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Trade Nifty Futures and BankNifty Options

Trade Nifty Futures and BankNifty Options
Vtrender offers a dedicated chatroom for all active traders, with 4 charts of current month Order flow Futures, 2 expanded charts of the NF and the BNF running our proprietary OrderFlow software which detects big players and institutions as well as Smart money hunting at Market Tops and Bottoms. Plus access to Real Time Market Profile charts and 24 x6 Slack access and history of previous sessions including chat at our private blog.
You also get access to the Training Library which has our Trading Setups theoretically explained + VIP access to all our live webinars during your subscription period. You have access to Market Profile Real time charts and an active Market Profile community on Slack. The Live webinars would be on trades taken in the room with trading setups explained from the Trading Library via examples.

Technical analysis is done Live in the room as the stock-market moves. We discuss the basics of price action trading and volume profile trading for all participants from starters/ freshers to experienced. The Trading Room is the best real time resource to see actual execution of Market Profile and Orderflow concepts Live during Market Hours .
How Nifty Plays a Complete Role in Trading
Are you having any kind of problem on investing your money in NIFTY then i am here to solve your problems related to the topic of share market in this blog we are going to study in a brief about Nifty and how bank nifty option plays an important role in trading, first of all we all will study about Nifty and what is bank nifty option.
What is Nifty?
Basically we all call it nifty but it's actually known as the NIFTY 50 which was launched on 1st April 1996 and it is owned and managed by India Index Services and Products (IISL).
The NIFTY 50 covers a total of 12 sectors of the Indian economy. During 2008-12, NIFTY 50 Index share of NSE market capitalization fell from 65% to 29% because of the rise of sectoral indices as NIFTY Bank, NIFTY IT, NIFTY Pharma, NIFTY Next 50, etc. The NIFTY 50 Index gives 29.70% of its shares to financial services, 0.73% weightage to industrial manufacturing and 0% weightage to agricultural sector.
The NIFTY 50 index is a free float market capitalization weighted index. The index initially was calculated on full market capitalization method. From June 26, 2009, the computation has been changed to free float methodology. The base period for the CNX Nifty index is November 3, 1995, which completed one year of operations of National Stock Exchange Equity Market Segment. The base value of the index has been set at 1000 and a base capital of Rs 2.06 trillion.
These are some of the things we need to know about NIFTY before entering into the field of share market.
Now I am going to tell you how bank nifty option in trading plays an important role in the stock market.
NIFTY is the stock index that was introduced by the NSE. Nifty futures consists of fifty stocks that area unit actively listed. Next, these stocks are from 12 different sectors of the economy. The contracts of neat rank among the foremost listed within the world. India Index Services and Products Ltd. (IISL), that could be a subsidiary of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation restricted, manages and owns bank Nifty Option. The neat fifty is another necessary term that has to be understood before mercantilism within the stock markets. Therefore, allow us to take a glance at it and also the connected terms.
SENSEX is also a stock index that was introduced by the BSE. SENSEX consists of 30 stocks that are actively traded. Furthermore, these stocks belong to different sectors of the economy.
It involves in daily market. The buying and selling of shares on the same day refers to intraday. The traders hold its shares for few minutes to some hours, upto market closes. If the trader buy or sells any shares in intraday and do nothing with that upto market off time then it automatically square off with market closing.
It involves with weekly or monthly market. The buying, selling of the shares may take 2-3 days to a few months to a year. In this case investment is for long period.
These were some basics you should know while entering into the market. Besides these, Stop loss, scalping and some other terms should be known to you.
Stop Loss:
It is used in trading to stop your loss by auto squaring off your shares while reach that target.
While target, is also a term used to make profit by auto squaring off when it reaches to it target.
Both stop loss and target have similar work with different purpose.
Auction Market Procedure:
The process involved in an auction market differs from the process in an over-the-counter (OTC) market. On the NYSE, for example, there are no direct negotiations between individual buyers and sellers, while negotiations occur in OTC trades. Most ancient auctions involve multiple potential consumers or bidders, but only a single seller, whereas auction markets for securities have multiple buyers and multiple sellers, all looking to make deals simultaneously.
Strategies of auction market theory:
Auction market is the place where buyers and sellers enter competitive bids simultaneously.
The price at which a stock trades represents the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price that a seller is willing to accept. A double auction market is when a buyer’s price and a seller’s asking price get match, and the trade proceeds at that price. Auction markets do not involve direct negotiations between individual buyers and sellers, while negotiations occur for OTC trades. The U.S. Treasury holds auctions, which are open to the public and large investment entities, to finance certain government financial activities.
Order flow:
The term order flow comes from market manufacturers and specialists receiving giant orders to figure. The better worth they got for the order, the more order flow they got. The a lot of order flow, the a lot of they created in commissions.
Market profile:
Market Profile Open Type and Confidence:
Reading the profile right from the day open offers a lot of confidence to on a daily basis monger towards trade conviction. The confidence level of the opposite timeframe monger (Long Term or point trader) will be analysed through market gap.
Market Profile – Spike and Spike Rules:
By perceptive Spike action in market and therefore the next days follow through with action one will confirm whether or not the previous days spike action is fake move to confuse the traders or it's reaching to produce a property trend towards the spike direction.
Market Profile – Failed Auction:
Failed Auction is a Market Profile Pattern brought to the world by Ray Barros of Trading Success. Failed Auction provides monger an excellent chance to trade with dynamic outlook and constructing his/her commerce rules consequently.

Nifty futures:
Bank Nifty Futures is the stock index that was introduced by the NSE. NIFTY consists of fifty stocks that area unit actively listed. Furthermore, these stocks belong to twelve completely different sectors of the economy. The contracts of slap-up rank among the foremost listed within the world. India Index Services and Products Ltd. (IISL), that may be a subsidiary of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation restricted, manages and owns Nifty. The slap-up fifty is another vital term that has to be understood before commerce within the stock markets. Therefore, allow us to take a glance at it and therefore the connected terms.
The organisation takes the responsibility to authorise all the chance of holding shares of the general public.The organisation analysis fine concerning the corporate and initial public providing of the shares to the general public.
If they notice something wrong in their commercialism then they reject that company for listing in the market.
How trading in bank NIFTY option makes sense?
As we all know that the Nifty 50 Index is a basket of 50 stocks. These stocks are selected to represent a wide section of the India economic sectors. This makes Nifty a good representative of the bigger economic activity in all over India. This naturally means if the general economic activity is going up or at least expected to go up then Nifty’s value will also goes up, and vice versa. This also makes trading in bank Nifty Futures a much better choice as compared to any single stock futures.
This is all about the NIFTY and how does bank NIFTY option in trading plays an important role in the field of stock market.
Thank you!
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Last Week In Indian Economy - For the Week Ending 17th April, 2016

Last Week in Indian Economy

Headline Stories

The Rain Gods Want Beer And IPL
Maharashtra is suffering from a major drought, which is a big deal because hospitals in the severely hit areas have had to cancel operations due to water shortages. It’s so bad that SS* President Uddhav Thackeray has asked the government to stop supplying water to breweries in the state. There’s more. The Mumbai High Court has also ordered 13 IPL Cricket matches to move out of the state (cricket matches use up a ton of water). You know it’s bad when they go after cricket and beer. The rain gods got a wind of what was happening and have decided to stop the madness before riots break out. The Indian Meteorological Department, which predicts rainfalls among other things, has predicted “above normal” rainfall this year that may break the two-year long drought and help revive a weak farm economy. Take it with a grain of salt since these are only predictions but they have been supported by two private forecasters as well.
*Shiv Sena, not the Nazis.
Some Good Numbers
Several agencies just unloaded a big data dump and while the data isn’t always good, this time it is. Consumer Price Inflation slowed to 4.83% in March, the lowest it has been in 6 months. The price declines were led by the ‘food and beverage’ segment. Who doesn’t love cheap food? Industrial Output broke a 3-month negative streak to grow by 2% in February while electricity production grew by 10% in the same month. All those foreign tours are paying off - despite a decrease from 2014 numbers, recent numbers show India as the world’s largest remittance recipient in 2015 after NRIs sent back $69 billion (₹459,988 crore) to families in India. Economists around the country are calling it the “Karan Johar effect”. But that also works the other way around - outward remittances from India grew by over 300% to reach $499 million (₹3,326 crore). Although bank deposits grew by 10%, it’s the slowest growth rate since 1963. But that could also indicate increased consumer spending which can be good for the economy - depends on if you’re a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person.
No Smoking - Part 2
Part 1 Recap: The size of the pictorial health warnings that go over cigarette packets was increased from 20% to 85%. Confusion over the decision prompted cigarette manufacturers including ITC (ITC) to shut down all cigarette factories in protest. And now…
Part 2: Turns out - all that drama was over nothing. Cigarette manufacturers, having realized that the government can stay adamant longer than they can stay in business, have decided to resume cigarette manufacturing. But that doesn’t mean the end of this saga. While the mainstream cigarette brands have resumed production, now the traditional cigarette makers that make beedis, have shut down production because the “wrapping paper edges prevent printing on a reasonably large area of the curved surface”. The beedi industry employs more than 8.8 million Indians mostly in rural impoverished areas, who might be temporarily out of a job. A lawsuit challenging the size increase has already made its way to the Supreme Court which is set to hear the case on April 22nd.
Stay tuned for Part 3 - Coming Soon.
TCS’s US Troubles
A grand jury in the United States has held Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in violation of copyright and intellectual property laws and asked the company to pay a fine of $940 million (₹6,266 crore). In October 2014, Epic Systems, an American healthcare software provider, filed a lawsuit accusing TCS of stealing trade secrets, confidential information and more than 6,000 secret documents in order to improve its own competing product called ‘Med Mantra’. And now, the jury has found that TCS did indeed do all those things. TCS, part of the Tata Group known for its integrity and ethics, has denied all allegations. Cheap ripoffs of Western products and brands is usually China’s ball game. But hey, if it works, why not? Except this time, it turned out to be not so cheap - $940 million is close to half of Epic Systems annual revenue.
Greybull Capital To The Rescue!
Tata Steel (TATASTEEL), after a year of intensive searching has found a scapegoat that’s willing to buy a part of its loss-making UK operations. The company is selling a part of its failing business in the UK to private equity investor Greybull Capital (not to be confused with Red Bull, provider of wings). You don’t really understand the extent to which the Tatas were desperate until you hear that the UK business was sold for just a nominal sum of £1 (94 rupees) and the current pension obligations for employees will still stay with the Tatas. The search for buyers for the remaining parts of the business is still on. However, this has not scared the company off Europe in any way. Tata Steel was reported to be in talks with Germany’s Thyssenkrupp (thi-sen-krup) to merge their European businesses under a joint venture.

Sidebar Stories

  • Terrified of RJio, the latest entrant in the telecom business that is expected to launch later this year, companies are looking to consolidate their position. Airtel (AIRTEL) is choosing to fight as it buys 4G spectrum from Aircel for ₹3,500 crore. Telenor, the norwegian telecom company, on the other hand is running away from the fight and catching a flight back to Norway. After losing 4 million customers due to mobile portability, Telenor is looking to sell itself for $1.6 billion (₹10,668 crore)
  • The journey from a billion to a hundred million - Jabong, the online fashion retailer that competes with Flipkart’s Myntra, is having a rough time. In 2014, Amazon briefly considered acquiring Jabong for $1 billion. In 2015, Jabong rejected a buyout offer for $200 million. And now, it is having a hard time finding a buyer even for a $100 million.
  • The BRICS Bank, the developing world’s counterpart to the World Bank, is disbursing its first set of loans worth $811 million. India, one of its founding members, is getting $250 million (₹1,666 crore) out of that meant to be used for funding renewable energy projects.
  • Free from international sanctions, Iran is renewing its bromance with India (CNN’s words, not mine). The gulf country is getting almost $20 billion (₹133,350 crore) in investments from India in its oil and gas, petrochemical industries. It is also asking Indian companies to pay up pending payments of $6.5 billion (₹43,332 crore) that couldn’t be previously paid due to the sanctions.

Market Movements

Let’s do the numbers. Since last week:
  • BSE Sensex: ↑ 3.38%
    Week Open: 24,789.40
    Week End: 25,626.75
  • Nifty: ↑ 3.60%
    Week Open: 7,577.80
    Week End: 7,850.45
  • Gold prices: ↓ 0.60%
    Week Open: 29,131
    Week End: 28,959
  • USD / INR: ↑ 0.56%
    Week Open: 66.287
    Week End: 66.660
Stocks that moved heaven and earth:
The yield on 10-year government bonds is up 0.26% from 7.418 to 7.437.

Up Next

Important Numbers being released this week:
Monday, April 18th: India Exports and Imports, India Wholesale Inflation, TCS Quarterly Results
Wednesday, April 20th: Wipro Quarterly Results
Thursday, April 21st: IndusInd Bank Quarterly Results
Friday, April 22nd: HDFC Bank Quarterly Results

Footnote Stories

The odd-even rule and the ban on the sale of large diesel cars in Delhi may have environmentalists gushing with joy, especially when the government is considering an “environment tax” on diesel car sales. But guess who isn’t happy with all of this? That’s right, the car manufacturers. Predicted car sales growth has dropped from 12% this year to just 6%.
Idea Cellular (IDEA) has emerged as the biggest gainer from mobile portability. It gained 17 million customers who defected from rival networks in 5 years. The biggest loser was Reliance Communications (RCOM) as it lost 11 million customers who dumped the network for its rivals. Remember the days when you had to get a new phone number if you wanted to change your network? No? Eat almonds.
< For the Week Ending 10th April, 2016
To the 80 randians that completed the survey plugged in last week's post, thank you. But even the least popular post in this series, has had 180 upvotes, so the rest of you - Complete this short survey and win a chance to meet Kamaal R Khan and tell him how terrible his videos are to his face. You'll have to make do with KRK, Nana Patekar wasn't available.
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