How to load affiliated products to WooCommerce using

I have a wordpress built website with WooCommerce plugin which is the best plugin to add Amazon affiliate products?

In Amazon affiliate we need to copy product link, image link and price link but in WooCommerce we can add only product would be very helpful if I get a good answer.
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How to add an AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE (disclaimer) to WordPress Posts and Woocommerce Products

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How to Add Amazon Affiliate Products to WOOCOMMERCE Shop Tutorial

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How to Add Affiliate Products With WOOCOMMERCE External Product Link Tutorial

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How to get WooCommerce to show product prices on shop/product page with Amazon affiliate links. Any way to make it auto-update?

Like the title says. Just having a "buy!" with no price isn't exactly going to get people to click. Thank you in advance!
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How can I make woocommerce product titles to link directly to affiliate URL

I want to have my woocommerce product titles to link directly to affiliate URL instead of the post page of that product.
The page I'm talking about:
I'm using essential grid plugin there, and if you click on the title of the product it will link to product page, but I rather have it link directly to the affiliate page.
Is that possible?
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How to add Virtual, Downloadable and Affiliate Products in WooCommerce

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[FREE] Amazon Import Plugin for Managing Affiliate Products in WooCommerce

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[Developer] The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce: Adding an External/Affiliate Product

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CASE STUDY: Transitioning my niche site to ecommerce using Shopify

Disclaimer: My site is very small and I don't purport this to be a gamechanger for, well, anyone. I just wanted to share something that is seeming to work well for me.
I started my niche site in 2018 -- it is focused around a particular type of vehicle that has a hobbyist following. Initially the site was monetized through a combination of Google Adsense and the Amazon Associates program. At some point, I started trying to diversify the income as much as possible. For me, this meant adding the eBay Partner Network for some items and applying for Ezoic as soon as I met the requirements.
I also experimented with some small affiliate programs but didn't have much success -- I had to get very creative to find them as most of the stores I really wanted to refer sales for did not offer an affiliate program. I reached out to them multiple times seeing if there was something we could arrange. I even offered to just sell display ads to them, but no dice. The result was signing up for a couple small affiliate programs with low commissions and low sales volume proructs. This frustration was the start of my desire to curate my own store of products I genuinely want to sell.

Shopify and subdomaining
I use Shopify to host my online store. I am a software engineer by profession so I generally don't consider ease-of-use and setup to be the most important factors when choosing software -- I just want whatever is the most effective. There are other options like WooCommerce that I have heard great things about.
However, for me, Shopify is almost magically easy to use and offers everything I have needed or wanted so far. Following Warren Buffet's advice to "buy what you like" I actually bought as much stock in the company as I could after using it for a month. Everything just works exactly how I expect it to. I have never struggled to find any answers or documentation about anything. The support is phenomenal.
It's just a great product -- to me I think they could be a bigger company then Amazon in a few years because it allows anyone to create to sell online and maintain a lot of control, something retailers lose with Amazon. I signed up for the Shopify affiliate program because I want to refer people to it, not to refer people to it. I helped my cousin set one up for his beef jerky business and it took 20 minutes before he was online and it has been a gamechanger. The small independent grocery store across the street from me is surviving (probably thriving) through COVID-19 because they allow online orders through Shopify and window pickup. But most importantly, it's great to get the little notification when you make a sale, especially when the margins are so much higher than affiliate, but I'll get to that later.
For me, I used a subdomain for my Shopify site. It's great because there are no conflicts with your Wordpress site and it's a very clean looking link. Shopify has some documentation on this if you would like to try it.

Profit Margins
Selling items yourself is great mainly because you get to choose and experiment with your profit margins. Want to experiment with razor-thin margins because you know your visitors will shop around a lot? Try it. Want to raise the price so any one sale is $80 in profit but you don't have to pack and ship as much? Might work, try it! Between Google Analytics and Shopify's analytics stats, you can measure anything you need to.
Here's a concrete example of one item from my site. I sell a particular type of spark plug that is used on a vehicle that my site is partly focused on. This is an item I have sold/referred in one way or another since the beginning of my site in 2018:
This is a small item that is extremely easy to buy in bulk and pack/ship quickly.
I actually averaged more clicks to this item when the destination was Amazon, so my conversion rate actually went up when I moved away from Amazon. I charge a few dollars more than Amazon and many other online retailers for this item. I could probably do some experimenting to find the optimal price/sales ratio, but I think those numbers speak for themselves.
One of my early fears was that the trust people have for Amazon and their affinity towards Prime is hard to challenge, but my opinion is that the trust you gain by writing well-researched, meaningful articles and being an active participant in the niche you serve makes people want to support you.

Dropshipping has negative connotations because of the bastardized "buy cheap small items from overseas and make 4000% profit while the user doesn't know that the item wont arrive for 2 months" format that is shown by YouTube influencers and the like. However, dropshipping is simply collecting a sale yourself while having an underlying price agreement with a supplier who will pack and ship the item for you. The first item I sold through my Shopify store I actually sold on a dropshipping basis.
This was a line of products within the $200-300 price range, and I also sold these through the Amazon Associates program before. It was nice to make $10-17 for one sale, but I felt like I should be making more. I called the company that produces this item and asked to buy 3 or 4 to sell myself, but he suggested dropshipping instead which I was interested in as these items are rather large. I agreed to buy the items for around $160-200 and now I profit around $60 per sale -- the only effort required on my end is sending an email (gave them a card to have on file) and adding the tracking number to Shopify when it is available. The credit card points are nice too!
One other thing about this that I think is important -- It's really nice to have personal relationships that this kind of business offers. The guy that answered the phone was the owner of the small business and he's the nicest guy, great to deal with and it feels good to get him some sales, especially during a crisis like this. I actually met up with him at an industry event and we talked for a long time. He's an older guy and at some point I want to get him setup with a better online presence especially as he sells a lot of other products over the phone that I can't necessarily refer in my niche, but could definitely benefit from a real online store and web presence. I am building similar relationships with other suppliers and personally I love it.

Item Selection
If you go the route of stocking and shipping items yourself, the scope of products you can monetize through your site broadens drastically. For me, there was always a certain type of item that I wanted to sell, but I could never find a good version of this item on Amazon or anywhere that offered an affiliate program. This was actually one of the retailers I reached out to asking for an affiliate program to no avail. Then I asked for a dropshipping agreement -- the answer was still no. However, it's a lot easier when you ask to buy 50x of one item. They processed my distributor account in a day and had my items to me by the end of the week. It is now my best selling item!

Shipping Logistics and Tools
One of the things that I think could be a dealbreaker for people is something I personally really enjoy -- stocking, packing, and shipping items. My inventory is small enough to fit in a walk-in closet in my apartment. I love the process of getting the Shopfiy "ca-ching" notification, packing the order, and dropping it off at the mailbox. Here are some tools I have used to make this process more efficient:
Here is part of my dedicated "ship-station" where I manage my store and print labels/packing slips.
I would probably wait to receive the items you're selling before selecting the packaging you're going to use. That way you can take exact measurements and consider alternative sizes/types of packages. One of my items is a collection of smaller items. I throw away the box that my supplier ships it in, and put it in a bag that goes inside my small mailer box. I use a particular size of bubble wrap which was also specifically chosen to protect the item, while also taking up all of the surrounding space. It's much easier to make all of these choices when you have the item in front of you.
Here's the previously mentioned item (spark plugs) in the box I chose (bubble wrap not shown!) There is no wasted space when it is packed.
For me, I use USPS for nearly all of my orders. It's usually the cheapest option and very fast for the size of item I have. I live in an apartment complex and I can just drop my packages in the mailroom and they get picked up daily. Shopify will show you all of the available shipping options with speed and price. For international orders, it's only a few dollars more, and I think it goes from USPS and gets picked up by DHL.

Item Presentation
Another benefit of this approach is that you have infinitely more opportunity to make a good impression on your customers which is huge if your items are the kind that might be reordered, or if the customer may be interested in other items you sell. For me, item presentation is also important because as I said, I am operating out of a spare closet in my apartment, so I want to look as professional as possible.
Here are some ways you can do this:

I have not yet started experimenting with any form of ads. All of my sales thus far have been the result of organic traffic from the content on my website funneled through to my store. This month I am going to experiment with Facebook and Google Ads. Obviously this may not work but if there is a decent enough margin after the increased customer acquisition cost I will continue. I will report these results later!

Legality and Relationship to Affiliate Marketing
Keeping in mind that we in this business typically operate as affiliates, the golden rule is to make sure you are recommending the absolute best products to your site visitors. Thinking back to the Casper mattress affiliate drama, there should be research and thought behind your recommendations. Selling the items yourself does complicate this. I have used all of the items I sell on my store. When I moved my links over from Amazon, I kept the notes indicating that I have used the item, but I also added a link to an explanation of my store.
I think it ends up being an extra vote of confidence when I explain to users: I have tried the items I sell and think they are the best in their category. I used to sell these items as an affiliate and would receive a commission, but I believe in them strongly enough that I now stock and sell them myself. I am not the only one who sells them and you can certainly buy from others if you find a better price/shipping speed.
I'll restate what I said before because I think it is extremely illuminating: My conversion rates went up when I moved items from Amazon to my own store!
The bottom line is that you need to be explicit about these things to be safe and honest. I think my niche works particularly well for this as people are looking for a.) What exact version of the item do I need? and b.) How do I use it? I know many niche sites are focused around "Top 10 X" type content and this may become a lot more difficult within the honesty/legality context. Something to think about.
As a final note, I still operate this as a sole proprietorship. Eventually I want to get an LLC for it. I have been upfront about this with all of my suppliers and none of them have required this for a distributor agreement.

My Stats
Here are my income sources over time. I apologize for the colors used in the line charts of individual sources, I could not figure out how to configure those.
As you can see, my site is very small. However, the relationship between the decline these past few months in display advertising revenue (Ezoic literally sent an email saying to expect lower rates) and the Amazon Associates rate cut charted against my growing Shopify revenue really opened my eyes to the benefit I gained from diversifying towards ecommerce/Shopify. I still keep the older sources of revenue, but I actually think I will consider eliminating them in the future, especially display ads. Diversification is necessary when the revenue source lacks control -- Amazon Associates can slash rates willy-nilly, eBay Partner Network can apparently just decide to not pay me for a large sale I made, who even knows what these display ad networks are actually getting paid for our clicks or if every click is considered, etc.
Selling the items yourself gives you a lot more responsibility, but a lot more control. One of the primary reasons I'm so excited about this is that my inventory is still VERY small. I am working to add new items and it's wonderful because even if I only sell a few, the profit margins make it so much easier to spend the time to create the content and stock/ship the item -- a luxury I never had with Amazon.
Please feel free to ask any questions! I'd love to help if I can.
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Need some help for an ecommerce platform

Hey guy, I am currently working on an e-commerce project. I need some help, I am not able to add "Buy Now" button. I tried QUICK BUY plugin but everytime I use it my website crashes or starts to redirect everything to the homepage. Please help me out here.
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[HIRING] Recruiting Affiliates for B2B eCommerce

We have a Share-a-Sale program setup and CJ might get setup within the next couple weeks, however we must demonstrate some short term success here.
We have been in business for 5+ years successfully, currently on Shopify & Woocommerce platforms, we sell Strip Curtain Door Kits, PVC Replacement Strips, PVC Bulk Rolls & Commercial Cooler Door Gaskets with already awesome coverage in Google Shopping, Amazon, etc.
Based in East Coast USA with all products Made in America, Free Same Day Shipping, Great Customer Service & Sales Support in place. So far we have a drafted program outline, which you will help perfect, banners with more banners and video unboxing/installation content to come.
I am the eCommerce Developer and will support you with any and all resources which make sense towards the goal of increased affiliates and sales. USA based preferred but not a requirement and we are open to compensation requests as the scope of the project may vary based on your recommendations.
Thank You!

EDIT: adding some further discovery

I personally have not gotten to going out to forums and communities which allow you to promote and publish your program such as ones here in reddit itself, and also I'm pretty old school in regards to e-commerce marketing so.... what kind of low hanging fruits are available through social channels (facebook, pinterest, instagram, snapchat? etc) to encourage signups and promotions of a GREAT payout product which already sells well. I have examples of commission payout screenshots from share-a-sale, it's 10-15% payout of average order being $200 but you do get those really nice $400-$1200 orders coming in on a regular basis.
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Reliable Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Become a freelancer
What is sometimes referred to as an irreverent hourly invoice is in reality a great way to earn money via the internet.
In the meantime, there are even many employers who do not mind if you carry out your work remotely. Don't have a skill that you can perform online and remotely?
You can learn to become a copywriter, but there are of course plenty of other specialties that lend themselves to freelancing: programmer, virtual assistant, web designer, accountant , and so on.
Become an online coach
If you are an expert in a certain transferable skill such as writing, productivity, but also a physical form of training or sport, consider transferring your knowledge to others through a coaching program or individual coaching sessions.
If you are a psychologist, therapist or addiction expert, you can also offer your service in this way. The difference between 'coach' and 'therapist' (both broadly speaking) is:
A coach helps a person to become better at a certain skill and does not always have qualifications in training itself outside the skill that is transferred. A therapist helps a person to deal with emotions, other people and situations (from the past) and is often formally trained and can demonstrate this.
The way in which you earn money as a coach or therapist is, for example, by:
€ 150 - € 1,500 per month as a copywriting coach for a weekly Skype meeting and giving and checking homework € 75 per Skype session of 60 minutes to be asked as a psychologist € 100 per month as a remote personal trainer and daily reminders send via Whatsapp or SMS and call weekly to discuss progress
You can offer your services via:
You can also offer your services in this way as a (business) consultant or advisor.
Earn commission (with affiliate marketing)
Webshops, travel organizations, insurers and many more parties pay your commission if you receive a quotation request or sale. Affiliate networks such as clickbank you quickly find partners in the relevant categories.
By the way, you don't need a website to get people to click on affiliate links. For example, you can review products or services on YouTube and encourage viewers to click through to the provider's site. Or create a list of email addresses and email an offer or review. The affiliate marketing revolution course takes a closer look at this.

Sell products with dropshipping
With dropshipping you are a trader with, for example, a webshop where orders come in. As soon as an order arrives, it is (automatically) passed on to the supplier who takes care of the handling and shipping of the product. If contact with the customer is required, the supplier often arranges this, but this depends on the appointment you made as a dropshipper with the supplier.
The customer pays the dropshipper and the dropshipper pays the supplier.
A big advantage of dropshipping is that you do not have to make any investments yourself and you do not have to have any stock. Therefore, there is little risk. Your only job is actually to bring in new customers.
What is the difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping?
Dropshipping is similar to, but different from, affiliate marketing. The big difference is that in affiliate marketing you send the customer to the supplier and therefore do not receive contact details or payment from the customer. However, you do not have to pay the supplier and you will be paid in commission for every customer that you forward. Affiliate marketing is therefore even more accessible, because you will never have anything to do with the customer.

Play online poker
No Limit Texas Hold'em
My first big (well, it was a lot) online money I made with poker. No Limit Texas Hold'em poker is a game that is often seen as a game of chance and certainly has a chance element, but is actually a skill game. If you are better than the players at the price level you are playing on and keep playing well, for example with the help of certain support programs, then you can make a lot of profit from it.
For example, I played on Pokerstars and used PokerOffice as statistics software and TableNinja for hotkeys.
However, there are 3 main reasons why I recommend you not to pursue a career as an online poker player.
Read more in this article >>>

Become a daytrader
Day traders are people who buy stocks or options during the day and try to sell them at a profit before the end of the day.
They do this via a trading platform of their stockbroker, a specialized trading software company or via a platform that they have developed for this themselves.
To do this successfully they need multiple monitors and a very fast internet connection to immediately see and seize opportunities that pass by.
How do they make money?
The most common strategy is for these traders to grab a stock, index (a specific part of the stock market) or currency that is volatile enough. This means that the price fluctuates quite a bit and that chances are that if you buy when an object is at its lowest point in its usual fluctuation, it will quickly peak again. There is of course no guarantee for that, but there are mathematical models with which you can calculate the probability that a share will reach a certain price within a certain period. If according to such a model the investment is favorable, then you buy that object (share, currency, index, etc.). You sell this as soon as the price has gone up again.
Day traders do not do this with large price shifts, but really with small percentages, but on a large scale. For example, they may invest € 10,000 and earn € 100 one day because the share has increased in value by 1% that day. However, traders often go long or short with a particular object, which allows them to leverage. This means that they enter, for example, a 5: 1 payout structure for the increase in value (long) or decrease (short) of a certain share. If this prediction is correct and they cash out, the € 10,000 they have invested is considered to be € 50,000. That is the leverage effect. The disadvantage of this is that if the price of the object falls below or above (depending on whether you go long or short), you lose your entire investment.
Are you considering becoming a day trader?
Think again.
“10% of the day traders are successful. You could say that other 90% pays for that 10% ”
You need a lot of knowledge, discipline and analytical skills to trade profitably. You should also be able to completely leave your emotions and ego out. As soon as you start trading emotionally, you will lose, just like with poker. Many people overestimate themselves and their own skills. You may get away with that in other fields, but not in day trading. You will sooner or later be the spool. If you want to know more about investing, check out this link

Build your own software
This option is not for everyone and is by far the hardest way to make money online, especially if you are just starting out and have no technical skills. Also, this is often an expensive option and one that involves (and continues to bring) a lot of work.
That said, it may be one of the most lucrative options. Here are some examples of companies (that often started as sole proprietorships) that have released successful software in the internet marketing market:
  1. (SEO tool for backlink and competition analysis, $ 99 p / m /)
  2. (Landingpage builder $ 25 p / m)
  3. (SEO tool for eg backlink analysis $ 99 p / m)
  4. (Website analysis tool $ 99 p / m)
  5. (SEO tool for competition analysis $ 99.95 p / m)
As you can see, 4 of these 5 examples are priced at $ 99 per month. This is not a coincidence. This is a very nice earnings model because you can accurately predict how much money will come in the next month. You know, in the worst case scenario, you will lose 5% of your customers per month (there are models for this) and that if you have 10,000 paying users, you will receive about $ 1 million in cash the next month.
If you offer software against a monthly revenue model, then you only need to focus on improving 2 figures:
  1. the churn rate: how many people stop their membership per month?
  2. the number of new customers you acquire per month
Make sure your churn is as low as possible through a good onboarding process. This means that you do everything to ensure that your customers actually use your software and get value from it. Only in this way will they remain members in the long term.

Publish books
Writing or having books written and then publishing them means that you earn passive income : you invest your time once and afterwards you can become dormant, so to speak. On this page you can read how André went from $ 200 to almost $ 1000 per month in ebook royalties within six months. Stores where you can publish ebooks include those from iBooks, Barnes & Noble and and Amazon Kindle Store.
Create an online course
To create a video course you will need:
  1. Camera Gear
  2. A good microphone
  3. Video editing software I can really recommend this microphone from RØDE Microphones
  4. Adequate lights / natural light
  5. Learning environment to use the videos
  6. A planning
  7. Very valuable content to share

Membership site
Positive Psychology Program
In my personal experience, having a membership site is the finest revenue model there is. I have probably made money in more than 50 different ways during my life (no, not that way, dirty butt) until I finally ended up creating a membership site: Positive Psychology Program.
Now that I get recurring income from it, just like with the revenue model of the software, it is a matter of bringing in more people and ensuring that they stay as long as possible. My business partner builds our information product and ensures that existing members commit to us and I ensure that as many new members as possible are added. This is how we guarantee the growth of our business.
A very common way to create value is to offer information products in an online environment (built with, for example, Wishlist or Woocommerce subscriptions if you work with WordPress).
Then consider:
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Building commerce tool for bloggers. Would love feedback

Hi everyone!
Would love feedback on a tool I've developed for enabling commerce experiences directly within a web page or mobile app.
Right now, the best way to think about this would be a digital store front for your blog, where you can sell products without having to hold any inventory. In a way its similar to an affiliate network that allows your readers to purchase the products you recommend right then and there. The entire checkout flow would happen within your website, instead of the reader having to leave your site to make the purchase.
We're directly integrated with brand's ecomm solutions (shopify, woocommerce, bigcommerce, etc) so we have real time product inventory information and send orders directly to the brand for fulfillment.
What are you thoughts? Please give feedback on whether this is something you'd use?
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Which web shop system to sell repeating offline training classes?! Wheelie training? 🛵🤠

Hey guys✌️🤠, with a friend we want to set up a web shop for a physical motorcycle training (Wheelie training) with recurring event dates and I am searching my ass of for the perfect website platform for that.

Which web platform would you recommend for selling repeating offline trainings?

Most platforms are designed for products not services (Shopify) or are not state of the art design wise (Woocommerce). I would love to have a crystal clear typo, images and icons, and a dynamic, responsive design like webflow pages. But I think webflow is not yet ready for that.

Priority 1:
• Schedule bookings
• Repeating appointments without creating them again
• User view: See how many seats are left -> create: fear of missing out
• Payment integration and deposit options/down payment
• Affiliate options

Priority 2:
• Easy installation -> like Shopify
• Not to expensive variable cost for additional integrations or plugins. But I am willing to pay for a one-time fixed cost for a theme or so J
• Responsive dynamic designs like webflow pages
• Retina crystal clear images and icons
• Integration possibility of sales funnel services like clickfunnels, unbounce or builderall

With all the experts and the know-how we have here in the group, I am so excited to hear what tips you can give me. Cheers to all of you and of course you could come around if you are living near Germany🤙😃
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Подборка бесплатных игр, программ, приложений, акций

Подборка бесплатных игр, программ, приложений, акций

Временно бесплатные игры:
1.Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection бесплатно (-2960р) в Epicgames. Раздача начнется в 18:00 МСК. Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection это сборник файтингов. Туда войдут семь игр, включая Samurai Shodown V Perfect, которая в свое время не добралась до релиза. Коллекция посвящена тридцатилетию аркадных автоматов и консолей NeoGeo производства SNK. В сборнике появится музей серии Samurai Shodown, где можно будет ознакомиться с документами, интервью и концепт-артами, а также прослушать более 200 музыкальных композиций.
2.Wasteland 2 Directors Cut & Trapped бесплатно (-545р) в Robot Cache . Robot Cache на базе технологий AMD — это первый в мире магазин для покупки видеоигр для ПК с последующей перепродажи пройденных игр и майнинга на новые бесплатные игры! При регистрации вы получите игры Wasteland 2 Director Cut и Trapped (PC) бесплатно. Предложение действительно до завтра. Для получения продуктов в библиотеку нужно пройти простую регистрацию (подтверждение не требуется)
-Wasteland 2 . От производителя оригинального Fallout выходит Wasteland 2, продолжение первой в мире постапокалиптической компьютерной RPG.
Адский пейзаж Пустоши ждет вас, чтобы оставить свой след ... или умереть, пытаясь. Благодаря более чем 80 часам игрового процесса, вы будете разгонять свой отряд пустынных рейнджеров самым разрушительным оружием в этой части зоны выпадения, проверять границы своих стратегических навыков и отправлять правосудие в пустоши.
-Trapped. Ужасные существа вылезают из ядовитых болот. Вполне вероятно, что когда то они были людьми или дикими животными. Но теперь эти твари пытаются поглотить вас. Но есть новости и похуже. Кажется, прибыли военные силы. Повсюду солдаты с оружием, которые сражаются с мутантами, но их приказы требуют уничтожения всего живого. Вы – такая же цель, как и монстры из слизи.
  1. Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 бесплатно (-61р) в Steam. Самый милый и храбрый кенгуру из всех видеоигр возвращается в этой цифровой версии «Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2».
4.Spirits of Xanadu бесплатно (-133р) в IndieGala. На самом дальнем краю исследуемой вселенной исследовательский корабль Xanadu дремлет на орбите вокруг таинственной планеты. Ее системы остаются активными, но от ее команды в течение нескольких месяцев не было сообщений. Теперь послали одинокого оперативника, чтобы разбудить Ксанаду и доставить ее домой на Землю.
5.Snow White Solitaire. Charmed Kingdom в IndieGala. Волшебное королевство Белоснежки в опасности! Много лет назад жители сказочной страны изгнали Злую Королеву. Но теперь Королева вернулась и обрушила на город сильную бурю, после которой все живое вокруг погрузилось в сон. Что же теперь будет делать Белоснежка?
6.Бесплатные выходные с Killing Floor 2 в Steam до 15 июня. Это продолжение популярного многопользовательского шутера про сражения шести игроков с мутантами. В мире царит хаос, правительства рухнули, не работает связь, уничтожены армии. Игрокам предстоит борьба за выживание.
7.Бесплатная триал версия HITMAN 2 для подписчиков PS Plus до 14 июня. Полный доступ ко всему базовому и будущему контенту в Новой Зеландии и Майами. В режиме совместной игры Sniper Assassin вы также получите доступ к карте Химмештейн и уникальному костюму фламинго!
Игры для подписчиков Xbox Game Pass:
-No Man’s Sky. Грандиозное научно-фантастическое приключение, разворачивающееся в бесконечной вселенной. Каждая звезда здесь — это далекое солнце, вокруг которого вращаются полные жизни планеты, и каждую из планет вы можете посетить. Исследуйте неизвестные миры, открывайте новые виды жизни, торгуйте, сражайтесь и выживайте в бескрайней галактике. (Xbox One/PC + кросс-плей между PS4, Xbox One, PC и PS VR)
-Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMix - это собрание из 6 незабываемых игр, которые являются основой серии KINGDOM HEARTS. (Xbox One)В набор входят:
KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories;
KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (переиздание с графикой в HD);
KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final MIX;
KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (переиздание с графикой в HD).
-Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - это собрание из 3 волшебных игр серии KINGDOM HEARTS, которые никак нельзя обойти стороной. (Xbox One)В набор входят:
KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep — A Fragmentary Passage;
KINGDOM HEARTS χ Back Cover (фильм);
KINGDOM HEARTS Dream Drop Distance HD.
Dungeon of the Endless - roguelike-игра, посвященная исследованию подземелий. Игрок и собранная им команда героев должны защитить генератор разбившегося корабля, исследуя при этом бесконечное подземелье, сражаясь с монстрами и проходя через испытания в поисках пути наружу. (Xbox One/PC)
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 - это новая стратегия в реальном времени, основанная на знаменитой настольной игре компании Games Workshop и повествующая о грандиозных космических битвах во вселенной Warhammer 40,000. (PC)
Battletech - Возьмите под свое командование отряд боевых машин 'Mechs с пилотами MechWarriors и постарайтесь выжить в жестокой межзвездной гражданской войне.(PC)

Бесплатные программы:
1.IObit Smart Defrag Pro – бесплатная лицензия. Решение позволяет не только дефрагментировать жесткие диски, но также произвести тримминг SSD-дисков, увеличить скорость чтения/записи, а также продлить срок функционирования дисков.
Скачиваем программу по прямой ссылке. При установке программа предлагает дополнительные Adware-компоненты, не относящиеся к основному функционалу – снимите лишние галочки в процессе установки. Актируем ключом
Ключ: 5AC4E-C5B78-2BABE-842B6
2.BullGuard Small Office Security на 3 месяца бесплатно. Защита для 50 устройств Комплексная решение для малого бизнеса, включающее антивирус, фаервол, защиту от интернет-угроз и централизованную веб-панель администрирования. Перейдите на страницу предложения и нажмите кнопку GET 3-MONTH PROTECTION ABSOLUTELY FREE.
3.Coolmuster Android Backup Manager для Windows – бесплатная лицензия на 1 год. Создавайте резервные резервные копии данных вашего Android телефона на Windows компьютере, включая приложения, контакты, SMS-сообщения, фотографии, документы, и восстанавливайте в один клик.
Перейдите на страницу промо-акции и заполните форму: укажите имя, фамилию и адрес электронной почты, а также введите код капчи. Нажимаем кнопку Submit, а затем делимся акцией на Facebook или Twitter. После того, как вы поделитесь в одной из социальных сетей, вы получите код активации (license code). Приложение можно скачать по прямой ссылке для Windows / Android
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Перейдите на страницу Norton Family и нажмите Start Now. Создайте новую учетную запись или используйте существующую.
5.Ashampoo Photo Recovery – бесплатная лицензия. Программа поможет восстановить потерянные фотографии – удаленные по ошибке или поврежденные в результате технического сбоя.
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7.UnHackMe на 6 месяцев бесплатно. Самый эффективный убийца любых вредоносных программ. Программа позволяет идентифицировать и удалять любые виды вредоносного ПО, а также мгновенно отслеживает вредоносный код в системе. Скачиваем по прямой ссылке . Установите программу на ваш компьютер, расширенная пробная версия активируется автоматически.
Различные бесплатности и скидки:
1.Промокоды Литрес:
RAIFFAISENBANKJ — 1 книга бесплатно + скидка 20%
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3.30 дней бесплатной подписки на пакет «Оптимум» в OKKO.Промокод: 299096
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Промокод: letoprishlo
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Google Play / App Store
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7.Бесплатная тема для маркетплейса Tokoo для WordPress (-4631р). Он создан только для одной цели, чтобы помочь вам создать свой интернет магазин, который выглядит как один из лучших сайтов электронной коммерции.

Наш телеграм-канал с промиками, акциями и скидосами - WSCOUPON
Наше сообщество в Viber - WSCOUPON
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Switch drop ship site to affiliate? Advice needed.

Hi everyone. Hope you are all safe and well. Hoping some of you in this community can give me some advice on the direction to take my site.
So I am new to drop shipping etc. and have a background in retail and I.T. I was looking for opportunities to setup an online business around something I was interested in. I came across an opportunity to drop ship (from the same country I am in UK) around a fairly niche type of product that fitted the bill. There were a few stores selling the products but I felt there was a gap and room to build a strong brand (dreaming I know) So I set about learning woocommerce etc. and spent the next 4 months building the site, buying plugins etc, getting logos and artwork package professionally done. All in all it has come out looking nice and received great feedback from people (including vendors) that have seen it.
Then just as I was about to go live I discovered that the type of product was on paypals et als prohibited list leaving the only option as high risk gateways or merchant accounts which I will never get accepted for or afford the fees as it stands. No way of taking card payments would only leave crypto or bank xfer.
So this leaves me with a dilemma. Should I risk ppal payments until it is flagged and stopped or should I switch the whole site to affiliate links with the same supplier I have ??(either via the product pages as is or change the site to a review/blog site)
Just to add:
Average product retail around £200
Margin is around 20% on drop shipping and 10% on affiliate.
Done about £1500 in offline sales in last 2 months.
Average delivery times 1-3 days.
I have know real time way of knowing if an item is in stock with my supplier until I accept customer order and try and place one myself (but I could get round this with authorize and then collect option?)
I have been approached by a few vendors who would supply me small quantities of other products that they only sell b2b so I could have a mixture of drop ship and a small amout of direct sales.
FB/Google ads not allowed.
Limited budget (as usual lol) around £500 but could possibly raise a little more.
I really don't know what to do at this point so welcome peoples opinions.
Sorry for the wall of text but I thought I would try and give as much info as I could.
Thanks for reading.
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Best option for geolocation products (external/affiliate only)

Hi all,
I'm struggling to work out the best option for a woocommerce storefront which displays affiliate (Amazon) products. It will sell identical products in multiple countries, so I need something which will display the correct affiliate link for that country and the correct fixed price.
I know from another website I run how to get the currency changed, but that won't change the product and the link.
I'd rather not have to duplicate every product and then filter by the country as well as convert the currency as I'll be selling in 8 countries.
Hoping someone has solved this before in a simple way. Thanks
submitted by ee0u30eb to Wordpress [link] [comments]

Disappointed by the removal of 25-site subscriptions from Insulted by the explanation. Understanding of the true reasoning.

If you aren't already familiar with the announcement:
Hello there,
We’re reaching out because you’ve purchased multi-site licenses from us in the past, and we want to let you know that we’ve removed the option to purchase five- and 25-site license packs for extensions sold on
This change only affects new purchases. If you have an existing multi-site license, your costs will not change, and there is no action required on your part. You can ensure that your licenses remain active and continue to renew at their original purchase price by enabling auto-renewals.
We made this update for two main reasons:
As an eCommerce business, we think carefully about our purchase flows and conversions. We make it a priority to streamline the experiences of buying products in our marketplace and managing subscriptions to those products. We have removed multi-site licenses because only a small number of customers used them. We also identified that they created confusion for many other customers.
WooCommerce strongly believes that merchants should control the platforms that power their businesses, and we know that to do that, they need to own their extension licenses. For developers and agencies who previously purchased multi-site license packs on behalf of clients, we recommend using collaborator accounts instead.
Our team is working on updates to our developer programs and incentives, to be shared later this year. In the meantime, we are accepting new partners for the WooCommerce Affiliate Program.

The short of it: we are probably a bit niche and were therefore being left in the dust.
First, let me support the argument in my post title that the reasoning is insulting:
We have removed multi-site licenses because only a small number of customers used them. We also identified that they created confusion for many other customers.
If this were two physical stores, and the 25-website store wasn't really being used in comparison to the 1-website, then yeah I would understand. When sales are down, a physical footprint still costs you a mortgage/rent/lease, labor, taxes, etc. A business would certainly cut the location that was costing them more money than it was making. No surprise there.
But this is an intangible license key. It isn't costing you more. And it isn't even a separate set of software that is using up labor to be maintained. It is the same plugin, just a different way of purchasing it.
Heck, if anything, the fact that I now have to get THIRTY 1-site licenses rather than two 25-site licenses, means I am likely now taking up more space in the WooCommerce database. Because the new way almost certainly will require more rows in the database. The old way probably had the same amount of mappings in `license_mappings`table, but now the `license` table will need a new row for each one I have to get.
Anyway, I just find that excuse insulting. We (both parties) know you don't have to remove it just because it wasn't as popular. I'm willing to be there is no special cost to maintain the multi-site license. I'm willing to eat my words if you prove this otherwise.
And the part about some customers being confused... so what? How about Buyer Beware?
I really want to know what part confused them. Who is in a position to run a WooCommerce store and doesn't know how to count from 1 to 25? /s
I understand that developers making sites is what appears to have driven this decision. It is clear from the fourth paragraph. Also from the ending being about affiliate stuff. Very obvious. And totally unrelated to our rational for using the 25-site license.
We are probably in the minority here. We aren't developers. No, see, my company doesn't have one big store under our company name. The branding of our products are unrelated to each other and that just wouldn't make sense.
Our products were always sold on Amazon, but we needed a website for people to get more information about the product. This is why instead of a big store with 30 products, we have 30 single-product websites. Originally they did point to a Bigcommerce store, but over time we added ecommerce functionality to our individual sites. WooCommerce was perfect. It has a small footprint and can be stripped down enough fairly quickly. For example, we don't need a wish list since each site only has one product. You don't need a list to narrow down our offerings. You can make your own browser bookmark if you really wanted to.
So, with about 30 websites, consider the ShipStation for WooCommerce plugin. This is a free plugin. It used to get automatic updates via, but now you are supposed to connect your site to WooCommerce to receive the udpates.
Instead of having just two 25-site licenses in the backend to worry about, we now need 30 individual licenses. Holy snakes. What a minefield it will be to add a site to this new single-license ecosystem. Imagine how much scrolling it will take when we reach the 30th site, having to scroll past the first 29 entries when the WordPress backend is linked to the "purchases" on WooCommerce.

And finally, the price. Oh goodness the price.

Take Sequential Order Numbers Pro. Previously we bought two of the 25-site licenses for $149.00 each. So, just under $300 total. Yeah, 20 of the licenses go to waste but what are ya gonna do?
But now? The single site license is $49 (on sale for $29.40). To get all 30 sites updates going forward, that will be $1470! (or ~900 if the sale lasts forever)
$300 to $1500, are you serious!

I know we are probably in the minority.
I can see how most of the use for the 25-site license were probably developers. But that isn't us. We were forgotten by WooCommerce, and it will result in so much more time lost, and if we did keep their paid plugins around, we are looking at a 400% increase in price.

I would really appreciate if WooCommerce kept the multi-site license for those of us who aren't agencies or theme/template developers. We are simply a company that has 30 unrelated products, and therefore have 30 unrelated, single-product websites.

Edit: I wanted to include this yesterday but I forgot - I DO want to give WooCommerce credit for considering staging environments in regards to their licenses. We have copies of our sites to do testing and development on. I mean, who would edit directly on production and risk downtime or broken experiences for customers? We have come to accept that some plugins that were only purchased for a single site, just can't be tested in our staging environment because the license was limited to 1 and that was the end of it.
I think that shows how amateur a professional can be (does that make sense?). Companies building out licenses and not even considering that some of us try to do the right thing and not test directly on production.
So I do applaud WooCommerce for considering that. Plenty of companies don't.
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Multiple products from different affiliate programs on single website

I want to know can you add products of different affiliate stores on single website using woocommerce and how will payment mechanism work if someone order two products, affiliated to two different stores?
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Looking for ways to make this (e-com search website??)

Hey ecommerce
I am currently unemployed and I want to create an affiliate marketing website. Please do not consider the feasibility of this idea. I just want to learn what tools I can use to achieve this, preferably a CMS.
It is a bit hard to explain what I want, so I made a mockup. Please check it:

What I want to build?

Extra features that would be good:
Technical aspects I will consider later:

What I was considering?

First of all, I am a bit noob; I have experience with wordpress and a bit of css but nothing else. So I prefer something pre-built like Woocommerce. But if it is not possible with pre-built things I may consider paying to make something like this. (Though I am a bit poor.)
I looked at different Wordpress plugins like FacetWP and WP Gridbuilder. WP Gridbuilder comes close but I don’t think it is quite what I want. (I didn’t have a chance to try these)
I checked Woocommerce, Drupal Commerce, Prestashop. Obviously, out of the box they don’t come close to this and I don’t know if I can build something like this with them.
Then I checked Sylius, it looks customizable as hell but I don’t have the skills to do it. And I don’t know how much it may cost to make something like this.
Later, I found bootstrap e-commerce themes, like this one but not sure if it is the right way to go.
So, I am a bit lost.
I am asking you for help to guide me in the right direction.
What tools should I use? Or should I have it made by a professional? How much would it cost?

(This is also posted to web_design.)
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Today we dive into exactly how to track WooCommerce external/affiliate product link clicks in Google Analytics. WooCommerce is a pretty kickass eCommerce platform for WordPress with full featured Add to Cart/Checkout functionality. But many WooCommerce users sell affiliate products via third party websites like Amazon. In this scenario WooCommerce gives us a great solution to […] Affiliate Program Overview. WordPress and WooCommerce Affiliate Program is a Affiliate Marketing Plugin which helps you to market your products through your affiliate team and through which you can generate more income from your Ecommerce site by having more visibilty and higher traffic.To achieve that you just have to install our plugin and sit back and relax with your friends/family. Build a powerhouse affiliate site with Woo. If you are looking to create a site with hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate products without the limitations that come with WooCommerce, consider importing products from a affiliate data feed. Our post on Datafeedr shows you just how to do that. How to list multiple affiliate links for a single WooCommerce is a free, easily customizable eCommerce WordPress plugin for selling physical products and building an online business. WooCommerce allows you to create an online store, list your products or services, and sell them on your WordPress website. Set per-product referral rates on a per-affiliate level with the official free 9 Best WooCommerce affiliate plugins. Here is a list of top 9 WooCommerce affiliate plugins you can consider installing within your online store. 1. Affiliate For WooCommerce. An in-house affiliate marketing plugin, Affiliate for WooCommerce by StoreApps is easy to use and can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the business.

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