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Verizon subscribers: Verizon will begin sharing your "Customer Proprietary Network Information" with it's affiliates for marketing purposes. You have 30 days to opt out.

Log in at to opt out of this. There are three options to choose, and you must save your preferences for each one. I could only get the page to work properly in Internet Explorer, strangely enough :0p
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#Affiliate_Marketing Benefits. Still not persuade? Go along with me @ AffiliateMarketin… for more tips to begin #Make_Money with your member advertising business. :)

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Begin using these Tips For An amazing Affiliate marketing Campaign

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Affiliate Marketing Programs May Be The Best Option For Anybody Looking To Begin A Web Based Business

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Affiliate Marketing Programs Could Be The Best Choice For Any Individual Looking To Begin An Online Business

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative Internet-based industries ever. Affiliate marketing for beginners can be daunting if you do not focus on one niche to begin with, but if you follow your instinct and a few proven methods and steps, you are most likely...

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A take on the Jio apps as alternatives to Chinese apps

To Indians who are suggesting or trying out Jio products as replacements for the banned Chinese ones, please read privacy policies of their apps. Just because they are from an Indian company does not make them secure and private automatically.
JioBrowser is not a better alternative to UC browser. This is their privacy policy - According to this, they can store your personal and non personal information and share them with third parties for ads and promotional services. The JioBrowser also stores all of your browsing history, downloads, permissions granted to sites, cache of the websites you visit and "Thumbnail-sized screenshots of pages that you visit most often" among other things. All of these can be used to "provide you with marketing communications and advertising" and "provide you with recommendation about services you may be interested in, based on your use of the Jio Browser"
Solution: Firefox, DuckDuckGo or Brave browser are simply far better when it comes to protecting your privacy. Open source and treating your browsing data with respect.
Similarly, JioMeet is not better than Zoom. It looks like a copy of Zoom in design And here is their privacy policy - JioMeet collects personal information about you ("name, age, gender, contact information, products and services you are interested in or require more information about") and can share it with affiliates to serve you ads and promotional services. There are many red flags in that policy. I just mentioned the most obvious ones.
Solution: Signal is the most secure and private option for personal video calling. Even apps like Duo, Whatsapp or Facetime which are developed by mega-corps are end to end encrypted. JioMeet doesn't say anything about end to end encryption. Zoom will begin allowing users to enable end-to-end encryption of calls. You can continue with Zoom or Google Meet for business requirements. They both have their flaws though. You can try something like Jitsi Meet as an open source solution
Next app on the list is JioSwitch (alternative to ShareIt/Xender). Here's their privacy policy - It stores similar personal information (age, gender etc). It can also store your IP address, device ID, the IMEI, IMSI of your SIM etc. This "File Transfer" app may also collect "certain keywords and their counts from your SMS" in a way that does not identify you. 🤔(The app doesn't have the SMS permission on Android so this is not even possible, but it's there in their privacy policy 🤷)
Solution : TrebleShot is the best alternative to ShareIt (Free and open source) - but you can try Files By Google or Easy Share as well
And last on today's list is JioChat - alternative to WeChat. The text messaging app that doesn't have end to end encryption in 2020. JioChat's design has some eerie similarities with WhatsApp. It's privacy policy can be found here - The app will collect same personal information as other Jio apps (name, gender, age, contact information etc). And sensitive personal information "will carry the meaning as may be defined by applicable laws from time to time". And the privacy policy states - "You accept the inherent security implications of providing unencrypted information over Internet"
Solution : There are countless better alternatives to this app - Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp being the most popular ones.
Don't install the app on your smartphone just because it's made in India. If it's developed by a for-profit privately run business, it should be analyzed in the same way we'd do with Google/Facebook/Microsoft etc. Support genuine Indian apps which also respect your privacy.
I wrote the original thread here -
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Opinion: Removing the Power Adaptor and EarPods From iPhone Packaging Would Be a Responsible Move - a Designer’s Perspective.


Apple wants a circular economy for its products, but packaging and accessories are not often reused and recycled like devices. Removing the power adaptor and EarPods could reduce up to 13,454,000 kgs of e-waste while avoiding the manufacture of 160 million sets of non-recyclable plastic and reducing the carbon footprint of delivering every new iPhone.
[Note: rather long read]


In 2017, Apple announced a new initiative to create a "closed loop supply chain”, where products are built using only renewable resources or recycled material. A goal later associated with a circular economy in their environment webpage.
Circular economy describes a product lifecycle model that attempts to mimic nature. Its three most fundamental principles, as proposed by the EllenMcArthur foundation, are to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. The idea is that all manufactured goods should be reused and recycled to the greatest possible extent.
The ultimate goal is to achieve a future where every Apple product would be made from 100% recycled material, where every part of every product—including the product itself, its packaging, products used in manufacturing, as well as accessories—would be reused or recycled. This cycle model is as opposed to the status quo—a linear model—where products, packaging and accessories are made, used, then discarded. At the time, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, admitted that they did not yet know how to achieve this, nonetheless, pledged to make an effort to work towards such a system.

Existing Progress.

In the years before, and after, Apple has made various steps to improve the recycling and reuse of both their materials and devices. From disassembly robots like Liam and Daisy, to encouraging returns through the iPhone upgrade program and trade-ins, Apple showed progress towards this goal with the promotion of recycling-enabling subscription-like systems also used by other circular economy companies. By 2018, Apple announced that they had started using 100% recycled Aluminium in some of their products. By 2019, 100% recycled tin for solder in the main logic boards of 11 products. They also claimed to have refurbished more than 7.8 million devices and recycled more than 48,000 metric tons of e-waste in the same year.
However, when considering packaging, there are some added challenges.
Unlike the devices they protect, packaging is not often reused, and the materials they use are often not recycled effectively. The rigid structure needed to make the smooth, compact, papers and card used for Apple’s premium packaging necessitate the use of a large percentage, or a sole blend, of virgin paper—“new” paper. This is as recycled paper often loses structure, strength and density; why it’s most often used in soft papers like office paper, toilet paper and receipts or mixed with virgin paper for lower grade secondary packaging like cereal boxes.
While trade-ins and the iPhone Upgrade program require you to return the iPhone, boxes and accessories are not typically returned even though you receive new sets. This prevents them from being recycled effectively. General recyclers cannot recover materials as effectively because they cannot optimise their processes for a specific product or material like a manufacturer can.

iPhone Packaging, Today.

This brings us to iPhone packaging. Observing the packaging I have from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone XS Max, while the width and heights of the boxes have changed dramatically with iPhone dimensions, the depth, or thickness, hasn’t. Apart from the depth of the boxes, there’s one other thing that hasn’t changed significantly. Weight.
With all usable contents removed, leaving only the box and paperwork, the iPhone 4S box weighs approximately 194 grammes. The iPhone 5 box: 203g. iPhone 6 box: 213g. iPhone 7 box (sans paperwork): 192g. iPhone 8 Plus box: 253g. iPhone XS Max box: 240g.
By comparison, the iPhone 5—the lightest in the list—weighs 112 grammes. The iPhone XS Max—the heaviest—weighs 208 grammes. The boxes iPhones ship in, has, for almost a decade, weighed at least as much as the device itself, to almost double what the device it’s protecting weighs. Even the accessories with all their packaging—XS Max ones, none of which were counted in the box weights—only weigh about 82 grammes total.
Inside, there’s a notable transition away from plastics and a shift away from adhesives. Apple’s 2019 environmental responsibility report claims that they have reduced plastic use in their packaging by 48% in three years. However, when looking at the insides of the boxes I have, it’s notable that the deepest holes are for the charging adaptor (Type G plugs). At 40mm in a 60mm box, the adaptor is easily the thickest item in the packaging. The charging cables? They’re only 10mm tall in the wrapped configuration Apple ships them in.

What If?

So, what can be gained from removing the adaptor and earphones from the box? For starters, it reduces the weight of the accessories by over 70%, from 82 to 20 grammes—the weight of the remaining charging cables. Next, it eliminates the need for potentially 30 mm of depth in the iPhone boxes, allowing them to be (almost exactly) half the depth they have been for a decade—presumably also significantly decreasing its weight.
What does this mean? For one, it reduces the shipping emissions of each iPhone, when considering the packaging, due to weight. Taking the estimated number of iPhones shipped in 2018 (217 million), removing the 62 grammes of accessories alone would contribute to the potential reduction of 13,454,000 kgs of e-waste and associated shipping emissions yearly. Moreover, it allows for twice as many iPhones to be shipped in the same volume when compared to before. Seeing that shipping by volume also matters due to the inherent fuel consumption of the transports used, this further helps reduce the environmental impact of the transportation stage in the product lifecycle.
In fact, this has been done before. Fairphone 3 by Fairphone ships with only the phone, a screwdriver, bumper and documentation. They pride themselves on human rights and environmental consciousness, providing their USB cable, earphone and charger separately specifically to reduce environmental impact. Nokia tried something similar in 2009 with the N79 Eco. The effects? A smaller and lighter package when compared to the version that shipped with a charger.
Even today, a large number of popular personal electronic devices are shipped without a power adaptor. Most commonly battery-powered audio equipment like Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Flagship premium Bluetooth headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM3, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Beats Studio3 Wireless and the B&O H9 3rd Gen all ship without a USB adaptor. Even B&O’s high-end Beolit 17 wireless speaker does not include a power adaptor in the box.
But what about convenience? Many of you have wondered what would happen when you need to charge your new iPhone. iPhone has used USB cables since the very beginning, and lightning since 2012. In the past 8 years, if you’ve bought an iPhone, you already have a USB power adaptor and a lightning cable. If you’ve been using Android devices, you’ll also have either a USB-A or USB-C power adaptor, if not both. If Apple includes just the lightning cable, you’d likely be able to cover both camps.
In 2020, it is estimated that there are 3.5 billion smartphone users. This is expected to grow by 300 million in 2021. Approximately 1.5 billion smartphones were sold each year between 2016-2019. Assuming a steady rate, 20% of smartphones sold next year will go into the hands of first-time users.
Reversing that statistic, 80% of you possibly already have a compatible adaptor. If evenly distributing the cumulative smartphone sales of the past 6 years, assuming they all included USB adapters, you would have enough adapters for every person on the planet with leftovers. With the maturity of the market, even cars, planes, hotels and new houses have started integrating USB power plugs to respond to our need to keep our electronic devices powered. Besides, this doesn’t take into account the fact that a portion of these new owners will likely be youth. They likely have adults in the family with existing, possibly spare, USB adaptors, especially when you consider that iPhone falls in the premium category and has users that are generally more affluent or enjoy relatively high purchasing power (globally).
And the cherry on top? Transportation is only 5% of Apple’s carbon footprint, 74%, is in manufacturing. Removing the power adaptor has the potential to reduce 80% of Apple’s manufacturing needs for the 200+ million iPhone power adaptors it currently includes in the box. I think that would likely be a non-negligible figure. Also, the casing used for Power Adaptors? It’s a thermoset plastic due to safety reasons. That means it can’t be easily melted, recycled and remoulded. So every extra adaptor Apple manufactures, is one more piece of plastic that will likely not be recycled.


By not including accessories that many of us already have, Apple stands to reduce e-waste, manufacturing waste, manufacturing emissions as well as iPhone shipping emissions, all playing into the bigger picture of Apple achieving their goal of a zero-waste circular economy.

[Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies or organisations, links are provided only to aid additional reading, many of the mentioned facts can be found in Apple's various environmental responsibility reports, opinions are my own]
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How I Pull 3k+ Monthly As A Nomad Selling Other People's Fiverr Services...

So like a year ago, I lost my remote job whilst traveling.
The SaaS company I'd been doing customer support for closed down (Death Clock)...
(Incomparable to COVID today for some people, but a difficult period for me nonetheless...)
So, I needed to make some money quickly to pay the bills...
One problem though – no sell-able skills nor any sell-able product nor am I one of those web entrepreneurs that can make 10+ figures from a laptop.
I thought about testing Drop Shipping but then a better idea struck me...
Maybe I can sell other people’s services?
I noticed that there are literally hundreds of thousands of talented freelancers selling their skills on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork & PPH.
Plus they are all looking for freelance work...
So, why not get clients for the service they offer and outsource the work to them?
I didn't know it at the time, but I was stepping into service arbitrage, hence what you see others call Drop Servicing today...
Here’s how it worked for me (if you want to replicate...)
First, you find in-demand services that freelancers are already offering at low prices on freelancing websites.
You then market their services to businesses that need it.
Once you get the sale, you hire the freelancers to deliver the work for you.
Through-out delivery you act as a bridge between the freelancer & the service buyer.
You make your money by quoting a higher price to your clients than what your freelancers quote you and pocket the price difference as your profit. -MARK UP :)-
It can be considered the brother of dropshipping.
The sister of the agency model.
You name it...
The main difference is that you are outsourcing the work to other freelancers instead of doing the work yourself.
Important to also note that many agencies are already doing this due to unpredictable deal flows and their reluctance to expand in house capabilities with all the long term contracts included.

Step 1: Find a profitable service to offer to the right niche.

Most people seem to think that if you want to succeed in your business, you need to come up with a business idea that no one has ever thought of before.
The key to starting a successful service arbitrage/ Drop Service business is to identify a service that is already trending (through Google Trends & other keyword volume tools) and pair it up with an industry (niche) that reciprocates well with your offer.
The reason we're niching down is to move away from competition/market oversaturation, which is absolutely essential considering the low entry barriers for ANY online business!

Step 2: Find Clients/TEST.

Once you have decided what service you want to offer for your service arbitrage/drop service business, it’s time to get clients/test your service x niche hypothesis.
Two ways of doing that:
The method I had working best for me (right at the beginning) was automated Lead Generation through tools like Phantombuster & We-connect. They allowed for an automated outreach across Linkedin & Facebook at an extremely low price (sub $100/month)

Step 3: Double Down (Scale) / Retest.

Once you've identified your service line and niche, it's time to double the F%$* down on it and scale it beyond the side hustle capacity. (if you intend to, of course)
Should your initial test fail, however, it's then advisable to get back to the drawing board and retest either by changing the service, the niche, the price point, or whatever other variables you see necessary.


Up to this point, it's been working quite well for me with Copywriting services. (won't state my niche as there's already enough competition as is.)
THIS WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU: Most important thing is to pre-vet the providers to make sure that you're working with competent freelancers that can meet the requirements.
Hope this helped)
Feel free to ask any questions below.
----------------------- As demanded in the comments section below. *Not affiliated with anything. Top Resource to learn more regarding service arbitrage is this group I am part of:
We basically discuss, network and reteach this stuff to each other for free.

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READ THIS FIRST: Official Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Important Up to Date Information You Need To Know about EIDL

\*LAST UPDATED 7/14**)


This post will be a master thread with everything we have collectively learned on EIDL about the loan and the application process. It will be updated on an ongoing basis and will always contain the most current information. Things change frequently at the SBA with policy and you should check back on this thread on a regular basis.
Please post any questions not covered and I will respond and add them here.


  1. How do I get in touch with customer service phone support?
  2. What are my chances of being approved for this loan? Can I know in advance?
  3. I received a decline letter for “Business activity not eligible”. What can I do?
  4. How is the loan amount calculated? How can I request a specific amount?
  5. What is the maximum loan amount?
  6. When will I get my portal invite?
  7. I finally got a portal invite and accepted and submitted an amount. My application says it is "processing", now what?
  8. I understand that processing really means "underwriting", but how long will it actually take? What is the normal amount of time?
  9. Does contacting my congressmen or senator actually work?
  10. I accidentally entered the wrong revenue or COGS on my application and my offer amount was lower than I expected, is it possible to change this?
  11. I need to change my Rev or COGS and I already accepted an amount in the portal, Tier 2 told me to do it! Is it too late?
  12. Who are you, cue378? Can you help me?
  13. My loan as obligated or already funded, I made a mistake with my COGS or revenue and I am not happy with the amount. Can I change it?
  14. How do I show support for the volunteers and moderators for EIDL
  15. I received my portal link, but when I go to create an account it just takes me to the login page. What can be done?
  16. I was declined for "unsatisfactory credit". What are my options?
  17. What documents are required? Will a loan officer contact me?
  18. What is the status of the Advance/Grant program? Can I still get a grant?
  19. What are the eligible uses of EIDL funds?
  20. I received a denial letter for the reason "ECONOMIC INJURY NOT SUSTAINED". What does this mean and what can I do?
  21. What is CAWEB and how can it help me track my loan disbursement and other status?
  22. I received my portal invite link, however when I go to create an account I just get the message: "The user account has not been confirmed yet. Please confirm using the link in the e-mail". What can I do?

1. QUESTION: How do I get in touch with customer service phone support?
ANSWER: The highest level of official customer service is known as "tier 2" and can be reached by calling 1-800-659-2955 and asking for Tier 2. (NOTE: As of 5/29 the previous direct number is currently out of service) They are unfortunately, a very limited means of support. They are able to check your application status and see the current "stage" and leave notes in your file, but unable to directly make any changes or escalate anything in a meaningful way.
Most are very nice and well meaning people but are usually poorly informed and often provided contradictory information between calls. The important thing to understand is that notes left by T2 do not actually notify a loan officer or anyone, they are simply waiting to be read if someone happens to open your file and takes the time to review the case notes. So if a T2 says they requested a change do not assume it was or will be made.

2. QUESTION: What are my chances of being approved for this loan? Can I know in advance?
ANSWER: The loan is relatively easy to get approval for by loan standards. The exact underwriting criteria the SBA is using was leaked by some helpful people (hat tip to u/Sbaleaky) and thus you can have a good understanding what your chances are.
Underwriters look for the following:
-Minimum Credit Score of 570. They will pull from experian. Close to Vantage 3 model found on nav DOT com or TransUnion numbers on credit karma. They do NOT use FICO. Credit score is largest factor for approval for this loan and no exceptions are made for under 570.
-If economic injury was sustained based on formula described in QUESTION 4. If this is a negative number you will be auto declined. (SEE QUESTION 5) The SBA does not consider potential revenue lost or general expenses in the loan amount.
-Tax liens or tax issues are NOT a disqualifying factor or taken into consideration for COVID19 disaster.
-Business start date must be prior to 1/31/20
-open bankruptcies = Declined. Closed OK.
-Arrest for felony < 5 years = Declined
-Arrest for misdemeanor < 5 years = Declined
-Sole proprietors with delinquent child support > 60 days = Declined
-Any business principals with 50% or more ownership with delinquent child support > 60 days = Declined
-Your business must pass verification in some way that it is a valid operation. If they can find it on google it will suffice. Otherwise you may have to provide documents to prove it's a legit business.
-Your business type must not be on the list for ineligible business activity. See list on FAQ.
-All owners on application must be either US citizens or Permanent Residents. E-2 Investor visa is NOT eligible and any attempts to appeal or add a co-borrower who is a citizen or LPR will be unsuccessful. Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities (LLE): Alien-owned corporations, partnerships, and LLEs properly registered and licensed in the state where the disaster occurred are eligible. If any member, partner, or shareholder, owning 20 percent or more of the applicant business is in the USA they must be a qualified alien. If the alien resides outside the USA an exception may be made.

3. QUESTION: I received a decline letter for “Business activity not eligible”. What can I do?
ANSWER: EIDL has a list of restricted business categories, if your type is NOT on this list and you still received this letter you may have been improperly classified.

The following applicants are not eligible for EIDL assistance.

4. QUESTION: How is the loan amount calculated? How can I request a specific amount?
ANSWER: There is no way to request a specific amount, the eligible amount is calculated automatically by formula based on your inputs. There are three known formulas:
  1. Standard Small Business: Revenue minus COGS divided by 2 minus advance, subject to maximum of 150K
  2. Not for Profit: 6 months operating expenses year prior to 1/31/20
  3. Business that collects rental property income, your offer is calculated by lost rents due to the disaster, not the standard formula. If your offer is lower than expected you may have been wrongly classified into this formula.
  4. Agricultural businesses: 6 months operating expenses year prior to 1/31/20
If the formula results in a negative number or less than your advance you will be declined for "ECONOMIC INJURY NOT SUSTAINED"

5. QUESTION: What is the maximum loan amount?
ANSWER: As of last update it is currently 150K cap. This will not change anytime soon and there will be no way to request more at present. The only way to avoid the cap is if your loan was already being obligated prior to the change by the SBA from 500K. If I hear anything new on this it will be updated here.

6. QUESTION: When will I get my portal invite?
ANSWER: Portal invites are a fully automated process and not strictly sequential but follow general group patterns. If you see someone that has a higher number than you get a portal invite it does NOT mean you were "passed over".

7. QUESTION: I finally got a portal invite and accepted and submitted an amount. My application says it is "processing", now what?
ANSWER: This is when the actual loan process starts and underwriting begins. Your application will be assigned a loan officer for review using the criteria listed in question 2. The exact process is as follows (hat tip u/sbaleaky and u/LOL_Face_69) with the actual stages from start to finish. Keep in mind that once you accept in the portal a number of things are going on behind the scenes, which is why "processing" can take a great deal of time. Once you see a loan amount in your portal, this is NOT an approved offer. It is simply a potential amount you are eligible for based on the stated formula if you pass underwriting.

[The following takes place behind the scenes and will not reflect in your portal, but will still say "processing"]
Note: The exception to this process is that some applications which are considered easy (based on unknown factors) to approve are subject to full automation and may go straight to approval bypassing the above steps. This only happens in rare cases.
You may also see a status that says, "On-Hold" Amount $0: This status typically is when your loan was temporarily declined and is still in the reconsideration department pending possible reconsideration approval.

8. QUESTION: I now understand that processing really means "underwriting", but how long will it actually take? What is the normal amount of time?
ANSWER: The amount of time it is normal for your portal to say "processing" is highly variable as a hundred different factors are involved behind the scenes. As of 6/10 we are seeing extended delays in processing time and obligating stage specifically. The average we are seeing is around 14-16 days total in processing. If your application has been in underwriting for greater than 14 days it may merit investigate, but not necessarily indicate a problem with your chances of approval. Do NOT panic if it seems "stuck" with no communication from anyone. This is normal.

9. QUESTION: Does contacting my congressmen or senator actually work?
ANSWER: Yes, the SBA treats congressional inquiry very carefully and will flag and sometimes white glove your application. Often they will assign a special case worker during the process. The important thing is when your local congressional office reaches out they do NOT contact the local district SBA but this email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). This email is NOT for use by applicants but only official government purposes.

10. QUESTION: Help! I accidentally entered the wrong revenue or COGS on my application and my offer amount was lower than I expected, is it possible to change this?
ANSWER: Yes, but two factors are important:
  1. You should NOT have already accepted an amount and submitted for processing in the portal. *If you already did see note below.
  2. You have documentation to backup the changes such as Federal Tax Returns 2018 or 2019 or P&L Statements. Tax returns are strongly preferred if available.
****The important thing here is DO NOT accept the offer in the portal if you need to revise your numbers.****
*IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ACCEPTED THE OFFER: Call tier 2 support as soon as you possibly can and ask them to make the following note in your file: Loan Officer, DO NOT approve this file without calling me, the applicant, because my (revenue or COGS) figures are wrong. I have supporting docs to make the changes. Please contact me ASAP.
If you meet the above two criteria contact me via email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with your Reddit username in the subject and put COGS REVISION REQUESTED in the subject line. I will respond and give you private advice on the matter.

11. QUESTION: I need to change my Rev or COGS and I already accepted an amount in the portal, Tier 2 told me to do it! Is it too late?
Answer: Unfortunately tier 2 is currently giving absolutely terrible advice in this situation. They are telling people to accept the offer in the portal to speak with a loan officer to make the revision. The problem is that once you accept you set the process in motion and then it gets obligated by treasury it is impossible to adjust. The proper time is prior to accepting. Often times loan officers never are needed, never reach out or even read these notes. I see it every day and people are stuck its the "kiss of death" advice. If you already accepted you may have time but would need to work quickly from date of submit.
UPDATE: As of 6/15 there is now a way to fix this. See question 13.

12. QUESTION: Who are you, cue378? Can you help me?
ANSWER: I am a small business owner who is a full time volunteer offering to assist in the EIDL process. I have experience assisting hundreds of other business owners in applying for and getting approved. I am sharing the information, strategies, and general knowledge I have gained over the course of 2 months. I do not work at the SBA nor do I have any affiliation with the SBA.
Do to an extreme flood of requests for help, I may not be able to answer PM's or chat requests. I have setup an email you are welcome to contact me on, but due to the volume I may not be able to respond right away or at all. My email is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Some people have asked how they can support my efforts. While I do not ask for donations, our subreddit founder decided to setup a tip jar in case people want to show their support. To be clear I do not ask for donations for my help, but if you decide to spare anything I do appreciate it greatly. The tip jar can be found HERE.

13. QUESTION: My loan was obligated, already funded, or I already accepted the amount in the portal. I made a mistake with my COGS or revenue and I am not happy with the amount. Can I change it?
ANSWER: As of 6/12 loan modifications are now being allowed. You can contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and request a "Loan Modification increase". It is a 3-4 week process that requires documentation. A second loan will be given for the difference from the first one. It will be processed as a 20xx series loan in the old system/portal. For more details email me. Note if you have not yet accepted the offer the normal process is much faster.

14. QUESTION: How do I show support for the volunteers and moderators for EIDL
ANSWER: For supporting Cue378, there is a tip jar listed above. If you wish to show support to our community moderators, a separate tip jar can be found HERE. Proceeds for this jar will be split between u/innocul8 and u/Scorpio14534. Donations in this jar do NOT go to Cue. Any amount is very appreciated. It takes a great deal of time and effort run the community and they are putting in a near full time effort.

15. QUESTION: I received my portal link, but when I go to create an account it just takes me to the login page. What can be done?
ANSWER: Follow these steps:
  1. Open the email to create your portal account. Right click on the green button that says, "create your account". Click "copy link address" or "copy hyperlink" depending on your browser.
  2. Use a VPN service, such as NordVPN or ProtonVPN (free), to connect to a VPN server in different state than yours, preferably on the opposite coast you are located.
  3. Open an incognito browser window, or private browser session if on firefox.
  4. Right click on the URL/web address field and paste the link you copied. Hit enter.
  5. You should then successfully be able to create a login, enter the portal, and accept your offer.
Alternately if you don't have a VPN or want to use one you can use a mobile phone to login incognito, with WiFi off on a cellular network, to create the account.

16. QUESTION: I was declined for "unsatisfactory credit". What are my options?
ANSWER: You have a few options.
  1. You can bring your vantage 3 score over 570 by paying down cards, when you are ready you can request the SBA re-pull your report and reactivate your account via [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  2. You can request to add a co-borrower that has a higher score than 570 with no open bankruptcy and run their credit to reactivate your application.
You can expedite your request for a co-borrower by having this ready to go. You can also do this preemptively if you expect to be declined for credit. The co-borrower does NOT have to be involved with the business and can be anyone. The form is available here:
SBA Form 3501 - Adding Co-Borrower
Only fill out the following:
Line #14 - Add the co-borrowers information under owner #1
Line #15 - Answer question for co-borrower.
Line #16 - Answer question for co-borrower.
Sign page 10, co-borrower signs.
Ownership percentage can be 0% if co-borrower is not part of business.
Attach and send with your co-borrower request to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with your application number.
NOTE: If you have an urgent need to have your co-borrower request expedited, please email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the subject line: "ADDING CO-BORROWER REQUESTED URGENT" I will respond within 24 hours.

17. QUESTION: What documents are required? Will a loan officer contact me?
ANSWER: In most cases no documentation is required and everything is self certified. In some cases a LO will need to contact you to clarify some things about your business or request specific documents. In most cases you will never be contacted by or communicate with a loan officer.

18. QUESTION: What is the status of the Advance/Grant program? Can I still get a grant?
ANSWER: As most of you already know, the EIDL Advance/Grant program has ended and the full 20 billion in funding for the advance has been exhausted. The option has been removed from new applications. Getting funding for the advance as a new applicant at this time will not be possible.
For older applications please see this post for more information:

19. QUESTION: What are the eligible uses of EIDL funds?
ANSWER: These loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact. What are all the possible uses of the funds? The wording ‘obligations that are unable to be met due to lack of revenue’ seems to be a catch all, but how much so? The EIDL working capital loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable, and other bills that could have been paid had the disaster not occurred. The loans are not intended to replace lost sales or profits or for expansion.

20. QUESTION: I received a denial letter for the reason "ECONOMIC INJURY NOT SUSTAINED". What does this mean and what can I do?
ANSWER: This occurs when the numbers entered on your application for COGS are greater than your revenue. The SBA calculates economic injury based on the formula in question number 4. You can also be denied for this reason if the resulting number is less than your advance amount. Please note that the SBA is only taking into account revenue earned prior to the disaster date of 1/31/20 to calculate your economic injury. If your only revenue was earned after that date as a newer business you may not qualify.
If the numbers on your application were correct, you would not be eligible for an EIDL. If you made an error you can request an amendment and request reactivation of your application. I can assist with this process. You need at minimum Profit and Loss statements for the period 12 months prior to the disaster starting 1/31/20. Email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the subject: COGS DENIAL REVERSAL REQUESTED. Include your Reddit username. I will respond with instructions on how to file this amendment.

21. QUESTION: What is CAWEB and how can it help me track my loan disbursement and other status?
ANSWER: You can use the Capital Access Finance System to track your EIDL after your documents have been signed and submitted through funding. It allows you to see disbursement status and other details related to your loan.
****Hat tip to u/tahoechick36 for this amazing write up*\*
Using the Capital Access Finance System to track your EIDL after your documents have been signed and submitted through funding.
Visit or click the link at the top of EIDL
Setting up an account:
You need a SBA Loan # to set up an account - for EIDL it appears on the first page of your documents, in the upper left hand area, and says "SBA Loan # XXXXXXXXXX.”
SBA loan #'s are 10 digits. Your Application # will NOT work for account set-up.
If you have a PPP Loan, you can use your SBA # for this loan to set up an account. Sometimes this # is easy to figure out, sometimes not. That has to do with an intermediary (like your bank) being involved, but if you can track down an actual SBA Loan #, you can go ahead and get registered without your EIDL loan number.
  1. On the home page click on "Not Enrolled?" in the top left. This takes you to a screen to enter info. You may come to hate this screen, this process is very finicky.
  2. Look at the rules for creating a User ID and Password by clicking on "Rules..." next to the fields.
  3. Write your exact ID & password down somewhere - if you ever get locked out and call the SBA for help, they are going to tell you that Borrowers are not supposed to be able to access CAFS CAWeb. Apparently we still can, so don't make this a big deal or maybe that will change!
  4. For user type - select "borrower" from the drop down menu.
  5. Fill in the highlighted fields with your info. Click on the "ZIP LOOKUP" button after you enter your zip code. This auto populates some other boxes, and registration won't work if you don't do this.
  6. For the country code in the phone number section enter "1" for the United States.
  7. Financial commitment ID is your Loan # - 10 digits.
  8. If you don't have a landline, it has been reported that just entering your mobile number in both fields works. You will have to select 3 of their security questions, enter the Captcha image info, then hit "submit" at the bottom.
If it didn't like the info you have entered, it will give you an error message for what part it didn't like, and you will have to try again, which requires re-entering quite a bit of the information. It's a pain.
But if it takes it, you're in! There may be a verification step now as well.
Finding your loan on CAWeb
  1. On the caweb homepage, login (if you aren't already), it will be personalized and show your name. You have to scroll down and check the "Agree to Terms" box when you are logging in.
  2. Click on "Borrower" in the top left, then click on "Borrower Search". This should take you to your "Loan List" showing the loan #, borrower name, loan type, amount, and loan status.
  3. PPP loans typically appear as "Active Un-Disbursed" - if your PPP is already funded don't worry about that. Your EIDL will show up as "Disbursed Current" if funds are on their way. It may say something else if you look immediately after you send back you Docs, but it should change pretty quickly. Logging out and back in again will sometimes refresh the status. Loan status will say "Active Un-Disbursed" until Treasury send the funds to your bank, then it changes to "Disbursed Current".

22. QUESTION: I received my portal invite link, however when I go to create an account I just get the message: "The user account has not been confirmed yet. Please confirm using the link in the e-mail". What can I do?
ANSWER: This is a known bug/error normally relating to either getting the invite ahead of schedule or other missing information in your file that would prevent the account creation from moving forward. Tier 2 cannot solve this and it need a special approach to resolve. Please email me with the subject line: "USER ACCOUNT HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED". Include your reddit username in the email somewhere. My address is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

submitted by cue378 to EIDL [link] [comments]

Let's Rank the Pac 12 Logos with the MaxDiff Market Research Technique

This is the fifth part of a seven-part series ranking all of the logos in FBS with the MaxDiff Market Research technique. We've already ranked the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 (links below). The B1G results will be posted in the next week or so. so now LET'S RANK THE PAC 12. In addition to the polls that have already been conducted, I also plan to conduct a G5 poll and will then take the top tiers from each conference's logo polls and put them in a deathmatch MaxDiff poll to determine the top logo in the minds of college football fans.
If you're new to this poll, I conduct a MaxDiff team ranking poll during the season (more info below about how it works).
Example Results to help you get a feel for how MaxDiff Results look
SEC Logos
ACC Logos
Big 12 Logos
B1G Home Uniform Rankings
SEC Home Uniform Rankings
NFL Logo Rankings
Team Rankings from after Week 12 of last season
About this poll
For the past few seasons, I believe (in my biased opinion) that this has been one of the best college football fan polls on the Internet. Data quality is almost always very high because participants give thoughtful, logically consistent answers reflective of informed opinions. In addition, team affiliation tends to mirror the prevailing estimates. All of this is to say that I believe this to be one of the Internet’s most valid reads on the zeitgeist of college football fans.
If you are new to MaxDiff Polling or would like more information about this system and how it differs from traditional polling, I've provided some information below.
I'm a market researcher, and we often need people to rank long lists of items (such as brands, product ideas, logos, ad designs, etc.). For a variety of reasons, we usually don't use traditional ranking methods where each participant assigns a rank number to each item because studies show that most people can't handle that task. Their top and bottom ranked items may reflect their true preferences, but it is a toss up if their middle ranked items actually reflect how they truly feel.
Instead we use a different technique called MaxDiff. MaxDiff is different from traditional rankings in the following ways:
This ranking system has an advantage over traditional rankings in the following ways.
If you have any more questions about this system, feel free to ask. Thanks for your participation!
submitted by The_SecretSauce to CFB [link] [comments]

CloudTemplar's Thoughts on LCK 2020 Summer

Biggest Changes from Spring to Summer season:

  1. Griffin Disband: Because of Griffin's relegation a lot of the S players are released. This prompted many teams to snatch them up causing many changes.  
  2. One-year Contract: Usually there isn't many changes in Spring to Summer transition because the contract is annually based. Since many teams/players' goal is to reach Worlds or not get relegated it made little sense to sign contract in the summer. So there isn't many changes compared to Spring.

Some Notable changes to Roster:

-Viper to HLE and reunite with Lehends
-Smeb and Ucal rejoins KT
-YamatoCannon joins Sandbox as Head coach
-Mickey joins SHO Prince
translated from:

Team Dynamics: The Last Challenger Team To Be Promoted

For people who watched Challenger this team should be quite familar. This team did really well in the regular season and put out a surprising performance at the summer promotion. They are like the T1 and GenG of the LCK challenger.

TLDR: Typical LCK playstyle. High potential Top laner and highly experienced Support. Probably won't do very well.

Key Points:  
Rich: I praised him a lot during the summer promotion. The thing I got from watching him is that there is something special about players who reached the pinnacle of competition. He was called the Faker of HOTS and I saw the potential of that transition in that tournament. To be honest though, he didn't perform well in the regular season. There were many things he lacked and was not very consistent but he showed up when it mattered.  
Team Color: A lot of people have been asking if they are like APK(who are now called SHO Prince). They are more like the typical LCK team. Their style might be more established the more games they play so we will see.  
GuGer: GuGer and Secret on SHO are the veterans of veterans. They are similar to Joker and Gorilla where they have a lot of experience and spent a lot of years in league. And kind of like Joker and Gorilla I think the storyline around them would be interesting. I hope they do well.
Last team to be promoted(LCK): Now that LCK are implementing franchising Team Dynamic will be remembered as the last team to be promoted. And Griffin will be the last team to be relegated.

Sandbox: Tradtional LCK team

"Typical LCK Team": Recently being called a typical LCK team are usually seen as a bad thing. The image of LCK team are the slow, controlling, and unexciting playstyle. When Sandbox is doing well they are doing what LCK teams are good at. Playing around dragon, the laners were solid, and focusing on the Macro rather than the micro. It was pretty good when Sandbox was doing well but now they are not doing so well so now the "Typical LCK team" becomes a bad name.  
First Western Head Coach in LCK: For people who watched Challenger Korea would know there was once a western coach called LS. He brought many western players like Malice and although he caused some troubles it was an interesting and fun example. So it is not like there isn't a western coach ever in Korea but it is first in LCK.  
YamatoCannon: This decision are a bit mixed. I personally welcome YamatoCannon and hope to see him do well in Korea. I hope to say Hi to him"Hello YamatoCannon. BattleCruiser. I play Terran" YamatoCannon is a good coach. Is he a super coach like Coach Kim? No, but he is a solid good coach. It might a bit too much to call him a super coach but I am not saying he is going to crash and burn. He is just a solid coach.  
Result and Image Problem: Two big reason why Sandbox recruited YamatoCannon is first of all their result wasn't very good. By introducing a western coach they bring their pick/ban and strategy with it which could help Sandbox. Another reason is that I think Sandbox want to build a fun and exciting team image.
Image Problem: About the image problem I am affiliated with Sandbox on YoutubeStreaming with AfreeCa, and Riot with casting but to be honest their team image is very bland(no color). Their marketing/PR wasn't done very well. I mean to be fair team image? Team color? If you win you get fans regardless of your marketing however it is hard to win. I mean only one team wins. So to be realistic a lot of teams are trying things to attract fans aside from their result. Sandbox was a bit lacking in this department and hopefully, with the addition of YamatoCannon this would be solved.  
Brother Culture: It is kind of funny that YamatoCannon are younger than Gorilla and Joker. There are good and bad in Korea culture but it would be interesting to see how they can overcome the "Brother" culture and build synergy. The "Brother" culture isn't all bad. It is good when you are young. When I first started working I didn't have to worry about buying food because of my "old brother"(not blood related) would buy the meal for me. However, I think I don't think it is good to always takes and not give. The younger one should buy 3 meal out of 10 meals. Imagine if someone always takes and not give nobody like that.  
Ten Men Team: During the Spring season Sandbox was a bit random in their roster. They tried pretty much all combination of their ten men roster. I personally think it is ok to have member fight their spot. I think it is okay to have a six-man "Joker pick". I think it is okay to practice with a ten men roster. However, I don't a true ten men roster works. Tell me any ten men team that succeeded. It might seem good to have a big roster but realistically it only dilutes the practice time. Six-men are okay maybe even seven but it is better to lock in a roster and practice around it. You can't get a good practice with ten men roster(ten men roster not two 5 men roster)
Prediction: Just looking at the lineup I don't think they are a playoff team. I mean we will see how much they improve with the new changes but...

Hanwha Life Esports: The Most Anticipated Team

The Most Anticipated Team: Not just those who are involved in the scene but I think in general a lot of people are excited about this team. The biggest reason for the excitement is probably the addition of Super Star Player DuDudududunga. When I saw his name I knew he is going to be a super star.  
Mr.Viper: All jokes aside the biggest reason is probably Mr. Viper. There is something a lot of casteanalysts have been saying is that team have to as many S tier player as possible. How you define a S tier player vary from person to person but all agree the importance of having a S tier player. It is kind of like a mobile Gacha game. S tier are the reason you reset again and again to get that one S card. And just like a Gacha game you need a lot money to get a S tier player.  
S Tier?: The way I define a S tier player is if you ask ten analyst and eight or nine of them said S then that player is S player. If only three said S then I don't think that is a S player. What I am trying to say is that you may have some doubt in Viper but he is a S player. Almost everyone actually not almost, everyone I know said Viper is a S tier player. And Lehends is also a S tier player. So now HLE's bot become a SS bot lane.  
Simplicity of Power: To put everything in really simple terms the more S player team have the stronger the team is. Why does everyone think DRX is good? Because they have Chovy and Deft. To oversimplify, oh DRX have super star mid and adc? They must do good then. Please don't take this too far. A lot of people are going to ask me "Is this player S tier? Why are you ignoring this player? I think this player is overrated/underrated". I am not a mobile game developer I don't have time to rate them all.  
Griffin's Release of Dragon Balls: I mentioned before but because of Griffin's relegation their "dragon balls" are released. The biggest one is Viper and Tarzan. Viper is a solid S tier and Tarzan is at A~S tier. This is the only one I will rate so please don't ask me to do more.  
Where is Tarzan?: I don't know. He is currently under Evelynn's passive so no one knows where he is going. We might get a surprise announcement soon but I don't know anything about it.  
Weak Top side: I have been talking only about the positive of HLE but their top side looks a bit weak. Usually subs don't have a chance to play but in this case I think we might see some sub play top side.  
Continuing the LCK Playstyle?: When HLE first appeared they were a expolsive team however they later transitioned into a more traditional LCK team. But the result wasn't after the transition so I wonder if they would continue that playstyle or innovate. Viper was good with nonmarksman so I wonder if they will do something special.

SoelHaeOne Prince(Orginally APK Prince): The Most LPL-like LCK Team

Mickey: The biggest change if probably the addition of Mickey. I remember the old time when I duo Qued with Mickey. It is a bit amusing that Mickey are the one replacing Cover because when Cover was in Challenger Korea I said that he was a bit similar to Mickey. Mickey is a dice roll(coin flippy) player either going 1 or 6 but it wasn't actually used as an insult but a compliment to Mickey when he first started. I remember when he solo killed the opponent with Zed and although it wasn't as impactful as Faker solo killing ambition it shows that there is another mechanical god on the rift. Then he flops a few games which are when we realize he is a coin flip player. For people wondering what he is doing between these time he was at LEC and did pretty well. If you look at LEC highlights Mickey were in many of them. But his result wasn't very good. APK always had a mid problem so Mickey might be able help that.
Hybrid: There are two kinds of S tier player. One is a player that are S tier the first time they went on stage. This is probably the best kind of the two. But there is also a S tier player that start off slow. This where the influence of coach shows. When Hybrid was in Challenger I thought he lacked many things as a adc but last season he really showed up. I don't think Hybrid is a S tier yet I think there is still a lot of things he have to prove.  

Afeeca Freecs: Kiin and friends

Beating a Dead Horse Again and Again: Everytime I talk about Afreeca I feel like I am beating the same horse I just beat a few months ago. I think for Afreeca to do well Kiin should not be in the discussion anymore. Everytime it is "Kiin won lane but they still lost" or "Kiin have to carry the team with this lead". Afreeca really need to be able to play around other lane aside from Kiin.  
Too many cooks in the Kitchen: They are similar to Sandbox in this aspect is that there are too many players in the roster. They should just make up their mind and work around the roster. I don't think I want to say who stay but for sure Kiin. Kiin is S tier btw. Some might disagree with this but I don't think my opinion are very out there many people think the same too.  
Fly: Fly is a quite unique player as that he get both compliments and criticism. Some people would say that he never won lane in his entire career and wasn't able to carry his team. I think that is a bit overexaggerated. Looking at his career he did shine a few times and is a overall a good player. He is part of GenG roster that went to Worlds. The thing about Fly is that he is consistent, doesn't have carry potential, and are reliant on the meta. If the meta suit his playstyle then he does really well but if it doesn't he struggle a bit. As for his carry potential, carry potential is typically defined in being able to dominate a lane during laning phase. He isn't a strong laner and his strength comes outside of the laning phase. He is more of a team fight player, team player, unorthdox player, and a supportive player.  
Everyone Have to level Up: As I mentioned before everyone has to level up and not just rely on Kiin. I thought All in would be good supplment to Fly but they actually play quite similar. In fact a lot of the subs play very similarily. Mystic and SS aren't that different in their playstyle, I think Jelly is a bit better than Ben but not by much, and Dread and Spirit are different but not different enough.  
Peak Afreeca*: Do you guys remember the series against T1? I still remember it till this day. It was probably the most LPL like series I have ever seen. Unfortunately, that was the only time we saw Afreeca on their fullest potential.


Mid Competition: Faker, BDD, Chovy, Showmaker, Kuro. The mid player in LCK are very strong right now and the competition is huge. Right now you can divide the players into two groups. Faker, Kuro and BDD, Chovy, Showmaker. Faker and Kuro are the consistent, experience play maker mid. They are perfect for big stage being able to lane while making plays. BDD, Chovy, and Showmaker on the other hand(to put it simply) are lane kingdom.  
Lane Kingdom: The biggest feature of those mid laners is that all five of those mid are at 95, 97, 98 however if they face a 80 opponent then they destroy the game off that one lane. If you are below 80 and you are against these three players you can basically lose the game by yourself. Fly somtime dips below 80 so when he face them he can't breath(do anything) the whole game. But to be honest this isn't just Fly a lot of mid also collapse when they play against these three players.  
Faker: The most powerful part of Faker is his ability to make play on the stage. He is like the SSR character. His playmaking skill, being able to show up in important matches, and being able to make plays that define the whole game. If the lane kingdom players are able to do those things on top of being good in lane... It sound easy but in practice it is actually really difficult.

KT: Return of the Kings(?)

Smeb and Ucal: Smen was at the wilderness(Unknown; Not retired but not playing) and Ucal was from the even harsher environment(Griffin). I wasn't sure where Smeb is going but they both came back to KT. I think they came just at the right time.  
Aiming: If APK has hybrid then KT has Aiming. I think Aiming did really well last season. He had a really nice synergy with Kuro with Kuro providing safety for Aiming to grow and letting Aiming carry afterward.
Top Side: I think the biggest weakness of KT is that their top side doesn't have the carry potential. Their top and mid are not the carry threat. I said the beginning of the year KT will make playoff but they probably won't win.  
CloudTemplar's Prediction: I think right now my image is a bit distorted. A lot of my prediction was right and if you look at my career prediction they are pretty good. Then summer promotion happened[He predicted GRF and Sandbox]. A lot of people asked me if I made predictions without watching the Challenger games. I was the one casting them and not just one of them but all of them...  
Ucal: Like I said I think they came just in the right time. Ucal and Kuro complement each other very well. Ucal is a bit inconsistent and are dependent on the meta while Kuro is very consistent but lacks the carry potential.  
Smeb:SoHwan to put it simply need more time to grow. So Smeb is great here to help him grow while being a carry threat. Of course, I don't know what level Smeb is at right now so it is a bit unknown.  
Legacy of the Void: In the history of League of Legend there isn't a single player that always stayed on top of the position aside from Faker. Especially Top, there is a lot of competition of being the best top laner. Marin, Smeb, Khan, Cuvee, TheShy, and Duke are probably the top contester of the position. The reason why it is hard to pick the definite best is that they all lack something.  
  1. Marin: Playtime was too short. His one year was very impactful but it was just too short.
  2. Smeb: When it really mattered he wasn't able to show up(like Worlds).
  3. Khan: Overall very good and has good results domestically but falters on the international stage(Worlds, MSI).
  4. Cuvee: Really good performance on the international stage but falter on the domestic stage(LCK).
  5. TheShy: If he kept up his performance he probably could become the greatest player(competing Faker)but he wasn't able to keep it up.
  6. Duke: He can carry and team fight but his map awareness is a bit of a trauma.
Right now the competition in the top lane(LCK) are a bit lacking. There is a void on top in LCK and hopefully Smeb's return could fill that void.


Worlds: Does people remember when Damwon went to Worlds? There was little talk about Nugri and it mostly about Canyon and Showmaker. Just like Afreeca you know Damwon did good when Nugri isn't mentioned. Nugri was Nugri but Canyon and Showmaker were the ones that sent the team to Words.  
Bot and CanyonThis season Nugri and Showmaker was good and Showmaker was good but Canyon and bot didn't perform that well. The support's prescene was near inexistent. They made some plays but they weren't very impactful and the support are a bit worrisome. I think it is good to have Nuclear and Ghost compete for the spot letting them grow but their support are worrisome. As for Canyon I think last season was a slump for him. I am not sure how long this slump would last.
Nugri and Showmaker: I think these two players are at A+~S. I think they are going toward S tier and I don't think it is weird to put them on S tier. I forgot to mention this but Aiming is also at S tier

Is There too Many S Tier?

I think every strong teams have at least 3,4 S players and sometimes even 5. So it shouldn't surprised that there are a lot of S tier players. This is also why it is hard to win at Worlds because pretty much everyone is S tier at Worlds.  


Top/Jungle/Support: There isn't much DRX wanted to do aside from letting their top/jungle/support level up. Right now in terms of growth I think support grew the most followed by Top and then Jungle. I still think Keria needs to get better and all three of these player has to be at least A tier for them to move up. To be honest though they did great as their first spilt. Third place isn't that good as their first spilt playing together.
If there isn't much to say about DRX isn't that the same for T1 and GenG?: Yes. Goodbye

Top 3 in LCK

LCK's G2: The reason it is hard to talk about DRX and GenG because it ends with "But can they win T1?" Everything starts and ends with T1 so there isn't much to talk about. Remember a while ago I disagree that G2 is the only good team in LEC because then it can be applied to LCK. T1 in LCK, C9 in LCS, G2 in LEC right now there is a big difference between first place and second place in each of the regions. It doesn't mean the whole region is bad but that the 1st place teams are really strong. Right now the only major region that has a tight competition is LPL where the top 3 can beat each other.
Strength of T1: T1 is just really good. It is not like before when SKT will always win but now T1 still has a very strong possibility of winning. Right now the top3 teams in LCK have almost guaranteed to go to the international stage so their goal is to grow as much as possible before they go oversea. Of course, the domestic league is still important but I think their focus is more on fixing their weak points than winning necessarily.


Mid/Jungle Power: Remember what I said about Chovy, BDD, and Showmaker and how they can destroy the game if their laners are below 80? This is doubly true in GenG because Clid and BDD often duo together. So they are 190 and if their opponent is below 170 they can destroy the game. If their mid/jungle are at 170 or below? They basically already lost.  
The Problem of GenG: The problem of GenG is that they struggle against team that as strong or stronger than them. Especially in LPL where their jungle/mid starts at 195. Let's say they were able hang on their other lanes just collapse without their help.  
Bot/Top: The legendary Ruler I know is more explosive and aggressive so hopefully he would go back to form. As for Rascal I think right now the top lane pool of LCK are the weakest. They really need to level up...  


Clozer: I am a bit excited to see Clozer since I saw him in highlights a lot. But I am not sure if he would play much games on stage. I mean there is probably a reason they put him on sub so they are probably planning to do something with it.  
T1 on the International Stage: I think T1 realized this too but although they won LCK pretty convincingly the international stage are a completely different story. Because other international teams are so good I think they realized that it is going to be a difficult journey.


Top 3: I think top3 will stay the same.  
Middle 4:Damwon, KT, Afreeca, HLE  
Bot 3: Sandbox, SHO Prince, Dynamics  
I think they are self explantory but I think I have to explain Afreeca and HLE. To be honest I am a bit biased toward Afreeca I still can't forget the peak league of legend they showed against T1 so I have high hope for them. As for HLE because they now have a SS tier bot with the addition of Mr. Viper I think they will do good. I don't think there is a big difference between Middle 4 and Bot 3.


LCK News:

Surprise incoming: I can't reveal too much but don't be surprised if something shocking is revealed soon.  
Last Challenger Korea: This will be the last Challenger Korea and I know a lot of people pay more attention to LCK but please come watch Challenger as they try their best in the final Challenger Korea Season. I have been casting Challenger for a very long timeAlthough people still ask me if I watch Challenger and I wish fans will support the challengers team one last time.  
I will be casting LCK for 4 days and Challenger for 2 days every week like usual


How Many Teams are Going to be in LCK?  
A: I don't think anyone knows right now they are still in the process.  
Where is Tarzan?  
A: I don't know. I would say I don't know even if I know but I really don't know.  
Why aren't Riot catching trolls? Riot's Server issue?  
A: I am frustrated with it too but I am not a Rioter so I can't really give you an answer even if I want to. I get angry hearing people not being punished too but I don't have any power in that.  
How are interviews going to be conducted?  
A: I don't know that either
What do you even know?  
A:I don't know
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Some advice for starting your channel

I know that most of the people in this subreddit already have this part of the process down, but I feel as if there is still a lot of useful information that could help out some YouTubers who are just starting out. This was another article that I wrote on Medium but once again I am going to put the information on here because I know it will be more helpful to people.
These are some tips for starting and growing your very own YouTube channel. They can help you improve your mindset and grow as a creator. If you have any questions, reply below or message me and I will answer them!

1) Creating vs Becoming Famous.

The major obstacle that prevents most people from making their own YouTube channel, is that they do not know what they want to post on it. They talk about how they really love the concept of doing YouTube, but that they don’t know of anything that they would be able to upload, because “their life isn’t interesting”.
And this is where I usually interrupt them.
It seems as if a lot of people want to start YouTube, not because they enjoy creating content or participating in a particular hobby, but because they want to become famous. They see other YouTubers who have made their success on the platform and determine that they want to become like these YouTubers.
Approaching YouTube with this mindset will not get you very far most of the time. While there are a few situations in which this would work, a majority of the time, it doesn’t even come close.
I would recommend finding a hobby or activity that you are extremely passionate about. Whether it’s gardening or gaming, make sure you genuinely enjoy the activity. Then, begin branching out and using your expertise to make content on it. Make sure you actually get enjoyment from creating this content and don’t create it solely to “become big” on YouTube.
It is extremely obvious when a content creator doesn’t put their heart into what they are doing, and as potential fans and subscribers discover this, they are going to be turned off from your channel. Make sure you are wanting to pursue this new path for the right reasons. If you have the drive and talent, the “fame” will come naturally.

2) The initial startup.

After you have gone through and made sure you have the right motives behind creating content, it is time to actually create it. Make sure you have a good (and unique) channel name, and a clean and professional banner and profile picture. The banner and profile picture will show that you know what you are doing and that you are going to take YouTube seriously (even if you have no idea what you are doing).
Then, begin planning out your first few videos before you upload the first one. Think about what you want to create, and how it will benefit your viewers. Don’t stress about the proper gear and high-quality camera equipment, because that can come later down the line. Modern iPhones record great quality video, and it is unnecessary to drop a lot of money on expensive gear that you may not need. As you begin to make money, you can use it to upgrade and get the equipment you have always wanted.
It is important to get content out as soon as possible to allow time for people to discover your new channel. During this phase is when most people give up on becoming a YouTuber, so it is important to stick with it and grind it out. I couldn’t even count the number of channels who have created 3 or 4 videos and then have gotten discouraged and given up. It happens all the time, and as long as you keep up with your new channel, you are taking steps in the right direction.

3) Patience is key.

If you stick with your new channel, you will eventually begin to see growth. It may take time, and it may take trial and error to find the type of content that works for you, but it will happen. YouTube is a long-term thing, and trying to take the short-term route will result in a channel that dies extremely quickly. So, have patience.
Don’t lose hope. If you are not growing as much as you would like to during this time, stick with it. It took me nearly a year to gain 1000 subscribers, and it felt like forever. But, it took me the same amount of time to get from 50,000 to 100,000, and it took much less to get from 100,000 to 360,000. If you begin to take off, you will grow exponentially, and the more content you have uploaded, the higher your chance of getting discovered.

4) Monetization.

As your fanbase begins to grow, you will be presented with more opportunities to make money.


Your first option is google Adsense. This is how all of the ads are shown on YouTube videos. I would recommend taking this as your first step, and your main source of income. Enable this as soon as you begin racking up views, and you know that people are enjoying your content. It will take a while to make a considerable amount of income, but enabling it is definitely a start.
When you do enable Adsense, please save us all the hassle and limit the number of ads you put on your videos. I like to follow a rule of 1 ad per 7 minutes of video. This creates a long enough break between placed ads to keep viewers from getting irritated and clicking off of your videos. If you put 3 or 4 ad breaks in every single video longer than ten minutes, you are going to appear as a sellout, and while it makes you more money in the short term, you will suffer in the long term.


Patreon is a website that allows viewers to pledge a specific amount of money each month to help you produce the content that you are producing. Patreon is a good option if your videos are extremely time intensive and provide value to the viewer. This is a great way to make some extra money if you have the type of content that works for this.
Plus, with Patreon, you can give exclusive rewards to members who pledge specific tiers of money. Doing this is a great way to build more personal connections with fans that want to get involved and support what you are doing. I would recommend doing this after you have already established your AdSense.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money off of YouTube. If you ever see videos where people offer their discount code in exchange for a % off coupon on a website, they are probably using affiliate links. This works by providing a small commission from each sale using the code, to the creator. This method works well if you want to promote a company or product that you use in your videos, and want to make money while doing it. Some websites offer really good commission percentages so be sure to look around and find one that pays well.

5) Network.

You can grow your channel a lot on your own, but it is better to have other people grow your channel for you. Try networking and meeting new people who would be interested in the type of content you are making. If these people genuinely like you and enjoy your content, they will begin sharing it with other people that they know. Networking is a great way to meet more people with similar interests, and doing it within the YouTube community will help you grow and help you meet new friends.

6) MCNs.

As you begin to grow and start to amass a following, you are most definitely going to be approached by YouTube MCNs. These are companies that promise you “an opportunity to grow” and give you absolutely nothing. They are a scam and a complete waste of your time and money.
I made another post on the subreddit about this so check it out if you are interested and want to avoid being scammed.
  1. Don't create just to become famous. Make sure you actually enjoy the content you are making.
  2. You don't need insanely expensive equipment to be successful on YouTube. Focus on making good content and being entertaining, and get better equipment later once you start to grow.
  3. Starting out and being consistent from the beginning is the hardest part. If you can motivate yourself to push through it, it is worth it.
  4. Even if you don't have the ability to use adsense, there are still other ways to make money such as Patreon, Affiliate links, and a few other things.
  5. Work with other creators and interact with your community.
  6. Don't join an MCN
Hope this helped!- Robo
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Let's Rank the B1G's Logos with the MaxDiff Market Research Technique

This is the fourth part of a seven-part series ranking all of the logos in FBS with the MaxDiff Market Research technique. We've already ranked the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 (links below), so now LET'S RANK THE B1G. Before the season starts, I plan to release MaxDiff polls for the Pac 12 and an experimental poll that will rank all the G5's logos in a single poll. I'll then take the top tiers from each conference's logo polls and put them in a deathmatch MaxDiff poll to determine the top logo in the minds of college football fans.
If you're new to this poll, I conduct a MaxDiff team ranking poll during the season (more info below about how it works).
Example Results to help you get a feel for how MaxDiff Results look
SEC Logos
ACC Logos
Big 12 Logos
B1G Home Uniform Rankings
SEC Home Uniform Rankings
NFL Logo Rankings
Team Rankings from after Week 12 of last season
About this poll
For the past few seasons, I believe (in my biased opinion) that this has been one of the best college football fan polls on the Internet. Data quality is almost always very high because participants give thoughtful, logically consistent answers reflective of informed opinions. In addition, team affiliation tends to mirror the prevailing estimates. All of this is to say that I believe this to be one of the Internet’s most valid reads on the zeitgeist of college football fans.
If you are new to MaxDiff Polling or would like more information about this system and how it differs from traditional polling, I've provided some information below.
I'm a market researcher, and we often need people to rank long lists of items (such as brands, product ideas, logos, ad designs, etc.). For a variety of reasons, we usually don't use traditional ranking methods where each participant assigns a rank number to each item because studies show that most people can't handle that task. Their top and bottom ranked items may reflect their true preferences, but it is a toss up if their middle ranked items actually reflect how they truly feel.
Instead we use a different technique called MaxDiff. MaxDiff is different from traditional rankings in the following ways:
This ranking system has an advantage over traditional rankings in the following ways.
If you have any more questions about this system, feel free to ask. Thanks for your participation!
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Math of the Storm: A Farewell

An Apology

This article has taken too long to write. The effective cancellation of Heroes of the Storm at the end of 2018 was painful. I had found a real community and started to get to more personally know some of the personalities. I had attended Blizzcon that year and personally met so many of the casters and streamers I had grown to admire, making that unique personal connection that can only happen at LANs. While it wasn’t my first blizzcon, it was the first one I had a chance to go behind the scenes to do an interview with developers I had only previously pestered on Reddit and Twitter. Going from that high to less than two months later functionally losing the community I had grown so close to was crushing. I continued to play the game regularly for another six months in hopes that the attempts at a semi-pro scene would pan out, but it was too quickly clear that a combination of naturally weak viewership numbers and chaos behind the scenes doomed the effort. I don’t mean to dismiss the ongoing efforts at community tournaments and those who stream the game at a high level, but in combination with the reality of my then-imminent graduation from college it was time to move on to the next phase of my life.

My Time in HotS
I first got into Heroes of the Storm in May 2014, when Kerrigan’s overtuned passive and Maelstrom heroic made her the meta. I remember being in high school checking my email when it came in - I was allowed into the technical alpha. The game was radically different then, with barely two dozen heroes many iterations away from the current progression system. My first patch was about a week later with the introduction of Murky. With only four maps and barely any streamers, the game was a novel break from my on-again off-again relationship with League of Legends at the time. In an echo of the future, I was leaving the League of Legends Dominion community as it fell apart from a lack of official support from Riot.
I continued to play Heroes of the Storm through the alpha and beta, vocally protesting the addition of Artifacts while appreciating active developers who were genuinely interested in making a better designed game that learned from the mistakes of the past and weren’t shackled to golden cows created by the limitations of the Warcraft 3 map editor. More importantly, the vision of an average game length of 20 minutes, rather than 40, was appealing to me as I became an adult with responsibilities and smaller blocks of play time (what had brought me to Dominion).
While some people writing retrospectives on the game would cite the overproduced and underwhelming launch as a sign of things to come, I must admit I actually missed it - I was away working at a summer camp in 2015, a time that led me to begin playing Hearthstone. When I came back months later just before the Artanis early release the game had changed dramatically, with a snowballing melee monster of Butcher and a real tank addition in Johanna, not to mention two new maps to raise the total from six to eight. I delved back into the game enthusiastically as I also began a new chapter of my life in college.
The next year and a half is a bit of a blur - I attended Cloud 9’s historic Blizzcon victory for North America in 2015, but I wouldn’t consider myself an esport aficionado over the course of the next year. The competitive community grew and changed though, and I began to follow high level metas more closely. By May 2017, three years ago, I had enough of bad theorycraft and poorly understood mechanics and wrote my first post on HeroesHearth and submitted it to Reddit. It was exhilarating stepping into the world of content creation, and while I appreciated all the reactions, only one of these comments has stuck with me
You so smart and make it easy to comprehend. I need a cigarette to digest this information. Well thank you sir
This comment has remained a meme between my girlfriend and I, and has actually served as a bit of a north star - as much as I love tackling high level concepts and nuanced theory craft for top level play, Math of the Storm was ultimately a series that tried to break down advanced ideas for the general audience. The comments on my articles were almost always positive and educational, helping me grow as a content creator and writer. I want to deeply thank everyone who took time out of their days to post a question, something funny, or their own insight in the replies - while Reddit sometimes gets a bad rap, I’ve always found it warm and welcoming.

To the Developers

The Heroes development team was and is something special. Not only has it acted as a steward of every single Blizzard IP, but the relentless drive towards innovation and improving the design of the game kept Heroes of the Storm above and beyond the competition for me. While the talent system has never and probably never will be perfectly implemented, the fundamentals of unique and exciting ways to enhance your champion as the game progresses is simply a better base from which to start a game than the eclectic and problematic item system. The core math of the game providing exponential rather than linear boosts to power per level shows a willingness to break away from the constraints of pen and paper RPGs and utilize the power of computers to provide a better play experience. The variety of maps, which are all built left to right rather than bottom left to top right, shows the developers are willing to move beyond the engine constraints of Warcraft 3. Simply put, the developers were willing to see something greater than “Blizzard DOTA”, rethinking the play systems from the ground up to make a uniquely better game.
This isn’t to say the game wasn’t without warts - the implementation of the talent system sometimes left heroes with dull one note builds, not to mention the actual difficulties of balancing power levels. I don’t have the data insights to say which combination of “casual” marketing, a missing framework for those “casual” players to become “competitive”, and simply being late to market is truly responsible for the game’s current state, but it’s clear the game did not have the success the core design deserved. I will say I don’t believe the game truly had the degree of “matchmaking issues” many players, including high level ones, ascribed to the game’s downfall - identical complaints reliant on misunderstandings of statistics exist across every competitive game I’ve ever played. What “issues” I think exist(ed) are exclusively the domain of top ELO play, where the developers have to choose between top players getting fair matches and having to wait lengthy periods of time for games to pop.
I will also say here that I believe the general issues that Overwatch has also been facing are in part due to Blizzard’s complete and total failure to deliver a better social system in the past four years. While I lack special insight into the corporate engineering that sabotaged “blizzard social”, my understanding is that the original plan in 2016 was for a Bnet-wide guild/clan system that would integrate all of their multiplayers games. I assume technical hurdles with WoW’s archaic systems were amongst the issues, but both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch desperately need(ed) better social systems to remain competitive in the gaming marketplace.

Concluding Remarks

While this is a farewell to the Heroes of the Storm community, I truly bear no ill wishes and hope those that stay find enjoyment in their games to come. If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve spent the last year in the D&D Eberron community. I’ve authored an entire series of dmsguild supplements investigating the politics of the setting, and am a contributing author on the Platinum best-seller Eberronicon, a pocket guide to the setting.
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Converge files for largest IPO in Philippine history (Monday, July 6)

Happy Monday, Barkada --

The PSE closed up 9 points to 6373 ▲0.13%.

Daily meme

COVID Update

WW: 11375043 PH: 41830 

Top 3 MB indices:

 #COVID-19 ▲1.14% POGO Prop. ▲0.84% Power Gen. ▲0.39% 

Bottom 3 MB indices:

 MiddleClass ▼1.53% Media ▼1.06% 2019 IPOs ▼0.97% 

Main stories covered:

  1. Converge ICT files for largest IPO in PSE history
Now that is a spicy meatball. The timing is right for this kind of play, as there is so much capital sloshing around that is looking for a home with massive growth prospects. Home broadband is that kind of market. But, if the opportunity were so great, why are the lead shareholders selling their own shares so substantially, instead of going with a primary-heavy offering to assault the nation with an aggressive campaign of unrelenting capex? Perhaps The Other Dennis is looking for a massive/immediate lifestyle upgrade, and is content with the majority ownership that he will still enjoy even after closing the largest IPO in Philippine history. Then there’s also the matter of this whole “70% of the deal aimed at foreign investors” thing; what’s that about? Stay tuned, this is going to be a fantastic voyage.

About Merkado Barkada

Merkado Barkada is a daily email newsletter covering all the stocks, bonds, companies, characters, and issues that make up the Philippine Stock Exchange. I don't make any money from MB, I don't use affiliate links or anything to trick people, and I don't sell email addresses for quick pesos. I simply like researching news and writing about current events in a way that helps my friends, family, and barkada to understand more easily what is happening.

Join our Barkada here

Read today's full email here

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The truth behind Puskás Akadémia FC - How Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán stole a legend, built a stadium in his backyard and guided his team to Europe

The 2019/2020 season of the Hungary’s National Football League (NB1) – being one of the first leagues to restart play - came to an end on 27 June. If a casual observer (for whatever reason) decides to check out the final standings, he would be not surprised at the first two positions: record-champion Ferencváros defended their title, while regional powerhouse Fehérvár (Videoton) came in second. However, the third place team, Puskás Akadémia FC might seem unusual and one could think that there is a story behind that. Is there a team named after Ferenc Puskás? Did some academy youths make an incredible run for the Europa League qualification? Well, the observer is right, there is a story behind all this, but it’s absolutely not a fun story. It’s a story about how one powerful man’s obsession with football stole a legend, misused state funds and killed the spirit of Hungarian football. (Warning: this is a long story, feel free to scroll down for a tl;dr. Also, I strongly advise checking out the links, those images are worth seeing).
Naturally, political influence in football has been present ever since the dawn of the sport and we know of numerous state leaders who felt confident enough to use their influence to ensure the successful development of their favored clubs – Caucescu’s FC Olt Scornicesti and Erdogan’s Basaksehir are well-known examples of such attempts. However, I fear that very few of the readers are aware of the fact that Puskás Akadémia FC is nothing but Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s grandiose project for establishing his hometown’s club as one of the country’s top teams. Considering that Orbán managed to achieve this goal using state funds in an EU member democracy in the 2000s, one might even say that it might be one of the most impressive attempts of cheating your way through Football Manager in real life. Now that Puskás Akadémia FC escaped the desolate football scene of Hungary and is getting ready for the European takeover, I feel that it’s high time to tell its true story.

Part 1: Part time striker, part time PM

Our story begins in 1999 when the 36-year-old striker Viktor Orbán (recently elected as the country’s Prime Minister) was signed by the sixth-tier side of Felcsút FC residing in rural Fejér County. It might sound surprising that an active politician would consider such a side job, but given that Orbán has been playing competitive low-level football throughout his whole life and has always been known as a keen football enthusiast, people seemed to be okay with his choice for a hobby. Orbán spent most of his childhood in the village of Felcsút (population: 1,800), so it seemed only natural that he would join the team after one of his old-time acquaintances became team president there.
Orbán’s arrival to the club seemed to work like a charm as Felcsút FC immediately earned a promotion to the fifth league. The Prime Minister’s busy program did not allow him to attend every training session and game but Orbán did make an effort to contribute as much as possible on the field – there is a report of a government meeting being postponed as Orbán was unavailable due to attending Felcsút FC’s spring training camp. The 2001/2002 season brought another breakthrough for the side as Felcsút was promoted to the national level of the football pyramid after being crowned the champion of Fejér County. Sadly enough for Orbán, he suffered a defeat on another pitch – his party lost the 2002 election and Orbán was forced to move to an opposition role.
No matter what happened on the political playing field, Orbán would not abandon his club. Just before the 2002 elections, Felcsút was surprisingly appointed as one of the regional youth development centers by the Hungarian FA. Orbán continued contributing on the field as well (he had more spare time after all) but his off-the-field efforts provided much more value for the team as he used his political influence to convince right-wing businessmen that they should definitely get sponsorship deals done with the fourth-division village team.
Club management was able to transform the influx of funds into on-field success: Felcsút FC was promoted to the third division in 2004 and achieved promotion to the second division in 2005. Although these new horizons required a skill level that an aging ex-PM is not likely to possess, Orbán regularly played as a late game sub and even appeared in cup games against actual professional opponents. The now-42-year old Orbán did not want to face the challenge of the second division, so he retired in 2005 – but this did not stop him from temping as an assistant coach when the head coach was sacked in the middle of the 2005-2006 season.
Success on the playing field did not translate to political success: Orbán lost the elections once again in 2006. However, this was only a temporary loss: the ruling party committed blunder after blunder and by early 2007 it became absolutely obvious that Orbán would be able return to power in 2010. Now confident in his political future, Orbán opted for the acceleration of football development in Felcsút – by late 2007 he took over the presidency of the club to take matters in his own hands. Sponsors seeking to gain favor with the soon-to-be PM were swarming Felcsút FC, so the club was able to stand very strong in an era where financial stability was a very rare sight in the Hungarian football scene, accumulating three medals (but no promotion) between 2007 and 2009.
On the other hand, Orbán realized the value of youth development as well, and started a local foundation for this purpose back in 2004 that gathered funds for the establishment a boarding school-like football academy. The academy opened its doors in September 2006 (only the second of such institutions in the country) and Orbán immediately took upon the challenge of finding an appropriate name for the academy.
He went on to visit the now very sick Ferenc Puskás in the hospital to discuss using his name, but as Puskás’ medical situation was deteriorating rapidly, communication attempts were futile. Luckily enough Puskás’ wife (and soon to be widow) was able to act on his incapable husband’s behalf and approved the naming deal in a contract. According to the statement, naming rights were granted without compensation, as “Puskás would have certainly loved what’s happening down in Felcsút”. However, there was much more to the contract: Puskás’ trademark was handed to a sports journalist friend of Orbán (György Szöllősi, also acting communications director of the academy) who promised a hefty annual return for the family (and also a 45% share of the revenue for himself). Ferenc Puskás eventually died on 17 November 2006 and on 26 November 2006 the football academy was named after him: Puskás Academy was born.
Orbán shared his vision of the whole organization after the opening ceremony: “It’s unreasonable to think that Felcsút should have a team in the top division. We should not flatter ourselves, our players and our supporters with this dream. Our long term ambition is the creation of a stable second division team that excels in youth development and provides opportunity for the talents of the future.” Let’s leave that there.

Part 2: No stadium left behind

Orbán became PM once again in April 2010 after a landslide victory that pretty much granted him unlimited power. He chased lots of political agendas but one of his policies was rock solid: he would revive sports (and especially football) that was left to bleed out by the previous governments. The football situation in 2010 was quite dire: while the national team has actually made some progress in the recent years and has reached the 42nd position in the world rankings, football infrastructure was in a catastrophic state. Teams were playing in rusty stadiums built in the communist era, club finances were a mess, youth teams couldn’t find training grounds and the league was plagued by violent fan groups and lackluster attendance figures (3100 average spectators per game in the 2009/2010 season).
Orbán – aided by the FA backed by business actors very interested in making him happy – saw the future in the total rebuild of the football infrastructure. Vast amounts of state development funds were invested into the football construction industry that warmly welcomed corruption, cost escalation and shady procurement deals. In the end, money triumphed: over the last decade, new stadiums sprung out from nothing all over the country, dozens of new academies opened and pitches for youth development appeared on practically every corner. The final piece of the stadium renovation program was the completion of the new national stadium, Puskás Aréna in 2019 (estimated cost: 575 million EUR). Orbán commemorated this historic moment with a celebratory video on his social media that features a majestic shot of Orbán modestly kicking a CGI ball from his office to the new stadium.
Obviously, Orbán understood that infrastructure alone won’t suffice. He believed in the idea that successful clubs are the cornerstone of a strong national side as these clubs would compete in a high quality national league (and in international tournaments) that would require a constant influx of youth players developed by the clubs themselves. However, Orbán was not really keen on sharing the state’s infinite wealth with private club owners who failed to invest in their clubs between 2002 and 2010. The club ownership takeover was not that challenging as previous owners were usually happy to cut their losses, and soon enough most clubs came under Orbán’s influence. Some clubs were integrated deep into Orbán’s reach (Ferencváros and MTK Budapest club presidents are high ranking officials of Orbán’s party) while in other cases, indirect control was deemed sufficient (Diósgyőri VTK was purchased by a businessman as an attempt to display loyalty to Orbán).
Pouring taxpayer money into infrastructure (stadium) projects is relatively easy: after all, we are basically talking about overpriced government construction projects, there’s nothing new there. On the other hand, allocating funds to clubs that should be operating on a competitive market is certainly a tougher nut to crack. The obvious solutions were implemented: the state media massively overpaid for broadcasting rights and the national sports betting agency also pays a hefty sum to the FA, allowing for a redistribution of considerable amounts. However, given that the income side of Hungarian clubs was basically non-existent (match day income is negligible, the failed youth development system does not sell players), an even more radical solution was desperately needed. Also, there was definite interest in the development of a tool that would allow for differentiation between clubs (as in the few remaining non-government affiliated clubs should not receive extra money).
The solution came in 2011: the so-called TAO (“társasági adó” = corporate tax) system was introduced, granting significant tax deductions for companies if they offered a portion of their profits to sports clubs – however, in theory, funds acquired through TAO can be only used for youth development and infrastructure purposes. Soon enough, it became apparent that state authorities were not exactly interested in the enforcement of these restrictions, so some very basic creative accounting measures enabled clubs to use this income for anything they wanted to. Companies were naturally keen on cutting their tax burdens and scoring goodwill with the government, so TAO money immediately skyrocketed. Opportunistic party strongmen used their influence to convince local business groups to invest in the local clubs, enabling for the meteoric rise of multiple unknown provincial teams (Mezőkövesd [pop: 16,000], Kisvárda [pop: 16,000], Balmazújváros [pop: 17,000]) into the first division.
Although it’s not the main subject of this piece, I feel inclined to show you the actual results of Orbán’s grandiose football reform. While we do have our beautiful stadiums, we don’t exactly get them filled – league attendance has stagnated around 3000 spectators per game throughout the whole decade. We couldn’t really move forward with our national team either: Hungary lost 10 positions in the FIFA World Rankings throughout Orbán’s ten years. On the other hand, the level of league has somewhat improved – Videoton and Ferencváros reached the Europa League group stage in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Too bad that the Instat-based top team of 2019/2020 Hungarian league consists of 10 foreigners and only 1 Hungarian: the goalkeeper.

Part 3: Small place, big game!

As seen in the previous chapter, Orbán did have a strong interest in the improvement of the football situation Hungary, but we shouldn’t forget that his deepest interest and true loyalty laid in the wellbeing of Felcsút and its academy. Now that Orbán had limitless means to see to the advancement of his beloved club, he got to work immediately. Orbán handed over formal club management duties to his friend / protégé / middleman / businessman Lőrinc Mészáros in 2010, but no questions would ever arise of who is actually calling the shots.
First of all, no club can exist without a proper stadium. Although in 2011 Orbán explicitly stated that “Felcsút does not need a stadium as stadiums belong to cities”, no one was really surprised in 2012 when the construction of the Felcsút stadium was announced. Orbán was generous enough to donate the lands just in front of his summer home in the village for the project, locating the entrance a mere ten meters away from his residence. Construction works for the stunningly aesthetic 3,800-seater arena (in a village of 1,800 people) started in April 2012 and were completed in April 2014, making Felcsút’s arena the second new stadium of Orbán’s gigantic stadium revival program.
The estimated budget of the construction was 120 million EUR (31,500 EUR / seat) was financed by the Puskás Academy who explicitly stated that they did not use government funds for the project. Technically, this statement is absolutely true as the construction was financed through the TAO money offered by the numerous companies looking for tax deduction and Orbán’s goodwill. However, technically, this means that the country’s budget was decreased by 120 million EUR unrealized tax revenue. Naturally, the gargantuan football stadium looks ridiculously out of place in the small village, but there’s really no other way to ensure that your favorite team’s stadium is within 20 seconds of walking distance from your home.
Obviously, a proper club should also have some glorious history. Felcsút was seriously lagging behind on this matter as though Felcsút FC was founded in 1931, it spent its pre-Orbán history in the uninspiring world of the 5th-7th leagues of the country. Luckily enough, Orbán had already secured Puskás’ naming rights and they were not afraid to use it, so Felcsút FC was renamed to Puskás Academy FC in 2009. The stadium name was a little bit problematic as the Hungarian national stadium in Budapest had sadly had the dibs on Puskás’ name, so they had to settle with Puskás’ Spanish nickname, resulting in the inauguration of the Pancho Arena. But why stop here? Orbán’s sports media strongman György Szöllősi acted upon the contract with Puskás’ widow and transferred all Puskás’ personal memorabilia (medals, jerseys, correspondence) to the most suitable place of all: a remote village in which Puskás never even set foot in.
While the off-field issues were getting resolved, Orbán’s attention shifted to another important area: the actual game of football. Although academy players started to graduate from 2008 on, it very soon became painfully obvious that the academy program couldn’t really maintain even a second division side for now. In 2009, Orbán reached an agreement with nearby Videoton’s owner that effectively transformed Felcsút FC into Videoton’s second team under the name of Videoton – Puskás Akadémia FC. The mutually beneficent agreement would allow Videoton to give valuable playing time to squad players while it could also serve as a skipping step for Puskás Academy’s fresh graduates to a first league team. The collaboration resulted in two mid-table finishes and a bronze medal in the second division in the following three seasons that wasn’t really impressive compared to Felcsút FC’s standalone seasons.
It seemed that the mixture of reserve Videoton players and academy youth was simply not enough for promotion, and although Orbán had assured the public multiple times that his Felcsút project was not aiming for the top flight, very telling changes arose after the 2011/2012 season. Felcsút terminated the Videoton cooperation deal and used the rapidly accumulating TAO funds to recruit experienced players for the now independently operating Puskás Academy FC (PAFC). The new directive worked almost too well: PAFC won its division with a 10 point lead in its first standalone year which meant that they would have to appear in the first league prior to the completion of their brand-new Pancho Arena. Too bad that this glorious result had almost nothing to do with the academy - only two players were academy graduates of the side’s regular starting XI.
Orbán did not let himself bothered with the ridiculousness of an academy team with virtually no academy players being promoted to the first division as he stated that “a marathon runner shouldn’t need to explain why the other runners were much slower than him”. Orbán also displayed a rare burst of modesty as he added that “his team’s right place is not in the first league, and they will soon be overtaken by other, better sides”.
The promotion of PAFC to the first division made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Supporter groups were united in hatred all along the league and not surprisingly, away fans almost always outnumbered the home side at PAFC’s temporary home at Videoton’s Sóstói Stadium (demolished and rebuilt in its full glory since then). One of the teams, however, possessed an extraordinary degree of anger against PAFC: supporters of Budapest Honvéd – the only Hungarian team in which Ferenc Puskás played – felt especially awkward about the transfer of their club legend’s heritage to Felcsút. Tensions spiked at the PAFC – Honvéd game when home security forced Honvéd supporters to remove the “Puskás” part of their traditional “Puskás – Kispest – Hungary” banner – the team answered the insult with style as they secured a 4-0 victory supported by fans chanting “you can’t buy legends”.
Despite Orbán’s prognosis, other better sides did not rush to overtake his team, so PAFC, now residing in their brand new Pancho Arena, came through with a 14th and a 10th place in their first two seasons. Naturally, conspiracy theories began to formulate, speculating that government-friendly owners would certainly not be motivated to give their best against PAFC. However, as the league size was reduced to 12 for the 2015/2016 season, PAFC found themselves in a dire situation just before the final round: they needed a win and needed rival Vasas to lose against MTK in order to avoid relegation. PAFC’s draw seemed to be unlucky as they faced their arch-enemy Honvéd at home, but Honvéd displayed an absolute lackluster effort – fueling conspiracy theories – and lost the fixture 2 to 1 against a home side featuring four academy players. Vasas, however, did not disappoint, their 2-0 victory resulted in PAFC’s elimination and a very relaxed sigh all over the football community.
PAFC’s relegation seemed to be in accordance with Orbán’s 2013 statement, so public opinion supposed for a while that Orbán’s project came to a halting point and the Academy would go on to actually field academy players in the second division (especially as rostering foreign players was prohibited in the lower leagues). However, if you have read through this point, you know better than to expect Orbán to retreat – obviously, PAFC came back with a bang. With a ballsy move, PAFC didn’t even sell their foreign players, they just loaned them across the league, promising them that they would be able to return next year to the newly promoted team. The promise was kept as PAFC went into another shopping spree of experienced players (easily convincing lots of them to choose the second division instead of the first) and easily won the second league.
Orbán – now aware of his negligence – opted for the doubling the team’s budget, making PAFC the third most well-founded club in the whole country (only coming short to his friend’s Videoton and his party minion’s Ferencváros). With an actual yearly influx from TAO money in the ballpark of 30-40 million EUR, PAFC management had to really work wonders in creative accounting in order to make their money look somewhat legitimate. The books were now full of ridiculous items like:
Naturally, in the country of no consequences, absolutely nothing happened: PAFC went on with its spending and signed 35 foreigners between 2017 and 2020. They did so because they could not hope to field a winning team in the first league consisting of academy players, despite the fact that Puskás Academy has been literally drowning in money since 2007. This seems to somewhat contradict Orbán’s 2013 promise, stating that “Puskás Academy will graduate two or three players to major European leagues each year”. To be fair, there have been players who managed to emerge to Europe (well, exactly two of them: Roland Sallai plays at Freiburg, László Kleinheisler played at Werder Bremen) but most academy graduates don’t even have the slightest the chance to make their own academy’s pro team as it’s full of foreigners and more experienced players drawn for other teams’ programs.
Despite their unlimited funding, PAFC could not put up a top-tier performance in their first two years back in the first division, finishing 6th and 7th in the 12-team league. Many speculated that the lack of support, motivation and even a clear team mission did not allow for chemistry to develop within the multinational and multi-generational locker room. Consistency was also a rare sight on the coaching side: club management was absolutely impatient with coaches who were very easily released after a single bad spell and there were talks of on-field micromanagement request coming from as high as Orbán.
Even so, their breakthrough came dangerously close in 2018 as PAFC performed consistently well in the cup fixtures and managed to reach the final. Their opponent, Újpest played an incredibly fierce game and after a 2-2 draw, they managed to defeat PAFC in the shootout. Football fans sighed in relief throughout the country as ecstatic Újpest supporters verbally teased a visibly upset Orbán in his VIP lounge about his loss.
Obviously, we could only delay the inevitable. While this year’s PAFC side seemed to be more consistent than its predecessors, it seemed that they won’t be able to get close to the podium - they were far behind the obvious league winner duo of Ferencváros and Videoton and were trailing third-place Mezőkövesd 6 points just before the pandemic break. However, both Mezőkövesd and PAFC’s close rivals DVTK and Honvéd fall flat after the restart while PAFC was able to maintain its good form due to its quality roster depth. PAFC overtook Mezőkövesd after the second-to-last round as Mezőkövesd lost to the later relegated Debrecen side. (Mezőkövesd coach Attila Kuttor was fined harshly because of his post-game comments on how the FA wants PAFC to finish third.)
PAFC faced Honvéd in the last round once again, and as Honvéd came up with its usual lackluster effort, PAFC secured an effortless win, confidently claiming the third place. PAFC celebrated their success in a nearly empty stadium, however neither Orbán, nor Mészáros (club owner, Orbán’s protégé, now 4th richest man of Hungary) seemed to worry about that. While Orbán high-fived with his peers in the VIP lounge, Mészáros was given the opportunity to award the bronze medals (and for some reason, a trophy) to the players dressed up in the incredibly cringe worthy T-shirts that say “Small place, big game!”. Big game, indeed: in the 2019/2020 season, foreign players’ share of the teams playing time was 43.6% while academy graduates contributed only 17.9%.
On Sunday evening, less than 24 hours after PAFC’s glorious success, György Szöllősi, now editor-in-chief of Hungary’s only sports newspaper (purchased by Orbán’s affiliates a few years back) published an editorial on the site, stating that “the soccer rebuild in Felcsút became the motor and symbol of the revitalization of sport throughout the whole country”. Well, Szöllősi is exactly right: Felcsút did became a symbol, but a symbol of something entirely different. Felcsút became a symbol of corruption, inefficiency, lies and the colossal waste of money. But, hey, at least we know now: you only need to spend 200 million EUR (total budget of PAFC and its academy in the 2011-2020 period) if you want to have a Europa League team in your backyard. Good to know!

Epilogue: What's in the future?

As there is no foreseeable chance for political change to happen Hungary (Orbán effortlessly secured qualified majority in 2014 and 2018, and is projected to do so in 2022 as well), PAFC’s future seems to be as bright as it gets. Although consensus opinion now seems to assume that Orbán does not intend to interfere with the Ferencváros – Videoton hegemony, we can never be really sure about the exact limits of his greed. One could also argue that entering the European theater serves as a prime opportunity for making splashy transfers who could be the cornerstones of a side challenging the league title.
However, as all political systems are deemed to fall, eventually Orbán’s regime will come apart. Whoever will take upon the helm after Orbán, they will certainly begin with cutting back on the one item on Orbán’s agenda that never had popular support: limitless football spending. Puskás Academy, having next to zero market revenue, will not be able to survive without the state’s life support, so the club will fold very shortly. The abandoned, rotting stadium in Felcsút will serve as a memento of a powerful man who could not understand the true spirit of football.
But let’s get back to present day, as we have more pressing issues coming up soon: PAFC will play their first European match in the First qualifying round of the Europa League on 27 August. We don’t have a date for the draw yet, but soon enough, a team unaware of the whole situation will be selected to face the beast. I hope that maybe one of their players does some research and maybe reads this very article for inspiration. I hope that the supporters of this club get in touch with Honvéd fans who would be eager to provide them with some tips on appropriate chants. I hope that other teams gets drawn as the home team so Orbán wouldn’t get the pleasure of walking to his stadium for an international match. But most importantly, I very much hope that this team obliterates PAFC and wipes them off the face of the earth. 5-0 will suffice, thank you.
And if this team fails to do that, we don’t have to worry yet. Due to our shitty league coefficient, PAFC would need to win four fixtures in a row. And that – if there’s any justice in this world – is a thing that can’t, that won’t happen. Ball don’t lie – if I may say.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán redirected some 200 million EUR of taxpayer money over 10 years to fuel his ambition of raising a competitive football team in his hometown of 1,800 people. He built a 3,800-seater stadium in his backyard, expropriated football legend Ferenc Puskás’ trademarks and heritage and built up a football league where almost all clubs are owned by his trustees. His team, Puskás Akadémia FC was originally intended to be a development ground for youth players graduating from Orbán’s football academy, but eventually the team became more and more result-orianted. Finally, a roster full of foreign and non-academy players came through and finished third in the league, releasing this abomination of a team to the European football theatre. Please, knock them out asap!
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In response to the post asking how to stay safe online - How to actually stay safe online

There was some advice thrown around in that post, but to me the explanation given did not do it justice, or it wasn't an informative enough explanation at least. So here's my advice! I use majority of these every day. In the post I added subheadings that gives you a summary of what software/alternative to use. If you want to read my reasoning why, feel free too. It can get lengthy though!
Disclaimer: This post is just to give you something as a starting point. You can always add to these measures to be safer online! So the purpose of this is just to have a solid foundation that you guys can add/modify. Stay safe!

To begin with, you might think that browsing in incognito is safe enough for the government not to track you. The only thing this protects you from is your history being tracked. That's it. Despite them heavily marketing it as a "private" way of browsing, it's not the entire picture.
Just remember that in every single app/software that you download, and each device you use, think of it as a person you're handing off your data to. Is the person trustworthy? Will this person betray you and sell your data to the highest bidder? What's stopping this person from running away with my data? Are there privacy laws in their country of origin that make it illegal for them to do this? Is it possible that these guys just put privacy as a front and actually have an ulterior motive? What's their track record?
Now with all that in place, let's pick out some of the things that are known to not track you.

Operating Systems

Mobile Phones
A lot of mobile phone brands used by Filipinos are Chinese phones. Huawei, Vivo are ones that I can think off the top of my head. Huawei has had multiple scandals that proves that they cannot be trusted. Other Chinese brands cannot be trusted as well because you're giving them free access to a window of your life. They're also the role models of our current government, so any data they have about you our government will have as well. I decided to put this section at the very top because even if you follow everything else in the post, it will be for naught if you have a Chinese phone. It's time to get rid of it for other brands, or even Apple.
However, if you are unable to, then you must explore the custom OS route. This does not solve everything because if the tracking is in a hardware level, which it likely is, then this would still be for naught. But if you have an Android phone that isn't a Chinese brand, keep reading.
In this post are a list of custom operating systems, some built on top of Android with a focus on privacy. Yes Android is under Google, but Android is open sourced and the worrying parts can be removed. This will require some technical skill though to replace your phone's OS. So unfortunately, I cannot provide any help with this. You have to do your due diligence and research about it!
Importante din ang smartphone. This comment might be controversial but I will say it anyway, get rid of your chinese phone. Pero if you still want your chinese phone, you can install custom rom. I highly suggest LineageOSas a custom rom pero you need to remember na select phone lang siya compatible. For security and privacy out of the box ang hanap nyo at nahihirapan kayo maginstall ng custom rom, just use iPhone.
For Android phones, you still have to configure your phone to harden its security, aka hardening. doppelbot linked a great resource for this!
Mobile Apps
Our commonly used apps have a lot of tracking in them by default since this is how they earn money, through ads. For android, as pointed out by boywithapplesauce, you can find a lot of open source versions of your commonly used apps in FDroid (open source version of the Play Store).
Other FDroid apps to consider: Blokada, DNS66, WebApps, Nextcloud, Firefox Klar
Disclaimer: Using these FOSS (free and open source software) alternatives aren't a silver bullet to the problem. There's still the fact that that you're using the service of a company that doesn't care about your right. I would use this as the very last option if you have no other choice but to use their service.
Stay away from Windows 10. They're a privacy nightmare and they're infested with tracking even if you "disable" their telemetry (tracking). Opt for Linux or at the very least macOS if you're able to. Linux is free and they have great distros like Ubuntu, PopOS, Linux Mint, and Solus. You could also try installing Arch if you're feeling brave :).
With this you'll have a clean base, free from tracking! Generally Linux distros are great, but this is a double-edged sword since one can advertise it as a Linux distro while adding trackers to it. Be careful.
Be sure to enable disk encryption during installation. Use a strong password for this encryption too. This way if things go really bad for you, let's say you get raided by the cops and they confiscate your PC, your data will be difficult to extract from the disk because it's all encrypted. You can see the password manager section to help* you keep track of your passwords.


Use Mullvad. ProtonVPN is a second choice too.
VPNs will not make you anonymous online, their only job is to make sure that your ISP cannot spy on you because your traffic from your computer and the website you're connecting to is encrypted. Normally this traffic can be intercepted and peeked into, but VPNs prevent that from happening. However, one thing to note is that you have to trust the VPN provider. To protect you from your ISP, your traffic has to go through their servers. This means, your traffic can be monitored by these guys. This is why it's crucial to pick the right one. This is also why it's time to ditch those janky ass Chinese VPN or Opera VPNs. Those are shit.
Nord, Express, PIA, and any other USA-based VPN cannot be trusted despite their no logging policy. You can't say for sure that they don't log your data because because their privacy laws are not as strict and not as heavily enforced as their EU counterparts. The account is also tied to your personal information such as your real name, payment info, and email. This is extremely dangerous because once they get compromised, your data can be traced back to you. Your only options really are Mullvad VPN ($5.5/mo) and ProtonVPN. I am in no way affiliated with these, I just like to point them out because they're the gold standard of VPNs. Mullvad is also much cheaper than ProtonVPN if you want to get their paid plan.
Why Mullvad?
Mullvad does not store any information about you, at all. Not even an email, password, username, names, none. The only thing tied to your account is an account number that was generated for you. It does not store any payment information, it does not log anything. There's no way that account can be traced back to you, unless Mullvad gets sold off or hacked. In terms of security, they have an independent party to audit them.
Warning about TOR and VPN
After checking out ProtonVPN, they have this option called TOR over VPN. You might think, hey this is more secure right since you're connected to a TOR network? Nope. The purpose of TOR is to make you anonymous, by having a VPN while being connected to TOR, this will leave a permanent trail, and that's not something you want because it means you can be traced, which defeats the whole point of TOR. In fact, it's more dangerous that you're connected to a VPN while using TOR, than just using a VPN.
But Tor doesn't encrypt your traffic. So how can you make sure that you can't be spied on by the government? You can use Tor Bridges to hide the fact that you're using a Tor network. Bridges are ran by volunteers. Read more
In terms of hiding your data from the government, VPNs are sufficient because that's the use case they solve. Connecting to Tor might be over the top for this purpose. However, if you want to go beyond government tracking then Tor + Tor Bridge is a way better option than Tor + VPN.


Use Firefox
Browsers are the gateway to the internet, so it has to be secure. Use Firefox. Ditch your Chrome browsers! I know, you're probably used to it and have it customized the way you like it. But Firefox is the only browser that fights for your right of privacy. Chrome is under Google and they are notorious for tracking and selling your data to advertisers. All the Chrome variants out there that haven't been "unchromified" are all terrible browsers in terms of privacy as well. Yes, this includes Edge and yes this also includes your mobile browsers. Use Firefox! Firefox is the only browser where you can configure it to block trackers and even features that will risk you getting tracked. Chrome has extensions that do these, but the fact that it's not baked into its source code makes it inferior to Firefox.
Configure Firefox
Recommended Firefox addons
After configuring be sure to run tests like DNS leak and WebRTC leak tests. Check if you want a comprehensive rundown of tests. You can also configure Firefox to delete all browsing and download history, and cookies. In case your PC/phone get seized, there will be nothing on it. No evidence against you that you were conspiring against the government.
Mobile Browsers
It's time for you to ditch Chrome and Safari.
For Android you have Firefox, and Bromite. Bromite is pretty much an unchromified browser and is pretty good.
For iOS you can use Firefox, and DuckDuckGo.

Password Manager

Use Bitwarden
I have a lot of friends that still use basic passwords like their birthdays or nicknames, and this is dangerous. If they become a suspect of someone, their accounts can be easily accessed without much effort because of how ridiculously easy their passwords are to guess. (See PLDT's twitter account getting hacked for example!) So, what do password managers have to do with security and privacy? They greatly enhance your security of your online accounts. You can have a 100 character password (as long as the website supports it, which most do) and won't have the burden of remembering it. You just need 1 master password, which you can use a passphrase password for. Be sure this is a strong password. Try to remember just one long password, I know you can do it! Some password managers also allow you to have TOTP or OTP code generation built-in to them. If you don't already know, 2 factor authentication makes sure that there's an extra verification step before you can login to your account. OTP is one of them and it generates a unique code combination every 30 seconds. I really suggest setting up OTP for all your accounts. Ditch SMS verification because you can easily be a victim of SIM hijacking. Ditch email because, it's more inconvenient than having a TOTP generator.

Okay, hopefully that explains why you need a password manager and that you have to enable OTP verification. Now what are your options? Bitwarden. It's an open source password manager and is available in all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS). It's frequently audited and its free tier is extremely generous.

Instant Messaging/Social Media/Email

Instant Messaging: Use Signal App
Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and I don't know what other hip and cool social media platforms are out there. These are all not secure. It is an extremely bad idea to have privacy-sensitive conversations. Any app under Facebook you should not use because they're one of the worst offenders of privacy. Anyone that sells ads to you tracks your information and keeps it in a database. Telegram may tout that it's privacy-focused but that really isn't the case. Telegram by default does not offer encrypted conversations. That's only available in "secret chat", which you can't set up for group conversations. So your group and individual conversations are all unencrypted. I can't even begin with Tik Tok, just stay away from it, please.
What IM should you use then? Signal It's open-source, audited and peer-reviewed to provide the highest quality encryption out there. Its entire premise is to fight your right for privacy by providing the best privacy IM out there. If you're a developer, you can review their code here Try your best to convince your friends that are afraid of the government but still want to have conversations against them to use Signal.
Social Media
This is difficult because social media greatly depends on its audience. If you need social media to schedule protests and if Signal won't suffice then look into these options:
Email: Use ProtonMail
I know that gmail is widely used, but given my reasons above, do not trust Google. Ditch Google, opt in for a service that actually cares about privacy. I'm personally using ProtonMail. With these guys you can manage multiple emails in ONE ACCOUNT. You can set up burner emails that only receive emails and not send. You can dispose these burner emails and make new ones in case it gets compromised. These guys are based on Switzerland and if I'm not mistaken, ProtonVPN are under these guys as well. Always prioritize software under EU because of their privacy laws, unless they don't respect it of course. Which means legal trouble for them anyway so I highly doubt it.

Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is your friend. Google search, Yahoo, and Bing aren't.

Online presence

This is where a lot of people end up making a mistake. You can follow all of the previous bullet points but when you use an account that has your real information in it, you've undone all your up until this point. DO NOT use your real name. DO NOT use Facebook because I have several friends that used aliases and they were forced by Facebook to use their real name and to provide an valid ID before they approved the change. I'll just outline these:

Why? Your friends cannot be trusted. I know you guys have DDS friends and with the new bill, this is very dangerous. Facebook groups for protests are also very dangerous. Group chats are dangerous.
If you haven't already and if you are able to, just delete Facebook/TwitteInstagram/Tik Tok. Your life is better off without them. Trust me, and well all the other people that have gotten rid of these. It makes your life so much better.

Deleting your data/Temporary sessions

When shit hits the fan, you're gonna have to have a method to delete everything, quickly. Unfortunately how your data gets removed largely depends on the website/app you're using. For example, it'll take 30 days for Facebook to make your account inaccessible. Even with this there's no guarantee that your data has actually been wiped clean from Facebook's database.
Directory of links for deleting accounts online
Disclaimer: Deleting your account does not mean your data was actually deleted on the servers. Which is why you have to be really careful on what website/app you use.
Computer data
If you have to delete your data right away you simply just have to destroy the medium. Reformatting is not enough. Data can always be recovered from disk which is why disk encryption is so important. To delete your data for good from your disk, you have to destroy the medium.
  1. Remove storage (hdd/ssd) and memory modules
  2. Drill a hole in them
  3. Break the ram modules in half
  4. Microwave RAM modules
If you prefer something less violent and destructive, make sure (as mentioned in the post) to install your OS with disk encryption enabled. A lot of Linux distros offer this and it's not difficult to set up. Then, all you have to do is just to boot into a live USB and wipe out your disk. This option is not as safe as destroying your disk. It's really best if you have something that does not store data on disk (See temporary sessions).
Mobile phone data
You can factory reset your phone and pray to god that your data wasn't sent to a server. You can also remove your phone's storage and memory but that's way more difficult than a computer. You could also just drill a hole in your phone's storage and memory!
Temporary Sessions
This is when you need a medium that's temporary and that doesn't store data. Live OS are great at this, but they're only as good as your hardware.
Tails Linux is great. Put it in a USB, boot into it and you can carry on browsing. It also has Tor built into it as an added bonus.
See more:

See also: - Thanks LecheKaFlan!

Edit 1: Added links
Edit 2: Added reference links
Edit 3: Added search engine
Edit 4: Added explanation for why Tor + VPN is not a good idea, and what you can do to encrypt your Tor traffic.
Edit 5: Added section for mobile phones and desktop operating systems. Thanks boywithapplesauce and ttankdestroyer!
Edit 6: Added social media alternatives and data deletion. Thanks Yssl!
Edit 7: Added mobile browsers. Thanks r4iv3n!
Edit 8: Added more FOSS operating systems and smartphone hardening resource. Thanks doppelbot!
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