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[Table] IAmA: We are the Office Online team (formally Office Web Apps) - Ask us Anything!

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Date: 2014-02-28
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It looks like you're doing an AMA. Would you like help? Get help with doing the AMA Just do the AMA without help. EDIT: My gold virginity has officially been lost. Thank you very much, kind stranger! (Brian) If I wanted help, I would hit F1. But thanks for the offer.
It looks like you're looking for the F1 key. Would you like help? (Brian) Microsoft is already pretty key to F1...
How can i get the paper clip guy back? You mean this guy? People love to hate him, but if sentiment changes we'd love to bring him back. Have you played with Ribbon Hero? ~Rob.
(Brian) The paper clip guy already has your back. Don't worry about it.
No, actually, your best bet is to start a petition. See Link to
As a current O365 SPO Support Engineer on the frontlines, I've seen the evolution of the web apps from SP2010 WAC to the current implementation and rebranding of Office Online. What prompted for the rebranding of Office Web Apps to Office Online? How'd you find yourself on this specific team? Did you transfer from Office teams to Office Online or did you specialize in Cloud Services somewhere along the line? Hi, this is Amanda. The new name makes it easier to find our online experience. And now that we have Office apps (mobile) available, our new makes it clearer which version of Office is which. (Brian) I transferred from Office for Mac. I originally joined the Word team, but when the opportunity came to work on Word Online I jumped at it.
Are there any killer features coming to Office online in the near future? Or are we just sticking to how it is at the moment. This is Rob. All the web apps teams Office Online teams work hard to bring new features regularly. Word Online will be bringing Footnotes & Endnotes in the next couple weeks. Just last month we released comments.
Also. Is it difficult to program web applications that act almost exactly like those on the PC? Also - Yes, it is a lot of work to build applications on the web like Office Online that have the richness of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint that have existed on Windows for upwards of 25 years. People have come to expect a lot from Office, and we want to deliver as much of that experience as we can through the browser.
Ooh. Exciting news. Do you feel Office Online may replace the traditional office set of applications for a large proportion of users who, say, only want Office applications for basic needs? I think we see people using the Web more and more over time, but we want to support people on whatever platform they are using. It seems to me that we're moving to a world where there is no "main distribution channel", just a user with a desire to work where you are with the devices you have.
So, someone might use the web sometimes, an Apple device other times, and Windows some of the time - and we want all that to work well together.
Reams? (Brian) I think Rob meant "teams". But "reams" is definitely funnier.
Typo. Corrected. Thanks. ~Rob.
Edit: Cool name by the way. Naan is delicious. I was in India not long ago and biryani in Hyderabad is amazing.
Which starter Pokemon do you choose? (Stephen) 90% of the time I choose Squirtle. The other 10% of the time I choose Bulbasaur.
(Rob) No love for Charmander. Come on!
Why would I pick Office Online over Google Docs? I mean, I use google docs on every daily basis. Can you name a few things about Office Online that Google Docs can't do? Office Online offers several highly compelling scenarios. First, it's Office! It maintains the same user experience in the browser that you have on the desktop.
Second, we work extremely hard to maintain the file's integrity and formatting. We don't mung your document. We write to the file directly and don't try to import/export it.
Third, when you need more functionality (or if you want to work offline) we have easy interop with full Office on the desktop. Many people don't realize that PC/Mac Office can save directly to OneDrive.
I love Microsoft Office, and recently subscribed to Office 365 so I can install it on all my machines. My daily driver is a Mac though, and Office for Mac hasn't been updated since 2011. Are there any plans of releasing a new version sometime this year? Hi this is Robin. I am glad to hear you love it. We definitely care about making sure Office is the latest and greatest wherever our users are. I can't say anything about the timing at this point though.
What are the chances of interoperability with services like IFTTT? Personally, I've never heard of IFTTT before. However, we're always looking for ways of improving Office Online. When the AMA ends, I'll forward the request to our product planners. ~Rob.
This is Daniel...I love IFTTT, what would you want to do with it and the Office Online apps? or other Office apps?
(Brian) You could build some VBA scripts and invoke them from IFTTT actions. Or on the Mac you can also use AppleScript for some of this. There are a few articles on that. I think IFTTT can run the AS.
I'm impressed. It's one of the most useful services on the web. Try to get your bosses to buy them outright. They should be worth about $6-$8 Billion or so. Rob] You know, all my colleagues here were also surprised that I hadn't heard of it. Too many late nights coding new features for you. No seriously, I'll have someone go take a picture. Matt just sent me the [picture. Sorry for the mess. To give you an idea of scale, the monitors are 30" - 2560x1600. They are all connected to one PC. The TV is 46" 1080p used for in person code reviews and a lot of XBox. I'm a bit of a pixel junkie. ~Rob.
Edit: I was kinda joking about buying them but being able to work with them will give you a huge advantage with the 'Lifehacker' type of people.
I notice PDFs on OneDrive now open in Word Online - any chance that we will be able to edit PDFs in Word Online without converting to a word document? Or if not, be able to save as a PDF again once you have finished editing? You can save as PDF today. Currently if you go to File Print, this will produce a PDF of the document. We are planning to add an explicit button to download as PDF so that this is clearer in the future because we realize that current way is not understood. In regards to editing PDF files directly we have thought about but it is not on the top of our list to add.
Thanks for bringing the product online. When do you think that the office tools will overtake the desktop toolset? Do you think existing web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Silverlight) are enough to allow for this? This is Daniel...I think for OneNote we think that we have a bunch of clients on different platforms is important. This is because we can do some really deep stuff on the system. On Windows we can do inking and audio/video recording and on Android & Windows Phone we can do audio recording and on all mobile devices being able to use the camera and location and more. So we really think there are a lot of reasons to have rich clients. Now of course we want to have a great experience in the browser too. Also the sharing experience is great to use the online experience and then rich clients for more and offline, etc.
[~Rob] I have a different take. I believe that looking at the web today is a mistake. It is getting more powerful all the time. That said, playing to each device's strength is the best for the consumer. For example, without having a web backend, Excel surveys wouldn't be very useful at all.
What do you guys think about VBScript? Would you have preferred it to be adopted as a standard instead of Javascript? I don't think we really had any skin in the game for VBScript/Javascript in the recent past (it was never a question for the Office Online apps - we went Javascript all the way).
I think we all really just want there to be a standard that everyone learns and uses - and we want that standard to work across platforms and devices. Right now, that seems to be Javascript, and that's fine.
I'm really enjoying the new Office Web Apps, but I feel that there are some improvements that could be made regarding collaboration. For example, there's currently no way to leave a comment in an Excel document cell (Google Docs, by contrast, allows collaborators to reply to each other's comments). There are lots of improvements in the pipe (we've mentioned a few of them here). Specifically to comments in Excel Online - let's just say that I left a few using this mornings internal build that was loaded up in my browser.
Are there any improvements coming to Office Web Apps that we can look forward to? Danb.
Pancakes or Waffles? (Brian)That's a simple one. Who doesn't like waffles? Imgur
+1 Waffles.
+1000 Gir.
What problems did your team face in implementing real time editing (a really big feature seeing as I often collaborate with my friend as school)? Great question! I (Rob) was one of the developers on that feature for Word Online, so this will probably be a little more technical of a response. The first issue we faced was how to minimize latency. Fortunately, SignalR provided an amazing solution to that which works over web sockets when available, but will back to long poll when needed.
The next difficulty was how to keep all of merges local to the change. There are several ways of doing that. For example, you can use "operational transforms" or "state merge".
There were also difficulties about how to inter-op with the desktop client. As of Word 2010, there were already coauth capabilities in Word, but they weren't real time. We wanted those customers to still have a good experience.
Finally, there were difficulties with managing our model at that speed. Which involved improvements to our usage of FSSHTTP.
TL;DR we worked hard to make it work gud.
This is Daniel here...I think Rob was going to reply with some of the technical details and challenges. I think we had some cool challenges where want to figure out how people wanted to work together. For instance, like students: you work together and people take parts of the document and other people take other parts but you all work together at the same time. But then in other workplaces people write document and then a lot of people are reviewing and leaving comments.
I think the biggest challenge was autosave and we wanted to see if customers would respond well to this. Would it make sense and do they want to have the doc autosave. Also having the right indicators on the page to let you know where people were in the document or in which cell or in what slide. Overall the coauth feature it has been well received but I think those were some of the challenges we faced. Of course we continue to read the comments from the Send Feedback button so please keep it coming.
Thanks for using it with your schoolmates.
If you guys weren't working in this field, where would you be now? Personally, I'd be in San Luis Obispo, CA. Where it's a lot warmer than Seattle :-)
(Brian) Probably either playing music or doing comedy. I used to do a lot of improv, and I'm currently playing drums in a band.
5 year old Rob: Scientiest. (Yes, -tiest.)
10 year old Rob: Video game tester.
20 year old Rob: Perpetual student.
Today Rob: I'm exactly where I want to be. Maybe snarky Youtube video reviewer.
I would be in France drinking wine. -Robin.
Seems to me that you're already half way there. ~Rob.
True, true Imgur
I don't think I can ever leave CA! Smart. Very smart.
Thanks for the response. I am trying to extract formulas from the file format. The file would be in a xls format or xlsx format. So, the python script would be going through a closed excel file and extracting the formulas. It's going to be much harder in XLS than XLSX.
XLS is a binary format, so I won't even attempt to explain how to pull the values out (you'd basically need to load everything into memory and convert it to a readable format).
XLSX on the other hand is much easier - it's a zipped file, so first you need to unzip the content. Then, you'll see that you've got a bunch of parts in a folder hierarchy. The ones you're looking for are the Sheet1.xml, Sheet2.xml, etc. parts - and in there, you'll see formulas are pretty clearly called out in XML elements.
Hope that gets you on your way.
Also - you can always check out the OOXML SDK, which will actually make your life quite a bit easier in this regard. Link to
What do you prefer? 1) iOS or android? 2) Chrome or Firefox( no IE, yeah right) 3) Cats or Dogs? (Stephen) I personally prefer:
Android (I have a Nexus 5)
Hermit crabs.
[Rob] This is a very personal question.
1) My current phone is Android based. I actually prefer Windows Phone, but for my very limited cell phone needs I went for the cheap Republic Wireless monthly plan over the phone I wanted.
2) I think for most usages, browsers are pretty interchangeable today. I'm typing this in Chrome right now, but switch between browsers regularly. We use all the browsers when developing and testing Office Online.
3) A duck sized horse, but only one. I don't think I could raise 100.
(Brian) 1) iOS. But I used to work on Office for Mac, so I'm biased.
2) Of those two, Chrome. Mostly because it works well with YouTube, for some reason...
3) Puppy! Imgur
I had the Samsung Captivate o so long ago. So I'm going to go with Android.
Here's my cat] ([Link to how could you not love her!
How do you feel about infopath dying and what are you most excited about the new forms for SharePoint, or whatever else will come? (Brian) Last I checked, Infopath wasn't dead. It was just pining for the fjords. Honestly, we don't have anybody from IP or SharePoint here. And I don't know anything about their plans.
Link to They are killing it, but cool I thought you guys worked more heavily with the SharePoint team since all the collaboration stuff. (Brian) I'm a frontline dev, focusing on Word Online, and while that gives me a pretty wide scope it doesn't reach into all of the apps. I work closely with SharePoint where we intersect.
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? (Brian) It all depends on where the fight is. On land, I'll take the horse-sized duck. 100 horses will kick you in the shins until you fall down, and then keep on kicking. But in the water, you could wade in beyond the range of the horse and a duck with feet that size would move like a motorboat.
(this is Skyler stopping by) we actually did an internal excel survey and the results are in!!! 22-10 Link to
What challenges do you have supporting multiple browsers and versions. Assuming you support most (I've no recollection of being told otherwise), how do you feel about Google coder's habit of putting up a message accusing their users of not keeping up with the time and using non-compliant browsers? A) envious? b) superior? We would love it if all of customers had modern/standards compliant browsers but the reality is that people are using a variety of browsers so we work hard to ensure that we can support as many customers as possible. -Robin.
If you were stranded on a desert island what single item of no practical value (i.e. not a boat or a knife) would you want there with you? (Brian) Personally, I'd take some kind of musical instrument. Preferably one that doesn't have parts that break, like guitar strings. But then, I'd never call an instrument something of "no practical value".
(Stephen) I'd be in the same boat as Brian--I would bring my guitar!
No, an instrument fits the rules. John Major took his favourite cricket ground. (Brian) The actual ground? Like Twickenham? In that case, I'm taking a full service grocery store.
Do you guys use the WP smartphone you were given or do you use another device as your primary? Descapa: I think I am one of the worst people with devices : ) I have an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, WinPhone 7 HTC, WinPhone Lumia 620, Luma 920 & a couple new test phones that haven't been released yet as well as Android and heck even a Symbian device. Yeah I have a problem...but we get to use a lot of devices since we make software for so many of them.
Are you guys involved in any way with the Smart Office app for iOS? (It's pretty much Word, PowerPoint and Excel for iOS, and it's by far the best app I've found for these 3). If not, are you planning to bring Office to iOS? Smart Office app is not us. We do have Office for the IPhone and we have heard lots of requests for Office on the IPad. For now you can use Office Online in Safari on the IPad. You can make an icon on your home screen to easily get to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Online (plus more). Check it out! -Robin.
One more question. Just about everyone I have shown MS Office Online to has loved the idea of being able to do rich formatting in a web based app, plus the interoperability of on-computer installed Office is awesome. However, most people have still not heard of it even being offered. I believe this to be a marketing issue. I would love to see more ads that make this product resonate into peoples heads, especially students who seem to know about all that other company that kills all formatting when you upload your documents to it. Are there plans to do some brute forced advertising? (Brian) We agree. We'd love more people to hear about Office Online. We're proud of what we've accomplished so far, and what we're going to do to make it even better. But the message isn't out.
We had a big marketing push with "", and it's a much easier entry point that makes it clear what we provide. Advertising is one part of it. The marketers in room agree that we need to get the message out better.
And I think we're doing a Reddit IAMA at some point soon...
Hi - just one question. Would there be any specific time where we would be able to purchase Office on Android without an Office 365 subscription? Thanks for this AMA! Hey, this is Skyler here. Office Online announced that we plan on supporting Android. We're working hard on this so stay tuned. :)
I just, love, office... (also graduating from an MSc management this October). Submit your resume here: Link to Truthfully the best way to get your foot in the door as a student is to visit the Microsoft booth at your career fair (not sure if we go to your school though). That is how I was hired 9 years ago. Today is my 9 year anniversary actually :) - Robin
Is there any real reason for a mid level user of word to upgrade past say 2010? Longterm the team believes that productivity in 20 years will be vastly different from today, and it is our responsibility to light up those experiences.
However, to answer your question directly. New releases offer new features (like Videos in Word 2013) as well as improved interfaces (firendlier tables - that saves me tons of time). I think the biggest selling point for me was Flash Fill in Excel 2013. Regardless, I recommend an Office 365 subscription to seamlessly be up-to-date an always have the latest features.
Let me know if you want screenshots.
For OneNote I think the cloud sync in OneNote 2013 is just so awesome and it works on the other devices. And also the Excel embedding in OneNote is pretty hot. What else do people like?
I would say also what is fun is in OneNote you can just type a math equation and it works! Just type "2 + 2 =" and see what happens.
Is that what is pushing SharePoint as less of the collaboration channel and more Yammer? It seems like all of the tools are going to more of a microtransaction model where you can answework in little increments instead of long sessions. (Brian) I don't have any insight into SharePoint or Yammer. It appears that a wide range of apps are going to a micro-transaction model.
Personally, I expect that we'll see a lot of new personal workflow models tried out, and I look forward to seeing what becomes popular (and what actually works) in the next few years. The "one-size-fits-all" model of work is disappearing, but finding out how to mesh personal productivity into team productivity is an area I'm really interested in.
How do you guys get in the flow to be able to code several hours each day? I do my best work late at night when nobody is around. I'll put some TV on my top center monitor. Maybe the Daily Show, Colbert Report, or Netflix. I've also enjoyed programming since I was a young child (started in grade school), so my steady state is semi-colon based. [~Rob]
(Brian) We have recently implemented a policy in my team that all regular meetings happen before noon, and that block is preferred for other meetings. So we try and keep the after-lunch block free for non-stop coding.
I've also scheduled a 9am-5pm meeting on Wed. and Fri. called "Not having a meeting". Showing up in the calendar as busy helps reduce the random meeting requests.
For coding, a big key is getting as much of the infrastructure work done ahead of time. Start private builds off the pervious night or before I start driving to work. Have the build and integration testing results ready to go in the morning. And take care of updating the bug list and answering email before I start coding. So the code is all I have to think about for the next while.
Then turn off email, turn on some tunes, and just focus on what I need to do. Code, compile, run unit tests, repeat until I'm done.
That's the ideal day, anyway. There are always days that require lots of meetings, or emails. You have to be organized enough at all times to take advantage of the 45-90 minute flow periods that you can dig out of your day. And if you get stuck, take a break, get some fresh air. I can't count the number I've times I've been stuck on a problem, only to solve it on a 10-minute walk outside.
Some would think that everybody is around at night since they're programmers. But I guess they get family obligations eventually. [Rob] There are a few night owls. There are a surprising number of early birds too. Flex time and being able to work remotely (if you choose to) is the best. I usually decide that I've been here too long when the earliest of the people start coming in.
When are we going to get a full functioning Excel web app in SharePoint? Excel Online already functions pretty well. Are there specific features that you'd like to see?
What's it like working for MS these days? I assume it's pretty staid corporate (I work for 3M, that sort of thing). do any of you have friends working in places like Twitter, Facebook or Google and are you envious of them or vica-versa? I personally love working at Microsoft. We are undergoing a ton of change and it doesn't really feel like a staid corporation. I get to dream up feature ideas and test them out in production to see if it works out. In the Office Online business we really get to be on the edge of this change. I have a lot of friends who work in various corporations and they are generally envious of how good we have it here. -Robin.
[Rob] This is an interesting question. I've been working here full time for nearly 5 years, and was an intern twice before that. I have seen a lot of changes internally. You can see that too with how quickly we are revving our product and releasing new features. We have switched to a much shorter feedback loop, and I feel that is helping us do our best work while being in contact with our customer to pivot as needed.
There aren't too many companies where I can be paid to drink beer and post on Reddit for a Friday.
As for how we compare to others (both major players and start-ups), I think it really depends on the team. The Office Online team is epic. The friends I speak to (from Apple, Google, etc.) as well as starts-ups makeit sound the same. Hit or miss depending on the team.
(Brian) I worked in a bank as an intern, and I can tell you it's nothing like that kind of staid environment. I've been at Microsoft for quite a while. Like any workplaces, it changes over time. If anything, we're currently getting less staid.
I've got friends at Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. We all have things we like about our jobs, and things we'd like to make better. Each of the cultures is different, but I don't think any is "better". Better suited to an individual, perhaps.
I'd love to see individual tabs being synced instead of an entire notebook - in case you don't want everything being synced in that notebook. This is Daniel...I can help with #1. You mean in OneNote you just want to see the section instead of the whole notebook? You asking in the browser version or a client version? On OneNote Online we always open the whole notebook, there isn't a way to open just a part without opening the whole...kind of like opening a PowerPoint presentation just to a slide without the whole presentation.
PDFs are commonly used to hack computers. Word can convert a PDF into a Word document. Are there any cases known of a malicious PDF turning into a malicious Word document after being converted? I've been using Word as a PDF reader since all the typical PDF readers seem to have exploits. In terms of the PDF question, we don't have any known cases of this. We take security very seriously and work hard to ensure we don't have any exploits. - Robin For hacking into Word Documents that are password protected (and I'll include Excel and PowerPoint in this response as well) - again, if someone has your password then they can get into your document. If they don't have the password for the document, it's still not too hard to break (it's not a security feature) and there are several Office Password Cracker's online. If you're looking for security of Office documents, you really want to be using IRM, which encrypts your document and uses a centralized (cloud or enterprise) service to allow access to the document.
Another security question. It's possible for someone to hack an account and download everything rather it be Google or Microsoft. Can someone hack into a Word document that's password protected? If someone gets your account password, then yes, they can download your content - that's why it's good practice to use different passwords, usernames, etc. on different sites.
What are your favorite / current / wish you could work on technology stacks/web frameworks/ Javascript libraries ? VBScript!
Danb (kidding)
[Rob] There are plenty of cool stacks I'd like to build on, both internal and external. Some of the bigger ones I've never used professionally (only for personal projects) include Typescript, Ruby on Rails, and lots more.
That said, I think looking at the new shininess is a good way to be distracted. It's a bit old, but Joel Spolsky's article about Fire And Motion applies. Once a platform is good enough, it's really about execution and not about tech.
(Brian) I used to work on Office for Mac, so I have a lot of fun coding in Cocoa and Objective-C. And I love what they've been doing in C++11. I'm also a big fan of functional programming, so Clojure and Lisp are on my list of fun languages.
No shame in using VBScript. HyperText Applications are very powerful and useful. Too bad Microsoft moved on. RE VBScript - Mostly I was just referring to the earlier question :-) - I'm not a VBScript guy myself. Personally I'm more about building Windows Phone apps - specifically this one - and working with the various libraries there. I'm really looking forward to convergence of Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms, to make it even easier to port my apps over.
Why two recycle bins? [Rob] Trash & Recycling. We also have compost bins but not in every office.
Thanks for answering all my questions. PS: I only get to use one, or if I let the Netbook screen on, 2 monitors. So i wrote a little utility to give me more space. Try it if you somehow end up with less than 6 screens: Link to The source code is included. Neat, thanks for the head's up. [~Rob]
Would you rather have the power to make a person feel like they just walked through a spiderweb or the power to shoot mayo out of your hands? (Brian) Spiderwebs. I hate the feel of mayo on my hands. Strangely enough, when I mentioned that to the others posting, there was a pretty strong consensus on that point. Maybe you've discovered the secret quality of Microsoft employees, an aversion to digital (in the finger sense) mayo. Make sure to bring that up in your interview. You hear that, fostersgold?
Thwip. I'd rather sling webs. ~Rob.
(Stephen) I would choose shooting mayo out of my hands. I think it would make me popular around lunch time.
Hi I Love Office (since 97), and use Office 365 for business. I have been a OneNote junkie since it came out in 2007. Thank you for an excellent product! Thanks!! We love it when people are using OneNote...sorry you are having a problem. Let's try and figure this out, can you try this if you have the notebook open on your desktop can you right-click on the notebook and choose copy hyperlink can you open this on the phone. Does that work?
On my Windows phone, I have One Note but cannot seem to get it to access my Skydrive Pro folder to get all my notes. The login is an Organizational Login compared to a standard MS Account, I already transferred all my million notes over but need to access on my phone. Do you know how to accomplish this or where I look for this answer? Also on your phone what version do you have Windows Phone 8?
We've had Office 365 for a couple of months now and we love it. When will I be getting my Dynamics CRM Online and other Live ID type services transitioned over? I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I would definitely follow up with your customer service rep. We don't have any expertise in the room today, sorry about that. Do let us know if you need help following up with your rep. - Robin.
I got an email about the "Transition Wizard" and since I have an existing 365 subscription I called support. The helpful customer service rep said, "Oh... uhhh ignore that." and I haven't heard anything since. This is probably a good place to start: Link to
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