Courtsiding - Does It Still Work? - Honest Betting Reviews

The idea that this practice, known as collocation, should be illegal is ridiculous, but in reality, there is little difference between this and providing point data from courtside. With the advancement in technology, the opportunity for syndicates and intelligent gamblers to use sophisticated models and instantaneous data to create an advantage In the UK, though, you’re probably safe. The UK Gambling Commission confirm that court-siding is not considered to be an illegal offence. Ironically, the people that are affected most by this, are not necessarily the ones making the most noise. The tracks and venues, as well as bookmakers, tend to be the ones most upset about court side betting. “Courtsiding” is the art of attending a sporting event with the express purpose of placing bets ahead of the televised coverage reaching viewers at home and therefore gaining an advantage. It has been most widely used in tennis, hence the term “court-siding,” but has been used in other sports as well. The practice became common … Australian Open courtside arrest prompts police warning to betting syndicates. By Peta Carlyon, staff. Posted 16 Jan January 2014 Thu Thursday 16 Jan January 2014 at 12:13am, updated 16 Jan Esports betting on league-affiliated video game titles will blur together with wagering on the actual stick-and-ball sports. America is still coming to grips with the prospects of widespread legal

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