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SIGSEGV and Segmentation Fault Core Dumped

Ok, so basically this is a throwaway account. I'm typing this for people who google some or all keywords in the title and don't get anywhere, and get frustrated.
I built a box for bitcoin mining then repurposed it for develoment. It has 32 Gigs memory, I've memchecked it twice and the memchecks passed.
I installed android studio, which devs will do. And pycharm community, and went about my day. Or days, or weeks. But not months, because what has eventually happened is that rebooting doesn't fix anything.
So basically today I got home at around 6 and started working, it's 8:30 and I haven't gotten anything done. Why not? NOTHING WORKS. I mean NOTHING. You think I am exaggerating, but I'm really not!
So I started out with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. And when you boot up there are a ton of errors, especially if you don't have a sound device, which I don't. So you get a lot of ALSA errors. Every time you boot up you have to click 'ok', 'ok', 'ok', to get rid of them. Pulse audio or alsa, or both.
Then I said, hm, maybe 16.04 is better and installed it (it's not). But I had to get work done, so I stuck with it and just rebooted anytime 1) I couldn't get a terminal shell window with ALT-T or 2) Red dash in upper right indicating that there was a problem fetching updates or 3) android studio shell script crashed when I attempted to launch android studio with a segmentation fault again. If you configure the Oracle JDK and inject it as SDK_HOME in the command line to run, you can still run it, but it's hardly fun to have to do this several times daily.
So then I said, to myself, cause you weren't around, I said, "Maybe I should try xubuntu." It's really the same as ubuntu. I don't know what people are talking about when they say it's different.
So now I'm packing it up as we speak and moving to linux mint. I hope that I don't have to pack up and move again, because it's really cutting into my productivity.
This post is so that you know you're not alone. I google a ton, of course, and many are what I call ubuntu-apologists. They simply refuse to acknowledge how difficult ubuntu is to work with. (Myself, I hate to say a good thing about windows, but it's about 100 times easier to develop on a windows machine, and if Linux Mint gives me guff, I will go back to Windows 7.)
It would seem that in the minds of some, no one should ever say a bad thing about ubuntu. BUT IT STINKS.
Your best ubuntu bet is to not build your own box but to buy a Dell. Then immediately, before doing anything else, dump Open JDK. Don't install even geany or gedit. Get rid of anything related to Open JDK and install the Oracle one. This is the only way that you can make ubuntu usable, which is on the way to "enjoyable."
Pycharm. I had the community edition and was getting SIGSEGV faults. Rebooting would solve the problem, but not always. Like an idiot, I installed the update (2.3 to 3), which promised better functionality for Python 3.5.2. Instead, it said "permission denied" every time I attempted to use 3.5.2. (Oddly, 2.7 was no problem. Don't even get me started on 2.7.x vs 3.5.x -- 3.5.x seems pointless!)
In the end, I think that ubuntu is a great and nifty idea and I'll cheer for it, but it's just not for professionals.
I fully expect people to tell me I know nothing, or that I should be compiling ubuntu from source or something. One solution to a problem on stack overflow was to debug the application causing the segmentation fault! Perhaps the problem at ubuntu or canonical is actually the number of people who CAN compile ubuntu from source!
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