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Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives: Hey, guys, Google Adsense is the world biggest ads network platform and they provide huge money for your bloggers when you turn your blog to monetization Adsense is the first choice for you.
Some of the blogger share they Adsense monthly income so check it once if you check it you got an idea how much we earn from Adsense. Guys everyone has a dream to earn money from Google AdSense if they rejected what happened to your dreams. Dont worry some AdSense alternatives are ready for you, compare to AdSense it might low but if you have some valuable traffic you can make wonders with those alternatives. Check the list below we are placed.
New bloggers are confident, dont disappoint for the first time it happened every big blogger also get this problem so dont bother you have a good solution and know click the mouse and check the Adsense alternatives this is the time😅.
Adsense alternatives are mentioned below in some reasons or issues will happen to your blog AdSense will be rejected or deactivated.
Heads up when your niche will get good organic traffic maximum to try for Adsense, if you are tired then go for AdSense alternatives, depending on your niche some ad network programs will provide good earnings. And dont forget Adsense id contextual ad network program. In below list, you may get some non-contextual ad programs.

What Is Google Adsense?

If you dont know about google AdSense we explain what is Google Adsense.Its an ad network established in 2003, and this is the world biggest ad networking programme. You may monetize your web with AdSense they will provide and money for the total guide they will explain.
For getting Adsense to your website its some critical but when you reach some best content it's not hard for you. Traffic is low or some dont worry apply with good content you will get it.

Why Adsense Alternatives

We are trying for it but we dont get because we are not reached Adsense polices, what we do dont bother for it jus search for Adsense alternatives. To make online money sure to choose some other ad networks

List Of Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers

3). Amazon Display Ads
Programme Name
Ad Type
Minimum Payout
Payout Method
Display and Text Ads
Paypal, Wire Tranfer
Serveral Options
Amazon Display Ads
Wire Tranfer,Gift ochers
Display Ads
Serveral Options
Display Ads
Serveral Options
Display Ads
Wire Tranfer, Paypal
Text Ads
Paypal Ach
Text Ads
Display Ads
This is the best Google AdSense alternative compare to others and managed by Yahoo and Bing. If you have heavy traffic from USA, Canda and UK, Perfect program Polices then apply for it. It Biggest Contextual ad network.
A big opponent of Adsense, minimum payout $100 and they transfer from PayPal or Wiretransfer so check the criteria and apply for it.
Guys if are going for PropellerAds, I recommend for you because they dont need any polices like traffic, niche and domain so, please check the program police before joining the programme.
3).Amazon Display Ads
generate addition money Bloggers and other user using Affiliate marketing, but amazon native ads will generate a high-level money
  1. If you are really searching for the best click rate ad network the Yellix will stand for you, supported popunder, mobile redirection, layers and sliders.
  2. Instant account approval
  3. Minimum payout $100
  4. Allow the referral program
  5. Both Paypal and bank wire transfer allowed
Conclusion: Get good traffic and make good content, Seo also. This is the secret of every blogger so make it know. Must and should the ad network program polices and gets good results we hope this content will reach your heart. Maybe.
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RealBaum - Month 24

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 8
Month 9
Month 10
Month 11
Month 12
Month 13
Month 14
Month 15
Month 16 - No Update
Month 17 - No Update
Month 18
Month 19
Month 20 - No Update
Month 21
Month 22 - No Update
Month 23

You can tell that I've quit my job because I'm not half-assing these updates anymore right eheh...


I'm happy about the work I've put in November. I spent 75 hours on content creation and another 25 on things like keyword research, writing this update (lol), forming my corporation, etc (more on these later).
In the end, I kept writing about that single product type and ended up publishing 16 posts at 42,500 words.
This puts my site at 74 posts at total.
But more importantly... I'm much more excited about the 25 newly published posts (during the last 7 weeks) devoted to a single type of product. Although not much time at all has passed so far, these posts already started ranking fairly high in Google.
In November, they've brought in 12,375 pageviews. That's 43% of my total pageviews.
Here's a screenshot of their progress (not the entire content in my site).
And I always wanted to diversify income as well, so I...

...signed up to VigLink... monetize this new content group.
But let alone diversifying, this new monetization channel displayed a BIG potential so far.
Throw on top of that the possibility that it might not even have been fully updated so far (more on this in a minute) - it can (will?) overtake Amazon's earnings in the nearest future and become my primary source affiliate income from this site!
Let's talk about VigLink. The thing I like the most about them is that you don't necessarily have to "affiliatize" your links to be credited for successful sales. Instead, your direct links to the merchant's official website are simply traced by VigLink's end by a short HTML code you introduce to your site through the control panel.
I feel like the visitors in my niche have some kind of a 6th sense for affiliate links and get turned off the moment they see them. So this should be making me 5x more reliable and 5x less spammy in their eyes. I also incorporated a pop-up in my site which directs my visitors to the merchant's site. My visitors seem to like and click it.
Other things I liked:
I signed up to VigLink on November 6th, and in only 8 days (7-14 November), I've made 438.68 USD through VigLink although my related content group received only 2,300 pageviews during this period.
The strange thing is...
for the remainder of the month (8,895 pageviews for the same content group), it displays almost no revenue whatsoever! Combine it with the fact that a fair portion of the earnings made in 7-14 November were also updated WEEKS later into the month, I think I might have made a few hundred bucks more than 483.66 USD (November Viglink earnings) in November.
Even if it turns out that this is all there is to it, I'll be quite happy with 1,450 USD made in November.
#4 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 956.04 USD for November (exceeded and almost doubled my Amazon earnings). Total income reached to 1,916 USD.
#5 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,079.77 USD for November (DOUBLED Amazon earnings). Total income reached to 2,039.73 USD.
#6 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,182.31 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,142.27 USD.
#7 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,209.2 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,169.16 USD.
#9 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,226.14 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,186.1 USD.
#11 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,233.15 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,193.1 USD.
#27 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,342.87 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,302.82 USD.

Traffic and Total Income

Keep in mind that my articles had been around 50% seasonal (summer being the best season) - although I'm correcting as of now.
Month Hours Worked Words/Articles published Traffic (Sessions) Total Income (Affiliate, Ads, Other)
Month 1 (Dec) 100 18,761/5 45 N/A
Month 2 (Jan) 100 21,484/5 128 N/A
Month 3 (Feb) 75 12,185/3 480 $9.9
Month 4 (Mar) 40 6,131/2 1,184 $0.38
Month 5 (Apr) 75 14,098/3 1,779 $28.67
Month 6 (May) 80 7,037/2 2,705 $81.11
Month 7 (Jun) 80 7,491/2 2,995 $174.04
Month 8 (Jul) 0 0 4,881 $254.56
Month 9 (Aug) - [reached 500 USD/month mark at 22 posts] 0 0 8,857 $500.78
Month 10 (Sep) 5 1,499/1 8,555 $518.97
Month 11 (Oct) 70 24,660/5 7.577 $499.02
Month 12 (Nov) 70 22,427/3 9.062 $607.17
Month 13 (Dec) 70 25,085/5 8.826 $345.27
Month 14 (Jan) 70 31,799/6 10.096 $354.82
Month 15 (Feb) 70 24,000/4 10.254 $590.5
Month 16 (Mar) 30 6,658/2 13.633 $740.55
Month 17 (Apr) 0 0 15.049 $731.13
Month 18 (May) - [reached 1,000 USD/month mark at 48 posts] 0 0 21.397 $1,165.5
Month 19 (Jun) 0 0 19.614 $1,108.5
Month 20 (Jul) 0 0 22.621 $1,138.5
Month 21 (Aug) 0 0 22.316 $1,049.8
Month 22 (Sep) 0 0 17.190 $1,116.8
Month 23 (Oct) - [quit my job] 90 31,000/10 13.511 $926.78
Month 24 (Nov) - [reached 2,000 USD/month mark at 74 posts] 100 42,500/16 21.123 $2,302.8
TOTAL 1,125 290,000/74
Guest posts aren't included to word/post count. Also, in my experience, WP Word Count tends to overestimate, so I'm pretty sure my site has no more than 200,000 words. Actually, I wouldn't even be surprised if it's at as low as 150,000 words.
Revenue breakdown for November:
1,200 USD I've made from a direct ad campaign in September are/will be spread over the following 4 months, which is when the ad will expire and I'll try to fish for other direct campaigns like these.
Hours worked column displays not only the time spent on creating content but every single tiny effort made for the site - whether it was a successful effort or not. Everything from writing these updates to the breaks I take during my daily work, from managing my paypal account to checking out Google Analytics. But these are 100% focused, raw hours.
What this table roughly tells me is this:
So, roughly speaking, every extra hour I spend on my site is typically reflected on my earnings as +1 USD/month (excluding the added value when (if) I plan to sell my site) - but this rate grows exponentially as expected.

Legal Stuff

In my to-do list this task is considered a veteran by the other fellas now...
It's been there for ages, and now that I've quit my job I'm left with no excuses to procrastinate anymore. I'm glad I'm actually moving forward on this rather than fantasizing a world in my mind where this soul sucking paperwork tasks are finished and I'm living happily ever after...
So what did I accomplish?
My country (Turkey) requires a fair amount of online courses to be completed successfully in order to be eligible to apply for the free grant. Courses are completed and exams are passed.
They require the entrepreneurs to form their corporations AFTER this step is accomplished.
I started working on that part too - made some back and forth visits/talks to my soon-to-become accountant. Once I decide which route to go after, I'll hand over the necessary legal documents to the governmental side and my private company will have been formed, and then wait for the related response regarding the grant.
I paid as little attention as possible to this because of obvious reasons. Still, it costed me around 20 hours of my time this month.
If everything goes as expected I'll probably be granted around 10,000 USD. I wonder how would you distribute this investment through the components for a site my size: Maybe 20% in link building (2 months Webris service) and 80% in content creation?

Or maybe also paid traffic?

I've been thinking of what u/jeremysayshi said to me in the last month's update. Jumpstarted with a sloppy 55 USD campaign a few days ago. Not much to talk about so far. I'll share the results next month.

What about the SEO Gig?

I decided not to get into that kind of thing. Turning down all the incoming offers. I'll be busy solely with this site for the near future. Cuz I love me some me-only-affiliate-marketing and benjaminzz.

Goals for December

No slowing down. I'll keep working on my site equally hard this month if not even harder. Aiming to exceed 3,000 USD mark in a few months TOPS.
In a few days I'll probably exceed 25,000 session threshold for the past 30-day period. So I'll apply to Mediavine.
#Mods: Same update I posted yesterday got taken down for some reason. u/iamsecretlybatman told me to repost - so here I am.
#4 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 956.04 USD for November (exceeded and almost doubled my Amazon earnings). Total income reached to 1,916 USD.
#5 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,079.77 USD for November (DOUBLED Amazon earnings). Total income reached to 2,039.73 USD.
#6 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,182.31 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,142.27 USD.
#7 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,209.2 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,169.16 USD.
#9 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,226.14 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,186.1 USD.
#11 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,233.15 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,193.1 USD.
#27 Dec 2019 Edit: VigLink is updated and earnings reached 1,342.87 USD for November. Total income reached to 2,302.82 USD.
It's almost January and I'm still making a few bucks from the clicks I've received during November. Lol.
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Tony\\'s Pure Systems-Reverse Osmosis Purification | TONY\\'S WATER AND ELECTRONICS

Tony\\'s Pure Systems-Reverse Osmosis Purification | TONY\\'S WATER AND ELECTRONICS
Having to find out that our city water treatment centers are recycling sewer water and sending it to us to drink. This to me is a nasty plan. Whoever thought of just cleaning it with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals was good enough? It’s not good enough as far as I’m concerned. But I have the solution to the nasty sewer water problem. Reverse osmosis purification methods are used to clean up all those contaminants that come through your tap water. If you are interested in earning money by clicks and your choice of niche products, and referrals with the E-Commerce Viglink Affiliate program, it’s free all you need is a website to monetize their products and If you do not have a website, you can take advantage of the free 7-day video lesson on how to build your own website. You can enroll in the free website banner that is on my website above and
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Tony\\'s Pure Systems-Reverse Osmosis Purification | TONY\\'S WATER AND ELECTRONICS

Tony\\'s Pure Systems-Reverse Osmosis Purification | TONY\\'S WATER AND ELECTRONICS
Having to find out that our city water treatment centers are recycling sewer water and sending it to us to drink. This to me is a nasty plan. Whoever thought of just cleaning it with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals was good enough? It’s not good enough as far as I’m concerned. But I have the solution to the nasty sewer water problem. Reverse osmosis purification methods are used to clean up all those contaminants that come through your tap water. If you are interested in earning money by clicks and your choice of niche with services with the E-Commerce Viglink Affiliate program, it’s free all you need is a website to monetize their products and If you do not have a website and would like to take a free 7-day lesson on how to build your own website. You can enroll in the free website banner that is on my website above and
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Affiliate links on Reddit

Hi everyone,
Today we’re launching a test to rewrite links (in both comments and posts) to automatically include an affiliate URL crediting Reddit with the referral to approximately five thousand merchants (Amazon won’t be included). This will only happen in cases where an existing affiliate link is not already in place. Only a small percentage of users will experience this during the test phase, and all affected redditors will be able to opt out via a setting in user preferences labelled “replace all affiliate links”.
The redirect will be inserted by JavaScript when the user clicks the link. The link displayed on hover will match the original link. Clicking will forward users through a third-party service called Viglink which will be responsible for rewriting the URL to its final destination. We’ve signed a contract with them that explicitly states they won't store user data or cookies during this process.
We’re structuring this as a test so we can better evaluate the opportunity. There are a variety of ways we can improve this feature, but we want to learn if it’s worth our time. It’s important that Reddit become a sustainable business so that we may continue to exist. To that end, we will explore a variety of monetization opportunities. Not everything will work, and we appreciate your understanding while we experiment.
Thanks for your support.
Cheers, u/starfishjenga
Some FAQs:
Will this work with my adblocker? Yes, we specifically tested for this case and it should work fine.
Are the outgoing links HTTPS? Yes.
Why are you using a third party instead of just implementing it yourselves? Integrating five thousand merchants across multiple countries is non-trivial. Using Viglink allowed us to integrate a much larger number of merchants than we would have been able to do ourselves.
Can I switch this off for my subreddit? Not right now, but we will be discussing this with subreddit mods who are significantly affected before a wider rollout.
Will this change be reflected in the site FAQ? Yes, this will be completed shortly. This is available here
EDIT (additional FAQ): Will the opt out be for links I post, or links I view? When you opt out, neither content you post nor content you view will be affiliatized.
EDIT (additional FAQ 2): What will this look like in practice? If I post a link to a storm trooper necklace and don't opt out or include an affiliate link then when you click this link, it will be rewritten so that you're redirected through Viglink and Reddit gets an affiliate credit for any purchase made.
EDIT 3 We've added some questions about this feature to the FAQ
EDIT 4 For those asking about the ability to opt out - based on your feedback we'll make the opt out available to everyone (not just those in the test group), so that if the feature rolls out more widely then you'll already be opted out provided you have changed the user setting. This will go live later today.
EDIT 5 The user preference has been added for all users. If you do not want to participate, go ahead and uncheck the box in your user preferences labeled "replace affiliate links" and content you create or view will not have affiliate links added.
EDIT (additional FAQ 3): Can I get an ELI5? When you click on a link to some (~5k) online stores, Reddit will get a percentage of the revenue of any purchase. If you don't like this, you can opt out via the user preference labeled "replace affiliate links".
EDIT (additional FAQ 4): The name of the user preference is confusing, can you change it? Feedback taken, thanks. The preference will be changed to "change links into Reddit affiliate links". I'll update the text above when the change rolls out. Thanks!
EDIT (additional FAQ 5): What will happen to existing affiliate links? This won't interfere with existing affiliate links.
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On VaporJoes, FastTech, Innokin.

So it appears the Innokin devices that FastTech sells may be legit. Innokin still has not changed the stance that they're possibly/probably knock-off, and frankly I'll believe Innokin over FastTech (because I've bought other products from FastTech and I've dug deep in their site and they're just, frankly, a shitty chinese knock-off house). You should feel free to decide for yourself in that matter or get your hands on one of each. Apparently someone has done this but the information was not posted here (nor have I seen it).
In Re: VaporJoes - well, Joe is in this thread and defends (well enough I guess) his position that he is not doing anything wrong.
However, (and I'm not trying to pass judgement but state facts) based on other users findings, it's possible the obfuscated/redirected links are in violation of FTC regulation; it's possible that he's in violation of reddit TOS as a spammer (that depends on your interpretation and feel free to use the inherent mechanisms if that's what you feel); and it's also possible he's in violation of the monetization scheme he uses, as shareasale TOS indicates that it can't be used for any age-limited/adult-only products and his website has an 18+ gateway Since changed, glad I could help, Joe...
Whether or not you patronize VaporJoe is a decision for you to make as a consumer. My opinions regarding this hold (as per below).
I will continue to insist that I am not trying to personally attack VaporJoes or Joe Petner. I do, however, like to be able to ensure that the people that are high profile in this community are held to a standard to be a decent human being, be clear and open with customers/other community members, and I think that many of the things that VaporJoes is doing are not up to the ethical standard of many community members, as evidenced in this thread.

--- This "controversy" was discussed on ClickBang! recently. Enjoy the clusterfuck. ---

This is not intended to be an attack on VaporJoes or Joe Petner directly. This post is intended to be an expression of my opinions about some facts that are available regarding VaporJoes, Fast Tech, Innokin, and relationships with the community as a whole. Also, this is not sobrave.jpg - I mentioned +Joe Petner (VaporJoe) when I shared this via G+..
One of the posts I'm linking later on does have a comment with my candid opinion (which is not good at all) about VaporJoe based on many interactions with the guy in Hangouts. That is somewhat unrelated to this, but has shaped my opinions.
Feel free to disagree with me, or preferably, prove me wrong. I'd like to be wrong in these conclusions, personally.
First and foremost, Vapor Joe certainly does a great job of publicizing deals for vapers. There is no doubt that Joe has saved lots of money for the vape community as a whole, by publicizing cheap products and deals and making sure that every forum, subreddit, post board and chat has got that information available.
A few things that are important to note:
So, this is a twisted path. But in short, VaporJoe has claimed in the past that he makes no money off of his blogs/posts and deal finding. However, vapetective clearly demonstrates this as a falsehood here.
As a brief recap on this portion: VaporJoe claims not to make any money from his blog, and his deal searching is simply a hobby, one he is passionate about. However, he uses affiliate links to make money off of nearly every click that leads out of his website. He also goes out of his way to disguise the links so that it is not clear that he is doing this.
There is no problem with him making money off of his time, effort, attention and energy. None at all. But there is a problem when he demonstrates dishonesty to the vape community as a whole while doing it.
Make of that what you will, but to me it rings of dishonesty and duplicity - especially when, as recently as this past week, Joe claims not to have a profit-based motivation in this. He makes money every time someone clicks a link, then claims that he has no "skin in the game", while vehemently defending in one of his longest blog posts ever and then most of an entire episode of his podcast, Mod Envy. During this, he tries to vilify Innokin, who have been doing great business with the vape community for about 3 years.
Next, on to Fasttech and the Innokin issue. If you are unaware of the actual issue here, FastTech is selling a volume of "Innokin iTazte MVPs" and other supposed Innokin products.. Innokin, however, states clearly that FastTech is not an authorized dealer and therefore should be assumed to be selling knock-off devices.
I'm not stupid: if I'm buying from some cheap Chinese wholesaler of myriad electronic items, all of which look cheap/knock-off/clone, I expect my item to be a cloned, cheap knock-off. However, if that device has the manufacturer's name on the product (almost identical to the actual product on all pieces) and comes in a very near-identical packaging, I assume it is not cloned, not a knock-off, but the real deal - especially when a well respected member of the vaping community backs it up as a legit item.
However, this appears not to be the case with FastTech and Innokin. Hell, some customers didn't even receive anything similar to what they ordered when ordering an MVP from FastTech.
Now, I want to communicate the conclusions I have come to in regards this situation and the relationships here:
VaporJoe is at the least obfuscating his relationships, at worst blatantly dishonest with the community.
VaporJoe is clearly claiming not to have any financial investment/involvement in this with his claim of not having any skin in the game. This is a clear euphemism for "I have no monetary involvement in this, so I can be objective". However, it's also very clear from vapetective's work that this is patently false. If it turns out that FastTech is cloning and selling shitty quality products (it's chinese clone garbage, we know it already), then VaporJoe loses lots of money (how many monetized-per-click links are there on his blog?).
VaporJoe backs up his source of income (a massive, diverse corporation that is essentially not at all in the vape industry) instead of a reliable and beloved vape manufacturer, one of the few Chinese manufacturers doing good business in the US in small batches.
The blog has a huge post basically claiming that Innokin is price gouging somehow, by requiring a minimum (and maximum) pricing scheme for resellers of their products. His post also clearly identifies that this pricing scheme does not put more money in the pocket of Innokin themselves. So how in the hell is it "greed" on the part of Innokin, as VaporJoe contends?
Actually, standardized pricing is smart business because it allows for continuity of the brand and stops unscrupulous vendors from trying to play "Wal-mart" with products. This kind of policy further helps balance the playing field between domestic Mom-and-Pops (to whom Innokin has always been kind and willing to do business with) and international corporations with deep pockets.
Innokin > FastTech
Remember - isn't a "vape" company. They are an "anything whatsoever" company, who sells so many different types of cheap products that it's mind-boggling. They sell the products that line the shelves of dollar stores, knock-off electric toothbrush refills, and cheap Android-based devices that are nothing but a clone.
Innokin only sells vape related products. Are they a subsidiary of another company? Yes. Does that parent company do other things than vape related products? Yes. But Innokin itself is focused on providing awesome products to the vape community, therefore they are a member of the community itself.
TL;DR My conclusions:
  • VaporJoe makes money doing business with FastTech, even though he claims does everything to make it appear that he is not to be making money off of it. This makes him untrustworthy, in this situation at least.
  • Innokin is a vape specific company that has done good business to the community for 3 years. That alone makes them much more trustworthy.
  • Virtually nothing FastTech sells is legitimately the product it is branded as, or does not carry a real brand-name at all. Why trust them in the authenticity of their Innokin products? Because someone who has demonstrated the willingness to be duplicitous said so?
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Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Networks

Looking for ways to monetize your niche blog or website?
This list will help you find products and services to resell to your audience.
I’ve been collecting links to affiliate marketing networks for a while now and I thought it was time to publish the list of URLs along with some details about each network.
There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing networks online that have thousands of products and services for almost any niche imaginable that you can resell and earn commissions.
Below is the list along with a description of what the Affiliate Marketing network does and a little bit about their partnership programs. Some of these I am a part of and some I am in the process of testing out.
This list was researched and compiled over the last few months and I will continue to add to it as I find more great Affiliate Marketing networks.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
Here’s the list of 30 affiliate marketing networks
1) AC Nutryst
Over the last few years, AC Nutryst has created a huge impact in the world of affiliate marketing. It is the ultimate integrated platform for both affiliates and advertisers. The platform enables highly targeted advertisement campaign and enhanced conversion through its proprietary marketing solutions. AC Nutryst also ensures transparency by using its top-notch power of communication to improve marketing service.
The high-performing CPA network mainly focuses on Nutra offers. All kinds of health offers like diet, muscle, blood, weight loss, pressure, brain, male enhancement, and skincare are included in their integrated program.
As a full-service affiliate and advertising platform, AC Nutryst works hard toward its goal of maximizing exposure and sale; while minimizing CPA.
2) Adcombo
Adcombo is an exceptional name amidst a crowd of CPA networks. Innovative and new ways of confirming a lead are what make Adcombo an effective affiliate platform. They work directly with advertisers, eliminating any middle man influence, to ensure the highest possible payout for publishers.
Founded in 2014, Adcombo is based in the United Kingdom. The Adcombo team comprises some highly talented people who are experts in their respective fields. Before launching the platform, they spent a whole year testing the network incognito.
3) Affiliatefuture
Affiliatefuture’s client list includes over 700 businesses, starting from small stores to FTSE 100 companies. A digital marketing company named, Progressive Digital Group, owns the platform listed on the London AIM market. Its parent company is TMN (IBG), which was bought by Progressive Digital Group in 2007.
Since its inception, AffiliateFuture has been able to expand its service at an explosive rate. By the end of 2002 it bagged 60 clients, which ever since kept increasing.
4) Affibank
AffiBank is popular for its wide range of product offers. Most of this offers pay as high as 75% commission. Besides, they have their own integrated affiliate tracking system.
At the moment Affibank boasts a formidable 100,000 active affiliates. They are striving to ensure the best user experience for their affiliates.
5) Avantlink
Avantlink works as a connector between marketers and businesses. Marketers can reap the benefits of Avantlink by boosting their brand value with increased profit and sale. It helps merchants reach new spheres, which would otherwise not be possible with traditional marketing tools.
As an affiliate platform dedicated to technology products, Avantlink brings together affiliates and merchants. The technology focused platform is at the moment leading the way in affiliate technology.
6) Avangate
Particularly developed for the technology/software industry, Avangate helps to launch new products, increase revenue, and grow market reach. The biggest advantage about this tool is that it offers different modules, enabling users to customize the platform according to their need.
Currently, over 4,000 businesses spread across 180 countries use the platform. Some of Avangate clients include Absolute Software, Kaspersky, Brocade, and Bitdefender.
7) CPAlead
CPAlead is one of the best CPA platforms in the world. Since its launch in 2006, it has paid over 100 million USD to affiliates across the world. At the moment many marketers are making a handsome income using this state-of-the-art network. CPAlead offers 3 revenue models, which are: CPI, CPA, and CPL.
CPAlead is experienced in working with leading marketers and publishers in the industry. Moreover, it is one of the biggest incentive based CPA networks out there.
8) ClickBank
ClickBank is not just another affiliate network. It allows affiliates and product developers to make money without going through rigorous hassles.
For any new affiliate marketer it is the ideal platform to get started. Unlike more advanced affiliate networks, it is quite easy to handle. Besides, there is no limit to start selling; you can sell right away without getting 90% approval first.
9) Clickbooth
Clickbooth is best described as a meeting place for potential affiliates and merchants. Clickbooth offers all necessary tools required by affiliates and merchants to work together.
Clickbooth makes use of contextual, mobile, social, native, email, search, and display mediums to drive high quality traffic on CPA basis. Besides, in Clickbooth you only pay for what you get – that means it is result oriented.
10) Commission Junction
Many well-known advertisers are on Commission Junction’s list, which regular visitors in your blogs could already be familiar with. This means more clicks and higher earning for you.
Once you are accepted in their network, Commission Junction advertisers are likely to invite you to join their network. That means you would not have to apply to each and every advertising network, separately.
11) Digital river onenetworkdirect
The network is versatile enough to empower any publishing mechanics, which include email campaign, comparison sites, blog posts, PPC, social, video, or any general content. You can also choose data feed access while customizing your service plan. It means an unlimited number of affiliate links that are also trackable. You can even add every product in your catalog.
12) eBay Partner Network
eBay Partner Network is quite similar to AdSense. However, it is an affiliate program directed at eBay. Since eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay Partner Network is a great dedicated program to earn big.
eBay Partner Network will give you the opportunity to use some great tools to promote your blog or whatever advertisement channel you opt for. The program will also allow you to choose from a wide range of colorful graphic ads to use in your blog.
13) Flexoffers
The Flexoffers network is primarily targeted at attracting high-end merchants, which means you can market a range of interesting products. It is a great tool for merchant and publishers to work on different campaigns with an integrated approach.
Many renowned brands like Hallmark ECards, Kmart, HP, and Macy’s use this exclusive network to grow their business. So, in a way, it works as a bridge between publishers and those valuable brands.
14) JVZoo
JVZoo is known for its reliability and effectiveness in the “make money online” niche. Mostly, they sell info products like plugins, software, video tutorials, apps, and ebooks.
They pay instant affiliate commission through PayPal. And, there is no cost to become a JVZoo affiliate.
15) Growsumo
Growsumo makes use of highly customized software to let you build a community, to establish active interaction with businesses. Their specialties are referral programs and customer advocacy.
Growsumo works as a personal brand builder, which shows influencers why they should promote you in the first place. Influencers are rewarded based on their performance, which ensures overall control over ROI and CAC.
16) Linksynergy – Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate networks out there. It has been working diligently since its beginning in 1996. It has over 1,000 advertisers. The network can be used to compliment display advertising.
It is suitable for business and merchants willing to start an affiliate program without investing too much time or money.
17) Linkconnector
Linkconnector offers a unique online application for affiliate marketers and merchants to maximize revenue. The fully automated program has seen rapid growth in the recent years. Its revenue tripled since 2007. Among others, it features creative product offering and proprietary technologies to serve online retailers.
18) Maxbounty
The journey of MaxBounty began in 2004 with a goal of giving publishers the largest share of money possibly earned from marketing efforts. The minimum payment ceiling for this program is set at no less than $100. Its rich CPA network is robust. Maxbounty has been able to play its role to plug in the gap in the world of affiliate marketing.
19) Madrivo
Madrivo is one of the most creative ad agencies that helps you make the most out of each dollar spent. They have no less than 100 million customers in their database; all of which are authentic. In the first two quarters of this year their business has grown by 400% – making sure Madrivo remains a market leader.
Madrivo’s client list includes big players like University of Phoenix and AT&T. Necessarily, the list doesn’t stop there.
20) Peerfly
As a unique cost per action affiliate network, PeerFly features more than 1000 offers. Till date, they have served thousands of publishers. The platform is 100% custom built, which is a prerequisite for reliability and flexibility. PeerFly caters to publishers across the world.
PeerFly’s overall network conversion rate revolves around 8-16%, which is followed by above average EPCs.
21) Pepperjamnetwork
At the moment, Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is one of the largest programs with some costless features. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network works with top brands to get maximum exposure.
Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network offers their services on social media and mobile. More importantly, they have offices located in different countries. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is now working relentlessly to shape the future of affiliate marketing.
22) Revenuewire
Revenuewire is an e-commerce platform for people who are interested in earning through the promotion of digital products and software. The e-commerce platform works best for businesses that sell digital products and services online.
The award winning e-commerce service provider specializes in recurring payment in an affiliate network. Its client can receive payments in 33 currencies across 200 countries. It also offers multiple payment opportunity.
23) ReviMedia
ReviMedia pays highest attention to customized lead generation as a form of marketing tool. Their scalable solutions are the key to success for a vast client base.
ReviMedia uses its proprietary platform, PX to generate valuable and legit calls and leads in sectors like financial services, insurance, and home services. The automated lead routing logic used by ReviMedia delivers a high intent prospect to increase sale.
ReviMedia will also give you access to market leading campaigns based on years of experience.
24) ShareASale
ShareASale’s area of concentration spreads over all mainstream products, which include everything starting from green products to business services. Its stock of affiliate publishers boasts a wide range of product listing, meaning it has the ability to serve different business models.
ShareASale supports regular publishing models like video and regular content. You can also make use of social platforms to promote your products through PPC and email on desktop and mobile.
Since ShareASale only focuses on sale, it exclusively supports cost per sale action models; so predefined features like CPC and CPM are not available.
25) Shareresults
Shareresults offers distinctive service and timely support to both merchants and affiliates. Shareresults also features ease of use, in term of technology used by them. Moreover, their state-of-the-art web based application allows users to implement new technological developments without any hassles, like download or installation.
Shareresults also provides affiliates and merchants with accessible, secure, and reliable tracking information. Last but not least, the network includes a range of CPL, CPA, and revenue sharing models.
26) Tradedoubler
Tradedoubler offers different payment models to choose from; and they are performance-based. The first of which is the Cost per acquisition or sale or CPA.
One great thing about Tradedoubler is that it features the cost per download model which maintains download tracking as successful conversion, and offers payment based on that. For apps marketing schemes and mobile platforms this is a huge opportunity. Lastly, it also offers a cost per call model, which means compensation is available for calls to the call centers upon finalizing sales.
27) Tradetracker
Tradetracker entered the affiliate network industry in 2004, and, since then, it has been able to spread its business in 19 countries. Currently, it is eyeing the European market. If you join this network, you will get connected with 5000 advertisers.
Tradetracker takes every blog or website owner seriously. Its perspective is based on the theme that each customer is different and, therefore, requires an individualized strategy. Their way of optimizing revenue is in accordance with that is of their clients’.
28) Viglink
First of all, Vigilink offers a juicy referral stake of 30%. Vigilink works best when you have a number of posts that motivate people to buy something and to use it following your guidelines. With proper adjustment, it would be possible for you to significantly increase income over time.
29) W4
W4 is working toward its goal of improving the industry capacity and reach the optimum level achievable. A prosperous channel which includes renowned publishers and leading advertisers is what makes W4 affiliate network a success. They also offer assurance technology, backed up by continuous support.
W4 primarily focuses on smart channel management and long-term campaign efficiency. Their reward program is quite simple and offers 1% cash back of the total revenue generated.
30) Webgains
Webgains commenced its journey in 2004. The platform is known for world-class customer support – both online and telephone support. Their in-house technology certainly helps clients to be one step ahead.
Webgains offers technology that helps users to overcome various challenges in the world of affiliate marketing. Making use of technological advancements, Webgains secures guaranteed payments and foolproof network for their clients.
Summary If you made it this far, awesome! Thanks for reading.
I hope you found this affiliate marketing network list useful and found some networks to join and products to promote and resell.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
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Monetizing a Blog or Website

Blogging has been around for years. I have ran into a large amount of people who have blogs and other websites that get substantial traffic. The only problem is they don't know how to leverage that traffic into a source of income. Having ran a couple successful websites and earned some decent income on them I would like to discuss the different ways to monetize a blog or other website.
Easy Difficulty
Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the easiest way. In order to sign up for an account all you need is a website that has been up and running for a couple of weeks. After that you can sign up and start displaying ads on your website. It won't make you a ton but with enough visitors you can make a small amount of income.
Its the easiest way to monetize your website but also the lowest income one.
Medium Difficulty
These require outside setup and some basic skills. These should be do able by pretty much everyone however they take a little bit more time to get working properly. That being said the payoff is quite a bit better.
Viglink l non
Viglink is a program that gives you access to their affiliate network. They replace all of your links with affiliate links whenever possible. Then when someone clicks one of your links, Viglink earns commission from the affiliate and they in turn pay you a percentage of that.
Whenever you post a link on your website. (lets say Viglink will replace that with their own affiliate link for expedia. So when people click on it Viglink will earn affiliate commission and they will pass part of it on to you.
The commission you earn is dependent on what the affiliate pays however you can some pretty decent income from this.
Whats even better is that Viglink has a script that you can install on your website or blog. Once installed it converts everything for you. So after initial setup there is no work needed to be done by you.
This program is great for beginners or people who don't want to do a ton of extra work trying to find affiliates. They pay very well and give you access to more affiliates than you could ever hope to get on your own.
Amazon Affiliates
Amazon allows you to provide links to their products as well. They are one of the easiest companies to become an affiliate of. After you are set up you can begin placing ads for their products on your site. There is a couple of ways to do this.
Direct This involves placing ads for items you are talking about. Having a banner for newly released video games if you do video game reviews. Linking to a specific book or e-book if you do book reviews. This can work for a multitude of different products.
Omakase This is a widget that Amazon allows you to put on your site. It then displays recommended products based on your sites content and your visitors preferences. Like Viglink this is a set it and forget it method. It is very good for those looking to monetize there site without putting a ton of work into it.
Sponsored Reviews
This is a website that allows advertisers to pay you to post about their product on your blog. Its pretty simple to get started with. Just be careful about over doing it because you don't want to lose readers.
Harder Difficulty
This involves signing up for an affiliate network and then applying to become affiliates for different companies. This includes sites like:
Commission Junction
Rakuten Linkshare
In order to get affiliates on these networks, it requires a site that has had high traffic for a while. Once you get approved for programs you can begin adding banners and referral links to your website.
This is by far the most involved process and requires quite a bit of time to do correctly.
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Viglink Convert. It converts your existing link into affiliate links.If a visitor clicks on that affiliate link and makes purchase your earn money.Lets understand its working with an example.Suppose you have added an Amazon or eBay link to your website.Then if you are using Viglink Convert then these link will be re-affiliated. VigLink – content monetization made easy with affiliates: VigLink is one of the best ways to make money from blogging. VigLink works in a very different way than other blog monetization programs. VigLink converts your normal outgoing links into affiliate links, and if users make a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it. The best There are many ways to describe VigLink. Some say it's an in-text advertising network.Some say it's a hands-off affiliate marketing tool.Wikipedia describes it as an outbound-traffic monetization service.None of them are wrong. Basically, VigLink is a tool to connect advertisers (bloggers, affiliate marketers, publishers, website owners) and merchants' affiliate programs to create a win-win VigLink is a blog monetization program that will take all your non-monetized blog links and turn them into money-making links. In April of 2016 Viglink partnered with Effinity and vCommission. This is excellent news for blogger living in India and France. Now it is easy for bloggers living in India to use the monetization program for their blogs with companies like Amazon India, Flipart You receive a small commission if a person clicks on your Viglink link and signs up, and I am pretty sure that asserting to earn $653 per month is a fairly powerful way to do this. Perhaps he actually did create $653, and it had been from individuals registering for Viglink instead of clicking his affiliate links.

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