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How Pople Loose Their Domain Names

Recent headlines tell us that there are more and more hackers in countries around the world willing to take a shot at cybercrime. One way for cybercriminals to make money is to steal domain names. For anyone who has a valuable domain name stolen, the effects can be devastating. Domain owners need to understand how domains are stolen, and the steps they can take to protect their domain from theft or just plain old neglect!
In the same way that a boat or a car has a record of ownership, a domain name does too. When you register a domain, you reserve ownership over the domain for a certain period of time. Year after year, you extend your claim over the domain by renewing it before it reaches the end of its registration term.
Even though a domain name is not something tangible like a car or a boat, it can have far more importance to a company than anything that can be picked up and carried away by a thief. A single record of registration is used as the gateway to an online market of billions. The domain name is tied into print media, web site links, email addresses. It is embedded in the fabric that binds the real world to the online world.
You never hear of cases where the ownership of a boat changes hands without the owner realizing it. In today's highly automated world, most domain name registrars allow their customers to manage all their domain name registration records online, in real-time, automatically. This level of convenience allows domain names to be sold extremely cheaply. However, it also opens the door for thieves, and puts more of the responsibility for ensuring the security of domain names in the hands of the domain owner.
Suppose a criminal scopes your domain name and sees that it could hold some money making potential for them. The first thing they will do is investigate how to potentially get access to the account you use to manage your domain name registration record. The most common way this is done is to discover and hack into the email address used in the domain registration record. If a criminal knows the email address used to register your domain, their chances of getting control of your domain increase dramatically.
All registrars are required to show your contact records to the public. One important step you can take to protect your domain name is to use a service that hides your actual email address from the public. This service - available at most registrars - has different names such as 'whois protection', 'privacy guard', or 'whois proxy'. Basically it works by placing an intermediary company to replace your contact information and email address with theirs. The company is responsible for protecting your information and forwarding all contact requests to you. You still own the domain and manage the registrations of course. The small fee paid to hide your email address and protect your domain is a good deal. Not to mention the benefit of reduced spam and other solicitations.
Yet, the hacker might not be discouraged at this point. There are tools they may use to examine the history of changes to your domain records before you added privacy protection. So once your records are protected, the next thing to do is to modify your account information and registration record to use a new email address. The new email address should ideally be a newly created SMTP email account with a separate username and password. It is important to check this address regularly for new email! Most email software like Outlook or Thunderbird allows you to check multiple email boxes.
Once your email address is hidden and you have assigned a new email address to the contact information of your domain account you have taken a very meaningful first step to protecting your domains. The next most important thing to do is to get all your account details together and file them somewhere you will remember. Print out your ownership records (also called the 'WhoiIs' record) along with the print date. Write down the username and password of your account and include the name of the company you registered your domain with.
Keep in mind that a domain name can be registered for up to 10 years and it's likely that you won't need to change it for years at a time. In that time a domain name registrar may change ownership or even be forced out of business. If you need to make a small change to the domain such as changing web hosting providers, it makes the task so much easier if you have all your information easily accessible.
Over the years things change; you might change jobs, or your business might move for example. Your phone number could change. It is very important to take a moment to update your domain records with the new information. In the worst-case scenario, failing to keep your domain ownership records updated can cause you to lose your domain! Who needs hackers when you can do it to yourself? When you change email addresses, update your records with the new address before the old address is disabled. The same thing applies when your company moves, or changes phone numbers.
Be aware that a domain name has an expiration date on it! The single most common reason that people loose control of their domain is that they failed to realize the domain name had expired! Make it at least a yearly task to check the expiration date on your domains. If it's your birthday, take a moment to check up on your domain. Keep an eye for renewal alerts in your email box. Check the billing information on your account as well. If your domain is set to renew automatically, it might fail if the billing info you have on your account is no longer valid. Even if you renew your domain to its maximum registration term, make it a paranoid obsession to check up on its expiration date.
Beware of disgruntled employees and contractors. Anyone who manages your information systems, or who is responsible for managing your registration records basically has the keys to your castle. Can you really put your trust in their hands? If you have a dispute with your web site designer or an employee, are your domains and accounts safe from their wrath? Recently, a Nigerian based betting company lost about NGN 22 million ($ 60,000) to hackers who took advantage of the company's negligence of domain expiration to take over the company's domain name. Till now, the company redirects its URL to an alternative one. The same happened to Soup Embassy an online soup vendor that helps clients who are looking for where to buy soup online with the best online soup ordering experience.
As the domain owner, you may choose to delegate the management of your domains and websites to employees, assistants or service providers. In this case, you might want to work with your registrar and ask that all changes made to your domain names are approved with you beforehand. This often involves setting up a separate contract or agreement that describes special procedures to be followed in the approval process. The extra steps involved will remove the convenient automation of domain management and will add costs and slow down the process of making changes. If a domain name has extreme importance to the operation of a company, then adding an approval process before allowing changes makes complete sense.
In summary, here is a list of the steps domain owners can take to keep their domains safe:
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Now there is no doubt that with so many variables, betting on sport is risky business. But with the right soccer prediction app, you can be sure of making your bets based on more than just your gut feeling.
Stakegains, one of the top soccefootball prediction sites on the World Wide Web, provides the most updated and well-researched football betting tips, winning goal predictions and soccer team picks to its members.
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Bet9ja – It is one of the fastest growing sports betting company in Nigeria. Their payout is very fast. They offer 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bets. You can also place bets on a match or games that have already started or still in-play.
Betrepublicana – Their odds are very high too. Fastest paying betting company in Nigeria of winnings to both Agents and customers, and they also offers bonus to customers on bet slip. As an Agent you get 30% weekly profit while Operators Get 40% weekly profit plus other benefit attached. Their agents never run into loss. This company is highly recommended.
Betcolony – It’s a fastest paying betting company in Nigeria for online customers, fast payments of winnings to both Agents and customers, offers bonus to customers on bet slip. Their odds are very high too. As an Agent you get 30% weekly profit while Operators Get 40% weekly profit plus other benefit attached. Their agent never runs into loss. This company is highly recommended.
Lovingbet – It is also among the fastest paying betting company in Nigeria for online customers who want to play with their laptop or mobile phones. It only takes few hours to withdraw your money from your betting account to your bank account. 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bets. You can also place bets on a match or games that have already started or still in-play. This company is highly recommended for customers who wants to stake/ or place bets with their mobile phones or laptop.The Nigerian Sport betting company (sites) are the same standard as any international bookmaker Company (site’s). You can place bets on all international gaming events with them. With some of these sites you can even place bet during live games. Some also support all types of games, Soccer, Basketball etc. Apart from international games, some are also supporting bets on NIGERIAN PREMIER LEAGUE.NOTE: To all readers kindly note that the above company are subject to reveals (for shuffling) according to their performance and agent and customer patronage. Please make your choice wisely and thank you for your reading patience. Secondly, the above company Financial policy and Percentage are subject to change, kindly go through their Monetary policy and Rules to determine your choice.
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[Table] I am a beneficiary of a multi-million dollar trust but the bank won't distribute money to me so I'm poor. AMA.

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Date: 2013-12-15
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I get this sucks, but may I throw it out there that your grandad was a lawyer and probably had a good idea of what he was putting in his will? I am just scared that you are making yourself bitter over something that really you have should not be. I hope things work out. The trustee shall distribute to any of the beneficiaries as much or as little as they see fit for any reason at all with no duty of equalization. Beneficiaries are defined as descendants of his wife. (Grandpa was not biological grandfather).
The bank concedes I'm currently a beneficiary and eligible for distributions but their policy is to not make any distributions while my mother is still living and she's very healthy.
Trustees have a duty to be impartial and and reasonable. It seems their plan is extremely favorable to my mother's generation (and hence my cousins) at my expense. The money might be near depleted or run out in a couple decades while she's still living with the fees and distributions and depending on what the stock market does.
That said, I would be willing to bet some dipshit at that bank has a flow chart somewhere as to how to distribute money in this circumstance. I am sure they are following it by the book, and if that is indeed the case, you may feel better understanding that. As I understand it, they are distributing a bare minimum to avoid the estate being taxed (taxes get pushed to the beneficiaries). But there is a conflict of interest in my opinion. The bank does not want to distribute a penny more than income distributions because the bank makes a percentage fee managing the trust. So they won't distribute to anyone else for any reason it seems.
It seems insane for anyone to nominate a bank as a trustee anyway. They're hardly known for scrupulousness or fairness. Agreed.
Really frustrating. I do not think the bank can do anything against the will of the beneficiaries frankly, but that said im canadian so things probably work a bit differently here (and in comparison to you as a brit). Oh, I'm an American not Brit. But yes you are exactly correct. The banks have what's called a fiduciary relationship with the beneficiaries and are required to act in their best interest. But the bank would argue the income is being divided equally among the 3 different families even though not equal individually.
But I think they are failing to abide by their fiduciary duties and acting in the interest of the bank rather than in my best interest.
I can not help but think that you are slightly peeved that your cousins are able to spend and squander while you live in relative struggle. I don't disagree with that.
I honestly don't want to be some greedy slacker. I used to be a very hard working motivated type. But I would like fairness and I think it's unfair that I should struggle like this. I worked really hard after college and saved everything for almost 10 years and then I just had damn bad luck. I wish I had lived it up rather than doing as told..401k, IRA, property investment. At least I'm not dead broke.
The trustee said they had never seen a trust so complicated the way it's written and they weren't sure how they would go about until they consulted the lawyer that drafted the distribution plan.
It's hard to say what my grandfather wanted. The language seemed to be very liberal in allowing distributions for any reason that a beneficiary needed anything. But it also gave them a great deal of power.
My grandfather wasn't an idiot so I would have to think he would know a bank would be greedy and wouldn't give anything more than required but then maybe banks were different in his time. I'll never really know exactly how he would have wanted it handled. I think his primary concern was avoiding taxes and leaving a legacy for his grandchildren.
I have talked to my mother about the situation. She is empathetic to an extent. She is giving me a small portion of the money but she needs most because she didn't save for retirement and she wants to live well now.
They absolutely should be distributing it in the traditional way that most estates are distributing it. That's probably true but the trust gives them very broad powers where they might make a distribution to any beneficiary for any reason. It seems given my extenuating circumstances they might assist me in furthering my education to return to my country and rejoin the work force. Their current administration plan seems to render my beneficiary status as absolutely meaningless.
I imagine my mother would do more to help me if she could but she did not have any savings or plan for retirement so she really needs the money.
Isn't it possible to make a friendly request at a higher placed bank employee? or, isn't it possible to threaten the bank with a lawsuit? a lot of companies will budge in that situation. I've (politely) threatened a lawsuit. I paid $500 dollars to have a couple lawyers write a letter insinuating we will sue. I thought they would then take me seriously.
That's when I learned a little something that should give all redditors reason for pause before ever making a bank the trustee of your estate: In the event of lawsuit, the trustee/bank can use the estate funds to defend themselves. Read that again... The bank can use the beneficiaries money to pay lawyers to fight against the beneficiaries. (I hope if nothing else this comment paragraph can be ready by all)
The bank paid a lawyer about $5,000 to research this and draft a long response letter of why they don't have to make distributions to me even though I am a current beneficiary because they have discretionary power. (I have access to the accounting of the trust so I can see the expenses and I saw what they paid this guy to write the letter) It sent the message that this would be a very very expensive pissing contest if I want to fight it. Expensive to me personally to the extent that I can't afford it, as well as expensive to the money in the trust for my family.
Regarding speaking to someone higher up at the bank that is actually something I should consider. The person that is the trust administer has a VP title but I don't think he's really more of a glorified account manager. I should probably spend some time trying to determine who else I might speak to at the company.
In the end though, I'm asking a bank to give me money. And they make a percentage of money managing these funds so they want to give them away.
How much of this is fighting the bank and how much is fighting the family? I mean, there's nothing stopping your mother and her siblings from giving you part of their take if that's what they want. I'm guessing there's some ill will between you. Well my mother is the only remaining sibling. Her sisters are both deceased so her children (my cousins) are receiving the income.
My mother and father divorced when I was a baby and my father isn't in my life. My mother and my cousins are the only family I know. So to put things in perspective, my entire family except for me is receiving a large deal of income from this trust while I get zero.
My mother was poor and didn't save for retirement so this inheritance is her retirement plan. She has been able to give me a small portion of the income but needs it for herself. I can't say it's fair but it's better than nothing and I guess it's all she can really do. I wished she had tried a bit harder to plan for retirement so I could have some money to restart my life.
I can't help but feel that one of my cousins should really share a portion with me given the difficult circumstances of my life. The financial crisis hit me hard in many ways. Lost my job, had a stock portfolio that got demolished because I thought bank stocks and bonds were safe, owned real estate that lost over 75% of it's value. I gave up and after two years of looking finding work teaching English overseas. By contrast my cousin founded a software company that got bought out so I'm sure he's a millionaire and doesn't need the money at all.
I have fought back and forth with the bank but they state they have power to decide how to make distributions and they decided to give income to my mom's generation and my cousins but not me because my mom is alive. I feel quite strongly that they are screwing me out of my inheritance especially during a time of need since I faced 2 years of unemployment and own a condo that is upside down. A couple lawyers said I have a good case but it's not a slam dunk so they can't take it on contingency and I can't really afford to fight it. To make things worse, if I do ever fight it in court, the bank is allowed to use the family money to fight back.. Messed up right?
Yeah, sorry. It puts you in the horrible position of needing your mother to die. How did Gramps make his pile? Grandpa was an awesome guy. He was a lawyer and also held a high government position with the state at one time. But yeah, I agree. My mom even once said this to the bank saying she doesn't want this to be done so that she needs to die before I'm allowed anything but they won't budge.
Have you ever had an STD? Once I broke my ankle. Some people might consider that to be a short term disability but I still made it to work.
Wow. Just Wow. Lucky it didn't become an LTD.
Why do you feel entitled to this money? Good question. Well. My grandfather once told me after he passes I would have a safety net. I'm currently in Asia living on less than 14K a year. I used to have a very good upper middle class life from a consulting career but fell off the corporate ladder and was financially wrecked by the economic crisis and unemployment.
I feel my mother and cousins are entitled to more than I am but I feel I'm entitled to some portion as I am a named beneficiary. The banks current management plan could very well leave me with zero inheritance.
I think at the very least I ought to be able to live in my own country and maybe go back to school. I tried seeking work at every level but found out long term unemployment discrimination is a very real thing. I think as a beneficiary I ought to be entitled to a chance to reeducate myself and return to my country. Currently, I have no vehicle or the money to get health insurance or an apartment if I were to return to the US. I'm afraid returning without assistance could end in bankcruptcy. I'm not broke now but I have to manage my remaining savings very carefully.
OK, let me rephrase. Why do you feel entitled to be listed as a beneficiary? I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything, just looking for a perspective. My family is fairly well off, but I've made it clear I want nothing to do with what they've earned. Well my grandfather named the beneficiaries eligible for income distributions as all the descendants of my grandmother and that includes me. My grandfather's wealth has to go somewhere. To me it seems fair for me to be included.
I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean on a philosophical level, should beneficiaries be entitled to inherit money from their familly or do you mean should I be listed as a beneficiary.
really, couldn't find a single job in the united states in 2 years It sounds crazy right? Initially I probably didn't work hard enough and exhaust every resource possible. After six months to a year of being unemployed you are actively discriminated against. And when you try to apply for any retail position, or food service position or anything else "lower" on the ladder, they look at last job, see "implementation consultant" and won't interview you because they probably figure you'll bounce as soon as something better comes along.
Not buying it. It's true. Perhaps I could have tried harder and been more creative in my job search but I became pretty demoralized after some time. I would try hunting on foot and they would always say go to the website. I would submit on the website and never hear anything back. The MonsteDice/Indeed game is so depressing. I would apply to positions and then several months I would seem the same position listed again and apply again.
I would try to submit resumes to companies and would be required to set up a username password and then when I did that the system would always recognize my email because I've already applied. Go through the process, of password recovery, spend 30 minutes filling out profile, sometimes system crashes and you lose everything, sometimes it goes through but I never ever heard anything back. Probably sent out over 1000 resumes.
I approached my job search in the way I always did before. I've held a few positions and climbed the ladder over the years. I've done contract work several times before so I'm not clueless in the job search game. But I'm definitely willing to admit my search strategies weren't good enough for the job market and with the ugly mark of long term unemployed. Maybe next time I'll get a billboard, or go downtown withe a sign or start approaching strangers on the street. I dont' know what to do.
Have you ever got in to a fist fight with a celebrity? No but I saw Alfonso Ribero in a bar once and he gave me a thumbs up after seeing me do "The Carlton". True story.
So in that case you have no chance if the grandfather gave them so much power over it. And I don't think they have to be impartial, maybe they decided that since you became unemployed they weren't going to be trusting money in your hands. It's not in regards to my employment status. It's because my mother is alive and they are doing a per stripes distribution. Only to the top level of descendants. And it seems they won't deviate whether I'm living on the street or wealthy.
Do you get along with any of your cousins well? If so, talk to them about the issue you're having and explain that the only option you see is suing the trustee and diminishing the funds. See if they offer to provide you with distributions. My relationship with most of my cousins is not bad. One family saw the income split 3 ways with 3 siblings. They feel a bit cheated as another cousin is getting 3 times their income. Ironically the cousin getting 3 times the income is already very successful and doesn't need the income at all. Our relationship used to be good but I believe he now sees me as a bit of a bitter slacker who is wasting my prime earning years.
Are you sure that you're not a bitter slacker who is wasting your prime earning years? Well I spent over two years looking for work. There is a point where you need to accept whatever you can get wherever in the world the job is so you can feed yourself. I am a bit bitter I suppose.
I've got a bachelors but not a hard skillset. I climbed the ladder for years in a consulting industry but then found I fell off the ladder and couldnt' get back on in 08. I think all the layed off financial analyst took jobs in the industry.
You sound pretty angry.
So, those years in consulting, you didn't get a skillset? I do/did. SQL, data analysis, large database administration, HRIS. For several years I was able to hold good jobs and also do lucrative contracts. But somehow after 2008 it didn't help. My guess is that the loads of layed off financial analyst from banks had a similar skillset and flooded the market. I'm not really a very "connected" person and always relied on merit to find jobs as oppposed to leaning on people. In a job market like we have post 2008 that's not enough if you have a long term unemployment scarlet letter it seems.
I'm just a bitter grouch because I grew up in poverty. I group up sort of mixed so I know poverty. My mom and I were poor but when I visited my grandparents which was often it was nice because they were rich. My dad abandoned us so my grandparents sort of became like my parents. My grandfather was the closest thing to a dad I had so it's weird to see his money go to cousins that grew up not even knowing him.
Well, what I would suggest is to be happy that your mother's retirement is taken care of and that you won't have to worry about her. What would you do with that money if you got it? Because the money won't give you a job obviously.
now that you went to Asia to teach English, you've closed that gap in employment A damn good question man. I don't really know. I'm very conservative and have considered returning to school but I was a mediocre student in college so I don't know if getting into grad school would be doable in the current market.
I've considered starting a business but I don't have any great ideas I feel sure about and I'd had to lose money in some epic failure. I guess I would use the money to try like hell to gain another contract position doing what I used to do or something similar. It will be hard with over 5 years out of the industry.
I should mention that I returned to the US for about 7 months last year to resume the job search and had no luck. I couldn't even get temp positions because the didn't want someone who has no recent corporate experience (as in the last 2 years). Seem like blatant long term unemployment discrimination to me! But my point is that teaching English overseas is really something that helped my career at all. It was a great learning experience but I don't think most corporations see it as something valuable.
Yeah, that sucks. Traveling makes me happy. I'm a bit of a technology whore. Love computers, reading, reddit, working out, pretty girls, investing, a bit of an entrepreneurial mindset but without the creativity to start an idea. I had an idea to start a property management company but I'm unsure how to market it or if it would be profitable enough to survive on.
Question: What makes you the happiest in life? Do you have any hobbies or talents? (I'm going somewhere with this) I have made a few attempts at learning programming but I'm not sure I'm right for it. But I haven't completely given up yet.
What do you like about traveling, investing, and tech? Traveling:I really like seeing other cultures, learning about the human condition, exploring the world, having a fun adventure.
Investing: I learned investing from my grandfather. I like the idea of putting your money to work and profiting from it. I like the idea that with careful research and planning you can have an advantage and eventually create wealth for yourself and family. It feels good when you pick a winner. I have some Apple and Google stock and a CTRIP...the Chinese orbtiz. I'm not dead broke thank goodness. I just like enjoying the creativity of what technology can bring and using information to be informed. My grandmother pushed me into computers back in the 80's buying a Commodore for her grandkids. Later she made another push after reading of rave reviews of the up and coming Windows 95. That pushed me back into computers post high school. I only wish I had listened to my cousin's advice to learn to program. I have made a couple attempts but didn't stick with it enough. A bit of ADD to battle with.
No investing, as we know where that got you before. NO!! lol. I didn't lose it all and I learned from my mistakes. I'm more broadly invested in index funds like S&P 500 and this year I'm up over 20% so that helped me recovery a portion of my prior losses. But I'm much more conservative now.
Find something you love, and get lost in it. I'm on a strict budget and at least while here in Asia working, I'm not using up any savings.
This is good advice but I don't know why it's so hard for me to do this. Recently i started doing some mountain hikes. I should keep at it.
Good! But it isn't something you should have to really "try" to do. The thing is, if you want to do something badly enough, it won't be a challenge to do it. I guess what I mean is maybe I don't have any strong desires because I end up spending most of my time just reading/surfing reddit/watching movies. It's frugal when you don't have a lot to spend but I'm failing to find something to love/pursue. Travel is a love but it's not so cheap.
I would probably need to be more active to discover a passion but I'm hesitant to be too active because it usually costs money.
How old are you now? Is there any clause that you can't get your money till you reach a certain age? At this point of the administration of the trust there is no such clause. There is a limitation after my mom passes but I'm already past that age.
Well are you in your 30's or what? Late 30's yes.
So I take you are past the stage where you would blow it all. Have you gotten any money from the trust at all? Prior to my grandparents passing my grandparents had directed the bank to make a small gift to me annually. Since they passed a couple years I have not received anything from the bank.
I'm actually very conservative. Like, I'm that guy that actually maxed out his 401k in my early twenties. I am a compulsive saver and investor. Now I invest more in index funds to avoid fallout from bad companies.
Republican or democrat? Do you make a liveable wage now? Now, I'm making roughly 14K a year. I couldn't survive in the US on this much. I'm fiscally conservative but liberal with regards to people's personal freedoms. I don't think I fit neatly into a political bucket. Perhaps somewhat libertarian but pretty politically agnostic to be honest.
Is that 14K USD? I don't know if you were able to get a college education but with you do seem like quite the intelligent person. Why are you making so little? Yeah. in US dollars I'm making about 14,000 a year now. I'm teaching English and my schedule isn't terribly full. That much money goes further in Asia then in the US. My last salary back in the US was over 70K.
Are you Nigerian by any chance? No but maybe I show go Captain Philips on some ship. But hey seriously good movie though.
Maybe you should send your mother a letter pretending to be a Nigerian prince? Hmmm.
Why don't you contact the media directly? I'm considering it. Any ideas of which outlet to go to? Anyone here have any contacts?
I don't have a question, but an advice. Go to a lawyers firm that takes pro bono cases ( that means that they do it for free and just for the name) then, even though they're pro bono offer them a part of the fund, like a really small part, and they'll probably help you. Good luck! I have looked into this a little bit but it's not easy. Usually pro bono lawyers are not working with trust funds and estates. If I could find one I definitely would love to talk to one. If anyone knows someone that could help I'd be happy to pay a portion of any money I get.
Friend, look up the law on "trustee removal" in your state. And get a lawyer. I will look into this. I have tried to talk to probably over 35 lawyers and many stated conflict of interest from current relationship with the bank. Some didn't return my calls and some wanted large sums of money. I guess I need to keep looking. The problem is the bank can use trust money to fight the lawyers. I real lose/lose situation.
I just noticed your username. This seems to be a big part of your life. This is a throwaway but yes it is. I mean my situation is my life. Right now I'm in Asia living on about 14K a year and debating going back to the US to try to find "real work" again. It's stressful because the thought of having no car, no health insurance, no apartment and no job. To be clear, I'm not flat broke but making the wrong moves and not finding a job will put me on a very fast road to the poor house. Mom will provide a place to stay though but the thought of living with mom at 40? Sigh..
I'll give you 10k if I get 25%. I'll give you 10K if I get 25% as well lol.
Get lawyer to work on contingency and offer to pay them a very high amount (I.e. more than the $10k in lawyer fees they would have earned. Go closer to the $100k range) and then see how hard they work for you. You are most certainly not wrong or greedy for wanting what is rightfully yours. I guess rightfully yours is something some would argue with. At least the bank would.
No, you're not poor. Fair enough, I still have some savings. But I own two condos both of which are upside down (I owe more money then they are worth and they are both rented out costing more money then the rent brings in..they are close to breaking even but not quite .I can't sell them without declaring bankrupty and I don't want to)
I'm sort of on a ledge teetering. If I could return to my career gainfully employed I would be ok, but if I returned to the US and didn't find work my savings will steadily march to zero within a year or so.
The big banks are bad. No if, ands, or buts. Personally, I use a credit union for all my needs, with the exception of my business accounts. I can't give you specific advice, but I can tell you that you are not alone. I hope it works out for you in the end. Can I ask you to tell more about your experience? How did they steal? How did the lawsuits go? Did they use trust fund money to pay their lawyers?
Hello madame! It really does sound like the start of some Nigerian scam right? But I'm not asking for anything. A couple of the times I've talked to lawyers and when I start explaining the situation I can't help but feel it sounds "scammish". If the thread were to blow up I could probably provide some authentication to the mods.
If this is legit you should have no problem finding a lawyer to work on a contingency. You would be surprised. Many estate lawyers have relationships with banks and can't help because of conflict of interest. Perhaps some people thought my story sounded hokey. (Calling from Asia on Skype). Most lawyers though I have at least a reasonable case but it's definitely not a slam dunk. I think my odds of winning are not great because the trust does give the trustee broad discretionary powers and their are legal trustee administration guides out there that say in the event of a trustee having broad powers they are advised to administer a trust per stirpes which means that they should first give to the top generation and not to the next generation unless the parents are no longer living. But it's not so simple, the trustee does have responsibilities to be impartial and reasonable. That's where the court case would come in. My lawyer would need to show that given the circumstances the bank is being unreasonable. I guess my chances or winning are probably like 40 to 60% because courts don't like to tell trustees what to do.
If you really have a case, you should probably talk about this as little as possible. Anything you say online could be used against you. I suppose that might be true but I don't think I'm in a financial situation to fight this and I don't want to cost my family the money the bank would use.
That really sucks...hopefully you find a lawyer that can help you out...Banks are pure evil...the greed knows no's not even their money. Damn right man. And these bastards are reaping over 40 thousand dollars a year "managing" the trust. I know this post might sound like I'm some slacker but I worked hard for about a decade and banks were my downfall.
Lost a good deal of money from corporate bonds one invested in Citigroup. They defaulted on bond payments and I lost it all. I don't understand how they got out of their obligations if they are still in business. Also had several bank stocks because I thought banks ought to be a safe investment.
Also owned two pieces of real estate which I still own as rental properties although both are now worth less than the mortgage. I worked my ass off for close to a decade and saved very aggressively, invested somewhat conservatively but just had BAD LUCK. Got divorced after two years unmployed then just said fuck it and now teach little Asian rugrats. It's not terrible but I can't help feel really cheated.
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