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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose & take control of your life.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. Recommended. Avg 4/5 stars (600+ ratings). 33% off, was $11.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99!

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose & take control of your life.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. Recommended. Avg 4/5 stars (600+ ratings). 33% off, was $11.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 33% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose & take control of your life.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. Recommended. Avg 4/5 stars (600+ ratings). 33% off, was $11.99, now $7.99!
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This may help people in this subreddit.

Hello everyone,
I would just like start off and to say 'thank you' to the people who have given me some good advice and help in this journey, and to say that some days are good and others maybe not so, but it is all about small steps, and each day building on the last.
With this in mind I would like to offer some help to others who may need some clarity in their life and to find out maybe what are their 'triggers' which leads to gaming.
On if you search for 'Tony Robbins personal power' or follow the link
It should lead you to a 30 day self help program, which may be adapted to help with gaming issues or addiction, and yes I'm aware that Tony Robbins is sometimes ridiculed and mocked in today's pop culture and has had bad press in the past.
All I am saying is that for some people this may help, (I am not affiliated with Tony Robbins in any way and I don't own any of the copyrights to the programs) so it is your decision if you want to listen to them and decide if this is for you. It is best to start from the beginning, but for me personally I have found Day number 6 (The power of focus) and Day 7 (Values and Beliefs) very helpful.
Best regards everyone and stay safe.
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99!

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose.⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99!

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny. .⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny. .⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99! (Audiobook)

Awaken the Giant Within (Abridged), 38% off, ↘️ $7.99 ⠀
Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny. .⠀
A self-improvement audiobook by Tony Robbins. 38% off, was $12.99, now $7.99!
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Timeline of Government Secret Projects PART 3

I had to break it down to 3 parts because the article is longer than 40,000 words
1979 (A) In February 1979, Alfred Hubbard attended an LSD reunion party hosted by Dr. Oscar Janiger along with Laura Huxley, Sidney Cohn, John Lilly, Willis Harman, and Timothy Leary among others (Lee and Schlain, 213). (B) Around 1979, SRI funded a project of Tart's which screened university students and faculty for psychic ability. (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 225-6) (C) In an article entitled "The Fund for CIA Research, or Who's Disinforming Who?", the anonymous authors (the Associated Investigators Group) accuse Bruce Maccabee of working with the CIA, providing them with information, and letting the CIA affect his leadership in FUFOR. According to the article, Maccabee's main contact with the CIA was through Dr. Christopher Green. In a written response, Maccabee rebuts that most of his contacts with the CIA have been in the context of his work with the Navy and are unrelated to his UFO research. He says that he did give CIA employees informal lectures at the request of Ron Pandolfi, but that the CIA has never attempted to influence his research.
[A similar rebuttal was written by Aviary guy Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley of Fate Magazine, and New Age Land Central - in later years - after similar accusations were made.] "I never contacted any companies. What I did was tell Jack Acuff - Director of NICAP at the time - that I would like to speak to experts in the field of radar. He, in turn, put me in contact with a scientist - Dr. Gordon MacDonald - at the MITRE corporation. I was invited to discuss the NZ sightings with him and several other scientists at MITRE in McLean, VA.
And I did (and they generally agreed with my conclusions). Then a week-or-so later, I learned that MacDonald had contacted a man at the CIA who contacted me and offered to provide technical consultation if I would provide a briefing to some CIA employees. At first, I was leery of doing anything with the CIA. But I knew they had radar experts, so I stipulated that if they would give me some feedback I'd tell them what I know.
So I briefed them and I received some helpful comments..." [note: When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn't change - the Devil changes YOU!] "After I discussed the NZ case one employee - Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green (KG) - invited me to visit the CIA again a week-or-so later to have a general UFO discussion with him and a couple of other employees... After that last meeting with KG in the spring of 1979, I didn't see him again and had no contact with the agency until June, 1984 when I was contacted by Dr. Ronald Pandolfi regarding my Navy work.
He had been tracking developments by the "other side" in that field of research and wanted to know what the U.S. state-of-the-art was." (Bruce Maccabee's response to the AIR report) Formerly with the CIA, Dr. Green's work involved UFO research. "Dr. Green attained a Ph.D. in Neurophysiology in 1969 and in1976 received his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree. Green was awarded the CIA's National Intelligence Medal for his work on a 'classified project' from 1979 to 1983 - precisely the years in which Maccabee was meeting with him at CIA headquarters.
Green uses somewhat of a cover story to describe his CIA work, calling himself a 'Scientific Advisor on the Advisory Board to the Directorate of Intelligence, CIA.'" (The Associated Investigators Group, "The Fund for CIA Research, or Who's Disinforming Who?") Esalen also held seminars in quantum physics, and was the birthplace of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group. Some results of these seminars are documented in Zukav, Gary, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Morrow Quill, 1979
1980 (A) By the 1980's, Koslov was working with the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, where he continued to study the effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans. He is currently the vice president of the Maryland Microscopical and Scientific Instrument Society. (B) Dale Graff had continued to task SRI on behalf of the Air Force for the next few years. In 1980, he won a fellowship for "exceptional analyst" within the intelligence community and planned to take 2 years off to conduct research in other laboratories: SRI, a psychokenesis lab at Princeton, a J.B. Rhine affiliated lab in Durham, NC, and a Department of Energy lab where microwave weapons were being studied. His fellowship was revoked by the office of the Air Force Chief of Staff and - with the encouragement of Jack Vorona - he retired from the Air Force and moved to the DIA, where he ran the Advanced Concepts Office. (C) "Michelle Smith" and Lawrence Pazder published "Michelle Remembers" about Satanic Ritual Abuse memories. She came to therapist Pazder because she was in distress over horrible dreams and a miscarriage.
1981 (A) Orbit Maneuvering System Part of the plan to build the SPS space platforms was the demand for reusable space shuttles since they could not afford to keep discarding rockets.
In 1981, The NASA Spacelab-3 mission of the Space Shuttle made "a series of passes over a network of 5 ground based observatories" in order to study what happened to the ionosphere when the Shuttle injected gases into it from the Orbit Maneuvering System (OMS). They discovered that they could "induce ionospheric holes" and began to experiment with holes made in the daytime or at night over Millstone, Connecticut and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
They experimented with the effects of, "artificially induced ionospheric depletions on very low frequency wave lengths, on equatorial plasma instabilities, and on low frequency radio astronomical observations over Roberval, Quebec, Kwajelein, in the Marshall Islands, and Hobart, Tasmania" (Advanced Space Research, Vo1.8, No. 1, 1988). (B) Eldon Byrd - who worked for Naval Surface Weapons, Office of Non-Lethal Weapons - was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including 'riot control', clandestine operations and hostage removal. "Byrd also wrote of experiments where behavior of animals was controlled by exposure to weak electromagnetic fields. 'At a certain frequency and power intensity, they could make the animal purr, lay down, and roll over.'" (Keeler, Anna, "Remote Mind Control Technology") "Between 1981 and September 1982, the Navy commissioned me to investigate the potential of developing electromagnetic devices that could be used as non-lethal weapons by the Marine Corp for the purpose of 'riot control', hostage removal, clandestine operations, and so on." Eldon Byrd, Naval Surface Weapons Center, Silver Spring MD. (from "Electromagnetic Pollution" by Kim Besly, p 12.) (C) John Alexander supported the views of Thomas Bearden. Delivered a paper to the 1981 national convention of the US Psychotronic Association (D) General Albert Stubblebine. Former head of the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84, Masters degree in chemical engineering from Columbia. He signed classified contracts with the Monroe Institute (Emerson, Steven, Secret Warriors, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1988, pg 103-4). Stubblebine often met with Noriega while he was a U.S. intelligence asset (Emerson, 1988, pg 110-1).
Stubblebine was the former boss of Col. John Alexander, and the two have held numerous "spoon-bending" parties. He is a friend of Lyn Buchanan [according to a representative from PSI TECH, the two are not friends]. Stubblebine is married to ufologist Rima Laibow. (Porter, Tom, Government Research into ESP & Mind Control, March, 1996). Soon after becoming head of INSCOM, Stubblebine began a program called the "High Performance Task Force" - a series of methods to improve his officers' performance. These ranged from the neuro-linquistic programming of Tony Robbins to the hemisynch tapes of the Monroe Institute where Stubblebine often sent his officers. (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 276) Following an incident involving an officer having a psychotic episode at the Monroe Institute, Stubblebine resigned in 1984. He was replaced by Major General Harry Soyster (Schnabel, 1997, pg 316), formerly vice-president for 'Intelligence Systems' of BDM of McClean, Virginia. As of 1992, Chairman of PSI-TECH. "Laibow, Stubblebine, and ufologist Victoria Lacas (with [C.B. Scott] Jones in the shadows) toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they have established a prodigious UFO/Psi network." (Durant, Robert J., "Will the Real Scott Jones Please Stand Up?") Stubblebine gave a lecture at the International Symposium on UFO Research - sponsored by the International Association for New Science - in Denver, Colorado (May 22-25, 1992).
This gives a good example of Stubblebine's coherence (or lack thereof) and paranoia (he often threatened to destroy the tape). Stubblebine claimed that none of the members of the remote-viewing program had prior psychic abilities or interests (but all other sources state that they did). (E) In the Summer of 1981, Pat Delgado brought to the attention of the national Press the existence of mysterious circular depressions in the fields at Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. (F) Budd Hopkins published Missing Time with an afterward by therapist Aphrodite Clamar. Hopkins book was about the in-depth investigation of 19 cases of UFO abduction which he had undertaken in the previous 5 years. (G) The first cases of AIDS are confirmed in homosexual men in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, triggering speculation that AIDS may have been introduced via the Hepatitis-B vaccine.
1982 (A) In May 1982, Elisabeth and Russell Targ held a workshop on psychic phenomena for 25 professionals.
This was part of a program with Stanislav Grof, who was studying non-chemical alternatives for altered states of consciousness. The Targs goal was to show that psychic experiences did not require an "altered state". (Targ, Russell and Harary, Keith, Mind Race, Villard Books, 1984, pg 99). Grof served briefly as the branch chief of the operational unit of Star Gate from around 1982 or 83 until he resigned in summer of 1993. (B) Electromagnetic weapons for law enforcement use in Great Britain. A 10-30 Hz strobe light which can produce seizures, giddiness, nausea, and fainting was developed by Charles Bovill of the now defunct British firm Allen International. Addition of sound pulses in the 4.0-7.5 Hz range increases effectiveness as utilized in the Valkyrie - a "frequency" weapon advertised in British Defense Equipment Catalogue until 1983.
The squawk box or "sound curdler" uses 2 loudspeakers of 350-watt output to emit 2 slightly different frequencies which combine in the ear to produce a shrill shrieking noise. The U.S. National Science Foundation report says there is "severe risk of permanent impairment of hearing." (From Electropollution by Kim Besley, citing the Manchester City Council Police Monitoring Unit document.) (C) Air Force review of biotechnology. "Currently available data allow the projection that specially generated radiofrequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats. Electroshock therapy indicates the ability of induced electric current to completely interrupt mental functioning for short periods of time to obtain cognition for longer periods and to restructure emotional response over prolonged intervals. "... impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect. "A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area." (From "Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000". AFOSR-TR-82-0643, Vol 1, and Vol 2, July 30, 1982.)
1983 (A) Phoenix II / USAF, NSA: Location: Montauk, Long Island Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups Targeting: Medium range Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for "sensitized" individuals Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP(B) Nikolai Khokhlov - a Soviet KGB agent who defected to the West in 1976 - interviews recently arrived scientists and reports that "The Soviet mind-control program is run by the KGB with unlimited funds." (From The Spectator, Feb 5, 1983, reported in "New World Order Psychotronic Tyranny" by C. B. Baker.) (C) "Center Lane" was the codename for the operational unit of the remote-viewing program, redesignated from Grill Flame in late 1983. Control of the unit shifted from INSCOM's operation group to the more direct control of Albert Stubblebine. The unit was known as INSCOM Center Lane Project (ICLP). (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 280) In late 1983, 4 more individuals were recruited to Center Lane: Captain Ed Dames, Captain Bill Ray (counterintelligence specialist), Captain Paul Smith, and Charlene Cavanaugh (civilian analyst with INSCOM). These four began a training program - which started at The Monroe Institute - and concluded with personal training with Ingo Swann. (Schnabel, 1997, pg 292-3) After Gen. Stubblebine's retirement in 1984, Center Lane was completely without support in the Army. Jack Vorona arranged for the unit to be transferred directly to the DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate when Army funding ran out in late 1985, at which time it was redesignated Sun Streak. Until that time, the unit was given no official taskings (Schnabel, 1997, pg 319). Center Lane started when Ingo Swann at SRI came across a breakthrough in his techniques in 1983. He developed a training program and trained 6 military officers (including Ed Dames) over a period of 6 months. After finishing the training in late 1983, the viewers returned and started applying their knowledge.
The unit was renamed 'Center Lane' with Dames as the operations and training officer. "Dames took a 'let's see what this baby can do' approach, replacing the unit's former intelligence collection methodology with the breakthrough technique." (Dames, Ed, "Ed Dames Sets the Record Straight") [Keep in mind that Dames is a major disinfo artist.]
1984 "USSR: New Beam Energy Possible?", possibly associated with early Soviet weather engineering efforts over the U.S. (from "Tesla's Electromagnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization" by T.E. Bearden.) According to former Reagan aide Barbara Honneger, "the fundamental reason for the increased interest [in psi research] is initial results coming out of laboratories in the United States and Canada that certain amplitude and frequency combinations of external electromagnetic radiation in the brain-wave frequency range are capable of bypassing the external sensory mechanism of organisms - including humans - and directly stimulating higher-level neuronal structures in the brain.
This electronic stimulation is known to produce mental changes at a distance, including hallucinations in various sensory modalities - particularly auditory." (McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin's Press, 1984, pg 136) The overlap between these 2 fields can be described as: Mis-identification: Some ELF mind-control studies have been discussed under the heading of "psychotronics". Many - myself included - don't agree with this label as there is no psychic component in the study of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the central nervous system. Coincidental Findings: As in most scientific fields, research that is tangential for one project may be central to another. Navy studies in ELF communications included a portion on possible health effects. When these findings were revealed, the possibility of using ELF as a weapon arose and studies were continued in that direction. However, we can't say that all of the Navy's research into ELF radio was a front for mind-control as they have a definite interest in communication with their submarines. The same may be true for remote-viewing studies. Studies at SRI and elsewhere measured and analyzed subject's brain waves, and also studied the effects of ELF waves as a possible carrier for telepathic information. Tech-Enhanced Psi: Some studies - especially those involving dolphins - tried to use technology to enhance psychic phenomena. Most of this is pure bunk including most of the inventions I've seen created by the Russians and the US Psychotronic Association. Some of it resembles telepathy simulated by technology, such as the attempt to carry signals from dolphins to humans via the "Neurophone". This would seem to fit better under "Mis-identification". Cover: Remote-viewing - like UFOs - has been postulated by some researchers as being used as a "cover story" for covert mind-control experiments. This plan would convince the victims that the "voices" or sensory data they were unnaturally receiving was due to channeling, telepathy, or remote-viewing. It would also have the "high-weirdness" factor, which would preclude a serious treatment of the subject by the mainstream media. However, I'm hesitant to lump the entire spectrum of government interest in psi in this category. Cutting Edge: Both psychic ability and things like non-lethal weapons are considered to be on the "cutting edge" of military theory. This is an alternative explanation as to why individuals like John Alexander and David Morehouse are interested in both fields. The degree to which these crossovers apply to specific cases are dealt with individually, and to this subject as a whole in the conclusions.
1985 (A) Founded by Ed May, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory was formed at SRI in 1985 and moved with May to SAIC. May and the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory are currently at a "small start-up research place called the Laboratories for Fundamental Research" (e-mail from Ed May, 8/7/96).
Joe McMoneagle is listed as a research associate. Other staff members include S. James, P. Spottiswoode, Earling DeGraff, Nevin D. Lantz, Philip Wasserman, Laura V. Faith, Ellen Messer, and Stephan A. Schwartz. "I (Dean Radin) took a leave of absence from Bell Labs in 1985 and spent that entire year at SRI International, working with Hal Puthoff and Ed May.
Since then, I spent about half my time in academia (Princeton, Edinburgh, UNLV) and half in industry (Contel Technology Center, GTE Labs). My academic research was exclusively on psi phenomena, and my industrial research included about 20% on psi. "I'm not in favor of developing or using psi for any military purposes. But unfortunately there are those in the World who would use psi as a weapon if they could.
Thus, I reluctantly suppose that R& D on psi for intelligence and possibly military purposes can be justified for defensive reasons. It would be naive to think that someone, somewhere is not working on this right now." (Interview with the RetroPsychoKinesis Project) (B) Since the early 1970s, Puthoff had been a part-time paid consultant to Bill Church regarding alternative fuel sources. At Puthoff's urging, Church developed a company (Jupiter Technologies) to research Zero-Point Energy. In the summer of 1985 after giving only 2 weeks notice, Puthoff left SRI to work for Church full time. (Schnabel, Jim, 1997, pg 323) (C) Women in the peace camps at Greenham Common began showing various medical symptoms believed to be caused by EM surveillance weapons beamed at them. (See "Zapping: The New Weapon of the Patriarchy", Resonance#13, pp 22-24. Research by Woody Blue.) (D) Innovative Shuttle Experiments An innovative use of the Space Shuttle to perform space physics experiments in Earth orbit was launched, using the OMS injections of gases to "cause a sudden depletion in the local plasma concentration - the creation of a so-called ionospheric hole". This artificially-induced plasma depletion can then be used to investigate other space phenomena, such as the growth of the plasma instabilities or the modification of radio propagation paths.
The 47 second OMS burn of July 29, 1985 produced the largest and most long-lived ionospheric hole to date, dumping some 830 kg of exhaust into the ionosphere at sunset. A 6-second, 68-km OMS release above Connecticut in August 1985 produced an airglow which covered over 400,000 square km. During the 1980s, rocket launches globally numbered about 500-to-600 a year, peaking at 1500 in 1989. There were many more during the Gulf War. The Shuttle is the largest of the solid fuel rockets with twin 45-meter boosters. All solid fuel rockets release large amounts of hydrochloric acid in their exhaust.
Each Shuttle flight injects about 75 tons of ozone-destroying chlorine into the stratosphere. Those launched since 1992 inject even more ozone-destroying chlorine (about 187 tons) into the stratosphere (which contains the ozone layer). (E) Whitley Strieber publishes Communion. (F) According to the journal Science (227:173-177), HTLV and VISNA - a fatal sheep virus - are very similar, indicating a close taxonomic and evolutionary relationship.
1986 (A) Attorney General's Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons Reviews current weapons available. Most date back to 1972: the Taser; the Nova XR-5000 Stun Gun (can interrupt a pacemaker); the Talon, a glove with an electrical pulse generator; and the Source, a flashlight with electrodes at the base.
These devices are useful only at close range except for the Taser, and are generally restricted to correctional institutions. Photic driving strobe lights tested by one conference delegate on 100 subjects produced discomfort. Closed eyelids do not block the effect. Evidence that ELF produces nausea and disorientation. Suggestion to develop fast-acting electro sleep-inducing EM weapon. Discusses problem of testing weapons on animals and human "volunteers".
(From "Report on the Attorney General's Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons", by Sherry Sweetman, March 1987, prepared for the National Institute of Justice. Research by Harlan Girard.) (B) "The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict" by Captain Paul Tyler, MC, USN quotes the above passage and further elaborates on the theme. (Published in Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology, Lt. Col. David J. Dean, USAF, ed., Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL. Research by Harlan Girard.) (C) On 02/10/86, Cleve Backster's lab was visited by National Research Council's Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance. The NRC was evaluating enhancement and parapsychological studies conducted for the Army. So it is likely that Backster's research was involved with the Government. (National Research Council, Enhancing Human Performance, National Academy of Sciences, 1988, pg 193-8) (D) Mighty Oaks In April 1986 just before the Chernobyl disaster, the U.S. had a failed hydrogen test at the Nevada Test Site called "Mighty Oaks". This test - conducted far underground - consisted of a hydrogen bomb explosion in one chamber with a leaded steel door to the chamber (2 meters thick) closing within milliseconds of the blast.
The door was to allow only the first radioactive beam to escape into the "control room" in which expensive instrumentation was located. The radiation was to be captured as a weapon beam. The door failed to close as quickly as planned, causing the radioactive gases and debris to fill the control room and destroying millions of dollars worth of equipment. The experiment was part of a program to develop X-ray and particle beam weapons.
The radioactive releases from Mighty Oaks were vented under a "licensed venting" and were likely responsible for many of the North American nuclear fallout reports in May 1986, which were attributed to the Chernobyl disaster. (E) According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (83:4007-4011), HIV and VISNA are highly similar and share all structural elements except for a small segment which is nearly identical to HTLV. This leads to speculation that HTLV and VISNA may have been linked to produce a new retrovirus to which no natural immunity exists. (F) A report to Congress reveals that the U.S. Government's current generation of biological agents includes modified viruses, naturally occurring toxins, and agents that are altered through genetic engineering to change immunological character and prevent treatment by all existing vaccines.
1987 (A) In 1987, Pandolfi invited UFOlogist Bruce Maccabee "to give a general lecture to [CIA] employees on UFOs and MJ-12". (Maccabee's response to AIR) (B) Department of Defense admits that despite a treaty banning research and development of biological agents, it continues to operate research facilities at 127 facilities and universities around the Nation.
1988 (A) After retiring from the Army in 1988, John Alexander joined the Los Alamos National Laboratories and began working with Janet Morris, the Research Director of the U.S. Global Strategy Council (USGSC) chaired by Dr Ray Cline (deceased) former Deputy Director of the CIA." (B) The Pentagon is ordered by courts to cease EMP tests at several locations due to a lawsuit filed by an environmental group. (From The Washington Post, May 15, 1988, see "US and Soviets Develop Death Ray", Resonance 11, p 10. Research by Remy Chevalier.) (C) Senator Claiborne Pell from Rhode Island. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome. Decorated by the Knights of Malta. Along with Charlie Rose, Pell is one of Washington's biggest supporters of psychic research. In1988, he introduced a bill to get government funding for the New Age group the National Committee on Human Resources (Al Gore was a co-sponsor). He is also on the advisory board of the International Association of Near-Death Studies and on the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Human Potential Foundation. For 7 years, Claiborne Pell employed C.B. Scott Jones as an aide (Gardner, Martin, "Clairborne Pell: The Senator From Outer Space", Skeptical Inquirer, March/April 1996). Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Pell was a close friend of BCCI figure Clark Clifford. (Truell, Peter and Gurwin, Larry, False Profits, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992, pg 240)
1989 (A) MUFON appointed C.B. Scott Jones as a Special Consultant in International Relations (B) TRIDENT/ ONR, NSA: Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations Targeting: Large population groups assembled Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three Power: 100,000 watts Frequency: UHF Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control Allied Agencies: FEMA Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C (C) Human Potential Foundation founder and president C.B. Scott Jones. Board members include Clark Sandground and Claiborne Pell. Received original funding from Laurance Rockefeller. Passes funds from Rockefeller to UFO abduction researcher John Mack. Worked with Dr. Igor Smirnov. (D) Michael Persinger feels that he is able to replicate alien abduction and other supernatural phenomena through the use of 3 solenoids (attached to a modified motorcycle helmet) passing a magnetic pulse through the frontal lobes of the brain. Solenoids are called "magnetic coils" by psychiatrists, who use them as a non-intrusive alternative to implantable electrodes for stimulating the brain. (see Hallett, Mark and Cohen, Leonardo, "Magnetism: a New Method for Stimulation of Nerve and Brain", JAMA, 7/28/89, pg 530) (E) John Alexander: "I have served as chief of Advanced Human Technology for the Army Intelligence and Security Command (1982-84) and - during the preparation of the EHP [Enhancing Human Performance] report - was director of the Advanced Systems Concepts Office at the U.S. Army Laboratory Command."
Alexander stated that "..psychotronic weapons lack traditional scientific documentation, and I do not suggest that research projects be carried out in that field." (Alexander, Col. John, "A Challenge to the Report", New Realities, March/April 1989) (F) Psi Tech founded in 1989 by president Ed Dames. Their vice-president is Jonina Dourif. A "John L. Turner" is listed as a monitor. Board Members include John B. Alexander and Gen. Albert Stubblebine.
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Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a new winning playbook formula and online business training program created by mastermind legends Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and their proprietary MindMint software.
Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the newest 2020 version of Knowledge Business Blueprint which launched in April 2019 (which had over 200,000 people watching its release and over 16,000 people joined). The KBB 2.0 is set up to focus on three core components; course (education), software (tools) and coaching (mastermind).
Dean and Tony are looking to make a lightning strike twice following the success of KBB 1.0. Now with KBB 2.0, they claim to have come back bigger and better than ever to help people start winning at the game of life and business. A “Knowledge Broker” is defined as a person with skill, passion or expertise that shares it with others to create impact and earn profits. Tony and Dean both believe being a Knowledge Broker is the single best thing you can do as an entrepreneur as people are voting with their wallets and paying to learn from professional DOERS instead.
That is the central theme of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi put together for the launch of KBB 2.0. While there is still more information coming out about the launch of KBB 2.0, here are all of the top-level details we can share about Knowledge Broker Blueprint to start:
Tony Robbins has teamed up with Dean Graziosi to launch a new online training program called Knowledge Broker Blueprint. “KBB” claims it will be one of the biggest online business training course launches in history. While more information is surfacing about the winning playbook found within KBB 2.0, our review of Knowledge Broker Blueprint is broken down into three major sections so you can get a complete overview of what it is, how it works, and what to expect.
To best understand Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, our research is in the following format that explores all aspects of KBB 2.0:
1) what is knowledge broker blueprint review 2) who is Tony Robbins 3) Knowledge Broker World Summit
Now, before we jump right into the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, there is one small minor detail worth mentioning – and that is Tony Robbins fondness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Back during the last bull market cycle for crypto assets, Tony Robbins did share a tweet that helped clear up the confusion around Bitcoin with his millions of followers and fans. Also, in addition to tweeting and writing blog posts about bitcoin to educate his audience, he also featured bitcoin in his #1 New York best-selling book, Money: Master the Game where he talked about proper asset allocation in a book where he interviewed the brightest minds and most brilliant financial innovators in the world.
While Knowledge Broker Blueprint isn't focused on bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, it is about business and the future of financial success. This is why Master The Crypto wanted to review Knowledge Broker Blueprint as a fantastic way to self-educate and learn from the right people as the best way to secure success today.
Now, let's dive into all of the research and provide meaningful insight and analysis to how Knowledge Broker Blueprint works, who Tony Robbins is and their Knowledge Broker World Summit event coming up in 2020.


Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have teamed up to launch the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. It’s a combination of a business development plan and a personal development plan.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a live-cast that will take place on February 27. You can opt into the live-cast between February 19 and 26.
Some of the key features of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint include:
The idea behind Knowledge Broker Blueprint is that you can discover the strategies used by some of today’s most successful individuals. What are these people doing to be successful? Knowledge Broker Blueprint claims to teach you these lessons.
The 2020 version of Knowledge Broker Blueprint is officially called Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0. It’s the second version of this system.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint, also abbreviated to KBB, is an online course consisting of four modules.
The creators of KBB are calling it one of the biggest online course launches in history.
The initial live cast announcing the launch of Knowledge Broker Blueprint had over 250,000 viewers worldwide. That live cast was hosted by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
In the words of the course’s creator, the course “teaches you how to extract your knowledge, skill, hobby or passion (or someone else’s)”, then identity the people willing to pay for that unique skill or knowledge.
What type of “thing” do you do more effectively than anyone else? What type of knowledge do you have that people may be willing to pay for?
While progressing through the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, you will use the MindMint software. The software keeps track of your progress.
That’s why Knowledge Broker Blueprint is more than just an education program or software system: it’s a combination of both. Together, the education program and software promise to “allow anyone to start or scale a highly impactful and highly profitable mastermind, group, workshop or community.”
Some people might think, “I don’t even have any unique skills. I can barely use a computer.” That’s fine! As the creator of Knowledge Broker Blueprint explains:
“It doesn’t mater if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided in this training program by 3 of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.”


Knowledge Broker Blueprint isn’t your typical training course. The entire purpose of the course is to teach you how to leverage your unique knowledge into personal profit.
As the name of the course suggests, Knowledge Broker Blueprint will give you the blueprint you need to broker your knowledge.
As a “knowledge broker”, you are selling your unique knowledge to the world. What type of information can you leverage today? What kind of unique knowledge or skills do you have that people are willing to pay for?
The ultimate goal is to teach you how to run your own mastermind group or mastermind event.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint course gives you all of the tools you need to set up your mastermind group, the market that mastermind group to the world, and maximize profit from that group.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to know anything to run a mastermind group. Some people run profitable mastermind groups simply by inviting smarter people to the event. If you could get Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates into one room, don’t you think people would buy a ticket? That’s an extreme example, but that’s the type of thinking behind Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a completely online course. You get video tutorials, resources, exercises, downloadable worksheets, and access to a private Facebook group. Here’s what you get with Knowledge Broker Blueprint:
  1. Extract It
  2. Fill It
  3. Run It
  4. Knowledge Broker
Each training video ranges in length from 7 minutes to 30 minutes. However, there are some longer training videos that dive deep into topics like Facebook and YouTube advertisements.
The downloadable PDF worksheets, meanwhile, can be printed off before you start a lesson. Fill in the worksheets as you go along. Or, test your knowledge after (or both). It will help you retain the information from the lesson.
Each lesson is also followed by a quiz to verify that you retained the knowledge.
In other words, there’s a lot of content with Knowledge Broker Blueprint. The hours of video will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own mastermind program.
Tony and Dean have packaged years of experience in these videos. They’re distilling their combined 60+ years of industry experience into one concise training program. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can get a lot of priceless information from Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 comes with a software called MintMint. The software walks you through the entire process of setting up an event, including the initial announcement of the event, marketing for the event, planning, execution, and more.
Essentially, MindMint has everything you need to ensure your mastermind event goes off smoothly – and profitably.
MindMint also organizes event information in one place. You can keep information about the trainers, speakers, attendees together, for example, along with the information about the schedule, key dates, and more.
MindMint doesn’t just help plan and organize the event: the software also helps you create a sales funnel for the event. You can get help with everything from your landing page to your final payment page.
In summary, here’s what’s included with the MindMint software:
Planning Support: Event scheduling, itinerary, attendees, hosts, and more.
Announcement Support: Build hype, marketing support, email templates, sales copy, and more
Sales Funnel: Landing page, templates, payment pages, marketing, and more.
And More: MindMint is an all-in-one software that contains everything you need to know about running your own mastermind event from beginning to end.


We mentioned above that Knowledge Broker Blueprint comes with four modules, including Extract It, Fill It, Run It, and Knowledge Broker. Below, we’ll explain what you’ll learn in each of those modules:


The first module, Extract It, begins with Tony Robbins explaining some crucial lessons on mindset. How do successful people think? What strategies do successful people do differently on a daily basis? Tony Robbins uses his 40+ years of self-help experience to explain the secret mindsets of successful people. Then, Dean breaks down the most important foundational steps you’ll need to cover before creating a business, including:


In the second module, Fill It, Tony and Dean will explain marketing tactics to promote your mastermind group. Dean and other experts will teach you how to become a marketing expert with topics like:


Run It explains the strategies you need to execute your successful event. You’ve developed your event and marketed it. Now you need to pull it off and amaze attendees. Some of the strategies covered in the third module include:


Finally, Knowledge Broker lists three aspects of running your own mastermind group, including:


As an early Knowledge Broker Blueprint adopter, you get access to several bonus lessons, including:
Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge: Four-part audio system explaining how to create an extraordinary and successful life.
Dean’s Inner Circle: Highlights from Dean’s best Inner Circle training lessons.
Tony Robbins’ Platinum Bonus: Recordings from experts like Jack Bogle and Peter Mallouk.
Russel Brunson’s Mastermind Funnels: Secrets to setting up bulletproof sales funnels.
Tony Robbins’ Priming Exercise: How to give yourself a winning mindset.


Q: On What Day Will the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Livecast Take Place?
A: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint livecast will take place on February 27, 2020.
Q: Who is Tony Robbins?
A: Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, author, business consultant, and self-help expert. Robbins rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with infomercials and national bestselling books. Today, he continues to be relevant to seminars and other events.
Q: What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?
A: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online training course that teaches you how to launch your own mastermind event from beginning to end. It explains how to “broker” knowledge: you’re collecting knowledge (either from yourself or others) and selling that knowledge to the world.
Q: What is a Mastermind Group?
A: A mastermind group is a group or event where you share unique knowledge, skills, or experience with the world.
Q: Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint Legit?
A: Knowledge Broker Blueprint is marketing itself as one of the biggest online course launches in history. There’s a lot of content here, and the course is certainly legitimate. The fact that Tony Robbins has signed on is a big deal.
Q: What is Knowledge Business Blueprint?
A: In 2019, the same team launched a similar event called Knowledge Business Blueprint. In 2020, the team is launching a new event called Knowledge Broker Blueprint, although the two share similar strategies.
Q: Who is Dean Graziosi?
A: Dean Graziosi is an author, investor, entrepreneur, and trainer who grew from poverty to wealth. Today, he teaches others how to replicate that success. Graziosi is leading the Knowledge Broker Blueprint training system in partnership with Tony Robbins.
Now, this concludes our comprehensive review of Knowledge Broker Blueprint – but there is much more ground to cover to understand how Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins came to be the legends they are today in the world of online business and entrepreneurship. Next, let's revisit the incredible life and story of Tony Robbins, the pioneering Mastermind guru behind KBB 2.0.


Tony Robbins is an American author, life coach, and philanthropist. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is best-known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books, including the books Unlimited Power (published in 1987) and Awaken the Giant Within (published in 1993).
Over the years, Robbins has worked individually with clients ranging from Bill Clinton to Wayne Gretzky to Steve Wynn.
By the early 1990s, an estimated 100 million Americans had viewed Tony Robbins infomercials. Many of his books have also become national bestsellers.


Tony Robbins was born in North Hollywood, California on February 29, 1960. He claims to have had a “chaotic” and “abusive” home life throughout his childhood. Robbins is the eldest of three children, and his parents divorced when he was seven. His mother remarried multiple times, including to a former semi-professional baseball player named Jim Robbins, who legally adopted Tony when he was 12.
Tony Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavoric, although he changed his name to Anthony Jay Robbins after being adopted by Jim Robbins. Although he once went under the name Anthony Robbins, he now mostly goes by Tony Robbins.
When Robbins was 17 years old, he left home and never returned. He later worked as a janitor, and he never attended college.
Robbins began his career promoting events for motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn. In the early 1980s, Robbins developed techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and firewalking, incorporating these techniques into his seminars.
In 1987, Robbins published his first self-help book. In 1988, Robbins released his first infomercial, advertising himself as a “peak performance coach”.
Robbins’ career took off shortly after. His infomercials later featured celebrities like Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton and actor Martin Sheen. Robbins claimed to be able to help anyone – from athletes to business people to actors – unlock their maximum potential.
By 1991, an estimated 100 million Americans had viewed Robbins’ infomercials.
Over the years, Robbins has worked individually with many notable names, including Bill Clinton, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Pitbull, and Justin Tuck.
Robbins is also trusted by some of America’s most notable business names, including Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and businessmen Steven Wynn and Marc Benioff. In more recent years, he has positioned himself as not just a self-help coach but also has a valuable business consultant.


Although he achieved initial success in the 1980s and 1990s, Tony Robbins continues to be relevant today. In 2015 and 2016, Robbins was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.
In 2014, Robbins made headlines for teaming up with Mia Hamm, Magic Johnson, and Peter Guber to acquire the rights to the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). Along with the LA Galaxy, LAFC is one of two MLS soccer teams in the Los Angeles area. They entered the league in 2018.
In 2016, Robbins got into eSports, purchasing Team Liquid, one of the best-known teams in the industry.
In 2019, the top three names on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list included Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, China President and General Secretary Xi Jinping, and United States President Donald Trump. The magazine has ranked the top 100 most powerful people in the world every year since 2010.
Tony Robbins also continues to organize seminars through Robbins Research International.
Robbins has starred in infomercials since the 1980s. Today, the 59-year old motivational speaker has teamed up with Dean Graziosi to launch a program called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


To understand Tony Robbins and his success, it helps to understand his self-help books.
Tony Robbins’ first big hit, Unlimited Power, became a national bestseller. The book teaches you how to achieve a successful life.
In Unlimited Power, Robbins covers topics like:
The book was well-reviewed, and it remains a classic self-help book even in 2020, 33 years after first being published.


Six years after publishing Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins published his second self-help hit: Awaken the Giant Within.
The book is subtitled, “How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial Destiny”.
Robbins walks readers through a step-by-step program that teaches fundamental lessons of self-mastery, including how to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.
Robbins tells you how to manage your emotions, your body, your finances, and your life. To date, Robbins has sold over one million copies of Awaken the Giant Within, and it became a #1 national bestseller soon after launch.
Now that Master The Crypto has covered who Tony Robbins is and how Knowledge Broker Blueprint works, let's give an overview of their upcoming event happening in October 2020 that coincides with KBB 2.0.


There are many different ways to learn a new skill, a new trade, or just about anything else. Although the conventional option is to read books, those who are looking for guidance from the expert themselves may want to attend a symposium. One particular program that has received some popularity in recent months is the Knowledge Broker World Summit.
According to the program, a knowledge broker is a person with skill, passion, or expertise who shares it with the world for impact and profit. Two individuals head the Knowledge Broker World Summit: Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Graziosi is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. As for Robbins, is a business chairman and strategist.


Aside from hearing from Graziosi and Robbins, you’ll also hear from other speakers who can share their knowledge and experience in a conductive manner. For instance, a few of the attendee speakers include:
Additional speakers are being released as well. Those who register for the program and get their tickers will be notified of the new speakers are they are announced.


The Knowledge Broker World Summit is an event that may be able to provide attendees with guidance concerning how to achieve your goals and desires. As the program platform explains it shares education and wisdom on how to achieve abundance, fulfillment, and success. In addition, it provides direction on how attendees can escape the 9-5 grind, how they can create a legacy, and how to discover the “new you.” Keep in mind that while it all sounds promising, it is important to be aware that these are guiding principles. What may work for one individual does not always work for all.


There is also feedback from various individuals on what they “have to say” about the Graziosi and Robbins. It is unknown whether the comments are directed at the program. Nonetheless, the comments on the website are from Serena Williams, Larry King, Richard Branson, and Marie Menounos. Further, the comments are quite positive as well.


Those who are interested in the program have several ticket options available, which are as follows:
Option 1: Executive Seating for $323.00. This ticket option comes with 3-day access to the event and general entrance and seating. It also includes exclusive Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
Option 2: Preferred Seating. This ticket option comes with 3-day access to the vent, preferred entrance and seating, and Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
Option 3: VIP. This ticker option comes with 3-day access to the event, VIP entrance and seating, and VIP networking party. It also includes Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
The tickets can be purchased on the platform’s website.
Now, let's conclude our Knowledge Broker Blueprint review and get ready for an incredible launch and presentation by two legendary entrepreneurs who are self-educated and bringing their knowledge to the world via KBB 2.0.


Tony Robbins is a self-help master who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, he’s a valued business consultant, author, and motivational speaker. The fact that he has partnered with Dean Graziosi to launch Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a big deal. These guys are both household names in the online business industry and have already done this once with the Knowledge Business Blueprint. With KBB 1.0, they learned, grew, and got vital intel and feedback from their members. Now they have revamped everything for the creation of KBB 2.0 and are promising it to be unlike anything you have ever seen in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurialship.
As the saying goes with all of Master The Crypto's guides, analysis and insights – there are two things every aspiring successful person must do to achieve success optimally:
1) follow the right people 2) act on the right information
Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are the right people to follow and Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the right information to act on. Their three-step process found within the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course (education), software (tools) and coaching (mastermind) is guaranteed to be dynamic, dynamite and dominant.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint livecast will take place on February 27, 2020. Set your calendars. Be sure not to miss the free live KBB 2.0 event and be prepared to be blown away by two industry giants and their legendary methods for teaching people how to create success, freedom and wealth in life.
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How To Use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) To Change Your Life

How To Use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) To Change Your Life
The NLP approach was created out of the displaying of human practices. Richard Bandler and John Grinder watched and watched the practices of fruitful psychotherapists, and separated the dialect and the procedures that they utilized, so as to make a change in individuals.
The idea of displaying signifies that on the off chance that somebody is getting an outcome that you want, you can accomplish a similar outcome on the off chance that you separate and model one's dialect examples, convictions, and practices. That is basically what you are doing when you are expending my substance; you are demonstrating the achievement techniques that I have utilized in my life and applying it in your own.
I was first acquainted with the universe of NLP when I was 17 years of age. I used to be exceptionally modest and I needed confidence and social aptitudes. When I was acquainted with crafted by Paul McKenna and Tony Robbins, who both used NLP rehearses in their work, my enthusiasm for the methodology became considerably more grounded.
NLP standards and procedures have improved shape, assemble different organizations, pull in an astonishing accomplice, and beat constraining convictions and fears, to give some examples things.

A couple of years prior I chose to take things to the following dimension, and I experienced a 9-day NLP specialist training program, which showed me how to utilize neuro-linguistic programming to transform me. NLP has had a major effect concerning how I mentor my customers, and by the way, I move for a mind-blowing duration.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Principles

There are numerous NLP standards and methods, however, I might want to impart 3 of them to you:

1. The guide isn't the domain

As individuals, we don't react to the real world. Or maybe, we react to our disguised guide of the real world, since we as a whole have distinctive discernments and implications of individuals and the world on the loose. What you see superficially isn't really the truth.

2. Tying down

A grapple is an affiliation that evokes a specific feeling inside you. We can inspire any feeling we want by changing how we speak to the world. For instance, in the event that I needed you to encounter satisfaction, I could evoke that feeling inside you by saying to you, "Do you recall a period in your life when you encountered bliss?"
By asking it, you need to recollect this experience, which takes you back to that passionate state. You would then be able to stay that feeling to whatever you want. The way to tying down is ensuring that at the pinnacle of your enthusiastic force you take part in a signal, such as siphoning your clench hand or applauding.
Why? When you do, that inclination of bliss will get connected to the exceptional signal that you take part in. In the event that you take part in tying down on a reliable premise, it will move toward becoming modified into your psyche.

3. Reframing

This includes taking the edge and turning it, with the goal that you change the manner in which that you take a gander at it. In the expressions of Wayne Dyer, "When you change the manner in which you take a gander at things, the things you take a gander at change."
For instance, suppose that somebody shouted at you when you were a kid, and from that encounter, you related hollering to the importance you aren't adequate. That significance depends on the discernment or edge that you are the creation of that encounter.
What might occur on the off chance that you saw that encounter as a blessing? Since that individual shouted at you, perhaps it constrained you to develop, making you less receptive and more grounded.

NLP Sensory Modalities

NLP trusts that we procedure data, learn, and encounter the world by means of three unmistakable tactile modalities, also called illustrative frameworks – visual (see), sound-related (hear), sensation (feel). Despite the fact that we utilize the majority of our faculties, contingent upon the conditions, we may concentrate on one methodology more than the other.
Research has discovered that there are sure feelings or practices that will enable or sabotage you, in light of comprehension of these tactile modalities.
For instance, suppose you are carrying on something throughout everyday life. If you somehow happened to close your eyes and ask yourself, "Would could it be that I'm carrying on?" and make a picture of it, there are sure submodalities that will enable you to comprehend why you are feeling a specific way.
For instance, a great many people that are unmotivated to accomplish something will picture a picture that is little, diminish, and still. It is nothing unexpected why somebody would feel unmotivated, on the grounds that they are encountering something in a sabotaging way.
On the other hand, on the off chance that you consider something that rouses and energizes you, and you close your eyes, NLP finds that there is an alternate technique of submodalities that individuals use so as to make a visual part. Periodically, that picture will be near you – it will be huge, brilliant, vivid, and may even be moving. Just by utilizing this procedure alone, you can change the manner in which you comprehend something.
I trust I have possessed the capacity to reveal insight into how to utilize neuro-linguistic programming to completely change you. Generally speaking, my involvement with NLP training and methods has been ground-breaking. In the event that you need to work with me on a more profound dimension, I have a couple of assets that I have made that incorporate component of NLP inside them.
In my month to month coaching program, Life Mastery Accelerator, I plunge profound into various everyday issues. I likewise have a course called, Morning Ritual Mastery, which shows you how to re-condition routine feelings, emotions, and practices into your everyday life utilizing amazing NLP systems and standards.
On the off chance that you are prepared to change the manner in which you speak with yourself as well as other people, I urge you to study NLP training and systems. You are characterized by your activities. Pick shrewdly.
Amaresh Jha is one of the most popular and top Motivational speakers/Life Coach/Corporate traineNLP master Trainer in India. He has many motivational stories in Hindi for students and professionals. He also Delivers motivational video in Hindi.
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About the Project and some links

So... I'm going to invite you to try out and use the web tool that I am working on.
As the description says or W.I. is a free empowerment media web resource created with the goal of being able to help anyone who needs help to reach his or her next level in life.
It is a work in progress that also involves a help to self help concept to be able help people no matter if they have access to technology and internet or not.
The site can be used both for your own benefit and for the benefit of your community at the same time.
New functions, partnerships and categories will be added on the site on a regular basis and currently some topics you find are Empowerment, Power Music, Peace & Bitcoin.
Some things you can use the site for are:
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Examples audios and videos:
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Inner Circle For Life

Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a late night Marketing In Your Car, I hope you don’t mind. I’m actually just about to start watching 24, before I do I wanted to kind of reflect on the last 4 days and share some cool stuff with you guys.
Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a late night Marketing In Your Car, I hope you don’t mind. I’m actually just about to start watching 24, before I do I wanted to kind of reflect on the last 4 days and share some cool stuff with you guys
We had our Inner Circle group here in Boise. We had 2 Inner Circle groups. One group on Monday and Tuesday, and a second group on Wednesday, Thursday. It’s the first Inner Circle at the new office, which was so insane. Because that was the whole reason I moved into this new office, if I’m completely honest. It’s because I wanted to have a room to do Inner Circle meetings in. A year and a half ago, almost 2 years ago, I went to Joe Polish’s Genius Network Event at his office. We were in his office and we walked up the stairs into this room, it was layed in a way where you could have a lot of people in it. As soon as I saw the room, I was like I want this.
I took a bunch of pictures of it and then went home and messaged our realtor and said we wanted a place and we started looking around and all the sudden I remembered this place we looked at before. I didn’t like the office before because it was layed out really weird, but I was like if we gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it, we could do this. So we put the offer in and now a year and a half later we’re in and we just did our first Inner Circle meeting, which is so cool.
So there’s lesson number one. When you see it, then you gotta go and get it. Which actually reminds me of one of my favorite stories, it was a story I’ll probably mess up the details. I think it was at the grand opening of Disney World, and they were there opening day and the news and the reporters and everyone’s there. And they’re opening up Disney World and at the time, Walt Disney had passed away and one of the reporters standing next to Roy Disney, who was Walt’s brother. He looked at Roy and said, “Hey, it’s a shame that Walt didn’t live to see this.” And Roy looked back at the reporter, he said, “No, you don’t understand. Because Walt saw this, that’s why we’re here today.”
It’s such a cool thing, so many of us have a vision of what we want and we don’t get it. Anyway, I hope that’s inspiring. I saw it, and I didn’t think about it. We had got it, and now it’s here and it’s insane. I think it was cool and it was fun having our own room because we can control the energy and the music and the motion.
Thanks to Garret White, he came to one of our last Inner Circle meetings at our hotel room. They used to be in hotel rooms and he kind of shifted how we do the format of stuff, which has added a whole other level of energy to it.
It’s crazy, in Inner Circle, there’s a hundred people in it. But we broke it down into four groups, 25 in each group. So we had 25 that came Monday, Tuesday. 25 came Wednesday, Thursday. And then in April we’ve got two more groups that come through. It’s funny because April groups are packed. We had to shut those groups down because we had so many people. These groups are smaller and I get super nervous during smaller ones. Because I’m like, “They’re not going to meet as many cool people.” And all these things, but it seems like the smaller groups almost are better sometimes. Because the smaller the more intimate, we get a lot more done.
The two groups, I wish ….first off, I can’t even believe that I get paid to be in that room with these entrepreneurs and people that legitimately are changing the world in so many different areas and have so many unique ideas and things that I would never think of or fathom. To be able to sit there, honestly for four days just have a chance to absorb their ideas and mindset. Watching these people and we have companies from smaller companies doing whatever, up to, one of the guys in our group is the main marketing guy for the Truth About Cancer, they did a launch, did 20 million dollars. They’re about to do a launch, and my guess, this new launch they’re putting out called the Truth About Vaccines, and they’ll probably do 50-60 million dollars.
Then there’s people in the software space and people in the….it’s so unique. I’ve been to other mastermind groups but it’s like everyone’s in the same industry so it’s hard to glean much because everyone’s trying to do the same thing. It’s so diverse. It’s almost like there’s not two people in the same genre of business so it’s just insane.
And so this is kind of a cool thing and this is what I wanted to share with you guys because……I might be ruining the surprise for Inner Circle members, but the first few groups at the end of it, I basically got up and thanked everyone and we gave everyone these shirts that say Inner Circle For Life on it. And I told them, “Look, this is the deal. The Inner Circle for me was never about making much money. I make good money on it, but you know Clickfunnels is what makes my real money. This is kind of a thing, in fact, there’s been multiple times where I almost shut it down because I don’t know if it’s worth doing and pursuing because it’s pulling me away from Clickfunnels, which is my focus. I finish I four day event like this, I can’t even fathom not having this in my life, how much I get from it. From the group and the people.
My goal with this was never a big coaching program where I could just keep running people through it, bring people in and let them back out the other side, which is how most other mastermind groups that are out there happen.” So because of that we set a cap, about a year ago…..and I think at the time we had 37 people in it. I was like, “If I was to know how I could facilitate this, I can’t facilitate more than 100 people the way I do it. So I’m going to cap it at 100 and when we get to 100 we’re going to stop selling it and close it out.”
And at first it was kind of a dream. I didn’t think that was actually possible. Then after we kind of put that limit on it, it grew almost instantly. It was crazy, bloomed and filled all the way up to 100 so we shut it down. What’s interesting is after we shut it down, then there’s always some kind of float where one or two people go out and then people come in and it goes back and forth. It just kind of…applications come in and if we have spots we call them, if not we don’t. That’s kind of how it works. We have people fight and beg to get in sometimes.
So that’s kind of what happens, but recently, over the last few months, there’s been probably 5 or 6 people that have been in Inner Circle and then they’re like, “I love it, I don’t want to lose it, but I’ll put it on pause for 3 or 4 months and come back later. Hold my spot, though.” I was like, a couple of these first off, it’s not really fair to me or my team. I was like, it’s not really fair to them. It’s really not fair to the rest of the group. I said, “My goal is not to keep bringing new people into this group, my goal is I want to take this group and go deeper and deeper and deeper.”
So I basically told them that today. So because of that, we decided to set this new rule. We gave everyone a shirt that says, Inner Circle For Life on it. The rule is if you need to leave the Inner Circle, for whatever reason, it’s totally cool and we’ll always remain friends but if you leave, you can’t get back in. That’s the new rule, that’s it. So if you leave, your spot’s gone. And what’s interesting is for the most part, everyone is laughing and cheering and excited for that. And I didn’t tell everybody this but while I was sitting in the meeting, just today, not like the last four days, just today, we got 17 applications for Inner Circle during today’s session.
I almost wish I told them that. If you decide to leave, there’s a line up. 17 people today applied for your spot. And that’s coming in all the time. Some days are less, some days there’s 10, some days there’s 5. Whatever, but today alone, 17 applications came in for Inner Circle, and there’s not any…I actually have no idea. But I mean, it’s pretty dang close. If it’s not full there’s one or two spots. But then when those are in, it’s done.
Like I said, what I kind of told them is that if you cancel, we still love you, but you can’t get back in. And I want people there, in the Inner Circle for life. Because I want to be able to go, because even we have a new batch of probably 8 or 10 people that came in new since the Funnel Hacking Live event, it kind of got it back up to being at capacity. And today at, or the first day I spent the first 3 hours sharing the insanely cool stuff that we’re doing that I don’t have a chance to share anywhere else. So I’m showing all this stuff and I’m like, ahh….New people don’t have a foundation to build on this next level stuff. I’m trying to show what we’re doing to get from 8 figures to 9 figures, which is insanely ……it’s kind of crazy.
We went from 7 figures to 8 figures in a year and then I think in two to two and a half years we’ll pass 9 in a year. Which is crazy but how do you do that? It’s really shifting from…the traffic source isn’t how you do it, how you scale. I remember showing these guys all this stuff, but it sucks because some people, the newer people aren’t ready for that yet, because they don’t have the foundation of the last twelve months. The first twelve months of the Inner Circle is all about getting your front end funnel and lead in acquisition right to where you can consistently bring in people.
Not everyone, but the majority of the Inner Circle have that now. They’ve got funnels coming in consistently. It’s like, okay now we gotta build on this. So I wanted to shift and go super deep and I did, but I had to back step and spend almost 30 to 45 minutes giving the foundation. Here’s kind of to catch everyone new up. This is what we gotta focus on and you still gotta do that, but now let’s jump into where we’re going.
So many cool things I wish I could share with you guys. I wish everyone could be inner Circle. I wish it was possible. One of the cool things we were sharing was basically there are, and if you study Jay Abraham at all, there’s three ways to grow a company. Get more customers, get them to spend more, and then get them to buy more often. That’s the only three ways. Get more customers, get them to spend more, and get them to spend more often.
So you look at that, it’s like well how do you execute on that? So getting more customers are all about acquisition funnels. What are the funnels you have in your business that are there to acquire customers? Again, that’s the whole months of the Inner Circle have been getting our group masters at customer acquisition. I’d say more than half of our Inner Circle has a front end webinar that they’re consistently driving leads into every single day. It’s an acquisition thing. I would say the other half are other types of funnels. Some are book funnels, some are high ticket funnels, but most everyone has a really good lead acquisition funnels in place. That’s step number one, how to get more customers.
Step number two then, how to get your customers to pay more. That type of funnels is what we call an ascension funnel. We’ve got step one, the acquisition funnel, acquiring customers. Step two is ascension funnels for ascending customers. So I showed them behind the scenes of our ascension funnels. How are we getting people from dollar trial Clickfunnels to $97 a month to $297 to our $3000 to our $10000 and then to our $25000. What are the funnels inside of our business that are ascending people.
Where else can I talk about this kind of stuff. People have to be a certain level to understand this part of it. So I want to keep the group so I can keep going deeper, but I showed them acquisition funnels. I’m sure some of you saw Follow up Funnels. At the Funnel Hacking Live event I did a presentation about Follow up Funnels and we did it all for my birthday. Probably didn’t all sink in, in a week or two. But that ascension funnel is huge for us. It’s ascending people up from $97 a month to $300 a month and it’s huge for the growth of our company. So that’s number, again Number one, get more customers through acquisition funnels. Number two get your customers to spend more through ascension funnels. And then number three is get them to buy more often, and that’s through your monetization funnels.
So now it opens this question. What are all the monetization funnels that are possible? What could they be? So I was showing the ways for monetizing people on the back end. What’s interesting, this comes back to the new book, the new opportunity. So in the Expert Secrets book, the foundation, I wish I could…I wish you were sitting here and we were all on the same page. So three ways to build a culture, three ways to build a mass movement, attractive character, future based cause, and then the new opportunity. Then there’s two ways to structure the opportunity. One’s an opportunity switch and the other’s the opportunity stack.
Opportunity switch is usually your acquisition funnel, you’re switching them to a new opportunity and then everything else you sell that person in the future is an opportunity stack. So the monetization funnels are what are the other opportunities I can stack within this vehicle? I know for some of you guys, especially if you just got on my podcast are like, “What is Russell talking about? This sounds like math or PHD or something.” But if you go back through and listen and read the book…again, I just got done spending four days with my advanced members, so I’m geeking out.
So hopefully, those of you guys who are at that level are kind of geeking out with me. And those who are beginners are thinking, “I don’t know what he’s talking about, but this sounds amazing. I’m going to go study and this will make sense pretty soon.” When I was in school I remember my teachers talking, I had no idea what they’re saying and by the end of the semester I was like, “Oh, that’s what they’re saying. It’s still boring but at least I get it.” This won’t be boring when you get it. You’ll be like, “Oh my gosh. I’m making insane amounts of money.”
But that’s it, there’s three ways to grow a company. Acquisition funnels, ascension funnels, and monetization funnels. That’s it. So when you understand that, how these things flow together. Here’s an acquisition funnel, how do those link to ascension funnels? And how do those link to monetization funnels? Boom, there’s the process.
And then what’s cool is me showing…I talk a lot, and if you read the Dotcom Secrets book, I talk about hot traffic, warm traffic, and cold traffic, right. And typically I would say, if you get anyone online teaching traffic, they’re teaching hot or warm traffic. Hot traffic’s your market that loves you, so you just, they give you money because they love you. Then you go one step back to your warm audience, people always call this cold traffic, but it’s not. My definition of warm audience are people who are in your market but don’t know who you are yet.
So if I use Facebook ads, just by the nature of how you’re running them, you are running interest, right. They’re interested in internet marketing, they’re interested in weight loss, so you’re running ads to those people. That’s warm traffic. Again, people always tell you it’s cold traffic. It’s not cold, you’re targeting interests, so it’s warm.
What cold traffic is, and I’ve been geeking out and studying Gary Halverson recently. Gary and also Kennedy, Dan Kennedy, he was talking about it in Renegade Millionaire, which is a cool course. But he was saying, every marketer’s dream is to be able to, and he’s talking about direct mail. Every marketer’s dream is to be able to take the yellow pages, or the white pages and just mail direct mail through the white pages and have it convert.
Offline this is the easier to quantify. You’re….well, it is for me because I understand a mailing list. If you understand a mailing list it works, right. Here’s your own mailing list, that’s your hot market. Your warm market are other buyers in the market that you are. You will rent lists of buyers, that’s your warm. And then cold is the phone book. So that’s the next level I’m trying to get with a lot of these guys, which is, even for us, we’re just starting to dabble in legitimately cold traffic right now. But I showed them what people in our industry are doing.
I showed them Brendon Burchard, what he’s doing right now with radio. He gets cold audience, the phone book people to come into his funnels. I showed what Dean Graziosi’s doing with infomercials to get cold people in. I showed just other things. That’s the next level. How do you structure, how do you switch your offers. I show them our hot market, this is how we structure an offer. Our warm market, that’s the Dotcom Secrets book was all about. We created it for our warm market, people who understood marketing and sales and had some kind of business. This book was for my warm audience.
The Expert Secrets book was designed for two reasons. One it would be a really cool book you guys are all going to love. And number two, it was built for cold audiences. Built so I could go mail the phone book and get everybody to come in. At least that’s the goal.
Anyway, I’m actually getting tired. I may make zero sense right now. It’s just exciting. So why am I sharing this with you guys? A couple of reasons. First off, for all of you guys who are selling coaching this would probably be for you. Number one is don’t just build a program where you just push people through. That’s how most of them are done out there and it’s like you’re just pushing cattle through. You can make money along the way but you don’t get to go deep with people.
So like I said, the first thing is we limited ours and said, okay we’re only going to have 100 people in our group and we did. And we figured out a way to facilitate 100 people that doesn’t destroy me, but also gives the group and people what they need from me. But then it also makes the group insanely strong because there’s so much, it’s just so awesome. So that’s step number one.
Step number two is try to build a culture. When people come in, when they leave they can’t necessarily come back. Most of us allow customers to leave, come and go. And I understand. We do that in Clickfunnels and other things. I was listening to a Matt Furey CD from like, I don’t know, 10 years ago and he’s talking his members. He had a continuity program at the time and he said, “You can cancel any time you want, but if you cancel you can’t come back in.” I was like, “That’s cool.” It puts more personal responsibility back in their hands and it kind of does for you as well. You’ve got to carry a good enough experience too that you can keep people in. It can be a challenge for me.
Mandy who helps run the Inner Circle with me, we brought it up to her and she was game, and I was game. So we were like, alright. Let’s do this. It was interesting because I shared it with half the group, the first 50 entrepreneurs that came through the last four days. For the most part, all of them were really excited by that.
So I encourage you guys when you’re hiring coaching to do two things. One thing is limit the number, number two is don’t let people leave and come back in. And it’ll force you to be better. It’ll force them to commit. And it’ll give you the ability to go deeper with people. And all the stuff I shared with you over the last 18 minutes and 28 seconds is stuff that probably over a lot of people’s heads and I understand that. But when you’ve been in the room with me for a while, those things start lighting up and all the sudden it’s like, “Oh my gosh.” It becomes more clear.
For me, it’s taken a long time to get this clarity and even in Inner Circle, we’re layering things on. Every meeting we’re layering things on. We’re layering and then I just look at the, I was thinking about last year, for example. Last year, at the last funnel hacking live, when people started coming into the Inner Circle that was the first time we started talking about building a culture. And started talking about epiphany bridges. All last year my entire focus with that group was building a culture and epiphany bridge stories, and perfect webinar. That was our message for the last twelve months.
And look at it now. Look at those who came through. We’ve got, I always brag about them. You guys can guess who they are, I’m not going to say their names again because…..alright I’ll tell you, it’s Brandon and Kaelin. Their webinar, they’re getting 500 customers a day right now off a webinar. A perfect webinar that they did through Facebook Live. It’s so cool. They’re doing the best with their webinar, but seeing person after person after person, Tara Williams did her first webinar and closed 20 or 25% of her audience. Just killed it.
And then Alison Prince did her first webinar, She joined Inner Circle six weeks ago. She never heard who I was and then she was at Affiliate Summit, and I was the only speaker that who didn’t get drunk, who wasn’t drunk speaking. So she called our offices, and she joined Inner Circle, came to the FHAT Event, wrote a webinar and this Monday, four days ago, she did her first webinar and did $20,000 in sales and now she’s got this tool that will make her millions over the next six months or so. I’m not sure exactly where I was going with this. It’s been a long week, a long night.
It’s just fun because she can go deep with people and that’s what I want. I want to be able to take this group, my Inner Circle and I don’t look at it as a way for me to make money because this is a way to legitimately change the world and go really deep with these entrepreneurs. And it’s just fun.
Anyway, I hope that helps. It could be just rambling, and if it is, I apologize. You can just skip this episode and listen to the next one when I’m not quite as tired. But it’s been amazing. The last four days have been fun. It’s been a hard week though. It’s funny, Monday and Tuesday we had the first group. Tuesday we did a little dinner party that both groups could hang out at. Then Wednesday my wife flew off to go to a Tony Robbins event. So she’s gone. Luckily, we’ve got a helper who helps out during the day, she helps with the kids. Wednesday night, I forgot I had to teach scouts. I got done with the meeting, I had to come home, get my kids. My twins are in scouts. I grab the kids, get our scout shirts on, leave my little daughter with the other kids, we race over and I teach scouts for an hour. Race back home and get the kids to bed.
It’s funny, without your wife here, I know my wife works hard, but it always seems easier….I shouldn’t say this but from an outside view, it looks easy what they do, but when you’re in charge of doing it you’re like, “Wow, they really do a lot. Who knew this whole time?” you know what I mean? Playing dad and waking up early in the morning and getting kids ready, getting their lunch ready, getting stuff done. The hustle and bustle, getting them on the school bus, getting their hair combed and boom, they’re out the door. And I’m like, oh crap. Inner Circle starts in 30 minutes. So I’m running, showering, shaving, racing out the door.
I get to Inner Circle meeting like 5 minutes late. I’m like, “I’m so sorry. I’m not used to playing mom and dad.” Then run the Inner Circle and today was an emotionally impactful day, it was awesome. So as soon as I get done with Inner Circle and I had to race and get my kids and get my daughter from soccer practice, and then they had a big school art party tonight. They were all starving because we didn’t have time to eat dinner yet. So we swung by KFC and ate a bunch of chicken and root beer, which was super unhealthy and everyone’s angry and tired.
I got them all to bed and now I’m sitting on the couch rambling. The last four days have been insane. Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to be a little more relaxed. I have some projects I gotta get done and then I’ll be having some fun while the wife’s away. And then she’ll be back and then we’ll be good.
Not sure why I’m telling you guys all this stuff. I must be tired or lonely or both. Anyway, I’m going to go watch 24 now because it’s still the best show on TV, even though Jack Bauer is gone. I’m going to cross my fingers that he comes back. In fact, I don’t know if you guys watch, 24’s got the new….I can’t remember what it’s called, the new one. Jack Bauer is not in it, but he’s the executive producer, but at the same time I’m also watching Designated Survivor where Jack Bauer is now, I guess it’s Keifer Sutherland, but Jack Bauer, he’s now the president in that show.
I’m thinking what’s going to happen is somewhere in the middle there’s going to be a crossover event where it’s 24 and all the sudden people at CET are going to realize that Jack Bauer is actually the president and they’re going to be like, “Wait a minute, you’re Jack Bauer.” And then he’s like, “Wait a minute.” And then Jack Bauer faked as the HUD secretary in Designated Survivor….anyway, it’s going to be amazing.
If you’re not watching either of those shows you have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you watch both of them you just had a geek out moment with me and you’re like, yes. They’re doing a crossover event, and Jack Bauer is coming back. Hopefully because that would be amazing. If I was writing for both these guys, I would be.
Alright I’m going to stop before I say something really dumb. Anyway you guys, I appreciate you all. Have an amazing night, weekend. We’re a few weeks away from the launch of the new book. Oh w’ere doing something cool. Okay, one more thing.
So the new Facebook Messenger stuff is the new craze. Everyone’s talking about how cool it is. Everyone’s convinced it’s going to be the greatest thing in marketing since sliced bread. I think it’ll be cool, but I don’t think it’ll be that cool. But I think it’s going to be cool for a while. I’m pretty sure people like me will abuse it and then Facebook will take it away. So I’m not banking on it as a long term strategy, but definitely banking on it as a short term strategy.
And then if it does happen to stay long term that would be awesome. But I feel like it’s way too easy to abuse. But while it’s abusable, we’re going to. So basically what it is, you can get people, you can run an ad in Facebook, get people to click on something and then it ads them to your Facebook messenger, and then you can send out auto responders and mass broadcast to everyone who’s ever subscribed to your Facebook messenger, which is awesome.
So I recorded a quick little video today, and we’re going to run it tomorrow through Facebook live and basically give away the first three chapters of the book if they click on the, if they join my Facebook messenger. So my goal is to try to get, I don’t know, 20-100,000 people in the next month to get the first three chapters of the book for free through Facebook messenger. Then when we go live, I can have 100,000 people to spam, I mean mass market, I mean communicate with about our book launch happening. It would be pretty amazing. Anyway, I’m excited.
And I also got, so many cool things. I forgot, so for our affiliate contest, we’re kind of having a big super hero theme, Todd found these Superman, not Superman, but Batman, Ironman, costumes. But they’re not costumes, they’re legit. I bought one, they’re 3 grand. They custom fit it to you. Then they mold the metal. I’m pretty much Batman. They ship me it, they took a picture, they’re about to ship it. It should be here, I think, early next week. I’m going to be doing a bunch of JV videos with it. And we’re going to be giving away a bunch of those outfits to people who win our affiliate contest. But I’m actually going to be Batman within a week.
And it’s not like the wimpy Batman from back in the day. It’s the Batman vs Superman. Even though Ben Affleck is lame, the suit that he wore, he looks like the biggest baddest Batman of all time. That’s the one I bought. So I’m really looking forward to that as well.
Alright guys, well 26 minutes. It’s the equivalent of 22 normal Marketing In Your Car podcasts. So I’m going to be done for today. Appreciate you guys. Hopefully this makes some sense. Talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.
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