How to buy Bitcoin in South Africa ( Legally ) -

Anyone else tried them to buy bitcoin with a credit card? They use payfast, who as far as I know dont send bitcoin to the clients, but the ZAR value, so I assume that Voomar then use the ZAR to buy bitcoin on bitx or another exchange.
Just be aware that you dont get a bitcoin wallet on their site, and they dont immediately send you the bitcoin, the soonest you will get your bitcoin purchase is 6 months later, then you can probably have them send it to your wallet of choice.
The site is supposed to be for investing in bitcoin, hence the 6 months minimum before you have access to your coins.
"Our enterprise level security measures ensure that our clients’ bitcoin is stored securely, with up to 97% stored offline in safe deposit boxes and vaults distributed around the world. This is an important safety measure to ensure that your bitcoin is stored securely."
It would be cool if they can go into detail about how they secure the bitcoin though.
The price of bitcoin on their site is higher than anywhere else, for example right now the average price of bitcoin around the world is $350 and their price is $374, so you are buying at a premium.
According to the TOS...
Each transaction is subject to a processing fee of 4.5% + R2 (plus VAT at 14%)
3.3. Fees. Your account is subject to two fee types charged by Voomar which consists of: (a) storage and safekeeping fee of 2% per annum, which is charged quarterly on the last day of each calendar quarter, and; (b) exit fee of 3% on exit of the bitcoin from your Voomar account.
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GRAFT is a combination (PoW, PoS, DAG) blockchain and a platform that enables a truly decentralized payment network with real-time, universal payment acceptance. Play a part in payment revolution! Contribute to open source development. Review RFC’s. In an unfortunate turn of events, PayFast, the first-ever online payment gateway accepting Bitcoin (BTC) in South Africa, called time on BTC payments citing fundamental technical issues in the blockchain and a hitch in user-friendliness.. PayFast set to stop Bitcoin (BTC) payment channel on July 20 th 2019.; High transaction fees and slow confirmation times reasons for the halt. “PayFast was able to process bitcoin transactions by partnering with local bitcoin exchange Luno, which acted as an intermediary between a buyer’s bitcoin wallet and PayFast. A buyer always paid the bitcoin amount while a seller received the equivalent rand payment in their PayFast account,” the company explained. OLA DE KING exchange platform in Nigeria . With consistent giftcard and bitcoin trading service since 2017, we have served customers in Nigeria and beyond. We accept iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, OneVanilla, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenney, and others. TRADE NOW PayFast was able to process Bitcoin transactions by partnering with local Bitcoin exchange Luno, who acted as an intermediary between a buyer’s Bitcoin wallet and PayFast. A buyer always paid the Bitcoin amount while a seller received the equivalent rand payment in their PayFast account.

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