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Before the 90 Days of Our Lives Recap, episode 4

Prince Joffrey & Varya: Joffrey woke up all by his lonesome in his Russian hotel room, then met Varya in the lobby as his tour guide for the day. They toured the "Red Square" in Moscow, to which Joffey proclaimed that "We don't have anything like this in America!", because I guess he thought there would just be a Target and a Walgreens or something. They held hands, kissed, and Varya jumped up and down a lot. They were getting along so well, that Varya decided to give in to staying with Joffrey at the hotel that night. The next morning, Joffrey is looking all Quagmire and discussing their giggidty from the night before. This is where the star of the show comes onscreen..........the nipple tats. Are they bear claws using the nipple as the center? Are they wonky eyelashes that Darcey just can't seem to keep on? Are they a ray of a tribal sun orbiting the central areola? Did he get them in jail? Lost a bet? I can't look away, and can't stop thinking why he was so confident in unleashing these bad boys to an international audience. I mean the other tattoos were just horrible, but these were in a category of their own. I did not pay attention to the details of their conversation about visiting Varya's hometown, because Nipple Tats. I was hoping that he also had a tattoo of dolphins encircling his belly button, but no such luck. Ok, I'll move on..... While Varya was blow drying her hair for 3 1/2 years with one of those crappy hotel hair dryers, she got very jealous over seeing another woman's name "engraved" on Joffrey's comb. (Note to Varya, Joffrey was not married to "Sally Beauty Supply", they just stamp that on all of the combs in the factory in China. Your psycho is showing). Maybe they're well matched after all! I mean if a comb bothers you but the nipple tats left you unphased...... The couple heads to Varya's hometown so Joffrey can see how she lives. Varya owns her apartment, which reminded Joffrey of his nipple tats. I mean, his time in prison. Between the exposed wiring and lack of a sink, she seems to be living in a Fixer Upper before demo day. Joffrey starts getting suspicious that Varya has an ultimate goal of coming to the U.S., being that she's living in shambles without any urgency in completing her project house, and thinks she's banking on moving to America with him eventhough they've only been online dating for 3 months. He's feeling very skeptical, as they unfold the leopard pull out couch to go to bed. Nipple tats.
BGL & Assman: Ok, sometimes to do these recaps I have to watch an episode or segment up to 3 times to actually pay attention. All I'm going to say, is I better start getting paid, because it's going to cost a lot in therapy to forget about the things from this week. That being said..... This week opened with BGL and Assman's first morning together as a solidified couple in Nigeria. Their "pillow talk" consisted of Usman being tired, and Babylove calling him lazy. BGL explains that Assman was inexperienced in the realm of oral passion, and she had to teach him the ways. This is when I went into Usman's home bathroom to retrieve the third bucket reserved for vomit...... Sojaboy-toy described their love-making as "70% good, and that's good enough" (Between him and Azan I'm trying to figure out why men from Africa describe things in percentages). And if all of this wasn't enough, BGL has to reiterate her "no condom use" theme by taking a few useless packs of condoms given to her by her friends out of her dusty beat up suitcase,(no judgement there, mine is always covered in dog hair), while the camera panned over her sanitary napkin and mullet dress. She brought up the condomless evening to Sojaboy, who agreed it was a wild time. Next stop on the vomit train was a Nigerian breakfast with the new Goofballs, which consisted of miscellaneous meat, fish, spaghetti, and pancakes. They discuss meeting Sojamom and the difficulties they may have in getting her blessings for marriage. Apparently mother Assman thinks this evil older white lady is bringing her son to the U.S. as a slave, when in reality, she's just trying to have him live in her house, boss him around, make him go "downtown", and take over his music "career". She's way off! BGL ignores the warnings of the Newfballs (my new name for the new goofballs), and is angry that Assman isn't fighting against all odds for their 70% good love. The couple is accompanied by the Newfballs on their way to Kaduna to experience a day in the life of Superstar Sojaboy. BGL is packing up her dusty bags, and heading out of the hotel like Miss America with her flower bouquet and teddybear. Meanwhile, Assman's cell phone is blowing up, and babygirl Lisa is suspicious, as she should be (Yolanda keeps calling to see where he is!). She arrives at the house, thinking it's going to be something out of MTV Cribs, and is shocked to see the tight knit sleeping arrangements, poop buckets, and wobbly toilets. (My new favorite detail was that the wobbly toilet had a fuzzy decorative toilet seat cover? I bet girly Usman put that on there). Sojaboy confessed to his squad that he can already tell BGL is more difficult in person than he expected. He seems apprehensive to introduce her to the music industry bigwigs of Kaduna in next week's episode, though I personally can not wait.
Big Egg & Rosemarie's Baby: The cab lands at the hotel in Manila where Ed and Rosemarie will be spending their first night together. Rosemarie has never had a slumber party, and forgot her pajamas. While Ed was in the bathroom possibly doing a mayo treatment, Rose was pulling the covers up so she just looked like the girl from "the Grudge", and pretending she was "fake sleeping" worse than a toddler. Ed was under the impression they would stay up hanging out, watching t.v. and talking, but Rose was fake exhausted from faking understanding Ed's jokes all day, so the King and Queen went to bed. The next morning they woke up and Ed hand fed Rose cornflakes from their room service like she was a goat at the petting zoo. Rose complained that Ed blasted the A.C. at night, which is a fight I can relate to. They stepped out of the hotel with Ed's neon sneakers and hit the streets of Manila for some shopping. Big Egg turned into an omelette from the heat within the first 30 minutes, leaking Hollandaise stains all over his shirt. Rose was grabbing money from Ed's wallet and giving away his change, causing Eggie to have a literal meltdown. I still at this juncture really like Ed and look forward to next week, when he pulls a Paul and asks Rose to take an STD test.
Avery & Ashtray: It's the big day- Avery has landed in Melbourne and is meeting Ashole for the very first time. They seemed to be genuinely happy and compatible at the airport, though JackAsh's eyes were wild like he just snorted something. The Zoolander caliber couple set off on the wrong side of the road, holding each other's well-moisturized hands to head to their Air Bnb. Avery claims she wants to stay in different bedrooms so their spirits can connect first, though she loved her black funeral roses from Ashtray's shady florist. Ashole is obviously a narcissist and it seems like every time he talks about Avery, he only mentions how much she loves him. Cant wait to see them pee in the ocean. together....
David & the 1992 Ladies of Ukraine Calendar: I, for one, have been excited to meet David, a 60 year old man from Las Vegas with fabulous 1980s dad hair. His ambitions include traveling the country in an RV, and randomly selling vintage unicycles on the black market out of his garage while demonstrating his sweet cycling skills set to French music (how did this even come up? Do you think production asked him to write down 10 of the most random things about himself and riding a unicycle was one of them??). Also amidst the randomness and a guiding factor for his dating life, was his childhood obsession with Boris and Natasha. Something about that Vampire voice and flat head really does it for him. He has been in a virtual relationship for 7 years with his 27 year old Ukranian beauty, Lana, who he only communicates with over a very expensive paid chat site. Nothing fishy here! (Sidenote: I do a great Natasha impression and will chat for $1.50/minute, if you're listening Dave!). Dave's friends voiced their concern that this woman is taking advantage of him, but it just falls on dead ears. (Every couple on the show has to have at least one intervention with friends). We got to accompany Dave and Lana on a virtual picnic at a local park, where Lana sent several intriguing emojis in regards to their upcoming meeting. He then reveals that they have "intimate" chats, with even sexier emojis, which cost much more than my offer. Dave also has a video chat with Anya, a former Ukrainian fling, who he now considers a close friend. She is skeptical that Lana will not show, seeing as how she has stood Dave up the last 3 times he went to the Ukraine. Seems like he has a few ladies in his Ukrainian stable, and if the 4th time isn't a charm, he can always chit chat with Maria (or Natalie, if he's into Fatal Attraction). Let's hope Dave can soon trade in his unicycle for a bicycle built for two.
Stephanie & Erika not Shmerika: S & E are excitedly chatting about the upcoming visit to the land of Oz, while her adorable pug looked on. Erika hopes Stephanie gets along well with her friends while in town, and has a bunch of fun things planned. Stephanie packed up some cute outfits along with lots of antibiotics in preparation for her trip. Nothing crazy to report yet again, but I'm hoping there are koalas in her future.
Darcey, just Darcey: Darcey, Stacey, and their friend are relaxing at a spa, day drinking fancy mimosas, and rehashing delusions. There seem to be so many pointless episodes leading up to the pointless meeting of Darcey and Tom, who are not even dating. I'd rather watch her run on the treadmill again for like 10 minutes. Its pretty amazing that most of the couples on the show have to save up and get the chance to meet their significant other, and then men Darcey isn't even dating fly in just to say they're done but appreciate her. Anyway, I'm guessing this episode was about mimosas, and "Girl Power". You know they just want Darcey on to poke fun at her. They may as well dissolve the relationship storyline and film her at the DMV, or a PTA meeting, or on the phone with AT&T. All would be more interesting than what is currently happening.
Missing this week was Yolander, who looks like she'll be returning next week. Missing permanently is William's, who doesnt exist.
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I'm planning to come out to friends and family before the end of the month, and I'm doing so by making use of the music that helped me understand these feelings.

This past year has been really rough for me for a reason that my eggy ass couldn't figure out until very recently, and weirdly enough what helped me to finally understand what was happening in my head were the lyrics of an indie rock band.
Since it took me so long to even recognize these feelings and how they relate to the rest of my life problems, my plan is that I'm going to use the lyrics that helped me understand these feelings to convey them to others, and how they've kept me extremely depressed this year.
The idea is that I'm going to record what initially comes off as a sort of podcast-styled music review, and slowly but surely transition into some very personal storytelling. I have the script written but I haven't started recording any of the narration yet:
[CW: depression, dysphoria, vague references to abuse, 17 pages long]
Keep in mind that it's written for being spoken, so some parts might seem weird in text, and the "quoted" lyrics would be crossfades to actual clips from the songs. Speaking of which, I'm not really looking forward to editing and more-so listening to the sound of my own voice for this, but its also kinda important to me that this happens through audio since it is, at least partially, about music.

It's probably a good idea to give a bit of a rundown of events, since the script is both longer than I bet some will be willing to read, and lacking in details in some places.
For my childhood through the start of high school, I was led down a rigorous, achievement based path through life by a very controlling parent. The dynamic of me being the golden child in an abusive family isn't actually that relevant to this since I haven't had to speak to my father in years, what's more important here is the lasting effect of living 12-13 years for someone else's sake. Essentially, after separating from my father, I started to ask myself what my purpose was, and after realizing I didn't have an answer, I fell into a pretty brutal depression. That was a rough time in my life, but I ended up finding a purpose for myself and using that to get back on my feet. Some years pass and I've turned around my abysmal academic record all the way to my first year in college learning my dream degree. Things are going fine at first and I end up meeting someone online, and we start dating. I don't want to really get into specifics on how that relationship ended, but the important takeaway of it is that I realized I was still putting way too much pressure on myself to succeed, to the point that I wasn't forgiving myself for the slightest mistakes. I started to correct myself by starting to put myself before my career, but the line of questioning involving my priorities didn't stop there whether I realized it at the time or not. Ever since then, I've just gotten more and more depressed this year. For most of it I felt like I still had the same goals to strive towards, and it didn't make sense at all until I considered whether or not my bottled up gender issues had anything to do with it. And, who would of guessed, turned out they did. The goals I relied on to push myself forward weren't good enough once I started thinking about what I wanted for myself, because any way I was picturing those goals had me continuing my career as the man I had always been.
The script I wrote ends there on a rather defeated note, but in truth I'm feeling a lot more hopeful than I come off there. The main intent of being so fatalistic in it is to accurately convey the feelings that have made this last year so hard for me.
It's honestly a huge relief to come to a revelation like this after months of struggling, but practically I don't know what happens next.
I already have an appointment with my doctor this month for what's supposed to be a visit related to an ear infection, but I still haven't told them, my family, or anyone else yet besides my therapist.
I've heard that laser hair removal is something to start early? I'm not entirely sure how all of this is going to work.
Speaking of which I'd really appreciate some assurance on how effective transitioning methods are, since a big reason I've kept this bottled up so long is because I've been pretty dismissive of any potential of actually being a woman.

Also if anyone has like, feedback for the 17 page essay I'm going to be coming out to my family with, I'd take that as well. I'm somehow feeling more nervous about posting my writing to a bunch of strangers than the fact that I'm transgender.
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Izumi3682 Archives

Disrupting the reaper: Tech titans' quest for immortality rages forward - Silicon Valley's war on death continues—as does the uncomfortable, spreading psychology of those rich enough to fight it. by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 24 days ago
Let me put it to you like this. I imagine you are young and healthy today. Or you were at one point. Think about when you were age say, 23, would you have chosen to die the next day? The point being that if you are "23" all the time, you would probably not choose to die.
Aubrey de Grey states that when you are healthy and have healthy biomarkers you tend not to die. But like all things "futurey", nothing is in a vacuum. All of the other technologies are advancing with ever increasing rates of speed as well. I suspect you, like all of us are going to embrace these technologies and the side effect of that is you won't die. Another side effect is that you and the rest of us will probably begin to change over time. We will think in different ways. Ways we can't imagine today.
That's what the future really means. I mean unless you get hit by a truck or something.
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What technology that doesn't exist now or it's in very early stages will be common use in the 2090s? by DimLight90 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 2 points 24 days ago
Hi mr dimlight! Did you read what I wrote? Somebody downvoted my comment. You stated you were interested in what others thought. So as a fellow traveler I submitted what I think. Did you get an opportunity to look at it?
TL,DR: In about 300 years we will be a hive mind cognizant energy entity. We will make our own universes at will. We will be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We will be unimaginable and unfathomable. We will exist outside of time and space. If all this sounds familiar, it should. We will be, in a word, "gods".
I make a sort of timeline leading to that point. Take a look and see what you think.
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If the oldest person on earth is n years old, then n+1 years ago was a whole different set of humans by Butternoob2000 in Showerthoughts

[–]izumi3682 1 point 24 days ago
Well, the oldest living humans right now are 115 so that means anybody born before 1903 is no longer alive. Emma Morano passed away last year at age 117.
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What technology that doesn't exist now or it's in very early stages will be common use in the 2090s? by DimLight90 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 1 point 25 days ago
I've thought about this a lot my ownself.
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American soldiers on their way home from World War II, 1945. by MrEggysMC in interestingasfuck

[–]izumi3682 1 point 25 days ago
Most of those soldiers would have been dead or wounded if "Operation Olympia" (the allied military invasion of the Japanese home islands) had been forced to go forward. Despite our PC 20/20 hindsight, everybody was really happy about them A-bombs in 1945. A lot of US lives were saved including my dad's and his identical twin brother. They were in the Pacific in 1945. They were 18 years old. Before August of 1945 it was widely believed the war in the Pacific would go on until as late as 1948.
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Scientists create synthetic prototissue capable of synchronised beating by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Interesting point.
The development of synthetic tissue which can mimic the ability of living cells to produce functions such as beating and chemical detoxification has, until now, remained a major synthetic biology challenge
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Announcing the discovery of an atomic electronic simulator - Not just another computer chip by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 0 points 25 days ago
I like that! But the great fallacy is that we needed "magickal" tech from the future, "to help us think in ways we hadn't though of", at all. We can bootstrap ourselves just fine, thanks.
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Ultra-light gloves let users 'touch' virtual objects by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 25 days ago
The next step will be to scale up the device and apply it to other parts of the body using conductive fabric. "Gamers are currently the biggest market, but there are many other potential applications - especially in healthcare, such as for training surgeons. The technology could also be applied in augmented reality," says Shea.
Me: No, the breakthrough market will be the adult entertainment industry. Like always.
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Announcing the discovery of an atomic electronic simulator - Not just another computer chip by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 25 days ago
Important point.
Based on these results, construction has started on a scaled-up machine that simulates the workings of a neural network. Unlike normal neural networks embodied of transistors and directed by computer software, the atomic machine spontaneously displays the relative energetic stability of its bit patterns. Those in turn can be used to more rapidly and accurately train a neural network than is presently possible.
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BioEdge: Will the male of the species go the way of the dodo? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 25 days ago
This article raises an interesting point, but I think it misses the correct interpretation. What is going to go the way of the dodo is cognitive gender, biological sexual assignment (for procreation I mean--let's not get carried away here) and not too much longer from now, biology itself. The technology is rapidly developing to produce the first in vitro human embryo-fetus and live birth. Think "Logan's Run". And them mice with two mommies.
Think about when you are chatting online. Sure you may be typing things that give yourself away as a male or female. Attitudes or facts for example. But what are you really online? You are a culmination of statements that others perceive as an initially sexless human mind, until you provide more verbal cues as to who you are, either intentionally or unintentionally. Plus, you know, "catfishing". I could totally communicate with you online and you would be utterly convinced I am female in real life. Well not here probably, I've given away too many attitudes and facts lol. And just like in that one Star Trek episode (Mirror,Mirror) where it was easier to imitate mean than nice. It is probably easier for females to imitate males than for males to imitate females. Pretty soon the narrow AI will be able to pretty easily imitate anybody though. Right down to your verbal quirks. Probably less than ten years from today.
And of course nothing is in a vacuum. The ARA (AI, robotics and automation) improvements proceed ever more rapidly, with ever increasing sophistication. Human concerns about the climate and human population will almost certainly ensure that the human population will begin to slow its rate of increase. That of course mixed with all the technology.
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Bad trend, getting worse: Paywalls by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 25 days ago
Yeah that arcivex stuff is all available now, but that is not easy for the layman to understand. It also is strictly empirical and doesn't explain how it impacts the human society.
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VR technology gives new meaning to ‘holidaying at home’. But is it really a substitute for travel? by ms165_dancer in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 1 point 25 days ago
I have discussed this in great depth. The technology to enable a human to satisfactorily "travel" to any place real or imaginary, and be stunned and gratified is probably about a year or two out. Next gen. The technology to enable a human being to be in any place is about 30 years out. TL,DR: VR will take over everything. And we will engineer ourselves to be a part of it. In 50 years it will no longer be VR, it will be new realities.
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Neural networks don’t understand what optical illusions are by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 0 points 25 days ago
Yeah I bet you gotta be biologically conscious to experience the misleading effects of an optical illusion. Even cats fall for optical illusions.
If we ever manage to make an AI that could be deceived by an optical illusion (and could let us know it is deceived), we would likely be on the brink of an EI (emergent intelligence).
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Amazon has thousands of AI engineers so 3-year olds can turn on the lights by voice command - Machine learning might be a novelty for you, but the next generation will grow up with it. by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 25 days ago
Most people are kinda like me. We are not so concerned with "how" we see something doing what it is doing. We are concerned with "what" it seems to be capable of. Now granted that is tons of uniformed beliefs and misunderstandings, but it is also a reason that humans are becoming increasingly uneasy with our technological advancements. Particularly anything that involves ARA (AI, robotics and automation). It is easy for hype to get totally mixed up with fact and make for phantom monsters, but the fact remains that humans are seeing these "monsters" approaching now. Whether they are hype or fact starts to no longer matter.
To an expert what the Atlas is now capable of is a simple, logical evolution of the physics of robotics and computation. But to me it looks like a freaking miracle. And I don't think I am alone in that assessment. You can correctly argue about how uninformed we are, but when we see things like this, it causes worldwide notice and concern.
And the damndest thing is, this is so not finished. Like Elon Musk stated a year back on that back flip; "Pretty soon you will need a strobe light to capture it's motion." Whether that is unhelpful hype or not, doesn't matter. Pretty soon we are going to see another video from Boston Dynamic or even from others, since this level of technology seems to be spreading fairly rapidly now, that is going to raise the bar yet again over what is fantasy and what is reality. And I stress, we don't care how it's done, we care about what we experience.
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Google AI can spot advanced breast cancer more effectively than humans by vraK100 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 5 points 25 days ago
Consider any type of device that gathers data. Medical, electrical engineering, USGS monitors--anything.
How long do you imagine it will take until a "reading" AI is attached to fully interpret the data?
AI is getting really, really good at some forms of data visualization and interpretation. Particularly many types of medical imagery. So I started thinking, how much cooler could my direct capture digital radiography machine be? It already makes x-ray images appear on the console screen in a split second.
Suppose not too much longer from now--shoot maybe as soon as five years, a "reading" AI is attached to an x-ray machine. The device obtains the images and reads the damn things all in one fell swoop. X-ray, US, CT, MRI, SPECT--anything. But also ejection fractions, EKGs, EEGs or any other kind of device collectable data. Then after it reads it, the AI tells you what do next.
Whither the radiologist?
Sure, docs might monitor it for a while. Say five years, but after that the AI itself will monitor it. And the AI of course will be light years better at this oversight than any human could possibly be.
It is not just truckers and cashiers at risk...
Here is my personal journey through absolutely mind-blowing technological advancement if you like.
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Why gene editing could create so many jobs by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 25 days ago
I can see by the complexities of these associated vocations that most will be in great shortage of human employment. Most humans on Earth don't have the brains to do these sorts of things. Worse the jobs that are being taken by the ARA (AI, robotics and automation) in the next five years are the kind that the displaced humans more than likely do not have the cognitive or attitudinal capability of being "re-trained" to these types of vocations.
Plus from what I took from this article, the ARA will quickly take all of these vocations, because that is exactly what we are developing the ARA to do. "Sanctuary" vocations here are doubtful.
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Amazon has thousands of AI engineers so 3-year olds can turn on the lights by voice command - Machine learning might be a novelty for you, but the next generation will grow up with it. by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 28 days ago
In that sense I agree. When I watch that new video of the BD spot running around in the construction site I can't help but suppose it is precisely programmed to a scripted course or just straight up an off camera human is running it. I seriously doubt it is just moving as an autonomous entity.
Probably same with the BD Atlas video. Do you think it is also precisely scripted? I mean that new "parkour" one. If you reversed the steps could it still perfectly navigate them with that creepy flawless "biological" looking, balance we have all come to expect in Atlas videos nowadays?
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How to barbeque by the river by luccebest1 in interestingasfuck

[–]izumi3682 1 point 28 days ago
hiya mr turil! where is your "evolution is entropy" thing?
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Could Tech Make Government As We Know It Irrelevant? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 28 days ago
Well, as long as I can have fun all the time, time being defined as "forever" and not have to worry about anything. Because that is the point of all this. Oh, also and I can nap whenever I want to too.
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Skybox to Build Houston Data Center for Massive Oil and Gas Supercomputer by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 28 days ago
Am I the only one that detects a bit of irony in using this potentially 250 petaflop supercomputer to aid in the extraction of fossil fuels? Or are we doomed to fossil fuels for the next twenty years. They should use this kind of computing power to enable the threshold for mass consumer solar power.
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Self-driving cars could change the way you get around in retirement by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 28 days ago
Yes that is going to be true for about twenty more years. After that pretty much everybody is going to be "retired" and about ten years after that you probably will not only age any longer, but can probably be restored to a far more biologically youthful setting. Plus thirty years from now humans will likely be starting to merge with the ARA (AI, robotics and automation.)
Oh also, in less than twenty years we are more likely to get around in E-SFVs (self flying vehicles) in retirement.
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Glimpse: Man's best friend, forever? We may love robot dogs as much as the real thing - Sit, rollover, calculate Pi to the 90th digit. by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 28 days ago
This sounds like a slippery slope. I been married twice, so I know how it feels to be an inferior sentience. I don't want my robot/AI cat to be smarter than me too. I'll stick with biology for the time being. Bless her little "walnut brain" kitteh heart! :3
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Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown: Major study also finds huge changes to farming are needed to avoid destroying Earth’s ability to feed its population by maxwellhill in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 1 point 29 days ago
You know what is not going to happen? I'm not going to give up eating meat. You can give up eating meat if you like.
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Atos and the University of Reims Launch ‘ROMEO' Supercomputer (The implications for mass consumer HPCs are staggering) by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 29 days ago
Oh yeah, good point. But ten years is a freaking long time in technology. I'll bet it (processing speed and capacity and architecture) will be something though.
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Weaponised AI is coming. Are algorithmic forever wars our future? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 29 days ago
Notice the comparatively muted American civic response to the Gulf Wars or the intervention in Afghanistan
Yeah but them soldiers are part of a long-term professional volunteer military. I was part of that military from 1979 to 1992 my ownself. The first gulf war--1990 to 1991. 85th Evacuation Hospital just outside of Dhahran. As professional soldiers we knew we were doing our job. We knew what we were getting into when we all signed up. So we had a professional and appropriate attitude.
Well, mostly ;)
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betting online id hacking 8400114146

betting online id hacking kese kare 8400114146 - Duration: 1:43. Raj hacker Hacking 8 views. New; 1:43. Sergey Nazarov about Chainlink LINK Updates, Smart Contracts, Staking, Blockchain Future, ... betting online id hacking kese kare 8400114146 - Duration: 1:43. Raj hacker Hacking 2 views. New; 1:43. betting online id hacking 8400114146 - Duration: 2:07. #SignsYouAreAddictedToGambling #GamblingAddiction This is a follow up to a video I released called: Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It's Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Gambling ... Contact on 7300314151 WhatsApp for online id and Join Telegram Channel = 4 free matches. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue