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EDIT 1 I added a few things.
EDIT 2 You will probably be surprised, but the etymology and culture parts are based on real facts. History can also be easily compared with the real history of the area. Only a few events are fictional.
EDIT 3 I also bet you can’t find all Marvel references. Good luck finding all sources and references.
Here we go
In my headcanon , Zamunda is actually a tributary kingdom of Wakanda, yet internationally recognized as independent, a situation similar to Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Zamunda officially possesses most of Wakandan territory.
Prince Akeem, the future figurehead of the rich Zamundan Confederacy and T’Challa, King of the small impoverished kingdom of Wakanda :
Zamunda and Wakanda are both situated in the "Afrique des Grands Lacs" region enclosed between RDC, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. A region known for its conflicts and instability (Hutu, Tutsi genocide), its ressources, its difficulty of access, lawlessness and rebel groups. This map of Wakanda helps a lot to view its position.
Zamundia does speak in English, it’s probably situated in the eastern part of Wakanda, You just need to mentally add Zamunda’s capital at the south east between Jabarland and Drakenberg MT and to give it parts of Rwanda and DRC.
Zamunda’s territory officially encompasses all of Wakanda except the border tribe. Wakanda uses Zamunda , not as a front, but as a medium through which it conducts business, financial trading and even control its own territory. In the eyes of foreigners, the vast majority of the territory encompassing Wakanda is actually known as Zamunda’s nature reserve, an area forbidden to foreigners, tourists and visitors as a way to protect rare animals and flora : endangered gorillas, panthers, heart-shaped herb, etc. It’s the famous Drakenberg and Bashenga mountains nature reserve.
Jabari land is nowadays known as Zamunda’s mining territory and its access is restricted to the miners of the Zamundia national mining company (ZNMC), a state company and to Zamundan military forces. This restriction is due to the alleged risks posed by the White Gorilla rebels, a independence movement of Jabari tribesmen fighting against Zamundia.
The border tribe core territory is the rest of the territory. This official Wakanda, recognized by UN, poor, barely developed and made of villages. The official Wakanda is probably often helped by Zamunda through its charities and international relief funds, it’s logical as they are neighboring East Bantu kingdoms related by cultural roots and linguistics.
Wakanda Border tribe is the only nomadic tribe of Wakanda and even if it’s core territory is situated in the east, you can find its members in all of Wakanda, Zamundia and in neighbouring countries. The members of this tribe traditionally settle at the borders of Wakanda and act as buffers, border guards and often as spies in neighboring countries.
In the past, all of Wakanda was described to foreigners as a sacred and taboo land, which was inhabited and protected by ancestral spirits. Any trepassers were said to disappear or be killed by the guardians of this mythical realm, the so-called Black Panther spirits. Early, this region remained unexplored thanks to its taboo status and to the disappearance of travelers, later it was explored by one of the most famous explorers, Sir David Livingstone.
Livingstone had not been heard from in several years during his expedition and was, in fact, exploring the upper reaches of a great navigable inland river called the Lualaba, which Livingstone hoped was connected to the Nile, but which turned out to be the upper Congo. It was a lie, in reality, he had been kept by Wakanda as a guest used to gain informations about the outside world.
Before being liberated, he promised not to reveal the location and the might of this kingdom and chose to describe it as a useless territory deprived of valuable ressources. He was the one who adviced to map it as a part of Zamunda and to use Zamunda as a front to hide Wakandan real power. A promise he passed to Henry Morton Stanley on 10 November 1871. Livingstone faked his own death in 1873 and chose to live in Wakanda.
Unlike much of Africa, Zamunda and the Great Lakes region was not decided by the 1884 Berlin Conference. Rather the region was divided in an 1890 conference in Brussels. This gave Zamunda, Rwanda and Burundi to the German Empire as colonial spheres of interest in exchange for renouncing all claims on Uganda. The Germans had little direct control in the region of Zamunda and completely relied on the indigenous government in exchange of ressources.
The poor maps referenced in these agreements left Belgium with a claim on the western half of the Zamunda; after several border skirmishes the final borders of the area were not established until 1918. Those disputed territories contained the kingdom of Zamunda as well as a group of smaller kingdoms and polities on the shore of Lake Kivu, including Official Wakanda, Azania, Canaan, Mohannda and Niganda.
At the end of WWI, Zamunda-Wakanda and the surrending kingdoms became a United Nations trust territory. Belgium and the British government accepted the League of Nations co-Mandate of 1920 to govern Zamunda and Wakanda, similarly to Ruanda-Urundi.
They continued to rely on the Zamundan power structure to administer the country, although they became more directly involved and extended their interests into education and agricultural supervision.
Belgium slowly tried to impose his own model of Trinité coloniale. Under this unique model, Congo was administered de concert by the Belgian state, private companies and missionary societies. It didn’t work well in Zamundan territories.
After the disappearance of catholic Belgian missionaries in 1930 and subsequent massacres of natives in Azania by the members of the infamous Belgian-Congolese Force Publique, the League of Nations forced Belgium to relinquish its mandate after a massive British military counter-intervention. The missionary corpses were later found in Congo. Autopsy revealed that they died of malaria.
The missionaries and the natives weren’t the only victims of this sad crisis. Thousands of soldiers of the King's African Rifles went MIA, en route to Azania. The unexplained disappearances of their white British officers alongside logistics troops of the British Army pushed the government to censor this information. Those military casualties were consequently blamed on diseases.
The Protectorate or Zamunda-Wakanda was quietly established by the British government, alongside the African Trucial States of Azania, Canaan, Mohannda and Niganda in 1939.
In the 1950s and early 1960s, a wave of Pan-Africanism swept through Central Africa, expressed by leaders such as Julius Nyerere in Tanzania and Patrice Lumumba in the Congo and King Jaffe XIth Joffer of Zamunda. Anti-colonial sentiment rose throughout central Africa. In 1955, the Zamunda independence movement lobbied for the immediate independence of Zamunda-Wakanda, a country based on the tributary system of the Zamunda monarchy. It was granted, but Wakanda officially gained independence from Zamunda thanks to referendum in 1980.
During the early eighties, the smaller tributary kingdoms of Mohannda, (New) Canaan, Azania and Niganda voted to form a loose confederacy with Zamunda, similar to UAE. In this new entity, the formerly powerful kings of Zamunda were relegated to mere figureheads. Nowadays, the Council of Elders representing the interests of member states acts as executive power.
Zamundan confederacy joined UN in 1985. Wakanda won’t officially join until 2002, when Switzerland also joined.
During the regional conflicts of late 1980´s, Zamunda accepted refugees from neighboring countries and negotiated with Wakanda to accept the ones who took refuge in this country. The Zamunda camps made the existence of Zamunda known to the rest of the world and pushed Prince Akeem to find a bride in USA, as a way to expand foreign support and to contact SHIELD for Wakanda.
An undercover Nick Fury even attacked the Zamunda’s prince in a fast food (McDowell's) in order to contact Prince Akeem. The content of their conversation has never been disclosed.
From biopic film : Coming to America, from cub to Lion
We can also add that Prince Akeem’s coming to America in 1988 was probably used, as a solution, to infiltrate King T'Chaka’s brother N'Jobu into USA.
Interestingly enough, N’Jobu was infiltrated alongside Zuri, the same way as Prince Akeem was followed by his own bodyguard Semmi to America.
During his travel, the prince was protected by a squad of Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s most skilled female warriors, who posed as bathers. Traditionally, the Zamunda prince did symbolically marry all his female servants, named bathers, who were literally trained to serve him from birth in a tradition of arranged marriage.
While Zamundan religion isn’t made clear, it easily appears that Zamunda was culturally influenced by Islamic culture, as apparent in the name of their prince: Akeem, an African variation of Hakeem or Al-Hakeem (Arabic: الحكيم), one of the names of God in Islam, meaning "the All-Wise", which is in reality a prince title.
This Arabic title was bestowed by Zanzibari slavers and more importantly by Hamad bin Muhammad bin Juma bin Rajab el Murjebi (Tippu Tib 1832 – June 14, 1905). One of the rare Arab visitor of Wakanda, this Slave trader, ivory merchant, explorer was the future governor of Stanley Falls district in Congo, neighboring Zamunda. His help was precious to hide the real power of Wakanda. The name title Akeem is bestowed to the future Zamundan prince, the same way the King name title of Jaffe, "spring" (of wisdom), is taken by all reigning kings.
Kings and sworn brothers
Blood brotherhood, highly ritualized and subjected to a strong code is a common practice In Zamunda and Wakanda. Traditionally it’s seen as a tribal relationship and a political policy. The royalities of Wakanda and Zamunda become one family through a religious ceremony by exchanging cups and blood oaths.
As a result, Prince Akeem and Prince T’Challa were childhood friends and sworn brothers. They used to play together and Prince Akeem was considered by T’Challa and Shuri as an older brother.
This brotherhood was so strong that the princes of Zamunda often acted as regent or political advisers after the death or sudden disappearance of the King of Wakanda. The opposite could also happen.
While acting regents, Zamundan princes had to ritually give up their titles. In such a situation, Prince Akeem, would have to use his wakandan name : M’Eidde.
On royal marriages
The Kings of Wakanda and Zamunda traditionally marry to foreign women. Those marriages with foreign women were seen as an easy solution to avoid tribal rivalities and internal conflicts. It explains why Prince Akeem went to New York to find a spouse. His father, King Jeffer, also married a foreigner, Queen Aoleon was an actress from Jamaica before her marriage.
Similarly, the Queen of Wakanda, Ramonda, is from South Africa.
Zamunda etymology is supposed to be derived from Swahili. Supposedly, Belgian explorers named the country due to a humorous misunderstanding. Natives, asked about the name of the land, pointed at their plantations and said "Zamunda". In Swahili, Zamunda simply means gardening or gardens.
Even if the etymology of Zamunda is still debated, the origin of Wakanda is clearer. The name Wakanda is close to the word "kanda", which means "family" or "lineage" in Kikongo. The meaning of the particule Wa is still unknown. The name Wakanda may also be a deformation of the plural makanda, meaning clans in Kikongo. According to Kikongo elders, Wakanda means "The one(s) of your lineage".
The name of (New) Canaan was found on Arabic maps around 1300. It originally designed the unknown region nowadays known as the Afrique des Grands Lacs. It’s unknown why Arabic cartographers chose to use this toponym for one of their main slave sources. A legend tells us that Caanites departed to the south after the conquest of their land by Hebrews. From the point of view of YouTube amateur archeologists, this legend could explain the presence of Egyptian deities so far in the south.
The toponym Azania, despite having been widely used by natives for centuries, can’t be found in or related to any local langages. Early versions of Livingstone’s journal described the presence of "european" ruins in Azania, similar to classic architecture with Greek and Roman columns. Roman coins in use by the locals were also described by Arab travelers and slavers.
In the Roman period and perhaps earlier, the toponym Azania referred to a portion of the Southeast Africa coast extending from Kenya to perhaps as far south as Tanzania. Pliny the Elder mentions an "Azanian Sea" (N.H. 6.34) that began around the emporium of Adulis and stretched around the south coast of Africa. Later Western writers who mention Azania include Claudius Ptolemy (c. 100 – c. 170 CE) and Cosmas Indicopleustes (6th century CE). The 1st century AD Greek travelogue the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea first describes Azania based on its author's intimate knowledge of the area.
Mohannda toponym comes from arabic, this toponym is derived from the word for India (Al Hind الهند) and can mean both "India-ified" or "Indian". It was used by arabic slave traders to designate and name the captives of the area due to their cultural and linguistic similarities to India, According to a few linguists, the language of the main tribe of Mohannda could share roots with Sanskrit. This theory has long been discredited by Zamundan specialists.
Niganda means rice in Swahili. Rice was the most widely consumed staple food by natives before the arrival of Arab slave traders. African rice, has been cultivated for 3500 years. Between 1500 and 800 BC, Oryza glaberrima propagated from its original centre, the Niger River delta. It’s unknown how African rice arrived in Zamunda region, but it was probably brought there by merchants. The gigantic Niganda rice fields are still a popular tourist sight.
The region is multilingual :
Names in Wakanda and Zamunda
Known Wakandan names include M’Baku, S'Yan, B'Tumba, etc. The first consonant does denote a family or clan name among males. Clan names are taboo, only the first letter can be revealed outside of religious ceremonies. The following part of the name is the individual name. You can clearly see this pattern with the names of the Wakandan King T’Chaka and his son T’Challa. T’Chaka is thus Chaka of the T clan. He was named in hommage to Chaka kaSenzangakhonan or Chaka Zulu.
In this highly paternalistic society, women only have a personal name.
Zamundan names are diverse and from multiple origins. It’s traditional for individuals to have a personal name and a family name, following the coloniser’s conventions.
Flag of Zamunda
The flag of Zamunda is often wrongly understood as a Lion attacking the sun. The locals describe their flag as a celestial lion bringing down a star. This symbol of a star falling down is recurrent in regional symbology.
According to mythology specialists, this myth of the falling star is related to the myth of the "mute stone". It can also be linked to the mythical founder of Wakanda, named Bashenga, whose spear is still wielded by the highest shaman of the Black Panther clan.
Population and economy
Zamunda is a multi-ethnic kingdom, inhabited by multiple local tribes and foreign communities. The reigning family the Joffer was actually founded by migrants from Senegal, as shown by their family name derived from Joof or Diouf, a Serer name.
Zamunda City is known for its large expat community, a lot of them being students and teachers at Zamundan university, famous for its science institutes. The sonic and energy department was particularly renowned, until the resignation and mysterious disappearance of its founder, the famous Professor Ulysses Klaue.
Zamunda doesn’t need to sell the tiny vibranium samples kept in its national museum, to thrive. Zamunda simply exports minerals and raw ressources (uranium, gold, diamonds, rare minerals) found in its mountains and is specialized in high-tech and medium-tech products like computer chips or smartphones.
Zamunda is also a tax heaven and headquarters for a number of multinational enterprises, including subsidiaries of major tech companies partially owned by Zamunda and benefiting from its science knowledge.
Global technological improvement is necessary to enable Zamunda-Wakanda to sell its own futuristic technologies in a discreet way. For this reason, the Zamunda’s sovereign fund does not hesitate to secretly buy shares in successful foreign companies, such as Stark Industries, Rand Entreprises or Pym technologies.
They also regularly fund those companies and support student internships in them with scholarships. In 1988, King Jeffe Joffer XIV th visited Midtown School of Science and Technology, when he came New York. This high school is one of the numerous science and technology high schools financially helped by Zamunda around the world.
It’s said that Zamundan royalty also helped to fund Dr. Myron MacLain‘s experiments on metallurgy in 1930´s. It’s unproven and should be considered a conspiracy theory. Zamundan authorities also refuse to discuss the allegations of the so-called Josef Reinstein´s papers.
Zamunda stayed autonomous and later independent thanks to the help of Wakanda (and its technology) covertly providing the needed advantages to win decisive battles in the past and to create international companies in present days.
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General info and list of exchanges for SwissRealCoin

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Token SwissRealCoin is registering SRC as an asset-backed security token and the company has applied for a letter of non-action by FINMA, Switzerland’s financial market supervision authority.
One of the key issues/risks with real estate investments is a lack of liquidity, considering the time and costs involved with divesting assets, a process that SwissRealCoin describes as “cumbersome”. SwissRealCoin (SRC) is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is designed to bring data transparency (rental and occupancy rates, etc. so you can track the asset manager performance) and “full liquidity” to the table.
// -- Become a yearly Platinum Member and save 69 USD. Click here to change your current membership -- // SRC is backed by Swiss real estate, which the startup describes as “one of the most stable asset classes in the world.” Each token reflects a fraction of the investment portfolio, and the securitized nature of SRT is designed to bring stability to the price.
Should the price of the token surpass that of the real estate investments amid robust demand, SwissRealCoin will issue additional tokens at the market rate. The new tokens are then invested in more commercial properties, growing the value of the portfolio and accelerating it nearer to the market price, which is a hedging mechanism to mitigate volatility. Token holders are entitled to vote on the direction of the investment portfolio.
Source: SwissRealCoinThere’s a potential 25% bonus reserved for ICO participants who pre-register.
Team Yauhen Yakimovich is the co-founder and CTO is a tech entrepreneur and seasoned software developer with nearly two decades of experience. Yakimovich is the former CTO of PriceHubble and has served in various engineering capacities and research including data mining and data analysis at the University of Zurich.
Brigitte Luginbuehl is the CEO and head of real estate. She is a real estate veteran, having spent more than a decade with Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd Switzerland across real estate-fueled corporate finance and M&A.
You can view an interview with Luginbuehl via the below YouTube link –
Verdict The SwissRealCoin token sale is backed by a professional management team with experience both in the real estate and software development markets, both of which are a boon for the ICO. The asset-backed nature of the SRC token is another positive, giving investors the ability to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio with exposure to commercial properties that are collecting rents, etc.
But as with any ICO there are risks, and in the case of SRC the glaring one appears to be tied to the startup having only recently emerged from the conceptual stage. Meanwhile, the composition of the real estate portfolio is dependent on token holder votes, and SwissRealCoin doesn’t even enter into the sourcing and acquiring real estate phases of its roadmap until next month. So you are placing a bet that they will be able to deliver on what they are promising without any real evidence that they already have, at least not as SwissRealCoin.
Risks SwissRealCoin is a startup in the true sense of the word, with the project only having been launched in Q2 2017 when cryptocurrency prices were thrust into the spotlight. That doesn’t mean SRC won’t reach all of its lofty goals, including a global expansion that begins with broader Europe and Asia, the Middle East, South America and North America. But it’s one of those projects without the wind of historic performance at its back. -2.5 Real estate market risk. Switzerland weathered the housing crisis intact, but SRC’s expansion plans include developing Latin American economies like Brazil and Venezuela, the latter of which is battling hyper-inflation currently. -1.5 Growth Opportunity SwissRealCoin has volunteered to be objectively rated by Swiss ICO and blockchain asset-rating agency Alethena. Alethena plans to present its findings on SwissRealCoin as a use case on May 22, a day before the public crowdsale begins. The fact that SRC is willing to cooperate and proactively seek out a market rating suggests they have nothing to hide and are confident about the viability of the project. +1 SwissRealCoin has plans for the SRC to trade on some popular exchanges once the ICO is complete and considering they at least reach their hard cap (details below). They identify Binance and EtherDelta as a couple of the trading platforms they’re targeting. +2.5 Professional management team with experience valuing the real estate market and making deals. +4 SwissRealCoin is registering SRC as an asset-backed security token and has applied for a letter of non-action by FINMA. +3.5 Disposition SwissRealCoin displays great promise for returns, and it boasts many of the features that you want in a coin and a project. But it’s early days for the commercial real estate portfolio, and while they may have already identified attractive assets to purchase, there’s not yet a precedent for what they’re doing. So for that reason, we’ll rate SwissRealCoin a 7 out of 10 for now but will keep our eyes on this project and the token once it’s launched on cryptocurrency exchanges for sure!
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Gatekeepers are a network node; they keep the network from fraudulent activities by checking data and detecting user violations.
Data Collectors are applications that collect data and monetize them on behalf of users. They can collect indirect data using DAuth or collect direct data from users.
Data Refineries analyze data collected from Data Providers and processes them into user-level attributes. The processed data is then added to the user profile so that Data Consumers can filter them according to the specified attributes when creating a new segment.
Data Consumers are advertisers who purchase data for targeted ads using ABL tokens.
The protocol layers are described below:
Application Layer: Consists of third-party DApps that use Airbloc, including Airbloc Client, Airbloc DMP, and SDK. API Layer: an interface provided for communication with Airbloc Network and third-party DApps. Service Layer: Airbloc Contract, which includes all the functions of Airbloc Network. Core Layer: This layer is based on the Ethereum platform. It uses the internal subchain network to verify the data and uses the interchain network to link the two block libraries.
The data in the AIRBLOC system go through the seven stages of data processing, involving all five types of stakeholders. User-created data is collected and stored after Gatekeeper checks them. The refinery will refine these data in commercially available Ad data and sell it to consumers.
AIRBLOC has many competitors, including Wibson, Datum,, Insights Network, Opiria, Metame and BitClave. However, the whitepaper explains how AIRBLOC differs from these companies.
Token The total token supply is set at 400 million ABL. The tokens will be mined based on the annual inflation rate of 2.5% with the depreciation rate of -10.9%. The mined tokens will be stored on the AIR rewards pool. Such accumulated rewards will be given to Users and Gatekeepers as rewards. The block reward has a half-life of six years. As a result, more rewards will be given to early stage Network participants.
Nodes need ABL tokens in order to validate the date, and be rewarded in ABL as per usual POS
The token sale metrics are provided below:
In terms of token economics, AIRBLOC offers two types of tokens. One is the AIRBLOC (ABL), and the other is AIRBLOC Reward (AIR). ABL is a transferable ERC20 token and AIR is a non-transferrable token belonging to Users but can later be converted into ABL at a ratio of one-to-one.
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Provide data or contribute to the data reliability mining process. When Gatekeepers maintain AeroNetwork node. Refiners process raw data into valuable data. Inflation Actually, I was bothered by the inflation concept, so I dug into inflation and AIR issuance.
inflation will work in two ways:
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To get ABL tokens, you must:
Buy at the exchange Receive reward from node Convert from AIR In this sense, the procedure of AIR issuance is rather important. And for this AIRBLOC introduces a concept of AIR pool.
AIR pool will be a dynamic account, from which rewards will be given as per process described above. What is important is to understand how it is filled in the first place:
10% of total supply of ABL goes to AIR pool to ensure liquidity. It is filled with trading fees, data usage rights fees paid by refineries and penalties for misbehavior. Thus we see that issue of AIR is an ongoing process. But in order to hinder potential price dumps by AIR holders, conversion of AIR to ABL per hour is limited to 0.1% of AIR generated by the network.
Roi Nam is the CEO and co-founder. He also served as CEO of ab180 (parent company) for two years. He was engaged in web development for 1.5 years, as well as CSO for 1 year.
Wonkyung Lyu is the Dev Team Lead and co-founder. He is also co-founder in ab180.
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The broader team is filled with developers and business professionals that are associated with ab180.
The advisory team includes JH Kim, who is also part of the ICON Foundation. He has almost 20 years of experience in the field of security, has experience in developing patented applications, such as the FCI protocol, has the CISA qualification, and is currently the director of Theloop.
Jason Han, who serves General Director of Kakao Blockchain, is also on the advisory team. He has served co-chairman and technical director of FuturePlay Tech VC.
Serial entrepreneur Sungjae Hwang is also an adviser to the project. He is a partner of Futureplay, the initial high-speed accelerator in South Korea and the CEO of FoundationX. Prior to these companies, he founded several start-ups. He worked as the chief product officer in Fluenty Inc. and AI chatbot startup, which was acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2017.
Louis Jinhwa Kim, who previously served as Director of the Tide Institute Institute of Finance and Delegate of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (2012), is also on the team.
Partners include:
GS SHOP, a leading online retail platform in Korea. Allbit, a new type of crypto exchange gateway. . FoundationX, one of the growing funds and accelerators of venture capital in Korea. VEAT, which is one of the leading law firms in Korea specializing in startup advisory services. ORANGEFARM, which is focused on incubating promising startups in Korea. ab180, the parent company AIRBLOC, was incubated in ORANGEFARM as early as 2017. SENTIENCE, one of the leading Korean research companies,. Deblock, an accelerator in Korea which is jointly invested by ICON Foundation & Ad4th Insight, a specialized block-chain company. Battle Entertainment, a leading comic platform in Korea, serving more than a million customers. Humanscape, a the leading medical platform for customer relationship management in Korea, which helps hospitals monitor the condition of patients after surgery and provide follow-up services to patients. Rainist, a leading Korean software company which provides recommendations for financial products based on lifestyle patterns. Fysical, the world’s first full-fledged, fully functional, decentralized market for location data. Indorse, a decentralized social network for professionals. Verdict A large team with extensive experience in the sector looks solid. The guys were able to attract consultants in areas where there are obvious gaps, as well as partners represented by ICON.
Risks Based on token sale ROI statistic, marketplaces and advertising related projects do not have a good performance in the short term. -1 Customer attraction could face challenges. However, to offset this, the platform has developed a proprietary AirBloc Protocol SDK (software development kit) that has already been stress tested by 60 million devices in Korea. The SDK Protocol functions like a layer that can be easily implemented on top of apps, allowing acquisition of customers. -0.5 Platform implementation and scaling could face difficulties, as Ethereum is not suitable for this. Therefore, AIRBLOC uses the hybrid-chain architecture that uses Ethereum and ICON. Data validation and the process will be done through Aero Network, which will use ICON. Such a combination seems promising; however, without a working MVP (planned to be in Q3 2018) it is hard to judge on its performance. -1 There are ptential regulatory barriers in relation to private data protection laws, although the team looks prepared to handle it. -0.5 I do not like the fact that private sale participants get 45%, even though 30% of 45% will be locked for 3 months as their overall part in the token distribution is rather high. -2 The project involves a complex inflation model, which involves two tokens. -1 Growth Potential Mother company ab108 is already successful in advertising market analysis in Korea. +2 Whitepaper and documentation are pretty good. +1 The team is above average with many strong developers. +2 A lot of strong partnerships like ICON and GS shop, Coinplug as well as several VCs. +2 Token metrics and distribution are in a good range with a hard cap of 20,000 ETH (around $12 million). +2 Strong token use case. +1 A good growth strategy for user attraction. +1 Hype is there (Telegram has 10,000+ members and lots of people are on the whitelist). +2 Disposition This is definitely a project to look for. The team has all the necessary experience and knowledge for a successful execution. They leverage on their mother company ab108 and numerous partnerships. They have some obstacles in their way, but they have a clear plan how to overcome them. AIRBLOC receives 7 of 10.
Investment Details Type: ERC20 – Utility Symbol: ABL Platform: Hybrid chain structure: Ethereum and ICON Crowdsale: June Minimum Investment: 0.2 ETH Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 ABL Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH Payments Accepted: ETH Restrictions Barred from Participating: USA and China General details :
Website :
Whitepaper :
Telegram :
Github :
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AskReddit Is the McDonald's worker who spotted Facebook killer going to get 50K reward money? Facebook
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personalfinance 2017 Toyota Camry SE - 0 APR, Should I still pay it off ASAP? Toyota
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[Table] IamA Guy who quit his job, sold his car, moved out and bought a one-way ticket to Africa. I spent the next year and a half traveling across the entire continent, mostly overland and solo. AMA!

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Date: 2013-08-13
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This all sounds incredibly awesome! The only thing is that any time i hear of someone doing something like this I think "how the hell could they afford it?" Ill take great memories any day over money but I was wondering all in all how much a trip like that set you back? Before leaving, I sold my 07 Subaru Impreza for $13,500, and made another $4,000 or so from selling off things in my home. Plus existing savings (which I was surprised to have, because before this trip I spent six months backpacking in Asia) I left home with a good chunk of cash in the bank.
I set out with two South African guys in a 4x4, however before doing that we had to fix up and outfit the vehicle, which cost a fair amount of money though I'm not sure exactly sure how much now. Before leaving I bought a lot of toys, $800 in scuba gear and another $700 on GoPro camera gear and a new laptop. When we were driving, and that was from South Africa, through Mozambique, Malawi and into Tanzania, we stayed at backpackers places, which meant paying to camp every night (in a tent instead of a room to save money). We cooked a lot, but in that kind of atmosphere it's easy to buy dinner instead, and especially to buy drinks. Before that leg of the journey fell apart, me and one guy paid something like $750 for a five-day safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater‎. Although worth it, it's a lot to spend at once. At one point, a broken laptop forced me to spend another $250 on a new one, so unexpected expenses can come up from time to time.
When that leg of the trip finally ended and I was on my own, things got VASTLY cheaper. I began using Couchsurfing, and in the next 15 months, probably only paid for a place to sleep just over a month. I may have spent less money in the next year than I did in the first three months! People frequently invited me into their homes, gave me places to stay, fed me and gave me whatever else I needed. I always did my best to return the favor.
I'm sorry I don't have an exact figure to give here, but if I had to guess I'd say I spent around $20,000. BUT DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU AWAY. I did nice things from time to time, I never worried about going out to eat at a decent place on occasion, and I did a few high-ish end tourist activities that add up fast. There were months when I was only spending like $100, and I met people traveling on even less. Often you can get local food for $1-2 a meal, and a room for under $5 depending where you are.
Knowing what I know now, if I had wanted to, I probably could have done and seen 90% of what I did on this trip for a few grand. I met people hitching across Africa and paying nothing. I met people working and making money while traveling, and so on. Travel doesn't have to be expensive, it just depends on what you want to see and what your comfort levels are!
$20,000 ??? jesus christ man.. I've been saving up for a year to 18 months of travel I have $50,000 saved and I wasnt sure that was enough... thank you. Travel is a skill and an ART, the more you do it the better you get at it.
Right now I could probably fly to Africa with $2,000 and spend the next 10 years there if I wanted, although I'd probably have to find a cush job at a resort or something part of the time ;)
For $50,000, you can see the whole world if you do it right!
Oh god...was it an sti? Nah, not an STI... but I loved it.
Link to
I know the AMA is meant to be about your trip to Africa but could you give a little detail on the 6 months in Asia? That's pretty much my dream trip at this point. No problem, dig into a few of my posts and let me know if you have some specific questions. My trip in Asia was originally a 3 week trip, and it is how I fell in love with traveling the world. It was a VERY different kind of trip than Africa, kind of travel 101 and I've grown and changed a lot since then, but I love the place and would recommend it to anyone.
Genocide, Rocket Lanunchers and Buddha: Just Another Day in Cambodia
Rock Climbing on Railay, Does it Get Any Better Than This?
An Indian Wedding!
Life on the Dali Lamas Doorstep
The Unforgettable Everest Base-camp and Gokyo Valley Hike
Did you hook up with any beautiful black women? >As I walked back to find a place to sit and wait, a rather annoying woman came up to me and asked what I was doing. I told her I was looking for the bus and she grabbed my hand and said she would help me. I didn’t really want to be around her but she was very insistent, and I figured what the hell. The bus was supposed to pass in about half an hour, then I could get the cheaper ticket, so she proposed we sit down for a coffee. It was obvious she was just trying to get something from me but I figured I could pay for a 100 franc coffee (15 cents) and maybe she would prove useful. She then began ordering food which I told her I wouldn’t pay for, and kept trying to feed me out of her hand, which honestly was gross. We talked for a few minutes, and eventually I asked her what she did. She mumbled a bit, but said “I’m a prostitute”, which I didn’t catch the first time so she said it two more times, haha. I’m used to African women coming onto me just because I’m a white man, with dollars in their eyes, and I guess on that level it isn’t so different, but this one was just a straight up prostitute. Eventually a man from Jaguar, a different bus company, showed up and even though he was offering a ticket for 6,000 rather than the 5,000 I was hoping for, I took it just to get away from this woman. I paid for the two coffees but refused to pay for the food she had ordered (she walked away from the table without paying for the food she had ordered and eaten part of), then she kept asking me where I was staying. I refused to tell her. I hopped a moto hoping she didn’t have money to get one herself and I could get away, but she hopped on one as well and seemed to be trying to follow me. After a few blocks, her driver was just ahead of mine, so I quickly tapped mine on the shoulder and had him suddenly turn off onto a dirt road before she could see where I’d gone. I paid the driver and made my get away, glad to have escaped from this woman.
From the post: Rwanda Part II: Wonderful Lake Kivu and the journey to Uganda
Edit: a few girls wanted to marry me, one told me I didn't own enough cows though.
I was in Africa the past two months. I can not explain how many times prostitutes approached me and tried to get me to buy them drinks and shizz. Pretty flattering and a great self confidence boost when all the ladies are surrounding you, but got to remember why they're there. $$$ haha. Yep, I was even offered a free one once by a guy promising I could 'be in his music video' but yah, nooo thanks.
I've wanted to do something similar for eons. For now I'm saving up (well, paying off debt from previous travels, then saving up) for the big day. 1) Absolutely a woman can do it in Africa, but you will face more challenges. Every part of Africa I visited was still VERY much male dominated, but as a white foreigner you will almost always be treated far better than they treat the local women. I met a few solo women in Africa, the three that stand out to me were an 18 year old Scottish girl who was maybe 4'11'', and a Japanese girl riding from Nairobi to Cape Town and a woman from Argentina who spent 3 years in Africa. You will have an easier time if you move slowly, such as working/volunteering in a place because then the people will get used to seeing you around, but in truly rural places people are usually just so curious to see a white person that they will help you no matter what. Most of the time they complained about cat calls, or people staring (get used to it, especially if you have blond/long hair) and occasionally men groping them on public buses. There are plenty of horror stories out there, such as the recent acid attack in Zanzibar, but honestly those are pretty rare and Africa is a hell of a lot safer and more friendly than people think it is.
Is something like this feasible for a woman travelling solo? 2) Cycling was AMAZING. My sister did a year long, 15,000 solo around America and I've wanted to do a bike trip ever since. I never planned on it, but when I read the book saying not to cycle across Botswana, I decided to say screw that and go for it. I did it on a one speed bike I bought for $124, did the whole thing in flip flops, and had a wonderful time. I think it's one of the best ways to travel, because there is no barrier between you and the people, which makes a huge difference. I absolutely loved the freedom having a bike gave me.
How did cycling go? I'd love to bike on a trip like this. Were the parts of Africa you visited cycling friendly? Are there maps, or did you stick to roads? Can you even find bike parts in the middle of Malawi?? Africa is not especially cycle friendly, but it's not really unfriendly either. In Botswana, NO ONE cycles, so everyone was amazed to see me, gave me TONS of space on the road, and word of me spread across the country actually. In Zambia on the other hand, locals cycle all the time and cars don't like them. The only rule on roads in most of Africa is the bigger thing has the right of way, so be prepared to MOVE.
Amazing story and pics, and thanks for your input! I stuck to roads, paved most of the time, sometimes dirt. Again, I was on a single speed bike not made for touring. Then again, it would be hard to do anything other than ride paved/dirt roads. Maps were frequently hard to find and locals don't know how to read them, so bring your own from home. Parts are VERY hard to find, with the exception of a few capital cities, so plan on bringing all the important stuff you will need.
What if you were a nonwhite foreigner? Once they hear you speak, the will quickly realize that you are a westerner, and will treat you pretty much the same. As someone else pointed out, people are usually very, very kind.
What was the scariest thing you yourself experienced? I'd love to go to Africa, but as with traveling other places abroad you need to be safe to avoid certain groups/areas, etc. Without doubt, the biggest danger in Africa is traffic. Here is photos of the crash I mentioned in the OP: Link to
What happened was a minibus was driving with a bald tire, it blew out, the driver lost control, turned in front of a dump truck and was t-boned. It killed all 13 people inside, and the road and car were covered in blood. People were screaming, crying and soldiers and police were everywhere.
I've almost crashed on motorcycles dozens of times, either riding myself or as the passenger of a moto taxi. Driving full speed, lane splitting, overloaded bikes, it all happens and every day, every hour, people are dying. The only way to avoid it is to stay off the roads, but to be safest, avoid night buses (I rode them all the time), don't take moto taxies even though sometimes they are only only way through a traffic jammed city, and travel on the biggest buses you can. usually there are good bus companies and bad bus companies, by just looking at the bus it's easy to tell.
Other than that, the most important thing to know about safety in Africa is that crime, like in most of the world, is concentrated in the cities. African cities tend to be pretty slummy places and I'm not a big fan. The most likely problems are pick pocketing, as poor people move into the cities and find no jobs, they need to do something to get by. White people are an obvious target and I had a few attempts but stopped all of them by noticing it start to happen.
One final thing I'll mention is alcohol. It is probably the factor in a majority of violent incidents. Bars, and coming home from a bar are areas/times where you must be on your guard. I was frequently in places where you don't walk alone, even as a man, but taxis are cheap and worth it in those situations. That said, I went out to the dirtiest, most local bars I could find, had wonderful times and never had any serious problems.
Apparently just checking the tire conditions would be a big indicator of whether a company is safety conscious. ABSOLUTELY. I saw fatality crashes in every country I went through, I'd bet a large number of them were from running on bald tires. If I get a chance while answering all the other questions, maybe I'll post an album of crashes.
White people are an obvious target and I had a few attempts but stopped all of them by noticing it start to happen. Often times, people will act as a team, one tries to distract you while the other reaches in our pocket or bag. the attempts are usually pretty obvious.
How did you notice and stop the attempts?? Other times, I simply felt as hand grabbing around, one time in line for a club, I just started shouting at the people behind me and threatened to start kicking asses. Maybe it wasn't the best response, but I didn't have any problems after that!
You mention about the violence and death you experienced while there - did you ever feel personally threatened? Were there any places where your presence was distinctly unwelcome? How did people who were potentially threats to your safety treat you in general? I never felt personally threatened.
I did hear a few stories of people being attacked by a group of guys, but I certainly never had any experiences like that. Usually when I'd show up in a new place, they were usually just too surprised to see a random white guy, one with long hair at that, and I was treated like an honored guest. I walked into local bars and had guys buy me drinks literally all across the continent.
Edit: Also, especially in small towns, everyone knows everything. If someone hurt or robbed me, the whole town would know, and well, they just might beat that person to death... not kidding. I heard a number of stories of foreigners being robbed, then someone from the village returning their possessions once they were found.
As a woman, do you think it would be possible to make this trip alone without being in some sort of danger? Right now feel like I would probably never dare go alone on such a trip, but then again, I don't quite know how women are treated everywhere in Africa. Yes, I think it is possible, this comment starts an interesting discussion on the subject of females traveling in Africa, check it out: Link to
You said you ate elephant. I am curious. How do the people there feel about these and other endangered animals and how passionate can they be about protecting them? I'm not trying to give you a bad time about that. Just want to understand the perspective. That happened on a whim. I was in rural northern Botswana, in an area almost no foreigners go, traveling with my new German friend in his 74 VW. We met a local guy, he invited us to come see his property, we spent the day helping him clear brush and burning it that night and meeting his family. The next morning, he offered us some elephant meat from a recent kill.
It's a bad situation. The animals are being forced onto ever smaller pieces of land, as development and population increases come to Africa. This means people and animals are in each others territory, and guess what? The people have guns, the animals don't. I met a few locals concerned about species loss, but most don't even have the concept in their head. This guy we bought the elephant from, he was talking about some big lizzards that they used to eat, saying "there was plenty!" but that they were all gone. He went on to say it was happening to other species, but seemed to have no understanding of his own role in the situation. The fact is people need food, they eat anything and everything they find, and the results are very predictable.
The elephant we ate was one that was supposedly in someones farm. They are protected there, 'unless they are in someones farm', so we were told. The elephant was shot, the villagers came, took every last piece of it and that was that. It was so tough I wasn't even able to chew it, I had one bite, spit it out and we had to throw the rest away.
Here is a picture of getting the meat: Link to
And you can see the blog post about it here: An Old Volkswagen, A New Country and a House Full of Kids
Ok... I haven't seen it asked, so I'll ask. Why were you shitting blood? Haha, this happened when I was trying to paddle Lake Tanganyika, it was food poising.
>That night it happened (this is going to be a bit nasty, but hey, I gotta tell the truth), the worst food poisoning of my life and actually the first time I’ve even gotten sick in Africa. I’d been struggling to get to sleep and feeling uncomfortable when I began to alternate between shaking and shivering, and sweating and feeling like I was on fire. Waves of pain were rolling through my body from head to toe and I knew I was in a bad state. Really bad. My head was pounding, my mouth was dry, it felt like I was being kicked in the stomach and that I had razor blades in my intestines. I knew my body was going to evacuate itself shortly; I just didn’t know which end it would be coming from and tried to mentally prepare myself to experience the fury from both. Eventually the knots and pain in my stomach told me it was time to force myself to crawl on hands and knees out of my tent and let it rip. I got about 30 feet away before unleashing the most horrid diarrhoea I have ever experienced. I waited, squatting in the sand under the stars, trying to keep myself from falling over due to the pain and let the demons flow out of me in their unholy river. A few hours ago I felt like I was on top of the world, now I was headed somewhere very, very low.
>When round-one finished, I dragged myself back to my tent, laying out tarps inside in case I couldn’t make it out in time during the next round and shit myself then and there. I was in such a bad state that even turning over in my tent from one side to the other was a ten minute mental struggle to force myself to move, followed by intense pain of actually moving, then trying to recover from that slight movement. All this to simply turnover, and I was still crawling out of the tent frequently relieve myself all night, a distance that got closer and closer as the night wore on and I was unable to get any rest. It was going to be a long night.
>Day 5: After a sleepless night, probably what was the worst night of my life, the sun eventually made my tent too hot to stay in and I managed to drag myself into the shade of some bushes along with a piece of canvas to lay on. The pain in my stomach and in my gut was terrible radiating through my whole body. I was for large parts of the day, nearly unconscious, so weak I could hardly move and even so weak I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. At one point I even fell over simply trying to stand up. Despite the pain and exhaustion, I was able to make it to the bush every time to relieve myself (though I never got far) and became a bit horrified when I began to see I was expelling blood along with the horrible bile that was inside me. I felt like I was dying.
>Around 6pm a group of fisherman showed up, mostly just to have a look at the white man on the beach. I was feeling a bit better at this point, but still I wasn’t in much of a condition to be social. I couldn’t ignore their friendliness however, as they quickly pulled my boat up onto the beach and began doing some repairs (cotton stuffing) without my even asking. They then offered to take me out on the lake to go fishing in their boat but again due to my condition had to decline, though I wish I could have said yes. After they had left, the 10 minutes of sitting upright, walking a few meters here and there and forcing a smile left me so exhausted again I collapsed to the ground, happy to have my peace and solitude back.
>Once again I spent the night unable to sleep for a single second, going between lying on the ground in pain and forcing myself to get up and shit my guts out in the sand as I stared at the stars, wishing this would all end.
>Day 6: Two nights in a row without sleep, in addition to the pain and absolute inability to even think about eating. This has never happened to me before and it’s taking a heavy toll. Getting up to relieve myself is such an exhausting experience that the few meter walk leaves me sweating and out of breath for about 10 minutes. All food in my system was expelled long ago and at this point I’m not sure what’s coming out of me at this point, other than to say it’s green, yellow and filled with blood.
>In the early afternoon a young boy and his brother, fishermen, come up to say hello. Again I force myself to be social, hell; I force myself to just stand up. The older of them speaks a little English and we talk for a few minutes. He then gives me a fish he caught as ‘a gift.’ I’m so grateful for the kindness the locals have shown me on my journey thus far I don’t have the heart to tell him I’m far too sick to even think about eating it, but I can’t refuse the fish and he and his brother paddle off.
>That afternoon my spirits were very low, but I could feel myself getting better. I knew the worst was over. At this point I finally decided to take some antibiotics, something I generally try to avoid unless absolutely necessary but it was pretty clear it was necessary. That night I even got a few hours of sleep between getting up to empty my guts, but still probably only clocking about 5 hours. Still, better than 0 the last two nights.
At this point I finally decided to take some antibiotics, something I generally try to avoid unless absolutely necessary. It's not good to take them if you don't need them. I knew it was something that would pass in a day, or a few days, so i waited to see what would happen before taking heavy drugs.
You had antibiotics the whole time?!?! Plus, when your body is emptying itself at that rate, you can't keep meds IN. I had to let it run a bit until I was more stable, otherwise I would have just shit them out as well and it would be a waste.
Sounds like a case of Shigellosis to me. You were lucky to have antibiotics. Just googled that, yikes!
the worst food poisoning of my life and actually the first time I’ve even gotten sick in Africa. I got mild food poisoning two other times.
But not the last? Amazingly low numbers, because I ate street food, tons of sketchy meat from sketchy places, often times drank local water, and had generally poor hand washing practices, haha. I guess I have a strong stomach, I got through two months in India without getting sick!
This sounds like a nightmare (although the rest of the trip sounds incredible). I would be scared... wait for it... shitless. Do you know what it was that gave you the poisoning? Link to
Could have been the 4-day old chapatti as well...
You never said you thought you were going to die, but did you? Particularly on that first night, you must have had doubts you'd see the sun come up. It felt like I was dying at times, but I knew it would pass.
How much did you know about Africa before you went there, and what inspired you to go? Did you speak any Swahili, MaShona, Xhosa, IsiZulu, or other local languages before you began your journey? If not, did you learn any African languages when you were there? I am not looking at the map right now but if I recall correctly you didn't go to any Lusophone or Francophone countries--did everyone speak English, or were you often unable to communicate? I want to go back to Africa, but my mother has told me she almost died of worry the last time, and if I go again she wants me to stay with a group or hire a bodyguard. Do you have any advice for me about this? 1) I knew almost nothing about Africa before setting out, or at least no more than your average American college grad. Which well, isn't much... haha. I did my learning on the fly and that made it constantly exciting and interesting. By talking to locals, expats, foreign volunteers and especially by reading the local news, you can learn a tremendous amount in a short amount of time. Add to that the wiki page on each country and you can come up with a pretty good base that will allow you some pretty solid insights.
Thanks again for your posts here and your blog, which I am also gonna go check out right now! Sala kahle! But you know what, you have to live your own life. Parents worry, that's their job. I know my parents did (probably not as much as yours!) but just show them that you are smart, capable and can take care of yourself. Keep a blog, show them what you are doing, and with time they will get more comfortable with the idea and more trusting of you as an adult.
Can you tell us the story about how your possessions were stolen? Also Alex is hot!. Tell me more about her? >Amazingly, all the most important, valuable and resalable items were left in the room. They grabbed the biggest things that must have looked like they had all the good stuff. My computer, sitting on the floor and on, was left behind. My camera was sitting on the bed and not seen because it was in a small black bag. My ‘important’ bag with passport, Visa card, and about $250 was left behind. Ok, so I had the critical things, but what next? If I want to buy everything again I either have to return to South Africa, or go home to America. >We walked back to where they were, which was literally 30m outside the wall of Nkupi Lodge, and what I found was my gadget bag ripped open with my things strewn everywhere. They were probably digging through my things when we came out with lights, and ran off. They were looking for the good stuff. I gathered everything up, and local guy said he found another bag. It turned out to be nearly all my clothes, backpack and dry bags. Oh thank you! It seemed they had been stashed for someone to come back for. We searched through the tall grass for a while, looking for anything else and when I figured we had found what there was to find, we returned to the lodge to make an inventory. After finding that amazingly I had recovered most of my items, Ghram and I went back for a second look and found a few more things. >Here is the list of what I lost, in rough order of value: My retainer (why they took this I can’t say, it’s useless to them and expensive for me to replace), a 1TB external HDD (although they didn’t take the USB3 cable, which I’m sure you can’t find outside of Lusaka, so that is also useless to them), about $31 USD cash, my rain jacket, my beanie, MSR stove tools, swim goggles, headphones, SD memory cards, USB card reader, phone charger, a bar of soap, q-tips, tooth paste, deodorant, and a few other bits and pieces. All things considered, I’ve lost a few hundred dollars of things, but it could have been about a million times worse. The worse things to lose are the retainer because I care about my teeth, and the hard drive, because I lost the ability to back-up my photos, as well as losing the 400+ movies I had…
I cringed when I saw they took your retainer. I hate not wearing mine at night. I don't sleep well if I don't have it in. haha. Yah, what a weird thing to take right? I had to pay like $300 to get a new one when I got home, like 9 months later...
If I were you I would be really upset if lost the HDD and SD cards. I'm sure you had a ton of memories on those. As for the HDD and SD cards, I had all the photos on my laptop which was not taken, and I had 800x600 versions of all my photos backed up online, so even if I lost ALL my things, I'd have kept nearly all my photos, at least since the last backup. It was a pretty good system.
Did you, or do you have a "career" and what is your plan to reintegrate back into your current life now? Link to
It was something I sort of fell into while I was taking a year off college (majored in sociology, not a lot of jobs, haha), did during school and after. It was never a job I planned on doing for too long, but I love working outdoors, doing something physical, climbing trees, running saws and driving big trucks! It's one of the most dangerous jobs in America, so I guess I have a high tolerance for excitement.
I don't plan on 'reintegrating' back into the world of living in the city, having a regular job, having a family or getting a house any time soon, there are just too many places I want to go and too many things I want to do. I'm hooked.
Now that I'm back in America, here is my plan: Some of my friends have property on a small island of 200 residents by the border with Canada and are starting an organic farm. Soon I will be moving up there to help get the project off the ground, and at the moment will be living in a tent. My plan is to eventually build a tree-house, maybe 120sq ft, and have that be my home when I'm not traveling the world. I will work odd jobs on the islands as well as help on the farm, and will probably have to do some seasonal work like fishing in Alaska, or whatever to save up money. When you have the right attitude, it is amazing what is possible.
I realize I'm giving up a lot of what people consider 'normal life' but I've done that and found something better. It's not for everyone, but right now it's what is best for me.
Then I head out for The Next Adventure.
May I ask where this island is? "by Canada" describes a pretty big area. :) I'm from Seattle, so that narrows it down ;) Or... The San Juans... or...Shaw Island. Bring beer and cookies.
Looks like no plans to start a family? Not in the foreseeable future, no. But who knows, life can take strange turns, so never say never.
Your plan sounds awesome and exciting. It made me pretty jealous. After reading your post, you inspire me to make something out of my life. If your not enjoying life, your doing it wrong ;)
How often and under what circumstances did you get laid? Link to
So uh what's goin' on in the top right-hand portion of this picture OP? Folks gettin jiggy wit it.
How were you able to communicate with the locals in many of these countries? Did you speak any other languages other than English? I only speak English.
The spread of English in east Africa is AMAZING. This is primarily due to the influence of the British as colonizers, but most of the region realizes that English is the laguange of business and if they want to be part of the modern world they had better learn to speak it. English is the official language of many of the countries in East Africa, is taught (with varying degrees of success...) in most schools in most countries I visited.
Even when I was in the smallest, most remote villages, it seemed someone who spoke English would show up and act as a translator. Other times, I was staying with Peace Corps volunteers or other NGOs and those people were usually fluent in the local language and could help with whatever I needed.
That said, it is absolutely worth it to learn some of the local languages as you go, even if it's just simple things like 'hello', 'good bye', 'thank you', 'excuse me' and so on. People really appreciate it and will respect you more for it.
how are you spending money while in Africa with all the different currencies? I imagine rural areas have a different system as well. ATMs are becoming amazingly common. Most towns on main roads have an ATM and an internet cafe, even in pretty undeveloped areas. You still have to plan ahead and make sure you have enough cash to get to the next spot, but I almost never had problems. I always kept a week or two of local currency from the ATM on me, and usually around $150 in USD.
The only times I had money problems was in Burundi. It's one of the poorest nations on earth, extremely undeveloped and the ONLY place you can get money off a card is at the central bank in the capital of Bujumbura. I found myself on the other end of the country and running out of local cash, but the solution was simple. Because I always carry USD on me (every traveler should, it's the standard across Africa, much more so than Euros) and went to a money changer. Problem solved.
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