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Do you advertise the main affiliate offer or the lead magnet on your squeeze/bridge page in your fb ads?

In my ads should I be trying to sell the main affiliate offer or whatever I’m giving them on my bridge page?
Also is Ad - squeeze/bridge page - offer still a viable option.
I don’t want to get banned so any tips are appreciated. I’m an affiliate for a course but I know you can’t just send them directly to the offer.
If anyone does affiliate marketing using fb ads: how do you structure your funnel also what type of campaign objective do you run?
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Journey to Affiliate! I am looking for streamers to follow my page and help me become an affiliate. I’ve been trying for awhile but not paying for ads so it’s a slow grind.

Journey to Affiliate! I am looking for streamers to follow my page and help me become an affiliate. I’ve been trying for awhile but not paying for ads so it’s a slow grind. submitted by Birduuup to twitchstreams [link] [comments]

Do you advertise the main affiliate offer or the lead magnet on your squeeze/bridge page in your fb ads?

In my ads should I be trying to sell the main affiliate offer or whatever I’m giving them on my bridge page?
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[Ethics] GameSpot has added disclosure to the Amazon affiliate links to the game pages

After years of calling this out, GameSpot is now disclosing their affiliate links. Starting all the way back nearly three years ago, I initially posted about how GameSpot failed to disclose affiliate links on their game pages. Got to the point I came up with Operation GameSpotting, which involved contacting the FTC about this.
But there was nothing doing about this strategy so GameSpot continued to not disclose. Until now. Previously, there would be a box to buy games off of Amazon that would not have disclosure. An example would be at Yoshi's Crafted World. Now, underneath the box, it comes with the disclosure: "GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers." This might be scripted for all the boxes on GameSpot so this issues might fully be resolved.
I would like to thank Akudra for this change as I believe they pushed GameSpot to get them to disclose these affiliate links. As mentioned in their thread back in July 2019.
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Added a new "Item" page layout to my 90s themed website [Warning: Affiliate Links]

Hello all! I added an "item" page layout so that I could share individual 90s items from my new 90s affiliate website. My main concern is that the page doesn't feel complete. The rest of the website flows well, but this item page layout feels a bit forced. Do you have any suggestions to make it feel as cohesive as the rest of the website?
Here is an example item page:
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Do you run PPC Ads to your amazon affiliate page?

Hello guys,
I have a site that is 1 month old and that currently has 10 articles on it. (around 800 - 1200 words per post)
Currently I do not see much traffic on the site as I have only focused on article writting.
I was thinking to run PPC ads to jumpstart my affiliate site.
Any experiences in doing that kind of strategy?
Appreciate your replies!
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Adware / PuP viruses continue appearing.

Recently my computer has become infected with something nasty. I have some ongoing virus that continuously installs more PuP viruses. I'm not sure that what I am saying is entirely correct regarding terminology but I will try my best. The situation is as follows:
My computer gets on screen ads. Most of the time they pop up when I have chrome open and attempt to look like ads that might be on the website but occasionally they will appear while doing photo editing or using VLC. Also when they PuPs are present I can't click anywhere on a webpage without opening a new affiliate ad page.
My biggest issue is that I don't know where the PuPs are coming from. I use Maleware Bytes and every scan will find 5-15 pup files and remove them. I usually rerun the scan to ensure they are gone. But within 24 hours (even when my PC is closed and "resting") it somehow gains 5-15 more PuPs. My cleaning only ever gets me a few hours of peace before the ads attack again.
And as far as I know PuP means potentially unwanted program so I understand that this might be vague but they are specifically advertising programs and the issue is with how they are continuously appearing.
Any advice?
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Hello I am new here. I grow an Instagram page in the Marijuana niche and am looking to create another source of income other than just selling ads. I am primarily looking for sites that offer affiliate links for products within my niche to sell to my followers. Any help or info would be appreciated

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I started. 1-year-old site with 30 articles. 12k+ monthly visitors. $5-$10 per month from Amazon. Now what? I'm lost.

As the title says, I started my site a year ago and wrote 30 articles. The site currently brings in 12k+ monthly visitors. The monetization route that I took was simply writing articles linking to Amazon products. 6/30 articles are money posts. So far I've been making about $5-$10 per month.
I tried running Google ads but it was slowing my site too much and wasn't bringing in a decent amount of money to justify page speed loss. So I removed them. I also tried Ezoic as I heard it was better than Google ads, but it's just the same thing. It messed up the design of my site and slowed it down. So I removed it.
Since the start of the pandemic here in the US, around April, I stopped working on the site. I've neglected the site for some time. I'm trying to get back into it but I'm honestly lost. I don't know where to start.
Should I continue writing articles? How many should I write?
Should I focus on link building? At this time I have 0 backlinks to the site. Other than social media profiles but I think those don't count.
I'm seriously lost. I just want to get back into working on the site, growing traffic, and ultimately increasing profits.
What do you guys think I should be doing to achieve that?

**Edit: Here's a screenshot ( of earnings since I began linking to Amazon. Yes, several of the products I'm linking to are not that expensive. Most are in the $10-$50 range. I won't give out the specific niche but it's an outdoor hobby.
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Looking for feedback -Is my affiliate marketing page worth advertising on instagram ads

Hi there, I could use some feedback - I want to advertise spring jackets for men on facebook ads - specifically to mobile only instagram users.
Is what I have, worth advertising in your experience?
the link is
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Naive question

I just found out about affiliate marketing and I have a very very very naive question so I apologize in advance.
So the point of AM is to just have people click on your link and purchase through that link.
So what is stopping me from creating Facebook ads to promote my link? For example, I find a product on amazon I can sell through AM.
I create videos and great ad content etc. I make a FB account and start advertising these ads with my affiliate link in the description.
It can reach so many people like this and many people trust amazon.
Once again, I know this is a stupid question. But can someone enlighten me please.
Thank you guys.
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My 1st sale via Clickbank. A week ago I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing!

Hi all. So I'm here to share my happiness as today I made my first sale through my landing page, wahoo!
The ad went live only yesterday.
So im been looking for a income stream of some sort, heard about Affiliate Marketing. The last 6 days I have been sleeping about 4 hours a night. Minimal contact with the outside world and put all my energies time and commitment into this. This is despite having a family home with 3 kids under 12 and both my elderly parents living with us too - so I have a pretty hectic home lol (in a good way).
I first bought a .com domain, learnt how to make sub domains. Learnt how to install WP. Adding cloudflare, SSL etc. Learnt how to use Elementor enough to create a decent landing page. Learnt how to find decent products to promote (or at least avoid the junk). Learnt how to find keywords and then learnt how to setup Ads. A week ago I had no idea about any of this!
My costs so far about £80 (I'm based in UK). And the first sale was for $32 having spent $6 on ads.
I just want people to know that if you want to make something happen then put your whole heart into it and learn learn learn. There are so many resources available now its just down to us to find a strategy, there is no lack of info out there.
I would make hand written notes on new topics, then I would transfer them to a text doc in my laptop so they made sense to me. I learnt alot this way and now I have my very detailed own notes about every step.
My 2nd product is going live today as its almost ready too. My plan is to have 10 products, each with own landing page and then maybe take a step back and see how its all working. Id want to assess my clicks, visits etc see if i can make them better then move onto maybe 5 more products and carry on. Thats my plan.
So people, find something you like the sound of and give it a shot. You might just surprise yourself, like I did! But be prepared for the hard work.
Also thanks to everyone on this sub for your advice. There is alot of great info here.
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How much are YOU making from AdSense per month

This may be from multiple websites or sources. And roughly how many website visitors does this derive from?
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Advice here is FREE

Affiliate marketing is the absolute Wild West of the internet. We are the prospectors in the hills of California in 1948 searching for gold.
You know what?
Some of us find it.
I hope you'll indulge me, but I'm a mod, so fuck it.
I guess I think of myself as a smart guy. I got good grades, went to a private college, graduated with honors; all the good shit. Then I went to work for big companies. The biggest banks in the world; I worked for them.
It sucked. In the beginning I was on top of the world. I could tell anyone on the planet, who I worked for and they would recognize the name and maybe be impressed?
The reason that it sucked was that even in 2013, I couldn't believe that we lived in that goddamn future, and my George Costanza of a boss, wanted me to cold call 250 people a day. Do 250 of anything a day, I dare you. It's hard. ( Beers, situps, I can't name anything I can do 250 of a day except hit refresh on my analytics.)
Next, a good friend, who is a very successful real estate agent came to me with a problem. The guy was spending $50K per month in marketing, but didn't really understand which marketing Dollars were leading to his revenue. Fast forward, Yelp was worth shit and his crap website and crazy URL were crushing.
Next, 2014? Another buddy called me and asked me to quit my job. Bro, I have benefits...
"I'll match you salary and pay commission, trust me"
First month I quadrupled my income running Facebook ads. Do I have a course? No. Gurus are bullshit.
Imagine spending 3 hours setting up a landing page and 3 facebook ads for the first time. Actually, I'm pretty sure I ripped the first lander. Point is that we went launched our ads by 10am and after lunch I was $500 richer. Is it the same game now? No. nothing is like it was 6 years ago.
The guys that actually make millions of Dollars will tell you (almost) everything for free. e.g
Because there are no gimmicks.
Do everything that guy says. I dare you.
He says it softly, but I think it's his most important point.
If making money was easy, everyone would be good at it.
Affiliate Marketing is business; so treat it like one. Post whatever you want here, but my goal now, is to take all this garbage that I usually ban people for, and use it as a tool to educate people on how to use whois lookups, learn what networks terrible affiliates are actually running traffic to, and generally calling spammers, shittty affiliate networks and the generally lazy out for their behavior.
If anyone actually reads this far, I want you to hear one message.
I thought I was going to have a boring job with a commute to a terrible boss my entire life. It has been the exact opposite, but it hasn't come without a ton of hard work and sacrifice. This is a career, vocation, whatever. If you think a $5000 course is going to make you rich, they deserve your money. Work hard, put in maximum effort and ask any question to me or the community anytime.
We're on the same team.
p.s. stop worrying about keeping your offers or landing pages a secret, put it out there. Ask for some honest feedback.. If you need to create a new account, in order to prevent doxxing yourself, just message me before posting. If you abuse the previous phrase, you'll regret it.
p.p.s: if you got this far and are thinking about asking me for advice, the first thing I'd tell you is to find a group of 4-5, a "mastermind", to bounce ideas from and learn. Of the 5 in my first mastermind, here are 2 absolute geniuses that I think anyone could learn a ton from in very different ways. The others may also be on private jets, but if I asserted that, you wouldn't believe it.
Ralfs Smilšarājs:
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Adding Amazon affiliate page to site

Hey Everyone, I added an Amazon affiliate link to my blog a few years ago (shop with me) and it absolutely tanked my rankings. I took the link down and recovered in 90 days. (phew)
I was told to move the link off-page.
I'm setting up my first domain today (yay me) and I want to plan for adding the affiliate link to my content. I am thinking Ranking Page>Support Me Page>Links out to Amazon.
Is that enough separation? I am new to using affiliate links.
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Amazon account terminated

Can anyone interpret the following:
Your Special Links are appearing as paid/sponsored links or advertisements on search engines or social media platforms. These types of advertisements may be used to send users directly to your Site but cannot be used to send traffic to Amazon.
I have been using Google Ads to drive traffic to my site for several years. The traffic than goes to Amazon through affiliate links. All traffic goes through my website both organic and paid.
Obviously I understand that ads cannot go directly to Amazon. I do not do this. Never have and don't think it's even possible with Google ads since the ad has to go to my registered site.
In the past this has not been a problem with Amazon and at times has been very profitable. I'm wondering if Amazon has changed their policy about using ads.
I have an account terminated without pay. I have two pretty significant payments owing for April and May. Not to mention the money I will lose from paying for Google PPC ads to generate the traffic.
Amazon affiliate phone service is not working right now because of the pandemic.
Has anyone had success getting payments owed after an account is terminated?
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Is it still worth growing a Facebook page through paid ads for affiliate marketing?

Hi guys, I'm thinking of monetizing my website via Amazon Affiliates, CJ or other networks.
I'm wondering if having a Facebook page is still great for bringing traffic to a site considering the fact that the "reach" is much lower these days. I'm thinking of using Facebook Ads but I'm not sure if it's worth it in the long run.
What do you guys think?
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Would you get accepted by affiliate programs if all you did was build ads instead of having a website or blog?

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Is MF the AD? MF wife and he are connected to Bethel! CamGam was affiliated with Bethel and was listed on Bethel web page. Did MF know CamGam before the LJ phone call?

Is MF the AD? MF wife and he are connected to Bethel! CamGam was affiliated with Bethel and was listed on Bethel web page. Did MF know CamGam before the LJ phone call? submitted by ImagesOfNetwork to ImagesOfNewYork [link] [comments]

IMPORTANT question about Google Analytics

Hi guys,
I have a question for you.
How long is the default cookietime duration in google analytics?
So I’m working with influencers and this is the scenario:
Let’s say I have a link:
So I give this link to the influencer, and each time someone has been purchased something on my site the influencer will get x amount of dollars. Lifetime.
That’s why I’m asking what the cookieduration is of GA.
Hope to hear from you guys soon!
Thanks :)
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Attention Bloggers! Ask Your Questions In This Thread - Biweekly #50

Hello bloggers
If you're a blogger with simple / generic / one-off / specific / personal questions, leave them as a comment here and let the community answer them for you.
Do not create a new individual post if your question falls in any of the above category. Low quality posts & repetitive questions WILL be deleted without any notice.

Some topics or related posts that fall under the purview of this thread

  1. Platform (Blogging, hosting, social media, etc) related questions.
  2. Beginner monetization, niche and technical questions.
  3. Beginner level affiliate marketing, blog advertising, etc.
  4. Blog design / code / tech / SEO help.
  5. Blogging or marketing strategy idea feedback.

What kind of questions or posts can one create outside this thread?

You may create posts with questions which spark discussions and debate or questions for which answers might benefit a majority of the blogging community as well. Polls, case studies, progress posts, unique guides, AMAs, intermediate & expert level posts are allowed as well.
Before posting a question, please take the time to use Google or Reddit search. 9 times out of 10, your question has most likely been answered. So, we advice you to spend a little time on research before posting.
This thread will be a bi-weekly (14 days) periodical.
If you've any questions about this thread, message the moderators.
P.S: Don't use this thread to request blog feedback or to promote your blog. Such comments will be removed without notice.
Link to the previous thread:
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Enabled adsense and all of the ads are incredibly spammy looking. What gives?

They were getting virtually no clicks because of how bad they were. For example I once got a page where every ad was a windows 95 style grey download button.
What am I doing wrong? Craft niche site with pages ranking for 30-50 keywords so I would expect them to be able to figure out to display craft/diy ads.
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Many affiliate marketers also like to insert affiliate links into their Resource Page which yes; is a great idea. A resource page is where you list all the tools/products that you want to promote and since these products tend to link to the download/purchase page; it’s a good idea to have an affiliate link present on there. Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow individuals and businesses to run paid ads on Facebook. To run ads, you need a Facebook page. Before using ads, you’ll want to understand Facebook’s policies. Affiliate links, redirects, and suspicious sites/landing pages get many people suspended and banned from using ads and even Facebook. Create A Page. If you’ve already got a blog set up, then you should definitely create a Facebook page for it. This is a wonderful way to promote your blog posts, affiliate links, and other relevant information in a fun way. Your page could operate very similarly to a group, although there is slightly less interaction with a page. Join the Associates Program and start earning money today. The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs, with over 900,000 members joining worldwide. If you are a Web site owner, an Amazon seller, or a Web developer, you can start earning money today. Rotating ads: The ability to create a rotating banner ad right through the dashboard allows publishers to test creatives quickly and easily. Deep link availability: Publishers get to choose where a lead lands on the merchant’s site. You can send a lead to the checkout page, or you can send them to an article about the company’s latest product.

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