his arms and legs were motionless, limp like his penis. His tears rolled over his scrunched face, combining with the dried pre-cum on his stomach.
Emily continued to pound John’s nuts, her cadence becoming predictable. Less than a second after a strike, another would succeed it. John couldn’t fathom it any longer; he pleaded with himself to lose consciousness. But simply, his body wouldn’t allow it, forcing him to savor Emily’s heartless testicle torture. Emily let out a feminine grunt every time her arch devastated John’s swelling nuts. It was completely disproportionate to the true striking force. Each time John’s crying testicles were bullied into his pelvis, his body would shake as a whole. Emily’s entire queen-sized bed shook with her precise kicks, funneled through John’s precious organs.
Emily smiled down at John, mostly at his swollen nut-sack, admiring her footwork. She fell to her knees, then her stomach, her sticky breasts creating a ramp, keeping her head level with John’s shriveled penis.
“Holy fuck John, that was incredible.” Emily panted.
The aroused Emily’s sensual breath caressed John’s genitals. Even that caused him to wince, her clutching exhale gripping his pulsating testicles.
“Your balls sagged so much after I gave you that blowjob, I couldn’t help but go extra hard on them.”
Emily lightly caressed the bottom of John’s tormented testicles with her shaky hand. Unable to hear his groans and screams over her own beating heart.
“Emily, let me go.” John wailed.
Emily smirked, and slapped John’s danglers. John let out another pint of tears.
“John, your balls are so hot, so beautiful. Look at how large they’re becoming.”
John’s childhood friend snatched his nuts with one hand, squeezing as if she was trying to fuse them into one. John thrashed again, pure pain radiating through his body. His raw nut meat bulged between Emily’s fingers. With her second hand, Emily prodded his exposed meat, where her other fingers wouldn’t reach.
“Look at this little guy too.” Emily giggled.
The busty girl pinched John’s flabby foreskin with her thumb and index, lifting the flaccid penis off her handiwork.
“He kept getting in the way of my kicks, maybe he wants some action too?”
Emily invaded John’s foreskin again, sifting her fingers around and under his sensitive glans. John groaned and instinctively bucked. Emily pulled her finger out, examining her find.
“Look, I found white gold!” she snickered, lapping John’s semen from her finger.
Her hand returned to his member, stroking his tip. John continued to convulse. After the insurmountable amounts of pain his exposed genitals had received from Emily’s kicks, the waves of rolling pleasure felt like a completely new experience, one he had never had before. Emily hunkered down on John’s jewels, pulling them lower and lower. Simultaneously, she increased the cadence of her strokes, her hand appearing as a blur.
Despite his gut and nut-busting pain, he managed to hold an erection, Emily skillful hand surpassing the limits of his defined bliss. He was full mast, his member towering over Emily’s shiny face, casting a long shadow. On the horizon, John could see pods of whales. That, or it was the spots blotting his vision. Either way, they were close, their blowholes primed. John tilted his head down to Emily, her ferocious swells rocking his craft. John was so close to seeing the blowhole gush, the surge was within his scope. Emily pulled down on his anchor, flattening his orbs on the carpet, securing his position. John groaned, hope of blowing his load fading into oblivion.
Emily wiggled her ass, laughing as she continued to smother John’s testicles into her now sticky carpet. She had found a sweet spot, where she could stroke his bulging cock as fast as she wanted, without the worry of him spurting his seed unannounced. John had run out of tears, now, in pure hysteria, he thumped his head against the hickory foot board, begging for unconsciousness.
Emily stopped everything, taking her hands off John’s cock and balls. John yelped and bucked at the same time. Half of him wanted to be pushed over the edge by Emily’s hand, while the other wanted to curl up forever. He bucked his hips, trying to acquire enough stimulus from the air. His testicles slapped against his taint as he furiously fucked the air. Overall, it brought him more pain than pleasure, his sore nuts slapping against himself.
“Here, let me help you John.” Emily cooed.
The ball-busting beast blew along the underside of John’s upright cock, sending lube dribbling out of his slit. Emily’s eyes tracked the slow crawl of the clear liquid down to John’s swaying testicles, reigniting her passion for them.
“John, this has been the best 7 minutes of my life. The blowjob was a nice challenge, taking something that long. But the thrashing I gave you, the motions and screams you made, it was on an entirely different level.”
John’s eyes bulged out of his head. It had only been 7 minutes? Had Emily really kept track? If pressed, John wouldn’t have been able to construct a sentence conveying the time he had perceived.
“I’m not finished though, and neither are you.”
Emily gripped John’s cock as if her life depended on it. A clear stream of pre-cum ejected from John’s red tip, as she slid her constricting hand up his shaft. On the downstroke, Emily struck John’s balls. She held her welled fist in that position, relishing in John’s pained screams. She continued to stroke, over and over, making sure her fist struck her prisoner’s swelling nuts.
John ignored the pain to the best of his ability, focusing on Emily’s diligent hand bringing him waves of pleasure. John, through the blood rushing in his ears, heard a high pitch squeal. He couldn’t discern if it came from him or his torturer. All he could fathom was the monstrous load spewing from his sore penis. Rope after rope arced over Emily’s head, landing on her curvy, pink butt.
“You’re so lively!”
Emily didn’t stop stroking. It was as if she hadn’t realized John had already unloaded all of his testicle's contents. John’s mind broke. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, as pleasure turned into pain, adding another layer to his deep nut-ache. It took Emily a moment to realize that John was unresponsive, and even when she did, she continued to milk his withering cock, until his slippery penis was ungraspable. She inhaled John’s musk, licking bits of cum off her hand.
“Wakey wakey!”
Emily slammed the back of her sticky hand into John’s balls. His entire body twitched, encouraging Emily to continue. She batted them about like a curious cat with a ball of yarn, treating it like her prey. Given the limited amount of space she had, her uppercuts lacked impact, instead, she focused on pressing them deeper into his pelvis, as well as smashing the sticky scrotum into John’s spayed thighs. Over time, her amusement dwindled; John hadn’t responded for the past 3 minutes. She pursed her lips, and stood.
“I guess even if I do this with you John, it isn’t fun when you don’t make a sound.” Emily shot a glance at the analog clock to her right, biting her lip. “I guess I should clean you up, after I do one more thing.”
Emily reached around John’s limp leg, where her blue ribbon was. She placed her hands under John’s slumped sack, caressing his testicles. Lightly, she felt around the contents within; her heart leapt out of her chest when she realized they were both still intact. She wanted to kiss John right there. Surely, she thought his bits wouldn’t have been able to survive her onslaught. Pulling his still intact testicles to the bottom of his scrotum, Emily wrapped the tape measure around the meatiest portion; she gasped when she saw the number. She wrote it down, still shaking.
“I need to take a picture.” Emily heaved, scrambling over to her phone.
Returning to John, she prodded his kiwi sized testicles. She snapped tens of photos, each accentuating a certain angle each time. Near the end of her spree, Emily snapped a selfie with the re-emerging John. The bound boy blinked several times, watching Emily take pictures of his shriveled cock.
“Em.” John moaned.
“Oh John, you’re awake again? How do your balls feel? Are they hot? I know I am. Are they sore yet?” Emily giggled. She retrieved a photo from her phone, eager to show John her handiwork up close. “See look, there’s a little bruising! But don’t worry, I checked, they’re not broken.”
John let out a long groan, his voice crackling like dry firewood. Emily let out her same giggle, triggering something within John. It was the same high pitch sound she produced when tenderizing his nuts. The same sound when John would tell her jokes at school, it was the same as it had been for the past 11 years; they were identical. Emily bit her bottom lip, her hunger displaying itself again. She wrapped her slender, warm arms around John's neck, pressing her tremendous breasts against her prisoner's muscular chest.
“I had a great time today.” Emily said, licking John’s neck. “You know, when I was batting your balls around, I was worried I was going to break you. But I never wanted to do that, you’re different from the other boys, I knew it. When Ken Culver got his balls broken, I was afraid of doing it again, but you gave me confidence.”
Emily brought one of her arms down to John’s nether regions, tenderly fondling John’s aching orbs, bringing him gut-tearing pain; all John could do was let Emily violate him, unable to take any initiative.
“Your testicular circumference is 9 inches. When I worked Ken, while his testicles were ruptured, it was 12 inches. And as far as I’m concerned, you have a much higher potential.”
Emily gently pinched John’s epididymis, like she had done at the start. She smiled, landing a kiss on John’s chin, before standing.
“The truth might be John, I do like you. I put my entire back into that blowjob, and my kicks.”
Emily pulled her raven hair to the side, picking out strands of semen from it, flicking it to the carpet. She crouched down, her breasts providing a cushion as she pressed herself against her own knees. Slowly, she unstrapped John from his confines.
“I hope you get better John, better soon. I can’t wait for it.” Emily grinned.
Thanks for reading my story! I would really appreciate feedback/criticism. I’ve just started getting into the ballbusting writing world, mainly I’ve written about what engages me in particular, without taking into account other people's interests.
Not sure if I'll extend this particular narrative in the future, but it's always possible! (I have many ideas) I would really like to know if the overall tempo is enjoyable! I tried aiming at a good mix between pain, pleasure, and narrative; also, flavorful descriptions.
If anyone feels like I could improve on any of those points, I would love to hear! I want to create interesting, fappable, cohesive stories centered around females beat’n balls :) Thanks!
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Go for Gold in 2020.

Tommy Lasorda famously said “No matter how good you are, you're going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are, you're going to win one-third of your games. It's the other third that makes the difference.”
Baseball is a predictable sport with most teams and players ending the season about where they were projected. Over 162-games the league’s worst team will win – even the league-worst Detroit Tigers won 47 in 2019. In a season, any team can win a streak of games only to regress – an explosive Seattle team started last year 13-2 only to crash to a 68-94 record.
The announcement of a 60-game season on Tuesday scraps the foundation of baseball’s seasonal expectations. In a 60-game season, Washington would not have made the playoffs. Philadelphia would have finished atop the NL East despite ultimately fading into an 81-81 record and both Colorado and San Diego would have only been two games outside of a playoff spot despite finishing near the bottom of the National League with a 71-91 and 70-92 record respectively.
Every game in 2020 is worth 2.7 games in any other season. Last year Tampa Bay was the final AL Wild Card team with 96 wins, a feat that would only require 35.5 wins in 2020 – Minnesota was the final AL Wild Card team in 2017 with 85 wins, 31.4 wins in 2020. To be playoff eligible, a team would need to be barely a .500 team.
If a 162-game season is a marathon, a 60-game season is an all-out sprint. Detroit’s 8-4 start in 2019 represents one-fifth of the total games played in 2020 and would place them at the top of the AL Central, tied with Minnesota. Over the same two-week span this season, rosters will be expanded to 30 players. Detroit is gearing up to be competitive in 2021 and should be encouraged by this shortened season to be audacious and go for it all now.
In March, it was widely expected that Matt Manning, Casey Mize, and Tarik Skubal would spend time in Detroit in 2020, albeit in the fall. The trio dominated in Double-A in 2019, as they have at every level of play, combining for 306 strikeouts and a 2.68 ERA over 254.2 innings. While prospect growth is not always linear, for some it is just that simple -- the trio has earned a shot.
If they struggle, Detroit will wind-up where analysts predict -- a league-worst 20-40 record and the trio now debuting in 2021. If they succeed, Detroit’s rebuild would be validated and embolden a free agent spending spree in the offseason.
Savvy offensive improvements in Austin Romine, C.J. Cron, and Jonathan Schoop have bolstered what was the league’s worst offense. Calling up Isaac Paredes and Spencer Torkelson to fill out the infield and Alex Faedo as long relief/spot starter would be improvements if they are not overmatched during the next month of “spring” training.
Add a few last-minute signings with two of Sam Dyson, Andrew Cashner, or Arodys Vizcaino for quality relief and an available outfielder like Carlos González, who from 2016-2018 he managed an above-league-average on-base percentage, and Detroit looks like a team could go over .500. If the first few weeks go well, the trade deadline is set for August 31.
The outlook of the MLB has shifted and teams that are able to capitalize will be the teams that find success. A combination of an all-but cancelled minor league season, high-performing minor league players, the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expiring after 2021, and a season without an innings limit has created the perfect storm for Detroit to make a calculated bet on its future.
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Formulating Football Predictions and Best Betting Tips

Football is increasing its popularity all over the world. Fans had dominated the web and the football arena by storm. The football fever is contagious. The fever went on for months even days till the final matches, which is every 4 years and in different locations all over the world.
Asia, North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa had all participated in the much awaited FIFA World Cup. Countries and teams prepare for the momentous event where they will defend their country and win the prize.
Season after season, fans and enthusiasts are attentive, online and offline for the matches' games' misses and hits. They are so focused on each teams round-off, scores, statistics, and football predictions. Watch channel after channels for the best scores and soccer predictions in order to place their bets on the most favorable team or their most favorite team.
Placing football bets can be confusing and requires a lot of research and background. You need to be at least familiar with the team's history and the players' current stats. Researching your team and your team's opponents are crucial. Any information is important before placing your bet.
Here are some relevant football betting tips that you may think about before you place your bets on any of the teams:
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I've been typed as everything from ISTP to ENTJ. Somebody help me?

I've taken lots of tests and have made lots of type me threads, and I've been typed as all NTs, xSTP, and ENFP. Since I haven't received a conclusive result yet, I want to try something new. Could somebody ask me some sort of questions to help figure out my type? Thanks.
How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
16M. Probably 3w4 enneagram-wise. I'm going to be a junior in high school, I want to go to an Ivy, and my interests are pretty varied: business, politics, economics, marketing, history, philosophy, writing, filmmaking, fashion. I want to be some sort of entrepreneuwritefilmmaker before turning to politics, with the ultimate goal of the Presidency. High hopes, I know. I thought I was an ENTP but feel like I'm very, very ambitious and do have a vision for the future, which seems more xNTJ.
Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
Maybe ADHD? Never officially diagnosed because Asian parents, but some teachers have said I have all the symptoms-- messiness, lack of focus, impulsivity. No way to know for sure, but I'd bet money that I am ADHD.
Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
My parents are Indian immigrants, and I'd say they raised me in a pretty stereotypical 'Indian' fashion-- upper-middle class, high academic expectations, religious (Hindu). As a young kid (until I was 10), I used to be into Hinduism and felt bad it wasn't 'mainstream' in the US, feeling like I should convert more people to make it 'cooler'. But eventually, I realized, going to the temple and praying is incredibly boring, so I decided to just stop being religious. My parents (ISTJ mom, ESFJ dad) and I don't really get along-- they place a lot of emphasis on keeping things tidy and doing things the 'right' way-- my personal philosophy is 'if it works, it works'. If I can find stuff, what's the point of extending the effort to keep my room clean? If I get a good grade, why does it matter when and how I study?Â
What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Full-time high school student. I have a love-hate relationship with school. The subjects themselves kind of bore me, math and science especially. History is okay, but I hate being told what to study. If I want to read about Julius Caesar, I will. If I want to learn about the Founding Fathers, I will. But my history classes go so into detail about periods and people I don't care all too much about. At the risk of sounding like an elitist or a douche, I don't want to learn about average people-- I want conquest, adventure, ideology. All these factors mean I procrastinate a lot school-wise. But while I find the subjects boring, there's a certain satisfaction to having mastery over a concept-- it's very satisfying and kind of therapeutic looking at a row of math problems and being able to solve them without without breaking a sweat.
If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
There was a study done, I forget the specifics, that being in a group lowers the participant's IQs and critical thinking skills-- the larger the group, the more negative impact. This vibes with my personal opinion-- I like people to an extent, hanging out sometimes is fun. But, it's hard to think for yourself when you're not by yourself, y'know? Social interaction and isolation are like a give-and-take: if I spend lots of time by myself, I'll come out the other side ready to socialize, and vice-versa. So it depends-- if it's after a long period of socializing, I will welcome a low-key weekend where I just chill. But if I spent the entire week locked up, I'd prefer a bit of interaction.Â
What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I used to not like sports that much when I was a kid. When I was really, really little (like 4 or 5), I really enjoyed fucking with people and breaking things and other physical stuff, but then I got into books/reading and spent the next few years reading at the expense of everything else. I started becoming a lot more social at the age of about 9 or 10, and a few years after that, like 12 or 13, I started actually enjoying sports-- mostly individual stuff like tennis, I suck at team sports. I enjoy nice weather-- sunny, blue skies, slight breeze so it's not too sunny-- but other than that, I tend to stay inside and chill.Â
How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I have lots of ideas, usually stemming from some sort of 'what if' thought or as a branching off of someone else's ideas-- if someone tells me an idea, I find myself playing around with their ideas and branching off of it, creating new variations and ideas. When I have an original idea, it goes something like this: I think of some sort of what if statement that probably was subconsciously present in my brain from a previous conversation-- for example, 'what will people do if they thought they were going to die soon'-- and then come up with lots of answers which I like to play with and connect with each other. Once I get an idea I like, I usually to some extent focus on that one idea (while still thinking of other possibilities in the back of my head) and improving it.
Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
Sure, that could be fun. I chase leadership positions because of the prestige, but I'm motivated to actually do well because of enlightened self-interest-- I do well, people admire me, I do bad, people look down on me. When I get a leadership position, my first move is to always understand the situation logically-- how can I make decisions when I don't understand all the factors and people in play? Information gathering-- talking to people, reading stuff, figuring out the issues first-hand, getting experts to help me-- is key. Once I get a sense of the problems, I'd try to create an ordered list of which problems to solve-- which ones are causing the most harm, which ones once removed would help me solve the other ones most, etc? The Pareto Principle (80-20 ratio) is something I consider. I notice in group projects and the like, I often end up being the 'leader' simply because I have an idea of what we should do and others don't, and they seem to think I'm smarter than them, so they just follow me.Â
Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
Not really. Back in the day, I used to be in Boy Scouts and found woodworking kinda fun. I also enjoyed drawing, but the only thing I could draw were weapons and castles. Go figure.
Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
Sort of answered this. I really like aesthetics-- photography, architecture, paintings, fashion. I can't really voice why other than the pretty obvious 'beautiful things are beautiful'.Â
What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
I think about the future and the past a lot to the detriment of the present. I often think about the past and feel nostalgic or indulge in 'what ifs'-- what if I made this decision rather than that one. I also think about the future and where I see myself in 10 or 20 years. The present, however, is kind of boring to me.
How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
I usually just help them. I want people to like me, so I'll help them out.Â
Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Kind of. If I'm ever hypocritical, there's a voice in my head pointing it out. I usually try to ignore it, because I want to be effective, and sometimes that requires doing things that don't fit into your logic system. But recently, I've been just modifying my beliefs and thoughts a lot to accommodate my actions, because otherwise it bugs me.
How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
I wish I could be efficient. I always think about finishing this or that, but I don't have that much focus. I always try to improve my productivity, with some success so far. Being productive definitely feels good.
Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I believe everyone has fundamental desires, goals, hopes. If you know them, it's fairly easy to get them to do what you want by dangling what they want in front of them. I don't go around doing it for fun, but I do have the ability to analyze people, figure out what they want, and using it to get my way.Â
What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Listed them already. I enjoy history and economics because the 'cause-effect' aspect of it is so fascinating. This happens, causes a butterfly effect, so on and so forth. That's why I enjoy high-level history rather than the nitty-gritty except when it comes to my favorite historical figures-- I care about historical trends and changes, not specifics. I like philosophy because it gives you an interesting lens with which you can view the world. Business and marketing are interesting because they include lots of mental experiments-- if we did this, what would happen? What can we do to get this to happen? Etc. I like writing/filmmaking/storytelling for the same reason-- exploration of ideas and wacky antics. Already talked about why I like fashion/aesthetics.Â
What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I like classes with back and forth where you can ask lots of questions and provide lots of input. I like teachers who lecture as long as their lectures are interesting. Not a big fan of experiments-- I prefer learning theory.
How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
I'm not a natural strategist, since I find the agonizing over details and stuff boring. But on a more general level, I'm pretty good at planning. The way I like to achieve goals is by having a 'goal board'-- I keep a list of goals I want to accept. When I have to make a decision, I assess how each choice would impact my chances of reaching my goals, and make the decision that I think will help the most.
What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
President professionally. I want to write my name in the history books. Personally, no idea? There are some girls I know I wouldn't mind getting with, but I'm not too sure on marriage-- it seems awfully limiting. Maybe I'll change my mind if I fall in love-- if true romantic love does actually exist, because I'm not sure it is.
What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Failure, ridicule, anonymity. I need to know or at least think I'll be successful before I can make any decisions or do any work. If I think I'll fail, I'll be filled with anxiety, paralyzed, and unable to do anything.Â
What do the "highs" in your life look like?
I'm confident, with the belief I'll succeed in life, socially recognized, with a good amount of friends.Â
What do the "lows" in your life look like?
The opposite. I believe I'll be a failure, nobody knows me and/or everyone looks down on me, people who used to be my friends aren't anymore.
ow attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream a lot, but I am fairly aware of my surroundings even when in thought.
Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
The past, the future? College applications? What I hope to do before summer break ends? Girls? Idk, there's any number of things to think of. I'll probably jump from topic to topic.
How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
I'm either very, very cautious and deliberate, making sure everything is in it's right place before doing anything big, or 'lol fuck it YOlO'. For example, there was this girl I wanted to DM on instagram. She didn't know me, so I didn't want to come off as creepy. To make sure I got a response, I posted a lot of pictures over a few months that showed me being a normal kinda cute guy her age, so she would know I'm not a creep or anything. Only then did I DM her.
How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
I'll be honest, I don't understand or like my emotions. I try to just avoid strong feelings of negativity.Â
Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
All the time. There's no point to disagreeing, it does nothing productive. Just agree with them and keep vibing.
Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
I break rules if it helps me get what I want. I think rules are important for society, but often there are benefits to an individual for circumventing them.
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[Let There Be Dragons] Part 39

R’Chard waited just long enough for James to accept what he was seeing was real. It took a little longer than he thought, but given that swipe about being winged lizards, stepping outside the realm of what he knew probably wasn’t his first choice.
“How old are you?” James asked.
“If I was in Golgotha instead of that cave in Shetland, I’d have watched the most famous crucifixion in history take place.”
James paled, then swallowed and cleared his throat. “Two thousand years?”
R’Chard blinked slowly once. He wasn’t in the habit of repeating himself … ever.
“And this is real,” James said, taking half a step towards his employer. “I’m actually working for a dragon.”
“If you like, I can bite you to give you a permanent reminder.”
“No!...No, I’m good … thank you all the same, sir.” He drew a deep breath and released it slowly. “Are you old, for a dragon, sir?”
R’Chard bobbed his head again, then shifted back into his human form and redressed. “I’ve had a long life, James, albeit a lonely one. I genuinely thought I would be going to my grave without ever knowing the pleasure of a female.”
“You were a virgin?” When Richard’s gaze sliced to him, James flared his fingers in apology. “That … I … I am so sorry, sir. That was not meant to escape my lips …”
“Your brain is still in shock and your filters haven’t re-established themselves,” Richard stated, deciding to cut him some slack, this once. “But you might as well know now, there is a reason I never tested the waters where the human fairer sex was concerned.” He paused to see if James would ask, and when he didn’t, Richard continued, “Base needs of all manner kick in during sex, and at the end of the day, your kind are a tasty entrée. Many a human have had their heads bitten off during a mating with a dragon.”
“I’m betting the females didn’t know they were ... mating with dragons at the time.”
“Females of either species respond to a hoard.” Thinking of K’Mala, R’Chard twitched his head and added, “Usually. K’Mala and I were vying for the same treasure, and ended up agreeing to share it.”
“So, why are you giving me the honour of being the first human you ever showed that side of things to?”
“A multitude of reasons. Well, two very big ones to start with. One involving next Saturday, and one involving your thoughts on how to avoid a future when the writing is on the wall.”
“Prudence dictates the sooner one be discussed first,” he said.
Richard agreed and sat down behind his desk, hitting the buttons to unlock the doors and windows. Two of James’ men came in straight away but settled when they saw nothing had happened to either their boss or their employer and James waved them off. “Shut the door on the way out. Mr Hackman and I are in conference.”
“Yes, sir,” The nearest one said, and they both retreated from the room, shutting the door behind them. Richard locked the door once more, but this time he knew James was aware it was for privacy and not containment.
“What surprises am I to expect during your wedding and subsequent reception, sir?”
Richard clasped his hands and ran them over his lips. “The bride’s mother and I have a …” he breathed out, deciding since he was already in this deep … “Cards on the table. In my youth, I was jealous of dragons with females and I hunted them down. The moniker of R’Chard the Cruel came about because I would slaughter the patriarch or family groups in front of their mates and offspring and take their hoards for my own.”
He rolled one hand palm up, refusing to apologise for past events.
“If you were human, I’d kill you myself for that,” James said.
“If I were human, you'd probably succeed,” Richard countered. “And many, many dragons tried. Even more, when it became apparent I was one of the last, then the last black dragon in the United Kingdom.”
“And here I thought Saint George killed the dragon…”
A dragon, James. A green to be precise. His name was N’Sser, and he was a lazy moron who deserved to be beheaded. He’s also still the laughing stock of the whole species for allowing himself to be taken back to Silene in a makeshift lead like a damned pet! I tell you, he was lucky Saint George took his head, because we’d have done a lot worse to him, had he escaped.”
As Richard's anger grew, he looked up at James challengingly. “I mean, who hides in a pond and just waits for a city to trot their loved ones out to him like meals on wheels?” Richard raised his hand. “What was he? Part frog?”
When he saw James was smirking at him, he realised his own hand had been raised above his head in frustration and lowered it to the desk. “Yes, it is still something that those of us remember find bloody ridiculous, and I hope he’s rotting in whatever corner of hell he’s inhabiting.”
“Do you believe in Christianity, sir?”
“Most mythologies have a version of Hell for the ‘bad people’, James. Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on that.”
“I wouldn’t have picked your kind to be very religious at all, sir.”
“Good call. We’re not. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cherry-pick wording when it’s appropriate.”
“What has all of this got to do with your upcoming nuptials, sir?”
“K’Mala’s dam is one of those families I destroyed, and she went mad in the process.” He twisted his lips together. “The way I hear it, K’Lissa the Shrewd should be renamed K’Lissa the Insane. She draws in young males that are barely in their teens to breed with, then kills them after she falls pregnant.”
He shook his head and focused on the closed balcony doors, half expecting her to arrive on the pretence that she heard him say her name. “Then kills all of her offspring when there’s no females in the clutch.” He looked back at James. “The thing is, James. Females are rare. Even in my Dam’s time, females were at best, ten percent of the population. Now, they’re barely at two.”
“So she kills everything in an effort to get what is almost impossible to get.”
“Until she had K’Mala. According to K’Mala, her dam has disowned her and won’t be making an appearance at the wedding.”
“You don’t buy that?”
“I didn’t get this old by living on hope. Red dragons … are very literal.” Remembering how G’Frey had carved his name on a stone to mark the entrance to his hoard, Richard snorted and shook his head. “Very, very literal. So maybe she won’t come. But I know what I’d do if K’Mala and I had a daughter and that girl went on to marry the one dragon in existence who took K’Mala from me.”
His eyes met James and became laser-focused. “You would not be able to believe a word that came out of my mouth until the dragon responsible for her death is a smear beneath my breath weapon.” He tapped his lips thoughtfully. “Or worse. I don’t think I’d do this, but K’Lissa is just crazy enough to use K’Mala as a weapon against me.”
“In what way, sir?”
“She knows we are already a mated pair. That means, she also knows K’Mala is already carrying our first clutch.” Seeing James’ eyes widen, he raised a placating hand. “Relax, James. Dragon gestation is two years. But my point is, K’Lissa might already see her daughter as a traitor, and if she does …”
“She might do to you, what you did to her.”
“How exactly do you want me to proceed with this, sir?”
Richard looked at him, and James met his eyes without flinching. “Will I need to sequester a Javlin to take her down?”
Richard took a moment to stare at his security chief. Despite everything James had heard, he was already working out what weaponry at his disposal may or may not work towards stopping a dragon.
Assuming he wasn’t talking about a piece of sporting equipment …
“Guidance systems won’t work,” he said, getting his head back into the conversation. Never in a million years would he have thought he’d have this conversation with a human! “Electronics don’t register us. It’s hand-eye only.”
“So I’ll need to see if anyone’s got a spare…” He stopped with a snort, pinching his lips together to avoid smirking.
“A what?” Richard asked, eyeing him suspiciously.
“Don’t shoot the messenger, sir, but I was going to say, an old M47 Dragon. Only I wouldn’t be needing its electronic monitoring system if she’s basically right in front of me.”
Richard thought about that. No one had actually fired a missile at a dragon because dragons went to great lengths to not be discovered. “At the very least, it will slow her down enough for me to finish her. And that’s if K’Mala doesn’t beat me to it, for ruining our wedding.”
“I believe the term is Bridezillas, sir, and its coined for a reason. I doubt your mother-in-law would survive such an encounter if she tried to spoil that day for Miss Kamala.”
“Add the word pregnant to that phrase.”
“And your mother-in-law is probably going to hope my missile gets to her before her daughter does.”
“Let me know if you need any help arranging for the arsenal,” Richard said, focusing once more on the emails from Russia.
“Unlikely, sir, but thank you. Do you mind I step outside to make arrangements?”
Richard unlocked the door and waved him off without looking up.
Seconds later, he heard the door open and close again.
They still hadn’t brainstormed over what to do about the hatchlings, but they had two years to think of something. James was right. With the wedding right around the corner, that took priority.
* * *
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Lazarus Garcia, Son of Heracles: Speed and Style with a Smile

"First Rule of Fight Club..."
General Info
Name Aliases
Lazarus Garcia Laz, Lazzy, Garcia, and anything else you think you can get away with calling me
DOB Age Place of Birth Nationality
May 30th, 2018 16 (Soon to be 17!) Los Angeles, California Latin American
Important Relationships
Name Relation
Heracles, God of Strength and Heroes Father
Veronica Garcia Mother
David Kane Trainer, Manager

Abilities and Skills

Passive: Enhanced Strength You know what this is :)
  • One day in late middle school, Laz started leaving bruises on his instructor, David, during his training. From that day forward, Laz started pulling his blows against Dave in order to avoid seriously injuring him.
Minor Electrokinesis
Limitations: Laz can muster up enough electricity 3-5 times per day to produce a surface on his skin similar to that of an active fuse or like a shock from a dog collar. He can also generate enough sparks enough to dazzle/possibly distract someone if they are caught off guard. Drawbacks include suffering from vibrations that he can't control, blur of vision, and therefore loss of his footing during activities. The buzz would need to have direct contact and the brightemore abundant the sparks, the more vibration and vision blur he would incur.
  • The bright sparks would attract people to Laz's underground matches, not only putting on a show for all to partake in but also blinding his opponents as well for a quick takedown.
Minor Aerokinesis
Limitations: Laz can summon gusts of wind that he uses to propel himself when performing attacks or maneuvers such as spinning on the ground when performing windmill. He needs to have enough air stored in his lungs equal to the amount of air he will be manipulating, and thus ability is weakened when he is short of breath or cannot breath at all. This also tires him out as physical activity would.
  • Laz had been completing laps faster at the gym as he entered his freshman year of high school. I guess training had been paying off after all.
Combat Expertise He will not matrix your shit, I promise
Laz has a fairly good knowledge how his opponent may move and their limitations as well as his surroundings and using them to navigate combat. He learns martial arts at a slightly faster pace than normal people. Though he may have a fair knowledge of combat, everyone is not an open book and so it will take a fair amount of time for him to learn the specifics of combat against an opponent or teacher.
  • Lazzy used to sit and watch tapes that David would take in the underground fighting ring, learning his opponents moves for weeks before Dave would schedule his fight. Once the download was complete, no one stood in his way.
Preferred Fighting Techniques


  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Plays a hearty game of Chess
  • Gymnastics/Parkour
  • Can't sing but loves to try
On Person
  • Bracelets and Anklets that are a tight fit to his skin and look like so that will look like this when he activates them in combat (except a nice pink color).
  • A backpack full of memories from the life he left behind him
    Sword of Zethes
Use: Normal sword that also provides chilling effects to his aerokinesis while using it.
  • Celestial Bronze sword stuff
  • North-Wind Aerokinesis: While using the sword as a focus, Lazarus can instead provide chilling effects from his aerokinesis instead. This can be something like creating a blast of air capable of freezing water or creating ice on the ground. Same drawbacks from the power before apply.
Destruction: Should the sword break, an icy blast will explode outward in a 15 foot radius. Keep it in one piece

Appearances Are Key

Faceclaim Height Weight Hair Eyes Skin
Lazarus Garcia 5'10" 165 Black with a lil' touch of brown Hazel Caramel
Lazzy isn't buff by any standards, but he is lean. He has enough muscle on him to be visible but nothing worthy of flaunting. He typically has his hands in his pockets and walks with near perfect posture, generally sporting a smile as he just kinda vibes makes his way around. He keeps his hair short on the sides but gives it more freedom on the top, though always keeping it out of his eyes. He always has his bracelets and anklets on, he really loves the color of them.


Lazarus loves to joke around, always looking for the opportunity for a quick quip in conversation. He's never really hostile, even when it comes to combat he tries to keep the atmosphere quite light. He is a loyal friend who puts others before himself, he would give the shirt off his back just as his mother raised him. Laz loves to be hands on in projects or activities and has a strong work ethic, dedicating himself to a cause until the job is done right. Although Laz has a strong self image, he never refuses help, seeing it as an opportunity to get things done faster and more efficiently. He gives everything his all and is not one to give up unless failure is handed to him all wrapped up with a ribbon and yes, that is the only way he will accept it thank you very much. Laz also has a thirst for style, it has never been enough for him to succeed. He has to go above and beyond with flying colors literally in order for him to remotely consider his completion a success. He would have brought fireworks with him but the are apparently illegal on long island much to his disappointment.


  • Martial Arts
  • Music (Specifically 70's and 80's)
  • Sci-fi/Supernatural
  • Exercise
  • Chess (and Board Games in general)


Lazarus Garcia was born to a wonderful mother with a father who left them at birth in Los Angeles, California. His mother struggled to make ends meet as a single parent, but she took as many jobs as she could to support her son and her. As a barista at a local coffee shop, Veronica fell in love with a daily patron who turned out to Heracles, God of Strength and Heroes. She had hidden that fact from her son in fear of what to come, but little did she know that all the pieces had been falling into place...
Fast forwarding about 10 years, Lazarus had grown up to be a cheerful boy and loved spending time with his mother in the little time they had between her job and sleep schedule. They would take walks along the street and Laz would tell her of her day and she would eat up every second of it. One day they stumbled across a karate studio, something Laz had been interested in after watching programs like Power Rangers and WWE, he really just wanted to look cool and strong like the idols he looked up to. Greeted by David Kane, Laz and his mother decided to sign him up for classes that he would take after school. Veronica decided it was a good way to keep her son active and supervised instead of hurting himself trying to copy the moves on the TV at home, alone.
As the years went by, Laz and David grew close and spent extra time training daily. They indulged in different styles of combat together, with Laz developing a love for Capoeira. He learned technique at incredible speeds, and often times ended up learning things before David could even attempt to teach him. He used to take to illegal underground fights where they would make money off of David betting on Laz and Laz's victory earnings. Laz would redirect all his earnings to his mother, who found the steady income strange but thanked her son for the contribution rather than questioning him for it. One day after practice, Laz went home and stripped down to get in the shower. He looked at himself in the mirror as he made his way by the sink to enter the shower, when met with a warm sensation across his shoulders. In the mirror he saw a flaming lion head above him, quickly rushing into the running water of the shower to put it out. He looked back up as he closed the curtain but the head was gone, leaving a lot of shower thoughts in Laz's head.
The next morning he spoke of the vision with his mother, and she was brought to tears, finally having to confess her love of Heracles to her son. She handed Laz the gift left behind to him by his father, magical anklets and bracelets for his hands and feet. He held his mother in his arms and reassured her that everything would be ok with a grin, after all he was the son of a God. After this, Laz continued to train with David until he was comfortable with his ability to protect himself, making just enough money for a flight to Camp Half Blood and leaving his mother with more than enough money to take the stress of multiple employers off her. He shook David's hand and hugged his mother at the airport, trying to get to Camp before anything went awry.

Present Day

Laz strolled into camp with nothing but the clothes on his back and a few memories slung across his back. His bracelets were on display and glowed blue with electricity that swirled around their outer edge, serving as a faint light in the darkness in which he forgot a flashlight. He fixes his hair and rubs his eyes and the bracelets dim, attempting to clear his blurry vision that came as a side effect to his power. David's words echo in his head as he cracks a smile, whispering them to himself.
"You do not talk about fight club..."
(Edited 7/14 to add Sword of Zethes)
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Sports Betting, like all skills, is something that will take time to master. Don’t be impatient, bet reasonably and take it as it comes. If the above principles are kept and you keep a positive and rational attitude throughout, you will learn how to be successful in sports betting. To succeed in your sports betting choose the bet online Enjoy the advancement of technology. There are in France a dozen bookmakers , that is to say online betting sites . Online bets make it possible to follow the evolution of the coasts in real time, to make comparisons, to make redistributions. Sports betting is a risk taking activity, it is how you are rewarded, and if you want to be successful then embracing risk is critical.?As punters we must embrace risk and not be afraid. As a participant in the sports markets we are risk takers. We have to take risks in order to achieve reward ? this is our reason for betting. For example for American Sports, Pinnacle Sports and Matchbook allow for high stakes as well, British Horse Racing is another good possibility on Betfair and Betdaq. However, it should be noted that early market odds will often have low limits and restricted betting until the market develops in the days leading up to the event. Sports betting should always be fun to some extent, even if your ultimate goal is to make money. Avoid sports betting becoming more of a chore than a choice by taking regular breaks. This will help to keep it enjoyable, and coming back with fresh perspective can help with making good decisions too.

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