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2K21 Ideas

2K has no emails, platform, or outlets to post/send ideas to so I thought I’d post them here & see what happens. These aren’t refined ideas completely thought out of how each would work, just ideas. These will be scattered btw
: Bring back the MyPlayer option to finish a current player’s career as your MyPlayer.
: New MyCareer option to play your player in a different era, or start over a current or former player’s career in a different era (drafts would go as they did in real life & players ratings from that era would adjust depending on what they did that year in real life)
: Women’s MyCareer, similar features & stuff as the men... but a Woman’s basketball career & experience is very different than the Men’s so give insight on that. This could also help the WNBA & ppl become more familiar with them. I mean, if someone is playing the Lynx & Maya Moore smokes him he’s gonna search & see if that’s what she actually does. Why else put the WNBA in the game if not to help them but also put more in the game.
: Bring back the option to customize rosters before starting your MyCareer (some players like to play around with the rosters)
: Stop putting old teams in the game if you can’t get that team’s full roster, really don’t understand putting random created dudes on classic teams’ rosters
: Add more defensive coverages, there are so many more defensive coverages than just 2-3, 3-2 & presses. 1-2-2 zone, 2-2-1, 1-3-1, 2-3 full court press, box & 1, 2-1-2, diamond & one, triangle & 2, 1-2-1-1 press.. these should be added. Not only can it help ppl learn more about basketball, but these are actual coverages that can be, have been & are used
: 2 different ratings for players, their regular rating and then a playoffs ratings. Some players raise their game in the playoffs especially in certain games, circumstances and moments.. while others, stay the same or perform worse than they usually do. Also there’s the saying of role players are better at home and worse on the road in the playoffs. Also ratings should be updated every week, depending on what happened that past week.
: Make players & teams smarter. For user & CPU. NBA players & coaches are the smartest basketball minds in the world.. if you do the same thing over & over against them unless you’re overwhelmingly better, they’re gonna adjust & figure it out fast or at least they’re gonna try something new. Especially in playoff situations, if you do something one game.. they take it away the next, they know your tendencies, etc. This is not the case in the game. Even for ppl that if can’t/don’t manually make adjustments, the coach should help out, advise & suggest adjustments for us to decline or accept during timeouts
: Create a way for users to speak to their CPU teammates. For instance, if you want your team to go 5 out you can say that to them, or if you want a specific player to cut to the basket, be in a specific spot or switch on defense, etc you can tell him that through the mic. Of coarse though.. techs for profanity.
: (This one could be complicated, but maybe it’ll spark something idk). Many players & ppl make a lot of money betting on 2K games that they play vs their friends, etc. Maybe create an online play now mode for ppl 18+ where they can bet $5-20 on a game before playing it. Start out making it to where ppl can only play like 5 games max a day so ppl don’t take advantage of it & 2k can get like 5% of the winning number of that game. That’s a potential $95 a day (potential $34,675 a year) for players if they win. Also potentially millions for 2K with their 5% of each win. Now of coarse, this would require tax paperwork, 2k servers to be on point & 24/7 support so idk.
: Neighborhood, the design from the last 2 games.. is actually a very good design, I would say design 3-5 more though that ppl can travel to or stay at if they want. Design them after cities & how temperatures & stuff may effect that, for example I’m from Illinois... outside courts not an option in the winter, at all lmao. Also, there can be 3 extra neighborhoods that ppl can purchase with VC & be available to visit but not stay. 1 is a neighborhood for YouTubers (YouTubers with, lets say 15k or more subs), another neighborhood for celebs & social media stars & lastly, a neighborhood that pro athletes are at.
: Jumpshots, in a league that is perimeter oriented & the impact of 3’s & jumpshots are at an all time high... idk how you make a game that is essentially if you don’t green release, you miss. Also never make a badge that determines the speed of your shot release ever again. Shooting should’ve been the last thing that should’ve been an issue, the threat of shooting is literally the biggest weapon in basketball right now
: Your initial MyCareer overall should be determined by where you’re drafted, if you’re a top 5 pick... you should be at least a 74 overall. Max would be about 78, I understand 2k wants to make money from VC... but starting out at like a 60 overall is ridiculous.
: Shot Contests, contesting a Kawhi/KD, etc mid range shot.. is drastically different than contesting a TJ Warren mid range shot. Contesting LeBron or Kyrie at the rim or on a turn around mid range or something is different than the average player. Steph & Klay ability to get off shots with limited space is unlike others. Contesting a Harden stepback 3 is different. A 6’3 guy... can’t realistically contest a Durant, Kawhi, LeBron jumpshot he just has to hope they don’t go into shot motion, foul them, strip it or lead them to the defense. That should be reflected in the game. Contested shot aren’t the same for everyone. A contest for one guy... is an open look to another
: All Star Team Up, you should be able to control how many other ppl you would like on your team. For instance if you’re playing with your friend, brother, whatever.. & you guys just want it as you 2 vs 2-5 others.. you should be able to control that. Maybe you don’t want 3 other teammates. Also, if your teammates are CPU’s you should be able to pick who’s on your team.
: More so for ppl that actually play MyCareer games or MyLeague. An option to turn off sliders & level of difficulty. Idk what this would be called, but essentially turning off difficulty/sliders enables teams & players to play how they actually play. On 2K, every team plays the same & it becomes predictable b/c everyone does the same thing. The Rockets don’t play like the Lakers, the Lakers don’t play like the Clippers, etc. Warriors - lot of movement & shooting, Clippers lot of iso & pnr’s, Bucks, 5 out & constant Giannis & Bledsoe attacks, Pelicans/Wizards, they run & gun put up a ton of points don’t play much defense, etc. Every team/playecoaches do things differently & depending on the situation playing a particular team in a certain situation might be nearly impossible or easier. For instance if you have the Lakers & Clippers on back to back nights... that’s a tough back to back, your team might not have it & the other team might know that. Or another example, someone like LeBron is like 6-1 in Game 7’s & averages like 35 in Game 7’s... so if you’re in that situation with him, that should be an extremely difficult game. Just more realistic situations.
: As I said before with neighborhoods, being able to leave or stay.. with the money you make from your contract (which isn’t really ever used or acknowledged in the game), you should be able to build/buy a house & decorate it, buy cars, etc. Of coarse you can also keep the house the game already gives you b/c that’s used for cut scenes.
: MyCareer stuff, in the summer after a season.. you should be able to try to recruit players, build relationships with players, go play summer pick up games with different players, train with trainers, etc. Create more options for players after a season instead of just fast forwarding to the next year. Give ppl more a glimpse of what’s it actually like to be an NBA player. Also, your player never gets hurt.. that’s not realistic. Sometimes players have nagging injuries & if they continue to play it may get worse or maybe it turns to be nothing, but injuries happen & should effect players whether they’re in MyCareer games or park games. Make a time clock like on GTA (which plays into when it’s dark or light outside) & that can help give players a timetable of when it’s more ok for them to play or they’re clear to go, etc. Also, stop forcing teams to make trades in the middle of the year without coming to the star of the team first. You should be able to talk to the GM & give him ideas of what the team is missing (like a kind of player that could help not a specific player). For instance in 2017 LeBron said the Cavs needed a “playmaker”.. they later got Deron Williams. He didn’t say exactly who, but gave an idea of what they could use.
: Park, courts for all kinds of game 1 on 1’s 2 on 2’s 3 on 3’s 4 on 4’s 5 on 5’s Horse King of the court Knockout Around the world, etc
: Fix charge attempts & blocks. Self explanatory.
: Defense, blow by’s & things like that... I mean, the way freedom of movement is in the NBA defense is tricky. I would say just tighten up help defense, awareness & things like that to make defense more realistic.
Just a few ideas. Ideas meaning, they can be built upon not finished & refined things. Let me know what y’all think
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The Uncontested: The NBA, and most importantly, OKC THUNDER BASKETBALL is (almost) BACK!!

Jacob and Justin discuss the details of the recently approved plan to restart the NBA season at Walt Disney World including: 29-1 vote, implications of 8 "seeding games," play-in tournament, home court advantage, testing protocol, lottery rules, timing of next season, and SO. MUCH. MORE.
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Official r/NBA2K 2K20 Wishlist Thread 8 (will be sent to 2K)

MyCAREER — Player Creation (Builds/Archetypes/Animations)


MyCAREER — Playground AKA Park

MyCAREER — Pro-Am and Jordan Rec Center

MyCAREER — Neighborhood (including Clothes/Open-World/Events)



Gameplay (User and AI/Sim)


Art and Likeness

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The Marathon Ends or Why I'm Jumping Ship and You Oughta Consider It Too

Damn, what a depressing day. Being a Kings fan the past 14 years has been an up and down ride (largely down) during this time, but this is easily the all time low point. Another poster described it best expressing the feeling I felt today when I saw the news, similar to the day Malone was fired: complete and utter disbelief.
Scolling twitter: "F OMRI CASSPI TRADED" -"Huh, wonder what we got." "C DEMARCUS COUSINS TRADED" -"WTF"
Then to see the haul, Buddy Hield, a protected 1st, a 2nd rounder, and a likely to be waived Tyreke and Langston Galloway. Wow. Even the Cousins haters can't defend this one. Its gonna be a long one. Turn back now if you aren't ready to dive into some sad history.
I started following this team when I was a teenager and my Dad started getting me to watch Kings games with him. This was the 2002-03 season. It was hard not to fall in love with the team we had at the time, and subsequently the game of basketball. I started watching every game I could and going to the odd game with my Dad. Either way, watching Kings basketball was our way of spending time together during those years.
Looking back, I find it tragically comic that I started following the Kings right at the decline of the golden years. That 02-03 team was really good though, true contenders that year. We had come off the devastating WCF loss the year prior, but we were a deeper squad that year. We still had Prime Webber, Hedo, Pollard, all the glue guys, and added Jim Jackson and Keon Clark before he went crazy. Who knows if Webber doesn't blow out his knee what happens. If that team could beat the Twin Towers in their last go around the title would have been theirs. Even next year there was an outside chance to reach the WCF if KG doesn't have that career game and Webber's shot doesn't rim out. I still think about that ridiculous 3 KG hit at the end of the shot clock near the end of game 7.
And then we all know the story that followed, a couple meh years and then some more wasted time where we took too long to rebuild and settled into some mediocre treadmill seasons before finally bottoming out in that 17-65 08-09 season. And then years of franchise turmoil spent playing the dumb lottery, where we got unlucky year after year in terms of positioning and botched the majority of the picks we did make. Hawes, Thompson, Tyreke, Jimmer, T-Rob, Mclemore, Stauskas, with WCS and the 2016 youngins to be determined. Although none of the young guys so far have shown me anything so far to make me think they could be starting level impact players in this league. It certainly doesn't bode well for Malachi that the SG position is now clogged again with Hield now and Bogdan coming next year likely.
So what do the above collection of players represent? A series of busts, inconsequential players, and Reke who was largely ravaged by injuries. This is what they organization managed to draft and provided Cousins with later over the years. They failed him year after year in putting talent around him. They are lucky that David Kahn was around to pick Wes Johnson so that Cuz could fall in their lap. Doesn't matter who was running the show all these years whether its been Petrie, the Maloofs, PDA, Vivek, Vlade. All we have to show for it are the results, a decade of failure in the draft aside from the crown jewels in Big Cuz and IT. Fitting that the only two all-stars the Kings manage to pick in a decade are both traded for absolutely nothing.
There's been stories that Petrie liked Lillard but passed out of fear of losing to JT, and that he liked Giannis too, but the incoming PDA regime didn't want to listen to him at that point. Its absolutely tragic we couldn't even pair Cousins with one other all-star caliber player in his 7 years here, sans IT who honestly didn't fit too well with him and together were a fatal pairing trying to defend the pick & roll. There has to be another reality out there where a Cousins and Kawhi/Lillard/Klay/Giannis pairing is wrecking the NBA and contending for the WCF. Even one would have been amazing compared to what we ended up with. The Warriors got new owners who surrounded their inherited star Curry with Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and Draymond Green alone over the span of two drafts. We gave Demarcus Cousins ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
And so now we are back to where we started nearly a decade ago. The cupboard is bare of assets, our future draft picks are compromised because of a foolish trade where Vlade tossed in picks and swaps like they meant nothing, and our reputation around the league is worse than ever. Not to mention we might have one of the worst and most meddling owners in all of sports. I don't who to blame for this disaster of a deal, but at the end of the day the buck stops at the owner and this has Vivek's little fingerprints all over it.
I really wanted to believe that Vlade was going to be given free reign when hired, but this trade leads to me believe that he's just a good-natured patsy hired by Vivek. He hired Vlade and Peja and brought in all the old boys just to create the nostalgia while still getting to keep running things behind the scenes.If I've learned anything about Vivek, its that the man has a massive ego and wants to prove himself like his peers have with the Warriors. But the guy is just incompetent and clueless when it comes to running a sports organization.
He fell victim to the whispers of power players like PDA and Mullin and then sabotaged the team by firing Malone right when they were playing some of the best basketball the team had played in years just so he could trot out his NBA 3.0 jazz band garbage. And now he's done it once again, come down from his mighty cloud high in the sky to ruin a team gelling and fighting for the playoff spot by getting rid of the most talented player to ever don a Kings jersey, a big who isn't ideal for his run and gun fantasies, and gone and traded him for his next Klay Thompson fetish. Mclemore, Stauskas, now Hield...the man is obsessed with finding the next elite shooter and he's been wrong everytime.
The best organizations in sports are ran by owners who largely stay out of the scenes. Cousins haters and some sports writers are already throwing out terms like "Culture change" and what not to find some positive spin to this or reason that this was necessary. Think about it. What does this buzzword really mean? Culture in a sports organization really just stands for stability and vision. The consistently good teams in the league have stability in the front office and coaching staff, and the owner largely stays out of the picture. Think of San Antonio, Miami, Dallas. Even Mark Cuban, who is pretty hands-on, doesn't seem to meddle in basketball affairs the way Vivek likes to.
Jason Jones might have said it best when going over the trade today on KHTK, but what exactly is the plan now? Vivek buys the team and says he wants to make us a playoff team quickly, in time for the new arena. Ok, so through it all, if there's been some consistent plan through all the turmoil, this has been it. Even when Vivek canned Malone, it was in some misguided belief we would be better without him. We kept Cousins. Despite the missteps and the snake whispers from Karl and Grant through the years that we're better off without him we stuck with him. Vlade came aboard and assured us over and over we're sticking with Cuz. Publicly and privately to Cuz and the world. We make a terrible trade that mortgaged the future, but I rationalized it like many others at the time. Yeah, it was a lot to give up just to dump salary, but if it worked out the pick swaps likely wouldn't matter and all we'd give up was a mid first rounder in 2019. This was the plan; we were going all-in with Cuz.
This past summer continued with the supposed plan as we stocked up on vets and young guys knowing we didnt have a pick next year if we made a playoff push, despite the odd hiccup that maybe hinted to Vlade hedging his bets if Cousins were to leave in UFA in 2018 with the weird Papagiannis pick. But then the new CBA is announced and with the new DPE slot there's no way we lose Cuz. Vlade continued to state we aren't trading Cuz, even as recently as Sunday telling Cuz and his rep he's sticking with the team. And then out of nowhere he's gone. Cold feet at the last minute and giving up on Cuz for pennies on the dollar when the team has all the leverage in the world. Cuz has professed loyalty to this city for years now.
I've seen some Cuz haters online trying to say he only started talking about sticking with Sac once the news about the $200 mill extension came out in the new CBA and that's a load of garbage. I can recall back in 2014 or 15 Cuz appearing on the Bill Simmons podcast and basically flat out saying free agents would have to join him in Sac when Simmons was trying to recruit him to Boston. You can find tons of instances of Cousins publicly professing his desire to stay in Sac throughout recent years. And for our FO to just go back on their word and treat Cousins like other word for it: it was a BETRAYAL. I feel it as a fan and I'm sure many of you do as well. I can only imagine how Cousins feels. Although I'm happy for him in some way to actually be surrounded by a decent team and I can only imagine the burden he must also feel has been lifted despite the sadness in having to leave Sac. What decent FA would ever come to Sac now after seeing how we treat our own franchise player? Like always, we will only ever be able to attract those desperate for a contract/comeback or those looking to get their last paycheck on their way outta the league.
So now what? Obviously playoffs are out the window for at least 5 years minimum. I guess the plan now is to tank, but its going to be a long process for us where we only have control over one of our first round picks (2018) until 2020. As for Vlade, I no longer have any faith in him either. With this latest trade added to his resume as a GM, he can only be objectively described as a disaster. As far as I'm concerned he has sowed the seeds of destruction as much as Vivek has.
Here's my take on what went down:
-Woj has been pretty spot on with breaking news this year. The way he got that story and claims that Vlade was the one who wanted to dump Cousins and had to convince Vivek to go through with it makes me think he's got a plant in the Kings FO giving him the scoop: Ken Catanella or someone else involved in the decision making process.
-Vlade's first big trade was the Stauskas/JT/Landry salary dump. We saw there how badly he got fleeced value wise.
-Our next trade, we have Catanella on board and he's advising Vlade now. Value wise, we make a great trade with the Suns, moving down and getting 13, 28, and the rights to another first rounder. The picks may have been questionable but the value was great.
-On this trade, we get fleeced again. Seriously, this might go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history. Can you think of a Kings star traded for less? We got better value for Carl freakin Landry! Look at some other lopsided star trades in recent history: VC to the Nets, KG to the Celts, CP3 to the Clips...we got the worst return out of anyone. And in all those other cases the team was basically forced to trade the star anyway. They weren't publically professing loyalty to their respective franchises. This makes me think Vlade was behind the phones on this one and in a hurry
-So either Vlade, who we know is incompetent when it comes to negotiations (couldn't even get us another first rounder here or get NO to send us its first unprotected. I'm honestly surprised he didn't throw em any pick swaps here) decides he has to trade Cuz and now is the only time. Or Vivek wakes up yesterday, decides he can't have Cousins at $200 million anymore and demands Vlade find him the best trade asap. Either way the end result is Vivek telling Vlade to bring him the two best offers, likely the Lakers D'Angelo Russell offer or some other one and the Pelicans package. Vivek, who probably saw Hield blow up at the no defense chuckfest rookie soph game the other day decides he's the next Klay and we have to take that package.
-Vlade completes the trade without even telling Cuz beforehand and manages to one up his tip-out to Horry as the worst thing he's brought upon this franchise.
Why do this trade, and especially why now? Its just so baffling on so many levels. Why not finish out the year, push for that playoff spot, sign him to the max extension, and then if you feel you need to trade him still a year later the offers will still be there. Or if you really feel you can't wait and he's that poisonous, certainly you can wait it out a few more days and create some competition to get more in a trade. Flip Saunders engaged in a long stalemate with the Cavs when he had less leverage than Vlade and the whole world knew he was gonna deal Kevin Love. And he still got more than we did for Cuz. I feel like Vlade thought he was outsmarting everyone maybe by publicly claiming that Cuz was untradeable, hoping that teams would send godfather offers to the team. Instead, everybody lowballed em because they knew Cuz wouldn't sign an extension and wanted to stay in Sac. And then the Kings settled on a terrible low offer anyway ughhhh
Or better yet, why not do the smart thing and build around Cuz for the future? Dude just turned 26 and still has another 3-4 years of dominant seasons left. With his play-style we could see a long prime into his mid-thirties. For me there was no worries about him not being worth the money production wise over the course of the contract. Especially with the way the salary cap will rise year after year. When we signed all those vets with team options for next year that's what I thought we would do. We could have traded Kosta, Mclemore, Gay and even Collison for some decent picks or young players at the start or early on in the year. Imagine if we had shipped out Gay when he was balling at the start of the year or packaged him with Kosta/Collison to get an impact player or another young prospect. Even Cameron Payne woulda been a good bet while he was injured. He's looking good again as WB's backup and has nice potential. Even now if we had stayed the course there was a good chance we wouldn't have made the playoffs and still got to keep the top 10 pick.
We could have had something easily like this going into next year:
Lawson(or Collison)/Payne Temple/Malachi Bogdon/Casspi WCS/Tolliver Cuz/Kosta
-with a top 10 pick, skal, and papa still. A lot of potential capspace still.
Instead, the geniuses Vlade and Vivek have left us with this giant mess of a roster:
Lawson/Collison Hield/Bmac/Temple Malachi/Bogdon WCS/TolliveSkal Kosta/Papa
-No potential all-stars on that team unless you really believe in Malachi/WCS/Skal/Papa. I watch a lot of other teams and have seen some of Buddy Hield and he has never impressed. In many ways he reminds me of Mclemore but not as scared a player or mentally lost I'd say. But for a 23 year old rookie who was supposed to contribute right away he's already erring on the side of bust. Dude's handles are extremely weak, like Bmac he is small for a SG at 6'4 and is a non-entity on defense, and in games also tends to play the invisible role. He has long stretches where he does nothing on the court. Worst of all, he's another supposed shooter who looks to be struggling to get his shot off in the NBA and is shooting only 39%. Granted he's a rookie, but I don't see star in his future whatsoever.
-The pick we get back from New Orleans wont be a mid-high lotto pick most likely. Good chance not a lotto pick at all. Small disaster chance we never even see it. That's unacceptable when you are giving up a top 10 talent in his prime with all the leverage. And because of the terrible Sixers trade and that JJ Hickson trade still haunting us from years past, our draft situation is compromised. We can't get the number one pick this year under any scenario. We can't even tank properly from here on out without fear of swapping with the Sixers. We may have a much easier schedule moving forward, but as a betting man I'd bet on the Sixers finishing higher than the Kings in the standings and swapping picks with them come lotto time.
-Our 2019 pick is completely unprotected and goes to the Sixers. No matter who we get in the 2018 draft I am sure we will still be a bad, bad team then. This will be a top 5 pick squandered. So basically we are all in on the 2017/2018 draft now. If you don't bat 100 here its over. And would anyone bet on the Kings to draft well? You draft to get a Boogie and now we gotta pray we find another one.
--Best case scenario: Philly and the Kings don't swap. Both teams land a top 3 pick. Boogie and the Pelicans don't work out for whatever reason, or maybe the Brow has a season ending injury and its Cousins trying to carry scrubs again. Pelicans pick also lands in the top 5.
--Worst case scenario: Embiid comes back healthy and Simmons does shortly thereafter. Philly continues to go on a tear and make a late playoff push. Kings completely collapse and end up winning the number 1 pick. We swap something like 1 with the 16th pick. The Pelicans also go on a run and make the playoffs as the 7th or 8th seed. We get their mid lotto pick. In 2018 we lose in the lotto again and drop 3 positions and draft another bust. 2019 we win the lotto and send another number 1 overall pick to Philly because #KANGZ
--Likely scenario: Kings swap picks with Philly, something like the 3/4th pick for the 8/9th pick. Pelicans make the playoffs or get very close and the kings get the 15th/16th pick. Kings blow in 2018, lose in the lotto and draft a bust in the top 5, and then send another lotto pick to Philly in 2019.
So in the end, this is what our reality is after trading Cousins. Are all the Cousins haters happy now? Obviously not because we can see the haul is abysmal and nearly everyone here is upset with the trade. I don't wanna get into it too much because obviously I'm staunchly pro-Cousins, but the thoughts expressed about Cousins essentially split into two camps over a single-fundamental issue: is Demarcus Cousins a player you can't win with because he's always been on losing teams?
People who blame Cousins believe you can't win with him, that he just doesn't have what it takes to lead a team to victory. He complains too much, he mopes on the bench, he has issues with coaches/FO, whatever, not like the majority of star players in the league don't do the same things. Like that was what was holding the Kings back from greatness all these years and not the years of inept management. To me its always been such a silly argument, because basketball is a TEAM game. You don't win and lose with one player, you do so as a team.
Nearly every player who makes it to the NBA was dominant in high school and college. They won everywhere they went. So Demarcus was a winner in high school and at Kentucky, who then forgot all those winning qualities and became a loser in the NBA when he joined the Kings? What about Kevin Love, the guy lost for 6 straight years in Minnesota. Then he got traded to the Cavaliers. I guess someone must have given him the secret to being a winner as he was getting his physical before getting traded. Same with IT I bet he finally just started studying up on how to be a winner. Probably found some book called "HOW TO BE A WINNER" on the plane from Phoenix to Boston. Can't wait for Cousins to find success in New Orleans and all this Cousins is a loser talk to stop.
I also challenge these people to find one player, outside of Lebron James or maybe Russell Westbrook, who could have carried these rosters Cousins has been on to the playoffs. Lillard, Curry? Not a chance without any help or defenders supporting them. What about a contemporary big? All the other young bigs too are struggling with today's guard favored game, and even with more talent aren't doing any better. Davis, Drummond, Jokic, and Towns all arguably have more talent surrounding them now and are all on struggling teams. Face it, this team as constructed is trash outside of Cousins and the numbers don't lie. The Boston game was a fluke and we will be one of the worst teams in the league the rest of the way along with Brooklyn.
So what to do now as a fan. How can you trust this organization and its management at all? Clearly they are not on the same page either with Joerger. The guy was just on the Ringer podcast a few days ago talking about how happy they were basically and how great it was that Cuz was publically committing long term. And that Matt Barnes was his go-to guy in the locker room and for games. Lol... as long as Vivek is the owner there will be no stability. The guy will never take credit for any of his failings. If you remember that interview he gave about the whole Malone and PDA disaster he basically absolved himself of any blame and pinned it all on everyone else. He will continue to sabotage the team and use it as his personal playtoy as he tries to emulate the Warriors.
Shouldn't we be trying to find the next advantage instead of just playing copycat? And why should we be grateful that he came in and "saved" the team? If anything, the real hero was David Stern. After the PR fallout from the Sonics leaving to OKC, it was clear the league didn't want another small-town team to lose its team. So as one of his last big legacy moves Stern helps facilitate another deal and Vivek just happens to be the billionaire there to get to take all the credit and be the hero. I'm sure his narcissistic ego ate it up and I'm sure now the little guy must love having a 7 foot giant to boss around. At either rate there is no future now. And for me there is where it ends.
14 years. Its a long time for me. More than half my life. This fandom has been my longest relationship with anything. But most of its been misery. Years of praying to find a star and now we just gave up the best one to play for us. And the odds aren't even good that we'll find another, or that if we do it would be enough to compete in the crowded West. You've still got SA and GS to deal with obviously for what seems like forever. UTAH/MIN/PHX/DEN/NOP/LAL all already have better young cores set up in place for the future. At this point, does anyone see any realistic path to the playoffs, let alone even thinking about competing for a championship realistically in the next 5 years? That would be 15 straight years of postseason futility with no end in sight. I don't think I can handle that.
Fanhood is a strange, yet special human phenomena. To the uninitiated who just don't get it, you'll just never be able to explain it to them. And people who didn't follow the Kings, or those who did and couldn't get Cuz won't understand why those who did loved him so much. Dude was and still is by far my favorite player in the league. Not only does he play with true passion and skill, but he's a hardworking, loyal guy. Give me real ass Boogie over any of the other fake ass stars in the league who only care about spouting out generic platitudes and furthering their own brand.
I'm not usually an emotionally guy, but today I honestly shed a fear tears after reading about the news and processing it after a few hours. Seeing how everyone else was reacting. And I really began to question and think about fanhood and why I follow this team. I moved halfway across the world over a year ago and don't even live in Sacramento anymore. Many of my friends have left town as well, so I only have some family left there. I visited home recently and hoped to catch a game at the new arena but never found the time. I regret it now as I only saw Cuz play a few times and never the past few years when he has been a truly dominant player.
But through all these years, all the losing and the turmoil, the one constant was a sense of hope. Hope that we'd get lucky in the draft and find an all-star calibre player. Hope that when we found the guy that he'd make the jump to that level, and when he more than exceeded expectations hope that we could surround him with some quality teammates. Well now that hope, the only reason I even invested so much in the team the past 6 years, the only reason so many people still paid attention, or why the national media even gave us any attention at all is gone. And so is my hope for the franchise.
I mean, there's been so much turnover now over the years that I don't even feel any particularly strong connection to any of the remaining players at this point. Who's the longest tenured King at this point, Ben Mclemore? And he's soon to be traded for a can of Sprite and Alex Oriaki's twin brother. And at this point, we traded Cuz for so little, why would anyone give us anything of value now for whatever few "assets" we have left. If the price for Cuz with a year left on his deal was Buddy and a first, what are we gonna get for Collison or Kosta? Nothing.
So I'm jumping ship to the Pelicans. At the end of the day, this is supposed to be entertainment, not some sick form of self-inflicted Stockholm syndrome where I keep giving my time and energy to a team and owner who clearly doesn't care about anyone but his bottom line and own personal ego-trippin ambitions. I've been lurking the King's fans community for so long, so I know that I can't totally stop following the Kings.
Maybe in a decade after Vivek has fired Vlade as the next scapegoat and Joerger has left the team for greener pastures, Vivek will finally sell the team and I'll pop back in and see if I can give the Kings a chance again. Its hard like this to break up with your childhood team, and in a way most of all I might miss the sense of shared pain that was being a Kings fan because we all hoped it could be better. Just a few days ago we all thought we had Cousins locked up long term! He wanted to be here and it was a done deal. Absolute worst case scenario we trade him later but he left us with a future. Instead we went worse than worst case scenario and dumped him for a deal you can't even do in NBA 2K.
And with that I'm out. The Sacramento Marathon has ended.
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