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[OC] An insight in the world of football kits - 454 teams that play in the most unusual colors

I would like to start with a humble warning, that this will be a longer than "usual" post. Hopefully, it will compensate with the amount of information you might deem as interesting. :)

After finishing my first journey into the world of colors in football, by counting which teams play in red & black color combination, I decided to pursue my next curiosity:
How many football teams in the world play in unusual colors?
By this, I was thinking of teams which have a “main” color that is rarely used (grey, brown, purple, pink, etc.) or use an uncommon color combination.
Because of this coronavirus madness that is going on, I was able to spend more hours for this project than I planned, so in the end I was able to go into almost every single league in the world. I checked teams from over 400 divisions, of different tiers, from all continents. Although it’s not an official list, I tried to include as many clubs as possible on it.
Now, you're probably asking yourself "How do you measure how rare or how common is in football a color / combination of colors?"
An exact answer is impossible to give, so I started the study using my own experience as a football supporter, finally finding an useful purpose for the thousands of hours spent on watching football games. Therefore, I used a subjective point of view and excluded the color combinations that I, personally, considered to be the most common in football teams, namely:

The selection criteria for the teams were as follows:
  1. The team should have their main kit in colors which are different than the ones enumerated above;
  2. The team must have played or been associated with the colors for several seasons;
  3. The team should be currently active (dissolved clubs were not included).

But enough introduction, let’s jump straight into the list of the most uncommon kit colors in the world of football:

CATEGORY I - Teams with 1 main color

1. Purple (includes purple+white or purple+black) - [73 clubs]
Notable teams: Fiorentina, Anderlecht, Toulouse, Austria Vienna, Real Valladolid.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - CE Carroi (Andorra), SV Austria Salzburg, Austria Klagenfurt (Austria), K Beerschot VA (Belgium), Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), NK Dubrava (Croatia), Daventry Town FC (England), Istres (France), VfL Osnabrück, Erzgebirge Aue (Germany), Ujpest, Békéscsaba 1912, Kecskemet TE (Hungary), ACD Legnano, AS Ostia Mare, Gioiese, Casoria Calcio 1979 (Italy), St. Andrews FC (Malta), FC Argeș, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, ACS Poli Timișoara (Romania), FK Graficar (Serbia), KFC Komarno (Slovakia), NK Maribor (Slovenia), Real Jaen, Alameda de Osuna EF, CD Becerril, Atletico Guadalajara, CD Guadalajara, CD Liendo, CD Santurtzi, CD Palencia, La Baneza (Spain) (Spain), Afjet Afyonspor, Hacettepe, Orduspor (Turkey).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

2. Burgundy (includes burgundy+white, or similar shades: maroon, claret, dark red, wine red) - [74 clubs]
Notable teams: AC Torino, Metz, Sparta Prague, CFR Cluj.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - FK Sarajevo (Bosnia), Chelmsford City, FC Northampton Town (England), JJK Jyväskylä (Finland), Dynamo Berlin (Germany), AEL Larissa (Greece), UM Selfoss (Iceland), Galway United (Ireland), Reggina, Cittadella, Salernitana, Trapani, Livorno, US Pontedera, Arezzo, Reggio Audace FC, Fano, US Capistrello, AC Morrone, AC Locri, ASD Bovalinese, Borgosesia Calcio, Milano City FC, Union Clodiense Chioggia, USD Breno, Olympia Agnonese, ASD Travestere Calcio, AC Nardo, ASD Citta di Acireale (Italy), FC Džiugas Telšiai (Lithuania), Nardo FK (Norway), CD Fatima, Clube Oriental de Lisboa (Portugal), Rapid Bucharest, Viitorul Ianca (Romania), AC Libertas (San Marino), Heart of Midlothian FC, Stenhousemuir FC (Scotland), NK Triglav Kranj (Slovenia), Independiente de Vallecas, CD Cenicero (Spain), Hatayspor, İnegölspor, Bandirmaspor, Elazigspor (Turkey), Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (Wales).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

3. Orange (includes orange+white) - [54 clubs]
--- full photo gallery here ---

4. Pink (includes pink+black) - [7 clubs]

5. Cream - [3 clubs]
Universitario, Universidad Tecnica Cajamarca, Leon de Huanuco (all from Peru).

6. Grey - [5 clubs]

7. Brown (includes brown+white) - [7 clubs]

CATEGORY II - Teams with 2 main colors

1. Green + Red [34 clubs]
Notable teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Maritimo Funchal
Other teams (full photo galllery here):

2. Green + Blue [16 clubs]
Notable teams: Seattle Sounders
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

3. Blue + Azure (or any other combination of two shades of blue) [28 clubs]
Notable teams: Zenit St. Petersburg, Sydney FC
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

4. Orange + Blue [24 clubs]
Notable teams: Montpellier, Istanbul Bașakșehir
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

5. Orange + Green [5 clubs]

6. Orange + Grey [2 clubs]
AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), Forge FC (Canada).

7. Orange + Purple [1 club] - FK Armavir (Russia)

8. Purple + Yellow [6 clubs]

9. Claret + Yellow / Amber [4 clubs]

10. Claret + Gold [2 clubs]
Deportes Tolima (Colombia), Stellenbosch FC (South Africa)

11. Claret + Blue [22 clubs]
Notable teams: Aston Villa, Burnley, West Ham United, Trabzonspor
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

12. Claret + Green [1 club] - Ciudad de Plasencia CF (Spain)

13. Pink + Blue [5 clubs]

14. Brown + Blue [1 club] - Al-Kawkab FC (Saudi Arabia)

15. Brown + Yellow [2 clubs]
Trujillanos FC (Venezuela), Ohod Club (Saudi Arabia)

16. Brown + Amber [1 club] - Sutton United (England)

17. Grey + Red [4 clubs]
UEFA - Cremonese (Italy), Pembroke Athleta FC (Malta), Strommen IF (Norway), Club Esportiu Jupiter (Spain).

18. Grey + Blue [2 club]

19. Lime Green + Black [10 clubs]

20. Lime Green + White [1 club] - Pirata FC (Peru)

CATEGORY III - Teams with 3 main colors

1. Blue + Yellow + Red [3 clubs]

2. Blue + Yellow + White [1 club] - CA Bella Vista (Uruguay)

3. Blue + Yellow + Black [1 club] - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)

4. Blue + Green + White [1 club] - St. Louis FC (USA)

5. Blue + Orange + White [2 clubs]

6. Orange + Green + Black [1 club] - Venezia (Italy)

7. Orange + Green + White [1 club] - Deportivo Masaya (Nicaragua)

8. Green + Yellow + Black [1 club] - GKS Jastrzębie (Poland)

9. Green + Yellow + Red [4 clubs]

10. Green + Red + White [13 clubs]
Notable teams: Fluminense
Other teams:

11. Green + Red + Black [11 clubs]

12. Green + Black + White [2 clubs]

13. Green + Burgundy + White [2 clubs]

14. Red + Orange + Black [1 club] - Nagoya Grampus (Japan)

15. Red + Yellow + Black [8 clubs]

16. Claret + Blue + Yellow [1 club] - Madureira EC (Brazil)

17. Pink + Blue + White [1 club] - Yangon United (Myanmar)

Category IV - Teams with 4 main colors

1. Red + Yellow + Green + White [4 clubs]

2. Red + Yellow + Blue + White [1 club] - ASDC Verbania (Italy)

3. Red + Yellow + Blue + Black [1 club] - Coras de Nayarit (Mexico)

Here they are. 454 teams from across the entire the world, from Feroe Island to Papua New Guinea or the 4th Italian league. This should be about it. However, if there are by any chance teams that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them on the list.
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!
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Geomancy: Subject J-95

Subject Record: J-95 Age: 40
Report: A composite narrative of events based upon the accounts of several interviewed individuals including the subject himself.
“Step forward.”
Jasper did as he was told, making a point to not stare the CO down the way he would usually when given a direct command. It was the way of things in prison. You acted dangerous when you were scared. Defiant when you didn’t care. You walked the line between pleasing the keepers and the kept or you became prey.
But now wasn’t the time for that. If everything went well, after this experiment was done, he’d be free with a $2,000 stipend and early termination of his parole. During the past six months of needles and tests, he’d been terrified that they’d stop coming for him. Reject him without a word or a chance for him to beg for another shot. It was only now that he was past that final threshold of acceptance, as he was stepping into the back of a black passenger van that looked far too nice for state issue, that his fear of what was ahead of him began to finally take hold.
All he’d been told was that he’d been identified based upon his prior medical records as a potential candidate for an experiment that was conducting limited human trials. That it was nothing that he had to do, but if he wanted to get the remainder of his twenty-year sentence commuted, he should give it some serious consideration.
It hadn’t even been a question. The five years he’d spent inside had already left a permanent stain on him—he was tainted by a kind of fear and cynicism that had sunk deep into his bones, and he spent most of his time either crushingly bored or anxious. He’d learned to adapt, sure, but that adaptation had come at a cost. He wasn’t the same as he’d been when he first came into this place. Another fifteen? He wouldn’t recognize himself at all.
So he jumped at the chance. No questions, no wavering, no real wondering at what the experiment might be that it required prisoners to have willing subjects. That kind of thinking would just get him in to trouble. He had to keep his head down and follow the light at the end of the tunnel. Because that light meant escape. Freedom. A bright future that was worth a bit of sacrifice along the way.
But sitting in the back of the van as it trundled north through back roads for hours on end, he felt those doubts and worries creeping in. He wanted to ask the driver where they were going, but the man hadn’t acknowledged him beyond brief, nodding eye contact through the steel mesh that divided the driver’s compartment from the back. Even if the guy was talkative, how much did he know? Probably not much. No, better that he wait until he was there. Talk to whoever was behind this. It’d probably be some doctor or scientist, and they’d likely love the chance to brag about their stupid experiment. Talk down to the inmate, the scum, they got in to play guinea pig.
And that was fine. He could play his part. He could take some pain or shame or whatever they had in mind. Just so long as at the end of it, he…
What the fuck?
He saw through the van’s windshield that they had broken through the trees and into a large field that had been converted into a private airstrip of sorts. Three hundred yards of asphalt, punctuated by a small trailer on one end and what looked like a private jet on the other. This…this wasn’t right. What was going on here?
He leaned up as far as his seat restraint would let him. “Hey, guy? What is all this?”
The man glanced back in the mirror as he braked the van near the plane end of the runway. “This is your stop. Guy.”
With that, the man got out and went around to open the sliding door. Another man had joined him from somewhere—this one had a pistol in his hand and hard, blue pebble eyes that stayed trained on Jasper while the driver unlocked him from the seat and stepped back. Jasper caught the driver’s eye, and for a moment he thought the man was going to say more, but then he just shook his head and gestured to the guy with the gun. “Go with him. Have a safe trip.”
Ten minutes later, he was in the air.
The flight lasted over two hours, and that was followed by another three hours in the car. He had no idea where he was, but he knew the sun was setting through trees that looked like swamp cypress and the temperature was at least twenty degrees warmer than it had been at the penitentiary. That’s when they rounded the last twist in the driveway and Jasper first caught a glimpse of the strangest house he’d ever seen.
It reminded him of an iceberg and a crown and one of those spikey sea things…urchins. Its walls and windows were made of seemingly random combinations of glass and metal and stone, all swirling together as though it was slowly melting. It must have been five stories high in spots, and as large as many mansions, but for all that, he wondered how you were supposed to live or work in there. If it was a home, it wasn’t comfortable. If it was a lab, it wasn’t practical or a good use of space. In fact, it looked more like a giant work of abstract art or some kind of alien spaceship that had decided to park itself in the middle of a mosquito-ridden bog. But how could that be? Why would anyone do that? And who was that waiting out front for them? Was she the one behind all this?
The middle-aged woman stood in front of the only visible door to the building—a towering thing of black wood and jagged streaks of colored glass that seemed to curve with the rounded contours of the wall that held it.
The woman didn’t speak to them initially—simply opened the front door and ushered them inside. The interior was more curved walls intersected by straight angles. Not just the walls, but the floors and the ceilings too. It felt like being trapped in a funhouse mirror, and they weren’t through the third room before he felt his growing sense of disorientation turning into nausea. The room they ended up in lay closer to the center of the building, and while its shape was no less disconcerting than the rest, at least he was given a chair to sit in and a glass of water before restraints were placed on his ankles and wrists. The way they tied his arms was strange—out to his sides and with his palms and inner forearms pointed toward the rippled ceiling. He didn’t like it, especially in this place, but he didn’t expect them to leave him loose, and maybe they needed to get to a vein or something for…whatever this was. He just had to play it cool, wait for them to tell him something or start doing something, and see what…
“I bet you’re wondering what you’re doing here.”
The voice came from behind his right shoulder and was distinctly feminine, with a slight lilt to it that sounded European. Turning his head, he saw that the woman was smiling down at him. “I understand how you must feel. This place, these proceedings, it’s all very strange, isn’t it?” She gestured to the two men who had tied him down and they pulled her up a chair before stepping back to the edges of the room. Moving to it, she sat down and scooted closer to him, her pale grey eyes seemingly magnified behind the gold-rimmed glasses she wore. She looked like an owl studying a mouse, and he found himself wishing she wouldn’t sit so close, staring at him like…wait, she wanted a response.
Trying to return her smile, he shrugged as best he could. “I’m curious, but I’m just happy to help. This is a big opportunity for me, so I’ll do what you need doing.”
The woman’s smile widened. “How wonderful. I appreciate your cooperation and your candor.”
He realized with a jolt that maybe she wanted to tell him about it. To brag, just like he’d guessed that morning. Swallowing, he hastily added, “No problem. And if you want to tell me about it, I’d sure like to hear what the experiment is about.”
Letting out a small chuckle, she glanced at her watch and nodded. “Certainly. We have a moment to spare before we begin, and I think I’d feel better if you understood what’s going on. The importance of what you’re a part of.” She leaned back in her chair and folded her hands into her lap as she regarded him. “You never knew your parents, did you?”
He felt his eyes widen in surprise. “Um…no. No, I didn’t. I was an orphan until I was twelve, and then I lived with my foster parents until I ran off at sixteen.”
She nodded with a sigh. “Yes, I know. It’s hard growing up without knowing where you’re from, isn’t it? I’m much the same, you know. My father raised me, but my mother died during childbirth, and we had no other family close by. I spent my childhood reading, learning from my father, and playing with the housekeeper’s son.” Shaking her head, she reached out to pat his forearm. “But, much like you, I was destined for more than just sliding through the husks of my ancestors. We…” she took her hand from his arm and placed it under her nose before sucking in an expansive breath that caused her nostrils to flare. “We are meant to outgrow that which has come before, yes?”
Jasper felt his heart starting to pick up speed. This woman might not just be rich and strange. She might also be crazy. Dangerous. He tried to maintain his poker face, but he was already wondering if he had enough leverage to flip his chair or break out of the restraints if he suddenly needed to. Escape was the furthest thought from his mind—he knew that never worked in the long-term—but he didn’t want to get tortured to death by some nut-job either.
Still, for now she was just talking, going on about genetics or something, and wait, what?
“Excuse me, can you say that last part again?”
The woman blinked and then smirked. “I said that I was so happy when we found you again. Even then, we had to confirm your genome was intact, that your genetic structure had not been compromised in some fashion, but no…you are for all practical purposes, perfect. 99.92% perfect, to be exact.”
He felt himself frowning, but he didn’t care. “Lady, I’m far from perfect. But what do you mean, ‘found me again’?
Her smile widened as her owl eyes danced behind their panes of glass. “Just what I said. You are the product of an experiment that has been going on for nearly a century since its inception in Zasole. Genetic manipulation, selective breeding, trait mapping down to nearly the atomic level. All to create a keystone that could unlock the wonders of the universe.”
Jasper shook his head slightly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. And that…that’s okay.” He felt his tongue growing thick in his mouth and he swallowed again nervously. “Why…why don’t you just tell me what you’re planning on doing to me?”
Now the woman laughed, patting her knee lightly as she glanced at the other men in the room. “Why Mr. Emerson, that’s exactly what I’m doing.” She suddenly frowned at him. “Do you know what Geomancy is?”
He didn’t know what she was talking about, but he didn’t want to make her angry by giving the wrong response either. In the end, he settled for just slightly shaking his head. Seemingly mollified, she gave a curt nod and went on.
“It’s a form of divination. A way of seeing the future and unlocking knowledge usually kept away from the likes of us. My family has practiced it for centuries with great success, but always with certain limitations. In more recent times, however, we have turned to science for help. Science is…well, it’s very limited and crude, but it is an effective tool at times, yes? It can give new perspectives and resources.”
She gestured at the room. “For instance, this building was built with the assistance of 3d-modeling, machine fabricators, and synthetic polymers that are not even available commercially yet. Its nuances, the exacting demands of its shapes and patterns…well, it would have taken decades to build in times past, and even then the slightest flaw could have ruined everything. Now? We built it in four years, and I have no reservations when I say it is practically perfect as well.”
Her gaze fixed back on Jasper as she stood and began to pace. “As it must be. It is part of the greatest geomantic structure ever constructed—an edifice that not only represents the collected occult and scientific knowledge of untold centuries, but will, when complete, provide a divination tool that is powerful beyond imagining.” She paused to turn back to him, her smile wolfish as her eyes found his own. “Others have tried, you know. They’ve made temples. They’ve drawn elaborate mandalas. Some, recognizing the power of living patterns, have even fashioned skeins of bleeding flesh. But they’ve all failed to achieve what we will achieve here tonight.” Her voice was louder now as her words and breath quickened. “You are the keystone to this miracle, Jasper. Your cells, the lines of your hair, the whorls of your fingerprints, have all been shaped and refined from all that came before you so that you will fit perfectly into the center of this beautiful, all-seeing eye.” Spittle was flying from her lips now as she shouted, and when she gestured savagely at the men, they didn’t hesitate to rush forward and slide away a portion of the floor, revealing a man-shaped indention in the stone below. “You want to know what you’re here for? Better that I just show you.”
He tried to fight when they pulled him from the chair, but it was no use. They were stronger and clearly knew how to handle unwilling participants. In a matter of moments, he was snug in the floor’s hollow and strapped into place. Every curve of the cold stone hugged him tightly, as though it had been made just for him. If what the woman had said was even partially true, he supposed it was.
She was over him now, a grim look on her face as she showed him a scalpel. “I said you were perfect. And I meant it. But as I also said, you are only practically perfect. 99.92%, remember? And unfortunately, I need to make some minor adjustments to ensure our success.” Straddling him, she drew a line of fire down his shoulder. “Nothing too major. Just a bit of muscle cut away here, a vein shifted over a bit there…you’ll live, I assure you.”
“Ma’am? Didn’t you want us to give him pain meds first?” He barely registered the man’s voice through the agony, but he heard her response clearly enough.
“I’ve changed my mind. They’re unnecessary. Counter-productive, even. Just be ready to cauterize.”
The next few minutes were a white flame with him trapped in the middle. He felt like he might burn there forever, pain being heaped upon pain. But then it all began to fade. Jasper didn’t understand how or why, but soon all he could feel was the cool pressure of the woman’s face against his own, her eyes boring into him with a black intensity that robbed him of all feeling, all thought. He felt himself falling away from everything save her voice, which was sharp and booming and everywhere.
“Show me. Show me what’s next. Show me the shape of what’s coming. I demand you show me everything.”
As she spoke the last, everything seemed to freeze. To crystalize. The world, time, his very existence, seemed so delicate and temporary in that endless moment without time. And then it was all set afire as something roared through him like a river of suns. He wanted to scream and cry and die and laugh, but he couldn’t do any of that. He was simply a conduit for something other. Something greater. Something…
“Oh…Oh God.”
The woman was crawling away from him now, her voice small and trembling. In the distance, Jasper could hear the men rushing to her side.
“Did you see? Did he show you?”
She let out a choking sound and then forced out a croaking command. “Gun. Give it to me.” There was the brief sound of movement and then two gunshots rang out. The next moment, he heard the men’s bodies as they slumped to the floor. Then the woman was crawling back on top of him, her face now speckled with her guards’ blood, her eyes were wide and bloodshot as she stared down at him.
“Did you see what I saw?”
Jasper shook his head slightly. “No. What…what was it?”
Letting out a wild, cackling laugh, she sat up on his waist before jamming the gun under her chin. She was still cackling when she looked down at him one last time. Cackling and crying, the tears cutting tracks across the bloody fields of her thin, pale cheeks. She looked like a lunatic, except in her eyes. They were terrified but steady as she met his gaze. “You’ll see, Jasper. You’ll see.”
And then she pulled the trigger.
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After backlash from vaccine skeptics, Trump appears to be distancing himself from vaccines as the “cure-all” for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

After being strongly condemned by the pro-liberty, pro-health freedom movement, President Trump appears to be backing away from positioning vaccines as the “cure-all” for the coronavirus.
In comments made earlier today, Trump said, “Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back.”
This is the first time Trump has publicly acknowledged the likelihood that a vaccine may never be developed that can safely and effectively prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It doesn’t mean Trump is opposed to vaccines, however. It’s just that he’s no longer praising vaccines as the miracle cure that will end the pandemic with certainty — a fraudulent, intellectually dishonest position held by nearly every journalist and scientist in America.
“We think we’re going to have a vaccine in the pretty near future, and if we do we’re going to really be a big step ahead,” Trump was quoted as saying in this CNBC article.
“And if we don’t, we’re going to be like so many other cases where you had a problem come in, it’ll go away at some point, it’ll go away,” he said.
Then again, Trump said the coronavirus would go away when there were just 15 infections in America. Yet today, there are close to 1.5 million infections, a nearly 100,000 times increase since Trump’s first claim that the virus would vanish.
This new podcast summarizes the increasing feeling that Trump has betrayed his own supporters when it comes to vaccines:
The president also explained that many infectious diseases never end up getting resolved with a vaccine. “And we’re starting the process. In many cases, they don’t have vaccines and a virus or a flu comes and you fight through it.”
This is the first clear indication that Trump isn’t betting everything on the corrupt, criminal vaccine industry that has harmed millions of children and adults around the world with faulty, risky products that contain dangerous or unethical ingredients like Thimerosal, squalene or aborted human fetal cells.
Until now, Trump seemed more like a vaccine cheerleader than an informed political leader. Perhaps Trump has come to realize that he will lose his voter base if he tries to push an unsafe, risky vaccine on the American public. Such a move looks increasingly like the evil plot of Dr. Fauci and the CDC, not anything rooted in real science or public health.
Why is Trump ignoring the crucial role of nutrition and immune support?
To this day, Trump still has made no mention of vitamin C, vitamin D or zinc — three nutrients that are backed by tremendous scientific knowledge in their ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All three nutrients are affordable and widely available right now. No one has to wait a year to get them, yet Trump has neglected to mention nutrition at all, instead focusing on vaccines and Big Pharma as the only possible solution to the pandemic.
His top advisor, Dr. Fauci, seems to think that the American people should stay locked down until an experimental vaccine is commercially available and administered to everyone. Essentially, he asserts that no one should be allowed to leave their homes until they are injected with Big Pharma’s experimental cocktail that may or may not end up being safe.
Raising numerous red flags about a possible military-pharma police state in America, yesterday, President Trump said he would mobilize the U.S. military to distribute and administer coronavirus vaccines, invoking questions about why armed military soldiers would be involved in administering vaccines on U.S. soil. Under President Trump, the U.S. Dept, of Defense recently awarded a contract for up to 500 million injection devices that can be equipped with RFID tags and GPS location data that’s synced with a government cloud database.
It’s the perfect storm for a Big Pharma medical police state where the American people are vaccinated at gunpoint while the government tracks the vaccine status of every individual. If Trump continues down this road, he’s going to lose most of his political support, as pro-liberty, pro-America individuals have no appetite for being lined up like cattle and injected at gunpoint with risky, unsafe vaccines that were fast-tracked through the system under “Operation Warp Speed.”
Should Trump continue that effort, he will be pursuing his own “Operation Warped Mind” that will end in his defeat in November, likely followed by an armed uprising and civil war battle for the future of America.
If Trump sends soldiers door to door, forcibly injecting people against their will, they’d better be prepared to start taking live fire
Is Trump going to sacrifice the American people to serve as guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s insane vaccine experiments? We’ll have to wait and see how that one turns out. But as someone who is very much connected to the vaccine skeptics movement, I can assure the President that any effort to force vaccine mandates on the American people will result in an explosion of armed resistance from both progressives and conservatives.
From the progressive side of things, they won’t trust the rushed vaccine because it will be seen as “Trump’s vaccine.” For conservatives, they won’t tolerate any violation of their body and their blood by a tyrannical regime of corrupt vaccine zealots.
This is America. We don’t line up like cattle to be injected with your experimental medicine. Forced vaccines are medical RAPE, and any form of violent assault against an individual will be resisted with lethal force. In other words, if Trump really thinks U.S. soldiers are going to go door to door, forcibly injecting people with vaccines and yanking them out of their homes if they refuse to comply, those soldiers had better be prepared to start taking live fire from the citizens who have, plainly stated, had quite enough of the lockdowns, the government lies, the techno-fascist censorship and the Big Brother surveillance society.
We have reached the point where a large number of Americans would rather sacrifice their lives fighting for freedom than surrender to one more layer of tyranny from a corrupt, criminal system of junk science and treacherous vaccines led by criminals against humanity like Dr. Fauci (who belongs in prison for life, or perhaps even facing execution if found guilty of funding bioweapons development efforts in China).
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It Pulls You Down

My roommate Daniel has always been a trustworthy, reliable guy, at least to me. We’re not best friends or anything, but in the four years we’ve lived in the same house, he’s never shirked his part of the household chores, never kept me up late with noise or having people over, and he’s always on time with the rent.
I say “at least to me” because I know to a lot of people he comes off as a lazy stoner or something. The first couple of years we lived together, he went through a series of minimum wage jobs that he either quit due to them wanting him to work too many hours or got fired from for not showing up. Every time I found out he was out of work, I’d think yeah, this is it. This is the time when rooming with a middle-aged hippie stops being fun and starts biting me in the ass. But nothing changed. He’d find another job, and even when he didn’t, he was never late with the rent.
About eighteen months ago he stopped working entirely. Told me he’d found a company or organization or something that wanted test subjects. Said it was easy stuff and paid big money. Said all he had to do was sign a bunch of bullshit paperwork that said they’d sue his ass if he told anyone what he did or saw. He always laughed when he talked about that part, as though to say the joke was on them—that aside from half a lease on a track house in the suburbs and some beat-up furniture, he didn’t have much to take.
And I assumed that being a guinea pig, especially a well-paid one, would be short-lived or sporadic. I know that it was rare that I was home that Daniel wasn’t there too, though there were a handful of times that he would leave late one night or early morning and not come back for a day or two. When he did show back up, he would sometimes be a bit tired-looking, but otherwise he seemed the same—chill, friendly, and on time with his money. After a few months, I got used to it and stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop.
But that’s the thing, isn’t it? The other shoe always drops, and usually not where you’d expect.
Six weeks ago I got laid off from my job. I’d been working for the same company for almost five years—I’d been with them since college and between their promotion track and retirement benefits, I thought there was a good chance I’d stay with them for good. Getting fired was a gut-punch. I had a little savings, but only a little. And after over a month of looking for work, I was running out of money and viable job options without moving or going into another field.
The stress started to get to me. I barely ate, I had two anxiety attacks in a week—one during a job interview (fucked that one up good), and I got to where I was sleeping maybe two or three hours a night. I’d stay up late staring at the t.v. while trying to not think about how quickly my well-planned life was unravelling.
It was during one of those late-night staring contests with cable television that Daniel came through on his way out to one of what he called his “guinea pig gigs”. He gave me a wave and then stopped, his tan, lined face furrowing into a frown.
“You okay, man?”
I looked at him uncomfortably. I liked Daniel, but we weren’t close. We didn’t talk or share things beyond surface stuff or really big stuff. He knew I’d been fired, of course, but I wasn’t confiding in him how worried I was. Still, I could see he was concerned and I appreciated it. Plus, I needed to tell him something anyway.
“Um, Dan, I may be a bit short on the rent this month. I’ll make it up, of course, but…I haven’t heard back from anything yet and my next interviews aren’t until next week. Even if one of them hires me, by the time…”
Daniel was already raising his hand as he gave a gentle shake of his head. “No problems, brother. I got you covered until you get back going. And you will, okay? I know you’re a serious dude, and that’s cool. But try not to be so serious you freak your shit out, right?” I gave him a relieved nod.
“I really appreciate it. I’m trying, it’s just a hard market right now I guess.”
He gave a deep laugh. “I get it, man. Hell, I’ve spent my life going for the low-stress, shit jobs people want to get away from and I still kept getting my ass fired. That’s why I’m loving…” His bushy eyebrows went up as a smile broke across his face. “Hey, wait a minute. The people I work for…well, the people that I guinea pig for…they have a new program starting up. It’s really good money and it sounds easy. It’s a sleep study or something. I didn’t get all the details because I’m still in two different trials right now and they have all these rules about what you can sign up for when you’re already doing stuff. Says it fucks up their data if certain things interact. But…” he trailed off for a moment as though considering something—though, to be fair, he sometimes did that and never came back to a point. This time he did. “I know some of the people there pretty good. That one is going to be competitive because it’s easy money, but I bet if I vouch I can get you in. You interested?”
A mixture of stupid pride and thoughts of being strapped to a table and poked with needles almost made me say no. But then I caught myself. I wasn’t too good to take money from being a guinea pig, and Daniel deserved better than me screwing him over on the rent because I was being cowardly or stuck-up. Besides, he’d been working for these people for months and as far as I could tell he was happy as a fucking clam. Maybe it would do me some good to take a break, make some easy money, and chill the fuck out.
So I said yes.
Three days later I was filling out questionnaires at an office downtown. Six hours after that I was going to a large gray building that I’d always assumed from a distance was part of the university’s main campus. Entering the building I saw I was wrong—there was a security checkpoint you had to pass through and whoever the guys were manning the metal detectors, they weren’t campus police. They were nice enough, telling me what floor I needed to head to when I reached the elevators with a practiced smile and a nod, but something about them still made my skin crawl a little. These weren’t ill-equipped college cops or sleepy old guards like we’d had at my job. These were trained men—dangerous men. Real security like I’d only ever seen a few times in my life. They had an alertness to them, a tension, that reminded me of a large dog guarding his yard. He was friendly enough unless you crossed some invisible line only he could see.
Then you would see his teeth.
Telling myself I was being stupid, I got onto the elevator. I looked around confusedly for a moment at the lack of buttons inside. But then I remembered. I’d been given a magnetic card when I signed in with security, and they’d said it would get me access to where I needed to go on the sixth floor. Holding the card out towards the blank space where the elevator buttons would normally be, I jumped slightly as a sharp dinging noise filled the car and the doors silently closed. Ten seconds later they reopened on a different floor like magic. I’d never felt any sensation of going up or moving at all, but here I was.
A man was waiting outside the elevator, and after checking me in on his tablet, he led me down several halls and into a large conference room filled with a dozen other people. I imagined that most of them were subjects like me: college kids, people looking for some easy money, and…Daniel?
He was seated on the far end of the room, but he caught my eye and gave me a smiling nod. I guessed he’d found a way to get into the trial after all, though he hadn’t mentioned it to me. I searched for an empty seat in vain before finally deciding to just stand at the back of the room. It looked like some kind of presentation was about to begin.
Welcome to our experiment. As you all know from our preliminary literature, this is a sleep study of sorts. It is currently scheduled to last for four weeks, though that may change depending on both your individual results and our collective data. Starting tonight, your participation will include coming in to sleep in our lab every third night. This must happen without fail or your participation in the study will be terminated. For some of you, this schedule will never change until your time in the study comes to a close. For others, your results may dictate future modifications to your participation schedule.
On the days you come in, you must be here by 9 p.m. for evening interview and assessment, as well as initial dosing. You will not be allowed to leave or communicate with anyone outside the facility until 7 a.m. the following morning. Your cell phone, keys, and other devices or valuables will all be secured in a lockbox during your evenings with us. Only you will have the combination to your box, of course.
No doubt there are concerns about the term “dosing”. An element of this sleep study involves the introduction of a chemical mixture we are currently calling Blue Silence. It is a combination of low-dose DMT, ayahuasca, and several proprietary substances. Rest assured, it has been thoroughly and rigorously tested prior to its use in this study, and has been found to have no risk of addiction, toxicity, or long-term physical effects. The goal of its use in this study is to observe its psychopharmacological effects on subjects while sleeping, including—but not limited to—its effects on the dream state.
Undoubtedly, despite our assurances that it is safe, there are some of you that still have reservations regarding the administration of some unknown substance. That is entirely understandable. Unfortunately, we have no practical way of proving it is safe other than promising that it is. All we can do is offer is the option to leave now, as well as an incentive to stay and participate in the study.
As you know, the hourly pay for this study is $40.00. But in addition to this, for every week you successfully complete your participation requirements, you will receive an additional $2,500.00. And if you successfully complete the full sleep trial, whether that is just three or four weeks or longer, you will receive an additional $10,000.00 in cash as a performance bonus at the end. If you wish to leave the study, please collect your things and go now. Thank you for your time.
For the rest of you, welcome and thank you for your participation.
Three people left, but I wasn’t among them. At the time, I couldn’t say why, though I think I understand better now. Most people don’t go into the ocean expecting to drown. They don’t dive down into the darkening blue of a cold, alien world devoid of air and sunlight with the thought that it’s a one-way trip. With the feeling that if they manage to claw their way back up into their own world, they’ll have brought anything back with them. Nothing worse, at least, than the memory of a single terrible moment. That moment when they looked down into the unknown inky black spreading out before them like an eternity of nights without stars and thought they saw something moving there. Something living in that darkness and looking back.
But the memory of that moment would lose most of its power back on the surface. On the deck of a boat or the sands of some beach, it would be easy to lie. To say it had been a trick of the dark and imagination, or perhaps just some stupid tuna swimming along meaninglessly in the vast and unimaginably deep sea. Much better to believe that than the alternatives.
I stayed, desperate for the money and telling myself that, in the end, I was still safe and in control. To be honest, I was more worried that I’d get kicked out because I’d never be able to fall asleep. The room they’d put me in was bland but comfortable, with a soft bed and nice sheets. It was quiet and cool, and the lady who gave me the injection said I should start to feel sleepy soon, but I didn’t feel even sligh…
The cafeteria was empty.
I was in what looked like a school cafeteria…it felt like a high school though I couldn’t have said why I felt so sure that was the case. I felt disoriented at first. How had I gotten there? And where was I? Where was everybody?
Gazing around the room, I saw no sign of anyone else or any indication that they had been there before me. The place was clean—spotless even. But it also had a kind of sterility to it that made it feel wrong somehow. Artificial.
Standing up, I walked over to a big set of double metal doors. On the left one, there was a poster board sign like you’d see at a pep rally. In large, block letters it said:
You sought the truth
What the hell did that mean? It didn’t matter. I needed to get out of there. The right door didn’t budge when I gave the metal release bar a shove, but the left one opened without complaint. I felt a vertigo-flash as I found myself not in another part of a school building or outside, but instead…a bedroom. The green carpet was moldy and squelched beneath my shoes, sending up puffs of rancid air that made me want to gag.
What was that smell?
My eyes were watering, and while this room was empty of other people too, the soiled mattress and blackening wallpaper made me long for the antiseptic staleness of the last place. I stumbled toward the only door, grabbing a heavy brass knob that was greasy with…it didn’t matter. I just needed to get out. I tugged on the door once, twice, and it didn’t move. Putting my hand on the wall to brace myself, I let out a scream.
The wall…it felt like skin. It looked like rotting wallpaper, black and white shot through with lines of red and purple, but it felt like I was touching someone’s fevered arm or soured belly. It wasn’t just the texture. It…gave…in the way that meat gives. And…oh fuck no…
It had goosebumps. Where I had placed my hand, the wall was filled with tiny hairs standing up and row after row of discolored goosebumps.
That’s when I began to scream.
I made it through that door some how. It led me to a street in some city I didn’t recognize. There were skyscrapers everywhere around me and garbage lined the sidewalks on both sides. There were only a few cars parked here and there, several left with a desolate casualness that spoke of having been abandoned. I was expecting silence and solitude again, but this time I heard some distant but growing roar. A moment later, a mob of people came roaring past me. They…they were wrong somehow. Many were naked and some were injured or even half-mutilated, but it was more than that. They moved wrong, sounded wrong. I felt my heart start pounding harder as they approached, feeling sure that they were going to drag me down. They would bite me and claw me and pull me apart like an overcooked chicken…
But then they were past, running around me like I wasn’t even there at all. And maybe I wasn’t.
And then I certainly wasn’t.
I was in a field of sunflowers, or what once had been sunflowers. At the far edges of my vision, at the distant perimeters of the field, I could still see green leaves and yellow-brown heads bobbing gently in the breeze. But closer in…closer in those flowers were withered and black. A blight had befallen them, tracing out a rough circle of death in the middle of that field. It was easy to guess the cause, as there were only two other things of note that I could see. The country road I was standing on, which wound diagonally across the entire field…
And the house in the middle of the road.
And when I say in the middle of it, I mean just that. I could see the road continue on behind the black, three-story monstrosity that rested in that field like some poisonous fallen star. I felt queasy just looking at it, and I was already getting ready to run down the road in the other direction when I saw motion from behind the spindly railings of its front porch.
It was a small man in a brown suit. He had stood up from some hidden seat and was staring at me. Really seeing me, I felt sure. As if to confirm it, he pointed at me and began to laugh.
Not a jolly laugh or a happy one. It was a nasty, mean laugh that went on and on, boring into my skull as…
And then I woke up.
I left the study that morning vowing I was done with it. By the time I’d reached my house, I’d calmed down some. I was okay, right? It was just a weird dream. A bad trip or something. I’d told them about it when they did the “morning debrief” and they said that was unusual. That they’d adjust my dosage so I didn’t have such distressing experiences the next time. And maybe they could, but was it worth it? What if they were fucking up my brain or something?
I jumped as Daniel came in the front door. He looked haggard, and when his eyes fell on me, his gaze dropped a little. “Hey, man. Was that shit rough for you too?”
I gave a short, irritated laugh. “Yeah, you could say that. It freaked me right the fuck out. Maybe you’re used to bad trips or whatever that was, but I’m not, okay? The money’s cool and all, but I think I’m out.”
Daniel nodded, his face sad. “It’s cool, it’s cool. I get it. I’ve seen some bad shit before…hell, I took DMT twice back when I lived in the canyon. But I’ve never had something like that. It felt so real. Realer than real. And I remember it so clear…” He was shaking his head as he stumbled off to his bedroom. “Sorry, man, I didn’t know it’d be like that. Now I have to go and see if I can get some real, normal-ass sleep.” He trailed off mumbling as he went down the hall.
I raised my hand to his back and gave an ineffectual wave. I needed to try and…suddenly I froze. What had he just said? I stood up, my legs shaky as I called down the hall after Daniel, asking him.
He paused outside his door, shaking his head as he waved away the question. “Just me rambling, man. I saw some freaky shit in there. But that dude was the worst part.”
I tried to swallow, but couldn’t. I felt like I was using the last of my breath to push out a few more words. “What dude? What did you see?”
Daniel turned back and looked at me, and even at a distance I thought I could see real fear in his face. I’d never seen him look scared about anything. “It was some man. At this black house. He could see me. Nobody else could, but he did. He saw me and…” He winced, as though the act of remembering hurt him somehow. “…and he wouldn’t stop laughing.”
Part Two
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“Green?” comes the reply.
“Meaning: ‘We understand and agree fully?’” I reply.
“Oh, yes, boss man. Very green.” They agree.
“OK, now,” I ask, “Either of you familiar with firearms?”
Both tell me they have been deer and bunny hunting and Al likes to target shoot with his .22. and .38 Special.
“OK, here’s the deal,” I continue, “Right after breakfast tomorrow, its weapons detail. You pass my little tests, and I’ll issue you one of my personal sidearms. Out here, it could come in very handy” as I relate the saga of Dr. Eva and the puma.
“Remember,” I add, “These are my personal pistols. You will take very good care of them, will you not?”
“Oh, very, very green,” they reply.
“Good.” I think.
The rest of the night, we put a good dent in our beer supply. I get to know these guys and even though they’re mining geologists, they’re a couple of clever lads. We’re all geologists of one sort or another under the skin and that helps with our ‘esprit de corps’.
These lads have had a long day, so I call lights out.
“I’ll see you in the morning,” I say, “Bright but not too early. Let’s make it 0730.”
Night has fully fallen. I sit out for a while, finish off my cocktail, my cigar, and revel in the spectacle of the backbone of the night. Holy wow, there’s a lot of stars out here tonight.
Freshly made coffee, eggs, and bacon rouse these guys early out of bed. It’s 0745 and already we’re cleaning up the breakfast dishes.
They know enough about field trips, field camps, and fieldcraft to clear the area of food, store, or hang it where animals cannot reach. To bury garbage well away from camp, and place heavy rocks on top; so I don’t have to teach them everything.
“OK, guys,” I say, as I walk them over to a likely looking outcrop. In front of it, I have several old rusty cans set up on a board between a couple of rocks. There’s a good backdrop with enough sand to prevent any ricochets from errant bullets.
I pull back my vest and hand each one of my Glock 10mm pistols.
“Gentlemen,” I explain, “These are my Glock Model 40 10mm pistols. They carry 18 in the magazine and one up the pipe. They are semi-automatic, so they fire every time you pull the trigger. We OK so far?”
I’m watching them intently as they handle the weapons. Both are clever enough to spit out the magazine and eject the one in the chamber before futzing around inspecting the weapons.
Highest marks.
“Any questions?” I ask.
“Why do we need guns? Anyways?” Al asks.
“Did you already forget my little story about Dr. Eva and the catamount I told you last night?” I said.
“Oh, that’s gotta be a one-off.” He snorts, “Like that’s ever happened twice.”
“Perhaps, perhaps not” I reply, But I know there’s loads of snakes, spiders, scorpions, sidewinders, pack rats, badgers, foxes, coyotes, Gila monsters, fungo bats, bloodsucking umpires, and myriad other forms of nasty, toothy critters that think your leg would be a great late afternoon snack. Then there’s rabies. I’m immunized against it, are you?”
“No,” they admit.
“Plus,” I add, “It’s a dandy noisemaker if you get lost or cornered by rabid biker or accountant gangs.”
“My dad said you should never shoot anything you’re not going to eat,” Al replies.
“You want to chew on a packrat, be my guest,” I reply, “Besides, old tin cans and paper targets are just not at all tasty.”
Al had to agree with my stunning logic.
“OK,” I say, “Pucker time.”
I had out pairs of earplugs.
“Al,” I say, “You first. Call your shots.”
“OK,” he replies, “Left to right.”
He fires eight times and hits four cans. Not bad for someone with a new, to them, weapon.
“Chuck,” I say, “You’re up. Same as the last.”
“OK,” he says, “Right to left.”
He fires nine times and scores three hits.
Fair enough in my book.
I order them to go to weapons safe, and I’ll be right back after I make a quick run to my truck.
I return with holsters for both of them.
“Keep the guns in here. That way they’ll always be by your side.” I say. I wander down and re-set the range.
“Doc, we have to ask,” they both grin, “What the hell is that?” they ask, pointing at my Casull.
“Cover your ears.” I smile.
I pull my sidearm and drop the hammer five quick times. I would do six, but the shells are so big, there’s only room for five.
Five cans downrange are still doing their death dance.
“Holy shit!” Al exclaims. “Damn, Doc. What the fuck is that?”
I smile, and tell them, “A custom Casull .454 Magnum. For hunting bison, up close.”
They stand there goggling as I re-holster, turn heel, and head back to the truck.
After lunch, it’s explosives training. But first, I need to know what they know.
Just the basics, actually. Familiar with dynamite and Primacord, but none of the other fun permissibles.
OK, then its demonstration time. I ask them to put their hands in their pockets, stand around, and observe while I whip up a series of explosives as for my demonstration.
I give a running dialogue as to priming explosives, the differences between them, how to set and charge for different situations, what Primacord can do, what demo wire is for, and how a galvanometer works. I show them the difference between a time-delay pull-fuse, a plunger-type blasting machine, and the venerable Captain America.
They got a real charge, no pun intended, out of Captain America.
I made certain to make the physical amounts of each explosive about as close to each other as I could.
For the demonstration, I had: Blasting caps, Primacord, C-4, 40% Extra Fast Dynamite, 60% Extra Fast Dynamite, RDX, PETN, ANFO, Kinestik, Seismogel, and HELIX.
I asked them to go out and scrounge up around 12 rocks of around the same size, weight, and dimensions.
Being geologists that took all of 5 minutes. I had them set them in a line some 100 or so meters distant. We would use my worktable, set off to the side, as blasting central.
I went and set, and primed all the charges with equal-strength blasting caps; except, of course, for the blasting cap itself.
I ran back 12 twin leads of demo wire and showed them how to operate a galvanometer. It’s really not rocket surgery and they got the idea quickly. I let them galv the last 6 shots.
I figured I’d show them both how a manually actuated blasting machine worked, so I set it up for the blasting cap. The cap alone was nestled under a rock that weighed about 3 kilos. All the rocks were limestone, about the same size and weight.
It was going to be a hell of a show.
One time, and one time only, I explained how we ‘clear the compass’.
Then how we tootle with vigor whatever horn is handy. Usually an air horn.
Then we do a quick visual to make certain there are no errant animals around, quadrupeds, or bipeds.
Then the FIRE IN THE HOLE thrice mantra.
Then one last quick scan of the area.
Then I point, and yell: ”Hit it!”. Or if you’re doing a shot on your own, you try and punch out the bottom of the manual blaster, pull the pop-top on a delay fuse, or push the big, shiny red button on Captain America.
“Got all that?” I ask.
They assured me that they did.
So, on with the show.
We go through the safety procedure, and I punch the bottom out of “Old Reliable”. The blasting cap fires immediately splits the rock and sends it reeling in two different directions.
The next was a primacord set-pull-forget delay primer on a spiral of Primacord under a rock. The Primacord initiator took off once the fuse hit it and 22,500 feet per second later, detonated the spiral of Primacord. The rock shattered and it went off in several directions.
C-4 made that rock fragment and sent many shards long distances. Chuck and Al were taking copious notes.
40% Dynamite launched that rock skyward. It landed some seconds later.
60% Dynamite absolutely destroyed the rock and sent it flying in several directions, scattering itself over a large, wide area.
RDX, PETN, and Seismogel did a good job of both fragmenting and relocating the rock samples.
ANFO, is a much slower, as it is a deflagrating rather than detonating explosive, really launched that rock skyward. We never did find it afterward.
Kinestik and HELIX binaries just obliterated the rock samples. One second there, next second, POOF; there it was, gone.
Each time, before the shot, we went through the safety protocol. They got the immediate idea I was a Safety Bug and it was best not to ask questions if the safety protocol was always necessary. It was just easier to comply.
We spent the rest of the day going over aerial and satellite photos, the old mine maps, and newer USGS maps of the area. Then we broke out the mine-inspection gear. They both were accomplished rock climbers, so highest marks for them.
We went over SCBA, all the noxious gas monitors, NORM badges, the need for gloves, the why of hardhats, re-breathers, hip chains, Self-Rescuers, and the rest of the near 25 kilos of crap we needed to kit out in before we attacked a mine.
“So, Doc. So much for today,” Al says, “When are we going to hit a mine?”
“Tomorrow, bright, and early,” I said.
“Where is it?” they asked.
About 200 meters away, to the north. Why did you think I camped here? It’s the Y-Knot manganese mine. It’ll be a good one for you guys to cut your teeth on.”
The Y-Knot mine is found in rocks that are interbedded limestones and shales of Mississippian age. For the most part, they dip steeply to the southwest, but they are locally folded and have been cut by three sets of faults thrust faults, tear faults, and normal faults.
The manganese ore bodies are irregular, pod-like, or tabular in shape. Most of them extend along normal faults, but others replace limestone adjacent to faults, and one is along a thrust fault. They are almost completely oxidized to a depth of 170 feet. The ore consists predominantly of pyrolusite with some wad and psilomelane. These minerals may have been formed by the oxidation of rhodochrosite and alabandite.
The mine is so-called because, in plan view, that is, from overhead, it resembles a large capital letter “Y”. It consists of a single longitudinal tunnel and two branching anastomoses at about 1350 angle. Both lateral open to the surface by ‘glory holes’, or ‘prospect pits’, which are vertical shafts to the surface.
All three entrances to the mine, the primary adit, and the two later shafts, will have to be blasted to close this mine. That will be our task tomorrow.
Just as an aside, as I get more into this, the more I’ll be tossing a lot of mining terminology around, so I best define what the more usual terms encountered mean.
Ackermans: Steel bolts inserted into pre-drilled holes in the walls or floor, though not the roof, of a mine to affix support structures. (cf Rock bolts.)
Adit: a horizontal passage leading into a mine for the purposes of access or drainage.
Chute, or Ore Chute: An opening, usually constructed of timber and equipped with a gate, through which ore is drawn from a stope or raise into mine cars.
Cribbing: A temporary or permanent wooden structure used to support heavy objects, as used in sub-surface mining as roof support.
Crosscut: A level tunnel driven across the mineral vein.
Face: The end of the drift, crosscut, or tunnel, generally where the miners work.
Gangue (pr. ‘gang’): The host rock for the ore.
Glory hole: An open pit from which ore is extracted, especially where broken ore is passed to underground workings before being hoisted.
• *Gobbing: The refuse thrown back into the excavation after removing the ore; the ‘gob stuff’. Also the process of packing with waste rock; stowing. A worked-out area in a mine often packed closed with this.
Lagging: Planks or small timbers placed between steel ribs along the roof of a stope or drift to prevent rocks from falling, rather than to support the main weight of the overlying rocks.
Muck: Ore or waste rock that has been broken up by blasting.
Portal: The surface entrance to a tunnel or adit.
Raise: A vertical or inclined underground working that has been excavated from the bottom upward.
Rock bolts: Fixtures supporting openings in roof rock with steel bolts anchored in holes drilled especially for this purpose.
Shaft: A vertical or inclined excavation in rock for the purpose of providing access to an orebody. Usually equipped with a hoist at the top, which lowers and raises a conveyance for handling workers and materials. The primary access to the various levels. May be up to 10,000 feet deep.
Stope: An excavation in a mine from which ore is, or has been, extracted.
Tailings or Tails: The waste rock that has been through the mill and had the valuable mineral removed.
Winze: An internal shaft.
There, now you’re all expert hard-rock underground miners. Now hand me that double-slung jack and call me a shaker.
Continuing, we were to assault the old Y Knot mine in the morning. That means until then, the drinking light has been lit. I’ll let my charges; my guys, not explosives, fiddle with dinner tonight.
Again with franks and beans. OK, not bad, but just belly timber. One could go spare on a constant diet like this. Well, one step at a time; I don’t want to over-amp these guys by dropping too much on them too fast.
However, I did show them how to make my killer cobbler in a Dutch Oven for dessert.
Quick digression:
Doc’s Killer Cobbler recipe.
• Fruit: peaches, berries of any kind, or a mixture of bananas, apples, pears, seasonal fruit. Pick one, or mix, and use about 60 ounces.
• 4 tubes ready-made Parker House dinner rolls.
• 1 stick real, not that Illinoise imitation crap, butter.
• Ground cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, or cayenne, to taste.
• Place a 14 Inch camp Dutch Oven over glowing campfire embers.
• Pour contents of fruits into Dutch Oven. Pop open dinner roll tubes, arrange rolls over fruit to cover completely. Sprinkle spice(s) over all to taste. Cut butter into equal slices and arrange them on top. Add a touch of kosher salt if desired.
• Put the lid on top of the oven and place a camp shovelful of embers over the top to the Dutch Oven. Let sit, unmolested, for about 45 minutes.
• Retrieve from the fire, clean off oven. Spoon into bowls while hot and add one healthy shot or more of cream liqueur: Bailey’s Irish Creme, Magnum Cream Liqueur, Amarula Cream, Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur, Tolón-Tolón Whisky Cream, Gioia Luisa Lemoncello Crème, 1921 Crema De Tequila, Mexico, or coffee liqueur: Tia Maria, Kahlua, Heering, or Patron XO Liqueur.
• Serve with ice cream or whipped cream, if available.
Now, back to our story…
Early the next morning, after a quick breakfast of eggs, waffles, bacon, grapefruit, pancakes, hot oatmeal, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and golden cheese blintzes, we were all standing around the back of my truck.
On the tailgate were three piles of mine-going-into gear.
I told Chuck and Al to watch as I got decked out for our invasion of the Y Knot mine.
Among all our usual kit of hip-chains, demo wire reels, hardhats, gloves, hammers, cameras, sample bags, ropes, carabiners, rapid ascenders, SCBA gear, monitors of all types of noxious gasses, safety glasses, notebooks, pencils, Sharpies, lights, batteries, water, water, and air dye markers, spray paint, etc., we had some new kit to try out: self-rescuers.
The BLM/DOI had just taken possession of a bunch of these new devices. An oxygen self-rescuer or self-contained rescue device (SCRD) is a portable piece of equipment that supplies breathable air when the surrounding atmosphere lacks oxygen or is contaminated with toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or beer farts. It is intended as an adjunct to our heavy SCBA, but not a replacement.
We were the Guinea Pigs to field test them and see if they could replace those heavy SCBA fuckers.
I was used to being a pack animal, but Chuck and Al just stood there, afraid to move in case they were punched into the ground like a pair of thumbtacks by all the added weight.
I had hoped that during this project, we could pare down all our gear to just the absolute necessities.
We all wobbled over to the mine adit. I whipped out my lucky $20 gold piece and told Chuck to call it in the air.
“Tails it is.” I said, “OK, who’s first?”
We were going to attack the mine in pairs, with me as the leader. One would accompany me to the face of the mine and the left drift. The second would follow me later as we inspect the right drift.
Afterward, we’d all go into the mine to set and prime charges.
Al chose to go first. Chuck pulled up a comfortable rock just outside the adit and made sure all our radios were working. He began taking notes, inspecting old maps, and getting more familiar with the surroundings.
Al and I walked up to the portal, cut away the old, rusty barbed wire which did nothing to keep out locals, noted the positive airflow out of the mine, and ventured inside.
We made good time as the mine was the usual inverted horseshoe-shaped design workings, with a relatively flat floor. Lots of breakdown, or cavings, in areas that weren’t cribbed, but what cribbing was there looked fairly stout. It wasn’t too wet.
I had Al taking samples every time there was a change in the country-rock. I showed him how to handle sample taking from the walls of the mine, which is an art and sort of delicate. Become too aggressive and you could bring down the entire roof on your heads. I told him to bag and tag the samples and leave them on the floor, no use dragging them all to the face of the mine only to have to drag them back out.
We made good time. The country-rock was unexciting carbonates like limestones, marls, and mudstones, but there were some beautiful hydrothermal streaks of manganese-rich minerals. Since this mine was destined to never again see the light of day, I wanted to be sure to document it every step of the way.
There was a lot of old miner crap left in the main tunnel. Old ventilation tubing, hoses, wire, twisted rails, an old, rusted out ore cart, old drink, and tobacco tins; the usual stuff found in old mines. It was all in all fairly unremarkable and we made good time to the face.
“OK,” I said, “That was easy. Don’t get used to it.”
“So, now, we just turn around and head out?” Al asked.
“Yes and no,” I replied, “Yes to heading out, no we just don’t hightail it back to the adit. We look around and mark places for possible charge placement.”
In the left drift, there was a shaft right to surface. It was clogged with rocks, shrubs, and busted timbers. However, I considered it a portal, no matter how minor, and it would have to be blasted and closed forever.
Al agreed.
We tied off some demolition wire on a rock at the backside of the left drift. We’d return later with the explosives.
We walked out of the mine, looking closely for evidence of any surface manifestations.
These would indicate that there was a natural or inadvertent man-made path to surface. These would need attention as well. We spray painted fluorescent orange blotches on sites we thought could use a blast of dynamite.
Al gathered our samples on the way out and we made it back to the adit. We both gratefully accepted the cold drinks Chuck had the forethought to provide. Walking around in hot, dry, and dusty mines one builds a powerful thirst.
After a half an hour, a cold drink, and a quick smoke; Chuck, and I repeat the process, but end up in the right-hand drift. We do the demo wire trick, turnabout, and head out of the mine.
I noticed something around the 250-foot mark that both Chuck and Al walked right through without a notice.
Typical, they’ll learn.
After our drinks, smokes, and piss breaks, I told them that we’re all going back in the mine for a quick look-see.
“There’s something I want you to see,” I said, as we all kitted back up and re-entered the mine.
At the 250 foot mark, I asked “OK, guys. What did you miss?”
They looked up, down, and all around. They didn’t quite realize they were standing right on the thing to which I was referring.
“Guys, look down,” I said.
They did. Still, the penny refused to drop.
“Well, Rock,” Al said, “We give up. What’s so important?”
“What are you standing on?” I asked.
“Mud.” Chuck snickered.
“Yes. What kind?” I asked.
“Muddy mud?” he asked.
“Nope,” I said, “Dried mud. With polygonal desiccation cracks”
“OK,” they both asked, “And…?”
“OK, basic sedimentology. Where does mud come from?” I asked.
“Slowly moving sediment-laden water.” They replied.
“Precisely.” I said, “So, why just here and not over the whole mine floor?”
They chewed over that for a bit.
“Because there is or was a local flow of water?” Al asks.
“Keep going…” I said.
It took a few seconds, but the light bulb finally lit off.
“There must be a source of the water, a channel for it to flow, and dump mud just right here,” Chuck said.
“Yes. Exactly,” I said, “There must be a fracture system or joint or some form of entrance from the surface to this part of the mine. If it was groundwater, it’d be all over the place. Since we’re relatively shallow, in this arid clime, and well above the water table, the water must be surface water.”
“And therefore, a link to the outside!” Al and Chuck both said.
“Bingo!” I said, “But we don’t know how large, how extensive or even its directionality. It could be a tiny group of mining-induced fissures when they blasted here. Or it could be that Mammoth Cave is hiding just behind this wall.”
“Ah, now we get it,” they replied.
“So?” I asked.
“Nuke the fucker, just to be sure. Right?” Al smiles.
“Absolutely. It’s the only way to be certain.” I reply, grinning.
Back at the truck, we shed some of the now less necessary gear. We replaced that with blasting caps, pliers, Primacord, the galvanometer, and dynamite.
We were already wired in thanks to our demo wire-run the first two trips into the mine. We were using demo wire and not just Primacord for the whole run. Doing that, we’d run out of Primacord in no time flat. Instead, we used demolition wire, to that we’d affix a blasting cap, to that, Primacord, to that, the dynamite.
Oh, I suppose I could have eliminated the Primacord, but when I’m running something this long, I want all the insurance I could get. Even if I had a dodgy blasting cap, the Primacord would initiate the dynamite.
Back in the mine, we wire up the left drift. After that, the right. It was a fairly simple job, but I could handle the timing back at the truck. It was straight runs of wire for each separate blast.
Sorry, Grandad and Uncle Bår, we just can’t do “One job, one-shot” this time.
We added a few sticks to some dodgy cribbing on the way out as well as the mud zone.
These were wired as one and would actuate after the drifts back at the mine face.
At the adit, we chipped, chapped, and channeled the rock to make some nice little alcoves for the dynamite. These would be the last, in case of a misfire. I’d hate to have to re-enter a mine after an initial blast and then there was a misfire. If I shot the adit first, I’d be leaving the job less than done as I couldn’t re-enter the mine and fix the problem.
So, let’s not have problems.
I trained Chuck and Al how to galv, re-galv and double-secret you-bet-your-ass re-galv every fucking connection.
I was that cautious. I really didn’t want a misfire.
We were at my truck and having smokes, drinks, and a bit of a break. What seemed like all morning was just a few hours. Still some time to lunch, but I broke out the bison jerky to everyone’s delight.
The mine was set, charged, and primed.
“Gentlemen, if you’d do the honors,” I asked.
They cleared the compass.
They looked around. No one. Nothing in sight.
They tootled the air horn.
They scanned around the area again quickly.
I affixed the wires to Captain America for the rear drifts and the ones down the tunnel.
I hooked up the Ol’ Reliable plunger for the adit.
“FIRE IN THE HOLE” x3. Again, quite literally.
I handed Chuck Captain America. Pointed to him and yelled, “HIT IT!”
He mashed that big, shiny red button with malice aforethought.
Ker-foom! Ker-Blam!. POW! POW! POW!
They all went off as expected. There were wisps of dust and smoke emerging from the now-closed drifts of the old mine.
I pointed to Al, then to Ol’ Reliable, and said: “HIT IT!”
He tried to knock the bottom out of the detonator.
The adit disappeared in a cloud of dust and angry; roaring at the insolence, with shattered rock.
And just like that, the Y Knot mine ceased to exist.
I informed my guys that we have to wait at least a half-hour before we check for stragglers.
We decided to brew up a cuppa and since we had a little time, we had our baloney and cheese sandwich lunch.
For the first time this trip, I got my keys and opened the trailer. I rooted around until I can up with one of the many signs we were carrying. I grabbed a signpost as well.
The sign read, paraphrased, “This mine was closed by the offices of the BLM, BIA and DOI on [date].” There was geographic and other historical data, as well as places for us to sign the sign as witnesses, rather than the architects of its destruction.
“There. Now that’ll keep’em the fuck out.” I chuckled.
Chuck and Al signed. They wanted, for some reason, to post the sign themselves. Guess its pride in a job well done.
I’m working on a Lime Nehi as it’s still a workday and I’m poring over the geological maps of the area. Chuck and Al come over, breathlessly, and ask me to go inspect their sign works.
“OK,” I said, and wandered over.
Looks good. There’s Al’s signature. There’s Chuck’s. There is mine. There’s…
A cartoon of a fuming stogie with the caption: “Doctor Rock says STAY THE FUCK OUT!
I look at them. They look skyward, rock on their heels, look at the ground, look everywhere but directly at me.
“Now that’s a proper fucking sign” I laugh.
We police our area, pack up, and break camp. We’ve got some traveling to do.
The next mine we consider is a real doozy. The “Beautiful Darling Betsy” gold mine. The mine is located in what’s termed a “Carlin-type” gold deposit.
A “Carlin-type” gold deposit is a hydrothermal disseminated-replacement deposit. Here, the Bobs Mountains thrust divides sedimentary rocks near the deposit into two assemblages. Units below the thrust, here collectively referred to as the lower plate, include more than 670 m of limestone and an upper dolomite bed (about 70 m thick) of the Pogojump Group, here of Early and Middle Ordovician age, overlain successively by the Middle Ordovician Yreka Quartzite (about 170-180 m thick); Middle Ordovician to Early Silurian dolomite of the Manson Creek Formation (about 160-180m thick); limestone and dolomite beds of the Bobs Mountains Formation (about 550-600m thick), here of Middle Silurian to Early Devonian age; and limestone of the Early, Middle, and Late Devonian Badenov Formation (about 50-275m thick).
Units above the thrust, ranging in age from Early Ordovician to Early Silurian, here collectively referred to as the upper plate, are subdivided into a lower zone, 60 to 80m thick, of interbedded chert and shale, as well as minor sandstone, limestone, and quartzite; a middle zone, more than 760m thick, of interbedded chert and shale as well as minor sandstone, limestone, and carbonaceous shale; and an upper zone, more than 900m thick, of interbedded chert and shale; as well as quartzite that includes silicified shale and recrystallized chert.
Sedimentary rocks of Cenozoic age include Miocene and Pliocene lakebeds; conglomerate, sandstone, and mudstone of the Pliocene Marlin Formation; and Quaternary alluvium, or surficial shmoo. Small gold placers occur in stream channels and fans along the east side of the range.
Igneous rocks in the Blynn mining district include intrusive granodiorite, diorite, and quartz diorite dikes and stocks of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous age, and extrusive flows and sparse dikes of rhyodacite and rhyolite of Miocene age. The younger igneous rocks are confined to the west flank of the range.
Carlin-type systems may have a geochemical expression involving a much broader suite of elements than previously recognized. Elements with distribution patterns considered to be related to the mineralizing event include Ag, As, An, Ba, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mg, Mo, Mn, Ni, P, Pb, S, Sb, Se, Te, Tl, U, V, W, and Zn.

Most closely associated with gold deposition are enrichments in As, Sb, Hg, Tl, Ag, and Zn within a halo of Ca, Mg, Ba, and Sr depletion. The elements Fe, Mn, Co, Ni, and P are most elevated in the immediate hanging wall of the regional fault and above the deposit in a region where secondary carbonate veins (ankerite, kutnahorite, and Mn-rich dolomite); open-space-filling carbonate minerals (siderite, calcite).
It’s a complex suite of rocks, minerals, and geochemical environments. There’s sedimentary (soft rock) and igneous-metamorphic (hard-rock) mining here. The mine, therefore, is much more complex in layout than the simple central tunnel and adits of the Y Knot mine. This mine has several levels, dead-ends, cul-de-sacs, cupolas, raises, winzes, and stopes.
Each rock type poses its own set of problems to overcome. But that’s my plan; take my charges from the simplest to the most complex. That way, we cover the spectrum and everything else we do out here is going to fall somewhere in-between.
This mine is multi-level and according to what documentation exists, the lower levels are flooded. Which lower levels are not noted, so we have that potential to deal with as well.
It takes three hours to drive to our chosen next mine, the one, and only “Beautiful Darling Betsy,” or BDB Mine.
It’s a very old mine, started back in the late 1910s. There’s still present at the mine site the headframe, hoist house, grizzly (a grating placed over an opening to an ore pass or chute usually made of steel rails that prevents large rocks or ore from falling below), huge spoil piles, draw works and various buildings that were used for labs, storage, and miner’s camps.
There’s a ton, well, actually several many of tons, of antique mining artifacts here, although most of the best stuff has already been picked clean. However, not only is it expressly illegal to enter these mines, but it’s also wicked-bad illegal to remove any of these artifacts of Nevada’s mining history.
Cultural materials on public lands may not be removed, damaged, disturbed, excavated, or transferred without BLM/DOI permits. Cultural resources include prehistoric and historic artifacts and sites, broken objects and debris more than 100 years old that were used or produced by humans.
Protected materials include arrowheads and other stone tools, grinding stones, beads, baskets, pottery, old bottles, horseshoes, metal tools, graves, and trash scatters. Historic sites such as cabins, sawmills, graves, trail traces, mining areas, townsite ranches, and railroads are not open to collection.
We will document this whole area photographically as well.
We arrive at the sprawling BDB Mine and choose our campsite. There’s no one in evidence as far as the binoculared eye can see.
Since Chuck and Al are already setting up their tents and gear, I decide it’s time for a recon of the entire area. Al notes there’s a dry wash a small distance away and there’s loads of deadfall firewood. He’s going to collect it for tonight’s festivities.
I drag Chuck over to the trailer and have him give me a hand lowering down the dirt bike.
He looks at the Maico and gives a low whistle.
“You sure you know how to handle one of these, Doc?” he asks.
“Oh, fuck yeah. I’m an old rider from way back.” I smile.
“That’s what I was afraid of” he smirks and walks back to camp.
We only have one brain bucket (helmet) so everyone will have to take turns. But, for now, me first.
“RHIP”. Rank Hath It’s Privileges.
With helmet, gloves, and field boots, as I’m already wearing long pants for once, I kick start the bike. The recoil from the first couple of times kicks back hard.
“Yowch! You little fucker,” I growl.
The bike fires in that angry coffee-pot sort of sound that 2-stroke engines make. There’s some blue smoke, but overall, it looks like all systems go.
I kick it into first, pop the clutch, twist the throttle a wee bit and HOLY SHIT!
I remain on the bike, just barely. I twist back the throttle way, way down and am able to get a feel for the nasty little thing.
It’s 500 cc’s of pure power and low-end torque. It can effortlessly drag my carcass all over the mine site.
Once I get a feel for the beast, I’m raising rooster tails on the sides of low dunes, scooting up scarps, and getting generally an overlay of the whole area. It’d take me days on foot to cover this much ground. I snap several rolls of film on that first trip.
“This is the way to do geology” I smile to myself.
I almost run over a rattlesnake cruising down the path back, so remember that we may be the only people things hereabouts, there are other critters that call this home.
A good thing to remember before we enter the mine complex.
Back at camp, Chuck and Al wait for my $20 gold piece. They both want to take a look around as well.
Al wins and is off in a fury of dust. Evidently, he’s a rider as well and has done motocross for years. I have to admit, he made me look like a bloody novice.
To be continued.
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My Choices For Belmont Park, Saturday July 6(Belmont Oaks & Derby Day)

These are my choices at the moment for races this weekend. However, I plan to start watching the tote board again, a tactic I had a lot of success with years ago, before I installed my current plan of betting the horses. While tote board watching often gives you clues in which horse is most likely to win if you learn which one is receiving bets from "smart money" bettors, who usually are betting with some inside information that most of the public knows nothing and/or heard about. While most of my bets will stay the same, there will be a few occasions I decide to switch onto a more well regarded horse to try to hit exactas and trifectas more often. However, since this is usually just before post on most occasions, I will not be able to change my thoughts on any post in time, so I would encourage others to learn more about the real serious bettors. The only reason I do not like using this system is it tends to overlook horses that I think has a real shot at pulling an upset but that is mostly because they did not receive any inside information on these types.
I will take a pass on races 1 and 3. There does not seem to be enough value in these races to take a risk on.
Race 2 Maiden Claiming $40,000--- 3 YO & Up Restricted To NY Breds---Purse $41,000--- 1 1/16 Mile Turf:
Another fairly weak field, it offers value that will pay decently if you can beat the morning line favorite, who is not a lock against anyone, and a sucker type horse, who has gotten close several times, but has yet to complete the job. So my choices will be:
1)Keep The Light On(20-1)--- He has made one start in his career on a good turf course at 6 furlongs and was last for most of the way before picking up a few tired and inexperienced horses in the stretch. But his bloodlines suggest he will be better at middle distances on grass and he gets that opportunity in here. His sire, Willcox Inn, was a multiple G1 Stakes placed runner who finished just behind Wise Dan twice in the G1 Shadwell Turf Mile while 2nd one year and third the next year. This will be his only crop to race as he was fatally injured in a paddock injury while wrapping up his only season at stud.
11) Millies Party Boy(6-1) is my choice for second. He finished third in his first career start and then tolled in maiden special races for seven more starts, always offering a late run but left with too much to do. Then dropped into maiden claiming and after a couple of decent runs in this class, he looked ready to graduate late last year, finishing second by a neck and then third, beaten two lengths. Then he was entered in two dirt races to finish up the year and he responded with two of the worst races of his career. With one start this year in an open bred maiden special weight where he returned to his old style and made a solid run to get into contention before flattening out in the stretch in his first start in seven months. Again he signaled he is ready to graduate. But this time he is entered in the right class, restricted to state breds, and on the right surface.
10)Golconda(8-1) is my choice for third. He has made 11 starts with 2 seconds and a third as his best efforts. He beat my second choice in his only on the board finish on grass in five starts on a yielding turf but was beaten by that foe in their next start on a good turf when my second choice just missed graduating. Since those races, they look like they have gone in opposite directions. However, since he is dropping back down into the class he seems to fit best in and his last two works since his last start was his best in his recent past, he could be signaling he is ready to wake up and produce his best run.
5)No More Miracles(6-1) is my choice for fourth. After 5 starts on dirt and performing poorly in each, he was switched to grass sprints and came alive in his last two. But 1 1/16 miles is probably a little farther than what should be his best distance and therefore I will place him here. However, I think he will be closer if the race remains on grass but is less than firm, as I expect him to be near the lead throughout.
Bets: WP 1, Ex Box 1-11, Tri Box 1-10-11, .10 Super Box 1-5-10-11, Super Key 1 with 5-10-11 with 5-10-11 with 5-10-11.
Race 4: Allowance ---- 3 YO & Up Fillies And Mares---- Purse $66,000 ---- 6 1/2 Furlongs:
8)Bangle Girl(4-1) is my choice to win. She is exiting her maiden win but has faced several highly regarded NY breds in her two worst races, including the one(Newly Minted) who ran by the heavy favorite in here with ease. Her sire, Emcee, is a G1 winning sprinter and her broodmare sire, Hold That Tiger, is a G1 winning middle distance runner but his best known son is Smiling Tiger, a multiple G1 winning sprinter in his own right.
4)Cathy Naz(8-1) is my choice for second. While she should get a pretty good trip behind two dueling front runners, my top choice will probably get to sit the better trip and be gone before she can catch up to that one. While it looks like this is a step up for her, she actually is the only horse in the race to finish in front of open bred multiple winners and older fillies. Actually, the filly that beat her in her last two ran 2nd to Highway Star( at 2-5) late last year in a big state bred stakes. She also looks like she is cycling back into her best form, judging by 4 good works since her last.
6)Mary's Girl(12-1) is my choice for third. She has been racing in multiple winners races, but they have been restricted to 3 YOs and NY breds and this is a step up in class for her. However, she, too, looks like she is peaking into her best form and she has not only the bloodlines but also has developed a late run that should help her. The main question with her is can she handled the rise in class?
1)OK Honey(20-1) is my choice for fourth. At first glance, it looks like she does not have much of a chance to make an impact. While both her sire, Haynesfield, and broodmare sire, Not For Love, both won distance races in their racing careers, both have more foals that are better at sprinting compared to distance racing. And she seems to be following that same route. Her five placing in twelve starts suggests 6 furlongs is a little short for her but a mile is a tad further that she wants, as she has made several moves to get the lead, only to get ran down near the finish. And like several other, she appears to be regaining her best form after four uninspiring tries after winning before an improved race in her last start after stepping into an open bred race. Now she returns to NY bred and gets a distance that should be more to her liking.
Bets: WP 8, Ex Box 4-8, Tri Box 4-6-8, .10 Super Box 1-4-6-8, Super Key 8 with 1-4-6 with 1-4-6 with 1-4-6.
Race 5: Maiden Special Weight --- 2 Yos --- Purse $80,000 --- 6 Furlongs Turf:
1)Hard Sting(12-1) is my choice to win. He is making his first career start off a series of good works. His sire, Hard Spun, won 7 of 13 lifetime starts but also finished second in the Ky Derby and BC Classic, third in the Preakness and fourth in the Belmont S while banking over $2.6M. Hard Sting's dam, Smart Sting, won 4 of 13 lifetime starts including a couple of Canadian stakes races and banked over $400K while spending her career on the AWT and/or grass. Second dam, Perfect Sting, won 14 of 21 lifetime starts while banking $2.2M, almost all on grass. Another Stonach bred and a horse he kept to run.
6)Montauk Daddy(3-1) is my choice for second. He has made one start, an off the grass race ran on an sloppy track and he closed well to finish second in a good time. While his sire, Daddy Long Legs, is not one of the best foals of turf specialist Scat Daddy, he did win the UAE Derby. He did not hit the board in any of his last 11 starts, including a did not finish in the Ky Derby. Montauk Daddy's broodmare sire, Old Fashioned, won his first four starts before finishing second in both the G2 Rebel S And G2 Arkansas Derby before an injury forced his retirement. However, Montauk Daddy's dam line is stocked full of serious grass runners.
8)Now Is(20-1) is my choice for third, though I believe he has a good to solid shot at an upset. He has made two lifetime starts, the first on grass where he broke a little slow, then tracked the pace but was no match for the top two. Then he was tried in a stakes race on dirt and was simply overmatched at this point in his career. Now entered back on the surface he will eventually prefer most and another furlong to work with, I expect him to get out front and wing it. While there is other speed signed up, they better have their running shoes on from the get go, because a minor hesitation is all this one will need to wire this field. His sire, Sidney's Candy, was fast from the gate on dirt but appeared even faster on grass.
3)Silver Promise(6-1) is my choice for fourth. He is another well bred sort that is working good for his debut. He looks like the only one fast enough to go with my third and my top choice early and if he breaks a little slow, which is always possible with first time starters, the outcome may be a foregone conclusion. His sire Declaration Of War and his broodmare sire, Tapit, both had some speed but neither was lightning fast from the gate.
Bets: WP 1, Ex Box 1-6, Ex Key 8 with 1-6, Ex Key 1-6 with 8, Tri Box 1-6-8, .10 Super Box 1-3-6-8, Super Key 1 with 3-6-8 with 3-6-8 with 3-6-8.
Race 6: Dwyer S(G3) --- 3 YOs --- Purse $250,000 --- 1 Mile:
4)Whiskey Echo(20-1) is my choice to win. He has made one start this year and won in a good time. He has since worked out four times, with three bullets followed by an maintenance breeze. His sire, Tiznow, is one everyone should know about but the dam line is probably a mystery to most. While Whiskey Echo's dam was unraced, his 2nd dam, Aishah, is a G2 winning full sister to Althea, Champion 2 YO Filly Of 1983 who shattered the Arkansas Derby stakes record in 1984 while equaling Oaklawn Park's track record for 1 1/8 mile. This horse was born to run and so far he has!
3)Code Of Honor(4-5) is my choice to finish second and will be heavily bet. While he has raced against the best competition thus far, he has beaten very little in both his wins and that makes him vulnerable in this spot.
6)Majid(6-1) is my choice for third. He will try to take this field from gate to wire as he has done in each of his last three starts, but better horses are signed up for this test that any of those races. While I believe he will crumble due to the early pressure, he should hang around for a piece in such a short field.
2)Rowayton(3-1) is my choice for fourth. He is one who will apply early pressure on my third choice but he has yet to prove he can put away other speed and keep going up to a mile. His broodmare sire, Indian Charlie, always gives me reservations about using any of his foals in exactas and trifectas when they are going longer than 7 furlongs with other front runners present as most of them are prong to stopping badly when faced with heavy pressure.
Bets: WP 4, Ex Box 3-4, Tri Box 3-4-6, .10 Super Box 2-3-4-6, Super Key 4 with 2-3-6 with 2-3-6 with 2-3-6.
7th Race: Belmont Oaks(G1) --- 3 YO Fillies --- Purse $750,000 --- 1 1/4 Mile Turf:
6)Just Wonderful(6-1) is my choice to win. She has made three starts this year, all at 1 mile and she showed little in each. However, the filly who won the first 2 and finished second in the last one(Hermosa) is Europe's leading 3 YO filly miler at this point and she also beat Just Wonderful in her only G1 test in Europe last year. But Just Wonderful will do better as the distances gets longer. Her dam, Wading's 3/4 sister, Athena, shipped over here last year to win this race for her only G1 score to date. Just Wonderful's third dam, Urban Sea, is dam of Galileo and Sea The Stars, both champions and top sires in Europe.
1)Olendon(9-2) is my choice for second. She has made three starts this year and has improved in each, including her first G1 placing in her last. While that race is an important European test, it pales in comparison to the three my top choice competed in this year. She has a good blend of speed and distance in both the sire and dam lines and should make her presence known late.
9)Cambier Parc(4-1) is my choice for third. She has won three of her four starts this year but now gets the acid test. Her sire, Medaglia D'Oro and her broodmare sire, Point Given, are both multiple G1 winners on dirt but her dam,Sealy Hill, is multiple G1 placed on grass and won the Woodbine Oaks on the AWT.
3)Coral Beach(15-1) is my choice for fourth. She, too, has made three starts this year, the first two in the French and Ireland 1,000 Guineas, a race for top European 3 YO fillies milers and then the Sandringham S where she produce her best run this year against easier. But she probably still needed that start to reach her best shape and now should be ready to get it her best effort. While her sire, Zoffany, was a top sprintemiler during his racing career, her broodmare sire, Tiger Hill, completed against the best distance horses in Europe. She also has some more distance help in her dam line as third dam is a daughter of Surumu, a product of Germany's best distance sire line for more than 150 years.
Bets: WP 6, Ex Box 1-6, Tri Box 1-6-9, .10 Super Box 1-3-6-9, Super Key 6 with 1-3-9 with 1-3-9 with 1-3-9.
8th Race: John A Nerud S(G2) --- 3 YO & Up --- Purse $300,000 --- 7 Furlongs:
9) Promises Fulfilled(2-1) is my choice to win. He has made 3 starts this year with one third his best effort. But in his last, chart says he stumbled at the start, but all I saw was he was a little sluggish to get in gear. However, the jockey tried to get him to rate after he saw he could not get the lead as the horse prefers and he flatten out in the stretch. But it was the type of race he needed to get him to his peak form. His 2-1 M/L odds is very generous, so I would not expect him to get off at those odds.
4)Nicodemus(6-1) is my choice for second. He has made 5 starts this year, missing the board in every other start while winning twice. It is only a matter of time before he starts putting back to back races together. While his sire, Candy Ride is known for foals with high speed, he probably gets his closing ability from his dam, Leah's Secret, who won several G2 stakes during her racing career, all from off the pace. However, her sire, Tiger Ridge is the only horse you will ever see that has both Secretariat's top two producing daughters as dam and grand dam. His sire is Storm Cat, a son of Terlingua, while his dam is Weekend Surprise.
2)New York Central(8-1) is my choice to finish third. Early in his career, he was a need the lead type that threw clunkers when someone outbroke him. But since he has been shorten back up to sprints, he has shown a willingness to rate, something he will need to hit the board in this spot.
1)Majestic Dunhill(15-1) is my choice for fourth. he has four starts this year and appears to be regaining his best form. While he normally comes for way back with a late rush in the stretch, you can expect him to be picking off horses late and could possibly get involved in the exacta, though I think winning is unlikely, mostly due to my top choice.
Bets: No WP, Ex Box 4-9, Tri Box 2-4-9, Tri Key 9 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4, Super Key 9 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4.
Race 9: Belmont Derby(G1) --- 3 YOs --- Purse $1,000,000 --- 1 1/4 Mile Turf:
9)Cape Of Good Hope(10-1) is my choice to win. He has made 3 starts this year with 1 win in a non graded stakes, but it was a prep for the Epsom Derby. However, O'Brien is usually loaded with three years old colts and he decided to send this one to contest the G1 Prix Du Jockey Club and he just missed becoming a G1 placed in that effort. I'm throwing his last out as maybe he did not like the give in the turf course that day. He has two graded stakes winning full brothers, Highland Reel, who most probably heard of as he made three trips to the U.S, winning the G1 Secretariat, then returning the next year to win the G1 BC Turf and then the nest year to finish third in the BC Turf and Idaho, third in the Epsom Derby and 2nd in the Irish Derby, among several other top races.
5)Plus Que Parfait(20-1) is my choice for second. He has one win in four starts this year but now is switching to the surface he was originally bred for. While he made his first lifetime start on grass at a mile and finished third, he was then switched to dirt where he was inconsistent. Now a return to his best surface and a little more distance, he should be around at the end.
4)English Bee(30-1) is my choice for third. He won his last start which was his first stakes win and now gets the acid test to prove he belongs with the top grass runners. He has the perfect pattern for young horses who are poised to run their career best race. And while this race is stocked with horses who may like the 1 1/4 mile distance, none is even close to the bloodlines and proven distance loving abilities of both his sire, English Channel and his broodmare sire, Kitten's Joy. Both English Channel and Kitten's Joy was beaten by Better Talk Now in separate BC Turfs but English Channel returned in 2007 and turned the BC Turf in a laughter, beating Better Talk Now and Europe's best by 7 lengths.
3)Seismic Wave(5-1) is my choice for fourth. He has hit the board in 5 of 6 lifetime starts and he just missed hitting the board in his only non placing as he was forced to go wide and circled the field to miss winning by 1 1/2 lengths. Now the added distance will only help him. While the talk has always been about Northern Dancer as a sire, it is his dam line that made him the sire he turned out to be and she, Natalma, appears as the sixth dam of Seismic Wave, meaning he traces tail female back into Almahmoud and later into Fair Play's grandson and Mother Goose, a filly who has a race named in her honor.
Bets: WP 9, Ex Box 5-9, Tri Box 4-5-9, .10 Super Box 3-4-5-9, Super Key 9 With 3-4-5 with 3-4-5 With 3-4-5.
Race 10: Suburban S(G2) --- 3 Yo & Up--- Purse $700,000 --- 1 1/4 Mile:
3) Rocketry(8-1) is my choice to win. He tried in vain to catch the only speed who set a snail pace in their last and just manage to hold off his late run. With more speed signed on, I look for him to blow by the front runners in here.
11) Pavel(8-1) is my choice for 2nd. He is following basically the same pattern as he followed last year. Last year, he started with a fourth in the San Pasqual, followed by a fourth in the Dubai World Cup and a fourth in the Gold Cup at SA before winning the G1 Stephen Foster H. This year, after a fourth in both the San Pasqual & Dubai World Cup, he finished sixth in the Metropolitan Mile. Now he enters the G2 Suburban S off two decent works and his fourth start this year. He also adds blinkers and that signals to me that his trainer wants to keep him just behind the early pace setters.
5) Lone Sailor(8-1) is my choice for third. He cycled back into his best form two starts back, then was sent to California to contest a G1 on a track that works against his style of running but he managed to finished a distant third. Now with two decent works since returning from that effort, I feel he is ready to fire again over several of these he is entered against. Now he adds blinkers which should help him stay a little closer to the pace.
10)Cordmaker(12-1)is my choice for fourth. It looks like his trainer has been taking his time with this one to let him mature and he has slowly improved step by step. Now it is time to see what they have developed. While he is taking a big step up in class, his bloodlines suggests he should handle it and if this was not his first attempt at this class, he would be in my top two picks.
Bets: WP 3, Ex Box 3-11, Tri Box 3-5-11, .10 Super Box 3-5-10-11, Super Key 3 With 5-10-11 With 5-10-11 With 5-10-11.
Race 11: Maiden Special Weight --- 3 YO & Up ---Purse $80,000 ---- 1 Mile Turf:
9) Windward Sands(3-1) is my choice to win. A member of the last crop of Scat Daddy, she is working like she will win early in her career. Trainer Brown is sneaky good at having his horses ready at first asking, especially on grass.
1)Downstream(12-1) is my choice for second. She has made one start and after setting the pace for six furlongs on a yielding grass course, she did a steady retreat. But the horse pressing her throughout was Newspaperofrecord who drew away at ease and made her race look worse than it actually was.
2) Ledecka(7-2) is my choice for third. She has finished second in both of her starts, so that is the biggest reason to place her here. Also, experience counts in my book and she has ran credible both times while getting a little education in each. But this will be by far her biggest challenge as there looks like several newcomers with real ability to challenge her.
11)Foolish Living(6-1) is my choice for fourth. Another Brown trainee, she, too, is making her first start and has some sneaky good works, much like my top choice. While I think she has some good bloodlines, I prefer the other Brown's trainee bloodlines more.
Bets: WP 9, Ex Box 1-9, Tri Box 1-2-9, .10 Super Box 1-2-9-11, Super Key 9 With 1-2-11 With 1-2-11 With 1-2-11.
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A Few Races I Am Betting At Belmont Park For Thursday June 12th.

I have looked over Thursday races at Belmont Park and came up with three races that I will bet. As I have done for years. I bet one horse to WP in every race I bet, 2 horses in an exacta box, three horses in a trifecta box and now 4 horses in a small super box followed by a super key with the one I usually am betting to WP keyed to the ones I like underneath boxed. So basically, I believe the horse I am betting to win will do just that, but in case he has trouble of any kind, including simply getting outrun, I also bet him to place. I do not bet any horse to show at any time and that includes my top choice. But I will also box my exacta, tri and super to leverage against my top choice not quite getting on top but runs good enough to key one of my exotic bets. I can not say this will work for anybody else, but this is the money management system that change my luck at betting the horses and also help me take my life to another level that would have not been possible. Under my old way of handicapping, when I hit a nice paying race, I would often give it back in a matter of weeks and saw my self constantly starting over with my own money. Under the current system that I use, when I hit a nice paying race, it often takes up to six months to lose it back, but by then I have hit another dozen or so races, so I am usually playing with winnings and not my own money that I use to pay every day expenses with. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that what everyone is hoping for?

2nd Race: Maiden Special Weight--- 3 YO & Up Fillies--- Restricted To NY Breds--- Purse $62,000--- 1 Mile Turf:

10) Tax Me Naught(30-1) starts from the 11 post if all starts, including those that are entered for the main track only. Realistic, she should start from the 9th post if the race stays on grass. She finished distanced third in her debut behind runaway winning daughter of Bustin Stones, who also finished in fairly good time for Finger Lakes. In her 2nd start at Finger Lakes, she ran second, beaten 1/2 length to the heavy favorite, where she tried in vain to chase down in 5 furlongs, with a good finishing time of 59 4/5 for that track. She has a good work since that effort and ships to Belmont where is she entered on the grass, which her bloodlines suggests she is better bred for. Her sire, Cosmonaut, a multiple G3 stakes winning son of Lemon Drop Kid on grass who ran several solid races against G1 competition, but was not quite good enough to beat them. Her broodmare sire, Freud, is a full brother to Giant's Causeway and like his brother, his foals are known for their front running speed on both grass and dirt. Her trainer, Linda Dixon has spent the last 30 years chasing after everyone's elusive dream and may have luck into a good horse to train.

7)Running On Entry(8-1) is my choice for 2nd. He has started once and ran 2nd while closing with a rush to just miss at 7 furlongs on grass. With four works since his first start, all indicating he came out of that start non the worse for wear and the fact he stretches to a mile, makes him the one to beat. His trainer, James Toner, is a 12 % lifetime trainer whose best runners are known for their grass abilities as most of his graded stakes wins has been on grass. His sire, Point Of Entry was a multiple G1 stakes winner who won 6 of 8 of his graded stakes starts on that surface with both defeats coming in the G1 BC Turf when 2nd & 4th in back to back years.

11) Corey Scores(6-1) starts just outside my top choice and is trained by Chad Brown. He has ran third twice in three starts, one an off the turf effort and one on the grass effort. His first start this year, also on the grass, saw him have trouble at the start and then went wide in his only unplaced effort in the same race as my 2nd choice. However, he, too, has four works since that effort, all good for Brown trainees, suggest he can win with a better trip. His bloodlines suggests a mile may be slightly longer than he wants to go, but Brown knows his grass runners and he believes he can get the job done. Post position is not ideal for him but Brown has proven he can overcome most unfavorable obstacles, especially on grass.

9)Sterling Beauty(10-1) has started 5 times in her career, with 3 thirds in her last 3 starts, the last two her only starts on grass. Her sire Central Banker, is a G2 stakes winning son of Speightstown who also won one non graded sprint on grass, both from slightly off the pace. Her dam, Them There Eyes, won 2 stakes on grass in her career, one a NY Bred and one a listed stakes, while coming from well off the pace, much like this daughter has so far. Sterling Beauty's broodmare sire, Holy Bull, was an all or nothing front runner who won 13 of 16 starts, while finishing unplaced in all three starts when he did not get the lead. Donk, her trainer, also wins at 12% and his graded stakes performers are much better on grass than dirt.

While all three of my underneath picks could run 1,2,3, I will bet that my top choice gets somewhere in the mix, if she does not win this race. There are several others that I did not mention who also would be no surprise, but I have decided to use these four.

Bets: WP 10, Ex Box 7-10, Tri Box 7-10-11, .10 Super Box 7-9-10-11, Super Key 10 with 7-9-11 with 7-9-11 with 7-9-11.


Race 4: Maiden Special Weight--- 3 YO & Up Fillies--- Purse $80,000--- 1 1/16M Turf:

2)Funny Flowers(8-1) is my choice to win. She broke poorly in her first and only start and ran an even race, passing only tiring horses. But she has 4 very good works since and should be much closer to the early pace. He sire is Distorted Humor and broodmare sire is Stormy Atlantic, sire of multiple G1 winner Get Stormy. However, Funny Flowers's female line is one to be alert of if you value bloodlines as much as I do and I will put this here to let you see for your self:

5)San Saria(8-1) is my choice to finish 2nd. She has 2 starts and finished unplaced in both. She broke slowly in her first start and did not pick up her feet. In her second start, she broke better but ran an even race while picking up a couple in the stretch to finish just ahead of my top choice. her sire, a son of Galileo & Ouija Board(won BC F & M Turf Twice with one second in that race), won 5 of 8 lifetime starts, including the Epsom & Irish Derbies. San Saria's broodmare sire, Daggers Drawn, won a pair of 2 YOs G2 stakes in England. San Saria also has a pair of good works since her last, signaling she and my top choice may be exiting a key race, which would also include the 1A.

8)Charreada(4-1) is my choice for third. She has made 4 starts in her career, finishing 3rd twice, all last year. She is one of 2 4 YOs entered in this race and is working forward for her first start this year. However, her trainer, McGaughey, has picked an extremely tough spot for her to graduate. Her sire is Kitten's Joy, top grass sire for a number of years and her broodmare sire is Giant's Causeway, a solid sire on both dirt and grass. Charreada's 2nd dam is La Reina, who is another who hails from a blue hen female family.

3)Style Icon(7-2) has started 7 times, running unplaced in her first start, followed by three thirds and then 3 seconds, including two this year while just missing the win in her last two. She has three AWT works at Fair Hill, a tactic usually used by her trainer, to prepare for this start, all not too fast or slow that would eliminate her in this start. Her sire, Artie Schiller, won the G1 BC Mile and her broodmare sire, Trempolino, finished 2nd in The BC Turf in his only U.S. appearance and final start of his career. While Style Icon's dam line is also impressive, it pales in comparison to my top choice. 2nd dam, Fabuleux Jane, is also 2nd dam of Arazi, winner of the G1 BC Juvenile on dirt in a romp and Europe & U.S. Champion 2 YO Colt of 1991.
Bets: WP 2, Ex Box 2-5, Tri Box 2-5-8, .10 Super Box 2-3-5-8, Super Key 2 with 3-5-8 with 3-5-8 with 3-5-8.


7th Race: Allowance----3 YO & Up Fillies---- Purse $84,000--- 1 Mile Turf:

3)Panther Hit(5-1) will be my choice to win. She has started 3 times with a win and a second. Two starts back, she broke on top and set a steady pace and won while still clear in a good time for maiden fillies at 1 mile on grass. She returned in her next start in the non restricted Honey Fox S at 1 1/16M on grass where she ran an even race after steadying into the first turn on a good turf course, which most struggles to make up any ground on that type of going. In this start, she returns to 1 mile on grass and drops back in with condition allowance foes. While she has two slow works since her last start, they came on dirt and she has never worked very fast on that surface in over 20 lifetime works, indicating she does not like that surface at all. Plenty of front running speed in here but she should be able to handle them. Luis Saez picks up the mount on the only 3 YO in the field.

7)Go Rose(4-1) is the biggest threat to my top choice. She made her U.S. debut in her first start this year in the same conditions as this race, sitting just off the early slow pace and being unable to make up any ground as the pace quicken, but also not giving up in an even effort while finishing 4th. She also has a little back class as she ran 3rd in the G2 German 1000 Guineas last year. Like my top choice, she has worked 5 times since her last, all in times that will usually not catch your eyes, but fast enough to indicate she is moving forward for this test. Irad Ortiz picks up the mount.

5)Dream Passage(7-2) last two wins has came in conditions restricted to NY Bred. However, she has some bloodlines showing that she will be able to rate if the pace gets too hot, which is expected in this test. If she can not settle and make a late run, she will not factor in the outcome of this race.

6) Bath And Tennis(15-1) is sort of interesting in here. She started her career in England and found the graded competition more than she can handled, at that time. Sent to the U.S. late last year, she has a lot of works since arriving, including several that indicates she has some ability. She has made two starts, including a stakes race, both at 5 furlongs on grass and she did not run a lick in either. However, her bloodlines suggests she would probably enjoy a grassy mile most and that is where she has been entered. Her sire, Footstepsinthesand, won his only 3 starts, including 2 stakes, one which included the G1 2000 Guineas in England. Likewise, her broodmare sire, Fasliyev, won all 5 of his starts as a 2 YO In England to earn Europe's Champion 2 YO Colt, but broke a leg while on the shelf waiting for his 3 YO season to begin and was retired. Bath And Tennis's third dam, Born Gold is dam of 3 time U.S. Champion Turf Mile(and Europe's 4 time champion female) And 3 time BC Turf Mile winner, Goldikova. If she had one more start this year or if one start was at a mile, she would be my top choice in this race. However, since she does not, I will still toss her in my super box and key.

Bets: WP 3, Ex Box 3-7, Tri Box 3-5-7, .10 Super 3-5-6-7, Super Key 3 with 5-6-7 with 5-6-7 with 5-6-7.

However, if this race is taken off the grass, it is a pass for me, as none of my choices has shown they can handle the surface switch.

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Preview of the Arkansas Derby and more

With the Kentucky Derby now just three weeks away, our highlighted race of the week will be the last prep race for the Derby in the Grade: 1, $1 million Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
We will also be looking at the Oaklawn Handicap, a Grade: 2, $750,000 nine furlong contest also for four year olds and up.
Elsewhere, we will take a look at three Graded Stakes races at Keeneland Race Course. The Ben Ali Stakes for four year olds and up, the Jenny Wiley Stakes, an 8 ½ furlong test for four year olds and up fillies and mares on the turf and the Lexington Stakes for three year olds who are desperately trying for some last minute Kentucky Derby points in hopes that a win or a good showing will catapult them into this year’s “Run for the Roses”.
Lastly, on Sunday we will be examining the Grade: 1, $750,000 Apple Blossom back at Oaklawn Park, another 8 ½ furlong race for four year olds and up fillies and mares.
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Keeneland Race Course
Race: 7 (4:24 PM EST Post)
Ben Ali Stakes
If you look up “racehorse rounding back into top form” in the dictionary you might see a picture of Flameaway. The one time Kentucky Derby threat ran a very good third in the Grade: 3 Mineshaft off a nearly six month break two starts back. I really like the way this $400,000 son of Scat Daddy won his last, as he took pace pressure every step of the way while wiring the field. That last race, back to back excellent works since and this being his third start off the layoff, all point to another good effort upcoming. Lastly, I don’t see him having any problems in what is projected to be an off track on Saturday.…………………….Based off his last two races, a win and a fast closing third, both at Laurel Park, Bonus Points also seems to be in peak form right now. The Todd Pletcher trainee draws a good post for his running style and should be coming late in this spot……………………… I know Solomini is quite popular but I’m not a big fan of his. In fact, I believe he is one of the most overrated horses in quite some time…maybe since Keen Ice. Yes, he’s a Grade: 1 winner and yes, he’s hit the board in 9 of 11 career starts but two facts stand out about him to me. 1) He’s won one race since that Grade: 1 win (a span of 16 months) and that was against $40,000 optional claimers and 2) the fact still remains he is 2 for 11 lifetime. This son of Curlin will likely be over bet in this spot. ………….Honorable Mentions: Third Day is a $575,000 son of the corvette looking Bernardini who did well to finish third in the aforementioned Mineshaft Handicap in his last. This handsome colt was trapped behind a slow pace yet finished just a neck behind Flameaway in that race and his one and only race in the slop was an impressive win. Bottom line here is, he could better this rating especially if the track does come up wet…………………The cleverly named Nun the Less looks better suited for the synthetics but note he is 2 for 2 on off tracks. Merits a longshot look if the rains come…………….First Mondays, a $450,000 son of Curlin who missed the break in his last, and Just Whistle, who was a good third in the Peter Pan Stakes last year, both could run well here and neither would be a huge surprise.

Race: 9 (5:34 PM EST Post)
Stonestreet Lexington
Anothertwistafate rattled off three super impressive, large margined wins over the synthetics this year but looked just as good, if not better, in his neck loss last time out in the Sunland Park Derby on the dirt. This $360,000 son of Scat Daddy sat just off screaming early fractions (:45.3, 1:09.3, 1:34.3) before “running on” to just miss the win. Note the :24 second flat internal fraction as it’s the sign of a quality runner. If this handsome, smooth strided colt, who ripped a sensational half mile work for this (:46.4) last week runs well enough here to make it into the Derby (he’s on the threshold on points), no one better go to sleep on him as he appears to have big time talent and would pose an enormous threat………………….Based off his close up, on the board finishes in the Sham, Southwest and Louisiana Derby, Sueno clearly looks next best………………….I really liked Zenden’s Tampa Bay Derby effort at 20-1 in his last. This son of Fed Biz normally assumes a stalking position early on in his races but in the Tampa Bay Derby, this horse blew the gate and ripped off super fast fractions (:22.3, 45.4 and 1:09.3). He understandably tired late but I thought he did extremely well to finish fourth and was only be beaten by four lengths to the likes of Tacitus and Win Win Win. Looks best of the rest here………………..Honorable Mentions: Call me stubborn, but I’m STILL not giving up on the late running Roiland, who has a habit of running well at double digit odds………………Anyone have any idea what to do with Harvey Wallbanger, who wins the Holy Bull at 30-1 then comes back and completely tanks in the Florida Derby? Because I sure don’t. He’s a tough horse to play with such inconsistencies…………If you are hunting a longshot in this race, take a good look at Shang, who is a neck shy of being unbeaten in five starts vs. lesser. Although he obviously will be taking a huge step up in class, it should be noted he ran the last 2 ½ furlongs of his last race in an excellent :30.1, his speed figures are climbing, he handles the wet track very well and the #1 post at this meet is winning at 18% thus far.
Race: 10 (6:12 PM EST Post)
Jenny Wiley Stakes
Rushing Fall is a very special filly. This gorgeous, $320,000 daughter of More Than Ready is 6 for 7 in her career, has already captured two Grade: 1 wins and, had it not been for a questionable ride when losing her one race by a neck, she could be unbeaten. There is nothing not to like about her as she can handle the distance, is adaptable to any pace scenario, handles any “give” in the turf and is 3 for 3 at Keeneland. If you are looking to beat her, which might prove futile, you can use the angle that this will be her first start in exactly 6 months but that’s not enough for me……………………I like Rymska. She is a big, all black (very rare) five year old mare who is 7 for 13 in her career. This multiple Graded Stakes winner could not have looked any better in taking down the Hillsborough at Gulfstream in her last and you get the third start off the layoff angle. Easily looks next best here…………………Bellavais has been gradually improving since October. $485,000 mare by Tapit finished very well in her last and won her previous time out, both at Gulfstream Park. It appears she too can handle a soft turf course and has been on the board in 10 of 15 career races…………….Honorable Mentions: Onthemoonagain is a French invader who has fared very well in all four U.S. starts. Chad Brown trainee could better this rating with the right pace scenario……………Got Stormy came back running off a long layoff when whipping high level optionals. Steps up but that race could set her up for a good effort here……………….The longshot horse in this race is Princess Warrior, who looks overmatched on paper but note her two races on off turf courses were both very good.
Oaklawn Park
Race: 9 (6:22 PM EST Post)
Oaklawn Handicap
After back to back big efforts at “big balloons,” Rated R Superstar has methodically worked his way back into what appears to be top form. Although his rider is ice cold right now, he does like this track and seems to be ok if it rains as expected. …my best guess in an extremely wide open horse race…………………….Giant Expectations disappointed as the 8/5 favorite in the Essex in his last. This 6 year old by Giant Frost chased Battle of Midway and McKinzie two back and wasn’t embarrassed by any stretch, so you know he has ability. It’s the consistency I question as he hasn’t won a horse race of any kind in 16 months. That said he looks next best…………….Quip was up against it when he had to chase the absolutely streaking right now Prince Lucky in his first race back off a long layoff. This good looking son of Distorted Humor did well to finish third in that race and should be tighter for this…………………Honorable Mentions: Tenfold’s claim to fame is running Justify to three quarters of a length in the 2018 Preakness Stakes. This son of Curlin was a very close up fourth in his first race since, handles the slop just fine and should improve off his 2019 debut. Figures close………………Lone Sailor figures to do his normal “drop way back early but come with big run late only to fall short late” routine. Logically, the faster the pace, the better his chances are and the pace figures to be honest in this race……………..Keep an eye on Chris and Dave here too if it rains. Although he seems overmatched, he is 4 for 6 on wet tracks…………..I got to spend several minutes up close and personal with Lookin’ at Lee last year at Saratoga before the Travers. He is a very nice looking, well made horse, but he just hasn’t run to those looks as his 3 for 21 career record would indicate.
Race: 11 (7:43 PM EST Post)
Arkansas Derby
There are a lot of “moving parts” with the big, almost perfectly strided, Improbable, so this race should tell the tale of where we stand with him. His last race, The Rebel, didn’t answer any questions for me. In fact, it seems to have posed more. Let’s start with why he was run down in deep stretch by Long Range Toddy. Was it because he was “parking lot” wide, off a boneheaded ride by DVD, throughout the entire race and, with that being his first race in 10 weeks, maybe he understandably tired late? I don’t know, like I’ve said before, Baffert is the master at sending them out ready, regardless of the situation. Was it the City Zip breeding that is causing the dreaded distance limitation? I don’t know that yet either being he romped, not once but twice, at 8 ½ furlongs before. Whatever the answers are, I know this much….Baffert is not sitting on his hands with this gorgeous colt. I don’t blame him one bit for making a rider change (from DVD to Jose Ortiz) and he is adding blinkers in this spot as well. I absolutely LOVED his last work where, with blinkers on, he sat just off his work mate, passed him on the turn for home and was "reaching out" soooooooooo beautifully down the lane I mumbled “wow” while stopping the clock in either 1:13.3 or 1:14 flat depending on what racing publication you read. This might prove futile, but I am sticking with him until he proves otherwise. That said, this race is a “do or die” for him. He will need to step up right now, in this spot to remain a serious Derby threat………………………….Horse Racing is a lot like other sports in the sense that the best baseball/basketball/football team doesn’t always win, but more of who gets hot heading into the playoffs. In this case, it’s who is getting good at just the right time and, aside from Tacitus and perhaps Vekoma, is there another horse in the country who is getting good right now more that Omaha Beach? After losing a couple of heart breaking, maiden races earlier in his career, this very handsome, very well bred colt (by War Front out of a mare super sire from years ago Seeking the Gold) ran a hole in the wind in the slop to finally break his maiden two starts back. He won by 9 that day and stopped the clock in a blistering 1:21 flat for seven panels. His next and last start was in a division of the Rebel, where he assumed command early, fended off a few others early in the race and then dug in and fended off none other than Two Year Old Colt Champion Game Winner in a thrilling stretch run. The Rebel proved two things. 1) He can handle the route distance and 2) he has the guts of a tight rope walker. Back to back bullet works since the Rebel signal he is holding form and possibly getting better. Big Money Mike gets the leg up……………….The aforementioned Long Range Toddy is a stretch runner who is 7-4-1-1 in his career has never finished more than two lengths behind the winner in his three career defeats. That, readers, is consistency. He draws the extreme outside post which could actually help him in this spot and I love his work pattern since his Rebel upset (8-1) win……………….Honorable Mentions: Although Galilean was passed in the stretch of the Rebel by Long Range Toddy, I still like this very handsome, $600,000 son of Uncle Mo. After annihilating Cal-Breds in his two prior races, this colt, who has a very efficient and smooth stride, did very well to finish third, beaten by less than three lengths in his first try vs. open company and outside the state of California as well. Bottom line here is, he is no easy throw out……………………...Country House is another late runner who, on the surface, looks to be struggling a bit outside the friendly confines of Gulfstream Park but a closer look shows he had legitimate excuses both times. He broke slowly (again) and chased a streaking War of Will two back and, after you guessed it, breaking slowly again, he was ridiculously wide in the Louisiana Derby. That said, this son of Lookin’ at Lucky could be a menace with a clean break and what is projected to be a hot early pace………………….Gray Attempt has won 4 of 6 in his career and is 2 for 3 on this oval plus he recorded a monster work in the mud last week (5F- :58.3). The problem I’m seeing with him is a mile or a mile a sixteenth looks to be “all of it.” In other words, on paper he looks better suited to sprinting.

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Oaklawn Park
Race: 8 (4:42 PM EST Post)
Apple Blossom
This year’s renewal of the Apple Blossom features a rematch from the Azeri Stakes with two of the best older females in the land in Elate and Midnight Bisou and this race figures to be a doozy. Midnight Bisou, who I liked since early last year, got the better of it last time and I’m sticking to my guns that she has a world of talent, will continue to get better and have a tremendous year when it’s all said and done. Four year old by Midnight Lute is off to a good start (2 for 2) in winning the Houston Ladies Classic in January and the aforementioned Azeri in March. She “takes her racetrack with her” as she is 7 for 13 in her career while winning on four different ovals in all parts of the country. Lastly, I believe she still holds a fitness edge over main rival Elate as this will be her third start (off the layoff) while Elate will be making her second start in eight months…………………….Elate is clearly the main threat in this spot. Head hunters in New Guinea could see this two time Grade: 1 winner needed her last as it was her first start in eight months. Filly by Medaglia d’ Oro did very well to finish second in the Azeri when beaten by just one length as the even money favorite. When I was at Belmont Park (before heading over to Aqueduct for the Wood Memorial) last week, I heard several folks on the backstretch talk about how she may not be coming back the same as last year after, by trainer Bill Mott’s admittance, “a few minor injuries”. I’ll give her a mulligan for the Azeri but like Improbable this weekend, she needs to improve off the Azeri to prove that theory wrong………………….Wonder Gadot is another who probably needed her first race of 2019 when finishing second vs. optional $50,000 claimers on March 8 as it was her first start in over four months. Another daughter of “King of the (sales) Ring” Medaglia d’ Oro, this filly actually won two thirds of the Canadian Triple Crown (beating the boys) last year and still has that very long and flowing stride, which is especially good when on her right handed lead………………..Honorable Mention: Escape Clause is an absolute win machine while registering a mind boggling 20 wins in 30 career starts. Granted, she was beating up on far lesser competition at smaller tracks for most of it but still that’s quite a feat. That said, she did win a Grade: 2 at Santa Anita in January and could not have looked any better while blowing out her rivals at Sunland Park in her last. Mare by Going Commando (how did the Jockey Club miss that name by the way?), who stands for less than $1,000, won by 7+, getting a mile in a track record 1:34 flat.

By: Gerard Apadula
Director of Equine Operations and Development
Knights of the Round Stable Thoroughbred Racing Team
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
2019- Record: 22-72 = 31% (My Plays: -$2,314.14)
2018- Record: 107-261= 41%
2017- Record: 92-235 = 39%
2016- Record: 91-229 = 40%
2015- Record: 67-180 = 37%
2014- Record: 29-73 = 40%
2013- Record: 20-59= 34%
2012 -Record: 24-73= 33%
2011 –Record: N/A
2010- Record: 24-74= 33%
Little Bets N’ Pieces
****Superstar Winx makes her final career start in the Group: 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Royal Randwick. If her win streak continues, this will be her 33rd straight win and 25th Group: 1. The scheduled post time is 11:05 p.m. ET on Friday, April 12th.

**** Lady Pauline, a half-sister to Lady Aurelia, was an eye catching, first time out winner last week at Keeneland.
Going off at an enormous 1-5 betting favorite, the Stonestreet homebred blew the gate and showed a very impressive speed to win by 9 3/4 lengths, stopping the clock in :51:3 for 4 ½ furlongs.
We’ll need to keep an eye on her moving forward.

****In all my years of being involved in this sport, I’m not sure I’ve seen a stronger book of mares to be bred to one first year stallion ever.
Justify, who stands at Coolmore’s Ashford Stud in Paris, KY., for $150,000, has the following list of mares booked: (although this is not all of them)
A Raving Beauty Multiple G1 winner
A Z Warrior G1 winner
Afleet Maggi Dam of G1 winner Dream Tree
African Jade Dam of G1 winner Lord Nelson
Appealing Zophie G1 winner, dam of Belmont Stakes winner Tapwrit
Bar of Gold Won Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint
Bella Jolie Dam of champion sprinter Runhappy
Birdatthewire G1 winner
Blossomed Dam of G1 winner Sippican Harbor
Brave Anna G1 winner
Bubbler Dam of champion Arrogate
Caledonia Road Champion 2-year-old filly
Champagne Room Champion 2-year-old filly
Charming Dam of champion 2-year-old filly Take Charge Brandi,
Classic Strike Dam of G1 winner Union Strike
Dazzling Song Dam of G1 winner Magnum Moon
Diamondsandrubies G1 winner
Diva Delite Dam of G1 winner Midnight Bisou
Dream Dancing G1 winner
D’Wildcat Speed Dam of filly Lady Aurelia
Emma’s Encore G1 winner
Found won Breeders’ Cup Turf
Got Lucky G1 winner
Grace Hall G1 winner
Grazie Mille Dam of G1 winner Mo Town
Groupie Doll Two-time champion female sprinter and winner of the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint
Havre de Grace 2011 Horse of the Year, sold for $10 million
Ithinkisawapudycat Dam of G1 winner Sweet Loretta,
Khancord Kid Dam of Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint winner Bar of Gold
Kosmo’s Buddy Dam of G1 winner Knicks Go
Mining My Own Dam of Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird and G1 winner Dullahan
Misty For Me G1 winner, dam of Cartier champion 2-year-old colt U S Navy Flag
Moonshine Memories G1 winner
Morena dam of Belmont Stakes winner Creator
Noted and Quoted G1 winner
Pretty ‘n’ Smart Dam of G1 winner Cupid
Rare Event Dam of G1 winner Improbable
Sambuca Classica Dam of champion 2-year-old male Classic Empire
Silk and Scarlet Dam of G1 winner Master of Hounds
Silky Serenade Dam of G1 winner Restless Rider,
So Sharp of G1 winner Sharp Azteca
Storm Dixie Dam of Kentucky Oaks winner Princess of Sylmar
Tapestry G1 winner
Together Forever: G1 winner
Turbulent Descent G1 winner
Untouched Talent dam of G1 winner Bodemeister
Vale Dori G1 winner
Yellow Heat Dam of G1 winner R Heat Lightning
Zipessa G1 winner
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