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I have a simple idea for reddit to make money but I can't get them to listen. Many of you liked my idea so please help me make reddit listen.

I posted the idea here first which was well received.
The idea...
Create a 'support reddit' page with a list of merchants and their affiliate links so that when I do plan on buying something at Amazon or Newegg, I can click through the link and reddit gets a small referral fee.
I envision a page of merchant links similar to this Upromise's store and services page but with much less merchants. No sign-up necessary. It should not take more than 2 sec. to click-through. Clicking through the links would be entirely discretionary. This would be like a small donation to reddit every time you shop but with no out of pocket cost to you.
edit: Some of you think this would go against the terms of affiliates. I'm not suggesting reddit become an affiliate with every online store but with stores that redditors frequent. reddit should also state that one should click on the affiliate link only if you found something interesting to buy through reddit.
edit2: I had the admins open /shopping to post deals, suggestions, product reviews, etc. I was hoping to have the 'support reddit' page created before promoting the subreddit.
edit3: I did talk to an admin 6 months ago with this idea and he liked the idea at first and started signing up with affiliate programs. Every week I would pester him to create the 'support reddit' page. He mentioned the call for interns was in part to support this new endeavor. Then it sort of died down. Perhaps his attention turned to reddit gold.
last and final edit (hopefully): hoodatninja brought up a good point. An admin is listening but isn't implementing. I've asked him many times that if he thinks my idea is stupid then tell me to stfu. He keeps reassuring me that the idea is good and that he's working on it but gets distracted by the many fires that he has to put out.
I was hoping by doing this post that the admins can get some feedback from the reddit community on my idea. The overall consensus so far seems to be positive. I can't imagine the cost of implementing the 'support reddit' page being that high.
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[PSA][Guide] Tax returns are hard to do but cash back on AB is not.

HOW DOES A CASH BACK SITE WORK? Cash back sites partner with merchants to refund you a percentage of your purchase when you visit the merchant’s website through the cash back website’s link. The rebate is added to your account within a few days/weeks/months (depending on site and merchant) and you can eventually have the money either transferred to your paypal account or physically mailed to you.
BUT IS IT SAFE? Yes. You will not be sharing any bank account or debit/credit card information with the site; it is only functioning as a middleman between you and the merchant. I have never received any junk mail or had my information shared with third parties from these sites.
SO WHAT ARE SOME SITES WITH AB PRODUCTS I CAN BUY FROM? Here I have compiled a list of three popular cashback sites I use the most often to complete my AB purchases. As you can see, the savings can be quite substantial over time with certain merchants. I’ve included sites that exclusively sell asian products, sites that sell a selection of asian products, sites that sell western products often included in an AB routine, and global marketplaces. If you are already spending a lot of money on AB, you might consider using one of these services as the money you get back is not negligible. I personally shop on eBay and Memebox the most and have already received enough money back to buy myself a miniature Aston Martinand a My Little PonyTM
Also, good news: the cash back does stack with sales, coupon codes, and discounts on merchant websites. WEEEEEE...
Ebates Note: Ebates has daily doubles of different merchants every day and you can opt in to be notified. I've often received up to 10% cash back on thismostly for Nordstrom because free shipping on anything anytime and all I want is a single bag of Shiseido cotton
**I am not affiliated with any of these sites nor are these affiliate links but if you wish to get a referral link to earn $10, I can do so but won’t advertise it.

Comparison of Cashback Percentages

Merchants Ebates TopCashBack BeFrugal
Amazon Beauty 3% 6% 6%
Amore Pacific US 6%
Birchbox 4%
Cosme-de 5% 10% 10%
iMomoko 7% 7%
DHC 5% 8%
Ebay 5%
Memebox 8% 9%
Nordstrom 2%
Paula's Choice 7% 7%
Rakuten 1% 1%
Sasa 7%
Sephora 4% 6% 5.30%
Shiseido 5% 10% 10%
Shu Uemura 5% 8%
Shu Uemura Art of Hair 8.50%
Sulwhasoo US 6% 7%
Target 2% 2% 1%
Ulta 2% 2% 1%
I live in the US (i.e. a bubble of ignorance) and so would love ABers from other countries to chime in about any cashback programs they have. In fact, any one should chime in about any cash back sites I have overlooked or ones that are your favorites!
I hope this is of help to some of you to save more money in your pursuit of asian beautychokchokchokchok!
Edit: YueRain adds:
I think many in Asia know this but sharing we have Shopback in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia . for those that buy from Q10, Hermo and other websites. https://www.shopback.my/qoo10
Edit II: Experienced cashback user Sapphirra offers some pretty astute advice about maximizing savings:
I've been religiously using cashback, except for Amazon and eBay because I thought they never offered any! I guess things have changed. I combine this with any coupon codes I find on RMN (I think Asian based sites are not on it.) I also compare the cashback offered to get the highest percentage using Cashback Watch, but there are other sites like it too. Edit: By the way, the percentages posted above can and do change often, so check regularly.
She also mentioned other sites that offer better deals on Ulta and helped me fill some oversights in my chart. I looked through the sites and they also offer cashback on some other AB product merchants!
Ulta has 5% at MrRebates and UPromise. TopCashback also has 10% at Shiseido and BeFrugal has 7% at Sulwhasoo. iMomoko also has 7% at TopCashback.
Edit III: I really should have clarified this and written a more comprehensive postbuttimeconstraints but cashback rates do fluctuate and departments that offer cashback on Amazon and Ebay do change and different sites have different claim policies for unfulfilled rebates. rglo820 delineates:
With Amazon and eBay, they rotate which departments they are offering cash back on, as well as the amount. So you are correct that they may be offering cash back on beauty now, but often they are not. Also, on TopCashback, you don't have the option to file a claim for Amazon if the cash you should have earned does not appear in your account, so I usually use Ebates for Amazon for that reason.
Edit IV: Daheep adds:
Based in the US, I've used Fat Wallet for years; they are legit! Unfortunately, they don't have too many beauty brands/companies though.
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The Upromise affiliate program converts tremendously due to the brand name partners and the large amount of publicity that they have received over the last few years. If you are interested in participating in this college savings affiliate program, you can log into your CJ publisher account and pull the banners and links. Upromise is a loyalty program operated by Sallie Mae Bank, and it’s only available for students in the United States. With Upromise, you can earn cash back every time you purchase products and services through their platform.. As Upromise is operated by a bank, you can also add your cash back earnings to a college savings plan such as the GoalSaver Account or a 529 plan. Under the Upromise Restaurant Program and any other feature of the Service involving card-linked offers, you will only receive cash-back or other Rewards from eligible in-store or dining purchases by registering your credit and/or debit cards (which may include a Upromise-branded Credit Card) through the Upromise website (each a “Registered This program is predominantly for people that are looking to save for college. The main way to get your cashback is to put it into a college savings plan. Upromise has what they call GoalSaver Accounts that you can open up and have your cashback deposited in. You will earn interest off of the money in these accounts. Welcome to the ECCO affiliate program. We are pleased to offer you the widest selection of ECCO footwear and accessories for an attractive affiliate offering. Our footwear ranges from men’s and women’s casual and formal to outdoor, performance sport, golf and exclusive leather hand-detailed bags.

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