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What am I? Other than confused.

NOTE: Okay, this turned into a novel. I'm sorry. I'm leaving it because I need to express this, and believe it's available for someone to see or read. Feel free to down vote/delete.
First, if this is the wrong sub-reddit for this I apologize. It's difficult to find the terms to describe what I'm feeling. It's even more difficult to search Reddit for them.
Second, when describing my feelings I may use stereotypes. These are not meant to offend, only to simplify the sharing of an emotional state. I could probably find other ways to express myself, but I am very tired and I just want someone to talk to.
Third, I understand that in today's world people resist being placed in boxes with categories on them. I understand this, and why. I'm trying to understand what planet I'm on, much less what box I'm in.
I have trust issues. My childhood taught me that control is everything, and trust is a form of control. By trusting you, or my psychiatrist, or whomever, I am granting a degree of control to that person over my life. In the past the expression of variations of what I'm posting have resulted in a beating, molestation, and rape. I have serious control issues as a result of those encounters and a childhood rampant with abandonment and lies. I have no friends because when someone gets close to me, I wall them off. I can't risk them discovering the truth about who I am.
I'm going to try and stick to the truth here. That seems obvious to you, but I've lied for so long, so often, and so convincingly that sometimes I believe the lie.
I have always cross dressed. At age five I can remember my younger sister's underwear. White cotton with a purple My Little Pony with wings on the front, purple lace embroidery. At age seven I discovered my older sister's training bras. I've never felt so safe and comfortable in a piece of clothing. Pink, lace, ribbons, they were so pretty. And of every bra I ever wore, those fit.
When I was nine I was diagnosed with diabetes. My family had never wanted me before, now it was worse. I received three hours of training to live my life on, with no one else in the room but me. I made the doctor's appointments, I decided my insulin, I decided what I could and couldn't eat. My diabetes caused my parents to divorce because they could not afford me. My Dad's prominent suggestion was to surrender me to the state. My Mom objected. My Dad let me know where I stood when he tried to bludgeon me in the head with a unicorn statue, and told me he wished I had died before they diagnosed me.
When I was ten I would take my bike and ride ten miles to another town. There, I would go into any major retailer and I would steal panties and a bra. Sometimes pantyhose. Sometimes a swimsuit. I couldn't wear the clothing on the outside, but I could at least wear the underwear. I'd travel to McDonald's, go into the handicapped stall, and put on my new treasures. And I'd spend the day at the mall or game stores or whatever I wanted, happy. End of the day I'd go back, discard the contraband, and ride home. (Funny story: I've actually wiped with a leaf before because I had to use the restroom on the ride back and could not hold it. Side of the road poop.)
When I was eleven my Mom abandoned my sister and I to ourselves. My sister was sixteen and she worked two jobs to pay the bills that she could, to keep a house over our heads. When my sister went to work, I reveled in an empty house with access to female clothing. I spent days in a pink prom dress with white gloves. I discovered slips and baby dolls and all the lingerie a girl keeps hidden from her father. I discovered I like short skirts, and the feeling of the cloth brushing against my thigh. I discovered that dresses are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever designed. And I discovered headbands and makeup... although after my sister asked me to leave her makeup alone, thinking I was just fucking with it, I didn't do much else there.
Before going any further I want to mention that in terms of toys, I played with Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie, and Transformers. The last one throws me, but they are one of the great loves of my life. I don't remember if I played with them because I wanted to, or because I didn't have access to other toys. That's part of the confusion. I don't do sports, at all. I don't do alcohol at all, although that's more related to my control issues.
My Dad discovered my Mom had left us when we had to ask him for money to buy insulin. He came and got me. Left my older sister to fend for herself. (She was my half sister, mother's side.) I didn't have my own room, I had a distaste for my younger sister's clothing (and everything), and I decided I was going to man up. After all, if my Dad caught me in girl's clothing I very much doubt I'd have survived the beating.
So I went on a fucking spree.
Sidestep. I imagine a lot of the folks here are on the wrong side of the tracks, and they know what I mean when I say teenagers don't want to be told their world is crazy. For example, Andrea, had eight broken fingers one day when I saw her. I asked her what happened; her Dad had broken her fingers in the car door because she had spilled a soda in his car. Now, two ways to go: 1) that's fucked up! Call CPS! NOW! Your Dad's a fucking monster! 2) that sucks, you want a cigarette? I'll hold it for you.
1 might be the correct reaction socially, but it's not the one the teen wants to hear. They want normalcy. They want to love their father because it's their father. 2 doesn't help them recover, or heal, but it will get you laid faster.
Another shining example of humanity: Sunshine was ten when her Dad started fucking her nearly nightly. He gave her her mother's birth control to keep her from getting pregnant. She had normalized sex to protect herself. She'd have sex with anybody if she found you attractive. It wasn't a big deal to her.
Twenty of those kind of girls. I took advantage of them, I used them, ages 13 to 16. They needed help, a friend, someone they could trust, and they got me. I was the monster. I was doing the damage. I cannot forgive myself for this behavior, and I have no way to atone. This haunts me.
Between eleven and sixteen I was parried back and forth between my parent's houses. They each routinely failed to pay child support. And each time that failure occurred, I was packed up and dropped off at the home of the person who failed to pay. Once, because my Dad didn't know where my Mom had moved, he dropped me off at my aunt's house. Without explaining anything to them. I had no room at my Mom's house and a stepfather who believed it was funny to take a knife and/or scissors and pretend to stab me after dumping water on my face while I was sleeping. (I won. At 16 I put him in the hospital after he asked my younger sister to suck his dick. My mother divorced him shortly thereafter.)
I can't blame them. I cost a lot to keep alive.
When I was thirteen puberty hit hard. And I went back to cross dressing. I stole lingerie from the laundry room in the apartments. If I didn't have gym that day, I'd wear it to school. There was a feeling of euphoria for me when I dressed, a sense of right that I didn't have otherwise. I can't explain this to anyone, I've never successfully conveyed this feeling. It just feels RIGHT.
At fifteen I met Matt at a party. A friend bet Matt and I that we wouldn't french kiss each other for $25. We did, we won. A few beers later and I was in the bathroom enthusiastically blowing Matt. (It's funny how it seems a large number of men believe it's only homosexual/gay/bisexual if the penis is in their mouth; it's perfectly acceptable to receive a blowjob though.)
Later I met Beck (Rebecca). She was pissed because she got a Honda Accord for her birthday and not a BMW like she wanted. Her mom was a lawyer, he dad was an airline pilot, they did well. Beck decided she wanted to cause a scandal for them and get pregnant. She chose me as the sperm donor and I complied. Success, she disappeared, two months later I see her and she has her BMW. And she's not pregnant.
This was a wake up call to me. That had been my child. And sure, I hadn't thought about it before, but now it was gone and no one had even talked to me? I swore that I would always take care of my children. (Pertinent, I promise.)
Sixteen I moved out. I used to say my father kicked me out, but he had given me a choice. "Obey him, completely, or get out." I chose get out. I couch surfed for a while and ended up on the street. I was approached by an older man with a common offer, I'm sure: "Blow me, and I'll pay you." $50.00 for ten to fifteen minutes work in a car let me stay in a rundown hotel, get dinner, and stash away some cash for my insulin. He came back a few nights later and a routine developed. I found a few others, and managed to stay afloat.
Six months later my older sister found me and invited me to live with her. She didn't know how I was surviving. She didn't ask. I took her up on her offer. She had Internet. I met people online, one was a woman. She came up to meet me, liked me, and moved in with me with my sister. (Awkward, and rude of me. I was thinking with my penis.)
Eventually she got pregnant. I was not sure of my sexuality, I was not sure about the cross dressing and how it fit in, but I had sworn to care for my children. So we got married.
Every year she would visit family with the kid. Every year I would order clothes from online retailers and have it delivered while she was gone. Every moment she wasn't in the house, I was cross dressed. Prior to her arrival home, I would discard everything I had purchased, and make sure the trash was secure.
It's fifteen years later. I still dress. When I masturbate, I imagine myself as the woman - never the man. I imagine being penetrated and handled and dominated. I realized the other day I had started this trend when young. In the days of BBSes text was more prevalent, and I had often used short stories written with a female protagonist in them. Those were the stories I had kept returning to. I didn't want a description of a woman's mouth on my penis. I wanted a description of a man's penis thrusting into me.
Life has transformed me into a person I never wanted to be. I'm an alpha male who stands on his property line and beats his chest to keep his neighbor from screaming at his daughter. I'm the person people come to in order to find solutions for their problems, both professionally and personally. Everyone treats me like I'm fucking brilliant when I couldn't get any farther from that. I've simply reacted, and lived. And now I have nowhere to go, no one to ask when I need help. Even professionally, if I'm stumped, I'm screwed.
I won't want to be responsible. I don't want to be dominant. In all my years of marriage my wife has never once initiated physical contact with me. (Later I found out that she had been molested, and this disengagement made sense. So you have a bi/trans? guy married to a woman who's happiest with no physical contact. Perfect!) I want someone else to do the work, I just want to cook dinner and give my man a beer when he comes home. I want him to touch my back after we've gone to bed, stroke my hair, compliment me, initiate. I want him to want me in the basest manner possible. I want him to take care of me, and in turn, I'll take care of him.
And here's the stereotypes. Women seem smarter, more empathetic, more capable. A female friend will dig you for small slights and have your back on anything substantial. A woman you can talk to about emotions and she doesn't judge you. Women can express their emotions without society shitting on them. And women have so many ways to express themselves. I know men can dress as they want, but as far as society norms go, I'm in jeans or slacks, polo shirts, and tennis shoes. Every man I know dresses like that. In my mind though I want dresses, necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, long beautiful hair, and curves. Oh my God the curves. Women don't like their thighs, I'd kill for them. For that waist, for that figure. For the beautiful nose and small ears and petite feet and fine architecture of their faces. For the makeup there's so much I'd have to learn, but it's awesome. And when I see a celebrity in one of those gorgeous dresses they wear with their hair up and a tiara and their beauty it makes my heart hurt. I want to be like that. And saying my heart hurts is like saying Hiroshima was an exercise in explosives.
Do I want this because I hurt a bunch of women? Is this a punishment for me? Do I want this because I want to feel wanted? But at age 5 I wouldn't have had that emotion yet. Do I want this because I want to be different? Well, I'm already definitively bi and a cross dresser, not sure it's much of a stretch from there. Gah...
Oh, and shoes. Boots. Oh my God I love boots. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel when they hug your calf, I love them so much I scared a woman the other day because I complimented her boots, and I think she thought I was psycho. After all, men can't make compliments like that. Or compliments at all. I love complimenting people. That's an awesome dress, very nice print. Your hair looks incredible today. You look so nice today! Not that you look bad on other days... But I CAN'T. I LITERALLY CAN'T COMPLIMENT A WOMAN. Because to HR it's hitting on them. Ah?
Why now? My mother is dying. When I was twelve, when I "went male," I swore that neither of my parents would ever know what a freak I was. At the time I hadn't expected to reconcile with my Mom (shit Mom, awesome Grandma) but a little perspective and experience with mental illness made me realize why and how she was the way she was, and I could no longer blame her - only society.
My father passed away when I was 21. Up until now I've dealt with these feelings by cross dressing and imagining myself as a pretty woman (an image shattered any time a mirror makes an appearance). But now my mother has literally weeks to live and I don't know what to do with how I feel. I have children, a wife, a job. I'd love to go and get a sex change and begin a new life, but I have responsibilities. (And I wouldn't be pretty, because I'm fat and old, and that possible disappointment is something I recognize.)
And I'm angry. I'm diagnosed bipolar, and I'm familiar with anger, but this is deep. I'm so fucking angry. I don't know if I'm angry because my mother has cancer, because she's dying, or because I know that I've lied to myself all these years and I will never find out what the other end of that euphoria has to offer. Because my childhood sucked ass and I've never voiced that complaint seriously? Because I'm genetically and mentally broken? No, that's my father speaking...
I'm so very angry. And confused. Everything seems wrong. Everything is a chore, a challenge, a problem. I can't remember the last time I was happy, excited about something normal. I bury my head and hope that things change but of course they don't.
I just don't know what to fucking do.

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[Table] IAmA: I was a Ballboy at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2011 and 2012

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Date: 2012-08-09
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Questions Answers
Proof? Proof up after my dinner!!
How much training did you go through; what did it entail? For my first year there were 3 stages of training. The first stage involved training at school, twice a week before school - one session fitness one session ball skills (rolling and feeding). Then if we were selected out of the 50 from school (10 places) we went to wimbledon training (1000 people for 150 places or so) which was once a week mixing fitness, ball skills and court practise) these went on for three hours. After we were chosen from this stage they basically kicked out all the bad people and focussed more on us. i met tsonga nadal and djokovic umm the mens final last year and i had tsonga a few times. i delivered towels to djokovic and nadal last year in the mens final and talked to them both :) (commence fan boying)
Thanks for the reply, dude. Men's final? Sick. Yeah I know right? It was such a live atmosphere !
Mandatory question: Who's the biggest jerk and who's the nicest player? Tsonga is such a lovely guy we were having some banter on court :) i would definitely turn for him ;) also federer is such a nice guy :) ummm ferrer was a bit of a douce because he spat in his towel which he then went on to throw in the ball kid's faces.
I knew it - Ferrer is a DOUCHE !!! Ultimate douche.
I actually met Tsonga when he was at the US Open a while ago. Nicest athlete I've ever met - just a down to earth, great guy. Yeah exactly!!
Autographs? Did you get any player equipment (sweatband, a ball used etc.). Is "the catch" famous in the ball boy world? Where you nervous you would go to get a ball and fall in front of millions (what was the most nerve racking thing you had to endure)? Did they have a physical fitness test and if so what did it entail? Did you smell Federer.. does he smell good? I bet he does. No autographs as we werent allowed to ask! we each got a tin of used balls at the end of the tournament which they were selling at about 35 i think. ahaha yeah the stage is a nerve wracking one! my friend fainted on camera XD yes three hour sessions once a week for 6 months federer smells like cream of victory.
I have a question! Are you going an answer any of these questions??? Also, proof? Yeah i can answer your questions and ill put proof up after i finish my dinner!!
THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SOME FUCKING FOOD. Ahaha i hadnt eaten since breakfast :'(
How loud are Sharapova's grunts in person? Ridiculously loud!!
How many towels does Andy Roddick go through in one match? One - unfortunately for him!! its normally dripping by the end :@
What was the punishment if you held up play by slipping or dropping a tennis ball? Nothing just the stares of the players who look at you like youre a moron.
Seems like a pretty strict job. Was it difficult to get hired? Easy to get fired? Unbelievably strict!! everything by the book or youre out. Honestly i dont know why i went through it, probably because at its peak it was really fun but yes it was incredibly strict. No electronics in case you speak to the media. No talking outside. No anything apart from stand straight, be quick and roll straight and flat.
Who has the most annoying habits? Also, who's the most uppity player? NADAL NADAL NADAL He doesnt come off as a nice guy - he is OCD extreme! you cannot interrupt his rituals.
Next time you see him can you tell Nadal not to pick his ass so much live on tv infront of millions of viewers, he does it ALL THE TiME!! Maybe someone should invent underwear for him that doesnt crawl up his butt. Or maybe he's trying to get extra attention to his shorts which he is paid to advertise? That or he's got a very itchy butt! And yes I will tell the 2nd best player in the work exactly that next tome i see him.
Does Serenas ass really look that great in person? She is a lot more intimidating in person!!! so i didnt try and peek!
Relevant. Ahaha nah i dont even find here attractive tbh - i prefer the junior girls considering they are a lot closer to my age!
Do you enjoy balls? Who doesnt ;)
Who is your favourite tennis player? Would you trust that player, William Tell style, to stand 10m away from you and knock an apple off of your head by hitting a tennis ball at it? Tsonga and federer are my favourites. NO - although Link to
What was the pay like? Umm it wasnt classified as pay because otherwise it would have been less than minimum wage!! I worked it out that it came to less than £1 per hour!! but yes we did get a 'voluntary contribution'
How do you guys deal with sitting in that crouched position through long rallies? It looks painful. Bloody hell you dont understand. One hour on one hour off crouched down for two solid weeks - it becomes very painful!!!
Have you ever been tempted to put Federer's jacket on? Yes who isnt???!?!?!?
How did you get that job? Do they look anywhere specific or is it just a standard application process? Was it volunteer work? If not, how well did pay (exact numbers not necessary)? We werent payed as such but we did receive money as a 'voluntary contribution' because it was too little of an amount to be called payment (it would class as almost slave labour if it were called payment) !! £170 for the two weeks (£10 a day plus travel expenses)
Were you there for Djokovic's matches? If so I'm jealous. No sadly :( i had him last year so kind of.
Nicest player? Worst player? Was there much snobbery? Did you get any cool goodies? Like players towels or other items? Are you actually a fan of tennis? Tsonga/ federer = best ferrer= worst snobbery in terms of what? umm yes :) got to keep all of my ralph lauren kit and got free balls, posters and some other cool stuff :) i had the british junior doubles champion (who were competing in the mens doubles) and one of them left their sweat bands down but because im not allowed to help the court coverers clear the court i had to stand there and watch somebody else pocket them :'( Yes i am a great fan of tennis and follow the slams when i can :) although there were loads of people there who werent!!
Which pro have you had the most interaction with? Do they actually acknowledge you and talk to you? Who's your favorite? Tsonga is the only one who talked to me - hes such a nice guy and a crowd pleaser!! But on the whole the players do not acknowledge you because they are so focussed on their game which I think is perfectly fine!
Are those balls hard to catch? Not with training.
Do you play tennis as well? If so, did you find that you learned more by actually being around pros than by simply practicing on your own time? Ahaha yeah i do play tennis but not competitively :) after the tournament i was SOO excited to go and play like an absolute beast because wimbledon level feels like normal after watching it for 10 hours a day for two weeks! but no it didnt help my physical game but just my mental game (choices of shots, placement etc)
Were you rooting for Murray this year? I'm assuming you're from the UK, so what was it like seeing a countryman in the Wimbledon final? Yeah the atmosphere for murrary was electric there!! i personally didnt like him before that tournament because he never showed any reason for me to like him - he was a a bit of a douche but his crying at the end kind of bucked his trend so next year im all for murray!
Did you ever want to yell Hush!!! at Sharapova? Ahaha no i wouldnt want to ruin my chances with her ;)
***** Question (madcaesar): I have a question! Are you going an answer any of these questions??? ** Also, proof? Answer (Thadderful): yeah i can answer your questions and ill put proof up after i finish my dinner!! ***** (continued below) Huh?
Have you ever worked with any BallMen? Nah the age range is 13-17.
Any players mean or rude to you? Not really!!
What tennis player was rudest to you? Nobody they were all respectful to me.
How many new balls are used in a match? Or rather, how many times is each ball re-used? One group of 6 balls is used at any one time. these 6 balls are replaced after the first 7 games and then after that 9 games (the ball change is deferred for two games for a tie break)
Have you ever wanted to throw a ball at a player while he/she serves to mess up their game? NONONO i would be kicked out!! also i have never had cause to, apart from it might be funny / to get on tv.
What is the the worst you've been treated by a tennis professional? Do any come to mind as straight up jerks? Not any that i encountered but ive heard stories - ferrer spits everywhere into his towel and expects the ballboys to handle his spit :'(
Who is the nicest female tennis player? Did you have any interactions with the tv commentators? If so, who is the nicest one? Umm i didnt have any interaction with the tv commentators - actually no Tim Henman comes down to our underground pen every year to congratulate us so him i suppose.
Nicest female tennis player was one of the juniors who was actually my age!! she was quite hot aswell actually but also very considerate of making us run :)
Shouldn't be. It's the summer holidays. The weather is nice (here at least), maybe he went outside? Or playing video games. Outside !! have to stay fit for next year!
Have you ever told a girl this hoping it would get you laid? If so, did it work? Umm no - and no.
Can you please try it and report back. Thanks. Ahaha sure - I can see the line 'im exceptionally talent with my balls' coming (ha) off pretty well :)
What's the most embarrassing screw-up you've made in your ballboy career? I haven't had that many tbh, a few slips here and there but the worst mistake I ever made was that I went to roll the ball to the base (ball bit standing up) and started to turn back to my kneeling position too early in the roll meaning that the ball bounced off my foot and across the court to the base in the other corner! I was so worried somebody saw it (ballboy staff) but I was lucky!
Did you have a chance to take part in the Olympic tournament too? No sadly i dont live in the correct borough! i would have loved to though - lots of my friends did.
Hey mate, are there going to be any answers? As a tennis player I would really like to know what Fed and Rafa are like during changeovers... The feds is a calm dude :) he didnt even take any water for like 3 whole sets once!! very calm and complacent. Rafa however is the opposite. I dont like him that much tbh - he is too fidgety and he will shout at you if you do anything to break his routines and rituals!! sorry about the delay.
In your opionion does the Higgs field theory (as in the Higgs Boson) hold enough validity to explain why objects as small as atoms hold enough energy to explain the force of nuclear explosions? Also would you care to say which upskirt view you enjoyed the most at Wimbledon? In my opinion there hasnt been enough research on the matter and we dont have enough facts to know that. Ummm myself and tsonga having banter on court or the mens final last year.
Do you plan on answering any questions? Yes.
Why do the ballboys throw 3 balls at the players and then immediately the players bounce one back? Is it in the Wimbledon regulations or something that they must throw 3? No the players ask for as many as they want but they just take all three sometimes, some take one and then ask for another if they double fault, its the player's choice.
what does RAFA shout? Vamos (come on in spanish) but it sounds like bvamos.
Hey, thanks Thadderful! I've never seen Fed drink more than a few sips between games/sets; I always wondered about that. Thanks again, mate!!! Dont worry about it :) it was ridiculous it was so hot and the other guy was practically having a bath!!
Did you have any funny slips that made it on tv? Did anyone you know? Nah i have had some slips but not on any major courts luckily enough!! the outside courts get very slippery as soon as it starts raining.
How many tennis player's balls did you fondle? Oooh too many ;)
Is this you? No but that is my friend robert from two years below - i trained him and my teacher uploaded that to youtube i thinK!
Ever met Del Potro? If so, what's he like? Nah but i saw him - he seems like a nice guy but i never met him so i cant answer fully!
Is there a hierarchy or something similar to determine which ball kids advance to the finals? Yeah definitely! In 2011 (in my experience) it was more: the better the individual the better courts you're on and therefore the better players you see! This year I found it more to be based on how good your team was so an entire team could be hindered by a vast day or a bad member. Also during training to get to the championships there is an ongoing point scoring system which is a collection of your score in various tests put together to find an overall score which is used to determine how good you are overall. Some things which would be tested are rolling accuracy over long distances (the long roll), the accuracy of rolls over short distances - hitting a can from ten feet with three attempts, the speed at which you can roll and receive (the wall bounce), your general ball skills (changing two balls between your hands as many times in 10 seconds we were getting like 30 times if you want to try!) and there were also tests on speed and ability to change direction quickly whilst handling balls (putting it down and then picking it up again on the way back etc. I hope this helped - I gave a little extra info because I'm bored and in bed but ask away of you want!
Seeing this post just reminded me: Can we get someone who washed dishes at this summer's Olympics to do an AMA? Don't know if funny or douche.
Can we have proof? And answers to questions? Yeah im getting proof now.
What's the best story you have from your time at Wimbledon? Ummm i wasnt actually on the court for the men's final last year but i went on by the players entrance 3 games in to deliver towels to djokovic and nadal into a packed centre court - it was amazng!! That or the court coverers trying to guess my name (Thaddeus) which not many people are going to guess! they went through the most ridiculous names for nearly an hour - i had to spell it out with my hand on the floor at the end!
Did you grab a lot of balls? Oooh lots!!
Did the constant rain delays bug you as much as it bugged the television viewers? No actually it was nice that it rained so much! It may not look like it but it is hard work being on court and the rain made it cooler and we also didn't have to work as much! Although we did end up passing at least a few 8 hour periods underground
Why do you have to hold the tennis balls straight up in the air before giving them to the players. It looks like referee movements, which is fine, but if it weren't on the professional stage it would just look a bit awkward don't you think? Yes very awkward!! it is supposed to look professional and if everybody does it the same way it does look good! there is no particular reason for it being straight up except thats the way we were taught!
What was the weirdest habbit/pre game routine that you saw a player do? Ummmm, Rafa is the weirdest i think, he has to have his water bottles in the correct place all the time! apart from that there are stretches and stuff, some prayers but nothing too major.
Knew a couple girls in highschool (this was before they switched back to primary and secondary schools) that got to be ballgirls at Wimbledon. Were all the ballboys/girls from the local schools or can people from other areas apply too? All local schools - its the only method of induction - check out the website if you want they have a list of schools that they take from.
How do you apply for such a position? There was an assembly at my school about it and I turned up to the training! That was it! It's only available for local schools though
Is there an upper age limit to this? 18 if youre keen but nobody does that.
Yeah 17/18 because that is the last year of school but normally people dont do it above 16.
Did you automatically get asked to work the Olympics too? No local schools were used for wimbledon however only schools from raynes park and merton got the job for the olympics.
What was the selection process like? I feel a giant game of hungry hungry hippos would be a pretty good test. Ahaha the original hunger games ;) answered elsewhere if you want to look - too long for twice.
Would you do it again? Yes if i get back in for next year, which if i do will be my last year.
So how is tiffins treating you? Haha how did you work that out? And good! Thanks for asking stalker!
Why so you bellboys and ballgirls have to act so cordial . Holding your hands in the air when passing balls etc ? Its just the way we have to work!!! it looks smart.
Who's your favourite player? Tsonga - such a nice guy and a beast on top!
How big is your ball sac, would you say? Ummm enough for three nice big tennis balls.
Why are there no Ballmen? Because they only take from schools.
On a scale from 1-handicapped, how much do your knees hurt? Fucking hell. You dont understand the pain. Two weeks of kneeling down. try it !!! they still hurt whenever i have to stand up and there were 3 inch scabs on them by the end of the two weeks.
Proof? I had it im just re uploading it
Did you have to go through a workout / training regiment before actually starting? Answered elsewhere but yes.
Have they ever considered letting you wear very thin knee pads? Say only half an inch thick so you don't look too goofy? No they are very strict about their uniform so unless they were made by ralph lauren no!
I'm sure they could pay Ralph Lauren to make some. Apparently ralph lauren PAYS THEM to be able to make their kit!!!
I never understand the concept...people decide to do AMA's, and then they split only to come back hours later to apologize and say >>I went out so that i could return to some questions but then... :D. Anyway....what do they feed you at wimbledon? What do the players eat? Do any of them have specific snacks they demand to eat while they play? We get so much crappy junk food but we get loads of it and burn off the calories so its okay!! the players eat whatever they want, i dont actually know but i would guess healthy stuff! yeah they often ask for bananas or they bring special sachets of 'juice' (legal of course)!
Advertising. Yeah exactly.
Will you answer a question? Yes.
Bone any ball girls? Nope - we all had a party on wimbledon common on the final sunday but no 'boning' for me!
Posts AMA. Doesn't answer a single question. Ahaha shit sorry - i was dragged out of the house after waiting here for half an hour! My bad everybody :(
Federer has always seemed a real gentleman to me. Yeah he is such a class act and for so long, personally i think he is the best to ever play however that is with quite a short lifespan and obviously havent seen the previous legends.
Since my knees have only just recovered. You're certainly blowing this AMA. Yeah sorry :(
She doesn't grunt during her practices, I saw her at the US open. Yeah thats true actually.
Chill out guys. It's only been an hour. He probably wants to wait for a lot of questions before he starts. Thankyou but no :( i went out XD but im here now fire away.
You should blur out your name in the proof and also the address (if it's yours). Thankyou so much! I'm on my iPod now so I can't but I'll door when get up tomorrow!
They just get to keep the kit i think.. No money aswell
Is your name alex and are you an mi6 spy. Nah not mr Rider im afraid!!! I really want to read that book again now! The book description is not much like irl which i found confusing considering horowitz went there! also its annoying alex went there and got a job without doing any training!
Ha... ball boy. So many innuendos there!
Well no questions seem to be answered. 3 of my friends were Ballboys too at Olympics this year. Sorry!!
If I had to guess, it might be because a can of tennis balls comes with 3 in it. So I guess they give them all the balls and they just throw the one they don't like back. Again, just a guess. Nah sorry mate!!
OK so I was wrong about the size of the cans. Everything else is correct though. Yeah pretty much.
Not a question, but I believe after the U.S. Open last year there was an AMA from a ballboy. If somebody could find that I think that would help a lot of basic questions. No actually there are a load of differences - firstly wimbledon is like the army compared to macdonalds (US open) in terms of strictness
I'm sorry for that douchebag Andy Roddick. Not really a question. It's just....I'm sorry. -America. Nah hes a great player and its incredible to watch him play!! but yeah.. douche.
I love it when jackasses do AMAs and then just piss off. did you let all the other ballboys snatch up the netters, too? slacker. Sorry bout that :( i did wait for quite a while - my life isnt just the computer!!
Is life as a ball boy or a ball girl anything like the stuff going on in caddy shack? Dont know what that is sorry!!
Ever taken one to the face? Nearly!!! a serve bounced off of the net post and hit the chair right next to my head!! i caught it though so i looked smooth ;)
Federer or Nadal, who's a gentleman? Someone had to ask. Let's end it once and for all, fellas. Federer is such a gentleman in my opinion compared to nadal. He just has a much more friendly and warm attitude which probably comes with years of supremacy compared to nadal who doesnt seem to hold such a nature about himself.
Do you have balls up your ass? LOLno.
PROOF MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU HAVE IT? Yes uploading on imgur now.
Right. About 50 questions so far. What is the best amount of questions to return to the AMA to actually answer things? Or is he back in school and can't actually answer? No school here starts again on september 7th.
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