Troubleshooting 'RPC server is unavailable' error in WIndows

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complete newbie: "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2" ?

i saw somewhere that the bitcoin client needs to download all blocks before i can start mining.. is this possibly the reason i'm getting this error right now, while the client is still retrieving blocks?
i can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere else.
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joining mtred - "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC"

At the suggestion of others, I'm leaving deepbit in favor of MtRed. I run my script and poclbm pops up like normal, but it just displays the above error quote in the title instead of a Mhash/s rate. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Consistently getting the "Problem communicating with bitcoin RPC" error. Any suggestions?

I've tried a few different clients, but I always get the same sort of error. I know someone posted a day ago that had the same problem, but his solution didn't work for me. I've looked around the net for awhile for a solution, but nothing seems to fix it.
For simplicity's sake, I'll just describe my GUIMiner setup:
Server: Other
Website: n/a
Port: 8337
Username: [username registered on]
Password: [password for registered username on]
Device: [0-0] ATI RV770 (it's an ATI 4870)
Extra flags: (nothing)
I've added the computer running the miner to my router's DMZ (running dd-wrt) so port access shouldn't be a problem. Anyone have any suggestions?
EDIT: Also, my firewall is disabled. Added "bitcoin.exe.", "guiminer.exe", and "poclbm.exe" to my Microsoft Security Essentials list of excluded processes. Still no dice :(
EDIT 2: Rawlsdeep solved my problem. I needed to create a worker on and use my worker's credentials as my username and password for my mining program. Hopefully this will help someone else later on!
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"Problems communicating with Bitcoin RPC" even while mining?

I can't figure out what is going on. I am mining, and submitting shares, but even though I have the same hash rate, I'm submitting shares at a much slower rate than on other pools. I'd prefer to use MTRed, but unless I can get this solved I'm not sure I will.
So I was watching the miner, and where it shows a live stat of my hash count it will sometimes flash the text "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC" and then continue mining. Everything I find on that error seems to be about not being able to connect at all, but I can connect and mine, just not as efficiently as I should be able to.
Here is the command I'm running (Win 7):
poclbm.exe --platform 1 -d 1 -v -w 128 -f 60 -a 15 --user=username --pass=pass -o -p 8337 
I also tried this, which gives me a higher hashrate so I'd like to figure out why so I can keep mining at that rate, but frequent "long polls" and still gives the RPC error:
poclbm.exe --platform 1 -d 1 --user=username --pass=pass -o -p 8337
Any help is greatly appreciated!
EDIT: It sounds like it is a known issue. Any ideas on the long polling? Is that even a problem?
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Problem communicating with bitcoin rpc?

I am using guiminer trying to mine for a coinotron pool and I am getting that error. Someone posted before that you need to put your worker name and password? How does that differ from your coinotron account and password?
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/r/BicoinMining - Noob Question - XKCD Bitcoin Problems Communicating with Bitcoin rpc

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MtRed: Permanent "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC"

Problem solved, I didn't create a worker. Whoops
Just signed up today and I'm unable to get poclbm to connect on two different systems. I did talk to some folks on IRC but nothing was resolved.
What I've tried:
  1. Two systems both running Win 7 64bit
  2. Using the IP or Host URL
  3. Running the batch file as administrator (UAC is disabled on both systems)
  4. Set poclbm.exe to run as administartor.
  5. Accessing with my brower (connects and asks me to login)
  6. Temporarly forwarding port 8337 on my router.
  7. Ran a server on one system and tried to connect to it via my other system. This worked
  8. Signed up to deepbit and tried to connect to their host. This worked.
My batch file with username and password removed:
start /DC:\bitcoin\poclbm_py2exe_20110428 poclbm.exe --host= --port=8337 --user=USER --pass=PASSWORD --device=0 
Any suggestions would be great.
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Is MtRed Down?

I am current getting a "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2 2, 1 2, 0 2
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First time trying mtred, and I get this..

2011-06-23 16:15:36: Listener for "Default": 23/06/2011 16:15:36, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC
Any ideas on how to fix it so I can mine with redditors? (using GUIminer for this)
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I cannot get connected to MtRed. Any ideas?

8337 is forwarded. Using "" as host. Even have my PC in the DMZ but cannot get rid of the "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC" error.
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I'm getting 0 shares accepted from GUIminer

I'm new to this mining thing. I'm pretty sure I have guiminer set up correctly, but I'm still getting 0 shares. It was working for a little bit before I reformatted my computer, but now it gives me an error and 0 shares. I'm still getting ~250+Mhash. Help please?
2012-02-06 00:11:25: Running command: poclbm.exe username:[email protected]:8337 --device=0 --platform=0 --verbose -v -w128
2012-02-06 00:04:56: Listener for "Default": 06/02/2012 00:04:56, Unexpected error: 2012-02-06 00:04:57: Listener for "Default": 06/02/2012 00:04:57, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2
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Help with getting GUIMiner working on MtRed

Simple question. I use GUIMiner with slush's pool, with my extra flags set to "-s0.006" which is used to adjust how often the video card sleeps to keep it cool.
I've created my account and a worker on Mtred. I created a new OpenCL miner, chose "Other" as the server and put in as the host. I put in my Username as "name.workername" and password is the worker password. When I start mining it says "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC".
Can someone tell where I'm falling short? I'm sure its a newbie mistake.
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New to bitcoin mining, just joined MTRED

Hi guys, i just joined MTRED and started to mine.. I use GUIminer atm, when i look at my console i just see
"2012-02-24 18:15:06: Listener for "yaoyao": 24/02/2012 18:15:06, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2 2012-02-24 18:16:02: Listener for "yaoyao": 24/02/2012 18:16:02, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2 2012-02-24 18:16:59: Listener for "yaoyao": 24/02/2012 18:16:59, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2"
all the time. Whats happening, also on it says my worker has 0 mhs or offline.. Why is this, help please and thanks for great pool :)
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Did MtRed just go down?

After mining for a few hours with no problem, I'm suddenly getting a ton of " upstream RPC error" and "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC". I can connect to Deepbit just fine. Something explode? Someone trip over a cable?
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RPC problems

im having trouble connecting solo or any servers
2011-07-14 16:30:40: Listener for "Untitled": 14/07/2011 16:30:40, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2 2011-07-14 16:30:43: Listener for "Untitled": 14/07/2011 16:30:43, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 1 2 2011-07-14 16:30:46: Listener for "Untitled": 14/07/2011 16:30:46, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2 2 2011-07-14 16:30:49: Listener for "Untitled": 14/07/2011 16:30:49, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 3 2
EDIT: solved, i had to download guiminer version 2011-04-03
i was using the newest and the one before that i tried this older one and it works now
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First time trying the reddit pool, but this happens

2011-06-23 16:15:36: Listener for "Default": 23/06/2011 16:15:36, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC
Any ideas on how to fix it so I can mine with redditors?
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Help setting up GUIMiner

So I'm new to the scene and wanted to try out mining. I'm trying GUIMiner on Windows, and I'm not sure that its working. Here is what the log looks like:
2011-06-24 00:28:01: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:28:01, long poll: new block 0000047bd6482367 2011-06-24 00:29:08: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:29:08, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:30:00: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:30:00, long poll: new block 00000be9dedbe04d 2011-06-24 00:30:11: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:30:11, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:31:09: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:31:09, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:32:06: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:32:06, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:33:03: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:33:03, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:33:05: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:33:05, long poll: new block 000004e2357cd0b5 2011-06-24 00:34:00: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:34:00, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:34:57: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:34:57, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:35:54: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:35:54, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:36:50: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:36:50, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:37:47: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:37:47, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:38:45: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:38:45, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:39:43: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:39:43, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:40:40: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:40:40, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2011-06-24 00:41:37: Listener for "Default": 24/06/2011 00:41:37, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC
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What does this error message in GUIMiner mean?

Windows 7, The error messages are as follows:
2012-03-01 20:50:59: Listener for "Silent Video Card": 01/03/2012 20:50:59, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 0 2
2012-03-01 20:51:00: Listener for "Silent Video Card": 01/03/2012 20:51:00, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 1 2
2012-03-01 20:51:07: Listener for "Silent Video Card": 01/03/2012 20:51:07, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 2 2
2012-03-01 20:51:11: Listener for "Silent Video Card": 01/03/2012 20:51:11, Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC 3 2
2012-03-01 20:51:11: Listener for "Silent Video Card": 01/03/2012 20:51:11, No more backup pools left. Using primary and starting over.
Tried Google, got nothing. Thanks!
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Cannot connect to Bitcoin RPC

I'd really appreciate some help, I'm running amd64 debian squeeze and I've downloaded the bitcoin client, poclbm, and phoenix. I'm trying to pool mine at and I've used "./ -u -p --host= --port=8337 -d 0" which returns "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC". I also tried "./ -u DEVICE=0" and that returns [16/06/2011 17:43:44] Phoenix r101 starting... [16/06/2011 17:43:44] Failed to connect, retrying..." Obviously I've added in my user and password.
Here are the two devices I can use:
[0] AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor [1] ATI RV730
And here is my lspci -v:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV730XT [Radeon >HD 4670] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Hightech Information System Ltd. Device 2009 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 28 Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M] Memory at fe9e0000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K] I/O ports at c000 [size=256] Expansion ROM at fe9c0000 [disabled] [size=128K] Capabilities: Kernel driver in use: fglrx_pci
If anyone can shine some light on the subject or just guide me in the right direction that would be great, thanks.
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Can someone help me?

My GUIMiner was working fine for about 2 days. I shut down computer and now when i start it back up it won't mine. When i hit start mining it says: Problems communication with bitcoin RPC and No more backup pools left. Using primary and starting over.
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Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191005(Market index 31 — Fear state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191005(Market index 31 — Fear state)

Attorney General Barr Signs Letter To Facebook From US, UK, And Australian Leaders Regarding Use Of End-To-End Encryption The Department of Justice published an open letter on October 3 to Facebook from international law enforcement partners from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia in response to the company’s publicly announced plans to implement end-to-end-encryption across its messaging services. The letter is signed by Attorney General William P. Barr, United Kingdom Home Secretary Priti Patel, Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. Addressed to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the letter requests that Facebook not proceed with its end-to-end encryption plan without ensuring there will be no reduction in the safety of Facebook users and others, and without providing law enforcement court-authorized access to the content of communications to protect the public, particularly child users.
Coincheck Launches New Service That Rewards Gas Users With Bitcoin In an attempt to bring crypto to the mass audience, Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck inked a partnership deal with E-net Systems to reward gas users in the Tokyo Gas area, the company announced Oct 4. Under the partnership agreement, the two companies will start offering Coincheck Gas with two crypto-related plans for its customers. The gas service by the crypto company will offer a Bitcoin Rewards Plan under which customers will receive Bitcoin as rewards for the usage of gas. In addition, customers can also pay their gas bills using Bitcoin under the Bitcoin Payment Plan.
Libra Association: 1500 Entities Have Indicated Enthusiastic Interest To Join Libra After PayPal announced to withdraw their support for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, Libra posted a series of tweets in response to the striking news. Libra Association tweeted: “Building a modern, low-friction, high-security payment network that can empower billions of financially underserved people is a journey, not a destination. This journey to build a generational payment network like the Libra project is not an easy path.” “We recognize that change is hard, and that each organization that started this journey will have to make its own assessment of risks and rewards of being committed to seeing through the change that Libra promises,” they continued. The final tweet read: “We look forward to the first Libra Council meeting in 10 days and will be sharing updates following that, including details of the 1,500 entities that have indicated enthusiastic interest to participate.”
Prysmatic Labs Team Unveils Updates On The Ethereum Serenity Roadmap Prysmatic Labs team has unveiled biweekly updates on the Ethereum Serenity roadmap via Medium. According to the article, the testnet has been restarted for everyone to experience staking and becoming a validator. This testnet includes beacon chain spec v0.8.4, various performance improvements, faster BLS paring library, new syncing strategies and more RPC end point support.
Japan: Using Virtual Currency To Make Donations To Politicians Is Legal Citing Yomiuri Shimbun, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, a cabinet-level ministry in the Government of Japan, indicated that the use of virtual currency to donate to politicians is not illegal. According to Japan’s Political Fund Control Law, it is prohibited to conduct donations to politicians in principle, but virtual currency is not in the category of “money and securities” which are covered by law.

Encrypted project calendar(October 05, 2019)

Ontology (ONT): Ony Ji will attend the blockchain event in Japan on October 5th and explain the practical application based on the ontology network. BNB/Binance Coin: The Binance Coin (BNB) Oasis Game Hackathon will be held on October 5th in Bangalore, India, and will be hosted by Binance Labs, Matic Network, Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, Marlin Protocol.

Encrypted project calendar(October 06, 2019)

SPND/ Spendcoin: Spendcoin (SPND) will be online on October 6th

Encrypted project calendar(October 07, 2019)

GNO/Gnosis: Gnosis (GNO) will discuss the topic “Decentralized Trading Agreement Based on Ethereum” will be held in Osaka, Japan on October 7th. Kyber and Uniswap, Gnosis and Loopring will attend and give speeches.

Encrypted project calendar(October 08, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8th to 10th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 09, 2019)

CENNZ/Centrality: Centrality (CENNZ) will meet in InsurTechNZ Connect — Insurance and Blockchain on October 9th in Auckland.

Encrypted project calendar(October 10, 2019)

INB/Insight Chain: The Insight Chain (INB) INB public blockchain main network will be launched on October 10. VET/Vechain: VeChain (VET) will attend the BLOCKWALKS Blockchain Europe Conference on October 10. CAPP/Cappasity: Cappasity (CAPP) Cappasity will be present at the Osaka Global Innovation Forum in Osaka (October 10–11).

Encrypted project calendar(October 11, 2019)

OKB/OKB: OKB (OKB) OKEx series of talks will be held in Istanbul on October 11th to discuss “the rise of the Turkish blockchain.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 12, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 Global Mining Leaders Summit will be held in Chengdu, China from October 12th to 14th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 14, 2019)

BCH/Bitcoin Cash: The ChainPoint 19 conference will be held in Armenia from October 14th to 15th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 15, 2019)

RUFF/RUFF Token: Ruff will end the three-month early bird program on October 15th KAT/Kambria: Kambria (KAT) exchanges ERC20 KAT for a 10% bonus on BEP2 KAT-7BB, and the token exchange reward will end on October 15. BTC/Bitcoin: The Blockchain Technology Investment Summit (CIS) will be held in Los Angeles from October 15th to 16th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 16, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 Blockchain Life Summit will be held in Moscow, Russia from October 16th to 17th. MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on the theme of “Technology Problem Solving and Testing IoT Devices” at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on October 16. ETH/Ethereum: Ethereum launches Istanbul (Istanbul) main network upgrade, this main network upgrade involves 6 code upgrades. QTUM/Qtum: Qtum (QTUM) Qtum main network hard fork is scheduled for October 16.

Encrypted project calendar(October 18, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The SEC will give a pass on the VanEck/SolidX ETF on October 18th and make a final decision HB/HeartBout: HeartBout (HB) will officially release the Android version of the HeartBout app on October 18.

Encrypted project calendar(October 19, 2019)

PI/PCHAIN Network: The PCHAIN (PI) backbone (Phase 5, 82 nodes, 164, 023, 802 $ PI, 7 candidates) will begin on October 19. LINK/ChainLink: Diffusion 2019 will be held in Berlin, Germany from October 19th to 20th

Encrypted project calendar(October 21, 2019)

KNC/Kyber Network: The official online hackathon of the Kyber Network (KNC) project will end on October 21st, with more than $42,000 in prize money.

Encrypted project calendar(October 22, 2019)

ZRX/0x: The 0x protocol (ZRX) Pantera blockchain summit will be held on October 22.

Encrypted project calendar(October 23, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 23rd at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with the theme “Connecting the I3 Market and Experiencing Purchase and Sales Data.” BTC/Bitcoin: The WBS World Blockchain Summit (Middle East) will be held in Dubai from October 23rd to 24th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 24, 2019)

BCN/Bytecoin: Bytecoin (BCN) released the hidden amount of the Bytecoin block network on October 24.

Encrypted project calendar(October 25, 2019)

ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) The Ada community will host a community gathering in the Dominican Republic for the first time on October 25.

Encrypted project calendar(October 26, 2019)

KAT/Kambria: Kambria (KAT) Kambria will host the 2019 Southern California Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Conference in Los Angeles on October 26th with IDEAS. BTC/Bitcoin: CoinAgenda Global Summit will be held in Las Vegas from October 26th to 28th

Encrypted project calendar(October 28, 2019)

LTC/Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) 2019 Litecoin Summit will be held from October 28th to October 29th in Las Vegas, USA BTC/Bitcoin: Mt.Gox changes the debt compensation plan submission deadline to October 28 ZEC/Zcash: Zcash (ZEC) will activate the Blossom Agreement on October 28th

Encrypted project calendar(October 29, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd World Encryption Conference (WCC) will be held in Las Vegas from October 29th to 31st.

Encrypted project calendar(October 30, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 30th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the topic “How to store data on IOTA Tangle.”

On the chart, we can see that the price made a break of the lower resistance boundary of the “triangle with a flat bottom” formation in the zone of $9560–9580. At the same time, 157 SMA was broken, which confirmed the dominance of sellers. Now the price is trading around $8100–8250, at the border of the resistance of descending channel. Consolidation of the price indicates the current period of accumulation, interest of buyers and a potential return to the upper boundary of the descending channel to $9100–9200 zone. After the middle of the month, the price may rebound from the support level of the descending channel and return to the area of $​​8900–9300, where there is a strong resistance. Also, the other day, the level of 8200 was traded and once again protected. The common mood is to fall, and we know that often the market goes against the majority. A lot of people are in shorts and this is an excellent point for growth (their stops and liquidation of positions, as was the case recently with longsters)
Review previous articles:

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Weekly Dev Update #20

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 03–09 Dec 2019



The team believe the current bottleneck to THORChain’s decentralisation is the number of nodes that can participate in a single TSS signing ceremony. As the number of participants grows, the complexity becomes exponential. This is in part because THORChain uses a TSS scheme that has no trusted dealer, which is a non-negotiable aspect. The team scoped out two features this week to address this.

Multi-realm Asgard

Instead of a single Asgard with 66 of 99 participating, Asgard can be broken up into different realms, each with a smaller participation number, such as three 22 of 33 realms. This also means that each realm can be rolled at different times, increasing the availability of the network. THORChain has no opinion on where funds are located, they just have to exist and be accounted for in the network. A Multi-realm Asgard does not change any security characteristics of the network, rather it works to shard the funds and increase the scalability. With Multi-realm Asgard, TSS scalability is no longer a concern, instead the upper limit of nodes now becomes a Tendermint scalability issue. Cosmos Hub is working hard to solve this, recently increasing their node count to 125, and with 300 as their long-term target.

TSS Timeout

The trigger to shard Asgard into smaller realms will no longer be a hard-coded number, instead it will be triggered when the key-gen process in a new vault times out after 10 minutes. This means that if the TSS key-generation process for the increased participation number takes too long, it should be sharded. This prevents the network ever generating a committee size with too many members. 10 minutes was chosen as the cutoff due to diminishing returns above that, and a pre-existing shelling point existing on that particular time-point, thanks to Bitcoin.

Trailing Gas Fee

A 1 Rune Fee was hard-coded into THORChain a week ago as the simple solution to a hard problem. The community had a lot of feedback about this, mainly concerns about ease of updating this in future, and they were correct. THORChain must take the governance-minimal approach to all things, and as a result a programmatic solution has been scoped out. The Network Fee will now be twice the 7-day trailing average of gas fees. This will ensure that it always exceeds the expected gas, and drives long-term income into the system. Currently it is global, but it could easily become chain-specific.

Incentive Pendulum

The system is theoretically unsafe when staked assets exceed bonded assets, whether a cartel exists or not. The reason is that a single node could craft an outgoing transaction that spends asset equally to other defecting nodes, and assuming profit-seeking entities, the assumptions around mutually assured destruction no longer hold. While incredibly unlikely to happen, since defecting nodes would need a modified binary to facilitate this transaction and be able to communicate, the system should protect around this edge case. The solution is to disencentivise staking as the system approaches the edge, so that staking rates reduce and the system becomes safe again. The only tool at the system’s disposal is incentives, and the approach is reduce pool rewards and increase bond rewards. This is known as the “Incentive Pendulum”, designed to keep the system at its happy centre; 67% bonded and 33% staked. The Incentive Pendulum also works in the other direction, increasing incentives to stake at high bond rates. The equation is: poolRewards = (y + x) / (y — x), where x = totalStaked, y = totalBonded. * At exactly 50% bonded and 50% staked, pool rewards will be 0%, incentivising bonding. * At 67% bonded and 33% staked, pool rewards will be 33%, the intended amount. * At 100% bonded and 0% staked, pool rewards will be 100%, incentivising staking.

Removal of Hard-coded Constants

The team intend to remove as many constants as possible from the constants.go file, and replace them with programmatic logic. TSS Timeout, Trailing Gas Fees and Churn Heights help solve this. The team will continue the effort.


Cosmos was upgraded to the latest version, allowing the team to begin removing uint64 casting and replacing it with BigInt casting which is better when handling large numbers. The team are also in the process of removing float64 from the codebase, which is unsafe when computed on different machines. * [Upgrade] upgrade to cosmos v0.37.4 * [Bug] fix code coverage counter * stabilize smoke test runs * 224-issue fix validator meta keeper * panic on genesis * Add SafeDivision and removes Float * Resolve: Remove Stake Validation * Resolve “Add min bond requirement” * Resolve “ADD: Incentive Pendulum” * 264-issue fix the way how we broadcast tx to binance RPC host * [Add] Slash bond on bond refund * [Bug] Track gas in yggdrasil vaults * 233-issue add stake handler * add 30 sec timeout to wait for binance txs * Work continues to refactor the codebase to be more modular, testable and easier to grok. * [Refactor] Add unit tests to node account keeper * Resolve “[Refactor] Yggdrasil keeper” * Resolve “[Refactor] Vault Data keeper” * [Refactor] pool addresses keeper * 220-issue refactor Reserve Contributor * [Refactor] observer keeper * Resolve “[Refactor] Pool Staker keeper” * [Refactor] Pool keeper * [Refactor] Staker pool keeper * [Refactor] tx in keeper * [Refactor] reserve contributor handler * [Refactor] Rewrite tx in handler, msg, etc * Resolve “[Refactor] handleMsgBond” * Resolve “[Refactor] handleMsgAck” * [Refactor] add mock txout store * [Refactor] create pool address manager interface * [Refactor] create mock validator manager * Resolve “[Refactor] handleMsgLeave” * Resolve “[Refactor] handleMsgAdd” * [Refactor] version handler * refactor-stake unit tests * [Refactor] TxOutStore * 236-issue handler unstake * [Refactor] Breakout TxIn into two handlers * Resolve “[Refactor] handleMsgConfirmNextPoolAddress”

Bifröst Module

Work begins on the feature/bifrostv2 branch, which is a chain-agnostic Bifröst Module that will be verified to work on Binance Chain, Bitcoin, Ethereum prior to mainnet. Monero has also been scoped out, but testing it may not happen prior to mainnet.


The team will soon move away from signalling dates for releases, instead will work to signal around completion status of milestones. Whilst ChaosNet seems to be on time for 03 January, much is left to be done: * [ChaosNet] Artificial Ragnarok * [ChaosNet] 1 Day rotations * Add bond reward events * Create pubkeys endpoint * [ChaosNet] Cap staked rune at 600k * Versionize the constants * Emit Validator Events * THORNode Telegram Bot


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter: Twitter: Telegram Community: Telegram Announcements: Reddit: Github: Medium:
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Basically the only way to do this is using bitcoin-tx outputaddr command, but there's no native way using bitcoin-cli (RPC) Describe the solution you'd like There're are 2 solutions to this approach: (non breaking) Add "addoutputaddr" method to bitcoin-cli that accepts {"address":"value"} and does the same as outputaddr command @NickODell, please add your comment as an answer so I can give you credit for solving my problem. The RPC port does not display as an open port on nmap even still, but it is clear the bitcoin-cli application is communicating with the primary host. – Jared Clemence Dec 20 '15 at 1:31 Bitcoin"reference client" software includes remote procedure call (RPC) functionality, which allows another program to interact with the wallet software. In many cases, a thief with access to this functionality could connect to a running client on a local TCP port and steal the balance of an unencrypted wallet using only two commands (three if leveraging the entire network of Bitcoin full nodes. If we focus on JSON-RPC our communication is centralised to a single full node and will therefore not be harnessing the full decentralised capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain. Instead, Bitcoin P2P allows our botnet to ’pretend to be a full node’ allowing it to sync Bitcoin is P2P electronic cash that is valuable over legacy systems because of the monetary autonomy it brings to its users. Bitcoin seeks to address the root problem with conventional currency: all the trust that's required to make it work -- Not that justified trust is a bad thing, but trust makes systems brittle, opaque, and costly to operate.

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How to Solve any Problem in the world via communication

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