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32 Teams/32 Days: Day 12: The Houston Texans

Team: Houston Texans

Division: AFC South
Record: 4-12 | Division Record: 1-5 | Finish in Division: 4th :(
Hi everybody, I'm Skarmotastic, former Texans power ranker for the past 4 seasons, and kinda sorta old school power user, but then college happened. Still make time to watch games, even though the Texans have been the most disappointing Houston sports team of the year. Oh, and I helped this lady get her hat back.
Category Stat Average League Rank
Total Yards 5120 320 20th
Passing Yards 3278 204.9 21st
Rushing Yards 1842 115.1 14th
Total Points 338 21.1 17th
Yards Allowed 5546 346.6 20th
Passing Allowed 3799 237.4 24th
Rushing Allowed 1747 109.2 13th
Points Allowed 436 27.3 32nd
Point Differential -98 -6.2 28th
Interceptions Thrown 17 t-26th
Fumbles Lost 11 t-22nd
Giveaways 28 t-28th
Interceptions 11 t-20th
Fumbles Recovered 5 t-29th
Takeaways 16 t-27th
Turnover Differential -12 28th
2018 Draft Picks
Round Pick Overall
3 4 68
3 via Seattle 16 80
4 3 99
6 3 163
7 4 196
Free Agents
Unrestricted Free Agents
Name Position
Tom Savage QB
TJ Yates QB
Josh Johnson QB
Alfred Blue HB
Andre Ellington HB
Jordan Todman HB
Bruce Ellington WR
Xavier Sua-Filo LG
Chris Clark RT
Breno Giacomini RT
Jelani Jenkins OLB
Johnathan Joseph CB
Marcus Williams CB
Marcus Gilchrist S
Eddie Pleasant S
Shane Lechler P
Restricted Free Agents
Name Position Exclusive Rights
Greg Mancz C No
Angelo Blackson DE No
Ufomba Kamalu OLB Yes
Brian Peters ILB No
Ben Heeney ILB No
Corey Moore S Yes
2017 Season Analysis
Training Camp/Preseason It was a time of hope for Houston sports. The Astros are a title favorite, the Rockets with Chris Paul might be able to contend with the Warriors, and the Texans have broken out of their lobster shell with a shiny new QB in DeShaun Watson. Not much of substance from other positions would be reported on during OTAs and what not, as all the media focus was on Watson and Savage as they fought for the starter role. Savage would eventually win out, and in preseason seemed to show why, but mainly because Watson showed some concerning deep accuracy, regularly overthrowing his man in the seams. Savage would win the starting job. A secondary note was the OL, a concerning unit even on paper. With Duane Brown actually committing to a holdout, the Texans entered the season with the deformed cerberus of Chris Clark, Breno Giacomini, and Kendall Lamm at OT. On the inside, while Greg Mancz had a quiet breakout season in 2016, he was benched for 2nd year player Nick Martin, who spent his rookie campaign on IR. Personally, I thought Martin should've been prepped to play RG to replace an awful Jeff Allen as Mancz had proven himself at C. The Texans staff did not agree. The following account of the Texans' 2017 video is best read in UrinatingTree's voice and tone.
Week 1: vs , L 29-7
This just had to be the year where the Jags put it all together, and the Texans' offense played the role of that crappy B-rate villain only used to show the Hero's power level. Tom Savage was sacked 6 or 7 times, the OL was immediately unmasked Scooby-Doo style as an actual turnstile, and any optimism for the season ahead was subsequently sacked by Calais Campbell by halftime. Enter Watson, who immediately gave a breath of life into the offense. Evading rushers! Connecting downfield! First downs! All foreign concepts to the 1st half offense, brought back immediately as Watson quickly scored his first NFL TD and gave the Texans hope once again. They would lose 29-7, surrendering 10 sacks.
Week 2: @ , W 13-9
Week 2 Thursday Night Football for DeShaun's first start was nice. At the time, we all assumed our defense was good and just shut down the Bengals, it would later be revealed that their offense just out-sucked our defense. DeShaun's first start was very pedestrian outside of an electric 50 yard TD run at the end of the first half, but the offense as a whole was still running the same gameplan they had last week for Savage.
Week 3: @ , L 33-36
And now, coming off a 10 day week post-TNF, the Watson-led Texans walked into Gillette Stadium and started bombing their defense with an aerial attack Houston hadn't had since the golden days of Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson. Preseason pickup Bruce Ellington also quickly proved his value as a slot WR in the new-look offense tailored to Watson, with many of the Texans' plays involving him in motion across the backfield to help ID the defense. For a moment, it seemed like Watson was going to dethrone Brady in his own home, but then a combination of conservative playcalling and well, Tom Brady, kicked in and the Patriots won in stunning fashion. But hey, BOB finally has the explosive offense many expected.
Week 4: vs , W 57-14
Take a promising young franchise QB, a new offense tailored to his strengths, a hated division rival, and throw them all into you home stadium. Mix together for 60 minutes, sprinkle in Rookie RecordTM 5 TDs, and then narrate it all with the sweet voice of Kevin Harlan. You'll have an optimistic, explosively packed team with nothing but hope for the future.
Week 5: vs , L 42-34
Watson is at it again, throwin' a bunch of TDs and crap, and oh my god everybody important on the defense is dead somebody get the bubble wrap before they get to Clowney crap crap crap. Watt to IR, Mercilus to IR, defense to IR. This is now unquestionably Watson's team for the season. Sure, 2 of his TDs were in garbage time, but the Chiefs were playing the best football in the league at the time, and it's just nice to have a QB that can actually target Hopkins without sending a wave of anxiety and fear of a pick through NRG Stadium.
Week 6: vs , W 33-17
If it weren't for Nathan Peterman, the Browns benching a rookie for Kevin Hogan would've got so much more flak than it did. Hogan proceeded to give the Texans secondary a much needed confidence boost by throwing 3 picks in the first half. Watson tossed 3 more TDs, all is well and good. Another rookie who'd been quiet so far after gaining hype in the preseason, HB D'Onta Foreman, also flashed his skill with a 39 yard run in this game, which would win him more snaps going forward.
Week 8: @ , L 41-38
After the bye week, it was on to Seattle, and Watson lit up the LOB to the tune of 402 yards. If any Seahawk fans hadn't watched him yet, they knew his name now. In what was one of the best regular season matchups of 2017, Wilson v Watson was like watching a Dragon Ball Z fight. Both QBs had 4 TDs, 400+ yards, and led their teams in rushing. Hopkins and Fuller beat Richard Sherman for big plays, and we got more Kevin Harlan out of it all. It was beautiful. Duane Brown was also left in the PNW for picks, remember that holdout?
Week 9: vs , L 20-14
Houston sports hype is at an all-time high. The Astros have won the World Series for the first time in franchise history, the Rockets are still projected to be one of the best teams in the NBA, and the Texans have a rookie going toe-to-toe with Brady and Wilson. The Colts, your most hated rival, is in town and down a franchise QB. TIME FOR AN ACL TEAR. Savage is now your QB again. You feel nothing.
Week 10: @ , L 33-7
Absolutely. Nothing. Without Watson, you know what to expect from this offense. Absolutely. Nothing. You need your defense to step up then. They give up a career high 355 yards to Jared Goff, highlighted by a 94 yard TD to Robert Woods. Back to watching Watson highlights on Youtube.
Week 11: vs , W 31-21
Going in at 3-6 with almost all of you stars on IR might make you want to tank. But, without a 1st or 2nd round draft pick, you might as well scrap that idea and try to win some games. In this edition of Savageball, Bruce Ellington proved he wasn't a product of Watson to any remaining doubters with a cool 6/63 statline, Tom Savage realizes you don't have to absorb multiple sacks per game, and D'Onta Foreman had a nice breakout game with 10 carries for 65 yards and his 1st 2 NFL TDs. Keeping with our "Texans can't have nice things" theme, he tears his Achilles tendon while scoring his 2nd TD. Absolutely. Nothing.
Week 12: @ , L 23-16
After finally learning that winning only brings pain and injury, the Texans begin the final descent down into the basement. Tom Savage posts 252 yards, hoping to look like the best statue he can be so somebody will give him a decent contract in the offseason.
Week 13: @ , L 23-14
Sure, Savage threw what would be a crushing end-zone pick in the final minutes, but you haven't felt emotions since Week 8. He still posts a career high 365 yards, but the defense forgets how to stop a running back, and Derrick Henry plunges a 75-yard dagger TD into any hopes of sneaking in at 9-7. Stephen Anderson looks nice starting at TE, having come a long way from being a UDFA 3rd stringer. Of course, this is because CJ Fiedorowicz and Ryan Griffin are now on IR with more concussions.
Week 14: vs , L 26-16
The schedule really killed the Texans in this one. If this was early in the season, Jimmy G wouldn't have been there to make every man jealous of his looks and envious of good QB play. Tom Savage forgot he plays for the Texans, and since he had a career high last week, he gets rewarded with a concussion. Enter TJ Yates. However, the Texans have already beaten the Bengals, so Yates doesn't activate his latent hunter skills, and the Texans' makeshift plan of "Screw it, throw to Hopkins" fails to keep pace with an actual QB.
Week 15: @ , L 45-7
I'll be honest. I don't remember this game. I intend to keep it that way. Savage is now effectively done for the season.
Week 16: vs , L 34-6
When TJ Watt was drafted, the Watt family was ecstatic that 2 of their kids would be facing off on Christmas Day in an NFL game. Instead, JJ basically sent a raggedy-looking homeless dude with holes on his shirt and stains that are either spaghetti sauce or blood, and asking would be rude. The only positive of this game was that DeAndre Hopkins did this.
Week 17: @ , L 22-13
DeAndre Hopkins has a minor injury, so he sits out the 2017 Toilet Bowl between the Texans and the Colts as they swirl down the drain of 4-12. Your major stat leaders: TJ Yates - 14/24, 137, 1 INT. Alfred Blue - 18 carries, 39 yards, 1 TD. Chris Thompson - 3 catches, 54 yards. It's finally over. The defense is the worst scoring unit in the league, the offense burned brightly under Watson but was a wet fart under anybody else. The injuries forced the Texans to use a record 77 players throughout the season.
High Points
An Actual QB For BOB
Ever since BOB took over, stuck with the offensive guru label, the expectation has been a great offense. The QB "talent" before this year has been awful. Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best of the bunch back in 2014 and he even got benched for Ryan Mallett, who actually looked good for the one game he played healthy. Guys like BJ Daniels, Brandon Weeden, TJ Yates against 30 NFL teams not named the Bengals, and Brian Hoyer winning games at all is impressive. Watson finally provided a positive at the QB position, and made the offense fun to watch for once. No more drags and quick outs from empty sets every play, we were seeing sweeps, play action flashbacks to the Gary Kubiak bootlegs, and deep shots against anybody and everybody. The second the Texans had time to re-work the offense for Watson, it became the best unit in football literally overnight. Maybe the best part of this is that there's no doubt who should be starting Week 1 next season.
Clowney is a Star
JaDeveon Clowney was always an interesting prospect to me. You knew about the big play ability. You knew about the raw athelticism and power. What we didn't know was just what exactly he'd excel at. Now, 4 years in to his career, and after battling some injury issues for the first 2, Clowney's given the league a very clear picture of what he is. He's not the next 20 sack rusher, he's one of the league's elite run stoppers, and plays all over the Texans' defensive front. After Watt and Mercilus went down in the same game, Clowney immediately became the heart of the defense, and individually he delivered, leading the league in run stops for either no gain or a loss. Think Pernell McPhee, but younger and a lot more athletic.
Hopkins is free again
Last year, DeAndre Hopkins seemingly regressed, posting under 1000 yards for the first time since his rookie season. Upon closer inspection, he actually had a giant lobster claw pinning him down all season. This has since been remedied, and he's back to making insane catches and leading the league in TDs.
Low Points
Mike Vrabel
One of the Texans changes to their coaching staff was to move DC Romeo Crennel to a more assistant role, and replacing him with LB coach Mike Vrabel. With almost the same defensive personnel, Vrabel's defense was last in the league in scoring. The secondary was hot garbage, and that unit was relatively healthy. JJ Watt's injury isn't an excuse for this either, as he also had a season ending injury in 2016 and Crennel still made that unit one of the best in the league. As for Mercilus, while his absence undoubtedly made things harder for the fresh new DC, I don't think it's enough to swing from the top of the league to the bottom. Oh well, the Titans decided he could handle even more responsibility.
Do I even to say any more? JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, DeShaun Watson, CJ Fiedorowicz, Ryan Griffin, D'Onta Foreman, do I really need to go on? The Texans broke the record for most players used in a season with 77.
The OL
Last season, the expected unit was Duane Brown, Xavier Sua-Filo, Nick Martin, Jeff Allen, and Derek Newton. Martin, a 2nd round pick, missed all season. He was replaced by Greg Mancz, a former UDFA who turned out to be one of the better Cs in the league. Allen, a free agent from KC, was a massive disappointment. Sua-Filo can't really pass block. Newton tore both of his patellar tendons. Brown was his usual great self. Fast-forward to 2017, Week 1. The starting OL is Kendall Lamm, Xavier Sua-Filo, Nick Martin, Jeff Allen, and Breno Giacomini. Brown is holding out. Newton might never play again. For some reason Mancz is rotting on the bench with 2 bad guards in play instead. Nick Martin played some guard in college, he could've been transitioned. They immediately give up 10 sacks in Week 1. Later in the season, Chris Clark and 4th round rookie Julien Davenport would start games at both OT spots, and Greg Mancz would replace Jeff Allen at RG. Contrary to popular belief, Sua-Filo wasn't bad, he's just not a good pass blocker.
Reviewing New Additions
Free Agents (Former Team)
  • Breno Giacomini () (1 year, 2.75M) Well, somebody had to start at RT, and Giacomini was actually an upgrade over our other... options. Likely won't be back, was just a guy. Main reason he won't return is that the Texans are already actively pursuing OL this offseason, and if you think you can get similar production from Julien Davenport on a rookie contract, why not save a couple million to throw at Norwell or a DB?
  • Marcus Gilchrist () (1 year, 3M) With Romeo Crennel's defense, the Texans don't have a FS and SS, they just have 2 S. Gilchrist was a nice vet to have mentoring Andre Hal and Corey Moore, both on rookie contracts. He started some games and basically rotated in for both Hal and Moore. Again, just a guy, but better at his position than Giacomini. If he'll re-sign for a similar deal, I'd like him back as depth.
  • Bruce Ellington () (1year, 615K) Ok, technically he also came from the Jets, but he was there for 2 days in the preseason. Ellington played as the Texans' slot WR and clicked the most with Watson, providing a few big plays during that stretch. Only totalled 330 yards and 2 TDs, but for that contract that's great value. With his injury history from his 49er days, I don't see his value picking up much in free agency. If he comes back, it's bad news for Braxton Miller.
  • TJ Yates () (1 year, 775K) While TJ will always hold a place in my heart, right next to Chris Burke for winning the division in 2011, his 3rd stint was just... bad. There is no Nick Foles story here, just a Yates without his Bengal to kill. He will probably not be back unless things go catastrophically wrong... again.
Rookies (Round-Overall)
  • Deshaun Watson (1-12) The Texans traded up with the Browns to get here, leaving them without their 1st or 2nd round picks but it was so worth it. Despite what PFF may tell you, Watson was damn good. Yes, he took a lot of risks, and had a high INT% as a result, but after watching a lobster explore ways to throw 40 passes without topping 200 yards like it was a SoCal trend diet it's a trade I'm more than willing to make. Watson took a crap tier OL and got them to produce the 3rd best rushing attack in the NFL because he made the offense so dynamic the Texans could get more creative than they ever did with Savage or Crustacean.
  • Zach Cunningham (2-57) Cunningham is the replacement for newly-released ILB Brian Cushing, but in the Texans' defense, he won't play the same role. Benardrick McKinney handles that, being more of a thumper and pass rusher. Cunningham will be the other ILB in 3-4 looks, providing speed and coverage more so than rushing ability. He looked a bit lost in preseason, and the Patriots picked on him in coverage, but that's to be expected when you get any LB on Amendola or Hogan or Gronk. He'll be fine, just needs experience.
  • D'Onta Foreman (3-89) The Texans felt the need to compliment Lamar Miller with a better power back than Alfred Blue, so they drafted a local kid who put up 2K last year in college. He is the most Texans rookie ever. Grew up in Texas City, went to the University of Texas, was drafted by the Houston Texans, and promptly had a season-ending injury after a good performance. Since he tore his Achilles, he probably won't be healthy come Week 1 next season, and even then it's a wait-and-see game to gauge just how effective he'll be aftewards.
  • Julien Davenport (4-130) It's usually a good idea to draft at least one OL per draft to keep that unit healthy and fresh. Davenport is still pretty raw, but was a 4 year starter at LT in college, so ideally he takes over that position in the future. His feet need to get better and faster to hang with NFL edge rushers, and he still needs to refine his blocking technique, but he's 6'7 and has long arms so if the Texans can coach him, he'll be fine.
  • Carlos Watkins (4-142) At this point, the Texans could rebrand themselves to the Houston Tigers, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V the Clemson uniforms, and nobody would bat an eye. Watkins was mainly a rotational piece for the Texans, but played well, mainly as a 3-4 DE next to DJ Reader, a 5th round DT out of Clemson 2 seasons ago.
  • Treston Decoud (6-169) Decoud was played as CB depth, and flashed decent coverage ability on his limited snaps. With the CB corps up in the air at the moment, his role and snap count next season is anybody's guess.
  • Kyle Fuller (7-243) Not the dude from Chicago, the Texans' Fuller was a Center at Baylor, and didn't make a noticeable impact in his rookie campaign. OverTheCap says he played about 8% of both offensive and special teams snaps at LG. I can't imagine they pencil him in as the starter if they decide to move on from Sua-Filo, so right now he's just OL depth at best.
  • Dylan Cole (UDFA) Cole slipped through everybody's radar, and saw playing time early as a backup ILB, with even more snaps after Brian Cushing got suspended. Came out of college off an awesome Pro Day, profiled as a thumper kind of guy. He was average in that regard, but surprised people in coverage with 2 picks, one for six vs. the Titans. Should be the 3rd guy behind McKinney and Cunningham, but played a very good all-around game.
Free Agency
Now that Cushing is cut, the Texans are primed to be much bigger players in free agency than they were a season ago, with OverTheCap reporting $63,802,267 in cap space. With the Texans FO already talking about OL and DBs being the priority this offseason, and no high picks to get any with, you can bet the Texans make some moves soon here.
  • Andrew Norwell () Doubtful that Norwell leaves Carolina, and even if he does, San Fransisco has more money to throw at him. He's the pipe dream, but would still be ecstatic to get him.
  • Nate Solder () Solder is a very good tackle, and at 29 should at least be good enough to play out a 4 year deal. Already having taken a team-friendly deal in New England, he may be looking to get paid while he can. Sportrac has a market value of 13.2 AAV, and if we can get him around that price tag that'd be great.
  • Josh Sitton () Sitton intrests me as a very good stopgap at a guard spot. He was great when healthy as a pass blocker, good as a run blocker, but with recent injuries and age it's hard to put a cap number on him. A shorter deal if you can't get Norwell or Solder could be a good move.
  • Justin Pugh () He might end up back in NY anyways, but if not he's my personal favorite target. Maybe the most versatile starting-caliber OL in this FA class, he can play either G or T spot for us, and would be a lot cheaper than Norwell or Solder.
  • Malcolm Butler () Coming off a worse season than his All-Pro 2016 campaign and the weirdest benching ever, if Butler is a Patriot next year, we're gonna see BrainwashGate. While some still think he'll end up in New Orleans based on the Cooks trade last year, I think the emergence of Marshon Lattimore lessens their need for him. Sportrac has him at 13M AAV, if we can get him on a 4-5 year deal it would be the big signing of the offseason for us. Would personally like this over Solder.
  • Trumaine Johnson () Johnson is year older, and might be on a similar price tag. (Read: 13-14M AAV) I'd prefer Butler, but think Johnson is more consistent. If Butler returns to 2016 All-Pro form then he's clearly better, but if he's just good then Johnson would be more worth that money. CB is hard as hell to predict in free agency due to scheme differences, but Johnson played in a Wade Phillips defense, and the Texans still have vets who've played under him from the Kubiak era. Would prefer Butler either way.
  • Kyle Fuller () Fuller is the youngest CB on my short list, with Chicago declining his 5th year option, it looks like the two are parting ways. Fuller is even more inconsistent than Butler, with an up-and down 2015 after a solid rookie season, missed 2016 with a knee injury, then played his best season in 2017. Also, if Chicago decides to tag anybody, it'll be him.
  • Other Options Weston Richburg, Patrick Omameh, Patrick Robinson, Bashaud Breeland, LaMarcus Joyner
Draft Needs
Seeing as how we don't have a pick until the 3rd round, it's too much of a crapshoot to name specific players. Just like with free agency, the priority is OL and DB, but you can't expect an instant starter in the 3rd round. Since that's the case, there are other positions that need depth. In order of importance, they are:
  • Tight End CJ Fiedorowicz might retire due to concussions, and Ryan Griffin has never proven he can take over the starter role on a full-time basis. Stephen Anderson played well in his spot starts, but he has no real blocking ability and you need that in your starters. While DeAndre Hopkins is playing GM on Instagram trying to recruit Jimmy Graham, we may not want to go high-profile here, especially if we spend heavily on both OL and DB.
  • Outside Linebacker Our starters are set with Clowney and Mercilus, but the depth behind them is concerning. After Mercilus' injury, the Texans signed Lamarr Houston, who lasted a month. Our other OLBs are Ufomba Kamalu and Brennan Scarlett, a pair on UDFA deals who haven't made a serious impact. If there's a prospect available in the 4th or so onwards, they might be worth a look.
  • Wide Receiver Bruce Ellington may not be back next year, and if so it would put Braxton Miller in the starting slot role. The former Ohio State QB hasn't made much noise at WR, and the depth behind him is concerning. The only other WR that saw playing time was Chris Thompson, who mostly played special teams. Hopkins is Hopkins, and Will Fuller took a huge step forwards this season, living up to his deep threat ability he was drafted for when playing with Watson. I think Thompson makes it for his ST contributions alone, but if Ellington doesn't get re-signed then there'll be 1-2 spots to fill out.
Coaching Changes
Name 2017 Role 2018 Role
Romeo Crennel Asst. HC/Defense DC
Mike Vrabel DC
John Butler Secondary
Anthony Weaver Defensive Line Defensive Line
Bobby King Linebackers Inside Linebackers
Anthony Midget Asst. Secondary Secondary
Shane Bowen Defensive Asst.
Sean Ryan Quarterbacks Quarterbacks
Mike Devlin Offensive Line Offensive Line
John Perry Wide Recievers Wide Recievers
Charles London Running Backs
Tim Kelly Tight Ends Tight Ends
Will Lawing Offensive Asst./Line Offensive Asst./Line
Pat O'Hara Offensive Asst./Quarterbacks
Larry Izzo ST Coordinator
Doug Colman Asst. ST Coordinator
New Coaches
  • Brad Seely, ST Coordinator Seely continues the Patriot connection, having served as their ST coordinator from 1999-2008. He also served as an Asst. HC for the Browns in 09-10 and the 49ers from 11-14. Was ST Coordinator for the Raiders from 15-17.
  • D'Anton Lynn, Asst. Secondary Son of current Chargers HC Anthony Lynn, D'Anton was a former UDFA CB, and later worked as a Defensive Asst. for the Bills in 2015 & 16, and for his dad with the Chargers in 2017.
  • John Pagano, Sr. Defensive Asst./Outside Linebackers Pagano has worked many different jobs in his 22 year NFL coaching career, mostly with the Chargers, and last year took over for Ken Norton Jr. as the Raiders' DC.
Final Thoughts There are a lot of holes to fill and the Texans are in the unfamiliar territory of having to do it through free agency rather than the draft. With Watson proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's our guy, we'll also need a backup who plays similarly to him, with the same kind of escape ability he has. (Tyrod, anybody?) I definitely feel that fixing the OL is more important, because with a healthy trio of Watt/Clowney/Mercilus and a fully clicking offense, we can take the load off the secondary. I do have my concerns about free agency, especially when signing guys through 32-33 years old, but that's so far down the road for the top guys that you can worry about pay cuts and restructuring when the time comes. This team is already built well with the starters in place, adding depth will be crucial to having a successful 2018. Looking beyond that, this will probably be Clowney and Watson's team sooner than Texans fans will want to admit, as JJ Watt has expressed before that he won't be the type to play until the wheels fall off. With Romeo back in charge, the defense will hopefully return to 2016 form, but with healthy JJ Watt.
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