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Melee Progression Guide

Class Progression:

Tier 1:
Buy them all they are cheap and you will have a net orn gain from achievements.
Tier 2:
Buy them all EXCEPT for knight and you will have a net orn gain from achievements.
Knight: Come back for it if you are an Atlas Vanguard in T8+ since "Threaten" is a good PvP skill for tanks.
Tier 3:
Buy BattleMaster, his skills are very good and half you will use throughout the game.
Centurion/Sorcerer: Magic shield II and Protection II are useful for raids but don't come back for them until you are at the very least Majestic since before you won't even have enough skill slots to take advantage of them properly and you'll just be wasting orns.
Tier 4:
Buy Adept, it has a few marginally useful skills that you will use through the game like Barrier II which is useful for quick buffing and saving potions. Keep in mind you will not like this class, nobody does.
Mystic/Spellsword: Both equally useless, you will have to buy one to get Druid in T7+.
Tier 5:
Buy Dragoon if you are a devoted player willing to log in every 5 and half hours to kill a dragon, Dragon Vengeance II is an insane skill in raids as things stand now that charges are maintained by just one kill every 6 hours and Dragon Vengeance I isn't too shabby at all for world mobs making this class a must have as of right now, keep in mind though that charges are very likely gonna revert back to how they used to be in a future update making these skills not viable at higher tiers once more.
Majestic: This class remains the better choice for casual players, the only skill of note in the long run is Fortify III which is arguably a must-have but the class itself is great while you use it and will be a very vital upgrade after the dark ages of your adept days.
Druid: The single most important class in the game, every single player in T7+ should have druid unlocked as his buffs are just insanely good. I'll talk more about it in the Gameplay section.
Tier 6:
Buy Blademaster, it's the best PvP class in t6, his skills aren't bad though not everybody likes them. I personally find Horizontal Slash to be a great skill, some people also keep Coupe de Grace in their PvP loadout.
Grand Mystic/BattleMage: Useless.
Tier 7:
Buy Majistrate, arguably the class with the best skills in the game for melee, you will use the elemental strikes III and Osmostrike III throughout the game.
Archdruid: useless.
Dragon Knight: Buy it after you have both Arcanic AND Atlas Vanguard, especially if you bought Atlas Vanguard first. There is an argument to be made about buying it before Atlas Vanguard if you went with Arcanic first but unless you plan to switch to Freyr I don't recommend it. Wyvern speed II is nice to have and together with Barrier II from adept gives you all the main buffs in just 2 turns without having to use any potion.

Tier 8:
Now you need to decide if you prefer the Bard playstyle or the Berserker playstyle.
Both can converge into the Tamer playstyle later in the game(deep tier 9/ tier 10) once they unlock the Freyr class, the Bard path will have an easier time with gear when switching while the Berserker path can switch to it sooner.
Bard has the characteristic of being very low maintenance and allows you to multitask while playing all facets of the game without requiring too much attention on your part. Safer in Raids and Dungeons.
Berserker is a more engaging playstyle that requires your constant attention in both Dungeons and Raids but it rewards you with great bursts of damage that make for impressive screenshots. Faster in Raids.

Buy Atlas Vanguard, it has some very nice skills, the Elemental Wards and Divine Bastion are especially nice once you get to tier 9 and the tankiness allows you to tackle raids before any other class. Also of note is Purifying Strikes which is a very strong skill.
Arcanic: It should be your second tier 8 purchase as the elemental affinities allow you to override the element of god weapons in t9 and can also be used to give yourself the faction damage bonus(25%) by using the element of your faction.

Buy Arcanic, it has some very high damage combinations, the elemental affinities make it super easy to get the element of your faction on your weapon and Swordplay II is the best multi-hit skill that isn't specialization locked. Also of note is Quadcut which can be a cheap enough main hitter. Ward of Annwn also allows you to get all elemental resistances Atlas Vanguards have access to but it will take a lot longer to have them all proc.
Atlas Vanguard: It should be your second tier 8 purchase but it is actually not nearly as important as Arcanic is for Atlas Vanguard so you could very well decide to go for Dragon Knight or even all the way to Freyr first especially if you plan to switch into a FreyTamer and not an Arcanic/Raider in tier 10. What you will get out of the deal are some easier to cast elemental resistances, Divine Bastion for the rare times ward will matter for you and most notably purifying strikes which is actually the best multi-hit skill in the game if you need to override the element of your weapon/affinity and that grants ward for the turn, this specific skill can sometimes help out in dealing with the God of your Faction in t9 boss dungeons in case the opposing elemental strike III isn't enough to rush him down and also Mighty Griffin if you are a part of Stormforce.

Freyr: It has the nice perk of being the only class that can give you Crit Up with the skill Wyrm's Song although it can be very challenging freeing up a slot for it. His other skills can have fringe applications and it's the best class to play Tamer, which has the characteristic of being less gear dependent and it's a very strong option later in the game.
NekromanceGod Classes: useless, there is only Forbid from Nekromancer that might prove useful in fringe scenarios but it is most definitely not worth the orns because the attack reduction is only temporary.

Tl; Dr:
T1 ALL->T2 ALL(NOT KNIGHT) -> Battle Master -> Adept -> Dragoon[Hardcore Player]/Majestic[Casual Player] -> Blademaster -> Mystic -> Druid -> Majistrate -> Centurion -> Sorcerer
[Bard-> Anything Path] Atlas Vanguard -> Knight -> Arcanic -> Majestic -> Dragon Knight -> Freyr.
[Berserker-> Raider Path] Arcanic -> Atlas Vanguard -> Dragon Knight -> Freyr -> Majestic -> Knight.
[Berserker-> Tamer Path] Arcanic -> Dragon Knight -> Freyr -> Atlas Vanguard -> Majestic -> Knight.
P.S. If you turn hardcore at any point, go back and buy Dragoon.

Specializations Overview:

N.B. Specializations override one another so choose wisely as every change will throw orns away.
Tier 3
Don't pick a tier 3 spec as they give very small bonuses that are hardly noticeable and the first spec you pick will be free.
Tier 5
I personally don't like them too much and would wait level 150 to pick a t7 spec and make that one free but it is your choice at the end of the day:
Hunter: Nice well rounded spec that has Full Bend which has a 100% chance to apply defense down.
Cleric: Dispel can be nice to deal with curse but it is definitely not worth the pick.
Berserker: A spec that is very loved by players and gives some very nice buffs. It has the downside of requiring a lot of maintenance, has great synergy with Arcanic and in my opinion below tier 10 it's the best specialization for Arcanic players. NEWS: As of update 1.71.0 the UI improvement suddenly made the maintenance a lot less tedious, making playing this specialization a much smoother experience. In case you are wondering about its speed at clearing raids compared to Bard(without this one using a berserk mushroom or a chimera pet), berserker tends to be on average around 30% faster(more if you play Arcanic, less if you haven't even unlocked it yet) but cannot be played without constant attention to what is going on in the fight, unlike bard which allows you to just tap mindlessly while watching TV.
Guardian: Not worth the pick.
Stargazer: Purely mage oriented spec.
Scholar: Nice imbuing skills but hardly worth picking also.
Tier 7
Bard: Another fan favorite like Berserker, this is also my personal favorite out of all specializations. This one has the single best melee skill in the game at this point in the game: Warrior's Dance, only 35 Mana and it has the highest average damage among multi-hit skills in the game(If we exclude Warrior's Pavane from Charmer which is a direct upgrade at lvl 210+), it can also give the double up Att buff with Song of Power but the proc chance is very low, despite that it offers a great way to buff yourself for raids and gauntlets when you have time to throw away and lack a better option.
Swashbuckler: A nice fun spec that can be very entertaining to use but that should have the disclaimer: "don't try this at home" strapped to it, try at your own risk, keep in mind the attack buff from his passive is capped at 50%. Do keep in mind that this 50% is massively more impactful than the 50% you get from in combat buffs. The reason for this is that buffs like Berserk I and Double Att Up in fact are multipliers that affect the damage done after the opponent defenses are factored in and not real buffs to your Attack stat, unlike buffs on your Defense & Resistance.
Magus: The mana reduction and the extra slots are nice but they don't make it a viable option over Bard for melee players.
Beastmaster: Attempt at making Freyr viable before tier 9 but it is just not enough with the current pets available.
Inquisitor: you actually lose mana by picking this specialization, as if things weren't tough enough. I highly advise you to avoid it.
Tier 9
Charmer: It is a straight upgrade to Bard, it is about 15% faster than Bard in clearing Raids and Warrior's Pavane is about 25% stronger than Warrior's Dance albeit at a slightly higher mana rate, 60 mana. Safe upgrade if you are using Bard at level 210 when you unlock Warrior's Pavane.
Tamer: Great spec if you are a Freyr, especially in tier 10 where the Chimera pet comes into play.
Cataphract: Best tanking spec and very strong for PvP purposes as it is arguably the single best spec for defensive PvP.
Maji: Great spec that would be very interesting even for melee if it wasn't for that pesky -10% attack malus.
Raider: A great spec especially in t10. Paired with the Chimera pet offers the highest damage per turn of the whole game.

Tl; Dr:
Don't buy a spec until t7 and get Bard.
If you run Arcanic switch into Berserker and once you buy a Chimera pet in t10, upgrade to Raider.
If you run Atlas Vanguard at level 210 switch into Charmer and in t10 you can consider Raider(after Chimera) or Cataphract(after a DemonForged Fallen Shield), depending on whether your focus is mainly PvE or PvP. Otherwise just keep Charmer and forget about specs.
If you run Freyr although Raider will be tempting Tamer is the better choice. If you are still in tier 8 you should wait for tier 9 to run Freyr since Beastmaster is not good enough and there are no good damaging pets prior to tier 9.

Gameplay and notable items:

Early tiers:
Tier 1 through 4 are a breeze and not worth looking into, only exception being Trolls in t4. These bosses drop Troll Charms which are the single best all purpose accessory all the way until t9.
Also of note is an off-hand you may find in shops called Whisper, buy one if you find it and upgrade it to the highest tier you possibly can as it is a very good off-hand for melee players used throughout the game.
In tiers 5 and 6 you will have access to Ushi Oni and great Ushi Oni(the minotaur looking mobs), they drop Warrior's Rings and although you will not be using them for long they are a very good item while you are a Majestic.
In tier 6 you will get access to Wyvern gear which is a very solid resistance oriented equip, you won't find much in this regard in higher tiers, this stuff is dropped by Tiamat and Great/Sea Wyverns, your best bet is to find a watery location and farm Sea Wyverns as they are very common where there is water. Wyvern gear is the first gear you may want to upgrade up to level 6.
In tier 6 PvP will also start dropping Tower Shield which is a good all-purpose defensive off-hand.
Suggested gear level: no more than 6.
Tier 7:
In tier 7 the game enters mid-game, of great importance in this tier are 2 items:
1st. Yeti Overcoat, the developer took what is for all intents and purposes a t10 item and put it into t7. To find this item you need to kill Great Yetis which can be found only in areas where there is in-game snow and in the new exploration system(my advice is that you do not kill them in exploration before reaching tier 7 as they are very rare). I suggest you turn-off auto dismantle as even a common one of these overcoats is as good as an ornate chest piece of tier 7. Not to mention that this is the best chest piece in the entire game as far as resistance is concerned, for melee players.
2nd. Crystalis, this weapon is dropped by a boss called Enlightened Prince that can only be found in dungeons & gauntlets and the new exploration system, even for this piece of gear it's important that you turn off auto-dismantle as even a broken one will work for our purposes. This piece of gear prevents all stat debuffs from being applied which paired with Druid makes for an insane combination that allows you to get super buffed with Bear's Might and Golem's Fortitude. You can use this combo to enter a dungeon/gauntlet, buff yourself, exit the dungeon and then re-enter it after having switched out your weapon and possibly your skills for dealing with the fighting itself.
Once you have a Crystalis and Druid you can start reliably farming boss dungeons. From tier 7 onwards the weapons dropped by bosses become very good and there are plenty of good options, just upgrade the best of whatever you find.
PvP will also drop arch-rune gear which is great for warrior players. Also blight/arcane arrows can be useful.
Suggested gear level: 8.
Tier 8:
In this tier the focus keeps on being doing dungeons/gauntlets especially since in this tier you will be swimming in dungeon keys. As far as equipment for warrior players goes, the equipment dropped by Northren Berserkers and Orichalcum mobs is very good so farm to your hearts' content while keeping in mind that in tier 9 it will be outclassed by Valhallan gear.
In this tier there is also the annoying Dokkalfar story quest that requires you to kill a bunch of these mobs. They tend to be fairly rare and can only be found at night in moon biomes or in gauntlets. Considering how hard they are to find it is all but a foregone conclusion that most people will have to do a bunch of non-boss gauntlets to find them. It is paramount to get this quest done in tier 8 because it gets harder to complete in tier 9 and once there the first order of business is to clear story quests to get Band of Gods and be able to find Mammon with Canon Waystones.
Suggested gear level: 10.
Tier 9:
First order of business in this tier is finishing all your story quests up to the Mammon quest, this quest is currently the last quest in the game. Clearing the other story quests will net you Band of Gods, an accessory that gives +50% to orns, gold and exp dropped by monsters while also increasing monster spawns by 50%.
All the keys you accumulated in tier 8 will go down the drain in tier 9, in return you will get some very good weapons with a touch of luck as god weapons are a huge improvement. The difficulty here also spikes so buffing extensively at the start of a dungeon is almost mandatory, with ward as well as everything else, at least in your first approach to the tier when your gear still isn't up to tier 9 standards.
The only boss you will not find in dungeons is Mammon, this guy drops some pretty good gear but the most important piece is his shield, called Fallen Shield, even at common it remains the best shield in the game. It has the highest Ward bonus in the game(which once MasterForged(+115%) and DemonForged(+131%) is equal across rarities) and it prevents curse so if you find this guy pop a Dowsing Rod and disable auto-dismantle. The easiest way to find him is to get to his quest and spam Canon Waystones until something pops up. Keep in mind that where I live I averaged about 1 Mammon found each hour of straight-line driving while doing nothing but clicking the Canon Waystone every 10-30 seconds. If you plan to find a rare one of this shield you have the option to not turn in the quest, which is the last one in the game, and wait on receiving its reward: Mammon's Sword. This off-hand, being a quest reward, exists only at common rarity but it's possibly the best offensive/multi-purpose off-hand melee players have access to. If you decide to wait on it, Canon Waystones will still direct you towards a Mammon in your proximity.
Valhallan gear dropped from Valkyries is nice, also decent is Viper gear dropped from Guivre. On the accessory side of things, Crimson Gazers drop a very good all purpose item called Crimson Eye that you will definitely want to farm for. Also of note are Solar Demons which drop Golden Crystals which are very good accessories for the single purpose of Melee Vs Melee defensive PvP.
Suggested gear level: 10. Masterforge/Demonforge only gear that doesn't use materials you may need in tier 10.
Tier 10:
I haven't been in tier 10 long enough to offer any insights.

Tl; Dr:
Disable Auto-Dismantle and use Dowsing Rods for:
T7 Great Yeti(Snow Biome & Exploration Only) and Enlightened Prince(Gauntlet/Dungeons & Exploration Only). T9 Mammon(World Only, possible Exploration, unconfirmed).


In tier 4 you will want to build a bestiary and upgrade it to level 4+ in order to find a Wisp which will be your first pet in the game. It will grant some stable healing and debuff removal.
In tier 7 you have the option to buy a Twilight Wisp which is a nice upgrade albeit not a cheap one.
In tier 8 you may want to build stables of bestiaries to find a Pale Dragon which is arguably the best healing pet in the game. It offers great damage mitigation and has access to dispel which clears curse on top of other common debuffs.
In tier 9 you may want to consider a damaging pet, the main options being Great Basilisk and Guivre, the later one is harder to find and more costly but it covers nicely for the shortcomings of a melee build in PvP, as it deals massive magic damage. Pets take a damage bonus from your buffs so using Guivre will make it a bit harder to buff for it as you may have to go out of your way to get Mag up and up up while Great Basilisk deals physical damage so your attack bonuses will do the trick and it is definitely the better choice if you run Berserker. I advise you to get Great Basilisk if you go the Arcanic/Berserker route and Guivre if you go the Atlas Vanguard/Bard route. You should also redouble your efforts on dropping a Fallen Shield if you plan to buy a Guivre as you will definetely want to use Mimic's Mischief for it without needing Panaceas. Buying both is overkill.
In tier 10 Chimera is almost an insta-buy and the Ortanite Golem offers nice tanking capabilities which will grant you an infinite supply of ward turns. Of note is also the Mighty Mimic for world purposes(dungeons excluded), in tier 10 even common monsters can be impressively tanky. Especially if you use Dragon's Vengeance II, Mighty Mimic grants the highest turn 2 damage output in the game but to use it to the best of its capabilities you might want to have an arch-gadget which is unfortunately an event item.

Tl; Dr:
Wisp->T.Wisp(optional)->Pale Dragon->Guivre[Bard](optional)/Great Basilisk[Berserker](optional)->Chimera

Skills & PvP

I will only include skills that I deem worth mentioning, if you don't see them here it means you either should not run them or that I think the period you will use them is too small to mention them and their value can be inferred by the list anyway. The skills I wrote the name of in cursive are my pet peeves.

From the Skills page:
Coupe de Grace: Skill that can be slotted in to deal with targets that have Mystic Feather, PvP only. Blademaster lvl 150+.
Cyclone: Early game skill that offers a moderate chance to stun. Early game skill. Battle Master lvl 60+.
Double Edge: Great skill useful throughout the game, its main selling point, other than being a cheap single hit skill, is that regardless of the element of your weapon or if you are using elemental affinities from Arcanic it will remain elementless(physical). Battle Master lvl 55+.
Dragon's Vengeance: Great skill, relatively easy to charge and good main hitter once fully charged to clear all sorts of world mobs. Dragoon lvl 100+.
Dragon's Vengeance II: It is a 2 turn skill and it is the strongest melee skill in the game when maxed with no close second. Very hard to charge fully, especially at higher levels. Every buff on yourself that boosts your damage will make this skill harder to charge as the maximum damage it can output is dictated by its charges. It wasn't designed with higher tiers in mind so expect it to be extremely painful to charge, when fully charged it will always deal the exact same amount of damage on the same enemy. Being a 2 turn skill DoTs are applied only on the turn the attack is executed making this skill insanely well suited for Berserkers and Raiders. Dragoon lvl 125+.
Flurry: nice option to apply defense down early on. Early game skill. Rogue lvl 50+.
Full Bend: great skill that has a 100% chance to apply defense down, it is the main selling point of the Hunter spec. Hunter lvl 120+. Specialization skill.
Horizontal Slash: Straight improvement over flurry, if you need to apply defense down doing it with a 1 hit skill that doubles as defense is definitely a very good deal. Blademaster lvl 125+.
Jump II: Highly underrated due to it being very situational. It's perfect against tanky enemies and wonderful in offensive PvP to use during a turn when you are stunned, asleep or frozen as it will still charge during the turn you would otherwise lose, the Ward turns are just a nice extra. Freyr lvl 175+.
Lunge: Skill useful if you run a class with Recharge as a passive, vital piece of any FreyTamer loadout. Warrior lvl 15+.
Omnistrike: Great skill that offers the full break range at a cheap mana cost all in 1 skill, very useful in raids, almost an auto-include there. Paladin lvl 50+.
Omnistrike III: Auto-include in defensive PvP. Majistrate lvl 170+.
Osmostrike III: Great skill that offers considerable healing. Useful especially if you run BerserkeRaider but it is definitely useful for everybody regardless, a must include in every non-buffing loadout. Majistrate lvl 165+.
Quadcut: Not as impressive as one might expect, relatively cheap though and can make use of the element of your weapon/elemental affinities. Good enough if you don't use neither Bard nor Charmer to deal with fodder. Arcanic lvl 190+.
Swordplay II: Great skill, albeit very costly, I struggle to find a place for it due to the high mana cost but if you don't run Bard it can be a good damaging skill with upsides and has a place of honor in all Berserker and Tamer loadouts. It has the highest damage of all multi-hit skills that aren't specialization locked. Surely a good skill for defensive PvP. Arcanic lvl 195+.
Tricut: Cheap skill that deals considerable damage. Early game skill. Battle Master lvl 75+.
Tricut II: Hardly an upgrade from tricut but the extra damage can be useful at times. Early game skill. Adept lvl 100+.
Warrior's Dance: Best multi-hit skill in the game as far as mana/damage ratio is concerned, auto-include if you run Bard and are lvl 160+. Bard lvl 160+. Specialization skill.
Warrior's Pavane: Best multi-hit skill in the game, about 25% stronger than Warrior's Dance, main selling point of Charmer. Charmer lvl 210+. Specialization skill.

From The Earthen/WateLightning/Fire page:
Fire/Ice/Earth/LightningStrike I, II, III: They are the single 1 turn 1 hit skill that offer the greatest damage output if you use the one from your faction, basically always use the biggest one you have. Often you will need to slot one that isn't your faction strike to deal with specific monsters. For instance in tier 9 you will need the strike that the god of your faction is weak to as you will probably have a weapon that has that element or you will have put it on that weapon with elemental affinity from Arcanic. Good Everywhere, in defensive PvP generally only if you have checked the resistances of the opponent during attack. I Paladin lvl 25+. II Majestic lvl 100+. III Majistrate lvl 150+./Respective God Classes lvl 175+.

From The Holy/Dark/Arcane/Dragon page:
Purifying strikes: Great multi-hit skill that does significant holy damage while offering ward. Atlas Vanguard lvl 190+.
Ward of Light: It grants some nice healing and Ward restoration, it is mostly outclassed by Osmostrike III but in Raids in particular it can help save up a slot doubling as both Mend Wall and Osmostrike, if both are somehow needed. Atlas Vanguard lvl 180+.
Dragonstrike: Cheapest skill in the game that offers an element to your damage, useful early on if you use a weapon with an element that isn't dragon to deal with enemies immune to your damage when double edge isn't an option, and mimics. Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 4.
Blightstrike III: Decent alternative to your faction strike when the opponent is immune or resistant to it, good to deal with mighty mimics. Freyr lvl 180+.
Wyvern Strikes: You can consider it a poor mix between Purifying Strikes and Blightstrike III, you will most likely not use it unless you are trying to save up a slot or you haven't unlocked Purifying Strikes yet. Freyr lvl 185+.

From The Ward Page:
Divine Bastion: Great endgame skill that offers lots of survivability if paired with Mend Wall III and a good shield. Atlas Vanguard lvl 200+.
Foresee: Useful skill for raid bosses with a magic final if you can spare a slot, offers a bit more tankiness than simply hitting defend if you don't already have T. Res up. Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 1.
Fortify III: Best skill to rack up turns of Ward, useful whenever you plan to be using your ward. Majestic lvl 105+.
Guard: Same as Foresee just for physical attacks, as it gives T. Def up. Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 1.
Inferno/Storm/Terra/Tidal Ward/Ward of Annwn: Useful skills if you want some extra survivability in t9 dungeons in particular. Atlas Vanguard lvl 175+/Arcanic lvl 180+.
Mend Wall III: Best ward healing skill, auto include whenever you plan to rely on your ward a lot. Druid lvl 105+.
Rampart III/Ward of Mythril: Same purpose, useful skills once you have a significantly big ward to increase its absorption as you only need to use it once in raids/dungeons. Dragoon lvl 105+/Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 6.
Ward of Ortanite: Upgrade on Ward of Mythril available in t10, useful for defensive PvP. Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 10.

From The Buff Page:
Barrier II: Great skill for quick buffing if you can spare the slot. Adept lvl 85+.
Battle Dance: Good skill for buffing if you want to save potions and have only a slot available. Battle Master lvl 50+.
Bear's Might: Great skill for buffing in dungeons or everywhere if you managed to get your hands on an ArchGadget from the Cade Event. Druid lvl 110+.
Earth/Fire/Ice/Lightning Affinity: Useful skill to gain the Faction damage Bonus(25%) on your attacks. Also affects your pet physical attacks which makes it important for many Tamer builds as the element of your weapon will not have any influence on your pet attacks. Arcanic lvl 175+.
Golem's Fortitude: great skill for buffing in dungeons with fringe PvP applications, if you run a very tanky build or can spare an accessory for a gizmo. Druid lvl 110+.
Magic Shield II: Useful for buffing in raids or dungeons on the go. Sorcerer lvl 50+.
Mimic's mischief: Great skill for buffing everywhere instead of Bear's Might once you have Pale Dragon or a Fallen shield, otherwise decent option if you can spare panaceas or for offensive PvP. Druid lvl 105+.
Protection II: Useful for buffing in raids or dungeons on the go and for PvP. Centurion lvl 75+.
Song of power: Decent way to access a double up Att buff when Mimic's Mischief and Bear's Might aren't an option if there is a lot of time to spare. Bard lvl 150+.
Warcry: Good offensive PvP skill to deal with tanks. Warrrior lvl 20+.
Wyrm's Song: Only skill that boosts critical hit rate, useful especially for Tamers and BerserkeRaiders if they can spare the slot. Freyr lvl 175+.
Wyvern Speed II: Great skill for quick buffing if you can spare the second slot after Barrier II. Dragon Knight lvl 165+.
Berserk: Great skill, Greatly boosts attack but costs 5% life each turn. Main selling point of Berserker and Chimera. Berserker lvl 105+. Specialization skill.
Berserk II: Nice skill worth mentioning, all main stats get buffed at the cost of 10% life each turn. A nice plus of the Berserker spec that can also be acquired through the use of Berserk Mushrooms(Dropped in PvP). Berserker lvl 120+. Specialization skill.
Berserk III: Greatly boosts all main stats but you lose a whooping 25% life each turn(capped at 999 life), aside for the damage increase, the tankiness this grants is insane, as is the upkeep. Main selling point of Raider. Raider lvl 200+. Specialization skill.
Holy/Dark/Prism Wall: Nice skills to get resistances. Good upsides of the Guardian and Cataphract specs and the Great Yeti pet(minus Prism Wall for the pet, but it can cast those walls one by one). Guardian lvl 125/130/140. Cataphract lvl 200/200/205. Specialization skills.

From the Debuff page:
Sleep Dart: Great skill for the early and mid game in all sorts of situations. Rogue lvl 45+.
Smoke Bomb: Good option for defensive PvP. Thief lvl 25+.
Threaten: Great skill for PvP if you ran a tanky build. Knight lvl 40+.

From the Healing page:
Cure Blindness: Slightly useful in raids if you can spare a slot. Available for purchase at Arcanist from tier 1.
Dispel: Heals all common debuffs and curse, does not heal breaks and toxic, for that there is only panacea. Main selling point of Cleric, Pale Dragon and Fafnir. Cleric lvl 125+. Specialization skill.


I will list here the newest changes to the guide to facilitate returning players who have already read the guide.
September 29th 2019: Added in an alternative path to Atlas Vanguard/Bard, which is Arcanic/Berserker since the newest update buffed a little the base stats of Arcanic and the UI introduced with patch 1.71.0 made Berserker much less of a chore to play.
September 30th 2019: Added in notes about a third path which is the FreyTamer path although it is not an entirely new path of progression and more of an endgame consideration as Freyr isn't really a viable choice as a first pick among tier 8 classes as things stand.
October 2nd 2019: Fixed specializations and skills to account for the buff to Charmer in the latest update that had the mana cost of Warrior's Pavane drop from 80 to 60 mana making it suddenly become a straight upgrade from Bard at level 210+.
October 9th 2019: Fixed class progression and skills to account for the indirect buff to Dragon's Vengeance II in the latest update that had charges not being lost with time if a new charge is added within 6 hours.
October 11th 2019: Improved information about tier 8 & 9 gameplay and notable items to account for story quests and Band of Gods.

If you have any questions about the game you want my opinion on, feel free to ask here in the comments. I look at this thread often.

P.S. I am part of a Stormforce Kingdom that is currently looking for new blood to join our ranks, if you are interested in joining us, just send me a message with your level and what class you are running and we will consider lowering the level cap to let you join us on a case by case basis, keep in mind that missing a war equals getting kicked.
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Game report: Silicoids and 15 opponents on 500 star map @harder

General approach is fast expansion, preferably on hostile worlds deep into opponents territory, i.e. no risk no fun. The Silicoid advantage of no waste reduction and no environment restriction will vanish with tech lvls and they fall behind non tolerant species, based on a couple 250 playthroughs probably fast enough before a 500 star galaxy game ends. Well, unless you win by vote, but Silicoids do not chew bubble gum
Still dunno how to attach or even insert pics inline, in case interested check the album at: mediafire[dot]com/folde4rzf79tgkvpgs/Rotp Sorry for inconvenience and the mutilated link, last message with correct link to pic was flagged by reddit as spam.
Turn 1 The Silicoids under emperor Sand start close to the upper left corner of a 500 star galaxy, with 15 unknown rivals on harder difficulty. There is a pretty big gap between stars to the east and northeast, so there is some chance that we will not meet another species soon (no need for fighters to protect not yet colonized near systems or spy defense;) In moo i would send the colony ship to the orange star, hoping its bigger than the 2 red ones, and less chance for poor, but since the star colors appear to have less meaning in RotP i bet on the system which allows to reach the most stars atm out of reach, located northwest of the homeworld "001" I always use numbers and suffix for deviation from standard resurce.
Turn 03 As deserved;), the colony ship arrives at an artifacts planet, now named "002 A", where we find Deuterium fuel cells! Well Silicoids would have prefered an ultra Rich system for the 2nd colony;) but with the tech find it couldnt get much better, only worse, like a remove waste tech. No transports atm, 001 will max Ind until its 2 times the pop, then invest into Eco so Pop and Ind grow simultaneously, rougly at turn 13 we will start to place small excess prod into the 1st colony ship when 001 is maxed we will build colony ships like mad, unless the appearance of a close neighbour forces to revamp the strategy.
Turn 13 4 systems explored so far, the 3 south of 001 are arid w 60, 65 and 60 base size, At 10h in 3years distance of 002 A is a poor siz 55 steppe, we get info about the one that remains within 5 units in the next turn, while 001 start to put 24 BC, which otherwise would "unbalance" Ind and Pop, into the 1st colony ship.
Turn 14 Scouts exploring the ruins of Shattuck dicover Sub Light Drives. This cant get much better, only worse. :o Apparently the game has noticed that a protocol is made and wants to show itself from the worst side :)
Turn 20 001 is maxed and generates 203BC/turn, the 1st colony ship(@556 BC) will be ready in 2 years. the excess of ~ 17BC/turn flows into eco to compensate the small but continous pop transports of 1-5 colonists
Turn 33 The "6 systems" message pops up. The 7th system is the last remaining in the cue of consecutive 3_years_range_hops", then our ecpansion would have stop until we would have researched Deuterium.
Turn 34 002 A produces our 1st Scout3 (the "3" indicates its speed)
Turn 38 One of the warp1 scouts approaches a system and spots a foreign ship, since we have valuable tech that would (imo) require to max security asap, I scrap the scouts to avoid contact ;)
Turn 53 Another Artifacts system 15y NW of the home system, it gives me stabilizers, not a production booster but it will help much if the humans get range 7 and want to assoult our most southern colony. (I always try to neglect stationary defenses, unless a system is within 1 or 2 turn distance of an enemy, so i usualy also avoid such system in early and mid game and only block them with military ships, that gives the advantage that you can bait enemies into production of military ships that you can destroy, with the disadvantage that they have an "unemployed" superior fleet in strike distance once you fail. btw 3 times always propulsion tech is like an 18 on 3D6.
Turn 54 Scout of the humans arrives at system protected since 3 turns by small warp 3 fighter, the Scarecrow3. Spy defense is maxed, no own spies for now to save BC, these ignorants;) probably have nothing atm that we would want to steal.
Turn 66 System 003 is maxed to 65 +10 and produces more Scarecrow3s
Turn 72 Robotics III researched, the artifacts planets go full refit, 001 continues to build colony ships
Turn 73 16th colony, about half the avg share for each of the 16 species on this 500 stars map. The stars southeast out of our base range may lead to another species, so i go for the northeast. Humans have swallowed the "too many system" modifier and relations are 50/50.
Turn 82 Nuclear engines pop, I skip Dotomite and Energy pulsar and go for Uridium, the 1st artifacts planet has just maxed Ind and is at 700BC tech, computers and propulsion research each get +1 tick from force fields and planetology.
Turn 85 As expected we have a neighbour in the southwest, other silicoids called Ingneoid with atm 19 systems controlled, the ability to see Ind and Pop without exploration reveals that they are probably behind us in matters of Pop and production, but may have more space to expand.
Turn 93 Researched T+20 and Personal Deflector, colonized the 21st system and the Ingneoid complained IIT 8 and Fusion bomb will soon be there, 40% goes into dotomite, may be able to swallow the humans, I dont like their diplomatic games, they pull half the galaxy into cross alliances which eventually cause galaxy wide war if a single involved species goes erratic. All maxed colonies go full terraform and if possible either plus 5 or 10 pop, not the optimal progression rate but its more comfortable
Turn 95 IIT8 breakthrough
Turn 100 Realized too late that extended fuel tanks fit into large colony ship since some turns, the maps upper left corner will be filled soon
Turn 104 Fusion Bomb and most importantly the Improved Space Scanner researched. Now we need not fear a thousand battles ;) Though, after fusion bomb there was only ion rifle, so we still need an efficient weapon for space battles.
Turn 110 We opend the north, looks like the whole upper left corner of the galaxy is "ours" Some facts: 3018BC for 4654 RP, sum of Prod entries in colonies list is 3788BC, Colony production says its 3800.5BC Currently researching: BC mk V, Battle suits, Class IV Shields, T+30, Uridium (9%) and Ion Rifle.
Turn 112 Uridium brings one human colony in strike range, Rotp says 3 turns, despite that the 6 parsec distance cirlce literally cuts the target star in half. Doesnt matter, impulse engines are only 35402RP away :D And there is also an Ingneoid system at the outer range border of 8 parsec.
Turn 119 Found Cloning tech on the 4th artifacts planet, and realized it works retroactive, however the silicoids major weakness of low reproduction rate is gone, and it seems we have free space to the east at the the upper map border, it will stretch our sphere even more, but we could steal ion Cannon from our Selenoid friends and its only 6290 RP until BC mk V is at 0%
Turn 123 The humans got the derelict ship event. To bad for them that the event does not grant computer tech :D Oh, and btw our research on BC mk V just completed.
Turn 125 Silicoid tourists visiting the human empire stumbled upon the blueprints for neutron blaster
Turn 127 Silicoid xeno historians accidentially downloaded details about the Repulsor Beam tech from an un(sufficiently)protected server which allowed to finish our research on R B prematurely. The game shows sympathy for us and allows to avoid planetary shields X with personal deflection field. (besides saving the hassle to move prod from defenses over and over, with Cloning known the relative value of ground combat techsdrastically increases)
Turn 129 Begin of new expansion phase at the map border to the northeast.
Turn 135 A Klackon scout(?) approaches a system at, the SSE of currently extended range zone. Graviton Beam breakthrough at 5%! Megabolt is next,, not my favourite but good backup if we do not get higher lvl Battle Comps.
Turn 137 Contact established, Int on Klackons within 1 turn
Turn 138 Humans habe 4 systems, Ingenoid 24 and Klackons 18, we 36 (a couple of fresh ones which do not really count) Igneoid have contact with the Cybernar(Meklar clone?), Darlok, Humans, Klackon and the Silicoid, the Klackon have no additional contact, indication that an area in the galaxy center may be still unexplored. Selenoid have the biggest known fleet, followed by Klackon and Humans, we lead in all other 5 categories, but only little/not as much as i would like to in tech.
Turn 140 The Igneoid chase away of our 2 small fighters from 2 of the 4 planets in the buffer zone between our "borders", with a large speed 2 ship, they know ion cannon, so i launch prod of an "untouchable" medium speed 3 ship(stabilizer) w large ion cannon.
Turn 141 The idiots dare to send one of the large ships to the only one of our colonies in their range, (but they did not take the bait in form of an unprotected size 10 toxic world when the guard left it for 4 or 5 turns) Simultaneously we research Impulse Drives at 0%! (while Soil is overdue at 39) Time for a new design, since its literally a single hvy neutron gun in a fast medium hull I name it "Rooster"
Turn 150 Up to now, the AI has done 3 tactical evaluation mistakes, i.e. not cheating away from a battle without entering the combat screen: Trusting in the tech superiority of my medium ship "Rooster", Warp/Maneuver class 5, BC MK V, hvy neutron blaster, inertial stabilizer I placed "only a single defender of medium size" baits on the border planets and 3 times the Igneoids lost a large ship, an estimated overall minus of at least 1500 BC :D Meanwhile a Cybernar scout approaches one of the mentioned 4 border planets. Ingenoid and Humans have no new contacts, but the Klackon now have also met the Psilon and Aviari (Alkari clone?) Currently researching: Advanced scanner 8%, IIT 5 *21k left to go, Personal A shield 2%, T+50 35k, Ion drives 42k, Megabolt 12k, Btw Star Gates are in our list, could come handy on such a big map if you get an ally on the opposite side, and the advanced scanner will also reveal everting between.
Turn 151 Our lucky streak continues, Advanced space scaner breakthroug and more important BC mk VII as the only next project, (ecm is liteally useless on high maneuver ships, and either Cloak or SST makes missile bases entirely obsolete) 9146 left for megabolt with 3091 RP in weapons
Turn 154 The honorable and diplomatic humans go erratic and declare war for no reason, relations were related, trade established. They are already at war with the far superior Igneoid and Klackon, so far i will hold back, but one attempt to attack a colony and the fusion bomber "RMBK-1000" will be produced.. (I had left them a 60M steppe within 4y to their next planet in order to avoid "no space to expand" panic reaction, seems the AI neds some tweaking. Last playthrough I had left the klackons and Meklar only one meagre system, later agreed to peace,and draw my ships from their home. the klackons never built ships and chilled on their retirement planet, surrounded by my systems and therefore "protected" by the presence of the ships that guarded these. while the Meklar in similar constellation made the mistake to soon participate in the wars generated by Human alliance madness, Well, at least they never dared to attack me again.
Turn 157 Personal Absorbtion shield and Megabolt simultaneosly researched, at 18 and 13 %, only options were Cloak (excellent) and Tachyon (meh).
Turn 162 The Klackon founded 3 new colonies in the nebula because i missed to send Roosters in time, i replied with 4 on my side of the nebual, not much risk as they are all shielded by the slowdown zone. I will send 5 RMBK-1000 bombers guarded by 2 Cherenkov , an improved version of the Rooster, and try to use the exploit :D (the AI will not notice the destruction of a colony if it is destroyed during the space battle, iwas reported to Ray some time ago, iirc since 5.08 :) The exploit is justified as compensation for the fact that a ship who retreated in own system from a battle is unable to skip the retreat in next turn and stay at the system like in MoO, even thogh the battle was won by the ships that remained on the battle screen, and not even if Hyperspace comms are known Additionally the nerf of H C in general which restricts from imo 100% legit maneuvers /exit rantMode ;) The humans asked for peace, i agreed, the same turn i was framed, also the 2 following turns, now they asked for peace again, I wil agree a last time, else the ambassador is recalled for an indefinite time.
Weird, HDD licght is permanently on after wake up from standby, HDD not recognized after cold boot, neither the optical drive after swappping it hot and cold, the HDD works fine on usb adapter so there is much less to worry (its better to lose a machine than non data for which no backup exists, at least no convenient "one click whole disk" version due to lack of storage), and i have a literally identical spare machine lying around, only the screen resolution is different and a card module Finally the machine recognizes DVD and HDD in the drive bay and the fun can continue
Turn 168 Pop is flowing into the developing colonies, overall at 54 now, The humans decided to declare war again, although the Diploo screen shows no new framings, but i guess their approaching battleships will re[tch]eat and return to from where they came. Oh, wait, ofc they will do what players cant do and split up in the process. :p Ion drives at 0%,so they will probably be researched on [N]ext turn ;)
Turn 172 Klackon colony destroyed in battle, Lost a RMBK-1000 and a Rooster, so the fleet may not succed in destroy another fresh colony on the fly, but at least I could cheat around the relationship penalty. BC mk VII 5%, Andrium 17k, Cloak 14k, T+50 5%, Ion 10%, Tachyon 9k, total RP 16k looks promising, curious whether a good beam will be available
Turn 173 2nd Klackon colony in nebual destroyed during battle, the remaining bombers unite for the next run after the snet another colony ship
turn 174 BC mk VII breakthrough at 8%, unfortunately the only option the nerfed Hyperspace Comms Spotted an Psilon ship, probably scout, at ext range to the east, but no contact yet. owever most likeny no free space, and no unexplored arti systems left
Turn 175 Research Ion Drives and T+50, HEF and T+60 next, the ship design "Comet" will immediately go into production.
Turn 178 Council meeting, we had the most votes, check on map reveals a rectangle of 24x36 ly with uncolonized systems, probably eyplored at outer borders but we should try to get an alliance with either Mrrshan, Aviari or Alkari, respectively all.
Turn 179 Tachyon breakthrough at 9% and most impsrtant the game gave all 4 options in the next lvl, ofc I went for Gauss. H Comm 47k @4.7k, Andrium 0%, Cloak 2%, T+60 57k @1k, HEF 64k @3k, Gauss 62k @6.4k 1 spy was successful (set to espionage already during the "reveal target info" phase) and stole Duralloy, 10 or 11 were caught.
Turn 182 We reseached andrium, iirc 12%, and stumbled upon Auto repair and Massdriver blueprints.
Turn 187 Cloak researched 1 turn ago, all new ships are en route to klackon border where they collect a big fleet, imo too big for the nearby Igneoid colony.
Turn 199 Too tired for notes yesterday night, what roughly happened: Council meeting, no leader, (I abstained, never vote for enemies) "bought" IRC IV for ~ 5k BC (maxed spying on 2 scpecies), Durally from std spying, got fusion beam for Graviton from spylok, ~ 100 medium ships of 3 types (all cloaked) now placed on empty system 1 turn from a developed Klackon colony, since getting an ally next to the uncolonized area appears impossible, too much framing going on
Turn 201 30M klackons survive the bombardmanent, will remove some ships and wear them firther down
Turn 204 Colony captured, minimal losses on the ground
Turn 205 Klakon transports incoming to recapture the colony
Turn 207 265 lemmings jumpd down the cliff, all crashd on the floor of defending ships.
Turn 209 2 klackon systems conqured, maxed the 1sts pop to 160, 2nd to 94/95, and destroyed a poor. 1 Klackon colony will be taken this turn, another transport en route to 1 of the 3 others that are currently weared down by bombardment. Will have to also build ships on all nearby planets instead of only the rich ones far away.
Turn 210 The worst case scenario happened, we found Planetary shield tech on Cahal,on the positive side we have terraformed to +50, so i will have adjust the defense slider only 200 - 300 times instead of ~ 500 times. 196 lemmings jumped ... Research BC mk IX 3%, Tritanium 12%, Zyro 1%, T+60 10k, Ionic Pulse 47k, Plasma cannon 12%
Turn 211 Got Zyro, only option Class IX Shields
Turn 212 Plasma connon, options Pulse Phasor and Hellfire, went for the 1st. One of our fleets arrives at Kholdan
Turn 214 We sit back for some turns so pop can grow on the conquered systems and ships arrive from behind, I dont want to cut off tech at border_close colonies for ships yet.
Turn 216 Researched BC mk IX and Andrium, iirc both at 39%, unfortuantely the only option for comps was the jammer, favoured Adv Dmg Ctrl over Powered Armour 96 lemmings jumped and fell hard. New ship "M6 IX" has medium Zortrium hull, speed & maneuver 6, BC mk IX, no shield/ECM, stabilizer, auto repair and cloak, 1 hvx fusion bean, 2 + 1 fusion and 1 nuclear bomb.
Turn 217 Spies "found" Reajax, i.e. +1 range Again, 106 unsupported Klackon transports incoming, with 56 of my previous gen ships in orbit (i.e. stupid ai)
Turn 218 took Kholdan, found Omega V blueprints and a couple unintersting ones T+ 60breakthroug (33% ?), went back to atmo teraforming, Universal antidote is obsolete atm.
Turn 220 We took another Klackon colony And set the automatically adjusted defense slider back to zero on 48 colonies, not the last time, thats for sure :(
Turn 221 Sending ships to last Human colony to incercept evry ship of the different races they pulled into an alliance.
Turn 222 164 Klackon transports destroyed
Turn 224 Sent 2 ships to blow up a Aviari colony the just opened up within "Klakon space" that soon wil be "my" space, better instantly to minimize the diplomatic trouble.
Turn 225 I got a couple red lines on the map, each a large Igneoid ship en route, beyond their range as reported in another message.
Turn 226 186 and 146 Klackon transports destroyed by our defensive forces, Aviari colony "too close" to my border was destroyed & 2M killed, -30 diplomatics, Relation still okish at "wary" Built 32 new ships type M6 IXc medium size tritanium hull, warp+man 6, no shields/ECM, BC mk IX, Stabilizer, Cloak and Auto repair, 1 hvy Fusion B, 1 megabolt, 3 + 2 Fusion Bombs Sending ships of 2 or more generations old to systems close (1 turn;) to Igneoid systems, which i had been guarding as buffers and not colonized myself for reasons. The ships may not be up to date but should be capable to destoy several colonies before enough forces arrive to destroy/chase them away. I also move the majority of ships from the specific orbit the 1st Ingenoid ship will arrive, except for 2 of latest design, that way they will show their bad intention and not re[ch/tr]treat because superior forces are present (i believe to have recognized that the AI does not work like that, but I am a player who is willimg to adapt to the AI only at a certain degree, at least if i can afford it ;)
Turn 227 35k RP: ECM IX 11k, Adv Dmg ctrl 22k, Class XI shields 30k, Atmo 1%, Warp8 96k, Pulse phasor 6%
Turn 227 to 236 Machine BSODed during turn 236 to 237, fortunately this report was recently saved. Guess consistent thermal stress over hours caused existing BGA flaw to come into effect, although system wasnt really running hot to even trigger max RPM for fan (at ~ 72 deg C, at 82 C it goes emergency)
Roughly what happened during turn 227 to 236: Conquered 3 more Klackon systems and destroyed 3 Aviary colonies which popped up too close/within "my" borders, or what will be my terrain, and an Igneoid colony as i missed to keep an system guarded. Aviari declared war after the 3rd, Igneoids stayed coo, now neutral. Researched ECM IX,, went for Robotics VII, other options ECM X and Nullifier Pulse Phasor done, new options Plasma rifle, Proton torp and Tri-Focus. Went back for Anti Matter Bomb as Planetary shield X should appear soon, it popped fast, next is Tri-Focus. (damn, where is the Disruptor ;)
Turn 236 4th Aviari col destroyed (it gives less Diplo malus than the additional "tresspass"es until the ground toops arrive) Adv Dmg Ctrl at 26%, Class XI shields at 11%, Univ antidote 49k until 0%, Warp 8 10k, Tri-Focus 118k from 0% Send ships to gaurd the last remaining potential systems, except in the hot battle zone where i need my ships for battles
Turn 237 Fleets in orbit of 2 more klackon colonies, 2 others destroyed by bombs 145 K t d (Klackon transports destroyed) I wonder how many thousands more will they lose in this campaign. Maxing pop on planets in hot zone, too bad I cant send 2 transport from 1 planet simultaneously :)
Turn 238 Conquered 2 more Klackon colonies 66 K t d
Turn 239 Adv Dmg Ctrl (30%) and Class XI shields (16%) researched, options were Adamantium and Black Hole or Class XIII shields, Black hole is too dangerous to be stolen w/o SST, so it was the shields. Inter phased at 14% ;)
Turn 239 166 K t d Sending troops to 3 Klackon systems, 1x one turn eta, 2x two Stop production of current ship model(atm 513 units) outside hot zone as Warp 8 should pop soon
Turn 240 Took the colony, destroyed another via accidential overkill (would be nice to have the ships listed in bamobardment screen) Interphased drives researched, options are Interdictor (good if someone gets the Teleporter, even though i will probably have to build a sitting duck, err, base) Combat Transporter (mostly useless with good ships), and my favourite the Nullifier. 161 K t d Upped the turn 226 ship design to Warp/maneuver8 and swapped fusion w AM bombs. Oh, and now more enemy colonies are within 1 turn transport range :D
Turn 241 Took 3 more cols from the Klackon, they are down to 20 now, spotted a nice ultra poor as their retirement home >;) Aviari cols (they have more) fill up pop and they are closing in on production, as expected, Silis prod effectivity tends to fall behind non tolerant species in late game, so the bigger the galaxy the lower their chances
Thats it for now, will continue unless the game gets so slow that the wait times become to annoying
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