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Match Thread: Liverpool vs Arsenal (12:45 k/o GMT)

Getting it in nice and early for smooth transition
Liverpool vs Arsenal
Venue: Anfield
Referee: Michael Oliver. 16 matches - R2, Y62
Streams: For those who have BT Sport it's on there Link, Fred's Stream
Confirmed Liverpool Line-up: Mignolet, Flanagan, Kolo, Skrtel, Cissokho, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez
Confirmed Arsenal Line-up: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud
0" - Minutes silence applause for the late Tony Hateley
1" - Mertesacker lets Luis run and we get a freekick. Gerrard to take. GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!
3" - Arsenal just looking to calm the game down now and get hold of the ball. Let's not get too excited, we've scored early against both Chelsea and City this season remember
4" - Sturridge runs at Monreal who backs off and backs off. Studge shoots but it's easily held by Szczesney (fuck that name by the way, what a pain in the arse to spell)
6" - Bet365 have odds of 10/1 for Michael Owen to mention Skrtel's shirt pulling over 50 times during the 90 minutes. I've put a £20 bet on
7" - Ooooooh not quite sure what Migs is thinking as he punches the ball in to Flanno instead of just catching it (which seemed the easiest option). Skrtel is alert though and Arsenal get a corner which we clear.
9" - We're bossing the right wing as Flanno overlaps Studge, save by Szezcesney
11" - Ahhhhhh Couts to Suarez to Studge who's one on one with Sexzexecny but his chip is wide. Luis can't believe it. Neither can I :(
12" - Arsenal are all over the place. Sterling finds tons of space and we get a corner
13" - Holy fucking shit I can't keep up! ANOTHER Gerrard corner which finds Luis on the edge of the box who controls it and smashes a volley against the post. The ball comes back out and hits Kolo but it goes wide from an open goal :( not Kolo's fault though. Jesus someone slow this game down for me!
14" - Terrific challenge by Cissokho (someone get a gif of that) and Arsenal get a corner. Mertesacker heads wide though
15" - Foul by Couts, who get's angry. He's so cute when he's angry
17" - I'm speechless guys. Utterly speechless.
18" - Wenger wanted a foul from Hendo getting the ball off Ozil that led to the goal. No, even Owen agrees that Ozil fell over. Sorry Arsene
19" - GOAL Please, never ever wake me up from this dream. This is a dream, right? Incredible ball from Couts to Studge. WE ARE FUCKING 4-0 UP AFTER 19 MINUTES. FUCK.
21" - Suarez with a loose pass that goes out for an Arsenal throw. We're 4-0 up and he's still pissed off. I love him
22" - As a long-time Liverpool fan, I'm still nervous as hell that Arsenal will somehow perform a miracle and get back in to this game. I don't want to get too excited. We're passing the ball brilliantly though.
23" - The 4 goals were scored in 18 minutes and 23 seconds. Incredible
24" - Floating ball in from Ozil which Migs catches easily
25" - Not too much from Studge and Suarez together at the moment. The worst is yet to come for Arsenal it seems.
26" - Sagna fouls Sterling after he bursts through 2 defenders. Gerrard to whip it in but it's nothing special. Leads to an Arsenal freegoal-kick
29" - The game has slowed a tad so let's go to Piers Morgan on Twitter: "Every Liverpool player whose name begins with 'S' has now scored. Apart from Suarez. That's comforting. #Afc" No Piers, no it's not.
32" - Gerrard breaking down an Arsenal attack brilliantly. He's settling in to his new role very well now it seems
33" - The Anfield crowd are cheering every pass. After 33 minutes. What is happening
36" - We're slowing the game down a bit now. Piers is fuming, which is always entertaining: "My shock has now dissipated into raw, naked FURY. These players have shamed Arsenal today. #Afc"
37" - Arsenal counter, who are putting on a bit of pressure. Flanno blocks a cross from Ozil, before it eventually ends up with Sagna on the other side. Gerrard puts in a great challenge on the edge of the area.
38" - Monreal goes down after Suarez steps on his little toe. The Sun's headline tomorrow: "SUAREZ STAMPS ON ARSENAL PLAYER'S FOOT. MURDER ATTEMPT?!"
41" - We find a bit of space but Flanno puts in a high cross that only finds Sagna. FACT TIME: SAS now have 38 goals between them in 37 games. Holy shit.
43" - Wilshere (sp?) fouls Couts in the centre circle but we waste it. Arsenal try to pile forward but we crowd Wilshere out and he gets a death stare off Gerrard when the Arsenal man fouls him following a clearance.
45" - Suarez with a cheeky nutmeg (as per) and he hits a left-footed shot/cross towards the far post but Studge can't get to it. Cue Studge slow-mo flappy lips. (edit: tons of people are asking for a gif holy shit I guess we all got a giggle from that!)
46" - Great headed pass to Sterling who is in space, he cuts back and passes in to the pass to Studge who isn't quite alert. Clearance for a corner but Couts' delivery is poor.
47" - Applause builds around Anfield. Our players deserve it completely. What will Arsene say at half-time?
Half-time: Liverpool FOUR, Arsenal NIL. 4-0! I don't really know what to say. We're dominating the league leaders and I can't quite believe it. We're playing incredible, and hopefully we push on in the second half. 4 AIN'T ENOUGH MAN I NEED 5. (for those who are WWE fans)
Second Half:
45" - Shit sorry guys what did I miss? Hendo yellow? Free-kick for Arsenal which is deflected over for a corner.
46" - Kolo with a beast header to clear the corner.
47" - Dink from Giroud to Ozil who pussies out of the run for some reason
48" - High elbow from Arteta. Suarez to take the free-kick. Studge screws up the header but we get a corner.
49" - Holy shit what a ball from Flanno to Gerrard
50" - GOAL I have no idea what happened there but CISSOKHO played a cracking ball to Sterling who was in acres of room. Anfield thought he was offside and was basically silent as he shot, had it saved by Scxezeney only to put in the rebound. Unbelievable scoreline. 5-0 to Liverpool. Sterling on a hat-trick
54" - Another incredible ball from Gerrard which finds its way to Sterling who can't quite squeeze it in. He was offside anyway but it wasn't given
55" - I wonder how many Arsenal fans are left in Anfield. Genuinely would be interesting to know
56" - Corner for Arsenal. Headers are missed and the ball eventually ends up in Migs' hands after a follow-up cross from Sagna
57" - Oxlaide hits a shot on the edge of the area but Migs holds it well. Free-kick to Arsenal near half-way
58" - Oooooh Wilshere with a bad tackle on Sterling and Aly is PISSED, going head to head with Wilshere. Yellow for the Arsenal number 10
59" - Foul by Hendo on Wilshere, which he quickly acknowledges and apologises for. Wenger is making all three subs at once, which isn't often seen. Ozil, Giroud and someone else off for Podolski, Rosicky and (I think) Gibbs.
61" - Just thinking, would it make sense to give Alberto some minutes here if he's on the bench? (I haven't actually checked)
62" - Liverpool free-kick. And holy shit Suarez bloody went for it! He was like 40 yards out and it brings a good save from Sxcesceney. Destined for the top corner! Luis deserves a goal today.
63" - Flanno has got brilliant vision and passing! He's playing some great balls; unfortunately Studge is offside this time.
65" - Sturridge is coming off for Joe Allen. Huge round of applause from the Anfield crowd (dammit I was about to write Anfield faithful but then Owen said it so fuck that. I don't wanna look like a sheep following Michael Owen.)
66" - Holy crap someone get me a gif of that right now! Couts gets out of 4/5 Arsenal players in our half before running forward and playing a great pass to Hendo who attempts a chip but it's just wide. Stunning play from Couts.
68" - Ahhhh penalty given away by Gerrard. Mistimed challenge Goal Arteta finishes the penalty well. 5-1 now.
70" - Ooooooh Stevie leaving no survivors as he blocks off Wilshere. Referee doesn't really see it as Wilshere goes down like a sack of shit.
71" - Game getting a bit heated now. Flanno puts a stiff leg in to a challenge on Wilshere and Flanno is lucky he didn't make contact.
72" - Resulting free-kick is brilliantly saved by Migs. Arsenal are playing a bit better now, which is expected.
73" - Good chance for us as Hendo plays to Couts who is running in to the edge of the area and hits a powerful shot straight at Scenesxdewseney which is well held.
74" - Forgot to mention, Jordan Ibe is being prepped. Gerrard is pissed at Kolo for miskicking a ball out instead of clearing upfield. Kolo is incredibly apologetic bless him
75" - Gerrard off for Ibe. Brilliant job by Stevie today IMO
81" - Sorry guys one of my flatmates distracted me. From what I still watched while talking to her Suarez is desperate for a goal but isn't quite getting there yet. He had a chance which he buried but unfortunately Sterling was offside when he received the 1-2 from Luis
83" - BT Sport being very very complimentary about us. I LOVE IT.
85" - Suarez is coming off for Aspas. He really did deserve a goal today and you can see he's gutted. He can get one next weekend at the Emirates, don't worry Luis.
86" - Ahhhhh Sterling had the chance for his hat-trick there! Incredible pace got him round the Arsenal defenders but Sexcdeesxseeteney denies him. Resulting corner doesn't lead to much
87" - Ibe finds some space and hits a cracking shot which is unfortunately always rising.
88" - Ibe/Cissokho leave a man out wide which was worrying for a second but the cross was poor.
89" - Corner for Arsenal
91" - Game is peetering out now but we're still threatening. Aly has a cross blocked.
92" - Just holding on to possession, not long left.
93" - Oooooh final action of the match leads to Aly getting space in the box after a great passing move. He fires wide instead of crossing though. No biggie.
Full Time: Liverpool 5 - 1 Arsenal
Mozza's MOTM: Incredible team performance today and I've no idea who to pick really. I'm going to take a punt on Raheem Sterling though. Tons of energy throughout the match and got 2 goals for his efforts. Kolo and Skrtel played the best they have all season though in my opinion so it's worth mentioning them two. Suarez was brilliant as always and should have had two goals himself. Gerrard bossed that holding role and Hendo ran rings around most of the Arsenal team, as did Couts who seems to have finally found his form again. I could go on and on about Flanno and Aly being solid and Studge playing everywhere but as I've said, the whole team played an incredible game today. 5-1 TO THE LIVERPOOOOOOOOOOOL
Thanks for reading guys. I'm honoured as hell to have done the match thread for this!
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