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[OC] An insight in the world of football kits - 454 teams that play in the most unusual colors

I would like to start with a humble warning, that this will be a longer than "usual" post. Hopefully, it will compensate with the amount of information you might deem as interesting. :)

After finishing my first journey into the world of colors in football, by counting which teams play in red & black color combination, I decided to pursue my next curiosity:
How many football teams in the world play in unusual colors?
By this, I was thinking of teams which have a “main” color that is rarely used (grey, brown, purple, pink, etc.) or use an uncommon color combination.
Because of this coronavirus madness that is going on, I was able to spend more hours for this project than I planned, so in the end I was able to go into almost every single league in the world. I checked teams from over 400 divisions, of different tiers, from all continents. Although it’s not an official list, I tried to include as many clubs as possible on it.
Now, you're probably asking yourself "How do you measure how rare or how common is in football a color / combination of colors?"
An exact answer is impossible to give, so I started the study using my own experience as a football supporter, finally finding an useful purpose for the thousands of hours spent on watching football games. Therefore, I used a subjective point of view and excluded the color combinations that I, personally, considered to be the most common in football teams, namely:

The selection criteria for the teams were as follows:
  1. The team should have their main kit in colors which are different than the ones enumerated above;
  2. The team must have played or been associated with the colors for several seasons;
  3. The team should be currently active (dissolved clubs were not included).

But enough introduction, let’s jump straight into the list of the most uncommon kit colors in the world of football:

CATEGORY I - Teams with 1 main color

1. Purple (includes purple+white or purple+black) - [73 clubs]
Notable teams: Fiorentina, Anderlecht, Toulouse, Austria Vienna, Real Valladolid.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - CE Carroi (Andorra), SV Austria Salzburg, Austria Klagenfurt (Austria), K Beerschot VA (Belgium), Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), NK Dubrava (Croatia), Daventry Town FC (England), Istres (France), VfL Osnabrück, Erzgebirge Aue (Germany), Ujpest, Békéscsaba 1912, Kecskemet TE (Hungary), ACD Legnano, AS Ostia Mare, Gioiese, Casoria Calcio 1979 (Italy), St. Andrews FC (Malta), FC Argeș, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, ACS Poli Timișoara (Romania), FK Graficar (Serbia), KFC Komarno (Slovakia), NK Maribor (Slovenia), Real Jaen, Alameda de Osuna EF, CD Becerril, Atletico Guadalajara, CD Guadalajara, CD Liendo, CD Santurtzi, CD Palencia, La Baneza (Spain) (Spain), Afjet Afyonspor, Hacettepe, Orduspor (Turkey).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

2. Burgundy (includes burgundy+white, or similar shades: maroon, claret, dark red, wine red) - [74 clubs]
Notable teams: AC Torino, Metz, Sparta Prague, CFR Cluj.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - FK Sarajevo (Bosnia), Chelmsford City, FC Northampton Town (England), JJK Jyväskylä (Finland), Dynamo Berlin (Germany), AEL Larissa (Greece), UM Selfoss (Iceland), Galway United (Ireland), Reggina, Cittadella, Salernitana, Trapani, Livorno, US Pontedera, Arezzo, Reggio Audace FC, Fano, US Capistrello, AC Morrone, AC Locri, ASD Bovalinese, Borgosesia Calcio, Milano City FC, Union Clodiense Chioggia, USD Breno, Olympia Agnonese, ASD Travestere Calcio, AC Nardo, ASD Citta di Acireale (Italy), FC Džiugas Telšiai (Lithuania), Nardo FK (Norway), CD Fatima, Clube Oriental de Lisboa (Portugal), Rapid Bucharest, Viitorul Ianca (Romania), AC Libertas (San Marino), Heart of Midlothian FC, Stenhousemuir FC (Scotland), NK Triglav Kranj (Slovenia), Independiente de Vallecas, CD Cenicero (Spain), Hatayspor, İnegölspor, Bandirmaspor, Elazigspor (Turkey), Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (Wales).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

3. Orange (includes orange+white) - [54 clubs]
--- full photo gallery here ---

4. Pink (includes pink+black) - [7 clubs]

5. Cream - [3 clubs]
Universitario, Universidad Tecnica Cajamarca, Leon de Huanuco (all from Peru).

6. Grey - [5 clubs]

7. Brown (includes brown+white) - [7 clubs]

CATEGORY II - Teams with 2 main colors

1. Green + Red [34 clubs]
Notable teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Maritimo Funchal
Other teams (full photo galllery here):

2. Green + Blue [16 clubs]
Notable teams: Seattle Sounders
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

3. Blue + Azure (or any other combination of two shades of blue) [28 clubs]
Notable teams: Zenit St. Petersburg, Sydney FC
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

4. Orange + Blue [24 clubs]
Notable teams: Montpellier, Istanbul Bașakșehir
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

5. Orange + Green [5 clubs]

6. Orange + Grey [2 clubs]
AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), Forge FC (Canada).

7. Orange + Purple [1 club] - FK Armavir (Russia)

8. Purple + Yellow [6 clubs]

9. Claret + Yellow / Amber [4 clubs]

10. Claret + Gold [2 clubs]
Deportes Tolima (Colombia), Stellenbosch FC (South Africa)

11. Claret + Blue [22 clubs]
Notable teams: Aston Villa, Burnley, West Ham United, Trabzonspor
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

12. Claret + Green [1 club] - Ciudad de Plasencia CF (Spain)

13. Pink + Blue [5 clubs]

14. Brown + Blue [1 club] - Al-Kawkab FC (Saudi Arabia)

15. Brown + Yellow [2 clubs]
Trujillanos FC (Venezuela), Ohod Club (Saudi Arabia)

16. Brown + Amber [1 club] - Sutton United (England)

17. Grey + Red [4 clubs]
UEFA - Cremonese (Italy), Pembroke Athleta FC (Malta), Strommen IF (Norway), Club Esportiu Jupiter (Spain).

18. Grey + Blue [2 club]

19. Lime Green + Black [10 clubs]

20. Lime Green + White [1 club] - Pirata FC (Peru)

CATEGORY III - Teams with 3 main colors

1. Blue + Yellow + Red [3 clubs]

2. Blue + Yellow + White [1 club] - CA Bella Vista (Uruguay)

3. Blue + Yellow + Black [1 club] - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)

4. Blue + Green + White [1 club] - St. Louis FC (USA)

5. Blue + Orange + White [2 clubs]

6. Orange + Green + Black [1 club] - Venezia (Italy)

7. Orange + Green + White [1 club] - Deportivo Masaya (Nicaragua)

8. Green + Yellow + Black [1 club] - GKS Jastrzębie (Poland)

9. Green + Yellow + Red [4 clubs]

10. Green + Red + White [13 clubs]
Notable teams: Fluminense
Other teams:

11. Green + Red + Black [11 clubs]

12. Green + Black + White [2 clubs]

13. Green + Burgundy + White [2 clubs]

14. Red + Orange + Black [1 club] - Nagoya Grampus (Japan)

15. Red + Yellow + Black [8 clubs]

16. Claret + Blue + Yellow [1 club] - Madureira EC (Brazil)

17. Pink + Blue + White [1 club] - Yangon United (Myanmar)

Category IV - Teams with 4 main colors

1. Red + Yellow + Green + White [4 clubs]

2. Red + Yellow + Blue + White [1 club] - ASDC Verbania (Italy)

3. Red + Yellow + Blue + Black [1 club] - Coras de Nayarit (Mexico)

Here they are. 454 teams from across the entire the world, from Feroe Island to Papua New Guinea or the 4th Italian league. This should be about it. However, if there are by any chance teams that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them on the list.
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!
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Everything I would change about DS3, if I could...

Buckle in ladies, gentlmen, hollows, or whatever-the-Izalith you identify as, because this is gonna be a long one. Like seriously, WALL OF TEXT WARNING. I'm not joking, THIS IS LONG

So a while back, I made my first reddit post ever by asking if people could change one thing about the game, what would they change?

I got some interesting replies, but it got me thinking about the whole list of things I would have done if I had the power to.

I know none of this would actually happen, but it's nice to imagine...

So this might be subject to edits as I rearrange things to make it more coherent, but here we go...
First off, HUUUUUUUUUGE effort to fix latency, with the ultimate goal of ending wifi warriors and phantom range, and being able to avoid straightsword spam by simply not being where the blade hits on your screen, because it matches what's on their screen.
For cross region play, I'd crap the single yes/no option, and allow the player to choose which specific continents/regions they want to match, East and West NA, SA, East and West EU, Russia, Japan, China, Oceana, India, North and South Africa (not sure if there's too many souls players on that last one, but I'm sure there are), with passwords being able to bypass this, if say, I want to play with my Australian Friend who has a really good connection but no one else from the region.
And lastly, and option to see Player and character names, at the same time. Because I like character names, but I need to see player names to block people who glitch when there's multiple people in the world.
If you DC, you can't summon anyone for an hour, but you can still get invaded. A disconnect counts as a sin (more on that later). It also counts as a sin if an invader DC's, who then won't be able to invade again for an hour.
10 disconnects, and you get a 1 week ban from online play, and you get five sins. After the week is up, you can use the Way of White Circlet to get back into it, but it won't appear again for another week IRL, and you get ten sins if you DC enough to get banned again. DC ban sins can't be payed off until you have returned to online play. If you DC until you get banned again, after using a WoW circlet, you're stuck waiting for the WoWC to appear, and THEN another week after that before you can use it.
Disconnects when playing offline don't count.
Fix the bow glitch. hands down. And anyone who goes to complain about it getting patched is clearly someone who uses it, so I have no sympathy for you. No more tumblebuff, Greatbow machine gun, Sacred Flame 3.0, or rolling WotGs or Vestiges. Git gud, *ssholes.
Fix the FaP glitch, because fxck ladder campers, go get a life.
Fix the downscale bypass, because as fun as it is to help a SL 1 dunk on the dancer with my 349, doing 1.8k damage with my great soul dregs per hit, having two password 802's at meta level ponitf, or Gwyn forbid in the early game, with full stats, is broken AF.
That one glitch where you can get stuck above or fall below the middle door on the elevator by Midir.
And the one where if you hit a running attack on the Bridge in the Painting, it launches you off the bridge to your death.
So this one is gonna get broken down a but further, but I'll start with:
So someone did the math fairly recently, and the bog standard Lapp set Twink with a prisoner's and FaP +3, etc, requires you to hit him twenty three times per hit you receive to beat his 7 maxed estus.
So, to further restrict twinks, I've had the brilliant idea of ESTUS MATCHMAKING.
Basically this is a twofold system.
1: You can only invade or be summoned (passwords excluded) someone who has up to two above or below the amount of estus charges you have (as a host). This is furtehr restricted to 1 above or below, when you have 8 or fewer estus. This means that a 15 estus lapp twink can only imnvade someone who has 13 or more estus flasks. And a starting player, who just got to the high wall, and who didn't do the tree jump, has 4 estus, meaning he can only get invaded by someone with 4 or 5 charges as a host, meaning the twink is limited to 2 heals max.
2: Boneshard matchmaking. You can only invade or summon someone with an 2 above/below the estus upgrade level you have, with it only being 1 above or below when you have fewer than 5 upgrades. This means a guy who just got to high wall can only be invaded by someone who has a max of +1 estus. A +8 can only invade from +6 to +10.
While that can't fix everything, it VERY much limits a twink's OPness compared to a noob.

If you die as a summon, you're sign will not reapear for the host for five minutes if there is no invader present at the time of your death. If there is an invader present in the world at the time of your death, the host will not be able to see your sign for ten minutes, not two. A password summon adds an extra 5 minutes to the timer if an invader is in the world at the time of the summon's death, meaning when your gank gets shut down, you're not getting any help for 15 minutes.
Covenants (oh boy, here we go):
So first off, leave Way of Blue as is, and any changes that happen to it will be explained in sentinel/darkmoon changes.
Warriors of Sunlight: I'd reverse the rewards, giving Sacred Oath at 30, and Greater Lighting Spear at 10. Otherwise, stays the same.
Moundmakers: So first off, I want to provide an incentive to actually make them a wildcard, to give you a reason to summon a random light pink sign, and not be completely sure they plan to kill you. to do this, a white soapstone summoned purple spirit does not get sent home upon the host entering the boss fog. Rather, friendly fire gets turned off, and they can get their shackle by helping you kill the boss. So, rather than expecting betrayal and not just ignoring the sign, it becomes a question of "Can I trust this person until I get to the fog." Now you can RP a "friendly" or truly crazy Moundmaker, and get rewarded for it. And you could still get the shackle and go home by killing enough phantoms before hand. A white soapstone purple also doesn't lock out further friendly summons.
To make life easier for purple's both invaders and otherwise, you don't have to be the one to land the killing blow on a phantom for it to count as your kill. After all, invaders are all after different body parts, so we can share... To have the kill count as a phantom kill, you have to do some amount of damage to them (I'd say over 500, to avoid tagging them with knives and then hiding). This makes purples much more fluid, dropping into the world, attacking whoever they feel like, and jumping out with what they need once enough bodies drop. An invader can trust that a purple invader wants to kill the host, but needs to watch their back, because if the gank gets them to low HP, and the purple only needs 1 more kill...
This also means that a Hodrick summoned in the Crucifixion Woods can help you fight the Crystal Sage.

Blue Sentinels: Way of Blue ONLY draws in sentinels. Additionally, while BS is equipped, you can't use any invasion tools, be it red eyes, or red soapstones. Instead, your white summon sign is now blue. You can only be summoned by a host who has WoB equipped to be a blue spirit directly, in addition to the autosummon, to help guide them through the level, earning a proof of a concord kept for any invader you kill that's not a watchdog of farron (because they're just ultra-libertarians who want you off their lawn, rather than deliberately evil-doers who want to murder for fun) or Spears of the Church (they serve the gods, more on this later). You also get a concord upon the host entering a boss fight, but are then sent home (but you're presence doesn't count for boss health scaling). Since you take up a friendly slot, the host has to balance summons he can take into the boss fight vs people specifically there to guard them from other invaders.
If you are online, NPC invaders count for WoB, allowing another, fairly easy way to get Concords.
Boom, the concord grind would be solved in one fell stroke.

Watchdogs: Joining grants 100% more poison resistance while summoned as a Watchdog, rank 1 gives 200% more, and rank 3 gives 300% more. You can invade anywhere between Halfway and and the Abyss watchers, because the poison swamp isn't hell enough already. (Excepting atop the wall where the Stray Demon is) Consequently, you can now buy infinite purple moss clumps from the handmaid from out the gate.
Darkwraiths don't care who you are, and will arrgo you without a seed on (this goes for all invaders). Same for the stray demon. No hiding by them to gank noobs. The facefxckers (aka ghru leapers) will also agrro without a seed because they're cxnts. I think there's only one in Farron, but there's quite a few in the demon ruins... The other grhus are cool with you, including the giant ones. The exile NPCs, being watchdogs themselves, will not aggro a watchdog even if seeded (but while seeded they can hurt them with their swings), but will still attack regular invaders if a host pops a seed.
Basiliks, while they won't agrro on you without a seed, can still curse you regardless, so be careful if you want to play with fire.

Finger of Rosaria: The only guys who can get forked pale tongues from killing blues. No one else can get forked pale tongues. Unlimited rebirths.

Aldrich Faithful: Gank City gets extended up to Anor Londo, because it's no longer a Darkmoon preserve as they grind silver knights. The Curse beast will not aggro on Aldriches ever, but will attack normal invaders even without a seed, and can damage or curse Aldriches when a seed is on. The same applies to the Drang Mercs. Pontiff Beasts will attack all players indiscriminately. They get human dregs upon killing a Darkmoon.

Darkmoons (what we've all been waiting for):
You are no longer autosummoned by WoB. You instead use a BeO (given by Yorshka upon joining the covenant) that lets you invade sinners. Up to three Darkmoons can invade a sinner at once, even if the boss is dead. No hiding behind the fact that you killed Aldrich to avoid retribution.
Here's how sin works. You kill a host, except as a Spear of the Church (because they serve the gods too), as a watchdog (again, just a "get off my lawn before I grab the shotgun" group), and non red-soapstone (because if you summon a red, you were asking for it), you have sinned. Additionally, a moundmaker who only killed phantoms doesn't get a sin. Sins have 10 levels, gained by killing more hosts. The more sins you have stacked, the higher priority you get for Darkmoons to show, and you're more likely to get multiples.
If you have 1-5 sins, all the Darkmoons in the world get a proof from your death. If you have 6-10 they get a proof well kept. Your sins are removed upon a Darkmoon landing the killing blow on you. (So if a red kills ya, the Darkmoons get rewarded, but will still hunt you.)
If you have sinned, you can't wear WoB, so no Darkmoon/Sentinel conflict. The sentinels are there to help the innocent, and the darkmoons to punish the guilty. You can't see Sunbro Signs either. Sinners can still grab white summons, though, provided the boss isn't dead (think Lautrec)
If you don't want to die your way out of sin, you can buy your way out of sin at the shrine of Velka or the Purging monument. The cost in souls is this formula: 10,000 + ((sin level x 1,000 x SL) / 2)
So if you have 2 sins at SL 30, the formula is 10,000 + ((2 x 1,000 x 30) / 2) = 40,000 souls. If you want to bribe the law, you're gonna have to PAY.
If you have 10 sins at SL 125, the formula is 10,000 + ((10 x 1,000 x 125) / 2) = 635,000 souls. So the price remains high, but scales per level.
Of course, to avoid BS, the Wex Dust mod on PC has to be updated so that it can only be used in a PVP capable area, to avoid invaders ignoring the police by hiding in their house staying in firelink or inside boss arenas.
Yes, this all means that a Darkmoon can invade at ponitff, with other invaders. While a Darkmoon doesn't have to kill the other invaders, they can, and if the invader has more than 5 sins, or are an Aldrich (to model that the covenants are enemies), they get a concord from killing them. If the Aldrich has more than 5 sins, the Darkmoon gets a proof well kept. Of course, you can't tell how many sins someone has until they die and you check the drop, so it's a gamble on seeing if you can get an extra concord while making things harder on yourself, or if you decide to leave the sinner for later, because justice will catch up eventually, in favor of the target at hand. But you can always kill an Aldrich...
Killing Yorshka, poking Fillianore, or killing a non-hollowed Siris counts as a sin.
Killing Aldrich and Pontiff Sullyvhan removes all sin, once each boss.

Spear of the Church (thought I'd forget about them?):
Firstly, before you go further, ember at your own risk in TRC...
So, the boss summoning remains the same, but I'd probably undo the nerfs that they did shortly after TRC came out.
If you are a Spear, you can wait for the auto-summon. Or go hunting. The Red Soapstone is disabled while the covenant is on, but the red eye isn't, provided that you are in the Ringed City. You may choose to invade as a Spear in the city to hunt hosts going through, with up to three of you being allowed in at once. You may not invade someone else who's a Spear, and you can't be a Spear if you've sinned.
However, to balance, there's some changes. There's no homing spear mass as a non-boss Spear. You CAN use the spear fragments, with recharge based on the amount of summons the host has when you arrive, and it still gives the perseverance buff when cast. (so like a 10 second recharge when there's a 4 man gank) You don't get poise and absorption outside the church, excepting the grass dew bonus. You can also use regular estus heals. If the host is a sinner, and Darkmoons are present, you can't hurt eachother (because you both serve the gods). Unlike the boss fight, you only get one spear ornament regardless of summons, upon killing the host. Judicators and Ringed Knights will not attack you, even if seeded, though if seeded they can hurt you by accident. This only applies to Spears. All bets are off for Midir, and he'll roast anyone he can, though the shadow of memories of his vows prevents him from deliberately trying to harm a Spear unless he's seeded. Dragonslayer Armor attacks everyone in aggro range, no exceptions. Ledo can't hurt Spears or Darkmoons unless seeded (and he still won't aggro), but all bets are off for Alva and Eyegon (moaning knight).
If the host goes into the Spear of the Church fight, and there are Spears invading in the world, they aren't sent home. They can follow his xss into the boss fog, upon which their health and FP bars get reset to full, they gain one of each estus, but they do not get the boss buffs (can still normal chug tho). None of the Spears, boss or otherwise, Guardians, or Argo can hurt eachother, even if seeded. If you kill the boss Spear somehow, and there's still Spear invaders left, then they're sent home.
Once you kill Gael, Shira, and the Ringed Knight (who will no longer respawn after the first time you kill him), the next time you come to the area, you can summon and invade with up to 4 summons (with dried finger) and up to 6 invaders (with dried finger), just to have absolute chaos in PVP as a reward for reaching the very end of the world, and being the last human standing. Of course, there's no incentive to go there otherwise, so really, if you go in there, you're signing on for a nightmare of ganks (or some REALLY good fight clubs), but I feel like it would be cool to give a bit more to do at the end, because that whole area is beautiful in a desolate, dead way, and it would be nice to have more reasons to hang out there.

GNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I mean, dragon covenant (if you can call it that):
Dragon form makes up for the defense loss from not having armor.
Dragon Torso Stone - Changes to dragon form, only reverses upon death, but the ability causes a roar that staggers nearby opponents and does massive stamina damage to shields, and gives a perseverance buff for 6 seconds.
Dragon Head Stone - Changes to dragon form, only reverses upon death, but the ability causes a roar that staggers nearby opponents and does massive stamina damage to shields, and provides a 20 percent AR boost for 6 seconds.
Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone - Changes to dragon form, only reverses upon death, but the ability causes you to raise your arms for a second, and then slam them into the ground, which does massive damage to nearby opponents and knocks them onto the floor as if they got nailed by Gundyr's Halberd's Weapon Art charge, and the slam bypasses shields entirely. Provides a perseverance buff for 6 seconds, but can't be used again until the 6 seconds pass.
Twinkling Dragon Head Stone - Changes to dragon form, only reverses upon death, but the ability causes you to cross your arms in front of your face for a second, and then throw them to the sides, thrusting your head forward and bellowing forth a torrent of flame. The fire consumes 10 stamina a second, and covers a 120 degree arc in front of you, and the ground that gets covered by the fire stays on fire for 2 seconds after the breath stops. The fire on the ground causes ticking damage in the same vein of chaos pyromancies. When you stop breathing fire, you get a 25 percent AR boost for 5 seconds. You can turn and walk while using it, so it's possible to fry a 360 arc around you.

General enemy change in relation to players: Lastly, all red-eyed enemies from the Harpe hollows to Lycanthropes, to Lothric Knights, to that one silver knight, to Millwood Knights, etc, will aggro on any player regardless of who they are. Just to add a bit more fun. I mean, you could just round a bunch of them up and then kite them to the host...

Weapon Changes.
Demon Scar - as a non-physical weapon, it can't be parried, only spell-parries can work on it. Makes it a bit more interesting.
Reapers - Can only fully parry a 2-handed Scythe with a medium shield, except on running or rolling attacks. Parries with other items will not open up a riposte, but will cause a stagger to the Scythe user as if they hit a wall, and a perfect parry prevents health loss. If you immediately follow up with a hit, it does counter damage. Friede's Great Scythe Weapon Art can still be parried on the attacks it can current;y be parried on.
Pontiff Knight Scythe: The Weapon Art, in addition to temporarily buffing the weapon with frost, causes a frost aura around the user, that causes nearby opponents to fill 2% of their frost meter per second.
Moonlight Greatsword: Weapon Art can't be parried.
Add the Silver knight Spear and Sword. Quality and Dex Weapons respectively, they take twinkling to upgrade, and both get a B scaling in FTH when maxed, and have lighting damage with every hit.
Sword WA it the overhead electric slam they do, with strong attack letting you do a second to follow the first (can't be parried)
Spear is the electric lunge the spear guy uses, which knockdowns if it lands, and can be parried. Strong attack lets you follow up with a thrust that launches a small bolt of lightning forward, like the end of the Dragonslayer Spear's charge.
For Farron Flashsword, you can parry the staff, but not the sword, if it's a staff that extends the sword from the staff, rather than encasing it. Farron Flashsword can only be spell-parried if using the immolation tinder, but it's normal swings can be parried.
Immolation tinder: Weapon Art change, Weapon Art is a stance, where light attack is the sweep that it currently does, and strong is the slam followed by the fire pillar we all know and hate.
I would alter the scaling of the murky longstaff, so that on a pure INT build, in excess of 40 INT, it beats out the Izalith Staff for casting Dark Sorceries.
With the lore behind the Izalith Staff, I think it should be allowed to cast pyros and sorceries, because there's nothing in the game that allows that, and this is the only real candidate for it beside the immolation tinder.
Dragonslayer Greataxe gets a Weapon Art change. The Weapon Art is a stance, from which light attack does the charge and swing, that golf-balls if it hits. The sprint does no damage, but staggers as you run into them, preventing them from rolling out once you catch them. They can still dodge the sprint and the swing if they aren't staggered. The strong attack is the standard nuke-slam.
Dragonslayer Greatshield Weapon Art change. Weapon art is a stance that looks identical to and functions as a a block, from which a light attack is the standard shield bash, and the heavy is a sprint that ends with slamming the shield down, and pancakes opponents. The sprint does no damage, but staggers as you run into them, preventing them from rolling out once you catch them. They can still dodge the sprint and the slam if they aren't staggered.
Darkmoon Bow: Remove the intelligence scaling, and add an A scaling in faith, while keeping the magic damage. It increases the damage of moonlight arrows by 10 percent.
Up the scaling damage from hollow weapons, so luck builds aren't a joke.
Make Frostbite auxilary, including from frozen weapon, scale with luck.
Rings: Add some manner of Ring that regenerates FP at half the rate of the Sun Princess's HP regen (so 1FP/sec). Have it dropped by the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives in addition to the crystal scroll.
Dragon Scale Ring reduces back-stab damage by 50 percent, and riposte damage by 25 percent. Basically a soft counter to the hornet ring that you can slap on if any thrall hoods are nearby.

You can get the Blue Lothric Knight Armor (because who hasn't wanted it at some point), and the scholar's shed skin. (It will be called Angelic Lothric Knight Armor, and its lore will reference the members of the kingdom who sided with the angels in the civil war)
Gaint's armor in Anor Londo, on the second floor of the cathedral above the big door.
Hide the Masks of Pinwheel in various spots in the catacombs of Carthus.
Get Lapp's standing toast emote from when he does it.
Have Ledo, being an eccentric, do the unmannered bow when he kills you, and you get it either the first time you die to him or when you kill him.
You get "Well, what is it?" from the Statue of Velka in the Undead settlement the first time you interact with it. (this does count for all emotes achievement.)
Upon the final encounter with Hawkwood, rather than attacking you, he changes the end of his dialogue:
"... and yet, the reason we're here is because of you, because you defeated the undead legion, because you inspired me to take this path. And so, I give you a choice. Hand to me what makes you dragon, and I will leave you be."
This opens up a choice for the player: Relinquish the Stone, or Do Not Relinquish the Stone.
Do Not resumes the usual dialogue, and you fight Hawkwood for the Twinkling Head Stone, however many times until you defeat him.
Relinquish the Stone opens up another choice, on a UI menu rather than an in game choice (like when the game asks if you're sure you want to summon a purple or a red soapstone).
It will say: This choice means you forfeit the Twinkling Dragon Stones to Hawkwood, and will loose the one you have, and be unable to get the other. Are you sure?
No takes you back to Hawkwood's choice, and yes goes to this:
"Ahh. I did not excpect you to accept my offer. Now I will take what makes you dragon for my own."
Text pops up on the screen in the same manner as when the game tells you that a ring of sacrifice has been consumed, saying "Hawkwood the Deserter has taken your Dragon Stone." (and the twinkling torso stone is removed from your inventory)
"Thank you, for everything."
And then he teleports away, in the same manner as when you recruit NPC's to the shrine.
When you next talk to Andre, he says:
"That arse Hawkwood came by again. It's been a long, long time since I've seen someone on the Path of the Dragon. He left this, and said that he wasn't going to return."
[Receives Hawkwood's Second Swordgrass]
"Now that that's done with, let's get back to the business at hand, eh?"
Upon reading the description of the swordgrass, it simply says: Another message from Hawkwood, on a Legion Swordgrass.
"You helped me finish my journey, so I will resolve my debt by helping you finish yours. My sign will be there at the final task."
Upon reaching the Kiln of the First Flame, opposite of where Yuria's sign is, will be Hawkwood's sign, available for the Soul of Cinder bossfight. He's summoned in Dragon Form, with the Farron Greatsword. In combat, he uses all 4 of the dragon stones at random intervals throughout the fight, and has 6 estus.

Siris: When you help Siris kill Creighton and Hodrick, depending on your covenant, you can get a reward, and will be the appropriately colored phantom. As a mound-maker, you get a shackle, as a Sentinel, you get a proof of a concord kept, and as a Darkmoon, you get a Proof of Concord Well Kept. For Hodrick, since he's a "host," if you have no covenant, you get a pale tongue. Equipping Rosaria's or Aldrich's covenant emblems at any point, or offering a pale tounge/human dreg (rebirths don't count) fails Siris' quest-line. It is recommend you finish her quest-line before using those covenants, at least until you kill Hodrick.

Leonhard: When you invade him to avenge Rosaria, depending on your covenant, you can get a reward, and will be the appropriately colored phantom. As a mound-maker, you get a shackle, as a Sentinel, you get a proof of a concord kept, and as a Darkmoon, you get a Proof of Concord Well Kept. If you have no covenant, or Rosaria's you get a pale tongue. An Aldrich gets human dregs. All players receive an ember upon victory.

Rapport applies to the last party to cast it. If an invader rapports a seeded enemy, they go after other non-rapported enemies, or the host's party if they are nearby. If an Darkmoon, Aldrich, Watchdog, or Spear rapport something, they ignore all fellow members of the covenant until the rapport runs out. If you rapport a rapported enemy, it now serves you. Yes, this means you can have Rapport battles. Lingering Dragoncrest extends rapport duration (if it doesn't already).
Chaos Storm and Fire Storm create a ring of lava/fire around the player as it casts, damaging and staggering anyone who touches it, preventing backstabs during the cast. It's not the damage that prevents backstabs, the casting of the spell itself prevents it. That said, there's nothing stopping you from simply smacking the person with your sword in the face...
Divine Pillars of Disappointment get the same treatment, but it doesn't do damage. At least you can't get backstabbed out of one of the biggest let-down spells, though.
New Spell: Dark Tempest: From the londor braille tome, costing 2 attunment slots and 15,000 souls. "Londor is quite familiar with the darkness within man, and this miracle of the sable church lets them unleash it in a powerful surge." The Caster is wreathed in darkness as they cast, doing slight damage to nearby foes and preventing backstabs, before thrusting their arm up as a torrent of dark fire erupts from the ground around them.
New Spell: Dark Lightning Spear: Transposed from the soul of Slave Knight Gael for 10,000 souls, it's basically a sunlight spear that's blue (it looks like the lighting from Gael's boss fight) and does dark damage. "Though lighting was traditionally the domain of Gwyn and the gods, the fury within man can bend nature itself to its will, and the power of the Dark Soul let Gael birth the last, darkest miracle ever made." It has a damage that's in line with the greater lightning spear (but because people usually have poor dark resistance, the damage will act more in line to the sunlight spear)
New Spell: Crystal Storm. A sorcery, the caster raises their staff, gathering crystal power, and then slams it onto the floor, causing an eruption of crystal all around them. A crystal magic aura surrounds the caster as they cast, doing slight damage and preventing backstabs. Takes two attunment slots, and comes from the Crystal Scroll, and costs 15,000 souls. Basically Chaos Storm but for Sorcerers. "Though never quite perfecting the spell, the Crystal Sage's, fascinated with study of the Pale Drake, sought control of crystal as he had. This was as close as they could get to his ability to conjure masses of crystal from the very ground to combat his foes, and it's a miracle in itself that Orbeck discerned what they couldn't and finished its creation."
Soul Stream: Tracks like the Soul of Cinder's does. If you spam roll, you can still dodge it all (like with SoC), but now you can't avoid it by taking two steps to the left or right.
New Spell: Dark Bead. Make it nowhere near as powerful as DS1, and basically just a dark version of farron hail, sold by Karla for 5,000 souls, and requiring 35 INT, to keep out of the hands of Twinks. "A spell from the abyss, launching a mass of darkness from its depths in front of the caster. The Darkness, short lived as it is, ever hungers for that which bears life in its bosom."
New Spell: Deep Cascade. Basically a Dark Version of Crystal Hail, but with slight tracking similar to affinity, sold by Karla for 10,000 souls. "A heretical spell, crafted by Karla herself, which launches a mass of darkness bearing a likeness to man into the air, which is then drawn towards life."

So, uh... I think that's actually it. Wow. This is long AF.
Well, if you got through this without going hollow, I'd appreciate feedback. I personally think that a rework like this would make the game FAR better than the current state it's in.
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Creating the Modern Javanese Economy (P:art IV)

The Modern Javanese Identity (Part III)


When one looks at the Indonesian economy, one has to split the Indonesia economy into three categories, you have resource rich provinces, non-resource rich in the outer islands and provinces on Java. The dichotomy of the Indonesian economy rest with resource rich provinces and Java. As we saw during the resource boom from 2005-2014, when there is a spike natural resource prices, it increases the value of the Rupiah, and makes labor intensive exports on Java less competitive. Although, the overall impact on the economy on Java is minimal, because Java's economy isn't just dependent on labor intensive manufacturing.


Previously I did a post comparing Jokowi's economic policies to that of Suharto. This post will be more comprehensive than that post, by going into the historical context for reasoning behind Jokowi's economic policies. Basically Jokowi's economic policies are aimed at recapture the direction Indonesia was heading toward from 1987-1997, while at the same time implementing policies
The Indonesian government has developed policies address the first issue like keeping low government deficits and current account deficit. For the second issue, both the SBY and Jokowi have developed social policies like Program Bantuan Operasional Sekolah (SBY). Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan (SBY), Kartu Indonesian Pintar (Jokowi), Kartu Indonesia Sehat (Jokowi).
However, what Indonesia has struggled with is moving along the same economic trajectory of the period between 1987-2002 which was growth based on manufacturing and industrialization. Much of this growth in manufacturing and industrialization was focused on Java, particularly West and East Java.
In 1987, manufacturing made up 17% of the economy, it peaked at 32% in 2002, and now its 20%. In contrast, Thailand went from 24% in 1987, peaking at 31% in 2010, dropping to 26% in 2018.
What are Repelitas?
During the Suharto era, the Indonesian government through the MPR would draft a GGHN (Garis-garis Besar Haluan Negara). This would last for 25 years. Every five years, the MPR would produce the Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Nasional (RPJMN). From the RPJMN, government departments with Bappenas as the coordinator would produce a Pelita or Repelta **(**Rencana Pembangunan Lima Tahun). The Repelita began in 1969 and Indonesia had completed a full 25 year cycle with Repelita V ending in 1994. Here is a list of the five Repelita.
In 1994, the Indonesian government embarked on the second GBHN or Long Term Plan.
The Repelita were replaced by national medium term development plans in 1999.
NOTE: The planning and project implementation under Suharto was very centralized, it was even more centralized than the Soviet Union. Almost every project had to go through Bappenas in Jakarta. Even regular road maintence would fall under the Development Budget (Anggaran Pembanguan) not Routine Budget (Anggaran Rutin). So how it worked is say the Department of Public Works (DPU) in Limbo wants to build a road, the regional office of the Department of Public Works (Kantor Wilayah), assuming the feasibility study (which usual was a separate project in itself) had been done. They would send the project proposal to Department of Public Works in Jakarta, they would modify it, than send it to Bappenas. Bappenas would determine whether the road fit within the development plan. If it did it they would send a proposal to Department of Finance. Because the system was so centralized, I heard stories where DPU project manager in the regions would send photos of completed projects in his progress report, even though construction hadn't even started.
This is where some of the notions of Javanese Imperialism comes from. Almost all the DPU engineers in 1970-80s were from Java or Sumatra. They would live in their own project housing, and if it was a foreign funded project along with the foreign expats. A Javanese engineer working on a World Bank project would often have more contact with the expat staff than the locals.. If they had money they would try to send their kids for schooling on Java. In those days, even good schools in some of the outer islands were really bad. For some of the more specialized construction task they would bring in workers from Java.
Why were Repelita V different from the previous Repelita?
Repelita I until IV were straight forward, because it was based on oil and gas revenues powering Indonesia's development. That was the logic in 1969, and it became more pronounced when the Oil price spiked after the OPEC embargo in 1974.
When the Oil price slumped in from US$30 a barrel in November 1985 to US$10 a barrel in July 1986, sent the Indonesian government scrambling. Even though Indonesia is a oil importer, the price of oil is still important because Indonesia still gets some of its revenue from oil and gas royalties. The cost of subsidies for gasoline work to counter some of the benefit from a rise in oil price. In the early 1980s, royalties from gas and oil made up 70% of the Indonesian government budget (p4)
The drop in the oil price led to liberalization of the Indonesian economy in 1986. While the oil price was dropped from US$40 in 1980 to US$30 in 1985, as you can see the drop was gradual compared to sharp drop in 1985. From the period from 1983-1986, the Indonesians tried to plug the current account deficit by imposing import restrictions, trying to boast non-oil exports, by devaluing the Rupiah in 1983. What did the 1986 Liberalization entail?
The aim of these reforms was to reduce cost in what had become a high cost economy. The impact of these reforms was impressive
The impact of these deregulation series were very impressive. It generated a very strong response from the private sector as indicated by the boom in private investment, rapid growth in non-oil exports, employment, labor productivity and output. This deregulation series have also affected to the structural changes in the economy. The share of oil in total GDP declined from 28 percent in 1980 to only 11 percent in 1993. The share of agriculture in non-oil GDP, which was as high as 55 percent in 1965, declined from 23 in 1985 to about 18 percent in 1993. At the same period, the non-oil manufacturing sector, on the other hand, increased its share from 11 percent to 19 percent, which is larger than that of agriculture share on GDP.
From a Javanese perspective, what was important, was the Indonesian government scaled down the transmigration program.

Repelita III 1979-84 Repelita IV 1984-89 Repelita V 1989-94 Repelita VI 1994-99 Repelita VII 1999-2000
Target (families) 500,000 750,000 550,00 600,000 16,235
Families actually moved 535,000 230,000 n/a 300.000 4,409
No. of people 2,469,560 1,061,680 n/a 1,500,000 22,000
As you can see from the table above, in Repelita V, the transmigration program was paused, only to resume in Repelita VI. However, Repelita VI numbers were still smaller than the levels between 1979-84.


Java's competitive advantage is its large population crammed in a very small geographical location and its people.
Java has a population of roughly 150 Million crammed in 138,793 km2. The only place in East Asia and Southeast Asia that would rival Java in terms of concentration of population is the Yangtze River Delta, or what the Chinese call the Jiangnan (South Bank of the Yangtze River Delta). The Yangtze River Delta has a population of about 140 Million. From the Tang Dynasty to the late 19th century, the Yangtze River Delta to the middle of the 18th century, Yangtze River Delta was the richest region in the world. Even the Pearl River Delta, China's export hub doesn't come close to matching the population characteristic of Java. Guangdong, the province which Pearl River Delta is a part of, has a population of 110 Million spread out in an area twice the size of Java.. In addition, the Yangtze River Delta and especially the Pearl River Delta, population figures are inflated by migrant workers who's villager are located in other provinces. Guangdong resident population is 80 Million.
In Southeast Asia historically, Java was the population center of the region. Until the 1800s, Java had a 30-40% of Southeast Asia population.. However, until the 1980s, it was still less populated than both the Yangtze and Pearl Delta. In1800, Java had a population of 3-4 Million compared to China's population of 300 Million. In Southeast Asia, no other region can match Java's population traits. Luzon has a population of 60 Million, Mekong Delta about the size of Central Java only has a population of 17 Million, the Red River Delta in North Vietnam has a population 23 Million over 15000 km2, Jabotabek has a population of 32 Million in an 6300 km2.
Why is Java's population characteristic a competitive advantage? Paul Krugman's, currently a columnist for the New York Times, explains it in his work on the importance of location in dictating trade patterns. For this he won the Nobel Prize in 2008. The basis of his work was his paper which he wrote at MIT in 1991 titled Increasing Returns and Economic Geography. This is what he said
obvious in retrospect; but it certainly took me a while to see it. ... The only good news was that nobody else picked up that $100 bill lying on the sidewalk in the interim
He summarize it very simply in his introduction to his paper
This paper develops a simple model that shows how a country can endogenously become differentiated into an industrialized "core"and an agricultural "periphery." In order to realize scale economies while minimizing transport costs, manufacturing firms tend to locate in the region with larger demand, but the location of demand itself depends on the distribution of manufacturing. Emergence of a core-periphery pattern depends on transportation costs, economies of scale, and the share of manufacturing in national income.
It really boils down to the first two aspect, the economic of scale and transportation cost (a component of transaction cost). Also a larger population back in a small area allows for greater specialization
For non-Economist, I will give you an example. Say you decide to build a factory in West Kalimantan which has a population of 5 Million spread out over a 147,000 km2. You will quickly run into problems, you have a hard time finding technicians and suppliers. Just say you find a supplier, but he is 4 hours drive away from your factory, this increases you transportation cost. Whereas if you were to put the factory in Central java, you have an easier time finding technicians, given its population of 35 million located in an area of 32,000 km2. You find 4 suppliers located only 15 minutes away.
As I explained in my previous post, Why Prabowo-Sandi Lost: Caught by the Javanese Tsunami, the Javanese and the Balinese are a visual people. I will give you some example, some anecdotal and other with historical references..One of Clifford Geertz later works, that was much debunked by other scholars was Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali he argues that Bali of the 19th century was not a hydraulic state (ie controlling the population through irrigation: or oriental despotic, but a Theatre state were ower served pomp, not pomp power. Geertz argued that it could be applied to all of the Mandala state of SEA, Java, Siam, Khmer and Burma. Because the state was a Theater State, the society produce a lot of artisans and craftsmen.
You could make the argument that also applies the Javanese particularly in the period from Treaty of Giyanti in 1756 until the start of the Java War in 1825. The Treaty of Giyanti split the Mataram Sultanate between the Sultan of Surakarta and the Sultan of Yogyakarta. The rivalry between Jakarta and Yogyakarta starts after the Treaty of Giyanti, and the most intense expression of this rivalry was in the arts. The period from 1755-1825 is considered the high point of Javanese culture, its during this period Serat Centhini is finally completed.
The one area were the Javanese are well known for is wood working and carpentry. This skill was evident since the 1300s. The large ships of the Majapahit Navy were built in Jepara ( Charting the Course of Early Modern Southeast Asia by Anthony Reid, "The Rise and Fall of Sino-Javanese Shipping). In the 19th century, Javanese carpenters were sought after. The King of Siam, Chulalongkorn, brought back Javanese carpenters and craftsmen during a trip to Java in 1896 to help build his palace
The woodworking tradition continues to this day. One of the industries that Central Java, beside textiles, wants to get Chinese manufacturers to invest in, is Furniture Manufacturing. The reason is because it its barrier to entry are high compared to low skilled manufacturing like garments. Even in China, the export furniture industry is located in Dongguan, a town located in center of the Pearl River Delta. The reason for this is the best carpenters in China are Cantonese. The Cantonese are also known as skilled goldsmiths and wood carvers. Because of the trade war, BKPM and Central Java are even more aggressive in trying to get furniture manufacturer in China to move to Indonesia in particular Central Java. BKPM is explicitly targeting factories in Dongguan.
BKPM bermitra dengan asosiasi manufaktur mebel Indonesia untuk roadshow di kota Dongguan di China. Kota itu pusat industri mebel di China," ujar Kepala BKPM Thomas Lembong, Jakarta, Rabu (30/1/2019). "Kami fasilitasi pabrik mebel dari China ke Indonesia. Khususnya ke Jawa Tengah," sambung mantan Menteri Perdagangan itu.
Its the reason why there are very few Cantonese people in Java, because since Java had their own carpenters, silver smiths and woodcarvers. Most of the Cnatonese people on Java are involved in the restaurant trade. another speciality. Nearly all the big Chinese banquet halls in Medan, Singapore, Surabaya, Jakata are run by Cantonese people. Bakmi Gajah Mada is owned bya Cantonese family.
NOTE: The skills set that comes with furniture making and wood carving can be applied to other industries like toy manufacturing. Dongguan is also the center of China's toy industy, responsible for 50% of China's toy production. Hong Kong used to be the tou manufacturing capital of the world, but in the 1980s they moved over to Dongguan. Even more so than furniture manufacturing, toy manufacturing is an industry that is very difficult to duplicate, but once a region is able to develop a manufacturing cluster it can stay there for decades. Toy manufacturing is very involved, there are sourcing specialist, marketing people and toy designers. Indonesia is also targetting the toy industry in China, with Central Java as its main destination.
What Cultures Are More Suited For Factory Work?
Right now in Asia with the trade war going on, its really a contest of picking the least ugly. The labor markets in Vietnam is already very tight. Thailand has long has labor shortages, many of the factory workers are Cambodia and Burmese. The education and development levels aren't as good as Indonesians or native Thais.
This is going to be controversial topic, but I feel people ignore it their a peril. Some of it will be based on anecdotal accounts, others will be more historical / academic research. It will be general overview, and I won't restrict my examples from Indonesia, or Southeast Asia, but draw from examples in the Middle East and Africa.
What factory owners want is regimentation and routine. They want societies were people are easily regimented and stick to routine. A civilization influences its culture. A farmer would be more suited for factory work than nomad. Outside of this example, it becomes more complicated. A civilization with a long history of sedentary farming and a government that collects taxes from its inhabitants will develop a culture more suited for regimentation and routine required to work in a factory floor. Prior to the 19th century, the most densely populated regions of the world were Western Europe, South Asia and East Asia. For example, the reason why the Dutch were able to colonize Java was because in 1800, the population of the Netherlands was 2 Million vs 3-4 Million for Java., but the VOC could draw in human resources from the rest of Protestant, especially adjacent German states. The German states had a population of about 20 Million, roughly double the population of Southeast Asia.
There is the colonial myth that people in the tropics were lazy, because of the climate. In my opinion it has more likely had to do with population density, which allowed and required rulers in densely populated areas to organize the population to extract more resource from them for infrastructure or war. They created institutions to extract resources from the population and to manage them. People ask which comes first culture or institutions, it depends. These institution subsequently had an impact on the culture. In Europe and China prior to the 1800, they had a long history were rulers taxed the populace through taking a % of their crops and corvee labor. In Indonesia, particularly outside Java, prior to colonialism, taxation systems were primitive, were not onerous, and didn't tax production preferring to raises income through taxing trade. This is from the Indonesian Directorate General of Taxation
Meskipun kemudian masyarakat mendapat imbalannya berupa jaminan keamanan dan ketertiban dari raja. Perlu dicatat bahkan pada masa itu beberapa kerajaan seperti Majapahit, Demak, Pajang, dan Mataram mengenal sistem pembebasan pajak. Terutama pajak atas kepemilikan tanah yang biasa disebut tanah perdikan. Biasanya pembebasan tersebut diatur dalam beleid yang dituangkan baik dalam prasasti ataupun dicatat dalam kitab kesusastraan. Ketika masuk era kolonialisasi oleh Belanda dan bangsa Eropa pajak mulai dikenakan.
In contast, in Imperial China the main source of taxation was the land tax. It could range from officially 3-4% (unofficially more) during Qing Dynasty, or as high as 25% during the Tag Dynasty. Peter Carey in his article Changing Javanese Perceptions of the Chinese Communities in Central Java, 1755-1825 explains why the Dutch and Javanese Sultan instituted a system of toll booth to tax trade was because they didn't have capacity to do land surveys to tax farmers at the source of production (ie land tax)
In Java, and by extension Indonesia,the area were demand for forced labor services was most intensive near the centers of feudal power Yogyakarta and Surakarta. The colonial Cultivation System was an intensification and extension of this system throughout the island of Java.


Manufacturing and industrialization is important to develop a country's economy, because that is how the West and later on Japan and South Korea developed initially. As the World Bank economist point in this article in an Indian news site . For a country like India to bet on services is risky, because such a theory hasn't been proven yet.
Further arguments are made that with automation and 3D Printing, that the demand for cheap labor will decline or manufacturing will be localized. China has automated some of its manufacturing jobs, but for the vast majority of manfacturers its too expensive and/or not suited. You get articles, where they said that Dongguan spent US$57 Million on automation last year Dongguan is a US$100 Billion economy, easily 60% of it is in manufacturing.
At one point a decade ago, some people thought that India could depend on IT services, but no serious Economist would hold such a view, given how small the overall demand for IT services worldwide is US$ 1.1 Trillion, much of that isn't exported, compared to a total world GDP of 88 Trillion.


For the Javanese economy, the period between 1987-2003 can be chareacterized byt emergence of industrialization and growth of the manufacturing sector particularly in West and Eats Java. What makes this special, it was the first time since the colonial period that the Indonesian government was playing to Java's compariative advantage, its large densely packed population
In late 19th century colonial Southeast Asia, Java was its technological and modern jewel. Earlier I mentioned, King Chulalongkorn visit to Java in 1896. His main purposes wasn't to buy wood carvings and batik, but to examine Java's modern administration ,agriculture and infrastructure. He also visited India, Malaya and Singapore for the same purposes. The trip in 1896 was the second of three visits, the other two being in 1871 and 1901.
However, in my opinion, the 1990s' industrialization push on Java was in my opinion half hearted for three reasons.
What is interesting during this period is that commodity prices were very low from the late 1980s to about early 2000s, but the Indonesian government still continued with transmigration and extensiveroad building in the outer islands. In 1997, Suharto had proposed a scheme to develop 1 Million HA for planting rice in Central Kalimantan


As I explained in the previous paragraph, Indonesian, namely Java, started to deindustrialize (or demanfacturize) starting from 2003, There are four reasons for the decline in manufacturing
The first two reasons are most likely not strong reasons, since Manufacturing in Thailand as % of its economy didn't start dropping until 2010. Most Asians currencies were strong against the US dollar during from 2003-2014. The last two reasons concerning wages are the main factors. A paper produce by researchers working for the Ministry of Research and Higher Education concluded
Comparative advantage in Java seems to be in lower-skilled firms and those less intensive in energy use. Low-tech, less skill-intensive, and medium-size firms reported the highest average TFP. Low capital-intensive firms, mostly those employing higher skills.
On the third issue of rising minimum wages, regional government in Jakarta, Central Java and West Java have fixed the increase to the rate of nominal GDP growth. The minimum wage in Jakarta is about 5% higher than the minimum wage in Surabaya


While I think Jokowi's infrastructure splurge in the other islands, outside Sulawesi, had a large political element, the reality is the Jakarta election of 2017 cost Jokowi about 2.5 years. From October 2014 to October 2016, Jokowi launched 14 reform packages, and only two in the remaining years in office.
Manufacturing as a share of the economy is still slowly dropping, and recent reports show its growing slower than the overall economy. Manufacturing grew at 3.54% vs 5,05% for the overall economy. The indonesian government realizes how important manufacturing is.
However, among Indonesian politicians and government officials, there is a strong calls to spread development outside Java, even setting up manfacturing outside Java.
“Our manufacturing industries are mostly located on the island of Java, so we create all our logistics plans based on that location, which raises logistics and transaction costs,” Edi said during a seminar on the manufacturing industry at Bank Indonesia (BI) headquarters on Monday.
The economic reasoning doesn't make much sense for two reasons, on an equity perspective, java's contribution to the economy is 55% of GDP, which is inline with its population of 57%. In Central Java, its share of the GDP is much smaller than its share of the population. Secondly, it undermines the benefits of economies of scale you get from geographic concentration. When the Indonesian government proposed establishing more industrial zone on Java,this was response by some economist.
People bring up Morowali Industrial Estate in Central Sulawesi/ as an example of industrial development outside Java. The only reason why investors invest in Moroiwali is its located near a large nickel deposit, and the Indonesia government ban on the export of nickel ore. I think Jokowi has the right approach by trying to increase the value added of some of the exports like Palm Oil and Coffee.
Central Java Leading the Way
Five years ago I posted an article in the Financial Times titled Indonesia pushes Central Java as Asian low-cost manufacturing hub. Central Java is now the third largest recipient of both domestic and foreign investment after Jakarta and West Java, beating out East Java. Up until the 3rd quarter of 2019, foreign investors (PMA) have invested 32 Trillion Rp (about US$2.5 Billion. It could easily end up over US$3 Billion for 2019.In 2014 it was only US$222 Million. Remember 2019 is an election year, in 2020 it would be even higher.
What Central Java was missing before was Industrial Parks and Energy, the Indonesian government remedied that by opening larger Industrial Parks notebly the Kendal Industrial Park in 2016. The Kendal Industrial Park at full capacity is 2700 HA, almost 6 times the size of the second biggest Industrial Park in Central Java, A month ago there was a Chinese furniture manufacturer that was ready to invest, but needed 2000 HA
The Central Java government has been very aggressive in trying to attract foreign investment. They streamline the permit process. Going from US$200 to US$3 Billion in 5 years is very impressive. On a per capita basis they have been able to get about 1/2 the investment Vietnam got in 2018 (Vietnam got about US$ 18 Billion)


I am going to diverge and talk about how other countries, can neglect their core economic engines, and how others can seize it. Its not unique to Indonesia. I will start with 1980s. During the beginning of the reform period in 1980s, Guangdong, because it was close to Hong Kong opened up first. Shanghai really didn't open up until the early 1990s. I been to Guangzhou and Shanghai in 1987, and Guangzhou was ahead of Shangahi. Even though the Yangtze River Delta was the core economic region in China, certain factions in Communist Party at the time didn't trust Shanghai amd Shanghaiese. They top Chinese leaders like Deng Xiaoping felt it was too politically risky to open up Yangze River Delta. In contrast, Guangdong was the pheriphery, and there was less of a risk. The skyline of 1987 Shanghai was the same as it was in the 1950s.
While some Indians might not agree with this assassment, I think the main reason why India hasn't developed as quickly as China, is she has neglected what was traditional been her core population and economic center - Ganges Plain and Ganges River Delta. This area includes states like West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh If you look at the population density map, these states represent the dark red portion in Northern India. The Ganges River flow through these states. These states have a combined population of 550 Million, najung up almost 50% of India's population. They are among the poorest state in India, with per capita incomes 1/3 to 1/4 that of national average of US$2000. Outside of West Bengal, the female literacy in these states on averege about 50%.. They have an acronym to describe the last four states, its BIMARU, which means sick in Hindi. The fertility rate in BIMARU states is abut 3-4 vs 2.1 for Indian average.
Calcutta in West Bengal was the capital and economic center of British India until 1911, when the British moved the capital to New Delhi. While Bombay was starting to gain over Calcutta, Calcutta was still India's major commercial until the 1930-40s.. There are a lot of theories as to why Calcutta declined, Beginning of the 20th century, economic activity shifted from East to West in India, toward the Arabian Sea. If you look at FDI Indian receives the bulk of it goes to states in Western part of India
Bangaldesh's per capita income used to be 50% of India's a decade ago, by next year its per capita GDP will most likely exceed India's In the past it was common for Bangladeshi too cross over illegally into India to find work, and the Indian Border Guards had a shoot to kill policy. What Bangladesh has been able to do is to use its otherwise poor geography to its advantage. Its a densely populated country with a population of 164 Million packed into an area the size of Java. Bangladeshi primary industry is garment production for export. Its the second largest garment exporter in the world after China.
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Actual qualification probabilities for the teams

An India win would mean that Pakistan would find it almost impossible to knock out India, as even two Pakistan wins and 3 subsequent Indian losses should see India ahead on NRR. In this case if Pakistan instead lost their game to Bangladesh, then Bangladesh would probably also be edged out by India on NRR.
A WI loss sends them out; a win gives them 5 points with 4 to play for. They should also beat Afghanistan (82% chance), giving them 7 points. Their matchup with SL favours WI with 65% chance. Hence a WI win today has them above 50% to reach 9 points. The Bangladesh v Pakistan game gives one team 9 points already, but WI have better NRR. However there is a 57% chance for Pakistan to earn 4 points from their remaining games (Bangladesh and Afghanistan), so this would still be difficult. Bangladesh reaching 11 points (beating Pakistan and India) is only a 6% chance. Further, England would need to lose both games (22% chance). India losing all games, Pakistan beating Bangladesh and losing to Afghanistan would put India, WI and Pakistan level on 9 points. India would still be favourites but WI have a NRR chance. However this is too unlikely....
Hence even if WI win today, though they are likely to win their remaining games, they still would have just a 5% chance to qualify. Fail to win, and they are out.
SL are a 36% chance to win. If they lose, they are out, unless they beat WI & India. In this case they would have 10 points. However, the likely (57%) event of Pakistan beating both Bangladesh & Afghanistan should send them out, unless India lose everything. It is much less likely (6%) for Bangladesh to beat India & Pakistan, but this is another possible route for SL to lose. Sri Lanka should also be knocked on points, or NRR, by England, if England win either game
After this result, there are different possibilities:
  1. England beat NZ & India and go through (28% chance), on 12 points to Pakistan's max 11. If India lose all their games, Pakistan and England go through in this scenario, however 4 Indian losses is just a 0.3% chance. 99.7% of the time, then, 2 England wins sends England & India through
  2. England lose to India and NZ. England are out. (21% chance). Pakistan beating Bangladesh (67%) gives Pakistan 11 points, and Bangladesh no better than 9. There is a 2% chance of Sri Lanka getting 12 points by winning all 3 games. In this case, India have at least 11 points (in which case likely NRR), and there is a 96% chance they have 13 points or more. Hence 2% of the time in this case (England losing both) Sri Lanka qualify (clear on 12 points), 66% Pakistan qualify (on 11 points), and 32% Bangladesh qualify (by beating Pakistan, and based on their NRR).
  3. England lose to India or NZ, but not both. 51% chance. England finish on 10 points. If Pakistan beat Bangladesh (67%), then they go through on 11 points, unless (2%) SL win all their games. Alternatively, Bangladesh beat Pakistan and India, which is a 6% chance, giving Bangladesh 11 points.
So if Pakistan beat Afghanistan, England would have just a 41% chance of qualification, and Pakistan would at that point have a 48% chance.
So Pakistan would be favourites and England are staring down the barrel
TL;DR, England are fucked if they lose to India, while Pakistan should be riding high after beating Afghanistan.
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Hitler Hunt for 8/6/2019

I found 136 Hitlers in Politics today.

A 'Fox and Friends' host said it's 'a fact' that America is experiencing a Hispanic invasion, directly echoing the El Paso shooter's manifesto
MyPresident trends for Barack Obama after his viral message on El Paso and Dayton shootings: "This is what a real leader sounds like"
FBI agents association calls on Congress to make 'domestic terrorism' a federal crime
Mitch McConnell campaign says boys will be boys after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts disturbing groping pic
Protestors gather outside home of Sen. Mitch McConnell
Mike Gravel drops out of 2020 race and endorses Bernie Sanders
Ocasio-Cortez confronts McConnell over photo of men in ‘Team Mitch’ shirts ‘groping & choking’ her cutout
Ex-GOP Lawmaker To Voters: ‘Beat Republicans. Beat Every Single One Of Them’
Could This Be the Moment Trump Loses America? | Public reaction to El Paso shows a realization that Trump has been stoking racist hatred.
Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Photo of McConnell Supporters Groping Cutout: 'Is This Just Standard Culture of Team Mitch?'
A Catholic bishop in Texas is publicly accusing President Trump of racism
George Conway correctly predicted Trump couldn't keep up the post-shooting unity shtick for 24 hours
Man arrested after online threat targets Bernie Sanders rally
Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting being investigated as domestic terrorism by FBI
Jon Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador To Russia, Announces He Will Resign
Hannity Mercilessly Mocked for Proposing Armed Guards in US Schools, Shopping Malls After Shootings
Smiling 'Team Mitch' Supporters Pose While Choking Cutout Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
2020 Democrats attack New York Times for headline giving Trump an easy ride on his response to mass shootings
Trump’s Words Are Poison; The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.
AOC cut-out choked and groped by grinning Republican campaigners | Congresswoman condemns image, but GOP campaign spokesman says: ‘They’re high schoolers’
Trump Is Heading to El Paso Despite Objections From City Officials
NYT’s “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism” Headline Was a Laughable Distillation of Events
‘We were safe until he started talking’: El Paso residents respond to President Trump
NEW: The San Antonio Archbishop, one of the top 2 Catholic leaders in Texas, criticizes President Trump in a rash of tweets after El Paso. "President stop your hatred... Racism is a sin. God is offended by this.”
Trump single most dangerous threat to Democracy
Not Just Trump: GOP Members Warned of Immigration ‘Invasion’ From House Floor
Call the El Paso shooting what it is: Domestic terrorism against the Hispanic community
NYT’s Trump Headline Is So Outrageous That People Are Canceling Subscriptions
Trump officials have redirected resources from countering far-right, racism-fueled domestic terrorism
El Paso shooting sparks renewed calls to make 'domestic terrorism' a crime in U.S.
Pence Tells America To ‘Spend More Time On Your Knees Than On The Internet’
CNN Host Corners Trump Adviser for Defending President Laughing Off ‘Shoot Them’ Comments
Tucker Carlson: White Supremacy Is a ‘Hoax’ and ‘Not a Real Problem in America’
Trump Spokesperson Hogan Gidley Attacks Obama for Condemning Racism
What Toni Morisson said about Trump supporters and fears of the ’collapse of white privilege”
America's hate problem
Joe Biden Calls For Assault Weapon Ban, Gun Buyback Program
Google, Facebook, Twitter aren't prepared for deepfakes, US Rep. Schiff says
The El Paso Shooter Embraced Eco-Fascism. We Can’t Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle.
Believe In Shahid | A civil rights lawyer and activist is trying to defeat Nancy Pelosi. He can do it.
How '30-50 feral hogs' took center stage in a fractured America's gun debate
Trump demands death penalty for all mass murder hate crimes while condemning ‘white supremacy’
Latest Trump Job Approval Rating at 42%
Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ the Future of the Left?
Demagogic Clown: AOC Declares Trump 'Directly Responsible' for El Paso Mass Shooting
Stop scapegoating — Trump didn't cause El Paso any more than Elizabeth Warren caused Dayton
Deplorables: Online Leftists Cheer and Mock Serious Health Announcements From Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 45377 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 80 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 55144 comments. In total, I have read 25077883 comments.
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Hitler Hunt for 8/7/2019

I found 136 Hitlers in Politics today.

A 'Fox and Friends' host said it's 'a fact' that America is experiencing a Hispanic invasion, directly echoing the El Paso shooter's manifesto
MyPresident trends for Barack Obama after his viral message on El Paso and Dayton shootings: "This is what a real leader sounds like"
FBI agents association calls on Congress to make 'domestic terrorism' a federal crime
Mitch McConnell campaign says boys will be boys after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts disturbing groping pic
Protestors gather outside home of Sen. Mitch McConnell
Mike Gravel drops out of 2020 race and endorses Bernie Sanders
Ocasio-Cortez confronts McConnell over photo of men in ‘Team Mitch’ shirts ‘groping & choking’ her cutout
Ex-GOP Lawmaker To Voters: ‘Beat Republicans. Beat Every Single One Of Them’
Could This Be the Moment Trump Loses America? | Public reaction to El Paso shows a realization that Trump has been stoking racist hatred.
Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Photo of McConnell Supporters Groping Cutout: 'Is This Just Standard Culture of Team Mitch?'
A Catholic bishop in Texas is publicly accusing President Trump of racism
George Conway correctly predicted Trump couldn't keep up the post-shooting unity shtick for 24 hours
Man arrested after online threat targets Bernie Sanders rally
Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting being investigated as domestic terrorism by FBI
Jon Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador To Russia, Announces He Will Resign
Hannity Mercilessly Mocked for Proposing Armed Guards in US Schools, Shopping Malls After Shootings
Smiling 'Team Mitch' Supporters Pose While Choking Cutout Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
2020 Democrats attack New York Times for headline giving Trump an easy ride on his response to mass shootings
Trump’s Words Are Poison; The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.
AOC cut-out choked and groped by grinning Republican campaigners | Congresswoman condemns image, but GOP campaign spokesman says: ‘They’re high schoolers’
Trump Is Heading to El Paso Despite Objections From City Officials
NYT’s “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism” Headline Was a Laughable Distillation of Events
‘We were safe until he started talking’: El Paso residents respond to President Trump
NEW: The San Antonio Archbishop, one of the top 2 Catholic leaders in Texas, criticizes President Trump in a rash of tweets after El Paso. "President stop your hatred... Racism is a sin. God is offended by this.”
Trump single most dangerous threat to Democracy
Not Just Trump: GOP Members Warned of Immigration ‘Invasion’ From House Floor
Call the El Paso shooting what it is: Domestic terrorism against the Hispanic community
NYT’s Trump Headline Is So Outrageous That People Are Canceling Subscriptions
Trump officials have redirected resources from countering far-right, racism-fueled domestic terrorism
El Paso shooting sparks renewed calls to make 'domestic terrorism' a crime in U.S.
Pence Tells America To ‘Spend More Time On Your Knees Than On The Internet’
CNN Host Corners Trump Adviser for Defending President Laughing Off ‘Shoot Them’ Comments
Tucker Carlson: White Supremacy Is a ‘Hoax’ and ‘Not a Real Problem in America’
Trump Spokesperson Hogan Gidley Attacks Obama for Condemning Racism
What Toni Morisson said about Trump supporters and fears of the ’collapse of white privilege”
America's hate problem
Joe Biden Calls For Assault Weapon Ban, Gun Buyback Program
Google, Facebook, Twitter aren't prepared for deepfakes, US Rep. Schiff says
The El Paso Shooter Embraced Eco-Fascism. We Can’t Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle.
Biden says there are four women qualified to be president who aren't running
Believe In Shahid | A civil rights lawyer and activist is trying to defeat Nancy Pelosi. He can do it.
How '30-50 feral hogs' took center stage in a fractured America's gun debate
Trump demands death penalty for all mass murder hate crimes while condemning ‘white supremacy’
Latest Trump Job Approval Rating at 42%
Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ the Future of the Left?
Demagogic Clown: AOC Declares Trump 'Directly Responsible' for El Paso Mass Shooting
Stop scapegoating — Trump didn't cause El Paso any more than Elizabeth Warren caused Dayton
Deplorables: Online Leftists Cheer and Mock Serious Health Announcements From Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 45363 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 79 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 55442 comments. In total, I have read 25074607 comments.
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Part 33

Yikes. Pretty fast. Sorry guys. I really hope this doesn't happen again.
5873.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Photophone not existing?
Add-On: Do you remember certain lines in The Fly existing that aren't not there anymore?
Add-On: Add-On: Do you remember Planter's Cheese Balls instead of Planters Cheez Balls?(Were the letters in Cheez not connected?)
Add-On: Do you remember Salt And Pepa, or Salt & Pepa, instead of Salt-N-Pepa?(Pepper, or Peppa?)(Was it a duo?)(Anything else off?)(Kids And Play/Kids 'N Play)(Anything else off?)(Sweet Tea/Sweet Tee)(Nate Dog/Nate Dogg)(Dog Pound/Dogg Pound/The Dog Pound/The Dogg Pound)(Are the album titles off?)(Exhibit/Xzibit)(Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)(Are any of their rapper names off?)(Anything else off?)(Bel Biv Devoe/Bell Biv DeVoe)(Div?)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off about any of this?)
5874.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember SNICK(Snick?)not existing?
5875.(Music Lyrics change.)"The seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, or the sun, or the rain."/"Seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain."(Other lyrics?)
5876.(Music Lyrics change.)"The hair is standing straight up."/"The air is standing straight up."
5877.(Song Title change.)Knocking On Heaven's DooKnockin' On Heaven's Door(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5878.(Body Part name change.)Stomache/Stomach
5879.(Famous Singer name change.)Janice Joplin/Janis Joplin(Other spellings?)
5880.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Sebastian from The Little Mermaid(Little Mermaid?)not having yellow eyes?
5881.(Famous Actor name change.)Alex Wolf/Alex Wolff
5882.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember the ears of Bugs Bunny being shorter, and the legs of Lola Bunny looking more like rabbit legs?(Does she look more sexual now?)
5883.(Book Title change.)War Of The Worlds/The War Of The Worlds(Other names?)
5884.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the iconic poster from WWII saying, "You can do it!" instead of, "We can do it!"?(Anything else off?)!.jpg
5885.(Music Lyrics change.)"Do you remember the 21st night of September?"/"Do you remember, 21st night, September?"(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5886.(Music Lyrics change.)"You ain't gotta go to work."/"You don't gotta go to work."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5887.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Minnie Mouse's bow being smaller?(Anything else off?)
5888.(Music Lyrics change.)"I was the scorpion."/"I was a scorpion."(I Hate You, I Love You/I Hate U, I Love U)(Anything else off?)(Olivia O'Brian/Olivia O'Brien),_I_Love_U
5889.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ancient star holes not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember, "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.", or "I think you're gonna need a bigger boat."
5890.(New species.)Have you heard of the red owl?(Were owls never red?)
5891.(New species.)Have you heard of the golden zebra?(Have you heard of the Zorse?)(Have you heard of the Wholphin?)(Have you heard of the Leopon?)(Have you heard of the Cama?)(Have you heard of the Beefalo?)(Have you heard of the Hinny?)(Have you heard of the Pumapard?)(Have you heard of the Dzo?)(Have you heard of the Liliger?)(Have you heard of the Jaglion?)(Have you heard of the Coywolf?)(Have you heard of the Żubroń(Zubron?)?)(Have you heard of the Quagga?)(Have you heard of the Tiliger?)(Have you heard of the sheep-goat hybrid?)(Have you heard of the Yakalo?)Żubroń–goat_hybrid
5892.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember most of the characters in The Brave Little Toaster(Brave Little Toaster?)not having yellow, red, or blue eyes?
5893.(Music Lyrics change.)"At the drive-in."/"At the drive-ins."("Down in the basement."/"Down the basement.")("Lock the cellar door.")("And lock the cellar door.")(Does the Poison logo, or any of their album covers look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Voynich Manuscript not existing?(Did anything based off the Voynich Manuscript not exist?)
Add-On: Do you remember there not being a wart-like object under the nose of the Sphinx?
5894.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Mog's Amulet from Final Fantasy being officially known as the Moogle Charm?
Add-On: Do you remember Jaws 2 not almost being Saving Private Ryan 2?
Add-On: Do you remember all of these colored beaches not existing?(Are there even more now, and are there more colored bodies of water?)
5895.(New species.)Do you remember these animals not existing?(Samurai Bug Pink Peacock,(Was Peacock used for both male, and female peafowl, and did the term Peafowl not exist?)Pink Katydid, owls with fur, Australian Funnel-Web Spider, Rainbow Leaf Beetle, planthoppers with white hair tufts, Rhinoceros Hornbill, or Hornbills in general,(Was Rhinoceros spelled differently for you?)Shipworm Superb Bird Of Paradise, white rattlesnake, pink slug, and tons of other pink insects, and arachnids, and more multi-colored(Multi Colored?)grasshoppers, and hairy moths.)
5896.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Aerogel not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Douglas never being spelled Douglass?(Was Anderson never being spelled Andersson?)
Add-On: Do you remember Slip And Slide instead of Slip 'N Slide?)(Did the apostrophe never come after the N?)(Was It only known as the Slip 'N Slide?)'N_Slide
Add-On: Do you remember Planter's Cheese Balls instead of Planters Cheez Balls?
Add-On: Do you remember "Yee hoo!" being said at the end of The Dukes Of Hazzard(Dukes Of Hazzard?)theme song instead of "Yee whoo!"?(Ing to In' lyrics, and words like Straightening are off?)(Did Rosco(Roscoe?)P. Coltrane become Rosco Coltrane for a while?)(Was the K not cut in the Kellogg's logo?)(Safeway Chicken Wings/Safeway Chicken Wingz)(Does The Equalizer(Equalizer?)logo look off?)(Do any other new t.v. show logos look off, or do the texts of commercials look off?)(Does the AmSam logo look off?)(Does the Veritiv logo look off?)(CenterPoint/CenterPointe)(JEEP/Jeep)(Does the Pioneer Packaging logo look off?)(Does the TwinMed logo look off?)(Scotch Bright/Scotch Brite)(Mop Glow/Mop Glo)(All Mighty Packs/All Mighty Pacs)(Is the Zacky logo off?)(Has Donald Duck's neck tie flipped back, and forth for you?)(Does the Garrison + Home logo look off?)(Does the Assured sanitizer logo look off?)(Does the Biotène(Biotene?)logo look off?)(Does the Latino Times, or Homes & Land logos look off?)(Does the Toffifay logo look off?)(Are the Dunkin' Donuts colors off?)(Does Germany look off?)(Is there more stuff that seems ahead of its time?)(Has I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2 changed again?)(Is the time when the Pound Coin was made off?)(Does the sun, or anything else look off?)(Are Date Palms, or Date Palm Trees off?)(People say trees are appearing, and disappearing, and other things in their areas.)(Does The Goonies(Goonies?)seem off in any other way?)(Messed up R in Long John's commercial.)(Ribs, spine, and shoulders have changed.)(Has the Animal Planet logo always been misaligned, and has the M always been sideways, and a different color?)(Is the Nutro dog food logo off?)(Laugh Channel/Laff Channel)(Is the Ensure logo off?)(Hunchback(Hunch Back?)Of Notre Dame/The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, and is the pronunciation of Notre Dame different?)(Is the pronunciation of Yakima, or other Washington cities different?)(More songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Aswell/As Well)(Was Barack Obama president in 2005-2007?)(Captain Knuckles/Captain K'Nuckles/Captain K'nuckles)(Is Mardi Gras pronounced different?)(Are any of the planets larger, or smaller?)(Is the science of black holes off?)(Roaming Catholic/The Roamin' Catholic)(Does the Ozzy Osbourne(Ozbourne, or Ozborne?)logo look off?)(Have you heard of the phrase, "De rerum de renis"?)(Did it exist, or not?)(Are tons of words, and phrases swapped, and wrong in the Bible now?)(Did any of the dinosaurs from Dinosaurs not have purple eyes?)(Allot/A Lot)(Was there only 3-4 members in N.W.A.?)(Was there not a third The NeverEnding Story(Never Ending Story?)movie, and was there no T.V. show?)(Did multi-colored squirrels not exist?)(Did Mona Lisa get stolen by Napoleon(Was it never Napoleone?)instead of being sold to the French king?)(Were King, and Queen never capitalized?)(More words have duplicated letters.)(Do the eyes look more realistic on statues, and paper currency?)(Was the plural of Currency always Currency, and not Currencies?)(Mamas & Papas/The Mamas & The Papas(Is Mama, Mamas, Papa, or Papas spelled different?)(People have claimed items have gone missing, changed color, size, design, shape, etc, and even old items have randomly popped up, or duplicated.)(Birds, and airplanes can appear to hold still in the sky.)(The sky sometimes has an off moon, off sun, no moon, no sun, two suns, two moons, off clouds, etc.)(Are gemstones off to you.)(Are butterfly growth patterns off?)(Next Guard/NexGard)(Are the lyrics in Love Lies by Khalid off?)(Speach/Speech)(BillionaiBillionaire)(MillionaiMillionaire)(Myblueprint/Mybluprint, and logo is off.)(TrillionaiTrillionaire)(Anything else in terms of numbers ending in Aire vs. Air off?)(Do you remember place names ending in Ville being Vill?)(Is charade pronounced different now?)(Certain houses, and entire streets have changed, and morphed, and things have disappeared, and appeared.)(Moving On/Movin' On)(Moving Out (Anthony's Song)/Movin' Out (Anthony's Song))(Do you remember certain things not having, or having "The" in the title?)(Does the Flatout bread logo look off?)(Blue bees apparently live alone, and bumblebees too.)(More weird shaped clouds.)(Money has changed around the world.)(Does the This channel logo look off?)(Tons of diamonds discovered below Earth's surface.)(Fukashima, Japan/Fukushima, Japan)(The Big Timers/Big Tymers)(Do you remember Steve Urkel from Family Matters saying, "Got any cheese?"?)(Does the Dunbar logo look off?)(Does the Prestige logo look off?)(Does the Herc Rentals logo look off?)(Does the Westside Performance logo look off?)(Does the Marriott logo look off?)(Does the Applus(Aplus?)logo look off?)(Does the Simply Me logo look off?)(Does the Curiosity Stream logo look off?)(Blowing your nose can fracture the bone behind your eyes.)(Retconned banner has changed.)(Indestructible animal discovered.)(Marilyn Monroe now looks different.)(Keeped vs. Kept.)(Reddit alien changed.)(Fedral/Federal)(Seprate/Separate)(Athelete/Athlete)(All Laverne & Shirley logos are off.)(Princess Diana had brown eyes.)(Johnny Deep/Johnny Depp)(The Statue Of Freedom now goes by other names, and changes appearance.)(Did Ursula's eyes change, or did her minions' eyes change?)(The Sun sometimes "blinks", or does a set of "blinks" apparently.)(Leggos/Legos/Lego)(Sometimes, there is a black line on the moon.)(Alvin And The Chipmunks/Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks)(People claim to lose time, or redo moments, or dream the future, and other things.)(Trees now make their own rain.)("Come Josephine, my flying machine." is no longer sang by Jack In the popular scene in Titanic.)(More YouTube videos have changed.)(D o es the Xfinity Mobile look off?)(The nose now has a bone in it.)(Lighthouse brand vs. Litehouse brand)(Light vs. Lite in product use.)(Were there no letters, or. Chinese characters in the opening scene of The Matrix?)(Background of Mona Lisa has changed again.)(George Washington on Mount Rushmore has changed again.)(Rothchild/Rothschild)(RockfelleRockefeller)(Scottish Right Foundation/Scottish Rite Foundation)(More parts of The Shawshank Redemption changed.)(Joey logo has changed.)(Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and That's My Boy movie cover letters have changed.)(Dumb And Dumber Two/Dumb And Dumber To)(Swaziland has moved.)(Elizabeth Taylor's eyes.)(Sand fleas are now a thing.)(Stove Top is now a Kraft product, and their tagline for being chosen over mashed potatoes is hard to find.)(Entrance of the Great Pyramid is now on left side.)(Community Transit logo has changed.)(Flavor Flav's catchphrase(Catch Phrase?)has changed.)(Owch/Ouch)(BECU logo has changed.)(Sonic Care/Sonicare, and logo has changed.)(Pedia Light/Pedialyte, and letters are connected.)(Certain animals, or sounds being more, less, or weird for a time, or place.)(Respawning flies?)(Multiple new moons surrounding it.)(Talking Beavers/Talkin' Beavers)(2 Chains/2 Chainz)(Disturbing The Peace record label vs. Disturbing Tha Peace record label)(KemstaKeemstar)(Does the ankle bone look off?)(Personal items are changing again for everyone.)(Back To The Future changes.(Does the Playhut logo look off?)(Road Way Inn/Rodeway Inn)(Road Island/Rhode Island)(Faze Clan/FaZe Clan)(Optic Gaming/OpTic Gaming)(Soar Clan/SoaR Clan)(Does the Black Ops 1 cover look off?)(Does the MediFacts logo look off?)(Lips Are Moving/Lips Are Movin)(Grace Vanderwall/Grace VanderWaal)(Other spellings?)(Jhene Aiko/Jhené Aiko)(Iresponsible/Irresponsible)(Iresistable/Irresistible)(IregulaIrregular)(Evangeline Lilly eye color change.)(Main/Maine)(Changes in the upper half of the map.)(Charlie Putin/Charlie Puth)(Purple bananas)(Sun, and moon alignment, and daytime.)(Spiro The Dragon/Spyro The Dragon, and overlapping letters.)(Glue that apparently seals wounds in a minute.)(Cheese Whiz/Cheez Whiz, and the letters are merged, and some remember a spray version.)(The hyper-realistic(Hyper Realistic?)fish from Spongebob is completely different.)(Big Bang Theory/The Big Bang Theory T.V. show)(Goldbergs/The Goldbergs)(Leaning Tower Of Pisa changed again.)(All flags that have Union Jack in the corner have the changed one too.)(Does the Quest pizza logo look off?)(Kathy Griffin's Trump head photo.)(Fat being the only cause of weight gain.)(Does the Death Addict logo look off?)(Herr's Sweet And Crunchy/Herr's Sweet N" Crunchy)(The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all had red masks originally.)(Boy from Frosties commercial died from cancer, being beat up, or suicide, and says stuff in the commercial different.)(Skechers products with off logos.)(Wild Waves logo now has off, and connected letters.)(Krusty Krab/The Krusty Krab, and it looks different in the front, top, and sides.)(Match Them gummies/Match 'Ems gummies, and logo has changed.)(Shiva statue is now pink.)(Kuroba logo seems wrong.)(Andy Cap/Andy Capp)(Brite vs. Light on T.V..)(The Ms in Merrie Melodies are now musical notes.)(Arthos/Athos)(Mount Arthos/Mount Athos)(Does the Cinderella band logo look off?)(Does the Black Veil Brides(The Black Veil Brides?)logo look off?)(Jupiter moon amount changed.)(Diana Rigg is no longer dead.)($100 bills now have a black line.)(Bambi's mom dies at different times in the movie for certain people.)(One eyed goat born in India, and other one eyed animals.)(Movies, games, T.V. shows, etc released earlier, or later.)(Does the font look off?)(Cigrette/Cigarette)(Do you remember 'N, and N' never being used to mean And?)(Did Donald Duck have two yellow buttons?)(Photographs are changing in color.)(Mount Rushmore has moved a little bit completely.)("Work Out." is once again in Takin' Care Of Business.)(Pronunciation of Z.)(Mount Rushmore has changed with Abraham Lincoln again.)(Keebler's is now Keebler.)(Lots of plants grow different.)(Vance Joy is now alive again.)(Patricia is no longer a color.)(XXTentacion/XXXTentacion(Other spellings?), and he died earlier.)(Stouffers/Stouffer's, and they may have been the owners of Stove Top.)(More words like Granny have tons of off spellings.)(Is Water pronounced differently?)(More website logos, and fonts are changing.)(Pac Man/Pac-Man)(Downy Unstopables commercial uses weird font.)(Choclate/Chocolate, and pronunciation change.)(Does the Flonase logo look off?)(Gone Fishing/Gone Fishin')(Big Pimping/Big Pimpin')(Smooth Criminal lyrics changed back.)(Big Things Popping (Do It)/Big Things Poppin' (Do It))(Abby was added to Sesame Street in 2006 instead of 2010-2011.)(Have Whilst, and Yea popped up randomly, or more often for you, or were they not things?)(Did Nat King Cole sing You Belong To Me?)(Do you remember Capri Sun being sold in large bottles similar to V8?)(Saturniidae moth now exists.)(Saharan dust going to other places like Texas, and was it not a thing?)("Why can't we be friend?"?)(Married With Children!/Maried... With Children)(Mandarin wood duck is a thing.)
5897.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Human Distemper not being a thing?
5898.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember babies not being able to live at .8 pounds?
5899.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Tilt not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Drake being normal?(Are the letters in Drake the singer's logos off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Program being spelled Programme?(Was it the other way around?)(Anything else off?)(Albumn/Album)(Full-Fill/Full Fill/Fullfill/Fulfill)
5900.(Music Lyrics change.)"So come to me."/"A come to me."
5901.(Music Lyrics change.)"Honey you get hot."/"A you get hot."("We'll see who's riding."/"Yeah who's riding.")(Anything else off about the lyrics?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5902.(Music Lyrics change.)"Preaching 'bout(Bout, or About?)the promised land."/"Preaching 'bout the promised lands."("But Lord I think he sinned."/"Lord I think he sinned.")("The bullets took his best friend."/"Their bullets took his best friends.")("A mile away from the rich folks."/"A mile away from the rich folk.")("How so many lose."/"Why so many lose.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
Add-On: Do you remember Fanta being the only orange soda that contains caffeine instead of Sunkist too?
5903.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Arc De Triomphe not being white, and being taller?
5904.(Rap Group name change.)No Whites Allowed/Niggas With Attitude/Niggaz Wit Attitudes(Was Arabian Prince never part of the group, and were there only 5 members?)(Gangster Rap/Gangsta Rap)(Fuck The Police)(Fuck Tha Police)(Niggas For Life/Niggaz4Life)(World Class Wrecking Crew/World Class Wreckin' Cru)(The CarteTha Carter)(Does the Straight Outta Compton album cover look off?)(Tory Lanes/Tory Lanez)
5905.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the milkshakes at Steak 'N Shake coming with a chocolate wafer cookie?(Steak And Shake/Steak 'N Shake)(Does the letters, or the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Statue Of Liberty not having black fingers?(Did it not have black spots on its neck?)(Is the position it holds the torch, and the tabula(Tablet?)off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the FedEx logo only being purple, and green?
5906.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember not being able to go without oxygen for more than 2 minutes?
Add-On: Do you remember Star Trek: Next Generation instead of Star Trek: The Next Generation?(Star Trek: Original Series/Star Trek: The Original Series)(Star Trek: Motion Picture/Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
5907.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember One Dance by Drake sounding different?(Are the backup singers different?)(Degrassi: Next Generation/Degrassi: The Next Generation)
Add-On: Do you remember lava bombs not being a thing?(Were icebergs never a danger except on water?)
Add-On: Do you remember Pluto not being smaller than the moon?(Was it reclassified as a planet in 2013-2016?)
Add-On: Do you remember Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies(Beverly Hillbillies?), Guess Who's Coming To Dinner(Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?), and The Monkees always being in black, and white?(Did The Monkees T.V. show not exist?)(Jeb Clampett/Jed Clampett)
5908.(Music Lyrics change.)"On this lonely ride."/"On this lowly ride."
Add-On: Do you remember Maleficent's horns being shorter than they are now, and did they not have hooks?(Is Daisy Duck's bow larger?)(Are Sebastian's teeth off?)(Have Tom's eyes changed again?)(Were they simply known as Tom, and Jerry, and not Tom Cat, and Jerry Mouse?)(Did Plankton, Gary, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Larry The Lobster not have yellow eyes?)(Was Plankton's pupil not red, and are his antennas longer?)(Were Mr. Krabs' eyes slightly smaller, and his clothing off?)(Did Larry The Lobster have a six-pack(Six Pack, Eight Pack, and Twelve Pack?)?)(Squilliam Fancypants/Squilliam Fancyson)(Did Olaf have two teeth, and not one?)(Was he known as Olaf, and not Olaf The Snowman?)
5909.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people not being able to have gray, violet, Amber, or red eyes?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Prince Naveen's teeth being different than they are now?(Princess And The Pea/The Princess And The Pea)(Princess And The Frog/The Princess And The Frog)(Princess Bride/The Princess Bride)(Princess Diaries/The Princess Diaries)(Rum Diaries/The Rum Diary)
Add-On: Do you remember Mr. Burns not having blueish hair?)(Were Smithers' glasses not blue?)
Add-On: Do you remember the original Statue Of Liberty holding two torches?(Are any of the images of the Statues Of Liberty off?)(Did none of them hold two torches?)(Anything else off?)
5910.(Movie name change.)13th Monkey/13 Monkeys/12 Monkeys(Twelve, Twelfth,(Twelth?)Thirteen, or Thirteenth?)(Fith/Fifth)(Does the logo look off?)(Anything else off?)
5911.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jane pushing Blanche down the stairs in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?(Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?(Anything else about the title, or movie off?)(Betty Davis/Bette Davis)
5912.(Music Lyrics change.)"I keep rolling down the road."/"I keep blowing down the road."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5913.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the three times George says, "Alright." in the Seinfeld episode, The Strongbox(Strong Box?)all being similar to the second time he said it?
5914.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Woodstock actually occurring in Woodstock, New York instead of Bethel, New York?(Does the logo look off?)(Was it not rained out, and was everything not covered with mud?)(Was New York State Thruway(Throughway?)closed?)(Do you remember the Altamont Free Concert not being a thing?)
5915.(Movie Quote change.)"Stay golden ponyboy."/"Stay gold ponyboy."(Was it something else?)(Pony Boy Michael Curtis/Ponyboy Michael Curtis)(Does the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the eyes of the Sphinx not looking like pyramids?(Is the color on the head off?)(Anything else off?)
5916.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being dead bodies on the title screen of Super Metroid?(Were they not in the artwork?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Bugs Bunny's nose not being red, and was it more pinkish?(Was his wig gray, and not blue in the famous Orchestra cartoon?)(Did Orchestra never have to be capitalized?)(Did Sylvester have a smaller nose that was black, or more pinkish, and did it have nostrils, and other features?)(Was his full name just Sylvester?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Washington Monument being in front of the White House instead of behind it?
5917.(Music Lyrics change.)"He walked the streets a soldier, and fought the world alone."/"He walked the streets as a soldier, and fought the worlds alone."("He kept his motor running, but he never kept it clean."/"It kept his motor running, but it never kept him clean.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)
5918.(Music Lyrics change.)"I touch life barely sixteen."/"I tuft life barely sixteen."("Ass, gas, or grass. Living fast."/"Ass, gas, or grass. Baby living fast.")("Feels like time's running out on me."/"Feels like feels like time's running out on me.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
Add-On: Do you remember there not being black on the torch of the Statue Of Liberty?
5919.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(55 pound South American pacu invading Arizona, really great residual of tankman getting killed from congressional testimony, Nathan Hale's famous quote, "I have but one live to give/lose for my country," water spout caused by firenado, dead leaf butterfly, goblin shark method of biting, Mars in the night sky, weird sharks, the Russo-Japanese war, leg bones, Svalbard islands, Rothschild & Co., squirrels eat other animals, elephant food plant, Sclera tattoo.)(Video below.)
5920.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the famous photo of the shell-shocked(Shell Shocked?)soldier not being obstructed by a second person?(Was he not smiling?)(Anything else off?)(Did the photo not exist?)(Was there not a full shot?)
5921.(Commercial Quote change.)"No one can eat just one."/"Bet you can't eat just one."
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Video below.)
5922.(Music Lyrics change.)"The girls are trying to look pretty."/"The girls who try to look pretty."("Work out." is not in the song.)(Ing to In' lyrics, and song title.)(Bachman Turner Overdrive/Bachman-Turner Overdrive)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Roger Rabbit never having blue eyes?(Were his eyes always white?)
5923.(Movie name change.)Sweets For The Sweet: The Candyman Myths/Sweets To The Sweet: The Candyman Mythos
5924.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Big Bird not having a white forehead?
Add-On: Do you remember Big Ben not being yellow in some images?(Was there not four clocks on the tower?)(Was its official name not Elizabeth Tower?)(Anything else off?)
5925.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Incel not being a thing?
5926.(Movie Quote change.)"Want me to wash the leaves on your Viccus plant?"/"Want me to wipe the leaves on your Ficus tree?"
5927.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these not existing?(Video below.)
5928.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Sweden never having American colonies?
5929.(Spelling change.)Streudel/Struedel/Strudel(Toaster Scramblers/Toaster Scrambles(Was Scramblers a real word?)
5930.(Phantom t.v. show quote.)Do you remember "This isn't even my final form." being said in Dragon Ball Z?
5931.(Song Title change.)Straight Out Of Compton/Straight Outta Compton(Did N.W.A. never wear Kings hats?)(Did a Tupac statue not exist?)(Does the logo look off?)
5932.(Music Lyrics change.)"I got home late on a Saturday night."/"I've got home late on Saturday night."("She took all I had, and left a hole in my heart."/"She took all I had, but left a hole in my heart.")("He said good-bye(Goodbye?), and she don't want me no more."/"It said good-bye, and she don't want me no more.")(Fire House/Firehouse/FireHouse)
5933.(Famous Musician name change.)Pat Metheney/Pat Metheny(Other spellings?)
5934.(Music Lyrics change.)"Somebody's got a bomb. We can all die here today."/"Everybody's got a bomb. We can all die any day."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5935.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the largest amethyst cave being in Queensland, Australia?
5936.(Music Lyrics change.)"My hands felt just like two balloons."/"My hands felt just like two balloon."(Is comfortable pronounced differently in general?)(Is the Rosetta Stone logo off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Figaro from Pinocchio not having yellow eyes?(Are Jiminy Cricket's(Jimmy Cricket?)clothes, and color different?)(Does the Pinocchio logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse never having white glows on their noses?
5937.(Book Series Title change.)Where's Waldo?/Where's Wally?(The latter is more popular, and Waldo is only U.S., and Canada.)'s_Wally%3F
5938.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love of a lifetime."/"Love of the lifetime."
5939.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Videos below.)
5940.(Music Lyrics change.)"Can't they chill, and let me be free?"/"Can't it chill, and let me be free?"(There's a missing "Boom" in the song.)(Corn/Korn, and the logo changed.)(New Metal/Nu Metal)
5941.(Famous Author name change.)David Wilcox/David Wilcocks/David Wilcock
5942.(Famous Rapper name change.)Meek Mills/Meek Mill
5943.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Emeril Lagasse dying?
5944.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mike Starr(Mike Star?)dying of a heart attack?
5945.(Song Title change.)It Ain't Easy Being Easy/It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy(Ing to In' lyrics, and song title.)
5946.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these statues, sculptures, and monuments being different, or not a thing?
5947.(Fictional Planet name change.)Galifrey/Gallifrey
5948.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the B, and E in Bose being normal?
5949.(Music Lyrics change.)"How did we get here? I used to know you so well. How did we get here? Why dont you show yourself? I think I know." /"How did we get here? I used to know you so well. How did we get here? I think I know. I think I know."
5950.(Song Title change.)Bed Of Roses/Bed Of Rose's(Album too.)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Big Bird not having colored eyelids?
5951.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Warren from There's Something About Mary being played by a different actor?(Did Angela Lansbury play Mary Poppins, and not Julie Andrews?)
5952.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in UKF not being connected?(Is the K different?)
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