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Transparency Report: Recent Bans

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Yesterday, popular Saltierthankrayt user pastadelfuego said really mean things to us. that was created with the help of another user on the Discord server he is an admin of. Pastadelfuego was banned for the meme. When he provided credit in the comments to the user he collaborated with we didn’t care because he was a massive penis about it. he included a link to the discord in question(NOT THE OFFICIAL SHILL DISCORD REEEEEEE) He also included the link in other comments on the post(AGAIN NOT OUR SERVER SO WE BANNED HIM). The comments were removed because we do not allow any kind of promotion for anything not officially affiliated with SaltierThanKrayt and also it was really mean man you don’t understand. This includes removing links to social media pages, youtube channels, other subreddits, and yes, discord servers. (See here for an example on why STK is guarded over what is actually sub-affiliated and also mean) This is based on an older Reddit rule here which precedes our own rules leading to it not being in the sidebar. Pasta was banned for posting a discord link. We also removed it and let him know he sucked for liking the prequels as we do in other self-promotion cases.
Pasta then proceeded to argue with us about it. Which is a big deal, he is not allowed to disagree, because if someone says they like the prequels we downdoot them and ban them like the wholesome 100 redditors they are. Pasta was banned for criticizing the mods. He called us the a word man he was super mean after that warning however led to unnecessary subreddit drama(seriously guys we’re dictators get over it virgins) and a larger concern that he might try to use his dedicated fanbase to spam the sub(because we would NEVER do that unless someone liked the objectively bad se- I mean prequels) or harass its users(again we’ve NEVER EVER DONE THIS) to force the moderating team to make an exception for his advertising. Due to that concern, one mod met him irl. This did not resolve tension for some reason it’s really inconceivable, and a decision was made to go ahead with the rule 8 ban because he made a mean meme dude to the STK discord was seen as proof that the user planned to further escalate this rebellion. using their fanbase. The choice to go with a permanent ban rather than a temp was perfectly reasonable, we admit. The intent of that was to disallow Pasta to ever appeal for a temp one if he chose to.
Instead though, the next day he rallied users to defend him rather than just reaching out to the mods as other users do.(yeah man this is really crazy we know) The mod team started discussing how best to handle the punch to the gut, but then the situation was escalated by Pasta and other server admins posting announcements on their Discord inviting their users to rationally contact us and rally to upvote posts that disgusting prequel fans of that server have already made. (See Reddit’s rule 2 on vote manipulation which we also NEVER DO) Which, combined with Reddit only users catching on, has led to the response you have most likely seen by now. Because anyone who disagrees gets a permaban.


There is a lot of confusion regarding the agree with mods or else policy We have, and that is our bad for not having an official statement on it for the sub. Because this policy is in the sidebar, we do hold it against users who violate that policy; and permaban them. We are currently putting together a pretty robust wiki page for the sub that includes more details on the 999 rules we currently have and a section with how SaltierThanKrayt applies a few of the Reddit rules like spam and self-promotion and also not being meanies to mods.
Also, it is not possible that some users were banned erroneously for posts regarding this matter. This is something that happens sometimes when there is a lot of drama and our mods try to ban everyone involved it before it gets out of hand. If you were banned for a relevant post, too bad nerd.
I'd like to say thank you to all the people who have sent us supportive messages of users that likely don’t want to see their karma destroyed by actually commenting their support, (NOT FOR PASTA, US IF WE WILL BAN ALL DOWNVOTERS WHO DOWNVOTE POSITIVE MOD THINGS) you are appreciated. I'm not going to name them (for obvious reasons) (it’s u/micdropproductions) but you know who you are and we really appreciate you.
Lastly, I want to make it clear that everyone would get banned for disagreeing with our policies or decisions. We do think we are infallible and we hate feedback. However, rallying people against us, encouraging harassment, and/or being uncivil is not okay as well as any criticism at all. I mean it we will ban you.
Get freaking destroyed Pasta,
The mod that is so epic and cool and edgy man I love Lincoln park so much I use the anger in tf2 please think I’m cool...
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Why you should quit Bollywood if you're female and an outsider: confessions of an aspiring actress.

Excerpts from the piece are below. Note that I make no claims as to the accuracy of this piece. It's worth discussing, however:
"Who am I, and who was I anyway to have that big a dream of becoming a Bollywood actress? That too without a background. Just because I look like a famous actress and I'm not plastic, I thought I could make it. Yes, some of you may know me — some of you probably don't care and others are probably busy "warming" other people's beds while I write this confession. I wish I could but I can't give you my name, I would love to but you know this thing called "Bollywood"? Yes that. It's a dark place and I'm hoping to never see it again. I hope to never ever give anybody the permission to look at me like that ever again. Those freaks, those womanisers, those assh*les who probably make movies to clear their conscience through portraying nice, innocent, saintly characters. It was tough, it's still tough, but here is my story that might just kill your acting dream if you're reading this but trust me, that's not my intention. I was probably just one of those unlucky ones.
So while you're probably getting inspired by watching Dil Dhadakne Do at the comfort of your homes or theatres, passionate people like us are being forced to kill our dreams with our own two hands. Just because we made a choice of not satisfying some frustrated maniacs' sexual desires. Don't get embarrassed, it's not a big deal over there. How else do you think a female escort can become a Bollywood star in one night?
To clear your doubts, I'm the same girl who once dreamed of entering this ugly industry to become a top heroine. But here's how the life of an actress without a famous background goes like in your so-called "city of dreams" — walk into auditions and get rejected at the entrance or walk into auditions, give audition and get rejected and finally get through audition, don't sleep with the asshole and get rejected. What's common? Rejection. But what's more common? Desperation, hunger, the vile environment and unpredictable people. Oh sorry, I mean unpredictable, assolic fckers.
How could I let these ugly f***s kill my dream like this and how dare they even think I'll sleep with those hideous looking faces with big fat bellies? But there comes the harsh reality — they did it and I'm the loser, it all happened in front of my eyes and guess what I did? I quit. I gave up. I lost.
The indignities I went through in the past couple of years is nothing unbelievable but I had never expected it to come from the people who did it to me. Trust me, when I say "dark", I mean it. The most innocent man on-screen is probably the most disgusting man off-screen. Don't be disappointed when I take their names. It's one thing to meet a guy at a party and choosing to sleep with him but this atrocious industry is a kind of brothel that hasn't been shown in movies yet. And will never be shown indeed. Sadly, I can't deny the fact that Bollywood helped me discover my best hidden talents, such as dancing and acting, just so I could crush those dreams in the palms of my hands and finally gulp it down my throat. I grew up watching Hindi movies and so I had this instant inclination towards this industry.
I am not trying to say that I led or lead a filmy lifestyle, I hope you get my point. I do wish I had that lifestyle, it would've saved me the misery of feeling like a w**** so many times in that worthless piece of shit.
All I had wanted was to convert my passion into a profession. But apparently in that world, there's only space for the brightest stars that have great history. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. And that gave Bollywood the right to treat me like a prostitute trying to sell her body rather than talent. I wanted to become a full-time dancer and perhaps get a break as an actor one day. I worked hard towards achieving my goals, and I did. I made as many contacts as possible within the industry, I looked up directors, scriptwriters, dancers, and who not on Social Media. I remember being up all night waiting for their replies. I linked up with so many people since then and I built such great relations with some of them that I actually forgot to tell them why I added them in the first place. But I didn't know what I was throwing myself into. I was young, new and inexperienced, I couldn't possibly know what was yet to come.
I should've guessed then that this was the lull before the storm. I don't want you to feel bad for me, don't get me wrong. I just want you to hear me out.
My first incident happened back in 2011, where I had just started performing for shows. I came to know about a certain Mister (whose name will not be revealed for the sake of his wife and children only) who was running a popular beauty contest affiliated with Miss India. This 'Mister' was looking for an Indian girl to represent my country, which is not India (can't be disclosed because I do still love my life), for the upcoming contest. Since that country is so small that it's Indian population is equal to three buses full of people and the only eligible girl refused to go, I was asked to take part and considering the chances of exposure, I accepted the offer.
That was my first mistake out of the many mistakes I was about to make in that land of leeches, excuse me for not calling them humans because they have absolutely nothing human about them. Nothing!
My second mistake was that I gave him my number because he insisted, just in case he had to contact me for contest related information. I did not think much of the first phone calls he made because those talks were genuine until soon enough, when these talks turned into investigative phone calls. I remember him calling me and asking me whether I had a boyfriend or if I had ever been involved in a relationship with a guy. I was taken aback for the first time there. Though the questions didn't sound dodgy, I kept wondering how this was related to me entering the contest. They were not relevant at all! But then came my biggest mistake. Without any ill intentions, I asked him the location of his hotel, so that I could book something nearby for myself. This was solely for convenience. I didn't know the city so I thought it would be wise to lodge nearby without getting lost or stuck in traffic whenever I had to meet him.
Then it happened: "Why do you need to book a hotel? I already have one room."
After he said that, it felt as if the ground beneath my feet lost stability. I went numb for a few seconds because till then, I had just heard of 'casting couch'. Till that day, all that while I was thinking in my head, "So far so good". So, without letting him know I cancelled my plans and never got in touch with him again. After that incident, I completely lost my will to try my luck in Bollywood. If doing what I am passionate about meant losing my soul and dignity, then NO, I was not interested. I was better off doing stuff on my own and be rewarded for my hard work. Sadly, I was no Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I was a female stuck in a sickening male dominated fraternity. But my passion for acting was stronger than I'd thought. So I didn't give up just yet. I picked up myself again and this time, because I had somehow touched fame in the most indirect but legit way possible.
Yes, people saw my face and I started getting offers. But life isn't that easy after all, the moment you see things going up for yourself, life throws you right back to where you'd started. It is especially true with me. I had to go through yet another horrid incident before I accepted the real side of Bollywood. The dark, ugly reality of that glamorous place.
This time I met an actor who makes you laugh. He looks very innocent, fair, not-so-tall, not-so-fat guy who has done some great comedy in Bollywood movies and theatre for that matter. Don't hate me for it, you probably love him but this is the truth. I was excited to talk to him just like any other star-struck kid. He seemed to be okay at first and then he told me that he was heading for a EURO Trip and if I was interested, I could catch up with him in Brussels, Belgium as it was just a two hour train journey away from me.
I said, "Okay, why not! I will visit a city I've never seen before and actually meet an actor! How cool is that!"
I couldn't afford the trip so I didn't end up going but I still wonder sometimes why he'd called me (a girl he hardly knew) all the way to another city in Europe to meet him personally. I still thank my stars for not making it though! Unfortunately, my battle against Bollywood didn't end there. Two years later, the same Mister got in touch with me, again very politely. But this time, it was for a different purpose. Apparently some Bollywood directors were interested in filming a story which involved a half Indian/NRI Girl. He had told me that he's told them about me and that they were interested to cast me for a lead role.
Forgetting the incident that occurred two years prior, and that his beauty contest was quite legit and successful, I thought I might consider this as an opportunity to land in a movie, so like an Idiot, I accepted it. Sometimes, dreams do take over your mind I guess. I was blinded by my goals and all these opportunities, like any other struggling actor would. Initially we had discussions about the role, the filming locations, the budget and everything related. But eventually things became really dodgy. Days passed and I was quite keen to be introduced to those "directors" so I asked him if he could link me up with them, but he kept avoiding my question. I thought 'okay, maybe this is not how it works, so I just rested my case'. However, it didn't take me time in understanding the game he was playing so I played my game this time, just to see how far he could go. How far this industry could go. I can't tell you exactly what he said (because honestly, it is better to forget) but some of his questions were:
"Have you ever had sex?" "Have you ever tried a girl?" "Are you open to doing it with many people at once?" "How about if you're asked to do it with many different people in a single day?" "What color is this, what color and size is that?"
I answered those questions and I noticed, the more my answers satisfied him the more perv he became. But every time I mentioned the "movie", he pushed the topic away and said that we would talk about it later. After finding out about his intentions, I wish I had recorded some of those conversations to send them to his wife or defame him, but I did not want any trouble so I didn't do it. Obviously, like I said, it was a mistake to even try to be a part of this obnoxious place. At this point, I never thought it could become more disgusting than what it was already. I have to say — kudos to Bollywood blood. There's something definitely in the air of that place. With all the cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy running in their blood, they have probably lost touch with humanity. No wonder the place remains dark as hell. Anyway, he finally grew balls to inform me that if I wanted to grab the opportunity, I HAD TO compromise.
So that was it.
I didn't take time to throw his "offer" back in his face. I am NOT a sex object nor do I need to flirt or sleep with someone to obtain fame. Although it might take longer to make a name for myself or it won't happen at all, I would at least know that I am not one of those women who sold themselves to prove their own talents, that only belonged to them.
How I wish I could talk to at least one of them to tell them what they were worth.
Bollywood is only nice to watch at home. Being in it is no fun, I realised this fact way too early in my non-existent career in this industry.
80% of it is made up of talentless people who sleep their way up to success to satisfy those pervs that lure them within the industry to take advantage of their gorgeous bodies. The other 20% are underrated actors and actresses who do not make it big, surely because they are not ready to compromise.
But you know, I've been reading so much about how women are sexually exploited in this country in the last few weeks that I couldn't stop myself. I of course broke every contact and stopped thinking about that dirty place at all. There is so much room for me everywhere else, so I say NO TO BOLLYWOOD.
I quit.
Author's Note:
I thank those people that have actually encouraged me to take a different path, who tried to warn me from the beginning (actually referring to some within the industry itself). I just want to say — this is it, this was my journey and I'd like to resign now. Thanks Bollywood for showing me your true face before I became one of you."
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My five-year journey to baptism

Today I feel compelled to share the long-winded version of my conversion story, which is still in progress. I don't really have anyone in my personal life who is supportive (save for my husband who's heard it about a dozen times), so I figured I'd post here. Be warned, it's probably way too long and way too personal.
My introduction to the church was nearly 5 years ago. I've been a pianist since the age of seven, when I threw a temper tantrum because I couldn't make any pretty noises. I took lessons from the only teacher in my tiny Wisconsin town for five years and quit when I decided I needed more of a challenge. I was very ambitious at that age, and set my sights on entering competitions.
I did a few judged events in middle school and performed well. By the time I turned 13 years old, I had improved and built up my repertoire enough where I felt ready to audition for big competitions, and I set my sights on one the next year in SLC (a very long way from home). To my surprise, my family was very supportive, and helped organize for my uncle to accompany me. Eventually, the time came, and I was grossly unprepared. But at this point, everything is already paid for, and I decide to go anyway and give it my best shot. Before my mother dropped me off at the airport, she quipped, "Now, don't you be coming back Mormon!"
We flew in about two days before the actual audition so that we could have a little time to play tourist and relax before things got serious. Our hotel was very close to Temple Square, and my uncle decided to drag me along early that first morning. My mind was honestly anywhere but that. While my uncle was enjoying an all expenses paid vacation, I was freaking out, desperate to find a piano to practice on. After a little bit of sightseeing, which I was barely present for, my uncle approached an older man serving there to chat with.
I remember my uncle asked a ton of questions. I stayed mostly quiet. I had no idea what I might ask. But for a moment, my worries became somewhat muted, pushed to the background as I heard for the very first time about the restoration of the gospel. My attention had been caught. I learned about the building itself. I learned about eternal families, and living prophets, and proxy baptisms. I silently admired how unashamed these people were in their faith and the Christ-centered lives they lead. It was a ton of information at once, but I was fascinated. He had planted the seed.
Long story short, I bombed my audition (they said my hands were too small, which still burns today 😭) and we returned home. One of the first things I did when I arrived was hop on my computer to scour I hesitated for over a month to ask my mother to allow me to speak with missionaries, and when I finally slipped it into conversation, let's just say she wasn't happy about it, which I expected. I was upset, but I told myself my interest in the church was just a passing feeling and that it would eventually let go.
Spoiler alert: it did not let go.
Over the course of my high school years, every few months something would come along to remind me, and I felt a burning in my chest. I felt it when I left the church that I was raised and confirmed in my sophomore year. I felt it on the nights I would sneak out just to walk in nature. I felt it every time I was asked what church I belonged to. And every time I felt it, I would go on another information binge. I followed the church and a bunch of members on my social media. I watched countless videos about church history and controversy. I even got really close to reading the actual Book of Mormon a few times (the idea was really overwhelming at the time, and I felt completely unprepared every time I tried to start). Eventually I would tire of it knowing I couldn't do anything about it. That is, until I could.
Very shortly after I turned 18, I escaped my home of origin and married my partner of two years. The first six months of our marriage were spent in Minneapolis, where he had been attending college. For me, this time was spent attempting to cope with numerous traumas and the effects thereof with intense therapy and two inpatient stays. This took up nearly all of my energy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about inviting missionaries over to my apartment a few times. The issue was that we were living on campus at a religiously (AG, the denomination my husband was raised in) affiliated school, and my husband, after watching a few anti documentaries, was worried that I would fall victim to predatory tactics. I respected his wishes.
Eventually, in December, we moved back to his hometown in WI and during this time I prayed a lot. Not necessarily about the church, but about how I can make Him the center of my life. I shortly thereafter had this thought, this realization, this revelation; almost as if the idea had been put there by something other than myself, it was so sudden and powerful.
"Your faith is so much more important than what others think of you".
So simple, but I needed to hear that so badly. The fire lit up again. I requested my first chat online the same day and checked the BoM out from the library. I spoke with the sister they connected me with about what I had realized that day, and how I chickened out every time it was time to take another step. We had a fantastic conversation but unfortunately after that I lost my cell service and it didn't go far. I returned the book before cracking it open. But little did I know, she kept praying for me, and that was last time that would happen.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My husband and I were sat in the car, parked in the driveway. We chatted about a number of things, mainly concerning faith. We eventually got to the point where he asked me if there was a church I'd like to try out when COVID-19 blows over. There was a long silence. I didn't expect him to pose that question at all, especially considering how much his church means to him. I hesitated before I told him what I was really thinking: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This was nervewracking because the last conversation we'd had about it was not very positive. I was honestly shocked to find he was absolutely supportive of me getting in touch with missionaries. He made it clear it was not for him, but I had the green light.
Minutes later I filled out the form to be contacted. The missionary I spoke with on the phone seemed surprised at the whole thing, considering the times, but we figured it out and set up a Zoom call the next day. They drove a copy of the Book of Mormon to my house as soon as we finished, and this time, after just holding it for a solid five minutes, I was washed over with a sense of calm. I opened the book and started reading. I was no longer overwhelmed by the language. I read the first chapter with ease, and as I was advised, I prayed about it. No sooner had I bowed my head, than I received the answer I knew deep down that I would get. I finished the prayer anyway with tears of joy and relief.
The very next lesson they asked me to be baptized. I could not contain my excitement. The missionaries told me they usually don't ask so soon, but that they had been prompted by the Spirit to do so. It was a glorious moment. My dunking date was set for June 13. I have been attending Zoom church and Relief Society meetings, taking my lessons, and reading the heck out of the Book of Mormon (I've almost finished 2 Nephi!). My husband is the only one in my personal life cheering me on, which gets down on me sometimes, but has surprised me with my own resolve and endurance. I also know I have a ward family that is excited to meet me and welcome me once it is okay to reconvene.
If you got this far, even if you skimmed it, I want to thank you so much for reading my story. It's been a long time coming and I am so ready to make these covenants and start the next chapter of my life with Christ at the center. ☺️
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I think I know what's going on with covid-19

I've stopped watching television entirely, I hear the same message over and over.
Some information about my background and why I came to this conclusion.
I have academic and personal concentrations in medival history and pagen cultures (a way to connect with my mom and uncle.). I have been studying independent science articles about the spread of the plague and the pervasion of recorded infections during conflicts or internal strife, according to the evidence there is a marked increase in cases leading to death or sterilizations. The difference was in many of these cases the plague hadn't gotten to many of these areas when specific deaths and barrens were blamed on them. People are using social media even then to control the narrative to do what they wanted or to escape blame.
During the great fire of 1666 townfolk were witnessed setting fire to neighbors houses and blaming it on the conflagration
During the first world war most casualties were presumed to have died from fecal illness or exposure but they were listed as Spanish flu fatalities, no record I have found identifies what specific conditions led to death, most we're never autopsied.
My hypothesis: covid is not a disease but rather a label to rationalize world-wide government and plutocratic abuses.
How I came to this conclusion:
A cough and a fever are vague symptoms that identify with more than 200,000 known diseases according to the WHO. There is no discernable evidence collected externally that highlights any specific strain of contagion outside of common virulent strains on viral pathogens (your body gives you a fever regardless of the infection you have and 97% of 'colds' have a cough associated with them.)
Zero public records have been released showing how this disease is atypical to a known viral agent from a non-zoogenic transfer.
Any number of intentionally released toxins can reproduce most if not all of these results with any number of governments having targeted thier own or nieghboring citizens with little if any rationale for thier behavior.
There has been a 600% rise in the stock market form 2017 to 2019, during this crisis there have been steep declines among automakers and futures companies, but Pharma, Telecom, and Defense after being cited again and again for intentionally abusing thier customers have brought nearly all of them out of any serious accountability because we're all afraid of something no one outside if a government agency can confidently identify.
What most newscasts won't tell you is that many of the lawsuits against all of these companies are on indefinite hold because of the pandemic and no public hearings that are still being held are being aired for free and public transparency.
My conclusion:
In most countries citing a major loss due to this disease, pharma, Telecom, and defense have made serious advances of productions without public accountability. Those countries that don't have these major affiliates are seen as the least affected by this contagion strangely enough.
Personal friends in New Zealand, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and others have admitted seeing little change in the governments reactions to the scare except that they are following the guidelines from global health communities that require them to comply, very few people are dying and most are preparing for mild recoveries. Most countries with a heavy military, pharma, and/Telecom connection are suffering a great deal more than collectively the 'happiest countries on Earth'.
Why is it when you treat your people like they matter, they don't freak out when something unexpected affects them?
I could be entirely wrong, I am willing to be educated on the subject, but objectively and without personal emotional connection the pieces seem to fit exactly as clumsily as corporations and governments ineptly operate.
What do you think?
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Socio-political issues and the prophetic: what God really wants

The deeper our humility, the better we can become.
A week from the time of this writing, a black man named George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police after being put in a restraining choke hold where the officer put his knee on the victim’s neck, and video of it was seen around the world. This happened in the same county where another black man named Philando Castile was shot to death during a traffic stop by a Hispanic policeman four years earlier. Two other related incidents have also recently occurred within just a few weeks. A black woman named Breonna Taylor was shot to death in her bed while anti-drug police executed a “no-knock” warrant at her residence. And a man named Ahmad Arbury was killed with a shotgun during what looked to be an unprovoked altercation while he was jogging, which was also caught on video. Now there are protests happening all over the world, and also riots and looting. I write all this down because the details always seem to get forgotten after a few years.
Right now we are in the phase where everyone demands that you take sides, and if you refuse to take the side people want you to take then you are considered to be part of the problem. People want change now and don’t really care how they get it.
People have also begun using religion to draw support for their side. Yesterday the president had the Secret Service in riot gear push back protestors to allow him to get to a famous church to hold up a bible, trying to send the message that if you want to go back to church that he was the person who would make that happen. In response, the speaker of the House of Representatives read from the book of Ecclesiastes and criticized the president’s words and actions. All social media has been divided over this, with people rushing to represent for their side.
I left everything to follow the calling of God, to listen to his voice and to try to understand what he is saying. Along the way, I gathered in the prophetic that there were some candidates that God did not support but the church did. To prevent an incoherent inner state, and to be unencumbered in following the Lord Jesus, I decided not to align with any political party so that the word could go forth clean. I don’t want it to be coopted for political purposes as it often is. Currently there are many prophets who have aligned with the president and are becoming wealthy by doing that. I have come to believe that this is wrong to do, because you cannot serve both God and money, and when the word gets altered, you’re serving money.
Both the left and the right are trying to coopt you. The right is doing things to try to make their voters feel better about voting for their candidate in November. The left believes that if enough bad things happen then the government will lose the election. Both use fear to try to get what they want.
No one asks God what he wants. They think they already know. The Christian right assumes it’s an end to abortion and gay marriage. The Christian left assumes it’s social justice reform and support for the poor. So no one asks God what he wants. No one has even tried to find out whether God has a plan in the midst of this, and they aren’t interested in finding out, because it might mess with what they have already sided with. They don’t realize that if you side against what God wants, you will fail. They just pray for what their side wants, if they pray at all. When two sides pray against each other, what does God do? Does he pick a side? On what basis would he do that? Would he side with whoever’s cause is “more” righteous? Would he side with whoever had the better conduct?
What I’ve found is that God has his own kingdom and his own agenda, and he is in charge of it, not the church. And if you get in the way of it, even if your intentions are good, you will fail, and can even be hurt.
Over the past several years I’ve gotten perhaps twenty pages of visions, dreams, and prophetic words about what God is doing. They’re not just from me. I can’t share most of them because most Christians don’t want God. Christianity is just their “team” because it is right, and they see fit to spin anything they don’t like, and anyone opposed to them is automatically a heretic. This is frustrating because I can see that some actions people are taking will end in disaster, and I can’t say anything about it.
God knew about this death before it happened. He showed his prophets that something else was coming that would sow the seeds that would end corruption. One believer shared a vision of one bell, which signified one death, since the tolling of a bell is most familiarly used to memorialize someone who has died before their time. This vision came weeks in advance, but we only understood it afterwards, because we were not on the same page as God.
But the hand of God was evident in that this killing was caught on clear, unmistakeable video and the police didn’t manage to delete it as they have done so many times. In that the unabashedly left-affiliated media broadcast the video in full in the hopes that the demonstrations would lead to a transfer of power in November. This death will trigger the end of corruption, but it all works together. By itself, the death is not enough to oust the corrupt, as we have seen repeatedly. But amidst a deadly pandemic, the circumstances change. No matter how careful people are, the disease will spread. And this horror revealed in the officials, so horrifying that no one would want to think of it happening, a man being choked to death by an officer of the law in the name of restraint, is similar to the choking deaths that happen due to the Covid 19 coronavirus. It’s a sign of what has been happening. We are being choked from the blessing we were supposed to have. God is taking action to free us from those who have been choking us.
People have been freaking out and posting or tweeting whatever comes into their head. Then others jump on them for personal gain or score-settling or just because they are frazzled. Don’t do this. If you can survive this year, the next eight years will be years of tremendous economic blessing.
Maybe that will be the impetus for people to finally begin caring about what God wants, and realizing that it is far above what they think.
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My ENTJ Experience

Hi. I'm an ENTJ, and I'd like to tell you more about what it's like to be me. First of all, I'm not your typical corporate-suit wearing, world dominating ENTJ. I taught English for a few years after college and then went back to school to earn a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Currently, I direct an academic counseling program for at-risk students at a major American university.
In my work interpreting hundreds of MBTI profiles with students and reading people's own interpretations of their profiles online, I feel sometimes that people interpret their results to mean that they can't do certain things, like take a more spontaneous approach to life, or pursue certain careers if they aren't "extroverted" enough. All that said, I've never viewed the MBTI as a tool to make you a "better" ISFP or to make you feel as if you are only "stuck" in one type for the rest of your life. Rather, the test is merely trying to show you how you prefer to process information about the world and how you prefer to make decisions based on that information. When I work with students to interpret their MBTI, I often ask, "How might life improve if you took on more characteristics of a Sensor?" or "How might considering other people's feelings more often lead you to making better decisions?"
Thus, my aim here to write about my experiences with each letter as an ENTJ; and, I will talk about how I've attempted to grow in the other areas, too. My hope is that you'll try to step more out of your type and see the world through another perspective, while also learning more about an ENTJ works.
Many people assume that extroversion is synonymous with "sociability." Yes, extroverts tend to be very sociable, but extroversion simply means, "I prefer to draw energy from my external environment." This also means that extroverts can become energized by talking aloud (even to just themselves), admiring the scenery around them, or by manipulating objects in the physical, external world. There are “agentic” extroverts, who are ambitious and thrive in leadership positions, and the “affiliative,” who are more oriented toward social situations and developing deep, interpersonal bonds. And of course, most are combinations of both types. I can definitely leave a party or social gathering feeling more energized than I did before I walked in.
I feel most energized when I'm in conversations with people about ideas, philosophy, art and culture, etc., but my energy drains very quickly when I have to talk about the incredibly precise details of someone's day. I despise gossip and, before my "people battery" gets too drained, I'll usually steer the conversation in another direction or leave it entirely when people start talking about other people in a gossipy way. Thanks to my extroverted sensing (Se), I also feel very energized when I just walk outside and admire the details of my most immediate surroundings or participate in physical activity. Listening to loud music makes me feel energized, too. Finally, I feel very energized when I am working on multiple tasks at once.
I have many friends who are introverted, and I've grown so much from them. I've learned to "quiet my mind" from these friends (and from my own counseling training) and to participate in active listening. I try not to interrupt others (unless they are talking too long about mundane details that don't relate to anything) and I try to think before I speak to avoid saying something I regret. I also see the value of meditation and drawing upon energy from my inner world. Admittedly, this inner world is not always my favorite place in which to exist, but practicing mindfulness and medication exercises helps me manage my stress. That said, If I am alone for too long, I will have to seek energy from another human, otherwise I feel very lonely (even sending a text message restores my energy).
Ever since childhood, I've had very vivid impressions about future events. I'm not a sage and I'm not always correct about these impressions, but these visions are often so strong in my head that I feel like I am watching a movie. My elementary teachers often told my parents that I would daydream in class rather than focus on the current task at hand. Even as an adult, I find myself thinking more about the future than about my present reality. And sometimes, I can relate the details of these visions more concretely than I can the details about my own past experiences.
In my professional life, I've had to learn how to interpret these strong visions into more concrete details. As an ENTJ, I prefer to introvert my intuition (Ni), so I often have strong hunches and can connect the dots between seemingly disparate data sets very quickly. These bursts, however, are often hard for others to understand because they are connected to my internal framework rather than tangible data from the environment or situation. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by wonderful Sensor employees who challenge me to explain all of the dots I've connected as I communicate a vision that I'm having. When I go to leadership meetings with my upper-level bosses, I always have the concrete details of my various visions written down before hand so that my plans don't seem like they were hastily developed.
I'm trying to get better at remembering small details that people tell me. It's not that I don't care about these details, they just aren't what my brain naturally attunes itself to. I admire my ESFJ employee for how effortlessly she remembers people's names, birthdays, major life events, and such. I always make sure to ask her about the details of her weekend, not as a perfunctory act of kindness, but because I'm genuinely interested in her life and because I want to get better at that type of Sensing.
When I do use sensing, I'm most comfortable with extroverted sensing (Se). I've been playing the drums for 17 years and I play in a band that regularly performs on the weekends and writes/records new music. I almost never feel tired or exhausted after playing drums or exercising. Rather, I feel completely energized after these activities (most of the time). Whether this is results from my body or brain, I'm not sure, but I've always craved physical and adrenaline-seeking experiences. I love "feeling" alive in the present moment and acting on physical impulses.
At their best, ENTJs extrovert their thinking (Te) to keep everything organized and to bring order to chaos. At their worst, ENTJs can become micromanagers and adopt a "my way or the highway" mentality. I would definitely describe the college version of me as being a control freak. When I was a movie theater manager in college, I would dictate responsibilities to people without their input. When I played World of Warcraft as the main tank for my competitive raiding guild, I would berate people for making mistakes and often humiliate them (I regret all of this and wish I had not been that way towards my guildmates).
As I've matured and learned more about myself, I've made every attempt to become more self-restrained in my logical thinking and I've worked to become more magnanimous and merciful towards people when they make mistakes. I still have a strong "can do" attitude and passionate inner drive to organize and lead, but not at the expense of others' feelings and well-being. I've learned to pay more attention to my introverted feeling (Fi), a notorious blindspot for most ENTJs, so that I can reflect on how I feel about a situation and so that my actions are congruent with my innermost values.
I still struggle to describe how I feel about things, unless it's a social justice issue about which I'm very passionate. For example, I experience a visceral "gut punch" feeling when people marginalize the poor, women, minorities, and I'm very passionate about issues like comprehensive sex education, universal healthcare, among other relevant issues. I've noticed that my eyes water up when I'm drawing from my Fi to communicate passionate feelings about something. My mom, an ENFJ, pointed out a few years ago to me that it seems like it takes a while for my feelings to catch up to me, so I'm trying to get better at identifying how I immediately feel about something as soon as it happens.
I can easily talk about how major social justice issues make me feel, but it's often the everyday emotions that I have the most trouble describing, especially when I try to navigate more complex emotional language. It's funny how I can write a 5-page utilitarian document describing in precise detail how to complete a task; but if you ask me to write 5 pages on how I felt about an experience or event, my writing will make me appear as if I'm an emotional simpleton. Luckily, one of my best friends is an INFP and my girlfriend is an ENFP, so I have two close people who help me explore my feelings on issues in a safe space. I make attempts every day to stop and describe to myself or others an emotion that I'm experiencing beyond simple terminology (happy, sad, angry, horny, etc..
I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and an adult. My ADHD mostly manifests itself in the form of hyperactivity. I don't usually have problems maintaining focus on tasks. I've always had boundless energy and am "on the move" often. Judging, for me, has always been my best fight against ADHD. If I'm not organized and structured, I will become extremely cantankerous towards people around me; and if I'm alone in an unorganized and unstructured environment, I'll drift into a deep existential crisis. I keep a very clean apartment and car, and I find restoring order to an unorganized environment to be very therapeutic. When I wake up every day, I have a very strong sense of how the day will be organized and structured.
I would prefer to make a decision sooner rather than later, but I have no problem changing my mind if a better opportunity is revealed. The challenge for me, though, has always been not to become too committed to an idea or decision, lest I miss out on a better decision that could be made. My girlfriend, an ENFP, admires my decisiveness, but I also try to be as spontaneous as I can with her because I know she enjoys it. Too, I love adventures, new experiences, and new sensations, so I love when she takes charge and makes the decisions for us. Compared to other ENTJs I've met, I would rate myself as being more spontaneous than them. Flexibility is such an important part of being successful personally and professionally, so I try to balance as best as I can my swift decisiveness with eager spontaneity
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The Meld II (4): Time Trap.

The Meld II (4): Time Trap.
Sometimes speculation could feel mentally exhausting, staring into unknown potentialities. Weirdly, being at rest proving more taxing than the exertion of physical movement. When moving thoughts not crowding Tor quite as much, nor riddles seeking to confound as potently. In motion, easier distractions existing everywhere, all around him, boons of Atlas diversity alone. Existence, on a good day, a feast for the eyes and digital soul.
When Travelling he could simply exist in that moment - without too much angst. Passing within the altering perceptual spectacle, a shifting environment often as calming to him as any disciplined exercise of deep meditation. At first, the Traveller therefore exceptionally glad when they broke camp and commenced following Nahrl beyond their sterile smelling halting place. The resting spot, by the end, providing his mind with far too few easy distractions, causing his thoughts to whirl up with projections soon as gloomy and barren as the stark unlit virtual dungeon or isolation spaces themselves.
Unfortunately, beyond the quarantine style cells and another active blue light doorway his mood challenged again. The group passing back into a different form of - living - barren, more scorched Abandoned Building style corruption. In such places, Tor soon suspecting, the harrowing Goop growth had directed the fire throughout the Ancient Ruins as if a lit network of fuse cord. Here the floor, walls and ceiling covered densely with the now blackened vine growth and exploded spore pods. Though interestingly none of the larger finger like masses presented, unlike in the ring road underground Causeway. Tor increasingly positive that one a crop field.
It was as if the material here skillfully pruned, trimmed and trained not to obstruct the lesser thoroughfare or simply encouraged by more esoteric suggestions to grow that way. All the snaking mass, creeping - clinging - vines, as stated, forming a solid extra layer of Goop cladding over the floor, walls and even the ceiling ultimately enclosing above them as if a living cage.
The choices at the time, retreat back or suffer swallowing up among the smelly stuff, even more so than in the Causeway. Nahrl, following his trained scout instincts, and perhaps his Fox nose, opted to take them onward into the vileness rather than backing away from the challenge the growth represented. Tor hoping his friend had put his helmet and gloves back on again, their Scout once again operating stealthily, well forward of the main group's progression, and out of their direct sight.
It was brave of the Fox. Tor positive that Nahrl would have preferred to leave all that problematic material well behind him, rather than venturing ever deeper into an enclosing claustrophobic domain of that nightmarish proliferation. Their initial discussed, (very simple exploration plan), to seek the physical inner heart of the remaining stump of Mountain mass, then explore outward later in a crude spiral search pattern. That being if the core of the Mountain did not reveal the secrets they sought.
The thinking being that the most valued items - including hidden things - would be kept furthest from any exposure. The treasures of the Dreamer held away from the world‘s surface. The Dreamer, long ago, converting the entire peak into an isolated Fortress Stronghold. The odd entity mostly shunning contact with the upper world, beyond the projection of his dodgy emissions and the loosing of his evil Stalker creations.
Ignoring the almost space side remote Cradle Citadel, now gone to oblivion, only the core of the remaining Mountain once likely deemed potentially safer from surface side invasion. Tor now knew Elder Fox lore stated the central core of Geskhan’s Peak, (as some yet called the Mountain), historically housed the Grand Warren. The Grand Warren, once among the most densely delved and inhabited regions inside the planet. An ant like hiving nest of working and living spaces. In short, the Mountain had been an Uplift underground city - many times the size - of the more overt crowning Cradle Citadel of the peak.
Some Elders finally revealing a little more of their long hoarded knowledge, only after The Wrath changed everything back at Taran. The Cradle Citadel, Geskhan’s high home, had apparently prominently included an edge of space upper laboratory and micro gravity manufactories. The hollow Mountain once the home to, it claimed, tens of thousands of Tusks and Foxes, including holding other supporting logistical and laboratory spaces. A central shaft of immense scale acting as a great vertical social hub, almost an unconventional shaped central business district for the community too. Nahrl was seeking a way to the remains of that ancient hub area, the elder times hollow heart of the Mountain.
Yet the channels they initially followed earlier despite some momentary teasing seemed formed against them, keeping deflecting them aside rather than coreward. So that at first Nahrl convinced they had been channelled only around the periphery in cunning ways almost too varied to describe, despite his best efforts to quest ever inward. Perhaps the direction of an old engineered maze like defensive plan, typically brilliantly wrought into the delving of the Mountain by the genius Geskhan. The long dead First Spawn no doubt ever conscious of his home security as, from Tor’s experience alone, were all First Spawn, well at least all the First Spawn Grandmaster Survivor types he knew about and had interacted against as a sometimes Cult Buster.
Anyway, at first, the confusing design of the place stoutly frustrating Nahrl’s efforts to get the party coreward with dispatch. They had briefly considered trying to cut their own coreward access via Terrain Manipulator mining. However, Gryll argued strongly against using any further potentially destructive methodology at the archaeological site, claiming such might have uncertain consequences and not just for future studies.
‘We have already done damage enough to this place with our fire.’ The Rogue had complained.
Since Tor had been a bit shocked by the fierce cascading effects of the burn, he felt rather impelled to agree, even though he was glad enough that all the Goop mass they had come upon, so far, had been burned back a little, not yet regenerating fresh spore pods and so on.
The vine tangled tunnel, they now traversed, the most likely coreward route in a very long time. It seemed an important find. The passage approximately four people wide with various branching off lesser side passages all also sadly contaminated by the scorched vine cladding. There was none of that corrupted lightweed here though. The areas grimly dark, lit only by their questing torchlight. The smell around the cooked Goop also as horrible as ever. Tor had no doubt the scent offensive to the Foxes even with helmets on and the smell only delivered by Suit olfactory sensors as cleaner data to the brain. Meanwhile, Efor being Gek clearly struggling to ignore the Goop stink that both attracted and repulsed him.
Jhasq, still travelling among the main group, put her Helmet back on as soon as they encountered the mutated rogue nanite infused growth again. If she had not done so voluntarily Tor would have attempted to order it. Not that he felt he had any real authority over her or anyone, once again he was only a nominal party leader, fronting the expedition by some odd default of his Traveller status. In part, in charge also simply because Gryll refused to take official lead on the project, even though Tor felt in many ways his Rogue Korvax friend had been the one pushing the strongest to do the delve.
Gryll possibly not coming forward lest it meant for him greater interactions with the KVC. When it came to the Convergent Korvax - and the KVC in particular - the Rogue preferred to virtually take shelter behind his friend Torrance. Really Tor could not blame him, the Convergent could be hard on Rogue elements although they did occasional outreach operations such ventures not always what they seemed.
The Traveller found the worst of traversing the present Goop material was the physical contact of walking on the stuff, which was unavoidable. Here the vines so thick they made a solid if uneven mat underfoot. The density of material in the passage seeming the same all over it. Tor could rarely even see a glimpse of stone wall or ceiling for smothering vines. It was as if they had left the world they knew far behind, to enter a sinister shadow realm made of woven Goop mass alone. Unsettling, to put it mildly, especially as it occasionally trembled and shifted slightly including alarmingly underfoot.
It was frankly horrid, to Tor akin to walking on languid living snakes, but the belatedly found corridor continued to run overall relatively straight and true, almost enticing them onward. It increasingly possible they had finally stumbled upon a vital spoke in the hollow wheel. A vile spoke too, but a spoke nonetheless. Thus they strove not to over think it, merely to stumble onward. Perhaps had it not been Goop the basketry might have been impressive, even, (if in a slightly sinister way), beautiful.
‘Geskhan’s Ghost!’ Nahrl sent from further ahead.
Tor signalled for the party to halt and crouch via his own leading example and a lowered tactical arm gesture. “What is it?”
‘Grrrrrrr, too gross, too much. Best see for yourselves.’
After looking at each other they made a swift advance forward, if most of them a little reluctantly in their heads and keeping to single file an old Fox discipline when scouting unknowns. A precaution against more than one person falling foul of say a sprung trap. Eventually, the group spilling one at a time into a kind of protruding gantry style balcony. They had finally arrived at their initially sought destination, but not quite to what they had expected or hoped.
The shaft, (as roughly described by the Elders from records of ancient times), was truly huge even in just the remains of the mountain, towering far above and falling deep below them. The spaces ultimate height capped now by shadows and a hinted glimmering canopy of filthy weeping matted Goop growth. Unfortunately, the rest of the remaining shaft was no longer hollow as advertised, instead straight up its core rose an object as if some improbably enormous singular pillar or perhaps better yet a vast Heart Tree like amalgamation of Goop material.
The gargantuan resident filling most of the free area of the shaft virtually skinned in vines and stinking with clinging multitudes of still horribly actively fruiting spore pods. Within it in places shone every conceivable colour, if all of that sickly muted and distorted. Tor felt the hues a - mutated - glowing spectrum of emissions those far from only being visible when picked out by their torches. As stated the mass faintly glowed making it noticeable all over, yet it also sluggishly shifted through no singular easily described hue unlike more familiar Abandoned Building Goop. Weirdly however it somehow oft suggested a muddy greyness behind its shifting chaotic diversity, yet that underpinning also forged by a vile mixed corruption of every colour conceivable and some almost beyond conceivable imagining into a melded - sanity straining - entirety. The result afflicting the perceptions and the mind's easy grasp. It was, to put it mildly, not only difficult to describe but also to look at.
Beyond the main body, equally awful in aspect slimy glinting resinous webbing stretching out from the pillar in places to link, secure and perhaps support its vast bulk to the walls of the shaft all around it.
The whole thing also stinking beyond your wildest imagination, as if a sewer filled with corpses. Rank beyond measure yet also with a hint of almost tropical overripe sickly sweetness among other harder to define herbs and spices. Efor looked like he was going to spill his lunch Tor feeling his own stomach curdle somewhat perhaps a little in sympathy.
Although blackened and scabby in places, notably were growths came in or stretched out from it down side tunnels, mostly on the main quivering mass the scorching mere healing marring patches. Overall, it seemed to have either resisted or recovered hastily from any previous ravage by fire. In too many places though it oozed slime as if leaking blood or spilling plasma from burst blisters. As if all of that not bad enough, as previously mentioned a steady dripping pattering occurring from the canopy, an internal mockery of healthier rain. The precipitation reminding Tor deeply and unpleasantly of the disgusting stuff that once fell from the clouds of this world, when it was firmly trapped within the fold. Only the new material appeared worse, even thicker more congealed looking and incredibly less wholesome.
The scale of the monstrous apparition towering before them verging on intolerably blasphemous, truly an assault on the senses. Was it the final rotting remains of the Dreamer, Tor wondered, or just the single greatest embodiment of that entities corrupt leavings thus far encountered.
After a while they retreated back into the passageway, preferring to be surrounded by the lesser blackened vine growth than to stand before the obscene Heart Tree of guessed Primary Goop Mass. For a long moment no one spoke. Efor gently shaking his head as if having a private internal debate that was not going too well. The Foxes sheaved tails hung limp as did their helmeted heads. The Tusk keeping busy needlessly checking over his rifle multi-tool as if thinking of an upcoming battle, perhaps the Vy‘keen in his DNA showing. Gryll standing as was his occasional habit akin to a nonliving technological statue whilst lost in deep internal calculations.
‘There goes any thoughts about reoccupying this place.’ Nahrl eventually sent in seeming defeat.
“You think it beyond removal?”
‘Don’t you?’ Nahrl almost snapped instantly back sounding both angry and disappointed. ‘Would have been better, if The Wrath had burned this whole place all the way down, leaving nothing but a deep sterile crater.’
‘Even giant trees are felled all the time.’ Gryll retorted as if that was a viable plan in this mad instance.
‘That is no simple tree.’ Nahrl replied.
In his mind Tor had to agree with the Fox, to him the improbably massive Goop thing far from some standard job for a few axes or even a score of harvesting mining lasers.
‘I say we leave this place. It has been cursed beyond redemption.’ Nahrl continued. ‘I have lost any appetite for delving its tainted secrets. It is clear to me now that the Dark Dreamer destroyed our heritage long ages ago. There is nothing hale left of Geskhan’s better legacy to be found here - maybe elsewhere...’
That to Tor being a little rash.
‘I strongly disagree.’ Gryll countered. ‘Consider those clean empty rooms we found. Remember how utterly sterile and free of this corruption they presented. That condition might be anything but accidental. There could well be many such places here both old and very new that yet defy the taint even some possibly reclaimed from previously lost areas. Part of a restoration I feel powered by saner nanites - under saner control systems - than those once corrupted by the Dreamer’s workings.’
“You think there is a hidden nanoscale war going on here between the leavings of the Dreamer and the remains of Geskhan’s original workings now reawakened since the sky opened?”
‘I would not be surprised. You saw that thing. All that oozing substance could be a firm indication that it is ailing, bleeding out, even potentially mortally wounded - dying - slowly and messily. Its enormous scale alone may just be providing us with a bold illusion of dominant resisting strength.’
‘Remember, if it once filled the whole length of the shaft. That hollow, if I am correct, once ran all the way up to the Cradle Citadel. That means most of the original mass actually destroyed when the majority of the Mountain was obliterated. To us, it may yet seem impossibly gargantuan, yet it could be a mere nub of a corpse. Imagine it say as nothing more than a severed limb with the bulk of the body utterly consumed.’
Tor shook his head fearing his friend in this instance projecting some hopes rather than only sound assured data.
“I don’t know Gryll. That is still an awful lot of mass and the Goop - unlike say most people - does not necessarily have such specialisation as a vulnerable head that can be readily lopped off. With Goop even a severed limb might have all the functionality of the previous larger body just as bio-drone mass belonging to the Overmind.”
‘Perhaps, or perhaps not, at any rate it is still a mere fragment of its former might and at the very least that has to be hugely debilitating compared to what it was before.’ The Rogue Korvax debated.
“Do you think that could be the last living remains of the Dreamer? Else is it just something it created or spawned, some manner of ancillary growth?”
‘Difficult to tell for certain at this stage.’
“When up there did you get any recognisable emissions from it Bwathan?”
‘I thought I picked up something, but it was more akin to disorganised noise than say a clear message or sending, almost if it is just emitting loud static over a radio signal.’
Most Tusks had all caught up to technological things including modern terminology with stunning speed.
“Maybe that mass once acted as a giant transmitter, boosting the Dreamer's signals.”
‘A fascinating idea.' Gryll replied. 'Studying such an unprecedented mass might provide many new insights into Goop growth even if it is now wounded and ailing. I am positive your - other - friends will be most intrigued by this rare find. They will be eager to study it closely.’
“So even you now think we should inform them?”
‘Who else locally has the means to isolate and contain such a prodigious leftover from the Dreamer?’
“If we call them in, they will take the entire place over. Very possibly cutting the Uplifts and Ourselves out of any future study. Despite all their Convergent talk - about sharing - they are not much for collaborating their deeper darker researches and secrets with outsiders to the Company. Whilst, believe me, we will be judged as outsiders despite my on and off affiliation.”
‘Who is less cautious Tor with such dangerous data? Even your Mindwar Archive keeps many finds away from general publication, to protect the sanity of less able browsing researchers and the merely curious - fully unfitted - to knowing some evil facts.’
Tor had to admit that was true, though censorship something he disliked.
“Still, if we reveal this find I will bet you anything the first thing they do is quarantine the Mountain including from us. Non KVC will be denied access or at best future access will be very strictly controlled.”
‘Very probably. Therefore if we still want to find anything out ourselves - now remains our time - before they are called in and as you say takeover in an exclusive manner.’
“You still seem to be suggesting that calling them in remains inevitable.”
‘No point living in denial. Even if we don’t summon them immediately they will find out about this mass sooner or later and the end result will be the same thing. I am not much for fighting fate when unneeded that is a waste of effort Tor. Sometimes it is better to go with the general flow of events.’
Tor grinned behind his helmet fiercely, feeling half his life spent defying inevitable outcomes such as the Spread of the Overmind of Monopods and the looming of the End Times.
‘This is - our - Maker's home. They have no right to steal it away from us.’ A little surprisingly Jhasq sent sounding no less fierce to Tor than his own defiant hidden grin.
‘That much is true.’ Nahrl seemed to more reluctantly agree.
‘I say we continue our search now, then let them deal with that troublesome growth later - if - necessary.’ Bwathan sent.
“You are not for halting the expedition Bwathan despite that find?”
‘I am not. Having come this far, we should continue on. I sensed no immediate hostility from the mass. It just is and has taken no great notice of us insects. If we work carefully around it, maintaining good contagion protocols, surely we can yet explore safely enough for other less tainted discoveries.’
Tor noticed that Efor just looked sick and added nothing at that time to the debate. Possibly too busy keeping his lunch on the inside.
‘We knew from that Inquisition quarantine broadcast alone that the Dreamer an entity of the Goop. We should well have expected something akin to these remains. The Dreamer resident here an exceptionally long time whilst his sympathies would obviously lie in the direction of this substance. Indeed, it may have acted almost as an extension of his body, even if it is not the direct last remains of his corpse.’ Gryll lectured.
‘There is however still much to be learned about this growth and how it operates. The way it thinks and reasons. That is when it reasons. What are the centres of its consciousness? How and when do such form? Truly, this rare form of melded life is yet - very alien - to us despite being a familiar trespasser upon many Abandoned Buildings.’ Gryll added.
Somehow Gryll talking about the grim mass - as a scientific study - made it feel less grossly esoteric and easier to define, also in a way easier to contemplate confronting and defying too. It was only now that Tor realised the potency of the intimidation when initially viewing the towering sickly glowing - almost fevered - mass. It was certainly the largest amount of that rogue nanite corrupted material he could recall ever having the misfortune of encountering so closely. Somehow the vast remains far more singular too than say the spreading growth in the tunnels and even the Causeway. The great pillar had a fey density to its presence that had simply felt off the scale. He was not surprised Nahrl had initially freaked out a little or that Efor felt ill. Yet he could see the Fox coming around as Gryll continued to logically lecture on the subject.
The firm rational filter of scientific analysis could be akin to a mental shield against the projecting terror of alien unknowns. It suggested all things yet had some place in a sane clockwork order, even things that at first glance seemed blasphemous and sanity straining beyond any normal stricture of taxonomy.
Slowly, Tor certain, Gryll was changing his friends’ perceptions. Turning a horror into a mere outsized specimen - if yet a dangerous specimen - one that deserved every care and precaution. Yet a specimen nonetheless and therefore imminently a matter that could be rationally worked around and dealt with at least for a time. Then indeed the gross problematic issue could be handed over to the oversight of others better equipped to handle such an extreme find. If anyone could contain or eradicate such a vast thing it was the KVC with all its resources. Though it likely they would want to study it first, as Gryll suggested, before rendering it permanently safe.
Did some danger exist in handing it over to that Convergent organisation? Probably some, but surely less danger than leaving it without monitoring and containment.
‘…certainly we should at least scout around a little to see how practical or impractical it is to continue on via the shaft before even thinking of abandoning this place via ignoble retreat.’ Gryll finished for the moment.
For a time Tor realised he had zoned his friend out a bit, lost in his own overlapping internal musings.
‘I suppose I should.’ Nahrl appeared to hesitantly admit.
‘This may be our best and only chance. For a start that spreading burn seems to have made most of the ancillary outgrowth relatively presently safe. If we use the shaft itself as little as possible, merely as a swift transit point to other levels, other passages and so on all should go well enough. I would suggest we prioritise not disturbing that Prime Mass in any manner as it might have some forms of automated defensive measures. However, if we prove non provocative…’ Gryll trailed off for a time for emphasis.
“What if the fires have already provoked it into judging us hostiles?”
‘I see no evidence of an abiding reaction. A spreading fire so general a threat it may have even seemed a natural event to it. Wild fires are after all far from unknown in nature.’ Gryll reminded.
“How smart do you think that remaining mass might yet be and how sensitive to trespass?”
‘These remains might not be sapient - as we think of it - at all. Especially if it is not a direct part of the physical embodiment of the reasoning entity we know of as the Dreamer. These are the sort of questions I am sure my Convergent Cousins will be keen to forensically delve in detail.’
“So the shaft remains our only easy access to most of the former structure of the Grand Warren Nahrl, no other obvious alternatives?”
‘It should be, according to the little the Elders discussed. I even noticed some of the stairways and ladders. You all must have seen them as well. Though some seem presently blocked by those webbing style secretions. Without doubt the shaft is the best way to explore onward - non destructively.’
“You noticed no Burrowing Biological Horror style Egg Pods when up there?”
‘Believe me, if I saw any of those I would have informed everyone immediately.’
‘That is an interesting abiding discrepancy here inside the Mountain. I wonder is that lack, the Dreamer’s engineering.’ Gryll stated.
“I guess every Goop Mass need not be precisely the same - consider the 5C - though 5C first found inside altered Monopods by Elder Torrance following odd observations then autopsies, not initially inside Abandoned Buildings. In earlier ages, Elder Torrance and no doubt many other Travellers logged Goop Mass long before anyone apparently ever sighted corresponding Biological Horrors. Superficially it would appear by sightings that the weird rogue nanite corrupted meld of life in those buildings came first then those associated burrowing creatures arrived or developed later on.”
“How the too aspects of this seeming symbiosis fit together, (despite all our studies), I am not entirely positive. Does the Goop grow or corrupt the Horrors into being or are they just attracted to it as a habitat? It may be a bit of both or an even more complicated symbiosis. Of course, these days with so many breaches in the barriers - between our realities - many things potentially different to the known, or even corrupted or changed by sources from beyond our deemed - normal - prime timeline. If such a thing as a prime - normal - timeline even truly exists anymore. After all every timeline was once some folks’ isolated prime reality, it is all very subjective.”
“How do any of us really know we belong here or even that the here we are now in belongs, or that any other part of creation we interact with is original and not from somewhere some when else subjectively to us? Certainly, some things are decidedly - obviously - anomalous, so much so they are outright harmful projecting a damaging field of instability and so on. Yet it may be that other material only a little removed from local realities may integrate smoother in a far less damaging and noticeable manner. Existence, tends - to my mind - to be ever a mighty gradient, (a broad range of effects if you prefer), rarely just operating cleanly one way or the other with perfect borders of demarcation set between.”
‘I know little about any of that friend Torrance - as I have said before - such talk still seems almost pure mysticism to me. I would rather simply deal with my known reality.’ Nahrl complained.
“That is my whole point though, all that confusing multiplicity is now in part potentially our known reality.”
‘If you say so. How does this talk help us though?’ The Fox asked.
“Just saying not all Goop is the same, or need have even the same timeline source.”
‘Best not to confuse the issue - to the locals - with too much quantum metaphysics.’ Gryll sent privately to Tor.
‘All that matters is that no Egg Pods most probably means no Biological Horrors.’ Gryll reminded. ‘If we can avoid any remaining Stalkers then all we have to do is perhaps contend with any surviving Spore Pods and so on by keeping inside our protective suits whilst reducing direct contact with the more active mass as much as possible. Are we agreed on those measures.’ Gryll stated.
“Agreed.” Tor alone replied.
‘Then we can and should go on.’ Gryll sent.
‘What about the webbing? Is it safe to remove that obstruction when necessary?’ Nahrl asked.
‘I guess that will be open to practical experimentation. I suggest however that we try to avoid damaging - any - part of the growth from here onward, as much as physically possible. Step lightly, so to speak my friends as if in a mythical Dragon’s lair. We may be able to jetpack over or around most obstructions.’
All the friends backpacks were kitted out with Traveller style jetpack functionality.
‘I easily forget about having that technological ability now.’ Nahrl admitted.
The Fox, Tor guessed, almost too used to walking, climbing and so on far more naturally especially compared to the average Traveller. Travellers generally speaking had jetpack assistance almost as soon as they were reborn to self awareness.
“After a while jetting about becomes as instinctive as walking. In fact, sometimes we Travellers jet more than we walk.”
‘I have noticed. You can miss a lot of clues in the environment that way.’
“I know, sometimes it is good to slow it down a little. Still, we have scans and our analysis visors to supplement our vision.”
There was some rearranging before they moved forward again. As before Nahrl would scout in advance looking out for trouble. Then it would be Bwathan who volunteered to take the main group's point position. The Tusk looked ready for trouble, maybe even eager for a little violence to ease the tension. The waiting and expectation of possible trouble sometimes being worse than being engaged in action. Tor following behind the Tusk ready to assist as needed. Then Efor. Efor had requested to be put in the middle saying he did not want to look at the Prime Mass. Preferring to focus on his own feet and the person directly in front of him. Jhasq was to follow Efor with Gryll being rear guard.
It suspected Gryll wanted that position exactly so he could study the mass for longer than anyone else, whilst still sticking to his duties and the plan. Since looking back would be part of his post including when they were negotiating the shaft to change levels and so on. Not for the first time Tor wondered if it was his scientific mindset that turned his friend into a Korvax, rather than it being his seeming Korvax nature now that rendered him so scientifically inclined.
Still, whilst Gryll was fascinating as a changed personality, Tor was more concerned about Efor. His Gek friend obviously struggling with encountering such a potent Goop construct. Many Gek having an odd attraction to that material, very similar to an almost lustful craving desire that many of them also possessed for nanites in general. Goop known to be impregnated with especially active rogue little machines. Indeed ‘Residual Goop’ - the mere leavings of such mass - was readily salvaged in a Refiner into restored functional nanites after going through various stages of extracting purification and reconstruction.
Ultimately, Tor felt refining the perfect way to cleanse compromised Goop material, it being restored to useful little machines. The grown wild and unruly nanite corruption returned once again to the wider fold as rational functional units. In Goop though, was it in part a weird closed circle: The biology somehow initially tainting the little machines as much as the machines then further corrupting the biology. Sometimes within the Great Machine of Atlas creation, it difficult to separate existence into distinct parts even the three pillars of: Code, machines and biology. Those pillars or factors so tightly interwoven at times you might say they interpenetrated one another. Sometimes the meld of the pillars more obvious than at other times yet it was, Tor felt, arguably strongly pervasive throughout all of Atlas creation.
Code, machines and biology also very much synonymous with his own kind the Travellers, and arguably not just because of the so-called second skin of their Exo-suits. Some rumours from logs, including scary tales from Crashed Freighters suggesting that mix of code, machine and biology went much deeper inside Travellers in a more overt manner. Some having dared to kill and autopsy Travellers. Yet the Torrances believed that in fact it was so with all life here, the oddness just better concealed in say Gek and Vy’keen including in the delusions of their own minds than in deemed Anomalous Travellers. Indeed, Tor, as a Torrance iteration, still believed little machines impregnated everything here from dust motes to the most complex organic beings, allowing for example the near perfectly executed Cascades of the Reality Shift updates. Changes that defined the Ages of Atlas to those that could perceive such remarkable matters and remain functionally sane and whole.
Tor still convinced - most days - that the entire creation of Atlas ultimately definable as smart matter. In a way to him the Goop revealing the mechanisms of creation via its every malfunction that defied more normal taxonomic limits. When Atlas routines worked correctly they were often far beyond easy discovery rather than overtly obvious. His conjecture being that the underlying system was cunningly designed - to stay hidden - to not be noticed, actually sometimes to be actively overlooked. Indeed, many locals could not hold the deepest truth of their reality in their little machine impregnated brains as active conscious thoughts without suffering potential nanite memory alteration. Some interventions including occasionally the onset of broad amnesia or a lesser more subtle memory edit or partial wipe. Their reality's workings actively operating to prevent itself being too exposed to them.
Even Travellers - that discovered a little too much - occasionally risked getting their minds altered in part or in whole. The Great Machine could appear highly defensive, including in extreme cases inflicting those aforementioned specific memory wipes and broader amnesia. Thus Tor kept backup logs in the Anomalous Channels. His and the other Torrances history often not held as much in their arguably unreliable organic memory as in remote Anomalous Channel recorded legacy logs and stories.
Reality, (as most knew it - as most could know it -), an active deception in which most remained well deceived. Yet there were still some few souls that were aware of deeper challenging truths and some fewer still that even dared to meddle with such factors as the underpinning Base Code of existence.
Folk such as KVC Agents often deeply aware of the Great Machine they lived within, but they seemed to operate akin to Atlas Operatives assisting with the keeping of the status quo. Too often the KVC happily secreting away deemed dangerous or damaging truths. Whilst say the Blood Cults ever sought to reveal, to disrupt the stability, their opposing desire to unlock the keys of creation to reorder their existence to better suit their egotistical whims, lust for power and grasping at prestige.
Tor tended to come down on the side of the KVC but at times also found their overweening secrecy and manipulative controlling problematic. Well the Travellers existed, even at the best of times, often - on the edge of society - yet arguably oddly bound closer to some of the deeper mechanisms of Atlas. Gifted with a burdensome curiosity, sense of almost predestined purpose, responsibility and even abiding guilt. Many hints existing out there that in part things had gone wrong long ago due to previous Traveller mistakes. Yet as was too often the case, the Travellers robbed of the memory of what they might have done wrong in some other iteration.
Worse though was the dooming shadow of an endless Anomalous Time Loop, the concept of a temporal anomaly that potentially meant what had been done in error, they might each in turn yet do over and over again. Tor hated that idea of a dire - fixed looping irresistible closed wounded fate - struggling the best he could against such with all the intransigence he could muster. Maybe that idea of a Time Trap partly why he oft refused to believe in the perceptual cage of perfect precognition.
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[Let's Build!] 100 Guilds to liven up your world!

EDIT: I hit the character limit(WTF), so my comments, the last 12 entries, and the contributors have been moved to a comment below.

  1. The Salty Dogs: A mercenary guild that specializes in maritime activities. Crew for hire, protection of merchant vessels, dock security, etc. You can find a Salty Dogs guildhall in any city with a port. They recruit all types, but their primary composition is of the more physically inclined. Everyone has to pull their weight on a ship.
  2. Disciples of Trastor: Almost more of a cult than a guild, the Disciples of Trastor follow the teachings of an ancient necromancer, rumored to have been the first Lich. Their practices are, of course, veiled in secrecy, as Necromancy is generally frowned upon, but every tavern usually has one drunk who claims to know all about their secret rituals.... heard from a completely reliable and not at all suspect chain of sources.
  3. Nightblades: A guild for the more violently inclined roguish types. Small, but widespread. From intimidation to assassination, the Nightblades have you covered.
  4. Hinterland Paragons: A religious order who follow the patron deity of travelers and pilgrims, the Hinterland Paragons are dedicated to keeping the roads safe for travelers of all faiths.
  5. Order of the Shattered Helm: A guild sworn to follow in the legacy of an ancient hero, slain in battle. The Order is host to many paladins, clerics, war clerics, and fighters. They take on only just causes, and claim their reward from fallen foes. They constantly search for relics of the fallen hero.
  6. Cult of the Eternal Dragon: A group of sorcerers and warlocks devoted to finding the next vessel of the Eternal Dragon, a deity they claim is trapped in a mortal form, doomed to be reincarnated as a mundane being over and over until his followers can find him and break his curse. Most regard the Cult as a collection of crackpots, but what if they're right?
  7. The Sons of the Sword: A guild of knights dedicated to mastery of swordplay. They take mostly noble sons, but those with enough of a reputation may be able to secure membership. The Sons accept quests based on political gain, and are constantly maneuvering for ever more power among the elite. And they don't come cheap, either.
  8. Purple Pansies: One of the longest-standing guilds, the Pansies are well respected and quite proud of their heritage, which is very serious and not all silly. The tale seems slightly different every time it is told, however. The Pansies are almost always seen in their ostentatious formal uniform, gratuitously bedecked in brightly colored ribbons and polished medals. (Seriously, though, the founder did participate extensively in a resistance against an occupying army. It just wasn't very well documented.)
  9. The Aeternal Academy: A group of wizards dedicated to lofty study and ideals of knowledge for knowledge's sake. Masters of magical theory, not always great with practical application.
  10. Divers of the Deep: An adventuring guild specialized in spelunking and dungeon diving. Not for the claustrophobic.
  11. The Fatherless Sons: a guild of former squires whose knights fell in battle, who had to make their own way in the world.
  12. The Shepherds: A guild dedicated to protecting the common folk from danger. Take a tithe from their members' loot to offset costs for those who seek their aid.
  13. The Fuster Cluck Cabal: Sure, you can keep up to five hens in your backyard for breakfast egg production, but you get that sixth chicken and don't tithe to the cabal, you're going to be real sorry. They have a stranglehold on chicken/egg production in town: good quality birds and eggs, but pricey. They live like kings.
  14. Gourmet Gorget: A society of cooking professionals. In a world of hungry adventurers and monsters, someone has to prepare the dishes to sustain and liven up a party. And who knows, rare ingredients in dangerous places don't collect themselves!
  15. Society of Former Healers: This group of disenfranchised healers, abused by adventurers, have banded together. They learned the sacred art of healing for undead destruction or for precise calculations of death, not to cure the first idiot who thought jumping off a 50 foot cliff to "ride the giant crow to the ground" was a good idea.
  16. Experiment X: A guild dedicated to the advancement of science, for and only for science sake. There are no limits to what members of this guild will do just to see what might happen. The guild accepts members of any race/class as any good experiment needs a wide sample size. Members of Experiment X can be known by the large green X patch that they wear on their personal garb, although often you will know they are a member of the guild before you see the patch, whether it be by the extra appendages, copious glowing boils, or an ever present burning smell.
  17. Syndicate of the HammeCamaraderie of the Sickle: Secret guilds of city and farm workers (respectively) usually found on big cities, working to make the worker's lives a little better, including paying warriors to protect the people during strikes and even assassins to try to kill bosses/leaders/royalty if they're known to exploit their subjects.
  18. The Flying Dragoons: Once a powerful independent fighting force for a civil war long past. This guild comprises of skilled pilots of the skies. Many members are dirigible and airship captains, in fact it is hard pressed to find a skilled pilot or captain that isn't a part of this prestigious group. Dedicated to the freedom and clarity of the skies, Flying Dragoon's have no problems speaking their mind, and many are quite vocal about being committed to fighting tyranny if the need ever again arose. Most just view this as idle talk however as commuting adventurers around the skies can often be a long and lonely task.
  19. Fellowship of the Bling: A group of jewelers, varying in race and class, focused on creating the most extravagant pieces of jewelry known throughout the world. Their founder, Sir Laurence Tureaud, is know for keeping his hair in a mohawk, a career as a member of the B-Team, and wearing so many heavy, ostentatious gold pendants and amulets, that he now walks hunched over.
  20. Harlequins: An assassin's guild, going into every job like they're stepping onto stage, a smile or a snarl on their face to fit their role. Each Harlequin is deadly, but they work together in troupes, led by Solitaires that are some of the most dangerous individuals in the world.
  21. The Keepers: It's only member is Gerry (or is it?), the crazy homeless guy on the corner, but he will tell you and anyone who will listen that they number in the thousands and are the most powerful secret society in the verse. A tribute paid to him will ensure you good favor and that the Keepers will watch your back.
  22. Carrion Crows: The garbage collectors of major cities, traveling armies and outer regions. They collect, burn and remove refuse in all its forms. They work closely with assassins guild in disposing of bodies and thieves guilds with finding homes with wealthy residents (who knows more than the goon going through your garbage). Refuse to pay off their dues at your own risk. You may find garbage, dead bodies and fecal matter on your doorstep.
  23. The Augerers: Because even your fantasy setting needs weathermen.
  24. The Vixen Syndicate: A well organized guild of highly trained escorts and confidantes for hire who specialize in finding secrets out about their clients. Used as spies and information gathering. They can also be used to disseminate information, gossip, or lies, to those they work with to pass on to their clients. They have no government affiliation and often have a member in every place people of power go for comfort. It is advisable to pay promptly and often tip for their services as any failure to pay for services rendered will lead to the hiring person being ruined, disgraced, or having the same mission done to them free of charge.
  25. Golden Griffin Guild: Once a big and prosperous guild spanning their work through many nations, supporting and training many adventurers, they had their castle destroyed by plague magic and now ,the few members left, live in a dilapidated tavern in a rural town. The Guildmaster, Svetlana Trigg, a middle Aged Wood Elf, still receives requests from the local populace, but unable to fill them will pass the quests to any of the tavern's patrons who are interested in some easy cash. People close to her also say that she has maps of local abandoned dungeons and fortresses, including one of the old Golden Griffin Castle, now plagued with blight, surrounded by poisonous bogs and home to all kind of evil and pestilence, but still, filled with the treasures of adventurers who wintered there.
  26. The Lightning Hooves: Guild of all types of transporters, riders, and drivers of all kinds. Emphasis on speed, they are the ones to call if you need a message delivered swiftly, a package transported securely, a ride through dangerous territory, or just need someone who can pilot/ride a vehicle or mount to an expert ability.
  27. Tree-buchets: A siege crafter guild dedicated to the finest siege weapon ever made: The Trebuchet. For some reason the guild is heavily themed after trees... Rivals to the Cat-apults.
  28. Cat-apults: A siege crafter guild dedicated to the finest siege weapon ever made: The Catapult. For some reason the guild is also heavily cat themed... Rivals to the Tree-buchets.
  29. The Gilded Compass: An organization of adventurers that specialize in hunting magical or extraplanar creatures. They are named after the golden compasses handed to proven members which always points to the guildhall instead of pointing north. Currently still lead by the Gnome who was part of the founding members, but is retired from the hunts because of his age.
  30. The Justichars: a chain of slaughterhouses that specialize in beef products. Their signature product? The charred ground beef patty served on a bun with a leafy green to boot. The individuals in the guild are referred to as "burgers"... Whatever that means.
  31. The Namesayers: A guild of scribes, tailors, and artists. Want to start your own guild but can't think of a cool name to stand out among the Flying Dragoons or the Nightblades? Come to us, give us some details on your guild and founding members, and we'll come up with a name for you! We also do crests and tabards.
  32. The Sirens: An elite group of bards who meet once a year to complete and share new skills. Each year, the 3 High Callers - those in charge - get a Silver Note, a silver pin in the shape of a music note, to award to one bard. This allows them to join the next annual meeting, getting them through the advanced wards and spend surrounding the site each year.
  33. The Hoard: A group of various races who work for a beholder known as The Collector, trading artifacts or knowledge for secrets and information. (Personally, I'd call the members "Hoarders")
  34. The Ceaseless Bloom: A group of farms and coops run by druids and rangers who manipulate growth times to produce large amounts of crops all year.
  35. The Silver Lions: A three branched guild of mercenaries ran by fraternal twin Tieflings, and their human half brother, which take many different contracts for their services, often offering reduced pricing for quests that have them searching out powerful artifacts. The twins work together for now, but one seems to always have the harder contracts to fulfill, against their better judgement.
  36. The Heirs of Xor-Kumbukquan: This guild is a trail of refugees who survived a subterran battle around the already perilously conflicted dwarf city Xor-Kumbukquan in which the drow defeated the dwarf army that stood watch. This specific guild of dwarfs dared venture to the surface world in order to plan the recapture of their home city. They are, for dwarf standards, open to new things and even allowed other races to join their guild, which they originally registered to have weight in surfacer politics. Now some dwarfs catch themselves thinking about dwelling on the surface forever. The dwarfes are apparently about to split up into different groups again, re-creating the fate of Xor-Kumbukquan. Some disagree with letting other races join, some want to become mountain dwarves and get even higher into the mountains. They are expert miners and sell coal and small amounts of valuable materials found under the earth. Also their elders know the drows plans to expand and eventually start raids against human settlements at night.
  37. The Navigators: a semisecret guild that offer planar travel services for a big price. (You'll probably have to pay them in rare spices)
  38. The Other Hand: A guild of street urchins who have dedicated themselves to moving in and out of urban social situations. Their speciality is in creating large distractions throughout the city...for the right price.
  39. The Spotless: This guild began as simply members of a city's street cleaning crew. However, over time they began accepting coin in order to clean up some adventuring party's misadventures. When a team of adventures have an encounter go sideways and need to dispose of evidence, bodies, or clean a crime scene it will be The Spotless that they call upon.
  40. Embertenders: Viewed as a “guiding light” type of organization from anyone on the outside, this Guild serves a wildly different purpose known to the dwarves whose strongholds are lucky enough to support a branch. Primarily, they are fire mages charged with keeping those bastard trees from burrowing in and destroying their craftwork and tunnels, whether it be root-ine maintenance or clear cutting forests around growing settlements before or during development.
  41. The NPC's: A guild of meta-knowledge truthers who recognize that there is something off in the world. For example, why does everybody always stand 5 feet apart from one another?
  42. The Denizens of the Endless Void: Members of this organization call themselves 'listeners.' They are dedicated to contacting and uncovering life on other planes. Not appropriate to all settings, but possibly great for irony in settings where extra-planar creatures are relatively common.
  43. The Contenders: Your local fantasy organizers, rule-creators, and sometimes inventors of non-combat sports.
  44. The Spice Traders: No need to be coy or mince words. These merchants pay well for exotic spices, reagents, and herbs.
  45. The Order of the Secret Chest: Dedicated to the art of non-magical security, including the finest locks, the most innovative traps, and the strongest chests.
  46. The Arbitrators: Powerful, neutral, and unquestionably wise. They are invited to resolve disputes before war breaks out not only for their wisdom, but because they have the power to enforce their decrees.
  47. The Inquiring Minds: Dedicated to invention, innovation, and tinkering of all sorts.
  48. The Order of the Faithless: In worlds where the divines unquestionably exist, these humanitarians defend those who believe that great power does not necessarily grant authority to rule against those who would abuse divine magic.
  49. The Court of Miracles: A group of shapeshifters, changelings, illusionists and the like who infiltrate other guilds and high ranking positions to gather private information, whether it be for personal/guild gain or blackmail. Anonymity is highly valued by the members and as such they usually communicate with untraceable or cryptic messages. Entry is only through anonymous invitation and the cost is a valuable secret which can benefit the guild members. The guild motto is "We are no one...and everyone...".
  50. Golden Road Caravan Company: Works with independent artisans and guilds to transport goods between settlements in the local province. Also buying goods that are cheap and taking them to high-demand areas for extra profits. They run a set of wagons and cart trains, with a crews of drivers, guards, and extra hands to load and unload goods, along with a guild representative.
  51. The Brokers: Technically a form of indentured servitude, it is a government-run guild that is considered a respectable form of repaying your debts to other citizens and to society with strict regulations protecting the worker. Have a love/hate relationship with many other guilds due to perceived stolen contracts. - Service Brokers operate as house servants and chefs. - Labor Brokers work as farmhands, miners, builders, etc. - Protection Brokers provide mercenary and security services. - Underling Brokers are apprentice tradesmen who assist artisans and merchants. - Wild Brokers act as hunters, trackers, rangers, and scouts. - Pleasure Brokers operate brothels & manage acting troupes and bards.
  52. The White Lotus Order: A worldwide, secretive guild of elves that works to control the flow of magic users, and magic in general in the world. You can tell one by their white lotus amulet.
  53. The Watchers: A thieves guild of Wererats lead by a WereTiger named Korrik Sandarian. Based out of Luskan, they spread out amongst the Sword Coast watching and learning secrets, selling said secrets to the highest bidder. Sometimes infiltrating entire governments to sell secrets to their enemies.
  54. The ROMP Riders: The Righteousness Order of Mounted Paladins are a mercenary guild that are hired out by the various provinces to police the smaller cities and islands of the archipelago. They ride on horseback, or whatever mount suits them and carry pole arms and long weapons. Their ranks mostly includes Paladins, Clerics, Fighters, and Rangers but anyone of good intention is more than welcome to join so long as they are willing to pledge allegiance to Tyr and uphold justice over self-held beliefs. Oh, and their horses are equipped with horseshoes of waterwalking.
  55. The Glass Eyes: A small group of elite wizards specializing in scrying. Need to find a person or object? Pony up enough coin and they’ll look for you. Very stingy with their services and what they consider is worth their time.
  56. The Honorable Profession of the Clothier: While they do not mind people mending their own clothes, or children wearing hand-me-downs, they are remarkably proactive about ensuring no one else makes clothes. These tailors and seamstresses demand to inspect all cloth and clothing sold within their territory. Anyone caught making clothes or worse, counterfeiting HPC tags, finds out the hard way that people who sew tend to own multiple variants on the theme of scissors.
  57. The Gatekeepers: A group of conjurers that maintain stone daises which allow for economical teleportation. Travel to cities halfway across the world without having to deal with bandits, monsters, and other unpleasantness of the road. All for a reasonable fee of course.
  58. The Blades of Bahamut: A devoted order of monks serving the Draconic God of justice. They are known for establishing monasteries and orphanages and providing protection and aid for communities in need. Their fearsome reputation and ruthless manner of dealing with the wicked tend to keep criminal elements and evil aligned guilds far away from them.
  59. The Bonfire Battalion: A mercenary guild who make their living by leading expeditions through frigid climates. Members are mainly rangers, druids, and Mages with a specialty for fire magic.
  60. Sphinxchasers: A small group of treasure seekers and riddle solvers. They have a base of operations, but no one remembers seeing lights on inside because they're always out in the field, chasing the next rumor.
  61. The Surety Guild Fantasy insurance. For a fee up front, they cover the losses of a failed expedition or trade journey. Ripe for exploitation and plot hooks.
  62. The Town Criers: sharers of news, tales, and lore, these bards and minstrels ply their trade in markets and bars across the kingdom. They can be induced to spice up your particular story for a nominal fee.
  63. The Royal Zoological Society: Dedicated to identifying, cataloging, and describing all living things.
  64. The Red Wolf Hunters semi-legal professional bounty hunters. These warrior-trackers work alone, and are recognized the world over as the names to call when an individual needs to be apprehended alive.
  65. The Order of the Silent Temple: A society of monks, clerics, and bards dedicated to cataloging and studying forgotten religions. They don't profess to seek to bring these god's worship back into the world, but their archives are an invaluable resource to adventurers (and cultists...) of all kinds.
  66. The Shrikes: A group of assassins they say cannot be hired, and no one can reliably say how to contact them. They are known only by their kills, which are all very distinct. The Shrikes only target people who abuse the law for their own ends. Those who act "lawfully", but are wholly unethical. A Shrike's target is always found impaled to spikes set in a wall or other vertical surface, and marked with feathers of a shrike.
  67. The Sisters of Stone: A multi-purpose guild primarily composed of Dwarf women, the Sisters work in adventuring, stonecraft, brewing, smithing, and more. They were originally founded to help their fellow dwarf women, and fight the belief that there are no dwarf women. As time passed and that notion fell by the wayside, they have opened up their membership to women of all races, particularly those who still regularly fall under prejudice.
  68. The Iron Circle: A group of mages dedicated to guarding against the dangers of magic. They understand that with power comes temptation, and they dedicate themselves to policing the magical community and researching ways to detect, resist, and fight the threats specific to magic-users. Their intentions are good, but not appreciate their efforts, and sometimes the methods of some members fall into definite gray territory.
  69. The Street Worker's Action Guild: A loose conglomerate formed to organize and protect all those who ply their trade on the streets. From traveling merchants to street performers to women(and men!) of the night to your favorite meat-on-a-stick vendor, SWAG makes sure that everyone gets access to the choicest corners equally. The guild also records any reports of harassment or mistreatment by any other organization, and pressures them accordingly. Just make sure you pay your dues... It's amazing how quickly your sales can dry up.
  70. The Wave Breakers A loose collection of human armadas, merfolk, and powerful marine entities that guard the ports of important trade cities from the many threats of the deep.
  71. The Mechanim Heart: As cities rely more and more upon great works of technology and magic the government repair systems were lacking. The Mechanim Heart keeps the vital systems of the world running, from floating citadels to small country lift bridges.
  72. Fiddlesticks: A relaxed musicians guild that provides job posting and benefits to members like reduced travel fees and lodging costs by cooperating with other establishments.
  73. Corvin's Tears: Bodies tend to pile up around cities and are not often disposed of properly. This guild collects bodies from off the streets and execution grounds, then gives them the burial rites of a handful of common gods before disposal. The most common method is cremation. During plagues or other crises mass graves are employed and covered in holy seals to protect the bodies from the forces of undeath. The guild also keeps large flocks of enchanted carrion crows that patrol the surrounding countryside for forgotten bodies or in extreme cases rip and tear unholy animated flesh to pieces.
  74. Overland Express: Sometimes you need to send a message, but those pesky wizards are just. so. expensive! Overland Express is the budget-friendly way to get your message from A to B. Though sometimes less reliable than other methods, they're still a household name in most of the world.
  75. The Royal Bird Watching Society: if you are dreaming of sitting alongside tranquil rivers watching the graceful dance of migrating birds then this is not the guild for you, as only the most diehard and adventurous birdwatchers choose to join the RBWS. Perhaps one of the most ruthless and blood thirsty guilds in the land, the RBWS's annual bird watching competation see's adventurous birdwatchers competing to find some of the most far flung, exotic and dangerous birds in the world. But it is not the many feathered fiends that appear on the annual list that makes this guild so dangerous, but rather the extreme and often homicidal lengths your fellow guild members will go to to ensure they win the prize.
  76. Bureau for the Conservation and Management of Magical and Mundane Wildlife: With so many different kids of magical game and varied hunting methods the job of wildlife management is unending. From regulating hunting lodges to fining local necromancers for letting their creations feast on animal these surprisingly bureaucratic druids, rangers, and even clerics keep the forests well stocked and healthy.
  77. Friends of the Fey: Druids and other lovers of nature who preserve and protect the most ancient sources of first-world magic.
  78. The Horizon-Seekers: Guides, generally non-magical rangers, rogues, and bards who use their local knowledge to pierce into the unknown and unexplored.
  79. The Uptown Gentlemen: A secretive guild of confidence artists who prey on the naive rich.
  80. Followers of the Broken Blade: Ideals: this guild is devoted to using and making broken pieces of equipment as they believe they are better then anything else, normal members normally only cray small broken objects such as rings, daggers and other small rusted or broken trinkets. | Higher standing and more devoted members have been know to wear shattered pieces of armor and only arm themselves with rusted, broken and chipped weapons. | Entry: to show devotion to the guild one must bring a item of personal value, and break it in some way, however it has to be broken in some way not destroyed as destroying an item is seen as a symbol of a inability for restraint as the group only values broken items not destroyed. | After the breaking, the act will be judged by the most devoted and high ranking members of the guild if the act was seen as sufficient and showed willingness to the cause then they will be let in, but if the believe the person hesitated or went to far they will deny them entry, not for life however but a person can only apply and go trough the ritual once a year.
  81. The Torchers: Once a vile group of nighttime marauders, but now a respectable group of escorts and tour guides that use preventive measures and escape tactics to keep their customers alive from the freaks and scares of the world.
  82. Scroungers: A group of people looking to teach the homeless, poor, or whomever is curious how to find food wherever they go: which spotted mushrooms are good to eat, and which will cause your skin to rot. How long can a banana sit in the trash before it's considered inedible? Which roots should be boiled, which should be ground, and which should be left out to dry to attract green beetles: which make for a great paste on old toast. Great for aspiring adventurers, those who find it difficult to make or keep coin, and those who are thrifty and curious!
  83. The fishing district of "town name": orcs that seem like reformed, civilized fishermen, but when they sail, its 10% actual fishing, 90% fighting sea beasts to protect the kingdom and relieve orcish agressive tension. (Evil version: they raid Triton villiges)
  84. The Scholarly Gents: Archive upkeep, funding for magic colleges, and staring directly into the heart of the weave. This group of superannuated archmages tend to the preservation and pursuit of knowledge. Just be sure to turn your book in on time.
  85. The Unseen, a group of halfling druids, rangers and others guardian a forest that keep a monster trapped by magic.
  86. The Treant-Hugger Coalition: A worldwide, cross-governmental preservation and research society founded on the common goal of protecting Treant historical sites, preserving magical woodland zones, and maintaining sacred forest parks. Members of the coalition and most of their honorary members are granted safe passage through most Treant forests. Consequentially, most coalition outposts make their required dues to their regional guild through selling out their services as guides through Treant forests and educators of Treant culture. Due to their deep connections with nature, natural magic, and the wilderness, most members of the coalition come from druidic and necessity-hunter backgrounds—the former making up the the educator workforce and the latter making up most of the “Park Ranger” workforce.
  87. The Old Constabulary: When a new lord moves in, sometimes he wants to put new laws in place. Guardsmen/Police that refuse to go against their long standing principles for trivial things such as a temporary new boss, will generally be unceremoniously dropped from the force. That’s where the Old Constabulary recruit from. Their motives are to uphold the (previously established) law, and provide safety to those harassed for jumped up charges. Oftentimes they’ll be above average age for their race, and have a knack for blending in/remaining under the radar. Anyone ringing a handbell can expect a Constable to aid them, if one is within earshot.
  88. The Glitter Court: they travel the land recruiting promising young beauties and train them in nobility, selling them off as brides/husband's to knights and Lord's without spouse
  89. The Capstone Guild: An organization of mostly halflings, dedicated to the collection, cataloging, and study of the different mushrooms around the world. They know which ones are edible, which ones are poisonous, and which ones have special or magical properties. A member tends to always have some type of special or magical mushroom on hand, for emergencies.
  90. The Rawhide Guild: A guild of leatherworkers, they are experts in creating clothing, armor, and any type of ornamentation in leather. A member's uniform consists of a blue-dyed leather jerkin, leather pants, leather boots, leather gloves, all topped with a blue stylish leather cap.
  91. The Kensington Tumblers: This guild is ostensibly known as an organization of acrobats and showmen, experts at putting on circus-type performances for the townsfolk. To those in the know, however, they have a reputation as the finest burglars in the business, and may be willing to steal certain objects for a client, if the price is right.
  92. The Slave Traders Union: They would never trade slaves in an area where it is forbidden but this merchants guild will do anything and everything within the law to make as much money as possible. There is even a special division of lawyers dedicated to finding loopholes for lucretive streams of business. There are certain benefits to being a member so long as your fees are up to date such as if a member is accused of something illegal the guild will pay for their defense attorney. However of a member is ever found guilty of a crime then they will be outcast, fined, and forbidden from applying for new membership ever again. Their leader is a halfling with a silver tongue who has skin in the game in every game, and a pension for getting other people in trouble instead of themselves.
  93. The Night Lighters: A union comprised of the men who are hired to light the torches and lamps around town each night. They've managed to intimidate the torchmakers and lamp oil salesman to the point where they have a monopoly on post-sundown light and are working to get the Continual Flame spell outlawed. But at least they aren't a shadowy conspiracy that works in the dark.
  94. Hand of Smaddur: Self proclaimed children of the smithing god, this group of Dwarves is known for their talent at making things. Tricks include making babies from metal, making mechanical limbs that can shatter mountains, swords that sing of peace and ships that become stable during storms. Their current leader is Haddrin Connor, a 350 year old who is known for his armor, the Dwegennaer, an armor that would shriek at attackers, stunning them.
  95. The Path Walking Guild: Who keeps the walked paths walked? For a path Unmaintained becomes a path unwalked. A walked path is inviting, even if it leads through the dangerous wilds. These folk seek adventure and wish it upon others, however they see the difficult level of entry and so they vow to keep the paths walked so that fledgling hikers, travellers, merchants, and adventurers can go forth without fear and with some level of decency. Many are retired folk, and many are simply folk who care about their health. “Walk the path, my friends, so that others may follow.” Edit: some are map makers and contribute by prospecting new paths. Each year they hold a ceremony to announce the formation of a single new path. Each member walks on it. In doing so a brand new path is born. The guild values distance efficiency, terrain quality, scenic score, oxygen level based on elevation, and many other factors. Note that they value the origin and the destination less because they believe it is the journey that matters most.
  96. The Silent Orchestra: A surprisingly large guild consisting of bards and some rogues. They are used to pass along messages to others, sometimes in secret, sometimes in public. The bards developed their own version of Thieve's Cant and use it in song. This is especially useful when it comes to spreading a message quickly. Some bards travel on their own while others hide in a traveling group, unaware to having a Silent Orchestra member among them.
  97. The Orphan's Vow: a secluded, monastic cult of sorcerers who curse their gift of magic, refrain from practicing it under severe penalty, and pray their whole lives for it to go away.
  98. Ylem’s Brothers: Guild of constructs named for the first successful creation of the great wizard Isemar. Ylem looked like a mortal man, but needed no sleep, could crush stone with its bare hands, and cast spells like a sorcerer; despite years of tireless work to better the kingdom, Ylem was eventually destroyed by a fearful populace that believed constructs were going to replace them. This guild welcomes all outcasts but especially warforged and other homonculi or those of mongrel blood - tieflings are a large minority, and many of the members of the guild are sorcerers. They make their gold through typical mercenary work, but lend sorcerous aid to researchers and those who wish to study artificial life forms. Wise investment of wealth allows them to intercede on the behalf of artificial beings and mongrels everywhere who are mistreated. Their symbol is a brown field divided by black bands, a heart at its center - the heart is half flesh, half metal.
  99. The Order of Militant Moderates: This cabal of ascetics firmly believe that mankind is unworthy of excessive reputation. They wear rough-spun robes of undyed wool and plain wooden masks to obscure their features. Each chapter meets once a month to nominate individuals operating within their jurisdiction who have gained too much acclaim. A vote is held and one target is selected. It is then each member's duty to bring about disgrace and humiliation to that individual, by covert means. Additional Details: The Order employs methods of maintaining anonymity even during internal proceedings. This allows them to enact and discuss elaborate plots of humiliation against vainglorious citizens without accruing any renown even within their own circles. Larger chapters might nominate more than one target, but once nominated the target is never removed from the chapter's bounty board until they have been suitably humiliated. Particularly prominent targets have, at times, been added to the list on a 'for life' basis. They refer to one another as 'Moderator' and believe they perform vital work to keep mankind's ego in check. Outsiders often refer to them by the epithet 'Peggers', since they are said to be gripped by jealousy and obsessed with taking their betters down a peg. Any member inflicting more than superficial bodily harm against a target is subject to expulsion from the Order: Bruises and scrapes are acceptable, broken bones and cuts are not.
  100. Victus Mercentile Guild: A merchant's guild renound for their prowess and aggressive acquisition behavior. Originally tasked with keeping trade routes safe, they have since begun acquiring all shops, banks, and caravans, and enforcing various 'Maintenance fees' on its members, while gray robed bureaucrats have become the norm in most cities.
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Album of the Year 2018 #26: KIDS SEE GHOSTS - KIDS SEE GHOSTS



Apple Music
Background by u/A_Wavvy_Dude
Kids See Ghosts is an American hip-duo consisting of two of the most important and influential artists of this generation: Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, and Kanye West. You know who they are. Kanye and Cudi's relationship is complicated to say the least, full of meteoric highs and heartbreaking lows, and the lead up to the formation and release of Kids See Ghosts is no different.
Kanye and Cudi would first begin working with each other in 2008, thanks to Kid Cudi catching Kanye's attention from the release of his massively successful debut single "Day'n' Nite". Cudi is soon summoned by Ye to help with the recording of his fourth studio album and one of the most important albums of the decade: 808s and Heartbreaks. After the tragic and unnecessary death of his mother due to a freak accident that happened during a surgery he helped pay for, coupled with the breaking off of his engagement mere months after this, 808s finds Kanye at his lowest and most emotionally vulnerable state yet. With Kid Cudi providing songwriting on four tracks and being featured on two, Kanye and Cudi would go on to change the landscape of hip hop with 808s and Heartbreaks, showing not only general audiences but fellow rappers as well that being emotional and "in your feelings" is not only cathartic, but commercially viable as well.
The success of 808s and Heartbreaks and the obvious artistic chemistry between Ye and Cudi led to a long collaborative partnership between the two, with Cudi subsequently appearing on every one of Kanye's solo albums released after 808s and Kanye being featured on multiple Kid Cudi tracks, including "Erase Me".
In September of 2016, 7 months after the release of Kanye's seventh studio album The Life of Pablo which once again would feature him on the lead single Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, Kid Cudi would go on a twitter rant calling out Kanye and Drake by saying that they and other artists didn't care about him unless they want something from him. After hearing this while on the Saint Pablo tour in Tampa, Kanye calls out Cudi over the tweets, telling him to "Never mention Ye name" and that he "birthed" Cudi. To fans of either artists, these interactions were heartbreaking as the two were viewed as inseparable ever since their first collaboration. During the weeks leading up to the release of his new album, Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin', it was soon revealed by Kid Cudi on his facebook page that he was checking himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges, which also explained his erratic behavior on twitter leading up to this moment. After Cudi's eventual release from rehab, him and Kanye would reunite back on stage to perform Father Stretch My Hands together, ending in a tearful embrace. That same night, due to the pressures of tour life and fame in general, not to mention the recent mugging of his wife in Paris heavily weighing on him, Kanye would go on a 20 minute, manic rant about radio lying to us ("Radio fuck you"), Kid Cudi being the greatest, how he was putting his life at risk by ranting, asking Jay Z to not send shooters after him, and many other topics. He would end the show early and cancel the remaining 22 dates of the Saint Pablo tour. The next day Kanye would end up hospitalized after appearing at his physicians house and acting so erratic that his physician thought calling the police was necessary, telling 911 he needed help with a "male with mental illness". This mental illness would later be revealed by Kanye to be bipolar disorder.
Almost an entire year would pass by with radio silence from both artists. As the months passed with no word, reports of Kanye recording his new album in the mountains of Wyoming began piling up and with long time collaborator Takashi Murakami -the artist of Graduation's album cover- posting a picture of himself with Cudi and Ye, it was apparent that Yeezy season was steadily approaching, and hopefully with a healthier and happier Ye and Cudi.
Even more time would pass after these reports and still with no official word from either artist about their upcoming projects. That is until Kanye made his return to Twitter and announced the upcoming releases of not one, not two, but FIVE projects, with Kanye executive producing all of them. These five albums would all be 7 tracks long and none would have a runtime of over 30 minutes, with most only reaching the 24 minute threshold. These five albums would include Daytona by Pusha T, Kanye's eighth studio album Ye, the highly anticipated collaborative album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi Kids See Ghosts, Teyanna Taylor's sophomore album K.T.S.E., and Nas' first album in six years Nasir.
Taking his own lyric of "Soon as they like you make em unlike you" literally, the weeks leading up to the release of Kids See Ghosts would be filled with controversy due to Kanye being 100% back on his bullshit. He would publicly fully endorse President Trump (despite admitting that he knows nothing about politics or Trump's policies), calling him his brother and posting a picture of himself wearing a MAGA hat on twitter, a move that would baffle even the most diehard Ye fans. Literally a week after this, Kanye makes a surprise appearance on TMZ to make his infamous "slavery was a choice comment" causing even more backlash. Not even the Yeezy Defense Force could reasonably defend what Kanye was saying and doing around this time, and many Ye fans were just anxiously waiting for the music to drop.
Finally on June 8th, a week after the release of Ye, an album with incredibly introspective and personal lyrics touching on themes of mental health, fatherhood, and fame, Kids See Ghosts' debut album is released. In the huge discography between the two artists, where does KSG rank?
Review by u/A_Wavvy_Dude
Clocking in at a mere 24 minutes with only 7 tracks, it is baffling how much of a complete and cohesive project Kids See Ghosts sounds like with such little content. Kanye and Cudi bring out the absolute best of each other on this album, and the chemistry between the two is palpable. Kanye (with assistance from Cudi and long time collaborators Dot Da Genius, Mike Dean, and Plain Pat, just to name a few) brought his A game for the production on this album. This album mixes hip hop, jazz, hard rock, and even grunge to create a soundscape that is both very reminiscent of the old "chop up the beat Kanye" from the College Dropout era yet is also very experimental and new at the same time. Ye also doesn't slack in the bars department, giving us some of his most charismatic, quotable, and socially conscious verses since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Regarding the other half of the duo, Cudi's singing and rapping is so incredibly on point and consistent throughout the entire album. No human should be able to sound this on pitch and make it look so easy while simultaneously giving some of his best verses in nearly a decade but Mr. Rager somehow manages to do it all while gifting us with his legendary hums, hums so iconic that Cudi's feature on Travis Scott's Astroworld was almost exclusively just him humming.
You only need to look at the eclectic, bizarre, and psychedelic cover art by Takashi Murakami to see the kind of tonal and sonic direction that Kids See Ghosts is going for. This album is an experimental hip hop opus that tackles mental illness and self acceptance in a way no other hip hop album preceding it has done before. Kanye had stated in his almost 2 hour long interview with Charlamagne that he wanted to create music that was therapeutic, and Kids See Ghosts is the absolute definition of this. Kids See Ghosts sees Kanye and Cudi facing and accepting their respective "ghosts" that have been haunting them in the hopes of overcoming their trauma filled pasts. Although their mental illnesses will never fully disappear, they can work towards the goal of not letting their handicaps control them and to continue moving forward as creatives and as people, and I believe the music on this album displays this sentiment beautifully. Also Kanye makes gunshot noises for like 3 minutes.
The album begins with the incredibly energetic and anthemic "Feel the Love" featuring Pusha T. The track opens with Kid Cudi shouting out from the highest limit of his upper register "I CAN STILL FEEL THE LOVE" over a very dreary set of synth chords. It sounds like Cudi climbed the highest mountain peak on earth and is shouting down on us with everything he's got this mantra of staying positive and continuing to feel the love despite past mistakes. This chorus and its constant, echoing repetition throughout the track is instantly infectious and immediately catches the listeners ear. Pusha T then casually saunters onto the track and, with his usual Push bravado, delivers a very short but braggadocious verse about how easy winning is for him and enjoying the excesses of fame. Just as we're getting comfortable and settling into the vibe of the song, Kanye, before Push is even done with his verse, almost as if he's chomping at the bit to start going ballistic, jumps in and starts making these insane gunshot sounds in sync with these cracking snares in the background as the instrumental progresses into a marching rhythm of heavy drum beats. It's ridiculous, it's chaotic, and it is hype as hell. After Kanye's outburst of gunshots the instrumental then breaks down into some downtrodden guitar and bass leads, giving the listener a chance to catch their breath until Kanye reappears to angrily demand "WHERE THE CHORUS", a question Cudi happily answers as he breaks back out into the chorus once again. The instrumental then returns to its marching rhythm as Kanye closes the track out by once again making his erratic gunshot sounds. A song that takes this many sudden sonic turns should have ended up being an absolute mess, but somehow it manages to sound sharply focused and meticulously crafted.
The second and shortest track on the album, titled "Fire", is a prime example of Kanye's eclectic sample choices and how he can craft a beat out of something no one would have ever expected, sampling the marching, tambourine laden beat from a 1966 novelty song called "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" by the artist Napoleon XIV. Laced over this sample is some very ominous flute work and faintly in the background is what sounds like a distorted, untuned guitar riffing away, all while Cudi's foreboding hums hang around the instrumental. This track is essentially an anti-hater anthem, as Kanye starts his verse off by saying "I love all your shit talkin", basically saying that the hate and criticism that he receives just pushes him to become a better artist in the end. To me the most standout thing about Kanye's verse on this track is how absolutely hungry he sounds here. He raps with such an overwhelming amount of authority and confidence that makes you hang off of every word he's saying. After, Ye's verse, Cudi follows soon after and does a fantastic job of keeping the energy going and continues the lyrical theme of ignoring the hate that is surrounding him as he tries to overcome the pain from his past. He then plays the song out with a beautiful and forlorn outro in which he reflects on the "scars he left behind" and turns to religion to help show him guidance, a recurring topic on the album. If I had to choose one, this is probably my least favorite track on the album and that's most likely attributed to the brevity of the track since it feels like not a lot really happens during the track's short runtime. That being said, this is still a pretty fantastic song that just isn't as fantastic as some of the other tracks on here.
After this is the appropriately titled third track "4th Dimension", which sounds like exactly that, something that has come from a foreign and unknown plane of existence, and it is arguably the best track on the project. Once again we have Kanye using an off the wall sample choice for the foundation of the track, taking a vocal sample from a 1936 Christmas song titled "What Will Santa Claus Say?" by Louis Prima (credited as a feature on the track) and then just chopping and distorting the absolute shit out of it until we get the Frankenstein beat we see before us that gives the track a very demented and eerie feel to it. Kanye starts the track off with an explicitly raunchy verse about sex in which he relates sex to this new, indescribable dimension and speaks about it as if it's some kind of religious experience ("Now drop to your knees for the offerin"). This verse is absolutely dripping with Kanye's classic charisma and is full of hilarious one liners and witty quotables, especially the last line of his verse where he says if he gets locked up he won't finish the sent... and then the verse just ends. In between Kanye and Cudi's verses there's this really weird witch laughter that plays as the beat cuts off. I've seen a lot of people say that this laughter is awkward and kills the track for them which I think is a somewhat valid complaint but personally I think it adds to the overall eerie and mind bending nature of the track pretty well. Towards the back end of this laughter Kid Cudi hops in to give what is easily my favorite verse on the entire album. Cudi flows on this beat like it's nothing and sounds absolutely menacing while he does it, as if he's just begging you to give him a reason. Cudi continues the theme of being lost and losing everything due to the previous state of his mental health but simultaneously brags about creating the wave other artists are on and taking my bitch like he's Ric Flair. It's incredible. The track ends with a wink from Kanye as a sample of the Shirley Ann Lee song "Someday" plays and says that you only want two and a half minutes for a record, almost the exact runtime of the song.
At the halfway point we have the spiritual successor to the track "Ghost Town" off of Kanye's previous album ye with the song titled "Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)" featuring Ty Dolla $ign. For me this is where the whole concept of "therapeutic music" that Kanye was going for really started to materialize itself. Using a roaring guitar sample from the song "Stark" by UK producer Mr. Chop as the main foundation for the instrumental, this track sees Kanye, Cudi, and Ty letting go of all inhibitions and just going absolutely ballistic with their echoing, thunderous proclamations of feeling free being reverberated throughout the entire track. The whole thing sounds like this triumphant victory ballad, as if Kanye and Cudi are celebrating the defeat of their demons and their success in letting go of all earthly ties. The performances on this track are amazing and have such an intense, pulsating energy to them that it's easy to get swept up in the cathartic and rebellious nature of the track, an effect that Kanye seemingly intended with his suggestion of "You should quit your job to this". Ty Dolla $ign's feature is probably my favorite of the three features on the album as he delivers these characteristically buttery smooth vocal melodies but still manages to keep up with Kanye and Cudi's wild tendencies. The combination of the hard rock instrumental and the previously mentioned off the wall vocal performances makes this track feel like more of a psychedelic rock n' roll song ripped straight out of the seventies instead of your average hip hop song. Kanye himself also seems to view this song as a pure rock track, as he and Def Jam Records submitted the track for consideration in the Rock category of the 2019 Grammys, for both 'Best Rock Song' and 'Best Rock Performance'. Being a sequel/spiritual successor to Ghost Town, many of the sentiments on that track are mirrored and expounded upon in this one, with Kanye and Cudi further repeating the notion of not feeling pain anymore and transcending the constant criticism that is laid upon them and defying the boundaries set by society.
Acting as a breather after the bombastic display of triumph that was highlighted on the previous track is the incredibly introspective and deeply personal track "Reborn", one of only two tracks on the album to not feature a Kanye production credit. This is my personal favorite off of the project and I've noticed that since the release of Kids See Ghosts this is the one track I've been coming back to the most out of all the others. The production on this track (courtesy of Cudi, benny blanco, E*Vax, Plain Pat, and Dot Da Genius) is fantastic, featuring these very playful piano notes mixed in with a lo-fi chalky beat with the whole thing being tied together by Kid Cudi's melancholic humming guiding us throughout the track. There is something so comforting about Cudi's iconic humming that instantly makes a songs atmosphere significantly more relaxing, almost as if his hums are consoling you, telling you it's okay to feel sad and that things are going to get better even though it may not seem like it. If this is what Cudi's hums represent, then nowhere are they more at home than on this track. Thematically the song is about the concept of starting anew and becoming reinvigorated after going through the process of bettering oneself and continuing to evolve as a person, or becoming "reborn". Cudi's singing takes center stage on this track and showcases the theme beautifully with the hook repeating that he is reborn and will keep moving forward. In his verse he reflects on the issues in his past that have brought him to this point of rebirth he now finds himself at. He muses about being lost and how having this feeling of not knowing where to go further added to his depression, until eventually realizing that happiness is something that has to come from within. As stated in the lyrics, Cudi has come a long way from past issues that have haunted him; from battling substance abuse and trying to keep custody of his child to depression and anxiety taking control of his thoughts and his life. However, now that he has been reborn he has no more stress and there's no stopping him from continuing to be the best version of himself that he can be. Then we have Kanye, also with an exceptionally introspective verse about the feeling of isolation that comes with fame and being torn between two different mental states, one being a state of manic high octane outbursts and the other being a state of low energy depression due to him being bipolar. Kanye being the public figure that he is, his fractured mental state was put on display for all to see and the results of this was the masses calling Kanye crazy, something he now views as a badge of honor. Kanye goes on to challenge anyone who's listening to continue giving him all the criticism he's been getting because no matter what people throw at him, he'll be able to take it, and he is willing to take all of the hate he receives and attempt to keep moving forward. The track ends with the beat switching up as Cudi takes the perspective of where he was before he was reborn: being lost and not knowing which way to go. However, the answer is right there, telling him to keep moving forward.
Up next is the point where the "Ghosts" part of Kids See Ghosts shows itself with the haunting title track featuring Yasiin Bey. The production of this track is absolutely hair-raising with a cloudy, speedy chord progression mixed with these very ethereal synth chords and it also has what I wanna say is a xylophone sample as well? Over this ghostly beat Yasiin Bey delivers an incredibly subdued chorus, repeating this sentiment of kids seeing ghosts sometimes. Tremaine Emory (a friend of Kanye's and an affiliate of G.O.O.D. Music) has given some insight on the meaning of this chorus and the album title as a whole, saying "Kids can see what adults no longer allow themselves to see", more or less saying that kids operate at a higher state of creativity and imagination than adults do. Kid Cudi delivers a very lowkey vocal performance with a delayed echoing effect on his vocals that helps add to the overall spooky vibe of the track. He raps about being copied by other artists and once again delves into the status of his mental state, once again bringing up feeling lost and searching for something, although he feels like he's starting to run out of time because he can hear "angels coming". Kanye on the other hand gives a show stopping verse that is the exact opposite of lowkey, coming onto the track with a razor sharp focus rapping about religion, being greater than his competition, striving to be the best at whatever he does, and continuing to push the envelop in every way he knows how. This verse is incredibly dense with classic Yeezy quotables coming at a breakneck speed and it has that characteristic Kanye charm to it that his last album just felt like it was lacking a bit. Yasiin Bey closes the track out with a very meditative bridge where he just starts throwing out these philosophical concepts like "civilization without society" or "stability without stasis." It sounds almost like he has ascended to this plane of higher intelligence and he's attempting to share his knowledge through these brief interpolations.
Finally we have the closing track "Cudi Montage" which contains my favorite beat out of the outstanding group of beats on here. With this being the only other song besides Reborn to not contain a Kanye production credit, this track's fantastic instrumental can be attributed to Kid Cudi, Mike Dean, and Dot Da Genius. For me what makes the production on this track so great is the fantastic use of a grimy Kurt Cobain guitar sample that makes up the majority of the instrumental here. It sounds like Cudi has finally perfected the marriage between grunge and hip hop that he was attempting to create on Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven back in 2015. Cudi opens the track with a verse continuing one of the album's themes of looking to God and religion for guidance with him rapping about the world weighing on him and only heaven can help him become stronger. In between Cudi's verse and Kanye's upcoming verse the beat begins to breakdown as the aforementioned guitar sample fades away and these gorgeous synth leads come in for Cudi to start harmonizing over. He shouts out into the cosmos for God to save him and reaffirming that he must stay strong after overcoming his past traumas. After this beautiful choral interlude we are then thrust back into the original beat of the song as Kanye gives one of his most socially conscious verses in years, describing the cycle of violence that comes with having a gang mentality and the far reaching, unforeseen damage it causes. The instrumental once again breaks down with Kanye coming in on the chorus alongside Kid Cudi to give some unexpectedly great singing as he joins Cudi in asking the Lord to help save him, closing out the track and the album with the same brilliant level of quality that we've come to expect from this duo. This is an album that is never one note, always trying something knew and succeeding every time it does. To me, this is album of the year.
Favorite Lyrics by u/A_Wavvy_Dude
Might need an intervention for this new dimension
That's too new to mention, or fit in a sentence
If I get locked up, I won't finish the sent—
  • 4th Dimension (Kanye West)
Kids see ghosts off the ropes, Ric Flair on your bitch
Now this the theme song, this the theme song
The put the beams on, get your, get your dream on
  • 4th Dimension (Kid Cudi)
I had my issues, ain't that much I could do
Peace is somethin' that starts with me (with me)
At times, wonder my purpose
Easy then to feel worthless
But, peace is somethin' that starts with me
  • Reborn (Kid Cudi)
Thought I'd be clever enough to give up while I'm ahead
I like breakfast in bed, but I love breakfast and head
For anybody who said that I was better off dead
Told 'em, "Don't ever believe nothin' that you ever read"
Got a Bible by my bed, oh yes, I'm very Christian
  • Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West)
Find my back in the cold, trapped in another soul, they can hear me holler
I'm colder than the game, see 'em all strapped in an' can't move and I'm sinkin' lower
Heaven gonna help me 'cause I feel the world weighin' on me heavy, tryna keep it steady
Ready for the mission, God, shine your love on me, save me, please
  • Cudi Montage (Kid Cudi)
Everybody want world peace
'Til your niece get shot in the dome-piece
Then you go and buy your own piece
Hopin' it'll help you find your own peace
Bring light to what they don't see
  • Cudi Montage (Kanye West)
Talking Points
  • Where does this album rank for you in each artist's respective discography?
  • Has Kanye and his antics this year affected your overall enjoyment of this album or ye? Why or why not?
  • Is Kids See Ghosts a group that you would want to hear more music from as soon as possible or would you prefer it if Kanye and Cudi continued to focus on their solo ventures?
  • In what musical direction do want to see either artists continue to experiment with?
Thanks for reading this fucking long ass review this shit ended up being way longer than I intended it to be but I'm glad I was able to give this album the spotlight it deserved. Also shoutout to my mom for proofreading this lol.
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