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Kickstarter Roundup: Sep 2, 2018 | 17 Ending Soon (including: The Ancient World 2nd Ed) & 47 New This Week (including: Starcadia Quest)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
A Football Board Game designed to teach how to play football Football Board Game designed to teach new beginners how the game is played. (Has currently earned $1 of $20,000) 0% 1 NA 10-25 #hmm
A Thief's Fortune - by Artipia Games A thematic card drafting/engine building game in an eastern setting where all players are potential future timelines of the same person (Has currently earned $45,204 of $15,000) 301% 1242 $36 09-20
African Purgatory: The Battle for the Eastern DR Congo A board wargame simulating the conflict in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since 2015. (Has currently earned $1,457 of $1,000) 145% 23 $63 10-25
Ant Swarm Board Game A fast-paced strategy board game combining capture the flag, chess, checkers and primitive biology. (Has currently earned $2 of $25,000) 0% 2 $1 10-27 #take2
ARCTIC RESCUE - Saving Lola 4 delightful friends in an amazing adventure try to rescue Lola who has been trapped in the arctic ice. (Has currently earned kr429 SEK of kr200,000 SEK) 0% 2 kr215 SEK 10-02
Baa'beel: Welcome to the neighbourhood Baa'beel is a new, highly-interactive card game, for two players, which involves building a fantasy city. (Has currently earned 6,162 of 6,000) 102% 219 28 09-26
BEERTLE ROYALE! Beertle Royale is a drinking battle card game where your drink is your life! (Has currently earned $141 of $5,000) 2% 7 $20 10-01 #take2 #hmm
Biggest Baddest Baddie: Chaotic Card Game Biggest Baddest Baddie is a monster-building card game of chaotic proportions. (Has currently earned $44 of $3,000) 1% 5 $9 10-01
Black Hallows Townsfolk Black Hallows Townsfolk, a range of 28mm or 32mm high quality pewter miniatures for RPG, War Games and Collectors (Has currently earned ò0,622 of ñ0,000) 206% 372 õ5 10-01 #minis
Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game Book of Beasties is a fun and easy to learn card game for children and young people that inspires the discussion about mental wellness. (Has currently earned ö96 of ó,000) 23% 14 õ0 10-30 #take2
BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE card game A dynamic, family-friendly matching game with an explosive twist! (Has currently earned $12,721 of $5,000) 254% 637 $20 09-27
Drunken Tavern Adventures Dungeon Crawler Card Game for 2-4 players (Has currently earned ø76 of ñ5,000) 5% 34 ò6 10-01
Easy Dice: Dice For Tabletop Miniature Gaming Dice and rules specially designed to easily handle most types of miniature wargaming (Has currently earned $649 of $1,777) 36% 22 $30 10-07
Elven Lords II: Dragon's Roar Brand new regiments and characters for our elven 32mm miniatures. (Has currently earned 5,484 of 2,000) 274% 82 67 09-10 #expansion
For the Love of Board Games נA Book for Board Gamers A book that explores how modern, popular games were created by interviewing the designers. (Has currently earned $24,657 of $6,000) 410% 996 $25 09-27 #bling
Galactic Contract: A Strategic Resource Management Game Captains! Strategy, a little luck, and great design are central to this game where you race to win the Galactic Contract (Has currently earned $1,738 of $2,000) 86% 56 $31 10-04
Guild Master Build the most famous fantasy adventurers' guild in the land. 2 - 4 players. (Has currently earned $52,033 of $54,000) 96% 1086 $48 09-20
HeresyLab - The Sauberung Punisher Squad Miniatures and STL The Sauberung squad high quality resin cast miniatures, designed to fit several game systems will fit modern warfare to scifi missions. (Has currently earned 11,529 of 3,500) 329% 224 51 09-20 #minis
Hunter's Island series 2.0 This is a updated version of my Hunter's Island card game series. First edition was my very first game I created. Time to update it. (Has currently earned $1 of $2,000) 0% 1 NA 10-28 #take2 #hmm
INFAMOUS - A Game of Evildoing for 2-5 Supervillains! Aspiring supervillains compete to be the most (in)famous. Game by Hassan Lopez; art by Rob Guillory. (Has currently earned $27,656 of $25,000) 110% 396 $70 09-14
Junkyard Derby - Steampunk Racing Board Game Junkyard Derby is a card-driven steampunk racing board game where you build a racer out of junk then battle hazards-and each other. (Has currently earned $5,172 of $9,000) 57% 162 $32 09-30
Lords of the Motleyverse Lords of the Motleyverse is a fast paced, last factions standing, skirmish game set in the fantasy world of Krahgen. (Has currently earned $1,443 of $30,000) 4% 26 $56 09-30 #take2
MASHED A Strategic Battle Card Game with Potatoes! (Has currently earned $388 of $20,000) 1% 7 $55 10-01 #take2
Microbrew: a full-sized board game in a tiny tin A 2-player puzzle / worker placement hybrid where you lead a team of artisan brewers trying to win customers with the most tasty beer! (Has currently earned ñ2,159 of ø,000) 151% 503 ò4 10-01
Mutation Madness A two-player card game in which you combine different animals into a five-squad fighting force to defeat your rival mad scientist. (Has currently earned 524 of 10,000) 5% 18 29 09-15 #take2
MYnd Kraft: For the young, the old and every MYnd in between A quirky card game for those who are into using their super MYnd powers in a fun and exciting way (Has currently earned $2,771 of $12,000) 23% 67 $41 09-26
No Escape! No Escape is a Competitive maze-building take-that game for 2-8 players. (Has currently earned $7,636 CAD of $10,000 CAD) 76% 109 $70 CAD 09-27 #take2
Oblit-O-Tron D6 Dice - Explore the Stars! These d6s are 19mm and full of classic sci-fi theme! Explore the far reaches of space with your trusty Oblit-O-Tron D6 at your side! (Has currently earned $2,925 of $3,000) 97% 109 $27 09-22 #dice
Pax Pamir: Second Edition Navigate the path to power in this interactive strategy game about Afghanistan in the nineteenth century. (Has currently earned $116,049 of $10,000) 1160% 1515 $77 09-21 #2.0 1st ed
Prayer the Game Poker style game that uses biblical prayer as playing cards. Match 5 Prayer Cards to create intercession for the Prayer Request Card. (Has currently earned $36 of $2,500) 1% 2 $18 10-10 #lolwut
Project "Management": A soul crushing card game A cynically satirical card game of office politics. Set in the worst office environment of all time, a government department. (Has currently earned $2,455 AUD of $40,000 AUD) 6% 29 $85 AUD 09-25
Renaissance 2.0 The serious game increases the number of ideas. He is entertaining and helpful. It is useful for marketers, inventors, startups, (Has currently earned 76 of 7,000) 1% 3 25 10-27 #lolwut
ROACH PARTY! The Dice Game An easy to learn and simple to play dice game where players take the role of tenants encountering an unusual infestation. (Has currently earned $1,515 of $1,000) 151% 37 $41 09-20 #take2
Snakes and Ladders: Unleashed Movable snakes and ladders and an evolving board layout turns a simple kidӳ dice game into a game of tactics and probability. (Has currently earned ò,001 of ö00) 333% 67 ó0 10-10
Starcadia Quest Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign! (Has currently earned $475,621 of $200,000) 237% 4294 $111 09-11
STD: The Game WARNING: This game may induce excessive showering and repeated examining of one's own body! (Has currently earned $231 of $5,000) 4% 9 $26 09-28
Survival of the Dummies Trivia Game Can you THINK like a genius while ACTING like a dummy? This twist on trivia party game will test your skills! (Has currently earned $668 of $255) 261% 18 $37 09-10 #take2
Tempus٠- A Retro Style Card Game Players control time in forward and reverse! Set down your phones for a while and have fun with the whole family! (Has currently earned $243 of $15,000) 1% 9 $27 10-26 #take2
THE CIRCLE GAME A fast-paced, straight-fire card game where the only punches thrown are to the ego. Masterful peripheral vision is no longer required! (Has currently earned $1,991 of $17,500) 11% 35 $57 09-27
The Four Horsemen: Omega War Game A brand new Science-Fiction Card game set in the Four Horsemen Literary Universe! (Has currently earned $4,367 of $16,500) 26% 33 $132 09-30 #hmm
The Under city by Wargame-model-mods large tabletop kits featuring a two tiered modular gaming area for 28mm fantasy, scifi and futuristic wargames. (Has currently earned ù,192 of õ00) 1838% 78 ñ18 09-30 #bling
The World Rescue In November, even while the northern hemisphere should have already entered the winter season, our summer clothes still fill our closet (Has currently earned HK$3,907 of HK$80,000) 4% 13 HK$301 09-30
Thieves Den A card-drafting worker placement game set in the magical Victorian fantasy world of Amarynth that we created for 10 Minute Heist. (Has currently earned $29,111 of $20,000) 145% 645 $45 09-18
TradeWarz - A Game of Kings The Game of Kings is a 5X Empire building game in resource management, strategy and military might! Where you ZEALOUSLY need to rule! (Has currently earned $10,565 of $77,000) 13% 70 $151 09-28
Unruly Bastards The hilarious party game of competitive inappropriateness. (Has currently earned $7,654 of $5,000) 153% 203 $38 10-02
Urban Insanity The game where the board changes every time you play. Over 5,000 combinations of gameplay are available, all with the same basic rules! (Has currently earned $5,872 of $20,000) 29% 58 $101 09-30
What's For Dinner? palate-cleanser card game, Bacon INCLUDED Get the entire family to the table--get cravings, hot meals, & spend $$. This game can solve life's greatest debate: What's for dinner? (Has currently earned $1,171 of $7,500) 15% 36 $33 09-27
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## Footnotes - #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing. - #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement. - #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on. - Did I miss something? Particularly something new in the last 7 days or ending in the next 7 days? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in.
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