How to Buy Bitcoin Stock (2020)

Why I believe we're on the cusp of the 3rd great Bitcoin bubble

We've recovered from the last crash
You might think it's a bit early (based on the time frame for the last recovery), but things are looking a lot different than in 2011. I would suggest its because the last bubble popped prematurely due to Mt. Gox's failure of a trading engine.
Interest in buying Bitcoins has gone up to its highest point since the last bubble.
There's a similar spike in general interest. Partly helped along by the Silk Road news.
The network is being used at the same rate as during the last bubble.
The Bitcoin ATM story (see below) is causing Bitcoin to trend in Canada on Google (was #1 for a bit). The $27 story (see below) will almost certainly cause a large spike worldwide in Google trends once they're updated up to yesterday.
Lots and lots of new businesses now accept Bitcoins
One legitimate criticism of Bitcoin last year was the lack of places to spend them. We basically just had Alpaca Socks, Reddit and Wordpress, we've grown a lot since then!
Charities and others are taking donations
The first Bitcoin I ever spent was to donate to Wikileaks. More and more places are setting up Bitcoin donation buttons, because why not?
The $27 story is going massively viral
I think the attention this story is getting took a lot of us by surprise. We're thinking "of course if you bought Bitcoins in 2009 you're rich" and it didn't make much of a splash. But to the rest of the world it's a very novel and interesting story.
The first Bitcoin ATM has been installed
Easier way for people acquire Bitcoins with cash. Lots of free publicity. More machines are on their way and will generate more and more news.
Institutional money is coming
Afraid with the price at $200 that it will be hard to find enough moms and pops to keep money coming in faster than miners are selling? Don't be, there are individuals out there with a net worth higher than the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.
Interesting new developments
Cool things that didn't exist before the last bubble (as far as I remember).
Governments are explicitly saying it's not illegal
More and more governments are either saying Bitcoins are legitimate currency, or releasing guidelines for exchanges to comply with anti-money-laundering laws.
New generation of exchanges
Mt. Gox's terrible trading engine was a huge factor in the last crash. They couldn't keep up with all the new interest.
This time around there are more exchanges in more countries, and not a single point of liquidity.
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I'm on the fence and I can't seem to make the jump :/

So I have been scouring thread after thread and online posts and coming up with conflicting information really.
I have read and read and probably will read more
but my sole issue still is this:
What is the safest way of investing in bitcoin within the UK?
All these scare stories of banks freezing accounts, while others have no issues if they withdraw relatively small amounts.
I think a lot of newbies like me are simply confused about this particular issue and any help on top of the great info found here would be greatly appreciated.
So first okay there is Solidi
Would the bank see a transaction into coinfloor ? and would it be an issue? I can't really see any info online that buying bitcoin directly from UK bank on coinfloor is an issue - but what about withdrawing the bitcoins directly to your bank account, would this raise issues? Or it would raise issues if you keep trading and there are a large number of transactions going back and forth ( and the size of them)?
Are there any banks that seem to be more lenient on dealing with bitcoins?
From scanning different threads and the like, seems like co-op, nationwide and natwest are okay-ish?
Whereas HSBC is quite hostile towards bitcoin in general. Of course, this is just my understanding from all that I've read, hence just wanted some clarification.
So my question really is, what bank in UK would be the best best to use an exhange for eg coinfloor?
Especially those who are new to bitcoin and have started off and not came across any problems, but anyone really, could you guys by any chance outline which banks or exchanges you use?
I know all of the revolut stuff etc, but even then issues keep popping up with them.
Fidor bank keeps coming up in some older threads but newer ones say that some accounts that use bitcoin for trading get closed etc.
any help would be greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure many MANY others.
Thank you for reading lads
edit: Also it just feels unreal that simply wanting to buy some bitcoins I have to feel almost like a criminal of finding ways of how to not get fucked in the ass - even tho I am not breaking any laws.
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UK Banks & Bitcoin..

I've been trading bitcoins for around 6+ months now, and it's great. However, i had first hand experience of Barclay's closing my 'current account' due to bitcoin trading (though they don't say this directly).
I've seen several posts about most UK banks being against bitcoin, apart from Fidor. But Fidor is still yet to get faster payments in place.
I see many traders using BUSINESS bank accounts to do trading. Is this something thats best doing when trading $btc in the UK?
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Bitcoin-Express-Handel leicht gemacht - Fidor Bank UK Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Best Crypto exchanges to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins? Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Don’t Miss This BTC Trade (July 2020) How To Buy or Sell Bitcoin in UK Easy! Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC All Set For The Next Big Crash (July 2020)

Fidor Bank: Germany, UK: German challenger bank Fidor, which recently also opened a branch in the UK, is one of Europe's bitcoin-friendliest financial institutions. In 2015, the bank implemented a direct purchases feature with German exchange for its German users and has been a banking partner for digital currency exchange Kraken. Fidor Bank is a German bank that was founded in 2009, which follows an online model. Based in Munich, they have established a successful working relationship with the German Bitcoin exchange, Through this partnership, Fidor has managed to integrate with the platform and allows its customers to buy Bitcoins instantly through the bank. Fidor, a German bank known for its embrace of bitcoin, has announced it is expanding operations to Great Britain. UK users can now open their online Fidor UK accounts via the bank’s newly launched website, Fidor Bank is a digital bank that is regulated in Germany. Now, it will also trade in the UK under EU law. Due to the uncertainties surrounding the UK market, we have decided to withdraw our product and service offering in the UK on the 15th of September 2019. We have closed our UK-community by 1st of August 2019. Last Update June 8th, 2020.A Bitcoin Stock Exchange is a trading platform where people can access real-time prices to freely buy, sell or exchange bitcoin with other virtual currencies or traditional fiat currencies such as the US dollar ($), Euro (€) or British Pound (£).. In order to trade professionally and have full access to various trading tools, customers must open an account on a

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Bitcoin-Express-Handel leicht gemacht - Fidor Bank

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