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Lost a $400 bet yesterday. What would you have done?

Ok. I think I did the right thing, but want to ask “what would you do?”
I sit down at my first table. New shoe. 6 deck. Good rules.
$200 seem to fly out of my pocket and onto my third base betting circle as if the bills were as valuable as parking vouchers that needed validation. Not my whole bankroll for the day. Not even half.
Let’s play some blackjack.
I begin the necessary tradition of trading min bets back and forth with the house while (surprisingly) keeping a good count (I’m still very new at this).
Small cards begin to appear.
Check the discard tray. Half deck. Who cares.
Keep playing.
4s, 5s, and 6s abound.
2 decks down in the pack.
Am I at +10? What’s that? True 2? Ok.
Up to $50.
True 3...
Here’s $75.
How front loaded can this deck be? I look down at my doubled stack of quarters 15 minutes into my first session.
$100 out. I’m going to lose. I’m going to need to check more cash.
+20, 3 Decks in the discard tray.
I’m at a true 6. Holy shit this deck is gangbusters.
$150 slides into the betting circle. The pit boss walks over and watches. Meh. Shut up dude, I’m on a roll.
Now $150 is my max spread on a 1:6. I feel like the count went a little over a 6 at one point. And I’m now dripping in green chips. $800 to be exact.
Out goes $200. The count dictates it though my spread doesn’t.
I draw an 11. Dealer showed below 7.
I start to think. I begin to sweat. With little hesitation I put $200 next to my bet and one extremely nervous index finger on the table. I know the count is high as hell, I should catch a 10.
Dealer turns up his down card, turns a stiff hand into a pat hand. Apologizes, and scoops away $400 of damn hard earned money.
I fake being more upset than I actually am. I know that’s how this game works. No hunches. No luck. Just extremely unforgiving statistics and correlations.
I finished the shoe up $200, and sighed somewhat relief. What a roller coaster that 30 minutes was.
This was my first experience with an extremely plus shoe. I would like feedback if possible.
I believe I did the right thing in knowing the count, strategy, and bet spread, though I overplayed it. Should I have not gone above $150? With the count so high I broke the glass ceiling on my usual spread in an attempt to gain more money. But I could have walked away $300 up...
Would you have done that on an 11 against a potential stiff hand with a plus 5-6 shoe?
Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading!
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[Super & Real] Chapter One Part Two

Fortunately, for him, the cities along the Alton stretch of the Mississippi River had one thing in abundance: riverboat casinos. He found one and parked. What game would give him the greatest advantage? He guessed he would start with blackjack, just because it was the one with the rules he remembered the best. The security guard didn’t even card him. His goatee seemed to be proof enough of age. Two stops he made first: the ATM, and then the cage. He got a hundred dollars in casino chips.
He wandered past the slot machines and found the blackjack table. It was early enough in the day that he was the only one sitting at the table. Knowing what he knew about security cameras and goons wandering the floor, he made a deliberate show of sitting down with his hands above the table and placed his palms flat. This was to provide a visual record, if accused of cheating, that not once did he have his hands below the table, eliminating the possibility of using a card counting device. The dealer, a man in his mid-forties, regarded him. “Hello, sir, this is blackjack,” the man introduced. “How much would you like to bet?”
Manfred set down fifty dollars in chips. The dealer handed him two cards, face up, a three, and a seven. Before the dealer could pull out his own cards, Manny quietly used his see-through vision. The dealer was going to get a nine and a six. The dealer put one of his cards face up and the other face down. The dealer was in a better position than him now, closer to twenty-one. The next card was a seven. “Hit,” he told the dealer. Now he was at seventeen, forcing the dealer to hit to try and beat him. He saw, however, the dealer’s next card and had to force himself not to smile. It was a jack, worth ten, putting the dealer at twenty-five, a bust.
“Good job,” the dealer said. “Table pays two to one, so you get a hundred.” He handed Manny a hundred-dollar chip. Manny put down the new chip with the fifty and went another round. The dealer was going to get a seven and a queen: seventeen. Manny looked at his cards to come. He could get a two, a five, an eight, and a three. He would beat the dealer again. The dealer whistled. “Two in a row, that’s something.” He looked further ahead. The dealer would have a nine, and a queen, putting him at nineteen. Meanwhile, he could get a six, a two, a king, and an ace. He would lose either way. He pulled his chips aside and bet fifty before going another round. The cards were dealt. “Ah, I guess no one can win ‘em all.”
“I’m still in the positive, so, I’m going to keep going,” Manny replied.
The dealer shrugged. “Sure.”
This went on for a while. He would bet big when he knew he would win, and bet small when he knew he would lose. He had to stay under some amount just over eleven hundred dollars, because above that, he’d have to fill out a tax form. Maybe he’d do that at another casino, but right now, he had to maximize his starting bet at another casino. After nine hundred dollars, he stepped aside. After cashing his chips in, he pocketed the money and headed out to his car. He put the money in the middle compartment. He stared at it. Two weeks’ pay after taxes still fell short of what he had. He drove off, headed another ten or so miles to another casino. The Mississippi River had several of these to choose from.
Sitting down at another blackjack table, he sat across from another dealer, and at least two other people sat here. Normally, it would be hard to consider how far ahead to look at the cards, but somehow, her brain was smarter than his. The other people noticed his incredible luck, and he tried to minimize it by placing more on losing bets. After quite a bit of winning, some eleven thousand dollars, security approached and asked him to leave. He went to the main cage, cashed out, and was handed a form.
“Your Social Security card and Driver’s License, sir?” the cashier asked.
He opened his wallet and produced them. “Death and taxes,” he joked, handing them over. He filled out the form, and handed it back. An uncomfortable few minutes passed. “I’d like my winnings in a check, please, minus a thousand in cash, if you could.”
The cashier smiled, returning his identification. “Certainly, sir,” he said. A few minutes later, and he had a check in his pocket and more cash in his wallet. He also had a security escort to his car. He drove off and didn’t stop until he got to a branch of his bank, some four miles away. Shutting the engine off, he realized his heart was pounding.
He leaned back in his chair. A ragged breath escaped. He had to remind himself nothing was coming after him. He had gotten away with it. Obviously, he figured, otherwise security would’ve pulled him aside then and there. He went up to the ATM and deposited the check. He doubted he could handle explaining things to a live person. He could scarcely believe that almost half a year’s money had entered his possession. Starting the car again, a thought occurred to him.
Assuming this is real, he realized, it would be absurd to believe it would only happen to him. He’d gotten so mentally high from the winnings, and so distracted by the possibility of insanity, that the basic hadn’t even struck him until this point. After all, he’d unlocked more evidence: the likelihood of him hallucinating turning into another person was high. However, for the insanity option to be the truth, now, he’d have to have somehow beaten the incredible odds of casino blackjack consistently enough to have won almost twelve thousand dollars. Also, he realized he’d only been in the close, Alton casino. He’d never been in this other one. So, he would’ve had to hallucinate something he’d never seen before, in significant detail. So far, he’d made a lot of money, and assuming this wasn’t a giant hallucination, he could make more. But what bothered him is the fact that, he knew what would happen next.
He’d read enough comics to know that, should he decide to use his powers, he’d be pulled into a situation he had little control of. It rattled him, knowing that, if enough people developed powers like his, society could very well collapse. He’d read plenty of comics and even some novels, and almost all of them had the same message: society can’t handle these things. The last thing he wanted was for the world to turn into Sengoku-era Japan, with local leaders fighting wars with each other. Another disturbing thought was, he could turn into Capacitor. Michelle Delanter was a very powerful super. She had the standard flying brick power set, and fought godlike beings before. In the comics, there had been a great deal of fights she’d been in. Unfortunately, her defining characteristic was that she always had an enemy to fight, many of which were more powerful than her. Obviously, he knew, in those stories, she always won. This wasn’t a story; this was life. He had no guarantees of winning. There were no mentors to teach him how to fight as a super. He had no one to help him learn.
This was new territory. He sighed and shook his head. “Dammit,” he thought out loud. He started the car. He felt the weight of possible events to come pushing down on him. If only he could wish it away, he believed. Then a mental image flashed through his mind. Some super out of a young adult novel obliterating the entire city and its surroundings. The old him would’ve been a victim, swept away like a sandcastle, no way to fight back. Now, he might find himself having to do battle, but he wouldn’t be a helpless victim. In fact, it might turn out to be his only tool to survive.
He returned home. If trouble would come to him sooner or later, he would be prepared. He had to know how complex her powers were and to what degree they worked.
One of the first things he tested was her intelligence. Was she as smart as him? Was she smarter than him? He had to know. In college, he’d completed calculus one with a ‘B’ and that utterly thrilled him. Once he found out he wouldn’t have to complete calculus two he almost danced a jig. Now, he dug around the internet until he came across a year two calculus primer. Since it’d been almost a decade, and his math skills were rusty, he began reading through the descriptions. The websites had various levels of descriptiveness, so if he came across one that didn’t seem technical enough, he found one that was.
After twenty minutes of reading, his mind snapped back to self-awareness. Suddenly, he became aware the math fascinated him. As far as he knew, it never occurred to him that math could fascinate anyone. More importantly, not once had any of the topics that bewildered him even remotely troubled her. The wiki for Furious Thunder indicated that all the versions of her possessed some degree of enhanced intellect, most being a four out of seven—with two being an average person. The latest incarnation, however, had been upgraded to a five—marked by the descriptor, “high genius.”
“She possessed an intellect much higher than the common man,” he read, “even before becoming enhanced. Afterward, however, her brilliance was brought to nigh-superhuman levels. Although not as smart as beings such as Psi-Storm, she can outsmart many of the cleverest enemies.”
Clicking back to the tab with the math instruction, he clicked on a video of a woman explaining some of the history of calculus. I don’t know if I’d wear that, he thought.
At once he hit the spacebar, pausing the video, and leaning back in his chair.
He’d just imagined himself, in her form, wearing the woman’s clothes, and found himself not enjoying that idea. He’d analyzed what he would look like in Capacitor form, dressed like that, and it bothered him. He’d judged her clothes. That thought caught him by surprise.
I’ve never cared about fashion or how clothes look, he thought.
A gasp almost escaped his mouth. The answer immediately presented itself. When I’m physically her, he realized, specifically, the brain, she has a different gender identity than I do. It would have been confusing if he didn’t currently have the intelligence to understand it. As far as he could tell, even though the brain was the seat of consciousness, there was no break in awareness. Granted, he had to admit, it had only been a few days. Still, it was no Jekyll & Hyde; there were no two people. There was just one person, with two different forms. It’s like two different word processors on the same computer, he realized. They have different features, but they share the same basic essence.
It occurred to him that he’d shifted some excess weight to her form. Even though he did it to make his clothes fit her, it triggered the same body image issues he had as a guy, but worse. Still, at the very least, it made it convenient that his large pants fit her.
His pants had slid down. He stood there and pulled his pants back up. A thumb and index finger slid into the gap where previously, it had been snug. Standing up, he pushed the chair aside and backed up. His male form re-emerged as he shifted back to normal, even transferring his excess weight back. Checking the waist of the pants, he coughed and shook his head. Somehow, in less than twenty-four hours, her enhanced body burned through enough fat to make his pants loose.
Shifting back into her form, he clasped his hands over his face, breathed in and out, and sat down on his bed. This would be one hell of a learning curve.
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Counting card on european blackjack

Just started learning card counting amd have a few questions to make clear i do everything right.
Firstly, id like to know how profitable is counting on european blackjack tables with no hole card and no surrender; fab4 doesnt help you here. And how big impact penetration have. My guess is when casinos will suspict me for counting they will cut penetration to 50%. Wizardofodds calc says house edge is 0.30%.
And secondly, im not sure how to determinate my bet accoring to index. Lets say i have 1-10 bet spread, when exactly do i bet 2x, 3x or 10x?
Table rules are 5min 200max, dealer stands on soft 17, no hole card, no surrender, split aces up to 3 times, doible after split allowed.
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Worth it? SD nodas spl2 6:5 85-90 pen.

So I know SD with 6:5 is said to be avoided like the plague. But recently I found a pitched single deck game with $10 min with aboult 85 to 90% pen
Rules are.
Single deck.
Can play up 2 two hands.
Cards delt face down.
No-hole card. (Not European). So splits and double downs still refunded. On BJ.
Split up to 3 hands.
No double after split.
Double on any 2 cards.
No surrender.
Cant be bared or asked to leave for spreading your bet. Bet spread of 1-8 with no heat...
To top everything. I was playing head up against the dealer. With 90% pen. So even when 2 or 3 people joined pen stayed the same or better. A couple times head up with the dealer we ran out of cards mid game.
Now I only have casino verte blackjack simulator to practice manually. No edge simulators yet. Found a free one that only simulates 10,000 hands. It had me at a 1.5 edge. With hi-lo and indexes. Didnt have hiopt 1 or 2. In it.
My question is, whats the best counting strategy to use if this situation appears again. Am I missing something and over estimating the advantage I had? Or did I do everything right and wasnt just lucky. Optimal bet spread ect.
I was using High-low full indexes. Composition stratagy for first hand after shuffle. Bet spread was. 0=10. 1=10. 2=25. 3=35. 4=45 5= 2x30. Just wanna make sure I was doing everything correctly. My reading says 6:5 can be over come by a larger bet spread the 1-4.
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How to Play 21/Blackjack: The goal of 21 is to amount your card values as near to 21 as possible without exceeding or 'busting' it. Moreover, you have to beat whatever hand both the dealer and other players have drawn; if they have 20 and you have 19, you lose the hand. Blackjack Strategy Basic Strategy in Blackjack. Download our Blackjack Basic Strategy PDF!. When new players jump into the exciting world of blackjack, they often encounter exotic stories involving card counting and advanced blackjack strategies.With names like spooking, ace tracking and the zen count it’s easy to become intimidated and to skip over learning black jack basic strategy. If the dealer deals you two cards with the same blackjack card value, the rules of blackjack say you may “split” them into two separate hands by placing another bet equal to your initial wager. For example, virtually all players of 21 will split a pair of Aces by placing an additional bet to create two potentially winning hands. The text of Professional Blackjack presents index numbers from -10 to +10. The appendix presents index numbers from -20 to +20. I personally use index numbers from -1 to +6. What should you use? Part of the reason I memorize such a limited range of index numbers is during the days I supported myself playing blackjack, I traveled the world to find the best games, and I played against quite a Indexes can be confusing because they mean different things for different decisions. The 11v7 index is a doubling index, where you should hit when the count is below the index, and double when the count is at or above the index number. In this case, that means hit 11v7 if the count is -20 or worse, and double 11v7 if the count is -19 or better.

[index] [5646] [15221] [3622] [5713] [4850] [4530] [3892] [7121] [773] [13050]