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The "every club has one" post

I was having a beer last night with a mate at my club and we started to give names to each player, so I thought I'll post some here for a good laugh.
  1. The "I've hit that shot" golfer - This is the guy that no matter what shot you've just played (eg, took the water on and on the green on a long par 4) he's done it as well. You've had a few hits with him, but he rarely hits below 100.
  2. The "how the fuck did he get to that handicap" golfer - This guy has a swing like an octopus in a blender, rarely gets over 200 with his drives, putts like your girlfriend at minigolf (putt-putt), yet in single figures and getting lower by the day
  3. The "high handicapper who wins every 3rd round" - yep, shooting at around 31, puts up good numbers once a week, which gives him a nice bar tap
  4. the "Hey, its 12 o'clock somewhere" golfer - This guy tees off around 8am everyday, by the 2nd hole he's on his 3rd beer, plays off low 20s, doesn't want to get lower because thats just more work
  5. The "I should be lower" golfer - This is the golfer that is off the high teens, but knows his best is great, but that appears once every 17 weeks.
  6. The "tech golfer" - This guy has everything, wearing a GPS watch, has a laser range finder, motor push cart, tracking tags on clubs, plays off 25 and his biggest issue is losing focus mid round
  7. The "club champion" golfer - This is the unassuming guy around the club, playing with clubs as old as his mother, just keeps it on the fairway and its a bad day if he has 19 putts
  8. the "having a punt (bet)" golfer - This guy loves his horse racing & golf, he books his tee times to finish 15 minutes before the first jumps, always has a few tips and between midday & the last race, you'll find him in the TAB
  9. The "ready" golfer - This guy is not what you think, hes the guy who on the first tee will say the words "Ready golf hey boys" before playing a 7 hour round because he takes 7 practice swings for each shot, walks as slow as a wet week & stands over putts like its an egg about to hutch.
  10. The "bandit" golfer - Now everyone knows about this guy, will sandbag for 29 days a month, come the monthly medal, pulls out a net 59, drops 3 shots on the handicap, but will get them back in 29 days.
  11. The "top of the range" golfer - This guy has the best of everything, the best driver on the market, the best irons, plays a new box of ProV's each round, wears the best shoes, has the best cart, buys the best gloves, plays off 28.9
  12. The "new clubs every week" golfer - This guy has to be robbing the local golf shop, every week he's got a new driver, new irons, can't hit them over a jam tin, you know the clubs hes playing today will be on facebooks' marketplace tonight
  13. The "pisshead" golfer - This guy never plays, has full membership, no one has ever seen him on the course, but he's always at the bar.
  14. The "Fuck-off (insert name here)" golfer - This guy gets his name because every single shot he takes its followed by "of fuck-off (insert name here)". Could be a good golfer however.
  15. The "midround lesson" golfer - This guy will offer all sort of advice midround, thinks he has an eye for teaching, is off high teens and thats because he makes a few lucky putts.
  16. The "Me and My golf" golfer - Lessons are for fools, you can just watch youtube and learn everything you need to know guy.
  17. The "Rick Shields" golfer - This guy has seen every review Rick has done, could tell you the spin-rates of every 7 iron on the market.
  18. The "I could have gone pro" golfer - Now this guy hits a drive like Rory, irons like Adam Scott & putts like Jason day, just thought running a real estate business was going to be a bigger earner.
  19. The "semi-retired" golfer - this guy is nearing 65, plays 3 times a week, plays the most boring golf keeping it on the fairway, fishes the other 4 days.
  20. The "former cricketebaseballer" golfer - This guy swings hard, hits long, has nothing from 150 in, but boy its fun to see him hit driver on every par 4 & 5. Nothing scares him quite like a par 3.
  21. The "I'm only here to get away from the family" golfer - this guy hates his family life, doesn't really like golf but what sport could a 40 year old play that gets him out of the house for what he tells takes 7 hours.
  22. The "club thrower" golfer - This guy doesn't think he has an anger problem, tells his wife that he loves golf, just don't stand within throwing distance of him after he plays a shot

Edit: not sure whats going on with the format
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Arizona Golfers! I need your help

I’m just about wrapped up treatment for two different cancers, and it coincides with a trip to your golf heaven for my work. I’d like to play 18 holes before my conference starts, maybe 36.
What’s my best bet for an outstanding course? I love forests and links. Here in Alberta my favourites are Banff Springs, then Jasper Park Lodge (both standouts in the world from what I understand), Canyon Meadows (on the Canadian Tour, Shaw Open) and Northern Bear (Jack Nicholas design).
I want to celebrate! Thanks!
If anybody wants to play with a high handicapper at the end of October I’m down too.
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