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I heard you like rematches. Well then you’re in for a treat. Saturday brings us UFC 168, headlined by one of the biggest rematches in UFC history at an event that promoter Dana White hypes as the UFC’s biggest ever. Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva will square off in an immediate rematch to determine if Weidman’s first victory was a one-time occurrence or if he really is the better fighter. The co-main features another championship rematch between the face of women’s MMA, Ronda Rousey, and her less-than-best-friend Miesha Tate.
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Event Date: Saturday, Dec 28, 2013
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


All odds taken from Bovada at time of post. Visit the link to view fractional (UK) and decimal (AU) odds.


Weightclass(lbs): Fighter (US odds) vs. Fighter (US odds)
PPV Main Card (10:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT) - See “How to Watch” for your local time.
  • Middleweight Championship (185): Chris Weidman (+140) vs. Anderson Silva (-170)
  • Women’s Bantamweight Championship (135): Ronda Rousey (-750) vs. Miesha Tate (+475)
  • Heavyweight (265): Josh Barnett (-200) vs. Travis Browne (+160)
  • Lightweight (155): Jim Miller (-400) vs. Fabrício Camões (+300)
  • Featherweight (145): Dustin Poirier (-230) vs. Diego Brandao (+180)
FOX Sports 1 Prelims (8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT)
  • Middleweight (185): Chris Leben (+240) vs. Uriah Hall (-310)
  • Lightweight (155): Gleison Tibau (-160) vs. Michael Johnson (+130)
  • Featherweight (145): Dennis Siver (-270) vs. Manny Gamburyan (+210)
  • Welterweight (170): John Howard (+130) vs. Siyar Bahadurzada (-160)
Online Prelims (7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT)
  • Welterweight (170): William Macario (+145) vs. Bobby Voelker (-175)
  • Featherweight (145): Robbie Peralta (-200) vs. Estevan Payan (+160)


Chris Weidman (Champion) vs. Anderson “The Spider” Silva (Challenger)
"Tale of the Tape" Fighter stats
Recently crowned middleweight champion Chris Weidman defends his belt against its former owner and former number 1 pound-for-pound fighter Anderson Silva. The two first met at UFC 162 in July of this year, where Weidman handed Silva his first loss since 2006 and first ever loss by knockout.
The second round knockout over one of the greatest fighters of all time shocked the MMA world. Few predicted such a dramatic finish despite Weidman entering the fight with the narrowest betting odds for one of Silva’s opponents in several years, and with many of his fellow fighters favoring him for the upset victory.
The nature of the Silva’s loss sparked a barrage of allegations from fans and media that ranged from questioning his motivation to accusing him of intentionally throwing the fight. The showmanship and provocation inside the cage that has become a staple of Silva’s fights was believed by many fans to be his downfall. Perhaps the single most discussed subject leading into the rematch is whether Silva will once again taunt Weidman in an effort to draw him into his own game, play to the audience, or both.
Silva remains enigmatic as always in his interviews, maintaining that the loss had nothing to do with his in-cage antics and claiming he doesn’t plan any significant changes in the rematch. He attributes the loss to “basic mistakes” and enters the rematch with what appears to be a reignited motivation to win that may have been waning in recent times.
Weidman stated prior to the first fight that he was willing and expecting to have an immediate rematch with Silva if or when he beat him at UFC 162. At the post-fight press conference he never wavered from that willingness, and one week later Silva had signed on to the rematch himself. Leading up to the first fight, Weidman was coming off of an extended layoff due to shoulder surgery, and also experienced the loss of his home to Hurricane Sandy. He admits that those issues had an effect on his performance, and expects to step into the cage as an even stronger competitor this weekend.
Dana White has stated that Vitor Belfort is next in line for a title shot against the winner, barring the possibility of something “crazy” happening. If Weidman wins, that will undoubtedly be the next fight. Silva on the other hand has been talking about his desire to fight famed boxer Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match long before his first fight with Weidman at UFC 162, and hoped to do so with a win that night. The loss brought discussion of those plans to a temporary halt, but Silva maintains his interest in that boxing match. White has said he is open to discussing the proposed fight, but any future plans are limited to that statement. Either way that potential matchup may take a backseat to Silva fighting Vitor.
Edit: Silva also mentions in his pre-fight interview linked below (which came out after writing this post) that retirement is an option after the fight, but he is known for just messing with the media and being obtuse. There could be truth to it, or it could mean nothing.
Veteran ref Herb Dean draws main event duty. The announcement of the assignment was almost unanimously well received by mma. Dean is considered one of the top refs in MMA. He also was the third man in the cage when Weidman and Silva first fought at UFC 162.
Chris Lee, Patricia Morse-Jarman, and Junichiro Kamijo will judge the main event. All three judges are in the top 15 for most fights judged, according to MMADecisions.com
Technical Breakdowns:


“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (Champion) vs. Miesha “Cupcake” Tate (Challenger)
“Tale of the Tape”
The co-main event features another rematch, with another title on the line. Similar to the Weidman vs. Silva matchup, the roles are reversed for the competitors here as well. However, the fight timeline and circumstances of this meeting are quite different.
In March, 2012, Rousey and Tate met for the first time in the now defunct Strikeforce promotion. Rousey successfully submitted Tate by armbar in the first round to take the belt and dislocated Tate’s elbow in the process. At the time it was Rousey’s 5th victory of her MMA career, and 5th first-round armbar submission. Since then she has continued this trend two more times before facing off against Tate again.
The rivalry between the two women dates back to before their first fight. It didn’t look like they would cross paths again so soon after Tate lost a number 1 contender fight against Cat Zingano to determine Rousey’s second title defense as the UFC’s bantamweight champion. Zingano and Rousey were selected to coach opposite each other on the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter reality show with plans to fight afterward, however, a knee injury forced Zingano out of the fight and coaching job. This paved the way for Tate as a replacement, given the ease of promoting the rematch between the rivals and the reality television appeal of the matchup.
Tate admits that she went into the first fight too emotionally charged due to her dislike of Ronda, which she believes hindered her performance. Ronda says she is ready to finish Tate again and close the door on their rivalry, which is more personal than competitive in nature. She is confident that she has made significant improvements since they first fought, at which point she had done very little full-contact MMA sparring.
Technical Breakdowns:
Continued in comments...
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[email protected]>>“[email protected]”!! UFC 170 LIVE STREAM ROUSEY VS MCMANN WATCH ONLINE

[email protected][email protected]”!! UFC 170 LIVE STREAM ROUSEY VS MCMANN WATCH ONLINE [email protected][email protected]”!! UFC 170 LIVE STREAM ROUSEY VS MCMANN WATCH ONLINE [email protected][email protected]”!! UFC 170 LIVE STREAM ROUSEY VS MCMANN WATCH ONLINE [email protected][email protected]”!! UFC 170 LIVE STREAM ROUSEY VS MCMANN WATCH ONLINE
of experience before she made the jump to the Strikeforce organization, which was the biggest purveyor of women’s MMA at the time. McMann navigated the stormy seas of the sport’s independent circuit for much longer.
She appeared at small-time events with names like Universal Cage Combat and BlackEye Promotions before earning her UFC deal with a one-fight pit stop in the respected, all-women’s Invicta FC promotion in July, 2012.
Today, while Rousey lives in LA—and there is perhaps nothing that describes her more succinctly than "living in L.A."—McMann trains in the town of Gaffney, South Carolina, outside Greenville. Official population: 12,414.
She’s 33 years old, six years older than Rousey, and balances her MMA career with raising a four-year-old daughter with her longtime boyfriend, the wrestling coach at Gaffney’s small liberal arts college.
That life Rousey has planned for herself? The magazine covers, fashion shoots and movie roles? McMann desires no part of it.
“I absolutely do not want that whatsoever,” she says. “I’m a lot more private, a lot more low key. It’s not an accident that I haven’t gotten as much attention. I try to avoid it as much as I possibly can.”
She says she very much wants to win the UFC title. “I’m not going to lie to you,” she quips, “I do love to win." But she doesn’t crave the lifestyle that comes with it. Tee her up a softball question about how her life will change if she manages to become UFC champion, and she just laughs.
“I might be committed to a mental institution from the media attention,” she says. “That’s probably how it will change the most. The people who care about me and love me will still care about me and love me. People who don’t like me will still not like me. I’ll just have to do it more publicly.”
McMann holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Gardner-Webb University and talks about going to work with kids when her MMA career is over. She wants to have another baby and joked to Fox Sports last week that if life as a UFC titlist gets too hectic, she'll “just get pregnant.”
Gregory Payan/Associated Press
Despite their parallel careers in judo and wrestling, and though women’s MMA circles are still comparatively small, she had never met Rousey before the UFC made the bout late last year. Naturally, the champion’s reputation preceded her, but thus far their interactions have been about as cordial as could be expected from two women about to fight each other inside a cage.
“I try to stay out of drama...,” McMann says. “It’s always the same thing with my opponents, they’re somebody else that’s trying to do the same thing that you’re trying to do. They’re not horrible people, they’re not Hitler. It’s not like you have to hate people (to fight them). Well, I don’t, at least.”
Even now, days away from appearing in a main event pay-per-view bout against MMA’s biggest crossover star, most of the things McMann says sound more like the words of a gritty amateur wrestler than a glitzy prizefighter.
When she discusses her chances in their upcoming fight, she sounds like a technician who is talking about her craft. Sure, she wants the title, but she says it's more about testing herself, implementing the techniques and strategies she’s drilled in training in a live-fire situation.
If she can do that, then victory and defeat will be secondary concerns.
At least that’s the story she’s sticking to for now.
“It’s about the journey for me...,” McMann says. “I’ve had matches where I went out and wrestled my absolute heart out, did the best that I possibly could do and didn’t get the win. That didn’t sting nearly as bad as the feeling of missing opportunities or having a really, really crappy performance. Those are the things that will haunt me more than my losses.”
Charles Dharapak/Associated Press
Ask Rousey if there’s anything she misses about those old judo days—the hard work crossed with the anonymity, the travel and the half-empty stadiums—and for five seconds all you'll get is a long pause. She starts a sentence and then stops. For perhaps the first time, there is real conflict in her voice.
“Well,” she says finally, “there’s a reason I quit.”
She lapses into what sounds like prepared material, making a joke out of it, saying sometimes she misses going out in public and looking like a slob. She can’t go to the coffee shop in her pajamas anymore, she says, can’t slip off to the store with her hair going a thousand different ways. These days, she has to make an effort.
“I can’t look like a crazy cat lady...” she cracks. “I think that’s good, that I’ve had to increase my overall personal hygiene. I can’t really complain about that.”
It’s funny, but the message is clear: She likes her life.
The 24-hour circus that surrounds her now is at least in part her own doing. White says after this fight she’ll break into the top 10 in career earnings among UFC fighters all time. When you think about how brief her stay with the company has been, that’s an incredible feat.
The UFC returns to Las Vegas for the second time in three months with a familiar headliner: women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, who defended her title against Miesha Tate at December's UFC 168 just up the road at the MGM Grand.
This is perhaps the most intriguing fight of Rousey's short career. Sara McMann is a true world-class wrestler and, like Rousey, also an Olympic medalist. The odds for the fight are closer than Rousey's fights usually are, but the champion is still a significant favorite.
Is there any betting value in the main event? What about the rest of the card?
Those are the questions I'm attempting to answer here. At the same time, I'm going to try and steer you away from lines where I feel there is no value. Managing your money properly, after all, is one of the biggest assets for any wise bettor.
If you're the type who is looking for a bit of risk, stay tuned for my "Just For Fun and $5 Parlay" on the final slide. For the rest of you, let's take a look at the fights on the main card.
Here's your spot for complete UFC 170 weigh in results.
The official weigh-in event for UFC Fight Night 36: "Machida vs. Mousasi" took place today (Feb. 14, 2014) LIVE from Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
All fighters made weight without incident.
The UFC 170: "Rousey vs. McMann" pay-per-view (PPV) event features a battle of undefeated Olympians as UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey puts her 135-pound title on the line against top wrestling phenom Sara McMann.
Speaking of...
Daniel Cormier will square off against one of his former mat amigos in the co-headliner, thanks to an injury to Rashad Evans, as ex-barista Patrick Cummins steps in on super-short notice to try to shock "DC" in the former heavyweight's 205-pound debut.
All that and much, much more.
In case you missed it live, here's the replay for the UFC 170 weigh-ins from Las Vegas.
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held weighs ins for UFC 170 earlier today (Feb. 21, 2014), and saw each of the 22 fighters scheduled to compete on the card make weight, which means the 11-bout card that goes down tomorrow night in Las Vegas, Nevada, is now official.
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