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Real discussion about CS:GO and Gambling

I am not sure whether I am violating any of the subs rules posting something this long winded and opinionated. So if I am show no mercy.
After of spending a few months on this sub and reading through some of the top threads and new threads that don't make it very far. A recurring theme, especially around major tournaments and the like, is that companies like ESEA, Valve, DreamHack, PGL, ESL, etc. shouldn't be associated with gambling sites and betting sites. As well as the issues of gambling problems, underage gambling, match-fixing, etc. Points which directly lead into the reason why I feel a discussion is necessary.
First I would like to preface this entire discussion with the fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a M-rated game. Which is not to say that users <17+ do not exist because just like Alcohol and Tobacco, where there is a will there is a way. I would also like to clarify that I do not support the amount of gambling and betting that has spawned from the expansion of CS, but I understand why it exists. In the same way I understand why betting on Horse Racing, or boxing, or Baseball, or football or American Football exits. More on this later though.
Gambling and Betting sites Sponsoring CSGO Events
The first elephant in the room should be the entire sponsorship debate. My take on this entire situation is that although gambling and betting websites may have wormed their way into monetarily “supporting” the professional scene, Valve technically was really the first offender. First off let's not try and act like CS wasn't on the decline before the introduction of skins. Just by looking at the statistics that are publicly available, it is clear that skins brought new life to the franchise and is a major contributor to why CS is growing at such a staggering rate. This is not to say that skins are the only reason, but a compelling argument could be made that without skins CS wouldn't be in the same place it is today. This however is not the point I am after. The point I am trying to make it that, you would have to be naive to not see that the fiscal model supporting CS:GO itself is very similar to that of a Casino. The one stipulation being that the returns Valve gives out are literally valueless on a balance sheet. Cases, keys and items are virtual, they cost Valve nothing to generate, there are no material costs and no development cost (if the skin is community generated). A point which directly leads into the idea that opening cases is no different than going to a casino and using a slot machine. Opening cases is gambling. CS:GO is directly funded by gambling. So how can someone vehemently oppose the support of gambling websites to fund CS events, when the sport/game itself is supported by gambling? While I do not support gambling sites sponsoring these events I understand that a double standard has been set.
Self-Control and Regulation
Next comes the gambling problem users may fall victim to. To me this is simply a problem with self control and regulation. Not a problem with the fact that betting exists, because as I said, betting is a part of everything competitive regardless of what the subject matter may be. From the limited amount of websites I have had the privilege to view, it is clear that the current state of gambling and betting is akin to that of the wild west. Any Joe Schmoe with an understanding of HTML and Steam's Web API can make a site and act as if they are reputable service where you can bet or gamble your money away. Which is a far cry from the state of other sports or online gambling in general. As the amount of regulations on the latter are quite restricted in the US (I've no knowledge on the global policies on online gambling mind you, only the policies in US). With only a few states allowing any online gambling at all. Which brings me to my actual point. In order for any headway to be made to crack down on gambling in general we first must try and regulate it. At this point there is no one saying what you can and cannot do and no one holding anyone accountable. Which of course goes hand in hand with users acquiring gambling problems. How is the current landscape any different from going to your favorite bookie -insert gambling website here- and throwing down a bet on Sports team-insert CS team here- and losing it all? Its the scale, not the act itself. As the act itself is only controllable by the consumer, which goes all the way back to self control. Because of the staggering lack of self-control no one thinks to question CSGOFastBetMoneyShuffleLounge.com. So no, I don't think that there is a fundamental problem with betting, but i do think there is a fundamental problem with the consumers who choose to feed said system. (A problem not so easily fixed) To my own previous point. Regulation can only stifle the problem not remove it. There is no way to avoid gambling and sport, as they have and always will move hand in hand. But by stifling it we may impede the spread and reach it may have.
Underage Gambling
My final statement is in regards to the underage gambling portion. A problem again with regulation. They are clearly not enough regulation on these websites to deter underage patrons from using their services. Which is again something that is hard to do in an environment as such, when anyone can make a website and create a TOS that says "I certify that I am above the age of 18 blah blah blah." Without any real confirmation. Someone may correct me if I am mistaken, but I am certain real gambling, online casino type websites, require some sort of documentation or a SSN to ascertain how old you really are. A step that I would guess, stops many underage users at the door. Something that, if it is to exist alongside CS:GO needs to be taken in order to legitimize the industry, as well as create a barrier to stop those who may not have gambled if it wasn't so very easy. Now I would like to recall my previous statement about the ESRB rating of the game and a pretty simple solution to underage gambling. If the minimum age to gamble is 18 and the minimum age to purchase the game is 17+ then I would wager that if you can own the game then you are old enough to gamble. Again let's not be naive, of course people under 17 play CS and of course they are drawn to betting and the like. My point is this. Some may not like it, others will disagree, but it is clear that this is a parenting issue. Not to say that the parents are solely to blame, as I am sure many do not even know CS exists, let alone the fact that skin gambling is even a thing. But it’s clear as day that the underage individuals who are betting regularly and clinically clearly have insufficient supervision and guidance. If it's possible for an adult to fall prey to a gambling addiction the probability increases 10 fold when you aren't old enough to understand the true value of a dollar. Parents need to get involved, look at what your children are doing and address it accordingly. (To those who say I am very mature for a 12,13,14,15,16,17 even 18 year old. I assure you, you are not. Unless of course you work enough to support yourself financially and physically. ie a job, a house, an apartment, food, clothes, etc)
So my point on the whole is that, as a community, if gambling is to exist, then we must take steps to regulate it. We NEED to condense it, so that its reach not poison the entire community and dictate the direction in which our future as a sport and our youth takes. At this point we are at a crossroads, and it is our responsibility to decide whether CS is known as the a bastion of the e-sports community or a sport corrupted by uncontrolled, unregulated gambling.
I open it to you know. I truly want to know how people really feel about this issue and whether or not I am alone in my thinking.
Tl;dr If you are not going to read and understand my ideas fully then I don’t want to discuss them with you.
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