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Uniquely Kentucky Ways to Beat the Corona Blues

With each passing day, the world in which we find ourselves is starting to look less and less like the life we lived a few short weeks ago. You know, that ‘normal’ life we took for granted, two weeks ago, before most of us gave a second thought to this virus. This invisible villain with a choke-hold on the world, filling our dreams, memes, and of all things, a Cardi B hook. As we all look at the prospect of an indefinite stay at home, our governor has called on us to unite as one Team KY.
We are Team Kentucky.
March is usually a time of celebration and excitement for Kentuckians. This March was going to be special, as both the Wildcats and Cardinals were poised to make deep runs in the postseason. March Madness is less of a slogan and more of a sacred way of life for us. Yet, we’ve been denied our natural rights as Kentuckians in the month of March. We haven’t even been allowed the opportunity to mourn the painful and unprecedented, for the most part, (I see you Sutton and Pitino) loss of what brings us so much joy. To outsiders, it seems both petty and boorish to mourn in the face of so much fear, sickness, -- and even death. How could we possibly think about basketball in such a time, when people are scared and suffering?
We are Kentucky.
We are unique.
But we are more than bourbon and basketball, horse racing and hillbillies. Within this state permeates a culture that is a microcosm of what truly makes America great. Native Kentuckians can’t easily describe it to outsiders, but we all share that feeling that you get from seeing the early morning dew on fescue that they call bluegrass, or the fog rising like steam from within the valleys between the mountains we call home. So, as spring is just starting to burst forth through the budding trees all throughout the commonwealth, and the Easter lilies fighting through the frost, we too must find a way to blossom and rise through these unsure times.
Considering that, I propose that we as the front lines of Team KY, the Kentuckians of reddit, put together a uniquely Kentucky guide to making the most of our time at home. Here are a few suggestions I came up with to get this remotely recorded, socially distanced party started.
Basketball, duh.
If the Kentucky Classics live streams and audio of this season are not enough to get you through this; and the Big Blue Sports Archive doesn’t appear to be fully up and running with digital downloads just yet, you can watch every full UK and/or UofL games available on YouTube. Whether Cards fans relive the 2013 National Championship or if the pain is too much and you’d rather go back to 1986, YouTube has you covered. Kentucky fans who want to relive the misery of the 1992 East Regional Final can watch the whole game from Pelfrey’s 3 to Grant Hill’s pass and Laettner’s dagger from the top of the key. Listen, if one of you watch all these games, make a playlist for everyone else and come back here to share it with the rest of us. With 159 games, this is a great start for Louisville fans, and all he shows is wins, wins, wins no matter what. And if you need to stretch your legs and practice your jump shot, I’ve seen, courtesy of the governor, that video H-O-R-S-E is a thing now.
Grow a Garden
Nothing says Kentucky Proud like having your own garden. With all the extra time at home, I bet this will be the year many Kentuckians follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents and plant a garden. If you don’t have those folks around to video chat or call for advice, this calendar is a heck of a place to start. It will show you what grows best in our climate and when to plant and harvest. If you prefer an even more precise calendar with frost dates, this is for you.
The College of Agriculture has produced an excellent guide to Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky from plans and preparation through to storing the results with everything in between. And if there is anything this guide doesn’t cover in depth enough, you can find their other documents here.
Getting wet
This a friendly reminder that Kentucky has more navigable miles of water than any other state in the union. That includes our rivers, lakes, creeks, and ponds but doesn’t account for our many mud holes or above ground swimming pools. There is quite enough room to social distance on most bass boats and pontoons, and enough room on Kentucky’s lakes and rivers. It’s time to get back into fishing, rafting, canoeing, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor adventures that don’t require you to be within spitting distance from someone else. Remember to be safe, use social distancing and avoid crowds and public areas. Believe me, many husbands in Kentucky will be getting that boat out after a few days at home, and many wives will be encouraging it. Just practice proper social distancing and the world outside is still yours to explore.
Catch up on reading
I know this idea is not uniquely Kentucky, but the source is. Kentucky Libraries Unbound is a large group of Kentucky libraries that joined together to provide downloadable media to their patrons where You can download audiobooks, e-books, and video files. You can get a digital library card if you don’t have one. Of course, you can visit your local public library online and find access to other programs depending on what your specific library offers.
Whether you are searching for Silas House, James Still, Bobbie Ann Mason, or one of your other favorite Kentucky authors there are plenty of other places to feed your curiosity and fill your time. To get you started, visit Project Gutenberg’s 60000 free eBooks. Also, Audible is providing a selection of audio books completely free without any commitment. I’ve read Kindle is giving new users two free months to their unlimited service, but it may require a subscription.
I know that Team KY and Reddit can come up with some uniquely Kentucky ways to make the most of this time. Feel free to add suggestions that are not unique to Kentucky to give your friends and neighbors ideas. But I know we all want to see the most Kentuckian ways that you are planning on using this time.
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