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House Party 8/7/17 - Part Two

Punch for punch for punch, the two men batter the living hell out of each other! The two get ahold of one another in a sloppy collar-and-elbow, trying to wrestle the other for superiority. They ram each other through the crowd, until they reach a staircase that leads to a higher section of seating.
Woodbridge: Can these two just, like, go to wrestlers court or something?
Paisner: We’re a bit past that, Mark.
Derrok hits Nova with a forearm to the chin, and starts to climb the stairs, He doesn’t get far, however, as Nova grabs at his shirt and pulls himself towards Bishop. Derrok replies with a back elbow, before continuing to climb the stairs.
Woodbridge: They’re going to the nosebleeds!
Paisner: Nosebleeds? This building is like, two stories tall!
Woodbridge: It’s relative, Allen!
They make it to the top of the staircase, teetering on the edge as they continue to batter each other. Nova, back to the stairs, swings a knee upwards into Derrok’s gut, but before he can capitalize, Bishop falls to his knees and sweeps Nova’s legs, causing him to lose his balance and begin to fall down the stairs!
Paisner: Fuck! Shit! Fuck!
Woodbridge: God damn, that’s at least 25 steps!
Nova hits the bottom of the stairs, bruised and cut. Derrok walks down the staircase somewhat cockily, knowing he’s got Nova beat. He stands in front of Dalidus, before walking over to the barrier, and taking a microphone off a table.
Derrok grabs Nova in a headlock and wrenches him up to a somewhat standing base, before forcing his body over the barrier back towards the ring. As Harry Undersach nervously enters from the curtain and jogs towards the ring, Derrok pushes Nova’s unmoving body into the ring.
Paisner: Oh, what the hell is this?!
Woodbridge: Derrok already beat the hell outta Nova, but now he’s going to force him to fight Juggernaut, too?
Lurking hits the speakers, and the crowd boos unexpectedly loud as Juggernaut enters from behind the curtain, walking in a beeline straight towards the ring.
Derrok: And someone from the back get the champion his title, he’s earned it after all!
As Juggernaut enters the ring, Nova barely even sits up in his corner. Harry Undersach looks refusing to start the match, but Derrok yells at him from ringside, demanding that Harry rings the bell. Not wanting to face Derrok’s wrath, Harry signals for the bell.
Paisner: This isn’t going to end well.
Juggernaut immediately grabs Nova in the corner, and effortlessly pulls him up. Juggernaut pulls a fist back, before swinging it forward right into the skull of Nova, causing him to spit blood as his head whiplashes back!
Juggernaut backs up slightly, as Nova takes a stumbled step forwards, before falling to the mat. Juggernaut almost smirks at his downed opponent, the man he’s been waiting to get his hands on for weeks.
Paisner: There’s no fuckin need for this, stop the damn match Harry!
Nova can hardly even open his eyes, as Juggernaut again wrenches him to his feet, before shoving Dalidus’ head between his thighs, quickly pulling the champion into position for a Powerbomb!
Crowd: Oooh - BOOOOOOOOOO!
Paisner: Juggernaut calls that Rebirth, and Nova is… absolutely obliterated.
Juggernaut falls to his knees and covers Dalidus, Harry glad to finally be ending the match.
Javier: The winner of this match at a time of 1:11: JUGGERNAUT!
Lurking plays, as Juggernaut quickly exits the ring, heading straight towards the curtain before Harry can even raise his hand. As Juggernaut exists, however, Kelly Williams scurries out to the ring, carrying the Undisputed Independent Championship towards Nova.
Bishop: Ah ah ah, Kelly. Over here.
Kelly looks very displeased with Derrok, but not wanting to eat an attack, he hands the championship belt over to Derrok, before quickly fleeing the scene as Derrok walks into the ring.
Bishop: Boo all you want, you foul mouthed prison jockeys! All of you should take a good, hard look at this scene, because it’s exactly what you’re going to be seeing in just two weeks when I take my title from Dumplicedust Nova!
Derrok snickers to himself, before raising the Undisputed Independent Championship high. He then releases the belt, letting it hit the mat beside the discombobulated Dalidus.
Paisner: Well… damn.
Woodbridge: Normally Derrok is a wisecracking little shit, but tonight, tonight he was just a regular little shit.
Paisner: It’s because of that championship. The opportunity to wear prestigious gold around your waist, to go down in history as a champion in your sport; men do unexpected things for that glory.
We cut back, as we see our commentary team at their desk
Paisner: And next up, we have yet another match in the Joey McCarty Invitational! Joey’s goon Andrew Reilly will have a.. snickers tough challenge against the New York legend, Alex Albany.
Woodbridge: You’re laying it on a little bit thick there, Pais.
Paisner: You don’t know, we haven’t seen Albany in months, he could have been training!
The camera cuts to Javier.
Javier: The following contest is a Joey McCarty Invitational match! It is scheduled for one fall-
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier: - and it has a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first, from NEW YORK CITY... New Jersey... He weighed in tonight at 160 pounds, ALEX ALBANY!
Albany’s masterpiece of a theme begins to play, and the audience booes raucously. Albany steps out and flexes his arms, showing his... entirely unimpressive physique.
Woodbridge: I’m going to say that’s a no on the whole training thing.
Paisner: Fair enough.
The ring crew form around Albany, and he nods. The men spray fire extinguishers onto the ground, sending a plume of chemicals for Albany to walk through. He bounces twice, hyping himself up, and charges through it, coming out the other side!
Woodbridge: How much did that bit cost?
Paisner: Ehh it wasn’t that bad.
Albany drops to one knee and starts coughing violently, having inhaled the fire extinguisher particulates, and the ring crew drops the extinguishers to go check on him! He waves them off, staggers to his feet, and heads down to the ring, rolling into it in shame.
Javier: And his opponent... from the penalty box... he weighs in tonight at 208 pounds... ANDREW REILLY!
Reilly’s theme starts to play as he steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd booes at him somewhat, but is mostly confused.
Paisner: Reilly one of McCarty’s hired goons, we don’t really know much about him at the moment.
Woodbridge: He’s a hockey goon, and he’s a shitty human being. That’s all we need to know.
Reilly walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, and the two square off, Albany running his mouth as Harry Undersach calls for the bell.
Albany rushes in and the two lock up! Albany tries to shove Reilly away, but Reilly just takes the shove without moving. Reilly brings Albany over with an arm drag! Albany pops to his feet! Reilly charges at Albany, and Albany catches him with a shitty little kick! Reilly staggers back a step, and Albany charges forward with a lariat, sending Reilly to the mat!
Paisner: Albany getting the advantage in this early exchange!
Woodbridge: Albany’s doing something at least?
Albany continues running, and leaps onto the ropes! He springboards, and goes for an elbow drop! Reilly rolls out of the way, and Albany lands flat on his elbow! Reilly pops to his feet, and gets to the corner, stalking Albany as he gets up, grabbing his elbow! He charges and connects with his full body, sending Albany flying out of the ring!
Paisner: Well fuck, Albany just got destroyed!
Woodbridge: Reilly POUNCED on the opportunity!
Paisner: fuck you.
Albany slowly staggers to his feet, and Reilly charges forward, diving through the ropes and bowling him over with a suicide dive! Reilly pops to his feet, and heaves Albany up, throwing him into the ring! Reilly follows and goes for the cover!
Albany kicks out!
Paisner: Alex Albany showing surprising resiliency here!
Woodbridge: He took like 2 moves.
Paisner: Surprising for HIM.
Reilly gets to his feet, and Albany slowly staggers up after him! Reilly slides over and rolls Albany up, pinning him yet again!
Albany kicks out again! Reilly gets to his feet and growls, looking at Albany who slowly staggers to his feet. Reilly charges - drop toe hold from Albany! Albany pops up, looking to the crowd for support!
*Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!!
Albany pouts, but charges at the ropes, as Reilly gets to his feet! He springboards - turns, lands into a hurricanrana! He doesn’t get the rotation, though, and Reilly drops Albany into a powerbomb! Reilly smirks, and grabs Albany by the wrists, lifting him into the air before slamming him down into the mat again! Albany falls into a heap, and Reilly grabs him by the legs, flipping him over, and locking in a sloppy Sharpshooter! Reilly pulls back, and the ref drops to check on Albany, who is HOWLING in pain!
Paisner: This could be it! Will he -
Albany taps out!
Paisner: -oh,
Woodbridge: Well, that was anticlimactic.
Javier: And your winner, at a time of 4:23... ANDREW REILLY!
Reilly raises one arm into the air, smirking at the crowd, who boo him in response!
Paisner: Reilly putting in a rather dominating performance there, and advancing to the next round of the invitational!
Woodbridge: We’ll see if he can pull off the cinderella story, and have a WiR Championship match his first month into the company!
Javier: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.
Audience: ONE FALL!
Sprockets begins to play as the audience lets out a chorus of boos
Javier: From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, BOBBY FFAAYYYEE!
Bobby storms down to the ring, flipping the bird at a fan who has a sign saying “Welcome Back Bobby” before climbing into the ring and stomping over to the corner, looking almost annoyed that she has to be here.
Paisner: Bobby doesn’t look best pleased, even by her standards, Mark.
Woodbridge: What do you expect? She wants Maverick, she’s made that very clear, and instead she’s had a certain alcohol scented obstacle placed in her way.
As Woodbridge finishes saying that, Sweet Soul Sister begins to blare, kicking up the fans into a wave of cheers
Javier: And her opponent, from Kilkenny, Ireland, ALEXIS BREATHNAAAACCHH!
Alexis emerges with a smirk on her face, headbanging to her song as usual; her t-shirt has been graffitied crudely, a plain black t-shirt with bright green spray paint spelling out “Bobby Is A Gimp”, producing laughter from some of the audience, while her black jeans have the names Bishop, Funkatron, Botozzi, Stenmark and Hungarian all sprayed in green and crossed out with bright red crosses.
Paisner: Somehow I get the impression Alexis isn’t taking Bobby as seriously as she ought to.
Woodbridge: If she’s even capable of taking anything seriously I don’t see why Alexis would feel the need, she wasn’t here during Bobby’s first WIR tenure, as far as she knows this is just another match.
Paisner: Yeah well, if looks could kill, you’d only need to look at Bobby right now for a swift and painful death, Alexis would do well to watch her back.
Alexis high fives several fans at ringside before jumping onto the top turnbuckle of her corner and throwing up the devil horns for her fans, prompting a wave of imitation in the crowd before getting down at the ref’s insistence and preparing for the match.
Paisner: All I can tell you folks, this is the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. I couldn’t begin to tell you who I’d be betting on, but what I can tell you is this is that neither of these women is going to go quietly.
The bell rings and instantly Bobby rushes at Alexis; the irish wrestler jumps back onto the second rope and leaps over Bobby as she tries to clothesline Alexis into the corner, rolling as she lands to arrive at the corner Bobby just vacated
Paisner: Bobby wasting no time here, she wants this one over with quickly.
Bobby wheels around, scowling as Alexis proceeds back to the center of the ring, looking to not get cornered. Bobby charges at Alexis, who attempts to slide into Bobby’s legs to trip her up; Bobby instead jumps over the slide and, when Alexis stops, delivers a vicious stomp to her head
Woodbridge: Oof, felt that one from out here
Bobby grabs Alexis and pulls her to her feet but Alexis begins to throw punches into Bobby’s stomach repeatedly, forcing her to let go. Alexis spins and attempts the Irish Kiss discus elbow, but Bobby ducks under the attempt and grabs her extended arm, attempting to lock in an armbar, Alexis immediately begins forward rolling in circles around Bobby to try and escape, also making it impossible to lock the armbar in; after three rolls Bobby instead yanks Alexis towards her by the arm and delivers a vicious uppercut that floors Alexis again
Paisner: Alexis needs to stop messing around and get some offense in, Bobby’s just cutting her down here
Woodbridge: Try stepping in there with Bobby sometime; Alexis isn’t messing around in there, this is what a skilled wrestler trying their best against Bobby looks like, which should tell you everything you need to know.
Bobby smirks down at Alexis and lifts her straight from the floor into a suplex, holding her up for several moments before completing the move. From there Bobby pulls Alexis into a sitting position and applies a chinlock, dragging her back several paces as Alexis tries to reach for the ropes.
Paisner: Smart strategy here, keeping Breathnach away from the ropes as much as possible, obviously Bobby’s done her homework on her opponent.
Woodbridge: Yeah we’ve seen it before, you can do as much as you like to Breathnach but if you let her build up speed and bounce off those ropes you’re in for a world of hurt, Bobby’s not about to let that happen.
Alexis struggles against the chinlock as Bobby drags her up, trying to transition the hold to the Furiosa Finish, but as she attempts to shift into the half-nelson Alexis drops to her knees and manages to slip out of the hold, rolling Faye into a schoolgirl pin
Faye kicks out of the roll up at the count of one and throws a vicious punch at Alexis, who sidesteps the blow and delivers a spin kick to Bobby’s stomach, making her double over momentarily. Alexis takes advantage of the bend to draw her knee back and drive it into Bobby’s face, sending her staggering.
Alexis follows Bobby to the ropes and bounces from the second rope beside her, aiming for the Jumping DDT that will lead to her Guillotine Choke, Bobby however kicks the ropes to throw Alexis off balance, forcing her to abandon the springboard, Bobby instead catches her as she drops and elevates her into a flapjack, bringing Alexis down neck first onto the top rope.
Woodbridge: Yikes, that did NOT go to plan for Breathnach
Paisner: Bobby’s got her number here, Woodbridge, she knows every trick up her sleeve.
Woodbridge: Alexis doesn’t have any sleeves on though.
Alexis staggers in pain, clutching at her neck, stumbling right into Bobby’s clutches; the menacing Faye flings Alexis through the middle rope and hooks one of her arms, setting up a Spike DDT.
Paisner: Welp, was nice knowing you ‘Lexis
Bobby falls back, nailing the Spike DDT. Keeping Alexis’ arm hooked, Bobby repositions herself, looking for a Triangle Arm Choke; as she goes to float over to complete the hold Alexis plants her feet on the floor, blocking the first bridge attempt. Bobby growls and eases up the hold to try and knee Alexis hard in the ribs, as she does Alexis, with a spurt of effort and strength, pulls them both up to a standing position, spins around and delivers a picture perfect Northern Lights Suplex to Bobby, bridging into another pin.
Bobby again kicks out near instantly, both women rising to their feet at the same time and glaring at each other, Bobby in fury and Alexis in defiance.
Paisner: Hey, Woody, you feel like speaking up any time soon?
Woodbridge: Sorry Paisner, gotta be honest I’m mostly keeping my eyes on Bobby so I can be first out the door if she comes this way.
Paisner: Amen to that
Alexis and Bobby lock up in the center of the ring, Alexis quickly wrestling Bobby into a headlock which Bobby counters with a snap mare to flip Alexis over her, Alexis kips up before Bobby can pin her down again and throws another Irish Kiss elbow at Bobby, who sidesteps but this time is met before she can retaliate with an Enziguri from Alexis.
Woodbridge: Nice fake out there from Breathnach, she won’t make the same mistake twice!
Alexis takes advantage of the Enziguri landing to begin raining punches onto Bobby, backing her up to a corner turnbuckle and continuing to drive her blows and fists into Bobby, a particularly vicious blow knocking Bobby to the ground.
Paisner: Breathnach on the attack here, finally gaining some ground in this match!
Alexis sprints from the corner to the opposite turnbuckle, steps up to the second rope in the corner to quickly wave to the fans before sprinting full pelt back toward Bobby in the corner, delivering a dropkick to the seated Bobby’s head with a sickening crack as she connects.
Woodbridge: Nasty dropkick there for Bobby
Alexis drags Bobby out of the corner by her feet but as she drops Bobby and straightens up the downed wrestler kips up from the floor, catching Alexis around the neck with her legs and transitioning into a vicious Frankensteiner mid-kip
Paisner: WHOA
Woodbridge: Did you see that?!
Paisner: Yes I did, I’m right here!
Alexis’ head bounces off the mat from the Frankensteiner and Bobby quickly goes for a cover
Alexis manages to kick out at the second count, rolling onto her side and draping an arm over her head to avoid being stomped on there again. Bobby kips up fully this time and instead delivers a harsh, stiff kick to Alexis’ stomach, causing her to curl up.
Paisner: Bobby showing about the amount of kindness and gentle nature we could expect from her
Woodbridge: Didn’t she just kick Alexis like her stomach was a soccer ball?
Paisner: I rest my case
Bobby steps over Alexis, giving her a casual kick as she does so and holds her arms out as the crowd boos, cupping her ear as if she can’t hear them, giving a stomp to Alexis’ hand to produce more boos from the crowd.
Paisner: What a charming, sweet tempered girl…
Bobby smirks and gives a crotch chop in the direction of the crowd; behind her, Alexis has recovered and rises up behind Bobby, grabbing her into quick neckbreaker.
Woodbridge: Well, shouldn’t turn your back in a fight Bobby.
Alexis ducks under the second rope and ascends to the top turnbuckle. Throwing up the sign of the horns for the fans, to thunderous applause, with both hands before leaping from the top rope and hitting the Heartthrob elbow drop onto Bobby.
Paisner: Heatthrob!
Woodbridge: Yes I think she might be for more than a few in our crowd tonight.
Alexis scrambles to cover Bobby again but seems to reconsider halfway through; instead, Alexis looks from Bobby to the turnbuckle and again ascends to the top, however as she settles atop the turnbuckle Bobby recovers and, lightning quick, jumps up herself, grappling Alexis and attempting to work the irish grappler into position for a Superplex.
Paisner: Ah ah, she got too cocky, should’ve capitalised.
Both women throw punches and try their best to hoist the other up, balanced precariously on the top rope and turnbuckle, soon facing each other and almost tightrope walking the top rope even as they continued to throw punches. A particularly hard strike from Alexis rocks Bobby, sending her falling into a seated position on the turnbuckle.
Woodbridge: What’s Breathnach thinking here?
Alexis bounces twice on the top rope before leaping up and grabbing Bobby with her legs around the neck, going for a Hurricanrana off the top.
Paisner: Hurrica-
Woodbridge: No!
Alexis dangles upside down as Bobby hooks her feet under the top rope, keeping leverage to not be pulled into the move. Instead, Bobby hauls Alexis back up onto her shoulders and, despite the punches being rained down on her head, leaps from the top, landing a thunderous Sit Out Powerbomb from the top rope, Alexis immediately flopping like a ragdoll on impact.
Woodbridge: That’s it, it’s done.
The referee quickly comes to make the count as Bobby hooks the leg, obviously having taken an impact herself from the drop.
3- NO!
With a great burst of adrenaline, Alexis kicks out with the referee’s hand mere inches away from counting three. Bobby looks in disbelief, pounding her fist and gnashing her teeth furiously as Alexis crawls over to the ropes, wincing as she goes.
Woodbridge: Breathnach may have survived that vicious powerbomb but surely the war is lost Paisner?
Paisner: Same with any match Woody, if you can move you can fight, and as long as she can move on finger I reckon Alexis is gonna keep fighting.
Woodbridge: Problem is, I think you could say the same for Bobby
Bobby waits for Alexis to stand up with the help of the ropes before sprinting and delivering a vicious Chopblock to the back of Alexis’ knees, sliding straight under her opponent and the bottom rope; as Alexis hits the floor Bobby straightens up outside and drags Alexis partway under the bottom rope before standing back on the apron.
Paisner: I don’t like where this is going…
Bobby lets out a wild scream of curses at Alexis before backing up to the ring post and running, leaping from the apron, obviously intending to drop both knees on Alexis’ face. Alexis however slides back into the ring, leaving Bobby to land both knees painfully on the hard ring apron.
Alexis rights herself in the ring while Bobby grits her teeth and climbs to her feet on the apron; not wasting a moment, Alexis sprints for the opposite ropes, bounces off them and launches herself at Bobby before she can react, nailing a suicide Spear through the middle ropes that sends both women flying back into the barricade.
Woodbridge: SPEAR
Paisner: Spear right through the ropes to the hard floor, these two are out for blood Woody!
Alexis scrambles to her feet and lifts Bobby up as if for a facebuster, swinging her round to bring the Manitoba native onto the barricade stomach first, draping her over it and knocking the wind out of her; with Bobby stunned, Alexis holds onto her head and begins to repeatedly drive her knee into Bobby’s head.
Paisner: Hey girls, the ref’s already at 4. Come on, don’t end this on a countout now, not after all this.
Alexis seems to get the idea, dragging Bobby off the barricade after one last knee to the head and rolling her under the bottom rope, sliding in herself for a pin attempt
Bobby kicks out and pushes Alexis off, the green haired rocker not seeming to have the strength to get up right away. Instead, Alexis sits only just out of arm's reach as Bobby also sits up, both women panting; their eyes meet, Alexis grins slightly dazedly at Bobby but her opponent returns only another scowl.
Paisner: Is Alexis smiling? Did that spear knock her silly?
Woodbridge: I don’t think so Paisner, this is the kind of thing she lives for, she’s in there with a vicious fighter who’ll give as good as she gets and just won’t stay down. If you ask me, Breathnach wouldn’t have it any other way.
Alexis climbs to her feet first, slowly, sorely scaling the nearest turnbuckle; by the time she has ascended it she looks up in surprise and confusion to see Bobby having climbed the opposite turnbuckle.
Woodbridge: What in the world…
Both women’s eyes meet again, and this time both grin with the same slightly manic gleam. As one, almost as if mirrored, they kneel down on their turnbuckles and, with a mighty push off, leap toward each other, each performing a lariat as they go.
Paisner: Are you kidding me?!
The girls collide in mid-air with a sickening crunch, Alexis flipping completely over in mid-fall from the force of Bobby’s hit, both landing in the center with two harsh thuds.
Woodbridge: Has everyone involved in this match completely lost it?!
Paisner: I dunno but this crowd seems to like it!
Audience: This is awesome! clap clap clap This is awesome!
Slowly, groggily, both wrestlers sit up, facing opposite direction but not even a foot apart, side by side. Alexis slowly turns to Bobby, actually laughing now, looking overjoyed at the stupidity they just did. Bobby meets her eyes and also cracks a smile.
That lasts all of five seconds before Bobby throws herself onto Alexis again, laying punches into her face and knees to her ribs.
Paisner: I’m not sure if these two need to go on a date or be locked up!
Woodbridge: Why not both at this point?!
Alexis manages to wriggle her way out under Bobby and begin to return blows, both women simply standing at the center of the ring and throwing wild punches at every inch of their opponent they can reach for a few moments before Bobby lands a stiff kick to Alexis’ head, staggering her; Bobby jumps, aiming for a Frankensteiner but..
Paisner: Uh oh, what goes around comes around Bobby!
Alexis grips onto Bobby’s tights and, despite shaking knees, manages to stay upright and pull Bobby into a seated position on her shoulders. Bobby, knowing what is about to happen, tries to jump away but is held in place as Alexis sprints toward the corner, throwing Bobby into a Turnbuckle Powerbomb as they near the corner and, not content with that, throws another Irish Kiss as Bobby bounces back out of the corner, connecting with a loud crack to Bobby and flooring her, Alexis practically collapsing on top of her for the pin.
Paisner: Welp, party’s over Bobby!
Somehow, someway, Bobby manages to kick her legs out, not able to totally throw Alexis off but managing to find the bottom rope.
Woodbridge:* I’m running out of ways to say this but HOW?! Just, HOW?! How are these two still in this?
Alexis looks utterly stunned as Bobby begins to climb up. Her eyes seem to lose their gleam for a moment as she delivers a gut kick to make Bobby bend down and, no longer smiling, hooks both of her arms.
Paisner: What’s Alexis up to here?
Alexis holds Bobby in the double underhook for a moment, seeming to have second thoughts; the hesitation is enough, allowing Bobby to power out of the hold and slip behind Alexis, successfully locking in a ¾ nelson.
Woodbridge: No! Why, why did she hesitate?!
Alexis tries to fight out, but to no avail as Bobby flings her back into a ¾ Nelson Suplex, arching her back into a bridge pin.
Paisner: Furiosa Finish! A while since we’ve seen that.
Woodbridge: It’s over, it’s over!
Paisner: NO! Look, look!
Bobby too looks, seeming for a moment to have assumed a win, but sure enough Alexis has managed to limply flop out one leg to the ropes, officially breaking the count.
Woodbridge: No way, that’s a mistake right?
Paisner: Nope, the ref’s saying she broke the count, look.
Sure enough, the referee begins to count, demanding Bobby to release the pin, which she does, looking herself both angry and shocked that Alexis was able to get away with it. The move has clearly taken it’s toll however, as Alexis drags herself along the floor toward the corner, using the ringpost to stand up.
Bobby follows behind the irish girl, pulling her up to her feet, seeming almost pitying for a moment. Alexis’ head lolls on her shoulders, seemingly out of it… until a sudden movement from her finds Bobby rolled up into a schoolgirl pin.
Bobby kicks out of the pin and glowers furiously down at Alexis, who can’t stand up anymore and simply grins at Bobby, giving her a defiant two middle-fingered salute from her kneeling position.
Paisner: One last act of defiance there, not sure it’ll be worth it for Alexis.
Bobby roughly yanks Alexis up and positions her for a german suplex, hitting the move with a horrible snapping motion. But Bobby doesn’t release, instead rolling to her feet and hitting another german suplex, adding one more toward the center of the ring after the second; still not releasing Alexis, Bobby guides her limply back to her feet, holding Alexis up by a wristlock.
Alexis has enough time to look up and see what’s coming before Bobby pulls Alexis towards her and moves forward herself, moving so fast towards each other it’s as if a rubber band just snapped back, before Bobby brings her knee up to collide viciously with Alexis’ face, causing her head to whip backwards and knocking all remaining fight out of her.
Woodbridge: Anyone get the license plate on that truck?
Paisner: Faye-Trigger to Alexis, that has to be it!!!
Bobby gives Alexis’ limp form one more stomp before hooking her leg for the pin.
Javier: At a time of 17:00, here is your winner, BOBBY FFAAYYYEEE!
Paisner: Call it what you like Javier, I think the crowd won with this one.
Woodbridge: What a win for Bobby Faye though! Breathnach had never been pinned before tonight, but Faye had her number!
Bobby stands up in the ring, walking somewhat unsteadily toward Javier and snatching his mic from him before turning to address the cameras.
Bobby: One down, Maverick!
Bobby gives another stomp to Alexis’ limp form
Bobby: This carries on until you face me!!!
Bobby throws the mic viciously into the crowd and leaves the ring, Alexis managing to be helped up the ramp initially by the referee but, halfway up, managing to very groggily walk on her own. Alexis raises the sign of horns for the fans one more time, drinking in their cheers and applause, before continuing to the back.
We fade into the scene of the Arena’s Parking Lot, as we see the Security Guards in the lot start to chat.
Security Guard 1: You know, I think we’re doing a damn fine job at keeping Eric Matthews out.
Security Guard 2: Yep. Sharp better pay handsomely for this!
As the two guards start to talk, suddenly a FREAKIN BULLDOZER approaches to the parking lot!!!!
Security Guard 1: What in the ass?!
Security Guard 2: It’s Matthews!!! He must be driving it!!!!
Suddenly, the Bulldozer rams RIGHT into a Black 2004 Chrysler Sebring, and damn near demolishes it!!!
Security Guard 1: We gotta stop him!!!
Suddenly, the Bulldozer parks, and the person driving it exits the vehicle, but it’s not Eric Matthews, it’s just a homeless man!!!
Security Guard 2: That’s not Matthews!
Security Guard 1: Yeah, but we still gotta get him! You think Sharp is gonna pay is if we just let that guy get away with destroying a car?!
Security Guard 2: Good point….GET OVER HERE!!!
The guards start rushing towards the homeless man, who’s finishing up a Big Mac for some reason. The Homeless Man, barefoot, starts to run away from the Guards, and they chase him out of the arena, following him out into the nearby streets! As the guards are occupied with the homeless man, Eric Matthews slips into the parking lot, with nobody there to stop him from getting into the arena. Matthews has a smug grin and turns to face the camera.
Matthews: You’d be amazed at what a homeless person will do if you give them a buck and a cheeseburger….hahahaha!!!
Matthews struts up to the door leading to the backstage area, and nonchalantly waltzes inside. Eric starts whistling a joyous tune, and picks up a nearby lead pipe on the floor in the hallway. While whistling,Matthews starts smashing windows in the backstage area, and starts destroying some show equipment!!!
Suddenly, a couple of Security Guards hear the ruckus, and approach Matthews to try and detain him! However, Eric makes the guards pay by blasting them in the ribs with his lead pipe, causing them to collapse onto the floor, clutching their ribs in excruciating pain!
As Matthews continues to scream and shout, trying to get Miracle to show up, he is suddenly approached by another member of Security, who’s wielding a baton, sporting a mustache and wearing a cap.
Matthews: Another Security Guard eh?...
The Security Guard removes his cap and fake mustache.
Chad Miracle: Not Quite.
Miracle rushes towards Matthews, and uses his baton to knock the lead pipe out of the stunned Matthews’ hand! Miracle tackles Matthews down to the ground, and the two start to brawl backstage, getting into an all out fistfight! The two start trading wild right hands, fighting with wild aggression! Suddenly, Russell Sharp approaches the scene with a group of 6 more Security Guards, and orders them to split the two up!
Sharp: Guards, break it up! Separate Eric and Chad!
The guards follow their orders, and start to intervene in Chad and Eric’s fight, pulling them away from each other. The two clearly want to continue to fight, and Sharp notices this.
Sharp: If y’all two wanna fight so damn bad, you got it! At Holy Spotfest, Batman, it’ll be Eric Matthews vs. Chad Miracle!!! Now get Matthews the hell outta here!!!
The two men start to smile, liking the idea of facing each other in the ring. As the guards convince Miracle to lay off of Matthews, telling him to save it for the iPPV, we see the other security guards dragging Matthews out of the building as the scene fades away and we cut back to the ring.
Paisner: That’s huge! We’ve got another confirmed match for the iPPV, and it’s Matthews vs. Miracle, one on one!!!
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