Bank Affiliate Transactions: Navigating Sections 23A and

The Banking Act of 1933 also created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , which protected bank deposits up to $2,500 at the time (now up to $250,000 as a result of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010). - Enacted as part of the Banking Act of 1933, along with • the creation of federal deposit insurance and the FDIC • the Glass-Steagall Act separating commercial from investment banking • FRA § 23B, 12 U.S.C. § 371c-1 - Imposes qualitative restrictions on affiliate transactions (market terms) (c) Section 23A of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended by this section, shall apply to any transaction entered into after the date of enactment of this Act [October 15, 1982], except for transactions which are the subject of a binding written contract or commitment entered into on or before July 28, 1982, and except that any renewal of a participation in a loan outstanding on July 28, 1982, to (2) In the case of a new registrant with the Commission, the determination of whether an issuer is a foreign private issuer shall be made as of a date within 30 days prior to the issuer's filing of an initial registration statement under either the Act or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. (3) Once an issuer qualifies as a foreign private issuer, it will immediately be able to use the forms Securities Act Of 1933: The Securities Act of 1933 was established as a result of the stock market crash of 1929. The legislation had two main goals: to ensure more transparency in financial

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