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And prepare yourself, after all, we’re about to become friends! >:D
Greetings and salutations to all of you beautiful people,
My name is Chelsea. I’m from Sydney, Australia.
I’m 18, I’m lonely as h e c k and I would love for someone (anyone, god please) to talk to.
I have a very erratic sleep schedule so talking with me is like playing Russian roulette - you never know what you’re going to get.
(To all the gamblers out there, yes, I’m looking at you, with lockdown kicking in and the casinos closed betting on when I come online is going to become the next best thing, I promise you)
About me and what I have to offer;

My preference for communication would be through Discord. I’m open to vcing and in the future if I’m comfortable enough with you I wouldn’t mind video calls either ^^
So don’t be scared and HMU!
Quick disclaimer; I’m not looking for romance. At all. I repeat, I am not looking for a relationship.
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RT Rundown May 30, 2020 - June 5, 2020

Please watch this week’s extremely important Off Topic (#236) and read this blog post if you haven’t already done so
Last Week
This post lists everything Rooster Teeth has released from May 30, 2020 to June 5, 2020. The organization of this post follows the order of the links on the sidebar on the website. First exclusive content is surrounded in asterisks ( *EXAMPLE*) while content that is currently exclusive but will be available publicly later is followed by an asterisks and the date in which it will be free (EXAMPLE*Free June 13th.) This does not include content that will lose exclusivity on the day this post is made (June 6th.)
RT PODCAST #599 - Black Lives Matter
ALWAYS OPEN #139 - Sweaty Halloween Costumes
*STILL OPEN #139 - The Saddest Picture Ever Seen*
ALWAYS OPEN - Just The BOIs - Mental Health Awareness Month
CHUMP #14 - WHO Woke up in Another COUNTRY?
*CHUMP CHANGE #14 - Just a Bunch of Cream in There*
GOOD MORNING FROM HELL - Bridge Troll and Internet Troll Troubles
BLACK BOX DOWN - Crashed Feet Before the Runway
RT INBOX - The Return of Bone Zone
HARD MODE - Blindfolded Newspaper Tag
RTTV SPECIALS - Tears and Tips - Community & Coffee
RT STREAMS - No Pain, No Gain -- with Blaine!
RT STREAMS - Use Your Words: The Dirtiest RTTV Livestream Yet
RT STREAMS - Gus & Chris Play With Airplanes - Sim Airport Awakens
RT STREAMS - HBO Max Shazam! Watch Party
RT STREAMS - Die Is Cast #4 - A Curse to Kill The Gods
RT STREAMS - Screen Time: The Last Airbender
OFF TOPIC #235 - I’m Deep In The Awful
*LAST CALL #235 - The No Pants Party*
OFF TOPIC #236 - An Honest Discussion
F**KFACE - Face Tattoo Bets//Animal Crossing Turnips
ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER - The “Stronger Than You Think” Charity Special - Keeping the Lights On Extra
LET’S ROLL - This Combo Blew Our Minds! - The Red Dragon Inn (#4) Part 2
PLAY PALS - Biped - Not That Bipped
AHWU #528 - We Eat Farts
BEST OF AH - May 2020 Highlights
AH ANIMATED - Extra Salty Fishing
ROULETSPLAY - Weaponizing Chickens - Witch It
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - HBO Max Watch Party with Rick and Morty
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - F-ing Around with Ify & Fiona - We found The Furries!
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Battlefront 2
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - 7 days to die
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Party Crashers - Role Initiative
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Call of Duty: Warzone W/ Ify
LET’S PLAY - The Engineers can TALK? - Halo 3 LASO ODST (Part 6)* Free June 7th
LET’S PLAY - Just Strolling With My Best Buds - Ultimate Chicken Horse (#35)
LET’S PLAY GTA V - Scoot For Your Live - GTA V: Things Get Weird* Free June 8th
LET’S PLAY GMOD - The Absolute Worst Traitors* Free June 10th
LET’S PLAY MINECRAFT #425 - Minecraft BUT Every 2 Minutes we Explode!* Free June 12th
CO-OP ADVENTURES! - Ghosts of Funhaus Past - CSGO Co-Op Adventure Mod w/ Spoole
BOARD AS HELL - The Game of LIFE Steam Edition
YOUR COMMENTS - Which Animals Would Kick Our Ass? - Funhaus Q&A
GOOGLE TRENDS - Snyder Cut Challenge: Release the Owls of Ga’Hoole!
BOARD AS HELL - The Game of LIFE Steam Edition* Free June 7th
DUDE SOUP - Black Lives Matter
FULLHAUS - The Shadows Will Kill You! (UNCUT) - Lightmatter Gameplay
FULLHAUS - Bass Droppings (UNCUT) - DJ and Bird Simulator Gameplay
GAMEPLAY - Only Bots Can Judge Me - YouTube Court w/ Kinda Funny
GAMEPLAY - Cockpit Teases - GTA 5 Funny Moments
GAMEPLAY - Things Are Getting Sexy in The Sims 4!
GAMEPLAY - Going Dutch - Predator: Hunting Grounds DLC
GAMEPLAY - Talk Show Train Wreck - This Is Your Show Now!
FH LIVE - Veep Watch Party
RTAA - Sugar Daddy Ratio* Free June 8th
*TALK CRWBY TO ME - Bringing Remnant to Life*
I HAVE NOTES - Sonic Fans, Why?
*BACKWARDZ COMPATIBLE - Sonic Will Win an Oscar*
SELECT ALL - Married to a Frog-man | By Its Cover
SELECT ALL - Yssa’s Craft Corner: Camp Camp at Osaka Castle
IG ROUNDUP - Top Apex / Fortnite Players Rigging Matches
IG SPECIAL - It’s Time for Jeopardy!
IG FEATURES - How Animal Games Set Us Free
IG LIVE! - The Bootleg Optimus Prime - Model Employees
IG LIVE! - We Need To Do Better - Stay Zen with Kdin #8
IG LIVE! - How to Fix Your Joy-Cons - Inside Gaming Teaches
IG LIVE! - Minecraft
IG DAILY - Games Industry Responds to #BlackLivesMatter Protests
IG DAILY - Take-Two Axed This Kerbal 2 Studio
IG DAILY - COD Cracking Down On Racism… Finally
IG DAILY - Sony Fined $3.5M
DEATH BATTLE! - She-Ra VS Wonder Woman (He-Man VS DC)
*DB WITH COMMENTARY - She-Ra VS Wonder Woman w/ Commentary!*
DB BLOOPERS - She-Ra is BETTER than He-Man?
DBX - Vegeta VS Thor (DBZ VS Marvel)
DBX - Vegeta VS Thor Alternate Ending
DB CAST #181 - She-Ra VS Wonder Woman Q&A
TRIFORCE #129 - Proper Facile Calibre Podcast, Mate
HIGH ROLLERS: AEROIS #73 - Minds of the Multiverse
SIMON’S PECULIAR PORTIONS - Pig Starts Farm Fire With Its Own Poo
KF GAMES DAILY 5.29.20 - PS5 Event Revealed
SONGS ABOUT GAMES - Dead Space Rap - “Dead to Me”
DC DAILY June 1st, 2020 - Cobb Squad!
TROY BAKER - You are Enough T-Shirt
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Cuck Political Report - August '19 Federals


Evening y'all. Due to Mika being busy and Shit being a Masshole, it's fallen to me to do the Cuck Political Report. Shit did most of the work but now I have to post it; kinda like how I did all his work for him as Dixie Deputy Clerk :D As always we'll get predictions and analysis from anonymous Senior Party Officials from the four parties. Yes four, the lolbertarians don't count.
Let's get started!
Shame on the dems for not having analysis, we all know Mika would've!!

National Overview

Party House Senate
Democrats Coalition Majority Coalition Majority
Republicans Coalition Majority GOP Majority
Bull Moose Coalition Majority Coalition Majority
Socialists Coalition Majority Coalition Majority

By District

Race Democrat Analysis Republican Analysis Bull Moose Analysis Socialist Analysis
AC-Sen [insert competence here] Soc I'm not entirely sure what came over Dewey when he called for the murder of billionaires, tried to declare war on Russia, impeach two SCOTUS justices, and fund Republican insanity care; maybe he was trying to lose? He debated very well and called Gunnz out but never came up with an effective defence for his more controversial actions which the former Speaker rightly pounced on. A slow day 3 for Gunnz might represent a failed opportunity to put this one away but I think in stunningly close fashion he'll emerge as the victor. Lean GOP God I hate this new calculator. Gunnz, a decent campaigner but a less-than-decent legislator, managed to overcome a 15 (!!) point deficit to keep this race close. After hammering Dewey in debates on a stupid soundbite versus the actual issues, a quantity-over-quality debate performance (see a pattern?) could tip this race to the GOP. However, Dewey has been known to win nailbiters in the Northeast, so I'm going with my gut and calling Lean Soc. Dewey and Gunnz both campaigned hard, but in the end, it looks as if Dewey's campaign events were overall higher quality, as was his debates. Even if the MoE was against him last time, then debates brought him higher either way. Lean Soc
AC-1 [insert competence here] BMP Initial polling no doubt gave the sitting Speaker cause to worry as he faced the man almost single-handedly responsible for the GOP's AC Assembly win. However, as he often does, he rallied hard and vigorously outcampaigned his surprisingly inactive opponent. By the final day the race was no longer competitive. He'll buck the trend of Speakers losing their seats and will cruise to a comfortable but not too comfortable win. Likely BMP Shitmemery was running scared after seeing initial polling, which is why he didn't fall victim to a huge no-campaign debuff. Luckily, a devastatingly strong campaign coupled with an inactive opponent allowed him to come from behind and run up a high score. Solid BMP. House launched a solid campaign, for somebody new to the sim going up against the speaker of the house, it was an impressive run, with the race being somewhat close at times. However, House and the BMP pulled ahead in the end, for a cozy 10 point lead in the previous poll. Solid BMP
AC-2 [insert competence here] Soc The former Republican lightning rod of controversy continued his unusual style of campaigning, including some bewildering debate responses. But he worked extremely hard just like his opponent to keep one of the closest races in a historically bouncy election close as can be. The debate will give Pacman the narrowest win of the evening. Lean GOP New York just can't seem to shake PGF. Despite a completely uninteligible debate from both sides, PGF's sheer quantity of events should overcome the questionable quality enough in order to give him the win. Lean Soc. PGF and Pacman were made for each other. This race was a very close one, with polling showing either candidate winning at times, never a large difference. I believe that maybe PGF has the slight edge, but it really is a tossup. Lean Soc
AC-3 [insert competence here] Dem Two largely inactive campaigners battled it out in a nice and respectful campaign, showing that politics doesn't need to be nasty. The playbook was standard with them both mustering the time to put out 4 events each on the final day, all of mostly respectable quality. The nice guy battle will end in a GOP win, just because I'm biased and Lynx had a small edge (52%) going into the final day. Lean GOP After a few terms on the list, Speaker_Lynx seems poised to come back to Congress with his old constituency to represent once more. Polling always tilted towards the GOP, and coupled with a rather anemic opposition from the incumbent Dem, Lynx should cruise to an easy five-point win. Likely GOP This is a close race, but polling and the debates have shown that GOP have the definite edge here. Lean GOP
CH-Sen [insert competence here] BMP I appreciate how friendly and cordial this race was. One of the most moderate Republicans faced off with an equally moderate Bull Moose, such that they had little disagreements with one another in the debate. Brain brought his A game and worked overtime not only for himself but even managed to sneak in some events for others. Srajar did all he could against my predecessor as Chairman and slowly ate into Brain's lead as he turned on the jets. This one will be close folks, but as the results come in I suspect the BMP will get their second Senator. Lean BMP Hey Prelate: SUCK IT! I had a whole line of attack planned for this race painting srajar as someone who hops from office to office without getting anything done, but turns out I didn't need it because Brain started with a 20 point lead. While Srajar did a lot to narrow the gap, Brain finished strong with a pounding debate response and should bring Chesapeake's other Senate seat home for the BMP. Likely BMP Srajar is a strong candidate, but so is Brain. Srajar seems to have accepted his loss come the senate debates, when he gave shorter and less answers than Brain did. It was in that moment Brain won the race without beyond a shadow of a doubt. Solid BMP
CH-1 [insert competence here] GOP The "Republican of the Month" famous for winning Flash his first ever race (that he promptly resigned and gave to p17r) probably expected to keep his head down and ride to a win with that same work ethic. He brought it, but unfortunately for him ran into RJM3AH who went blow for blow with him and outcampaigned him on the last 2 days by one event. A hard race to call but p17's slight polling lead coupled with higher quality events gives him the edge. Lean GOP p17r, despite having me debunk 90% of the sources he listed as not actually being related to porn as a health threat, decided to copy-paste the same laundry list of sources into the Chesapeake debate thread. I love quality debates! p17r was an active Assemblyman and polling supports that he will come out on top. RJM kept the margins close with a quality campaign but unfortunately that likely won't be enough to bridge the gap. Lean GOP p17r polled consistently better, and in my opinion had a better debate performance. It's for this reason that they have the slight edge. Lean GOP
CH-2 [insert competence here] BMP I like history, so two former Chesapeake Senators battling for a House seat is neat, especially since it was the same seat that Kbelica took after Prussian was banned. In a tremendous disappointment, what started out as a close contest wasn't by the end. Kbelica's disappearance after day 2 and no-show on the debate stage blew an eminently winnable race. Safe BMP Kbelica decided not to run for Senate due to trouble staying active, but instead decided to run for House where he still has trouble staying active. An anemic campaign from the GOP turned a marginal seat into an easy cleanup by Kaiser. Likely BMP Similar to the above analysis. Prussian has polled better, but not only that, Kbelica seems to have completely forgotten to show up to the debate. I would be surprised if Kbelica won, especially under this new calculator. Likely BMP
CH-3 [insert competence here] Dem Dixian turned Chesapeaker Froggy started with a large polling lead but was playing catch up to Cdocwra before he knew it. A critical no-show on day 3 and being outcampaigned on day 4 will be just enough to carry Froggy to victory in a race he very well could have lost. With two of the highest energy BMP campaigners (Brain/Kaiser) in the state routinely helping others, one wonders why they never diverted resources to this race? Was it because Cdocwra was the lone Democrat running in CH? We may never know. Lean GOP ModelUSGov's favorite Brit manages to stave off another GOP opponent, with this race being much closer than the last. Quality events (sadly no singing this time) and a dominating debate will let this race stay in the D column. Lean Dem Cdoc takes this. He had a consistently better campaign, higher quality campaign answers, and gave just as good debate answers as Froggy. He should take this. Likely Dem
DX-Sen [insert competence here] Soc In contrast to LN Senate, this was my turn to be disappointingly shocked as I was convinced Dexter was bulletproof. But Cold, with the full might of the coalition behind him and his record as a prolific bill author, seemingly did the impossible and made Dexter look human. He campaigned hard and unleashed a torrent of activity that would've swallowed almost anyone. I think Dexter had the better events in the end and a dominating debate performance that will give him the heart attack of his life as he inches out a win. Lean GOP Two of the most active legislators in the sim duked it out in the most entertaining spit-swapping makeout match of the cycle. I don't know who deserves the seat more, but neither of them deserve to lose. I predict that, after an early edge and a strong debate, Cold will bring this one home for the Socialists. Lean Soc This is a close one, it pitted two polar opposite, active, party leaders against one another. The race started with Cold in the lead, and the Socs defended their lead throughout the entire race. The debate period was heated, and I think that Cold won it handedly. Remember, Dixie was once a GOP stronghold, I think that this race further shows GOP weakness in Dixie and that the DX senate seat is going to be a better shade of red this election. If I were Prelate, I would be concerned about reelection next federal. Lean Soc
DX-1 [insert competence here] Dem The leader of the Republicans in the Dixie Assembly started out behind and was never able to mount any semblance of an effective or involved campaign. His fellow Assemblyman BNG took no chances and kicked this dead horse until there was nothing left. A no-show on the final day for BNG won't be nearly enough for Tajec, even if he had managed to debate. Safe DEM BNG Continues his streak of carrying the Dixiecrats with another resounding win. The GOP rightfully didn't even try to contest what is likely the safest Dem seat outside of GL. Safe Dem No question about it, this one is obvious. Borednerdygamer is one of the Democrat’s best campaigners, and he opened with a massive amount of personal state mods but also had the coalition bump as well. With other races being far close, it seems the GOP didn’t bother with DX1, resulting in a definite win for BNG. Solid Dem
DX-2 [insert competence here] GOP Ever see Clash of the Titans? If you say you have and didn't follow this campaign you're lying. Two giants of Republican and Bull Moose politics gave it everything they had and put on one of the most impressive duels in sim history. If you wanna know how to campaign and/or debate, this race should be your gospel. Flam's slow but steady approach and rising polling will carry him to a win but Allen shouldn't be disappointed, he would've crushed virtually any other player in the sim. Lean GOP Allen started with a solid lead but got whittled down hard by the GOP's most likely candidate for Minority Leader. Only in Dobs' America, folks. This'll be another nailbiter, but I think Allen will have staved off Flam when the dust has settled. Lean BMP If we were using the old system, I would say lean BMP. Jamawoman, the current BMP chair, put up a strong campaign, and it was obvious that the BMP put through the maximum effort required to win this seat. That being said, the GOP showed up too. Flam is the Minority Whip of the House and a sitting member of the RNC. Flam campaigned and debated well. I think that the BMP will gain this seat, but with a new election system, I cannot be sure. Toss-up (Lean BMP)
DX-3 [insert competence here] Soc I think this is the race that woke everyone up to how different these elections were. Dr0ne dropped 29 points in one day (!!), the largest polling change ever recorded in the history of sim elections. The race became very tight with both sides waging what seemed like a personal war against one another. I want to personally thank Centrist for his remark about rigging elections, we sure made a mountain out of that molehill. At the end of the day, this one is too close to call. Toss-up While the Socialists didn't have a dynamo as capable as Cold campaigning this time around, this race went a little under the GOP's radar despite a day one lead. The Socialists picked up the slack and rebounded, so this race is Likely Soc This is one of the Socialist’s original House seats, and it is one that Party Secretary Cold did not want to lose as it was his seat. Without knowing the true nature of the current system, the GOP gained the lead on day 1; however, they were out campaigning every day after. The Socialists will retain this district, and the future looks bright for Dixie Socialists. Lean Soc
DX-4 [insert competence here] GOP Poor Frosty just can't catch a break. Going from a heartbreaking loss to blockdenied to a battle against a hardworking and thoroughly competent campaign run by someone I've never heard of before; where did he come from? APG put his nose to the grindstone and outcampaigned Frosty 3 days out of 4. Will he inflict the next heartbreaking loss to Frosty? Unfortunately for Chris I can't predict that he wins, but fortunately for him I can't predict that he loses either. Toss-up It's okay, Jarl, 1 in 4 American men have trouble finishing. While this race won't be the 10-point wipe that constitued the last Governor's race, Jarl will still come up a bit short on votes after being outcampaigned by an eager APG. Lean BMP Again, with the new system, it is quite unclear to me how this race is going to go. Both candidates put forth the same amount of effort in both events and debating resulting in a close race. I personally think that the GOP will ultimately win this seat, but again, with this new system, I cannot be sure. Toss-up Lean GOP
LN-Sen [insert competence here] Dem I, and probably everyone else who doesn't have a dial tone where their brain should be, was convinced the somehow PPT was a dead man walking. Coming off a landslide loss for Lincoln Governor that must have snapped him out of it, he worked tirelessly to hold a GOP seat in our worst state. Slowly but surely he ate into Sam's lead until he was the one ahead in the final poll. Sam had a better debate performance that I think will pull this race back to even. Amazingly, what I would've bet the house was Safe not GOP 10 days ago is a Toss-up I HATE THIS CALCULATOR I HATE THIS CALCULATOR I HATE THIS CALCULATOR I HATE THIS CALCULATOR. Sorry, lost it for a second there. This race shouldn't have been anywhere near close. DDYT campaigned poorly after six months of sitting on his thumb on the Senate floor. But here we are. Lean Dem because I think I might genuinely quit the sim if this race goes red. DDYT is the incumbent, imo had better campaign events, and had only ever so slightly worse debate performance. It's not certain by any means, but I think he has the edge Lean GOP
LN-1 [insert competence here] Dem A race featuring one of two only active Libertarians of the election is just as close as the polling suggests. Kingmaker (who apparently abandoned Dixie to go to Lincoln, a move as head-scratching as West Berliners defecting to the East) worked hard and outcampaigned Tucklet on 3 out of 4 days, building a small polling lead that I just don't think Tucklet did enough to overcome. It'll be close, but King will eke out a win. Lean Dem Poor Tucklett can't catch a break, but I really have no sympathy for him. The only winnable race for the GOP in GL was swept away by a subpar campaign, which is strangely emerging as a trend from the party largely seen as the best campaigners. Lean GOP Tucklet put up a strong campaign for someone banned from the sim for quite a long time, but I think kingmaker overall has the better campaign, and in a state like Great Lakes, it would be near impossible for a republican to win. Lean Dem
LN-2 [insert competence here] Dem Top started with a big lead and then decided to play prevent defence and count on it to save him. Unfortunately, Kyle didn't take advantage of the gift-wrapped opportunity and was similarly absent. His fairly inactive campaign won't come close to taking down Top, who rallied late when it appeared he might be in a bit of trouble. The only interesting thing about this race is questioning why the Libertarian polling consistently at 0% decided to do 2 events on the last day. Likely Dem There's really nothing interesting to report here. A stellar Dem candidate curbstomped the Republicans. Wish I could've typed this 17 more times. Solid Dem This one isn't close, Kyle stands no chance and TopProspect put on a good campaign, not being challenged by a serious opponent like Tucklet. This combined with party mods is a solid win. Solid Dem
LN-3 [insert competence here] Dem Remarkably similar to LN-2, the last Democratic Speaker of the House started with a nice lead and perhaps playing the old campaign playbook took it easy. His opponent didn't take advantage just like Kyle and gave Ben the time to alter his strategy and run an effective and high-energy campaign on the last two days. He'll win by a safe margin and this does down as another one the GOP probably shouldn't have, but could've won. Safe Dem There's really nothing interesting to report here. A stellar Dem candidate curbstomped the Republicans. Wish I could've typed this 16 more times. Solid Dem Exact same analysis as GL-2, in all honesty. Solid Dem
LN-4 [insert competence here] Soc Tiger, amazingly for a Libertarian, actually put in effort and ran a respectable campaign. Not nearly enough to win, but when your fellow party members were mostly off picking their nose, it's a low bar to clear. The race ebbed and flowed between the two real competitors and while I think csgo had better event, he was outworked on all 4 days. The very small polling lead of fox will be just enough to pull him across the finish line. Lean SOC Despite choking hard on Day One, the Socialists weren't discouraged and continued to chip away at the Republicans in the most sparsely populated district in the contiguous US. Once CSGO started going, he couldn't be caught by the GOP. Likely Soc Bottled_Fox led a good campaign, and put out more events than csgofan, most of them being of similar quality. In the debates bottled_fox performed solidly, and it would be somewhat of a shock if he lost, especially with the difference of the event count and the emphasis the new calculator has put on that. Likely Soc
SR-Sen [insert competence here] Dem I have never seen two candidates who both wanted to win as badly as Zairn and Ibney, I'm not kidding when I say someone should watch them when results start coming in. Both exhaustively prepared for their rematch and didn't disappoint, dumping literal walls of text on each other in debates and authoring entire codes of legislation in the lead up. A critical day 3 error by Ibney made this race way closer than it needed to be but I think in the end he wins this round of Zairn v Ibney. His unique campaign coupled with specific and pointed critiques of his opponent in the debates will be just enough. Lean GOP There are waaaaay too many close races this election cycle. Did you know that over 50% of House races in America have a margin of over 10%? Why can't we get that here? This race is truly going to come down to whether or not the graders prefer Yu-Gi-Oh or Ouran High School Host Club. If I had to call it though, I would give it to Ibney. Much like Dixie, though, both of these candidates would make stellar, active Senators. Lean GOP As much as I want to say that Zairn will win, this race is without a doubt a tossup. This rematch between Ibney and Zairn pitted the two proud weebs against each other once again. Zairn easily defeated Ibney in a YuGiOh match, but will that translate into an election win? The only thing that we can be sure of with this race is that both candidates are men of high culture and taste, and Ibney has good taste in anime as evidenced by his spoof of Ouran HighSchool Host Club’s opening. (Toss-up)
SR-1 [insert competence here] GOP A beyond weird race that featured huge polling swings (Prog dropped 28 points in one day) and a complete lack of activity. Maybe the Socialists couldn't have won even if they tried, but running a literal paper candidate didn't even have the effect of distracting Prog who responded with only slightly more energy. I can't begin to fathom why the Vice-President showed up at the last minute to help someone who was I guess too busy in MHOC and AustraliaSim. If Prog loses this, we should all nuke the sim. Safe GOP The Sierra GOP really bucked the nationwide trend, and good for them! The Socialists didn't seem to try very hard here, and the SRGOP took no chances when it came to posting event after event. For now, Sierra shall remain a beacon of free market politics. Solid GOP As much as it pains me, AMN did not show up to campaign or debate. The new election system gave the socialists some sense of false hope as they jumped in the polls to put the race into a dead heat; however, by not showing up to debate, AMN all be conceded the election. Hopefully in future elections, these polling discrepancies will be corrected. Solid GOP
SR-2 [insert competence here] GOP In the debates BOOM asked Cuba if he was deceased, Zairn hilariously said what we were all thinking and replied that it was a valid question. Cuba was nowhere to be found and for what it's worth BOOM could've been running against a basketball with a smiley face drawn on and faced a tougher challenge. Why Hurricane bothered to do two events for him is beyond me but it represented a waste of resources on a candidate that invesigators are still determining if he ever existed. Safe GOP Only in a simulation could you have a starklky-red California, but here we are. BOOM didn't have the best campaign, but he had pretty decent mods and an inactive opponent. That combo is enough for him to rack up a big margin on election night. Safe GOP As what happened in SR1, a candidate did not show up to campaign or debate. Boom was already a strong incumbent in the race, but by not campaigning much and not debating, the Democratic candidate all but conceded the race to the GOP. If the Zairn loses his race, the once Democratic stronghold is in danger of becoming a new Republican land, Sierra will be an interesting state to watch next state elections as I am sure the Republicans will put in every effort to win in the state. Solid GOP
SR-3 [insert competence here] Dem Panda had the lead and never looked back, slightly increasing it each time and racking up points in the Sim equivalent of NFL garbage time. Doing 5 events for all 4 days against an inactive opponent might seem crazy but it's always good to be careful I suppose. He'll easily win PresentSale's old district. Oh yeah, PS was here and despite a debate question about himself, didn't show up. Maybe he was recording a very long episode of Heartland? Safe DEM A rare spot of blue in an otherwise red wave in Sierra. Panda campaigned harder than any other Democrat in his state, and luckily for him managed to run in the district that is the chink in the GOP's armor. More events and a stronger debate performance will easily send this race to the Dem column. Likely Dem This is the only safe Democratic spot in the race. The GOP did not invest enough into this race early resulting in an early lead for SirPandaMaster. Both candidates gave comparable debate performances, but the incumbent Democratic looks safe to win this race. Lean Dem
SR-4 [insert competence here] GOP Give Astr0 some credit. He had a huge polling lead and didn't entirely sit on it, always managing to at least show up. When the former Sierra Governor who was removed from office did tighten the race with a surge in the last few days, Astr0 didn't shy away and messaged me endlessly about his campaign. He adjusted his strategy, met the challenge, and will sit as the Representative of America's by far least populous district. Maybe he'll be able to see Russian rocket launches from his house? Likely GOP Astro is probably the best designer the GOP has, but as the past has shown that doesn't always lead to a good campaign. However, this election Astro was able to run away with posters alone and secure the bag for his Party. While it is not his preferred district of SR-2, a seat is a seat and he'll take it fine either way. The Democrats made a decent comeback towards the end of the campaign, but unfortunately for them it won't be enough for a majority. Likely GOP The GOP had the lead early and kept it throughout the race. Bandicoot, Astro, is one of the GOP’s best campaigners, and it showed in the race. Despite efforts by the Vice President, I do not see the GOP losing this one. Lean GOP

House Prediction Maps

Democrat Analysis House Map
Republican Analysis House Map
Bull Moose Analysis House Map
Socialist Analysis House Map
That's all folks
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Thinking about replacing my FK1 with Model O-

Hey, im looking forward to replacing my FK1 with Model O- when its gonna be available but the main reason im creating this post is to gain some information from people that have similar hand size, grip & preferences as me.
Hand size: My hand size is 18.5x10cm and following the 3-finger rule from RJN my fingers are under 5.5cm (something about 5.39-5.46cm) which would be in range of Model O- width. And my middle finger to the back knuckle measurments are 11cm
Grip style: i use fingertip grip on FK1 but bottom side of my thumb near the palm is touching the mouse (not always).

The thing is that i've had a few of mices before (FK1/FK2/EC1/EC2/G303/G305/G403/DA Chroma & others that i cant remember rn.) and i want to focus mainly about FK1 & FK2 as they are going to be closest to the Model O-
Im using FK1 as my main right now but i find it too long, i dont have any hand cramps with it and i can aim really well with this one. I've been using fk2 in the past and i remember i had better flickshots with it but the problem was my ring finger near the nail was hurting a lot after playing csgo for few hours(no hand cramps either). The problem is i can use both FK1&FK2 and i think they doesnt affect my aim to the point where i choose which one im better with. I adjust to the mouse really quick and i think my aim would be better with smaller mouse like the Model O- as its gonna be pure fingertip mouse for me and low weight would be a really good addition to it but i dont know if its gonna be in range of a safe bet. I've been using G305 in the past and its really small but the reason why i switched was that something in my aim was feeling off, 100% sure it wasnt grip style or the mouse itself being small but i felt it had to do be something about the sensor&latency idk, thats just my opinion. Feel free to comment and im really curious about people that have similar hand sizes & switched from FK1 to the Model O and how they feel about it. I know the best way to deal with all of things that i wrote here is to get Model O- but im really curious if you can advice me choosing based on informations that i wrote.

TL;DR The big question is: Would you think going for the Model O- with my hand size (18.5x10cm) is going to be a pretty safe bet? My hand adjust to the mouse really quick and i dont mind using small mices (had g305 before& no troubles grip-wise) but im really wondering if Model O- is gonna turn out too small for me.
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So ive officially changed my name on origin to "WingmanRoyale" until this game becomes "Apex Legends" again.

The amount of people not thinking the wingman is a problem and defending it with "DoN'T tOUch AnyTHinG, iT'll TuRN oUT liKE fOrTNite" is absurd. I get it. I've been there since the H1 days. I know what a company can do once they begin the buffing and nerfing process. Yeah, it fucking sucks when they start killing the game you love. Yes, Respawn shouldn't listen to a single thing we say and they should definitely keep designing the game how they feel is appropriate, but I just wanna get my say in on this if people will just give a listen.
Been playing since launch, just like any other FPS veteran/nerd I have 1000 kills on lifeline and I'm level 92 currently. I've played my fair share of shooters and I know when something feels off. This gun, its just stupid. People yes, could have been using the weapon beforehand, but ever since dizzy popped off with it in Twitch Rivals the entire world and their mothers are all now using the wingman. I have come across so many 3-man parties all using decked out wingmans and holy shit the TTK DROPS HARD AND FALLS FLAT when getting ripped to shreds by this gun from fucking any bloody range. "Oh but it rewards good aim" Well fuck me sideways and call me sally because every player can somehow hit all their shots from Uptown and down to the valley. Most players using the gun have probably played like 1 hour of csgo and thats all they need to land 80% of their wingman shots.
Sure every gun can kill someone, ive killed many players with an R-99 or 301 recently, ive used the spitfire and devotion on drop and mowed down like 5 players without guns before. Every gun can do its part and kill people, but the wingman does it all and more. 45 dmg from any range, has 12 bullets in a mag(I mean be real, most times they probably do have a purple extended mag already) can fire at the speed of a click and can enjoy the addition of a skullpiercer hop up to bring that headshot dmg up to 110 or of the sort(honestly dont know the exact number, not really a wingman kinda guy)
Have a peacekeeper? Well you better not miss the two shots you need to kill the wingman guy because wingman guy isnt gonna miss you and your head sure does look like a nice two tap to him.
Got something to use mid-range to spray him down? Well Karen you better shut your mouth because you're about to eat some delicious wingman bullets since no gun can mid-range contest it.
I mean it can't possibly beat me if I have a longbow with an 8x? right? RIGHT!?!?!?!..........................nope, by the time ive fired the second shot of my 55 dmg longbow Ive already been slaughted by 3 people shooting at me with a wingman.
Im usually not one to bitch...actually who am I kidding, I always bitch, but I bitch about my own problems, something I blame the game or someone else on even though I know I played like shit. But this shit is already getting out of hand only two weeks into the game. I played this game for 12 hours 4 days in a row.....12 fucking hours... 4 days in a row. I was absorbed, I absolutely loved the game. It was so fun to have something refreshing and be getting 20 kill games every single day. Now Im having trouble just trying to get to 10 kills, its even really hard to win now which is sorta nice now, dont really mind that bit that changed. But it isnt hard hard to win, its just frustrating hard to win now, since usually the last squad is some 3 man party all with wingmans and all have 1000 kills each.
Now the gun may not be as strong on console, but this is PC. PC players, (in no offence to console players, seriously Im not trying to start shit, its just facts) can hit their shots, good PC players have been grinding TF2, csgo, rainbow six and the like for decades, they arent new to shooting a revolver, in my own personal suggestions and others I have seen, I would like to ask Respawn for a nerf, just a smidge, nothing to kill it, but enough to bring back the fun gameplay I had during my first week of this game, when people used the guns they liked, the guns they enjoyed and felt were strong. Not the gameplay im seeing now where everyone is a Quarantine 722 wraith main, has the heirloom pack, and literally doesnt kill anyone with anything but the wingman. I literally bet they leave the game if they dont pick up a wingman.
Suggestions for nerfs: Rate of fire. Remove extended mag option. Remove skullpiercer option. Lower damage to 35.(Not a big fan of this one, I mean it would make them have to hit like 1-2 extra bullets to kill you, but then we really are starting to kill the gun, we don't want a "start" to begin with.) Falloff Damage.
Literally just one of these would be a completely fine nerf imo and I would stfu about the gun. I just hate seeing it dominating the game in every match and honestly i've used it only a couple of times since I'm not a single shot kinda guy, and I can tell you every time i've used that gun and killed someone, my only response to their death is, "Wow, they had zero chance in killing me." which really shouldn't be a thing.
And this is the end of my rant. Downvote me all you want, saying things like "Oh you just need to outplay them" when really we all know deep down inside, none of us are outplaying a sweaty nerd using a wingman, its just the painful truth we all have to live with.
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Hopefully, I took action early.

Since I was 15 I have been spending unnecessary amounts of money on virtual items on a game called CSGO, these items held real-world value which could be traded between users. Due to items being worth from anywhere to $10-$5000 this opened a market of betting and gambling. I managed to spend around $2000 in about a year 1/2. My parents found out and went crazy, they thought I was just a reckless kid but little did they know what was to come... After promising I would never do this again, I one day decided to just spend $10 to see if I could get lucky, I spent 12 hours playing blackjack and went from $10 to $1200, this was surely a dream, nearly back positive from the $2000 I was down the previous year. Well the next 4 days I played 18 hours per day non-stop, it was a Christmas holiday and the only thing I did was sit in my room at a computer. After grinding away for a total of 5 days I had reached my peak of $5200, this money to me was unheard of, this is the most I had ever had and my imagination couldn't even dream about what I was going to buy. However, I came home one day to give it one last go before I cash out. I end up losing all $5200 in just 1 hour. My heart collapsed. I had it all, enough money to earn my parents forgiveness back, no longer would I have been hurting over the $2000 loss instead I would have been contempt and happy. Again parents found out, they nearly disowned me... they blamed it on my obsession with video games, they were now banned. Now fast forward to December 25th 2018, Christmas Day. As I was now 18 I decided to open up a Poker888 account as I had been playing virtual fake money poker for a long time and thought I could give it a crack, I put on $20, lost it to a bad beat so I put another $20 on to win it back, this repeated 5 time until I was down $100. Then by the end of the night, I was down $500, everything that was in my spending account from my part-time job. I knew I had lt let down my family but my brain didn't think, I panicked and knew if they found out I would be done for, so I dipped into my savings, I took out $500 to give it one last go, I played a game called Dream Catcher, a large wheel with different placements representing an x Value, if you placed a bet on 3x and it landed on that segment then you would be rewarded, I managed to make up to $6000, my hands were shaking and it was like a Christmas miracle, I nearly cried I was that worried about losing. So, I was in the clear, safe from getting into trouble and enough money to buy whatever I desired. Then I decided well let's just do one last $500 since we are up so much profit, I lost. Then I lost again, and again... and again. I was back at 0, My face went red, my heart started to beat faster, the embarrassment and shame kicked in, what had I done. I went to bed and practically cried myself to sleep, reading gambling addiction stories wondering if I should come clean to my parents or bet the other $4000 in my savings to make up for the losses. I couldn't handle the pressure and was even contemplating running away/suicide. I took the brave decision to try and save myself while I still could, I walked up to my mum and told her everything, how I have been feeling depressed for the past 3 years, how I regret not telling my dad things before he passed away when I was 16, and that I was having suicidal thoughts, and then I told her about the gambling. She was mad, but she knew I needed help this time, she took me to our local doctor and she had a talk to me about my depression and how I feel when I'm gambling, I told her 'It just fades away, I feel so good when I place the bet watching the wheel spin in anticipation, 100% concentrated, when I'm not doing it, it's the only thing I think about.' She knew there was something wrong and that I was a gambling addict. She gave me advice and articles to read, I have my first phone introduction on the 31st of January and hopefully, after that, I will be receiving counselling regularly to help me get rid of this part of my life and to become a better me. Good luck to you all out there, Hopefully stopping now at such an early age will get it out my system or at least help prevent me from ruining my life and the relations in it.
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Finally joined the TOTL club! My HD800S impressions

Hi guys, so last year I listened to one of these at a local headphone store with a friend of mine, and I instantly knew that these were going to be my endgame. I’ve listened to other TOTL offerings from STAX, Audeze, Mr. Speakers, and Focal and I just really like the sound signature of these (although, still going to get Andromedas eventually and I’d love to hear the Focal Clear and the Aeon Flow Opens some day). Anyways, fast forward to about a month ago and I decided it was finally time to purchase. Being Canadian, these retail for around $2200, which I could not afford. After browsing the discord, avexchange and Canuck Audio Mart for weeks, I finally found a mint pair at a price I was willing to pay.
I got these around a week ago, so I’d still say these are my first impressions. I’ve run them exclusively on my Micro iDSD Black Label, but plan to upgrade to either an NFB-29.38 or R2R 2/C2 stack in the near future. Anyways, onto the impressions.
Looks: These are some sexy cans. I’m sure my pictures won’t do them justice, but they really do look like modern TOTL headphones. The design language is not very subtle as with the HD6** line, but they still look amazing. Here's a photo of the headphone on my cluttered desk, I really need to buy a stand for these and get some better shots.
Build: The build quality here is very good. It’s definitely not the best in the headphone world, as I’d say the build in a ZMF or Focal headphone is better, but these are not bad at all. While it’s mostly plastic, it still feels high quality and I feel like these could take a beating (although I promise that this will never happen to my pair). The paint in the original HD800 was infamous for chipping, but here I doubt that will happen. The only weak spot is the silver lining type thing going around the outside of the driver enclosure. It looks nice, but I bet it could be dented or crumpled easily. Other than that, the build is genuinely great.
The cable is very nice and durable too, but like with the stock HD600 cable, is WAY too long. I use these at my desk, and I really don’t need it to be longer than 4 feet or so. But, as Sennheiser once again used proprietary connectors (which, Sennheiser, WHY???), getting an aftermarket cable is going to cost you a lot. If anyone knows of any SE cable around 4 feet under $100 please let me know. Anyways, because these are mostly plastic, they are incredibly light. When I demoed the LCD-X, I didn’t get a lot of time with them, but the weight already seemed to make it uncomfortable. These, I could wear for hours. Which brings me to my next discussion point…
Comfort: Even if you don’t like the way these look, the design is practical as these are probably the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Before, I would have said the HD600 was, as once the clamp adjusted I could wear these for hours. Granted, I’m not too picky with comfort, but going to the HD800S just feels right. Having the HD600 on my head as I write this, the clamp is still a little tight, and these have probably around 1000 hours of use over the last year. They are broken in, and still are pretty tight (although I didn’t stretch them at all). The AD900X is far too loose for me, and pretty much slides of your head. The HD800S is just perfect; the clamp is just right, the pads are really nice and probably won’t flatten over time like with the HD6** series, and there is no way your ear could ever touch the inside. They are light too. If you have issues with comfort on headphones, these are the ones you need to get.
Sound: Even after reading hundreds of reviews on so many different headphones, I still have trouble describing sound. So, keep that in mind, but I'll do my best here. Immediately, going from the HD600 the first thing that you’ll notice is the soundstage. The HD600 has a quite narrow sound, so this is quite a dramatic change. But what’s amazing about the HD800S is that the large soundstage doesn’t comprise the imaging. In fact, this headphone as both the best soundstage, and imaging I’ve ever heard in a headphone. This is probably the HD800S’ strength. It creates amazing layers of depth in music that makes it sound far more natural to me. Like, in Money by Pink Floyd, you can hear the cash registers and “money sound effects” far in the distance, in what sounds like another layer to the vocals in the center and the guitars surrounding you. This is a very immersive headphone, and as such is amazing for not only music but movies and gaming. I played a bit of Rising Storm 2 for this review, and this setup makes me feel like I’m in actual warzone. I hopped into a CSGO match as well, and footsteps are easy to hear and pinpoint. I never realized how great that game’s sound is, although usually I get my competitive fix from RTS games so I’ve never really analyzed it.
This headphone is incredibly resolving and revealing. I am hearing things that I’ve never heard before, there are just so many little details in recordings that I’m hearing for the first time and I love it. I’m also hearing how shitty some recordings really are, and combined with the excellent imaging it’s easy to hear rougher recordings. But, I really feel as if the HD800S makes music sound the way it was meant to be heard. Everything just sounds so natural, it’s almost like getting a private concert for every song in the world.
The frequency response is really nice too. It’s definitely not fatiguing or harsh, it has a lot of treble but I wouldn’t call these bright. The HD800S is definitely not a laid-back headphone. There is a lot of sparkle, more than the HD600, and these definitely aren’t veiled at all. I’ve never heard the stock HD800, but I have no issues with any treble peaks here. The mids are a touch recessed in comparison with the HD600, but the bass is slightly elevated. It’s very fast, and can pack quite a punch. The bass is incredible for a dynamic driver. I know Sennheiser introduced more THD to the lowend, but honestly, I can’t hear it. It’s all super clean.
I’ve played around with a bit of EQ, but haven’t really found anything that I would consider superior to the stock sound. I will say though, that this headphone responds excellently to EQ and you could get any sound you want out of this thing. The way I described this headphone might make you think they are slightly V-shaped, but I would just say they are warmer than the HD600. They are overall pretty neutral, but still very musical.
In the middle of writing this, my dad listened to Brain Damage-Eclipse and Ripple-Brokedown Palace. He’s no audiophile, but in his words, “it’s stunning.” I couldn't agree more.
Overall, I’m super happy with the HD800S. It is an incredible headphone, and definitely endgame level stuff. I know endgame is a meme here, and I'm sure I won't stop buying headphones and IEMs, but I think I'm going to keep these forever.
Edit: Fixed some grammar. Probably still some mistakes, will fix later!
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The tower comes crashing down for Counter Strike Gambling: Part I: Lawsuit

In Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO or CS), there is a system in which players receive skins for their weapons. They can look pretty or ugly, but in the end, they change the way that your weapon looks, and for this privilege, you pay $$$ for the skin. Usually, these skins are traded between players, and for this, you can gain actual money in paypal for these skins.
Various sites have popped up around this trade. Some are legitimate trade sites, some help you value your skins, and some are for gambling.
This is where the drama all starts.
Overall, the minimum age for being allowed to gamble is 18, 21 if alcohol is involved.
These counter strike sites have about the same age verification that porn sites do. Either no verification, a fine print verification, or a single button. They do not have a actual system for verifying that the users of the site are of age.
So, the result of this is that there is a large population of people that gamble on these sites that claim to be of age, but are in truth much younger, some as young as 10.
First problem: These sites skirt laws by not gambling in actual money. They gamble in the CS items, which, technically speaking, do not have value.
This is being put to the test by a lawsuit that has been filed against valve in US district court in Connecticut, which is currently going through the motions of being made class action.
What does reddit think?
> "I gambled online, in a Connecticut, where doing so is illegal. This is valve's fault!"
> If these claims can be proven, Valve may actually be in trouble.
> What a stupid fucking waste of time. The guy suing Valve is going to get laughed out of court the moment Valves lawyers walk in the door.
> It's weird, but winners don't seem to be as eager to sue valve over this.
> Sounds like someone is a little butt hurt about losing some money.
> Regardless of how much of a Valve fanboy one is, it's hard to argue that unregulated gambling should continue.
> [Valve] won't need to [dely the suit]. The court will deny class certification and Valve will file a motion to dismiss for failure to state a justiciable claim.
> Classic case of thinking he can take down valve because he lost his asiimov ($100 skin) on vp (bet)
> Awesome. Ruin it for everyone else because some brain-dead fucks can't control themselves.
ARE THE STREAMERS ADVERTISING THE SITES ACTUALLY SECRET OWNERS OF THE SITES? CAN THEY ACCESS THE BOT INVENTORIES SO THEY GET UNLIMITED BETS? FIND OUT SOON IN MY NEXT WRITE UP: The tower comes crashing down for Counter Strike Gambling: Part II: TmarTn and his secret ownership of CSGOlotto and other streamer scandals
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My thoughts, even though nobody cares and nobody asked.

First of all, for all you people saying "oh only morons would go gamble" or "of course when you're gambling you're going to lose", you guys are idiots. People have and always will continue to gamble, for the thrill of winning, even though more often than not their losing. People went to shuffle, jackpot, wild, or whatever site and gamble. Are they gonna win? Maybe, maybe not, but it's their right to gamble. Your thoughts on gambling and it's stupidity are only your opinions and irrelevant to the entire situation.
With that being said, there's a huge difference between going to a Harrahs or a Rio to gamble as oppose to going on a website created by god knows who, totally unregulated, betting virtual items. Yes, people expected a fair game, however anyone who didn't think there was a risk any unsavory stuff was going on was just lying to themselves. Now I'm not condoning any action by anybody, but you people who think there's a lawsuit or that there's jail time involved are ignorant.
Let's take a look at some examples. Back in the day, all those "freeipod" sites. You'd complete offers, refer friends, and get free shit. I'd say 50% of those sites were scams. More recently, the Full Tilt Poker fiasco. All the big names in poker took a big hit cause player funds weren't available for withdrawal. Nobody in these situations went to jail, and there's a hell of a lot more wrong with what they did.
If CSGO Jackpot had a $15k pot, and didn't roll a winner, took all the skins in the bots, and closed shop... would anyone go to jail? No.
If OPSkins went offline right now and took all of the items in their inventory (10's of thousands of items), nobody would go to jail. These are virtual items. When you trade them, you're agreeing that you'll get nothing in return, steam warns you about this and makes you go through hoops to actually make trades.
I'm not condoning anything or anybody. I'm not saying what James may or may not have done is right, wrong, borderline, or anything. The point is, CSGO skins have ZERO monetary value. Just cause there's a market for collectors or average users who are willing to pay real money for them, there's literally no way that a skin can be converted to cash, it can only be traded via Steam or 3rd party websites who will exchange it for cash, but keep in mind these websites (OPSkins) are operating by breaking the Steam TOS.
Yes, we have an expectation that sites are legit, some are, some aren't. It's the risk we take, just like the risk we take when we deposit skins into a jackpot or pick CT or T in a coin flip.
Whether or not James knew the outcome of every game or not, we saw him lose and we saw him win, it's not like it was an unwinnable endeavor for the average user, but for Christ sakes people.... to think he's going to jail or in trouble with the law, that's ridiculous. All the other big names essentially did the same thing. The whole thing with James now is apparently his Twitch suspension and which I think we can all agree on has nothing to do with the gambling and everything to do with the alleged "fake subs".
I don't know. I've rambled on too much, but for the love of god if everyone could stop saying that James broke the law and is in trouble with the law, please stop. And also those saying that people who gambled are stupid, also please stop.
Take the above novel with a grain of salt cause I don't know anything about anything.
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Asura been listed on voting

Hello guys I'm new here. And I'm a Trader and Dota/CSGO player. I also betting on the betting sites of dota 2
Since i saw this on KuCoin news, It really caught my attention since i'm having a trouble how can i buy dota 2/csgo items for betting using my cryptocurrency with fast transaction. And thank god i saw this.
Vote Asura!
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Infil Team SpiritZero Post-CC Interview Bits

Status: Finished/maxed out, but covered 90% of what they said. The rest is eating, talking about random stuff and questions, talking about 2017 premier tourney schedules, and potentially more sensitive stuff.
Trying not to name names and focusing on what they said tourney-wise and character-wise so that no parties have a reason to blow up or stop doing interviews. Also you'll see a lot of emphatic phrasing (very, extremely) - this is just a linguistic thing in Korean, don't take it seriously. EDIT: Please notify me if you are planning on using/paraphrasing this translation.
All credits go to https://www.twitch.tv/team_spiritzero and https://twitter.com/INFILTRATION85
What he did after CC
On Mika
S1 Tier List
EVO period
SFV Crash
On Eita
Canada Cup
On S2 changes
On Western Audiences
Asia Last Chance Quals + Rashid stuff + Chun-Nash stuff
Asia Finals, Mago vs MOV, etc
--Second Half--
On the CPT season
Capcom Cup Brackets
On Capcom Cup + bracket results (him, Tokido, etc)
Capcom's approach
On Nuckledu + Guile
On Ricki
Season 2 (this was before seeing the patch notes)
More on Akuma (this part is pretty fuzzy because I'm not used to Korean FG terminology)
Survival Mode
Back to S2
--Third Part (make it stop)--
On Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
Other Stuff
SF 30th Anniversary
More Other Stuff
On requests asking for Infiltration to do gaming shows/streams
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[SR] /u/ELEElv https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198335072798


My name is Kristers Niks Lūsis and I came here today, to appeal a judgement about my steamrep ban. I recieved ban two years ago, and it was by my own mistake i felt for, and now i'm wondering if there is any chance my ban can be removed from my profile, so i can start using CSGO trading sites and not be the ''bad one'' in people eyes, i have understood the ban and now i would be happy to see my account clean without bans. Simply i was told to try and get people inside their ( russian skype group ) ''gambling site'', and get people to deposit or bet any skins in roullete and per each person they will give me 40% of their depositum, that would be my ''payment'' which was told to me so they can fool me. After when i got trouble with police in Denmark by doing that i understood that guys just fool me around to get money to their selves, i have talked and been visited by police for that thing and will never ever put my life to something like that ever again. If i could get the guy in contacts i would apoligize to him by my self. Have a great day!

My steamid64 - 76561198335072798

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I Believe Activision/Blizzard is a regular gaming company, I would even go as far to say that their a good if not a little bit great.

Reason people hated the company that I legitimately don't understand
1.) Lootboxes, valve brought it to the west and charged players to open them, and gave players the option to trade their winnings and cash out. They were successful and inspired game makers in the west to make similar microtransactions.
Oh but activision blizzards lootboxes they're the real source of modern inspiration of lootboxes! I mean lets all call overwatch a tf2 ripoff but hold overwatch strictly accountable for making lootboxes what they are today even though the solid profits of the lootboxes weren't even released to the public for over a year, "until the year of the lootbox started" and even though there was plenty of existing lootboxes from other games that had public records of lootbox profits that could've and most likely inspired publishers developing games that year, lets just say that it's all overwatch fault.
I'm reminded of how during the prohibition era when people demonized alcohol, people demonized those who sold alcohol as monsters, even though up into that point its was just a normal practice, and you end up with a bunch of average joes who thought they were setting up a standard establishment beforehand being portrayed just as assholes . Which is totally unfair because like I said up unto that point they thought they were getting into a standard practice. I mean its not as if our society has a bunch of chance based products beforehand like i don't know "loot crate" mystery toy boxes, trading card games, mystery prizes in cereal mystery mcdonald toys, mystery shirt packages etc. I mean its not as if one of the biggest controversies around that time was how mcdonalds random monopoly contest was rigged, lets just pretend that triple a gaming more specifically activision blizzard is responsible for this concept being prevalent in society, and lets get mad when they say their not part of the pay to win controversy, when asked about the ea controversy even though that actually makes sense, because ea's lootboxes were tied to ingame power while overwatch just wasn't.
2.) Auction house; it existed in other games like maplestory, it would've been an interesting form of microtransction that gave players the ability to make money for themselves in real life, giving blizzard a lil cut to support their game, I won't say that it was the best idea, but to say it was ugly or selfish? hmm hardly its just an experimental form of microtransaction the way I see it, oh well guess that kinda act can only be tolerated if steam does it, I mean that kinda system has helped college students pay off their debt but nope its evil unless its valve.
3.) Overwatch has 5 dollars skins that you can earn by watching streams? oh no lets hate that practice because the legendary edition{not the standard} is 60 dollars I mean its ok that fortnite has 20 dollars skins because its free to play, I mean sure there is absolutely no way to earn the skins on the store page by playing the game or watching ads, you have to throw money in to either get the items directly or battlepass items no matter what, but fortnite is free! just not rewarding EVER... until you pay.
4.) The diablo immortal announcement: wow where do I even begin, how bout the fact that a couple of weeks before blizzcon, they actually tried to tell people not get their hopes up, and heck after the announcement before red guy spoke up they actually made it clear that they are in fact working on multiple projects that couldn't be anymore on the nose. Also people getting pissed about the cellphone thing? Oh please, I bet 90% of that audience have never spoken to a room that was 10% their size, the presenter just tried to make a friendly joke because he was nervous. It's not like he called the audience uneducated, it also certainly didn't warrant commentators spamming that phrase on congoers youtube/twitter posts of blizzcon.
Also people calling the game a reskin when on the record blizzard said they were co-developing it? What cause the U.I looks the same, oh I guess EVERY GAME that has a similar u.is is a reskin! Oh wait its not because its popular on multiple phone games because it fits very well for hands on the side of the phone, Also we totally do this for all shooters amirite? Similar U.I ITS A RESKIN.
Also people upset because of how long diablo 4 has been in development all I say is, really? This wait time is rather standard for Blizzard, People like to say how dare activision rush bungie or blizzard to release content on a schedule, but have no qualms yelling at blizzard until they release a screenshot of the #4 in the diablo font, like y'all know even nintendo regrets doing that with metroid prime 4 because they were flat out not ready, also they have been rather reasonable to tell us that the games being worked on unlike I dunno valve, who made it a goddamn joke to string people along on the release of half life 3 up until the point that one of the half life writers felt so much pity for the fanbase he had to go behind the companies back using a legal loophole to give closure to fans to the point even grown men reported that they cried because they can finally move on.
5.) A guy testified that he had a bad relationship with a lady in blizzard that was mostly private conversations? LETS HATE THE ENTIRE COMPANY, even though companies like rockstar, and cd projeckt red have GENERAL policies to work their employees like indentured servants lets hate blizzard for not being Omnipotent god beings that had 100 percent control over each and every one of their employees, there has never in human history been one bad apple in a well meaning organization ever! never mind the fact that despite the fact the "abused" employee wanted to make a point to criticize the company out of principle for "trying to be inclusive but not really" he focused heavily on dragging one lady's reputation citing private conversations as evidence instead of documentation or substantial collaborative testimonies that the "company" was abusing him.
6.) Activision- Blizzards relationship with bungies, Is it really that controversial if I tell you that activsion is not to blame for destiny being shit like at all, some may say But activison rushed bungie by making them follow a schedule. To which I say you do realize that bungie knowingly signed into that contract because they were offered 100's of millions of dollars right? Like its not like Bobby Kotick kidnapped the families of bungie and forced them to sign into right? Not that it matter sinces there are reports that activision gave bungie additional time when asked for. Oh but the microtransactions and the quality of the content!.... All bungies fault they had creative control, and had the right to decide the monetization for the game.... Oh but they threw a party when they left lets make claim that they were ABUSED! Like company going away parties are entirely normal, heck they partied when they left Microsoft oh but in that case its a tragedy , but if its activision its ABUSE.
7.) pay to win patent; I mean its literally r&d's job to try and lock on profitable ideas, its only accountable if ideas are put into practices, warframe developers admit they have turn down ideas they think would be nasty for players, but you don't see anyone swearing vengence because they once had a bad idea on how to monetize their game and did for a long while until jim sterling criticized them about it, y'know now that I think about it, jim sterling never did fufill his little bribe promises of making a video about why their such a great game company, I don't count his reaction video to the change as his "praise video" (it has bare minimum effort in my opinion)..... anycase
8.) Infinite warfare? OH PLEASE people were practically begging for cod to do something different and people attacked it for being too different, shesh, guess whenever people say that they mean make it a TINY bit different! except not really because people were hating on cod hoping for titanfall to kill cod, even though there were similar elements in cod beforehand and it was even more bonkers then infinite warefare, but oh no thats fine, its just not fine if activision does it.
  1. ) Activision giving a new CFO over 10 million dollars in stock and like 1 to 2 mil in direct cash... you do realize they lost 2 cfos within weeks of each other beyond thier control, I don't think CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER is a position that you can leave vacant. To THose saying ACTIVISION should of just paid him peanuts and make him swear off most of his paycheck until they're doing better to be fair! OH YeArGH totally, thats something you can do when HIRING PEOPLE, Like IWATA Was the main ceo making the choice to take a paycut, its not at all similar to hiring someone for a tedious position, since when is it a practice to tell them new employees outright to take one for the team and work for less until the companies rich again, which god who KNOWS when! I think it is fair to criticize bobby kotick for taking a huge paycheck if those layoffs happen. Though it's somewhat beyond activision blizzard hands because they can't really find many positions the former staff that worked with bungie to fill.
Look I won't say activision blizzard is perfect, but I feel that the hatred has become a joke to me, like its insincere, because its being treated like an obligation, when in reality I'd say its hardly warranted.
Yeah they might've kept people waiting on diablo 4 but if you expect quality and a sincere announcement that they won't go back on, its going to take some time, at least they don't play disrespectful games that mocks people waiting for diablo 4 like gabe newell did for half life 3, and instead actually tell you they're working on it.
To the people who think the phrase "you guys don't have phones" is an unacceptable hostile action even if its a poorly timed cringey joke, that comes from a well meaning place? I'm sorry have we as a SOCIETY not been enjoying akward presenters at e3 speaking in a cringey manner creating some of the best quality meme content in history?
Activision Blizzards game has overall been quite polished in term of quality releases, no fallout 76 as of late that I can recall, they've been more communicative then valve, they've given more time to their developers to work on games at requests at times unlike telltale, they made the choice for years to keep activision influence outside of blizzard only now coming in to help them save money because they don't have any games coming out soon. Heck Activision Blizzard is in trouble mainly for taking care of games and working on new games for long periods of time instead of having consistent releases all throughout the company, I'd refer to activisions and blizzard policies seperately, but sadly really smug people are hostile to this notion and demand that activison-blizzard always be kept together in the same sentence, even when it gets downright confusing because people think its cute to hold blizzard accountable for any and all decisions activision make for their games, despite not praising activision for any of blizzards succesess, and like for the most part the company has stayed away from charging for characters and selling pay to win microtransactions unlike ea and apex legends/battlefront 2, and nintendo and fire emblem heroes/xenoblade2 but no lets all say apex is better than cod 4 black ops because even though hit detection can be shit and they charge for characters, but cod blops 4 is selling a reticle like oh please. Lets act as if nintendo is holy even though they've jacked up prices for games that are decades old, and have made fans on youtube miserabler for YEARS! ALSO TO EVERYONE hating on ActivisionBLIzzard for being greedy and surrounding themselves with dirty money, like really? REAlly? REAAAAAAAAlllllllly , cause you know who else wet their beak from activision blizzards money? Sony, microsoft, and steam, they got their fair share of cuts from micro-transactions and as for "Goody- two shoes sony, I guess were going to ignore them loving activision blizzards dirty money so much they made a deal to get exclusive content for their platform before hand.
However I guess ultimately I'm just confused as to why the company get so much hate, is that a lot of people hate it for being a company, like big surprise it's not a charity. I hear so many people proclaim that their not your friend don't give em an inch and show no sympathy, like ok when did they advertise that they were your friends and family? Community sure but that's truthful if they describe it as such. They make and sell products, maybe sometimes they might develop and charge for a product in a way you don't agree, ok sure don't buy it, critique it and try and convince blizzard how a different tactic can work out for everyone, holding hostility to a company for making greedy decisions is wierd, but I dunno the hatred is rather delusional in how exclusive it is. Steam actually broke gambling laws worldwide, whose neglicgence led to csgo lotto, Gabe newell made jokes about if he was bothered half-life 3 won't come out, nintendo now has 3 game associated with lootbloxes under their belt two of which is tied to ingame power, fire emblem heroes, and xenoblade 2, xenoblade being a paid game, and heck to everyone saying that the game publisher should be like cd projeckt red , or , warframe,, like cdprojeckt red basicly said git gud, when questioned about abusive labor practices, the warframe community recently begged the warframe developers not to overwork themselves, heck to all the people saying why can't activision make games like spiderman or god of wars, "exclusives" that anyone with half a brain knows already that those games exist to sell hardware rather than be profitable so third party developers would be encouraged to share profits with these companies! Why do you think epic is being shat on for their exclusives campaign, because people don't think their platform is a worthy competitor to steam, and yes I know metro didn't help but thats besides the point. Activision-blizzard in my eyes is a regular publisher thats decent and to an extent responsible, having released some of the most consistently polished and decent content out there, when ubisoft and ea was touting that singleplayer was dead activision decided to support sekiro shadow die twice, when ea and metro was calling their critiques idiots worthless, activison blizzard called them passionate, and I can't even find a record of them dipping into pay to win systems recently when I can't even say the same for nintendo sadly and yet people are now cheering for death, begging for no one to work with them, and I'm just left stunned by it all.
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Battlefield V beta feedback from a Battlefield virgin

Hi, I'm a Battlefield virgin who's semi-excited for BFV. The BFV open beta is my first experience with Battlefield, both playing and watching. I had no knowledge of anything Battlefield before the reveal trailer other than the fact that it was made by DICE. I play a large variety of games ranging from competitive games such as League of Legends, CSGO, and Overwatch to casual singleplayer games such as Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time (the best game ever made btw), and Stardew Valley.
My experience with DICE so far has been mixed. I purchased Battlefront 2 during the summer when it was on sale for $20 with a large group of friends, we had a great time with it. Battlefront 2 got me interested in the Battlefield franchise. I watched the reveal trailer and followed the entire controversy, my opinions were indifferent about the game. I played the BFV open beta alone (I couldn't convince any of my friends to play it) and enjoyed it. After the BFV open beta, me and a large group of friends picked up BF1 and all of its DLC for $10. I will be making comparisons between BF1 and V in my feedback. At the moment of writing, I have 70 hours in Battlefront 2, 11 hours in BF1, and 10 hours in the BFV open beta.
Now that I've introduced myself and where I'm coming from, time to get on to the feedback.
I'm kicking it off with the worst part about this game, the initial and continuing controversy. WOMEN? IN MY BATTLEFIELD? BRING OUT THE PITCHFORKS!!! In all seriousness, I could care less about women in Battlefield or different races fighting on the front lines. I did not notice a soldier's race or gender at any point in normal gameplay unless I was picking them up. Another complaint from the original controversy was character customization being too wacky and making it too difficult to see other players. Thankfully, the customization did not get in the way at all during the beta for me. That may be because the customization wasn't too wacky during the beta, however the devs did say they toned it down since the reveal trailer.
The gunplay as an infantry unit felt very good during the open beta. I love the implementation of recoil in this game as it is difficult enough that an assault will have trouble spraying down an enemy that's far away, however it isn't difficult to control at all up close. I would take BFV's recoil over Battlfield 1's bloom any day. However, I did find that BFV's time to kill was too short. In BFV if you saw the other person first you basically won the encounter. However in BF1, there has been plenty of times where I completely wiff all of my shots and the guy I got the jump on killed me. I enjoy this kind of interaction much more than "I see you, so you die."
I did not know I loved the attrition system in BFV until I played BF1. In BF1 I don't pay attention to my ammo at all. In my experience with BF1 so far, I usually die before I run out of ammo. In the rare chance that I do run out of ammo I feel completely screwed. I have to run around in circles with my pistol out hoping that I find a support who threw an ammo pack on the ground. In BFV I can either refill my ammo at a supply station, get ammo from a support, or pick up the ammo off of a guy I just killed. Even though you have less overall ammo in BFV, there's much more ways to refill on ammo.
I barely played as a vehicle in BFV because I didn't know how to spawn one. My experiences as a vehicle in BFV has been from spawning into one on the map view and hopping into a tank on the ground. I can say that when I was co-piloting hte plane I felt completely useless, we were just flying up there accomplishing nothing. As a tank, I was able to pick up a few kills, but I have no notable feedback. However, I do have plenty of opinions on vehicles in BF1. In BF1, I have a love hate relationship with tanks. Sometimes I go on awesome killstreaks and other times I blow up instantly. Sometimes I'm able to take down a tank on my own and other times I get 360 no scoped by a tank. I saw in the dev video that tanks in BFV have a turn speed on their gun so that should help with tanks getting wacky kills on infantry. Planes actually feel threatening in BF1, but only because of their bombs. I don't think I've been shot down by a plane yet, I've just been bombed hundreds of times. Maybe finding a good balance between shooting and bombing in BFV will be good, but I can't really give any solid feedback on this. Behemoths. They exist, I don't know how they work, and I think I've been a gunner in one before. I don't have much feedback on these guys either, however it feels really cool when these show up. Seeing a big ass blimp floating around in the sky, then watching it fall to the ground when it dies and seeing its broken skeleton layed out across the map is really cool. Horses and lighter vehicles have been my favorite part of vehicles in BF1, any time there's a horse I take it then round around like an idiot and inevitably getting stuck on nothing then dying. They just feel fun to maneuver in, mostly because the FOV increases when you're driving them so it makes you feel super fast. I hope that there's plenty of less powerful, but fast vehicles in BFV. Something that I do want for vehicles is a better spawning system. In BF1 it's first come first serve for vehicles and I'm assuming it's the same for BFV. I think Battlefront 2's point based vehicle spawn system is much better as it rewards you for playing well. I don't know if this system is a good fit for Battlefield though, but I still think it's a better system than the first come first server system.
Revives are another thing I didn't know I'd miss until I've played BF1. I love how you can revive members in your squad, it really adds to the teamplay. While I thought the bleeding out was super clunky and slow in BFV, I think that the absence of it in BF1 is worse. Most of the time I go to the respawn screen just before my friend gets there to revive me. In BFV, you're forced to sit there for a little bit for a medic or squad member to revive you which is fine, however waiting to be revived didn't take time off of your respawn timer for whatever reason. Thankfully, the devs have already fixed this issue. Another problem with the revive system in BFV was the calling out for help function. Calling out for help only worked half the time and when it does work it's completely useless. All that happens is your soldier whimpering "I need some pant pant bloody help" and it doesn't gain anybody's attention. For one, the cry for help is too quiet, I almost never noticed anybody crying for help while playing. Second, it should trigger some sort of HUD event (ex: revive icon grows bigger, forces itself on the player's screen if off screen, and blinks red) for squad mates and nearby medics. I'm also completely fine with it defaulting to squad view for respawning as it encourages spawning on squad members and it only takes one button press to go to the map view. I do think there should be an option in the settings to default to map view and the ability to go back to squad view from the map view.
I'm not familiar with any of Battlefield's gamemodes other than Conquest and BFV's Grand Operations. I enjoy BF1's Conquest more than BFV's Conquest. BFV's conquest feels much slower than BF1's Conquest. I think the ticket count is too high and should be decreased by about 100-200. Grand Operations feels super underwhelming, it doesn't live up to the what was said in the marketing. From what I understand, the idea is that your team has to complete an objective and your team's performance in the round matters in the next round. This sounds cool on paper, just barely scraping by in the first round means you'll have to pick of the pace in the next, however I don't think this can work in a game like Battlefield. In Battlefield, you're matched with 31 other players who you have no communication with. You can't organize with them and say "Keep your death counts low, we want to play this smart, let's make a plan." This gamemode would be cool in a smaller game with more emphasis on team play (rather than just squad play). I don't have any ideas on how to improve this mode, but here is my opinion anyways. Battle Royale, the big BR, the latest fad in the gaming industry. I don't really like Battle Royale games. It's not that I hate the mode, it's that the games that are Battle Royale are all mediocre at best. They all just copy PUBG (a game that I despise), are all clunky, and are all early access. There has not been a single AAA, big budget, highly experienced stab at Battle Royale until COD and Battlefield. COD's Battle Royale just looks like PUBG with better graphics, faster gameplay, and less clunky everything and I'm not interested. If BFV can create an original take on Battle Royale with its great setting and unique gameplay, I think it could be one of the best. However, they NEED to have solos and duos instead of only squads. Plenty of people just want to play alone or play with another friend without being put at a disadvantage in a 4v1 or 4v2.
I'm going to preface my feedback with this: Anybody who thinks that BFV has lootboxes or "lootboxes in disguise" should stop playing video games. There are no lootboxes, just because something is random or unknown to the player it does not mean it is a lootboxes; random drops have existed forever people. Stop creating drama from nothing people. Now that that's over, I'm indifferent about the customization progression but I really hate the gameplay progression. For one, the upgrade tree is way too small. The idea for it was to create different playstyles for each gun, but what they created was just two different upgrades for each gun. I know this isn't an RPG, but the upgrade tree should at least have 3 paths to feel like you actually have a choice. The upgrades should also have a minimal amount of direct upgrades, they should be mostly side-grades. I've also seen people express negative opinions on linking cosmetics and gameplay progression to the same currency, however I don't see this as a big issue. If cosmetic currency and progression currency were to be separated, just make the cosmetic currency apart of the current premium currency instead of adding a third currency.
This is what I'm mostly worried about. Battlefront 2 launched with a good amount of content and it was promised much more in the future, however we all know it didn't go that way. The great lootbox controversy happened, which lit the world on fire. Left and right gamers rose up to defeat the evil tyrant EA and made lootboxes illegal across the globe. Gamers, a truly EPIC race. Jokes aside, the lootbox controversy definitely affected post launch content. The team had a good start with season 1's The Last Jedi content, but after that everything slowed down a bunch. They released the major progression update which was pretty damn good and then the Night on Endor update which was okay. Season 2's Han Solo season is when the entire "live service" model fell apart. What came was a new small map, a few ported cosmetics, and a few new cosmetics. That's it. No new heroes, no new weapons, no new vehicles. Now, the Battlefront team has completely scrapped the season model in favor of montly updates. So far, the updates have been underwhelming, but the new Clone Wars content had me really excited... until I got BF1. Looking at BF1's post launch content really puts DICE's "live service" model into perspective. At first I thought "this is underwhelming," but now after seeing how much post launch content BF1 had I really hate it. BFV looks to be releasing with not that much launch content. Plenty of promised features will be post-launch and they are preaching that their Tides of War will bring much more content in the future. After Battlefront 2, I can't really believe it until I see it. Maybe this game will do it right or maybe they'll release another bandaged Chewbacca, who knows.
I wanted to talk about a few more things but they weren't big enough for their own category, so I'm bunching them up in here. For one, the game feels awesome to move around in. This is often overlooked in the age of Battle Royales where everybody moves like a rock, but hey it's a Battle Royale so you better love it. BFV feels less "war-like" than BF1. While playing BFV I didn't notice an issue, but the second I got into my first game of BF1 I though "Oh, this is what everybody was talking about." BF1 feels much more hectic even though the gameplay in BFV feels the same pace (the general gameplay, not the gamemode). However, it might feel less "war-like" because the audio was bugged in the beta.
I bet barely anybody read this giant wall of text, but I at least hope one of the devs see this. I really want BFV to be a great game. I love the gunplay, the squad play, and the setting of Battlefield. I am NOT pre-order or buy the game at launch. However, I will continue to follow this game and monitor the team's ability to release new content and listen to the community's feedback. I'll probably end up buying the game when it inevitably goes on sale in the future.
I can't believe I completely forgot about this. It's another one of those things where I didn't care too much about it in BFV, but after playing BF1 I miss it a lot. Half way through the match in BF1 everything would be completely destroyed and there would be barely any cover. I really like it, however I think there should be a couple of changes. For one, the health and ammo resupply stations should show on the minimap or in the normal view if it's not built. I've spent many times wandering around a point looking for a supply box only to realize that it isn't built and now I need to hunt down where to built it while in the vulnerable build state. I also think fortifications need to be faster, it feels a tad too slow or maybe it felt like that because I was the only person building fortifications. I also think every map should have just as many fortifications as Rotterdam, they felt just abundant enough and in all the right places.
Punch it
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The CS:GO gambling scandal: Everything you need to know. Over the course of a month, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has been hit with arguably the biggest scandal in the game's history and one CSGO Betting Sites. There are a lot of websites where you can bet on csgo. However, we think you deserve to enjoy the best csgo betting sites. Therefore, we list sportsbooks that provide the industry’s largest selection of eSports, including CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and plenty more fun titles. The round result cannot be changed during the betting phase, because that would also change the hash, and the verification would not be valid. Once a round is ended, the game will publish the round's salt and outcome (result), which are used to calculate the hash and prove the round is valid. Despite that, the skin betting industry is still active and is not even labeled as illegal in most places. It’s in the gray zone of online betting on esports, and as such, it probably won’t get you in trouble. Check out our skin betting article if you want more information on this exciting form of online esports wagering. In the video below, called "Deception, Lies, and CSGO," Klein goes in-depth and on the offensive as he also pokes holes in Martin's attempts to absolve himself of guilt.

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CSGO betting - YouTube

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