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Making moolah

Hey everyone! I just rejoined less than a week ago after stumbling upon this subreddit and feeling the deep sense of nostalgia. At 24, I feel a little ridiculous falling back into the game. Regardless, I feel that I am able to play it more efficiently. I am currently sitting on 60,000 neopoints. The childhood version of me would be so jealous, but to be honest, it just isn't enough. There are people here who are currently sitting on some serious dough and it would be great to share our gameplans and offer each other some tips, tricks, or words of advice. :)
  1. The dailies. You know, Trudy's surprise, Giant Jelly, Omelette, Kiko pop, TDMBGPOP, Snowager, Tombola, etc.
  2. All money is immediately deposited into the bank with the exception of 1,000 NP.
  3. All prizes are checked on JellyNeo and anything of value is placed into the shop at 25-100np below JN recommendations.
  4. 500 of the remaining 1000np to Pawkeet slots; 9 lines, 2np (18) bet minimum. If it falls below 500, stop. If it goes above 1,000 the profit immediately goes into the bank. Rinse, repeat.
  5. I'm a believer in "what goes around comes around" and donate a minimum of 250NP daily.
  6. Jobs. I do the basic jobs with about 3-5 windows open depending on how stocked the stores are. Be sure to always check the price for x amount of y before accepting! I do this until they tell me I can't. Generally, this earns about 3,000-5,000NP.
  7. Games. A lot of the games such as Fashion Fever and Potato Counter are easy payouts.
  8. Cheat! No, don't cheat - play it! 12NP per cheater caught, it starts to add up quickly.
  9. MoneyTree. Perhaps people aren't aware that the item they threw out is actually priceless, or they just enjoy helping others, but you can find a lot of excellent items here. I've found Brown Sauce (4500+NP), Green Hissi Plushie (1700+NP), Connect The Dots (1800+NP), and many other great things such as chocolate, food items, petpets, and battledome equipment.
  10. Haggle. You can purchase an Angelpuss for less than 380np and sell it at 500. Just remember to check JellyNeo! Babaa, for example, costs 16,000np but is only selling for 11,000. Yikes.
  11. Auction. Can be risky or favorable, but it's fun regardless.
  12. Trading post. One person's trash is another person's treasure! I was offered a Faerie Dart Board (700NP) for a Greeble (190NP).
  13. Collect map pieces! Sell/Trade/Auction extra pieces!
Well, that about covers it. I try to stay away from quests as 2 out of 3 quests ended without any compensation. At this time, it doesn't seem like a smart investment. If anyone has any advice for me, or the board in general, that would be great!
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