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Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020

Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020


The current, and now previous, Beermoney Global list started nearly 5 years ago. It’s been updated and has grown over all that time, but it also became a hassle to keep current. It was time to build a new list from scratch based on my experience in the Beermoney world over all these years and all the contributions all of you have been making in this sub.
The lists consist of opportunities that are available in at least one country that is not the US. This means there are sites which only work in Canada or the UK. There’s sites which are open to the whole world, but this does not mean everyone can really earn something on it. It’s all still very demographic and therefore location dependent. This list should give you a starting point to try out and find what works for you. I’m not using everything myself as I prefer to focus on a few, so not all are tested by me. They are found in this sub, other subreddits and other resources where people claim to have success.
I’ve chosen the format of a simple table with the bare minimum of information to keep things clean. It includes a link, how you earn, personal payment proof if available and sign-up bonus codes if applicable. Some of these bonuses are also one-time use codes specifically made for this sub! For the ones I don’t have payment proof (yet) feel free to provide some as a comment or via modmail so others know it’s legit. I am working on detailed instructions for each method that I personally use which will include things like cashout minimum, cashout options, tips & tricks,... For now I’ve split things up based on the type of earning like passive or mobile. Because of this there’s sometimes an overlap as some are both passive and on mobile or both earning crypto and a GPT (Get Paid To) website.
The lists are obviously not complete so I invite you to keep posting new ones in the sub, as a comment to this post, or in modmail. Especially if you have sites or apps which work for one single specific country I can start building a list, just like I did for The Netherlands and Belgium. If you recognize things which are in fact scams or not worth it let me know as well.

Beermoney opportunities

Get Paid To (Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, clicking links, play games, searching)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
ySense - The best global site Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal /
PrizeRebel Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
SerpClix Google searching Paypal /
Swagbucks & SwagButton Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, shopping & cashback, games, apps Paypal /
GG2U Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending $1.00 if register here
Keep Rewarding Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, PTC Pending $0.25 if register here
Ebesucher Surfing, reading mails Bank transfer /
Reward XP Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending $0.50 if register here Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal $0.10 if register here
Timebucks Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, Tik Tok, Shopping Pending $1.00 if register here
GamerMine Surveys, offers, videos, tasks, Pending $1.00 if register here
Gamehag Tasks, offers, play games, post on forum, writing Pending /
BTCSurveys Surveys Pending /
FruitLab Watch & upload video game clips Pending 100 pips if register here
Clickworker Transcripts, tasks, UHRS (categorizing), surveys Paypal /
FreeSkins Surveys, offers, tasks, videos Pending 100 coins if register here
iRazoo Games, surveys, videos, offers, apps Pending Enter code 'AK7DB2' for 500 points when signing up
EarnCrypto Data entry, surveys, offers, tasks, videos, games, apps Pending /
Blockreward Apps, surveys, videos, tasks, offers Pending $2.00 if register here and earn 20000b + $2.00 if earn 10000b within 30 days
PaidViewPoint Surveys Pending /
GrabPoints Suverys, videos, offers, games, apps Pending 500 points if register here
RewardingWays Surveys, offers, tasks, videos, contests Pending $0.20 if register here
SuperPay Surveys, offers, tasks, videos, contests Pending $0.20 if register here
InstaGC Surveys, tasks, videos, apps Pending /
GiftHunterClub Surveys, offers, videos, apps, games Pending $0.75 if register here
Idle-Empire Surveys, offers, videos, mining, apps, games Pending 500 points if register here
PicoWorkers Tasks, games, apps Pending /
ViewFruit Surveys Pending /
Mobrog (change language if needed) Surveys Pending /
Surveytime Surveys Pending /
Giveaway Pros Offers, videos Pending /
SEO Sprint (Russian, use Google Translate) Tasks Pending /
Earnhoney Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending /
Toluna Surveys Pending /
Spidermetrix Surveys Pending /
BeerSurveys Surveys, tasks, offers Pending /
CrowdHolding Co-create with startups Pending /
Diaworkers Tasks Pending /
Presearch Search & Earn Pending /
Univox Community Surveys Pending /
YouGov Surveys Pending /
Spare5 Tasks Paypal /
Rewardia Surveys, polls, games, videos, puzzles, trivia Pending 3000 points extra (when you earn 3000 points) if register here
Earnably Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending /
Neevo Tasks Pending /
Rakuten Insight (country specific links) Surveys Pending /
The Panel Station Surveys Pending /
Remotasks Tasks Pending /
Pureprofile Surveys Pending /
UserCrowd Tasks PayPal /
Sruvey Village Surveys Pending /
InboxDollars/InboxPounds Surveys, offers, videos, shopping Pending /
Qmee Surveys Pending /
MicroWorkers Tasks Pending /
Cinchbucks Surveys, offers, tasks, videos Pending /
Rewards1 Suverys, videos, offers, games, apps, polls, contests Pending /
Vindale Surveys Pending /
PointClub Surveys Pending /
TGM Panel Surveys Pending /
PaidPoints Tasks, offers, traffic exchange, ad clicking Pending /
RapidWorkers Tasks Pending /
AnyTask Sell your skills Pending /
Bounty0x Tasks Pending /
Opinion World Surveys Pending /
Lifepoints Surveys Pending /
Passive (desktop & mobile)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
HoneyGain Desktop & mobile phone bandwith sharing (wifi + data) Paypal $5.00 if register here
FluidStack Desktop bandwith sharing (Linux needed) Paypal /
PacketStream Desktop bandwith sharing Pending /
LoadTeam CPU power sharing Pending $0.20 if register here
Gener8 Browser extension Pending 10 tokens if register here
Kryptex Crypto mining Pending /
Ebesucher Surfing, reading mails Bank transfer /
Honeyminer Mining Pending 1000 satoshis if register here
LazyBucks Rent out your Facebook account Pending /
HideoutTV and link to Reward XP to cashout Videos Pending /
Honey Discounts & Cashback / 500 Honey Gold if register here
Fitplay Games Pending $0.33 if register here
Mistplay Games Pending /
Money SMS Receive SMS Pending /
McMoney Receive SMS Pending $0.22 if using code '60LGG3PR'
SMS Profit Net Receive SMS Pending /
Simcash Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Cash4sms Send [risky] & receive SMS Pending /
ControlMySMS Receive SMS Pending /
Birdchain Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Sweatcoin Walking Pending /
COIN Explore Pending 1000 coins if register here
Panel App Surveys, location sharing Pending /
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Crypto (faucets, mining, GPT)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Cointiply Faucet, surveys, tasks, offers, videos Bitcoin Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
FreeBitcoin Faucet, lottery, betting, passive interest Bitcoin /
AdBTC Click ads, active window surfing, autosurfing Pending /
Faucetpay Faucet Wallet, exchange, offers, tasks, trading Pending /
Faucet Crypto Faucet, ads clicking, offers, shortlinks Pending /
More Money Faucet, ads clicking, offers, shortlinks Pending /
Kryptex Crypto mining Pending /
Quicrypto Surveys, tasks, offers, games, videos Pending /
Coinpot Faucet Bitcoin /
Honeyminer Mining Pending 1000 satoshis if register here
BitShark Faucet, games Pending /
Publish0x Read & write articles Pending /
Starbits Faucet (need FaucetPay account) Pending /
Coinpayu Ads clicking, videos, offers Pending /
BTCSurveys Surveys Pending /
Blockreward Apps, surveys, videos Pending $2.00 if register here and earn 20000b + $2.00 if earn 10000b within 30 days
Coinbase Crypto sign-up bonuses Bank transfer See links in thread Watch videos Pending /
Pi Network Crypto mining Pending (see here) To join you need a referral link
EarnCrypto Data entry, surveys, offers, tasks, videos, games, apps Pending /
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Cointiply Faucet, surveys, tasks, offers, videos Bitcoin Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
HoneyGain Desktop & mobile phone bandwith sharing (wifi + data) Paypal $5.00 if register here
Google Opinion Rewards Surveys Play Store credit /
FreeBitcoin Faucet, lottery, betting, passive interest Bitcoin /
AppKarma Games, quizes, surveys Pending Enter code 'Proim' for 300 points when signing up
CashKarma Surveys, offers, games Pending Enter code 'Proim' for 300 points when signing up
Cash Alarm Games Pending Receive 25% of my earnings if register here
Cash Magnet Games, offers, tasks, videos Pending /
AttaPoll Surveys Pending /
ClipClaps Videos, games, raffles PayPall $1.00 & Diamond Chest if register here
Quicrypto Surveys, tasks, offers, games, videos Pending /
Poll Pay Surveys Pending $0.30 if using code '4CS6L4SQ8D' when signing up
BuzzBreak Read news, videos, offers, surveys Pending Enter code 'B06472489' when signing up
Userlytics Software testing Pending /
WowApp Games, offers, surveys, videos, chat, phone unlock, calling, cashback, shopping cashback, browsing, news reading Pending /
CuriousCat Surveys Pending /
Quickthoughts Surveys Pending /
Fitplay Games Pending $0.33 if register here
TV-Two Make Money Apps, games, Youtube, browsing Pending 555 credits if register here
Mistplay Games Pending /
FeaturePoints Suveys, offers, apps, cashback Pending 50 points if register here
Money SMS Receive SMS Pending /
BIGtoken Suveys, location sharing, social media account Pending Use code 'GMGALLOIA'
McMoney Receive SMS Pending $0.22 if using code '60LGG3PR'
Pi Network Crypto mining Pending (see here) To join you need a referral link
Roamler Mystery shopping Pending /
SMS Profit Net Receive SMS Pending /
Streetbees Surveys, tasks, create videos, take pictures Pending Enter code '6115GF' when signing up
Simcash Send SMS [risky] Pending /
VoxPopMe Video feedback Pending /
Cash4sms Send [risky] & receive SMS Pending /
Citizen Me Surveys Pending /
ControlMySMS Receive SMS Pending /
Birdchain Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Sweatcoin Walking Pending /
COIN Explore Pending 1000 coins if register here
Panel App Surveys, location sharing Pending /
GiftHunterClub Surveys, offers, videos, apps, games Pending $0.75 if register here
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Respondent Interviews, research, surveys Pending /
Prolific Surveys, research Paypal /
User testing
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
TestingTime Software testing Pending /
uTest Software testing Pending /
PingPong Software testing Pending /
TryMyUI Software/UI testing Pending /
Testbirds Software/UI testing Pending /
Pulselabs Voice app testing Pending /
PlaytestCloud Game testing Pending /
Userlytics Software testing Pending /
Investing (revenue share)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
PaidVerts Ad clicking, offers, revenue sharing Bitcoin /
MyTrafficValue Games, investing PayPal /
Selling (designs on merchandise, skills/gigs)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Fiverr Sell your skills Pending 20% off on first purchase if register here
Redbubble Sell your designs Pending /
Zeerk Sell your skills Pending /
TeePublic Sell your designs Pending /
Teespring Sell your designs Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Rev Transcribing, captioning, foreign subtitles Pending /
Gotranscript Transcribing, translating captioning, foreign subtitles Pending /
TranscribeMe Transcribing, translating, data annotation Pending /
Unbabel Translating Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Wealthy Affiliate Learn affiliate marketing Pending /
Brave Brows internet Pending /
Andromo Develop apps Pending /
The Netherlands specific
For The Netherlands there are a few very good options next to a bunch of ‘spaarprogramma’s. There ‘spaarprogramma’s are all the same where you receive and click a bunch of e-mails, advertisements, banners,... I advise you to create a separate e-mail address or use a good filter in your inbox as you will be spammed to death. I believe they can be a nice piece of beermoney but they take quite the effort.
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Euroclix Surveys, shopping & cashback, offers, energy/internet providers Bank transfer €1.95 if register here
StemPunt Surveys Gift cards 500 points if register here
Cashback XL Shopping cashback, health insurance discount Bank transfer /
Scoupy Shopping cashback, free products Pending /
Cashback Korting Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Lady Cashback Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Enqueteclub Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Snel Verdienen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.50 if register here
Spaar Actief Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Klik Je Zakgeld Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Zinngeld Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €0.10 if register here
My Clics Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Direct Verdiend Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Spaar4Cash Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Qassa Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending /
My Flavours Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Cash Ze Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Geld Race Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
iPay Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Double Points Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Mailbeurs Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Qlics Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Centmail Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Extra Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Gekken Goud Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Dutch Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Nu Cash Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register
Snel Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Cash Hier Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Betaalde Mails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Goudmails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Online Cashen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Crazy Mails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
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24/7 Discount Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending /
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Geldmolen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.75 if register here
Online Zakcentje Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Geldcircus Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €0.75 if register here
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Zilvervloot Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Belgium specific
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Buffl Surveys Gift cards /

Sign-up bonuses

The one-time sign-up bonus programs are still to be found here. If you find a new one let me know so I can create the post to keep all the ref links together.

Saving money

Although it’s not really about making money online, it’s still nice to save some money as well when shopping online.
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Honey Discounts & Cashback / 500 Honey Gold if register here
G2A Game keys / /
Kinguin Game keys / /
Allkeyshop Game keys / /
AliExpress Save on online shopping / $24 coupons if register here
Gearbest Save on online shopping / /

Other subs & resources

submitted by Proim to beermoneyglobal [link] [comments]

2019 One of the Greatest Miami Dolphins Seasons Ever!

2019 One of the Greatest Miami Dolphins Seasons Ever!
“Whoa! That is a big statement! Winning five games should not be counted as a great season to anyone” I hear you shout at your screens.
But look, these were not just any old 5 wins, in any of the old greatest Miami Dolphins seasons ever discussions!
Ok, ok, excluding the Perfect season and the other Superbowl seasons, those deep Marino led playoff runs and the wildcat season oh and the mighty D seasons of the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The wild cat year? I knew it could not last (it was a gimmick)? Gases 10-6 season? I was duped to be fair. I still stand by the statement “2019 being one of the greatest Miami Dolphins seasons ever”.
Firstly, a little about me. I am from the UK and first started watching the beautiful brutal game way back in 1984. The games were on in the early hours of the morning at 14 years of age, I had to sneak downstairs (we only had one TV in those days) and watch the game of the week on Channel 4 (yes, back then we only had four channels). Watching games with the volume down (so my parents couldn’t hear me), was tough but the excitement and the “violence” was new to me unlike rugby the speed was immense, my eyes darting around the screen trying to locate the ball. Those same eyes came to hate the horrible Mondays in school, where I was falling asleep, but this new game (new to me) with bright colours fanfare and cheerleaders made it all worth it. Getting to watch teams like the Bears, Redskin, Raiders, and 49ers (what was a 49er? I could only imagine some behemoth gold digger with huge hands and gap teeth). English football teams seemed rubbish by comparison, we had the “Blues” “the “Reds” or worse the “Canary’s” or the “Magpies” hardly the type of names to instill fear in your opponents. In those early days, I had not decided on a team to follow, would it be the Lions or Bengals (with the cool, tiger stripes on their helmet) or those New York footballing Giants? I just could not decide but come January 1985, that changed, I “snook” downstairs to watch this thing called a Superbowl, the team in white, a team called the Dolphins v the team in red those behemoth 49ers. As the game progressed, I wanted that team in white to come back and win, sadly, as we all know, that never happened but I felt it was my duty to see if that team in white could win it all next year. After all, they had a “quarterback” named Dan Marino who not only wore no.13, to f**k with the footballing Gods but made throwing the football look magical as well as being supposedly the best young quarterback in football. So, I became a lifelong Dolphin fan, and imagine how my affiliation for this team grew when I found out they had the ONLY perfect season. The year I was born!! I was meant to be a Dolphin fan!
So, back to that great 2019 season, I know some out there have already scoffed at the title and not bothered to read, which is shame because I’m hoping to show everyone why I think it was one of the best ever.
Let us go back to the beginning and relive it together.
New coach, new beginning, haven’t we heard that before? See, being a Dolfan, we were spoilt we had the great Don Shula (RIP) for what seemed like ever and we won consistently with perhaps only the Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, and the Patriots with the same luxury. Yes, occasionally we would drop a 6-10 or 8-8 season but those years we had excuses, an “injury” or we were unlucky against a bad team or two. But after Shula, we fell into the trap of the lower teams the ones not worthy to be in the same sentence as the Dolphins. that trap was inconsistency in the head role, did we love Jimmy Johnson really? (yes, we felt he could win us a Superbowl) but to me he replaced our mini deity. Ok, Shula had some issues like, why, why, why keep Tom Olivadotti around? I had a hard time understanding that (frankly still do), anyway love him or hate him Johnson built a good foundation then buggered off. Dave Wannstedt next, hmmm, even though his tough running program would eventually be good enough for second most wins for a head coach in Dolphins history and our first division title in the 2000s, we just did not have the same feeling for him.
Then it spiraled out of control • Jim Bates • Nick Satan • Cam Camuuurgghhron (thank you Camarillo) • Tony Sparano – RIP • Todd Bowles • Joe “wet lettuce” Philbin • Dan Campbell – My choice for the next full-time head coach, sadly not to be • Adam “Stare through a wall” Gase
A sorry bunch, no wonder we only had two winning seasons with that lot.
After all the “new head coach, new beginnings bullsh*t over the years, forgive me, if I wasn’t waving the flags for this “new beginning”. After all, how many 7-9/8-8 seasons do you have to go through, before you become cynical?
Brian Flores – new coach bringing, a wining attitude and new culture blah blah blah. Win big year one, then disappear like most of the others. I suppose I was happy we had addressed the minority coaching element. Yeah, sure, and he just helped coach that Pats defense in the Superbowl! Again, yeah, OK. Something a little different than all the Offensive minded geniuses that have come and gone over Don Shula express way piqued my interest but I certainly had lost hope that Cowher would come out of retirement, so here we go again.
Preseason woes I understood the jettisoning of older talent. Sorry, I loved Cameron Wake, I liked Kristian Alonso and Kenny Stills, but we needed a fresh start. I liked this approach, I liked the fact we were tearing it down and starting again, for the first time in over 20 years I had some optimism. I knew this coming season would be tough but at last, not the same old “overpay for a couple of names” and hope for the best approach. To be honest, I was thinking, why Stills and not Devante Parker? Weren’t you? Minkah Fitzpatrick, shocked me but hey if you do not like it here, there is the door. Laremy Tunsil? Hmmmm, not sure what is happening, let us see how it all plays out I thought.
When the preseason rolled around and new faces were churning through., I still felt its was a good thing, knew there would be painful things to come and could not understand the media giving Flores a whooping “he’s putting players lives in danger” etc. I wanted to give this guy a chance, we were finally doing something different.
Tank for Tua or Fitzmagic? I never understood the whole tanking notion. No one plays to lose and even if the coaches were coaching to lose, individual players own pride would force them to go against the coaching. I just do not get it!! No one player can change a franchise fortunes, yes, the great ones are instrumental in a franchise’s direction, but you need fifty plus players to play this game (Eighty if your Miami). Quarterbacks do not block for kicks, do not play in a 3 deep cover shells, and rarely catch their own throws. I had seen too many franchise’s push all their chips in, on a number one quarterback draft pick only to flame out and be right back where they were three years later. Was I concerned about our QB situation? Dam right, we had an unproven Josh Rosen and an aging Ryan Fitzpatrick, that could not win over 16 games. My thoughts were Fitzpatrick for 4-6 games and Rosen all the way.
Boy was I wrong.
But still, I liked what we had done, created massive cap space, acquired a sh*t load of draft picks and we would probably end up with the no. 1 pick as well. Bring the hurt, next year’s our year!
Week 1 v Ravens – 0-1 FUGLY is the only word that can be put here. Nothing to be happy about, apart from not being shut out! (I hate it when, we cannot even muster a field goal) Jason Sanders put our first points of the new season up with a 54-yard field goal. Then later some kid wide receiver called Preston Williams, scored a wonderful toe tapping 6-yard TD. The rest of the game, we will just leave behind us shall we.
Not getting shutout felt like a blessing and that undrafted free agent wide receiver showed a little. Come on guys? what did we really expect. We had newly signed offensive lineman and defensive backs playing their first NFL snaps ever! It has been reported since that half the players did not even know each other’s names for heaven’s sake.
Week 2 v Patriots – 0-2 See above but worse!! My pet peeve we did not even get a single score. Come on are we really that bad? Absofudginlutley! Bad, bad, bad game but come on, typically for us, the only game Antonio Brown plays for the Patriots is against us!
102 points given up in two weeks, how is this one of the greatest seasons in Miami history you ask? Well that is all part of it. These lows were low, like snake belly low. Somehow, I felt like this was part of the plan? Was this what tanking for Tua looked like? How would we turn it around? Fitzpatrick was being Fitzpatrick. Rosen, Rosen, Rosen, we chanted in unison. Rosen’s going to come in and light it up, I thought. Yes, massive lows but still I had optimism
Week 3 v Cowboys – 0-3 Another drubbing but signs of some life were showing, Rosen was in, though not great he seemed to be able to handle it, no interceptions even though he like Fitz before him was running for his life most of the time and we also held them to 31 points. Was there improvement? No, not much.
It was around this time the “takes no talent” war cry came into my consciousness. I had seen it all over the years, no more “fail forwards” or copied “winners within” bull, please.
I’d seen it mentioned through the preseason but watching this team I started to hear the “it takes no talent” mentioned where coaches ran with their groups, I saw the early buds of accountability show through, not the fake accountability that Gase talked about. I saw actual accountability DB’s holding their hand up owning blowen assignments, not the pointing fingers, I saw a really bad O line start to fight through to the whistle. Yep, losing felt awful for this storied franchise, especially the way we were losing but I felt this is going somewhere. Didn’t you?
Flores was growing on me.
Week 4 v Chargers – 0-4 Hmmm, liked seeing Walton out there he looked good in his little time on the field, Grant’s good return would have been great if a penalty had not brought it back. As for Rosen, doubts were forming in my mind. Yes, a fairy tale ending would have seeing him doing great things, but his play was erratic, and that interception was UUggllyyyy. On a high note, Parker and Williams were both starting to shine, and it was our second game with only allowing 30 points.
I couldn’t complain, I knew this first month would be tough, but we had a bye week coming and the Redskins were next, I felt we could take the Redskins and get our first win, excitement building, FINS UP.
Week 5 bye week
Week 6 v Redskins - 0-5 Bring it on! This is our week! Two winless teams, my excitement for the “takes no talent” crew against a poor Redskins team was palatable. Then BUMP! Down to earth like a stone, Rosen was like a scared kid, sacked a bunch and those picks. Fitzmagic, Fitzmagic, Fitzmagic! We chanted, oh’ how fickle we fans are. After watching our defense playing its best and Fitz back in the fold, doing his thing we were on the up. Flores deciding to go for two points was gutsy, showing belief in his players and a belief in the “process”. Maybe if we had tied that game with momentum on our side, for sure we would have won. But he went for it all and the skins knew they got away with one.
Week 7 v Buffalo 0-6 Our AFC East rivals always give us a game and we were ready! The excitement that Fitz brought from the previous week was still coursing through my blood with names rising through the ranks like Walton, Williams, Gesicki and Parker on offense and Mcmillan,, Wilkins, Biegel and Charlton on defense things were looking up. I honestly felt good, we were 0 -6 but it was coming together, and our play was improving.
Week 8 v Steelers 0-7 We traded Drake. Walton must be the guy now? The coaches must see something, maybe it was the fumbles for Drake? This season is weird every week there is a new name for the defense and O line and now it seems a new runner. The game: We were winning! Can you believe it! We are out in front against the steel curtain, alright not the “real” steel curtain but you know where I am coming from. It was Fitz v Fitz, their Fitz, our old Fitz won this battle. “tosser” (English for w**ker) with our Fitz throwing two picks, that gives me fits! A weird call from the defense allowing for a Pittsburgh touch down allowed us a great glimpse into Flores mindset. Flores response “We can second guess a lot of calls. I am not going to second guess that one. I thought we had success with the call, and they made a play." Competitive and a true belief into the process. I am really starting to like our coach. 0-7 never felt so good.
You could feel we are ready to start winning, we were close, so close. Watching no names start to play ball, seeing defensive lineman Christin Wilkins in the endzone every time we scored on offense was fun! Watching other teams rejects perform at a high level was infectious! We are doing something that never has been done before, yes there have been tear downs and rebuilds before but nothing on this scale and now we were being competitive too!
Week 9 v FTJ 1-7 The ol’ enemy, why we hate the Jets more than anyone else I’m not quite sure. They have never kept us from the Superbowl’s of the early 90’s like the Bills had and they haven’t dominated the division like the Pats either. I blame Marty Lyons and Jason Klecko for taking the best center in football Dwight Stephenson down. Yes, the Jets, we just do not like em!
What a game, our first win of the season, over the FTJs and one in the all staring eyes of Gase.
With some great plays from Gesicki, Williams (sadly Williams was injured in this game) Beigel and Needham, who for an undrafted free agent that may or may not have made it on to the practice squad in other years has really been improving each week. This was our first complete game and though not perfect we had one in the win column 1-9.
Hearing complaints that the Dolphins were not tanking right (incredulously chuckling to myself while I type this), can you believe it?
Week 10 v Colts - 2-7 8 beers, large bag of bacon crisps (potato chips to you guys) I am all in for this one. After last week’s game, the talk all week, the Indianapolis Colts will bring the Dolphins down to earth and the tank was still on. Where do we begin?
Defense, defense, DEEEE FENCE, with 3 turnovers and a stout end to the game the D kept us in it all day, on one particular interception I found myself shout “YES, PARKER, YES!! Then asking myself “Parker? Who the hells Parker? I had to check that Miami had not done a Gronk special and put Devante Parker out there but another new defensive back Stephen Parker had made a great play in the secondary! That is just how this season is rolling, unknowns stepping up and doing things that “takes no talent” (I use this on my kids now, honestly). I now am in awe of how a 37-year-old QB can move and run and duck and slide go headfirst into defenders. I hold my breath each time, thinking, get up son, get up! And he duly does with his chin strap over eyes and the beard flowing everywhere. This season is now fully infectious (bad choice of words considering the year we are having) but this was last year, and I am loving it!
Two wins, feels like 10. We are competitive, with everyone saying we should not be, everyone apart from Flores who all year talked with belief that they were sticking to the process. THE PROCESS WAS WORKING!
Week 11 v Bills - 2- 8 This game brought us back to an ugly reality, we can win but we are not quite fully there yet. Did any of us really think we would go 3 in row?
The score line seemed remarkably similar to the last game v the Bills, but the stats were not. Fitz threw for over 300 yards and Parker (the Devante one) caught 135 of them. Another player who I feel could do some great things used right, is Jakeem Grant and he showed us that explosive talent with a kick return, which to me is the single most exciting play in football (please don’t replace the kick off NFL) he then added a seven yard TD run as well as three catches. I am loving seeing him in the endzone surrounded by everyone at least a foot taller than him (I’m 5’5) go Grant!!
Week 12 v Browns 2 - 9 The Browns game was a strange game to me, all the euphoria of wining a couple of games and the recent good play seemed to fizzle out a bit in this game and it is the game I least remember. Jarvis Landry makes me cry. He scored two touchdowns against us, but I loved him when he played for us. His energy and physical play were awesome, and I would have loved to see him retire a Dolphin for life, with all the team receiving records but alas it was not meant to be.
Week 13 v Eagles - 3 - 9 Was not looking forward to this game, really needed to see the life return to the team, needed to feel renewed but to be honest I expected a hammering. So, to my surprise a bunch of cast off’s, undrafted free agents, a couple of rookies with just a sprinkle of seasoned vets put a beat down on a recent Superbowl champion, YES!! that’s my Piggin team, right there!! GO FINS!
Fitz played a great game throwing high point balls to Gesicki and Parker all day, along with three TDs. It was also time for the intern, another running back Patrick Laird was proving he could be counted on and finally we saw a glimpse of the old Albert Wilson who has quietly come on late in the season after last year’s injury. Of course, we will never forget the Mountaineer Shot! Haack threw an under-arm throw to the waiting Sanders in the back of the endzone what a play! What a formation! what the hell!! That was audacious! It ranks right up there with the other great Miami’s moments, the Miami Miracle, the Wildcat, the Clock Play, the Sea of Hands and Longest Game, you name em!
Did I mention I was really starting to like our coach!
Week 14 v FTJ - 3 -10 A team that was supposed to flop badly, who had no chance of winning a single game, a team of deadbeat and losers, anyway enough about the Jets. There we were, sitting right there with three big juicy wins. Honestly, at this point in the season, I am more excited for the upcoming game than I had been in years. We had so much to like, an aging QB journeyman, playing some of his best ball in years, a budding superstar at wide receiver, a genuine threat at tight end and a defense playing with “out any talent” and as we already know it “takes no talent”. But with all that said and done, we were coming into the dreaded December! 30 years ago, December was our month, especially at home. Lately it has seemed like December was our Achilles heel. How many times did we need one win in December? How many times where we stood with 7 wins in our pocket only to walk away with those same 7 wins? How many seasons wasted because we panned out in December? I hated December and low and behold, a game we Couda, Shouda Woulda won, we lose by a single point to those stinking Jets.
Week 15 v NY Giants - 3 -11 Staying up north, we faced a NY Giants team that hadn’t done sh*t all year, with a better roster than ours may I add but this was Mannings day and the whole team rallied around him (even though I’m sure he was trying to lose with all those picks) but we just couldn’t get over the “last home game for Manning” hype. I am not too upset about this, after all it was Manning that twice denied Brady & co, let him have this one in lieu of saving the 72-perfect season for us I thought.
Those dreaded December blues were kicking in though. It would have been a shame to flame out like so many teams of the past.
Week 16 v Bengals – 4 - 11 I had ordered pizza in, beers were chilled. I thought no way are we going to lose to the Bungals! (well, I actually prayed we would not lose to the Bungals)
WE WON? WE WON!! In December! yeah! “Ok, calm down, it was against the Bungals”, I can hear you thinking but come on, what a game, the two worst teams put on the best show this Sunday (tanking my backside). We came back from a couple of down weeks and showed that this team, this organization is now different from previous years, there was no “not playing for this coach” or “we’re not good enough” mentality anymore. There is a pick ourselves up and let us keep working attitude and I love that.
Good game from Fitz and his magic with a “big man” TD for Wilkins, yep you read it right, Christian Wilkins the defense end, Wilkins joined William "The Refrigerator" Perry as the only rookie defensive linemen with a touchdown reception in the Super Bowl era (and to see him celebrate was so much fun, love it!). Parker, Gesicki and most of all Albert Wilson who looked exactly like he did before he was injured. Our defense was playing lights out till the 4th quarter. Then we had an implode and I thought, as did all of us “here we go again” but into overtime we managed to get the wining field goal and we galloped away with a sneaky but well deserved win.
As a fan, that game gave you everything you’d want, the thrills of an offense, rolling to its own tune, a defense playing tough, the dreaded completed onside kick and finally on to the field goal to seal the win. Our ““fourth”” win of the season!
Do not forget the fans singing happy birthday that day to the” Jaw” Mr. Shula at the 72 reunion. What a day to be a Fins fan! I was all in, on the “process”.
Week 17 v Patriots – 5 - 11 You want a fair tale ending?
Well alright, I will give you one. Miami beating New England in their own back yard to finish the season 5 – 11 (feels like 11-5). How about them apples! Pats fans. We had not beaten the Patriots at home since 2008 (I do not even know how that is possible)? But yep, this win was the proverbial cherry on top. Our man Fitz led a final drive to take the win and give us all, lots to celebrate A. Our fifth win B. Force the Pats into third place (no home field advantage for later in the playoffs) C. Ruin Tom Brady’s final regular season game, with a little extra help from our very own Mr. Rowe’s early pick six!
Two massive wins in late December and the last one probably the sweetest of them all. Man, what a season, probably one of the greatest in Miami’s history wouldn’t you agree?
How does that make you feel? I feel like, this last season is the turning point for our next decade. Yes, there’s lots variables injuries, trades, rookies not panning out but to think we can win five (could easily been six or seven) with the squad we had. To feel like we finally have some direction. To see players, respond to a coach in the right way, I would say the futures bright, the futures aqua, white, and orange!
Thoughts on the future Brian Flores Have I mentioned I like this guy, we have had enough of the one hit wonders, the, lets all be friends and the downright letdowns at the head coach position, haven’t we? I think, Brian Flores is fair but hard and every report says the players like him, so yeah, he has got four more years and I would like to see those extended after those four years, if we are still trending in the right direction. Am I expecting Superbowl’s? of course I am, I’m a fan but realistically, playoff runs, consistency and an identity would suffice, just some overall stability. Bringing back the glory days, where we are in the conversation come January for a few years, A HOPE, A CHANCE, that is what fans want. A feeling that this could be our year (every year) not having to deal with the December blues, certainly not watching our division rivals every January while we lament another year of what if’s, that is for sure.
Players I would like to see in the Pro-bowl next year
Ryan Fitzpatrick – Hold on, “not Tua?” I here you say. I love Tua and the fact we did not tank and still got him is great. And yes, he could play next year, he’s certainly a more gifted athlete than Fitz but Fitz as something else, the IT factor, I would like to see him get us into the play off hunt, have a final great season and get a Pro-bowl nod then ride off into the sunset.
Matt Breida- Love his speed and it would be great if he became our feature back and puts up Pro-bowl type numbers this year Devante Parker – Well this is obvious; I would love to see him continue and get some recognition
Albert Wilson – I know some people think he’s a bust but when healthy this guy makes plays, I saw so many times, how he would give a move on someone and gain more YAC , don’t sleep on Wilson next year.
Mike Geiciki – See Parker above, he is ready to truly breakout and with more consistency from the QB position, he can make it
Ted Karras – Yes, the center, it would be great! he becomes the leader of our offensive line and it would piss Pats fans off too!
Christian Wilkins – This kid showed enough for me to think he can play up to his draft status and get in
E. Ogbah/ S Lawson – Either of these guys going to the Pro-bowl next year bodes well for our defense
Jerome Baker – He may get lost with all the new linebackers coming in but with his range, it would be great to see him get a ticket too
Kyle Van Noy – The big name at linebacker, I hope he is worth it and plays lights out all year
X Howard/ B Jones – Why not? We could potentially have the best one-two cornerbacks in the league, I would watch the Pro-bowl just to see those two white Dolphins helmets on either side of the field at the same time.
I know realistically not all those guys will get in, but any combination would be great
Players I hope continue to grow on our team
Tua Tagovailoa – Yes it would be great if he starts straight away but see “fits for Pro Bowl” above, I would be happy to see him learn and show up in spot duty giving us glimpse of what he can do and getting us hyped for 2021
Patrick Laird – Our intern, love his speed and elusiveness and it would be great if he became our primary backup to brier (I know we have Jordan) but Jordan has a different running style. Hopefully, Laird can put up decent numbers
Jakeem Grant – Probably my favorite player, please stay healthy & please keep returning kicks for TD’s. I hope Brian Flores and Chan Gailey have some ideas on how to use him in our offense properly, he could be our Tyreek hill with good coaching and the right scheme.
Austin Jackson – I hope this rookie gets it and quick, him and Hunt would be great, if they can play for ten years maybe becoming our new Richmond Webb and Keith Sims combo? Davon Godchaux - I know some of you will be saying he is already established but it would be great if he continues maybe he could be a Pro-bowler this year?
Vince Beigel – I loved this guy’s motor from last year and I really hope he does not lose out on reps with all the new additions at linebacker
Nik Needham – This is another player like Beigel that I’m rooting for, to me, his name was coming up all season (some not great) but most of it solid play and again I hope he doesn’t lose on out reps due to other players that have joined the team.
Erick Rowe – He moved around last year filling in where needed but with a full year at safety it would be great to see him evolve his game to the next level
Come back players Preston Williams – If he can come back and at least be the same player as last year, we can all expect big things from this undrafted player
Bobby McCain – Is he a slot guy or a safety? It would be nice to see him really get his teeth in to one role that would really benefit the team
Andrew Van Ginkel – Was injured for most of the year but managed to comeback late in the season. It will be interesting to see if he can fit and keep a roster space, he did flash at times, so, here is hoping.
Well there you have it, my breakdown of one the greatest seasons in Miami history, a season full of highs and lows, despair, and incredulities. This team showed the media types that they have no idea what goes on under the bonnet of an NFL team.
We as fans, finally had season worth investing in and we should have genuine hope that we have turned the corner. A season, that saw us break records both good and bad, a season that will live long in the memories, lasting longer than any other in recent times.
A 5 -11 season that does not leave us dreading next year but has given us instead, a euphoric sense of pride and anticipation for what next year brings. I for one feel the best about this team since Ricky Williams 1800 yards season! Yes, we have been given hope before only to be let down, but I do not get that sense this time around. Do you?
Thanks for reading.
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State of the Subreddit 2020: 50k Members (With Merch!), a Competition Update, AMAs, and more!

After some delays (this post was supposed to go up when we hit 50k), I present:
The 2020 State of the Subreddit!

Table of contents:
  1. 50k Member Milestone
  2. AMAs on Nerf
  3. Competition Update
  4. Subreddit Rules Clarification & Explanation
  5. Mod Action Stats
  6. Finishing Statements

For those looking for it, here is the Weekly Discussion Thread that this post took the pinned place of:

50k Members!
First up in the State of the Subreddit 2020: We have hit 50k members!
While in the past, we haven’t really had milestone announcements, 50k is a more substantial milestone.
As such, we have made a design commemorating the milestone! It is available for a limited time only, so order it while you can! The sales are done through RedBubble, and are therefore available on several different items, including vinyl stickers, shirts, phone cases, and more!
Get yours here!
Please note: The 50k Subs design only charges manufacturing costs by RedBubble. There is no profit made off of sales by the mod team.

AMAs on Nerf
With how well our last AMA went, it seems like an ongoing series of AMAs is happening on the sub! While we only have one AMA in the works currently, we do plan to have one AMA every one or two months. If you have anyone in mind who may be interested in doing an AMA, please let us know via this forum!
AMA suggestion Google Forum

Finish It Up Competition Ending This Month!
We figured it might be worthwhile to mention that the quarterly competition currently running is ending this month (July)! All entries need to be posted by the end of July 31st, 2020. The entry submission post went up a few days before this post, so go submit your blasters! A comment must be made on that post in order to enter.
Some time after the 31st, a new post will be made for voting on contest entries. The votes submitted there are the ones used when determining winners.

Sub Rule Clarification & Explanation
In recent years, we have seen an increased amount of people who don’t understand the rules, or don’t understand why rules exist. The problem has gotten to the point of possible drama being made, and with the amount of subreddit users only increasing, the rules are something we are going to touch on in this section of the announcement.
Process for making rules:
The process for making rules on this sub has been fluid in the past, but generally speaking, a rule is made via these steps:
  1. A problem is noticed
  2. An internal discussion is had as to whether or not make a new rule
  3. A first draft of a rule is made, then discussed further internally
  4. The rule is discussed publicly & changed according to constructive criticism
  5. The rule is implemented
Process for enforcing rules:
A quote from rule 8
“Generally, we will warn users for a first infraction, give temporary bans for 'heat of the moment' civility violations and permanent bans for repeated or malicious rules violations. We also lock or remove posts that create more drama than positive discussion.“
All mods use the rules as guidelines when taking action on posts. Mods have full discretion with what they do or don’t remove, and if another mod (or a user) sees a problem with their decision, the problem is rectified.
Explanation of current rules and why they were added:
To start off this section, please read our Rules, because to understand the explanations, that is kind of important ;)
  1. On-Topic Content
A pretty simple rule. Stuff posted to Nerf needs to be about blasters or the community surrounding them. This rule also disallows posting of a single stock blaster, as those posts flood the sub and contribute nothing (except in rare cases, such as a very rare blaster)
  1. Be Polite
Another simple rule, be polite. There is a difference between constructive criticism and dismissive/disrespectful criticism. Please be constructive. Personal attacks are not allowed. Don’t argue, report the person instead.
  1. No weaponization, buy/sell/trade, or affiliate links
Weaponization: This rule covers blasters and ammo designed or used to harm someone. This includes posts loading real weapon ammo into blasters, dangerous Nerf ammo (Like thumbtacks), and laser pointers (All lasers can cause eye damage, don’t use them.)
B/S/T: Buying, Selling, Trading, and price checks are forwarded to NerfExchange to keep all of that topic in one space.
Affiliate links: Affiliate links are banned here, just like on many other subs, because they can easily be snuck into a post in an undisclosed way, and even if disclosed, can be used to gain money from users.
  1. No meme or ‘joke’ posts, or scripted war footage
These posts flooded the subreddit, and an open discussion with the community was had to determine what to do about them. A full ban was decided by the mod team after community feedback. Memes/Joke posts can be found on NerfChatter.
  1. Only post thrift finds on “Thursdays” (Stopped due to covid)
This same discussion also covered Thrift posts, which were flooding the subreddit. These were limited to Thursdays to reduce the amount of posts.
Thrift posts are currently not allowed on the subreddit due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines. It may be a blanket statement that doesn’t apply to all, but please: stay home if you physically can. Dying is bad for you.
  1. No Redundant Posts
This is a rule that many have discussed in the past. One post per rolling 24 hours, and no copy-cat questions/discussions.
The reasoning for this rule usually leads to a very long discussion in comments, so we are writing a full wiki page dedicated to the rule’s reasoning, and will be reviewing that rule in the process. It will be coming soontm.
  1. Advertisement Guidelines
A reasonably simple rule. If you want to advertise/self-promote (A self-promotion post is considered a post specifically commercially relevant to OP - a link to their storefront, youtube, etc) you must be active in the community. Along with being active in the community, a limited amount of self-promo posts are allowed per month. This rule stopped “drive by” shop spamming and adverts disguised as a normal post (“Look at this cool Recon I got! You can buy the parts at SHOP!”). It also makes the sub nicer to be on without capitalism shoved in your face repeatedly.
  1. Appeals and Moderator Actions
This is a rule that just says what we do to take action when a rule is broken. Warnings, temp bans, and full bans depending on the situation and severity of rule breaking.
  1. Site-Wide Rules and Redditquette apply
Just a rule telling you to follow Reddit’s rules and be nice.
  1. Further sub guidelines - gun/bullet position and bot, IMR position and bot.
This is a rule that explains the AutoMod’s automatic replies to some types of posts.
Gun/Bullet: Explained here.
IMRs: Explained here.

We are planning on doing a sub feedback thread in the coming weeks, so that will be the place to discuss possible problems with rules, rule changes, sub problems, sidebar content, CSS, and more.

Mod Action Stats
Along with explaining the rules, and the decision making behind them, we also wanted to make public a display of the actions we do as moderators of Nerf to add context. These statistics cover April-June 2020, 3 months.
Approved Posts: 4811
Removed Posts: 1310
Removed Comments: 721
Locked Comments & Posts: 911
Mod Distinguished Comments & Posts: 1294
Fully Banned Users: 57
Temp Banned Users: 41
Post Flairs Edited: 725
Roguellama Bad Title Comments: 162 (429 total since October of 2019 at time of writing)
Here is what all those statistics mean:
Approved Posts: These are posts that were manually marked as okay and fitting our rules. Each post was read/looked at (if it was a picture) and acted upon accordingly.
Removed Posts: These are posts that were manually marked as not fitting our rules, and were removed.
Removed Comments: These are comments that were deemed to be either spam or breaking the rules on Nerf.
Locked Comments & Posts: These are comments and posts that did not warrant a full removal, but were locked due to arguing in the comments, sensitive subject matters, off-topic discussion, etc.
Mod Distinguished Comments & Posts: These are comments and posts that a mod distinguished, which means that their name was marked as a moderator (Green text, little green shield icon). Note that not all comments and posts made by mods are done as a moderator. We like to discuss and post like everyone else does! We were all normal users of Nerf at some point before being moderators after all.
Fully Banned Users: These bans consist of underage accounts (Breach of Reddit TOS), bots, spammers, and egregious rule breakers.
Temp Banned Users: These temporary bans consist of rule breakers. Usually, a warning is given first, then if a rule is broken again, a temp ban is used. After a certain amount of temp bans, a full ban can be used.
Post Flairs Edited: Sometimes people don’t flair their posts, or they flair it wrong (flairing a review as a WIP for example). These are posts that had their flair corrected by the mods.
Roguellama’s bad title comments: Roguellama has been going on a crusade against bad titles on the subreddit. This is the (staggering) amount of comments he has made warning about a bad title, and proposing a better title to use in the future.
As can be seen from these statistics, mod life on Nerf is very busy! While some things can be automated (Rule 6 violations, IMBullet autoreplies, etc), the majority of work on the subreddit is still done by hand, and the workload will only increase with more users.

Finishing Statements
I’m sure I can speak for the mod team when I say I never expected Nerf to grow to this size, this quickly. Thanks to everyone on the sub for sticking around, we appreciate it, and cherish the community we have here.

And with that, I declare the 2020 State of the Subreddit post finished! Thank you for reading!

Edited 7-17-2020 because reddit broke some formatting.
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Tuition Analysis

This is a continuation of the post before about questioning the tuition rate in the context of the current possibility of online classes only.
I am going to address some finances and possible solution paths.
"The school had a 26 million surplus after the 2018-2019 school year"
In the context of the school, revenue, etc. this figure seemed really small. I contacted an accountant and paid for some consulting, and the information they provided is that at the end of 2019, RIT had 86.5 million "in the bank, ready to go for next year" after reviewing the audit. This is in the Cash and Cash Assets section on page 3 of the audit (balance sheet), first-line for 2019 column.
"2B Dollar Donation"
This is not supported on this audit anywhere, however, at the end of 2019 RIT did have around 2B in total assets (flex), but that includes everything, every facility, building, fountain, brick, etc. Not very relevant to the question of money they had available to re-invest at the end of the 2019 school year.
2019's hindsight isn't 2020
This is incredibly important to consider, past results don't show future outcomes. So I want to do some math on each extreme side of the possible surplus to see if there is any possible figure or possible outlook for 2020 to support RIT's current position on not changing any pricing. I will be as concise as possible. I am using the most up to date information I can get my hands on.
Let's assume the surplus stayed the same (Optimistic considering pandemic increasing RIT's cost of operation for the Spring 2020 semester)
Cash on hand: $86,500,000
Enrollment: 19,000 (rounded from 19,047 per 2019 President Report)
Tuition Cost: $30,000 (Avg. cost after aid, so optimistic as possible for us, rounded from 29,895)
Surplus from tuition payments: 86,500,000/19,000 = 4552.6 or 4553 tuitions/students
% Of students creating surplus" 4553/19,000=.239 or 24% of total enrollment creating the surplus
Therefore, if they were able to maintain the surplus considering the pandemic, then we have a cushion of 15% enrolled students. If enrollment drops by around 24%, give or take, the surplus is burned.
Let's assume the accountant and I are wrong, and the surplus was really lean at only 26 million.
Cash on hand: $26,000,000
Enrollment: 19,000 (rounded from 19,047 per 2019 President Report)
Tuition Cost: $30,000 (Avg. cost after aid, so optimistic as possible for students, rounded from 29,895)
Surplus from tuition payments: 26,000,000/19,000 = 1,368.4 or 1,369 tuition/students
% Of students creating surplus" 1,369/19,000= .072 or 7.2% of total enrollment creating the surplus
Therefore, if they were able to maintain the surplus considering the pandemic, then we have a cushion of 15% enrolled students. If enrollment drops by around 7.2%, give or take, the surplus is burned.

Staff is a major portion of their cost and can't be reduced due to this.
This is 100% true, for 2019 salaries and benefits accounted for close to 400 million out of total expenses of 583 million. That's pretty much 70% of the total expenses. If it were a meat-uh-ball, it would be quite spicy.
Other considerations/assumptions:
Tuition only made up 50% of total revenue for 2019, so it may not weigh as heavily into these surplus figures as my numbers state. However, tuition is the most significant revenue stream they have, the other relying on contracts and investments mostly. It's an optimistic figure because most of the economy is pretty unstable/deficient, and the stock market isn't super-duper either. I am functioning under the assumption that for the 2020 school year, a larger majority of revenue is going to have to come from tuition, which would support their inability to reduce the cost.
Donations are another thing to consider as well. With nearly 88 million in 2019, it may be able to help in 2020. However, I am making the assumption these donations are from alumni or significant business owners that have affiliation with the college. My assumption here is that these people won't be donating as much because they may be facing greater financial strain due to the pandemic. I don't believe donations will be significant for this coming year.
Solution paths:
Attend a cheaper college this year:
Many helpful Tigers directed us to the registrar process and way to assure transfer credits. Personally, this process has bit me in the tail before, but I am only one person. The suggestion to get everything in writing, get approval from your advisor that they will actually transfer, should be enough to assure you aren't wasting time and money. Many in the comments supported this and stated it worked for them. Transferring back and forth may be tedious (SNIPSNAPSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAP! You have no idea the physical toll that two transfers have on a man!) but it may save you a boatload of the almighty dollar.
*Also, remember that tuition isn't a flat cost! The average term it takes to pay back a student loan currently is 21 years, and closer to 26 years for a loan great than 100k. Depending on your interest rate, that 15k (hypothetical) you save by transferring could be reducing a much costlier future debt.
Skip this year:
This I believe this solution to be a bit problematic. Skip this year, and pay more tuition next year as we know it continues to go up. Not to mention having to retain the important information you need for your area of study for a year. Every Sylvan learning center commercial has told me this is not a good thing.
It's a bit unfair as well to the people on their last year, right at the finish line. To put them from one year to two years to get their degree just plain sucks. Who takes a water break on the last mile of the marathon?
Screw it and just go anyways, even if we go 100% online:
This works for some majors, but RIT is largely a college for engineers, computer science, and digital design. A lot of students depend on the facilities to get their work done, and without them probably they won't be able to do what they have to or get their work done.


I researched a lot and I approached the situation trying to build an argument for RIT to re-open. They seem very dependent on tuition for funding. In 2019 it made up revenue of 300,000,000 against a staff cost for salaries and benefits of 400,000,000. I get why they can't reduce it, it's a huge risk, and reducing the staff's pay by 25% or firing 25% just to break-even is going to throw the college into a state of low morale and chaos.
The important thing here is safety, which raises the question I was trying to get to in my original post. I can't find any better reason to re-open than budget, to encourage retention of enrollment, and keep students happy to be at RIT. The budget is a small consideration in the face of possible sickness/ death of staff and students.
The sympathy for the college's position following the "screwed if they do, screwed if they don't" mentality creates a false equivalence. One costs money and strenuous measures for safety, the other puts everyone at risk of a serious illness. Health outweighs money every time, and not considering it may end up costing the college more in the long run if things go south.
After all of this research, consulting, argument building, and such, I am still left confused. Why risk re-opening? If money is the deciding factor, can we cut waste? Is there any wiggle room in a budget consisting of 2 billion dollars in total assets to reduce tuition or cover staffing somehow? Did the budget not include any type of cushion for emergencies or unforeseen natural catastrophes?
There is an answer in these numbers, somewhere. I hope we can find it.

Did you really just do all of this to get to the same questions???


Yeah, I know in all of this typing and argument structuring there is a lot of room for error. If I get any corrections I will make sure to edit this post so it reflects proper figures and reasoning.
Thank you, everyone, I appreciate all the engagement and resources provided in the first post!

In the parking lot today, there was a circus. The copier did tricks on the high wire. A lady tried to give away a baby that looked like a cat. There was a Ritchie impersonator and a Munson impersonator. A strongman crushed a turtle. I laughed and I cried. Not bad for a day in the life of a dog food college.
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Zora, the Damaged Princess - a Follower Review

Time is up for another review! While I usually focused on followers either obscure or controversial, I decided to give some attention to a fan-favourite for once: I’m talking about Zora Fair-Child from {Interesting NPCs}, after I had it with me for quite a while in my last playthrough.
General Concept
Zora is a Breton girl you find trapped in a cage in Brittleshin Pass, where she’s been captured by some necromancers (which seems to be a habit, as you’ll soon discover). Since the beginning she displays a quite unique sense of humor that’s quite obviously a defense mechanism: she pretends she’s annoyed by being rescued and that she was expecting a more charming hero, she flaunts very high expectations on partners and saviours - all to hide her embarrassment for being in such a predicament once again, and her fear of all-too-common rejection.
Appearance-wise, her most remarkable trait is a large hand-shaped scar that covers a large portion of her face. As you’ll discover if you ask her about it, it was caused by a magical mishap during a fight with her sister, and it marked not only her skin but her entire destiny as well. Before the accident, in fact, Zora was quite a beauty, admired by all and quite spoiled as a result; she was utterly dismissive of her sister, less attractive although much more talented, and she expected nothing else but some dashing rich guy to marry her and pamper her.
After the accident, she became an adventure less in need of a new purpose, and more as if seeking self destruction, throwing herself in the midst of lethal danger. She survived, though, and learnt a few things about her strength.
Before moving on I’d like to address the running joke of Zora being a “psychopath” - which could lead to some misconception. Zora comes across as a generally nice person, with a taste for all things sweet and lovely: she’ll tell you about her beloved dog, or comment on flowers and fluffy snow. Not to the point of being sickly, but you get it. Now since the world of Skyim and your own adventuring are ripe with violence, and she’s all for brandishing a huge hammer on a bandit’s skull, someone had troubles reconciling these two aspects of her personality and described her a psycho who likes talking about cute bunnies in the middle of a killing spree. And… if you want to headcanon her that way, you do you, but her concept is simply that of a sweet girl who learnt to be tough, but didn’t lose touch with the things she used to love. I haven’t had “cute” dialogue fire at especially weird moments, anyway to me she comes across as a complex personality rather than disconnected.
Voice Acting
A common complaint is that her voice is rather soft and difficult to hear. I think there’s a mod to fix that, although I did not use it. As for the acting, I thought it was slightly out of character at first, then I realized it was probably meant to reflect the “small town princess” she was once supposed to be.
Being a “super-follower” she has a good amount of quest- and location-aware comments, plus some bonus dialogues in some places and some points of your quests.
She has a thing for calling you “My prince/thane/lord/etc”, in a way that’s somehow sarcastic at first, but that sounds more endearing as time goes on and your relationship develops.
Despite her small frame, she has a thing for huge two-handed weapons, but being a Breton she stil has some magic aptitude (although not much magicka to fuel it). At first she casts Oakflesh on herself to reflect her defensive personality, later however she will discuss with you if she should rather use some difference tactics, using her limited magical resource to support you or to attack directly. You also have the chance to throw some cheap psychology about it. :) Overall, like all 3DNPC followers she comes across as fairly balanced - she levels up with you so she doesn’t run out of usefulness, but it’s not a kill-stealing powerhouse either.
Other Functions
Not many as she uses the vanilla framework. Which means you can manage her with NFF and use all its options with her.
Opinions, Affiliations, Alignment
I didn’t find any especially judgmental comment in her dialogue - I haven’t done all quest lines but I did dig a bit in ssedit. If I have missed something let me know. She seems fairly flexible from that point of view.
After a while you can ask her what happened to her sister, thus triggering the Children Fair quest. You go looking for her sister and discover she’s in danger, so you track her down and discover she got into troubles with some shady witch in order to gain a gem where she could escape the real world, trapping herself in a perpetual childhood dream, a more innocent time when her relationship with Zora had not soured yet. The adventuring part is fairly simple, but the conclusion is quite emotional and further step in Zora’s story arc that’s all about reconciling with herself.
Zora counts among the number of those that I call “unfortunately straight” - so for the occasion I rolled my first male character, a Nord hero-wannabe with some romantic notion, who couldn’t help but fall in love with the fist girl he rescued… While the actual proposal and marriage is quite simple and vanilla, you can only unlock it after completing the main quest, which means that, if you picked her up at the beginning, at that point you have spent a lot of time together, having various chances to set the tone of your relationship with her. Indeed, saving the world together doubles as a romantic arc in this case.
By the way - even though I had all the requisites I encountered the apparently common bug where her dialogue won’t appear. This can be fixed by: setstage dialoguezora 20 - and apparently that’ll make her marriable regardless to your gender, just in case you’re derermined to marry her to your lady dragonborn, although she will still call you her husband since that’s the lines she has.
Suitability mainly depends on personal liking. Personally I find more satisfactory to have her around if I am playing a hero-type, like the one I made for the purpose. Also after the moving speech she gives you at the Throat of the World, I’d feel a bit bad if I had to forego the romance. Anyway - since we’re talking about Interesting NPCs, which has something for all tastes, it’s probably worth installing the mod in all cases, and try out characters to figure out how much you like them.
My other reviews:
Kaidan: a glitterless review
Anduniel, the untraditional Bosmer
Evangeline, the arcane farm girl
Talking about Vilja...
Shor's bones, a scholarly girl in Skyrim - Lielle's Review
Livia Salvian, the Imperial Paladin
Mirai, the Tsundere with the Dragon Heart
Alassea the Bard, at your service
Nanak, the well-read cat
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FTC. Part 11. Military Family Suicide in San Antonio. This wasn't a suicide. This was a sacrifice. Look at the inconsistencies.

.The lack of critical analysis never ceases to amaze me. A post was made that if anyone had of actually read multiple sources they would have easily found the discrepancies in the official narrative.
Have a look.
Six members of a military family, including four young children, were found dead in their car in the family’s garage in San Antonio, apparently after suffering from intentional carbon monoxide poisoning, the police said on Thursday.
William McManus, chief of the San Antonio Police Department, did not identify the family members, but he said they were a husband and wife in their mid-to-late 30s and four children, ranging in age from 11 months to 4 years. Two cats were found dead in a basket in the front seat, he said.
Chief McManus said there was “evidence that it was not an accident.” He said he did not have information about a motive, though he said it appeared to be a suicide. He said he had been taken aback by the grim scene. “It’s the whole picture — it’s the adults, the children the pets, everything,” he said. “There’s no words to describe that.”
The family had just moved to the area — the Stone Oak neighborhood in northern San Antonio — in January, and neighbors had reported that they “never saw” them, the chief said. The police had responded to one previous call there, after getting a complaint about children playing ball in the street.
The police had received a call around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday from the husband’s employer, after he had failed to check in for work from home as usual. The police entered the house through the front door, where the smell of fumes “blew everybody back out the door,” Chief McManus said.
At a news conference earlier on Thursday, Chief McManus had said that the police found a “cryptic” note on the front door, with what appeared to be “military jargon.” He said it meant, roughly speaking, “There were bodies or people inside, and do not enter.” Fearing that the home might be rigged with explosives, the police sent a robot inside, Chief McManus said. They also called for emergency medical services."
Eventually, the police entered the garage, where they found the bodies in a small SUV. He described the family as a military one, but declined to say which branch of the service they were affiliated with. He said the deaths had probably taken place overnight, because the father had checked in for work on Wednesday.
“This is just the very beginning of the investigation,” he said.
The San Antonio Fire Department had sent out an evacuation notice to residents in the area
When officers arrived, they entered the home and smelled “heavy, noxious fumes” coming from inside the residence and immediately backed out. Emergency medical services were called to clear the officers because “we didn’t know what the smell was first off,” McManus said.
The fumes were later identified as carbon monoxide, and all officers were cleared by EMS.
A cryptic note with military jargon was found on the doorway. After interpretation, officers found the note said there were “bodies or people inside of the home, animals were in the freezer, and do not enter,” McManus said.
McManus says it doesn’t appear to be an accident
McManus said robots were deployed, as officers believed the home was “rigged” or “booby-trapped” with explosives.
After they found no evidence of explosives, police entered the garage in the evening and found the family in the back of a small SUV.
Police have so far only released the ages of the wife and children - two boys aged four and 11-months and two girls three and one.
Esquibel Harless is a US Army soldier assigned to the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade at Joint Base San Antonio.
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the smell of carbon dioxide was so strong when officers arrived that it 'kind of blew everybody back out the door.'
Officers arrived at the home Thursday morning to perform a welfare check at the request of the man's workplace. Officials there said he hadn't checked in for work like he normally would, since he was working from home.
When police opened the front door, they smelled noxious fumes, McManus said, and retreated. McManus told reporters earlier in the day that officers also found a "cryptic" note with "military jargon" on the front door. According to McManus, the note, once it was interpreted, said there were "bodies or people inside," and warned, "Do not enter."
Police, concerned that the home was "booby-trapped with explosives," searched the residence with a robot to ensure it was safe. The neighborhood was also evacuated as officers combed the scene. Police were eventually able to enter the garage, where they found the family dead along with two cats in a basket in the front seat.
"There's no words to describe that," McManus said. The police chief said the family was connected to the military, but did not say which branch. Neighbors told police they never saw any family members, who had just moved to the area in January.
Click 2 Houston The San Antonio Police Department were dispatched to the Stone Oak neighborhood to conduct a welfare check after they received a call from a neighbor who said they had not heard from the family for days, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told KSAT.
McManus told KSAT in a press conference that officers smelled “heavy noxious fumes” when they arrived at the residence. They also found a note with cryptic, military jargon that said “bodies of people inside home, do not enter," and “animals are in the freezer," KSAT reported. Police were able to discover the six members of the family, a husband and a wife in their 30s along with children ranging from 11 months to 4, dead inside their SUV in the garage, according to McManus. Two cats were also found deceased in a basket, KSAT reported. McManus told KSAT that the incident was not an accident and appeared to be a suicide, and the “heavy fumes” were later identified as carbon monoxide. Neighboring residents within 150 feet of the area were evacuated as a precaution after officers found what they initially believed to be possible explosives. McManus later told KSAT no explosives were found.
NYT Statesmen The police had received a call around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday from the husband's employer, after he had failed to check in for work from home as usual. The police entered the house through the front door, where the smell of fumes ''blew everybody back out the door,'' Chief McManus said.
At a news conference earlier on Thursday, Chief McManus had said that the police found a ''cryptic'' note on the front door, with what appeared to be ''military jargon.'' He said it meant, roughly speaking, ''There were bodies or people inside, and do not enter.'' Fearing that the home might be rigged with explosives, the police sent a robot inside, Chief McManus said. They also called for emergency medical services.
Did you notice the discrepancies?
1) Neighbour's never saw them.
2) Seriously! Pay attention and stop clicking on crap and yelling, uh, duh, you're a fascist, ugh, no, you're a nazi, no, you are, but what am I? It's a childish bullying tactic that they've drilled into you, so you stop thinking and just react.
3) Neighbour's called the police because they hadn't seen them in days.
4) His employer called it in because Esquibel didn't report to work.
5) A smell so bad it knocked them off their feet.
6) They found explosives, they didn't find explosives.
7) A note written in military jargon. Or rather, in code. It said they killed themselves. Did it? If it was in jargon (anyone can read jargon, not everyone can read code) and the military had to decipher it, who knows if the official report is true? Doesn't it seem strange that you only leave a suicide note saying, hey, I killed myself and my family. No reason why? Isn't that why people who commit suicide write a note?
8) Almost every report said, he was military but they couldn't say what part of the military. Except one. Maybe a quick Google search would have shown you?
8) 470th Military Intelligence Brigade - INSCOM
9) The Intelligence division. Intel and Counterintelligence.
10) Since when does carbon monoxide smell? Never. It's the silent killer. Was his car running? Was it out of gas? Doesn't say. Yet there was a smell, wasn't there? A heavy noxious odor. But carbon monoxide doesn't smell.
Carbon. Monoxide. Doesn't. Smell.
I'm leaving the obvious out at the end. Let's see who can put this final clue in place and see what the puzzle looks like.
This soldier is a hero. He didn't commit suicide. He sacrificed himself for all of you, trying to send a message by using a horrific scenario to sound the alarm.
I will need time to put this together properly, so the message and the threat is understood by as many as possible.
Talk again as soon as it's ready.
Take care. Be safe. Stay aware and be prepared
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Types of possible demons

Humans: like Charlie and vaggie, excluding Charlie in this these type of people probably had normal lives and died normal deaths but then again Viv said animal sinners are more common than human ones, I mean everyone has there own individual lives nobody’s the same I guess.
Demis: basically humans with animalistic traits like Alastor, sure he’s humanish but he was killed like a deer in a woods, I guess this could go with other things like being killed like an animal, so say some guy walks into a bear trap like he’s in saw, he would get sent to hell to have mouse ears or bear ears and a tail but not a full on rodent head
However it’s been said Husk got killed in Vietnam and he became a full on cat, he was killed like an animal but he wasn’t like beat up by a gang of cats or anything so this could go both ways
Imps: I don’t know probably random like humans and animals whatever
Animals: we already went through this. I guess if you’re like killed by that direct animal you have a higher chance of becoming that. Say I got mauled by a mountain tiger I would have a literal tiger head, but if a tribe like hunted me down as if I was a tiger I could develop animal traits, OR maybe like angel I could be affiliated with a certain animal and not even come across it. I had this username called Axolotl. I probably couldn’t be killed by one but if I went to hell I could become it. It goes down in a lot of ways I could be a Demi or an animal
Objects: like vox is a tv man I could just smash my head into the tv and become a walking talking plasma tv in hell, OR maybe a Demi where I develop only certain traits like a hdmi cable in my humanoid head. Like velvet I could become a puppetish, as if I was like being controlled or I was a goon I mean puppets are already humanoids so not really as much as a Demi. OR maybe I could get a gun for a head with eyes. If I got gunned down by police or maybe id become a Demi and I would only have a gun barrel coming out of my mouth.
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Tiberius - Champion of the Week (24th May 2020)

En Garde!

Welcome to /Paladins' Champion of the Week, a place to celebrate the Champions of the Realm. Share your fan-art, gameplay videos, and memes. Tell your funniest and most exciting stories! Talk about the best card loadouts and strategies, and tell us why you love the Champion of the Week! This week, we're celebrating
Flair Tiberius
The Weapons Master
Affiliation: Flair Neutral
His is a tale of charm and daring -- heroic feats backed by deadly prowess. A traveler of the Realm looking for worthy foes to test his mettle, sharpening his skills and weapons alike. Adored by the people, feared in battle -- Tiberius, The Weapons-Master, knows no equal! Born of the Tigron, Tiberius is the pinnacle of their values. A dashing legend -- bold, brash, and relentless -- anointed by an ancient blade, destined for battles that are nothing short of legendary. With Chakrams, forged by the weapon-smiths of his ancestors; and a sword, forged from the heavens themselves -- an ancient artifact capable of banishing unspeakable evils from this world -- he is ready for any threat! Tiberius is exhilarated by the opportunity to match blades with a worthy foe. Snarling, he charges headlong into the fray, unleashing an unrelenting storm of steel, claw, and fang. En garde!
Class: Flair Damage
Health: 2200
Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Bladed Chakrams Direct Damage Sling Bladed Chakrams from your hand every 0.7s, each bouncing off floors and walls and dealing 650 damage to any enemy hit. The Chakrams can bounce up to 2 times before disappearing. Enemies hit by a Chakram after it bounces take 500 damage instead of 650. -
Heavy Blade Area Damage Throw your Heavy Blade in a straight line, Piercing through Shields and enemies. Deals 850 damage and reduces the Movement Speed of enemies hit by 50% for 3s.Heavy Blade lodges itself into any environment it collides with and can be reactivated to recall the blade, passing through everything in the world. Heavy Blade deals 500 damage to enemies as it passes through after recall. 12s
Combat Trance Buff Channel your energy, increasing your Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 30% for 4s. 15s
Crouching Tigron Mobility Crouch down, then launch yourself forward through the air. 14s
Blade Dance Area Damage / CC Immunity / Damage Immunity Flourish your Heavy Blade and gain the ability to use Striking Tigron and Whirling Blades up to 5 times for 15s.Striking Tigron: Instantly dash forward in any direction, passing through all enemies and dealing 650 damage to any enemy hit.Whirling Blades: Launch yourself upwards, whirling your blade around you and becoming Immune to damage. On landing, deal 900 damage to all enemies within 30 units. -
Talents and Cards:
Name Ability Description Cooldown
[Default] Predatory Instincts None Bladed Chakrams are able to bounce 2 additional times before disappearing. -
[Level 2] Tigron's Fury None Heavy Blade now explodes on reactivation instead of recalling, but the initial throw does reduced damage. -
[Level 8] Vicious Assault None Crouching Tigron now deals 700 damage in a 20-unit-radius area on landing. -
Crowd-Pleaser Combat Trance Generate {1/1} Ammo after activating Combat Trance. -
Honed Senses Combat Trance Generate {0.6/0.6}% Ultimate charge every 1s while Combat Trance is active. -
Primal Haste Combat Trance Gain a {60/60}-Health Shield for 4s after activating Combat Trance. -
Test of Strength Combat Trance Heal for {50/50} every 1s while Combat Trance is active. -
Alley-Cat Crouching Tigron Reduce the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron by {0.6/0.6}s. -
Pouncing Tigron Crouching Tigron Increase the jump strength of Crouching Tigron by {8/8}%. -
Rising Stardom Crouching Tigron Gain a {75/75}-Health Shield for 3s after activating Crouching Tigron. -
World-traveler Crouching Tigron Reset the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron after falling to or below {15/15}% Health. 15s
Imbued with Purpose Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Heavy Blade by {0.6/0.6}s. -
Instrument of Fate Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Combat Trance by {0.4/0.4}s for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade. -
Making the Cut Heavy Blade Heal for {40/40} for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade. -
The Champion Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron by {0.4/0.4}s for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade. -
Beast-Slayer Weapon/Armor Gain a {50/50}-Health Shield for 3s after falling to or below 50% Health. 30s
Bragging Rights Weapon/Armor Hitting players with Bladed Chakrams Heals you for {15/15}. -
Charisma Weapon/Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}. -
Flying Chakrams Weapon/Armor Increase your maximum Ammo by {1/1}. -
You can find an archive of every Champion of the Week here.
Join us next week when we talk about Flair Torvald!
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Another "what should I do about my job/should I go back to school" counseling session if anybody's got the stomach for it. Small town version.

I feel a little sheepish doing this, especially on a day when this is not the most important thing for SSC to be thinking about, but everybody was really nice about commenting on throe_aweigh_'s post. Maybe we need a sticky thread just for these. I'm a long-time SSC reader and occasional commenter, but using a new account and some generic descriptors for the same reasons as u/throe_aweigh_. My post is also ridiculously long but I've bulleted it for skimming.
I'm especially interested in this community's thoughts on some of the problems I think about re: smaller metro areas. The discussion here generally leads me to believe most folks are in major cities or aren't particularly connected to any particular geographic location.
Background on me:
Fast forward to today:
What are my goals?
Going back to school
There's where I'm at, folks. Feel free to say I'm just selfish or delusional or trapped in a narrow way of thinking. I've wondered about all these things myself, so I'd rather hear it straight.
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[Review]: I'm From Mugwort Essence

[Review]: I'm From Mugwort Essence
I’m From Mugwort Essence
Alright, here we go…
This essence is probably the product I have been most excited to try for the last 6 months. Ever since I really started watching Eunice of EuniUnni on YouTube…I have been dying to get my hands on the I’m From Mugwort Essence. She includes this product in nearly EVERY video that covers soothing and hydrating recommendations.
And then, when I was accepted as an Affiliate for Wishtrend earlier this year…I was like “AHHHHHHH GIMME’ THAT MUGWORT!”. However, after speaking with the person responsible for managing my affiliate account…I ended up being sent the I’m From Honey Serum (which was a win). Either way, I was happy to hand over my own dollaz’ to pick up not only the Mugwort Essence…but the entire I’m From Mugwort Line to put them to the test. I decided to start with the essence last month and here we are.
Covering the ingredients list on this one will be easy…there is only one…and its Mugwort Extract. The extract that I’m From uses (from the packaging) is obtained using their “Slow Release Extraction” method after the mugwort has been aged/fermented for 3 years. This process is said to increase the efficacy of the mugwort as well as enhance the rich scent. Doesn’t that all sound awesome! Although there are a lot of other mugwort focused essences and products out there theses days…the I’m From Mugwort Essence seemed like the first one to really take off.
Aside from the product itself…I was impressed with the packaging of this essence (as with the rest of the I’m From products). This essence is in a really sturdy glass bottle and the labeling is clean, simple, and elegant. I could totally see myself saving these bottles to pop one or two flowers in for decoration! Beyond the packaging…the slightly green, slightly amber color of this essence really speaks to its purity and focus on a single/herbal ingredient.
In the bottle, the essence looks like it might have some “weight” to it. A few shakes and bubbles like to float and take a bit of time to come to the surface. But once open and applied…the I’m From Mugwort Essence feels much more watery and closer to a First Treatment Essence from brands like Missha and Secret Key. I’m the type of person that really likes to layer toners/ seeing this thinner consistency was a plus for me.
Of course, we cant talk about first impressions without discussing the scent. It seems like the scent of mugwort (and similar herbal extracts) is kind of a love it or…not so much love it. And some brands seem to be capitalizing on this by creating 100% Mugwort Extract based essences with much more mild scents. I happen to adore all things herbal/traditional/“Hanbang” and those herbal and earthy aromas are some of my favorites. The Acwell Traditional Grain Syrup Sheet Masks were honestly some of the absolute best sheet masks I have used not only in efficacy but in scent. And, the Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cleansing Foam was a piney, earthy scented dream to use. The I’m From Mugwort Essence falls right into this category for me with its earthy, minty, herbal, and even grassy kind of scent. It’s something that I really look forward to having on my face (especially considering it is all from the single ingredient itself)…but it does dissipate fairly quickly.
As for the performance…the I’m From Mugwort Essence really lived up to its claims for me. I brought this product into my routine shortly after starting Curology/Tretinoin. I’ve been prescribed a really low percentage of Tretinoin, but with the addition of Clindamycin and Azaleic Acid…my skin did (and still is) develop some redness/dryness/irritation. Not only did this product help to reduce the initial irritation that came on a few days after starting Curology, but it has helped to ease redness pretty significantly in a more cumulative way. Basically, I really feel that the I’m From Mugwort Essence has helped my skin appear more adjusted to the prescription. In addition to that (any maybe what I’m most thankful for)…this essence seemed to help with some itching I have experienced from time to time. ANECDOTE TIME!!!!
Okay so…I used to have a pretty intense cat allergy as a child (eyes watering, tight throat, itchiness…you get the idea) all the way up until age 13-14. Then, things subsided to the point where I could be around cats, hug em’, kiss em’, and all that. But, my buddy has a cat (that I named Professor Meowington before I knew Skrillex named his cat that) and she likes to really be “on you” at night. Pretty much a cat beard if you can imagine. With all that love, I have noticed that I get some sensitivity around her when I’m at his house or staying over. BUT WOW…on Curology…things are way more intense. Each time that I go over to his place I now see an almost immediate flush of redness, irritation, and pretty intense itching around my neck and jaw line. One cuddle with “P-Meows” and I am itching all day. It isn’t until I get home, wash my face, and slap on a few layers of I’m From Mugwort Essence that I get some relief and soothing. I now take to popping this essence into the fridge before I head over to Alex’s to make sure I get some immediate cooling/calming when I get home.
Anyway, story time over! Needless to say I think this essence from I’m From might be the most immediately calming and soothing product I have used (even compared the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream I have been using as well…review coming soon). It just works on so many levels to make the journey into Tretinoin/potentially irritating products more bearable and approachable.
Having said that…it’s not all roses and sunshine here. One thing I have always loved about my essence step is the brightening and skin-tone balancing effect that rice ferments provide. The Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence have a special place in my heart for eliminating dullness and providing a wonderful “K-Beauty” glow. The I’m From Mugwort Essence is simply a different kind of product that I didn’t see any brightening effect from. It’s really all about the calming/soothing/basic hydration here. Although this product absorbed nicely and has a similar feel to FTEs…it’s just not the same.
So, here I am saying that I love this product…but don’t think I would set it permanently into my routine. While using Curology the I’m From Mugwort Essence has been an absolute dream. But, when my “adjustment period” is over and I’m back to normal…I’m going to want those brightening essences back in my life! I’ve loved hydration focused essences in the past (my favorite essence of 2019 was the Blithe Vital Treatment Essence - 8 Nourishing Beans which is mainly focused on hydration/nourishment)…I just think I place brightening a bit higher on the list of importance when it comes to my essence step. The May Coop Raw Sauce is another one I love that falls into this category of hydrating but not brightening (so much).
When all is said and done…I think I will use the I’m From Mugwort Essence as a treatment/“every-so often” product that I use only when I need it. And, I think that is how I would recommend it. I really think that any skin type could benefit from this product as the consistency is pretty approachable and I didn’t notice any heavy/sticky/tacky feeling after application. But, those that are specifically targeting redness, irritation, and even itchiness will find so much more value in this product. I haven’t used any other 100% Mugwort Essence type products so I don’t have any means of comparison…but I think I’m From really has something special with their “3 Year Slow Release Extraction” hullabaloo. Fermented ingredients are known for absorbing faster and diving deeper into the skin. Maybe that is why I see a more immediate benefit than I might be otherwise.
I’ll probably have this bottle in my stash for a while using it only when needed (plus, a little goes a long way here)…but once its finished I will always keep a backup on hand in case my skin decides it hates the cat LOL!
Full Ingredients List: Artemisia Princeps Extract (100%)
Where To Buy: The I’m From Mugwort Essence can be picked up on Wishtrend ($40.00 USD without sale) as well as many other retailers. A quick Goggle search should pop up a bunch of options. I’ll refrain from adding a direct link here to avoid confusion/concern around my affiliation with Wishtrend.
Things To Note:

  • A few people have mentioned either on my blog, on Reddit, and on FaceBook that they would like to see less use of “LOL” in my reviews. Some find it distracting, others find it less than professional. I totally get that and have avoided using it in my last couple of reviews. But, I think the use of “LOL” is part of my style/story telling and something that I might continue to use… though it only happened once this time around. I’ll continue to limit/scale back my use of “LOL” but I hope it doesn’t speak negatively to the review as a whole. While I still consider my reviews to be part of my skincare “hobby” and not something I think of as “professional” by any means…I still want you all to take value and knowledge from them without feeling as though I approach skincare in a blasé manner. I love my skin and want you all to have the best skin possible!
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Xenozoic Book: everything so far

COMPENDIUM OF FUTURE FLORA AND FAUNA PART 1: WHAT DID WE DO, AND WHAT HAPPENED TO US? The idea that humans can harm the environment, and therefore ourselves, is not a new concept. Ancient Europeans noted that it would rain less where tress had been cut down; the Age of Sail witnessed numerous extinctions as hungry sailors ate naïve island animals out of existence; and the 1960’s saw a massive backlash to various industries when the public became aware of the dangers of pollution, mostly after a series of environmental disasters (most famously, a flaming river in Ohio). And nowadays the potential for future destruction is even more alarming, as temperatures rise and plastics enter the food chain. Some have taken this not unjustifiably to the extreme, and suggest that we could see a mass extinction of plant and animal life on par with the “Big Five”. The Big Five were a series of extinction events notable for their extreme destruction, often shifting the balance of power in the animal kingdom. There was the End-Silurian (circa 444 MYA), likely caused by severe glaciation and a ripple effect of dropping sea-levels and changes to marine chemistry; the Late Devonian (roughly 376-360 MYA) a prolonged event that remains poorly understood, though some scientists blame ocean anoxia coupled with a climate that alternated between a greenhouse and an ice-age; the End-Permian (252 MYA), which was caused by massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia, leading to runaway global warming and mass-desertification. This was the worst of all the Big Five, with around 95% of all life at the time extinguished; the End-Triassic (201 MYA), basically a less intense version of the End-Permian, this time caused by volcanic provinces along the spreading Atlantic coastline; and the End-Cretaceous (66 MYA), caused primarily by an asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico, possibly exacerbated by toxic gases unleashed by volcanoes in India. And that brings us to now. Will the Big Five become the Big Six? Quite possibly- animals are going extinct faster than the natural background rate, and ongoing climatic changes are occurring (and threaten to occur) more rapidly than at possibly any time in Earth’s history, surprise impact winters notwithstanding. And while progress has been made in some areas, human efforts to protect the environment are unlikely to be enough unless drastic measures are taken, and with so much opposition towards environmentalism, action may not be taken until it's too late. Where does this land humans? We are a pretty weedy species, and we have survived our fair share of ordeals. More likely than not, human civilization will remain for at least a few centuries more, and the species itself for perhaps millennia. However, humans are not perfect or indestructible. If we raise global temperatures by 4 degrees (considered a likely outcome by the end of the century), the world would be faced with food deficit: there would be too many mouths to feed, and not enough arable land to provide for them. A rise of six degrees would render the subtropics and tropics uncomfortably hot, and ocean ecosystems would fail spectacularly. This is likely as bad as it will get for us, although outcomes more or less extreme can't be discounted. Governments would likely adapt to this situation, and some may even benefit, but after some time the pressures of food deficit, desertification, ocean failure, mutating pathogens, decreasing air quality, and other factors would become too much. Civilization isn't guaranteed to collapse, but there simply comes a point when human consumption outpaces the environment, a tipping point that would be met more easily with climate systems on the fritz. Civilization could go out gradually and quietly, or suddenly and violently: a nuclear war over diminishing resources is one particularly grim outcome. Humans themselves might persist for some time after this, as we lived for thousands of years without anything resembling civilization. Some humans may attempt to rebuild civilized society, but resource scarcity and unsavory environmental conditions would limit any such endeavors. How and even if we perish is uncertain; perhaps disease or inbreeding or infertility takes us out. Maybe it’s Yellowstone that finishes off the last humans, or the difficulty of living in an environment we poisoned, or some combination of these things. Our extinction isn't inevitable- but neither is our continued existence. For our purposes, let's assume humanity blows it as a species. We raise temperatures several degrees, forcing most life-forms out of now uninhabitable tropics. Land is degraded into deserts and swamps by overuse. Rainforests are completely destroyed, air and water pollution reaches a point beyond recovery, and the ocean is rendered a great swirling soup of industrial runoff, sewage, garbage, pesticides, and bacterial blooms. Mankind runs out of materials for agriculture and such, and the last governments bomb each other into oblivion. Homo sapiens goes extinct. But what happens afterwards?
PART 2: THE FATE OF NATURE Obviously, the natural world is a bit of a wreck after the 6th Mass Extinction. 75% of all plants and animals are extinct, and ecosystems are temporarily unrecognizable. However, after some several thousand years, geochemical processes will have restored the climate to an equilibrium like that of the Pre-Industrial Holocene. Pollutants will have been safely sequestered. Radiation from any nuclear devices will have long since dropped to tolerable levels. The Earth will become green and inviting once more. Of course, the freshly recovered Earth won't look quite like any Earth humans have ever known. For one thing, the variety of plants the world over will be noticeably less diverse; a jungle today would be home to a mind-boggling variety of trees, but with human activity wiping the entire rainforest biome off the map, only a small sampling of scrubby savanna trees and fruit trees grown by man (for example, oranges and bananas) will prevail. Taiga biomes might be home to as few as one or two tree species in some places. Weeds such as dandelions, plantains, clovers, thistles, and euphorbias would comprise a great deal of ground cover. Marine biomes would be even more depleted, as the combined effects of pollution, ocean acidification, eutrophication, and a decrease in upwelling (due to anthropogenic climate change) would have led to the annihilation of corals and kelp forests, as well as severely reducing the variety of plankton. More noticeably than the reduction of floral diversity would be the reduction of animal diversity. With 75% of all species extinct, many creatures we take for granted would be absent. What would each group of animals look like at this time? Starting with the mammals, we would see some of the most obvious extinctions, akin to the drop in species seen with the dinosaurs 66 million years before man. Pretty much any mammal larger than a pig would be gone. Small mammals, such as rodents, shrews, microbats, rabbits, hedgehogs, and possums would fare the best, owing to their lower needs in terms of food and their generally high reproductive rates. Many once successful groups would find themselves utterly devastated by the Holocene Extinction; of the primates, only a few small monkeys remain, while the Carnivora would find themselves reduced to feral cats, small mustelids, and perhaps the red fox, amongst other similar small, generalist forms. The domesticated dog would be too specialized and inbred to find itself a sustainable population, and much of its prey would be extinct. Ungulates would face a similar problem to the dog, and as such there are no more cows or horses. There are, however, goats, which were able to live off poor forage and established feral populations almost as easily as the cat. Sheep populations also survived in New Zealand and elsewhere. Pigs, so notably unscrupulous that certain human cultures refused to consume their meat, also had little problem outlasting mankind; the pig ate nearly anything edible, from carrion to berries to earthworms to garbage, and had large litters for an animal of its size. The marine mammals completely died out, as man-made changes to oceanic systems resulted in there being no suitable food, and even relatively adaptable dolphins and pinnipeds would have had trouble finding enough- or even any- fish. Anything they could find would be saturated with pollutants. As for marsupials, aside from possums and a single antechinus, only a few small wallabies in Tasmania and New Zealand made it, and the monotremes faced total extinction. Birds made it off slightly better than the mammals, though things weren't exactly rosy. The ratites died out, as did the flightless penguins. Save for owls and a few scattered Falconiformes, birds of prey also disappeared. Those birds which thrived in both the presence and absence of humans (pigeons, sparrows, swallows, corvids, and thrushes) had the advantage, as did species with very generalized diets, such as ducks and chickens. Most seabirds died out, for the same reason as other marine-dependent animals, but species that could scavenge (seagulls, certain jaegers, and the sheathbill) were able to live off of new food sources when there were no more fish. Though thought of as tough, the reptiles and amphibians suffered extreme losses at the hands of humanity. The tuatara went extinct, as did the sea turtles and all but one of the crocodilians (the spectacled caiman). The great variety of tropical lizards and snakes vanished along with their jungle habitats, leaving mainly plain, generalist species (often adapted to Mediterranean and arid climates). Disease and pollution put a heavy blow on amphibians- a 95% reduction, in fact. But hit worst of all the vertebrates were the fish. Man decimated but a few weedy species in the deepest sea, some coastal species that migrated to freshwater, and generalized freshwater forms. Carps, loaches, cyprinodontiformes, gobies, grenadiers, mullets, catfish, and dogfish comprise typical representatives of post-human fish. Invertebrates, as well, were not without their losses. Insects suffered from habitat loss and pesticide usage, as well as disruptions to their migration patterns. Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, suffered the greatest damage, and have since been replaced by wasps and moths, respectively. Crustaceans in freshwater environments suffered little, but ocean acidification extinguished most marine forms; for this same reason, many mollusks, echinoderms, sponges, and all corals died off. In short, the planet was populated by a near bare-minimum of species. The slate had been wiped clean, and those who had been lucky enough to pull through the Holocene Extinction now had a vast world all to themselves, free to exploit whatever niches had been left vacant. The Cenozoic is over- it's the beginning of the Xenozoic.
PART 3: A NEW WORLD ORDER The beginning of the Xenozoic did not depart from Cenozoic climatic conditions in any spectacular way. The short temperate period following the thermal maximum of the Holocene was soon rudely interrupted by a new ice-age. Eventually, warmer temperatures came back, before the Earth fell into the grip of yet another glacial period; for millions of years, the Earth would swing in and out of ice-ages. However, after some time, the climate became more stable and ice-ages occurred less frequently. Global temperatures steadily and safely rose, over the course of millions of years, to about 2° warmer than the Pre-Industrial Holocene. A number of agents were responsible for the softening of the climate: the northward movement of Antarctica, which caused a slight retreat of the continents glaciers while also altering ocean currents and the Earths albedo; the stabilization of the Earth’s axis, tending to wobble on its orbit less often; and continental movement allowing the oceans to become more interconnected, thereby affecting currents. These changes have not been super intense, and as such a rise of 2° has been about as far as it goes. Geologic activity has moved the continents out of their Holocene positions, and as such, local climates have changed quite dramatically.
North America has moved west, with negligible drift southwards. Alaska has collided with the Siberian Far East, closing the Bering Strait and creating a new mountain range, the Beringia Ridge. The closing of the Bering Strait has caused the Arctic Ocean to become less salty, and the Beringia Ridge, which impedes warm currents from the Pacific, means that the Bering land bridge is slightly colder than other locations at similar latitudes. Glaciers are quite large in these mountains, and they create extensive melt water wetlands in some areas. Much of the Arctic is far warmer than during the Holocene, and much of Greenland is now covered in forest. A large ice-cap remains in northern Greenland, occupying about a third of the island. It is the only non-mountainous ice cap in the northern hemisphere. After the latest Ice Age, lithospheric plates have rebounded, which in turn had been partially counteracted by a global rise in sea level. Most of the Arctic Archipelago is smaller and more fragmented than today, except Baffin Island; Baffin Now connects to mainland North America via the former Hudson Strait. This has made the Hudson Bay even more isolated than during the Holocene, and therefore less salty. Geologic change has occurred elsewhere, on both coastlines. The Appalachians have become a flat plain, while the Eastern Seaboard has experienced great flooding. The Great Lakes have long been filled with silt and grown over by forests, but glacial melt has created many new lake basins across the continent, especially in the region of Canada. On the opposite side of the continent, Baja California has split away from the mainland to become an island, and it is slowly moving north, and may one day collide with Alaska. The great redwoods, totally extinguished by humans, have since been replaced by equally grand forests of giant oaks and cypress. The American Cordillera, while still existent, has been greatly eroded, and as such the rainshadow effect is not as great as it once was- the Great Basin has turned into prairie, while the Mojave, Sonora, and Chihuahua deserts have shrunk somewhat. Glaciers in the Cordillera are much smaller than in the Holocene, and around Mexico and the Southwest, they are absent. Forests have extended west as a result of the decreased rainshadow, and they have also expanded north and somewhat south, owing to the global expansion of temperate zones. The former American South is swampy and rather humid, and mosquitoes are functionally infinite. Much of the land here is spongy and sinking, and there are many sandy spits and and sinking islands. Floods are very common, and much of the flora and fauna is adapted to deal with brackish conditions. Due to the geological conditions here, ideal for preservation, the sedimentary rocks in the south contain many fossils of human artifacts; the city of New Orleans is amongst the most well-preserved areas on Earth. Florida is now a series of islands, rather similar to the Holocene Bahamas (which are now gone). Mexico is more heavily forested than in the time of man, and the descendants of many cultivated species (avocados, grapes, succulents) are common here, as in most tropical rainforests the world over. These rainforests are more monsoonal than in South America, and as such are not quite as lush or steamy. The Caribbean Plate has moved into the Atlantic, severing North America’s connection with South America. This has also led to the destruction of many Caribbean Islands, as well as the formation of new ones. The Caribbean is climatically similar to the Holocene, despite a slight northward drift. The movement of North America away from the Old World has led to a widening of the Atlantic, and the enlargement of Iceland, which is now entirely vegetated. Iceland is still volcanically active, and large eruptions occur every few millennia.
South America has moved west, with no movement north or south; as such, climatic zones have shifted less here than on other land masses. South America is currently an island continent, much like Australia back in the Holocene, and as such the plant and animal life is unique; there are also relics of groups that are extinct elsewhere. Sea-level rise (from the northward voyage of Antarctica out of the polar zone) has formed two small, inland seas; the Amazon Sea, which the Amazon River drains into; and the Plata Sea, which the Rio de la Plata drains into. The land around the Panama Strait is now subject to oceanic influence and has a moist, subtropical maritime climate. The Guyana shield has eroded into an almost-nearly flat plain, and rivers in the region have gotten larger, creating megadeltas rivaling those in east Asia. Mangrove-type swamp forests fringe this area, as they also do so around the Plata and Amazon Seas. The Andes Mountains continue to grow (volcanoes erupt here regularly, earthquakes also being common), and the ample glaciers provide the western portion of the continent with many rivers; waterfalls in the Andes are common, and they are often quite spectacular. Lake Titicaca has filled with sediment, however other lakes have since appeared. Life around these lakes is often highly endemic, and adapted to deal with the thin air and high UV levels characteristic of the upper Andes. The Atacama Desert has retained its Holocene proportions, and it remains quite harsh. The Amazon Rainforest, totally destroyed back in the late Holocene, has since regrown from a small pool of hardy tree species, and it is just as biodiverse as it was before human encroachment, if not more so. It is supported by many new river systems, though none yet rival the Amazonia River. As is to be expected with jungle rivers, the rivers here are murky and rich in nutrients; aquatic animals in the Amazon rarely depend upon sight as their primary sense. Changes in Africa’s climate (to be discussed later) have resulted in less mineral fertilizer arriving at the forest, which would normally turn parts of the Amazon into a savanna; however, the moist climate of the Xenozoic has tamed the spread of dry environs, and as such the rainforest remains quite luxuriant. The Atlantic Forest has penetrated further inland, while the Caatinga semi desert is now more of a grassland. Savanna regions extend between the major forests, and many of these savannas support wetlands during the wet season. The general increase of moisture (combined with the warming of west Antarctica) has led to milder conditions in Patagonia, where deserts have been replaced by grasslands and even temperate rainforests in the far south. Tierra Del Fuego is still rather harsh and windy, though not quite to the degree of the Holocene. Southern South America remains fairly temperate in general, though the climate here is marine influenced, as opposed to the continental temperate climates found in the northern hemisphere. Snow occurs here during the austral winter, and it is often quite heavy. The Falklands, much smaller than in the Holocene, are now forested.experience similar conditions. Meanwhile, on the Pacific coast, the Galápagos Islands have sunk underwater. Likewise, the islands of the Lesser Antilles are extinct, though they have been replaced by new, larger islands called New Caribbea.
Africa has moved significantly northward, and somewhat eastward. East Africa has split off to become its own subcontinent (Somali), with Madagascar moving in tandem with it. The new strait that has formed between Somali and Africa softens the climate on the surrounding seaboard, and as such rainforests extend from coast to coast on the mainland, while semi-arid regions in the Ethiopian regions (on both Africa and Somali) are humid and heavily vegetated. Somali has been isolated for some time now, and as such it’s flora and fauna has a high degree of endemism. Half of the island is heavily forested, while the southern half is mostly savanna with bits of scrubland. The movement of Somali has also led to the creation of the Moris Islands in the Indian Ocean. Continental Africa looks much different than it did in the Holocene- much of Southern Africa has moved out of the desert belt, while the Cape has moved into said zone. Because so little of Africa lays within the southern Hadley, the desert area is limited- the weakening of the Benguela Current (caused by the warming of Antarctica) has relegated the Namib to a small area in the Southwestern-most corner of the Cape, blending imperceptibly into the new Cape Desert. The small Cape Desert provides a lot of mineral-rich sand, which is blown out to the south Atlantic and fertilizes an area of open ocean. In south Africa, there are wide areas of thorn forest; thorn forests are also characteristic of Madagascar. Savanna regions extend far above the Cape, and these regions are notable for being home to some of the largest land animals on the planet. The Congo Rainforest, which was destroyed during the Holocene (like all other rainforests), has since regrown. This new forest is far more biodiverse than the one during the Holocene, as it has been millions of years since the last glacial period and therefore millions of years since the forest has dried up. At its center, the Congo can be very dense, leading to an undergrowth too shady for even most ferns. The Congo is wreathed in less dense monsoon forests and forest-mosaic, which supports large animals; the Congo, like other rainforests, is too dense for most megafauna, especially the extraordinary beasts of the African savanna. Since Africa has moved north, the area on the equator (therefore the area of rainforest) is actually south of the Congo Basin, and as such the rainforest should technically be called the Zambezi Rainforest. The slight warming and moistening of the climate in the Xenozoic has led to a northward shift in the African Monsoon, which has made what would otherwise be desert into savanna; north Africa is also in prime position to receive moisture from the currents of the North Atlantic, and as such deserts are absent throughout Africa outside of the Cape. This allows for monsoon forests in west Africa, even though savanna exists at similar latitudes. The former Sahara Desert now has a humid continental climate, dominated by deciduous woodland, riparian forests, and vast temperate grasslands. Lake Chad is now quite large, and there are many other large lakes throughout the Sahara, occurring where natural depressions are to be found. Snow occurs in the northernmost parts of the Sahara during winter. Africa’s collision with Europe has closed up the Mediterranean Sea, throwing up a new mountain range in the location. These Mediterranean Mountains have hindered faunal exchanges between Africa and Eurasia for over 20 million years, leading to a larger number of endemic species in the Afrotropics than today. The mountains also provide seasonal melt that feeds many of the great rivers in the Sahara. The foothills of the mountains collect a lot of moisture, and here there are very lush laurel-type forests. The Mediterranean Mountains are the only mountain regions of any significance in Africa. The Canary Islands and the Azores are reduced to little more than tiny scraps of rock, but new islands have formed off the North African Coast. The largest are the Tenez Islands, which are foggy and mild in temperature. Laurel forests are the dominant vegetation here, though they are very different from those found around the mountains.
Eurasia has moved the least of all the continents, tilting only slightly so that Korea is further south and the British Isles are further north. This has had virtually no influence on the climate, but nevertheless Eurasia differs dramatically from the Holocene. One of the most important changes that has occurred was the closing of the Mediterranean Sea, and the subsequent formation of the Mediterranean Mountains. Because they are where a sea once was, these mountains have rich salt deposits, as well as many fossils of marine organisms. The North Atlantic Drift current cleaves as it meets the Mediterranean Mountains, keeping both Africa and Europe moist, but leading to a semi-arid climate in the mountain plateau, though these mountains still have small ice-caps. This, coupled with a global climate more humid than the Holocene, means that Europe is extremely rainy. Much of north-western Europe has sunk into the sea, rather like the American East-Coast. The movements of Eurasia and Africa have lifted up a land bridge connecting Great Britain to continental Europe via the former English Channel; the displacement of the water from the strait has contributed to global rise in sea-levels. Southern Scandinavia has many lakes, which generally last a few thousand years before filling with sediment. New lakes will then appear in other depressions. Often, the lakes are connected to the Baltic Sea by small streams, and Baltic fauna is easily able to migrate due to the Baltic already having low salinity. Because of the closing of the Mediterranean, dry summer climates (AKA, Mediterranean climates) are limited to the coast of Iberia and southern Britain, and they are more cypress-forest and oak woodland than semi-arid chaparral. Much of the rest of Europe is temperate rainforest, fading into wooded steppe and tallgrass prairies further inland. The Black and Caspian Sea basins have benefitted from a moister climate, and have expanded and joined to form the single Caucasus Sea, which also spills into parts of the Danube Basin and Azov. This large sea creates a mild subtropical/warm temperate climate around the surrounding area, warm enough in its furthest south to support groves of palm-trees. The sea has low salinity, which encourages the growth of a greater variety of plants, although this low salinity also means it freezes more easily where possible. The West Siberian Plain has also flooded and formed a small gulf, which is quite marshy on its shores. Siberia, though slightly warmer than today, is still dominated by a fiercely seasonal continental climate. Arabia has moved northeast, closing up the Persian Gulf and turning the Zagros Mountains into a massive plateau similar to the Holocene Himalayas. The Zagros Plateau is the tallest mountain range in the Xenozoic, and it creates a notable rainshadow in Iran. The Zagros deflects moisture heading its way back onto the Arabian subcontinent, which (coupled with the humidity of the Xenozoic) has turned the entirety of Arabia into savanna, except for the Levant which is mostly mountainous semi-desert areas with Mediterranean vegetation on the coast (which is allowed by influence from the Red Sea, which is bigger than today). Meanwhile, the Himalayas have eroded into hills, too short for snow to form. During the Holocene, the glaciers melted entirely due to anthropogenic climate change, and this created many large depressions, which were briefly lakes before drying up due to the Hydrological Disaster (runaway climatic change that led to the desertification of most of the Earth. This event was caused by anthropogenic climate change). Since then, glaciers returned and then melted again when the Himalayas became too short for frost, making the depressions deeper still. The result is a series of massive cave systems, some so big they have entire forests within them. The functional extinction of the Himalayas has led to a shrinking of deserts in the interior of Eurasia and an expansion of the Thar desert in India- one of the few regions on Earth where dryland has enlarged. The Baikal rift is growing, and consequently so has the Lake Baikal, now twice as big as in the Holocene. Further north, Eurasia is connected to North America through the Bering land bridge, which has been detailed in earlier passages. Kamchatka and the Russian far-east are somewhat mountainous, though glacial cover is limited inland. Japan is seismically active, with many of its islands splitting into smaller islands. Volcanic activity is not uncommon here, and there are also many geysers and hot springs. East Asia remains humid and subtropical, and there are many great rivers here. The Pacific coast of Eurasia experiences both monsoons and tsunamis, and as such many plant species here have evolved to quickly reestablish themselves following a storm.
Australia has been the fastest-moving of the continents, historically, and as such it has changed latitudes most dramatically of all the Earth’s landmasses. Australia has moved out of the subtropical desert latitudes and into the equatorial zone. As such, Australia is covered by vast rainforests, and even the driest regions of the continent still receive enough rainfall to support savanna vegetation. Savanna mostly exists as a thin strip on the western coast, leaving essentially the entire remainder of the continent heavily forested (in fact, Australia currently has the highest percentage of forested land of any continent on earth). In the process of moving north, Australia has collided with New Guinea, which has now fused and become a part of the Australian continent. This created some mountain regions initially, but they have since eroded due to the high precipitation of the area. Small pockets of montane cloud forest remain, and here it is bamboos that are dominant. Lake Eyre is now an inland sea, surrounded completely by tropical mangroves. The Eyre Gulf, as it is called, is very nutrient-rich, and it supports a thriving ecosystem. Tasmania is covered in savannas, parts of which flood seasonally. Borneo, pushed northward by the influence of the Australian Plate, has collided with Asia and forms a sort of extension of the Indochina Peninsula. Mountains here are young and short, completely forested up to the highest peaks. The Mekong River flows through a narrow mountain passage (created over millennia by the Mekong itself as it flowed into the mountain foothills and eroded it) into Borneo, where it has “absorbed” some of the local rivers. Other parts of Sundaland, while moving in tandem with Borneo, remain islands. Meanwhile, New Zealand has moved in tandem with Australia and has a largely savanna climate, with some tropical forest mosaic in the North Island. Mountains in New Zealand are still present, though they have lost much of their glacial cover due to the islands position near the equator. Mountain lakes and cool rivers support an extensive freshwater menagerie, with mangrove-like vegetation near the riverbanks. Many islands throughout the Pacific have been destroyed, and new ones create. The Solomon Islands still exist, but they are begging to sink into the ocean. The Philippine Plate has created new islands, mostly in the North, while many of the southern islands have sunk. Completely new archipelagos have appeared, most notably “Neonesia”, which encompasses all the new islands that have appeared across Melanesia and Micronesia (and the area in between). The Hawaiian Islands still exist, though many of the old islands have been replaced. The Big Island is much smaller than in the Holocene, and less volcanically active.
Antarctica has moved northward into the Atlantic, and about half of the continent lays outside the polar region. A permanent ice sheet still remains in easternmost Antarctica and in part of Marie Byrd Land. The Ross Sea still remains frozen year-round. Much of the rest of the continent is ice-free, and is primarily composed of tundra and krummholz (sparse woodland shaped by fierce, frigid winds). Tussock prairies exist in small pockets, and the northern coasts are covered in dense, rainy mixed forests. Conifers fare well here, but unlike the taiga of the northern hemisphere, there is also a significant community of flowering trees here. Western Antarctica has oceanic forests, like those found in south Patagonia. Nothofagus and other plants of Gondwanan affiliation are dominant in this region: tree ferns exist in the warmest parts (especially on the Antarctic Peninsula), and podocarps are also to be found in certain area. Mosses and liverworts grow profusely all over the continent (except on the ice-sheet). Because of its location so far south, Antarctica (more precisely, the parts of Antarctica within the Antarctic Circle) is subject to the phenomena of polar seasons. Many animals migrate outside of the Antarctic Circle during winter. Antarctic geography is shaped by glaciers, even in areas where there is no longer ice. Melting ice has created many lakes and vast valleys. The coastline is peppered with many small, rocky islands as well as fjords like those found in Holocene Scandinavia. Although the continental crust in Antarctica has rebounded, the continental layout has changed; West Antarctica is separated from Marie Byrd Land by a deep strait, and the Antarctic Peninsula is isolated. Coastal waters around the continent are quite productive, as the water is cold and nutrient-rich. The Antarctic Coast is a major zone of upwelling, and plankton populations explode during the Austral spring, inviting many spectacular creatures who come here to eat and then breed. There are also underwater forests of kelp-like algae, especially around West Antarctica. One notable feature of the Antarctic ecosystem is the lack of mammals outside of a few species of bat, and the complete lack of reptiles and amphibians (owing more to the isolation of the continent rather than its temperature).
Overall, the world of the Xenozoic, 55 million years after mankind’s extinction, is a novel place climatically and geographically. The next 55 chapters will take you on a tour around the world, and explore how the plants and animals have evolved since the Holocene.
Chapters 1. Forest of Life: North America, temperate deciduous forests 2. Conifer Kingdom: Holarctic Taiga 3. Bushland Barrens: Mongolia, steppe and semidesert 4. Freshwater Sea: Lake Baikal 5. Swamp Forests of the Far East: China, subtropical swamp forest 6. Endless Variety: Rainforest of Australia and the Sundalands 7. Hallowed Himalayan Caves: Caves of the Himalayan Hills 8. In the Mountain Shadow: Desert and dry mountains of Persia and the Levant 9. Roof of the Earth: Mediterranean Mountains 10. Green Sahara: North Africa, temperate flooded grasslands and forests 11. Realm of Giants: African savanna 12. Strange Paradise: Somali Island, Rainforest 13. Song of the River: Amazon River 14. Dwellers of the Southern Plains: Temperate grassland,Patagonia 15. Blooming Antarctica : Oceanic forests, West Antarctica 16. Edge of the Known World: Tundra and ice, Antarctica 17. Tour de Oceania : Various islands of Oceania 18. Sunken Treasure of the Sea: Algae reefs of Hawaii 19. Big Blue: Open ocean, Pacific 20. A Realm Beyond the Sun: Deep ocean from continental shelf to trench, Pacific
If you were to visit New York today, you would find yourself overwhelmed by the reality of human civilization: herds of pedestrians on their way to work; yellow cabs swerving at street corners; advertisements for candies and cellular services and upcoming Broadway plays, all displayed upon screens the size of buildings; clouds cleaving as they encounter towering skyscrapers; air reeking of rancid garbage and dog piss. The Holocene microcosm, as it is. New York City is, in the Age of Man, about as far away from the wilderness as you can get. Jump forward 55 million years time, to the same location, and you will find yourself greeted with a completely different picture. For one thing, the sea has advanced a good way inland. The locations of many long-gone local landmarks; Madison Square Garden, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the Empire State Building; are all underwater. Of course, there are no physical buildings left, although one might find a layer of concrete and iron in the local fossiliferous strata. Areas that remain above water have also changed, quite radically in fact. The first thing you would notice is the green; the land is positively cloaked in forests for as far as the eye can see. It probably looks a great deal like it did when Europeans first arrived upon these shores, before they ravaged the land. An intrepid time-traveler, such as yourself, will notice the contrast between modern New York and Xenozoic New York in other, slightly subtler ways. There is no noise of human activity, for there are no humans. The sound of puttering engines and blaring car horns has given way to birdsongs, while the stench of urban waste is replaced by flower perfumes and sea-spray. Though the Earth is warmer than it was in the Holocene (prior to the Mass Extinction, of course), New York is still very much temperate. The trees are of deciduous variety, including oaks, planes, maple, gingko, beech, and others. Some plants may appear broadly familiar, and others have changed since our species vanished. Seasonal change is pronounced here, as in other temperate forest regions: springtime brings rain and rejuvenation, followed by a balmy summer and autumn’s orange leaves. It snows during wintertime, as it did in the Age of Man. It is a mild spring day, and if you are walking barefoot you will detect a smattering of dew on the forest floor. You may feel, perhaps, that the Earth is back to “normal”. While it has, indeed, long since recovered from the destruction caused by man, this is by no means the same world that nourished our civilization. That world, the world of the Holocene, was destroyed quite violently, quite a long time ago. There are no wolves or coyotes stalking the far hillsides, no bobcats prowling the undergrowth. There are no deer (at least of the traditional variety), no plodding bears, no eagles soaring overhead. They all died out shortly before our species perished, and in their absence, it has been the small, weedy creatures that have since taken over. On your safari of the future world, you will see strange things, things that sometimes bear little resemblance to any creature of the Holocene. Because this isn't the Holocene; it's not even the Cenozoic. It’s the Xenozoic- “Weird Life”.
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