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Reddit Diablo 102 Billion Build Challenge 08/28/13

Welcome to week 6 of the Reddit Diablo 102,333,000,000 Build Challenge.
This challenge is known to give free legendaries.


So the leaderboards should be up to date, if you or anyone else's name looks off, please don't hesitate to message me and I will review them. Moved rules and FAQ to the wiki page, if you are new please review the rules via the wiki link at the top and bottom of the post.


Each week, this thread will go up with a new build for each class. We generate the builds by going to the skill calculators and pressing the little blue chatgem at the bottom (I bet you didn’t know that it would do that). These builds will stick to non-elective mode, which means you’ll probably be using skill combinations you’re not used to. Some weeks may be easier than others and some classes may have a harder time.
There are 3 levels to this challenge and there are 3 levels of flair. We are aiming to keep the 3rd level pretty exclusive but some may find it easy. All the challenges have something in common, use the random build we give you (a new set each week) and full clear VoA. Level 2 and 3 require more rules, check those for what you need to do.
Note: Entries who do not meet the requirements will not be considered. You only need to do one of these, if you do tier 3 only, you get the tier 3 flair.
Here are this weeks random builds!
Demon Hunter!UVZ!bYcbYc
(Note: If you use our browser extension, you can hover over the above links for a quick run down)
Don’t like what you see? Don’t fret, new builds will be provided next week!
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