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Hello all, first time poster here. So I’m on the road to affiliate right now..

As said in the title, I’m currently on the road to affiliate. I’m super close to achieving it, BUT I can’t seem to get the concurrent views. I think I’m at 1.93 average viewers in the last 30 days. My question to you fine people is, What is the best way to get people to stop by and watch? I play a game I love, but sometimes I’m not the best at it. But I have fun. EDIT: just a quick edit for anyone who was following of today, 4/10/2020, I’m officially a twitch affiliate!
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Thank God for the new mods who are actually cleaning this place up.

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[D] The machine learning community has a toxicity problem

It is omnipresent!
First of all, the peer-review process is broken. Every fourth NeurIPS submission is put on arXiv. There are DeepMind researchers publicly going after reviewers who are criticizing their ICLR submission. On top of that, papers by well-known institutes that were put on arXiv are accepted at top conferences, despite the reviewers agreeing on rejection. In contrast, vice versa, some papers with a majority of accepts are overruled by the AC. (I don't want to call any names, just have a look the openreview page of this year's ICRL).
Secondly, there is a reproducibility crisis. Tuning hyperparameters on the test set seem to be the standard practice nowadays. Papers that do not beat the current state-of-the-art method have a zero chance of getting accepted at a good conference. As a result, hyperparameters get tuned and subtle tricks implemented to observe a gain in performance where there isn't any.
Thirdly, there is a worshiping problem. Every paper with a Stanford or DeepMind affiliation gets praised like a breakthrough. For instance, BERT has seven times more citations than ULMfit. The Google affiliation gives so much credibility and visibility to a paper. At every ICML conference, there is a crowd of people in front of every DeepMind poster, regardless of the content of the work. The same story happened with the Zoom meetings at the virtual ICLR 2020. Moreover, NeurIPS 2020 had twice as many submissions as ICML, even though both are top-tier ML conferences. Why? Why is the name "neural" praised so much? Next, Bengio, Hinton, and LeCun are truly deep learning pioneers but calling them the "godfathers" of AI is insane. It has reached the level of a cult.
Fourthly, the way Yann LeCun talked about biases and fairness topics was insensitive. However, the toxicity and backlash that he received are beyond any reasonable quantity. Getting rid of LeCun and silencing people won't solve any issue.
Fifthly, machine learning, and computer science in general, have a huge diversity problem. At our CS faculty, only 30% of undergrads and 15% of the professors are women. Going on parental leave during a PhD or post-doc usually means the end of an academic career. However, this lack of diversity is often abused as an excuse to shield certain people from any form of criticism. Reducing every negative comment in a scientific discussion to race and gender creates a toxic environment. People are becoming afraid to engage in fear of being called a racist or sexist, which in turn reinforces the diversity problem.
Sixthly, moral and ethics are set arbitrarily. The U.S. domestic politics dominate every discussion. At this very moment, thousands of Uyghurs are put into concentration camps based on computer vision algorithms invented by this community, and nobody seems even remotely to care. Adding a "broader impact" section at the end of every people will not make this stop. There are huge shitstorms because a researcher wasn't mentioned in an article. Meanwhile, the 1-billion+ people continent of Africa is virtually excluded from any meaningful ML discussion (besides a few Indaba workshops).
Seventhly, there is a cut-throat publish-or-perish mentality. If you don't publish 5+ NeurIPS/ICML papers per year, you are a looser. Research groups have become so large that the PI does not even know the name of every PhD student anymore. Certain people submit 50+ papers per year to NeurIPS. The sole purpose of writing a paper has become to having one more NeurIPS paper in your CV. Quality is secondary; passing the peer-preview stage has become the primary objective.
Finally, discussions have become disrespectful. Schmidhuber calls Hinton a thief, Gebru calls LeCun a white supremacist, Anandkumar calls Marcus a sexist, everybody is under attack, but nothing is improved.
Albert Einstein was opposing the theory of quantum mechanics. Can we please stop demonizing those who do not share our exact views. We are allowed to disagree without going for the jugular.
The moment we start silencing people because of their opinion is the moment scientific and societal progress dies.
Best intentions, Yusuf
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Reiterating our No Marketing rule

We've been noticing a lot more marketing by new accounts on /malefashionadvice from business, start-ups, bloggers, etc. We are aware that a lot more brands are looking online for sales and marketing given the current Covid-19 Pandemic.
However, this subreddit has never, and will never allow direct marketing.
If you see any marketing on our community please use the report button. And if you receive unsolicited private messages from brands or stylists after asking for advice in our community please let us know through modmail.
We welcome brands who wish to contribute constructively to MFA by giving advice, insights and contributing meaningfully throughout our community. Not just spamming their own content and only commenting in their own posts. As a moderator team we believe this is the best way to balance our community benefiting from industry insight and not becoming a dumping ground for marketing.
An abridged version of our rules from a wiki rule page is below:

5. No Marketing

All marketing efforts excluding AMAs, are prohibited and will be removed.
This includes posting:

5.1 No spam

No spam or self-promotion. As a rule of thumb if 10% of your submissions and/or comments are from your own site/content/affiliate links, you're almost certainly a spammer.
Spamming will lead to your account being banned and the URL of your website put on the blocked list. Ban evasion will be escalated to the Admins of Reddit and your IP will be blocked from the entire website.

5.2 Engaging with MFA

We welcome brands who wish to contribute constructively to MFA. This means giving advice and contributing meaningfully throughout different posts. This does not just mean posting your own content and commenting in your own posts, and not interacting outside of them. While marketing efforts are prohibited on MFA, we will use our discretion to approve posts by company representatives that constructively engage with and improve the community.
All corporate accounts, regardless of size (department chain, smaller stores, sites/blogs) and affiliation (CEO, buyer, sales associate, etc.), should be cleared by the mods before posting. Once the account has been approved, a user flair will be assigned with the appropriate title.
If you would like to set up an Ask Me Anything (AMA), please contact the mods and refer to the AMA guidelines. In addition, we will send you an update AMA pack on Google Docs. More recent AMAs can be viewed here.

5.3 Online Crowdfunding Campaigns

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5.4 Referral Links

Referral links (specially-coded links which give the poster payment or credit when they're used) are not permitted.

5.5 Product releases/announcements

Direct link to product release or announcements are not allowed. If you wish to let the community know of a product, please post an article (Hypebeast, GC, etc.) and not a direct product link as this would constitute as a sale/spam post.

5.6 Market Research

Market research, product feedback and surveys are all prohibited. We're an advice community, not a platform for market research. This included both established businesses, start-ups, side hustles and single person ventures.

5.7 Academic Research

Academic research is generally prohibited and unlikely to be approved. Undergraduate research is very unlikely to be approved given the volume of students using Reddit. For surveys and polls please go to /samplesize. For more information see our full wiki page.
Thank you all.
Nay on behalf of the /malefashionadvice moderator team.
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Is this a good present for a car guy?

Not sure if I’m in the appropriate subreddit for this but i wanted to do something for my car enthusiast boyfriend, so I ordered a poster from a graphic designer on Etsy who creates prints of cars. I got my boyfriend a custom 24x36” poster that has the 5 cars that he has owned, with all the small details so they look pretty much identical to his (wrap colors, mods, etc). I’ve never gotten him a car related gift so I’m not sure if he would like this? I thought it was a good idea at first but I’m starting to think it’s a little cheesy haha. Any thoughts?
Example of the posters
Edit: Wow didn’t think this post would get this much attention so thank you to everyone who has responded! My boyfriend LOVED the gift and is stoked to hang it up I’ve had several people comment on how this might be an ad, I promise you all this was not intended to be an advertisement whatsoever and I am in no way affiliated with the Etsy seller, although he does make amazing prints. The link was just an example, although my boyfriend loves German cars haha. The cars that he owned was a ‘13 FRS, ‘11 328i, ‘15 335i, ‘11 m3, and he just got a ‘09 C63 if anyone was wondering :-). I would post a picture of the poster but I’m not sure how as I hardly use Reddit.
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"Which deck should I play to get into Legacy?": A shoutout to Bryant Cook

Morning all,
I'm not usually one for the "let's show some love to x" posts but here we are.
Almost every day I see people post on here asking which deck they should play, how to get into the format etc. The usual answers always come up where people suggest budget decks, the deck they're into, or a deck that fits the poster's playstyle based on other formats. As someone who is now firmly entrenched in Legacy (Lands, thanks for asking, yes my wife knows how much I spent on my Tabby) and someone who now has a Manatraders account, I like to try different decks either for fun or to improve my game by seeing how other decks function in detail. This, in a way, gives me the 'beginner's experience' each time I pick up a new deck.
My progression was Manaless Dredge, LED Dredge, ANT, and now Lands. A few days ago I thought I'd give TES a go since I was coming up against it regularly on Modo. Enter,! Bryant Cook, and by extension that website are invaluable to people either entering the format or picking up that deck, and I think the more content/content creators like that the better. There is all the information you could need on decklists, play patterns, sideboarding, just everything. I know it's unrealistic, but if we had a resource like that for every deck then new players/adopters of the deck could be pointed in that direction and away they go!
Anyway, I know the TES website isn't just Bryant, it's a team effort, and we have some amazing content creators (quick shoutout to Morgormir for his recent thesis on Lands) in the community, but I really wanted to point to Bryant/TES in this post because the website is the highest quality content you can get (imo) and the endless time/effort really shows.
Thanks for listening.
Ps I am in no way sponsored by/affiliated to Bryant/TES, in fact thinking about it I want less combo in the meta so, yeah, feel free to play something else. Maybe a go-wide creature strat so I can justify my spending to my wife. Whatever, you do you.
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I was just asked to leave my CrossFit box

A couple of days ago my (former) CrossFit box made a post saying that they support BLM and that they were considering unaffiliating due to the controversy. I commented on that post.
My Comment:
"100% agree (to unaffiliate). Even prior to this CrossFit has always has had a negative perception outside the community. I chose to train at this gym a few years ago over others because it was not a crossfit affiliate at the time. It was called (gym name at the time with no reference to CrossFit). When it reaffiliated I left. I came back this year despite the CrossFit name because I know how great the (gym name) community is. At this point though I personally wouldn't feel comfortable training at a place with a CrossFit sign on the front door"
To clarify what I meant when I said it had a negative perception and why I was turned off of the brand even prior, I was referring to other controversial topics like the pro-gun stance, pukey the clown, LGBTQ controversy.
After posting my comment I had a few comments showing support and some discussion started in their comment section. Shortly after, the gym deleted my comment and censored everything other than the overtly positive "We love you..." type (they only have 3 comments now). They then private messaged me in a one-sided text conversation calling me an "asshole with a pitchfork", expressed their support for Greg Glassman and said those who think poorly of him are "idiotic" and have "a lack of intelligence". They then said they would like to terminate my membership due to that comment.
Their Message:
"Hey (name),
We love you, you're always welcome at our spot.
I didn't know you kept your membership going through the lockdown, my apologies. I don't want this to get lost through text.. I mean this from a position of happiness, not bitterness at all, we don't expect or want any charity. We worked hard through the lockdown to raise our workload and meet the expectations and value people were paying for. We appreciate the gesture greatly.
Knowing how you feel about us, the exact thing we do, we should probably drop your membership ya
Despite that first sentence, I definitely don't feel as though I'd be welcome there. I never once asked to cancel my membership (although they may have felt my comment implied it). The second paragraph refers to the fact that during the CV19 lockdown I messaged them and told them I would like to continue paying my membership fees to help support them through that time (since they could not open due to government regulations). I paid for 3 months without ever stepping foot in the gym. To add to all this, in a twist of comical irony, the gym is mostly white. The owners are white. I was one of the few non-white members.
I guess I was compelled to make this post and share my experience because it's been a few days and I'm still a bit stunned and confused about the whole situation. I've never heard of someone being kicked out of a CrossFit gym for simply holding a different opinion on a subject than the owners. I was not expecting my comment to garner so much hostility and honestly thought it was fairly respectful. I even explicitly stated their gym had a good community. I do recognize it's basically impossible for me to be objective in this situation though so would be curious if people here thought my comment was out of line. I appreciate all feedback positive or negative.

EDIT: This was taken from a post below. I thought I should add it to the OP
Wow I had no idea this would blow up like it did. I initially wanted to avoid posting screenshots because I didn't want myself or the gym doxxed. It's pretty hard for me to post the full convo without someone who knows me irl seeing this post and knowing it's me/what gym this is. But here are a few.
This part of the convo that references the "asshole with a pitchfork" comment. I don't want to post the actual original comment due to the fact that I think you could possibly dox it, but they didn't address me asking if it was directed at me, so i assume it was. It was also from a private message after all.
This is the message where they say the public got the CF/Glassman stuff wrong over "a lack of intelligence"
This is them telling me that my opinion is "idiotic/insane" ,

EDIT2: I just want to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments. I wanted to address some in the original post. Apologies for not replying to you each individually, but I have read every comment, good and bad.
1) I am not going to ask for a chargeback or refund for the 3 months of fees I paid. I told them I was happy to do it and I still stand by that. I feel it's important to support small businesses now more than ever. Even if I wanted to do that they had a DM of me saying I'd like to continue paying so I probably wouldn't have a case for it anyway.
2) To the people urging me to out the gym, I've thought about it and I'm very conflicted. I don't want to be responsible for killing a small business, but I understand the points people are making in this thread. This thread got pretty big. The thought that someone who goes to this gym could have seen it, thought to themselves "this place sounds awful, I'm glad it's not my gym" and then go into that place for a WOD oblivious is pretty disheartening to me.
I will not name the gym on here but I've been informed by a friend that a senior coach there has become aware of my exile and plans to talk to the owners about it. In a twist of poetic justice, by attempting to silence my voice in their gym they have made it louder. By attempting to quell discourse, they've created more. I've started a fire.
Furthermore, I am a competitive regional level strength athlete. I have a lot of ties to the local strength and fitness community. This CrossFit box was always a place I recommended and spoke highly of to others. At this point I will dissuade anyone interested in functional training from going there. To the posters that are disappointed in me for not posting the gym name, I want to assure you that I don't think this gym will get out of this unscathed. I've started a discussion in their ranks, and the bad word-of-mouth that they will now get from this will be damaging.
Thanks again to everyone for their feedback. It's help me process my thoughts through this whole experience.
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Waluigi's Ongoing Identity Crisis: Get Your Tinfoil Hats Ready
So, I ended up in a discussion in the comments of the above post concerning the development of Waluigi as a playable character. Namely, I suggested that Sakurai isn't including Waluigi yet because he doesn't have a real understanding of who Waluigi is as a character. Understandably, others argued that Waluigi is more developed than other characters included in the roster, like Mr. Game & Watch or Piranha Plant.
At the same time, though, I couldn't help but wonder: Do we really even know who Waluigi is?
Like, baseline, in a meta sense, we know he was originally designed simply as a doubles partner to team up with Wario in Mario Tennis (2000). At the same time, that's 20 years of showing up as the sixth ranger to Mushroom Kingdom's human cast without getting a main game of his own. He's showed up more than Pauline and Prof. E. Gadd, but he doesn't really have anywhere he fits in the story.

Luigi's Rival? Didn't show up during the Year of Luigi for so much as a curtain call. Most of Waluigi's bios in the Mario Sports games suggest that his title as Luigi's Rival is self-imposed. Some of those bios also suggest that Waluigi trains intensely in private to surpass the Mario Bros at sporting events for popularity and accomplishment's sake, but the Mario Brothers barely acknowledge him as even a threat, let alone a rival.
Wario's... Brother? Wario's Cousin? Wario's... Partner in Crime? We have bios that can't give a clear statement or even contradicting statements on their relationship, and the closest we really get to Wario and Waluigi being friends are some cutscenes where they are buddied up together from Power Tennis and the "good chemistry" they have with each other in some sports games. Otherwise, we haven't seen Waluigi show up in any Wario Land/Wario World games (though the last one of those was Shake It back in 2008... Wow, they need to revisit that franchise), and the closest we get is in WarioWare is one of Wario's lame drawings uncovered by use of an amiibo in WarioWare Gold, only the most recent game even acknowledging they so much as know each other. No other easter eggs, quips, or character models present. Only Obligatory Teammates.
And concerning his relations with the other characters, the best clues we get are from the interactions in Fortune Street, a rather niche title unto itself that isn't well-marketed in the west, and the team names from Mario Party 5, 6, 8, and DS. And the best we can really get from that is that Waluigi's become friendlier over the years, going from having team names like Anti-Couple and Unhappy Dinosaur in Mario Party 5 & 6 with Peach and Yoshi, respectively, to Black Peaches and Purple Dinos in Mario Party DS. Bland, but not as hostile. The one interesting note is that Waluigi's team names with Toad and Toadette in Mario Party 5 & 6 are the bizarrely amicable titles of Tall'n'Small and Diabolical Duo, suggesting the Toad people never took issue with him and maybe an underground friendship with Toadette. But that's circumstantial evidence at best.
So, if not Luigi's official rival or Wario's best friend, the two titles we can best define Waluigi as, who is he? Even when he gets glimpses of the limelight, he's overshadowed by someone else. In Mario Party 3, after whomping Bowser in a 1-on-1 fight, he gets upstaged as the final boss by the false Millenium Star. In Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, where it starts out as his scheme, he's only the introductory boss and is soon written out of the story. Even when he wins, he loses.

Okay, maybe we're going about this all wrong. After all, if we simply define Waluigi by his relationships, we merely follow the meta definition of him being developed as Wario's call to Mario's Luigi and that's it.
So, if we were to describe some of Waluigi's abilities, we have the nature of Whirl-luigi and the ability to swim through the air from the Mario Tennis franchise and Mario Hoops special abilities, creating small tornadoes and changing the water vapor in the air into a swimmable substance, I suppose? I guess that might make him something of Luigi's rival, if we were to say it's the wind and rain elements to Luigi's lightning powers to complete the storm, but that's a bit of a stretch as they aren't consistently used abilities.
We're informed he's proud of his cheating abilities, but as party games need to be fair, of course we don't see any real cheating mechanics in-game. The closest is his Liar Ball from the Mario Sluggers series, but saying he's cheating there is kind of like complaining about Dick Dastardly cheating in Wacky Races. Mario lights the Baseball on fire, whether he's pitching or hitting, and Daisy can grow a spontaneous garden. Wario and Bowser literally use bombs! Saying Waluigi using mild slight of hand while pitching is scarcely close to cheating.
Physically speaking, he has powerful legs but otherwise seems to focus on finesse as opposed to any type of power, making him proficient in tool-based games. Otherwise, given his regular appearance in Mario Party and sports games, it can be deduced his physical skills are at least on par with the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom cast.
He also has an affinity for plants, as shown by him wielding a Piranha Plant initially in duels from Mario Party 3, having the Whiskered Eggplant as a food and a tool to poison batters in Mario Sluggers and his ability to conjure briar plants en masse in the Mario Strikers games. Honestly, with the affiliation with noxious plants, he almost feels more like a male Wadaisy than a Waluigi.
Granted, Daisy is the only other character relationship we haven't discussed. Waluigi is supposedly infatuated with Daisy, but it's difficult to tell if he's really interested or if it's just a part of his rivalry with Luigi as the info only comes in bios, not cutscenes where Waluigi flirts with Daisy. It could be conjectured that he comes from Sarasaland as well, due to their early tan/sunburn compared to the pale skin of the other humans in their early appearances. The team name transition from Awkward Date in Mario Party 5 to Skinny Stars in Mario Party DS suggests that he might have gotten over the infatuation and agreed to be more of a friendly rival with Daisy, but that's still only conjecture.
Speaking of information from bios, despite his affiliation with plant life, Mario Kart Wii says that he owns Mushroom Kingdom's largest Motor Oil refinery, and Stadium Arena and Waluigi Stadium from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 suggests he has an interest in mechanical attractions like animatronic dinosaurs, further compounded by the suggestion that he designed and built the Waluigi Pinball courses in other Mario Kart games.
Machines, plants, elements... There's not really a pin on a theme with Waluigi. Sure, there's his drive to be Number One, the Superstar, and otherwise just defeat the competition, but that's the only true drive we see from him: beating others. Not Daisy, not gold, not some material value. Just being the winner and possibly the adoration that comes from being the center of attention.

I guess we have to turn to the last source of evidence we have for Waluigi's identity: the fandom. I have been able to isolate at least four strains of Waluigi from the fandom consensus, so let's discuss those a moment:
And I feel really stupid, because while I'm sure there are plenty of people who would suggest that this is Waluigi's personality and that's why he's popular, but do any of these really define who the wannabe villain is? There are those who suggest Waluigi can just have a moveset based off of the sports games, but between Wii Fit Trainer's side-B and Peach and Daisy's smash attack, what sport aspect isn't being represented? That's golf, tennis, and soccefutbol. It feels like suggesting that Waluigi could have a Mario Party-based moveset with throwing a die as a Side-B that's a combination between Mr. Game & Watch's hammer and Link's bomb where the explosion effect depends on the die's result and having a Final Smash that is just using an invincibility star that lasts twice as long to just let Waluigi be Waluigi and no one else can do a thing about it. Sure, he has a wide range of tools and powers that could fill a moveset, but which one would be the essence of Waluigi?

Okay, time to get the point across. Fan of Waluigi that I am, I have to admit that Waluigi has never been given an official role besides "Wario's Luigi". Granted, I don't think Aoki and Iwata originally expected the purple powerhouse to be as popular as he's come to be.
Like, let me get his across, if it weren't for the black overalls, white gloves, and purple cap, I might not have even guessed Waluigi was a Mario character. If he wasn't in his cloned costume, I might have guessed he was a Wayforward character just looking at him, like a beta model for Bolo. Granted, it's due to his relatively normal proportions compared to the Mario Bros, but I think I would have thought he was related to Shantae, like, using Wreck-It Ralph/Roger Rabbit logic, he was Shantae's younger brother who got lost at the Nintendo convention, wandering around the N64 pavilion while looking for the Game Boy Color platform, when Wario grabbed him and signed him up for the Mario Tennis roster, further suggested when Mario Tennis was released on Game Boy Color about a year after the N64 release.
I wouldn't even be surprised that, if Waluigi ever got his own game, there was a running gag that Waluigi is just a pseudonym he uses to play himself up as being the Mario Bros' equal. Not his real name. Just a title he took for Wario's sake. He could be just a member of Wario's billionaires' club who was just humored at the idea of a game of tennis before he realized how insane the Marioverse was and had to step up his game. An oil baron who got in over his head which led to him becoming the Mushroom Kingdom's poster child for Psychosis Awareness Month.

And that's the thing, suggesting that "Waluigi isn't Waluigi" stems to almost being a matter of titling this post "Your tinfoil hat must be this tall to read this article".
This is why Waluigi needs to be in a proper game to define himself before he can join Super Smash Bros. He needs a proper identity!
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Genuinely getting tired of this franchise, anyone else feel the same way?...

As a basketball fan and someone who has consistently put in thousands of hours on MyCareer every year since NBA 2K15 i'm beginning to build a passionate hate towards this franchise. i feel as if the game has become increasingly worse since NBA 2K17. that game was the last time i can confidently look back and say i enjoyed myself when me and my friends jumped on to play. It was also the last time any of us even made it to legend rep.
The whole atmosphere and vibe was different back then, and you weren't extremely limited in what you could do. I remember in 2K15 when every build had a 95 in damn near every stat in the game. your player really could do it all. i felt like a true NBA all star. Dribble moves were cheesy but so fluid and smooth. posterizers looked crazy, green lights on all my shots. it was fun when everyone could do everything. Now when I play 2k20, i'm reminded of how toxic park has become with limitless range and screens being insanely overpowered for the last three years straight. so much so that i have completely stopped playing park. i know pretty much only play in the Jordan Rec which has its own problems too. But even then i load up my playmaking shot creator and realise that i can literally only shoot the ball. with dribbling being so heavily nerfed and the CONSTANT forced animations whether it be being made to run towards the rim, or getting bumped by a defender once and losing ALL stamina, there is really no point in iso anymore (at least in the rec). So i end up either sitting in the corner for most of the game hoping my man leaves me open or calling for a screen EVERY play in hopes that someone is open.
Nowadays 2K thinks that if you're tall, apparently you cant dribble or shoot and end up with crazy low stats, or if you're a shooter you cant dribble and slash too, you HAVE to pick one or the other. Archetypes have sucked all of the fun out of the game completely. I'm supposed to be playing a game giving me the experience of being as good as some of the best players on the planet. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving James Harden and many more, are all players with multiple assets to their game. Driving, finishing, tight handles, hitting shots on and off the dribble from anywhere on the court and playing good defense when needed are some of the many traits they posses. But when building your MyPlayer you are limited so that you can only pick two.
Parks are always dead now, there are hardly any clothes to choose from in comparison to what was in the store from 2K15-2K17. hairstyles are lacking and some from previous games have even been taken out for some reason??? i can no longer travel to a different park if i get bored of the current scenery because affiliations are gone. i cant even use my skateboard on the actual park anymore literally what is the point in buying it!?... I don't know man, when I look back at what 2K was it makes me sad to see what it has become now. and for three years now the game hasnt gotten any better. there is no competition when it comes to basketball video games so the developers can literally get away with being lazy and greedy as there is no real threat of losing customers to a different franchise. AND THE WORST PART ABOUT ALL OF THIS IS... ill probably continue to buy this game year after year even it its bad JUST because i love basketball. Hopefully i'm not the only one who feels like this.
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r/nba Fan Art Contest #3 - Disney Resort Logos - Submissions Open!

It's time again for another offseason contest! If you missed it, check out our second fan art contest!
With the details of the NBA's return being announced, we thought this would be a great opportunity for the fans to come up with some custom logos! The NBA teams will be staying at three Disney resorts; the Gran Destino, the Grand Floridian, and the Yacht Club. We want you to come up with a logo that would line up with each resort, and the winning logos will then become available as user flair. All that matters is that it's your original content; you can choose the style, whether it's drawn, painted, or text based. Let your hype come through! We've seen some great examples of fan art in the past, and with everything that has occurred throughout this season, it's about time that we gave the fans something to take part in!
Per previous suggestions, and to accommodate the time that it takes to create the best fan art, we will have submissions open for 1 week, and then we will have a separate round for voting.
Please submit your fan art as imgur links and limit your submissions to 3. Since these are being used as flairs, the logos will need to be recognizable as flair size and be square resolution shrinkable to 30x30. If you only want to create a logo for one of the resorts that's completely fine.
The Top 3 submitters will have their logos made into widely available flairs and receive an nba platinum star that includes 3 months of premium; 4th and 5th will get an nba gold star (1 month of premium). Good luck to all and we look forward to seeing all of your works!
This contest is not affiliated with the NBA or Disney
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 13, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
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  • Okay, look, here's the deal. The obituaries, as sad as they are, contain some of Dave's best work. But good lord, they are looooooooooong. And they never contain anything newsworthy that is relevant to 2002 or anything. But they're always super interesting from a historical perspective. But last week, Dave wrote a brief obit for Lou Thesz (only 5,000 words, ahem) and promised to go into more detail this week. So this week, we open with a 16,000+ word obituary for Lou Thesz and I just can't. Sorry. It's really good though, you should all go read it. But I've got, like, a family and a job and responsibilities and stuff. I can't recap this. It's an incredible piece of work though.
  • The World Wrestling Federation is no more. On May 5th, the company unveiled its new name, World Wrestling Entertainment. Dave recaps the history of the company briefly (was originally called "World Wide Wrestling Federation, or WWWF, until 1979 when it was shortened to WWF, which is has remained for the past 23 years). But as of this week, the company has been rebranded to WWE. The website domain was changed to and all references to "WWF" were changed to "WWE." The scratch logo was also changed, with the F being removed, so now it simply looks like "WW" (which, honestly, never really did make much sense to me. Even though the logo has changed, it's still "WW" to this day). Anyway, this all stems from the World Wildlife Fund lawsuit over in the UK, in which the WWE lost every court case and appeal. They were planning to appeal the ruling in the UK's highest court, their final last-ditch effort to save their name, but the reality is, they weren't going to win that case. Vince McMahon and the company blatantly and repeatedly violated the agreement they signed in 1994. It was 1000% obvious they were in the wrong here and they had gotten spanked by every single court before, often losing their appeals by unanimous decisions. So they weren't going to win this final appeal either and they knew it. So they dropped the appeal and threw in the towel and finally agreed to just change the name. The WWE has until May 15th to remove all references to "WWF" from their shows and merchandise. Any merch with "WWF" on it can no longer be sold after that date. All video packages and posters will have to be changed and any "WWF" mention or logos after that time on television or in past footage will have to be censored. Last year, during the court case, the WWE claimed it would cost them more than $50 million to change their name and to deal with all the legal and rebranding headaches that come with it. But this week, they backtacked on that and said it wouldn't be that expensive after all. Who knows if that's true, but the idea of this costing $50 million was enough to make the shareholders shit themselves, so Dave says they claimed it won't cost that much in order to keep the stock from plummeting. Anyway, none of this had to happen. In 1994, Vince McMahon and the Wildlife Fund signed an agreement that the wrestling company would not use the "WWF" name for promoting itself outside of the U.S. (since the Wildlife group is based overseas) and that worked well for a year or two. But then Vince McMahon apparently decided, "Meh, who cares about agreements?" and began repeatedly and blatantly violating it, constantly, for years, at which point the Wildlife group finally got upset enough to file a lawsuit. Anyway, on the first Raw since the name change, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler repeatedly stumbled over the new initials, accidentally saying "WWF" multiple times. Gonna take time for everyone to get used to calling it the new name.
  • The buyrates for Wrestlemania 18 are in and it appears the event will have to settle for being the #2 biggest money show in wrestling history after it came up short and failed to surpass Wrestlemania 17. Final numbers aren't in yet, but latest estimates put it somewhere around the 800,000 buys range (ended up being about 880,000) which is quite a bit down from WM17. It was also #2 in total revenue from live gate and merch. Internally, it's actually being seen as something of a disappointment because with the power of the Hogan/Rock dream match, they were hopeful this show would top 1 million buys but unless something drastic changes with these buyrate numbers, it looks like the final total will be a good bit short of that.
  • NJPW's latest Tokyo Dome show is in the books. The show drew a sellout crowd of 57,000 fans, there to see the Masahiro Chono vs. Mitsuharu Misawa dream main event (which ended up going to a 30-minute draw). It was the biggest non-Jan. 4 crowd NJPW has drawn to the Dome in 2 years. So that's the good news. The bad news is that the show flopped in the ratings on TV. A big part of that is because the Chono/Misawa match didn't air as part of the show (due to the Asahi-TV/Nippon TV network issues discussed in past issues) so the televised show was built around the Shinya Hashimoto/Naoya Ogawa vs. Scott Norton/Hiroyoshi Tenzan match and man, the fans sure didn't seem to give a fuck about that. In fact, the rating was so bad that there's concern that this will be the end of pro wrestling on prime time TV in Japan for the foreseeable future. But there are justifiable reasons for the rating. The show went head-to-head with the Kirin Cup soccer tournament, which was a huge deal and did more than double the rating the NJPW show did. Unlike the U.S., wrestling and "real" sports in Japan have a major crossover audience, so having real sports competition severely hurt NJPW's show. Also, while Ogawa is a draw as a singles star, putting him in a tag match against Norton and Tenzan isn't exactly setting the world on fire. The show lasted 6 hours, which was way too long and the crowd was burned out before Misawa vs. Chono even started.
  • Other notes from the NJPW show: it opened with an hour long 30th anniversary ceremony. They had a 10-bell salute for Lou Thesz and brought out a bunch of legendary NJPW names from the 70s and 80s. Then they did an angle where Antonio Inoki came out to give a speech, but he was attacked by Tiger Jeet Singh. But then Chyna made the save, attacking Singh, running him out of the ring, and challenging him to a match. Inoki's ex-wife, famous Japanese actress Mitsuko Baisho then made an appearance, getting a huge pop, and she and Inoki did his famous catch phrase to kick off the show. Minoru Suzuki of Pancrase (who started with NJPW as a pro wrestler) was also there. Jushin Ligher and Minoru Tanaka won the IWGP Jr. tag titles and then Liger challenged several NOAH wrestlers who were at ringside (most notably KENTA) and they all jumped in the ring and it ended with a staredown. The Steiner Brothers reunited to face Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kensuke Sasaki, with Chyna as the special referee. Tanahashi was working hurt, but he still worked. They did a spot where Tanahashi ran into Chyna and he went down off the bump instead of her and Dave seems annoyed by this since Tanahashi is a guy they really need to be pushing who can be a huge star for this company. Dave doesn't like him selling bumps for Chyna. Anyway, decent match but the Steiners basically steamrolled them and Tanahashi was pinned by Scott Steiner. Chyna then challenged several All Japan Women at ringside as well as Scott Steiner, Tanahashi, Sasaki, and even IWGP champion Yuji Nagata, saying she wanted a title match. Dave thinks this company has lost its damn mind. Speaking of Nagata, he retained his title in the next match. And then, of course, the main event. Usually during interpromotional matches, the crowd is always super pro-NJPW but this time, they went insane for Misawa and it was clear there were a ton of NOAH fans in the building. Chono did some Inoki moves and Misawa did some Great Baba moves, to kinda have a spiritual "Baba vs. Inoki" tribute in the match I guess. Ended in a draw and by the time it was over, no matter how big the dream match was, the crowd was burned out and weren't as hype for the match as you might expect once the entrances were done.
WATCH: Misawa vs. Chono highlights
  • Goldberg has received a full buy-out of his WCW contract from Time Warner and as of this week, he is now an unsigned free agent. Goldberg did not request the buy-out, the decision was made by the Time Warner side after the most unprofitable quarter in their history. The company was looking to cut expenses, even at a loss, just so the books can look better in future quarters. Goldberg reportedly received almost all of his remaining salary (more than 90% of the nearly $3 million he was still owed) in order to get him off their books. When Goldberg realized he's going to be a free agent a year earlier than expected, talks with WWE started up. But as usual, they went nowhere. WWE (I feel like I'm having to get used to typing that all over again. Really does feel like 2002 again) has interest in him, especially given the way ratings continue to plummet lately. But Goldberg has always wanted more than WWE is willing to pay. Plus, they're feeling burned right now after signing Hall and Nash to big money, long-term contracts for part-time work, only to have Nash get injured and Hall likely to get himself fired at any moment (that moment is coming sooner than you think), and neither of them really getting over in any meaningful way. Even Hogan, who is also making big money for a reduced schedule, was hot for a minute and boosted ratings and buyrates. But after only a few months, that train already seems to be out of steam and TV ratings are back to floundering with Hogan as champion leading the shows. So WWE is kinda gun-shy on opening the checkbook and paying out the ass for these big stars, futilely hoping that one of them is the quick-fix that can stop the bleeding.
  • There's also the question of how Goldberg would fit within the WWE locker room. He hasn't been shy about his dislike for Triple H, dating back to WCW when Triple H trashed Goldberg in a radio interview and saying that even if Goldberg was available, they wouldn't want him (which, at the time, when WCW was still alive and Goldberg was the biggest star in the company, is just about the dumbest thing he could have said. In 1998, WWF would have gladly traded 10 Triple H's for Goldberg). Anyway, Goldberg took the comment personally and even confronted Triple H face-to-face at the Toy Fair convention in New York a couple of years ago, in a bit of an ugly scene where Goldberg was yelling at him and Triple H and Stephanie kept their heads down and said nothing. Goldberg also has a lot of dislike for Scott Hall, which is another of Triple H's good friends, so ya know. The latest on Goldberg is that he's considering working some in Japan but he's just fielding offers right now. Word is he's interested in working with PRIDE as well as NJPW. Of course, if he's looking to maximize his money potential, WWE is still the place to go if you want to make big bucks. If promoted right, matches against Rock, Austin, Triple H, and others could do huge buyrates. And if they keep Goldberg and Austin apart for a year and build to a match with them at Wrestlemania, well, needless to say, that show would set records. Dave talks about how Goldberg got nuclear hot in 1998 and even in 1999, he was the biggest drawing wrestler in the business. But by 2000, the company was dying, Goldberg was injured, and "Jesus Chris with an Etch-a-Sketch" couldn't have drawn in WCW. Dave again does the math and talks about how WWE should have brought Goldberg in for the Invasion angle. Yes, it would have cost them a lot of money and upset the salary structure, but he would have more than made up for it with the kind of buyrates he could have drawn with those dream matches and the Invasion angle might have had a chance. But alas.
  • And of course, who's to say how WWE would use Goldberg? They already have Brock Lesnar and they're currently giving him the unstoppable monster push. Lesnar is bigger, younger, and a more legitimate athlete (for whatever that's worth). And WWE probably isn't going to give Goldberg an endless string of jobbers to beat. In WWE, he's going to be expected to work longer matches, sell for people, etc. They won't book him the way WCW did so who knows how he'd get over in WWE? If they wanted to build to an Austin/Goldberg match, it would make sense that Goldberg first has to plow through guys like Triple H, Undertaker, etc. And politically, that just ain't gonna happen. Dave doubts NJPW can afford him for anything more than one or two big shows. As for PRIDE, he could probably make a lot of money there, but the problem is.....PRIDE is a shoot. They haven't had "worked" matches in a couple of years and doing so now would kill their credibility. Which means Goldberg would have to go into a legit shoot and one embarrassing loss there would severely hurt his future earning potential. In the end, Dave thinks it's inevitable that Goldberg will end up in WWE, but probably not any time soon. But he's certain it will eventually happen. There's too much money on the line for both sides and WWE's ratings woes are making them desperate, so it'll happen some day (yup, less than a year from this).
  • And the moment is here! For those of you who had "under 3 months" in the "How long will Scott Hall last?" pool, come collect your prize. Scott Hall was released by the WWE this week due to misbehavior on the European tour. Firstly, he went on a drunken binge during the entire tour and was even worse on the plane ride home (much more on that in a bit). Dave says this was inevitable. WCW fired him. Even ECW stopped using him when he got arrested at one point. And even though he was seemingly behaving during his Japan tours, even NJPW cut ties with him shortly before he went back to WWE because they were fed up with some of his antics. And now WWE has fired him. Dave talks about how Hall made a drunken spectacle of himself in the locker room on his very first day back in WWE, before the NWO even debuted on TV, then he showed up in Toronto for Wrestlemania in no condition to perform (later came out that he was hungover from the night before), which caused Austin to insist on ending their feud at WM (which was the plan, but Dave says Austin has continued working with Hall afterwards simply because they don't really seem to have any other credible opponents for him). Hall's match with Bradshaw at Backlash was an embarrassment and the night before that show, agents had to help him back to his hotel. Just endless incidents like this. In Europe, Hall was such a blatant drunken mess that even the other wrestlers were calling for him to be fired. Hall was 45 minutes late for the bus they all took to London and then passed out in the locker room during the show. On the plane ride back, he was starting fights with people and eventually passed out and it got to the point that people were worried about his health. When they got back to the U.S. for Raw, they literally had to wake him up from a drunken stupor backstage to send him to the ring to do his segment (and yes, he wrestled). After the show, they fired him. No one came to his defense, and even Hall's closest friends are now admitting that he simply can't handle the pressures of being on the road and being released is the best thing for him right now. Dave talks about how a lot of wrestlers have been fired in the last couple of years for drug and alcohol issues and that's all well and good, but the big problem is why hire them in the first place? Scott Hall's issues were not a secret. It wasn't like he cleaned himself up before he came to WWE. He was getting in trouble and collecting arrests like Pokemon all the way up until the day they brought him back. Anyway, Hall had a 2-year deal, believed to be worth $600,000-per-year downside for only 10 dates per month. So a really sweet deal, but it's gone now.
  • Hey, speaking of that European tour, turns out there was a bit of trouble on the flight back to the U.S. Perhaps you've heard of it. Most of the trouble wasn't even due to Scott Hall. Turns out Vince McMahon didn't make the trip and lots of people decided that was a good reason to cut loose and have fun. Plus, since everyone has seen Hall get away with being drunk 24/7 for the last few months, they figured nobody would get in trouble. So....folks got DRUNK. Among the various incidents on this flight: Goldust got on the speaker system and began drunkenly serenading his ex-wife Terri with love songs. Terri was extremely uncomfortable and begged him to stop and then Jim Ross had to go sit him down. Ric Flair also "started to get wild" but Jim Ross calmed him down as well (Dave doesn't seem to know just yet exactly what Flair "getting wild" entailed, but if you don't know, it involved getting totally naked except for his robe and started helicoptering his dick at flight attendants. And it gets worse if you feel like researching it. The flight attendants later filed a lawsuit against Flair and accused him of sexual assault). Curt Hennig was spraying people with shaving cream and he kept trying to get Brock Lesnar to fight him. Lesnar, being a newcomer, didn't know how to handle it and didn't want to get in trouble, but he ain't gonna let Hennig talk shit to him either. So anyway, Lesnar got up and basically annihilated Hennig, repeatedly taking him to the ground and embarrassing him because, well, of course he did. It's Brock Lesnar. At one point, Lesnar slammed Hennig up against the side of the plane, right into the emergency exit door, which freaked everybody out for obvious reasons. Michael Hayes got into a scuffle with Bradshaw and then tried to pick a fight with Hall (although everyone on the plane said Hall had it coming). Anyway, Hayes was apparently obnoxious as hell and annoyed everyone. But then he made the mistake of falling asleep and someone (believed to be X-Pac) cut his hair off. When Hayes woke up, he was furious and tried to fight several people. The next day at the Raw tapings, his entire mullet was in a plastic bag, pinned to the wall of the locker room for everyone to see. Gerald Brisco, Arn Anderson, and Hayes all caught a ton of heat from Vince afterward since they were the people who were supposed to be in charge. Anderson and Hayes especially, since their jobs are to keep the boys under control, but they were apparently having just as much fun as everyone else. Everyone's waiting to see how Vince is going to handle this situation. As noted, Hall was already fired and Hayes got an earful from Vince, Stephanie, and JR at Raw the next day, but there will likely be more fallout. Undertaker was also said to be furious over how out of hand everything got (I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this).
  • Anyway, while they were in Europe, WWE presented its latest UK PPV, Insurexxtion. As usual with the UK PPVs, this was little more than a glorified house show. They announced the show as sold out, but there were empty seats everywhere. RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero for the IC title was the show-stealer according to every report Dave heard, and was said to be far better than their Backlash match. Brock Lesnar teamed with Shawn Stasiak (lol wut) and lost to the Hardyz. Brock beat up everybody after the match. Triple H beat Undertaker in the main event and Dave doesn't know why since Undertaker is the one challenging Hogan for the title at the next PPV. The top rope broke during the match when they did an Irish whip into the corner and when the rope snapped, a metal piece broke off from the corner and flew into the crowd and barely missed hitting a small child in the face.
  • Smackdown on 5/2 drew the all-time lowest rating in the history of the show. Dave says that's the scariest thing to happen to WWF in the past 5 years. It was also the 3rd lowest rating for any Smackdown or Raw dating back to 1998. The rating was a full 18% drop from the week before, which was already scary. The rating was even lower than previous holiday episodes. So what was the problem? Well, it was headlined by Hogan defending the WWF title against Chris Jericho (as it turns out, the final time the "WWF" title was ever defended). Dave says the title has been meaningless for years now and Hogan's steam is running out. And Jericho hasn't recovered from spending the first part of the year being emasculated and playing second fiddle to Stephanie McMahon in the Wrestlemania feud. Add all that together and you've got a recipe for a shit ratings night. Among other things. Dave isn't blaming this all on Hogan and Jericho by any means, there's a lot of problems with the company as of late, from bad storylines to failing to make new stars, and it's all starting to come home to roost.
  • Keiji Muto wrestled a match in AJPW under his alternate gimmick of Kokushi Muso. Turns out "Great Muta" isn't his only other persona. The Kokushi Muso gimmick is basically like Hakushi in WWF, where he's covered his entire body in Japanese writing. He originally debuted the gimmick in Michinoku Pro last year, when teaming with....Hakushi (Jinsei Shinzaki, who occasionally brought back the old Hakushi gimmick in Japan). Anyway, same thing here. He teamed with Hakushi for this match, while using that gimmick (Muto would use that gimmick a handful of times throughout the years, always when teaming with Hakushi. It's like that was only his gimmick for that team. The last time he used it was in 2009, also in a tag match with Hakushi).
  • Former NOAH Jr. champion Naomichi Marufuji underwent knee surgery this week and should be out around 6 months (ends up being 9 months).
  • NJPW is doing an angle (according to Dave) similar to the Vince/Flair angle last year where Antonio Inoki and Masahiro Chono are battling over control of the company. Although it's more realistic. Inoki is in the press talking about how many of NJPW's shows aren't doing well and is pushing for them to use Naoya Ogawa more, while Chono doesn't want to. Inoki is also saying Chono needs to retire from wrestling and focus his energies on managing the day-to-day business of the promotion full-time. Dave says this is an angle, but it doesn't sound like much of one to me, and I think later years have kinda proven there was a lot of blurring between fiction and reality here, because there was a ton of behind the scenes turmoil in NJPW during this period.
  • Will Smith appeared alongside Antonio Inoki at the Japanese movie premiere for the film "Ali" based on Muhammad Ali's life. Crowd went absolutely insane for Inoki (I've tried like hell and can't even find a picture of them together. But then again, I can't find a single pic from the premiere at all).
  • When reviewing the recent Dos Caras Jr. shoot fight in Japan, Dave talks about the guy's potential as a wrestler. He has a strong amateur background, legit shoot skills, and a famous name. Dave thinks, if he's even halfway a decent worker, he can almost be a guaranteed star in Mexico (based on his name alone) and probably Japan too, if he decides to pursue that career (indeed he did, and indeed, he was fairly decent at it. Of course, he later became Alberto Del Rio, accused rapist and pretty much confirmed all-around piece of shit).
  • Former long-time WCW referee Randy Anderson passed away this week after a long battle with testicular cancer. Back when WCW was still around and he first got diagnosed, they did an angle out of it where Eric Bischoff fired him and then laughed at his wife and kids when they begged him to give Anderson his back. Of course, he was later re-hired when Flair became on-screen commissioner and continued to referee until 1999 when the cancer forced him to retire.
  • Random news and notes: Bobby Heenan is said to be in good spirits and is especially excited because WWE recently contacted him about doing a WWE Magazine feature on him. Verne Gagne's wife Mary passed away from cancer this week. Goldberg will be appearing on this week's Wrestling Observer Live show to be interviewed. Mil Mascaras is releasing an autobiography (in Spanish of course) and man, I'd love to find an English translation of that because I bet it'd be interesting. Chyna appeared on "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" this past week.
WATCH: Chyna on Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Bruno Sammartino turned down an invitation to attend the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony in New York (yes, that HOF existed and still does, in a different city now). Bruno did an interview with the local paper and said "Wrestling is how I made my living and supported my family, but it's over. I don't want anything to do with it anymore." Bruno managed to turn the discussion to the WWE, despite them not having any affiliation with this HOF and grumbled about how Vince McMahon blocked him from being inducted into the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame. However, the new MSG owners have apparently promised Bruno he'll be inducted this year, since he sold the place out 200 times (Dave jumps in here to correct it and says the real number of sellouts is closer to 45. Bruno only main evented the Garden 127 times and by no means were they all sell-outs. But it's one of those myths that has been perpetuated for so long that Dave begrudgingly recognizes that people are always going to believe the 200 number is true, but it's not even close. He compares it to the claim that Andre The Giant was 7'4, which also wasn't true but people repeated the lie so often that it became accepted as fact).
  • Afa Anoa'i Jr., the son of the legendary Wild Samoan, is a star football player at his high school and is being recruited for Penn State. He also sometimes wrestles on his father's indie shows (that would be Manu, who was very briefly part of Legacy with Orton, Dibiase Jr., and Cody).
  • Former WCW announcer Scott Hudson will be doing commentary for Jerry Jarrett's new promotion, and Bob Ryder is said to be in a major front office position.
  • Jarrett has put out a press release saying that his new promotion has had talks with Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. Word is Warrior wanted a 15% ownership stake in the new company, which pretty much ended those talks right there. They're also apparently interested in Scott Hall now too, with the idea that since they're only doing 1 show per week, he won't be a screw-up here. Dave is skeptical. Anyway, currently Road Dogg and Brian Christopher expected to be some of the company's top stars and Dave's not optimistic.
  • XWF wrestlers were told last week that a television deal should hopefully be finalized this week. But Dave has been told no chance it's happening that soon. The rumors are that the deal is either with the FX or Fox Kids networks. Ted Turner had inquired about buying this promotion a few months ago, but when he learned how much it would cost to get them off the ground and make them competitive, he lost interest (TV deal never materializes, company is already dead, etc. etc.).
  • The Scorpion King slipped to 2nd place this week, falling to the new Spider Man movie which did a record breaking $114 million opening weekend. Randy Savage has a small role in that movie.
  • Speaking of, The Rock worked his first match in about a month at a Fort Lauderdale house show, teaming with Hogan to beat Jericho and Angle. After the match, Hogan tried to get Rock to pose with him, but Rock wouldn't do it. Rock thanked the fans for the success of Scorpion King and said it would likely be his last match for awhile. There was a ton of local media there, but Rock didn't talk to any of them. Basically, the house show was in his neck of the woods and he simply decided to show up and work it just so he could see his friends and hang out with the locker room, he had no interest in doing interviews. He was just there because he wanted to be. Backstage, Rock was telling people that Hollywood higher-ups have told him he has to leave the wrestling business if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor. Those in the company feel it's a certainty that Rock really is leaving and he's likely going to break out of wrestling into Hollywood and actually become a rare success story (yeah, you could say that).
  • Look how long this is already. Imagine if I had covered that Lou Thesz obituary in full. JUST IMAGINE!
  • Notes from Raw: Dave compares it to an episode of Thunder, with the crowd half-dead for everything. Also, the roster was exhausted after just returning from the Europe trip (and the plane ride shenanigans) and that was apparent too. Brock Lesnar won his match via pinfall instead of the usual ref stoppage and Dave says that word is Triple H got in Vince's ear and convinced him to end the ref stoppage gimmick for Brock. Sure, why not? Hogan was supposed to ride off on Undertaker's bike at one point, but then the motorcycle wouldn't start. It was one of those awkward live-TV moments where time stood still and nobody knew what to do. Flair finally turned heel on Austin, to a shocking lack of heat from the crowd. Nash returned, etc. Dave recaps the rest of this show and it sounds like a lot of bad WCW stuff, coincidentally enough with a lot of the same people.
WATCH: Hogan can't start the motorcycle
  • The man who played the effeminate gay guy applying to be Vince McMahon's secretary on Smackdown a few weeks ago was new creative team member David Lagana. He recently joined the company and has written for several other TV shows, including "Friends" and has a strong knowledge of the industry (Dave says if you've been reading the Observer closely for the last few years, you're probably familiar with him, he's written in to Dave a lot over the years).
  • Dave goes on a brief rant about how to use older stars. In the past, everyone, even Vince McMahon, talked about how you should use guys like Hogan and Flair in small doses and how WCW's reliance on older stars like that is what made them less special. Dave talks about back in the day in Memphis, Jackie Fargo would come back once or twice a year and he was always the biggest star in the company when he did. Because he was used sparingly. But WWE has pretty much built its company around Hogan and Flair (and to a lesser extent, Vince and Undertaker) over the last few months and they've been totally overexposed because of it. Just 6 weeks ago, Hulk Hogan was getting some of the largest crowd reactions in the history of the business. Now, he and Undertaker are practically hearing crickets during their on-screen interactions.
  • Lita underwent neck surgery this week and isn't allowed to do anything physical for 9 months. Scotty 2 Hotty also had neck surgery and is expected to be out for about a year. Both are expected to make full recoveries though.
  • Jesse Ventura admitted this week that he received WWF stock options as partial payment for some work he did with them. Dave doesn't know if it's related to the Summerslam appearance a few years ago or the XFL announcing gig. Ventura says he has 10 years to exercise those stock options but wouldn't give any further details.
  • Scott Steiner told WWA he will work their next UK tour but after that, he's going to WWE. Dave is skeptical. Reports are that Steiner was in horrible pain after every match he worked on the last WWA tour and there's significant doubt that his body will hold up to a WWE schedule.
  • The new Steve Austin "What!" DVD has a lot of WCW footage, including the full Austin vs. Steamboat match from WCW Bash at the Beach 94. Dave doesn't say so, but I believe this is the first time WWE used any of the WCW library for commercial release after they purchased it the year before.
  • Someone writes in and asks Dave to stop spending so much time writing about steroid use in wrestling and instead says he should write a story about racism in the business. This person writes about the allegations from years back of Dusty Rhodes using the N-work with impunity, or the time DX parodied the Nation by wearing blackface. The WCW discrimination lawsuit, the embarrassing angles they've done with Mark Henry such as Sexual Chocolate, etc. This guy is asking why is it white wrestlers outnumber black wrestlers by 35-to-1 ratio in the U.S. (70-to-1 in Mexico and 80-to-1 in Japan). He wants to know why Dave isn't writing about that stuff. Dave responds and agrees that the blackface DX promo was racist, and it was racist when Buff Bagwell did it in WCW and when Roddy Piper did it in the 80s. Dave says wrestling, especially from the 70s through the 90s, had a horrible history of exploiting stereotypes and/or saying and doing racist things. You can argue it's gotten better, but no doubt the problem still exists. Dave lists some examples but he also pushes back on some others. For example, he's heard people complain that Booker T isn't being used properly due to his race and Dave disagrees. It's true that Booker T probably deserves a bigger push, but you can make the same case for guys like RVD and Jericho and Raven or DDP (when he first debuted, at least) and that didn't happen either, so Dave doesn't necessarily think Booker's lack of top-star push can be blamed on his race (we're less than a year away from Triple H definitively proving otherwise).
  • There's also 2 letters about the Rock/Hogan match at Wrestlemania and they couldn't be more different. One guy writes in and he can't understand why people are praising that match because if you put aside the hot crowd, it was awful, everyone's moves looked bad, it was embarrassing, etc. and says Hogan should have retired afterward. Then someone else writes in and says he was there live and, taken as a whole, Rock vs. Hogan was the greatest match he's ever seen. Basically the same "love it or hate it" opinion people have about that match to this day. Also, someone else writes in about the recent Low-Ki vs. American Dragon match from an ROH show and puts it up there among some of the greatest matches of all time (listing off several classic WWF matches like Shawn/Razor and Owen/Bret at WM10 for example). So there ya go.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: more fallout from the Plane Ride from Hell, more on the beginning of Jarrett's new NWA-TNA promotion, more on the NJPW Tokyo Dome show, and more...
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Just finished Bloodlines again for the first time since release, here are my thoughts

On a whim I decided to purchase Bloodlines and a few other early to mid 2000 games to see how my childhood games have aged. The first I delved into was Bloodlines. I expected to be mildly bummed, but I played it to completion within a week. I am genuinely surprised how well Bloodlines holds up in 2020 as a genuine role playing experience. The edges are rough, but I try to look at those edges as symbols of the era. It's like film grain or that specific sound that only vinyl has. Some of the age, however, is a little more problematic.
I played as a Tremere diplomat/hacker with a penchant for a six-shooter. Tremere blood magic is just awesome. Draining people of blood in one hit, blowing up Sabbat thugs on a whim, it was a great power fantasy. The world also reacted to my choices in large and small ways. The gargoyle in the Chinese theater has a special hatred for Tremere and there are a number of dialogue choices that reflect this. You can take offense at the slight to the clan's honor or just smile and nod without ever revealing your clan affiliation. Joining the Tremere pyramid felt like a real accomplishment after being ostracized by so many others. I've only dabbled with a Malkavian campaign, but the amount of writing and dialogue around that one specific clan seems outrageous. The annoying turnstile in the downtown club can be removed if your character so wishes. It's just great the amount of freedom you have. It tends to reflect the type of narrative control that I've seen in table-top experiences.
I also completely forgot how the dialogue system worked and was not expecting the Fallout 3/New Vegas system. The system is clunky, but works well enough for those games and it works well enough here. It's good then as much of the game is spent listening to dialogue. The writing is routinely stellar and hilarious. Your character can be a real smart ass. Smilin' Jack is a tremendous character, LaCroix is the perfect Ventrue and perfectly embodies the threat of friendly words, Chunk is great, VV has a surprising amount of depth despite first appearances. Almost every character has something worth remembering about them.
Some of the word usage in the writing, however, does reflect a certain early 2000 sensibility that is less easy to digest. A quest late in the game has you happen upon a couple. The wife is drunk and the husband is worried she will make a scene. One of your possible responses to the husband is along the lines of "rough her up, that'll sober her up." It's not funny, it's just cruel and mean. The whole quest for Gary where the reward are boudoir posters of the main female characters is just lame and written very, in a word, incel. I am reminded of the original Witcher having a similar concept with playing cards of reflecting Geralt's sexual conquests. None of this is enough to sour the milk, not even close. It is, however, something that reflects antiquated sensibilities about who is consuming the product. This is a game with a definite male eye.
Another area that I found to be quite amazing was the atmosphere. The haunted hotel is the standout of the game. It is one of the creepiest experiences I've had in vidya over the years. A lot of that was down to the sound design of that particular area. In one of the first rooms you hear heavy footsteps above you and it is deeply unnerving because it sounds so close. Another room has the sound of meat being hit and it's disgusting. The murdered woman's cries and ghostly visage are extremely effective in compelling you to stop whatever is going on here. It's a lot like The Shining, but it's a rather effective tribute. Grout's mansion is another standout. That creepy mannequin house, man, holy shit was that unsettling. Texture quality, lighting whatever, Bloodlines conveys atmosphere like few other games.
I am very fond of large parts of the early 2000's as I was a teen then. I am fortunate that I had a mostly pleasant teenage experience. I reference this to say that playing Bloodlines transported me back to those awkward years. I had forgotten how much this game influenced my taste for Gothic aesthetics and, more directly, Gothic metal. Some of the writing is iffy for its era, but I really miss when cracking on the Bush administration was the height of comedy. This is all personal taste, but you can never put a price on reliving even a fragment of your childhood.
I understand that Troika had a hard time of it as Bloodlines wrapped up as the company was closing down. That they were able to put together such a compelling and coherent package is awesome. I wonder what they could've down with more time and resources? The combat is janky as fuck, the stealth is kinda broken, the cloth physics are absolutely broken, but good goddamn would I recommend Bloodlines for anyone looking for an immersive CRPG. For better and for worse, they do not make games like this anymore.
Edit: changed Ghorst to Grout. Damn 'G' names.
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Reasons to believe Law is involved with SWORD

Poster's Preface

This is a 2 part theory about the connection between Law and SWORD.
Part 1 is going to be about establishing why and how could be apart if SWORD.
Part 2 will be about finding out the objective of Law, SWORD, and where the revolutionary army plays into this.
Before choosing to read this I’d like you to know there is a video version of this theory if you prefer to learn about it through my voice over and visual aid.
And in the event that the pictures I uploaded to this post don't show up here is a google doc link.

Is law apart of Sword?

I believe at the very least Trafalgar Law is affiliated with sword and at the most he is actually a member of the organization. The thing that might make someone weary of Law being a possible member of sword is that he isn’t the type that would want to be involved with the Marines. I could see why one would take that stance. Considering that the WG is responsible for the death of Law’s family and entire town.

Law's hate for the WG may be his very reason for wanting to be apart of SWORD
However, consider this. when Koby and Drake spoke of the CP0 in Wano, they seemed to be fearful of the implications. This tells us two things. first off, the members of Sword seem to have an inherent distrust of Cipher Pol and by extension the world government. And secondly even the world government’s top intelligence agency isn’t aware that drake is in Sword. So Even if Law had a grudge against the WG, it may actually be of his benefit to be apart of Sword. Especially if they themselves might turn on the WG someday.

I'll talk more in my next theory about what I believe SWORD and Law want to do against the WG
You might wonder if it’ll ruin Law’s integrity as a pirate, but really how much is he invested in piracy? He hasn’t shown much of an interest in seeking treasure, exploring the seas, or dealing with the criminal underworld. Of his many appearances throughout the series he’s only mentioned wanting to be Pirate King once or twice. And the times he did, it’s only alluding to it. He has never outright said he wants the OP for himself. He does however for some reason want to take down kaido.

US!? This could imply that Law already had the alliance formed with someone else. It could be his crewt hat he is referring to as \"us\",but that is unnecessary given that he's the captain In fact in the next sentence he says\"You and I.\"
Out of the 4 Yonko he seems like the one you’d least want to plot to kill. This is not only because of how powerful and almost unbeatable he seems, but also because Wano is an Isolated country. Despite how unreasonable it is for him to plot against Kaido this was something he seemed to have decided before he even knew he would have an alliance with the strawhats.

Is Hawkins implying that Law only wanted to work with the Straw Hats to get into Wano. And now that Law is successfully in Wano he might reconsider their alliance?

And there is absolutely no way he could have predicted we would have formed an alliance with the Minks and Samurai. Having the likes of Kinemon that actually knows how to get in and around Wano makes a drastic difference. Perhaps Law just rolled the dice when planning to go after Kaido, but Law is too smart for that. He’s a pirate so of course he would take risk, but he wouldn’t set him and crew up for a suicide mission. He was willing to die fighting against doflamingo, but that was because he was emotionally invested in getting revenge. As far as we know he doesn’t have such a grudge against Kaido. He’s the type to play it as safe when he is cool headed and logical strategist.

Despite not having an apparent alliance before teaming up with the straw hats Law seemed confident enough to put together a plan.
He wants Luffy's as an ally, and tells him that together they will aim to take down a Yonko. Given what Hawkins said, it may be the case that he was only half telling the straw hats the truth. He wanted the SHs help to get into Yonko territory. However once they get in Law may have reason to reconsider their alliance.

The 2 Currently Known Members Drake and Koby
Maybe he knew he had an ally within Wano which is why he chose Kaido. So let’s talk about Drake. During the one and only time we seen Drake and Law interact before the time skip, Law asked “how many people have you killed” This either implies that drake has a number so high that he has been on some murderous rampage. Or that he has a number so low that it is unusual for a pirate. It’s probably the latter and this could be a foreshadow to Law knowing that drake is an undercover Marine.

Oda Had over 10 new characters in such a short arc. He had to chose wisely what he wanted to show in that limited amount of space. He felt it important enough to show Law and Drake interact.
Both are from the north blue and they were both on Minion island on the same fateful day. Their destinies have crossed once before so It wouldn’t be a surprise if Law as a Pirate in his early days had run ins with Drake as a Marine. Cut to present day and Law somehow escaped prison with help of a mysterious ally. Most of us think it’s Drake, and there are alot of times where I would be hesitant to go with the most obvious choice. But Kumorasaki is Hiyori and Kyoshiro is Denjiro and most of us could see that coming from a mile away so I don’t think Oda is trying too hard to make things a mystery in this arc.

Ever since then Law has been acting kinda suspicious. Oda has just been drawing him very shady.

This was a red herring that could lead some to believe Law is the traitor. None the less he is drawn looking shady here. Even after it is revealed that Kanjuro is the Traitor Oda still decides to draw Law in way that shows him looking suspicious.

Again being very distant from the crowd. I could understand if he is uncomfortable around the samurai(they might be weary of him too), but he is with his crew too. In #4 Oda's not even showing his eyes. He's more often that not even keeping his distance from even his childhood friends.
If Law decides to side with SWORD, then you will know why has been weird in Hindsight. Or maybe he has always been working with sword. They could have helped Law become a shichibukai. There are currently two known SWORD members. As I said earlier, Law and Drake may have history from their time in the north blue. However Law just so happens to have past ties to the one other known member, Koby. Oda mentioned the mysterious Rocky port incident once in chapter 700 with very little information. And then decided to mention it again 203 chapters later given no new information besides the fact that Koby was the hero of that incident.

Mentioned in one panel only in 700. We can assume the moment mentione in ch 659 in which he captured 100 pirate hearts was the same incident, but it wasn't mentioned by name. It's not confirmed but I'd say it's a safe bet. Mentioned in one panel only again in 903. So across 203 chapters this incident only gets mentioned in 2 panels.
It’s almost as if the only reason the incident exists for the purpose of the grand story is to mention it in order to set up a connection between Law and Koby. From that Incident Law was able to become a Warlord and Koby may have even been promoted from that incident or at least got a good rep as "The Hero". Neither Drake nor Koby Strike me as the leader of Sword. Sure Drake is a Captain of sword, but in the context of the marines that’s far from a top ranking position.(Captain is among the 4th highest, and Fleet admiral is alone at the top.) Maybe he did recruit Law, but could there be a founder or high ranking member that could also be responsible for Law’s inclusion in Sword besides Drake.

Law's Marine Father and Grandfather.

Sengoku and Law seemed to have a docile relationship in Dressrosa. Since Law was a child Sengoku has been Aware of him. Sengoku didn’t know Law by name at first, but if some kid pops up as the captain of the Heart Pirates using the OP OP No Mi. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Law is the child Rosinate sacrificed his life for. Sengoku saw Rosinate as a son, and Corazon paid that love and kindness forward to Law. It’s possible Sengoku could see Law as a grandson and carrying on the will of Rosinate. He could have been pulling strings to help Law out. When Law escaped he didn’t seem to be surprised. It’s almost like he expected it and or that he has been in a similar situation before.
Doflamingo may have became a Warlord, but Sengoku knows the true extent of Doffy’s wickedness. I’m sure he held a grudge against doflamingo, thus wanted to see him taken down in the name of Justice, and for his personal satisfaction. Perhaps he knew Law wanted the same thing so he has been doing what he can to help Law take down Doflamingo.

Even the \"Captain of SWORD\" has reasons to want to see Doflamingo taken down. It would help him deal with Kaido, and his father could be avenged. Also he seems to be looking at Law's picture on the newspaper.
The question is how much is Law invested in Sword?. I’m not very inclined to believe that Law is an undercover Marine, however that would continue the trend of a Corazon being a double agent. Vergo was a marine that was secretly a pirate and Rosinate was a pirate that was secretly a marine. However it’s hard to believe that Law would become a Marine given what the world government did to his family and hometown. I think if he could keep a safe distance as a pirate, he would be willing to join a sect of the marines that could align with his goals and values.
One thing to remember is that the Marines and the World Government aren’t exactly the same thing. Even Fleet Admiral Akainu opposes the WG at times. Which if you remember Sengoku ordered Akainu to be a rebel marine during the battle a marineford. And as many have point out he has a tattoo of a sword. Possible foreshadow?

BTW in the VIZ translations Marines are referred to as Navy.
Anyway lets talk about the most important person in Law’s life. Rosinate is someone that Law looks up to above all else. He named his pirate crew after him and even wore clothes in tribute to Cora. Given that the person he looks up to the most is someone that is a marine. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think Law would be willing to work with marines that were as good of people as Cora.

Much like drake he was an undercover agent. Was he apart of SWORD?
Even so Rosinate didn’t have blind faith in the marines. He was willing to screw them over and steal the Op Op no mi for law’s sake. So if you question the likelihood of Law trusting SWORD just remember, Law is someone that knows that despite how evil the WG could be, there are good Marines that are even willing to rebel against the WG. Law may truly be a pirate but under the right circumstances is willing to work alongside SWORD. You could think of him as Sword’s personal shichibukai.

Notice how Rosinate seems to have an inherit suspicion and distrust of the WG. Also Notice how he makes a point to differentiate the Marines(Navy) from the World government.
Now that concludes the theory just talking about Law being apart of Sword. For the most part it’s a safe theory. Nothing too crazy, cuz I mean most people already think that Law and Drake could be collaborating. And given that Koby is apart of Sword, it’s safe to say SWORD are the good guys. So even if law were to betray his alliance with luffy he’d just be going from one group of heroes to another.

I believe Luffy is less concerned about whatever he can trust Law, and cares more about if Law is a genuinely good guy which he seems to be.
And really is that all that bad? What if Law being apart of Sword mean he doesn’t want the OP and they won’t have to be enemies in the future. Well actually the exact opposite may be true. Law’s inclusion in sword and his desire for the One Piece might be connected. Check out Part 2 of this theory in which I go over what I believe is the goal of Law and Sword, while also going over how I believe the revolutionary army plays into all this.

My rough draft for this is almost complete, so you should be seeing the end product this month.
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Mystery Woman Speculation. Trailer and promo content spoilers only

(Reposted as it didn't seem to work the first time).
The fabled Mystery Woman from 2017. I know there have been several posts about this over the past few months and years, but after looking at what others have had to say, I feel that I've got something to add here and am keen to hear other opinions. Ever since this trailer came out I've been trying to make sense of it, including jumping on the "Ellie's Mum" bandwagon at first. It's since become my favourite trailer, what with the sheer brutality and mystery surrounding it, but anyway that's far from the point.
Below is a load of speculation about who she is and how she may affect the game. I think she will be a defining character. I got a bit ahead of myself, so apologies for the length. TLDR is at the bottom.
What we know for sure:
  1. "She's one of them" according to Lev, who then cuts her down from a certain death. I.E she is not a Seraphite and likely is a member of the WLF since they are the other end of the conflict.
  2. "- - - -" Her name is spelt with 4 letters, following the 2017 Paris Trailer character reveal.
  3. She's very muscular and from the brief time we've seen from her, can handle herself well. E.G Strangling a Seraphite with her legs while about to be hanged.
Basically, we don't know much at all.
Inference and speculation:
TLDR: MW is called Abby and will be a central character in the game - possibly the main antagonist. She is deadly, has some sort of history with Ellie and a complicated relationship with the WLF. I think her actions could define the entire tone of the game.
I would love to hear what you think as this has been on my mind a lot the last few days. Do you agree? Disagree? Have any gaps to fill?
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Explained: Rule 5 (no self-promotion)

Hello everyone! We've had some confusion about rule 5, and I wanted to clear it up. Below is a (maybe too) detailed explanation of the rule, and certain situations you might find yourself in. As always all questions, comments, and concerns are welcomed!
For reference, rule 5 is at the bottom of this post.
What is self-promotion?
Any content that is posted for the sole purpose of getting views/selling an item or service. Some examples are posting a youtube video to get subscribers and views, posting a link to your skate blog, linking your store, telling someone where they can pay you for skate classes.
Why don't we allow self-promotion?
We want to cultivate a community where everyone is engaged. We also don't want the community to feel like they're getting ads shoved down their throats.
What is the 9:1 ratio?
We ask that if you're going to post outside social media links that you post on a 9:1 ratio. That means for every 1 outside link you have 9 discussions prompting posts, that can include posts and comments on other posts. What does not count toward your 9 is replies on your outside link posts.
The 9:1 ratio is in place for 2 reasons
  1. To ensure that the poster is actually interested in the community and not just self-promotion. Those who just want to self-promote usually won't care about the rules to read them, and if they do it might not be worth their time to put in the 9. The 9:1 ratio helps us weed out those who are only interested in personal gains (self-promotion.)
  2. To promote discussion and engagement in the community. Discussion and engagement in the community are how we help other skaters grow and impassion new skaters!
The more we engage with each other's content, the more likely we are to get on the front page and spread the love of skating! I want everyone to find the peace that skating brings, and I'd have to bet that most of you do too!
"I posted a picture of something I made and everyone wants to buy it now, what do I do?"
Please always be mindful of how you present these posts so they don't come off as self-promoting.
If you've posted an "acceptable" post, it will not be deleted! If you posted an "unacceptable" post, it will be temporarily deleted, reapproval will be contingent on rephrasing as to not be self-promoting.
If someone asks you if you have a shop or where they can buy it, please do not post a link to buying. You are more than welcome to privately message that person and let them know!
"I want to post my Youtube videos, but I'm not self-promoting"
We realize that sometimes it can be inconvenient to post to Youtube and then also post to Reddit, especially when you can just link Youtube videos. You're more than welcome to post outside links, as long as they follow the 9:1 ratio.
"I want to post my TikTok videos"
A TikTok video posted straight to Reddit will still have your handle in the bottom corner, because of this TikTok videos will also follow the 9:1 ratio.
Notes about TikTok and outside link videos
In addition to following the 9:1 ratio, videos must not appear self-promoting. An example of what would appear self-promoting: "I just uploaded a new video to my Youtube/TikTok go check it out!"
Other info and comments
Thank you all for sticking through this long read! As always, please reply or message us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Rule 5. No self-promotion.
Links to products will be removed. Posts containing affiliate links will result in a BAN. Just don't do it. Do NOT blatantly advertise your website/store/social media account -- we will remove any such content. We follow a 9:1 ratio of sub participation (such as comments or helpful text posts) to social media video links. This is to discourage people from dumping their videos for karma/views/subs and not participating in the community.
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Another Asian female... chance me for Yale or Columbia ED/REA!

GPA: 4.41/3.93, California private feeder school
ACT: 36 (36/35/36/36), 11 writing
SAT 2: taking Chem and Math 2 in August
PSAT: 1520
major: CS or journalism
ECs - EIC and founder of an online all girls STEM magazine, 1000+ reads per month and 60+ contributors - High school intern at T20 university lab, code published in lab github and poster selected for national conference - Founder of a CS outreach initiative, 8 week Python and Java program. Completely free, taught 120 ish students with waiting list of 30+ - editor for 2 school publications (pacemaker winning) - NextShark intern (only high school student ever), write news/opinion articles and assist with podcast production. Working with them to create a multigenerational Asian American initiative - (a little embarrassing ) Episode interactive story writer with 27k reads - Founder of a virtual entrepreneurship platform for high school students to find business projects and partners - Media Outreach through Harvard Coronavirus Visualization Team: write press releases and contribute to Medium page - organized a virtual all girl entrepreneurship makes things with over 60 participants - miscellaneous school club leadership positions
AWARDS - Scholastic Gold Medal, Gold Key - NCWIT Affiliate Winner - Research poster selected for national conference, <5% acceptance rate - not sure where this goes but MTSI summer program (super selective I think) - Probablyyyy national merit? - some small writing awards
My main weaknesses are my GPA and lack of awards - I’m like top 20%? Which I know is pretty bad for T5s but nothing I can do now :((
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[SPOILERS] Breakdown: Here's where we're at so far with The Last of Us Part II.

Edited because this is fucking long and I wrote it in one sitting so it's bound to have mistakes. Also Markdown is trash
EDIT 2: Removed a second part of the post talking about the fan reaction as it bogged down an already long ass post for an entirely separate discussion.
EDIT 3: A new source has emerged with a detailed full plot summary. It seems credible. Updated the list of leaks with a link to the same post as well as a few corrections to the story summary.
TL;DR: Folks are confusing the leaked footage which is 100% true with the outlines which have false information in them, especially the 4chan one. Abby isn't there for half the game and isn't the second protagonist though you do play as her for a while. Ellie most likely survives the ending and you probably get to kill Abby. Scroll until "The prologue starts" to get a sense of what the story looks like now with all of that in mind (It's quite different than we preivously believed.) Here's the summary in video form.
Hi, all.
I've been following this whole Last of Us 2 debacle since it started and I've seen the situation escalate ridiculously quickly. Looking for all the info I could find I eventually stumbled onto this great (and absolutely hilarious) subreddit to read about the new leaks and well, long story short, I got into a bunch of threads, shared my piece, had some great interactions with some of you guys.
I also noticed, there's some confusion going on in the larger community of people checking out the news for this game, concerning the leaks, what's true, what's not, what's just speculation. So I decided to compile here what I've gathered so far, talk about the leaks, what's likely and what's not as well as debunk some of the things that are taken for granted.
So here goes.
The leaks : What we know and What we think we know.
So, there is a lot of confusion about the leaks. Most people seem to think that we just have one solid block of confirmed leaked information about the game, while that's not really the case. What we have so far are three main sources :
  1. The leveled list : Yes, I am making this it's own separate source, because while it could be bundled with the cutscenes and gameplay, it does something very different as it lays down the structure of the entire game. You could say this is the foundation we use to place the rest of the information we have. It's also the one piece of information that lead to the idea that "we play half the game as Abby", which is at the center of the whole controversy surrounding the game's story. We'll touch on that later.
  2. The leaked footage: This speaks for itself, this is a bundle of unordered cutscenes, gameplay footage and other testing/optimizing that was leaked from Naughty Dog. This is the truest information we have, as it is direct footage from the game and there are very little chances that the content will be altered massively between what we saw and what will be in the final release (though it is not entirely to be excluded). The main struggle with this footage has been to make sense of it all, as it is, again unordered, we've been mostly trying to figure out what fits where so that we can make an educated guess as to what the characters are talking about and deduce details about the plot. This means that the same footage can lead to multiple interpretations.
  3. Leaked summary or outlines: These are alledged full summaries of the plot of the game from people who claim to have played/worked on the game or know someone who has. These leaks often contradict each other (and sometimes themselves) and some of the information they shared has been "proven" wrong (Which, in this context, means specifically that it seems to clash with inferences that we can make from the leaked footage. There are of course, no certainties.) All of these can be cross-referenced with the leaked footage to try and establish their validity though of course, some of it having come out after said footage, they do tend to use already confirmed information to weave their narrative, but will usually get some details wrong. We have had so far 3 4 main leaks available with other sources adding bits and pieces of information:
    1. The first reddit leak: From a month ago. This one claims that he read a comment from a YouTube video of an early leaked gameplay footage claiming that Ellie and Joel both die at the end, with Joel dying near the beginning and Ellie dying at the end at the hands of Abby which you play for half the game. It also claims that both Jessie and Dina live, which we know to be untrue as Jessie dies in Seattle. (There's an off chance, he's only presumed dead and turns up later but this is unlikely). This leak can found on the Reset Era spoiler thread under the UNCONFIRMED/SPECULATION section.
    2. The 4chan summary: This is the main leak we've had so far and where most people get their information from. This one supposedly came after the first round of footage was leaked and claims that the second half of the game is played entirely as Abby, leading to a fight with Ellie in which Ellie dies and the game supposedly ends with the loose implication that Ellie's "friends" will now hunt Abby in return, continuing the "cycle of revenge" that is said to be the central theme. This leak seems at least partially untrue, considering it places Jessie's death before Joel's which conflicts with what we have guessed so far and the supposed death of Ellie seems to be inferred from misinterpreted information on the leaker's part about the cutscene in which Abby and Ellie fight, which was harder to find at the time than it is now, in which case, that information is untrue as we know from the footage that Ellie survives the fight and we can infer that she is present in the very next level from what we know (We'll touch on all of that in detail further down). This leak can found on the Reset Era spoiler thread under the UNCONFIRMED/SPECULATION section and includes a note from the poster concerning the credibility of said leak.
    3. The newer leak: This one comes from home, folks, as it originated in this very subreddit. Titled " New TLOU 2 plot leaks. Most of what you've heard is false. ", this leak comes from someone who alledgedly played The Last Of Us II and contradicts the previous leaks in a few places as well as giving additional claims, notably that Ellie does survive the ending, that we do take back control of her, that Abby dies at the hands of Ellie and that a particular firefly character makes an unexpected appearance, as well as clarifying the Seraphite's role in the story. While this particular leak has not been found to go against any of the available footage (this could be explained with us having now far better access to far more of it, leaving less room and more time to craft a credible story) and speaks of details that were left untouched by previous leaks but do line up with what we know, the consensus seems to be that the leaker is untrustworthy and acting on behalf of Naughty Dog or as a fanboy trying to improve opinion on the game by weaving a less controversial version of events. Mistakes in a couple of character's names (seemingly typos) have been cited as a source of distrust along with the perceived lack of details regarding certain plot points and the leaker's affiliations to Naughty Dog.
    4. The newest leak !: A new source has emerged shortly after writing this breakdown. This one again, originating here. Titled "FULL PLOT OF TLOU2 (I think)", this new leak comes from a user who claims to have received the information from a third party (whose username he kindly gives) and goes much more in detail about the full events of the plot. It still matches everything we know so far while adding many new details, making a relatively credible source.
Now here is the important part: Most of this information has been compiled and showcased on threads and message boards, the most notable being Reset Era's The Last Of Us Part II - Spoiler Thread. This has led to some confusion as people have looked at this collection of information with various degrees of truth as one whole, taking the whole thing as confirmed facts about the game, or, whether consciously or not, using the unconfirmed leaks to interpret the footage even though some of it is blatantly untrue (an example would be people deducing Ellie's death from her fight with Abby.)
The biggest culprit and the center of the whole controversy regarding The Last of Us Part II is Abby's role in the game.
Even the "CONFIRMED" section of the Reset Era states that:
You play the first half of the game as Ellie, and the second half as Abby (the character featured in the PGW 2017 trailer played by Laura Bailey)
citing as proof that:
The leaked level list divides the game's levels between Ellie's levels and Abby's levels if you take a look to the left.
This has been mixed with the following points from the completely unconfirmed 4chan summary:
- She kills Joel herself, takes Ellie back to camp debating what to do with her since for all her hate she doesn't blame her for the massacre
- Ellie butchers her group to escape and Abby is now motivated to hunt her down
- Second half of the game is spent as Abby chasing Ellie
- Ellie continues hunting the cult while you chase her down
- Ending is Ellie and Abby fighting to the death
..To weave a series of events in the mind of fans that goes something like this:
Towards the mid point of the game, which you've been playing as Ellie so far, you come across Abby as she murders Joel brutally with a golf club. The game then shifts perspective abruptly putting you in the shoes of Abby right after you've witnessed her kill Joel and expecting you to sympathize with her as you spend the rest of the game now hunting Ellie who has the become the new antagonist and is presented as the villain. You defeat Ellie at the end and maybe even kill her. Credits roll.
This, understanbly, angered players beyond belief for very obvious reasons which we'll nevertheless touch upon in the fan reaction section.
However, if the reliance on the 4chan summary hasn't already pushed this story into conjecture territory, a further look at the leaked level list used as proof in the "CONFIRMED" section of the thread further puts doubt on this whole series of events happening as we previously believed:
The leveled list divides the game into 9 chapters: "Jackson", Ellie Day 1-3, Abby Day 1-3, "The Farm" and "End".
At first glance, it's easy to see why the consensus is that the game is split down the middle between Ellie and Abby. Obviously each of them gets 3 chapters or "days", so this must mean that half the game is played as one and the second half as the other...
But does it ?
First of all, Ellie's 3 Days are comprised of 12 levels (5 in Day 1, 4 in Day 2 and 3 in Day 3), while Abby's only have 8 (3 in Day 1, only 2 in Day 2 and 3 in Day 3). This would mean, that even by this account, the majority of the game is still spent as Ellie.
Secondly and most importantly, what about the rest of the chapters ?
We can strongly infer that the entirety of the Jackson chapter is played as Ellie (with the obvious exception of the prologue "ellie-flashback-guitar", which we know is played as Joel.)
As for the final two chapters, "The Farm" and "End", they are divided into 3 levels : "The Farm" has one level called "farm" and "End" has two called "Santa-Barbara" and "Epilogue" respectively.
We've had information that Dina and Ellie end up trying to raise their child in a farm, (with some claiming this would be the ending of the game, Ellie survives, she goes to the farm, Abby wins, the end) so this suggests something that's very important:
We take back control of Ellie for the end of the game.
We don't know much about "Santa Barbara" or the epilogue. However, out of all the leaks, only the latest one, the newer leak, talks about it. It's also the only one of the leaks that downplays the time spent as Abby, which as we are discovering here, isn't what it was said to be. This leak states the following:
Abby and Lev are in Santa Barbara looking for the remaining Fireflies, but Ellie hunts her down and kills her unexpectedly.
Now we've seen footage of Abby and Lev looking for Fireflies, so this seems to be confirmed. Which means the final level is played as Abby either fully or in part. The same leak states that:
You control Ellie mostly through the final part of the game.
This might be true as the rest of the alledged information lines up with what we've been deducing so far and those deductions go against the grain of everything else that's being said about this game, either by other alledged leakers or during conversations and speculations. To my knowledge, no one else has drawn the conclusions I'm presenting to you presently though of course some people may have and just never shared it or I've simply missed it.
Regardless of this last part that is more speculative than the rest, we can safely say that the size Abby's role in the game has been somewhat exaggerated and saying that she is the protagonist for half the game is a huge and misguiding oversimplification. (albeit of course, unintentionally so.)
Joel most likely dies either during the end of the Jackson chapter or at most during the Ellie Day 1 chapter so the idea that you switch to Abby right after she kills Joel as originally thought is also unlikely.
Now why is this important ? "So what if she's played a couple of hours less than Ellie ?", you could say.
Well, this would mostly mean that the game isn't trying to spin this as Abby's story. Abby is featured during a few levels towards the end of the game but the game is still majoritarily about Ellie. It seems from this to be Ellie's story, not Abby and Ellie's and certainly NOT Abby's story.
This changes our outlook on the game and the events and as stated, since most of what we've gathered has a part of interpretation and conjecture, the fact that this is now the most likely scenario means the context has shifted.
This new context makes it much more likely for Ellie to survive the end battle and for her to be the playable character during said fight, therefore leaning towards our second hypothesis that the "Santa Barbara" chapter (or the chapter where Ellie and Abby have their last fight, which is most likely this one but could be part of the epilogue, though it is far less likely) is at least partially played as Ellie. It also goes in the direction of the newer leak, giving it more credence.
So...Where does all of this leave us ?
Well, considering what we've been saying so far, it's clear the idea that we have of the game's story now is very different than the previous consensus. If we mix the facts and footage with some conjecture that we can infer from what we now know, it could resemble more something like this:
EDIT: You can find a much more detailed plot based on some new leaks here. Most of it does coincide with what I've guessed below so this is good news as it matches the evidence we've gathered so far and well, is also evidence that we were on the right track.
The prologue starts as Joel recounts the ending of the last game and we get to see a glimpse of him and Ellie. Fast foward a few years and Ellie is grown up, living a relatively peaceful life in Jackson with best friend Dina and her on and off boyfriend Jessie. Dina and Ellie bond throughout the course of the first chapter in Jackson, developing a romantic relationship whilst, whether they are aware of it or not at this point, Dina is pregnant with Jessie's baby. (Dina will most likely realize it first but hide it from Ellie until later and use it a crutch to get her to give up on her quest for revenge. The footage were she stitches up Ellie's arm and is distraught by her eagerness to go look for Abby, I would say, comes at a point where she already knows. There is no proof of this particular point, this is just me guessing based on common storytelling practices.) One night that they spend together as Ellie tries to confess to Dina that she is immune, Jessie interrupts them, saying that Tommy hasn't come back from patrol. Ellie and the rest go look for him and Ellie is joined by Joel. They get separated and Ellie eventually ends up finding both Joel and Tommy at the hands of Abby and her group, part of the WLF, which Ellie's group has met before. Joel dies at the hands of Abby and Ellie is captured*. This is where we get our first flashback to Abby's past, revealing her to be the daugther of the surgeon from the first game.* She escapes, killing several members of the WLF, including Abby's boyfriend. You go through Seattle as Ellie during the 3 days as she crosses the mostly WLF controlled Seattle and it's contested Seraphite Territory, seeking revenge against Abby for Joel's death. Tortured by this, Ellie goes through some flashbacks and apparently visions of Joel which you get to experience. Jessie dies during the trip at the hands of Seraphites and so does Abby's boyfriend at the hands of Ellie. It likely ends on some sort of cliffhanger in a theater as you ambush Abby or are ambushed by her. Then, the game goes back to Day 1 as you play from Abby’s perspective (The events of the PGS trailer probably come for here) Alternatively, during the 3 days, the game cuts away from Ellie's journey to give us a glimpse into Abby's perspective during this time, going through some of the events she's had to deal with (surviving the Seraphites, finding medicine to ampute Yara's arm, etc) as well as her backstory, revealing her identity as the daughter of the surgeon from the first game. You reach the aforementioned ambush where you switch once more to Abby and defeat Ellie but spare her and Dina's lives at Lev's request. The game then most likely switches back to Ellie. Some time has passed and she has tried to live a quiet life in a farm with Dina and their child but can’t let go of the previous events. We follow Abby in Santa Barbara, where she's been searching for remaining Fireflies for one final showdown with an unclear ending, but considering Abby was looking for Fireflies and Ellie needs answers from them ("The fireflies. I had so many questions for them."), it’s likely that Abby dies and only to apparently get attacked by surprise and stabbed by Ellie. It's likely Ellie meets up with said Fireflies as she wanted answers from them, (which again matches the newer leaks).
Now whether or not this makes for a good story, I'll leave for you to decide, but this diverges quite a bit from what we previously thought to be true regarding the second half of the game.
I've also taken the liberty of assuming that indeed Abby's "Day 1" is the same as Ellie's and therefore the game goes back to Day 1 so we play those same three days from Abbie's perspective. Of course, it's also possible that these are just three days in Ellie's quest then the three next days or three other days from Abby's point of view, but that seems awfully arbitrary to give them both three days if they're not related.
EDIT: It would seem, from the newest leak that I was right ! Only instead of going back to Day 1, the game instead alternates between Ellie and Abby's perspectives during the 3 days. So the main part if Ellie's journey, but it occasionnally (at the end of each day most likely) cuts to a sequence from Abby's perspective. The newest leaks match not only the footage we've seen, but also the conclusions reached in this breakdown as well as the previous leak which was already pretty credible.
EDIT: Also, from the most recent trailer, some people seem to have recognized Marlene's voice. This would mean that she is the mysterious Firefly member from the newer leak, reinforce the theory that Ellie is indeed still alive and her line of dialogue ("We could've killed you.") suggests that the meeting with the fireflies is less than pleasant.
Another guess I would make here, completely unsupported, is that tensions between Joel and Ellie are never resolved before he dies, in the sense that she still has the suspicion that he lied to her (or maybe it is confirmed to her and they have a falling out, potentially leading them to separate, as we see Ellie walk away from Joel in the new trailer. This might also lead to Joel being alone and therefore getting captured and subsequently killed by Abby, making it in part Ellie's fault and going further to solidify why she feels so bad that she has to what she does.) In that scenario, the Firefly epilogue would finally reveal to Ellie why Joel chose to lie to her and that he did what he did to save her life, leading to some form of resolution.
Anyway, that's all for my two (okay, maybe slightly more) bits ! I'd love to know what you all think about all this !
And finally, I'll leave you with this brand new footage that might change everything you thought you knew about The Last of Us Part II.
That's all for me folks ! Take care !
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[Opencore] - Catalina 10.15.5 - i5 9900k - Aorus z390 Pro - Rx580 Sapphire Radeon

[Opencore] - Catalina 10.15.5 - i5 9900k - Aorus z390 Pro - Rx580 Sapphire Radeon
Firstly - Thank you to everyone involved in this subreddit - It is an incredible collection of brains from mods to posters willing to help. Thanks, you genuinely got me through this madness!
CPU: Intel i5 - 9600k - 3.7Ghz - 6-core
GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX580 - 8GB Pulse Video Card
RAM: Crucial 16GB (2x8) DDR4 2666 CL19
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro ATX
Audio Codec: ALC1220-VB - Layout id - 11 (Thanks ADSaxton for the tips)
Ethernet Card: Intel I219V7 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
Wifi/BT Card: Fenvi T919 - AirPort Extreme
BIOS revision: V12d had to download & update from V11 (more on that below)
Case: NZXT h510
CPU cooling: Corsair H55 Liquid cpu cooler
Storage: (running macOS) Crucial MX500 - 500GB M.2 - (running Windows10) Crucial 275GB SSD - Additional Storage attached and working - WD Red 3TB (taken from old MyCloud), WD Green 1TB (old Ext drive) - Crucial 250GB SSD (from old Mac)
Which of the guides on the sidebar you used:
What's working:
Hand-off, BT, Wifi, iServices (all), Airdrop, Audio, sleep/wake - Yet to come across any major problems once i carried out the guides post install suggestions - eg. i didn't have to do anything to NVRAM, it was all working - iServices worked without any help (used the correct guidance in serial number and updating MAC address before activating) - Wifi and BT was seamless, as was Audio. USB worked (though only 2.0 i believe) more info on that below.
Multi-Boot is working with Windows10 - Had issues downloading an install file for USB from a Mac, so ended up asking a friend to create it for me (from win10), worked soundly from there. Once installed, Windows is now seamlessly an option in the OC Picker screen.
what isn't working:
Regarding the Picker, one niggle, is i would like macOS to be my auto boot, currently its Win10, which i cant figure out though probably very simple. Advice welcomed. *EDIT* this was kindly pointed out as a very simple fix in comments below, simply picked my MAC boot drive in Mac Startup Disk.. Done.
Side-Car (Not a major issue for me, so not looking into it)
USB mapping was complicated, and not entirely sure i assigned correctly, all ports read, just not 100% sure about 3.0/3.1 etc, being assigned correctly, need to put more time into this. -
*EDIT* (June 28 2020) - So i put some more time into working out the USB Mapping with my build.
Just some notes, for anyone who comes across the same issues.
I followed the USB Mapping subsection of the OC Desktop Guide, and its affiliated link to the READ.MD for USBmap.command Tool..
So working with USBmap.command tool, and following the guide, some things didn't work for me, like executing the commands press "S. Exclude SSxx Ports" or any other command boot arg commands for that matter.. - Where this was supposed to add a new boot argument, but did not. So i had to add these args into my congif.plist > NVRAM, manually before rebooting, and of course, then, remove them manually.
Also, the guide suggests using the generated kexts, where as the readme guide recommends using the SSDT, that can be generated. I went for the latter, and added the two new SSDT's that were created. I had to remove the previously added SSDT-EC-USBX and replace it with the two new, then take a snapshot and save. I then Rebooted, and found everything was in line. All ports read and act correctly now, aswell as assigning my FENVI T919 as port '255'.
Hope this can help, and if anyone spots something that i may have not been clear on, or read wrong, please let me know.

Side notes
First power on, i was stuck on a display issue. My Display only came up once i took my GPU out and used the MB integrated HDMI slot (didn't have a DP cable at the time) -
While using my onboard display socket, i started my first boot from USB installer - hit a wall here. just stopped with no failure report, just froze (waited for 30+ mins) so turned it off.
I stopped there and realised i hadn't done the correct checks on my BIOS so i updated the Firmware from V11 (oob) to V12d (link to download below) - This got my GPU working correctly, and from there i was using HDMI from that. Then found the best settings for my BIOS from some serious digging (credit link below) here were the optimal settings, which in turn got me passed the frozen boot and into a pretty seemless install there after:
With regards USB mapping, i couldn't seem to get USBmap.command' discover mode to stop reading the SS ports, and every-time i plugged USB3 device in, it still registered with a HS port aswell as SS.. As i said, need to give this some more time, i think it just got the better of me after all the work getting the Hackintosh up and running in the first place...

Optimal BIOS settings - Aorus z390 pro - V12d
Load Optimized Defaults
Settings -> Internal Graphics -> Enabled
Settings -> DVMT Pre-Allocated -> 32M
Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Disabled
Settings -> Above 4G Decoding -> Enabled
Settings -> Wake on LAN Enable -> Disabled
Settings -> USB Configuration -> Legacy USB Support -> Disabled
Settings -> USB Configuration -> XHCI Hand-off -> Enabled
Settings -> Software Guard Extensions(SGX) -> Disabled
Settings -> Trusted Computing -> Security Device Support -> Disabled
Boot -> CSM Support -> Disabled

Link to download latest BIOS update
BIOS Settings guide - Credit to 123marvin123 for his guide on z390 pro settings
Questions: Is it ok to post Screenshot of EFI folder Tree? I wasn't sure.. happy to edit and add if so.
submitted by daire84 to hackintosh [link] [comments]

/r/Scams Common Scam Master Post

Hello visitors and subscribers of scams! Here you will find a master list of common (and uncommon) scams that you may encounter online or in real life. Thank you to the many contributors who helped create this thread!

If you know of a scam that is not covered here, write a comment and it will be added to the next edition.

Previous threads:
Blackmail email scam thread:
Some of these articles are from small, local publications and refer to the scam happening in a specific area. Do not think that this means that the scam won't happen in your area.


Caller ID spoofing
It is very easy for anyone to make a phone call while having any number show up on the caller ID of the person receiving the phone call. Receiving a phone call from a certain number does not mean that the person/company who owns that number has actually called you.
Email spoofing
The "from" field of an email can be set by the sender, meaning that you can receive scam emails that look like they are from legitimate addresses. It's important to never click links in emails unless absolutely necessary, for example a password reset link you requested or an account activation link for an account you created.
SMS spoofing
SMS messages can be spoofed, so be wary of messages that seem to be from your friends or other trusted people.

The most common scams

The fake check scam (Credit to nimble2 for this part)
The fake check scam arises from many different situations (for instance, you applied for a job, or you are selling something on a place like Craigslist, or someone wants to purchase goods or services from your business, or you were offered a job as a mystery shopper, you were asked to wrap your car with an advertisement, or you received a check in the mail for no reason), but the bottom line is always something like this:
General fraudulent funds scams If somebody is asking you to accept and send out money as a favour or as part of a job, it is a fraudulent funds scam. It does not matter how they pay you, any payment on any service can be fraudulent and will be reversed when it is discovered to be fraudulent.
Phone verification code scams Someone will ask you to receive a verification text and then tell you to give them the code. Usually the code will come from Google Voice, or from Craigslist. In the Google version of the scam, your phone number will be used to verify a Google Voice account that the scammer will use to scam people with. In the Craigslist version of the scam, your phone number will be used to verify a Craigslist posting that the scammer will use to scam people. There is also an account takeover version of this scam that will involve the scammer sending a password reset token to your phone number and asking you for it.
Bitcoin job scams
Bitcoin job scams involve some sort of fraudulent funds transfer, usually a fake check although a fraudulent bank transfer can be used as well. The scammer will send you the fraudulent money and ask you to purchase bitcoins. This is a scam, and you will have zero recourse after you send the scammer bitcoins.
Email flooding
If you suddenly receive hundreds or thousands of spam emails, usually subscription confirmations, it's very likely that one of your online accounts has been taken over and is being used fraudulently. You should check any of your accounts that has a credit card linked to it, preferably from a computer other than the one you normally use. You should change all of your passwords to unique passwords and you should start using two factor authentication everywhere.
Boss/CEO scam A scammer will impersonate your boss or someone who works at your company and will ask you to run an errand for them, which will usually be purchasing gift cards and sending them the code. Once the scammer has the code, you have no recourse.
Employment certification scams
You will receive a job offer that is dependent on you completing a course or receiving a certification from a company the scammer tells you about. The scammer operates both websites and the job does not exist.
Craigslist fake payment scams
Scammers will ask you about your item that you have listed for sale on a site like Craigslist, and will ask to pay you via Paypal. They are scamming you, and the payment in most cases does not actually exist, the email you received was sent by the scammers. In cases where you have received a payment, the scammer can dispute the payment or the payment may be entirely fraudulent. The scammer will then either try to get you to send money to them using the fake funds that they did not send to you, or will ask you to ship the item, usually to a re-shipping facility or a parcel mule.
General fraudulent funds scams The fake check scam is not the only scam that involves accepting fraudulent/fake funds and purchasing items for scammers. If your job or opportunity involves accepting money and then using that money, it is almost certainly a frauduent funds scam. Even if the payment is through a bank transfer, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Interac e-Transfer, etc, it does not matter.
Credit card debt scam
Fraudsters will offer to pay off your bills, and will do so with fraudulent funds. Sometimes it will be your credit card bill, but it can be any bill that can be paid online. Once they pay it off, they will ask you to send them money or purchase items for them. The fraudulent transaction will be reversed in the future and you will never be able to keep the money. This scam happens on sites like Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, and also some dating sites, including SeekingArrangement.
The parcel mule scam
A scammer will contact you with a job opportunity that involves accepting and reshipping packages. The packages are either stolen or fraudulently obtained items, and you will not be paid by the scammer. Here is a news article about a scam victim who fell for this scam and reshipped over 20 packages containing fraudulently acquired goods.
The Skype sex scam
You're on Facebook and you get a friend request from a cute girl you've never met. She wants to start sexting and trading nudes. She'll ask you to send pictures or videos or get on webcam where she can see you naked with your face in the picture. The scam: There's no girl. You've sent nudes to a guy pretending to be a girl. As soon as he has the pictures he'll demand money and threaten to send the pictures to your friends and family. Sometimes the scammer will upload the video to a porn site or Youtube to show that they are serious.
What to do if you are a victim of this scam: You cannot buy silence, you can only rent it. Paying the blackmailer will show them that the information they have is valuable and they will come after you for more money. Let your friends and family know that you were scammed and tell them to ignore friend requests or messages from people they don't know. Also, make sure your privacy settings are locked down and consider deactivating your account.
The underage girl scam
You're on a dating site or app and you get contacted by a cute girl. She wants to start sexting and trading nudes. Eventually she stops communicating and you get a call from a pissed off guy claiming to be the girl's father, or a police officer, or a private investigator, or something else along those lines. Turns out the girl you were sexting is underage, and her parents want some money for various reasons, such as to pay for a new phone, to pay for therapy, etc. There is, of course, no girl. You were communicating with a scammer.
What to do if you are a victim of this scam: Stop picking up the phone when the scammers call. Do not pay them, or they will be after you for more money.
Phishing is when a scammer tries to trick you into giving information to them, such as your password or private financial information. Phishing messages will usually look very similar to official messages, and sometimes they are identical. If you are ever required to login to a different account in order to use a service, you should be incredibly cautious.
The blackmail email scam The exact wording of the emails varies, but there are generally four main parts. They claim to have placed software/malware on a porn/adult video site, they claim to have a video of you masturbating or watching porn, they threaten to release the video to your friends/family/loved ones/boss/dog, and they demand that you pay them in order for them to delete the video. Rest assured that this is a very common spam campaign and there is no truth behind the email or the threats. Here are some news articles about this scam.
The blackmail mail scam
This is very similar to the blackmail email scam, but you will receive a letter in the mail.
Rental scams Usually on local sites like Craigslist, scammers will steal photos from legitimate real estate listings and will list them for rent at or below market rate. They will generally be hesitant to tell you the address of the property for "safety reasons" and you will not be able to see the unit. They will then ask you to pay them a deposit and they claim they will ship you the keys. In reality, your money is gone and you will have no recourse.
Craigslist vehicle scams A scammer will list a vehicle on Craigslist and will offer to ship you the car. In many cases they will also falsely claim to sell you the car through eBay or Amazon. If you are looking for a car on Craigslist and the seller says anything about shipping the car, having an agent, gives you a long story about why they are selling the car, or the listing price is far too low, you are talking to a scammer and you should ignore and move on.
Advance-fee scam, also known as the 419 scam, or the Nigerian prince scam. You will receive a communication from someone who claims that you are entitled to a large sum of money, or you can help them obtain a large sum of money. However, they will need money from you before you receive the large sum.
Man in the middle scams
Man in the middle scams are very common and very hard to detect. The scammer will impersonate a company or person you are legitimately doing business with, and they will ask you to send the money to one of their own bank accounts or one controlled by a money mule. They have gained access to the legitimate persons email address, so there will be nothing suspicious about the email. To prevent this, make contact in a different way that lets you verify that the person you are talking to is the person you think you are talking to.
Cam girl voting/viewer scam
You will encounter a "cam girl" on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask you to go to their site and sign up with your credit card. They may offer a free show, or ask you to vote for them, or any number of other fake stories.
Amateur porn recruitment scam
You will encounter a "pornstar" on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask you to create an adult film with hehim, but first you need to do something. The story here is usually something to do with verifying your age, or you needing to take an STD test that involves sending money to a site operated by the scammer.
Hot girl SMS spam
You receive a text from a random number with a message along the lines of "Hey babe I'm here in town again if you wanted to meet up this time, are you around?" accompanied by a NSFW picture of a hot girl. It's spam, and they'll direct you to their scam website that requires a credit card.
Identity verification scam
You will encounter someone on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask that you verify your identity as they are worried about catfishing. The scammer operates the site, and you are not talking to whoever you think you are talking to.
This type of scam teases you with something, then tries to make you sign up for something else that costs money. The company involved is often innocent, but they turn a blind eye to the practice as it helps their bottom line, even if they have to occasionally issue refunds. A common variation takes place on dating sites/dating apps, where you will match with someone who claims to be a camgirl who wants you to sign up for a site and vote for her. Another variation takes place on local sites like Craigslist, where the scammers setup fake rental scams and demand that you go through a specific service for a credit check. Once you go through with it, the scammer will stop talking to you. Another variation also takes place on local sites like Craigslist, where scammers will contact you while you are selling a car and will ask you to purchase a Carfax-like report from a specific website.
Multi Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing
You apply for a vague job listing for 'sales' on craigslist. Or maybe an old friend from high school adds you on Facebook and says they have an amazing business opportunity for you. Or maybe the well dressed guy who's always interviewing people in the Starbucks that you work at asks if you really want to be slinging coffee the rest of your life. The scam: MLMs are little more than pyramid schemes. They involve buying some sort of product (usually snake oil health products like body wraps or supplements) and shilling them to your friends and family. They claim that the really money is recruiting people underneath you who give you a slice of whatever they sell. And if those people underneath you recruit more people, you get a piece of their sales. Ideally if you big enough pyramid underneath you the money will roll in without any work on your part. Failure to see any profit will be your fault for not "wanting it enough." The companies will claim that you need to buy their extra training modules or webinars to really start selling. But in reality, the vast majority of people who buy into a MLM won't see a cent. At the end of the day all you'll be doing is annoying your friends and family with your constant recruitment efforts. What to look out for: Recruiters love to be vague. They won't tell you the name of the company or what exactly the job will entail. They'll pump you up with promises of "self-generating income", "being your own boss", and "owning your own company." They might ask you to read books about success and entrepreneurs. They're hoping you buy into the dream first. If you get approached via social media, check their timelines. MLMs will often instruct their victims to pretend that they've already made it. They'll constantly post about how they're hustling and making the big bucks and linking to youtube videos about success. Again, all very vague about what their job actually entails. If you think you're being recruited: Ask them what exactly the job is. If they can't answer its probably a MLM. Just walk away.

Phone scams

You should generally avoid answering or engaging with random phone calls. Picking up and engaging with a scam call tells the scammers that your phone number is active, and will usually lead to more calls.
Tax Call
You get a call from somebody claiming to be from your countries tax agency. They say you have unpaid taxes that need to be paid immediately, and you may be arrested or have other legal action taken against you if it is not paid. This scam has caused the American IRS, Canadian CRA, British HMRC, and Australian Tax Office to issue warnings. This scam happens in a wide variety of countries all over the world.
Warrant Call
Very similar to the tax call. You'll get a phone call from an "agent", "officer", "sheriff", or other law enforcement officer claiming that there is a warrant out for your arrest and you will be arrested very soon. They will then offer to settle everything for a fee, usually paid in giftcards.
[Legal Documents/Process Server Calls]
Very similar to the warrant call. You'll get a phone call from a scammer claiming that they are going to serve you legal documents, and they will threaten you with legal consequences if you refuse to comply. They may call themselves "investigators", and will sometimes give you a fake case number.
Student Loan Forgiveness Scam
Scammers will call you and tell you about a student loan forgiveness program, but they are interested in obtaining private information about you or demanding money in order to join the fake program.
Tech Support Call You receive a call from someone with a heavy accent claiming to be a technician Microsoft or your ISP. They inform you that your PC has a virus and your online banking and other accounts may be compromised if the virus is not removed. They'll have you type in commands and view diagnostics on your PC which shows proof of the virus. Then they'll have you install remote support software so the technician can work on your PC, remove the virus, and install security software. The cost of the labor and software can be hundreds of dollars. The scam: There's no virus. The technician isn't a technician and does not work for Microsoft or your ISP. Scammers (primarily out of India) use autodialers to cold-call everyone in the US. Any file they point out to you or command they have you run is completely benign. The software they sell you is either freeware or ineffective. What to do you if you're involved with this scam: If the scammers are remotely on your computer as you read this, turn off your PC or laptop via the power button immediately, and then if possible unplug your internet connection. Some of the more vindictive tech scammers have been known to create boot passwords on your computer if they think you've become wise to them and aren't going to pay up. Hang up on the scammers, block the number, and ignore any threats about payment. Performing a system restore on your PC is usually all that is required to remove the scammer's common remote access software. Reports of identity theft from fake tech calls are uncommon, but it would still be a good idea to change your passwords for online banking and monitor your accounts for any possible fraud. How to avoid: Ignore any calls claiming that your PC has a virus. Microsoft will never contact you. If you're unsure if a call claiming to be from your ISP is legit, hang up, and then dial the customer support number listed on a recent bill. If you have elderly relatives or family that isn't tech savvy, take the time to fill them in on this scam.
Chinese government scam
This scam is aimed at Chinese people living in Europe and North America, and involves a voicemail from someone claiming to be associated with the Chinese government, usually through the Chinese consulate/embassy, who is threatening legal action or making general threats.
Chinese shipping scam
This scam is similar to the Chinese government scam, but involves a seized/suspicious package, and the scammers will connect the victim to other scammers posing as Chinese government investigators.
Social security suspension scam
You will receive a call from someone claiming to work for the government regarding suspicious activity, fraud, or serious crimes connected to your social security number. You'll be asked to speak to an operator and the operator will explain the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problems. It's all a scam, and will lead to you losing money and could lead to identity theft if you give them private financial information.
Utilities cutoff
You get a call from someone who claims that they are from your utility company, and they claim that your utilities will be shut off unless you immediately pay. The scammer will usually ask for payment via gift cards, although they may ask for payment in other ways, such as Western Union or bitcoin.
Relative in custody Scammer claims to be the police, and they have your son/daughtenephew/estranged twin in custody. You need to post bail (for some reason in iTunes gift cards or MoneyGram) immediately or the consequences will never be the same.
Mexican family scam
This scam comes in many different flavours, but always involves someone in your family and Mexico. Sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member has been detained, sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member has been kidnapped, and sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member is injured and needs help.
General family scams
Scammers will gather a large amount of information about you and target your family members using different stories with the goal of gettimg them to send money.
One ring scam
Scammers will call you from an international number with the goal of getting you to return their call, causing you to incur expensive calling fees.

Online shopping scams

THE GOLDEN RULE OF ONLINE SHOPPING: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
An ad on reddit or social media sites like Facebook and Instagram offers items at huge discounts or even free (sometimes requiring you to reblog or like their page). They just ask you to pay shipping. The scam: The item will turn out to be very low quality and will take weeks or even months to arrive. Sometimes the item never arrives, and the store disappears or stops responding. The seller drop-ships the item from China. The item may only cost a few dollars, and the Chinese government actually pays for the shipping. You end up paying $10-$15 dollars for a $4 item, with the scammer keeping the profit. If you find one of these scams but really have your heart set on the item, you can find it on AliExpress or another Chinese retailer.
Influencer scams
A user will reach out to you on a social media platform, usually Instagram, and offer you the chance to partner with them and receive a free/discounted product, as long as you pay shipping. This is a different version of the dropshipping scam, and is just a marketing technique to get you to buy their products.
Triangulation fraud
Triangulation fraud occurs when you make a purchase on a site like Amazon or eBay for an item at a lower than market price, and receive an item that was clearly purchased new at full price. The scammer uses a stolen credit card to order your item, while the money from the listing is almost all profit for the scammer.
Instagram influencer scams
Someone will message you on Instagram asking you to promote their products, and offering you a discount code. The items are Chinese junk, and the offer is made to many people at a time.
Cheap Items
Many websites pop up and offer expensive products, including electronics, clothes, watches, sunglasses, and shoes at very low prices. The scam: Some sites are selling cheap knock-offs. Some will just take your money and run. What to do if you think you're involved with this scam: Contact your bank or credit card and dispute the charge. How to avoid: The sites often have every brand-name shoe or fashion item (Air Jordan, Yeezy, Gucci, etc) in stock and often at a discounted price. The site will claim to be an outlet for a major brand or even a specific line or item. The site will have images at the bottom claiming to be Secured by Norton or various official payment processors but not actual links. The site will have poor grammar and a mish-mash of categories. Recently, established websites will get hacked or their domain name jacked and turned into scam stores, meaning the domain name of the store will be completely unrelated to the items they're selling. If the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Nobody is offering brand new iPhones or Beats or Nintendo Switches for 75% off.
Cheap Amazon 3rd Party Items
You're on Amazon or maybe just Googling for an item and you see it for an unbelievable price from a third-party seller. You know Amazon has your back so you order it. The scam: One of three things usually happen: 1) The seller marks the items as shipped and sends a fake tracking number. Amazon releases the funds to the seller, and the seller disappears. Amazon ultimately refunds your money. 2) The seller immediately cancels the order and instructs you to re-order the item directly from their website, usually with the guarantee that the order is still protected by Amazon. The seller takes your money and runs. Amazon informs you that they do not offer protection on items sold outside of Amazon and cannot help you. 2) The seller immediately cancels the order and instructs you to instead send payment via an unused Amazon gift card by sending the code on the back via email. Once the seller uses the code, the money on the card is gone and cannot be refunded. How to avoid: These scammers can be identified by looking at their Amazon storefronts. They'll be brand new sellers offering a wide range of items at unbelievable prices. Usually their Amazon names will be gibberish, or a variation on FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME. Occasionally however, established storefronts will be hacked. If the deal is too good to be true its most likely a scam.
Scams on eBay
There are scams on eBay targeting both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you should look out for people who privately message you regarding the order, especially if they ask you to ship to a different address or ask to negotiate via text/email/a messaging service. As a buyer you should look out for new accounts selling in-demand items, established accounts selling in-demand items that they have no previous connection to (you can check their feedback history for a general idea of what they bought/sold in the past), and lookout for people who ask you to go off eBay and use another service to complete the transaction. In many cases you will receive a fake tracking number and your money will be help up for up to a month.
Scams on Amazon
There are scams on Amazon targeting both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you should look out for people who message you about a listing. As a buyer you should look out for listings that have an email address for you to contact the person to complete the transaction, and you should look out for cheap listings of in-demand items.
Scams on Reddit
Reddit accounts are frequently purchased and sold by fraudsters who wish to use the high karma count + the age of the account to scam people on buy/sell subreddits. You need to take precautions and be safe whenever you are making a transaction online.
Computer scams
Virus scam
A popup or other ad will say that you have a virus and you need to follow their advice in order to remove it. They are lying, and either want you to install malware or pay for their software.

Assorted scams

Chinese Brushing / direct shipping
If you have ever received an unsolicited small package from China, your address was used to brush. Vendors place fake orders for their own products and send out the orders so that they can increase their ratings.
Money flipping
Scammer claims to be a banking insider who can double/triple/bazoople any amount of money you send them, with no consequences of any kind. Obviously, the money disappears into their wallet the moment you send it.

Door to door scams

As a general rule, you should not engage with door to door salesmen. If you are interested in the product they are selling, check online first.
Selling Magazines
Someone or a group will come to your door and offer to sell a magazine subscription. Often the subscriptions are not for the duration or price you were told, and the magazines will often have tough or impossible cancellation policies.
Energy sales
Somebody will come to your door claiming to be from an energy company. They will ask to see your current energy bill so that they can see how much you pay. They will then offer you a discount if you sign up with them, and promise to handle everything with your old provider. Some of these scammers will "slam" you, by using your account number that they saw on your bill to switch you to their service without authorization, and some will scam you by charging higher prices than the ones you agreed on.
Security system scams
Scammers will come to your door and ask about your security system, and offer to sell you a new one. These scammers are either selling you overpriced low quality products, or are casing your home for a future burglary.
They ask to enter your home
While trying to sell you whatever, they suddenly need to use your bathroom, or they've been writing against the wall and ask to use your table instead. Or maybe they just moved into the neighborhood and want to see how you decorate for ideas.
They're scoping out you and your place. They want to see what valuables you have, how gullible you are, if you have a security system or dogs, etc.

Street scams

Begging With a Purpose
"I just need a few more dollars for the bus," at the bus station, or "I just need $5 to get some gas," at a gas station. There's also a variation where you will be presented with a reward: "I just need money for a cab to get uptown, but I'll give you sports tickets/money/a date/a priceless vase."
Three Card Monte, Also Known As The Shell Game
Unbeatable. The people you see winning are in on the scam.
Drop and Break
You bump into someone and they drop their phone/glasses/fancy bottle of wine/priceless vase and demand you pay them back. In reality, it's a $2 pair of reading glasses/bottle of three-buck-chuck/tasteful but affordable vase.
CD Sales
You're handed a free CD so you can check out the artist's music. They then ask for your name and immediately write it on the CD. Once they've signed your name, they ask you for money, saying they can't give it to someone else now. Often they use dry erase markers, or cheap CD sleeves. Never use any type of storage device given to you by a random person, as the device can contain malware.
White Van Speaker Scam
You're approached and offered speakers/leather jackets/other luxury goods at a discount. The scammer will have an excuse as to why the price is so low. After you buy them, you'll discover that they are worthless.
iPhone Street Sale
You're approached and shown an iPhone for sale, coming in the box, but it's open and you can see the phone. If you buy the phone, you'll get an iPhone box with no iPhone, just some stones or cheap metal in it to weigh it down.
Buddhist Monk Pendant
A monk in traditional garb approaches you, hands you a gold trinket, and asks for a donation. He holds either a notebook with names and amounts of donation (usually everyone else has donated $5+), or a leaflet with generic info. This is fairly common in NYC, and these guys get aggressive quickly.
Friendship Bracelet Scam More common in western Europe, you're approached by someone selling bracelets. They quickly wrap a loop of fabric around your finger and pull it tight, starting to quickly weave a bracelet. The only way to (easily) get it off your hand is to pay. Leftover sales
This scam involves many different items, but the idea is usually the same: you are approached by someone who claims to have a large amount of excess inventory and offers to sell it to you at a great price. The scammer actually has low quality items and will lie to you about the price/origin of the items.
Dent repair scams
Scammers will approach you in public about a dent in your car and offer to fix it for a low price. Often they will claim that they are mechanics. They will not fix the dent in your car, but they will apply large amounts of wax or other substances to hide the dent while they claim that the substance requires time to harden.
Gold ring/jewelry/valuable item scam
A scammer will "find" a gold ring or other valuable item and offers to sell it to you. The item is fake and you will never see the scammer again.
Distraction theft
One person will approach you and distract you, while their accomplice picks your pockets. The distraction can take many forms, but if you are a tourist and are approached in public, watch closely for people getting close to you.

General resources

Site to report scams in the United Kingdom:
Site to report scams in the United States:
Site to report scams in Canada:
Site to report scams in Europe:
FTC scam alerts:
Microsoft's anti-scam guide:
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