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[FS][US] BUDGET Jacquemus Belt Bag - Orange

Source: AliExpress, “Mary Diary” store (lol) link is dead.
PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/uqwaHI8
Selling price: $20 which includes shipping.
Shipping cost: $included.
Original Price: $17.99 and $3.99 shipping
Ship to: US. this will be shipped with the least costly USPS method. Priority will be extra depending on your location.
Condition: brand new never used.
Quality: she should be seen as a fantasy/fun piece. She’s not real leather and the color is more red orange than yellow orange. If I was younger and went to concerts and festivals I would definitely keep her for fun. But she’s just taking up room as of now.
TBH I’m really just cleaning things out so thank you for looking!
Authentic: https://www.matchesfashion.com/us/products/1293780?country=USA&qxjkl=tsid:38929%7Ccgn:tZkYzve9Cvk&c3ch=LinkShare&c3nid=tZkYzve9Cvk&utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliation&utm_campaign=us&utm_content=tZkYzve9Cvk&rffrid=aff.linkshare.3341494.37420
Payment method: I’m FF approved and would prefer that. G&S if not. Thank you!
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LEGO Pulls Back Police Playset Affiliate Marketing Amid George Floyd Protests • The Toy Book

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)
Updated with clarification statement from LEGO June 3, 3:45 p.m. The tragic death of George Floyd while being restrained by police in Minneapolis sparked major protests all over the country, and today we're seeing the first impact in the toy department.
The Toy Book has received a copy of an email sent to affiliate marketers by Rakuten Linkshare on behalf of the LEGO Group.
The email requests removal of product listings and features for more than 30 LEGO building sets, Minifigures, and accessories that include representation of police officers, firefighters, criminals, emergency vehicles, and buildings.
Even the LEGO City Donut Shop Opening set - which includes Police Officer "Duke DeTain" and "Crook" Minifigures - roleplay items including a Police Handcuffs & Badge Set, and the adult builder LEGO Creator version of The White House made the removal list.
Just in case you wanted a gage on how bad things are getting, Lego just sent out a press release demanding that all sets featuring the police or property damage that are currently on store shelves be pulled indefinitely pic.
Just had an affiliate email asking for certain LEGO sets not to be advertised.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: LEGO#1 set#2 email#3 police#4 still#5
Post found in /news, /nottheonion, /GamerGhazi and /lego.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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[Review] Mansur Gavriel Black Circle Bag from Rita via AE

Hello all of you beautiful people! Here's my review of the magnificent TS Rita's MG Circle bag. This is my first review (hopefully many more to come), please let me know if I've messed something up, anything is unclear or you have any feedback about anything at all! Thank you for reading! :)

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[FINDS] MEGA list of winter finds: everything you need to stay cosy - Taobao and AE

Hi ladies,
like most here I've done my fair share of shopping (and then some) during 11.11 and black friday. Here are some finds I've come across while compiling my latest hauls.
I haven't bought anything from this list unless stated otherwise, so I can't comment on quality or accuracy. Make sure to check reviews and/or use the help of an agent to check if something is branded. Due to the table formatting, you might have to scroll to the side to view the whole text if you're on mobile.
Happy shopping!


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Chaumet bee my love rings ¥255.01-56191.20 in silver or 18k gold, multiple options available 17 reviews w/ pics not sure if branded auth -
Cheap af Chaumet bee my love rings ¥18.50 multiple options available 4 reviews probably unbranded same as above -
Juste un Clou pendant ¥169 in silver or rose gold 6 reviews w/ pics probably unbranded auth -
Tiffany T rings ¥148-168 multiple options available 163 reviews w/ pics probably unbranded auth -
Chanel Coco Crush earrings ¥176 in silver or gold 5 reviews w/ pics not sure if branded auth check out the rest of this shop for more Chanel, Missoma and Chaumet jewellery
Aliexpress - Loewe brooch £1/94 + £0.64 shipping silver or gold 365 reviews w/ pics probably unbranded auth -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Dior Oblique twilly ¥44.80 in multiple colours 3 reviews looks branded but probably not tagged auth -
Thomas Burberry monogram socks ¥16.80 - - ? auth -
Burberry sock gift set ¥199 one size 8 reviews looks branded couldn't find the auth although the individual pairs seem to be real products, the gift set might be fantasy
Thomas Burberry new monogram scarf ¥220 in 4 colours - not sure if branded auth seller claims 100% cashmere, measurements match up to auth (200x50cm)
Budget Burberry bear keyring ¥69 beige or pink 11 reviews probably unbranded auth -
Moncler wool and cashmere beanie and scarf set ¥459 in white or pink 2 reviews looks branded auth -
Acne Studios face patch beanie ¥45-68 for adults or kids, in 19 colours 402 reviews w/ pics probably unbranded auth -
Acne Studios face patch beanie ¥158 in 8 colours - looks branded auth -
Acne Studios Toronto scarf ¥195 in 9 colours 9 reviews w/ pics probably branded auth seller claims 80% wool 20% polyamide, auth is 20cm longer
Acne Studios multicolour giant check scarf £7.62 in 8 colours 568 reviews w/ pics looks branded and tagged auth check out the rest of this shop for more acne scarves
Off White abstract arrow scarf ¥225 in orange or black 4 reviews looks branded auth -
Dior toile de jouy stole/throw ¥159-179 black, with or without packaging 5 reviews looks branded auth fringes look a tiny bit long compared to auth
Dior toile de jouy stole/throw ¥450 black only 10 reviews w/ pics looks branded in review pics same as above the black colour is vivid and the details look crisp, listing claims 47% wool and 53% cashmere
Dior toile de jouy stole/throw ¥490 black only 27 reviews w/ pics looks branded in review pics same as above another likely high quality version
Aliexpress - Chanel mirror £5.11 - 953 reviews w/ pics branded auth auth comparison in the reviews
Aliexpress - Swarovski inspired pens £0.44 + £0.54 shipping in 20 colours 2026 reviews w/ pics unbranded auth -
Plain silk twilly in solid colours ¥39 in 28 colours 420 reviews w/ pics - not a rep purchased - definitely real silk. Won't keep you warm, but will keep you stylish
Aliexpress - Dior Toile de jouy fabric £6.75 per metre blue only 61 reviews w/ pics - - for all your DIY reps
Aliexpress - Loewe beach bag £36-46 in 3 sizes 332 reviews w/ pics looks branded on review pics auth -
Aliexpress - Bottega Venetta dumpling bag dupe £31-£34 several colours and sizes 46 reviews w/ pics probably unbranded auth real leather according to reviews


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Burberry monogram cotton hoodie ¥95-110 sizes S-XL 8 reviews w/ pics looks branded in review pics auth -
Alexander McQueen swallow hoodie ¥299 in yellow of pink, S-M-L sizes 5 reviews looks branded auth -
Acne Studios oversized sweatshirt ¥269 in 4 colours, sizes XXS to S (Chinese sizes) 31 reviews w/ pics looks branded on review pics auth -
Acne Studios animal embroidered sweatshirts ¥188 3 different designs, Chinese sizes S-M-L 8 reviews not sure if branded auth -
Toteme Toury top ¥129 in black, gray and blue, S-M-L Chinese sizes 2 reviews not sure if branded auth -
Gucci multicolour deer sweater ¥269 S-M-L Chinese sizes 8 reviews w/ pics not sure if branded auth probably counts as an ugly Christmas sweater
Dior L'Etoile embroidered sweater ¥459 S-M-L sizes 1 review not sure if branded auth -
Dior La Rue de La Fortune sweater ¥269 S-M-L sizes 1 reviews not sure if branded auth -
Loewe blue jacquard sweater ¥358 M-L Chinese sizes 1 review probably branded auth ¥290 version here
Loewe blue embroidered cardigan ¥268 M only 8 reviews probably branded auth same design as above, but in cardigan form
Loewe B&W sweater ¥198 S to XL sizes, in black, white or red 41 reviews w/ pics probably branded auth ¥388 version here
Aqua cardigan with white embroidery ¥339 S-M-L sizes 1 review - not sure if this is a rep -
Sandro Paris checked cardi-coat ¥388 S-M-L Chinese sizes 3 reviews w/ pics looks branded on review pics auth for those days when you want to channel your best granny chic vibes
Maje Martina sweater ¥246 S-M-L sizes 33 reviews w/ pics not sure if branded auth -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Valentino logo knit dress ¥239 S-M-L Chinese sizes 1 review looks branded auth -
Cut out knit dress ¥259 in cream or black, S-M-L Chinese sizes 8 reviews - not sure if this is a rep of anything -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Ted Baker belted puffer jacket with detachable faux fur collar ¥256 Black only, size UK 8 2 reviews looks branded auth possibly grey market?
Max Mara Labbro coat ¥1180 white only, XS to M sizes 2 reviews not sure if branded auth -
Maje faux fur coat ¥348 S-M-L sizes 1 review not sure if branded auth -
Hobbs trench coats ¥285 in khaki or off white, US sizes 4 and 6 46 review w/ pics not sure if branded auth- similar -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Louboutin So Kate Boots ¥238 in leather or suede, EU sizes 34-42 4 reviews not sure, but the seller's WeChat is listed so you can ask them (hhshoes2099) auth -
By Far Sofia ankle boots ¥388 in black, beige or white, EU sizes 35-39 186 reviews w/ pics looks branded auth -
Stuart Weitzman (?) shearling lined combat boots ¥488 EU sizes 35-39 3 reviews w/ pics ? couldn't find the auth
Acne Studios ankle boots ¥488 in black, white or camel 144 reviews w/ pics looks fully branded 1/ branded packaging auth -
Balmain chain fringe ankle boots ¥368 EU sizes 35-40 1 review looks branded auth -
Gucci Zumi boots ¥398-518 in black only, 2 lengths available, sizes 34-40 2 reviews looks branded auth -
White leather keds ¥169 sizes 35-42.5 111 reviews w/ pics looks branded auth -
Martin Margiela Tabi flats ¥428 in 13 colours, sizes EU 35-39 29 reviews not sure if branded auth -
Chanel flats ¥218 4 different colours, EU sizes 34-41 57 reviews w/ pics looks branded on review pics auth -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Maje Riviera sequin dress ¥236 S-M-L sizes 28 reviews w/ pics not sure if branded auth from the store "Sandrol Majer"
Aliexpress - silk tops £17.77 42 reviews w/ pics S-XXL sizes, in 18 colours - not a rep looks like actual silk based on reviews
Ted Baker Valens lace dress ¥298 Sizes 0,1 or 3, in pink or white 44 reviews w/ pics probably branded auth probably grey market
Sequin gown ¥298 S to XXL sizes, in 4 colours 18 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik -
Metallic pleated skirts ¥88-119 in several colours, 3 lengths 2434 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik -
Extra af full length sparkly gown ¥348 S to XL sizes, in red, black or gold 268 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik check out the rest of this shop for more interesting party dresses
Metallic midi dress with puffy long sleeves ¥378 S-M-L sizes, in 4 colours 58 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik The Vampire's Wife vibes for rep prices, the shop stocks a shorter version too
Stars and ruffles mesh dress ¥238 in black or champagne, one size 16 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik in case you need to dress like the sugarplum fairy for a Christmas costume party
Kate Spade x Keds glitter sneakers ¥139-159 in 5 colours, EU sizes 35-39 281 reviews w/ pics looks branded auth -


Extra warm, all dupes and/or unbranded
Name/W2C Price Options Reviews
Knitted rabbit scarf ¥78 in 9 different colours 14 reviews w/ pics
Rabbit scarf with magnetic closure ¥69.80 in 10 different colours 5 reviews
Pom pom closure rabbit scarf ¥28.96 in 16 colour 1 review
Another rabbit scarf ¥66.20 in 12 colours 40 reviews w/ pics
Fluffy fox fur detachable collar ¥480 gray or brown 34 reviews w/ pics
Mink small detachable fur collar ¥168 brown or black 2 reviews w/ pics
Long faux fur collar ¥29 in 8 colours 122 reviews w/ pics
Faux fur gilet ¥98 sizes XS to 2XL,in 12 colours 2766 reviews w/ pics
Mink fur cape with fox trim ¥2580 in15 colours 5 reviews w/ pics
Extra af fox fur detachable cuffs ¥158-198 multiple colour and lengths available 3 reviews
Fur trimmed sheepskin gloves ¥89-107 multiple colour options, S to XL sizes 780 reviews w/ pics
(Mink?) hooded fur coat ¥3980 in 6 colours, size S to 4XL 361 reviews w/ pics
(Faux?) long fur coat ¥399 in 3 colours, S to 2XL 14 reviews
Faux rabbit fur coat with fox trim ¥128 in white, black or burgundy, sizes S to 3XL 217 reviews w/ pics
Velvet puffer down coat ¥1289 S-M-L sizes, in dark green or red 3 reviews w/ pics
Wool and cashmere blend customisable scarves ¥108 in 12 colours 4 reviews w/ pics
Suede knee high lace up boots ¥198 in black or cream, 2 heel heights, sizes 31-43 4 reviews
Long wool and cotton socks ¥16.80 one size, 8 colours 1103 reviews w/ pics
Shimmery rollneck sweater ¥309 one size, in beige, blue and green 1 review
Cable knit glittery oversized sweater ¥159 one size, in 4 colours 38 reviews w/ pics
Crosshatch knit turtleneck sweater ¥298 Chinese sizes S to XXXL, 12 colours 703 reviews w/ pics
Wool and camel fur blend cardigan ¥699 S-M-L Chinese sizes 107 reviews w/ pics
10% cashmere and wool blend sweaters ¥329 S-M-L Chinese sizes, in 4 bright pastel colours 181 reviews w/ pics
Cashmere and wool blend horizontal cable knit sweater ¥389 S-M-L Chinese sizes, in beige or teal 117 reviews w/ pics
Knit button up shirts ¥99 Chinese sizes S to 2XL, in 9 colours 30 reviews w/ pics
Glittery sweaters ¥49 one size, in 5 colours 11 reviews
Wool fishtail skirt ¥219 S-M-L Chinese sizes, in 4 colours 3 reviews
Wool coat with fox fur cuffs ¥1298 S to XL Chinese sizes 9 reviews
Light pink wool coat ¥1280 S and M sizes 22 reviews w/ pics
Houndstooth wool coat ¥239 S-M-L Chinese sizes 1 review
Faux shearling lined boots ¥468 EU sizes 34-39, in camel or black 169 reviews w/ pics


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth
Burberry girls' puffer coat ¥438 black, pink or burgundy, 7 sizes 2 reviews looks branded auth
Burberry girls' puffer coat ¥329-429 3 colours, 9 sizes 13 reviews with pics looks branded same as above ^
Canada Goose kids jacket ¥688 4 colours, 5 sizes - ? auth
Kids houndstooth sweater and cardigan ¥75-179 10 different sizes, inc. S-M-L for moms so you can match 4657 reviews w/ pics - not a rep afaik


Shop with Swarovski Christmas decorations



Name/W2C Price Options Reviews
Flower print silk pillowcase pair ¥398 in yellow or light pink 12 reviews w/ pics
Single sided mulberry silk pillowcase ¥99-198 available as single or pair, 9 colours 32 reviews w/ pics
Silk duvet cover set ¥1080-1500 available in 3 sizes and 12 colours 226 reviews w/ pics
Silk sleeping mask ¥89.90 6 colours 94 reviews w/ pics
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Buying Used Mac Mini

Hey all,

I'm interested in buying a 2018 model Mac Mini and there don't seem to be any on Apple's refurb store (I've been checking with an online tracker for the week and no dice). However, I have found what seem to be some good deals on eBay/Resale sites. Before going through with one, can anyone who has used either of these sellers share their experience positive or negative? Want to make sure I'm confident in my purchase.

The first option is a 2018, i5, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD Mac Mini from "iSelliMac" a division of "SellYourMac" ($850)

The second option is a 2018, i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Mac Mini from "MacOfAllTrades" for $879
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How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners
If you’ve ever had any interest in making money online, then there’s a high probability you have heard of affiliate marketing. It is currently one of the best ways to make extra money on the side. While most people have made a small amount of money from affiliate marketing, some have seen huge success. Affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective ways to develop a secondary income for marketers. With that in mind, it does take time to develop a strong network which is primed for affiliate marketing messages or simply has a high enough volume of traffic to convert leads into customers. For those seeking to venture into this passive income marketplace, this piece is for you.


Affiliate Marketing — What Is It?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a business model that pays you a commission each time you promote the products or services of others and successfully close a sale. An affiliate marketer is simply someone that receives a commission each time he promotes the products or services of others on their website. Some folks confuse these two words “affiliate” and “merchant” with one another. However, that is simply not correct. An affiliate as rightly stated above is a person that receives a commission each time he promotes products and services; while a merchant is a person that has or owns a product to be promoted.
To get a better idea of how an affiliate marketing program works, we will provide an example. An affiliate marketer can be likened to a real estate agent. The duty of the agent is to search for properties to be sold, promote them to his list of clients and earn a commission each time one of them makes payment for any of the properties promoted. The amount of money earned as the commission will depend on the cost of the property and the agreed percentage. With this example in mind, let’s explain how an affiliate marketer works.
• An affiliate marketer searches for products and services that can be promoted the same way the real estate agent mentioned in the above example would search for properties to advertise and sell. • An affiliate marketer has to understand the sharing formula (that is how much he/she earns each time he promotes a product and the customer ends up buying it). • With proper knowledge of the sharing formula, the affiliate marketer promotes or advertises the product or service. • Once a customer the affiliate marketer advertises to decides to make payment for the product or service advertised, the affiliate marketer earns a commission for that. • This process is repeated again and again by the affiliate marketer.
Bear in mind that there is no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate marketer. For example, if a merchant pays you $10 each time you refer a customer who makes a purchase for a product at his store. This means that if you refer 10 people, you get $100.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

While the affiliate marketing industry faces many challenges, the development of a decentralized solution can put an end to this. Users around the world benefit when there is not a middle man taking a hefty fee upon each section of the transaction. Since affiliate marketing can have slim margins, users are especially encouraged to take advantage of cheaper solutions offered by decentralized networks.
Individuals seeking to venture into this the passive money making business should follow these steps if they are to start earning a commission.
Step 1 — You Need To Pick A Niche
The famous saying goes, ‘there is riches in the niches.’ Follow this advice and seek out a niche! A niche simply refers to an area of expertise or interest. It is one of the most important things you have to do if you really want to make it in this industry.
There are a number of reasons why you should choose a niche. First, having a niche will ensure that you are able to identify your target audience. One of the reasons most people have not made a commission from affiliate marketing is because they have failed to identify their audience and this has to do with the lack of a niche. Secondly, having a niche will save you so much time.
When you have a niche, you are able to identify your target audience and create ads and content that they will relate to. It does not just save you time, it gives you a direction and purpose. To this point, there are a couple of niches you can choose from including the healthcare industry, technology sector, family services, entertainment industry, and many others. It’s critical to find a niche in an area you enjoy so that you have the willpower to go through the long process of building a network and foundation.
Furthermore, as a beginner, it is advised that you pick sub-niches inside those niches mentioned above. For example, in the health industry, instead of focusing on all health products, you can simply choose those that fall under the “fitness” category. This helps you narrow down your target audience.
Step 2 — Start A Blog
Once you have successfully picked a niche and sub-niche, the next thing to do is to start a blog. While you can promote affiliate products and services without necessarily owning a blog, if you want long term success in this industry, then owning a blog is of utmost importance.
Basically, a blog affords you the opportunity to interact with your readers, share helpful information relating to your sub-niche with them, and also help you build a subscriber base. In addition, blogging about your niche will give your readers the idea that you are an expert and so would definitely trust you enough to try out products you recommend to them. Instead of simply directing your affiliates to the merchant’s store, you could direct them to your blog first, help them see why getting this product or service from this merchant is better. When you do this, you do not only make money, you get loyal blog readers who trust your every word. This even opens an opportunity to advertise other affiliate products that may not be on your sub-niche from time to time.
Step 3 — Join An Affiliate Program
Once you have created your blog and have posted content relating to your niche, the next thing to do is to sign up for affiliate programs.
To ensure that you promote only original and helpful products to your loyal blog readers, it is important that you only join an effective and trustworthy affiliate program. Before picking an affiliate program, be sure to read the reviews and also inquire from others who have used the same platform before. Some of the merchants you promote their products may give you these products to try out first before advertising to your blog readers.
There are a couple of affiliates you can join:
• Clickbank affiliate • Amazon affiliate • Commission Junction • Linkshare • Impact Radius
Once you’ve joined any of these programs, you have to advertise your product and earn a commission each time your referral makes a purchase. The Affil Coin decentralized affiliate marketing platform will definitely change how this industry works, until then, this is the best way to get started. In closing, the team here at Affil Coin is happy to help where we can. So, if you ever have any questions, stop by the Affil Coin Telegram chat and talk to a member of our team!
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[FINDS] Petite list of Taobao finds: Dior, Jacquemus, Cult Gaia and more!

Hello ladies!
I've just shipped a haul and thought I'd share a few recent finds.
I haven't bought anything from this list yet so I can't speak for accuracy/quality and am not 100% sure on branding etc. Make sure to use an agent if that's something you care about, you can ask them to check with the seller for branding before placing an order. You might have to scroll to the side to see the whole text if you're on mobile.
Happy shopping!


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Cult Gaia Luna Shoulder Bag ¥188-198 in 3 tones of wood 156 reviews with pictures ? auth In the spirit of "dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have"
Cult Gaia Luna Shoulder Bag ¥147.63 one colour only 166 reviews with pictures ? auth A bit cheaper than the one above but only one colour available
Cult Gaia Ark Bag ¥288 multiple colours, 2 sizes 61 reviews ? auth The mint green is <3
Cult Gaia Lilleth Bag ¥299-329 in 10 different colours 47 reviews with pictures ? auth -
Dior Saddle Bag ¥138-318 in monogram or leather in various colours and sizes 199 reviews with pictures looks branded auth This shop allows 7 days no reason returns
Dior Book Tote ¥980-1180 4 designs available 39 reviews with pictures looks branded on review pics auth For when you're too poor for the GB
Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito ¥49-59 black, white, brown, yellow, blue and green, in 2 sizes 1007 reviews with pictures looks branded auth You're gonna have to get the rep, because the auth is sold out at ~£475
Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito ¥119 brown only 111 reviews with pictures looks branded auth Pricier version
Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito ¥180-190 in yellow, green, blue, black and orange, in 2 sizes 19 reviews with pictures looks branded auth Even pricier version if you're feeling fancy
Jacquemus Chain Detail Mini Bag ¥55 black only, mini size 365 reviews with pictures looks branded auth From the same shop as above.
Jacquemus Le Chiquiti ¥52 in multiple colours 0 ? auth Because you are lying to yourself if you're not jealous of giantsunhat 's tapir Christmas tree. Here's your chance to join RL royalty by decorating your tree with this year's it bag.
Jacquemus Le Chiquiti ¥69 in multiple colours 0 ? auth Features cat modelling shots, click this one if you prefer cute babies
YSL SDJ Souple ¥479-489 in black, white, pink, grey and blue, small and nano sizes 5 reviews not sure, likely branded auth Nano looks really cute, handles look alright
Unbranded DE Speedy ¥230 25cm or 30cm 58 reviews with pictures unbranded auth Good if you want to try out the sizes/style or use as a beater bag
Polène Numéro Un Mini on Aliexpress £21.38 in 3 colours 0 ? auth -
ASOS Larry the Lobster Bag ¥268 - 0 looks branded auth -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Versace Inspired Dress ¥209 S-M-L sizes, one colour 3 reviews with pictures not branded - -
Zimmerman Playsuit ¥188 S-XL sizes 856 reviews with pictures ? auth - similar Looks good on review pics!
Zimmerman Python Print Playsuit ¥158 S-M-L sizes 0 ? auth -
Dior Toile de Jouy Sweater ¥198 S-M-L sizes, red only 36 reviews ? auth - blue couldn't find the red Blue version here for ¥148 with 13 reviews with pictures
Dior Toile de Jouy Sweater - cheaper version ¥148 S-M-L sizes 107 reviews with pictures ? auth -
Another cheaper Dior Toile de Jouy Sweater ¥129 S-M-L sizes 9 reviews with pictures ? auth This shop allows 7 days no reason returns
Dior Toile de Jouy Dress with tie belt ¥466 one size, two colours 0 ? couldn't find the auth No idea if this is a legit design tbh
Dior Toile de Jouy Dress with fit and flare skirt ¥329 S-M-L sizes 0 ? couldn't find the auth Possibly a fantasy piece as well
Dior Toile de Jouy Long Skirt ¥326 in navy, M and L sizes 34 reviews ? auth Some interesting comparisons with other similar products in the listing description
Gucci Piglet Sweater ¥138 S to XL sizes 1347 reviews with pictures ? auth IT'S SO CUTE
Needle & Thread (Inspired?) Party Dress ¥238 S-M-L sizes, pink only 16 reviews ? auth - similar Can't tell if this is an inspired design or based on something from a previous collection.
D&G Rose & Peony Ruched Strapless Dress ¥198 S to XL sizes 33 reviews with pictures ? auth -
French Connection Pink Lace Dress - Inspired ¥329 XS to M, pink only 82 reviews with pictures not branded auth Vaguely "inspired by" but still a really nice dress.
Karen Millen Pleated Midi Dress ¥336 S-M-L sizes, blue or coral 0 ? auth Possibly grey market?
Sandro Paris Meissa Blue Knit Dress ¥246 S-M-L sizes, blue only 0 looks branded auth Possibly grey market?


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Tiffany Paloma Picasso Graffiti "love" Necklace ¥188 in yellow and rose gold 0 probably not branded auth -


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Fendi Karl Fur phonecase ¥ 40 various models/colours available 7 reviews possibly branded Couldn't find the auth Not sure if this is a real piece or fantasy
Slip silk pillowcase ¥358 in 2 colours 9 reviews with pictures looks branded auth -
Slip Silk Sleep Mask ¥248 in caramel, black and pink 5 reviews with pictures looks branded auth Features cat modelling shots
Unbranded Silk Pillowcases ¥79-139 in multiple colours 614 reviews with pictures unbranded - For when you're too poor even for the Slip reps but still want to be bougie
Fornasetti Candle Holders ¥28 2 designs available 122 reviews with pictures ? auth Would look nice as a make-up brush holder as well
Dior Oblique Twilly ¥79.99 in multiple colours 347 reviews with pictures looks branded auth They have one option with a white background and one with a beige background that is more accurate to the auth. Dying to buy this!
Dior Oblique Twilly - cheaper version ¥65-88 in navy or red 94 reviews with pictures looks branded auth The ¥88 navy option comes in a cute little box
Fendi F is Twillies ¥79.99 pink or blue 5 reviews with pictures looks branded auth Check out the rest of this shop for more branded twillies
Dior Toile de Jouy scarf ¥200 in 3 colours 0 looks branded auth I don't know if the colourful one is a legit colourway


Name/W2C Price Options Reviews Branded? Auth Notes
Konjac Sponges ¥ 75 2 types 3 reviews looks branded auth -
Real Techniques Make Up Sponges ¥36-135 multiple options available 10 reviews with pictures looks branded auth -
A teeny chair for your make-up sponges ¥9.90 2 colours 34 reviews - Not a rep -
Satin scrunchies ¥68-78 multiple colours available 232 reviews with pictures unbranded auth -
edit: removed the Dior Rodeo t-shirt which has incorrect branding, thanks oliviam123
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[Review] ❄️❄️❄️ Winter Haul Pt 1 - Clothing ❄️❄️❄️

This is part one of three? (Might not make it to the third, this is hard work) reviews I am planning to do on my "winter haul". The items come from a variety of sellers/sources and were all shipped through either Superbuy or Basetao. I thought it would be more convenient and cheaper than shipping items individually (it was). Each package was around 5kg after packaging removal - yes, that means there are 15kg of goods. Prepare yourselves, this will be long and I did not even review all the "babies".
Pics of all the "babies" together. Please excuse any fur or blurriness in my pictures.
For reference, I am 5ft2/157cm, 103lb/47kg. I usually wear a size US 0/XS, UK4, size 24 for jeans.

Alexander Wang Jean Hoodie (WeChat) - 640Y

My Pics| PSPs | Auth | W2C
Size: Small
Seller: EvilTwins (non TS) - WeChat
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: This was my first time buying from this WeChat seller. I got her contact information from an old RepLadies post that said she had 1:1 clothing reps. I've been checking her WeChat moments for a while. There are a lot of items which look like they are higher quality, but also at a higher price point (about $100-200USD for sweaters). Though there were a lot of pieces I liked, I was reluctant to buy because I had not seen any reviews for this seller before. I finally decided to GP this AW jacket because it wasn't too pricey annnnd... I guess it was nostalgia from my rebellious teenage years that made me think I needed a hooded denim jacket. I HAVE NO REGRETS!!
The denim is of really good quality - feels thick and tough, and the correct wash. The buttons are the same as authentic, black and smooth. It comes fully branded. The only "accuracy" issue is that the inside tag seems to be sewn on inside out. To my surprise, I couldn't actually button up the denim part when I put it on. At first I thought I had bought the wrong size, but when I look more at the auth pictures I don't think you're supposed to be able to do up the buttons. Kind of a weird design, but I can live with it.

Dolce & Gabbana One Piece Swimsuit (Weidian) - 255Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth??|W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy ??/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: This was my first Weidian purchase. I picked it because it was fairly cheap and a swimsuit - who QC's a swimsuit right??? I also just liked the pattern and thought it would be good for paddle boarding and other summer sports. I have this vision of myself on a boat wearing this swimsuit, a large brimmed hat, and dark sunglasses... Reality will probably be me sitting lakeside trying to stop my dogs from jumping on me because they have no manners. The pattern also doesn't really scream "Canadian wilderness," but no one really wants a swimsuit in the pattern of a Canadian boreal forest. Sadly, I cannot find the auth version so it might be a fantasy piece - I commend the designer who tricked me into thinking "this must be a real piece". It also did not come with branded tags. I guess I'm ok with that after this D&G debacle.
As for quality, it feels like a swimsuit? I have no complaints. It fits and looks great IMO and the stitching is nice. It comes with a 2-piece bikini. The one-piece suit has boob support cups and so does the bikini top but frankly, I don't have the boobs to fill it so I'll probably find another bikini top to wear underneath. The bikini bottom also has that protective lining for that 1:1 retail.

Burberry Ashurst Quilted Jacket, Black (TB) - 350Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth Actual Auth |W2C
Size: Medium
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 9/10| Accuracy 9.5 6.5/10 | Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: I think I am comparing this to the correct auth, but Burberry seems to have so many different quilted jackets. At first, I only found one with light coloured buttons but it turns out they make this version with black buttons as well. Overall the jacket looks decent, I don't see anything glaring. On closer inspection, it is missing buttons at the pockets and on the back strap. (-1) The back strap is also placed incorrectly. (-0.5) It ends at the back seams instead of extending further laterally. The pattern of the seams on the back is also totally different from the auth. There are three vertical seams on the back instead of two and they joint with the horizontal seam to make a square, instead of flaring into the sleeves. (-1) The hook clasp is silver instead of gold/bronze. (-0.5) There's a little black exterior tag that's missing. (-0.5). Buttons are branded and the interior logo looks correct. All in all, not very accurate but it's a forgiving piece so I still don't think it's definitely not calloutable.
The quality of the jacket is very good for the price. The label says it is polyester instead of a poly + poly/cotton blend like the original. Stitching is clean and there is good alignment. It isn't very thick or warm (not sure if auth is supposed to be), so won't suit Canadian winter but I hope to find use for it in the fall and spring. They smallest size available was medium so it is a bit big on me, but it means that I can wear a thick sweater underneath.
UPDATE: Thanks to u/giantsunhat for finding the correct auth of this item. I have updated the accuracy score

Zara Galaxy Dress (TB) - 79Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 5/10| Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I came across this dress after it was reviewed by another replady on this sub. She said she thought it might be grey market, so I figured "hey, why not". I don't usually wear clothes this lots of print/patterns, but I've been reading a lot of sci-fi lately and liked the idea of walking around draped in the galaxy. It comes with branded tags (see PSPs) but I think Basetao was a bit overzealous in their interpretation of "remove tags". The pattern looks pretty spot on. The quality is on par with Zara - light synthetic fabric, not overly durable, which is what I was expecting and why the quality rating is low. I like the fit - long and flowing. This might indeed be grey market.

The Row Patrew Cotton Blend Shirt, White (TB) - 280Y

My Pics| PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 36/S
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 9.5/10 | Satisfaction 7/10 - would be 10/10 if I had ordered the right size
Comments: This is from the TaoBao store JOC, which I've been creeping for ages, ever since I saw this sold out (:() Celine shirt. That Celine shirt is the reason I have a TaoBao account and downloaded Weibo so I could contact their customer service agents. Unfortunately, Weibo changed nothing. It was still sold out and I was never able to get it. Lesson learned! When I saw this button up shirt show up I did not delay. It seems that they do pre-orders for a lot of their items and they make them in limited batches so gone means gone. The store is also very popular. I ordered this shirt as a pre-order in September and it arrived at my Superbuy warehouse in early November - quite a long wait.
The quality of this shirt is pretty great. It's 97% cotton/3% spandex and super, super soft. It also feels thick, like an expensive button up shirt, but also lightweight. The stitching is neat. It comes branded JOCsi, including the buttons. I think the design is pretty much in keeping with the auth (I mean, it is basically a button up shirt). Pocket shape is the same. I think the materials are basically the same (Is elastane the same as spandex??), minus the satin (where?) (-0.5). Buttons are mother of pearl.
Sadly, it turns out I ordered the wrong size. Actually I just assumed I was a small because that's usually what I order, but I was so very wrong. This shirt is beyond oversized on me. I'm just swimming it in. I'm probably going to get it tailored because I like it so much and it's no longer in stock. Next time, I'm going to confirm the right size with the store or just go with a 34/XS.

Dior T-Shirt, Wheel of Fortune (TB) - 89Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C - don't
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 3/10| Accuracy 3/10 | Satisfaction -10/10
Comments: I am so disappointed with this shirt, even if it was dirt cheap. The wheel is so off. It looks like something I could have printed in my garage (exaggerating here, I don't really think I could print anything in my garage). The colours are very bold instead of faded. (-3) The design is really splotchy - I feel like it's been run through the wash a few times. (-5!!!) The fabric also feels stiff, thought if it wasn't rep-Dior I guess it would be average quality. There are some small positives: the calligraphy and back of the shirt look right, (+1?), it comes with branded tags. Won't be giving branded tags a +1 because the shirt is too calloutable IMO. I was pretty angry about this shirt when I got it, but I guess I can wear it to sleep, maybe in public if I'm feeling bold. I found another more expensive version on Weidian so I might GP that. I guess you get what you pay for, even in the TaoBao world.

Ganni Moulin Croissant Tee (TB) - 58Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: Small
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 8/10| Accuracy 9/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: Super. Duper. Cheap. The first link I had for this died so I had to reverse TaoBao search again. There weren't as many reviews when I first found the link, but I figured it was cheap so why not. I'm very happy with the purchase. The croissant is more centered than it should be (-1), but the lettering is nicely stitched. The shirt feels like cotton. It might be a little see-through, but less so than most of my white tees. I'll just remember to wear an appropriately colours undergarments. It comes unbranded.

Loewe Squirrels Cardigan (TB) - 188Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C (dead)
Size: Small
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 9.5/10| Accuracy 6.5/10 |Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I initially wanted to buy this sweater (because, Squirrels!) in September, but the original link died. Thanks to TB reverse image search I was able to find another seller. There were a few different price points, but I decided to take a chance with the cheapest one because I wasn't prepared to spend 400+ yuan. I was a bit nervous about the quality but was pleasantly surprised. The sweater is super thick and so warm. There are some loose threads on one of the button openings but otherwise no quality issues. I picked the smallest size and it fits oversized, which is what I was looking for.
The overall pattern seems pretty close, but I have noticed some inaccuracies. You can't really see the squirrel's "nut" (lolz) as clearly as in the auth, especially on the back (-0.5). On the rep it kind of just looks like the hands are in a ball. The "Loewe" edging along the middle and neckline is also too close so it doesn't align the same with the buttons (-0.5), however the general print looks correct. The "Loewe" along the sleeves is too small and the inside green knit is not folded close enough to the edge of the sleeve (-1). The knit/weave also seems tighter than the auth (-0.5) and I'm 99% sure it isn't mohair like the auth (-0.5). Also, it is "unbranded" i.e. improper tags! (-0.5) All of these details are pretty nitpicky in my opinion and I only really noticed after staring at auth pics back and forth. I don't really care because I love this sweater!! It was a great buy for the price and I would've been happy if I had paid twice the price (Ok maybe not as less happy because at this price it feels like a steal.) I get compliments on it all the time. People apparently love squirrels (and why shouldn't they?? They're so damn cute.) I'm contemplating buying the blue sweater version that's been floating in the rep world...

Sezane Barry Jumper, Wine Red (TB) - 253Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: One size
Agent: Superbuy
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 9.5/10|Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: The famous Barry jumper! Ok, maybe famous is an exaggeration but according to Harper's Bazaar and other sources it has a 30,000 person wait list. I am on said wait list (lol), but apparently can't execute my purchase fast enough to buy this sweater when it is in stock - actually I have only received one email notification in the past 9 months to tell me the sweater is available and by the time I checked my size/colour was sold out. I checked again while writing this review. It is still sold out. Thank goodness for TaoBao where scarcity is a myth (sort of - I'm looking at you dead links).
If you buy anything from this review, BUY THIS SWEATER. It is amazing, really. No loose threads, knit is just like auth and fits just like auth. It comes branded with tags. It feels like mohair. The tags might be slightly incorrect (-0.5), but it is still "fait avec amour." I can find nothing wrong with this cardigan and I want it in all colours.

Thom Browne-inspired Long Cardigan (TB) - 236Y

My Pics | PSPs | Comparable Auth 1 & Auth 2 |W2C
Size: S
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 5?/10|Satisfaction 10/10
Comments: I say Thom Browne inspired because I couldn't find an auth item like this. (-3) The quality is good. Fabric is soft and heavy, stitching is neat (what more can you want in a piece of clothing?). The edging on the cuffs and hem pretty much match Thom Browne designs. It is missing edging along the button holes (-1) and does not have sleeve stripes (-1). It seems like a sort-of hybrid of the two auths I linked to. It does not come branded Thom Browne. I love the length, below mid thigh for me, because I think it gives it a "swishy" feel. Oh, and it came with a fabric brush.

Frame Jeans, Le Skinny de Jeanne Black (TB) - 256Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 25
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 10/10| Accuracy 10/10|Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: These jeans have been reviewed before on this sub. Not sure why I decided to buy 25 instead of 24, I guess I thought I should size up because I do for all other apparel. Probably a mistake but I can still wear them, though I wish they were a little shorter and more fitted around the waist. I might re-order in a size 24. These are TTS and branded. The denim is thick and feels like good quality. The "raw stagger" is pretty "raw" looking, but it looks like that's how it is supposed to be.

Acne Jeans, Skin 5 Black (Weidian) - 248Y

My Pics | PSPs | Auth |W2C
Size: 25
Agent: Basetao
Rating: Quality 9/10| Accuracy 9/10|Satisfaction 9/10
Comments: Another Weidian GP. My strategy to avoid getting scammed on Weidian is to find a store with product I like that has a lot of repeat buyers, sales, and reviews, then pick some cheap product I like and use it as a GP. If the order works out, then I put the store on my "safe list." So far, I am 2/2. I have another 4 items in the works from different stores so we'll see how it goes. If they all turn out to be scammers, it will have been an expensive experiment but WORTH IT!!! **stubborn**
Anyways, about the jeans. I'm happy with the quality. They're stretch jeans and feel very similar to my Citizens of Humanity jeans. There are some loose threads along the back right pocket. (-1) They didn't have a size 24 available, so I sized up. I prefer very fitted jeans. These fit a little big, mostly around the crotch, and is a little long but still wearable without looking like they don't fit. They're TTS. Weirdly, the tags say different sizes but otherwise I was impressed by the amount of detail. Even the small metal rivets are branded.


Congratulations if you've made it this far and actually read all my comments - I warned you it would be long. If it makes you feel better, this was long for me too. I have this policy of "buy first, QC later" when it comes to clothes which can make it a real pain trying to find auth pics when I want to write a review. It is now time to move onto the nitty gritty: agent and seller reviews!
Here's a gratuitous dog pic to keep you going: DOG

Superbuy (Agent)

Rating 9/10
Comments: I've used Superbuy before and am very happy with their service. I like their web and app interface. Their customer service is good as well. I accidentally shipped a parcel to the wrong address and they were able to correct it before it shipped. They package and ship their items super quickly. I have used their "packaging removal" service three times and have never had any damage to my items. They pack items really well and keep the authenticity cards etc. My only negatives are the average quality QC pics and the pricey shipping. Also I can't seem to tip the packaging crew, sorry derekhuang!

Basetao (Agent)

Rating 7/10
Comments: I prefer the web/app interface from Superbuy, especially when I am browsing on my phone. Basetao doesn't really have a mobile-friendly version of their site. It is a bit more finicky to put in TB orders because it doesn't always account for "discounts", but I prefer them when buying from Weidian (no additional fee.) They also take much better QC pics and will add more without additional fees. I really like their agents. When I bought from Weidian for the first time they confirmed my purchase and sizing. They answer questions pretty quickly (usually within 12hours). Shipping is fairly easy, but you have to add any special requests as notes. They did a good packing job, similar to Superbuy.

EvilTwins (Non-TS) - WeChat Molly8953

Rating 9/10
Comments: Not chatty (cool with me, I'm also not chatty despite what this review may suggest), but efficient - good. Not scammed - extra good. Replies really quickly (min to hours) and in English. I sent her a pic of what I wanted and she made me a taobao link to pay. I completed the order using Basetao. This is quickly becoming my favourite way of paying WeChat sellers for smaller items (shoes, clothes, jewellery) because I get to skip the whole conversation explaining that I want something shipped to my (yes, *my\*) warehouse. If you're looking for higher quality clothing reps and want them fully branded, I would recommend this seller.

** LA FIN **

...until part 2 and 3 (maybe)
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[PSA] Free Kiehls sample pack!

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[Review] Taobao Haul feat. Hermès, Ferragamo, Burberry, Chanel, Tory Burch & bonus DHGate buy!

Hey y'all! This is my first TB review made up of a few hauls because of baby-stepping my way into RepLife in the beginning and then quickly getting into OUT OF CONTROL territory. I'm learning so much from everybody here -- you are all brilliant, really -- which is great because I'm a sponge for information I don't need to remember. Why remember a new acquaintance's name when you can remember the minutiae of what the inside of a designer shoe looks like? (W2C a useful memory?)
Buckle up for all the rambling -- I work remotely and sometimes I'm just SO ALONE so this is my daytime social activity for the day.

The PSPs I remembered to download (will add the rest once I can get Ytaopal to show them)
Photos of all babies

Hermès Parures de Samouraïs scarf
Orange ¥129 | Blue ¥188 | Auth $1,100
Backstory: I first saw this scarf styled on a blog as part of a giveaway. I didn’t win her contest, but I won in the end because I found y’all. No sour grapes here. W2C a few extra inches in height in exchange for waist size? Anyway, I like that it has a story because fun facts are fun: “The Parures de Samouraïs from Hermes was inspired by a privately owned collection of Samurai art based in Dallas. The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Samurai collection is the largest collection of its kind outside of Japan.” Very cool, and I like being full of useless information (hello, friends).
Quality: 9/10. I’m thrilled with the quality of these scarves. The silk on both is lightweight and luxurious and floats so nicely I want to buy a Vespa so it can flap behind me (like this but probably would be like this). The colors are vibrant, the rolled-and-whipped edge is even around the whole edge of both scarves, and the pattern placement is perfect.
Accuracy: 8-9/10. The pattern and scale are perfect from what I can tell. Several colorways exist, and I can’t say that they’re 100% accurate. The color combinations check out, though. The orange one’s print is not as crisp as the blue one’s — it’s definitely more accurate, but primarily when they’re side-by-side. The tags are nearly the same — the orange is listed as Made in China, while the blue is listed as Made in France.
Satisfaction: 10/10. Even if it were less accurate, I’d be fine with it because you’re tying/wrapping/otherwise concealing large portions of the scarf during wear. When I can afford great framing, I’d be happy to have this on the wall in my house.
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats *BIG FOOT ALERT\*
Ginger yellow matte leather and red wine patent, ¥218 each | Auth $575 (Colors medallion and wine not listed right now, but they exist)
Quality: 10/10. Honestly, I can’t find anything wrong with them. They’re very comfortable, they feel sturdy, they look great on. The glue is even, the grosgrain quality is excellent, the shine on the gold part is good. They fit beautifully — I typically wear a US 10-10.5 and ordered the 42. My feet are 26 and 26.2 cm, respectively, and I think I have weirdly tall toes? They don’t provide measurements for these but the length is right in many shoes that I can’t wear because they’re pressing down on my toes (and the next size won’t stay on). These have a generous toe box.
Accuracy: 8.5-9/10? They’re reps, so I feel like I can’t give them a 10/10, but again, I can’t find anything wrong with them. It’s been a while since I’ve tried any on, but from what I remember and looking at photos now, they’re excellent. The insoles look right, the bows look and feel right, the leather smells like leather, the toe shape is right, the vamp height looks right — feel free to correct me if I’m just thrilled and overlooking anything. The stamp on the sole looks like it could be a little shallow but it may just be light from not going outside yet and getting dirt stuck in there. I can find photos of the colors I got but can’t find them for sale, so that might be an issue as well.
Satisfaction: 10/10 LOVE these. My favorite purchase of this haul, and they’re such a good deal that I bought 2 more pairs today (patent navy, patent black). I’ve wanted these for a while but will not spend that kind of money on flats, and my samsquanch feet means that I never found any at vintage/thrift stores, even in very wealthy areas. I prefer the patent to the matte, but they’re both great. This is awesome!
Tory Burch Taylor camera bag
Brown, ¥418 | Auth original retail $350
I already owned this bag (link) and sort of passively wanted another color — it holds way more than it looks -- but felt like I should branch out. And then I found out I could afford to not branch out AND branch out! Anyway.
Quality - 9/10. It’s leather, but it’s a bit dry. I expect it will improve with Our Lord and Savior Lexol because that fixes all bags, right? The interior is good, the zipper is smooth. The strap is a bit stiff but I expect it will soften with use.
Accuracy - 8/10. I’ve seen Tory Burch bags that were this pebbled, but none of the photos showing this bag show it to be quite that big. You can see the contrast easily in photos. It’s a bit dull, but that’s fixable. The lining is exactly the same, as is the logo plate. The pockets are the same size and placement as the authentic. Again, the strap is stiff but it’s indistinguishable unless you’re feeling it. Even the dust bag is very similar. The logo is a little crooked, which I didn’t notice in my PSPs. I expect with wear this bag will lose some stiffness and that will become less noticeable.
Satisfaction 9/10. I wish the logo weren’t crooked but it’s not the end of the world. This is way better than buying an authentic one again. I bought this for when I need a slightly bigger going out bag and this does the job, and pretty convincingly.
Burberry scarf
Khaki ¥48 | Auth - ?? Closest is this, US $420
Quality: 8/10. The material is gorgeous and soft but seems a little shiny - I expect it will dull over time. The pattern is crisp, the edges are even, and the fringe is consistent.
Accuracy: ??/10 I can’t tell if this color actually exists in this scarf. It’s sort of a greige — it’s warmer than the gray and cooler than any of the camel shades. The color looks a little like this scarf, which is from a questionable website so who knows if it’s even authentic. The tag says 100% cashmere, but the 100% lightweight cashmere scarf on the Burberry site now has fringe on the long sides as well. It looks more like the lightweight check wool and cashmere scarf. The tag is… fine. Basically, the more research I do, the less real it looks. But the quality is good and the branding and pattern are proportioned correctly.
Satisfaction: 9/10. It looks great with a lot of things I want to wear. I plan to order the warmer version from them in the camel, which I expect will be closer to accurate. For the price, it’s fantastic. It feels great and is super versatile.
Burberry raglan sleeve open swing jacket
Apricot ¥480 | Auth ??
Bought this after someone here posted the link. I have 2 Burberry quilted jackets, one small and one medium, but I don’t know my numeric size. I first ordered the large, which is a US6 on the tag — I’m usually a 6, sometimes an 8 in other coats. I reordered in an XL, listed as US8, and it fits beautifully. The smaller went on fine but it was smaller in the shoulders and made the sleeves comically short on me. My mother and I will get to match! My childhood Laura Ashley mother-daughter outfit dreams are coming true!
Quality: 10/10. Stitching is even throughout. Buttons and gold hardware are branded. Material is stiff and feels like auth Burberry jackets I’ve handled. Belt and hardware are great.
Accuracy: ??/10: Why not buy first and then find out if it’s real later? If anybody knows what this is, I’d be happy to know (and anybody more familiar with Burberry, feel free to chime in). The closest I found is the Exaggerated Collar Cotton Gabardine Coat, but it’s not the same. From the back, they look VERY similar, and the shoulder construction, pocket placement, and scale are similar. The font on the buttons, tag and gold hardware is spot on. I don’t see any current jackets with this lining, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Placement of the lining seems right.
Satisfaction: 10/10 — so nice, I ordered it twice! I looked closely at all the details and it’s very well made, even if it’s a fantasy piece. I like having an open trench and I think the shape is interesting. Incidentally, even if this hasn’t ever existed, it’s arguably more believable because it’s not a rep of a more recognizable style.
Chanel cap-toe flats *BIG FOOT ALERT\*
W2C | Auth
Quality - 8/10. The leather is supple, soft and smells great. The sole is sturdy but the insole has a good amount of cushion, which is nice.
Accuracy - 7/10 I’m apparently big on ordering things I’ve never had in hand, so bear with me. From photos, there are two flaws I can spot - the edge of the leather sole and the heel are not black, but that can be easily solved with a marker if I decide it bothers me. The CC part of the logo on the sole is a little warped and it appears to be embossed slightly shallower than the authentic ones. Otherwise, the colors are spot on, the height and size of the logo on the toe is great, the logos are even, the bows are the right scale… All great. I think you can get away with shoes even more than other things because they’re so far away from people’s faces.
Satisfaction - 9/10. I wear a 10-10.5 (length nearly always says a 10, but I have… tall toes? Fat sister toes? I don’t know, but it’s weird). I ordered the largest size, a 42, and it’s just a little snug. I was able to stretch them enough to be comfortable and now I love them (using these shoe stretchers and spray). But I’m thrilled with these! I walk a ton and never change shoes for said walking, so I destroy shoes. I’m happy to have some shoes I’ve coveted without worrying about babying them.

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26
DHGate $43.92, free ePacket shipping | Auth $445
Ordered 10/16, Arrived 11/23.
Quality: 10/10. The canvas has a good sheen to it. The zipper is sturdy and glides effortlessly. The lining is also canvas and will wipe clean easily. Overall, it’s very durable and an excellent size for me.
Accuracy: 6/10. The zipper pull is the right size/shape/style but is matte rather than glossy. The zipper itself is the right color. The pattern is exactly the right scale but is orange (I didn’t know what y’all meant by that because I had only seen comments and not photos — I get it now). The Louis Vuitton stamp on the end looks like the one on my smaller bag. It does have a similar sheen to it, unlike some of the items reviewed here. No Lexol applied. Dust bag (sorry, not pictured) is close but not quite right. Too orange, cheaper material, but the branding is right.
Satisfaction: 10/10. I’m easy to please here. I have an auth Neverfull MM, my mother’s old Speedy 25, and the smaller makeup bag pictured. The color is definitely off, but otherwise it’s really good. I plan to use this primarily for travel or in my bathroom, where it won’t be near any auth pieces to compare it to. I don’t see the sense in spending a lot on a makeup bag in general, but it’s nice to have one this sturdy and durable. I’m happy with it. In the future, I might get a replacement zipper pull for it, but it’s not high on my list.

TB agent: Ytaopal
I can’t give a great shipping cost because this is the result of a few orders, but I shipped through EMS for almost all of it. I had a small package with some no-name jewelry and one of the Hermes scarves that I shipped via DHL because none of it was branded.
Agent service and communication: 10/10. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but working with Ytaopal was very easy. I can’t remember why I chose to use it over the others, but they ordered my items promptly, their PSPs are excellent quality, and they were easy to communicate with. My first Burberry coat had a small spot on the belt and I asked about it, they examined it further, determined it was a mystery stain, and got the seller to replace it for me. They contacted me when things were out of stock and asked if I wanted to get a refund or choose another color each time, which was easy. They were happy to provide additional photos and/or measurements for me, which I didn’t take advantage of, but I could see myself using that option in the future.
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Big TB haul– Maje, Sandro, Rag and Bone, Sacai, Celine/JOC, Hermes, Sezane, MaxMara, Make Up Forever, Lele Sadoughi, Ugg, Prada Shoes from Wendy

This review covers a two-part haul. My strategy with TB is either to buy grey market or buy the biggest size and tailor it down. All orders placed with Ytaopal (shoutout to Shmily, Alice, and team!).
Settle in because this is a long one. I started off strong with solid descriptions but my fingers got tired…the reviews at the bottom are shorter. I mostly have photos, except for some items that were presents that I wasn't able to get pics of.

- Stuff for Me

Photos of all the babies except the men's jeans and hat (sorry!)
PSPs (some of the pictures are no longer up on the Ytaopal site, so this is what I have)
Timeline: Ordered items 11/16 and 11/18 for one haul, second haul ordered 12/1
Package 1:
Shipped 11/26
Arrived 12/3
Weight: 6.1 kg
Shipping price: $86

Package 2:
Shipped 12/8
Arrived: 12/14
Weight: 2.18 kg
Price: $44

Shipping Agent Review: Ytaopal 10/10
I freaking love Ytaopal. I have email chains with Alice that are like 50 emails long. They are great with photos, super responsive, and speak great English. Alice took it upon herself to follow up with several sellers who were slow at shipping. I feel like maybe I am a difficult customer based on all my questions, but Alice is always really polite. She even told me not to worry, it’s her job to help customers.
On the items! Starting with the busts first.

Rag and Bone Men’s Fit 2 Jeans
Accuracy: 7/10. The closest auth. pic I could find is Glastonbury. These may be a rep of an old wash. I think the distressing is a little heavy, especially around the pockets. None of the jeans I see online are this obviously whiskered.
Quality: 9/10: These jeans are thick and appear quite well made. Based on quality alone I would believe they are auth. Rag and Bone.
Satisfaction: 0/10. SO TIGHT. My boyfriend immediately lol’ed. His calves looked great though. The main issue is that the waist was a bit big vs. the legs so these would only fit a bigger guy who wears tight jeans.

Prada Flatform Brogues from Wendy
I had these sent to Ytaopal so they came with my other items. I did not receive QC pics but I have added the factory pic to the Imgury album to compare
Accuracy: 7/10. I think these are pretty close. The inner font (which you can't see because I'm not taking the shoe stretchers out) is a little light on the inside. The outside might be a bit too light vs. the auth pics I found. If anything, the detailing/perforations look messy vs. the auth but I don't care. I bought these because I liked the look a lot, not because they are reps.
Quality: 6/10. The laces are crap quality and attract lots of dust/pill. The shoes are likely not leather. They feel pretty plasticky. The shape of the shoe is also pretty uncomfortable (narrow, not much height in the toebox).
Satisfaction: 0/10. THESE ARE SO SMALL. I ordered a 36, which I almost always am, and these are two sizes too small. These shoes just aren't made for real feet. They feel like plastic and are too stiff to walk well in. I'm so sad. I would not reorder even in 2 sizes larger because I just don't think they could be comfortable.

Celine Pants (Inspired by, not real rep)
Auth: Check the pictures on the TB page for the pics of the auth this piece is inspired by.
Accuracy: 8/10. -1 because these are not branded. -1 because I think the material is a little stiff compared to the pics of the auth on the page. Other than that, these are pretty darn close to the auth look. I feel like the auth drapes slightly better and maybe has more room for hips but in general I feel like these are good.
Quality: 9/10. The clothes from this store are A+. The material on these is thick and the garment overall feels solid. There’s a nice half lining to each leg. The only quality issue is some of the stiches have caused the seams to pucker slightly.
Satisfaction: 5/10. These pants do not accommodate hips. I got a 42 because I have a 80 cm waist and ~100 cm hips. These pants are too big in the waist and not big enough in the hips, meaning I have to pull them up pretty high. Can’t wear anything tucked in because I look like Steve Irkel. Added bonus: the translation calls these “breast milk pants.” Dead.
Seller rating: This seller is slow AF to ship and doesn’t respond to agent chats. The item page usually says how long it takes to ship each item, so that’s helpful. I asked the seller to shorten these and I believe he/she did. I could understand that holding up the item, but the other thing I got from this store also took FOREVER to ship for no apparent reason.

Celine Sweater (inspired by, not rep)
Auth pics on seller's page
Quality: 7/10. The material is sooo luxurious. I could easily see this as an expensive sweater at Saks. I don’t really like wool and this isn’t scratchy at all. The seams are intricate and well done, and the fabric is thick and soft. With time, I’ve noticed a little pilling, which is annoying but not uncommon. Taking off -3 for pilling because I’ve only worn it a few times.
Accuracy: 7/10. -1 for no branding. -2 for garment length and shape. I think the body is too tapered compared to the auth. and slightly too short. The waist is pretty fitted. The arms also seem to be a little long/bulky compared to the auth pics. Maybe this is because I’m short with short arms.
Satisfaction: 6/10. This sweater does not go with everything. I’ve been wearing it French-tucked into wide leg pants and it looks cute. I don’t like the shape with it fully untucked. It looks like an odd batwing top.
Same seller as the above pants and same annoying shipping issue.

Ugg Minis
Accuracy: 7/10. -1 for the tag having slightly messy font. I’m not sure the color on the tag is accurate either. -1 for accuracy issues related to quality. -1 for the seams being too thick. The bottom branding actually appears correct. These are totally passable despite my picky rating.
Quality: 5/10. The sheepskin inside is good, but not on par with how thick/soft the auth is, so -3. The outside seemed ok, but I wore them a few times, and it’s not as thick as the auth, and is creasing oddly. -1 for that. Some of the sheepskin inside came out on my socks. -1.
Satisfaction: 7/10. Honestly, these are pretty darn good. I love Uggs for the feel, not the look, so I would not repurchase but if you want the look with most of the feel, go for it. They really aren’t bad but I wanted to be honest, especially for something that is commonly repped.

Sandro Dress
Accuracy: 9/10. -1 for no tag. I believe this item is grey market based on the quality and sizing. Ordered a 3 which is not super fitted and I like that. I’m a US 6 so this could also fit a US 8. Sandro sizing is not inclusive.
Quality: 10/10. This is most likely grey market given how thick/soft the top part is. No quality issues.
Satisfaction: 11/10. I LOVE this dress. It’s so warm and cute. I got it taken in at the waist for $$$$ which made me want to cry. But at least it’s the right length now. My tailor side-eyed at the lack of branding but WHATEVER. I told him I got it at a sample sale in Paris because I’m fancy.

Celine Turtleneck (inspired by)
Auth pics on seller’s page
Accuracy: 8/10. -1 for no branding, -1 because the shoulders have a little too much fabric vs. the auth. Otherwise the color and the style seem close enough.
Quality: 10/10. No seams so it looks super cool, really soft and comfy, no pilling.
Satisfaction: 8/10. It’s a grey turtleneck. I don’t love how long the body is or how wide the shoulders are but it’s versatile and will definitely last.

Sacai Top
Accuracy: 9/10 -1 for no hang tag, has a care tag that appears to match the auth. Otherwise identical. This may be grey market? I think Sacai stuff is made in Japan but it’s possible this is made in China and finished in Japan. I was shocked with how accurate this is. The store has a ton of Sacai stuff.
Quality: 9/10. -1 for some hanging threads. Other than that, great quality.
Satisfaction: 10/10. I got a size L and it’s a bit oversized. I think a US 8/10 could wear this. I love the fit since I wanted it roomy/swingy.

Maje Top
Accuracy: 10/10. This is definitely grey market. Tag is cut and this store sells grey market Maje/Sandro.
Quality: 9/10. This rating is based on Maje not always being great quality. The lace is a little stiff, especially at the collar where it folds strangely but otherwise this is good quality.
Satisfaction: 10/10. Body was a little long but I hemmed it and now it’s perfect! I got a size 3 which is a bit oversized for a US 6 but fits the girls the way I want.
SIDE NOTE: Both grey market items I got from this store are now listed on their respective store websites as being from the new collection. I saw both of these on sale 2 months ago. SO SHADY. I’ll never buy auth Maje or Sandro again.

MaxMara pants
Accuracy: 8/10. Didn’t realize these were MaxMara reps until they arrived. I can’t find the auth online so I’m going off the auth MaxMara I own. -1 for no tag. -1 for the font being off on the inner lining. Honestly, this store is doing its best. I’m v impressed that they did MaxMara branding on the inner waist and buttons. These could pass for auth with someone who doesn’t shop there much.
Quality: 8/10. -1 for weird fit at the waist/tightness in the leg. -1 for some slight pilling at the thighs. Soft, solid pants other than this. They are large in the waist and tight in the leg (I ordered a L) but I definitely have thighs. They loosened up a little from when I first put them on. They fit pretty close to the pics especially since the inseam is laughably short. I have a 23 inch inseam at the ankle and these are right there. Ladies over 5’1’’ do not order!
Satisfaction: 9/10. The waist is a bit odd so I don’t love these with tucked-in shirts but they are super cute with sweaters and boots or for work. Definitely a good buy!

Non-Rep Fur Hat
Someone else on here recommended this. I got it in the adult plush version so the inside is really soft.
Quality: 9/10. I’ve accidentally pulled some of the pom fur out so clearly it’s not perfect, but it’s super warm, and cute, with a huge fur pom pom for $9. What more could you ask for?
Satisfaction: 10/10. I get so many compliments on it and I brought it to the office White Elephant and people loved it!

– The Presents – Sezane, Lele Sadoughi, Hermes, Rag and Bone

Photos of all the babies except for the earrings and brushes and Maje skirt (sorry!)
The below are items I purchased as presents! Satisfaction is in the eye of the recipient. I think these were all appreciated and have been worn many times since Xmas!
Sezane Barry Sweater
Quality 5/10 – This is just ok. -1 for being thin (related to accuracy), -1 for having tons of pieces of thread inside, -1 for pulling at buttons, -1 for being able to see from the outside where the tag is sewn, -1 for messy seams. This will probably be fine on but it’s not as soft and thick as my auth sweaters in the same material.
Accuracy 7/10 – This is fairly accurate. -1 for thin fabric that doesn’t drape like the auth. -1 for the tag font being slightly off. I believe the tag placement on the inside front collar is correct. -1 for the color being slightly lighter than the auth. No one will notice since they’ve made this in a ton of colors. I have to disagree with others who say this runs small. I found it to fit a 6 well in the one size.

Hermes Scarves
Auth (I'm not sure the exact names of these scarves)
Quality – 8/10 – Good quality! Silk is pretty thick and smooth. -1 for uneven edges (maybe this is more accurate to some extent?) -1 for the stitches appearing a little weak/uneven.
Accuracy – 5/10 – These are not branded (-2). -2 because the edges are supposed to roll inwards. This is a dead giveaway that this is a rep. -1 because these are a little light on the reverse side vs. the pics I have seen of the auth. The front side designs seem well done to me! If I hadn’t looked this all up, I would just think they were exceptionally pretty silk scarves.

Rag and Bone Jacklin Dress
Accuracy 10/10 – This is definitely grey market. The tag is cut out and the details are on point, including branded buttons. It fits true to US sizing (I am a 6 and the medium is a tiny bit oversized, which is the look). EDITED: Now I’m not sure it’s grey market because I think the auth has a way to snap the buttons such that the dress comes up more? Idk but it’s great anyways.
Quality 10/10 – BUY THIS DRESS. The silk is so lovely and soft, the buttons and stitching are excellent, and it drapes well.

Lele Sadoughi Earrings
Accuracy: ? I don’t see an auth of these and she makes so many earrings. They are easily passable. No branding on the earrings or box.
Quality – 7/10. Taking off a few points because these are lightweight plastic. The rings appear sturdy enough but I’m not sure how they will hold up. Good for the price and definitely cute.

Maje Skirt
Accuracy: This is grey market.
Quality: 10/10. Super soft, thick, no issues as far as I can tell. Maje runs small tho especially for this item. A 3 barely fit my sister who is a 6/8.

Makeup Forever Brushes
Accuracy: 8/10. The font is off vs. my auth brush and the color of the wood is slightly different. My brush is old so those might have changed on the auth as well. These are easily passable.
Quality: 10/10. SO SOFT AND STURDY. I love love these brushes and bought them as presents for my sister. They are my go-to brushes now. No hair falling out or other issues – have been using mine for about 6 months.
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Hello /r/NoMansSkyTheGame! IT'S LAUNCH DAY! Here are some important links, information, and reviews on the game. Please take a moment and have a read!

Hello explorers!

It's finally launch day for No Man's Sky! It's been almost three years coming. Here I have compiled some important information and links that you should all check out before starting your journey here at /NoMansSkyTheGame. List of reviews are at the bottom!
Things to check out for the subreddit:
Information about the game:
Where to buy the game:
Reviews of No Man's Sky:
If you notice a review that we haven't put up here yet, make a top-level comment so that I can add it! send me a PM with the link. I turned off inbox replies cause I've gotten like 200 just from this thread.
And that's all! Thanks for reading this, fellow cosmonauts. Happy exploring!
Much love, your mod team,
r0ugew0lf, llehsadam, Trentosaurus, secret_online, DarthGrabass, TheSeaOfThySoul, SDJ67, omniqix, Arrogant_Facade, mjrpereira, The_Music
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[Review] GGDB Francy Hi-top from Taobao

My pictures | PSP
Auth | Auth with "GGDB BRKLN NY"
Price: $42 purchased with Superbuy.
Shipping: $30 via USPS Air Mail (this was the cheapest option).
Purchased: 10/08
Arrived in warehouse: 10/12
Delivered (NYC): 10/27

Quality: 9.5/10
I'm taking -0.5 off because I wish the shoelaces were longer, but this is an easy fix.
Listen, I am incredibly impressed and pleased with these. I was concerned that the glitter might fall off easily, but I have literally not seen a single speck of glitter come off; it is extremely well constructed in every way. There is a strong factory smell to these shoes but after airing it out for a day, it's 90% gone.
Accuracy: 9.5/10
I am taking -0.5 off because I believe the "Made in Italy" bit on the tongue is supposed to be in a smaller font, and there's not much space between 'in' and 'italy'. I almost thought it said 'initially' lol; I'm glad it doesn't. Honestly I don't care.
These shoes are pretty much 1:1. This entire TB store is a gold mine for 1:1 reps of GGDB. Before purchasing, I looked at every. single. picture. the reviewers on the store posted and compared them with their authentic counterparts.
As pictured, it comes with a branded draw string bag and 2 additional dust bags to store the individual shoe in. Also comes in the original box which was unexpected as well as a “certificato”. So fancy.
Satisfaction: 1000000/10
I don't think I've ever been more happy with a purchase. This was an extremely productive purchase for the price and I am already scouring for the next pair to buy from this store. I have absolutely 0 complaints.
Agent service/communication: 10/10
Didn't really communicate with them or ask for extra pictures. They bought the item pretty much within like 5 hours of placing the order.

I really hope this review will be helpful to anyone planning on purchasing a pair, it would be cool to see more GGDB reviews on this sub!
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[Review/Find] Smoll Taobao Haul + Finds (Theory, hair accessories, jewelry)

I am finally getting the hang of taobao!
Here are some of my random taobao finds + reviews for my mini haul at the end. They are mostly clothes and some random things I thought I needed
***Disclaimer** I haven't yet purchased from these shops! Please shop at your own discretion!
Kenzo dress Auth
sandro lace top auth so cute! for that boho chic look
maje cassi lace top auth love the tie neck detail
Red Valentino multicolored floral dress auth if I did not care about being practical I would so get this
maje daisy dress auth
maje daisy midi skirt auth
Ted Baker lace sundress auth so dreamy
Ted baker colorblock bomber jacket (I can't find auth) so colorful
Faux-wrap dress? I don't know what this is a rep of but I want it
non rep linen shirt

Accessories and random things!
Les Nereides love necklace with flowers auth
half-slip for when you get an unlined taobao dress
Nipple adhesives for those times when you want to wear skimpy dresses without showing nip


APM Meteorites Necklace | my pics | 89 CNY (13.31) | [W2C]| [AUTH] | Quality 9/10 | Accuracy 8/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Satisfaction: So sparkly! I saw this on another user's review and had to get it. It is so cute and will look great with simple outfits for that needed bling.
Accuracy: The pendant looks pretty close to pics on the website (I haven't counted the stones or anything), and the back of the pendant is branded with apc and has the 925 marking, as well. The adjustable slider isn't branded or studded with rhinestones like it looks like from the website pictures.
Quality: I am not 100% sure it is silver, so we will see! It looks so pretty though and sparkly. It looks well made, and the clasp works well. It arrived in a small zip lock pouch, with the pendant in a smaller zip lock bag.
(I also ordered this item twice because I selected the wrong shipping method -- double check your orders everyone!)

Les Nereides bird necklace| my pics| 95.20 CNY ($14.2) | [W2C] | [Auth]| Quality 8/10 | Accuracy 9/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Satisfaction: I am loving all the necklaces! I love this cute necklace. I don't wear earrings, bracelets rarely look good on me, and I would lose rings all the time if I wore them, so necklaces are really my jewelry options! I asked for no boxes, but it came in the cutest pouch that looks pretty accurate!
Accuracy: The necklace itself looks pretty accurate. The stone is rounded, not flat, and it has all colors where they should be. The leaf and the flower bud are touching on mine, but it really isn't too noticeable. The bird is beautiful! The stone is a glittery deep navy, almost black. The detail on the bird and the leaf is pretty good! I can't really say what the clasp looks like bc I have not seen the auth, but it is branded.
Quality: Not sure if the necklace is gold-plated, but the clasp works well, the chain looks fine, and the craftsmanship is good.

Anthro bobby pins | [my pic] | 29.9 CNY ($4.47)| [W2C]| [Auth] (sold out)| Quality 8/10| Accuracy 10/10| Satisfaction 8/10
Accuracy: They are probably gray market, as they look identical to the pictures
Quality: but they look somehow tarnished? It might just be the light.
Satisfaction: I thought they would be smaller, but these are pretty large! I am not too sure how to wear them, but I think they will look cute in the summer with a messy bun. They came with a random paper that said "anthro" which I doubt is real, so not really suitable as gifts unless you are packaging them separately.

Anthro night sky| my pics | 39 CNY ($5.83) | [W2C] | [Auth](sold out)| Quality 8/10 | Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 8/10
Accuracy: They are probably gray market, as they look identical to the pictures
Quality: The moon barette looks pretty good, although the back has some slightly tarnished parts that will be hidden when I wear them in my hair. I am not too sure how sturdy the clasp will be.
Satisfaction: I was really looking forward to these! The star bobby pins are cute! They just came in a ziploc bag, so I wouldn't get them for, you know, a gift.

Random claw clip| my pic| 12.6 CNY (1.88usd) | [W2C](sold out in gunmetal) | [Auth] | Quality 10/10 | Accuracy 10/10 | Satisfaction 10/10
Quality: super sturdy, clasps hair well.
Accuracy: this is probably gray market, as well. They are identical to the ones in the aliexpress store mentioned in this review so if you prefer taobao or are looking to round out a haul, here you go!
Satisfaction: I used to love claw clips in the early 00s so this really takes me back. Look for youtube tutorials on how to wear them! I like to wear them with a messy bun. cute and practical!

Theory Oaklane Silk Trench | my pics|799 CNY ($119.5) | [W2C]| [Auth]| Quality 9/10 | Accuracy 8/10 | Satisfaction 8/10
Oh boy. What a roller coaster ride. Prepare yourselves for a legit essay! This coat is the exact reason why I went for this haul! I saw this haul in another review by u/steeringcommittee (is this creepy if I randomly link you?) and had to get it! I am a sucker for natural fabrics and silk so I had to get this! I originally wanted navy so that I could wear it with jeans, and I am a size P. I did a TON of image searches on taobao, with different colors and images, and I also did generic searches with "TH" + "windbreaker" or "trench coat" (in Chinese via Google Translate). Finding the exact color and size combination was super hard, as you will see below.
Attempt 1. I purchased from this store, because it said that had all sizes and a lot of colors available. The seller messages me the next day (I didn't even know you could message sellers directly!) and states that they were out of navy, size P (XS) but would you want the apricot/beige? I said sure, as long as it is a size P. They then said that they don't apricot in P and agree to refund me. The refund is processed quickly, but I am out $10 because of transaction fees/exchange rates.
Lesson learned: If you aren't using an agent who will do this for you, ALWAYS message sellers via the Aliwangwang app before purchasing, especially if it is gray market and stock may fluctuate. It's annoying because you have to download a separate application, but it is worth it just to save yourself future headaches! It's just like using a messenger app like msn (what a throwback!).
Attempt 2. After more futile searching, I realize that there are no P sizes left in the color that I want. I decide to go with size S. I find the store linked above. I messaged the seller ahead of time. They confirmed that it was 100% silk, dark blue/navy, and that size S was in stock. The pictures looked black to me, but the description said "navy" so I just went with it.
Wrong color? The trench coat arrived, and the first thing I noticed was that it was black! I half expected this, and have kind of come to terms with it.
The next thing I notice is that the tag is cut. (Cool, that's a sign of gray market, right?) I then notice that the garment care tag refers to a completely irrelevant item (a silk shell), and has a weird sizing tag (S on one side, P on the other -- you can see this in the imgur album).
Silk? I am now doubting if the item is indeed silk, as was described, or a very good rep. I take out all my other silk items I had, trying to see if I can spot or feel any differences between my other silks and this coat. Honestly, I really can't because they all feel slightly different according to how they were woven.. I also know that high quality polyesteacetate feels pretty similar, as well. I look for any pieces of stray fabric or threads hanging out so I can do a burn test. All the seams are pretty well done, except for some flaws in attaching the belt loop. (Ok, I am back to thinking this is gray market - otherwise who would sell an item that is flawed like this?) I then turn the pockets inside out, and voila! I located some loose thread from the fabric. I perform the burn test. The threads ball! It smells like burning squid/hair! The ball disintegrates into ashes! I double check with another silk fabric I have just to be sure. It is indeed silk! If the lining of the pockets is silk, literally the least important part of the garment, then the other parts are also probably silk, as well!
Gray market? It is silk, it has a few tiny flaws, and I don't think manufacturers would make something with this fabric in this sizing scheme if it wasn't gray market. I am still kind of unsure about the wrong tag, but perhaps it was rejected earlier before the correct tags could be branded? All the details are correct, and I just noticed that the coat (both auth and gray market) have just one storm flap haha. The other details like stitching, the slit in the back, sleeve detail, collar shape, etc. are the same. I am 99% sure this is gray market, but take this with a grain of salt.
Conclusion? Even though it wasn't the exact product I ordered, I am pretty happy with it. I can still kind of wear it with jeans, and the sleeves are a tad too long I have too many black jackets and coats, but how may is too many anyway? I will channel whatever nyc vibes I may have. Now I have a trench coat in a color and size that is not what I originally wanted, but cool. I can make it work.
Taobao Direct Service and Communication - Rating 8/10
My whole haul came in a small plastic bag. It couldn't have been more than 1 kg, but I am pretty sure they overweigh items, perhaps with the whole packaging included, then take out the packaging and send it along. I messaged the Taobao warehouse through Aliwangwang if they could reweigh, and the customer service agent just mentioned that they weighted the items individually. Shipping is pretty cheap for the stated weight, though.
The package gets transferred to UPS Innovations once it gets through customs. This time the package came in through Kansas!

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[REVIEW] TB "I Deserved It" Haul [1/2]: Celine Jewelry, Mulberry, Gucci, Reformation, Unbranded & more

welcome to part one of my TB haul~*~*~* about the same time i discovered that i had no clothes was the time i discovered this sub. so i fixed my own problem and now i have things to wear, yay! sit back and get a coffee bcos this is gonna be a long one. as a note, i don't knock off points for being a rep.

i am basically chinese sizing but in a bonus long af torso edition.
superbuy rating
agent service and communication: 9/10
show me the babies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [ family photo (SRRY IT SUCKS my mother started putting away her items and i had to collect them hastily) / album with all the psps]
mulberry small amberely satchel, black classic grain [ w2c / auth / my pics] ¥ 700
gucci supermini velvet dionysus, navy blue [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥ 351
céline plate hoop earrings, medium gold [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥ 48
céline regular degular shmegular hoops, gold [ w2c / auth can't find srry / my pics ] ¥38
lucy williams x missoma roman arc coin necklace, cross chain [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥ 128
chanel scrunchies, 2.5 whitening rhinestone [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥ 38.50
ac for ag navy blue skinny jeans, size 25 [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥188
réalisation par the naomi skirt, size s [ out of stock srry / auth / my pics] ¥398
reformation lockhart top, "apricot color", medium [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥69
reformation gaia bodysuit but just the top (THANK THE HEAVENS), medium [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥ 44
sézane cassie jumper, small [ w2c / auth / my pics] ¥ 228
t by alexander wang long sleeve, small [w2c/ auth / my pics ] ¥122
cotton / wool basic cardigans, small [ w2c / my pics ] ¥98
navy blue light cable knit sweater, 4 yards(?) [ w2c / my pics ] ¥ 168
"""silk""" camis, medium [ w2c / my pics ] ¥ 58
shiseido foundation brush [ w2c / auth / my pics ] ¥15

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Know about 10 most significant growth hacking strategies for 2019

Growth hacking has changed the way marketers look at marketing today. The great part about growth hacking is that you can achieve high levels of growth without spending too much time, efforts and money.
'One of the best ways to understand growth hacking is to do growth hacking. -Neil Patel
So let's dive deep into the top 10 most effective growth hacking strategies for 2019, which every growth hacking agency follows!
Strategic Content Marketing
'62 % of millennials said that their online loyalty towards a brand is driven by online
content: -NewsCred Study
Content creation is not a new trend. But businesses need to revamp it. You must make it strategic. Your business needs to be dressed with content that suits it best.
Don't just create content on anything and everything. Just having a content marketing strategy is not enough. Make sure it reaches the right people in the proper sense. Before starting with content creation, keep these things in mind:
-Who's your target audience?
-What makes you better than your competitors?
-How your content will be useful to your readers?
-How will it make your readers come back to you?
After coming out with answers to these questions, curate your content keeping it finely tuned with your business model.
•Use Content Gap Analytics
•Use Content Analysis Tools
•Publish content every week. It's indispensable to organize your content schedule. You can use tools like HootSuite, CoSchedule, Zoho Social, etc.
•Answer questions on Quora and Reddit. Pique curiosity and address concerns.
•Guest post on influential websites.
•Content is judged at a glance. The average human has usually an attention span of eight seconds. So put visuals and give weight to the format.
•Use content upgrades in exchange for contact information.
• When posting content on social media, you can tag the writers or any other concerned person.
• Perform a content audit to know which type of material or distribution channel has been working or not.
Take HubSpot's content strategy, for instance. The million dollars valued company owes to its content marketing strategy. It incorporated three things: content upgradation, relatable content and a content sharing hub.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is an authentic way to connect with customers, and it's continuously evolving to fit in today's social media - savvy world. It just adds a bit more fuel to 'the word of mouth policy'.
'39 % of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budget.'
- a study conducted by Linqia
It is the fastest-growing customer acquisition method.
Please consider these questions before giving a shape to your influencer marketing strategy.
- Does the person's persona match your brand's?
- Does the influencer only has to reach a vast audience or he can reach potential customers? Identifying the type of influencer is a must. So set clear expectations.
And yes, don't underestimate the power of micro-influencers. You must make them a part of an aggressive marketing strategy. Twitter reported that about 40% of people decide to buy an item after being influenced by an influencer's tweet. That's the power of micro-influencers. Gifting and unboxing is an excellent approach to Influencer marketing.
Take the example of this retail company, Lo & Sons. They gifted free products to influencers having 100,000 followers or more and asked them to create sponsored content for the campaign. Influencers promoted this campaign by posting pictures with campaign-specific hashtags.
3) Influencer takeovers too have a significant impact. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority are hiring DJ Khaled to acquisition their Snapchat account helped them to get 3,50,000 views in just two days.
Email Marketing
'The average email marketing ROI is 122%.'
-E-marketer(It's four times higher than any other digital marketing channel)
What a great driver of the revenue! This makes it imperative to have a powerful email marketing strategy.
-Personalize your emails. Address the reader by name. It will increase open rates.
'47 % of all emails are opened because of their subject line.'
-Experian Study
-Use real names while sending emails instead of the company name. It will improve credibility and help build relationships.
-To make the above technique more effective, add an image to the Google+ profile.
-Segment your database by company size, industry and sales cycle.
'All key email marketing KPIs perform better when you segment your email list.'
- A HubSpot study
Gamification is an exciting way to add buzz to your business. You need to cater to the needs of today's customers with gamification.
New content increased RoI, engaged users. Gamification is the one-stop solution for all these. You can very easily add an element of fun in your Marketing strategy. Consider these:
1 Using bars or profile strengths
LinkedIn uses the completeness bars which motivates users to complete details to their profiles. In other words, it encourages users to score better.
2 Contests
Contests are a very budget-friendly way to engage your customers. E.g. at the time of launch of Neo Range, Adidas invited people to post a picture inspired by Adidas using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. The best Instagrammers were given lucrative prizes. And guess what? This campaign helped shoot Adidas' New Range page's followers to another 70,000.
3 Loyalty programs
Reward programs are very enticing.`` My Starbucks Reward Program' is the perfect example of how you can design your loyalty program. They have such a crisp set of rules which appeal much to a customer. At the same, it's a great way to earn customer retention.
'Gen Z doesn't know a world before mobile technology.'
- Business Insider
.40% of time spent on the Internet is through mobile technology. Channel this!
-Incorporate a Q.R. code on your printed paper ad. This is what Nissan did to promote its new electronic car. You can link this code to your blog or any fantastic content you have generated.
-'70 % of Mobile searches have to lead to an action to a website within 1 hour of searching.'
You can't ignore SEO
-Create mobile-friendly sites.
-Mobile ad spends expected to represent 72 per cent of all digital ad spend in the U.S. by 2019.
-Hosting facts
-Mobile Ads
Utilize mobile analytics tools which come with features like behavioural segmentation, finding patterns in App store reviews, mobile attribution, etc.
-'Global average open rate of SMS is 94%.'
Don't mistake the massive reach of a text message.
A/B Testing
Sometimes even the best laid out plans don't work out as expected. That's where you need a/b testing.
Every kind of business needs more out of its existing traffic. A/B testing is showing two variants to similar visitors at the same time. The option which leads to a higher number of conversions will be considered the goal achiever. You can test anything from paragraph texts to u/x sequences.
The former U.S. President Obama was able to raise $60 million for his election campaign just through a/b testing and optimizing the website accordingly.
'The beauty of A/B testing is that it exists to allow us to make decisions that are based on real behavioural data rather than presumed knowledge about our customer bases.'
Google Analytics
We just need a direction before we head towards the implementation of a plan. For this, we need to analyze data.
Some of the questions that you need to set clear before going ahead with a plan are:
1) What's the most visited page on your website?
2) How many people visit your site daily?
3). How many of them are repeat visitors?
When you have clear answers to these questions, you will have better chances of success. Google Analytics is the one-stop solution for this.
It is a pack of data analytics tools, which include Analytics Intelligence, data analysis and visualization, data collection and management, data activation, integration. It will give you a complete picture of your audience.
A call to action is a piece of text or a button that prompts your visitors to take some work. You need to have a killer set of CTAs to get a fantastic response from visitors. CTA is a conventional marketing tactic that is here to stay. Its primary goal of driving conversions hasn't changed, but you need to continuously evolve its usage to sync with today's customers' psychology.
1) Use action words
2) Keep feelings and emotions in mind while designing CTAs
3) Highlight benefits
4) Quench curiosity
5) Make it sound like an invite
Example 'Read more', 'Claim your free trial', 'Join our team', etc. They all make a solid offer.
Netflix has used a very reassuring CTA to induce visitors to sign up for the free trial. It has used the phrase 'Cancel Anytime' above the 'Join Free for a Month' CTA.
Referral marketing
Visitors are four more times more likely to buy when a friend refers to them.
-Research by Nielson
Referral marketing is a great strategy to use the pool of your current loyal customers to attract more customers. It is the most trusted form of advertising as per research. You can give rewards, points and incentives to induce your customers to refer their friends.
A valid referral marketing strategy should not contain too many rules. The eligibility criteria and sign up procedure should be simple and clear. Offer rewards which are affordable to your business and which at the same time are valued by your customers.
Designing the referral strategy is half the work done. It's quite important to promote it as well. Feature your referral program on your social media pages, websites and emails.
Dropbox's referral program is an all-time favourite example of growth hackers. Dropbox offered 500 MB space for both the referred and the referee. This lead to an increase in signups by up to sixty per cent.
Affiliate Marketing
'Away for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies ("affiliates") who market the company's products for a commission.'
-Entrepreneur India
Affiliate marketing has been around for years but evolving exceptionally quickly. The premise is that you need to provide a link to your affiliate partner that is assigned to you individually. The link is tracked so that if any conversion takes place on your site, your affiliate partner will earn a commission.
Anyone having a product to sell be it a startup or a fortune 500 company can be a part of Affiliate marketing.
For example, if you own a travel agency, you can use affiliates which target the same market as hotels or airlines. This enables you to broaden your customer base. You can join an affiliate marketing network like Commission Junction or Rakuten LinkShare which provide a platform where you can advertise your affiliate program to other affiliate marketers.
Business goals can be varied. For some, success is profitability, it is survival, and for others, it is growth. It is inevitable for a business to continue to evolve to stay innovative, relevant and achieve growth. When you are not growing, you're dying. But is growth that easy to make? Of course, you need a lot of dedication towards the business, but dedication would do nothing alone. It should be coupled with some mind-blowing hacking strategies to ensure that your efforts, time and money go in the right direction. You can also get in touch with a growth marketing agency to implement these strategies for your business.
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