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Welcome to Gettysburg (Day One)

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Gettysburg is by far my favorite battle of all time.
First, it is an all-American battle in an all-American war, and myself being an old school nationalist it carries significance that other battles simply don’t; I may find Austerlitz or Stalingrad nifty, but nobody there was my people.
More, it was an extraordinarily clean fight. At any point, a soldier on either side could hurl down their rifle and grab some sky and be reasonably assured of having their surrender accepted without reservation, and for that matter their captor could rely on their new POWs to trudge back to the rear under light guard in good faith. Even though much of the fighting took place in an urban environment with embedded civilians, only one civilian died in the fighting. Let me tell you, the more military history you read up on, the clearer it is that massacring civilians before, during, and after a rough fight is par for the course. One might even say that butchering unarmed men, women and children of the enemy tribe is the de facto military objective more than half the time; it might be some weird, half instinctual, proto-game theory going on: “We told them to surrender or else. They didn’t surrender, we won anyway, and now there’s gotta be an ‘or else’ to persuade the next batch of holdouts that we mean business.” In the long run, butchering the first village usually made it morelikely the next three villages would get the message and surrender without a fight, saving the invaders men, materiel, and time. Or perhaps it’s that killing civilians has always been pure bloody-mindedness. But not at Gettysburg. Gettysburg is where the American platonic ideal of soldiers fighting soldiers and leaving the civilians be actually happened.
Another aspect to the battle that fascinates me is how utterly unplanned it was. Neither army had intended to fight there, and between the scale of the brawl, the rapidity of developments, the intransigence of their subordinates, and the communications lag, neither the Confederate general Lee nor the Union general Meade had a grip on the situation at all until the second day of the battle, and neither could enact their ideal plans until the third day. It was something of a clusterfuck for both sides, and the course of the battle depended on the initiative and guts of small unit commanders with little idea of what the big picture was.
Gettysburg tends to be remembered as the turning point in the war, when it stopped being a gallant passage at arms between roughly equal powers and started being a slow, painful inevitable grind towards Union victory. This is not exactly accurate; only with years of hindsight could anybody construct a narrative that framed this fight as the turning point, for at the time Gettysburg was seen as just another grisly slaughter yard in a long series of them. Still, between this fight and the conquest of Vicksburg out west, this does appear in hindsight to be the high watermark in terms of Confederate progress towards successful seccession. Certainly it was the last time any Confederate army went on the strategic offensive. For diehard secessionists (both during the war and in the years after), this was the last hurrah before the war started being truly hopeless.
It is also, I should mention, a place of spiritual significance for me. Myself being secular humanist with a vaccination against Protestantism from my younger days, I don’t have much in the way of codified religion. But when I was a youngin’ visiting relatives out east, I got to visit the battlefield. I found myself standing in front of a monument on the field on the north end of Herbst Wood (where the right flank of Iron Brigade stood and charged on the first day of the battle). It described how a Michigan regiment of about a thousand men stood on that spot and suffered two thirds casualties over the course of the day. I read the details on the monument, and stared up at the mustachioed rifleman staring defiantly to the west.
Looking left and right, I saw more monuments every fifty yards or so in a straightish line, spreading out to mark where a human line had once stood and bled. And I turned my back on the monuments to face away, and behold, I saw an opposing line of Confederate monuments stretched out horizon to horizon about a hundred yards away. Two lines, violently opposed but unmoving; courage and horror frozen into place forever. And the world there seemed very big, and very grand, and I felt very small and unworthy. The air was at once colder and hotter than any air I’d ever felt. The wind cut through my clothing and reminded me that flesh was mortal but spirit was eternal. This was holy ground, soil consecrated by blood. Shi’ite Muslims have Karbala. Catholics have the Road to Calvary. Australian aboriginals have Uluru. I have Gettysburg.
A brief note- I will be including maps periodically to show the progression of the fighting. These maps must be taken with a grain or three of salt. They are intended to show relations between the armies and the terrain, not to mark the exact positions or dispositions of the units, nor to show an exact proportion of numbers involved. This is because I am not an expert mapmaker, and I thank you in advance for your understanding. First, a map of the northern part of the battlefield. Note how many roads lead there, and note the high ground of Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill to the south of the town.
The Battle of Gettysburg happened because Lee needed to go on the offensive, and Lee needed to go on the offensive because of the big picture. I shall cover the broad outline just so the significance doesn’t pass anybody by.
The Confederacy in the Spring of 1863 was in a terrible dilemma. The leadership had two urgent problems, either one of which could (if unaddressed) destroy their enterprise, and to make things worse they didn’t have the resources to solve either of them alone without a miracle.
One, the Union was fixing to shove yet another army down Richmond’s throat. Two years of failed invasions into Virginia had been brutal to both sides, but the North had immense reserves of cash, food, industrial output, and manpower with which to replenish themselves, and the South simply didn’t. The Army of Northern Virginia on which every invasion thus far had broken was underarmed, underfed, and undermanned, and if these issues were not fixed then they’d be seeing Union soldiers in the Confederate capitol before Autumn. There had already been a push that year, which Lee had staved off at Chancellorsville. There was plenty of time left before winter for a second attack.
And two, Vicksburg, the railway hub that sat on the Mississippi River, was under dire threat. The Union had already grabbed New Orleans at the south end and pushed north up the river, and had been pushing south down the river since day one of the war, but Vicksburg prevented the whole river from falling in to Union hands. Vicksburg alone let the South shift resources and information from its Western half to its Eastern half. Losing it could be a death blow. The garrison of Vicksburg was also underarmed, underfed, and undermanned.
The fresh crops taken off the farm and the fresh host of new recruits also taken off the farm were middling at best. Even throwing all the resources they had at either problem and letting the other develop as it would might mean losing on both fronts. Splitting the resources in half to prop up both didn’t seem promising either. Lee, being something of a strategist, developed a third option. There was no point (he reasoned) in trying to prop up Vicksburg at this point- it would take weeks to shift reinforcements that far west, and by then it would be midsummer. If the siege lasted that long, either the garrison would fold or disease would rip through the Yankee army and drive it back home, as it had the last two years running. In either scenario, further support would affect nothing. Therefore, he proposed a bold plan- don’t sit around waiting to get hit in the face. Invade north. Take the fight onto their turf.
The more the Confederate leadership considered it, the better it sounded. Northern land hadn’t been ravaged like Virginia had- it would be easy to live off of the enemy’s food for once, thus lessening the headache of their constant supply problems. It was also an election year, and the anti-war Democrats were raging at the ocean of blood and gold being wasted on bringing States back into the fold who very clearly wanted to go their own way. One good, solid victory on Northern soil could tip the balance, drive home the point that that war was unwinnable. Get the Black Republican warmonger Lincoln kicked out of the White House, get a reasonable Democrat in, and next year they just might get a negotiated peace that would lead in time to true and recognized independence.
To which end-
Lee snaked his newly reinforced army of about 75,000 men up through the Shenandoah Valley, using the mountain range to mask his movements instead of using to well-worn direct route that the Union was camped on. He would end up north of the bulk of the Army of the Potomac, simultaneously threatening Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, which for a guy trying to score a symbolic victory to discourage the enemy voters put him in a pretty nice spot.
Lincoln freaked out, told Hooker and his Army of the Potomac to go out and beat Lee, to utterly destroy his army, and also not leave any weak point undefended, which are just the kind of orders one enjoys receiving. Hooker, having a bit of an ego and a poor history of getting his ass kicked by Lee, got into a feud with Lincoln’s advisors and impulsively offered his resignation as Commander of the Army of the Potomac following some stupid spat with the bean counters back in Washington. Lincoln called his bluff and fired him three days before the battle, putting General Meade in charge of the whole damn army with almost no prep time.
I should cut the narrative here to cast moral aspersions right quick. The Union were the good guys, and the Confederates were the villains. That said, the North made for really terrible heroes, and the South had more than its fair share of virtues. This was not a grand crusade of freedom-loving Yankees tearing down the moral abomination of human bondage. This was a brutal, no holds barred death struggle between the efficient new urban Industrial Revolution and the rural Cavalier latifundias. Only a smallish segment of New England Puritans and bleeding heart Quakers hated slavery on moral grounds- the rest of the North either hated it on financial grounds, didn’t give a fuck one way or another, or were actively supporting racial slavery. And on the flip side, most Southerners who fought in the war perceived quite accurately that outsiders were coming into their world to demand submission, and had decided to give these invaders the William Wallace treatment. This is a normal and admirable response that every healthy society should have in its toolbox, and in my not-even-slightly humble opinion it is a damn shame that so many people endured so much agony in support of so un-American a cause.
For you see, when Lee’s army reached Pennsylvania, they kidnapped every black person they could find, free or not, and sent them all south in chains. There was no attempt to ascertain their status by some legal due process, no splitting of hairs. The bare skeleton of Confederate ideology, the great Truth that would have snuffed out by continued political loyalty to the Union, had been that all men were not created equal. To be more precise, men had white skin, and anyone with black skin was not a man and did not have the rights of man. As such, anyone with black skin was to be sold into slavery and threatened with torture and death if they refused to labor in the cotton fields. The army that invaded the North was, in practice, the biggest slave-hunting gang that had ever set foot on American soil.
The side wearing grey were staunch defenders of a country based on the Ideal of Ethnic Supremacy, and the side wearing blue were fighting for a country based on the Ideal of Equality. There were a million nagging features of material reality in the South and the North that challenged both of these Ideals, but there were no Ideals to challenge these Ideals, save only for each other. We know that this is true, because as the war shifted away from a Federal attempt to rein in wayward states to an all out assault on the institution of slavery, more and more Northerners balked at the idea of dying to set niggers free; men who had fought for years to bring the rebels into the fold again threw down their rifles and went home in disgust after they heard of the Emancipation Proclamation. And as it became clearer that poor whites who never owned slaves were expected to die for plantation owners’ right to stay rich, fewer and fewer Southerners were willing to jump into the meat grinder feet first; many of them deserted to go home and form Unionist bushwhacker gangs instead. Speaking of the draft, a higher percentage of southerners dodged the Confederate draft than in Vietnam, yet Vietnam is remembered as a deeply unpopular war while the Lost Cause has painted the South as a unified bloc striving as one against the Yankee oppressor.
Also, the Confederacy had a draft imposed upon the states by its federal government. So, yeah, State's Rights. Tell me how that worked out.
To reiterate. Both sides are not the same. We are rooting for the Union. Slavery. Etc.
Pushing on-
The two armies surged northward, on parallel tracks with Lee on the west side of the Appalachians and Meade on the east side. Being critically low on recon drones and spy satellites, the only ways to find the enemy army was to send guys out on horseback to physically look at them before riding back, and to talk to locals whether they’d seen anyone wearing the other team’s uniform recently. Clouds of skirmishers, cavalrymen, and small detachments of infantrymen from either side scattered themselves in all directions, straining to catch a glimpse of the other army. The first side to locate the enemy, amass sufficient force, and maneuver against them would probably win, without regard for right or wrong.
JULY 1st, 1863
Early Morning
General John Buford had a 2,500 strong brigade of cavalrymen patrolling southern Pennsylvania, being one of dozens of detachments sent out to find the enemy army. Using human intelligence from locals in Gettysburg, he learned that there was a column of rebel infantry marching down the Chambersburg Pike.
And indeed there was. Advance scouts from Buford’s brigade made visual contact with a column marching south towards Gettysburg. The ball was now rolling.
The story goes that the Confederates were looking for new shoes and heard that there was a stockpile in Gettysburg. As far as I can tell, this is a baseless legend- inspired by the true fact that the rebel army didn’t have enough shoes, but baseless nonetheless. The three Confederate commanders marching towards Gettysburg (Archer and Davis with a brigade apiece and Heth as division commander coordinating them), were simply doing what their counterpart was doing- reconnaissance in force, hoping to develop a lead for the rest of the army to follow. 7,000 infantry under Archer and Davis were about to pick a fight with 2,500 cavalrymen under Buford. The currents of this morning fight would provide the grooves for the next three days to follow.
Buford’s men fought as dragoons; the horse let you scoot around to where you need to go, but you got off it and fought on foot. They Union cavalry broke into tiny little four man teams to bloody the approaching Confederates’ noses. The terrain was a bushwhacker’s paradise- plenty of rocks and trees to hide behind, and plenty of low, rolling hills to speed off behind to break line of sight. One man would hold the horses while the other three crouch-ran forward under cover to pop off rounds into the enemy column from the sides of the road. When the enemy infantry redeployed from a fast moving but harmless column formation into a slow moving but dangerous line, the three shooters would run back to their buddy to mount up and retreat to a new position.
The cavalrymen were outnumbered nearly three to one, and their carbines had less range and power than the rebel rifles; then again, the terrain was working for them and their breechloading carbines could shoot much faster than the enemy’s muzzleloading long rifles. It was very close to being an fair fight, as long as the cavalry could stay mobile and keep their distance. Buford and Heth both had unclear, contradictory orders- “Push forward aggressively to locate the enemy, but do not enter into a general engagement until we know what we’re up against.” It was an order that must have made sense in the tent when Lee and Meade sent their own versions off. You wouldn’t want to force a battle until you knew the enemy’s location and disposition and the terrain you were going to be standing on, any more than you’d want bet it all on a poker hand before looking at your cards. But to the guys on the front line, it meant “charge forward, but do not charge forward. Attack, but do not engage. Show some initiative, but don’t pick a real fight.” Heth decided they were up against a skeleton crew of skirmishers, and he had orders to check out Gettysburg. He send riders back with a quick report and a request for reinforcements. Buford decided that if the whole damn rebel army was heading his way, he needed to delay their advance for as many hours as he could to give the rest of the Union army time to get to Gettysburg- the high ground south of the town looked like ideal terrain to fight from and he wanted his buddies to get there before the rebels. He too sent riders back with calls for help.
And meanwhile, the murderous, hazardous stalking of the rebel column continued as it trudged towards Gettysburg.
Meanwhile, in the Rear with the Gear
Imagine running a marathon- 26 miles and a bit from start to finish. That’s how spread out a Civil War army is, from vanguard to rear guard. You can’t really concentrate 75,000-100,000 people together that closely. Disease starts killing people off really fast, feeding everyone is a headache, and if you have to march out, the lead element will march all day before stopping for the night, while the rear element hasn’t even left camp yet. It’s unwieldy. So they all spread out to grab some real estate and forage easier and not choke on each others’ dust and crap.
The riders from the Chambersburg Pike were spreading the word through the marathon length of the armies. Units were halting, turning around. Captains and colonels and generals were consulting maps to figure out what roads to take to get south or north to Gettysburg from where they were now. Regiments were putting their heads to together to figure out whose company oughtta go in what order.
The movements were slow and and ungainly and awkward, but they were starting up.
Mid Morning to Noon
The rolling hills on either side of the Chambersburg Pike stopped at McPherson’s Ridge, a grand place to make a stand- plenty of cover, steep incline. In any case, there wasn’t much further to retreat to. Archer and David pushed the cavalrymen, Archer on the south side of the road and Davis on the north. Thoroughly annoyed infantrymen backed up on the Pike behind them, eager to get at the enemy but without frontage to occupy.
Buford dug in on McPherson’s Ridge, and the full force of Heth’s division slammed into him. Denied their mobility by the necessity of holding territory, the fair fight turned into a meat grinder for the dismounted cavalrymen. When Confederate artillery set up on Herr’s Ridge, it turned into a bloodbath.
Buford, at last, got in contact with somebody who outranked him. General John Reynolds, second in command of the whole Union army, rode ahead of his division to get eyes on the situation.
The two struck a deal in the middle of a firefight. Buford promised to hold to the last man, and Reynolds promised to reinforce him. It was an exercise in trust; if Buford’s men held firm and Reynolds let them down, they’d be swamped and slaughtered to a man, and if Buford’s detachment broke and scattered, Reynolds’ reinforcements would march directly into a line of hills held by an entrenched enemy force of equal size. Failure on either side would be fatal. Reynolds rode south again, leaving Buford and his dwindling cavalrymen to fend off 10% of the Confederate army all alone.
Meanwhile, Buford’s thin line was cracking. Outnumbered, outgunned, and unable to advance or retreat... That which was inevitable to start with was happening now. Davis’ brigade was pressing against Oak Ridge on the Union right, and Archer's was taking Herbst Woods tree by tree. Buford’s men were giving ground they couldn’t afford to lose. Confederate artillery was blasting giant holes in the ranks of the defenders.
That’s when the relief came- two fresh brigades of infantry coming up the Emmitsburg road, under generals Cutler and Meredith. Cutler got there first, taking up positions on Oak Ridge and straddling either side of the Pike with cannons. Their massive volleys disrupted Confederate momentum and silenced some of the rebels’ big guns as everyone scrambled for cover. Grateful and exhausted cavalrymen sidled off to the flanks to safety. Meredith’s brigade is still lagging behind- that’s the problem with columns, only the guys in front can do anything.
If Buford and Reynolds expected everything to be right in the world once reinforcements arrived, they were very much mistaken. Those men out there attacking up Oak Ridge were some of the finest infantrymen in the world- dedicated, disciplined, contemptuous of death. They did not stop being efficient killers just because they now fought peers instead of the hornet-like cavalry skirmishers. Cutler’s brigade was facing a small tidal wave of battle-maddened Southern veterans, and had no time to dig in and situate themselves before the moment of impact. Davis’ men ripped into them like a pack of starving wolves. Cutler’s men fell back to safety on the top of Oak Ridge. In pieces.
Meanwhile, Meredith’s brigade was finally in position to retake Herbst Woods on the south side of the road.
Now, Meredith’s brigade were the absolute elite of the Union army. They were the grizzled veterans, the old crew, the best drilled, the most experienced, the hardest of the hard. They were nicknamed the Iron Brigade, and the Black Hat Brigade, because they were authorized to wear dashing black foraging caps to signify their status as the best of the best. With their comrades north of the road falling back, it was imperative that the Black Hat Brigade protect their left flank. To which end, Reynolds frantically snapped orders for them to line up and charge Archer’s men who were occupying Herbst Wood.
Their charge was met by a storm of musket fire that churned the Iron ranks into blood and guts. But this was the Black Hat Brigade. For them, taking ten percent casualties in a single minute was just another Tuesday. They got in close to the rebel line to return the volleys with a vengeance, and then charged with the bayonet. Archer’s men saw the distinctive black hats come for them through the musket-smoke. For the first time, they realized that these were no mere cavalry skirmishers, no half-assed militia company facing them. The best of the best of the Army of the Potomac was coming at them at terrifyingly close range. Archer’s men cracked and scattered. The ones who stood firm, died. The ones who threw down their rifles and grabbed sky were allowed to live as prisoners. The ones who ran, lived, but found the Iron Brigade hot on their heels. Meredith’s elites carved through Archer’s brigade like it wasn’t even there.
Reynolds was a good leader. A great one, in fact. He was decisive, experienced, competent. Many thought he should have gotten command instead of Meade. As his men retook Herbst Wood, he turned behind him to check on how close reinforcements were, some rebel rifleman did his cause a world of good, and shot Reynolds in the back of the head.
Now the situation got pretty weird- Davis’ brigade had kicked the shit out of Cutler’s brigade and was pursuing them on the north side of the road, and the Iron Brigade had kicked the shit out of Archer’s brigade and was pursuing them on the south side of the road. Neither victor was aware of what had happened across from them, and soon enough they would pass each other by almost touching the edges of their lines. The first one to figure out what was happening would get to win.
As it so happened, General Doubleday (in command now that Reynolds was dead) saw the danger and the opportunity first. He broke off an Iron regiment from his reserve to swoop in and protect the flank just in time, setting them up in a defensive stance facing the road. That regiment was joined by another broken off from the Iron assault, and yet another from Cutler’s brigade, who had seen the maneuvering and joined in on its own initiative. It was like a ballet, all three regiments coalescing into a single front facing north across the road, as though they’d spent the last week rehearsing. Under their protection, the rest of the Black Hats gave chase to their prey.
When Davis finally turned and attacked, they were chopped down by a mass of highly accurate fire from the newly entrenched men. Confederates died by the dozens and were maimed by the score. As they reloaded, the Black Hats were astonished to find that the whole Confederate brigade vanish into thin air, like magic. The firing stopped; no more targets. It was bizarre.
The three regiments advanced cautiously. And were gutted by a close range surprise volley by the hidden Confederates as they tried to scale the fences on either side of the Pike.
It turns out that there was a cut in the side of road, deep enough for a man to jump down into with only his head able to peek out. Davis’ men had leapt into it as a source cover when the firefight started and found it was a grand place to shoot out of. But it was also a death trap. Once the Union regiments figured it out, they got in close enough to fire blindly down at point blank range into the milling mass of men.
Davis’ men surrendered, thousands of them all at once. Unable to move, unable shoot back, it was really the only choice. And with that, the first round of Gettysburg was over. Oak Ridge and Herbst Wood had held, and about 150,000 odd soldiers were converging on Gettysburg to shift the tide of war this way and that.
The rest of the first day was not free of drama, and heroics, and mass suffering. But it was free of surprises. The iron laws of physics had decreed that more Confederate units would be on hand for the fighting in the afternoon, and so it was. Fresh rebel troops swept down from the north and from the west, relieving their exhausted comrades and preparing themselves to assault Oak Ridge and Herbst Woods. Fresh Union troops arrived from the south to reinforce what they had and to extend their line out east, protecting their right flank and screening off the town itself.
Hours passed without a shot being fired. Everybody was reorganizing themselves, resupplying, carting the wounded to the rear to let the surgeons saw their shattered limbs off. Two small things happened that delivered a Confederate victory on day one, and a Union victory on day three. Union General Barlow pushed his brigade out to occupy Blocher's hill, and Union General Steinwehr plopped two of his brigades on top of Cemetery Hill. The first created a huge gap in the Union right, and the second secured the invaluable high ground for the rest of the battle.
Meanwhile, three Confederate divisions set themselves up for a concerted attack- Heth would press into Herbst Wood on the Union left, Rodes would assault Oak Ridge at the center, and Early would swoop down the Harrisburg road to threaten the Union right. When the big push came at around 2 p.m., it was badly organized and mismanaged. Southern commanders couldn't get it together and attack at the same time. Individual units charged at Oak Ridge alone, like a mob of Hollywood henchmen attacking the hero only to be smacked around one by one. Cutler's men didn't just fight them off; it was closer to mass murder. General O'Neal's brigade swooped down off of Oak Hill only to be cut down by musketry and cannon fire, and they did it without O'Neal, because O'Neal stayed in the rear while his men died. When O'Neal's brigade fell back having suffered heavy losses, Cutler shifted his men to greet the new threat from Iverson's brigade, who also charged without their commander. Iverson's men marched in parade perfect order across open ground, without so much as a molehill for cover. The story goes that during the assault, Iverson looked out from safety and saw half his men lying down on the ground. Iverson was pissed off because he thought his men were surrendering. In fact, he was watching his brigade die in droves.
The issue wasn't morale. The Confederate troops were eager to get at the enemy. The problem was purely organizational in nature. The men in charge of telling people what to do were simply too confused and disoriented to work out the solution in real time. While O’Neal and Iverson were getting bloodied, Barlow’s men on Blocher Hill were getting slaughtered. Barlow’s desire to hold the high ground on the defense was understandable- high ground being a grand place to fight from- but he was about one mile ahead of any friendly units. This meant that it was trivially easy to flank and destroy his brigades.
Georgia men under generals Early and Rodes linked up to flank and destroy Barlow’s isolated brigades. A thick stream of filthy, bloody, and terrified Union men flowed back to the town of Gettysburg, leaving a gaping hole in the Union line and spreading their panic like the plague. Victorious Confederates whooped and hollered. As the men to the north of town trade massacres- the failed assault on Oak Ridge being roughly balanced by the disastrous dissolution of Barlow’s brigades- Heth finally attacked the Iron Brigade still occupying Herbst Wood in the west. He’d been delaying it all afternoon, stymied by the contradictory orders from Lee. Lee, who was several miles away and not at all in touch with the situation, still wanted to avoid a general engagement. But now, Heth has been let off the chain to avenge Archer’s brigade.
Heth’s full division attacked Herbst Wood. It was a slow, hot, gory fight. The attacking rebels are aggressive, but also methodical and well-organized. The Black Hats made them pay for every tree they seized. But there’s only one outcome for a fight like this.
The Iron Brigade has the ghastly honor of having the highest casualty ratio of any Civil War brigade, North or South. Out of the 1,885 men in their ranks that morning, 1,153 (61%) were be dead or maimed by nightfall on the first day. The fates of individual units from within the brigade are even more gruesome- in the 2nd Wisconsin regiment, 397 out of 496 (80%) were killed or wounded. But despite the horrific losses, they didn’t break. They gave ground slowly and in good order, but they gave ground nonetheless. Iron does not break, but it does bend.
By late afternoon, the dominoes fell as they were always going to. With the debacle at Blocher’s Knoll, any hope the Union had to hold the right was lost. The Black Hats were being ground into sawdust on the left. And Rodes has finally gotten his brigades to charge at the same time, overwhelming Cutler’s defense.
Every Union man was running now, some in a blind panic, some withdrawing in good order like professionals.
The open field battle turned into urban warfare as the Confederates chased the Union army through the streets of Gettysburg. Companies blocked the streets to hold off the enemy advance long enough for the comrades to scamper. Marksmen played sniper games in the windows, either shooting men in the back as they ran away or ambushing overly aggressive platoons, depending on the color of their uniform.
The Union men were desperate to reach Cemetery Hill, south of the town. High ground and the reinforcements already stationed there promised safety. The Confederates were just as desperate to catch them first and seize that invaluable terrain for themselves.
A great deal of “woulda coulda shoulda” ink has been spilled over the orders that Lee gave to General Ewell, the man in charge of Rodes and Early: “Take Cemetery Hill if practical”. But Ewell saw two brigades with a lot of artillery standing on top of what appeared to be a natural fortress designed by God to repel infantry, and his men were exhausted to boot. Ewell decided it was not practical, and so did not try. Just one of those things, I expect.
In any case, the day was a Confederate victory. Every spot on the map the Confederate troops wanted to go, they had went. They had crushed all resistance, had even gone toe to toe with the cream of the Army of the Potomac and won. Their enemies were in flight before them.
There was, possibly, a certain amount of disquiet because the enemy had merely been driven from one ridge into another ridge, one even steeper and with more cover than the last. And rumor had it the rest of the Army of the Potomac was coming at them.
But that was a problem for the next day.
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Oceans Of Blood (OC)

I wrote this a while back, and decided to make it better because god it was terrible. Hopefully I did a semi-decent job. Let me know if I did.
Dawn of the WAY
Vosh I-Rakor Valertus Eras sat down in the chair, his feet aching from hours of standing perfectly still during the so-called “Celebration of Changing of the Gods Above”. Before the Fall he couldn't have imagined standing still could be so hard, but now he was sure his feet would never feel the same. And the humiliating outfit they made him wear didn't help anything either. The Voshk were sticklers for celebration and ceremony. It helped to solidify that they were in charge. This unfortunately meant that he had to spend a considerable part of his packed schedule just standing at attention and waiting for a diplomat to show up.
This was how it was with every species that came through. They all insisted on following the WAY exactly. One of the more annoying clauses in the WAY; Chapter 83 Section 6.4 Subsection 9 to be specific, insisted on changing the name of the I-Rakor after every single stormdammed changing ceremony. His name had changed so many different names by now, he couldn't remember his current one without consulting his arm. Although writing on your arm was normally prohibited, how else was he supposed to remember Tam’ithr Valertus Sanert Eras? Writing utensils was uncommon now as the writers of the WAY didn't think he needed one. The WAY dictated that only higher powers could have the gift of writing. No sense letting the conquered write or read, all they needed to do was eat, mate and fight. And rebellious ideas often came from words, after all what's a revolution without pamphlets?
“Eras Valertus! To me!” The call jolted him out of his depressing revelry and he immediately popped to attention, raising his head to expose his vital neck arteries. He recognized the high chancellor and braced himself, once more preparing to enter the vast ocean and meet his ancestors. The chancellor clicked in amusement and turned to one of his advisors, speaking in WAY. The pompous fool thought that Eras couldn't understand the language of the WAY, although he didn't realize that Eras had been a linguist before the first race came. His insult very roughly (the alien evidently couldn't speak his own language properly) translated to “Look at this prey animal, he cowers in submission before me, I could easily spill his lifeblood if I wanted to.”
His advisors laughed the adequate amount, and Eras followed with the standard deep bow and laughter. The Chancellor stopped the laughing with a gesture and spoke with a bored voice.
“Unfortunately our tenure has ended. The T-Ton have arrived to take command of your operation. Please note the change of name to Ton I-Rakor Valertus Eras”
Eras sighed, another use of the pen, it had a limited amount of ink and he didn't want to trade for another one. He raised his voice to his talking-to-aliens-whose-reproductive-organs-were-tiny-and-needed-constant-verification-of-their-superiority voice. “I am Honored by your service to our world!” The shrill tone made the chancellor chitter in amusement and he made a dismissive gesture before walking off to the waiting shuttle. “We will be back!” He called as the doors slid shut.
As soon as the shuttle left, another one immediately landed, disgorging yet another royal delegation. The doors slid open and their new overlords walked out, the T-ton. The new overlords were much the same as the old ones in everything except appearance. The T-Ton resembled the fast running 4 legged animals that had once populated his homeworld before the first aliens came, except that they were bipedal and had no hair, only scales and massive horns. The T-Ton High Chancellor strode off the shuttle like a brakh in the blue light district and stood before him. It was customary to execute the leader after any changing of the Gods Above, but since it wasn't written in text in the WAY, it wasn't a rule yet. Eras hoped the judges would hurry it up and put the rule in the book already. Maybe then he could get some sleep. The royal crier finally finished reading off the long list of the titles the new High Chancellor possessed and Eras rose from the bow.
The lowest ranking of the delegation, an alien probably taken from another primitive world, stepped forward and began to pound the ceremonial Drum. This signaled the crier to begin to read out the lengthy Declaration of submission clause of the Book Of The WAY. Eras had heard it all before. The first time this had happened it had been tense, with millions watching as an alien ship with incredibly advanced technology descended to their primitive world. Then once the royal crier had finished reading the total surrender and slavery part, the crowd had become decidedly less than receptive. Only when the Rods From the Gods were fired and millions died instantly did his people realize their fate. Of course, The WAY prevented actual death from happening in war, but they were a mere primitive civilization and did not qualify as sentient. Warfare in “civilized space” now was conducted by an elaborate game whose rules were dictated by the WAY. Primitive world aliens, like the one Eras “Ruled”, were the only ones allowed to die in the games. But when the game progressed to where a fleet was in orbit around a planet, a ground battle was dictated. And since the gods were immortal and couldn't die, they sent their primitive vassals to fight in vicious battles on the numerous battlearenas located around the galaxy
The battles were long and brutal affairs. The primitive armies were not allowed beyond the simple black powder so the combat was long and drawn out. They were broadcasted as sporting events used to be and were betted on by the elites of the galaxy, and his species was a bit low on the betting order. This made them less than cannon fodder. Relegated to fleet work. The T-Ton employed brutal war beasts called the Targg that they found on a class 9 Death World, which was the highest allowed in the WAY ground battles. The odds were very high on them. So it was strange why they had come here, the army his civilization provided was small, only 5 billion, compared to the over 200 billion of the Targg.
The royal Declaration came to an end and Eras shook himself out of his revery. The T-Ton leader glared down at him and Eras bowed low. Then the T-Ton spoke “I am T-Tarknus-Vak-Tuski-FaK-Broh-Trok-TvAr of the glorious herd. I hereby declare that this world now serves his holiness, the God of Gods, T-Ton-Brak. May he bring light to the ends of the galaxy.”
The servant translated the lengthy title, although Eras didn't need it, there was no need to show his cards this early in the game. He responded squeakily to the massive figure “I will serve to the utmost best of my hilariously limited abilities.” He never was a good actor, but the squeaky voice and his tiny figure seemed to convince the Chancellor that he would be a good I-Rakor. “The I-Rakor has been chosen, The gods among you hereby appoint you this Title. Go and prepare your species for war. The time of the End is upon us. Do You Comply?”
Again the servant translated and Eras waited the correct amount of time to respond and bowed once more. “Yes Your godship, I comply.”
The T-Ton Chancellor nodded and walked toward the massive double doors set in the palace and his entourage followed.
Eras was left alone on the landing pad. He made sure the shuttle was in the upper stratosphere and the big doors were firmly closed before he straightened up. His predecessor had made the mistake of getting up too early from a bow, causing the shuttle to turn and blow up the entire landing pad in retribution for his lapse in respect. Eras turned and began to walk toward the small doors that were set to the side of the big ones. Before he was atomized, his predecessor had told him “Never go through the big doors, it won't end well.”
Eras wasn't sure what he meant by that, but knowing the aliens it would probably make them drop a nuke on his head.
Once he was back inside his advisors began vying for his attention, talking about new release schedules and food supply issues, and a million other topics. He needed to clear his head, being the puppet ruler of a planet was a hard job. Several drinks later Eras felt another headache coming on and he leaned back in his chair, cursing the WAY for disallowing good alcohol production. He was sick of the bootleg medical disinfectant with flavor packets added. Feeling more than a little sorry for himself, he reflected on how the entire situation was karkned up beyond all recognition. The T-ton wanted a total Militarization in less than a lunar cycle, the prospect of the End was scaring them half to death. In the Book Of The Way, the end was described as a time when “One Grand Civilization will rise above the rest and last until the end of time.” The current Hyperpowers, the T-Ton, the Aiam’ithr’ and the Voshk were all in a stalemate currently, so Eras couldn't see how a single power could win according to the WAY. Of course they could break the rules, but the WAY was a rule that could not be broken. History had shown that those who Broke The WAY burned bright for a time and then were extinguished by the entire galaxy turning against them. He sighed and rubbed his foot. What did he know, he was just a lowly leader of a class 1 primitive civilization.
He remembered growing up before the aliens came, of warm summers and cold winters. Of playing in the sand and reenacting great battles with his friends. He remembered sending Frea to the ocean, where the real gods would take her to see her ancestors. He remembered looking up in the stars and wondering if life was out there. It turned out that life was indeed out there, and their numerous radio signals they broadcasted to find it had only led their conquers to them. Now their planet was broken, and their people were being used as gladiators in a fake war. He hated the whole lot of them. A knock came to his door and he signed, resigning himself to another day of torture.

A cycle later Eras found himself at a food stand on the coast, where a group of hellfishers were bringing in their latest catch. He was currently looking at the fruits of their labor in the form of a fried demon-on-a-stick. The beasts of the ocean had long been forbidden to eat, but the current food crisis forced them to make sacrifices. Eras wasn't quite sure how they managed to be out there on the precipice of hell itself, without going insane. Just looking at his food made him queasy. Imagine actually being out there, with no land in sight. Only hellbeasts and demons to keep you company.
“So, got anything for me”
Eras shook his head. “There is nothing to give, they are insisting we keep up the current militarization cycle but are giving no indication as to why.”

The man in the hood beside him nodded his head. “We can't find the reason either, perhaps it's something to do with this Time of Ending as their WAY describes”

Eras regarded the man, wondering for the hundredth time who he was. After he took power, the Man in the hood had approached him, claiming to be part of a great resistance movement that would be capable of overthrowing their alien masters if only he decided to help their glorious cause. Eras didn't quite see the point of revolutions, as they were quickly quelled by an asteroid or two being dropped on the wannabe revolutionaries. But sometimes it helped to fantasize about what could be. So he tried to help the Man in the hood, not just because of the whole revolution but also because he was the only reliable supplier of pre-arrival liquor.
Eras signed, and paid for the fried demon, taking a bite of the foul-tasting tail. “Well, I doubt it's anything, this always happens, the aliens always get hopped up over the END every few cycles, but it always turns out to be nothing.”
A loud clattering of hooves startled him and he turned, riding upon a heaving Plok-thar was Erak, his senior advisor.
“Eras, you must come quickly. The High Chancellor is becoming impatient! He requested your presence an hour ago!”
Eras nodded and dropped the demon in a nearby trash can, but when he turned to say farewell to the hooded one, he was already gone.

The High Chancellor was sitting in a throne at the other side of the massive circular throne room, clearly agitated. Eras begged the gods of the ocean that he was not the cause of his agitation. The throne room had T-Ton soldiers posted at columns set every 5 degrees around the room. Eras had seen this particular set up many times before, and although each race seemed to think of themselves as better than the others, it was all the same to him. They just changed the colors and the flags and put massive paintings of themselves on the wall.
The high Chancellor clicked his hoofs angrily against the throne as he waited for Eras to step into the circle at the center of the room and bow. “Ton I-Rakor Valertus Eras, Is your planet ready for war?”
Eras paled under his fur. “No your excellence, total mobilization has not been completed, we-”
“SILENCE!” The shout reverberated across the circular room and all the Guards drew their coilguns and pointed them at Eras’s Quivering body. Eras wasn't quite sure if the quivering was fake or not but the Chancellor seemed to think it was real enough. “You will have your planet ready by the next Jot. Or I will reconsider my choice in leadership!”
Eras wanted to argue that it was impossible but his survival instincts took over and he bowed. “It will be done your Excellency.”
Eras turned and was about to start walking when he heard a dull boom echo from overhead. Everyone flinched in surprise and looked around, wondering what was going on. Their answer soon came to them when a T-Ton soldier ran into the room, clearly annoyed at having to do something for once. He bowed and spoke in a bored voice.
“Most glorious leader, an enemy fleet has arrived, they are about an hour out from contact with the fleet”
The room shook again with the dull boom of a ship lifting off and everyone grabbed something to remain standing.
The high chancellor grinned and raised his war-cane,
“Finally! More Blood for the Ancestors! Bring down the All-Seeing Eye! We must show this quivering wretch how the mighty T-Ton fleet does battle!”

Eras sighed as the aforementioned “All-Seeing Eye” came down from the ceiling to rest on the ground in front of the High Chancellor. It was just a holoprojector shaped like a chandelier with some repulsorlifts welded on. Eras tried not to roll his eyes. Now he was going to have to spend all night waiting for the High chancellor to make his brilliant tactical choices. Eras had to call them that, but in reality a 4-year-old was a better tactician.
The Eye spun up and a graphic of the gameboard appeared. The T-Ton ships were set up in a standard attacking formation and were considerably larger than the enemy ships. In the game the larger the ship was, the more powerful it was, so the T-Ton strategy was to build really big ships that had rail guns that fired incredibly large, but slow moving projectiles. And since the enemy could only move on their turn or when they had dodge points left, their ships were often killed in one shot. Another advantage of this weapon was that it made really big explosions when it hit, which multiplied the damage done to the enemy's simulated morale. The game was really quite simple, but since the gods wouldn't dain themselves to set foot on a military ship, they were all crewed by slaves from the primitive worlds. The cruel irony of the system was that the ships were entirely automated, and the crew didn't actually do anything. But since the WAY required each ship of a certain size to have a certain amount of living crew, the Gods used the cheap and disposable primitives for the task.
Eras was prepared to see another long drawn out boring game but the end of the hour came and went and the enemy still had not slowed down. The High Chancellor just looked confused.
“Who are these aliens who are so uneducated in the WAY? Do They not know that they have passed their proper firing line position?”
The techs gathered around the table frowned. They had assumed the enemy would Follow the teachings of the WAY and broadcast who they were once they stopped and lined up into their firing line. Now one of the techs took it upon himself to get a closer look of one of the enemy ships. He tapped a button and an image of a tiny cylinder appeared. The scale at the bottom of the picture showed that it was only about 500 (Meters) long as opposed to the T-Ton ships massive 10,000 (Meter) Length.
There was laughter around the table as the Techs saw the pitiful ship before them. Even Eras thought it looked pitiful, there were no grand designs, no gold, and no chained slaves to get the extra moral damage points. The enemy fleet also had only 30 ships as opposed to the 200 of the T-Ton. The fleet had to be from a primitive civilization that had escaped the notice of the galaxy as a whole.

The T-Ton High Chancellor looked even more amused and pressed the comms button. “I am T-Tarknus-Vak-Tuski-FaK-Broh-Trok-TvAr of the glorious herd. I charge you with a violation of the WAY. You will cease moving your ships and allow us to take the first shot as penance for your violation pertaining to chapter 45 Section 3 Subsection 10 of the WAY.”

There was static over the line for a time. All the while the enemy ships moved ever closer, not slowing down in the slightest.

The T-Ton chancellor, the grin now turning into a snarl mashed the broadcast button again.
“Prey! if you continue any closer I will be forced to take my turn and I assure you you will not like the outcome!”
The High Chancellor tried the comms one more time “You will all die if you continue!”
When nothing came through the open comm the High Chancellor turned to one of his subordinates. The grin coming back, stronger than before.
“Tell the fleet to start arming the Holy Annihilation cannons!”
Eras’s mouth fell open. those specific weapons could only be used against civilizations that broke the WAY. The occasion to use them was rare, and the ceremony to allow their use often took longer than the actual charging of the weapon itself. But the weapons were devastatingly powerful as they tore apart space itself to unleash the terror within to devour entire fleets. Eras had seen the weapon used only once when it was used to destroy the second moon of his homeworld.

Evidently, the Enemy didn't see the charging cannons as a threat, as they continued to move forward.

The T-Ton commander sat back in his chair, and after waiting the prescribed amount of time, said with mock serenity
“Fire The Cannons, may their souls be given rest by the beasts of the warp”
A tech nodded and pushed a button.
No one was quite sure what happened when the Holy Annihilation cannons were fired, as they caused a pulse that turned off all sensors in the region temporarily, but it was theorized that great warp beasts came from the tears in the warp and ate all the enemy ships before disappearing again. At least that's what the WAY said they did.

But when the sensor jamming field cleared, and the game board was revealed to Eras and he gasped. It was empty except for the enemy ships, still headed forward at the same speed.
The High Chancellor seemed to be having a brain hemorrhage, as his mouth was frozen in the slightly open position, his eye twitching.
The voice that came out was quiet and hurt at first, almost like a child having its favorite toy taken away, but soon grew angry
The techs stood there and looked at one another, not knowing what to do, as this had never happened before in recorded history.
Then there was the sound of footsteps in the hallway and everyone turned to see a figure walk through the doors left open by the guard.
As if the universe itself was responding to the rhetorical question, a quiet voice came from the figure.
"You Lost. Your Weapon Failed You. That is how.”
The terrible voice resonated through the chamber more powerful by several magnitudes then the shout of the Chancellor uttered only moments before. In the silence that followed, A leaf dropping to the ground would have been heard. The Alien was bipedal, and only had 2 arms and no hair except on its head. It also had very little in the way of natural weapons, and its ears were certainly rounder than most species. Its clothing was also unadorned and was rather drab in its appearance. But something about this creature held Eras in complete and utter stillness. Then Eras saw its eyes, eyes the color of the sky after a storm, eyes the color of the pure ocean, where all souls were sent after death. It was the color of blood. The color of the gates to the afterlife.
Death walked forward and smiled up at the chancellor, although this smile held no kindness or mirth, but sheer rage held back by an iron will. That same, soft-spoken, hard voice reverberated through the circular room, making the hackles on the back of Eras' neck stand up.
“You will surrender the people of this world to me or I will be forced to destroy you all.”
The fact that this threat was so obviously false almost made Eras laugh. No being could take on more than 70 heavily armed T-Ton Guards. But then again. Something about this creature made him think that perhaps it was better to leave.
The spell was broken and he nervously stepped around the creature as it walked into the circle. The creature looked at him and the face momentary changed into one of pity and kindness instead of cold hard rage.
Amazingly, Death winked at him and patted him on the shoulder. At first, he thought his senses were broken, but he felt no touch, no heat, and he then realized that there was no smell coming from Death. Then Death spoke again, the eyes turning to the High Chancellor becoming ice cold again. “So, Do you Comply?”
Eras frowned. Something about that specific phrase had triggered a memory. Multiple memories in fact. Every time a new alien race came into take over their ruler asked him that same question. And every time Eras gave the same answer.
The T-Ton Chancellor had enough of all this talking and screeched in a broken voice, “KILL THE HUMAN, IT HAS VIOLATED THE WAY AND MUST PERISH!”
Eras realized what was about to happen a second before it did, and a strong force pushed him down to the ground, knocking the breath from his lung. All Oceans broke loose as the soldiers fired on the human, filling the room with smoke and the shrinking of coilgun shots. Soon the force holding him down was released and he was able to wearily get to his feet. The WAY dictated the placement of the soldiers in the throne room, and because the soldiers were directly across from each other, the coil gun rounds the guards fired simply tore through the human and to the opposite pillar, hitting their fellow guards on the other side.
Although…. The human was not dead. There was not even a scratch on its drab clothing. Then the human turned to him and its face changed into one of kindness and empathy and pity. “I did warn them”
The human vanished, revealing it to be a projection of a drone that hovered near the ceiling. Then the real one walked into the room, flanked on all sides by massive power armored soldiers that made the dead T-Ton Guards look like children playing dress-up. The soldiers wore flags the color of blood on the right side of their chests, Eras shrank back from them.

The Human held out its hand smiling at him, its eyes no longer seeming so evil, but rather somehow warm and welcoming. “Hello, My name is Rachel, and we have much to discuss.”
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Samurai Warriors 5 Story Idea

Some years ago I dreamed up an idea for how to expand upon SW4’s story mode and make it “complete”. I’ve dug it back up and modified it and want to share it now. The idea is simple: clans are divided into unifier, major, and minor, with the unifier clans getting 12 stages, major getting 8, and minor getting 4. Unifiers also receive 2 dream/bonus stages and all other clans receive 1. Each has themes and focuses, intended to give characters a chance to shine. Most battles will have both sides playable, just with another faction’s story. I am listing clans from northeast to southwest. I have included my suggested new characters into the roster, which I will list at the end.
Date: a major clan. The main focus is on Masamune and his efforts to conquer the land. He and his supporting family/retainers struggle to achieve their dreams and their place in Masamune’s ambition. Masamune goes from a petulant, wrathful child to a mature warrior who soars like a dragon. Playable characters include: Masamune, Kojūrō, Yoshihime, and Magoichi.
  1. Battle of Kashiwagiyama - Date v. Mogami. This battle takes place before Masamune is old enough to fight, but Yoshihime and Kojūro could be there.
  2. Otemori Castle - Date v. Ōuchi (Uesugi). Masamune’s first major battle, which he wins by brutally murdering his foes, causing his mother and retainers to worry.
  3. Abukuma River - Date v. Hatakeyama. Terumune has been kidnapped and Masamune tries to save him, only for his dad to die in the end.
  4. Hitotori Bridge - Date v. Satake. Out for blood, Masamune seeks to crush his former allies who betrayed his father.
  5. Osaki - Date v. Mogami. In this second clash with the Mogami, Yoshihime “betrays” her son so she can talk some sense into him, as Masamune needs more allies, not enemies.
  6. Koriyama - Date v. Soma/Ashina. Masamune now fights liberated of past guilt, seeing how to move forward and conquer the land with an even hand.
  7. Oshu Rebellion - Date v. Satake (Toyotomi) - Masamune exploits a loophole against more open warfare by “ending” a rebellion in his former lands.
  8. Hasedo - Date v. Uesugi - Masamune allies with Ieyasu, revealing he has modified his dream from conquest to knowledge and understanding.
  9. The dream/bonus stage: Komaki/Nagakute - Date v. Toyotomi v. Tokugawa. Yoshihime convinced Masamune to mend fences faster, allowing him to lead a united Tōhoku to Ieyasu’s aid. He forces the Tokugawa to submit during the fight, making the Date the leading clan of Japan.
Satake: a minor clan. Focus is primarily upon Yoshishige’s struggle to survive when so much more powerful clans keep encroaching upon his territory. Yoshishige seeks a worthy and reliable ally. Playable characters include: Yoshishige Satake. Guest characters include: Yoshihime, Kenshin, Aya, Danzō, Kai, Kotarō, Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori.
  1. Konodai - Satake v. Hōjō. The second battle of Konodai, where Yoshishige loses to the Hōjō.
  2. Tonegawa - Satake (Uesugi) v. Takeda. Yoshishige has allied with the Uesugi for safety and now fights to honor the alliance to avoid destruction.
  3. Hitotori Bridge - Satake v. Date. Yoshishige does not like the pure aggression of Masamune and hopes to crush him before the Date can become a bigger threat.
  4. Oshu Rebellion - Satake (Toyotomi) v. Date. Yoshishige submits to Hideyoshi and is assigned to work with Toyotomi officers to crush a rebellion. Yoshishige sees the other Toyotomi officers’ bickering as weakness, solidifying his choice to back Ieyasu at Sekigahara.
  5. Dream stage: Edo Castle - Satake v. Tokugawa. Yoshishige managed to unify northeast Japan and was a major player. Once Sekigahara was done, he ambushed Ieyasu at Edo and captured the Shogunate.
Sanada: the Sanada are a minor clan, I don’t care what Koei says. The focus is on the growing conflict’s multiple points of views, especially between Yukimura and Nobuyuki. Playable characters include: Yukimura, Kunoichi, Nobuyuki, Masayuki, and Sasuke. Guest characters include Ina, Chacha, Morichika, Nagayoshi, Kiyomasa, Kai, and Koshōshō.
  1. Kannagawa - Sanada v. Hōjō. Both Sanada brothers fight valiantly, and win through combined efforts. Yukimura is bold and reckless, his brother and father calculated and cautious.
  2. Ueda Castle - Sanada v. Tokugawa. The Sanada clan fights a desperate battle against the vastly superior Tokugawa forces, which they win at great cost to their unity.
  3. Numata Castle - Sanada (Western Army) v. Tokugawa (Eastern Army). The Sanada successfully delay Hidetada’s forces from reaching Sekigahara, which rips their clan in two.
  4. Osaka Castle - Sanada (Toyotomi) v. Sanada (Tokugawa). The battle culminates in Yukimura and Nobuyuki facing off, with Yukimura easily beating him. Only to die in his final charge at Ieyasu.
  5. Dream stage: 2nd siege of Ueda - Sanada v. Tokugawa. Nobuyuki decides to side with his father and brother and defeats Hidetada forces. The news of such a loss leads to Ieyasu also losing Sekigahara.
Hōjō: a major clan. The focus is on Ujiyasu and his dream of building a land where his children can live in peace, without the threat of war. Ujiyasu does not get to see this hidden dream come about, no matter how hard he tries. Playable characters include: Ujiyasu, Kotarō, Kai, Lady Hayakawa, and Tsunashige.
  1. Kawagoe Castle - Hōjō v. Uesugi. Ujiyasu rescues Tsunashige using a swift night attack and recognizes Kenshin poses a real threat to his dream.
  2. Suruga - Hōjō v. Imagawa/Takeda v. Uesugi. Ujiyasu hopes to expand his power base by capturing Suruga but the Takeda and Uesugi crush these hopes.
  3. Odawara Castle - Hōjō v. Uesugi. Kenshin pushes Ujiyasu to the breaking point and negotiations cost Ujiyasu one of his sons as a son for Kenshin.
  4. Konodai - Hōjō v. Satake/Sagomi. Ujiyasu now looks east to grow his base, crushing his foes but gaining little land.
  5. Mimase Pass - Hōjō v. Takeda. Much to his secret pain, Ujiyasu’s children are now warriors, trying to prove their mettle. Ujiyasu is proud of them, but still has to rescue them when trapped by the Tiger of Kai.
  6. Kannagawa - Hōjō v. Sanada. Ujiyasu tries to use the fall of the Oda and Takeda to expand his power base, but the Sanada make it an incomplete victory.
  7. Oshi Caslte - Hōjō v. Sanada (Toyotomi). Ujiyasu’s children attempt to halt the vanguard at Oshi Castle. Ujiyasu is proud, but cannot admit it, even as he rushes to their aid.
  8. Odawara Castle - Hōjō v. Tokugawa (Toyotomi). Ujiyasu’s’s kids tell him they know his dream show how they’ve fulfilled it a different way, fighting together, united.
  9. Dream scenario: Inlet Sea Ambush - Hōjō v. Tokugawa. The last duel of Kotarō and Hanzō. Kotarō “conjures up” Ujiyasu, Tsunashige, Kai, and Lady Hayakawa to aid him. Kotarō decided to repay Ieyasu for the death of his “dog” by the death of Ieyasu’s “dog”.
Uesugi: a major clan. The focus should be on Kenshin and his philosophy of righteous war. Fighting only to save others, demanding their fealty as payment. His followers debate and ponder the justice and righteousness in such philosophy in their battles. Playable characters include: Kenshin, Kanetsugu, Aya, Kagekatsu, Danzō, and Keiji.
  1. Kawagoe Castle - Uesugi v. Hōjō. Kenshin comes to the rescue of the Uesugi clan, at the cost of becoming their clan’s leader.
  2. Odawara Castle - Uesugi v. Hōjō. Kenshin punishes the Hōjō for their trespasses until the rise of Shingen forces him to accept a quick alliance sealed by adopting Kagetora.
  3. Kawanakajima - Uesugi v. Takeda. Kenshin enters into Kai to “save” one of the minor lords, only to love fighting his nemesis.
  4. Tedorigawa - Uesugi v. Shibata (Oda). The death of Shingen leaves Kenshin feeling cheated out of a final showdown, which he seeks to fulfil in fighting the devil king. Kenshin falls ill and dies shortly afterwards.
  5. Otate no Ran - Uesugi (Kagekatsu) v. Uesugi (Kagetora). Kenshin had hoped both of his adopted sons could rule together, but instead, they fight and Kagekatsu wins at great cost.
  6. Matsukura Castle - Uesugi v. Shibata (Oda). Kagekatsu tries to resume his clan’s righteous cause of “saving” those under Oda’s oppression.
  7. Odemori Castle - Uesugi v. Date. Kagekatsu faces his demons for killing his brother and can truly “save” others once more.
  8. Hasedo - Uesugi v. Date. Kagekatsu supports Mitsunari’s bid for power, but has to first deal with Masamune.
  9. Dream stage: Final battle of Kawanakajima - Uesugi (Western forces) v. Takeda (Eastern forces). Kenshin successfully marches on the capital, casting down Nobunaga and reigning in the Toyotomi, Mōri, and Chōsokabe. Returning from crushing the Shimazu, Kenshin finds Shingen alive and leading the remaining eastern powers, Date, Tokugawa, and Hōjō.
Takeda: a major clan. The focus of this tale is on Shingen and his struggles to be better than his father. Katsuyori mirrors his father in this manner, but chooses different priorities. Both end up being their dads and their own men. Playable characters include: Shingen, Sakon, Masayuki, and Katsuyori. Guest characters include: Kunoichi, Nobuyuki, and Yukimura.
  1. Shinano Conquest - Takeda v. Coalition. This battle represents the early fights of Shingen as he claimed Shinano from multiple regional lords.
  2. Kawanakajima - Takeda v. Uesugi. The famous showdown between Shingen and Kenshin where both strive to outdo one another.
  3. Mimase Pass - Takeda v. Hōjō. Shingen salvages his campaign by ambushing the Hōjō forces pursuing him.
  4. Hanazawa - Takeda v. Imagawa. (Renamed from Suruga) Shingen reveals the beginnings of his grand plan by taking the Imagawa lands.
  5. Tonegawa - Takeda v. Satake (Uesugi). The next stage requires ending the Takeda/Uesugi/Hōjō standoff, which is done by alliance at the end of the fight.
  6. Mikatagahara - Takeda v. Tokugawa. Shingen finally strikes out for the capital and defeats Ieyasu, but falls ill and dies.
  7. Nagashino - Takeda v. Oda. Katsuyori now leads the Takeda and strives to complete what his father started, only to fail against Nobunaga’s strategy.
  8. Temmokuzan - Takeda v. Oda. On his last leg, Katsuyori has decided to reclaim his honor and insists Masayuki and the Sanada clan survive.
  9. Dream stage: Kyoto - Takeda v. Anti-Takeda coalition. Shingen managed to march on the capital and defeat both the Oda and Tokugawa. Now the Mōri have gathered the Azai, Saika, and Miyoshi to keep Kyoto out of Shingen’s hands. Kenshin arrives at the last minute and saves the day.
Imagawa: a minor clan. The focus here is a bit silly, as Yoshimoto’s dream is one of changing Samurai to Kamari players. He’s well intended, if not a bit delusional. Most of his officers respect him, but struggle to understand him and his son. Playable characters include: Yoshimoto, Naotora, Lady Hayakawa, and Ujizane. Guest characters include early Takeda characters, early Tokugawa characters, and Hōjō characters.
  1. Suruga - Imagawa/Takeda v. Hōjō v. Uesugi. Yoshimoto wants an alliance so he can convince the Shugon to turn samurai into Kamari players.
  2. Okehazama - Imagawa v. Oda. Yoshimoto is ambushed but still tries explaining his plan to Nobunaga, who doesn’t care.
  3. Kagegawa - Imagawa v. Tokugawa. Ujizane likes his father’s dream but doesn’t know how to keep his retainers, like Ieyasu, loyal.
  4. Hanazawa - Imagawa v. Takeda. Ujizane realizes he can't achieve the full scale of Yoshimoto’s dream and submits to just living for the peaceful arts.
  5. Dream stage: Kamari Conference - Imagawa v. Rabble rousers. Yoshimoto managed to march on the capital.gain control of the Shogunate, and talk most of the warlords into embracing his plan. At the first ever conference, the Tachibana, Date, and Tokugawa crash it, trying to kill Yoshimoto. Nobunaga arrives at the end to join Yoshimoto.
Shibata/Maeda: a minor clan. The focus here is on Katsuie and Toshiie, who debate the virtues of tradition and change. Playable characters include: Katsuie, Toshiie, Keiji, and Matsu. Guest characters include: Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi, and Oichi.
  1. Sakai - Shibata (Oda) v. Miyoshi. Katsuie and Toshiie march to Sakai to begin securing Settsu for Nobunaga, each with their own motives.
  2. Tedorigawa - Shibata (Oda) v. Uesugi. Katsuie dislikes Hideyoshi and tries to outdo him. Oath end up needing help from Toshiie.
  3. Matsukura Castle - Shibata (Oda) v. Uesugi. With Kenshin gone, Katsuie is able to finally break the might of the Uesugi.
  4. Shizugatake - Shibata v. Toyotomi. Katsuie cannot allow Hideyoshi to seize Nobunaga’s power without a fight. Katsuie can only play with Oichi, while the Maeda can only fight with other Maeda, as they end differently.
  5. Dream stage: Suemori Castle - Maeda v. Sassa (Tokugawa). Toshiie has sided with Hideyoshi, and that means having to kill a former vassal of Katsuie. Katsuie himself is selectable, but is left as a phantom that Toshiie only thinks he saw, but cannot confirm.
Tokugawa: one of the three unifiers. The focus here is on Ieyasu and his dream for peace, what he’s willing to endure and what he’s willing to inflict upon others. His retainers and family all seek to follow Ieyasu’s dream, trying to find balance in the hypocrisy contained within their Lord’s vision. Playable characters include: Ieyasu, Tadakatsu, Ina, Hanzō, Naotora, Munenori, Takatora, Naomasa, and Hidetada. Guest characters include: Nene, Goemon, Toshiie, Kagekatsu, Takakage, Masanori, Nobuyuki, Kagekatsu, Kanetsugu, Lady Hayakawa, Muneshige, Masamune, Kojūro, and Yoshihime.
  1. Azukizaka - Tokugawa v. Ikki/Saika. Ieyasu earns his retainers’ loyalty by pacifying Mikawa through fighting on the front lines.
  2. Kagegawa Castle - Tokugawa v. Imagawa. Ieyasu betrays his liege and his vassals join him, rescuing Ieyasu’s family.
  3. Mikatagahara - Tokugawa v. Takeda. Ieyasu must stop the Takeda, and his vassals pay the price.
  4. Escape Through Iga - Tokugawa v. Akechi. Ieyasu must first flee enemy territory after Nobunaga is killed.
  5. Komaki and Nagakate - Tokugawa v. Toyotomi. Ieyasu fights Hideyoshi for the role as Nobunaga’s successor, but agrees to submit to avoid breaking both armies.
  6. Ueda Castle - Tokugawa v. Sanada. The Sanada resist Ieyasu. To win them over, a marriage alliance is made between Nobuyuki and Ina.
  7. Odawara Castle - Tokugawa (Toyotomi) v. Hōjō. Ieyasu helps destroy his old ally the Hōjō and inherits their lands to prepare for his time to act.
  8. Fushimi Castle - Tokugawa (Eastern Army) v. Toyotomi (Western army). Ieyasu and Mitsunari are preparing for a final conflict and Ieyasu sacrifices Fushimi to buy him the time he needs.
  9. Numata Castle - Tokugawa (Eastern Army) v. Sanada (Western Army). Ina, Nobuyuki, and Hidetada are held up by the Sanada as they march to Sekigahara.
  10. Kusegawa - Tokugawa (Eastern Army) v. Shimazu (Western Army). Ieyasu shows his merit by snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat, as it takes more than one victory to defeat Ieyasu.
  11. Sekigahara - Tokugawa (Eastern Army) v. Toyotomi (Western Army). This is the showdown where Ieyasu brings all he has to bear to make the land his, so he can realize his dream of peace.
  12. Ōsaka Castle - Tokugawa v. Sanada (Toyotomi). The final fight to ensure the embers or rebellion are extinguished. Ieyasu feels regret at killing Hideyoshi’s son.
  13. Dream stage one: Komaki and Nagakate Final Showdown - Tokugawa v. Toyotomi. Ieyasu rebels against Hideyoshi earlier, gaining the support of the Hōjō and Date. Hideyoshi brings the Sanada and Mōri for a final showdown.
  14. Dream stage two: Contest of Champions - Tokugawa v. Contenders. A mock battle is held to determine the greatest warrior of all time. Classic shenanigans
Saitō/Akechi: a minor clan. The focus should be on what qualifies one to be a ruler and when should one follow and when should one lead. Playable characters include: Mitsuhide, Gracia, and Hanbei. Guest characters include: Magoichi, Koshōshō, and Motochika.
  1. Naragawa - Akechi (Saitō) v. Oda. Mitsuhide and Hanbei support Yoshitatsu reluctantly, as their lord’s betrayal of Dōsan sits poorly with them.
  2. Mt. Inabayama - Akechi (Saitō) v. Toyotomi (Oda). Both Mitsuhide and Hanbei are keen on testing the Oda forces for worthy masters. Mitsuhide finds Nobunaga worthy, while Hanbei believes Hideyoshi the most worthy.
  3. Honnoji - Akechi v. Oda. Mitsuhide decides to slay Nobunaga because of his lord’s brutal ways. Nobunaga praises Mitsuhide for finally achieving purpose and challenges him to make a better world.
  4. Yamazaki - Akechi v. Toyotomi. Mitsuhide fights to claim his previous lord’s place and Hideyoshi stands in his way.
  5. Dream Strage: Gracia’s Escape - Akechi v. Toyotomi (Western Army). Mitsunari is coming to capture her or kill Gracia. Magoichi, Koshōshō, and Mitsuhide try to rescue her. Only Gracia can see Mitsuhide. As they escape, Gracia is gunned down. From Gracia’s point of view, Mitsuhide saved her and she gets to join him. Magoichi and Koshōshō see a more sad, historical end.
Oda: one of the three unifiers. The focus on this story is a Nobunaga and how people interpret his unpredictable behavior. Nobunaga is interested in changing the world fundamentally, and his friends and allies struggle with this vision. Playable characters include: Nobunaga, Nō, Mitsuhide, Ranmaru, Hideyoshi, Katsuie, Toshiie, Hisahide, and Fujitaka. Guest characters include: Oichi, Gracia, Keiji, Nene, Hanbei, Kanbei, Ieyasu, Tadakatsu, Nagamasa, Shikanosuke, and Matsu.
  1. Nagarawa - Oda v. Saitō. This early battle demonstrates how Nobunaga’s eccentric behavior both upsets individuals and makes predicting his moves nearly impossible.
  2. Okehazama - Oda v. Imagawa. Nobunaga’s retainers are worried at first, but the decisive victory eventually gets everyone in high spirits. Nobunaga merely dreams much bigger than mere survival.
  3. Rokujo - Oda v. Miyoshi. Nobunaga demonstrates his ability to predict others behavior by luring out and defeating the Miyoshi easily.
  4. Anegawa - Oda/Tokugawa v. Azai/Asakura. Nobunaga is surprised and enraged that the Azai broke their alliance to protect their older ally.
  5. Noda/Fukushima - Oda v. Miyoshi. Nobunaga’s aloofness and antisocial habits are starting to rub some officers the wrong way, especially as the pressure intensifies.
  6. Kizugawa - Oda v. Mōri. Nobunaga uses harder tactics to meet the harder pressure.
  7. Nagashino - Oda/Tokugawa v. Takeda. The Oda forces gain some breathing room when they beat the Takeda in this battle.
  8. Nagashima - Oda v. Saika (Ikki). Nobunaga rides his wave of success by finally crushing the monks at Nagashima.
  9. Shigeson Castle (Kishu Conquest) - Oda v. Saika. Nobunaga rather his foes prove worthy of their betrayal, not weak rebellions followed by cowardly surrenders.
  10. Conquest of Iga - Oda v. Iga Ninja (Tokugawa). Nobunaga wants the ninja destroyed for their repeated failures to kill him. He knows Ieyasu sheltered several ninja families, but is pleased by his and others growing commitment to their beliefs.
  11. Temmokuzan - Oda v. Takeda. Nobunaga’s divisive tactics have forced his retainers to find their place and justification. Only Mitsuhide remains conflicted and lost.
  12. Honnoji - Oda v. Akechi. Nobunaga is pleased that Mitsuhide finally knows what he stands for and dares his former vassal to prove his conviction.
  13. Dream stage 1: Gassentoda - Oda v. Mōri alliance. Nobunaga survived his assassination attempt by a timely rescue from Hideyoshi. Now the last major hurdle, the Mōri, and their western allies remain. Nobunaga turns the Ōtomo to his side and wins.
  14. Dream stage 2: Kanegasaki - Oda v. Asakura/Uesugi. This what if runs in conjunction with Azai’s what if. Nagamasa chooses to fight beside the Oda at Kanegasaki. The Asakura suspected as much and brought in the Uesugi for help. After victory, Nobunaga agrees to change parts of his rule in thanks.
Azai: a minor clan. The focus should be on Nagamasa’s efforts to build the Azai clan up as a defender of righteousness. Oichi should inspire much loyalty from their vassals. Playable characters include: Oichi, Nagamasa, Takatora, Yoshitsugu, and Chacha (at the end). Guest characters include: Hideyoshi, Katsuie, and Mitsunari.
  1. Kannonji - Azai v. Rokokku. This battle should summarize the struggling rise of Nagamasa, and how his alliance with the Oda proved beneficial to his clan.
  2. Kanegasaki - Azai/Asakura v. Oda/Tokugawa. Nagamasa betrays the Oda to save the Asakura.
  3. Anegawa - Azai/Asakura v. Oda/Tokugawa. Nagamasa manages to soundly defeat Nobunaga’s forces and nearly wins. However, the Tokugawa manages to turn the tide.
  4. Odani Castle - Azai v. Oda. The end is near, and Oichi and their retainers promise to keep Nagamasa’s dream alive.
  5. Dream stage: Azuchi Castle - Azai/Oda v. Tokugawa. This stage is the sequel to the Oda's second dream stage. One of Nobunaga’s changes was to adopt Chacha as his heir. Ieyasu decides he cannot abide Chacha’s rule and spearheads a united Takeda/Hōjō/Tokugawa eastern alliance. Chacha holds them until Nagamasa and company can arrive to help.
Hosokawa: a minor clan. The focus here is upon Fujitaka and his unwavering support of order and structure. He is a man who watched his clan and shogun be destroyed, only to emerge more powerful and respected then most of his peers. Playable characters include: Fujitaka and Gracia. Guest characters include: Motonari, Aya, Magoichi, Mitsuhide, Nobunaga, Nō, Ranmaru, Tadakatsu,, Naotora, and Naomasa.
  1. Eguchi - Hosokawa v. Miyoshi. Fujitaka defends his clan against the rebellious Miyoshi.
  2. Nijo Assassination - Hosokawa (Ashikaga) v. Miyoshi. Fujitaka supports Yoshiteru’s efforts at establishing order, even as the Miyoshi come to kill the sword shogun.
  3. Uji River - Hosokawa (Oda) v. Ashikaga alliance. Fujitaka has joined Nobunaga and opposing his old lord, but unlike the Miyoshi, refuses to kill the last Ashikaga shogun.
  4. Ōtsu Castle - Hosokawa (Eastern Army) v. Ōtomo (Western Army). With the death of Hideyoshi, Fujitaka supports Ieyasu and comes to aid the Kyōgoku.
  5. Dream stage: Ashikaga supremacy - Hosokawa (Ashikaga Shogunate) v. Oda. Yoshiteru survived his assassination attempt and with the help of Fujitaka, managed to broker peace with every major clan except one. The Oda continue to hold out, gathering for a climatic final showdown.
Toyotomi: one of the three unifiers. The focus should be on Hideyoshi, and how he rose from a peasant to ruler of Japan. His contradictory kindness and cruelty shouldn’t be hidden, and his teetering authority examined. And as always. Hideyoshi should want everyone to smile, bearing the burden required to grant that opportunity. Playable characters include: Hideyoshi, Nene, Mitsunari, Sakon, Toshiie, Kiyomasa, Masanori, Hanbei, Kanbei, Takatora, Yoshitsugu, Chacha, Fujitaka, and Matsu. Guest characters include: Oichi, Hisahide, Ieyasu, Katsuie, Takakage, Motoharu, Shikanosuke, Motochika, Koshōshō, Morichika, Yoshihiro, Toyohisa, Yukimura, Nobuyuki, Kunoichi, and Sasuke.
  1. Mt. Inabayama - Toyotomi (Oda) v. Saitō. An early standout battle for Hideyoshi, proving his ability and skill to Nobunaga.
  2. Kanegasaki - Toyotomi (Oda)/Tokugawa v. Azai/Asakura. To ensure Nobunaga’s safety, Hideyoshi, alongside Matsunaga and Ieyasu, hold the rear guard.
  3. Odani Castle - Toyotomi (Oda) v. Azai. Despite his skill, Hideyoshi can’t preserve the happiness of everyone, which really hits home with Oichi.
  4. Kozuki - Toyotomi (Oda) v. Mōri. Hideyoshi command his first independent army against the Mōri.
  5. Yamazaki - Toyotomi v. Akechi. Hideyoshi knows his power is not his own, and must act quickly to avenge Nobunaga and keep momentum on his side.
  6. Shizugatake - Toyotomi v. Shibata. Hideyoshi knew not everyone would support his claim to power, but seeing Oichi, Toshiie, and Matsu side against him cuts deep.
  7. Komaki and Nagakute - Toyotomi v. Tokugawa. Hideyoshi convinces Ieyasu to submit as a temporary setback.
  8. Hiketa - Toyotomi v. Chōsokabe. Hideyoshi proves his tactful skills by allowing the rebellious Chōsokabe to remain a daimyo clan even after their defeat.
  9. Sendaigawa - Toyotomi v. Shimazu. Hideyoshi employed the age-old tactic of overwhelm the enemy against the Shimazu.
  10. Oshi Castle - Toyotomi v. Hōjō. Hideyoshi has one last foe to defeat, the Hōjō. It is not armies that worry Hideyoshi now, it’s legacy.
  11. Fushimi Castle - Toyotomi (Western Army) v. Tokugawa (Eastern Army). Mitsunari strives to preserve both the Toyotomi clan and their ruling authority. The price of victory here alienates his much needed allies.
  12. Sekigahara - Toyotomi (Western Army) v. Tokugawa (Eastern Army). Mitsunari holds the advantage, but cannot properly utilize it as he’s upset or ignored too many allies.
  13. Dream stage 1: Mitsunari’s Flight - Toyotomi v. Tokugawa. Several of the Toyotomi vassals decide to kill Mitsunari in order to end his leadership of their resistance to Ieyasu. Mitsunari flees to Ieyasu’s mansion for sanctuary.
  14. Dream stage 2: Uniting the Toyotomi - Toyotomi v. Maeda v. Tokugawa. Nene decides to make the feuding Toyotomi officers, especially Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori, learn to get along. She enlists Toshiie to help by staging an attack. They must work together to stop Toshiie and the following Tokugawa attack.
Miyoshi: a major clan. The focus should be upon Nagayoshi and his desire to rule traditionally, from the shadows. The flaws in this approach should be explored, as should its strengths. Nagayoshi will need his life extended like Ujiyasu and Motonari. Playable characters include: Nagayoshi, Goemon, Sakon, Koshōshō, and Hisahide. Guest characters include: Okuni and Munenori.
  1. Eguchi - Miyoshi v. Hosokawa. Nagayoshi Miyoshi is ready to break free of the constantly infighting Hosokawa.
  2. Kyokoji - Miyoshi v. Saika (Hatakayama). Nagayoshi drives off Matsunaga for his treachery and pushes back the Hatakayama and their Ikki allies.
  3. Nijo Assassination - Miyoshi v. Hosokawa (Ashikaga). Nagayoshi kills Yoshiteru for no longer being his puppet.
  4. Sakai - Miyoshi v. Shibata (Oda). Nagayoshi must now try to fight off the encroaching Oda forces.
  5. Todaiji (or perhaps Yamato Pacification) - Miyoshi v. Saika/Miyoshi (Oda). Nagayoshi now has several rebellious lords to handle, backed by the Oda.
  6. Rokujo - Miyoshi v. Oda. Matsunaga informs Nagayoshi that he is a double agent and has a golden opportunity to destroy the Oda.
  7. Noda/Fukushima - Miyoshi v. Oda. Nagayoshi begins to doubt he can win a war of attrition against the Oda.
  8. Asan - Miyoshi v. Chōsokabe. Nagayoshi refuses to give up even as the Chōsokabe close in on his last domain. He swears to see the end of this upheaval.
  9. Dream stage: Matsunaga’s Final Rebellion - Miyoshi v. Oda/Toyotomi. Matsunaga gets driven off earlier and lures the Oda forces into a trap. The trap works, but then Matsunaga or Nagayoshi must be defeated, depending on the officers chosen.
Saika: a minor clan. The focus of this story should be on Magoichi and him being a sucker for the underdog. Magoichi must learn whether he wants revenge or to keep people he cares about, like Hotorou alive. Playable characters include: Magoichi and Hotorou. Guest characters include: Hisahide, Sakon, and Koshōshō.
  1. Kyokoji - Saika (Hatakayama) v. Miyoshi. Magoichi is hired to help the Hatakayama fight off the Miyoshi. His new recruit, Hotorou tags along, blocking Magoichi’s efforts to flirt with the women.
  2. Todaiji - Saika (Miyoshi/Oda) v. Miyoshi. Magoichi is appalled by Hisahide’s fire attack on the Buddha temple.
  3. Nagashima - Saika (Ikko-Ikki) v. Oda. Magoichi wants to kill the Oda lord, but gets overwhelmed and flees.
  4. Kishu Conquest - Saika v. Oda. Magoichi now fights for his homeland, with Hotorou trying to sacrifice herself out of shame. Magoichi saves her at the cost of his vengeance.
  5. Dream stage: Ishiyama-Honganji - Saika v. Oda. Magoichi leads his best gunners in the battle with one mission, slay Nobunaga. Through much labor and effort, the feat is done, but most of the gunners die in the process.
Mōri: a major clan. The focus should be on Motonari and his sons, along with the two sides of Motonari, ruthlessness and compassion. Takakkage and Motonari should embody one side each, learning their balance over time. Playable characters include: Motonari, Takakkage, and Motoharu.
  1. Iwami Silver Mine (combines Koriyama and first siege of Gassentoda) Mōri (Ōuchi) v. Amago. Motonari recently left the Amago for the Ōuchi and now fights for them against the Amago.
  2. Itsukushima - Mōri v. Ōuchi (Sue). Motonari lets Harukata kill their lord and then “avenges” him.
  3. Gassentoda - Mōri v. Amago. Motonari now sets his sights upon the Amago lands. Motoharu meets a young Shikanosuke and forms a rivalry.
  4. Tatarahama - Mōri v. Ōtomo. Motonari must now hold his new lands against the jealous Ōtomo.
  5. Kizugawa - Mōri v. Oda. Motonari hopes the Ikko-Ikki can survive long enough to let him stabilize his lands and defeat the Oda.
  6. Kozuki Castle - Mōri v. Toyotomi (Oda). Hideyoshi proves difficult for Motonari to fight off. Motoharu gets a final showdown against Shikanosuke, but it proves empty once he wins.
  7. Iyo - Mōri (Kono) v. Chōsokabe. When their former enemies the Kono call out for aid, Motonari encourages his clan to take this opportunity to expand into Shikoku.
  8. Takamatsu - Mōri v. Kuroda (Oda). Hideyoshi proves even more dangerous, and Takakkage suggests alliance instead.
  9. Dream stage: Ambush at Honnoji - Mōri v. Oda v. Akechi. Motonari manages to get forces into the Oda lands and intercepts Nobunaga at Honnoji before Mitsuhide could. A massive fight breaks out as Hideyoshi and Takakkage’s reinforcements both arrive towards the end of the fight.
Chōsokabe: a minor clan. The focus should be upon what it means to stick to one’s beliefs and fight an unjust system. Motochika dances to his own tune and he teaches it to those who will listen. Playable characters include: Motochika, Koshōshō, and Morichika. Guest characters include: Mitsuhide and Gracia.
  1. Shimato River - Chōsokabe v. Ōtomo (Ichijo). Motochika is now going to defeat the clan he once owed service.
  2. Asan - Chōsokabe v. Miyoshi. Motochika targets the Miyoshi, Koshōshō’s old clan. She acts like this is how it should be, but she’s hurt to see her son slain.
  3. Iyo - Chōsokabe v. Mōri (Kono). Motochika seems immune to Koshōshō’s curse and continues conquering Shikoku.
  4. Hiketa - Chōsokabe v. Toyotomi. Now in love with Motochika, Koshōshō laments that her curse has finally acted. Motochika disagrees and fights back until forced into submission.
  5. Dream stage: Hetsugigawa - Chōsokabe (Toyotomi) v. Shimazu. While down, Motochika refuses to be out, and Koshōshō and Morichika support him. Unfortunately Nobunchika is slain and Motochika is finally hurt enough to mourn.
Ōtomo: a major clan. The focus should be on when to accept change, especially dramatic change, and when to reject it. Each generation must answer these questions. Playable characters include: Ginchiyo, Muneshige, Musashi, and Joun.
  1. Tatarahawa - Ōtomo v. Mōri. Muneshige joins his father in battle and proves his skill, pleasing both Joun and Dōsetsu.
  2. Shimato River - Ōtomo (Ichiyo) v. Chōsokabe. Ginchiyo tries to show her own skill in battle, but gains her father’s ire for it. However, Muneshige is impressed.
  3. Saga - Ōtomo v. Ryūzōji. The Ōtomo fail in what should have been an easy battle, sowing doubts in Sōrin’s decision to embrace foreign ideas.
  4. Mimigawa - Ōtomo v. Shimazu. Both Ginchiyo and Muneshige compete with each other, which Muneshige considers flirting. Dōsestu adopts Muneshige, much to Ginchiyo’s frustration.
  5. Iwaya and Tachibana Castles - Ōtomo v. Shimazu. The Shimazu have pushed the Ōtomo to their breaking point and Joun sacrifices himself to buy enough time for help to arrive.
  6. Ōtsu Castle - Ōtomo (Western Army) v. Hosokawa (Eastern Army). Muneshige worries for Ginchiyo, who couldn’t join him on campaign and about choosing the bet on the wrong path again.
  7. Ishikagi Plains - Ōtomo (Western Army) v. Kuroda (Eastern Army). Ginchiyo must hold the homeland on her own with Kanbei mobilized against her.
  8. Yanagawa - Ōtomo (Western Army) v. Kuroda (Eastern Army). Ginchiyo and Muneshige are reunited amid a desperate fight. In the end, Ginchiyo saves Muneshige, but gets wounded and dies of it a few years later.
  9. Dream stage: Ōtomo Kingdom - Ōtomo v. Mōri/Oda. The Ōtomo have decided to emancipate themselves and form a new kingdom. The Mōri and Oda join up to stop them, but many sympathizers within their ranks end up switching sides, favoring their new order.
Kuroda: a minor clan. The focus should be on Kanbei’s quest to bring an end to the warring states at all costs. He struggles with what is acceptable to achieve this noble goal and needs people like Hanbei to keep him in check. Playable characters include: Kanbei, Hanbei, Hideyoshi, Kiyomasa, and Kojirō. Guest characters include: Nene, Mitsunari, and Masanori.
  1. Arioka Castle - Kuroda (Oda) v. Araki (Oda/Miyoshi). Murashige Araki has rebelled against Nobunaga and captured a mediating Kanbei. Hanbei and Hideyoshi arrive to save their friend.
  2. Takamatsu - Kuroda (Toyotomi) v. Mōri. Kanbei helps Hideyoshi repress the Mōri by coming up with a flood attack at Takamatsu.
  3. Udo - Kuroda (Eastern Army) v. Shimazu (Western Army). Kanbei comes to the rescue of Kiyomasa, and the two manage to hold off the Shimazu.
  4. Yanagawa - Kuroda (Eastern Army) v. Ōtomo (Western Army). Kiyomasa seeks to settle his debt by helping Kanbei in return.
  5. Dream stage: Ganryujima - Kuroda v. Swordmen. Musashi and Kojirō join forces for a final showdown on who is the greatest swordsman. Swordmen and famous fighters from throughout the age show up to try and claim the title.
Shimazu: a major clan. The focus should be upon the strength of a united family and finding one’s place. Playable characters include: Yoshihiro, Toyohisa, and Iehisa. Guest characters include: Mitsunari, Sakon, Yoshitsugu, Ginchiyo, and Muneshige.
  1. Kizaki - Shimazu v. Itō. The Shimazu are ready to begin their conquest of Kyushu, and the four brothers work together to defeat the Itō.
  2. Mimigawa - Shimazu v. Ōtomo. Ieshisa proves a talented strategist, which Yoshihiro praises.
  3. Okitanawate - Shimazu v. Ryūzōji. Yoshihiro cannot get Iehisa to stop fretting over his son’s dismissal of his worth.
  4. Iwaya and Tachibana Castles - Shimazu v. Ōtomo. Yoshihiro asks Toyohisa about his coldness towards his father. Toyohisa admits he’s not smart enough to be like his dad, so he wants to prove himself by fighting like his uncle.
  5. Hetsugigawa - Shimazu v. Chōsokabe (Toyotomi). Iehisa has redoubled his efforts, defeating their foes but getting mortally wounded in the process.
  6. Sendaigawa - Shimazu v. Toyotomi. Yoshihiro and Toyohisa put up a spirited defense, but are eventually defeated.
  7. Kusegawa - Shimazu (Western Army) v. Tokugawa (Eastern Army). Yoshihiro and Toyohisa want a night attack, but Mitsunari says no.
  8. Udo - Shimazu (Western Army) v. Kuroda (Eastern Army). The Shimazu hope to reclaim lost lands to the Toyotomi turned Tokugawa sympathizers.
  9. Dream stage: march on Kyoto - Shimazu v. Toyotomi v. Tokugawa. What if the Shimazu unified Kyushu faster. They could pursue their dream of taking the capital from Hideyoshi and his current rival Ieyasu.
Characters include with this new campaign:
  1. Yoshihime
  2. Yoshishige Satake
  3. Tsunashige Hōjō
  4. Danzō Katō
  5. Ujizane Imagawa
  6. Matsu
  7. Fujitaka Hosokawa
  8. Nagayoshi Miyoshi
  9. Hotorou
  10. Motoharu Kikkawa
  11. Shikanosuke Yamanaka
  12. Morichika Chösokabe
  13. Joun Takahashi
  14. Naoshige Nabeshima
  15. Iehisa Shimazu
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a abandon ability able abortion about above abroad absence absolute absolutely absorb abuse academic accept access accident accompany accomplish according account accurate accuse achieve achievement acid acknowledge acquire across act action active activist activity actor actress actual actually ad adapt add addition additional address adequate adjust adjustment administration administrator admire admission admit adolescent adopt adult advance advanced advantage adventure advertising advice advise adviser advocate affair affect afford afraid African African-American after afternoon again against age agency agenda agent aggressive ago agree agreement agricultural ah ahead aid aide AIDS aim air aircraft airline airport album alcohol alive all alliance allow ally almost alone along already also alter alternative although always AM amazing American among amount analysis analyst analyze ancient and anger angle angry animal anniversary announce annual another answer anticipate anxiety any anybody anymore anyone anything anyway anywhere apart apartment apparent apparently appeal appear appearance apple application apply appoint appointment appreciate approach appropriate approval approve approximately Arab architect area argue argument arise arm armed army around arrange arrangement arrest arrival arrive art article artist artistic as Asian aside ask asleep aspect assault assert assess assessment asset assign assignment assist assistance assistant associate association assume assumption assure at athlete athletic atmosphere attach attack attempt attend attention attitude attorney attract attractive attribute audience author authority auto available average avoid award aware awareness away awful baby back background bad badly bag bake balance ball ban band bank bar barely barrel barrier base baseball basic basically basis basket basketball bathroom battery battle be beach bean bear beat beautiful beauty because become bed bedroom beer before begin beginning behavior behind being belief believe bell belong below belt bench bend beneath benefit beside besides best bet better between beyond Bible big bike bill billion bind biological bird birth birthday bit bite black blade blame blanket blind block blood blow blue board boat body bomb bombing bond bone book boom boot border born borrow boss both bother bottle bottom boundary bowl box boy boyfriend brain branch brand bread break breakfast breast breath breathe brick bridge brief briefly bright brilliant bring British broad broken brother brown brush buck budget build building bullet bunch burden burn bury bus business busy but butter button buy buyer by cabin cabinet cable cake calculate call camera camp campaign campus can Canadian cancer candidate cap capability capable capacity capital captain capture car carbon card care career careful carefully carrier carry case cash cast cat catch category Catholic cause ceiling celebrate celebration celebrity cell center central century CEO ceremony certain certainly chain chair chairman challenge chamber champion championship chance change changing channel chapter character characteristic characterize charge charity chart chase cheap check cheek cheese chef chemical chest chicken chief child childhood Chinese chip chocolate choice cholesterol choose Christian Christmas church cigarette circle circumstance cite citizen city civil civilian claim class classic classroom clean clear clearly client climate climb clinic clinical clock close closely closer clothes clothing cloud club clue cluster coach coal coalition coast coat code coffee cognitive cold collapse colleague collect collection collective college colonial color column combination combine come comedy comfort comfortable command commander comment commercial commission commit commitment committee common communicate communication community company compare comparison compete competition competitive competitor complain complaint complete completely complex complicated component compose composition comprehensive computer concentrate concentration concept concern concerned concert conclude conclusion concrete condition conduct conference confidence confident confirm conflict confront confusion Congress congressional connect connection consciousness consensus consequence conservative consider considerable consideration consist consistent constant constantly constitute constitutional construct construction consultant consume consumer consumption contact contain container contemporary content contest context continue continued contract contrast contribute contribution control controversial controversy convention conventional conversation convert conviction convince cook cookie cooking cool cooperation cop cope copy core corn corner corporate corporation correct correspondent cost cotton couch could council counselor count counter country county couple courage course court cousin cover coverage cow crack craft crash crazy cream create creation creative creature credit crew crime criminal crisis criteria critic critical criticism criticize crop cross crowd crucial cry cultural culture cup curious current currently curriculum custom customer cut cycle dad daily damage dance danger dangerous dare dark darkness data date daughter day dead deal dealer dear death debate debt decade decide decision deck declare decline decrease deep deeply deer defeat defend defendant defense defensive deficit define definitely definition degree delay deliver delivery demand democracy Democrat democratic demonstrate demonstration deny department depend dependent depending depict depression depth deputy derive describe description desert deserve design designer desire desk desperate despite destroy destruction detail detailed detect determine develop developing development device devote dialogue die diet differ difference different differently difficult difficulty dig digital dimension dining dinner direct direction directly director dirt dirty disability disagree disappear disaster discipline discourse discover discovery discrimination discuss discussion disease dish dismiss disorder display dispute distance distant distinct distinction distinguish distribute distribution district diverse diversity divide division divorce DNA do doctor document dog domestic dominant dominate door double doubt down downtown dozen draft drag drama dramatic dramatically draw drawing dream dress drink drive driver drop drug dry due during dust duty each eager ear early earn earnings earth ease easily east eastern easy eat economic economics economist economy edge edition editor educate education educational educator effect effective effectively efficiency efficient effort egg eight either elderly elect election electric electricity electronic element elementary eliminate elite else elsewhere e-mail embrace emerge emergency emission emotion emotional emphasis emphasize employ employee employer employment empty enable encounter encourage end enemy energy enforcement engage engine engineer engineering English enhance enjoy enormous enough ensure enter enterprise entertainment entire entirely entrance entry environment environmental episode equal equally equipment era error escape especially essay essential essentially establish establishment estate estimate etc ethics ethnic European evaluate evaluation even evening event eventually ever every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evidence evolution evolve exact exactly examination examine example exceed excellent except exception exchange exciting executive exercise exhibit exhibition exist existence existing expand expansion expect expectation expense expensive experience experiment expert explain explanation explode explore explosion expose exposure express expression extend extension extensive extent external extra extraordinary extreme extremely eye fabric face facility fact factor factory faculty fade fail failure fair fairly faith fall false familiar family famous fan fantasy far farm farmer fashion fast fat fate father fault favor favorite fear feature federal fee feed feel feeling fellow female fence few fewer fiber fiction field fifteen fifth fifty fight fighter fighting figure file fill film final finally finance financial find finding fine finger finish fire firm first fish fishing fit fitness five fix flag flame flat flavor flee flesh flight float floor flow flower fly focus folk follow following food foot football for force foreign forest forever forget form formal formation former formula forth fortune forward found foundation founder four fourth frame framework free freedom freeze French frequency frequent frequently fresh friend friendly friendship from front fruit frustration fuel full fully fun function fund fundamental funding funeral funny furniture furthermore future gain galaxy gallery game gang gap garage garden garlic gas gate gather gay gaze gear gender gene general generally generate generation genetic gentleman gently German gesture get ghost giant gift gifted girl girlfriend give given glad glance glass global glove go goal God gold golden golf good government governor grab grade gradually graduate grain grand grandfather grandmother grant grass grave gray great greatest green grocery ground group grow growing growth guarantee guard guess guest guide guideline guilty gun guy habit habitat hair half hall hand handful handle hang happen happy hard hardly hat hate have he head headline headquarters health healthy hear hearing heart heat heaven heavily heavy heel height helicopter hell hello help helpful her here heritage hero herself hey hi hide high highlight highly highway hill him himself hip hire his historian historic historical history hit hold hole holiday holy home homeless honest honey honor hope horizon horror horse hospital host hot hotel hour house household housing how however huge human humor hundred hungry hunter hunting hurt husband hypothesis I ice idea ideal identification identify identity ie if ignore ill illegal illness illustrate image imagination imagine immediate immediately immigrant immigration impact implement implication imply importance important impose impossible impress impression impressive improve improvement in incentive incident include including income incorporate increase increased increasing increasingly incredible indeed independence independent index Indian indicate indication individual industrial industry infant infection inflation influence inform information ingredient initial initially initiative injury inner innocent inquiry inside insight insist inspire install instance instead institution institutional instruction instructor instrument insurance intellectual intelligence intend intense intensity intention interaction interest interested interesting internal international Internet interpret interpretation intervention interview into introduce introduction invasion invest investigate investigation investigator investment investor invite involve involved involvement Iraqi Irish iron Islamic island Israeli issue it Italian item its itself jacket jail Japanese jet Jew Jewish job join joint joke journal journalist journey joy judge judgment juice jump junior jury just justice justify keep key kick kid kill killer killing kind king kiss kitchen knee knife knock know knowledge lab label labor laboratory lack lady lake land landscape language lap large largely last late later Latin latter laugh launch law lawn lawsuit lawyer lay layer lead leader leadership leading leaf league lean learn learning least leather leave left leg legacy legal legend legislation legitimate lemon length less lesson let letter level liberal library license lie life lifestyle lifetime lift light like likely limit limitation limited line link lip list listen literally literary literature little live living load loan local locate location lock long long-term look loose lose loss lost lot lots loud love lovely lover low lower luck lucky lunch lung machine mad magazine mail main mainly maintain maintenance major majority make maker makeup male mall man manage management manager manner manufacturer manufacturing many map margin mark market marketing marriage married marry mask mass massive master match material math matter may maybe mayor me meal mean meaning meanwhile measure measurement meat mechanism media medical medication medicine medium meet meeting member membership memory mental mention menu mere merely mess message metal meter method Mexican middle might military milk million mind mine minister minor minority minute miracle mirror miss missile mission mistake mix mixture mm-hmm mode model moderate modern modest mom moment money monitor month mood moon moral more moreover morning mortgage most mostly mother motion motivation motor mount mountain mouse mouth move movement movie Mr Mrs Ms much multiple murder muscle museum music musical musician Muslim must mutual my myself mystery myth naked name narrative narrow nation national native natural naturally nature near nearby nearly necessarily necessary neck need negative negotiate negotiation neighbor neighborhood neither nerve nervous net network never nevertheless new newly news newspaper next nice night nine no nobody nod noise nomination none nonetheless nor normal normally north northern nose not note nothing notice notion novel now nowhere n't nuclear number numerous nurse nut object objective obligation observation observe observer obtain obvious obviously occasion occasionally occupation occupy occur ocean odd odds of off offense offensive offer office officer official often oh oil ok okay old Olympic on once one ongoing onion online only onto open opening operate operating operation operator opinion opponent opportunity oppose opposite opposition option or orange order ordinary organic organization organize orientation origin original originally other others otherwise ought our ourselves out outcome outside oven over overall overcome overlook owe own owner pace pack package page pain painful paint painter painting pair pale Palestinian palm pan panel pant paper parent park parking part participant participate participation particular particularly partly partner partnership party pass passage passenger passion past patch path patient pattern pause pay payment PC peace peak peer penalty people pepper per perceive percentage perception perfect perfectly perform performance perhaps period permanent permission permit person personal personality personally personnel perspective persuade pet phase phenomenon philosophy phone photo photograph photographer phrase physical physically physician piano pick picture pie piece pile pilot pine pink pipe pitch place plan plane planet planning plant plastic plate platform play player please pleasure plenty plot plus PM pocket poem poet poetry point pole police policy political politically politician politics poll pollution pool poor pop popular population porch port portion portrait portray pose position positive possess possibility possible possibly post pot potato potential potentially pound pour poverty powder power powerful practical practice pray prayer precisely predict prefer preference pregnancy pregnant preparation prepare prescription presence present presentation preserve president presidential press pressure pretend pretty prevent previous previously price pride priest primarily primary prime principal principle print prior priority prison prisoner privacy private probably problem procedure proceed process produce producer product production profession professional professor profile profit program progress project prominent promise promote prompt proof proper properly property proportion proposal propose proposed prosecutor prospect protect protection protein protest proud prove provide provider province provision psychological psychologist psychology public publication publicly publish publisher pull punishment purchase pure purpose pursue push put qualify quality quarter quarterback question quick quickly quiet quietly quit quite quote race racial radical radio rail rain raise range rank rapid rapidly rare rarely rate rather rating ratio raw reach react reaction read reader reading ready real reality realize really reason reasonable recall receive recent recently recipe recognition recognize recommend recommendation record recording recover recovery recruit red reduce reduction refer reference reflect reflection reform refugee refuse regard regarding regardless regime region regional register regular regularly regulate regulation reinforce reject relate relation relationship relative relatively relax release relevant relief religion religious rely remain remaining remarkable remember remind remote remove repeat repeatedly replace reply report reporter represent representation representative Republican reputation request require requirement research researcher resemble reservation resident resist resistance resolution resolve resort resource respect respond respondent response responsibility responsible rest restaurant restore restriction result retain retire retirement return reveal revenue review revolution rhythm rice rich rid ride rifle right ring rise risk river road rock role roll romantic roof room root rope rose rough roughly round route routine row rub rule run running rural rush Russian sacred sad safe safety sake salad salary sale sales salt same sample sanction sand satellite satisfaction satisfy sauce save saving say scale scandal scared scenario scene schedule scheme scholar scholarship school science scientific scientist scope score scream screen script sea search season seat second secret secretary section sector secure security see seed seek seem segment seize select selection self sell Senate senator send senior sense sensitive sentence separate sequence series serious seriously serve service session set setting settle settlement seven several severe sex sexual shade shadow shake shall shape share sharp she sheet shelf shell shelter shift shine ship shirt shit shock shoe shoot shooting shop shopping shore short shortly shot should shoulder shout show shower shrug shut sick side sigh sight sign signal significance significant significantly silence silent silver similar similarly simple simply sin since sing singer single sink sir sister sit site situation six size ski skill skin sky slave sleep slice slide slight slightly slip slow slowly small smart smell smile smoke smooth snap snow so so-called soccer social society soft software soil solar soldier solid solution solve some somebody somehow someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon sophisticated sorry sort soul sound soup source south southern Soviet space Spanish speak speaker special specialist species specific specifically speech speed spend spending spin spirit spiritual split spokesman sport spot spread spring square squeeze stability stable staff stage stair stake stand standard standing star stare start state statement station statistics status stay steady steal steel step stick still stir stock stomach stone stop storage store storm story straight strange stranger strategic strategy stream street strength strengthen stress stretch strike string strip stroke strong strongly structure struggle student studio study stuff stupid style subject submit subsequent substance substantial succeed success successful successfully such sudden suddenly sue suffer sufficient sugar suggest suggestion suicide suit summer summit sun super supply support supporter suppose supposed Supreme sure surely surface surgery surprise surprised surprising surprisingly surround survey survival survive survivor suspect sustain swear sweep sweet swim swing switch symbol symptom system table tablespoon tactic tail take tale talent talk tall tank tap tape target task taste tax taxpayer tea teach teacher teaching team tear teaspoon technical technique technology teen teenager telephone telescope television tell temperature temporary ten tend tendency tennis tension tent term terms terrible territory terror terrorism terrorist test testify testimony testing text than thank thanks that the theater their them theme themselves then theory therapy there therefore these they thick thin thing think thinking third thirty this those though thought thousand threat threaten three throat through throughout throw thus ticket tie tight time tiny tip tire tired tissue title to tobacco today toe together tomato tomorrow tone tongue tonight too tool tooth top topic toss total totally touch tough tour tourist tournament toward towards tower town toy trace track trade tradition traditional traffic tragedy trail train training transfer transform transformation transition translate transportation travel treat treatment treaty tree tremendous trend trial tribe trick trip troop trouble truck true truly trust truth try tube tunnel turn TV twelve twenty twice twin two type typical typically ugly ultimate ultimately unable uncle under undergo understand understanding unfortunately uniform union unique unit United universal universe university unknown unless unlike unlikely until unusual up upon upper urban urge us use used useful user usual usually utility vacation valley valuable value variable variation variety various vary vast vegetable vehicle venture version versus very vessel veteran via victim victory video view viewer village violate violation violence violent virtually virtue virus visible vision visit visitor visual vital voice volume volunteer vote voter vs vulnerable wage wait wake walk wall wander want war warm warn warning wash waste watch water wave way we weak wealth wealthy weapon wear weather wedding week weekend weekly weigh weight welcome welfare well west western wet what whatever wheel when whenever where whereas whether which while whisper white who whole whom whose why wide widely widespread wife wild will willing win wind window wine wing winner winter wipe wire wisdom wise wish with withdraw within without witness woman wonder wonderful wood wooden word work worker working works workshop world worried worry worth would wound wrap write writer writing wrong yard yeah year yell yellow yes yesterday yet yield you young your yours yourself youth zone
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D100 things, scenes or events you might witness in a zombie infested city

What might people find in houses or in the streets of a city filled with undead?
1) zombies stood idle in an alleyway
2) zombies eating the corpse of a man wearing snakeskin boots
3) a stowaway dog, uninfected and scared
4) a family barricaded away in a shelter
5) a man whose arm has been torn off next to a chainsaw.
6) A zombie man wearing a sign around his neck that reads "THE END IS NEAR"
7) A group of soldiers throwing the corpses of the infected into a fire.
8) A ragtag group of civilians armed with weapons are attacking and antagonizing anyone they assume is infected.
9) A woman with a bloody knife in her hand and tears rolling down her face, standing over the dead body of an infected child.
10) An amputee in a wheelchair is stuck in a corner while a crawling zombie slowly tries to bite the survivor
11) A battered and bloody sword wielding survivor kneels next to a sobbing woman surrounded by the once-more-dead. The survivor will commit seppuku, after his last words to the woman.
12) A pub named The Winchester surrounded by a pack of zombies that are pounding on the boarded up windows and doors. There are probably over a hundred zombies.
13) A swarm of zombies pound and claw at a bank vault. Trapped inside a bank vault, the only survivor of a transport crew moving the only know cure away from the fallen research center. He was faced with a choice: Let the infection claim him, and hope the cure is found by luck, or save himself and hope to live. He choose the later.
14) An older gentleman who had been turned into a zombie, with one of the front facing baby carriers. He’s trying to eat the passenger of it, but upon closer inspection it’s a rubber baby doll
15) A wobbling zombie who was intoxicated before being infected
16) A ramp leading to the roof of a boarded up gas station. A radio has been rigged up inside to draw the dead into the open skylight where they fall and are trapped. Once a day, someone comes by with a silenced weapon to finish them off.
17) A man accidentally locks himself out of his shelter and desperately tries to unlock it as a pack encroaches on him
18) A pair of heavily armed survivors carrying loot, possibly from an enemy faction if the campaign has any, is ambushed by a small horde of zombies and looks to be losing. Do you help them or scavenge their loot once the horde is done with them?
19) A crowd of zombies chase after and overrun a person in a mascot outfit. If the party acts fast enough, the person can be rescued, their costume protecting them from most of the bites and scratches.
20) Two children are trapped in a car. Zombies are close of the vehicule but haven't noticed them. One of the kid have his hand on the mouth of his little brother
21) In the car park of a well known supermarket, a zombie is slowly pushing a shopping trolley.
22) Several zombie heads (some of them missing jaws) are impaled on spikes.
23) Ripped posters which detail the best methods of how to dispatch the undead.
24) A graveyard where all the graves are empty. Closer inspection will reveal that they will broken open from the inside.
25) An armed group of survivors forcing someone to strip, so they can see if the person has any bite marks.
26) A survivor is running down a street being chased by a pack of zombies, while several snipers on rooftops pick off the zombies.
27) Several zombies are chasing a remote control car, that is dragging a bloody piece of cloth behind it.
28) A group of 4 survivors wearing improvised armor. 2 are carrying spears the other 2 are carrying machetes. Upon encountering a zombie the 2 with spears impale it and hold it in place while the 2 with machetes hack it to pieces.
29) A zombie football player has someone pinned to the ground. The football helmet is preventing them from being able to biting their victim.
30) A street is blocked off by zombies that have been chained to a fixed object in the area.
31) Zombie wearing a (Evil Dead / Night of the Living Dead / Resident Evil / Walking Dead / Zombie Land) t-shirt.
32) A group of survivors smashing or chopping off the heads of any corpses they come across.
33) A survivor is forced to drop a heavy bag so he or she can outrun a horde of approaching zombies. The bag contains (ammo / food / guns / hand tools / how to books / solar panels)
34) A large group of zombies are pounding on an armored truck. The truck ran out of gas. One or more survivors is trapped inside.
35) A loudspeaker blares from a building. "Anyone still alive do not approach." "The zombies will be attracted to the sound of this speaker." "We are going to detonate explosives, once enough zombies are in the target area."
36) It's an absolutely quiet street with several abandoned cars. As you check the cars for anything useful, the car alarm starts blaring.
37) Following a trail of blood leads to a gore splattered alley way being used as a biohazard dump. The ground is knee deep with blood, fluids and bodies. The only living thing here is a lone survivor in a makeshift hazmat suit sifting through this carnage looking for something.
38) A tabletop game shop is completely untouched. In the store's center is a mini diorama of the store employees displayed fighting off zombie figurines. They're still alive somewhere.
39) A large dog growls at anyone who approaches it's zombified master, willing to fight to the death to protect him. If the dog is killed, its owner will bite the body raising the dog into undeath and the two will become totally placid, reunited at last.
40) Coming around the corner you see a zombie eating a dog, it looks up at you.
41) The local pharmacy, barricaded with semi trailers, the pharmacist camped out on the roof with a gas mask and a rifle. Will trade painkillers, antibiotics, and protective gear for other valuable goods, give other medicines to anyone who asks for them by name and can pass a basic test that they actually know what it's for, and hands out diapers and formula to any surviving parents as long as his stash holds out.
42) A man on a water tower with a battery operated power tool, a bottle of scotch, and no way out after sawing the rungs off the ladder to keep the zombies from getting to them. If asked politely, will tip the party off to any obvious threats they can see.
43) What's left of an aid station. Surrounded by barbed wire and portable barriers, the people who died inside are now trapped in undeath, along with a potential treasure trove of supplies.
44) A gun store. Heavy metal shutters protect the doors and windows, and heavy concrete planters obstruct any attempts to ram the entryway. Listening carefully, the party can hear something shuffling around inside.
45) The remains of an improvised armored fighting vehicle. Originally a bulldozer, the vehicle has heavy concrete and steel armor, and firing ports for the driver. The AFV is trapped, having tried to drive through a house and fallen into the basement when the floor buckled under it's weight.
46) An overrun police barricade. Three cars block off a road, but the police themselves are now absent.
47) A park with a stage where actors were performing a play by Shakespeare ... only now, the actors and audience are zombies and hungry for your brains!
48) A taxi has crashed into a streetlight. The driver is mostly missing; only his severed right hand is still clutching the steering wheel and his bloody innards are splashed over his seat and the floorboards.
49) A old man who has taken to a well made tree house in the park's largest trees and plays Vietnam era music as he cusses out local politicians for not listening and shoots zombies with a musket and homemade shot and powder.
50) A kindly old woman in a rose and tan suit is just going around like nothing is wrong. Her look, smell, and gait is fooling the zombies and she blames the shambling horde on a drinking holiday that was canceled twenty years ago.
51) A large group of homeless have taken advantage of the chaos and have taken control of a block of apartment buildings where they have walled off the street and began making a safe haven with the knowledge of the bird people (the crazy people you see raising pigeons), boozers (distillers for moonshine, hooch, and toilet wines), the vets (from Korean to Vietnam to War on Terror experience), and the urban survivalists (the pre zombie scavengers and tinkers).
52) A group of engineering students have been making makeshift anti personnel mines, noisemakers, pipe bombs, mobile controlled turrets and sentry guns. They are not the best at articulating their ideas or feelings but, mean well.
53) A group of racist that tried to use a collection of zombies they caged to target minorities they hated, but, a few of the idiots got infected and the majority of the group is part of the horde. On the bright side, their bodies are loaded with ammo, guns, and weapons they can not use.
54) A local crazy man is now completely covered in a local museum's full suit of armor and is armed with a shotgun and a claymore sword. He reinforced the armor with a undercoat and overcoat of chainmail he painstakingly made. "Now, parry this.", "Git gud.", "I use 'Smite'." are just a few of the lines he says.
55) An elder couple are bickering on the lines of "I told you buy these belt-fed rifles were a great investment." "I never said they weren't." old man pulls out a recording of the woman "ROBERT ,YOU IDIOT, WE ARE RETIRED AND ON PENSION! WHY THE HELL DID YOU SPEND $6000 ON GIMICHY ASSAULT RIFLES? WHAT IS THE REASON? RED DAWN AGAIN! FU9KING ZOMBIES! PRESIDENT FARTS SOUNDED LIKE TAKE RIFLES!" She replies as she evil eyes him "If I did not love you, I would have just let that zombie stripper in Reno get you."
56) A group of necrophiliacs have been emboldened and have been keeping zombies as sex slaves and labor forces.
57) A group of the rich have taken to hunting survivors and making sports out of releasing zombies into poverty stricken areas as "labor transfers".
58) A maximum security prison system has rebelled and became a safe haven for survivors. The Warden is now a veteran guardsman who was placed into a cell by his peers when he spoke up to release trustworthy prisoners to amp up security but, now he is very draconic with rapists, child-abusers, and pointless killings.
59) A doomed survivor leaps off of a tall building. The horde of zombies follows like lemmings, crashing into the pavement below.
60) A formerly wealthy survivor is trying to trade his or her box of gold and silver coins for food, guns, and ammo.
61) A survivor in a lab coat is shooting zombies with a super soaker. The zombies kill the survivor, then they turn on each other, tearing each other to shreds. What ever chemical is in the super soaker screws up the means by which zombies identify the living vs. other zombies.
62) A group of zombies appears to be attacking another group of zombies. One group are actually actors for a zombie movie or cosplayers. (early into the apocalypse).
63) Group of zombie with the same uniform, outfit, or costume (army / business suits / cheerleaders / civil war reenactment / clowns / firemen / furries / hazmat suits / lab coats / police / prisoner uniform / sports team / storm trooper costumes / etc).
64) A group of zombie children, standing around a playground until they see prey.
65) Zombie animals (dogs / cats / rats / zoo animals [elephant / giraffe / lion / polar bear / rhino / tiger] / etc)
66) The city aquarium. The penguin exhibit, usually a children’s favorite, has become a nightmare with zombified penguins hoping around on the rocks and swimming towards anyone brave (or stupid) enough to get close to the barricades.
67) A survivor has left a shit ton of swivel guns on trip wires. Once a tripwire has been pulled, it makes the swivel point at them and a loud click sound where a human who is taken their time can step back and arming it. Keep tugging the wire a little more puts a volley of grape shot into the general direction of the tugged wire.
68) A toothless zombie with a bomb vest neon spray-painted with a phone number, a tourniqueted pillows on each of their limbs, and a watch with alarm going off is shambling around. It looks like it was a pacifist who when turning and made a plan to take as many zombies after they turned by having someone else destroy him and whatever else is close to them.
69) Civil war reenactors are now fighting against zombies in a mixed battle doctrine of scorched earth and guerrilla warfare campaign. The confederates and union soldiers are now getting along as the confederates are now on the winning side technically and the union soldiers are finally getting a share of the free schnapps that the confederates kept getting sponsored by each year.
70) A gang war has turned ugly as an alliance that would have kept a community or two safe fell apart due to old matters and allegiances boiling to the surface again. Now, there is more food for the zombies in a few alleys and streets. On the bright side, if you are wearing the right color that day and can give the right lingo, you may get a bet of help or shot in the head.
71) A former accountant has become a mysterious stranger with a 44 magnum revolver, a lever action shotgun and lever-action rifle. He has a knack for trick shots and old western quips. If you are lucky, you might find a single shot 12 gauge pistol he leaves in the hope it may help.
72) A system of well-made drones have been seen moving around the city and dropping several pipe bombs on large groups of zombies or giving care packages to survivors. No one knows where they are getting charged up, stocked up, piloted from or repaired, but, it is well known that the downed drones explode like a proximity mine.
73) An extremely morbidly obese zombie that has been spotted in an inhabited apartment building. He has been in his home for the past 39 months and has been a zombie for the past 3 months. Due to his size, lack of hygiene, and his bed-ridden state, the musk off of him is keeping the zombies at bay as they think it is a giant zombie. It has been feeding on the infected corpses that the survivors throw it and kept alive on zombie flesh.
74) An active church full of lit religious candles and symbols. A child soldier turn priest is keeping his flock safe and ensuring anyone who comes for aid is truly pure. The priest understands how to tell the true self from a liar's hide and will act accordingly to the situation. He will keep you alive if you are useful or able to barter something else.
75) A cult begins to form around becoming a zombie means unification of humanity post mortem. Most members become zeds by voluntary infection but, a sub sect of them (leadership) aims on using the undead members as cannon fodder for raiding as they lack training and an effective leader.
76) A crazed vet is actively killing any zombie he sees and is immune to bites or infection as scars are visible on his body. His child was eaten by zeds early on and he aches from guilt and pain for not being able to save them. He needs a reason to live as his rage is burning him up from the inside out.
77) A gay community is now desperately actively trying to save anyone who is alive. They do not care if they die. They care if others live. They are the saviours of many who hated them and they feel the pain of the past yet forgive as they view life as precious and not to be lost to the deathless.
78) A sentient zombie who actively tries to do the right thing but was an addict before the infections began. They can control nearby zombie to a point and just aim on banging the hotter zombies instead of doing something productive. (Former clown by occupation and white trash by nature)
79) A group of spec ops has began to work for a cartel as their leadership has shown they did not care for them. They aim to make the world better under the cartel than if government ran. They are great allies or enemies.
80) A zombie who covered in cheap mall ninja shit is limbing around with a few unrusted blades and novelty wall decoration weapons on their back. It looks like they spent either $50 to $5000 on the things strapped to them.
81) A series of empty barrels have become a rainwater collection operation for a survivor or community on a set of buildings. A sniper has taken to a watchtower and thinks they are alone. They have seen "special" zombies who panamined normality (a bandit who was bit, lied, and turned). They are aiming to outlive any of the dead and think everyone is a zed.
82) A police force has began to fracture on the basis of beliefs from the pressure of the apocalypse. A sect of protectors, oath-sworn, racists, power-players, and vengeful bastards/bitches began to emerge as the dead roam the streets.
83) A mother has began to cover herself with zombie gore to kill more zombies as her child is now dead and she now must kill all the abominations. She doesn't care about herself ever since her baby died.
84) A group of gunsmiths and blacksmiths are arming anyone who comes to them. They know the more the living there are, the better the situation for them. Selfless or self-focused they help everyone.
85) A zombie with a living baby on their chest is wandering and killing anyone or endangers the baby. The baby does not understand life or death and views killing as a interesting thing. May grow to be a zombie killer supreme or a psychopathic killer if saved.
86) A last stand of a hellbent on surviving member of a community is apparent as you enter the scene. Empty guns discarded. A few unused rounds left. A part of hunting knives in the suspected last surviving man who died with the words "Keep killing" carved in the man's chest. Throwing axes in many a zed's head.
87) A place with flushing toilets and running water is found. Finally a warm shower, safe haven, and toilet paper dream is in reach.
88) A tank that has ran out of ammunition, diesel and hope is now under siege by the horde as the surviving occupants are awaiting death as their call for assistance is met with silence. There is no painless deaths for anyone of them as ration their food and water of the last days of their lives.
89) A crazed teen has their whole zombified family around them on chains without arms or jaws. The crazed teen acts as if nothing has changed but, they truly knows it is all a sham. Their family acts as camouflage and keeps the zombies from attacking them. They are mentally scarred but, an efficient killer.
90) A group of conspiracy theorists have devotedly protected a group of students as they are the chosen ones. No ones knows what they were chosen for but, they are chosen ones.
91) A shady group of chefs and mercs are offering cheap meals to free meals. Strange meat dishes may be zombie or human or truly profound meat based dishes and they may lie about the "pork" dishes.
92) A zombie who was a chef is cooking human flesh like an artisan for anyone who will eat. It will give you all the energy you need with a serious case of the shakes.
93) A crazy cat lady has keep her flock of cats from getting affected but, a team of tomcats has released a territorial musk marker of a behemoth beast has become more territorial due to zeds. Kill the zombies who try eat cats or lose a safe haven.
94) A group of suicidal people begin their attacks on the group. They just slit their own throats and are not too effective.
95) A man eating chicken is spotted in the old fair grounds. It is not too noteworthy as it is just a man eating chicken in the old fair grounds.
96) A odd odor is coming from a backpack of the survivors in your party. You might have a mental problem or a cannibal amongst you all.
97) You find a dead survivor's stash of cat fat. It makes good lip balm or cooking grease. Hope you like two day old cat grease
98) You find a stockpile of ammo, guns, explosive, and canned meat in the home of a deceased redneck. Yee Yee. Time to open a Pabst Blue.
99) A special strain of marijuana is found that rehumanizes zombies. Sadly the strain has a low seed rate to replant. May need to cross-breed it but, it may lead to the human eating relapses in the zombies who smoke it.
100) You find the operational controls to a low orbit ion cannon from a science heavy division. Lucky you as you now can take over the world without a second thought or infighting. You have the power of God and Anime on your side now.
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Democratic Socialism Isn’t Going Anywhere. It’s the Future and the Past of the Democratic Party.

My Opinion ( My Final Draft, I thought it was only appropriate to share it and delete the older Reddit post. ENjoy
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Democratic Socialism Isn’t Going Anywhere. It’s the Future and the Past of the Democratic Party. The people want something Bold. From FDR to AOC and now Bernie Sanders is in the Lead in Iowa and NH, and it is my bet he will win both. But this ideology in recent times not just championed by him, but also Elizabeth Warren who is currently in third, and that not a bad thing but speaks volumes on the current narrative norm people want and the kind of action they expect in these trying times from politicians. Both sides of the political American experience are pulling the center, and widening the gap of for centralist, and redefining the term to be closer to each party's ideology.. I believe the Elizabeth Warren style progressive policies will be the new left of center in this new century.
The current political climate I would summarize in two words, “Popcorn Politics”. Actions like this have not been seen since the fierce campaigning since the time the radio was invented. The birth of the internet has created platforms like social media, which allow a greater voice and, narrative for the individual. Like minds attract other like-minded people and tribalism and echo chambers have formed. They want to feel safe and sane in their own principles and ethics. At the end of the day though it emboldens ego and people don't want safe. They don't want the safe choice anymore in the party. Safe is boring. It not an instant or dramatic change for the better its the same old, same old and the majority of the population between x-z live in an instant world. With more instant knowledge, we want more instant action and answers that lead to more questions. They want something deeper, something bolder. If you say an extremist cant win I say you do not know America. Sex, excess, hard music, hard alcohol, and extremes sports sell; why not extreme politics? Rarely is it argued the only way to counter one extreme is with another of equal weight in order to find or create a middle. I say extremes will be the case for the 21st century for politics. Why extremes in the Democratic party? well, maybe it is to make up for the lack of action on all the social movements of the past 20–60+ years. From the Anti-War movements, civil rights, and women’s rights. to recently Occupy Wall St, to Black Lives Matter, Antifa, #Metoo. They are the Disenfranchised screaming about the issues, and what has truly been done? The status quo has not worked those are disenfranchised and forgotten.
Let’s Have a maybe moment. Maybe its because two of the longest wars in American history; the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan were voted by centralists, who forgot the errors of Vietnam or were enticed by the military-industrial complex and forgoed evidence, facts, and diplomacy. Maybe it was the fact that some centralists worked with Segregationists during the 60–70s to find solutions, instead of protesting and standing with people of color. Maybe it was because centralists voted for a bailout for corporations during the recession instead of helping those facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. Maybe it’s because Democratic Centralists did not do more for abortion rights aka equal body autonomy, settled with a hyde amendment and now there is a 5 to 4 Supreme Court Conservative majority that could overturn. Maybe it was the 90s crime bill that put a generation of non-white people behind bars for petty drug crimes voted by centralist, along with stop and frisk programs enacted by Centrists. Maybe it was the fact that 20 years ago the majority of Centralists were against Equal Marriage or LBGTQ+ rights. Maybe its the fact that the whole generation is burdened with college debt which costs compared to the cost of what it was 40 yrs ago has increased to almost debt slavery for X-Z Generation. Maybe is hows Rent is out of control, and people want rent control to better regulate the market from scumlords. It could be few of these things or all these things. Either way, the status quo has not worked those that disenfranchised and forgotten. Some say its a time of generational change and ideals within both party’s; that it is a passing of the torch with the Democratic party, as bold and equal to its rival. Others say its return to the roots, to something similar to FDR progressives. People are upset because they believe Bernie is not centralists enough but perhaps that is a good thing or is that narrative of a broken system that is being force-fed through teleprompter journalism. Some divisive people within the democratic party still blame Bernie for an Electoral College loss, despite him being on the campaign trail for Nominee. There is still part of the democratic party still mad Hillary lost the electoral college but won the popular vote with Bernie’s help and other Democratic candidate help, despite the lawsuits against the DNC, and Obama asking the Chair at the time to step down aka Debbie Washington Schultz after accusations of favoritism, and the DNC leaked emails do not help. The emails shed light on the backroom antics of the “fair and honest” DNC. Either way, that issue is resolved Hillary is not running, and you are not in the game, who are you to criticize others playing it, you’re not playing.
the idea of America and other modern democratic societies have been about balancing two ideologies; Individualism and Collectivism. Both have qualities to admire and despise. The trends of both though, have weighted differently in popularity and value; at different times throughout the history of this nation, and many others. But a balance must be found for sake of security of collective individualism and collectivism. We have a subtle system designed to divide and conquer. A system designed to manipulate and extort time and money, to the point of exhaustion by creating an environment of the overworked individuals through isolationism, at work, school, home breaking the collective down to the family to better control. For when there is no other influence, the individual few can control their narrative, because it is easier to control the individual when they are not part of a collective. We live in a world where personal ego/vanity/opinion matters more than collective fact (scientific/other), things matter more than collective or the individual it is done purposely to damage the collective as much as the individual for greater control of narrative created by the individual few to distract from their own collective pursuit of truth and happiness. In the end, the collective is as strong as the rights of the individual. only as a collective can truly change progress happen in the face of the tyranny of traditional systemic division, where the few control/represents the many through division. the quality of work is not equal to the quality of life or quality of life is not equal to the quality work, it damages the idea of a free nation. “The law will never make men free; it is men who have got to make the law free. “ ~HENRY DAVID THOREAU
I open my thoughts with that quote because it is one that should echo forever in every land that believes in liberty. As I share my many thoughts in order for others to understand my perspective I do not wish to convince or sway but provide the many thoughts of this one being, me. by definition in the Merriam Webster dictionary liberty. 1 : the quality or state of being free:a : the power to do as one pleases b : freedom from physical restraint c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic (see despot 2) control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges : the power of choice. I say and paste this so all and others will understand the word, a word that is part of a declaration provided by our founders. The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those in Political Power, whether they are a Judge or Politician, He or She sits in judgment and sentences and or judge others, they sentences there own consciousness eternally aside and must consistently be in a consistent judgment of oneself; words and action equally for America is made up many faiths, ideas, and dreams. They must take and weigh not just there own perspectives into account and weight but all perspectives unbridled and unswayed by there own. There in total 322,762,018 Americans roughly within our borders of this great nation at this point in history. Some illegal most legal but i believe all long for the liberty of all if not-self, and if not for self then why not for all, why denies what you the individual pursues or loves. All that long for liberty and freedom illegal or legal are equally American in sentiment, heart, and spirit, so who can truly deny them passage to the land of liberty that is at the heart of the matter. For it would be to deny one’s true belief of liberty in which one and others have stood for and died for. To deny one or a group choice is to deny liberty and freedom. To be a true American patriot is to be a patriot of liberty and its freedom of choice. For In a truly free nation each individual has the right to liberty whether it your body( abortion, medication, etc), your heart(gay, straight, trans, etc) or your spirit(religion, belief or opinion) it is your own, it’s your choice, your liberty and it should be respected, and equally tolerated, and because of that; it should not be imposed onto others by-laws rules or regulations but tolerated equally and respected. It is for the individual to decide, not the state or the nation to impose for that would be tyranny. It is for each individual to decides if they are a patriot for one either court's love of tyranny or love of liberty whichever is truer is up to the individual and what lyes within the heart, their words, and their actions. But many could argue that one person’s liberty is other individuals' tyranny. In regards to Politics in many cases, politicians free themselves but shackle the people to man’s many constructs of control. In regards to Justice and Law, money has now, in essence, become freedom, the more money you have the freer you are to enjoy a better lawyer and more lawyers in most cases who have more sway based on there social, educational, and professional connections all intermingling and overlapping. by this, having the ability to achieve the end result desired of any case civil, criminal, state or federal. Money, None of which is based on principle or morality, constituents, or constitutional, or law and justice, let alone freedom or liberty, but one tied to a monopoly of moneys influence on the industry’s of laws of traditions and ability to manipulate the weight of perception and needs of the system of which amounts of money is justice and freedom. But one must ask themselves if and when the value of things out weights the value of people wither we have lost the values and principles of everything Furthermore on law, and education of law, one must consider the lack of education or absentee of knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulation in the education system to provide a better understanding of that knowledge and given to every free citizen that attempt to abide by justice and those that enforce it is done pre-meditatively to make more money by ransoming justice of the ignorant, and if that is the case does it only give further proof that this system designed purposely out of control where laws do no make more freedoms, liberty’s, or justice but more regulated control, tyranny, and ignorance creating two classes those that know and those that don’t, those that have, and those that have not, The rich, and the working poor. All leading to what I will call the great decay. read more on workplace democracy
In regards to things, there are those that work in other nations, getting paid a slaves wage, slaving to provide, creating, building in sweat factory’s to the free open unaccountable market of consumer nations ignorant to origination of condition of the workeproviders and without consciousness of purchase for lack of patience, considering more the policy’s and warranties and speed over the morality, principle, and ethics. When does one stop to measure there impact of actions?. In regards to Social networking and wikis has in most cases replaced education, social justice and the press, just as the press in some cases replaced religion and how digital has replaced paper. It’s a digital bible we read every morning and carried in our pockets, People cite more things that are digital then those things on paper as if either had any weight compared to that of a blank page. Social networking creators are the saints of the marketplace that is the digital church of ideas, facts, and opinions. In the beginning, it was pure bringing many together to mingle and share creating a marketplace of knowledge, culture, and ideas and news. But now i must say it has become a battlefield of feeds and streams, progress vs tradition and the merging argue of one or the other or both and none. It has become corrupt and more of a tool to measure the perception of those with ego, power or money to enforce perspective opinions as fact and traditional institutes. Now with the ability to buy likes with fake accounts, trolling by shaming people’s perspectives and ideas, perceptions with multiple accounts or followers. one must consider if the press does measure posts to see if their mainstream opinion has been eaten or not and measure the feedback to see if their perception has generated interest and there narrative/ perceptional opinionated generating revenue of shock politics with each click. It is sad that is is not the sharing of ideas of knowledge or opinions with any sort of professionalism or tact. It is basically a religion of opinionated perspective practiced religiously for the battle and measurement of perception, steeped in instant gratification of mostly garbage. At the core one of its values is one of vanity and ego with slight knowledge and facts like sprinkles on an ice cream sundae of heavily enshrined opinions, both imposing and providing, but at the end of it all free with a donation/sacrifice every month to internet/phone provider gods who themselves control the flow and spice of 1 and 0’s appealing to the liberty of knowledge of providing a “free’ space to the best and worst of humanity. If Trump is reelected, and the Democrats lose, it will be the corporate tentacles that have paralyzed the same Establishment centralist democrats to vote for war, and Wall streets Bailouts. From media mogul billionaires to big pharma CEO, to tech giant who wants a technocracy, are upset, for their will, will not be done, but the will of the disfranchised. For that, centralist Democrats will cut their nose to spite their face and give Trump the election, Even though The modern idea for Democratic Socialism has been around since the Mid 20th Century With Presidents Like Franklin Roosevelt and Martin Luther King. It is a classic pure progressive Ideology. Both Martin Luther King and Franklin Roosevelt, Have Talked and fought for Progressive change and security for the working class. Both have given many speeches on Income Inequality and have tried to make a more equal secure future. Most importantly they helped the disenfranchised.
Here is FDR’s Second Bill of Rights, read it, for it is something that every democrat has faught for in part or as a whole for the past 70 yrs. Now compare it to today’s Democratic Socialists Policy like the Green New deal. ( After reading can you see how both are very similar and Almost complete the agenda the party has been fighting for since FDR. Here is a link to FDR speak on the second bill of rights something he tried to pass but died before achieving it. ( second bill of rights
A secure healthcare system that does not profit or bankrupt those most desperate but provides quality care, dignity and helps all. A secure future where 40+ hours a week equals a living wage matching labor to correct equal pay, and inflation giving deserved respect. Greater accountability, transparency, and regulation on the presidency, congress, the justice system, and corporations. A more secure tax code against big corporations from taking money overseas in tax havens or paying nothing. If democracy is good enough for the system is should be good enough for the workforce, no more golden parachutes, each worker should have an equal investment in its growth and economic future, no more trickle-down but trickle up. The exploitation of community-based economic and criminal justice punishments on race or religion has no place and those that commit these acts should be punished and held in the same way we would a hate crime. Greater citizen access to information and transparency of the criminal justice system. If equal opportunity is equal knowledge then we should have free and equal higher education for all. Expanding Medicare and Social Security, Going after companies who profit off the future of our children by pillaging the earth at the expense of the environments with no safety measures, thought to the surrounding community they effect, valuing profits over the lives of fellow Americans, they must be held accountable by a jury of their peers we must be caretakers now, ever watchful to preserve what we have left for all to enjoy. A secure home that does not poison a family that is safe. All these things they spoke about. to quote Robert Dahl “ ‘if democracy is justified in governing the state, it must also be justified in governing economic enterprises’”.The Democratic Socialist/Progressive dream is renewed by people like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren and many others. So is the good fight for all classic progressives.
In a true Individual society, the individual is in charge. Only the individual’s views are respected, everyone is for themselves, competitions breed progress for one and violence for many. But If the rights of the individual are not respected equally how can the rights of the collective be just and fair though? To quote the great Mr. Nemoy “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one”. There must be balance and one of logic. In a true collective society their no individual in charge. Every nation has a collective truth to aspire to. Some call it Faith, belief, etc to the idea of the nation based on cultural/technological goals. How you can get collectivism without tyranny is to be able to tolerate, to have empathy, and respect for other perspectives, traditions, and differences even individualism. Collectivism focusing on the common universal truths that unite many, and those are ( we all want peace, we all want love, we all respect, we all want equality, we all want equal justice, we all want to help others, we all want to make a difference, we all want to leave this earth better then when we came in, we all want dignity and quality of work and of life, we all want a quality education for children that provides opportunity) these are the universal truths of a true fairing collective. as long as there is individualism there will be corrupt intent on the collective, and as long there is an individual representative of the collective and not the collective there will be a corrupt intent by the individual. In a true equal collective society(pay, job, health, education etc) there would be no need for representatives or leaders, for everyone’s voice would have equal weight and value. A free and open collective can be judged from the individual rights/health/education/choice/speech though.
It all begins by investing into the children of tomorrow by Expanding and creating more social programs will only grow with the growth of current technology and its impact on the workforce, Income Inequality platform and those that stand behind it will also grow with it. Automation plus capitalism will only lead to a darker employment future. Industry Experts have spoken at this to length saying that 25–40% of the workforce will be replaced by automation and AI within the next 5–15 yrs world wide. Here are three links to further my argument.
technologies will first replace repetitive tasks, will be whether it be AI(Majority of white-collar jobs, secretarial jobs, healthcare jobs, office base jobs, education jobs, etc), robotics(blue-collar jobs and manufacturing, warehouses, nanorobotics for healthcare purposes), 3d printing ( manufacturing jobs, electronics assembly, houses, tools, etc) every household will have one, self-driving ( trucking, taxi, delivery, all transportation jobs) every cavehicle will be self-driving. Within 20 years 40% of the workforce will be gone thanks to automation, meaning wealth and inequality gap will be a major topic and Democratic Socialists have been bringing the topic to the for front form the very beginning it will only grow, the support of social programs because of theses issues equal knowledge is equal opportunity, an opportunity for the pursuit of happiness, in turn, if a person pursued a higher education into one of many diverse fields of study that they then could/would put higher effort into a job because it would be meaningful to them, creating worth…. so yea without equal knowledge there is no opportunity or chance of equal worth. Those that look at Education as a Status or a separation of economic class, and will only create more competition, those that “have” will not want this….and those that “have not” will. Martin Luther King Spoke of these inequalities and Those in positions of Economic Power will accept this innovation because it doesn’t sleep, eat, get sick, take holidays off, it will cut costs and promote growth, meaning the rich will get richer. Those with enough capital to buy these machines, they will only grow faster small business and the worker will not be able to compete. Those at the top will not weigh the costs to society nor to their humanity. For they value things, and when the value of things outweighs the value of people you lose the value of everything. With up to 40% of the working population jobs becoming obsolete, major changes will be needed and the only way to counter it is with job creation from innovation and society or nation will yield more with reeducation(free technical and college education). The Democratic Leadership, and those closer to the center would be a foolish to not champion the issue of income inequality, criminal justice reform, a living wage, climate change, tuition-free education, expanding social security and medicare, or pushing for Medicare for all. The country without a strong reeducation or higher learning system will suffer, which will take 10–20 years to retrain the older generation when this occurs. Those that suffer will promote the idea of conscious capitalism and Capitalist will take precedent but it won’t be as effective and truly will be for self-gain and will be only for publicity stunts for conscientious capitalism is as mythological as trickledown economics and unicorns. I fear some of us will live to see the trauma and horror in our grandchildren’s eyes and the fear, anger, sadness’s that we can not imagine emotionally at all because of our collective inaction. As time has gone on the more careless, regarding to the value of our labor, our morals, principles, dignity’ for all have been exploited, dehumanized, overworked to the point of exhaustion to not collectively paying attention or pursue truth, instead we are accepting half-truths which are full lies, and tolerating opinions are more important then facts by baby birded generational systems narrative of fear and control out greed/ego. Both are chains, a slow poison for them want to divide and conquer by feeding fear, ego, vanity, insecurity, for it is easier to control by consistently by masking all of this as normal and ok. Why do I say that? well, right now we only value, insulated, and protect a system that values things. A system where the value of the things outweigh the value of life and the labors of the living(reinforced by collective belief/desperation or inaction) Right now we are on the edge of losing the value of everything. Right now the individuals greed(ego/fear) is worth more than the collective’s values and values; labor, or natural cycles of this one planet that sustain us, and our inaction has led to complacency, and complacency has led to tolerance of what is in my view a collective assisted suicide a reaction from ignorant inaction. society’s economic structure is based on the nativity of the instant; fear-mongering vanity and gluttony. But now we MUST be patient no longer in tolerating these behaviors or feeding it with inaction. Forgive me for I am tired, tired of collective systematic lie we believe, that another way is not possible. That we can not rise to meet the tides of change and progress together, overcome our differences. Expansion and creation of new social programs like higher education and medicare for all will provide a safeguard for those weaker economic country’s in regards to restructuring its economy would speed up the cost and length of self-repair to its economic system. Social programs that provide food, healthcare, and education to allow it to rebuild the workforce. This is not counting for possible climate change effects creating massive migration(lack of habitable environments and the coastline pushing further because of the poles melting causing a lot of coastal species to die) human climate refugees and diseases(melting permafrost now 28 new viruses along with diseases ticks, parasites, and mosquitoes breeding with All theses reason is why I do see The Democratic Socialist base growing at a rapid rate currently and in the future, and is not going anywhere anytime soon.
Read further on the origins ( ) I do not want to look any generation in the eye, and say I failed them, that we and the generations before were a disappointment for they lacked humanity of logic, love, and compassion,. Or that my parents failed them or my grandparents failed them and their sacrifices because we ignore the facts because we supported a system that valued things more than life. That we fed into our lesser nature’s should I say primitive nature of fear, greed, ego and the act of believing them or feeding them. That it was more important than reverence love, compassion knowledge, logic, and life. Do you? This argument that has echoed throughout history and won’t end here. Time is a human concept, we are only fleeting thoughts, but this one has been constant, the individual vs the collective. I believe their mite be a third choice, one of balance. Life is not black and white, life is gray. Compromise can be found and should be pursued. actions and words should be of respect, tolerance, empathy, and logic. for the sake of a dream, called peace. In a world of words, actions are bombs when paired with universal truths and ideas. You are where you stand, alone, or together, you stand in an idea, in a dream, in a heart.
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