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Which affiliate network?

Hey guys, which affiliate network do you think is best? 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -
Something else?
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Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Networks

Looking for ways to monetize your niche blog or website?
This list will help you find products and services to resell to your audience.
I’ve been collecting links to affiliate marketing networks for a while now and I thought it was time to publish the list of URLs along with some details about each network.
There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing networks online that have thousands of products and services for almost any niche imaginable that you can resell and earn commissions.
Below is the list along with a description of what the Affiliate Marketing network does and a little bit about their partnership programs. Some of these I am a part of and some I am in the process of testing out.
This list was researched and compiled over the last few months and I will continue to add to it as I find more great Affiliate Marketing networks.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
Here’s the list of 30 affiliate marketing networks
1) AC Nutryst
Over the last few years, AC Nutryst has created a huge impact in the world of affiliate marketing. It is the ultimate integrated platform for both affiliates and advertisers. The platform enables highly targeted advertisement campaign and enhanced conversion through its proprietary marketing solutions. AC Nutryst also ensures transparency by using its top-notch power of communication to improve marketing service.
The high-performing CPA network mainly focuses on Nutra offers. All kinds of health offers like diet, muscle, blood, weight loss, pressure, brain, male enhancement, and skincare are included in their integrated program.
As a full-service affiliate and advertising platform, AC Nutryst works hard toward its goal of maximizing exposure and sale; while minimizing CPA.
2) Adcombo
Adcombo is an exceptional name amidst a crowd of CPA networks. Innovative and new ways of confirming a lead are what make Adcombo an effective affiliate platform. They work directly with advertisers, eliminating any middle man influence, to ensure the highest possible payout for publishers.
Founded in 2014, Adcombo is based in the United Kingdom. The Adcombo team comprises some highly talented people who are experts in their respective fields. Before launching the platform, they spent a whole year testing the network incognito.
3) Affiliatefuture
Affiliatefuture’s client list includes over 700 businesses, starting from small stores to FTSE 100 companies. A digital marketing company named, Progressive Digital Group, owns the platform listed on the London AIM market. Its parent company is TMN (IBG), which was bought by Progressive Digital Group in 2007.
Since its inception, AffiliateFuture has been able to expand its service at an explosive rate. By the end of 2002 it bagged 60 clients, which ever since kept increasing.
4) Affibank
AffiBank is popular for its wide range of product offers. Most of this offers pay as high as 75% commission. Besides, they have their own integrated affiliate tracking system.
At the moment Affibank boasts a formidable 100,000 active affiliates. They are striving to ensure the best user experience for their affiliates.
5) Avantlink
Avantlink works as a connector between marketers and businesses. Marketers can reap the benefits of Avantlink by boosting their brand value with increased profit and sale. It helps merchants reach new spheres, which would otherwise not be possible with traditional marketing tools.
As an affiliate platform dedicated to technology products, Avantlink brings together affiliates and merchants. The technology focused platform is at the moment leading the way in affiliate technology.
6) Avangate
Particularly developed for the technology/software industry, Avangate helps to launch new products, increase revenue, and grow market reach. The biggest advantage about this tool is that it offers different modules, enabling users to customize the platform according to their need.
Currently, over 4,000 businesses spread across 180 countries use the platform. Some of Avangate clients include Absolute Software, Kaspersky, Brocade, and Bitdefender.
7) CPAlead
CPAlead is one of the best CPA platforms in the world. Since its launch in 2006, it has paid over 100 million USD to affiliates across the world. At the moment many marketers are making a handsome income using this state-of-the-art network. CPAlead offers 3 revenue models, which are: CPI, CPA, and CPL.
CPAlead is experienced in working with leading marketers and publishers in the industry. Moreover, it is one of the biggest incentive based CPA networks out there.
8) ClickBank
ClickBank is not just another affiliate network. It allows affiliates and product developers to make money without going through rigorous hassles.
For any new affiliate marketer it is the ideal platform to get started. Unlike more advanced affiliate networks, it is quite easy to handle. Besides, there is no limit to start selling; you can sell right away without getting 90% approval first.
9) Clickbooth
Clickbooth is best described as a meeting place for potential affiliates and merchants. Clickbooth offers all necessary tools required by affiliates and merchants to work together.
Clickbooth makes use of contextual, mobile, social, native, email, search, and display mediums to drive high quality traffic on CPA basis. Besides, in Clickbooth you only pay for what you get – that means it is result oriented.
10) Commission Junction
Many well-known advertisers are on Commission Junction’s list, which regular visitors in your blogs could already be familiar with. This means more clicks and higher earning for you.
Once you are accepted in their network, Commission Junction advertisers are likely to invite you to join their network. That means you would not have to apply to each and every advertising network, separately.
11) Digital river onenetworkdirect
The network is versatile enough to empower any publishing mechanics, which include email campaign, comparison sites, blog posts, PPC, social, video, or any general content. You can also choose data feed access while customizing your service plan. It means an unlimited number of affiliate links that are also trackable. You can even add every product in your catalog.
12) eBay Partner Network
eBay Partner Network is quite similar to AdSense. However, it is an affiliate program directed at eBay. Since eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay Partner Network is a great dedicated program to earn big.
eBay Partner Network will give you the opportunity to use some great tools to promote your blog or whatever advertisement channel you opt for. The program will also allow you to choose from a wide range of colorful graphic ads to use in your blog.
13) Flexoffers
The Flexoffers network is primarily targeted at attracting high-end merchants, which means you can market a range of interesting products. It is a great tool for merchant and publishers to work on different campaigns with an integrated approach.
Many renowned brands like Hallmark ECards, Kmart, HP, and Macy’s use this exclusive network to grow their business. So, in a way, it works as a bridge between publishers and those valuable brands.
14) JVZoo
JVZoo is known for its reliability and effectiveness in the “make money online” niche. Mostly, they sell info products like plugins, software, video tutorials, apps, and ebooks.
They pay instant affiliate commission through PayPal. And, there is no cost to become a JVZoo affiliate.
15) Growsumo
Growsumo makes use of highly customized software to let you build a community, to establish active interaction with businesses. Their specialties are referral programs and customer advocacy.
Growsumo works as a personal brand builder, which shows influencers why they should promote you in the first place. Influencers are rewarded based on their performance, which ensures overall control over ROI and CAC.
16) Linksynergy – Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate networks out there. It has been working diligently since its beginning in 1996. It has over 1,000 advertisers. The network can be used to compliment display advertising.
It is suitable for business and merchants willing to start an affiliate program without investing too much time or money.
17) Linkconnector
Linkconnector offers a unique online application for affiliate marketers and merchants to maximize revenue. The fully automated program has seen rapid growth in the recent years. Its revenue tripled since 2007. Among others, it features creative product offering and proprietary technologies to serve online retailers.
18) Maxbounty
The journey of MaxBounty began in 2004 with a goal of giving publishers the largest share of money possibly earned from marketing efforts. The minimum payment ceiling for this program is set at no less than $100. Its rich CPA network is robust. Maxbounty has been able to play its role to plug in the gap in the world of affiliate marketing.
19) Madrivo
Madrivo is one of the most creative ad agencies that helps you make the most out of each dollar spent. They have no less than 100 million customers in their database; all of which are authentic. In the first two quarters of this year their business has grown by 400% – making sure Madrivo remains a market leader.
Madrivo’s client list includes big players like University of Phoenix and AT&T. Necessarily, the list doesn’t stop there.
20) Peerfly
As a unique cost per action affiliate network, PeerFly features more than 1000 offers. Till date, they have served thousands of publishers. The platform is 100% custom built, which is a prerequisite for reliability and flexibility. PeerFly caters to publishers across the world.
PeerFly’s overall network conversion rate revolves around 8-16%, which is followed by above average EPCs.
21) Pepperjamnetwork
At the moment, Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is one of the largest programs with some costless features. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network works with top brands to get maximum exposure.
Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network offers their services on social media and mobile. More importantly, they have offices located in different countries. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is now working relentlessly to shape the future of affiliate marketing.
22) Revenuewire
Revenuewire is an e-commerce platform for people who are interested in earning through the promotion of digital products and software. The e-commerce platform works best for businesses that sell digital products and services online.
The award winning e-commerce service provider specializes in recurring payment in an affiliate network. Its client can receive payments in 33 currencies across 200 countries. It also offers multiple payment opportunity.
23) ReviMedia
ReviMedia pays highest attention to customized lead generation as a form of marketing tool. Their scalable solutions are the key to success for a vast client base.
ReviMedia uses its proprietary platform, PX to generate valuable and legit calls and leads in sectors like financial services, insurance, and home services. The automated lead routing logic used by ReviMedia delivers a high intent prospect to increase sale.
ReviMedia will also give you access to market leading campaigns based on years of experience.
24) ShareASale
ShareASale’s area of concentration spreads over all mainstream products, which include everything starting from green products to business services. Its stock of affiliate publishers boasts a wide range of product listing, meaning it has the ability to serve different business models.
ShareASale supports regular publishing models like video and regular content. You can also make use of social platforms to promote your products through PPC and email on desktop and mobile.
Since ShareASale only focuses on sale, it exclusively supports cost per sale action models; so predefined features like CPC and CPM are not available.
25) Shareresults
Shareresults offers distinctive service and timely support to both merchants and affiliates. Shareresults also features ease of use, in term of technology used by them. Moreover, their state-of-the-art web based application allows users to implement new technological developments without any hassles, like download or installation.
Shareresults also provides affiliates and merchants with accessible, secure, and reliable tracking information. Last but not least, the network includes a range of CPL, CPA, and revenue sharing models.
26) Tradedoubler
Tradedoubler offers different payment models to choose from; and they are performance-based. The first of which is the Cost per acquisition or sale or CPA.
One great thing about Tradedoubler is that it features the cost per download model which maintains download tracking as successful conversion, and offers payment based on that. For apps marketing schemes and mobile platforms this is a huge opportunity. Lastly, it also offers a cost per call model, which means compensation is available for calls to the call centers upon finalizing sales.
27) Tradetracker
Tradetracker entered the affiliate network industry in 2004, and, since then, it has been able to spread its business in 19 countries. Currently, it is eyeing the European market. If you join this network, you will get connected with 5000 advertisers.
Tradetracker takes every blog or website owner seriously. Its perspective is based on the theme that each customer is different and, therefore, requires an individualized strategy. Their way of optimizing revenue is in accordance with that is of their clients’.
28) Viglink
First of all, Vigilink offers a juicy referral stake of 30%. Vigilink works best when you have a number of posts that motivate people to buy something and to use it following your guidelines. With proper adjustment, it would be possible for you to significantly increase income over time.
29) W4
W4 is working toward its goal of improving the industry capacity and reach the optimum level achievable. A prosperous channel which includes renowned publishers and leading advertisers is what makes W4 affiliate network a success. They also offer assurance technology, backed up by continuous support.
W4 primarily focuses on smart channel management and long-term campaign efficiency. Their reward program is quite simple and offers 1% cash back of the total revenue generated.
30) Webgains
Webgains commenced its journey in 2004. The platform is known for world-class customer support – both online and telephone support. Their in-house technology certainly helps clients to be one step ahead.
Webgains offers technology that helps users to overcome various challenges in the world of affiliate marketing. Making use of technological advancements, Webgains secures guaranteed payments and foolproof network for their clients.
Summary If you made it this far, awesome! Thanks for reading.
I hope you found this affiliate marketing network list useful and found some networks to join and products to promote and resell.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
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RevenueWire RevenueWire is a fairly recent entrant into the affiliate marketing industry. They go after the tech segment, catering and tailoring their resources to fit the demands of the software and technology sector. RevenueWire is an all-inclusive, award-winning, and leading global network of performance marketers. It provides publishers and advertisers alike with the tools that are necessary for them to achieve their marketing and income goals. RevenueWire is one of those new affiliate networks in the tech segment. They cater to the needs of the software and technology industry. The problem with the newest affiliate network is that they have problems convincing people that they are legit. RevenueWire is not excluded from this problem. RevenueWire does not set a minimum affiliate commission rate or amount, but we do recommend that merchants be as competitive here as their business model will allow. For security reasons, the maximum commission amount an affiliate can earn for an individual sale on the RevenueWire network is $100.

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