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NiceHash - buy & sell hashing power

NiceHash offers you to buy or sell hashing power directly, no contracts, no limitations, pay-as-you-go if you're a buyer and be-paid-as-you-go if you're a seller. Why bother renting rigs, when you can rent hashing power? NiceHash brings more to renters and rig owners. Visit today! Simply create order and you are already mining your favorite coin or point your rig to our stratum server and you are already earning bitcoins.


Litecoindark specs... Algorithm: Scrypt Halving: 12813 blocks Initial coins per block: 3200 coins Target spacing: 1 minute Target timespan: 5 hours Coinbase maturity: 5 blocks Max Coins: 82.003.200

03-25 11:54 - 'Bitcoin halving in 50 days... as BTC price inches towards $7,000 mark in a global recession' ( by /u/coingecko removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1270-1280min

Bitcoin halving in 50 days... as BTC price inches towards $7,000 mark in a global recession
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We have added the price #widget from #CoinMarketCap & @coingecko on our upcoming #Ebarter platform based on #crypto. Coingecko will show price of ↙️ #BitBall #btb #Bitcoin #btc #Ethereum #eth #BitBallTreasure #BTRS

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We have added the price #widget from #CoinMarketCap & @coingecko on our upcoming #Ebarter platform based on #crypto. Coingecko will show price of ↙️ #BitBall #btb #Bitcoin #btc #Ethereum #eth #BitBallTreasure #BTRS

We have added the price #widget from #CoinMarketCap & @coingecko on our upcoming #Ebarter platform based on #crypto. Coingecko will show price of ↙️ #BitBall #btb #Bitcoin #btc #Ethereum #eth #BitBallTreasure #BTRS submitted by Bitball to u/Bitball [link] [comments]

Can someone explain why the price on coingecko is nearly $700 above the price on blockchain? /r/Bitcoin

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Can someone explain why the price on coingecko is nearly $700 above the price on blockchain?

The following post by ghroat is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7hxrji
The original post's content was as follows:
Im in the uk and coin gecko says etc is trading at 10,000 while blockchain says 9500. I get that they should be slightly different but why is this so drastic?
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Near 11k on coingecko

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CoinGecko is Giving Away a Trezor! Guess the bitcoin price on 29 Feb to win

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Near 11k on coingecko /r/Bitcoin

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CoinGecko is Giving Away a Trezor! Guess the bitcoin price on 29 Feb to win...

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CoinGecko is Giving Away a Trezor! Guess the bitcoin price on 29 Feb to win...

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Best Potential Moonshot Hands Down; TRUSTSWAP (SWAP) Full DeFi Suite, Simple P2P Trustless Escrow, and Great Tokenomics!

Okay guys I've spent the last two days learning about this token and I've come away very impressed. I think this token may be a serious contender for best performer this year. On the TrustSwap social platforms it feels like 2017. Here's some info about the company.
TrustSwap is a DeFi project created by the founder and CEO of Uptrennd Jeff Kirdeikis. Most notably he has the largest cryptocurrency investing group on Facebook, and he is what Tom was to MySpace but for Uptrennd. He host The Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast which is actually very good, and he has a massive following on Twitteother social. Better yet, this guy is a marketing genius like a less annoying Justin Sun. He has a pipeline of good news lined up and knows when and how to release that information on the masses. Everything he does seems meticulously thought through. He continually affirms his commitment to get SWAP listed on high volume exchanges with MXC yesterday, Hotbit today, and Houbi/Bitmax tomorrow he is actually succeeding. He is also very responsive and has team moderators standing by in the social media channels to field questions/vanquish FUD.
Here are the basics:
TrustSwap is building a DeFi ecosystem that will start out as a simple P2P trustless escrow and payment platform and evolve into a fully decentralized exchange (DEX) with leverage and futures options all offered via non-custodial smart contracts. They will also offer multi-chain token wrapping as a service and on-chain governance using the native ERC-20 token SWAP.
Imagine being able to wrap BTC, Monero, Digibyte, or any crypto and then trade it on uniswap, or have it interact with Ethereum compatible wallets, and applications.
Through this, you can move funds cross-chain without ever having to sign up to a Centralized Exchange, allowing you to never have to KYC, staying fully anonymous across exchanges.
Wrapping tokens also offers huge benefits to new blockchain projects that have their own chain, allowing them to save massively on listing fees, as well as instantly be connected to strong wallets and decentralized exchanges.
This puts the ability to trust back in the investor's hands and might spark a new ICO boom as new projects eager to establish credibility rush to use it. So yes beautiful wrapping everything layer 3 solution my brothren. And highly incentivised holding economics, for example rewarding users from fees collected from the DeFi network! And staking;
All fees paid to the platform will get split as follows:
80% goes back to holders as staking rewards
10% are burned forever (adding that value back to token holders)
10% goes to the dev fund which can be used as the community sees fit
This project has massive potential and is already building a strong community foundation with big moves coming soon as more exchanges and markets come on board. The staking and deflationary tokenomics make this a long term HODL for me.
Token Metrics:
Total Supply: 100,000,000 SWAP
Circulating Supply: 62,500,000 SWAP
Market Cap: $3.6 million
60,000,000 SWAP Initial liquidity offering on uniswap about two and half days ago, price dropped at like $0.035. Volume bottomed out and rising again (same with holder count).
20,000,000 Team Supply
20,000,000 Marketing, development, legal, bounties, OTC investors, airdrops.
Token address;
Extra nugget from Jeff on Discord; "@everyone
SwapLogo SWAP is listing on Hotbit this Monday! SwapLogo
This is the first step into TrustSwap's emergence in the Asian markets. We are going to be kicking off major marketing campaigns with an Asian marketing firm within the coming week to follow up this listing.
We also have a couple more Top-50 listings lined up for this week as well
When we had a vote to see which exchange you wanted to see SWAP listed on, Huobi was the winner by a massive margin, so we will be opening up the conversation with Huobi to get SWAP listed on there also in the near future."
DYOR!! Godspeed! I'll see you guys on the other side!
To address FUD about OTC investors dumping, yes they are dumping, it's my belief most weak hands have exited the market, they got in at $0.005 per SWAP.
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A lesson that you can`t just throw in money in an unknown altcoin

EDIT June 14th: The plot thickens..... Seems like it might be Probit behind this scam?
May 30th: goodbadidontknow was browsing his usual crypto tracker Coingecko while sipping on his tea. There is a section there called "Large movers" which let you know which coins/tokens have pumped most during the last 24 hours. In addition you find those who have dumped.
goodbadidontknow saw a coin called Palace which had fallen 90% that day and thought to himself: There is no way that coin can fall further! In addition he went to the website of the project, and saw a roadmap with goals and everything. It was korean of course, so he couldnt understand a single word out of it. But the roadmap had pretty colours and stuff so he was intrigued. Plus the IEO they ran on Probit was priced at 20KRW, and the sale orders were at 0.5KRW that glorious day!
goodbadidontknow deposited his Bitcoin to the unknown korean exhange it is listed on, Probit, bought up what was available for sale and the deed was done. Boats, hookers and fast cars here come to papa. You people that are selling for this cheap are suckers!! This is where he bought his coins
goodbadidontknow came a little to his senses (after buying in pure FOMO of course) and tried to contact the founders on the website, but no answer. goodbadidontknow also discovered that there was no social media accounts on the project: no twitter page, no telegram. Where was goodbadidontknow suppose to talk to his soon-to-become-rich friends?
June 13th: Palace have since fallen another 90% and goodbadidontknow is left with 10% of his investment. Volume was at $500k per day back when he bought, but have since dropped like crazy and is now at $2k per day. goodbadidontknow suddenly realize he was a victim of a wash trading scam.
goodbadidontknow is still the sole subscriber to Palacetoken which he made himself and serve as a painful memory of his crypto adventures.
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A Closer Look at Ripple's Distribution of XRP

I consider myself to be an informed member of the XRP community. I have a Twitter feed of all the prominent personalities/researchers to keep tabs on the news. I watch the metrics on daily and even wrote a calculator to help understand what ODL is doing over time. I regularly check in on global metrics like volume, wallet openings, and the distribution of XRP within wallets.
Up until recently, if you asked me to explain how XRP is distributed out to the public, I would point you to two resources. The first is an article on XRPArcade explaining how Jed McCaleb's XRP sales are structured (not the topic of this post). The other place would be the XRP Markets Reports provided quarterly by Ripple. There you would understand that for the past year Ripple has increasingly slowed the sales of XRP and only is selling in small amounts to facilitate liquidity in markets. Based on this data, I've seen discussions on /cryptocurrency and elsewhere claiming that XRP's inflation rate is lower than Bitcoins and is near 0. Based on publicly provided data I've realized that this is not the case. XRP's distribution rate is very different than the impression painted by the XRP Markets Reports.
TLDR; Ripple is trying to paint a narrative that very little XRP is entering the market. In reality sales of XRP are very low, but XRP entering circulation remains much higher from an inflationary perspective and that rate has remained relatively unchanged from 2016 onward.
Before I dive into the data, I'd like to take a brief pause and state that in no way am I writing this to be FUD. Clear and accurate data is extremely important to me. Much of the recent community conversation has revolved around hopium and dot connecting that is unverified. It's a public ledger, but most people don't take the time to track the numbers. I'm hoping to shed more light on these important factors since there is no doubt that XRP's rate of distribution can effect the price. Ok, soapbox over.
I first was clued in that something was off while listening to a SamIAm video here. Basically Sam is calling out Ripple over their Q1 Markets Report because they didn't mention around $18 million of XRP paid to MoneyGram. Now technically this isn't a sale of XRP, but it's convenient to leave out and we would only know that this was happening because the SEC forced MoneyGram to report it on their Quarterly Investor Report.
Next I was scratching my head over a data discrepancy. Tether flipped XRP on LiveCoinWatch weeks before the other tracking sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Upon closer inspection I realized that all these sites retrieve the XRP circulating supply from a single API call and LiveCoinWatch had coded their site incorrectly. They were pulling the XRP numbers from last year.
The API is here and anyone can checkout the data: I believe that there is a companion private API Ripple uses to power their pie chart here: Notice that the market performance (at the time of this posting) is for May 17th while the public API only goes to April. I don't know why Ripple hasn't updated the public API in a month. Since the public API has a history of postings you can go back and track the "distributed" tag all the way back to the middle of 2016. Here's what I found.
XRP Released into Circulation Yearly Inflationary Rate
2016 (starts mid year) 1,229,851,071 3.5%
2017 2,667,133,033 7.34%
2018 2,035,094,018 5.22%
2019 2,325,833,516 5.67%
2020 (May 1st) 773,689,933 1.78%
2020 End (at current rate) 2,321,069,799 5.35%
The 2016 data starts halfway through the year, so you can make an educated backfill guess for that year's number as well. Ripple has been distributing between 2 and 2.6 billion XRP a year with 2017 being a the high watermark. Interestingly the number distributed in 2019 is not that much different in spite of Ripple touting significantly reduced sales for almost the whole year.
So lets talk about the term "XRP Distributed" versus "XRP Sales" obviously Ripple is providing the data for both stats, but they only talk about sales in the markets reports. Distribution is a much wider term. It can include things like "Business Development" like MoneyGram discussed above. It could be compensation incentives given to Ripple employees. Xpring is known to fund investments using XRP. All of these items aren't reported because they are not sales. Even with some generous guesses to the above categories, I have no idea what Ripple is really doing with the XRP in 2020 if they're not selling it. Even factoring in about 90 million XRP given to MoneyGram, there's still a significant amount distributed and I would love some opinions on what they think Ripple is doing with this XRP.
Some takeaways for me:
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PAMP Network(PAMP). BUY. HOLD. CLAIM REWARDS. PAMP is designed to punish sellers and reward buyers and sellers based on their staking/reward Mechanism. This will truly go Parabolic...!!!

What is PAMP Network?
PAMP is the worlds first price- reactive cryptocurrency on Ethereum, designed to encourage buyers and reward holders while penalizing sellers.
When the token price appreciates, token holders receive staking rewards based on several factors including the percentage price increase, how long they have been holding for and how many tokens they hold. Rewards are distributed on a daily basis!
If the token price does not appreciate, no rewards are minted. Sellers who move their tokens around have their stakes reset, negating any bonus rewards they may receive when the token appreciates in value.
In addition, PAMP is deflationary, meaning that all token transfers have between 1-3% of the transfer burned.
Holders are strongly incentivized to buy tokens and HODL for as long as possible, and are penalized for not doing so.
Additionally, being semi-deflationary, the Pamp Network embodies a similar value structure to Bitcoin and Ethereum 2.0 – the system has incentive structures built in that promote holding the token, thereby acting as a proper hedge against inflationary fiat currency.
Token Utility:
It's a price-reactive token, so token holders receive rewards when the price increases. When the price decreases, no tokens are rewarded. When you sell on Uniswap or transfer you pay an 8% fee that is burned (no fee on buys). We also have a liquidity staking program like AMPL where you receive PAMP tokens for staking Uniswap liquidity.
Uniswap Address To Buy:
Uniswap Info Page:
Token Economics:
Current Price: $.21
Circulating Supply: 1.5 million
Total Supply: 3 million
Marketcap: $315,000
Upcomming NEWS soon..!!
  1. New Staking Dashboard
  2. New Website
  3. Chainlink Oracle Integration next month 🚀
  4. Mobile/Staking Wallet in next 2 weeks
  5. New exchange listing in next couple of days/week...!!🚀
Team: 5+ and growing
FYI: 50% of All Dev Tokens are locked for 2 years. Other 50% is for liquidity. Shows true commitement.
Liquidity Staking Program Link:
Regular Price- Reactive Staking:
Buy and Hold PAMP Tokens
Purchase PAMP tokens on any exchange, such as Uniswap or IDEX*, and send them to your Metamask wallet.
Claim Your Stakes Every Day
When the latest prices have been updated, visit our website ( and claim your staking rewards. Internally, this calls the smart contract function that determines how much you are owed based on the price change and other factors such as how long you have been holding for.
Grow Your Portfolio Infinitely
As long as you HODL and claim your stakes every positive day, the price will inevitably appreciate and so will your portfolio! It’s as simple as that. HODLers are incentivized to keep HODLing, and sellers pay high fees and lose future staking rewards when they don’t HODL.
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Altcoins Bounce Back as Bitcoin’s Quiet Summer Continues — Crypto Market Daily

Over the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin (BTC) price tested the $9,100 support level before bouncing back above $9,200, as per OKEx’s BTC Index Price. The market-leading cryptocurrency gained 0.52% overall.
The total cryptocurrency market cap increased overnight by 0.9% to around $278 billion. At the same time, Bitcoin dominance dropped -0.2% to 61.3%, according to data from CoinGecko.
Click the link for more
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A sleeper, RAIN Network Coin; Sub $16k MCAP, New Exchange Listings, and Juicy Chart!

RAIN Network Coin
RAIN Network is a new fully autonomous microcap decentralized rewards platform operating on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contract. Easiest and profitable staking available on their dApps with more to come includeing a RAIN game.
So working product and $16k market cap. Yes you heard that right only $16k, if this goes to $100k that's a 6x!
Trying to post it here before it explodes (like SWAP).
Been bleeding out for some time and now showing completion of a massive bull pendant.
If you don't buy because of the product, then buy because the chart looks magnificent. Please look at the chart on Coingecko and tell me this won't triple in the next month.
The concept is simple, the user interface/logo is super clean and refreshing. The community is nice! Officially listed on Mercatox yesterday! With more exchanges to come.
Announcement from CEO:
"Update We do have a small game coming in a day or so that will use RAIN. exploding_head Addressing the make an announcement daily for hype That isn't going to happen. I am not a hype man nor do I make unnecessary announcements. We have more than enough stuff here at RAIN for the community to shill so really its up to you guys on how to make it work for your shilling. I am not placing blame on anyone, just reminding the community of their part in the grow of this. Myself and @ethereal have put good effort into growing this platform from a development perspective. The project has utility straight out of the box and dapps to assist with that utility. Lets make the best of what we have and make it work."
Buy on Uniswap;
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Bitcoin’s Average Transaction Fee Rose 647% Following the Last Halving

Data for Q2 2020 shows the cryptocurrency market thriving, with Ethereum leading a price rally and Bitcoin showing solid network activity following its last halving. Overall trading may have reduced, but the market has grown greatly since ‘Black Thursday.’
Cryptocurrency market data platform CoinGecko has published a new report that covers the progress the market has made in the first half of 2020.
The Q2 2020 quarterly report examined various elements of the market, with one of the most notable insights being the average Bitcoin transaction fee has jumped by a staggering 647% from Q1 2020.
What do you think about this? You can read the full article on the link below.
Bitcoin’s Average Transaction Fee Rose 647% Following the Last Halving
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BTC price quote

BTC price quote
new version of my self-created linux command line tool:
The shell (bash) script uses the coingecko API and is capable of displaying all crypto currencies available through that API. There are a lot of cross-currencies (55 at the moment, including some Cryptos, as well as the commodities Gold (XAU) and Silver). The script startet with the argument "--c" shows them all with name and ticker.
I like this kind of command line tools a lot - I don't want to be constantly informed about the Bitcoin (or other crypto) price, but from time to time, I hack in "btc" - and get it. The script was more or less the outcome of a small shell script programming learning project.
have fun
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Swissborg Community app: collect badges and earn up to 1750 CHSB (current value $160) - no deposit needed for this one!

Swissborg is a Swiss fintech focusing on crypto wealth management. They have a Community app where you can predict whether Bitcoin goes up or down over the next 24 hours.
In the app, you can earn CHSB, the Swissborg token. This token is already listed on exchanges so you can check its price, but you'll have to wait until the competition is over to redeem your CHSB. You can easily get 600 CHSB (currently worth $55), though you can earn up to 1750 CHSB (currently worth $160) if you include all badges, even those that are a bit harder to get. Here's how it works:
You complete various tasks in the app and earn badges. There are 15 badges, you get 50 CHSB for completing each one. Once you collect all badges, you receive +1000 CHSB and enter their Hall of Fame, giving you a total of 1750 CHSB. Most of the badges are very easy to get and don't take much of your time (e.g. log in 7 days in a row), but to get the last three badges (and earn 1750 CHSB), you'll need to invite 20 people in total. blog post explaining all the badges -- Current CHSB exchange rate
If you'd like to get competitive, there's also their prize pool of ~$130,000 (currently), which increases by $1 with every new user. This prize depends on how many points you have; you can earn these for logging in daily, making correct forecasts, and inviting friends. This prize will be distributed in BTC, but your rank needs to be at least 20,000th to get the lowest prize which is currently $2.6 (though the first prize is over $7800).
  1. Download the Community App.
  2. Register for an account (use my referral code ETTVC6Q and we both get 3,000 points, check the comments as well). Tip: the code will get you started with 3,000 points - make your first forecast with 1,000 points and you'll get your first badge :)
  3. Collect badges and earn!
  4. In order to redeem the prizes, you'll need to download their Wealth app and verify ID. There's also a new, separate referral program for the Wealth app: if you register with my ref link and make an initial deposit of at least €50 of any supported asset/currency, you'll get a random reward in BTC worth from €1 to €100.
The Community app rewards should be redeemable in Q3.
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【Social Commerce】social media and e-commerce development is evolving day by day.

【Social Commerce】social media and e-commerce development is evolving day by day.
social media and e-commerce development is evolving day by day.

Release Coin(REL)price is up +9.6% in the last 24 hours.
#REL #BTC #ETH #USD #bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Investor
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Welcome to the ITO Utility Token Sub-Reddit!

Welcome to the ITO Utility Token Sub-Reddit!
👋 Welcome to the ITO Utility Token Sub-Reddit!
The ITO Utility Token is one of three core components of the blockchain crowdfunding ecosystem initiative, in this post you will be able to find all of the latest information and resources for the ITO Utility Token. More information about the ITO Network and ITO Protocol can be found by joining the communities listed in the interconnected developments section & viewing the respective welcome posts.

💪 Network Leaders
👤 Rodger - Community Leader - u/itonrodger
👤 Kelly - Development Leader - u/itonkelly

Interconnected Developments:
➡️ ITO Utility Token [IUT] - (You are here!)
➡️ ITO Protocol [ITO] -
➡️ ITO Network [ITON] -

🌐 ITO Utility Token - ITO Tokenisation Instrument
The ITO Utility Token [IUT] is a vital component of the ITO Protocol crowdfunding model, giving participants instant liquidity on all tokenised pledges from ITOs. This fundamental element allows the ITO Protocol to offer zero-risk participation when supporting project crowdfunding opportunities in comparison to other forms of high-risk crowdfunding/investment such as IEOs or ICOs, which often leave participants with illiquid of unlisted tokens for a sometimes indefinite period of time. Participants who accumulate ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] can use [IUT] to become an ITO Network VIP to receive community privileges, including early-access to future ITOs and exclusive discussion with the ITO Network team and fellow VIPs. IUT can also stored in a wide range of supported ERC-20 wallets or exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD on a variety of supported exchanges.

⚙️ [ITO] ERC-20 Smart Contract Information
The IUT smart-contract is used to tokenise each Incentivised Token Offering deployment once the 58% accumulation cap has been reached. Once the accumulation cap has been reached, the IUT smart-contract autonomously tokenises the remainder of accumulations to [IUT] and distributes them to the participants which can then be sold, stored, or exchanged for ITO Network privileges. The use-cases of IUT continue to grow as the ITO Network continues to develop new technology that require a tokenised instrument.
Contract Address: 0xD36a0e7b741542208aE0fBb35453C893D0136625
Token Name: ITO Utility Token
Token Symbol/Ticker: [IUT]
Circulating Supply: 90,010,767 ITO
Team Reserve: 0 IUT (No Team Reserve)
Total Supply: 90,010,767 IUT
Trading Price: 0.00000050 BTC (~$0.005 USD)
Market cap: ~$435,000 USD

👉 [IUT] Information & Resources
✅ Etherscan:
🆕 Branding Resources:
🔜 Litepaper
🔜 Token Roadmap
✅ Supported on: Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, BlockFolio, GetDelta & more!

👉 [IUT] Exchange & Index Facilities
↔️ Swap IUT <-> ITON/ITO:
📈 IUT/BTC @ Crex24:
📈 IUT/ETH @ Crex24:
📈 IUT/USD @ Crex24:
📊 IUT Index @ CoinGecko:
🔜 IUT/BTC @ Vindax
🔜 IUT/BTC @ Coinlim
🔜 IUT/ETH @ Etherflyer
🔜 CoinMarketCap Index Update
🔜 CoinCodex Index Update
🔜 Messari Index
🔜 WorldCoinIndex (WCI) Index

👉 [IUT] Community & News Channels
📢 Telegram Announcements:
💬 Telegram Community:
🆕 Reddit:
🆕 Facebook:
🆕 Instagram:
🆕 Steemit:
🔜 YouTube
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Welcome to the SuperAUD Project

Welcome to the SuperAUD Project

👋 Welcome to the SuperAUD Project! ➡️ Project Home
ℹ️ The SuperAUD project is a global initiative to create the SuperBridge Hybrid Utility Exchange which incorporates centralised and decentralised elements to allow consumers to trade and store utility tokens in a trust-less environment. The exchange will use the first Australian-dollar stable utility token, SuperAUD [SAUD] as the primary market pair, to accurately determine the fiat value of all cryptocurrencies and utility tokens listed on the exchange.
➡️ Support the development of the SuperAUD Project by participating in the ITO

🏢 Project Management (3):
👤 Bruce - SuperAUD Leader - u/superaudbruce
👤 Rodger - Partner - u/itonrodger
👤 Kelly - Partner - u/itonkelly

📢 Latest News (3):
➡️ SuperAUD Project: Released
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Explainer video released
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Crowdfunding Live

🔜 Coming up (4):
➡️ SuperAUD Project: New Announcements Blog migration to
➡️ SuperAUD Project: ITO Progress migration to
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Migration to ITO Protocol v3.0 interface
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: New interface migration with

Proposed Developments (2):
🌐 SuperBridge Utility Token HEX
ℹ️ Global high throughput & secure utility token exchange
The SuperBridge Hybrid Utility Exchange incorporates centralised and decentralised elements to allow consumers to trade and store utility tokens in a trust-less environment. One of the primary purposes of the SuperBridge HEX is to create a direct bridge from Australian superfunds into compliant utility tokens for Australian traders by supporting the management of Australian self-managed superfunds within the exchange, made possible by automated reporting built by industry experts to allow even the most inexperienced traders to utilise their self-managed superfunds into the prosperous world of utility tokens without worry.
Traders around the globe are also able to use the state-of-the-art exchange to trade utility tokens fast and seamlessly while retaining the maximal amount of profit with minimal trading fees. The exchange also features detailed reporting and the ability to stake utility tokens for weekly rewards to even further maximise the benefit for traders utilising the exchange.
Status: Planned (Development begins Q3 2020)

⚙️ SuperAUD ERC-20 Stable Utility Token [SAUD]
ℹ️ Ethereum Smart-Contract tied to the Australian Dollar, backed by SMSFs.
The SuperAUD Stable Utility Token is used as the primary instrument for all open markets on the SuperBridge HEX, allowing traders around the globe to speculate the Australian fiat value of all utility token listed on the exchange in a high throughout and real-time environment. SAUD is tied directly to the Australian dollar and backed by Australian traders who have used their self-managed superfund (SMSF) to purchase utility tokens in the SuperBridge HEX.
Contract Address: Deployment Q3 2020
Token Name: SuperAUD
Token Symbol/Ticker: [SAUD]
Maximum Supply: 210,000,000 SAUD
Circulating Supply: Determined by SuperBridge SMSF Deposits
Reserve: No Team Reserve
Trading Price: TBA
Status: In Progress (Contract deployment Q3 2020)

👉 Community & News Channels
📢 Telegram Announcements
💬 Telegram Community
🆕 Reddit
🆕 Facebook
🆕 Instagram
🆕 Steemit
🔜 Forum: BitcoinTalk

👉 Information & Resources
➡️ Website
➡️ ITO (Incentivised Token Offering)
🆕 Branding Resources
🔜 SuperAUD [SAUD] Contract Deployment
🔜 Whitepaper
🔜 Roadmap

👉 Exchange & Index Facilities
🔜 Exchange: Crex24
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Bitcoin breakout in about 8 hours or less, BTC price targets $8500 or $9500 - TA Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Analysis - Bears in Charge? How to track EDC Blockchain PRICE in CoinGecko Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Bitcoin and Alt-Coin Charting Company CoinGecko

Get BlackCoin (BLK) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Get BlackCoin (BLK) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Part 3: Derivatives volume declining, open interest on the rise, tokens defi-ying the odds & more! Grab our FULL Q2 2020 Cryptocurrency Report. EN . Bitcoin price today is $9,231.97 with a 24-hour trading volume of $17,109,326,447. BTC price is up 0.3% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 18 Million coins and a max supply of 21 Million coins. Bitcoin Price (BTC). Price chart, trade volume, market cap, and more. Discover new cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio. Convert Bitcoin (BTC) to British Pound Sterling (GBP). CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. Bitcoin sticks to the $9,200 price range after some light selling early in the day. Bitcoin. Bitcoin App Bottlepay Is Back From the Dead With a New Lightning App. Leigh Cuen Jul 10, 2020.

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Bitcoin breakout in about 8 hours or less, BTC price targets $8500 or $9500 - TA David Moskowitz of Coin Republic interviews TM Lee, cofounder of CoinGecko We disc... In this video, I perform technical analysis on the Bitcoin chart dating back to 2010, to predict the price of Bitcoin in 2020. This video is basing this prediction on technical analysis. Here is our latest Bitcoin (BTC) price forecast. Let's see if Bitcoin (BTC) is going to hold consolidation and move lower. It's time to stop the confusion. Join Us!!! Join This Elite Group - Sign ... How might Bakkt affect the price of Bitcoin BTC? What's going on with Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP? These are some of today's topics covered by Mattie. ----- CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST: ... The latest update of Bitcoin’s S2FX price model shows July is beginning exactly as required for a long-term bullish trajectory to continue. ... Crypto data platform CoinGecko has partnered with ...