Tax on Betting and Gambling in the UK – Do you pay tax on

If you would like a more tailored response about the taxation of your spread betting activities, you can write to us to request a private binding ruling. Private rulings are binding advice from us that explains our view on how tax law applies to a specific situation. The spread betting industry is now a multi-million pound industry and there are more than 93,000 active spread traders* in the UK alone and firms multiplying simultaneously. Betfair estimates that the global audience for spread betting and CFDs is about £650m per annum retail operator revenue, growing at a rate of about 20 to 30 per cent per Tax-free profits* - No Capital Gains Tax to pay on your profits and spread betting is also free from Stamp Duty No commission fees to pay – spread betting is free from commission; Leveraged trading – speculate on share prices with just a fraction of the total trade value; Instant access to over 12,000 markets at any time – access UK, EU, US, Asian shares and many more asset classes UK Tax on Forex, CFD Trading & Spread Betting. November 16, 2015 | Samuel Morton. Once you have a funded trading account and are making trades you may be liable for tax on Forex trading profits and you may also be allowed to claim tax relief on any trading losses. The advice below is strictly for UK residents and is a brief guide only, please CFDs don’t offer the same kind of tax benefits as spread betting, but they do nevertheless have a slight tax advantage over trading in underlying markets directly. Tax will rarely be the sole motivation for trading in CFDs over any other form of investment, but nevertheless as an advantageous aside it’s worth noting that CFDs do offer a

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